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    FAQ/Walkthrough by glennkcl

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/29/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir
    Complete Game Walkthrough v1.2
    by: glennkcl
    Table of Contents
    1.	Version History
    2.	Introduction
    3.	Tips
    4.	Walkthrough
    5.	Extras
    6.	Contact
    7.	Thanks/Credits
    1.  Version History
    07/29/05	Version 1.2: Just minor changes, so I'm not sure it warrants a
    			     new version update, but then again who reads these
    			     anyways, right? Made some additions to the easter
    			     eggs section.
    07/21/05	Version 1.1: Yeah okay, call me a liar. I know I said I probably
    			     wouldn't come back to the guide, but I kept track
    			     of goodies that I just had to share. I do it for
    			     the fans man...the fans. Enjoy the easter eggs and
    			     the image crystal locations in the new "Extras"
    07/19/05	Version 1.0: (Complete) I noticed the absence of walkthroughs of
                                 any sort for this game, and figured I'd break the
                                 ice by making one. I suspect that I'm over and done
                                 with this guide, so I don't plan on making any
                                 version updates. I welcome feedback nonetheless...
    2.  Introduction
    Good ol' Ed and Al return in Square's second installment of the FMA franchise.
    Ah, FMA...it seems like only six months ago that we saw you. Wait...we DID see
    you only six months ago, in the first game dubbed, "Broken Angel."
    What's nifty about this game is that it includes a bonus DVD with 2 episodes
    from season 2 of the anime series, which is slated to debut in September on
    Cartoon network. Die hard fans who can't wait to see what happens next in the
    story should gobble it right up.
    FMA 2 takes a lot of what was wrong with the first one and skillfully overhauls
    it here. In addition to the newly rendered cel-shaded graphics, the battle
    system has been improved and alchemy skills have been added. New original
    animation augments the already compelling universe of FMA, and even in-game
    scenes are fully voiced by characters from the show.
    From the Square Enix website:
    "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST 2 begins in Lior, the desert city that the Elric brothers,
    Edward and Alphonse, encounter in the first episode of the anime series. Just as
    the brothers are unveiling the secrets of a cult called Leto, they engage in a
    battle with creatures from the unknown. Immediately after this, they encounter a
    mysterious woman who hands the brothers a ring and then disappears without a
    This walkthrough aims to provide a fairly complete guide for the player who just
    wants to finish the game, but is in no way comprehensive. Like the first one,
    you can replay the game with all the items you've previously earned. During a
    second playthrough, you can also hunt for crystals that unlock game art in the
    gallery. Alas, this walkthrough does not cover those features. (As of v1.1 it
    Otherwise, it's still a pretty decent walkthrough if I do say so myself. So away
    you go now, and don't forget to wash behind your ears.
    3.  Tips
    - During the in-game tutorials, the game neglects to teach you one move Ed can
      do: the high kick. To do it, tap the left analog stick away from the direction
      Ed is facing and press [square] and [X]. Use it with your handblade to get a
      longer and cooler looking combo! Try this one:
    	[square]x3 => [triangle]x3 => high kick => slide kick => foot sweep
    - Counterattack, counterattack, counterattack.
    - Al is STILL a much better shot than you are. This is, of course, in reference
      to the first game which takes place AFTER the events of this game. I guess its
      more accurate to say that Al HAS ALWAYS BEEN a much better shot than you?
    - Reloaders are plentiful. Don't be afraid to reload mountable weapons. There
      are more than enough reloaders in the game to keep your trigger finger happy.
    - Al is a lot more helpful than you may initially give him credit for. Don't
      forget about how strong Al is, despite his lack of initiative to fight. Egg
      him on by constantly tapping the R1 button when Al is near enemies.
    - Use tonics as you obtain them. They permanently increase Ed or Al's stats by
      1 point, so there is no point in saving them for later use. Early in the game,
      use vials at your descretion. It may be wise to save them for the bosses.
    - If, however, you're of the anal variety, and you feel incomplete without
      obtaining every single item in the game and acheiving the highest possible
      rank on every single boss, do save those tonics for subsequent playthroughs.
      Like the first one, you can keep all the items you have in your inventory for
      the second go around, and getting an A-rank on some of those bosses require
      an extraordinary amount of help.
    - Speaking of increasing stats, NEVER distribute your bonus points or tonics on
      Al. He's just fine the way he is.
    - Because Al can carry transmuted weapons as well, use him as a "transport" to
      take certain types of weapons into boss fights or heavily guarded areas. If
      you discover that a certain type of weapon works particularly well on a boss,
      then it can't hurt to have TWO of those weapons with you. To prevent Al from
      using the weapon, press R1 as soon as you enter a new area and Al will drop
      his weapon to do a foot sweep.
    4.  Walkthrough
    *                                   *
    *  Chapter 1: The Desert City Lior  *
    *                                   *
      Lior Town Square
    Items: Elixir (S) x4 
    Our story begins when the brothers arrive at the desert city of Lior. The game
    introduces a few basic tutorials here as you explore the town. Make sure you
    find all four chests containing the Elixir (S) item. Head north to find a save
    point, and proceed into the next area.
      Lior Residential District
    Items: Elixir (S) x2
    Ed and Al will be greeted by Leto Cultists, and the game will give brief
    tutorials on offensive manuevers and alchemy skills. Defeat the wave of enemies
    to learn about leveling up, and look for two chests containing two more
    Elixir (S) items.
      Lior Business District
    Items: Elixir (S) x3
    Another wave of enemies approach as you enter this area, and again their defeat
    is mandatory. A second wave of cultists appear, and after you finish them off, 
    one will have left a Lead Bangle item for you. After reviewing the accompanying
    tutorial, equip the Lead Bangle on Ed and proceed north on the map.
      Lior Temple Approach
    Items: none
    A considerable number of cultists will swarm you in this area, but you can make
    short work of them by transmuting the various wooden barrels into clusters of
    mice-bombs. These mice-bombs will scamper around the room trying to track your
    enemies, and explode on contact. They won't hurt you nor Al, however, so
    transmute to your heart's content.
    Once you finish off the last cultist, a few events will unfold before you find
    yourself inside the temple's walls.
      Temple of Leto: Prayer Hall  
    Items: Elixir (S) x2; Lead Ring
    More cultists await a beating from Ed and Al, so make sure you defeat them
    before you search the temple for treasure. Afterwards though, call Al over to
    the southwest corner and perform an alleyoop up to the ledge. Climb the ladder
    to reach the western balcony, and look for a Lead Ring at the end of the room.
    Return to the fist floor to acquire two more Elixir (S) items, and alleyoop up
    the southeastern ledge this time to climb the ladder. A save point is available
    before heading through the doors.
      Temple of Leto: Easthall 2F
    Items: none
    You can use the previously employed method of transmuting barrels into mice-
    bombs to finish of most of the enemies here. For your additional benefit, there
    are a few suction devices to keep them clustered in one big group!
      Temple of Leto: Westhall 2F
    Items: Reloader; Elixir (S) x2
    No enemies in this room, although you will have to deal with the sentry guns
    mounted on both sides of the narrow corridor. No worries however, as this is
    where the game introduces a tutorial on transmuting large weapons. Transmute a
    cannon from the nearest torch, and destroy the sentry guns within range. If you
    have trouble hitting some of the further guns, there are additional torches
    along the way. Note that each destroyed sentry gun drops a reloader item, so
    remember to stock up on a few before they disappear.
      Temple of Leto: Westhall 1F
    Items: Reloader; Elixir (S)
    A new enemy appears, and the game will give tutorials on defensive manuevers.
    The counterattacking skill is one of the most useful techniques in the game, so
    try and familiarize yourself with it here. You'll find that if you try to defeat
    the statue with your handblade, you'll only be chipping away at the statue's HP.
    Use R2 to counterattack and make short work of the statue.
    After the first one falls, three more will greet Ed and Al from two sides. You
    can counterattack all three of them until they're destroyed, but a newly
    available (and much faster) way to destroy them has become available in the form
    of bombs. Transmute bombs from the clay pots on the floor. Each statue will take
    two direct hits before crumbling.
    Before you leave the area, replenish your bomb supply by transmuting another
      Temple of Leto: Egress
    Items: Reloader; Elixir (S)
    A small group of odd black creatures appear from the dark puddle on the floor.
    They're neither strong nor powerful, but dealing with them in large groups can
    get frustrating (as you'll learn later in the game) since they scatter and may
    try to get away from you. Better to use a nearby suction device to keep them in
    one place, and toss the bombs into the group. Once you defeat them, you're auto-
    matically taken into the next room, so you may want to make it a point to open
    the two chests in the area before you kill the last enemy.
      Temple of Leto: Easthall 1F
    Items: Reloader
    It's a good idea to make use of that save point in this room as the next room
    will be your first boss fight in the game. Approach the large double doors to
    the north after you've done so.
      Temple of Leto: Charnel House
    Items: Lead Armor
    After a lengthy dialogue and a movie sequence, your first boss fight against the
    lion chimera begins.
    | Boss: Lion Chimera |
    Don't expect to run up to the Lion Chimera and mash the attack button to win.
