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    Salvage Guide by endersgame33

    Version: 2.10 | Updated: 12/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Rogue Trooper Salvage Guide
    Written by: endersgame33 – a.k.a. - Matt W.
    Platforms: PC, Xbox, PS2
    Version: 2.10
    Before we get started, this guide does contain very MINOR SPOILERS. It’s
    nothing major and it reveals very little plot detail, but you have been 
    | Table of Contents |
    I. History
    II. Introduction
    III. Legend of the Rogue Trooper
    IV. Scrap – It’s all around you.
         a. Fallen Foes
         b. Scav Piles
    V. Levels
        a. Quartz Zone Massacre [100% Complete]
        b. Orange Sea Coast [100% Complete]
        c. Nort Naval Base [100% Complete]
        d. Together Again [100% Complete]
        e. Nu Paree [100% Complete]
        f. Hoppa Chase [100% Complete]
        g. Nort Base [100% Complete]
        h. Souther R&R Facility [100% Complete]
        i. Hovertrain Journey [100% Complete]
        j. Petrified Forest [100% Complete]
        k. Mountain Pass [100% Complete]
        l. Harpo’s Ferry [100% Complete]
        m. Final Fight [100% Complete]
    VI. The Infinite Salvage Glitch
    VII. The Infinite Salvage Glitch, Part Two
    VIII. Legal Info
    XI. FAQs
    X. Credits and Thanks
    | Version History |
    7/14/06 – Began work on this guide.
    7/19/06 – Version 1.00 complete. Still missing 2 Scav Piles, but hopefully I
     can locate both and include them in the first update. For now, initial draft
    7/20/06 – Major revision necessary to eliminate excess characters and trailing
     spaces. Version 1.1 is now officially finished.
    7/20/06 – Minor update. Got rid of the visual reminder I used to judge 80
    7/21/06 – Updated the guide with the final Scav Pile on Nort Base, courtesy
     of _Spider_Venom.
    8/17/06 – Version 2.00 is finished. Found the final Scav Pile on Souther R&R 
     facility (contributed by Arno) and had an infinite salvage glitch brought
     to my attention by Dave the Brave. 
    12/28/07 - Added a second Infinite Salvage Glitch, curtesy of Deltalives922.
    | Introduction |
    This guide designed is for the excellent little 3rd person shooter named Rogue
    Trooper. Released by Eidos and developed by the fine folks at Rebellion (Sniper
    Elite, Project: Snowblind), Rogue Trooper is based on a little known comic book
    by the same name. Unlike the other fine guides hosted at GameFAQs, this isn’t a
    walkthrough. Instead it’s designed to help you locate and retrieve every Scav
    Pile scattered throughout the game. This scrap is used to upgrade your weapons
    and buy new ones, and having an abundance of it is never a bad thing. So, with
    that out of the way, let’s get started.
    | Legend of the Rogue Trooper |
    On the planet of Nu Earth, war has erupted. On one side, the evil Norts seek to
    run the planet’s resources dry, while the Southers hope to save the planet and
    live peacefully. In an effort to gain the upper hand, Souther scientists (Gene
    Genies) develop a super soldier – the ultimate warrior, bred to survive on the
    hell that has become Nu Earth – the Genetic Infantrymen. But the GIs opening
    mission in the Quartz Zone goes awry; betrayed by a high ranking Souther, the
    GIs are ambushed and massacred. Only one survives. It is this “Rogue Trooper”
    who seeks revenge against the man who betrayed the GIs and whom you play as
    during the game. As to what happens... well, you’ll just have to play the game
    and find out for yourself.
    | Scrap – It’s all around you. |
    Scrap is everywhere. It is all around you. Even now, as you’re reading this
    guide. Seriously, it really is quite abundant in Rogue Trooper. And that’s a
    very good thing, because salvaged parts play a big role in the game. Salvage
    is RT’s money, and you won’t be getting very far without it. Having enough of
    it allows you to do everything from purchasing frag grenades to upgrading
    existing weapons. Salvage is even necessary in order to buy new and better
    weapons. While the game is very forgiving with salvage on the default setting
    (I had 30,000+ left over after beating the game the first time), Massacre will
    give you a much bigger appreciation for that rusty pile of junk.
    | More useful dead than alive. |
    There are two main ways of acquiring scrap in RT: you can collect a bit from
    fallen enemies, or you can collect it from hidden Scav Piles.
