Review by peacesquid

Reviewed: 10/13/04

A solid, if unremarkable, sequel

Another year another PES...

Pro Evolution Soccer fans will know what to expect from this year's update. The training modes, the cup and league modes and the Master League are all much as you remember them. A few extra teams have been added, and Master League players now age, but it's all very familiar.

Graphically the game is a little more detailed than PES3, although any extra detail comes at a price with slowdown occuring fairly heavily on 60hz mode. Bad programming or overambitiousness may be to blame but it's a shame especially as you won't be looking at the crowds or stadia anyway.

As per the norm a few extra moves have been added but these aren't particularly essential although the instant turn (R2 button) is a nice enough addition.

As for differences well these become revealed after a few matches. To the untrained eye this is classic PES but finally Konami have decided to make your players chase down the ball. This allows you to play a more effective passing game which is essential as beating players with skill has been made much harder.

In fact the difficulty has definately gone up a few notches. This is evident in the goalkeepers. No more will they allow a tame header to drift into the goal. In my last match England V Scotland I was held 0-0 after have 24 shots at their goal compared to 0 from them. Virtuoso goalkeeping indeed. Did them on penalties but even so, expect to work for your goals.

As ever there are niggles. Commentaries are as inept as ever, freekicks are still a bit too hit and miss and the refs make ridiculous decisions.

As the best football game it probably deserves a 10, but it gets an 8 from me for basically being more or less the same game that ISS Evolution 2 was and for still having faults after 6 years of updates. It's a lazy effort from Konami but they know that we'll all buy it because the competition is so much worse.

PES4 is a great game because all PES games are but there is nothing here to get excited over if you own the previous games. You need this game, but dont get carried away. It doesnt represent a whole year's worth of improvements over PES 3.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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