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"Holy flying bullets......"

Black is one of those games that you either hate or love. The reason for this is the way the game has been designed. Not the levels but the game itself. The guys over at EA who have made some remarkable games in the past have decided to make a fps borrowing from certain areas. The games main dissapointment is no multiplay or online play. Now that extra room that has been afforded by not having this has enabled the level designs to be massive and almost every area is fully destructable thanks to the guys who did the burnout series of games.

Storyline 10/10
The story is played from a narrative pov from inside a prison where Keller the guy you play is being questioned about his actions by some CIA dude. Between missions we get a bit more insight as to what happened.There is a great plot twist as well.

Gameplay 8/10
The gameplay is a sort of mix between moh and killzone.However killzone has much larger levels. Black is very frantic and has some truly epic level designs my personal favourite are the night missions in the jungle.

Sound 10/10
Great range of sounds. There is also a notable difference when you attach the silencer to the gun as well. It would have been nice if they added more vehicles to the game as well.

Voice acting 10/10
I know that in same games this doesn't really get a mention, but the acting and voice over is so well done it makes it believable.

Graphics 10/10
The particle effects are the best I have seen in a long time on the ps2 and the way the background opens up at times is awesome. Also the detail in each level is spot on and makes you think it could be a location anywhere.

Main issues with the game.
This is the only thing stopping the game getting a higher score. No multiplay or online play enabled. As mentioned by me already the room was sacrificed for larger level designs. You can only carry 2 weapons at once which is annoying as if you need to use a rpg and have a semi auto machine gun and a silenced pistol you have to trade out the least powerful weapon for the heavy firepower of the rpg. You can of course trade back, but in the heat of a battle you may not have that luxury.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/19/08

Game Release: Black (Platinum) (EU, 11/24/06)

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