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    Cousins/Presents Locations Guide by ltsplurge

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    We Love Katamari Collectibles Guide
    V2.0 9/23/05
    This Guide is written by Lt. Splurge (a nickname, not a real Lieutenant), and 
    provides detailed information on where to find the various collectibles in We 
    Love Katamari for the PS2. And by collectibles, I'm referring to the royal 
    presents, cousins, and second cousins hidden throughout the levels. This guide 
    is not a walkthrough (although it may possibly become one in later versions), so
    don't ask me how to complete specific levels, and stuff like that. 
    We Love Katamari is a product of Namco, which I am in no way affiliated.
     I can be reached at ltsplurge@yahoo.com. PLEASE don't send me anything that's 
    irrelevant to the game; i.e. walkthrough questions, purchasing information, 
    codes for vg "cheating" devices, game ratings, etc. Any irrelevant Emails will 
    be ignored and promptly deleted. Also, if I get any game information that I 
    don't already know, I will be sure to confirm it before I add it to the guide. 
     If I get the same question from a number of different individuals, I may 
    eventually have it listed under the FAQ section (irrelevant questions excluded).
    And please, don't send any flame-mail or anything negative. Nobody's MAKING you 
    read this guide, so if you can't say something nice,... (yadda yadda yadda, you 
    know the drill.)
    Finally, to avoid any confusion, this guide may ONLY be posted on gameFAQs.com.
    So if I get any emails asking if it can be posted elsewhere, the sender 
    OBVIOUSLY ignored this statement, and shall be ignored in return.
    A Brief Table of Contents:
    1. Table of Contents <you are here>
    2. Brief overview
    3. Cousin/Present locations
    4. FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions
    5. Credits and Thanks
    2. Brief overview
    Ok, first a quick briefing on cousins and presents. I'm assuming you're already 
    pretty much familiar with We Love Katamari, otherwise, why the hell would you 
    be here looking up the info on the cousins and royal presents?
    The cousins and second cousins ar scattered all over the various levels, and as
    they are technically people, they will usually be found doing people stuff, or 
    interacting with people. They're almost always going to be out in the open, too,
    which makes them a little easier to find. What makes them especially noticeable 
    is that they are all some sort of lit-up color, with no shadows, so they really 
    stand out from normal katamari fodder. Like people, they aren't fond of being 
    sucked into a giant ball, and usually try to run away from you. When you finally
    catch one, make sure you don't crash, or the cousin might get knocked free and 
    escape, ruining all the work you put into finding him/her.
     The cousins' only real purpose is to give you (and the second player, if there
    is one) a set of extra "skins" to play with- different appearances, basically. 
    You also need to collect all of the cousins in order to play this one mission 
    with the boy from the original Katamari Damacy; I can't give any information on 
    that, since I haven't gotten them all yet.
     As you collect the cousins, they'll eventually start popping up in other 
    levels, which can easily distract you from finding the cousins that were 
    actually hidden in the levels. You can only officially "collect" them once, 
    after which they're basically katamari fuel. You can tell what cousins you've 
    collected in a level by talking to the person who offers that level. A set of
    circles will show up in the upper left corner of the screen. Lit up cousin 
    portraits indicate that you've already found them, while dim pictures of
    antennae indicate cousins you still haven't found yet.
    Royal presents contain accessories you can equip to the prince or cousin you're 
    controlling. You can find accessories for your character's head, torso, and 
    lower body, and have one accessory equipped to each area, for a maximum of three
    equipped at any one time. They're not really useful outside simple aesthetics,
    some of them look pretty cool, and they look different depending on who's 
    wearing them. Presents appear on the maps as, well, presents. They don't glow or
    anything, and can show up at practically any size. They pretty much look like 
    generic katamari fodder at a distance. Like the cousins, once you manage to 
    one up, make sure you don't crash into anything for a while afterwards, or it 
    might get knocked loose, and you'll have to collect it all over again if you 
    don't find where it landed quickly. Luckily they don't move on their own, but 
    that doesn't mean that the occaisional present won't be carried around by a 
    moving object.
    Cousin/Royal Present locations-
    The locations of each collectible will be listed in order of mission. I don't 
    remember what accessory was in each present, however, so not all of those will
    be labeled.
    Soccer Boy/ Tutorial Stage:
    Royal Present~
    There are no presents on this stage.
    You're a fool if you can't find him. You HAVE to collect him to end the level, 
    so he's not that difficult to find, especially given that the level is just one
    big circle. Just grab everything else on the level, and snag the little sucker.
    This guy took me a little while to find, but it's actually quite simple; play AS
    Ace to get him. Obviously, Ace can't collect *himself* to finish the level, so 
    Slip shows up in his place.