    Every enemy you kill will yield a bit of Salvage. The amount of Salvage you
    get depends on the type of enemy, as well as what difficulty level you’re
    playing. So for instance, a Heavy Armor Nort will yield far more salvage than
    a basic Infantryman. After an enemy has been killed, simply walk over to him
    and hit X (or E, or whatever the default “Use” control is on the Xbox). This
    will cause Rogue to pause and salvage the enemy, storing a bit of scrap inside
    Bagman. You can also gain bonus salvage by using a Kill Move (think “Tenchu”
    meets “The Punisher”) to dispatch an unsuspecting foe. Well animated and quite
    brutal, these range from breaking an enemy’s neck, to strangling him with his
    own oxygen tubes. Kill Moves usually yield about 20-40 extra Salvage Points,
    so use them whenever you get the chance. Always, always, always take the time
    to collect the Salvage from a fallen enemy.
    | Finders, Keepers |
    The real treasure in RT is the Scav Pile. Though the value of each varies,
    they will yield far more salvage than any fallen enemy. Some of these are
    literally in plain view, and some you have to search for a bit. But they can
    all be located by using your radar. Scav Piles appear as grey dots on your
    radar; a plain grey dot means the Pile is on the same level as Rogue, whereas
    an up or down arrow indicates the Pile is above or below Rogue, respectively.
    “But wait, if I can locate them with the radar, why use your guide?”
    Excellent question. The problem with going solely by the radar is that the
    radar can be misleading. Some Scav Piles are very well-hidden, even though the
    radar says you’re standing right on top of it. There are often secret little
    passages and hidden alcoves that aren’t apparent when using the radar. This is
    where I come in. I’m here to tell you where every single Scav Pile is so you
    don’t have to swear at your mediocre radar. I’m just a nice guy.
    So, without further ado, onto the main attraction.
    | Quartz Zone Massacre |
    This is just a training mission, and despite all the enemies you’ll kill, you
    can’t collect any Salvage. Don’t worry, that’ll change shortly.
    Total Salvage Collected: 0
    Total Salvage Available: 0
    | Orange Sea Coast |
    Though there are still a few tutorials on this level, this is your first real
    shot at some serious salvage. And with over 13,000 points available, this isn’t
    a bad way to start.
    #1. Your first Scav Pile is blatantly obvious and is literally sitting two
    steps in front of you. Don’t worry; they’re not all like this.
    Salvage Collected: 3200
    #2. This one’s a bit harder to find. Proceed up to the barrier and plant the
    Micro Mines where Bagman wants. Don’t hop this barricade just yet though.
    Instead, turn around and head to the left. You should find a little side path
    that slants down. At the end of this path is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #3. This is another easy one. After destroying the turrets on the Blackmare
    Tank with the Lazooka, head down to where the GIs and Norts are engaged in
    mortal combat. You’ll find yourself at the bottom of a sort of a cliff. Follow
    the right wall of this cliff and you’ll find the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #4. Continue on your way into the cave with the rest of the GIs. After dealing
    with the Drill Probe full of Norts, look along the left wall. There’s your
    fourth Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #5. After Helm hacks the gate door, proceed up the stairs. At the entrance to
    this short little cave is your Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #6. Continue along out of the cave. Head down the stairs and you should see a
    few Norts battling some GIs. The path splits, so once the carnage is done,
    take the path on the left. On the right side of this cave are three wounded
    GIs, one of whom is propped against a rock. A few feet in front of him is the
    Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #7. Exit the cave and go to the right. Right outside the cave and along the
    wall will be the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1000 
    #7a-7d. I’m now going to take the time to tell you a wonderful trick concerning
    Pillboxes. These are basically auto-turrets that fire if you come within range
    of their tracking laser. When you first meet them you learn three ways to
    destroy them: you can snipe out their sensor; you can hurl a grenade at them;
    or you can Kill Move them from behind. There is one thing the game doesn’t tell
    you however: if you choose to snipe the sensor (the smartest thing to do), you
    can still perform a Kill Move on them. Each Kill Move on a Pillbox is worth 250
    Salvage Points*, so the best way to deal with them is to snipe out the sensor,
    then walk up behind them and perform your Kill Move. Do this for all four
    [Note: Salvage collected from Pillboxes is not factored into the total amount
    of Salvage available on a level. Think of it as my gift to you.]
