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    Crystal/Item Location Walkthrough by clockstomper

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir
    A. Introduction
    B. Updates
    C. General Tips and Hints
    D. Crystal/Item Walkthrough
    E. Copyright Info
    F. Credits
    A. Introduction
    Welcome to the Crystal/Item Walkthrough for FMA: Curse of the Crimson 
    Elixir. I've written this guide in such a way that everything is included 
    in the walkthrough, and there will be no separate listings for item 
    locations, Easter eggs, and other such things. That way, you can experience 
    the game to it's fullest in one go (there should be no need for 3 runs.) 
    And since it should be your second run, I won't be offering anything 
    resembling a normal walkthrough for the game. 
    I'm always open to suggestions or strategies, so if you have any easier 
    methods for how to get an item or crystal, let me know, and I'll add it 
    here with full credit.
    B. Updates
    9/05/05: More errors fixed, added items for Underspire Third Decent.
    8/18/05: Errors fixed.
    8/12/05: First draft up, all crystal locations done, just a few item 
    locations undone.
    C. Tips & Hints
    Use any leftover bonus points you have from your first run and pour them 
    all (or most) into vitality. Having a high HP is probably most the 
    important thing, even if your attack/defense is low, high HP will keep you 
    in the fight longer.
    Enemies will drop bagged items, usually Elixirs or Reloaders. Sometimes 
    better items in those little suit cases.
    Get crystals before the enemies in the area are all dead, as sometimes 
    you'll trigger a cut scene and be forced to leave the area and can't 
    There may be times when you can see a crystal, but can't get it due to a 
    cut scene taking over as you approach, leaving you in another area. Don't 
    worry, there's always an opportunity to backtrack in such situations.
    Use save points whenever you see them. 
    D. Walkthrough
    Chapter 1: The Desert City of Lior
    Lior Fountain Plaza
    The very first crystal will automatically be pointed out by the tutorial, 
    no need to go hunting yet.
    Item locations: 
    After the fountain cut-scene, head left, you'll see a chest across from the 
    flower shop "Broken Angel" (the cats you picked up during your first run 
    will be sitting next to the shop, along with some "milk if you got them 
    all). The next chest is up ahead, a bit to the left of the top left corner 
    of the fountain (if you can't find it, look to the post office and head 
    left along that row of buildings.) The last chest is to the right, near a 
    small inaccessible stair case.
    Residential District
    Turn down the alley immediately to the right of your stating point in this 
    area. You can have Al throw you or stand on a rock blocker to reach it.
    You'll spot a chest near a small set of steps.
    Business District
    Near the exit of this area, the crystal hovers near a shop wind on the 
    left. Use Al or a rock blocker to reach it.
    Head down an alley to the right and run to the chest by the red door. The 
    next chest is directly across from where you entered this area, at the 
    bottom of a support beam of a large staircase. The last chest is down an 
    alley to the left. After the bad guys are all dead, a cut scene will lead 
    to you acquiring the lead bangle.
    Temple Approach
    The crystal's to the left of the small set of steps you go down right 
    before the area's exit. Once again, use Al or a rock blocker, but be sure 
    to go after this one BEFORE you kill all the thugs, as beating them makes 
    you leave the area via cut scene.
    Items: None.
    Temple Prayer Hall
    The crystal hovers above the ladder (not the one you use to reach the save 
    point, the other one across the room from it. Since Al can't come up here, 
    you have to stand on a rock blocker.
    There's a chest to the right of the golden alter at the head of the room. 
    Next, run to the back door, and you'll spot a chest to the right of it. In 
    that area where you found the crystal, you'll find a chest with lead ring 
    inside, which you should equip to Ed right now. 
    East Hall F2
    It'll be behind you from this area's starting point.
    Items: None
    West Hall F2
    It sits in the center of the booby-trapped corridor. You'll have to have Al 
    throw you in order to reach it.
    First chest in this area will be sitting in front of you, and unlike 
    previous chests, it will contain a reloader. The mounted guns you shoot 
    will drop reloaders. There's another chest on the left side of the hall, 
    past the fourth set of guns.
