Review by asham9

Reviewed: 06/29/09

An ordinary chocolate bar wrapped in gold

Intro Black is an action-packed first-person shooter game with high quality graphics and an unoriginal gameplay with a lacked depth and flavor to its uninteresting plot and storyline.

Gameplay: (5/10) Black offers some really good gameplay design that can be appreciated by beginners to this kind of genre. Sure in this game, you can shoot heaps of bullets to an enemy and watch him dance until he falls to the ground dead. Frankly, what I found most frustrating is that when you empty a whole magazine of Elite Mac 10 to an enemy, only then he will die unless you shoot his head ONCE (logical and illogical do not mix). Of course this is fun to watch but it is also repetitive as shooting explosive barrels does send your enemies flying back home, or blasting through doors with a required Spaz 12/ Remington 870 and does not know a thing of how to open them WITH YOUR HAND! (really wasteful). The level design of Black is repetitive and unavoidable must-do, and that is to shoot everyone you see until they are all dead and then move on to the next level. WAIT! Before you groan in disappointment there is a side mission that can slightly cheer you up for your replay value, and that is...collecting red books and blueprints, shooting safes and laptops and finds secret weapons! If this does not help your replay value then welcome to the club. The only reason of why I give the gameplay a 5 is that watching enemies fly, doing wicked head shots, and blow everything in your path is alright but forgettable.

Graphics: (7/10) Ah yes the graphics, first thing first, I have to admit the graphics of Black is pretty decent and eye-catching. Especially holding any kind of weapon, you will appreciate the shiny details because of its flawless design. Also if you love explosions and destruction, this is the game for you, because playing Black is sometimes like you are in a movie with that action feeling of a one-man-army destroying everything in your path and also making it look breathtaking and rich in quality. The weak point to Black's graphics is that the level design and the setting is so dull and lifeless, like another typical war zone you get to see in every World War 1 or 2 games. So in particular it is just another element you will see everyday.

Plot: (3/10) The biggest imperfection of Black is that trying to bring the cinematic story from Hollywood and transforming it into a game. Oh Lord, how I try to have suppressed the overwhelming rage and hatred to the overrated films of Hollywood. I would not give you any spoilers whatsoever, but the heading of the game is some guy name Keller (the guy you will control throughout the game) who will be imprisoned for life if he does not co-operate to some other dude who interrogates Keller (this goes on and on until the end of the game), but that is not the main theme! It is....something you have to find it for yourself, but take my word for it boys (and girls), the story will bore you to death because it is so mind-numbing that you have seen in many other unmemorable movies of your life, and the worst part is YOU CANNOT SKIP AND MUST WATCH THE WHOLE THING UNTIL THE NIGHTMARE IS FINALLY OVER.

Sound: (9/10) Let me put it simple, the sound effects of black is SIMPLY amazing and the redeeming part of the game. I would usually turn the speaker to full volume and let the game do the talking, I mean the sound effects of shooting of every weapon are different and unique, explosions are just movie grade and superb, the satisfaction of hearing enemies screaming and their death cries, and the detailed sound of every single thing from the surroundings around you from shattered glass to walls falling apart. That is not all; the music is the only part of the game is not monotonous because in every situation you are in the game, the music effect will perfectly fit in goes with the flow with exceptional timing. The music in Black is wonderfully composed by Chris Tilton and co-authored by the Oscar-nominated Michael Giacchino FYI.

Replay Value: (4/10) Unfortunately, Black is a short game, it took me six hours to finish it and if you are Mr. Perfect, you can finish the boring second objectives to get a 100% completion. Oh another cool feature is that you can unlock Silver Weapons (unlimited ammo) if you finish the game in Normal or Hard mode.

Recommendations Isn't it obvious?! RENT IT!
Gameplay: (5/10)
Graphics: (7/10)
Plot: (3/10)
Sound: (9/10)
Replay Value: (4/10)
Total: 5.6/10 or 6/10 for the mathematical challenged

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Black (Platinum) (AU, 12/31/06)

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