    This kitty is fairly capable of taking your attacks and returning the favor with
    powerful swipes or lunges. Keep Al close and track it as it runs around the
    room. Command Al to attack when he's close and try to counterattack the Lion
    Chimera if it comes at you swinging. You'll have to be quick tho, as this boss
    doesn't telegraph it's attack like the statues did. When the Lion Chimera rears
    itself up to attack with a flame breath, circle around him and use that opening
    to get in a quick combo with the lance. Have Al attack with you at the same time
    to get a high combo score.
    	A-rank item: Lead Earring
    	B-rank item: Lead Earring
    	C-rank item: Lead Earring
    	D-rank item: Lead Earring
    After you beat the Lion Chimera, you'll have to chase down Cornello. Before you
    exit the Charnel house, head up the stairs to the northwest corner and open the
    hidden chest in front of the door for a Lead Armor accessory. Head out the door
    to the northeast to resume chase.
      Temple of Leto: Secret Passage
    Items: Elixir (S)
    The metal barriers in front of you can be transmuted into large steel balls that
    do massive damage on enemies. Hit the balls in the direction you want them to go
    and they should be able to kill all the enemies in front of you. You'll have to
    be careful using these weapons however. Both Ed and Al can take damage from them
    too while they're rolling around, so make sure not to get in their path. Repeat
    this tactic on the enemies around the corner and follow Cornello out from the
    Pay attention to the background as Cornello runs down Easthall. You'll notice
    that he'll run past a kitty in a box on the floor. After the event and movie 
    sequence, Ed and Al will wind up back in the Temple Egress, and you'll have the
    Ring of Riddles accessory in your inventory.
      Temple of Leto: Egress
    Items: none
    Save your game but DO NOT exit the temple. Remember that little kitty you saw in
    the cut scene with Cornello? We're gonna go pick him up. Exit to the north and
    head back to Easthall 1F.
      Temple of Leto: Easthall 1F
    Items: Tama
    Walk north and round the corner to find Tama on the ground. Approach it to
    trigger a scene with Al. After the scene, you'll have Tama in your inventory.
    Equip (can you equip a cat?) Tama on Al and return to the Egress.
      Temple of Leto: Egress
    Items: none
    Save your game again if you haven't done so and exit through the doors. Another
    boss fight will begin shortly.
      Temple of Leto: courtyard
    Items: none
    | Boss: Leto Statues |
    In this two part battle, your first obstacle is to defeat five white Leto
    Statues. They're larger, tougher, and more powerful than their smaller brethren,
    but they're only slightly faster and still telegraph their attacks for you.
    Again, countering their attacks cause the most damage, but if you've collected a
    lot of reloaders during your time in the Temple, you can transmute a cannon from
    one of the torches and make short work of them altogether. Try not to use any of
    the other transmutable objects in the stage for this fight, as you'll want to
    save them for the real boss fight afterwards. This one also doesn't count
    towards your boss scorecard afterwards, so you're free to take as much time or
    as much damage as you want.
    | Boss: Cornello |
    Before the battle with Cornello begins, you'll be given a tutorial on Rage
    attacks. Additionally, your rage meter will be filled so you can try out your
    new skill. This is fortunate, as it will make achieving a high combo score a
    cinch. Cornello calls a bunch of cultists to his aid, so begin the battle by
    transmuting a suction device. When they're in a group, unleash a Rage attack,
    and you should rack up a fairly decent combo score while disposing of most of
    the cultists. The remaining ones, including Cornello, will be momentarily
    stunned after the Rage attack, so take this opportunity to transmute (or reload)
    a cannon and focus your attacks on Cornello. Once you get Cornello in your line
    of sight, fire the cannon rounds in rapid succession and you'll juggle Cornello
    for a few quick hits. If he falls, wait for him to recover before firing again. 
    The cannons should be all you need to defeat Cornello, but if the remaining
    cultists make trouble for you, don't forget about the other suction device and
    the mice-bombs in the area as well.
    	A-rank item: Charm of Renewal
    	B-rank item: Charm of Renewal
    	C-rank item: Elixir (M)
    	D-rank item: Elixir (S)
    *                                   *
    *  Chapter 2: Trouble in East City  *
    *                                   *
      East City: Plaza
    Items: Alchemy Tonic; Elixir (S); Dog Tag
    Before you chase after the mysterious man, take the time to explore the area for
    a chest containing an Alchemy Tonic and another containing an Elixir (S). Enter
    the alleys afterwards. After the initial event with three bandits in the next
    area, return here to obtain the Dog Tag accessory near the wreckage of the car.
      East City: Backalleys
    Items: Alchemy Vial; Elixir (S)
    Three bandits impede your progress. Defeat them for access to the backalleys. As
    you proceed, you'll encounter various other bandits that guard the area. They're
    all easy to defeat, but transmuting washtubs from the trashcans will stun all
    bandits on the screen, making your job that much easier. Find the manhole and
    head into the sewers afterwards.
      Sewers: Entrance
    Items: Belcini; Reloader; Elixir (S)
    Another cat awaits rescue behind a trashcan on the southwest corner of the map.
    After Al picks up Belcini, follow the mysterious man deeper into the sewers.
      Sewers: Central Chamber
    Items: Knife
    Examine the shiny object on top of the metal steps to obtain the Knife accessory
    and continue into the next area.
      Sewers: Main Sluiceway
    Items: Reloader
    Your quest after the mysterious man must be put on hold as now you must find a
    way to cross the rushing torrent of water. Look for a chest next to the steps,
    and return to the entrance of the sewers.
      Sewers: Entrance
    Head to the door you couldn't previously enter to find yourself in a different
    section of the central chamber.
      Sewers: Central Chamber
    Items: Elixir (S)
    Pick up the item in the corner of the room. Move along; there's nothing to see
      Sewers: Floodgates
    Items: none
    Before you figure out how to close the floodgates, you'll be attacked by a group
    of bandits eager to stop you in your tracks. Transmute a machinegun from the 
    pile of debris near Ed and let Al do most of the dirty work. Since he's a much
    better shot than you are, Al should be able to defeat most of the bandits. Mop
    up whatever he doesn't finish to begin a cut scene. After the event, transmute
    the burning control panel into a cannon and knock down those floodgates! Why Ed
    can turn this cannon into one with unlimited ammo and not others, I dunno...
    Retrace your steps back to the main sluiceway to resume your chase after the
    mysterious man. Along the way you'll encounter a save point, and all the areas
    are now infested with bandits.
      Sewers: Main Sluiceway
    Items: Protection Vial
    Now that the water has been shut off, you can cross over to the other side by
    going down into the flowbanks and take a ladder up the other side. There are
    bandits all over the area, but take advantage of your surroundings and make the
    most of the objects around you.
      Sewers: Materials Storage
    Items: Reloader; Bulletproof Vest
    Transmute two wrecking ball cranes in the large open area before you. Let Al
    operate one while you man the other, and enjoy the sight of flying enemies.
    After you clear the area, head to the room in the upper northwest, defeat the
    enemies there, and claim a Reloader and a Bulletproof Vest. The mallet is also
    available here for the first time in the game. Fans of the previous game will
    remember the mallet as a great tool to gain levels with. It's not quite the same
    level of cheese this time around, but its still a great weapon for building
    combos. Take it with you if you want to get a high combo score easily in the
    next boss fight.
      Sewers: Depths
    Items: Elixir (M); Charm of Renewal; Strength Vial
    There are quite a few bandits to deal with in this room, so use those
    transmutable weapons liberally. Because of all the bandits in this area, there's
    a good chance that you'll have a Rage attack saved up before the fight ends. Try
    to save the Rage attack for the boss instead of wasting it on these small frys.
    Make sure you visit the top of the platform on the northeast end of the depths
    to plunder two chests. Visit the save point to replenish your health and save
    your game, because a boss battle is about to begin.
      Sewers: Water Treatment Facility
    Items: none
    | Boss: Bald |
    Hopefully you come into this battle with two things that will make your life
    much easier: a Rage attack and a mallet. Assuming you have both, use your Rage
    attack right away. If you give Bald enough time, he'll call forth a small group
    of bandits to help and you'll have to deal with them as well. A Rage attack will
    stun Bald, giving you a window to launch an offensive wave that will deplete
    much of his HP. All around the room are small piles of steel pipes that will
    transmute into firecrackers. The firecrackers do quite a bit of damage to Bald,
    but lose their tracking effectiveness the further their target is from them. 
    This is why it is necessary to stun Bald, a runner and a blocker, before you
    attack with the firecrackers.
    Again, after you activate a Rage attack, find a pile of pipes nearest Bald and
    transmute them into firecrackers. As the firecrackers do their trick, use the 
    mallet to achieve a high combo. After you fulfill your combo requirement, ditch
    the mallet and opt for the sword. When Bald recovers, stun him again with the
    washtubs and look for some more firecrackers to repeat the strategy. Continue 
    this strategy and Bald should fall rather easily. If you run out of washtubs and
    firecrackers, use the suction devices to keep Bald from running away, and finish
    him off with melee weapons.