    West Hall F1
    Turn right at the sun symbol on the floor, the crystal's at the dead end of 
    this corridor.
    You'll find two elixir bearing chests down the aforementioned corridor.
    Have Al throw you to reach the crystal hovering above the sun symbol on the 
    floor. Do this before you kill all the golems, as the game forces you to 
    leave the hall when they're all dead.
    Items: None.
    East Hall F1
    You can't reach it without triggering a cut scene. Don't worry, you'd have 
    to come back here anyway for the level's cat.
    There's a chest to the right, get the item before you use the save point 
    Charnel House
    The crystal can be found hovering in from of a pillar (near Rose). It's too 
    high to reach, so you need to go up the steps, to area just slightly higher 
    in elevation than the crystal. Run as far back here as you can, and tilt 
    the control stick in the direction of the crystal (it'll look like Ed is 
    trying to run through the railing). If you have Al throw you while doing 
    this, the crystal will be yours.
    Secret Passage
    Crystal: Behind the first group of enemies (straight ahead).
    There's a chest with an elixir in the same location as the crystal.
    Egress (again)
    From facing the save point, exit the area to the left.
    East Hall F1:
    Now you can get the crystal, hovering above the now closed entrance to the 
    Charnel House, by having Al throw you. 
    In the same corridor where you found a chest the first time around, you'll 
    find the kitty cat for this level, Tama (if you didn't find him in your 
    first time through.)
    Chapter 2: Trouble in East City
    East City Plaza
    Go back to the street that Ed and Al used to enter this area in the cut 
    scene. The crystal will be hovering behind a lamppost. Stand on a rock 
    blocker or have Al throw you to get it.
    From the start of this area, run backwards to find a chest sitting at the 
    bottom left corner of the fenced area. You can find the other chest to the 
    right of the starting point, across the street from the burning car. It 
    will be next to a little sign that says "cafe".
    Back Alleys
    You'll be forced into the next area automatically as you approach the man 
    hole the crystal hovers above, but once you're in there, just use the 
    ladder to climb back out and get it. 
    After the first batch of enemies, you should go right to find a chest at 
    the dead end of an alley. Next, head over to the area where there are 
    enemies to hit with transmutable bowling balls, you can grab the chest 
    behind where they stood.
    Sewer Entrance
    Climb the aforementioned ladder and jump to reach the hovering crystal.
    From the starting point, head left along the sidewalk you're currently on, 
    there'll be a kitty cat named Belchini for Al to pick up. There's also a 
    chest on the corner to the right.
    Sewer Central Chamber
    There's nothing here, except the knife in the sparkle you can "examine". 
    The Crystal is in a different area with the same name.
    Main Sluiceway
    Crystal: You can't get it yet.
    From the starting point, the chest is to the left.
    Central Chamber (behind personnel door)
    From the starting point, go up the first set of stairs, turn around and 
    you'll see where the crystal floats. 
    There'll be a chest in the back of the upstairs area.
    Flood Gates
    Right above the canon you transmute to shoot out the floodgates.
    Items: None.
    Main Sluiceway (again):
    It floats far from the right side of the second platform. Have Al throw you 
    in order to reach it. 
    There's a chest in the trench to the left side of the second platform's 
    Materials Storage
    In the armory (head to the back left corner of the room to find it), the 
    crystal floats above the center of this area (right under a light). Use Al 
    or rock blocker.
    There's a chest with a bulletproof vest to the left of the entrance to the 
    armory room mentioned above.
    Chapter 3: The Tucker Mystery
    Tucker Manor
    It floats high above, near the library's entrance. To get it, have Al throw 
    you up on top of the nearest bookshelf to the crystal. Stand on a rock 
    blocker and jump to reach the crystal.
    There's a chest at the top of the staircase that's to your left from the 
    starting point. It'll be time again to use Al's throwing abilities as 
    there's a chest sitting atop a bookshelf in the center of the library. The 
    last chest is at the end of the two tables sitting to the left of the 
    library's entrance. 
    It hangs high above the center of the room, have Al throw you.
