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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mensco

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    Sakurasara Shouboutai
    Version 0.8
    Created by Mensco, Peter Kwok (pkwok15@hotmail.com)
    Extremly general guide
    This guide is written by and for people who buys import games while having 
    little to no background in the confusing language of Japanese. It does not have
    contain a lot of detailed information about the game, characters or secrets 
    that are held in this game. Once again, I am unable to understand Japanese, 
    I am able to survive import games from my Chinese background and the word 
    "save" in Japanese. Oh, yeah This is my first faq so I do know this is crappy.
    Truthfully, this isn't really my faq at all. More of a collection of strategy
    from the gamers of this game with some to little input from me.
    Table of Contents:
    1)	Introduction of the game ***Spoilers***
    2)	Updates
    3)	Characters
    5)	Walkthrough
    6)	Endings
    7)      Secrets
    8)      Evidence
    9)	Credits
    10)     Author's Rants
                                * Introduction *
    It all started when I went to my local import store to look for a game to waste
    my short summer. The store owner told me about this game and let me demo it. 
    Seemed pretty fun. What I failed to ask him was if I needed a good background 
    in Japanese to play this game. Anyways, I digress Have you seen the movie 
    'Backdraft' starting Kurt Russell? It's kind of like that except that it is 
    seen more of a flashback from the beginning of the ordeal to the very end. I 
    don't know why it reminded me of this, but I'm guessing of the summer heat 
    and Euro 2004. Anyways, you are a fireman on an emergency mission in a factory
     where fire has broken out. After successfully putting out the fires and 
    rescuing the victims of the fire from the incident, an explosion gone off and 
    unfortunately, the main character's brother (also a fireman) was located in 
    the room. The roof caved in with heavy objects falling from the top landing,
    thus killing your brother. Bam! A punch right in your gut. Foul play is 
    abroad, and it's up to you to find evidence and analyse them to nail that 
    crazy man into prison with a inmate called Bubba. And like all things 
    Japanese, the story becomes twisted and shifted into many confilcts to keep
    you guessing who. Maybe it's because I don't understand the language.
                                    * Updates *
    June 21, 2004
    First creation of faq, note that this faq would be updated until June 25,2004
    and will not be updated until the 28th of August 2004 because I will be 
    heading to a training camp in most probably Alberta for the Canadian Armed 
    *snickers* Forces and I would not be able to touch my PS2 until my return. 
    A man needs to eat and needs to a tutition reimbursment to survive. I know 
    hotmail deletes all my email in two months and if not, it may be cluttered 
    with spam. I should add my other email accounts or even my university account
     in case any rare gamers have information that they would like to share.
    June 25, 2004
    Probably the last update until my return from my training ending on this
    coming September. I have done the following for this FAQ:
    * Updated the requirements for Mission 3 to Mission 6
    * Included the alternate route for Mission 6
    * Minor changes to how to contact me
    * Added the copyright stuff and author rants
    July 25,2004
    This is my first 'real' break from the training. This is my first weekend
    leave where I don't have a lot of things to do upon my return. I don't
    actually have the time to play the game but rather I am just pasting the
    secrets posted from blahblehblah, LarryLui and Isl7994 from the gamefaqs'
    boards. Since I won't have the time to play the game, I'm just pasting it
    so I won't be deleted and lost forever. So this update is more of copy 
    and paste.
    I have added the following:
    * The possible endings and its questions translated by LarryLui.
    * How to control the fire in the hospital stage part 3
    * Evidence added from Larrylui
    * Translated partial endings from
    *Fixed password in Stage 6
    Sept 3,2004
    Just some minor updates. I just found out I made a crap load of error.
    Just got back from training camp so I'm all zoned out and stuff like that.
    I would probably do another and final update within the end of the month since
    I'm currently doing research for a professor and I'm still in the testing 
    period. If I mess up, that means I'm missing out on research papers. That is
    * Found out that the thread with the maps on playercn is now lost in cyberspace.
    * Fixed stage 1 into 4 segments instead of 3
    * Added location of evidence in their respective segements for most stages
    * Translated the endings a lot better after spending actual time translating
    * Fixed some requirements for ending
    * Added script of stage 7 segment 1 regarding the generator's password.