    	A-rank item: Lucky Pouch
    	B-rank item: Lucky Pouch
    	C-rank item: Elixir (M)
    	D-rank item: Elixir (S)
    *                                 *
    *  Chapter 3: The Tucker Mystery  *
    *                                 *
      Tucker Manor
    Items: Strength Tonic; Protection Tonic; Alchemy Tonic
    Save your game before you explore the house. Grab the Strength Tonic at the top
    of the stairs and go into the library on the west end of the house for an event.
    Scattered around the library are Tucker's research notes, which will reveal
    haunting information about the nature of his experiments. After you find all the
    notes, alleyoop to the top of one of the shelves for a chest. Remember this part
    of the house, because you'll return here later to rescue another kitty. Head
    down into the cellar when you're ready.
      Tucker Manor: Laboratory
    Items: Dog Collar
    Look for a shiny object on the floor to acquire the dog collar. Exit the room
    from the east.
      Tucker Manor: Storeroom
    Items: none
    A flock of winged snake chimeras attack when you enter. Defeat them and move on.
      Tucker Manor: Back Storeroom
    Items: Elixir (S)
    Two smaller brothers of the first Lion Chimera boss guard this room. They have
    nearly all the attacks of their bigger boss brother but don't do as much damage.
    That said, a pair of them can still be formidable. Transmute a dummy Ed or two
    from the boxes laying around, and use the mice-bombs to knock off some of their
    HP. Defeat them one at a time.
    Proceed through the hole in the wall to trigger the next event, but you won't be
    exploring the next area just yet. When you regain control of Ed, return to the
    library in Tucker Manor to rescue a kitty who has mysteriously appeared atop the
      Tucker Manor
    Items: Scratches
    Scratches sits in a box on top of one of the center bookshelves. Alleyoop Ed
    onto the bookshelf to activate the event and pick up Scratches.
      Sewers: Sluiceway
    Items: Reloader; Elixir (M); White Loincloth
    More lion chimeras can be found in the sluiceway, and they happen to love their
    fire breath here. This makes them difficult to approach, so transmute a
    boomerang from the debris on the floor and attack them individually from a
    distance. Another group of lion chimeras sandwich the sluiceway on the opposite
    end, but they're more aggressive than the first group. As you approach the end
    of the sluiceway, turn towards the north and look for a large steel drum and
    transmute it into a shotgun cannon. The shotgun cannon works wonders against the
    lion chimeras, but it comes with only five shots! Make each shot count, as more
    lion chimeras will appear in place of fallen ones. Reload when you run out of
    ammo, and remount the weapon if you get knocked off. Trying to take on the
    entire group of lion chimeras with melee weapons is more trouble than its worth.
    Explore the rest of the sluiceway for chests after you defeat all the chimeras
    and exit through the door when you're ready.
      Sewers: Exit
    Items: Elixir (M)
    It's an empty room until you approach the lone chest in the corner, at which
    point winged snake chimeras fall from the ceiling. Finish them off and save your
    game before you go up the ladder. It may also be in your best interests to
    revisit the sluiceway to build a Rage attack. The next boss fight can be tough!
      East City Freightyard
    Items: Elixir (S); Fasthold Gloves
    | Boss: Scar |
    Scar is a formidable boss and can be intimidating if the player goes in without
    a strategy to beat him. His attacks are capable of draining nearly half your HP
    and he can also counterattack most of your punches. He also has a considerable
    amount of HP, and in your current state, most of Ed and Al's attacks do very
    little damage. As a matter of fact, the game is betting that you'll lose this
    battle, which is why you're NOT required to defeat Scar to advance the game.
    Fortunately, there is a bevy of hidden options in this battle to even the tale
    of the tape. All of the containers and crates in this level can be destroyed
    (not by you, by Scar) and some will reveal additional weapons or chests for you
    to use. Pay particular attention to the large green containers in the upper
    northwest corner of the map. Behind these containers is the IMMENSELY useful
    Artistic Cow that causes tremendous damage, although it can hurt Al and Ed too.
    If you have a Rage attack saved up, don't be hasty to use it. If your goal is
    to obtain a high boss rank, you may need to do some prep work. Begin the battle
    by avoiding Scar's initial energy wave attack and transmute and equip some
    shurikens from the object near the crates in the center. Lure Scar into a corner
    (either the corner of a map or the corner of two containers) and unleash a Rage
    attack. Having stunned Scar with the Rage attack, unload all your shurikens into
    Scar. If done properly, the shurikens should push Scar into the corner without
    giving him a chance to escape. Do not command Al to attack if he's far away.
    Al's shoulder charge will knock Scar off his feet and cancel your combo with the
    shurikens. If he's close to Scar, however, feel free to call up Al's service. It
    will only add to the combo.
    Now that you've achieved a good combo, alleyoop to the top of large green
    container in the northwest corner and wait for Scar to destroy it. You may have
    to do some taunting to get Scar to destroy the crate. When he does, transmute
    the jar behind it into the powerful Artistic Cow and let it go to town on Scar. 
    Going to town on Scar, however, does require a bit of coaxing on your part. The
    cow is much slower than Scar and will occasionally miss. Your best bet is to
    always keep the Cow between Ed and Scar in a straight line. As Scar runs towards
    Ed, he should run right into the path of the Cow's attack. Alternatively, you
    can also use the center crates to keep a barrier between Ed and Scar. Make sure
    the Cow is on Scar's side, and position yourself across the crates from Scar.
    Unless he destroys the crates, the Cow should hit Scar over and over again as he
    tries to run towards Ed.
    When the Artistic Cow expires (turn him into some Beef!), you'll have knocked
    off at least half of Scar's HP. For the remainder of the fight, keep a safe
    distance from Scar as he dances around you, and watch for him to do his rushing
    attack. When you see him coming, press R2 for a quick counterattack and repeat
    this strategy until Scar is beaten. Again, it isn't necessary to defeat Scar to
    advance the game, but you do get a pretty useful item for doing it.
    Behind the wooden crates on the south side of the map is a chest containing the
    Fasthold Gloves. Behind another green container on the east wall is a chest
    containing an Elixir (S) item. Don't forget to pick them up sometime during your
    fight with Scar.
    By the by, I think the best time I've ever seen for this battle was somewhere
    in the neighborhood of three minutes...I kid you not.
    	A-rank item: Sunglasses
    	B-rank item: Sunglasses
    	C-rank item: Sunglasses
    	D-rank item: Sunglasses
    *                                *
    *  Chapter 4: Back in Resembool  *
    *                                *
      Rockbell Home: Front Yard
    Items: Amazon Wrench; Camaraderie Crest
    | Boss: Armstrong |
    Strangely enough, Armstrong is considered a boss even tho you fight him at the
    beginning of this chapter. He is also another boss where your victory isn't
    required to progress in the game. Like Scar, however, beating Armstrong will
    yield items you can't obtain anywhere else.
    Armstrong's battle is particular because you can't use any alchemy skills.
    "Physical combat is the name of the game" as Armstrong would say, so concentrate
    exclusively on building combos with Al and effectively using counterattacks.
    Armstrong's most punishing attack is his "Majestic Muscle Mambo" (PLEASE turn up
    your speakers when he says this) which is a flurry of punches that you can't
    escape from. If his final punch connects, you'll be sent flying halfway across
    the stage and will likely be knocked dizzy. Because of this, it is wise to keep
    your HP at a fairly high level at all times. Try to avoid it altogether by
    listening for a tell-tale chime before he executes this move.
    Try to sandwich Armstrong between Ed and Al at all times. Circle around him
    until he's between the two brothers. Armstrong has a tendency to block, but he
    can't block whoever is attacking him from behind! Try to get a combo going
    between Al and Ed to cause the most damage.
    If you neglect healing Al (you may be low in healing items after the battle with
    Scar), Armstrong will likely knock him out at least once during this battle. You
    can't bring Al back because alchemy is forbidden, so you'll be on your own for a
    few minutes if Al gets KO'd. If you're left alone with Armstrong, concentrate on
    counterattacking Armstrong until Al revives himself.
    After defeating Armstrong, your co-op tactics with Al will have moved him so
    much that he presents to you the Camaraderie Crest. Additionally, you also
    receive the Bond of Brotherhood if you get a high enough score.
    	A-rank item: Bond of Brotherhood
    	B-rank item: Bond of Brotherhood
    	C-rank item: Elixir (M)
    	D-rank item: Elixir (S)
      Resembool: Outlying Hills
    Items: Elixir (M)
    Follow the dirt path up the map to find a save point. It's not necessary to save
    your game here since there's another save point in the next area. When you 
    approach the mouth of the caves, you'll be ambushed by a small group of golems
    posing as humans. Defeat them and enter the caves.
      Cave: Chamber 1
    Items: Reloader
    The cave is made up of multiple chambers that branch out in different
    directions. It can be easy to get lost in the caves, but savvy players might
    notice that there are maps along the walls in all of the chambers. The maps
    always highlight the currently occupied chamber, so look for a map on the wall
    to orient yourself if you get lost. In this first chamber, there are three exits
    to choose from. From the event that transpires, you'll find out that the eastern
    exit is blocked off and you must go spelunking to find the missing puzzle
    pieces. To start, take the western exit.