    Salvage Collected: 1000 
    #8. This one is at the top of the hill with all the Norts (the one where the
    game advises you to fire from cover to get the upper hand). After dispatching
    all the enemies, make your way to the top of the hill. Turn right and head down
    the little incline to collect another Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1300
    #9. After Helm hacks the security, go into the building and use the console. Go
    through the door, but instead of heading up, make a left. Follow the stairs
    leading down and continue along until you reach the end of this path. At the
    very end is another Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1800
    #10. From Pile 9, head back to where you were. This time go up and dispose of
    the multiple enemies here however you see fit. You’ll notice there’s a building
    here. Enter the building through the door on the side and collect the Scav
    Pile in the corner.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    Total Salvage Collected: 13,600
    Total Salvage Available: 13,600
    | Nort Naval Base |
    As you might imagine this mission takes place on a Nort Naval Base. How ‘bout
    that. Anyway, this is a fantastic mission in which to practice Kill Moves.
    Stealth is the name of the game for this mission, so take a little extra time
    and plan a Kill Move. Trust me, it’s worth it, if only to see a Nort get
    brutally executed.
    #1. Your first Scav Pile is right at the beginning of the level. After learning
    how to perform a Kill Move, head up the stairs. Look for a red box along the
    edge and duck behind it to find your Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1750
    #2. The second Pile is in the room where you’re tasked with placing a Micro
    Mine on the elevator. After doing that, head down the stairs and make a right.
    Look for a metal walkway just above the water. Head over there; the Pile is at
    the end of the walkway.
    Salvage Collected: 1600
    #3. In the next hallway (right after Pile #2) is a room with two Norts (the
    game will tell you how to score a Tank Shot). Dispatch them both and take the
    small staircase facing the wall. Turn right and by one of the support beams is
    the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1600
    #4. After Micro Mining the control panel to lure the Norts over, head right
    (from the panel). Follow this path around the corner and collect the Pile at
    the end.
    Salvage Collected: 1900
    #5. After finding the blueprints for the Shotgun Underslung, head inside the
    small building in front of you. In the top right corner is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1200
    #6. In the room that resembles a warehouse, take the staircase at the far end.
    Go straight and you should see a few crates. Behind those crates you’ll find
    the sixth and final Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 2000
    Total Salvage Collected: 10,050
    Total Salvage Available: 10,050
    | Together Again |
    I advise using a mix of stealth and aggression on this level and since there
    will be chances for Kill Moves, I wholeheartedly suggest using them. This level
    will introduce you to the N.T.A. or Nort Tactical Armor. These guys look tough
    and they will give you a lot of salvage. Don’t leave without it. This level will
    also introduce you to the second kind of Pillbox; this time it’s blue instead of
    red and is filled with Decapitators, which are about as much fun as they sound.
    DON’T attempt to use a Kill Move on them because if you do, they’ll blow up in
    your face and cause an instant death. And if you snipe out their sensor they’ll
    release the Decapitators. Although I prefer to blow them up with a frag grenade,
    you can also use the Holodecoy to detonate any released Decapitators. Just make
    sure you’re not too close to the blast.
    #1. From the starting point, go straight and climb the first cliff. From here go
    to the left and pull yourself up on the ledge. At the end of this ledge is the
    Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #2. Make your way back to the starting point. This time go to the right and
    follow this path. Destroy the first blue Pillbox, and to the left of it is
    the second Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #3. Once in the open area with a number of Norts, locate the patrolling Shotgun
    Infantryman along the left side of the area. Access one of the two ways up to 
    where he is, dispose of him (perfect chance for a Kill Move) and collect the
    Salvage located at the end of his patrol path.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #4. Make your way to the dead Mortar Troop and Salvage him. Instead of heading
    up the ramp, keep going straight until you reach the edge. Look to the left and
    take the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #5. After disabling the Hoppa landing pad, go to the right. You’ll see a ravine
    which leads to lower ground. Access this ravine and hug the left wall. Before
    very long you’ll come across the fifth Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #6. After your run-in with the N.T.A. and its associates, head to the left. Go
    straight and keep to the left side of this area and you’ll find the Scav Pile
    positioned at the bottom of an upward incline.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #7. From Scav Pile 6, go back to where you fought the N.T.A. and head to the
    right. Once inside this little complex, use the staircase to ascend to the
    middle floor. Turn left and avoid falling through the hole in the floor. On 
    the other side of the hole is a small ledge. Make your way to this ledge to
    find the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1200
    #8. Go through the hole created by the Hell Cannon. You’ll find yourself inside
    a canal-like path, which I choose to call a bunker. Turn left and locate the
    staircase all the way at the end of the bunker. Take the stairs, exit the bunker
    and turn right. There’s your Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #9. From Pile 8, look to the left and you’ll see the remains of a bombed-out
    building. Enter it and in the upper right corner you’ll find a Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #10. Re-enter the bunker via the staircase. Go straight until you can’t go any
    farther, then turn right. Follow this new path until you get to a shelter (it
    looks like the remains of another building). Inside is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #10a. While getting to Pile 10, your path will be blocked by a red Pillbox. You
    know what to do.
