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"Good Job, Konami!"

Me and my friend were so damn excited when playing our first WE8 game. It felt so... different. So slow. Of course my friend was complaining and whining about that for 10 mins or so, and then totally forgot about it.
The game is intense, the tapered speed helps you grasp the game as a real one. I love that, the players are no longer super-humans who can reach the goal in 3 secs (yes, and that includes Henry). But dont get me wrong, its not SO DAMN slow, and its not very fast. I think Konami did a great job on the speed.
I've read many reviews in this thread, many made me scared to fire my first shot in WE8. Well, I think the shooting is brilliant! The ball feels so heavy, and so light at the same time. Your shots will not be blazing the grass ALL the time! And scoring from outside the box is tougher, which makes it MUCH MORE Realistic. I've also read a post which claimed the passes were as fast as bullets, well, I dont think they are. I think the speed of passes is perfect! And no, they're not as super-fast as you think they are, it all depends on the player's "Short Pass Speed".
The animations, are simply, beautiful. Finally we get to see the players being substituted. We see the player carried out for an injury, and then making his grand entrance again. Chesting the ball feels much more... human now. So is turning the player so sharply, they no longer move like robots. The celebrations, however, are pretty much the same. I think there is a few new additions, but its okay nonetheless.
The headers, are much more difficult to execute. Unlike WE7, which always had you heading as long as you have a higher JUMP and HEADER stat. The crossing animations are beautiful, because you can actually see the player stumble slightly to regain his balance after letting out a cross.
The GK, yes yes, this was an important issue for me, especially in WE7/PES3/WE7I. In WE8, the GKs are much more... fast and rampant! Once you're in a 1-1 situation, some GKs can take you by surprise, and encounter you with such high speed that you would definitely be caught off-guard! Nevertheless, there were times when the GK simply watched my friend head the ball into the net without even trying to deflect it. The errors do not occur much though, thankfully.
Oh yes, the slowdowns and stutters. This also made me very, very uneasy while noticing it in many reviews. Well, here's my opinion, the lag is not even discernible!!! I mean, I played at Tad Brick, in night mode, and with stadium effects and with both HOME and AWAY supporters on full ***. It did occur, my friend noticed it, I didn't. It's so minor, I don't remember me or my friends complaining "Oh no! It slowed down! I miss the header, This sucks," etc. Yes, I even played in the rain, but it did not ruin this wonderful game for me, because it really isnt noticeable.
Now, while choosing your players in the formations menu, Konami has added a very helpful option, which would assist in saving you ample time. When picking, lets say, a DMF, the game automatically highlights ALL the players who could play that position in red. So no more foraging for players who could play certain positions in a player's stead!
Another slight error that I found, not very grievous, but I guess Konami might fix it in PES4. During a match, my friend's players all ended up with dirty shorts and so, then he substituted Cisse with Henry, and Henry entered the field with dirt on his shorts too. As I said, very minor.

Well, I can honestly say, WE8 has lived up fully to my expectations! I am not disappointed with it AT ALL! I cant wait to try out the Master League in PES 4.

My rating: 9.5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/14/04

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