      Cave: Chamber 2
    Items: Strength Tonic; Fireguard Cloak
    When you head into the southern area of this chamber, a new golem will appear
    near the waterfall. There are four of these types of golems in the caves, and
    each one possesses a piece of the puzzle. You must defeat all four golems to
    gain access to the room in chamber 1. These golems have strong attacks and can
    summon smaller golems to their aid, but they're not difficult to kill. Ed
    automatically receives a piece of the puzzle when the golem is destroyed. Return
    to chamber 1 and take the northern route.
      Cave: Chamber 3
    Items: Gold Ring
    By now, Ed has learned how to transmute the final weapon in his learned alchemy
    menu, making it complete. Use the hammer to break the wooden boards. There are
    three exits in this cave including the one you came in from. Take the eastern
    exit first.
      Cave: Chamber 4
    Items: Elixir (M); Gold Bangle
    No pieces of the puzzle to be had in this chamber, but the Gold Bangle accessory
    is probably worth your time. Retrieve it from one of the chests in the chamber,
    and swarms of floating golems will engulf the room. They're not particularly
    dangerous, and even at these numbers they're easily defeated with just one swipe
    of your sword. The problem with this room is that they spawn incessantly. Your
    instinct may be to remain in this room to build levels with these enemies, but
    tragically, each golem only gives you 5 measly EXP points and its tough to pull
    off a combo on them. Take heart though! They DON'T respawn infinitely (there are
    only a few HUNDRED or so to defeat), but if you're patient enough to kill all of
    them, a new enemy which only appears later in the game will make a preview. This
    blob-like golem has awesome defense but not a lot of HP, so you can take him out
    pretty handily. When you do, your reward is 700+ EXP points!!! Return to Chamber
    3 and find the exit to the west.
      Cave: Chamber 5
    Items: Alchemy Tonic
    There's a circular path around this chamber and a small room to the south. 
    Explore this southern room for an item and look for the accessible exit to the
      Cave: Chamber 6
    Items: Gold Armor; Protection Vial
    Chamber 6 is the largest chamber yet, and the second piece of the puzzle is
    found here. There are a lot of enemies that guard this chamber, so take your
    time as you fight to get to the big golem that has what you're looking for. As
    you approach it, look for boulders that you can transmute into shurikens, and
    you may even be able to kill the golem from a distance without engaging it at
    all. Return to chamber 5 and take the exit to the west.
      Cave: Chamber 7
    Items: Reloader; Advancement Guide
    There is a small room to the south of the chamber still boarded up by wooden
    planks, so head there before you exit. Find the pick axe that transmutes into
    a pogo stick for a creative way to defeat the golems in the room. Claim the 
    spoils of victory and take the exit to the west.
      Cave: Chamber 8
    Items: Protection Tonic; Elixir (M)
    The third piece of the puzzle is guarded by a golem in the southern room of this
    chamber. By now you should be able to transmute lv 2 gauntlets from the
    boulders, so use them to make short work of the golems. A large group of golems
    appear as you try to exit this chamber. It wouldn't hurt to defeat them all for
    some good leveling, but if you're running low on healing items or HP, play it
    safe and run away. Return to chamber 7 and exit to the north.
      Cave: Chamber 9
    Items: Elixir (M)
    The fourth and final piece of the puzzle is found in this room. The two oil
    lamps near the entrance can be transmuted into taming rods that do massive
    damage on enemies. Collect the last piece and save your game before you exit to
    the south.
      Cave: Chamber 5
    Items: Gold Earring
    You'll be back in Chamber 5 on a high ledge that was inaccessible from the way
    you came in. Two small golems are minor nuisances as you try collect the Gold
    Earring accessory. Once you open the chest, make your way back to Chamber 1.
      Cave: Chamber 1
    Save your game but do not go through the doors. Approaching the doors with all
    pieces of the key will trigger an event that opens the doors, but don't go
    through just yet as there are some things left to do in this area. The boss is
    waiting in the next area, some prep work may be in order to make things easier.
    First and foremost, exit the caves altogether to pick up another kitty. When you
    return, consider the following:
    	- If you haven't learned how to create lv2 gauntlets yet, level up
              until you do. Gauntlets can be transmuted from boulders, and lv2
              gauntlets are glowing with flames.
    	- Equip both Ed and Al with the gauntlets, but save all of its uses on
              the upcoming boss fight. Even though you're equipping Al with one, the
    	  strategy here is to have Al drop his gauntlets as soon as the boss
              fight begins, effectively giving you TWO gauntlets to use on the boss.
    	  You'll find that Ed is much more effective with the gauntlets than Al
    	  is anyway.
    	- As with most of the boss fights, its always a good idea to build up
    	  your Rage attack bar before the fight starts. Do so in one of the
      Resembool: Outlying Hills
    Items: Ryuke
    Ryuke can be found along the fence. Approach him to watch an amusing scene
    between Ed and Al. Afterwards, return to chamber 1 of the caves, save your game,
    and prepare yourself for a boss fight as you enter the newly accessible area.
      Cave: Alcove of the Circle
    Items: none
    | Boss: The Phantom 1 |
    As you'll eventually learn, this mysterious creature was actually a woman named
    Elma in a previous life. A turn of events has made her into quite a formidable
    enemy, so don't go easy on her by any means. This battle with the Phantom can be
    either incredibly challenging or incredibly easy, depending on your battle
    strategy. If you did your homework and subscribed to some of the tips laid out
    earlier, this battle will be much shorter than it has to be.
    If both Ed and Al have taken gauntlets into battle, command Al drop his right
    away. You don't want Al wasting the gauntlet on the golems that appear in this
    fight, and you especially don't want it getting knocked out of his hands by a
    critical hit.
    Run right up to the Phantom and wail away with Ed's own gauntlets. It's best to
    focus your attention exclusively on her while you have the gauntlets because
    they're only good for about 30 hits. If golems happen to get caught in your
    barrage of attacks, all the better. They will only add to your combo score, but
    keep the Phantom as your primary target. When the gauntlet is used up (or gets
    knocked away), find the one that Al dropped and continue your offense strategy.
    Without the gauntlets, you'll find that the Phantom is MUCH more resistant to
    your attacks. If you do happen to lose the gauntlets, make use of the oil lamps
    around the arena and turn them into taming rods. While they're not as effective
    as the gauntlets (they knock her down), they still do considerable damage and
    a much better alternative to your bare fists.
    The Phantom's attacks are powerful if you get caught in them. She can create
    large bell objects to rise from the ground and knock Ed off his feet. They can
    only be destroyed with either the hammer, the taming rods, or the gauntlets. She
    also uses them to ricochet fireballs around the room as the fight winds down, so
    try and beat her as quick as possible. The Phantom also summons golems to her
    aid in regular intervals during the fight.
    You can choose to use the Rage attack anytime you feel comfortable, but I like
    to save it for a moment when she has summoned a lot of golems. It's a great way
    to give yourself some breathing room if you find that there are too many enemies
    on the screen to deal with at once. Use it before Al gets knocked out.
    Sometime during the battle, you'll have to try to get a good combo going if
    you're aiming for a high boss rank. Wait until there are a few golems in the
    arena, combo one, then look for another. Repeat until there are no more standing
    enemies left to combo!
    	A-rank item: Armlet of Absorption
    	B-rank item: Fullmetal Bracer
    	C-rank item: Elixir (M)
    	D-rank item: Elixir (S)
    *                                         *
    *  Chapter 5: Bord'wan: the Dead Village  *
    *                                         *
      Bord'wan: Village Gate
    Items: Elixir (M)
    Lieutenant Hawkeye joins your party and is actually fairly adept at holding her
    own. You won't need to protect her or anything because she can't actually die.
    If she takes enough damage, she'll be knocked out momentarily, but like Al she
    revives herself after a few minutes. Nonetheless, coming to her aid if she gets
    in trouble is more than just chivalrous. If you keep her from ever being KO'd,
    you can obtain an extra item before the chapter concludes. The road through the
    village will bring about many golems, so it never hurts to have another pair of
    helping hands.
      Bord'wan: West Road
    Items: Armlet of Piercing; Alchemy Vial
    More enemies appear as you make your way deeper into the village. Always try to
    defeat all the enemies. Nobody gains levels by not fighting!
      Bord'wan: Village Square
    Items: Lucky Haversack
    After the event, open the chest near the save point and save your game. The
    path to the village square now branches into two directions, but for the 
    moment you can only take the southern path. If you try to head to the northeast,
    Al and Hawkeye will try to convince you otherwise. Try to do it anyway to watch
    their reactions.
      Bord'wan: South Road
    Items: Charm of Renewal
    Step 1: Kill bad guys. Step 2: Follow road. Step 3: Exit east.
      Bord'wan: South Road Annex
    Items: Strength Vial
    A new golem type introduces itself by rolling towards you. It's the strongest
    and toughest type of golem in this chapter, but between the three of you in the
    party, this golem shouldn't be too much of a problem unless you've wandered a
    little further into the map and caused smaller floating golems to appear. 
    Another big golem appears a little further down the road.
