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"A new found glory...."

I used to like Fifa, yes, back in the day but something happened, something strange, I felt over come with emotion after buying my new PS2 with copy of PES3 and haven't even so much as looked at the back of a Fifa case since. Pro Evo 3 was truly the start of a new religion for be and Pro Evo 4 just strengthens my beliefs…

GamePlay- 10/10
It uses the same control system as the previous games, this is without a doubt the best part of the game. Every match feels different; you never score the same goal twice. Nothing is pre-determined and overall the game plays and feels absolutely amazing. Konami had it spot on last year with PES3 and this year it's just been given it a dust off and polish. Amazing.

Sound- 7/10
Every game has it minor flaws, and Pro Evo is no exception. Note however: Minor! Where the game itself is top of the premiership, the commentary is lurking down in the conference league. It could do with great improvement and seems to have taken a slip down from PES 3. Its all silly little things though e.g. You team is top of the table and as your next match starts the commentator will say something like “Both these teams fighting to avoid relegation”. Having said that, these are all little things that after a while you don't even notice, you are also given the option to turn off commentary if it really starts to bug you.

Graphics- 10/10
Brilliant, people say this is the one major advantage Fifa has over Pro Evo, but this year that's not a factor any more. The whole animation runs very smoothly (although stay away from 60 htz mode, as slow down is apparent in the box) and you get that feel as though you watching a live game. The crowd chants, etc add to the realistic atmosphere and little things Konami have added (referee on pitch, etc) work wonders.

Replay-ability- 10/10
Huge! Like its predecessors it's guaranteed to last you the whole year through until the next PES. And a lot of this is down to the master league mode. Take a team of your choice (or create one) and start with either the original player or a team of nobodies, then make your way through the 2nd league up to promotion and use earnings to improve your team. Seen basic? That's all there was too it in PES 3, but this time round your players improve according to how well they play in matches and older players stats decrease slowly until retirement, this way you must keep up to date in the transfer market bringing in young talent when required and maintaining a balanced squad.

Edit- 9/10
Edit mode has been greatly improved too, you now have more options when creating your own players appearance along with the ability to now make your own badge and kit sponsorship. Add this together with the original options (create your own kit, etc) and the game is fully customizable to your liking.

Multi-player- 10/10
Another famous star structure of the pro evo series. There's nothing like meeting up with 3 or 4 mates and just having an afternoon of PES. Your master league vs your mate's, triumph over them and be a god or lose and become nothing more than the mere tea lady.
Hit one in from 45 yards, but your home alone with no one to see it? Not a problem, in PES, you can save you goal replays to watch again anytime you like, helpful for rubbing it in.

To buy or to rent-
If you really are unsure still the go a head and rent it first, but I can guarantee you'll end up buying it after so save your self the 3.75 rental charge and just buy the game straight off, a wise decision that you wont regret.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/25/04

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