    * Altered strategy for stage 7 segment 2
                                    * Characters -
    Daiji: The main character of this game and he is controled by you. His brother
    	got whacked and he is sad due to this. Still, fires isn't going to give
    	him any breaks because of this.
    Kawasaki: A police chief of some sort. His picture shows no eye balls and plain
    	eyelids like Brock of Pokemon.
    Ichino:	Another police officer. He wears glasses and has droopy eyes and looks
            kind of cocky.
    Others: Yet to be deciphered.
                                    * Gameplay *
                                    * Walkthrough *
    Stage 1: Burning factory
    This stage is pretty much a tutorial for the game showing you which button does
    which action. Anyways on the first map, put out the fires and approach the door 
    access panel and push the circle button. It will not open. Then head out to the
    Northern west of the room and there would be barrels that are hackable and 
    climb up the stairs. Go to along the platform and push every panel you see. 
    After pushing the second one (with electricity coming out) continue further 
    and the furnace would explode. There would be a shiny object (that's the 
    eletroncial evidence), take it. However, approach with caution, because there 
    would be flying burning barrels hurling themselves at you when you approach 
    the evidence. My advice is to get close enough to trigger the barrels and let
    the barrels explode then put out the fire and get the evidence. Finally push
    the final panel for time bonus. Now you can get your friend to open the door 
    to save the victim. On your way out, the floor would collapse and you will have 
    to play a minigame of pushing the circle button to fill the bar or die. There 
    is also evidence in the second room. In the third room, there would be 
    exploding barrels. Just keep proceeding until you get into the final parts of 
    this floor. There would be an unconsious person in the end. Pick the guy up 
    and return him to the outside. Then proceed to the next segment
    Pretty easy. 3 rooms are on fire. After picking up the evidence, the locker 
    would burst into fire. Continue on and another fire-fighter would join you. 
    You could split up or join forces, it's up to you. Note that the nearby pipes
    would explode when you approach them. After clearing the rooms, the original
    locker from your initial position would be covered in flames. Easy stuff.
    Right from the start, a room would be lost. Not a big problem
    First, a lost room could not be entered. In order to regain access to it you
    will have to call in support from the firetruck. No victims 
    here. I believe 2 pieces of evidence is located here. Nothing special.
    This stage is quite easy considering the amount of fire. Your buddies would 
    take care of it. Anyways, your duty here is to close all the valves in this 
    floor. There would be two in your starting location, then the floor would 
    colapse. Continue. Climb across the beam in the north-eastern side of the 
    room. Close that valve and an explosion would start. Go back to your starting 
    position. Now you could climb that pipe. However, once you get on that pipe, 
    it would start burning so put out all the fire if you want. Along the pipe, 
    there would be additional fire blown onto the pipe you are holding on to. 
    Watch the pipe for burn marks (black colour on the pipe) Try to cross the 
    black area as soon as possible because there would be fire from time to time.
     Finally, on the other side, close the valve and misson complete.
    Mission 2: Office building
    It's just putting out fires on the crane. Nothing special happening
    There would be 2,3 rooms that are close to being considered lost. There are 
    fire pillars that is continued to feed the fires and can't be put out. You 
    have to put out fires of a specific room to stop it. It's the room which is 
    called the soup (water) room? It's the extremely small room with huge fires in
     it. There are 2 two stuck here in this stage. After checking all the rooms 
    (or just the top left room [locked]) You will have to find the sprinkler 
    systems X 2. One is located in the room left of your starting position, the 
    other is the small room located north of the bottom-right room. After that, 
    approach the room right of the initial position. Explore the whole room!!! If
    sprinklers/locked room scene is played, then you will have to climb across 
    the building to enter it through the outside. Same thing as the first stage, 
    fire blows from the top. Watch out for the black parts of the building. 
    Anyways, hack the book cases to open the door for extra help. Save the girl 
    and continue to the next stage. Watch out for exploding doors.
    Focus on the bottom right room as yourself. You have to trigger the elevator 
    scene in order to proceed. After seeing that scene, go to the room right of 
    where you started from (the one with the telephone scene). You would be able 
    to access the top part of the map. You would trigger a scene with a co-worker 
    finding a dead body (why she is there without any equipment is beyond me). 