      Bord'wan: Elder's House
    Items: Ring of Vows - His
    Approach the burning house to trigger an event. Learn the fate of the residents
    by picking up the diary near the front door and obtain the Ring of Vows - His
    accessory. The area becomes filled with floating golems after you read the
    diary. As in the fourth chamber of the caves in the previous chapter, the golems
    seem to respawn forever but there is a limit. The same blob golem appears if
    you're patient enough to kill all floating golems again. Return to the village
    square afterwards.
      Bord'wan: Village Square
    Items: Ring of Vows - Hers
    This time the village square appears to be occupied with a few villagers; yet
    there is something strange about their behavior. Not surprisingly, they turn
    into golems, and you must defeat all of them in order to move on. After the
    dialogue that follows, save your game and take the northeast exit out of the
    village square. Before you exit, look for the shiny object on the floor near the
    road to obtain the Ring of Vows - Hers accessory.
      Bord'wan: East Road
    Items: Elixir (M)
    The dilapidated old wagon that sits before you can be made much better use of as
    a tractor. Take one for a ride and use it to get rid of the two big golems in
    this area. The smaller golems that appear may be too quick to destroy with the
    tractor, so get your hands a little dirty if the tractor doesn't work. Continue
    up the road and into the next area.
      Bord'wan: Mountain Pass
    Items: Reloader; Red Loincloth
    Two large golems roll towards you as soon as you enter the mountain pass, so try
    to side step them and head towards the wheelbarrow a little further up the road.
    Transmute it into a suction device and attack the cluster of enemies while they
    are incapacitated. Just around the elbow is another spawning point for floating
    golems, but other golems will roll in from the forest as well. There is no prize
    for slaying all the floating golems this time; the blog golem has wisened up and
    does not appear. Exit to the south when you're done playing exterminator.
      Bord'wan: Outskirts
    Items: Elixir (M)
    Return here after the events in the house for the most amusing kitty rescue yet.
      Secluded House
    Items: Bullet of Faith; Journeyman's Guide; Elixir (L)
    If you've managed to keep Hawkeye in good shape the entire way here, look for a
    shiny object near the door and examine it to obtain the Bullet of Faith. If she
    was knocked out even once, you won't be able to obtain this item.
    Explore this house to learn a thing or two about the history of the golems and
    the role they played in the lore of an ancient city. Take the ladder upstairs
    and search the pile of books in the south end of the balcony for a required
    item. Before you head into the backroom to save your game, exit the house again.
      Bord'wan: Outskirts
    Items: Antonio
    Antonio sits near the side of the house. Walk up to Antonio and watch as Al's
    part-time kitty sheltering job gets him into trouble with Ed and the lieutenant.
    Return to the house and save your game before exiting from the back.
      Bord'wan: Cemetary
    Items: none
    | Boss: Horned Golem |
    Let's get this announcement out of the way immediately: the horned golem is your
    toughest boss battle yet. Even with some pre-battle prep work, this boss doesn't
    give you anything. You're on your toes the entire battle, and if you relax for
    even a bit the horned golem will make you pay.
    As a quick reference for those who are trying to get a high boss rank, you must
    win this battle in five minutes or less, obtain a 100+ hit combo, and take less
    than 750 points of damage for a perfect game. An A-rank is between 13-15 points
    on any boss, so you DO have a bit of leeway but not much. The difference between
    four and five points on the combo score is one shot of the shotgun; the
    difference between four and five points on the damage score is one hit of his
    energy beam.
    The first thing the golem usually does is eject eggs from its back. Left
    unchecked, these eggs will hatch imp golems unless you can transmute them into 
    something a little more useful for your purposes. There are a few things you can
    transmute from the eggs; watch the transmutation icon to know what you're
    You can create two shotgun cannons from the two wagons in the cemetary. These
    cannons will most likely be the preferred way to obtain a high combo, but one
    must be careful to make every shot of the cannon count. To do this, lure the
    horned golem until he's literally within point blank range and activate a frenzy
    (you DID build a frenzy before this battle, RIGHT?) to stun the golem in place.
    Hop into the cannon and unload on the golem until you run out of ammo.
    As a side note, every transmutable object in the cemetary comes in pairs. There
    are two shotgun cannons on each end of the map, but you'll also find that there
    are two suction devices as well as two extending staffs. The latter two items
    can be quite effective when used in conjunction.
    Transmute a wheelbarrow into a suction device and wait for the horned golem to
    get trapped. When it does, find the mining tools nearby and transmute them into
    an extending staff. Since the staff magically extends, keep a safe distance from
    the golem and attack. The golem will try a body slam attack, but the suction
    devices will prevent him from going anywhere for a while. Keep attacking, but
    make sure not to get too close to the shock radius when the golem lands from a
    body slam (or dodge it with a backflip) or else Ed's staff will get knocked out
    of his hands.
    Repeat this strategy with the other suction device and you should be able to
    deplete a good amount of the horned golem's HP. If Ed drops his staff, retrieve
    the other one and attack until you lose it.
    When you finally have no choice but to engage the golem at close range, wait for
    him to create more eggs and quickly find one that will offer the gauntlets. That
    said, transmute AS MANY of the eggs as you can before the horned golem attacks
    you and pick up the gauntlet after you know you can't reach anymore eggs. If you
    neglect the eggs too many times, the entire stage will be filled with imp golems
    before you know it.
    Get up close and personal with the horned golem, and introduce yourself with the
    gauntlets as many times as you can. By now, the golem will have lost enough HP
    to get serious with you. When it rears up on its hind legs, it's getting ready
    to do one of two things: cover the area with fireballs, or shoot a massively
    damaging energy beam from its mouth. Learn to distinguish between the two (the
    golem won't turn to face you when it does the energy beam attack) and sidestep
    them accordingly. If he's getting ready to cover the area with fireballs, 
    quickly step into his body and attack. When you're nearest to him, his own 
    fireballs can't hit you. When he's using the energy beam attack, get over to his
    side or back and get in as many hits as you can.
    	A-rank item: Armlet of Retribution
    	B-rank item: Armlet of Retribution
    	C-rank item: Elixir (M)
    	D-rank item: Elixir (S)
    *                                         *
    *  Chapter 6: Siam-Sid: City of Illusion  *
    *                                         *
      Siam-Sid: South Quarter
    Items: Strength Tonic; Elixir (L); Elixir (XL); Fullmetal Armor
    Upon reaching Siam-Sid, Ed discovers that its citizens are less than hospitable.
    Fortunately the game doesn't require you to speak to any of the NPC's in the
    city, so merrily make you way through south quarter and pick up the items along
    the way. As you walk through the city, see the statues of the four-legged
    golems around? Take out your hammer, jump, and hit it in the head. See how it
    shatters? Remember this when these innocent looking statues get "unfriendly."
      Siam-Sid: Grand Promenade
    Items: Reloader; Elixir (L) x2; Fullmetal Earring; Protection Vial; Roxanne
    Pick up Roxanne behind one of the small obelisks on the east side of the
    promenade and rejoin Hawkeye and Glostner just outside the entrance to the Spire
    of Lebis. After the event, you'll find yourself back in the grand promenade,
    only now all the citizens have been replaced with golems. Defeat them all to buy
    Hawkeye and Glostner some time to escape.
      Siam-Sid: South Quarter
    Items: Elixir (L)
    Those previously static golem statues have now become laser turrets set to
    target YOU. Take them out with the hammer, but be careful walking past the other
    golem statues. Those don't shoot you, but are set to fall on top of you when you
    get close enough, so take measured steps and avoid getting stunned. A doorway to
    a road heading north has now been opened in the south quarter, so take it into
    the next area. A familiar golem guards the exit, but has added a deadly new
    attack to his arsenal. This golem now shoots a powerful purple laser beam from
    its mouth which can juggle you the entire length of the beam if you get caught
    with a direct hit. Needless to say, this can drain massive amounts of HP very
    quickly, so take him out fast and hard.
      Siam-Sid: Merchant's Way
    Items: Elixir (L); Alchemy Vial; Alchemy Tonic
    Watch your back as you cross Merchant's Way. Enemies can appear both in front of
    and behind Ed and Al.
      Siam-Sid: West Quarter
    Items: Strength Vial; Elixir (XL); Fullmetal Bracer; Elixir (L) x2; Flurry Guide
    The golem knights are strong foes but moderate in number. The hammer works well
    against them as do your counterattacks, so don't rush things and take your time.
    Use your Rage attacks as you build them to get rid of multiple enemies, and also
    look for throwing knives transmutable from barriers. It's a projectile weapon
    with a spread effect and has a high attack power, so use them to clear a room
    quickly and painlessly. The turrets here usually guard treasure chests, so take
    care as you try to obtain them.
    There is a save point at the top of the steps. Use it before you drop through
    the hole in the roof of the nearby building and into the next area.
      Siam-Sid: Holy Quarter
    Items: Elixir (L); Fullmetal Ring
    Various golems can be found in the Holy Quarter, so be on guard as soon as you
    enter. Use the available katanas to even the field a little.
