"Winning Eleven? The best football game in our days."


World Cups, leagues, teams and players. Everything in one game. I introduce to you Winning Eleven 8. This is the game that has stolen most of my free time and I do not regret it, because the payback is you keep getting better. This game has been improved since we play Winning Eleven 5. Every Winning Eleven comes with new stuff and this is not the exception, more teams, countries, players and there are even licensed teams...what else can you ask for?

Graphics 9/10

Lets go back some years, remember when we used to play Winning Eleven 2 and Ronaldo his face was chinese? You can be sure that will not happen again. All players come with their exact faces, you will see Ronaldinho, C.Ronaldo, Rooney even not so known players as Gilberto Martinez with their authentic face. The licensed teams come with each detail of their sponsors. Also some boots come exactly as the real-life ones. The stadiums are better than ever, every detail is present in this edition of WE. The only thing that I do not like is some kind of bright that is on the hairs of the players.

Gameplay 10/10

The most important part of every game and guess what? It is the best part of WE, you will enjoy every minute you play it. Everything has been improved. The Master League now has a new age improve system. More features, new moves and tricks. When the game says that it is from Konami, you should expect the best gameplay. Because of the gameplay Winning Eleven always beats FIFA, if you want better gameplay just ask for this game. There is a slowdown problem if many players are in the box but it is easy to fix. With the exception of that problem the gameplay is 100 percent free of problems and bugs.

Sound 7/10

This is not the greatest part of the game. But the sound depends, why? because when you are in the menu the music can be a little annoying but when you are in the beginning of the match and you hear the crowd and the starting whistle of the referee you forgot all and you start enjoying the game.

Play Time 10/10

If you like soccer (is not necessary to be a fan) you will play this game for hours, months even for years (at least until the next Winning Eleven is released). With the new system of age improvement in the Master League you will want to never stop playing. Even with the simple leagues you will enjoy hours of fun. Multi-player? The best, you will want to beat every of your friends, show them your new abilities or favorite teams.

Final Recommendation
Buy? Rent? For the hours of fun and entertaining this game will give you, better buy it. Try to beat all the leagues with your favorite teams. You will never regret buying this game, even when the next Winning Eleven is released.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/05, Updated 01/10/05

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