Review by billsman93

"Pretty, and great while it lasted"

If you were to judge this game on music, graphics, and an infinite amount of objects to blow to hell, then you would get a 10. However, some flaws keep this from being one of the best FPS's of the year 2006.

Lets start off with some good, the weapons look amazing, as do enviroments and enemies, and you will be immersed in the experience. The sound is also top notch, with some of the best weapon sounds ever. The music is quite theatrical and will make the game seem like a movie. The enemies shouting, "Grenada!" is also amusing while they get blown away by a frag. The weapons have a good variety and there is a range of pistols, SMG's, machine guns, and explosive launching deathguns. Every bullet or shell you fire will effect the are in SOME way. It's great Criterion put such an amount of detail in this game to make it fun.

Sadly, however, every game has flaws and BLACK is no different. First off, there are only 8 level, with each being about 30-45 minutes long makes you beat this game in 6 or so hours. Second, even though BLACK is one of the most explosive games ever, it has absolutely NO blood. The only reason this game gets it's M rating is because there is a constant use of the F-bomb. Also, there are no actual in-game cutscenes, as every bit of story and video is presented in real-life form with real people. This would have been fine if the cutscenes weren't so damn boring! You won't find lots of in game checkpoints, and if you get a checkpoint in a game, and turn the console off, you have to start the mission over. There are also only around 10 different types of enemy models so you might get tired of seeing the same enemies over and over. Your supporting A.I controlled friends that fight with you (and in only a few levels) are pretty useless. Sure they will bag some enemies for you but they will often stray away from you for 5 or so minutes: you also can't issue them any commands so they are pretty useless. The bad guys are for the most part pretty smart though sometimes stand out in the open asking for a bullet to the skull. The RPG's that pop out of nowhere can be seriously be annoying.

Overall, BLACK is a great succes even with it's annoying faults. If you want an intense, explosive, albeit short, gaming experience, then BLACK is perfect to try out

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Black (US, 02/28/06)

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