    Salvage Collected: 250
    #11. The final Scav Pile is located inside the pipe tunnel before reaching the
    Stammel pen.
    Salvage Collected: 600
    Total Salvage Collected: 9600
    Total Salvage Available: 9600
    | Nu Paree |
    This is your first urban-based mission. Yay! Just be careful on this one as 
    there will be a lot of Norts. I don’t suggest going for many Kill Moves, but the
    choice is yours. Incidentally, this mission will be your first run-in with the
    EMP Trooper, who will quickly top your list of most annoying people ever. Make
    sure to kill him ASAP or he’ll make your life hell. Appropriately, he’s also
    worth a nice bit of Salvage, so take the time to pay your respects. This will
    also be your first time facing an N.T.S.A. (Nort Tactical Salvage Armor) – think
    N.T.A. but bigger and more deadly. Needless to say, he’s worth a hefty chunk of
    Salvage (around 800 per on Hard).
    #1. Your first Scav Pile is right after your first skirmish with the Norts.
    Make your way above street level as instructed and you’ll emerge on a walkway.
    Follow this walkway around, and at the end you’ll find the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1200
    #2. The second Pile is in the area with all the blue Pillboxes. Take the stairs
    down and head to the left. There is a long ditch here that you can use as cover.
    The ditch starts at the base of a giant wall, and right beside that is the Scav
    Salvage Collected: 1200
    #3. The third Scav Pile is located in the area right after the one with all the
    Pillboxes. There’s yet another ditch here, and on the right side of this ditch
    is the third Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #4. The fourth Scav Pile is relatively easy to find. After dealing with the two
    N.T.A.s, head to the left side of the area. The Scav Pile is located be the
    building with the white neon sign advertising “Live Girls”.
    Salvage Collected: 1200 
    #5. This last Scav Pile is a bit trickier. It’s located in the area right before
    the cathedral. Deal with the Norts before attempting to locate it. Locate the
    platform with the trees growing out of it, then look to the right. You should
    spot a small alleyway. Head there and go down the alley to retrieve the Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 2500
    Total Salvage Collected: 6900
    Total Salvage Available: 6900
    | Hoppa Chase |
    This is one of the game’s more unique segments. There’s not a lot of Salvage 
    here, but you probably won’t be needing it anyway since the majority of the
    mission is spent manning the Hoppa’s machine gun. Don’t bother going for Kill
    Moves on this mission because time is of the essence. Remember to stay crouched
    and move from cover to cover, or you’ll spend all your Salvage on Med Kits.
    #1. Your first Scav Pile is inside the tunnel after destroying the first Hell 
    Cannon. Once inside the tunnel (preferably once the enemies are dead), hop the
    first row of boxes. The Scav Pile is right in front of the second row of boxes.
    Salvage Collected: 2000
    #2. The last Scav Pile is located in the dead end tunnel all the way at the end
    of the level. It’s sitting along the left wall.
    Salvage Collected: 1500
    Total Salvage Collected: 3500
    Total Salvage Available: 3500
    | Nort Base |
    This is my second favorite mission in the game and offers loads of opportunities
    for Kill Moves. My advice is to be patient; there are a lot of Norts here, so
    being silent and stealthy are to your benefit. I’ve managed to perform 20 Kill
    Moves on this level. See if you can top it.