    There would be a bomb in the next room. The bomb is located in the corner has 
    requires a partner to push the book case to find it. After finding it, return
     to the room with the telephone/ paper. Read the piece of paper and find the 
    pair of wire cutter located in the same room. Now it's time to defuse the 
    bomb. If the game doesn't change colour, then it would be this:
    Right Wire, Left Wire, Middle Wire. Aka (Blue, Red, Yellow) 
    Misson 3:
    Coming soon, I have to replay it to refresh my memories
    Bomb defusion colours for Misson 3:
    Yellow, Red, Blue (aka) Left, Right, Middle.
    Misson 4:
    Machine misson. Just drive around and put out fires. Simple
    Same area, but with people.
    4 evidence to collect here. Nothing special
    1 evidence, 1 person requires help
    Just normally fight the fires. The servailence room would be overruned by
    electricity. It could be turned off in 
    Misson 5: Hospital (real annoying)
    Pretty straight forward, except that there will be a lot of rooms that could be
    lost in this stage. Anyways, you have to go to the front desk to trigger an 
    event. later on this 2 victims if I remember.
    Initally, you will have to put out the 2 fires in the first two
    rooms in order to advance. There will be 5 rooms near lost. The top 3 rooms
    and the two rooms on the lower area of the map. There will be 1 victim
    located near the front desk, after picking the person up, a scene would start
    and a panel would blink. Check it out in order to advance to the last 2 rooms.
    This stage remains a myster how to pass for me. I'm not sure exactly how to 
    pass this stage correctly. My thoery is to shut off the electricy from the 
    computer on the middle right of the map and then yell around the whole map. 
    For the room filled with electricity, you will have to yell at different 
    locations of the map.
    Regarding the electrical room. You need to enter the electrical room from
    the bottom and yell inside the room to clear it. After that shut the power
    to put out the fire in the hallway. Note that the power must be on to clear
    both the room. (the one and its adjacent to it)
    Another enigma I need to find out about. I almost lost this mission by 
    running out of time My theory, save the victim on this floor. or is it the 
    other stage, can't remember.. By walking right, you would trigger the wind 
    event leading to crazy amounts of fire blown across the hall requiring 1 
    person to keep the fire down. Another unlimted fire is located on the top 
    right part of the map. I think that the captain would tell Daiji to hold on 
    until the wind dies down.
    Blahblahblah of gamefaqs has figured out what needs to be done in order for
    the fire to be controlled. This is what he has put down. I have yet to
    confirm it, but it seems extremely reliable:
    From Blahblehblah:
    "I figured some people might be interested to know since the faq doesnt 
    cover it. The way to stop the ongoing fire is as follows... first check
    computer on upper right room.. it will list an item in red.. now go check
    computer on bottom left of map.. it will give you that item.. return to 
    the first computer and the gates will shut down not letting wind enter. I
    suggest doing this quick because it will save you alot of time.. make it 
    a first priority at that stage ^^"
    Misson 6:
    Can't remember, I just scribbled down stuff I can't understand. to be updated
    I think I either wrote that there are 2 victims outside or inside.
    The crane stage again. It's pretty tough considering that a lot of fires flies
    directly at you so keep your distance. 
    There are 2 possible routes that are possible to attain.
    Choosing the first option after putting out the fires will
    pit you in bottom of the map in 3/3 of this stage and requires you to input
    the password found on the 3/3 section. Choosing the latter choice pits you
    in the middle left of the map of 3/3 but you are freed from the password.
    However, you will miss an important scene regarding the arsonist.
    Apparently, on hard, there is only 1 possible route to take.
    1 person requires help
    I can't remember the specific triggers to complete this stage but after 
    clearing the whole map of fire, and finding a diskette or something similar 
    approach the locked room and do the following: Go to the computer and look at 
    the screen, it should provide 4 chinese letters. Now go to the note pad on the
    desk. It should have the same 4 letters with another word in the end to make
    a total of 5 words on the bottomw of the notepad after those box letters. 
    Now head over to the note pad besides the window and it should have a list of 
    words and the numbers underneath it. It's some sort of code. Just match the 
    words from the pad and go to the control panel to insert the code. I found 
    the first 4 but forgot the last one but the first 4 should be 91023.
    If you chose the second choice in 2/3, then disregard the password.
    Misson 7: Finale.   Mall?Hotel?