      Siam-Sid: Residential Way
    Items: Reloader; Protection Tonic; Elixir
    This short avenue resembles Merchant's Way, but you'll traverse this road having
    to face more powerful golems. Defeating the first few enemies will summon a pair
    of extra large golems that defend the exits. Defeating them can be tricky - 
    while focusing your attention on one, the other on the opposite side of the map
    can shoot its purple laser at you and catch you in a corner. A Rage attack
    really helps in this area, but the taming rods can make short work of the
    enemies too.
      Siam-Sid: North Quarter
    Items: Fullmetal Earring; Strength Tonic; Reloader x2; Elixir (L);
           Elixir (XL) x2; Protection Vial; Fullmetal Armor
    After you defeat the enemies in the first area, transmute some lv 2 bombs for
    yourself and climb the rope ladder to the other side of the buildings. As soon
    as you enter the small enclosed courtyard, transmute a few flamethrowing devices
    scattered around the floor to help you defeat the enemies that appear. Climb the
    other rope ladder, defeat the remaining enemies, and rejoin Hawkeye and Glostner
    at the top of the steps of the Temple. If you're trying to obtain an A-rank on 
    the next boss, bring a mallet with you as well.
      Temple of Lebis
    Items: Elixir (L); Elixir (XL)
    Save your game and collect the two items in the chest in front of the save
    point. Enter the temple chamber to trigger an event and approach the pedestal
    overrun with moss to learn more about the Glostner's relationship with Elma and
    Crowley. A boss fight follows.
      Temple of Lebis: Cloister of Devotion
    Items: none
    | Boss: Spider Golem |
    As big as the spider golem is, it's actually not a tough boss compared to the
    previous golem you had to fight. It's most damaging attack is a body slam, but
    it will cast a tell-tale shadow on the ground so you can avoid it fairly easily.
    At regular intervals, this boss will retreat into its puddle and summon other
    golems to attack you. You must defeat its minions to get the boss to reappear.
    Most of it's attacks are easy to avoid if you don't get caught up in button-
    mashing the boss to death. It is especially vulnerable after it's body slam, so
    you can take advantage of those moments to help reach your target combo with the
    mallet. When the spider golem lowers itself, it is getting ready to shoot green
    beams from its eyes, so stand in front of one of its legs to avoid them.
    Don't bother using your Rage attack on this boss. It doesn't do much damage and
    does nothing for your combo score. Instead, use it on one of the small groups of
    golems it will summon. I like to save it for the humaniod golems instead of the
    floating or imp golems, which are easily defeated anyway.
    	A-rank item: Moon Medal
    	B-rank item: Moon Medal
    	C-rank item: Elixir (M)
    	D-rank item: Elixir (S)
    *                                 *
    *  Chapter 7: The Spire of Lebis  *
    *                                 *
      Spire of Lebis: Hall of Displacement
    Items: none
    After the stylish and entertaining arrival of Mustang and Armstrong, Ed and
    company will resume their journey inside the Spire of Lebis. Their first stop
    beyond the Square of Lebis is a room with three transmutation circles that serve
    as transportation devices. The three military officers are whisked away in each
    trasnmutation circle, and Ed must choose one to follow.
    Each transmutation circle takes you to the same map, but you will get a 
    different item near the end depending on which officer you follow. Mustang will
    give you the Flame Gloves, Armstrong will give you the Strong-Arm Gauntlets, and
    Hawkeye will give you the Bullet of Resolve. IMHO, no one item is better than
    the others, but since you've already partied with Hawkeye, following one of the
    State Alchemists will give you a chance to see what they can do.
    Hawkeye is to the West, Mustang is to the North, and Armstrong is to the East.
    Pick your favorite character and move on.
      Spire of Lebis: First Ascent
    Items: Reloader; Elixir (XL) x2; Alchemy Vial; Tear of Lebis
    Transmuting the rock cubes at the top of the steps into spiked balls and sending
    them down the stairs can damage or defeat a few of the golems that wait at the
    bottom. Take another flight of stairs down to the north for a chest. You'll end
    up at the top of a ledge that overlooks a great hallway. Before you jump down
    into the hallway, transmute the stone debris into columns and let them fall on
    the golem knights that wait for you below. If you're successful, you can take
    away a lot of HP from a distance, making your work up close much easier. After
    you defeat all the enemies, head north into the next level of the spire.
      Spire of Lebis: Second Ascent
    Items: Elixir (XL) x3; Alchemy Tonic
    The humaniod golems camping at the end of this hallway are a pain. From all the
    way across the room, they shoot laser beams at you and your party, but golems
    will appear as you try to reach them. Nonetheless, its best to get rid of them
    ASAP before you deal with the rest of the enemies, since the duo of laser beams
    can do quite a number on Ed and Al if left unchecked. Transmute a dummy from the
    rock pile nearby to draw their fire, and dispose of them quickly when you reach
    them. After they fall, another pair appears BACK at the mouth of the stairs, and
    you'll have to backtrack to get rid of those as well. On your way, more golems
    will continue to spawn. Make use of those dummies and Rage attacks if you have
    one available.
    The turn takes you to another great hallway where large golems stand on either 
    side and shoot purple beams that crisscross the width of the hallway. Katanas
    are available from the broken barrels and will help tremendously.
      Spire of Lebis: Third Ascent
    Items: Tear of Lebis; Elixir (XL) x2;
    When you reach the square chamber at the top of the steps, the doors will close
    and trap you in the room with a group of enemies that you must defeat. A Rage
    attack will work wonders here, but the suction device/shotgun cannon combination
    will also take care of clusters of enemies quickly. After you defeat all the
    enemies, the character you followed will give you a special item and the doors
    will re-open.
    The small room to the north can be fun. Many floating and imp golems will
    appear, but all the barrels in this room can be transmuted into firecracker
    bombs. As you cross the room, transmute the barrels along the way, and watch the
    firecrackers hit their mark and clean the room for you. The remaining enemies
    won't be a challenge without their numbers.
    The last chamber leads to a flight of stairs into the next level of the spire,
    but many golems await you here. Transmute the golem statue found nearby into a
    tractor and mop up the enemies before you proceed.
      Spire of Lebis: Fourth Ascent
    Items: Alchemy Vial; Elixir (XL) x3; Tear of Lebis x2;
    The hallway ahead marks the last floating golem spawn point in the game, but
    like the previous one, no special incentive prompts you to stay. The ledge at
    the end of the hall will drop you into the last chamber of the spire before the
    boss fight. Once you drop down, you've reached a point of no return because you
    can't jump back up to the hallway from the chamber below. With that in mind, 
    make sure you obtain all the chest items and equip your characters with the
    proper weaponry for the boss fight in this level. Personally, I like to use the
    gauntlets, and they can be found in the large square chamber on this map.
    Enter the door to the north when you're ready.
      Spire of Lebis: Hall of the Twins
    Items: none
    Work yourself into a Rage and save your game. Your next encounter will be with a
    much nastier version of Elma.
      Queen's Chambers
    Items: none
    | Boss: The Phantom 2 |
    It's my personal opinion that Elma revisited is the toughest boss battle in the
    game. The Phantom hasn't lost any of her speed, but she HAS gained more HP,
    defense, and power. This arena is large, but it only means you'll have to cover
    a lot more ground as you chase her around the room before you can get close
    enough to hit her.
    All of her old attacks have returned but she's added a new transmutation spell
    to her repertoire. She tosses a glowing cloud into the circular garden in the
    center of the room and creates a vortex that sucks you in. If you get caught,
    black arms slap you around for massive damage and has a chance to dizzy you,
    leaving you open for another attack.
    Like your first encounter with the Phantom, the gauntlets are the best weapons
    to use against her. If both Ed and Al have taken one into this battle, make sure
    you command Al to drop his so he doesn't get it knocked away from one of the
    Phantom's attacks.
    With the gauntlets, you should be able to take away a good chunk of HP from the
    Phantom before she gets aggressive. Try to save your Rage attack for multiple
    enemies as she will summon golems to her aid once more. You'll have to keep Al
    fairly healthy at all times, however, or you run the risk of losing your Rage if
    Al gets knocked out.
    When the gauntlets break, opt for your handblade or the sword. If you have
    trouble with the melee weapons (She can break your combo and juggle you in the
    air for a combo of her own), there are four taming rods in the area that will do
    considerable damage without giving her a chance to counterattack. 
    The longer this fight drags on, the messier the room will get. When you've taken
    away a portion of her HP, Elma will summon the large golems from the air. They
    appear in the corners or near the center, but they shoot their purple laser
    beams at you from a distance, rapid fire projectiles when you're close, and
    alchemic bombs when you're point blank. While dealing with both the Phantom 
    and golems, the Phantom will summon those large cylindrical objects from your
    previous battle to further get in your way. Finally, she can still create those
    fireballs that can ricochet off walls and bells, except she does it with much
    greater frequency this time around. The room can look quite literally like a war
    zone after a few minutes.
    Good players can defeat her quickly, great players will do it without taking a
    lot of damage, but only great players with a little luck will get a decent combo
    score. The trick is to use the two automatic machine guns in the stage, but
    getting Elma to stand still for them to connect is a lesson in patience. When
    you're ready to attempt your combo, make sure you've transmuted both of them and
    lure Elma near the center of the stage. She's a blocker, so use a weapon that
    can break her defense (the gauntlets, the taming rods, or your hammer) and hit
    her as the machine guns are shooting at her. When her defense breaks, the
    machine guns will add to your combo. However, be careful not to knock her down.