    #1. From the starting point, turn to the right and drop down. At the bottom of
    this little drop is your first Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #2. Head back to the starting point, then climb up. Along the left side of this
    area is a series of cliffs. Climb up the first two cliffs, and climb the cliff
    directly in front of you. Follow this up as far as you can go and you’ll come
    to a long ledge. At the end of this ledge is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 2500
    #3. Return to ground level. Using your radar, locate your objective (yellow dot)
    but don’t head there just yet. About halfway between the Objective Point and the
    red Pillbox on the left is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1200
    #3a-3b. Snipe out the sensors on the two red Pillboxes, then use a Kill Move on
    each of them.
    Salvage Collected: 500
    #4. The fourth Scav Pile is about 25 feet behind the red Pillbox on the left.
    Salvage Collected: 2000
    #5. The fifth Scav Pile is right beside the other red Pillbox.
    Salvage Collected: 1200
    #6. The sixth Scav Pile is sitting just inside the rusted pipe tunnel.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #7. The next Scav Pile comes after picking up Helm. Once you enter the area with
    dead Southers and multiple rats, go around to the right. Climb the ledge you
    come to here, and behind the dead Souther is the Scav Pile.*
    Salvage Collected: 1500
    *[Credit for this find goes to _Spider_Venom.]*
    #8. Once you enter the actual Nort base, (“Lots of Norts nearby. Let’s sneak 
    around.”) you’ll see 3 Shotgun Infantryman. Between the two on the left is a
    rather obscure path. Make your way to it and follow it. The Scav Pile is
    waiting at the end of the path. (This is also the same spot that pesky sniper
    was perched in earlier.)
    Salvage Collected: 2000
    #9. This Scav Pile is the trickiest one in the game, simply because of what’s
    involved to get to it. Complete the objective “Override final security door”,
    but DON’T lift Helm off the console. Instead, go back into the hallway, go to
    the right, then hang a left. There’s a newly opened door that the Shotgun
    Infantrymen came out of, and inside is the Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 2000
    #10. Your final Scav Pile is located at the end of the level. Once the cutscene
    where Gunnar’s biochip is removed finishes, head to the left. Follow this path
    around to the left and retrieve your last Scav Pile. 
    Salvage Collected: 1700
    Total Salvage Collected: 16,100
    Total Salvage Available: 16,100
    | Souther R&R Facility |
    This mission has you dealing with a ton of different scenarios and really
    incorporates a great mix of stealth and all-out firefights. It’s a pretty decent
    mission, though not one of the prettier ones. As a heads-up warning, you’ll
    have to deal with a few Drill Probes on this level (they’re basically giant
    drills filled with Norts). The Drill Probe (and its dual automated machine guns)
    stays above ground as long as there are still Nort troops, so the best way to
    deal with them is to find cover and hurl a grenade at the Norts as soon as they
    step out. A well-placed frag can take out all the members of a Drill Probe in
    a matter of seconds. Remember to Salvage the victims.
    #1. From the starting point, head right and hop over the little wall here. The
    Scav Pile is about 20 feet straight ahead, right beside the exposed pipe.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #2. From the level start point, hug the right side of the area and head 
    straight. Keep going straight until you come to a path cut out of the rock 
    wall. Directly in front of you will be a staircase. Take this staircase and
    you’ll be standing on a cement path with a circular grate in the middle. At
    the end of this cement pad is the Scav Pile.*
    Salvage Collected: 600
    *[Credit for this find goes to Arno.]*
    #3. Go to the Hoppa landing pad and locate the two large propane tanks. Directly
    behind them is a path that cuts between a rock wall and an abandoned building.
    Take this path around behind the building to find the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1200
    #4. Go back to the Hoppa pad. This time, look straight ahead. You should see two
    buildings; one in front of you, and one off to the left. Head towards the one on
    the left. Sitting against the left side of this building is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #5. The fourth Scav Pile is right by the downed Souther ship (it’s to the right
    of the ruined Drill Probe, behind a bit of metal.)
    Salvage Collected: 1100
    #6. Once you enter the multi-floored Nort complex (trust me, you’ll know it
    once you’re there), locate the staircase. Go down one full floor (two flights
    of stairs) and you’ll see a metal walkway. The Scav Pile is at the end of it.
    Total Salvage Collected: 5700
    Total Salvage Available: 5700
    | Hovertrain Ride |
    Another rail based mission, this one has you on a speeding train. Of all the
    enemies you kill during this mission, I have yet to ever be able to Salvage a
    single one. They always fly off the train and I’m not jumping off after them.