    1 person requires help
    You start at the parking lot. Go around the parking lot saving fires. On the 
    top right should be a series of rooms. There would be a room that is jammed. 
    After that look for for a screwdriver in one of these rooms. Also there would 
    be a computer. I can't remember what happens next because I was extremely 
    groggy from playing it at night. There would be a note pad saying something 
    about code. There are two:
    Up, Down, Left, Right       = 6426, Opens the electrical Door
    Right, Left, Down, Right    = 6428, Closes generator
    Update: I found out that the latter code closes the generator on the second
    part of the map. After entering the first code unlocking the electrical door
    when the main character walks through to the new area, the generator would
    start to explode. Quickly head over to the right of the generator to the
    panel and insert the 6428 code.
    1 person requires help
    First you will find that the doors are locked and the only entrance is 
    plauged by a strong wind that keeps feeding the fire. After triggering the
    locked door, strong wind, and victim in fire scenes, approach the open 
    window and you would be given the option to climb out. This is not like 
    the previous stages, there is constantly strong winds that blows you over
    and over(sorry for the pun) that would result in you falling off and a 
    game over. You don't want that. So every time the wind blows, there would 
    be a sound cue. Move the controls towards the wall (up) and stop moving to 
    prevent from falling down. Note: you seem to fall no matter what happens. 
    First of all, when you examine the door with the lock, you would not be able
    to open it. After examining the lock, head on over to the other side of the
    room which has a vase placed over a table. Examine the vase to reveal a
    hidden password that requires you to place the numbers as a race like first,
    second, third and forth. For those that don't want to crack the puzzle,
    The password is 6932. That would open the door and let some of your staff to
    continue and save the burning room on top right corner of the map. After 
    opening the door, proceed walking along the walls outside and proceed with
    1 person requires help
    Probably one of the easiest levels of the game. On the lower bottom of the 
    map, there would be an invincible fire inside the kitchen and outside with a 
    person stuck inbetween the fire. Another invincible fire is the top right 
    corner of the playing map. To stop this close the valve and smash the water 
    pipes besides the washroom area. It's located at the middle top area of the 
    playing map. The gas valve is hidden behind a bookcase or vending machine. 
    After that clear the fires, save the person and meet the end.
    Probably the most annoying stage of the game, first you have to gather your 
    knowledge and logic to find out the following things:
    Regarding about this. It appears that the ending depends on your ability to
    find and select items for examination. Depending on the endings, the
    questions asked to you varies depending on your style. LarryLui of 
    gamefaqs has translated the questions for all 3 endings. I have now removed
    my incompetent translation for the questions asked on the 'B' ending.
    These translation has been brought to you by LarryLui of gamefaqs.com
    Ending C 
    1.who covered the medical incidents
    2.who own the IC recorder
    3.who else is recorded by the recorder
    4.who is the bad guys of all the crimes
    5.who is the criminal
    Ending B
    1.who killed the brother
    2.the one kawasaki hate
    3.who killed ichinosena
    4.who is the bad guys of all the crimes
    5.who is the last target
    Ending A
    1.who killed the brother
    2.who killed ichinosena
    3.who is the bad guys of all the crimes
    4.who is the last target
    5.who is the hidden guy
    *spoilers ends*
    Then you have to defuse 3 bombs, located in the bathroom, window, and 
    mainroom. Before you could start defusing, you have to find the hints 
    first and then the wire cutters. The hints are found at:
    1) By the piano
    2) By the desk beside the windows and dinner table
    3) The main entrance, on the front desk (the elevator area)
    Wire cutter is located on the table near the bar.
    Now the bomb defusing. Like normal players, I would be extremely angry to 
    defuse each bomb one by one through trial and error because I find it time 
    consuming. Luckily, on the message board of Gamefaqs where another gamer, 
    Jagt Mirage of www.gamefaqs.com found the answer through trial and error.
    Props to him. I've decided to use the stuff he posted and is giving full
    credits however, I couldn't find him to give an official agreement of 
    letting me use this stuff. I assume that he wants to share this by 
    posting the answers on this message board. 
    Anyways, I digress. the answers to the bombs are:
    Window Bomb (near the food)
    Yellow, Blue, Red
    Main Room: Where you start from
    Blue, Red, Yellow
    Washroom Bomb: Pity it wasn't placed strategically like in Lethal Weapon
    Yellow, Red, Blue.
