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"Don't be fooled: This is arcade nonsense..."

This game, like PES2 and PES3, has been praised by most everybody. PES1 was as well, yet that was the only one in the series that actually deserved it.

With FIFA spinning out of control into arcade obscurity, Konami suddenly released PES1, which was the exact opposite of EA's FIFA. Realism was the key in PES1, and that is why it's still by far the best football game ever made. PES2 was supposed to improve on PES1's visual flaws, but unfortunately took a completely new direction.

Everybody expected FIFA to knock off PES1's great gameplay, but noone had considered that Konami might knock off FIFA's poor gameplay. That's exactly what they did. Why? Because childish arcade earns more dosh. That's why. So PES2 became an arcade version of PES1 with better graphics. It was an instant hit. Then came PES3, which once again was more arcadey and had better graphics. And now PES4. Once again, as you can imagine, it's more arcadey.

And the post PES1 PES games never gets anything but praise, curiously. They're quite better than the FIFA games, and I think that's why. Most people simply think this is the best on offer. It really is sad how PES1 will go unnoticed by so many football fans looking for a realistuc football game.

That was the story of the PES series, and here are my thoughts on PES4:

As I said, the gameplay is completely crap. The players run around unrealistically fast and they turn so sharp and quickly that it's impossible to get the ball from them. If you play 2 player mode the player with the ball will be able to dribble like Maradona forever, even with players like Phil Neville.
The edit mode is extremely deep, but full of so many stupid choices. The create a kit section is a complete joke, full of ridiculous and unusable designs. And you can't even assign new kits or badges to licensed teams, oddly enough. Suppose you wanted to change Chievo into a team you'd rather play with. Can't. Stupidity, this.

The graphics are pretty good but hampered, once again. They've used a weird lightning effect that makes the players look like shiny plastic men, and the animations are totally unrealistic. Some of the are beautiful, but a lot are way too fast and a lot of tham are impossible to even see from more than a few feet away. It's pretty crudely done, actually. A lot of the time aplayer will fire off a shot without even taking his leg back, like you always do. When you then check it out in the replay you can see him taking his foot back just an inch or two, only to then fire off a Van Basten like rocket fo a shot. Completely unrealistic.

The sound is pretty good, but the commentary isn't nearly as good as it was in PES3, which excelled in this category. Still better than in most sports games, though.

- The extensive badge editor mode
- The licenses

- Above all, the gameplay
- The crudely designed animations
- Not being able to change kits for licensed teams
- Selfish idiots Henry and Totti are on the cover


Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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