    This is the only mission in the game where it is literally impossible to
    collect any Salvage.
    Total Salvage Collected: 0
    Total Salvage Available: 0
    | Petrified Forest |
    This is, without a doubt, the most annoying mission in the game. You must always
    be on the look-out for snipers, and to make things worse, it’s very easy to get
    disoriented. Plus it’s difficult for me to describe how to get to each Scav Pile
    since there really aren’t any distinguishing features on this level and most of
    the Piles are above ground, meaning you have to try to find a series of grey
    ledges on a level that’s mostly grey. I’ll do my best though, so hang in there.
    And despite its faults, the radar will definitely help you out on this level, so
    try to use it whenever possible.
    #1. From the start point, hug the right wall. There’s a path that leads up to
    ground above some patrolling Norts. Take this path as far as you can; hug the
    wall when the path narrows significantly. You’ll end up on a ledge, where you’ll
    find the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1500
    #2. From Pile 1, make your way to ground level. Head to the right and you’ll
    find yourself inside a natural cave with some glowing mushrooms. Continue to
    follow this cave until you reach the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #3. Once outside the cave you found Pile 2 in, you’ll be in an area with a very
    large tree. On the far side of this tree is a hole carved out of the tree.
    Locate this hole and go inside it; climb the two ledges at the end of the path
    and retrieve the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1100
    #4. After dropping the Southers off at the locked gate, you’ll be faced with a
    branching path. Take the route on the right and near the start of it you’ll
    see a series of ledges. Climb these ledges as high as they go, then go to the
    right and climb over the giant tree root. There’s the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1100
    #5. After exiting the cave filled with spiders, you’ll find yourself above where
    you were before. There are again two paths here. First, take the path on the
    left and use the fallen tree as a bridge to cross the gap. Once on the other
    side of the gap, the Scav Pile is just off to the left.
    Salvage Collected: 1000
    #6. Go back to where you exited the spider-filled cave. This time take the path
    on the right. Near the end of this is a tall tree. The Scav Pile is just to the
    right of this tree.
    Salvage Collected: 1100
    #7. After opening the gate for the Southers, climb up the ledge to the right
    of the console. Follow this path along, dive across the small gap, and claim
    the final Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1200
    Total Salvage Collected: 8000
    Total Salvage Available: 8000
    | Mountain Pass |
    One of the games shorter missions, this one is much less annoying than the
    Petrified Forest that precedes it. Be careful as you’re navigating the early
    terrain though; you’re far more likely to die from falling off than from
    getting shot.
    #1. After Gunnar complains about having nothing to shoot, dive across the two
    gaps in front of you. Once clear of the second gap, head to the left and drop
    down onto the rock below to find your first Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #2. After dealing with the spiders in the cave, continue along until you meet
    a lone Nort on his patrol path. Dispose of him (Kill Move) and dive across the
    gap. Keep following the path you’re on and you’ll find the second Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1800
    #3. Immediately after finding Pile 2 you’ll find yourself in an area crawling
    with Norts (Bagman remarks that it’s a welcoming party.) To the left of where
    you enter this area is a series a small caves. Head towards the caves, and
    follow them straight along until you find the third Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800   
    #3a.-3b. While Helm is busy hacking the console, two red Pillboxes will appear.
    Though their lasers seem to have a longer reach than previous Pillboxes, just
    do what you’ve always done and you’ll be fine.
    Salvage Collected: 500
    #4. Once Helm finishes hacking the above console, you’ll find yourself in what
    looks like a power plant, complete with a massive generator. Locate the ramp to
    the left of this area and head down it. Turn left and you’ll find the last Scav
    Pile sitting beside one of the support beams.
    Salvage Collected: 1200  
    Total Salvage Collected: 4600
    Total Salvage Available: 4600
    | Harpo’s Ferry |
    This is my favorite mission in the game, and it’s another urban-based one. This
    is the first (and only) level where you face off against the Kashan Elite – the
    best soldiers Nordland has to offer. They’re usually worth around 160 Salvage
    Points, but you definitely have your work cut out for you against them. They 
    have a deployable shield attached to their wrist, and when they’re behind it
    it’s nearly impossible to get a headshot without using your sniper rifle. Fire
    from cover, toss grenades, and use your Biochips’ abilities and Kill Moves to
    gain the upper hand. Avoid going in head-on, or you’ll pay a hefty price.