    Rainbow Girl/ "Make a Planet 1":
    Royal Present (headphones)~
    Being carried on a paper airplane around the level. Climb up the ramp onto the 
    couch, and look over to your right. You should see the ramp leading up to the 
    top of the dresser. A row of five paper airplanes will eventually float by, and 
    go underneath that ramp. The present is on the last one. Just go halfway up the 
    ramp and fall off on top of it.
    Hard to miss. He's riding the crayfish scampering around under the table in the 
    middle of the room.
    Sleepy Guy/ "Make a planet 2":
    Royal Present~
    It's riding around on an RC car circling the swimming pool area. 
    Dancing around on top of the table in the middle of the room.
    He's just outside on the lawn, having a little picnic. He's actually pretty big,
    so make sure you've pumped yourself up a bit before you go after him.
    Ikebana Teacher/ Flower Garden Stage:
    Royal Present (Flower)
    In the upper part of the level, there is a tree with a dude and a monkey 
    swinging on it. Get to a decent size and crash into the tree to knock out the
    Not difficult to find. She's fairly large, riding around the upper area of the 
    level on a deer. Just look for something that looks like a giant strawberry. You
    can't miss her.
    Hansel & Gretel/ Candy Stage:
    Royal Present~
    The witch has it. You can only pick up the witch once you get pretty big, so
    go after her once she stops chasing you and starts fleeing from you.
    Not difficult to find. She's around the outskirts of the gingerbread house, out
    in that ring with the cookie trees and tubes and stuff.
    Inner Tube Guy/ Underwater Stage:
    Royal Present (Bikini)~
    On the back of a duck, swimming around along the surface of the water. This 
    one's a bit difficult and time consuming to get- the best you can do is to roll 
    up out of the water to the stump, wait for the duck to get close enough, then 
    dash-roll at it and hope you hit. I actually managed to pull the duck out from
    under the present, and had to go back and look for it on the seafloor.
    He's the one who looks like a tennis ball. He's also pretty small on this level.
    He circles the stage on the back of a manta ray. Careful not to get too big, 
    or else you'll never find him.
    Snow Guy/ Snowman Stage:
    Royal Present (Grampa Mask)~
    It's riding around on the horse-drawn sleigh circling the level.
    Lounging around underneath a huge beach umbrella, near the landing point for 
    those skiiers hurtling out of the sky.
    Studying Guy/ Firefly Stage:
    Royal Present~
    Surrounded by a ring of fireflies on top of the van. Head towards the path 
    leading up the mountain in the middle of the stage, then veer to the right and 
    go around the path towards the ledge with the clown. You can get on top of the 
    van from there.
    Not hard to find. He's dancing around on the stump on top of the mountain. He's
    also surrounded by a thick cloud of fireflies, so it's worth the effort to come 
    up here anyway.
    Teacher/ School Stage:
    Royal Present~
    I don't entirely remember. For some odd reason everyone's been sending me all 
    kinds of crazy locations for this one, so I won't know for certain until I
    start a new game and go through again.
    As Big as Possible. She's on top of the desks in the room where you start. Once 
    the King allows you to go into the hallway, you should be big enough to pick 
    her up. Just roll up the brooms and cross the "bridges" between the desks to 
    reach her. Careful not to get so big as to pick up the triangles forming the
    bridge to the last set of desks. If you do, try rolling up the side of the 
    desks to get up there. And if you get too big, she disappears.
    As Fast as Possible. He's hanging out with the students in the same room as you 
    start in the Big as Possible stage. 
    Cleaning Lady/ 100 Objects Stage:
    Royal Present~
    On the window sill behind you as when you start the level. It's pretty big, so 
    make sure you've collected some stuff before you go after it. It doesn't add to 
    your 100 items.
    Laying on the floor in the middle of the room. You can't miss her.
    Campfire Guy/ Fireball Stage:
    Royal Present (Mushroom)~
    Next to the van, up against the mountain under the bridge. Careful not to fall
    into the water.
    Large Campfire stage. She's dancing around a fire with a bunch of people on the 
    hill leading up to the cabin, the place you started the level in the Firefly 
    stage. She's the dancing mushroom.
    Brown Dog/ Friend Stage:
    Royal Present (Giraffe Hat)~
    Underwater in the arctic zone. It's in the water next to the stands, as you 
    enter the area with the water on your right. It's a little ways before the ring 
    with the dolphins jumping through it. Don't worry about having to search too 
    hard for it, though, a seal pokes it up out of the water from time to time.
    As Big as Possible. Up at the lookout, looking out over the zoo. Hard to miss. 
    He's about the size of an adult, so you need to be big enough to pick up people
    to get him.
