Review by Zeltica

Reviewed: 04/04/06

I'm gonna fight the war, and use my music as a weapon.

My friend Justin picked up the game Black a few weeks ago, and solely on the basis of the commercial. While it’s obvious that the commercial shows very little game play, what it does show is a household getting shot to hell by gunfire, all the while playing some opera-esque wail in the background. I guess, that was EA and Criterion’s way of saying “Hey, you wanna totally destroy everything in front of you? Then pick this game up.” This self interpreted message couldn’t be more of a sell point. Now, in terms of FPS’s I can say clearly that I am very picky about them. I like solid, and fluid gameplay, all while having at least a decent storyline to go along with. Especially considering this game lacks any multiplayer mode. Now without further ado a little hands on…


Like I noted earlier this game lacks multiplayer, which would have made this game pure awesomeness. However, it doesn’t hinder the fun of this game at all. Whether playing yourself and going through the grueling hell the enemies put you through on each stage or watching a friend try and tackle the AI’s tactical genius, this game is non-stop fun. Relentless would be an understatement in terms of the AI as well. They don’t let up, they don’t give you breathers, there’s not always a safe place to hide (and if there is, it’s not always wise). The name Rambo comes to mind when playing this game, because like it or not, you’re going to have to tackle the enemy like a true soldier. The learning curve of this game is pretty easy if you’re used to playing FPS’s, and if you’re not an hour’s time should suffice. I give this section a 9.5/10.


It’s nothing spectacular but it’s not bad either. The interrogation type cut scenes that take place before every level are at the least interesting. However, they can be annoying if you’re no stranger to the game over screen. Having to restart from square one and watching the same thing for 5-10 minutes more than twice is tedious. Hell, sometimes I got stuck on a few boards, and would just walk out of the room when the screens came on so I could come back and just play. Overall it’s a 7/10.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are gorgeous, the character’s decently developed, and the environment’s detailed and very interactive. What should be expected of the PS2 as it’s nearing it’s end. The sound in this game, is like any other FPS. It fits the stages in the ways it should, as does the special FX. Overall an 8/10.


The game itself is worth playing through on the normal and hard versions of the game definitely because it’s a whole different level of hard. However, constant playing of the game isn’t all that you might want. Personally only a few key boards would I play over and over and not get tired of. But then again it all depends on the person and their love for shooter games. 9/10 here.

Final Verdict

Buy this game. It’s fun, it’s definitely worth having. You should have bought it before even finishing this review. The final score of this game is a 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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