    #1. From the starting point, enter the building in front of you. The Scav Pile
    is in the left corner.
    Salvage Collected: 1600
    #2. Locate the remaining Hell Cannon. Diagonally behind the Cannon is a ramp.
    Beside that ramp is a set of stairs, and at the bottom of those stairs is the
    second Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 2000
    #3. After the cutscene with the Southers fighting the Norts finishes, cross the
    makeshift bridge ahead of you, and go to the right to find the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1500
    #4. From Pile 3, look straight ahead toward the staircase. To the left of those
    stairs is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1750
    #5. From Pile 4, head up the stairs and locate the Lazooka. About 20 feet to
    the right of the Lazooka is the fifth Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1750   
    #6. After disabling the Blackmare Tank’s smaller turrets, head down into the
    storm drain below. Stay near the right wall and continue straight ahead. Off
    to the left, a blue Pillbox will appear. To the left of that Pillbox (at the
    bottom of the incline) is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1600
    #6a. After collecting Pile 6, a red Pillbox appears. You know the drill.
    Salvage Collected: 250
    #7. After the cutscene in which Venus reappears, head to the left of the area
    you find yourself in. Back near the wall is the seventh and final Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 2000
    #7a-7c. Three red Pillboxes will appear in this area (two near where you started
    in this area, and one farther up). Take advantage of them.
    Salvage Collected: 750  
    Total Salvage Collected: 12,200
    Total Salvage Available: 12,200
    | Final Fight |
    Here it is: The climatic final battle! I won’t spoil anything for you, except
    to say chances are this level might overwhelm you the first time you play it.
    In fact, you’ll probably be too busy fighting for your virtual life to worry
    about Salvage, but I included this level for the sake of completion. The area
    this fight takes place in is arranged like a giant triangle, with three
    buildings serving as the corners. The Salvage here is actually arranged in a
    pattern, so it’s not at all hard to find. There is one Scav Pile located by each
    building, and two Scav Piles on either side of the three consoles. There’s also
    no set order in which to tackle the consoles, so the order I list below isn’t
    set in stone. Just keep mobile and remember your training and you’ll get your
    revenge in no time.
    #1. From the starting point, simply turn around. The Scav Pile is sitting right
    by the building you came through.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #2. From Pile 1, take the path on the right and you’ll end up on a small
    platform with a console in the middle. To the right of this console is the
    second Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 500
    #3. The third Pile is to the left of the same console mentioned above.
    Salvage Collected: 1500
    #4. From Pile 3, go down the ramp you used to access the console, then look
    towards the building on the right. Just to the left of this building is the
    Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1600
    #5. From Pile 4, go to the nearest console platform. To the right of the console
    is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1500
    #6. To the left of the same console is another Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1500
    #6a.-6b. Two red Pillboxes will appear. Salvage them if you can.
    Salvage Collected: 500
    #7. From the Pillboxes, go to the building on the right. On the right side of
    this building is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 800
    #8. From Pile 7, go the nearest (and final) console platform. To the right of
    it is the Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 1500
    #9. On the left side of the same console is the ninth and final Scav Pile.
    Salvage Collected: 500
    Total Salvage Collected: 10,200
    Total Salvage Available: 10,200
    | The Infinite Salvage Glitch |
    I suppose this isn’t technically a glitch but it is quite a useful little
    trick. On Nort Naval Base, one of your first tasks is placing a Micro Mine
    on an elevator. (This is also the same task which teaches you how to place
    Gunnar as a stationary turret.) You may notice that two soldiers will
    periodically spawn from this elevator, but what you may not know is that
    they will continue to spawn infinitely, unless you destroy the elevator
    shaft. So the smart thing to do in this case is to dispose of the first
    wave of enemies until you’re only up against the elevator soldiers. Then
    simply kill them each time they come out for as long as you want. Use a
    variety of tactics and kill them in different ways to get about 150-300
    Salvage Points per soldier. Though this method may take a while, it is
    possible to collect more than enough Salvage to get you through the rest
    of the game.*
    I’d suggest you hide to the right of the elevator (if facing it) to avoid
    detection. Plant Gunnar as a turret to draw their attention, then sneak up
    and use Kill Moves to take them out, as each Kill Move will give you a bit
    more Salvage than simply gunning them down. There’s no set way to do this
    though, so if you want to simply be cruel and use a frag grenade or be a
    bit craftier and Micro Mine the area in front of the elevator, go ahead.