    As Fast as Possible. He's riding one of the alligators down in the swamp.
    Origami Guy/ 1,000 Cranes Stage:
    Royal Present~
    Out in the halls is a huge non-origami crane running around- it's got the 
    present in its beak.
    He's laying on the bed in the area that usually serves as the bathroom of the 
    school levels. He's about the size of a large child.
    Raincoat Kid/ Cloud Stage:
    Royal Present~
    This one's kind of tricky. Once you reach a decent size, it'll show up being 
    carried by a weather balloon over by the banana clouds, to the right of the 
    four rainbows somewhere. The tricky part is getting just big enough to reach it
    (it's pretty high up) without letting it out of your sight. Trust me, the 
    moment you lose sight of it you'll never see it again.
    Hard to miss. There's a couple of cloud guys swinging a jump rope on the level;
    she's on the cloud directly between them.
    Kind of hard to spot- he's hanging out on a cloud above Mt. Fuji.
    Old Man/ "Make a Planet 3":
    Royal Present~
    Over in the school area, underneath a stack of those "step" things (1st step, 
    2nd step, 8th step, etc.) near the hurdles.
    As Big as Possible. Near the start, you'll see a stack of colorful toy things 
    with a stick coming out the top. Johnson is in a coffee mug on top of the stick.
    Just pick up the toy things and he'll drop down for you to collect.
    As Big as Possible. Jumping over the hurdles at the school. You should be big 
    enough to snag him by the time you get over there.
    As Fast as Possible. He's on top of a small Xmas tree just across the bridge 
    from that farm on top of the hill.
    "Save the Pandas" Guy/ Money Stage:
    Royal Present (Wig)
    It's against the fence in the schoolyard area. As you enter the area through the
    gate, it's behind the pile of boxes under the canopy in the back right corner.
    If you aren't big enough to pick up the boxes, you can just roll around the 
    back and grab it.
    As you enter the school area, he's shopping at a red stall just to the left. You
    need to be big enough to pick up people to get him.
    Baby/ 50 Item Limit Stage:
    Royal Present (peacock feathers)~
    Over in the safari area; once you reach that circular area that leads into it,
    take the path on the right. On the mountains to the right a ways in you'll see
    a green guy, holding a ball, holding a bear. The bear is balancing the present
    on it's nose.
    In the crocodile pond, riding a coelacanth to the right of the dock.
    Race Car Guy/ Racetrack Stage:
    Royal Present~
    Up on top of the cargo ship. Once you reach about a good medium size, you can 
    use the cargo containers next to the ship as a sort of makeshift staircase to 
    get up there.
    These three are up on the second, smaller racetrack, the one around the mansion,
    having a little katamari race of their own. Odeko's pushing a big ball, Shy's
    pushing a lotus leaf, and Nickel's pushing a vending machine. They're usually
    right next to each other.
    Cowbear Guy/ CowBear Stage:
    Royal Present (moustache)~
    It comes out of the car wash, over next to where the cargo ship is in the 
    Racecar guy missions. A bunch of other stuff pops out of the wash and then 
    retracts- the present pops out after the locker.
    Almost impossible to miss. She's running around the main track, followed by a
    horde of cowmen and bearmen. Just stay in one place and she'll come to you 
    eventually. Also, she counts as a cow, so the level ends when you nab her.
    Mini Sumo/ Sumo Stage:
    Royal Present (Cool Belt)~
    Just past the sumo ring to the right is a huge swimming pool; there's a guy 
    tossing random foodstuffs into a hippos mouth, the present is among them. While
    you don't have to be all that big to pick up the present, you will need a decent
    size in order to be able to reach it as it gets chucked overhead.
    He's up on the stage near the back of the orchard, near the path leading up
    to the farm.
    Old Lady/ "Make a Planet 4":
    Royal Present (Little Buddy)~
    This one's a tricky one- there's a prop plane flying around above the region,
    occasionally passing overhead the starting town and later out near the ferris 
    wheel; it's carrying the present on top of it.
    He's right there in the area where you start out, dancing around by some 
    chickens behind the giant mushroom in the pond.
    Standing in line for the fortune teller, near the two afro guys moving the 
    couch. Make sure you get to her immediately after passing through the barrier;
    once you get too big she takes off. I went through the level at least a dozen 
    times and never found her, probably because I built myself up quite a ways
    before heading through the barrier.
    Once you reach the town past the 3m barrier, she's riding a shark down by the 
    beach. It's best to get down to her early, because she's pretty small.
    Hula-Hoop Girl/ "Make Saturn" Stage:
    Royal Present (scarf)~
    Out on the porch, in a dog bowl.
    Sitting on the shoulder of the giant robot in the middle of the room. You need
    to be pretty big to get her.