    Examine the glow to acquire the dog collar.
    The crystal hugs the left wall, not to far from the exit of this area.
    Items: None.
    Back Storeroom
    This crystal floats above and slightly to the right of this area's exit. 
    You'll need Al's help to reach it.
    From the starting point, head to the upper left corner to find a chest.
    Sewer Sluiceway
    Crystal: Floats above the area's entrance, you'll have to use Al to reach 
    To get this level's cat, backtrack to the library and you'll see Scratches 
    atop of a bookshelf. Within the sluiceway itself, there's an elixir chest 
    behind a lion, and you can get the White Loincloth from a chest near the 
    area's exit.
    Sewer Exit
    Climb the ladder a short way and jump to reach the floating Crystal.
    A chest sits in plain site in the upper left corner of this area.
    Freight Yard
    From the starting point, look in the corner to the left, a Crystal hangs 
    high above the metal crates here. To get up there you must jump from one of 
    the smaller crates to the long green crate. To get on the tallest crate, 
    stand on a rock blocker and jump up there. Once up there, make another rock 
    blocker to stand on and jump to the crystal. This is harder than it sounds 
    because Scar will annoyingly destroy the crate out from under you if you're 
    not fast. It's probably best to first lure him to the opposite side of the 
    room and having Al attack him before you go after the crystal.
    Have Scar destroy the crates around the room, there's a few chests (and 
    other useful items) hidden underneath some of them. 
    Chapter 4: Back in Resembool
    Rockbell Home-Front Yard
    It's floating above the center of the arena, have Al throw you in order to 
    reach it.
    No chests, but if you beat Armstrong (if you got them on the first run, 
    equip Ophelia to Al and the Armlet of Perception to yourself to counter him 
    to death) you get the Camaraderie Crest.
    Resembool-Outlying Hills 
    Turn around from the starting point and you'll see the Crystal sitting 
    behind you.
    A chest sits next to the cave entrance.
    Cave Chamber 1
    You have to wait until you gather all the pieces in order to open the door, 
    because the crystal floats above the opposite side of the door. Once you 
    open it, only walk in enough for Al to have room to throw you, but not to 
    far or you'll trigger the boss fight.
    A chest sits under the ledge (in the room with the golems).
    Cave Chamber 2
    This crystal floats to the left of the little waterfall that the big golem 
    stood in front of.
    From the starting point run as far forward as you can, you'll see a chest 
    to your left, in the corner. Another chest sits to the right of the little 
    waterfall, and contains the fireguard cloak.
    Cave Chamber 3
    See where the flame spitting golems are? The crystal is all the way at the 
    end of the area that they occupy.
    There's a chest by the little waterfall by the transmutable crossbow. 
    There's another chest right under the crystal location described above, 
    containing the Gold Ring.
    Cave Chamber 4
    Follow the chamber forward and then to the right, you'll see the crystal 
    floating at the dead end here. 
    From the starting point, a chest sits about midway along the wall on the 
    left. A chest containing the Gold Bangle sits at the same location as the 
    Cave Chamber 5
    You can't get the crystal here yet, you'll have to use the entrance 
    accessible from Chamber 9.
    From the starting point there's a passage to the left that contains a chest 
    at the end (and a useful transmutable sword for killing those big golems.)
    Cave Chamber 6
    From where the big Golem stood on the ledge, you can see the crystal. Line 
    yourself up with the Crystal and stand as far on the ledge as you can 
    without falling off. Have Al throw you, and in mid-air, hit square to 
    perform a kick. If done correctly, you should get the crystal. It may take 
    a few tries, but it's do-able.
    From the starting point, run to the ledge up ahead, follow it to the left 
    to find a chest. Another chest sits on the right of the area accessible 
    from the tiny ladder. 
    Chamber 7
    From the chamber's entrance, take a left and you'll see some wooden planks 
    you can break with your hammer. Make your way through the newly opened area 
    and you'll see the crystal floating at a dead end. Annoying little golems 
    will block the way, but you can kill them with the nearby transmutable 
    There's a chest here near the transmutable crossbow, and another chest sits 
    in an area where the crystal was. This particular item, the advancement 
    Guide is useful for gaining experience, so it's worth killing those little 
    golems to get it.