    If I had to do this through trial and error, I would have to do this at least 
    around 12 times. If it requires at least 3-5 minutes to try playing again, 
    that's around 1 whole hour or trial. 
    Once again, a big thank you to Jagt Mirage! 
    Congrats, you are done.
                               * Endings: ***SPOILERS*** *
    I have yet to see an actual ending. According to another gamer that played this
    game,Larrylui, therewould be 3 different endings ranging from A,B, and C. How 
    the game predicts the outcome from the 3 is still a mystery to me. My guess is 
    either how you played the game or how your made your choices in the end of 
    stage 7. I skipped my ending b because I thought it was another cut scene so 
    I didn't see it. My brother claimed to have seen it but I didn't know what. 
    Since I won't be here in the summer, I'm really hoping for contributions here.
    From http://game.the9.com/htm/guides/guides_ps2/2004-06-22-12043.htm
    I am beginning to translate the endings from the game.
    I am not taking any credit at all, in fact I encourage people to go to the
    site. I am quoting to my best abilities. I'm not fluent in simplfied chinese.
    Ending A:
    Requirements: Second play
                  Examine all birthday cards
                  Examine Camera (4th stage)
                  Examine Teddy bear or medical files
                  Have all evidence and save everyone
                  Put people in following order:
                  Politician guy
                  Sanmu (Chubby staff member with glasses)
    What happens: Sanmu's brother was the politician's secretary and was
                  used as a political scrape goat 8 years ago. His current
                  secretary was used in the same way.
                  With corruption within the system, coupled by countless years
                  of darkness and silence, how many countless men prayed
                  for a series of strong winds. Winds that would blow
                  away the corruption like sweeping the city of it's
                  snow/sakura blossoms. These types of winds, so full of
                  warmth, and hope. Here, you see the female clerk say in
                  a small tone "The winds of Spring."
    Ending B:
    Requirements: Identify the "name card" from Stage 4
                  Examine "Teddy Bear" or "Medical files"
                  Answer in this following order:
                  Doctor Guy
                  Politician guy
    What happens: Kawasaki was saying how his wife died and her death becomes a
                  great big cover up by the politican. He continues saying how
                  justice could not be effective in bringing the criminals to
                  the law and as a police officer, he too has been corrupted
                  by vengence. As a final duty, Kawasaki surrenders. On the way
                  out, an unknown man in a fireman's suit says that the 
                  next party would soon arrive and walks away into the
    Ending C:
    Requirements: Examine the IC recorder
    What happens: Ichino was trying to avenge his sister. He decided to become
                  the Punisher. He hates evil and decided to use illegal means
                  to punish the wrongdoers. Ichino decides to commit suicide
                  He leaves cell phone saying that a executionor's wrath will
                  never cease.
    Ending D:
    Requirements: Don't examine the IC Recorder
    What happens: Daichi questions who is the true criminal and realized that
                  the truth has already disapeared with the flames. 
    			      - Secrets -
    While I don't have any ideas of secrets, there is a list of your 
    accomplishments in the game. I've noticed that as I progressed through the 
    game, I recieved pictures and specs of veichles. While on my second play, 
    I didn't recieve any. My deduction is that there are secrets based on your 
    actions. If I find any, I'll put it here.
                                  * Evidence -
    In order to get the endings, evidence must be collect:
    Thanks to LarryLui.
    stage 1
    1.Exploder, Stage 1-1
    2.company's forklift key Stage 1,1
    3.cold medicine, Stage 1-2
    4.normal work hat, Stage 1-2
    5.birthday card with fingerprint(unable to identify) Stage 1-3
    stage 2
    1.tear gas from an OL for personal reason
    2.birthday card with XXX fingerprint
    3.travel booklet, circulate by XXX a few day ago
    4.shoe left by a staff during escape
    5.posthumous by XXX, confessed the heroin smuggling
    stage 3
    1.a normal household knife(not related to case)
      Location: Room 902, 1/3
    2.kawasaki's mobile, with unknown email address
      Location: Southern Deck, 1/3
    3.rubber barrel to store warming fuel
      Location: Elevator, 1/3
    4.towel of kawasaki
      Location: Southern Deck, 2/3
    5.rope, property of the apartment
      Location: Tool Room, 2/3
    stage 4
    1.driving license of XXX
    2.map with XXX fingerprint, and circles at the fire scenes
    3.DC, with fire scenes photos (NEEDED FOR ENDING A)
    4.normal birthday card
    5.very old name card
    stage 5
    1.Hospital use ordinary nutrition fluid
    2.dead patient's record, with modified marks, true cause is doctor 
      dispensing mistake, victim is kawasaki's wife.
