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"If Only It Was As Good As The ACDC CD..."

Black...a game that was highly anticipated by many. The game fails to deliver what everyone expected, though.

The game isn't too difficult or too easy. It falls between the lines of normal difficulty (no matter what difficulty mode you're on except maybe the highest one...I forgot what it was).

The game is pretty fun at first. Then about midway through the second gets old. The game could've done so much better. Plus, the credits at the beginning thing was really annoying and overly long, which almost made me turn the game off.

The controls are simple and almost mimic the controls for Halo on the Xbox (except for the slight button differences). You can't jump or anything. You can crouch, fire, aim, throw grenades, and shoot down doors. I think it's stupid that the only way to access doors is to blow them up or shoot them down. At first, it's pretty cool, but then it just gets repetitive.

The story is kind of hard to follow. The cutscenes are shown with real actors and everything. It gets kind of confusing, especially since the guy is telling the story. That would be great if it was a movie, but it's not.

This is where the game succeeds. The graphics are beautiful. I've never seen a game with this much graphic calibur on the PS2, save maybe Area 51. The weapons all look real and it proves that Sony can shine in the graphics department too.

The sound is pretty straight forward. Bullet noises, people yelling things at each other, radio static. Just stuff you'd usually find in a FPS.

The game is a breather from the normal kill Nazi kind of FPS's. It doesn't shine too much though, since all the enemies resemble each other. I can give enemies resembling each other when they're not human, but come on. Games just come out dorky and stupid when all the enemies are identical.

Rent it. I don't really see a point in buying the game when it is purely mediocre. I've been bashing it a lot, but it does have it's high points at first. If you're a FPS fan, don't miss this title. If you're can have fun with other things.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/06/06

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