    If she gets knocked down, the window of opportunity to continue your combo may
    close, and you'll have to start the process all over again.
    	A-rank item: Alluring Cologne
    	B-rank item: Armlet of Absorption
    	C-rank item: Elixir (XL)
    	D-rank item: Elixir (L)
      Underspire: First Descent
    Items: Tear of Lebis x3; Reloader
    Save your game before you begin. After a difficult fight with Elma, the last
    thing you want to do is start all over because of a silly mistake. The two
    statues in front of you can be transmuted into gatling guns. Chests can be found
    in the two small terraces that flank either side of the path. If you open the
    chests, golems appear (in addition to the two blob golems on the east terrace).
    The pair of large golems near the north should be taken out from a distance with
    the shurikens. Turn them into lv 2 shurikens if you can for added damage.
      Underspire: Second Descent
    Items: Elixir (XL) x4; Reloader; Elixir (L) x2; Tear of Lebis; Alchemy Tonic x2;
           Strength Vial; Protection Vial; Alchemy Vial; Strength Tonic x2;
           Protection Tonic x2; Armlet of Perception; Ophelia; Evasion Guide
    The second descent of the Underspire is huge but can yield much bounty if one
    takes the time and effort to collect all the items. The seventh and final kitty
    also awaits rescue in this map, and as you'll see, it's the most difficult
    rescue mission yet.
    The huge golem statues on either side of the map create gusts of wind that can
    blow you off the main path. You'll end up in the ditches on either side of the
    path, so its best to observe the patterns before you walk blindly up the road.
    That said, most of the ditches have chests, so you may want to pay them a visit
    anyway before you try to cross the upper path.
    After you cross the first set of wind machines, you'll arrive at a series of
    stone obelisks and the next set of wind machines. The upper path is now split
    in the middle with a wide gap, and the wind machines pull you towards the east.
    The gusts from the first wind machine here are not that strong, so you can walk
    against the force that pulls you. Before you get to the second machine, pause
    and observe the ground. The floor glows brighter here than on the first machine,
    indicating that the winds are stronger and WILL pull you down into the cavern
    below. However, if you cross the path AFTER the machine stops, you won't have
    enough time to make it all the way across. Begin to cross BEFORE the winds
    cease, so that it stops just before it pulls you off the path, and cross the
    rest of the way when the air is calm. Get to the stone pedestal that blocks you
    from the winds of the third machine, retrieve the chest items there, and use the
    pull of the winds to help you cross the gap to the other side.
    Once you're on the other side, try to get on the very narrow strip of terrain
    that bridges the gap to the north. Get as close to the next wind machine as you
    can without being blown off and watch for a good moment to cross. You must cross
    the winds created by two wind machines here without any pedestals to block you
    from falling. As soon as the winds stop, head northwest as quickly as you can.
    When the machines start blowing (sucking?) again, you'll have gone inland enough
    to get safely to the strip of terrain not affected by the winds on the other
    side (Actually, you have enough time to walk straight across to the other side,
    but doing it this way provides some room for error). Open all the chests for a
    variety of goodies, but do NOT fall off the ledge.
    After you collect all the chests, head back up to the northwest corner of that
    small strip of terrain safe from the winds. Jump down from the northwest corner
    to find useful Ophelia, and watch her rescue and the humorous after-effects!
    Thankfully, you've been enemy-free this whole time, but the rest of the descent
    is still infested with enemies. In the large cavern below, find the path to the
    west and take it to the third and final set of wind machines. By now you should
    have enough experience with the machines to cross without much trouble, so
    retrieve the rest of the items in this stage and exit to the north.
      Underspire: Third Descent
    Items: Earring of Blades; Elixir (XL) x3; Armor of Blades; Bangle of Blades;
           Ring of Blades; Elixir (L)
    A few feet from the entrance to the Third Descent is another point of no return
    similar to the one in the Spire of Lebis. The ledge is too high for Ed to jump
    up to once down in the lower area, but this time around all the potentially
    necessary weapons can still be found ahead.
    As you proceed, remember to check the layout of the map. The Armor of Blades,
    Bangle of Blades, and Ring of Blades can only be obtained with a little help
    from Al.
      Underspire: Fourth Descent
    Items: Elixir (XL) x2; Elixir (L)
    It's a straight shot to the final boss from here, so take the time to defeat the
    remaining enemies to get the experience needed for another level if either Ed or
    Al is close to leveling up. Equip Al with Ophelia and any stat boosting item.
    For the target combo on the next boss, I like to equip Ed and Al with lv1
    shurikens each, so if you follow the boss strategy, hike back and retrieve one
    for each brother. Save your game one last time before your encounter with the
    next boss. It's a two-fer, and A-rank seekers may need to play it a few times.
    It's also worth it to note right now that as with the first FMA game, a new game
    plus option is available after you beat it the first time. Bonus art can be
    unlocked during the next playthrough, but all items, accessories, bonus points
    and learned alchemy skills are also saved. The enemies and bosses are much
    stronger during subsequent playthroughs, but keeping your skills and goodies
    make it very managable.
    By now Ed and Al should be in the neighborhood of level 35. If you do plan on
    playing the game a second time, it may be worth your time to level up a bit. At
    level 40, Ed learns to create lv3 stonespikes. At level 45, Ed learns learns to
    create three rockblockers. These skills carry over, and won't have to be
    relearned! BTW, at level 99, Ed learns to create the awesome lv2 flash grenade.
    They're rare in the game to begin with, but at lv2 can kill all the enemies on
    the screen, even bosses! Are you patient enough?
      King's Chambers
    Items: Crimson Stone (2nd playthrough)
    | Boss: Crowley |
    The final showdown with Crowley begins here with round one of your two part 
    battle. Crowley may be a lot of things, but he's no push-over, so don't let down
    your guard for a minute. His alchemy skills parallel Ed's in many ways: Crowley
    can also transmute weapons, create stonespikes, and counterattack your moves.
    If you equipped the Elric brothers with lv1 shurikens, you can get a good combo
    off on Crowley right away. Crowley usually begins the fight by charging at you,
    but since the brothers start on the opposite end of the circular arena, you can
    both chuck shurikens at Crowley until you run out. You may miss a few times, and
    you can't command Al to throw those shurikens any faster than he does, but with
    your combined efforts you should be able to pull off about a 20 hit combo. Make
    sure you're using lv1 shurikens tho; the lv2 shurikens will knock Crowley off
    his feet.
    The rest of the battle should be fairly simple. There isn't a "better" time to
    use Rage attacks in this fight, so use it up if you have it saved. It should
    drain a solid chunk of his HP, but Crowley is so tough that it probably won't
    stun him like it does other enemies. This is no button-mashing contest either.
    Crowley is very skilled in counterattacking and will send you flying from
    behind if you just mindlessly press the attack button. During melee encounters,
    I have found that the sword works best if you are careful with your defense as
    If Al is equipped with Ophelia, he will become much more aggressive and execute
    longer flurries of punches. Crowley will occasionally turn his attention to Al,
    and when he does, make sure you let him have it with a few hits of your own.
    Most of Crowley's alchemy attacks are preceded by verbal clues, giving you time
    to block or avoid them once you learn his patterns. If your reflexes are good,
    you can counter his regular sword attacks, but sometimes Crowley will "counter
    your counter." If you see this happen, you can perform yet ANOTHER 
    counterattack, effectively "countering his counter from your counter." Whew!
    	A-rank item: Glass Samurai
    	B-rank item: Sun Medal
    	C-rank item: Elixir (XL)
    	D-rank item: Elixir (L)
    | Boss: Golem Crowley |
    In Crowley's final form, he has taken his power to create golems and transmuted
    himself into a golem as well. He has gained much more HP and power from his
    previous form, and he's got a whole new bag of tricks. Most of his attacks are
    now area attacks. He can summon huge energy balls that cause splash damage even
    if you manage to avoid the main impact. Defensively, Crowley is also tougher to
    hit this time around. Attacking head on will usually prompt Crowley to retreat 
    backwards, and he can block a lot of attacks as well.
    The sword is still your weapon of choice in this battle. Keep Al close and try
    to get behind Crowley during his attacks. Combo him with Al and keep up this
    tactic in the beginning. When Crowley transmutes a sword, he is getting ready to
    do a very damaging attack. He'll charge at Ed from wherever he's standing and
    pummel Ed with a combination of blows. His last swing sends Ed flying backwards,
    but creates a wave of spikes from the ground that catches you as you fall for
    added damage. When you see Crowley coming for you, make sure you sidestep this
    At some point during the battle, Crowley will create a bunch of rectangular
    pillars outfitted with eyelets that shoot lasers if you stand in front of them.
    Although they can cause trouble for you and Al, they're actually quite helpful
    since you can re-transmute them into weapons for yourself. When you see these
    pillars come up out of the ground, run around and transmute as many as you can
    into weapons while doing your best to avoid their laser beams. From each group
    of pillars that he creates, you can usually find at least one that will turn
    into firecracker bombs and one that will turn into shurikens. Both will help you
    tremendously because they can hit Crowley from a safe distance.