    3.normal doctor bag
    4.birthday card with only dean of hospital's XXXX fingerprint
    5.teddy bear with MO, storing list of deceased patient, one of them
      is kawasaki's wife.
    stage 6
    1.lighter, used by XXXX
    2.crystal ball, XXXX use it for fortune telling
      Location: Kitchen, 1/3
    3.notebook, with name of guys XXXX bribed
    4.birthday card, date of fire was XXXX birthday, but none 
      of the family send this
    5.IC recorder, with voice of XXXX and ichino's quarrel, can 
      determine ichino is the one who set fires.
    stage 7
    1.talkie of fire station, no fingerprint, XXXX is the one who take 
      care of those equipments
      Location: Dress up Room, located at bottom of 1/4
    2.high rank police badge
      Location: Mechanical Room 1/4
    3.can, likely to be left by resident
      At the bartender's side of the bar, 2/4
    4.bomb timer, confirmed to be made by the same guy
      Location: (3/4 Male Bathroom)
    5.birthday card, may be the number have important message
      Location: (3/4 Main room, one with the bar seats)
                                  * Credits *
    There are people that you should respect and give thanks to them.
    Without them, I would not be able to write this faq.
    Here are the awsome contributors and it is here where I would like to
    give my thanks.
    Irem: The company that made this wonderful and addictive game.
          How I hate them, especially selling the game during my exams...
          They are like the smoke companies except it isn't that deadly...
    Gamefaqs.com: Without this site, this faq would not be possible and I
                  would be still stuck in a lot of games and missed out.
                  This is where most of my information about this game
                  started from along with. 
    CjayC: Viewed as God by the users of Gamefaqs and possibly LUE.
           Maker of the second best site in the universe besides Maddox whom
           claims to be the best...
    Jagt Mirage: Finally, the guy that allowed me to finish the game and
                 allow those with bad Japanese skills to play this game
                 especially the bomb parts without swearing from frustration.
    Pirates: No, I'm not talking about piracy but those real pirates that
             go ARRRRRRRRRGHHHH and shiver me timbers. Why they are some of
             the coolest things guys can dream off. Besides Ninjas, Robots
             and dinosaurs or even Robotic-dinosaur-Ninjas!
    LarryLui: Once again, I have copied and pasted. Yeah I know, however, you
    	  must know I have warned that I'm not a good faq writer and I 
    	  said that there will be major pasting due to my lack of
    	  Japanese knowledge. LarryLui has been one of the first guys to
    	  post on the game's boards and has been giving hints and tips
              for me to follow and nibble on. Although I have not asked for
    	  permission, however, I am giving him credit and at the same
              time shunning myself. Without him, the faq would have not been
    Blahblehblah: Like all faqs, without contriubtors, import games would be
                  impossible to be completed because not all writers have
                  a Japanese major and sometimes incompetant like me. I am
    	      extremely grateful that blah has found out about the
                  script and is sharing it online. Without blah, I might be
                  replaying that stage over and over again until the seven
                  minute rule elapse.
    Isl7994: Thanks for supplying the chinese links for this game. It's well
             written and could help gamers that know the language.
           : Translating it from chinese was long but sweet.
                                  * Author Rants -
    Like most classes, you can read ahead and see ahead for extra credit.
    Here are links you could go to and find out.
    They are provided by Isl7994.
    " Hi. I just bought this game and I am addicted to it! 
    Just want to share these two websites with strategy guide of this game. 
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Another website with maps. Enjoy!
    http://www.playercn.com/read.php?fid=19&tid=57531&fpage=1&page=1 "
    Legal Mumbo Jumbo.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2004 Peter Kwok               
    Uo Nanatsu no Mizu Densetsu no Nushi

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