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"Blood and glory in your face"

Blood and glory in your face

Designed by Criterion Games for FPS lovers and FPS lovers only. Its fast paced and gun noises the whole way make it a un-miss able game.


Great graphics looks like your in war yourself. They are at PS2s extreme limits and possibly the best ever made on PS2. The explosions look real, the blood looks real. The guns look terrifying…and that's I like that. When heaps of enemies are charging down at you with grenades going off with explosions everywhere your not going to shoot, no, your going to leave your mouth hanging wide open in how real it actually looks. 10/10


BANG, BANG, BANG!! There goes another couple of explosions, which felt like were right next to you! You let out a couple of shots, which sound better than the real gun itself. A couple of your bullets hit flesh and you can hear it. The sound in my opinion is just amazing. One of the best games for sound out there. You can hear everything so well that it makes you think once again that you are in there with them. You can hear your team mates yelling out a command like “COVER ME” then once again the sound of bullets comes over you. Pure genius. 10/10


This game is so fun! I can't believe this game even exists! It's so fast and fun you forget everything else around you and you just get caught in the game. You can blast anything away just to wound your enemy. The guns are amazing to shoot over and over again and you'll have to trust me. It is very intense in some points which will make you yell out some coarse language. The enemies are not like most other FPS enemies. They will leave a bullet in the barrel when reloading just to shoot you if you attack then, and they will take cover behind various objects. You can use a sniper rifle, RPG's and tons of assaults rifles to fight your way through this game. 10/10


Short, 7-11 hours for the average gamer. Intense but very short. If you check every single thin it could take you up to 13 hours. You unlock Silver weapons once you finish the game, which obviously gives you silver weapons but also infinity ammo. When you get up to harder difficulties you can't carry med packs got to find them. 6-7/10


Not much of a story line to be honest. It is mostly flashbacks which he is talking about, answering questions. If you have played The Punisher it is similar to that. 6/10


This game is so much fun but is cut short sadly. Yet you can shoot nearly everything down which is so much fun. This game is up there with the top FPS games and you will enjoy it, maybe not the length. Possibly just wait for it to come down a little bit in price then…money well spent!! 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/24/06

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