Review by AwesomeAJ

Reviewed: 09/21/04

GOAL To Konami!

The perfect soccer sim, realistic, beautiful and atmospheric. If an award had to go for all of these criteria Konami would win it. All I can say is Konami has done it again! This is the Japanese follow-up to Winning Eleven 7 or more widely known as Pro Evolution Soccer 3. Well then now on to the reviewing.

Graphics - 9/10

The Winning Eleven series isn't really widely known for its graphics with FIFA always being one more step ahead of this, but what an improvement they have made form the last games. Now all the players look like they are sitting inside your television set, just with them at your finger tips. Beckham, Ronaldo, Ferdinand, Henry. You name the player and they have got the perfect face for them. the stadiums look gorgeous but one flaw is that the grass is not really as green as grass should be! Also the addition of the three licenced leagues, Seria A, La Liga and Eresdivie really make the game look better. Also for the more skilled people there is a sponser editor where you can make your own licenced kits for the teams which don't have them. The menu's look lovely and there is an easy to use interface.

Sound - 6/10

My first impression of the sound was bad. The main menu music is just plain awful but is made up for this with a beautiful atmospheric sound and decent commentary. But if you don't know much Japanese then the commentary will mean nothing to you. But then again its not the sound that counts its the game!

Gameplay - 10/10

Here is where Konami make their games the best in the world. Every dribble, trick, tackle is perfectly animated making it the most flowing game in the world. The ball physics are amazing with is responding to the pitch in different weather conditions maing it bounce or roll differently. One bad point in this is the slowdown which makes the game juttery when the box is crowded. Keepers are alot better than in the last games and there is a general feeling of computer AI. The referee is on the pitch and he observes the game, making the right decisions at different times and often the wrong ones. One of the ref's decions could ruin the game for you. There is not really a way to describe Konami's game engine in any way apart from simply amazing. FIFA eat your heart out.

Lifespan - 10/10

Play it with a mate or just on your own this game is sure to last. Master League is the games strongest point here as you can never stop until you have your complete dreamteam by earning points by winning against teams as nobodies. The edit mode keeps the game up to date and multiplayer atmosphere is ver tense indeed. What a great game this is.

Buy Or Rent ?

It really depends how much of a fan you are of the game series. Hardcore fans can order this as an import from Japan but if you are just a casual fan just take my advice and wait until Pro Evolution Soccer 4 comes out as it will be in English. Otherwise you have to buy this immediately!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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