    Then simply complete the objective and move on once you’ve had your fill
    of slaughtering unsuspecting Norts.
    *[Special thanks to Dave the Brave for bringing this to my attention.]*
    | The Infinite Salvage Glitch, Part Two |
    Recently a user by the name of Deltalives922 brought a unique glitch to my
    attention that, much like the name suggests, can also yield infinite salvage.
    Here's how to do it, straight from him:
    "Just load up Orange Sea Coast, nab the first two Salvage Piles, save and quit
    and repeat for 4200 Salvage Points. ... It's seriously cutting down on the time
    to get from 80,000 to 100,000 points to get those last few encyclopedia 
    He's absolutely correct, and although this might take a little longer to do,
    it's an extremely easy and effective way to earn some quick Salvage. Like he
    says, it's quite useful for successfully unlocking those encylopedia entries.
    Aren't glitches fun?
    | Legal Info |
    Let’s start with the copyright. This is my guide; I wrote it, so the copyright
    belongs to me. Standard stuff really. If you want to use this guide or any part
    of it, let me know and chances are I’ll give you permission. If you do use
    something from here though, make sure to give me credit. Don’t reproduce it, and
    don’t copy it and pass it off as your own work. Honestly I’m not too concerned
    about people stealing this, due largely to how popular RT is – which is to say,
    not very. Basically, just use common sense when it comes to this guide.
    These are the only sites I’m allowing to host this guide. If your site doesn’t
    appear below, you’re out of luck.
    GameFAQs – www.gamefaqs.com
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    GameSpot – www.gamespot.com
    Neoseeker – www.neoseeker.com
    | FAQs |
    Q: I saw something I like in your guide. Can I use it?
    A: Yes you can, provided that you contact me and get my permission. I honestly
    can’t think of any circumstance where I would say no, but you still need to ask.
    Q: I found the one missing Scav Pile on Nort Base! How can I contact you?
    A: Hallelujah! You are my new favorite person! To contact me, simply shoot an
    e-mail over to: gdiggity101 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Just please make sure you put
    “Salvage” or “RT” or something in the title to let me know what it’s about. I
    get enough junk mail as it is, and if there’s nothing that tells me what your
    message is about, I will delete it.
    Q: You don’t check your e-mail! How else can I get ahold of you?
    A: If e-mailing me doesn’t work for whatever reason, I frequent many of the
    boards on GameFAQs. Please try to confine topics to one of the Rogue Trooper
    boards, because as slow as they are, I do check them, so there’s a good chance
    I’ll see your topic.
    Q: What can I contribute to your guide?
    A: Hopefully the location of those missing Scav Piles, as they’re driving me
    crazy. Corrections, comments, feedback, messages telling me how great I am and
    anything I may have missed or overlooked are welcome. You’ll get full credit if
    I can verify what you said is true, and though I have nothing tangible to give
    you, the first person who shows me where that last Scav Pile on Nort Base is
    will earn my undying gratitude.
    Q: What should I avoid sending you?
    A: I don’t need any more hate mail, so that’s definitely something to avoid. No
    chain letters, no spam, or anything like that. Basically, if it’s not somehow
    related to Rogue Trooper, don’t send it to me.
    | Credits and Thanks |
    - First and foremost, a massive debt of gratitude goes to keltin_2002 for his
    sagely advice and for putting up with all my questions about FAQ writing. If not
    for him, I might never have written a guide period. You’re the man keltin.
    - The second credit (along with my gratitude) goes to _Spider_Venom, for showing
    me the location of that final Scav Pile on Nort Base.
    - Credit is also due to Arno and Dave the Brave for showing me the location of
    the last Scav Pile I missed and for showing me a glitch, respectively. Special
    thanks to Deltalives922 for showing me another glitch for infinite salvage.
    - The next credit goes to me, for writing this.
    - Fifth is CJayC, founder and supervisor of GameFaqs, for hosting this.
    - Sixth is to anyone who actually read this. It’s greatly appreciated.
    - And finally, thanks to Rebellion, for making 2006’s first great sleeper hit.
    Here’s hoping there’s a “Rogue Trooper 2” some day.

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