    It's never good news when Crowley takes to the air, because it means he's going
    to do one of two things. If he floats up to the middle of the room, he's
    preparing a huge fireball storm that covers the entire arena with fireballs.
    You'll have to nearly hug the walls for a safe spot to stand. If he simply rises
    a few feet into the air anywhere else, he's going to create a big ball of fire
    that sends waves of flames coming out from different directions. Keep running to
    avoid the waves.
    You have plenty of time to defeat Crowley with a high score, and by now you
    should also be stocked up on healing items. The only thing that may give you
    trouble in obtaining a higher boss score is the combo. Use the shurikens like
    you did before, but since Crowley is a floater, it's safe to use lv2 shurikens
    if you have them. Even so, you may need to command Al to get in a few hits of
    his own as well. Congrats! You just beat the last boss in the game!
    	A-rank item: Whetstone of Ages
    	B-rank item: Galaxy Medal
    	C-rank item: Tear of Lebis
    	D-rank item: Tear of Lebis
    After you defeat Golem Crowley, you'll end up behind the King's Chambers in a 
    hallway with a grid floor. During a second playthrough, if you managed to
    collect all the image crystals, there will be a chest at the end of the hall
    containing the Crimson Stone.
    Items: none
    A series of events will reveal the last bits of Lebis's tragic fate. Look for
    the glowing red orbs floating around the white room to activate a previous
    memory of Lebis. When Ed comes to, Glostner shows up and teaches Ed how to
    destroy the crystal. Remove the three pillars that surround the bloody fountain
    using alchemy, and rid the world of golems forever.
    5.  Extras
      Alchemy Skills
    As you progress and gain levels, Ed learns to upgradge certain objects to more
    powerful versions. Check the list to find out what you learn at which level.
    Level 14:  Create 2 Rockblockers
    Level 16:  Lv2 Gauntlets
    Level 18:  Lv2 Bombs
    Level 20:  Lv2 Cranes
    Level 21:  Lv2 Stonespikes
    Level 24:  Lv2 Steel Balls
    Level 26:  Lv2 Shurikens
    Level 40:  Lv3 Stonespikes
    Level 45:  Create 3 Rockblockers
    Level 99:  Lv2 Flash Bombs
      Easter Eggs
    Fans would take pleasure in some of the easter eggs that have been scattered
    around the game. A few can only be seen on the second playthrough, and a few
    references to the first game that only those who played would recognize.
    - When you turn on the game, when the Square Enix logo is shown, one of the
      characters in the game will say "Square Enix". The character that says it
      depends on the date set in the PS2. Adjust the date and restart the game if
      you want to hear all the voices.
    - In Lior, if you peer into the window of the post office, you will notice that
      Lust and Gluttony are both standing inside.
    - In Lior, to the left of the fountain (while facing the drunk) there is a small
      shop with a sign on top that reads: "Broken Angel". This is the title of the
      first game.
    - During a second playthrough, after Al fixes the radio in the cutscene, a red-
      haired girl comes into view. She is Armony Eiselstein from the first title.
      After the scene ends, she can be found near the Broken Angel store.
    - Throughout Lior, there are wanted signs that show the face of a military
      officer. This is the Military Man at the end of the first stage of the first
    - During a second playthrough, there is a stand near the Broken Angel store that
      displays all the cats you "rescued" during your previous run through the game.
      When you examine the stand, Al will sit down to watch the cats for a while. If
      you have rescued Ophelia (chapter 7), each of the previous six cats will meow
      but Ophelia makes a variety of animal noises each time you examine them.
    - After the car bombing in East City, look for a small jewelry shop across from
      the HQ building. Inside stand three military men. On closer examination, its
      Breda, Feury, and Falman from the series.
    - During a second playthrough, if you return to the plaza after defeating the
      terrorists in the alley, you'll find Lt. Hawkeye standing outside the HQ
      building. When you approach her, you'll trigger a scene where she goes and
      picks up a stray puppy, then runs off with it. This is a running gag in the
    - When you are in Sewers: Main Sluiceway, there are measurement marks beside
      each of the ladders which are marked in meters. You can measure the height
      (and it's correct) of the two boys, with Edward being 4'9" (1.5 meters) and
      Alphonse's armor being 6'5" (2 meters). (Thanks to pianofreak531!)
    - After you finish the game, there is an epilogue scene after the credits. As
      Ed, Al, and Armstrong are entering the train, a man dressed in a black State
      Alchemist uniform can be seen standing off to the side. This is General Genz
      Bresslau, or "The Armor Piercing Alchemist" from the first game.
    - In several areas in the game, it is possible to transmute a small wind-up cow
      that weilds a giant paint brush. In addition to being an awesome weapon, the
      cow is also a caricature of the creator of the series, Hiromu Arakawa.
    - In the anime, there are two mentioned instances of an "ancient city that was
      wiped out in a single night." Lebis seems to fit the description.
      Accessories List
    Lead Ring
    Gold Ring
    Fullmetal Ring
    Ring of Blades
    Lead Bangle
    Gold Bangle
    Fullmetal Bangle
    Bangle of Blades
    Lead Armor
    Gold Armor
    Fullmetal Armor
    Armor of Blades
    Lead Earring
    Gold Earring
    Fullmetal Earring
    Earring of Blades
    Moon Medal
    Sun Medal
    Galaxy Medal
    Armlet of Piercing
    Armlet of Absorption
    Armlet of Retribution
    Arlmet of Perception
    Fullmetal Bracer
    Bulletproof Vest
    Fireguard Cloak
    Fasthold Gloves
    Bond of Brotherhood
    Lucky Pouch
    Lucky Haversack
    Alluring Cologne
    Glass Samurai
    Whetstone of Ages
    Crimson Stone
    Charm of Renewal
    Advancement Guide
    Journeyman's Guide
    Flurry Guide
    Evasion Guide
    Dog Tag
    Amazon Wrench
    Camaraderie Crest
    Strong-Arm Gauntlet
    Bullet of Faith
    Bullet of Resolve
    Bullet of Discipline
    Flame Gloves
    Ring of Vows - His
    Ring of Vows - Hers
    Ring of Riddles
    Crimson Shard
    White Loincloth
    Red Loincloth
    Dog Collar
      Crystals Locations
    Crystals unlock bonus art in the gallery. Look for them in these areas during
    your second playthrough. No, I won't tell you exactly where they're located.
    It's more fun if you find them yourself!
    Lior-Fountain Plaza
    Temple-Easthall 2F
    Temple-Westhall 1F
    Lior-Residential District
    Lior-Business District
    Lior-Temple Approach
    Temple-Prayer Hall
    Temple-Westhall 2F
    Temple-Secret Passage
    Temple-Easthall 1F
    total crystals to point: 12
    East City-Plaza
    East City-Back Alleys
    Sewers-Main Sluiceway
    Sewers-Materials Storage
    total crystals to point: 20
    Tucker Manor
    Tucker Manor-Labratory
    Tucker Manor-Back Storeroom
    Tucker Manor-Storeroom
    East City-Frieght Yard
    total crystals to point: 27
    Rockbell Home-Front Yard
    Resembool-outlying hills
    Cave-Chamber 1
    Cave-Chamber 2
    Cave-Chamber 3
    Cave-Chamber 4
    Cave-Chamber 5
    Cave-Chamber 6
    Cave-Chamber 7
    Cave-Chamber 8
    Cave-Chamber 9
    total crystals to point: 38
    Bord'wan-Villiage Gate
    Bord'wan-Villiage Square
    Bord'wan-East Road
    Bord'wan-Mountain Pass
    Solitary House
    Bord'wan-South Road Annex
    Bord'wan-South Road
    Bord'wan-West Road
    Bord'wan-Elder's House
    total crystals to point: 48
    Siam-Sid-Grand Promenade
    Siam-Sid-Merchant's Way
    Siam-Sid-South Quarter
    Siam-Sid-North Quarter
    Siam-Sid-Residential Way
    Temple of Lebis
    Siam-Sid-Holy Quarter
    Siam-Sid-West Quarter
    total crystals t point: 56
    Chapter 7
    Spire of Lebis-First Ascent
    Spire of Lebis Second Ascent
    Spire of Lebis-Third Ascent
    Spire of Lebis-Fourth Ascent
    Underspire-First Descent
    Underspire-Second Descent
    Underspre-Third Descent
    Underspire-Fourth Descent
    total crystals to point: 64
    6.  Contact
    Feel free to email me at: glennkcl@yahoo.com (and be nice...)
    7.  Thanks/Credits
    Author: Dat be me, yo.
    Extras: SQEX QA team.
    Thanks to:  Square-Enix		for being groovy
    	    GameFaqs.com	for being the bee's knees
    	    the reader		for being peachy keen
    Copyright (c) 2005 Glenn Lee. All Rights Reserved.
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    personal, or private use. This document may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without expressed written concent of it's 
    respective owner. Use of this FAQ on any other web site or as a part of any 
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