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"It's better than ever!"

A year has passed. Yep, yet another Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Like always, it is still the best football/soccer game ever. Even better than the so called 'Ultimate' FIFA Series. Anyway, back to Pro Evolution Soccer 4. When I first bought the game and played it, it just don't have the PES feeling but after a few hours of playing, I've finally got back the feeling and used to the gameplay. It is just simply the best football/soccer game in the world. No doubt about it. It is a MUST for all the football and PES fans. Now, let's get on with the review.

Graphics 9/10
It's a big improvement here. The face and the model of the players look more realistic. Deco and Duff now look more like themself. The pitch graphic also have some improvement like when it is raining, you can actually see the water when the player is running. I look more realistic than PES 3. Not only that, all the new animations are cool and nice too. Some players have their own animation of taking freekick (Eg. Henry, Beckham etc.) and penalty. There are also animation for substitution. Beside that, the foul animation also improves a lot and it's really cool.

Gameplay 10/10
As always, the gameplay is top notch. This is one of the reason why this game is better than any other football/soccer game especially FIFA. The gameplay is one of the MAIN reason why I am playing this non-stop. It's really addictive. The pace of the game has been made slightly faster than PES 3, but no worries here, it is still as good as PES 3 or maybe better. We finally... yup, you guess it! We finally have a referee and you can actually see him running around the pitch unlike PES 3. Oh and about the freekick, well... you can choose a few options when taking freekick. You can feint it or roll the ball slightly to the side and so on.

Sound 6/10
You know what? This is the part why I gave this game a 9/10 instead of 10/10. The commentary is still as crap as ever. The commentary team is still the same ol' Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking. I can promise you will turn off the sound after a few matches of playing unless you don't mind hurting your ear. Whatsoever, that will not affect the gameplay at all. You will still be able to enjoy the game but if you really want commentary, I recommend you listen to the Spanish commentary. Atleast, it's better than Peter and Trevor.

Replayability 9/10
It just goes without saying. You will not get bored of the game, NEVER! I promise. I've been playing this damn game since the released but I just won't get tired of it unless PES 5 comes out. But until then, I will be playing PES 4. And last but not leat, this game is a MUST to all the football and PES fans or even those who are not that familiar with football. So, I strongly recommend you get this game instead of FIFA. Well, those are my two cents. I'm off!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/28/04

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