    Royal Present~
    In the center classroom, on top of a locker in the back-left corner.
    Sitting on top of the principal's desk, next to the principal.
    Royal Present (mask)~
    Ok, this one's a bit hard to explain; there's a big city area next to a big red
    arch-shaped suspension bridge- it's the city you have to go through to reach
    the 12-meter barrier in the bird/elephant missions. The present is underneath
    the bridge. There's a group of anchors in the shape of an arrow pointing right
    to it, so if you don't see the arrow, you're at the wrong bridge.
    Also difficult to explain- all I can say is that he's running loose through
    the city area where the L'Arc De Triumphe is, the same area that serves as New
    York for the bird/elephant missions. I got lucky enough to start the level in 
    that area when I spotted him. If you keep picking "retry stage", eventually 
    you'll start out in that area, with him running along the road along the 
    Bird/Elephant/ "Make a Planet 5":
    Royal Present (Mt. Fuji)~
    Sitting in the crater on top of Mt. Fuji. You should be able to head up the 
    mountain once you reach about 100m or so.
    In the middle of the town you start out in is a platform with two pandas on it.
    Shikao is behind the platform, watching a set of TVs in a store window.
    After you get past the 3m barrier and make your way down the waterfall, you'll
    end up in a second town. Up on a hill somewhere in the center of this town is
    a makeshift staircase of five wrestling rings. Lucha is on top of the wrestlers
    in the top ring.
    Riding a Loch Ness Monster around the tall island populated by other Loch Ness
    Monsters, near Niagara Falls.
    This one's really massive, so make sure to build yourself up. She's drilling 
    into the oasis in the desert, with the pyramids and sphinxes. She seems to 
    disappear when you get the loading screen that grants you access to the entire
    world, so don't get too big before going after her.
    Black Dog/ Cosmos Stage:
    There are no presents or cousins in this stage. Although it would be cool if
    there were; I'd love to have that spacesuit...
    Dad from Katamari Damacy/ World Stage:
    Once again, no presents or cousins. You can grab a really cool meteor, though.
    4. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Where do I find *****??
    A: Check the corresponding level to find out. If I've found it, then that's 
    where it is.
    Q: Why didn't you mention the other locations for [cousin]!?!?
    A: Because they're not important. Cousins only show up at other locations AFTER
    you've already collected them- not before. And once you've already gotten them
    once, they're nothing more than Katamari fuel when you encounter them again.
    Q: Which accessories are in which presents?
    A: If I haven't listed it, then I don't remember. Unlike the cousins, the king
    doesn't say what's in a present until you finish the level with it, and you 
    can't pick it up a second time once you've already collected it. If you happen 
    to know yourself, however, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.
    Q: Why wasn't [cousin] where you said it would be!?!? Your info on the location 
    for [cousin] was wrong!!
    A: No, it wasn't. I made sure to check and double check the locations for every
    cousin in the game, just to make sure. If a cousin's not where I said it is, 
    then either you're too small, too big, scared it away already, or else flat out
    in the wrong level.
    Q: What's the best strategy to beat [level]??
    A: I MIGHT be able to help you there, but don't count on it. This is a 
    collectibles guide, not a walkthrough. I'll try and help out if I can, though.
    Q: Your guide sucks. I don't like it.
    A: That's not a question, genius. But seriously, if you don't like it, DON'T 
    READ IT. It's just that simple.
    Q: I have info for you! How can I contact you?
    A: I already mentioned it once, but just in case you missed it, I can be reached
    via email at ltsplurge@yahoo.com. 
    Q: Can I use your guide on my site?
    A: NO. I'm going to ignore you now, because you didn't bother to read the little
    disclaimer at the top of this guide.
    Q: I have a glitch with my We Love Katamari game. How do I fix it?
    A: Hell if I know. Ask someone qualified for that type of thing.
    And please, I do not look kindly upon smart-ass questions or remarks.
    5. Credit and Thanks
    If you sent info but don't see your name here, it's either because the info you 
    sent was incorrect, or someone else emailed me with it first.
    I'd like to thank the following people for their help in the completion of this 
    - Vergeh
    - Brent Pedigo
    - eric
    - Dana Robinson
    - Emmanuel Alisea
    - Seth Thomas
    - ShadowOfDeath
    - Ivan11235
    - Spaceboy
    - Makoto
    - Marneshi
    And special thanks to everyone else who sent me info for this guide, even if 
    most of it was the exact same info. I still appreciate the effort.
    I hope you found this guide to be helpful, or at least enjoyed it, given the 
    amount of time and effort I put into it. If you have any problems, questions,
    feedback, etc., drop me a line. Thanks.
                             Copyright (c)  Lt. Splurge  2004

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