    Chamber 8
    From where you fought the big golem (in the area behind the breakable 
    wall,) turn to the right wall and a crystal will be floating there.
    From the starting point, follow the right wall up to the top right corner 
    to find a chest. Another chest sits by where you fought the big golem.
    Chamber 9
    From the area's starting point, turn around to see the crystal floating 
    behind you. Stand under it and have Al throw you.
    There's a chest by the waterfall where the big golem was. 
    Chamber 5 (ledge)
    In Chamber 9, head out the exit to the far right (past a save point, which 
    you should use). You should be on a little ledge with 2 little golems. Kill 
    them, but don't let Al jump off the ledge. After you grab the chest here, 
    line your self up with floating crystal and have Al throw you. If you miss 
    or Al jumps off the ledge, you can either back track to the ledge or load 
    your game (which should start you from where I told you to save in Chamber 
    The chest mentioned above contains the Gold Earring. 
    Chapter 5: Bord'wan the Dead Village
    Village Gate
    From the starting point, turn around, the crystal is in the very back of 
    this area.
    Midway through this area, there's a chest by the wooden fence on the left. 
    West Road
    As you begin the area, you should see the crystal ahead of you, on the left 
    of the road.
    Midway down the road, there'll be a circular area where annoying little 
    golems pop out. There are two chests on each side of this place, and one 
    contains one of the most useful items in the game, the Armlet of Piercing, 
    which allows you to deal normal damage enemies that are blocking. 
    Village Square
    The crystal floats in the middle of the transmutation circle that was the 
    subject of a cut scene.
    There's a chest below and to the left of the save point, containing the 
    Lucky Haversack.
    South Road
    As you enter the area, you'll see it floating up ahead on the left side of 
    the road.
    There's a chest on the side of the road, in front of a house.
    South Road Annex
    It floats above a bloodstain on the right side of the road.
    Another chest sits on the side the road, near the area's exit.
    Elder's House
    Crystal: It floats in front of the burning house, to the left of the fallen 
    Examine the glow to read a diary, and you'll automatically be given the 
    Ring of Vows-His.
    Village Square (again)
    Examine the glow here to obtain the Ring of Vows-Hers. When used in 
    conjunction, both rings will increase the experience you gain.
    East Road 
    Crystal: Floats high in the air near the area's exit. Have Al throw you.
    There's a chest just ahead of the first transmutable bulldozer.
    Mountain Pass
    Like the last one, you'll see it floating in plain sight, and will need 
    Al's throw to reach it.
    There are two chests on either side of the big tree that stands in the 
    road's center. The one on the right has a Red Loincloth for Al.
    Crystal: Right behind the starting point.
    A chest rests against the front if the house. 
    Secluded House
    It floats high above, near the entrance to the library. You can either have 
    Al throw you on top of the nearby bookcase and the jump for it, or you 
    could jump from the second floor.
    Head right once you've climbed to the second floor to find a chest. A chest 
    with the Journeyman's Guide in it is atop the bookshelf next to where the 
    crystal was.  
    Note: If you haven't gotten the cat for this level before, don't leave for 
    the boss fight just yet.
    Outskirts (again)
    Come back out here to obtain Antonio, the kitty.
    Chapter 6: Siam-Sid, City of Illusion  
    South Quarter
    It hovers above the hay-covered hole in the ground you use to get down to 
    street level. Use the nearby save point and have Al throw you to the 
    crystal, just to be safe. If you miss and fall through the hole, there's no 
    return, you'll have to reload and try again.
    From the starting point, go as far forward as you can to find a chest. 
    Another chest behind the hole mentioned above. There's also a chest in the 
    room you fall into from that hole. The last chest, containing the Fullmetal 
    Armor, is up some stairs on the right.
    Grand Promenade
    Turn to the area to the left once you reach the transmutable cranes. The 
    crystal here can be reached via Al or rock blocker.
    There's a chest right behind you and to the right at the level entrance. 
    There are also some on either side of the road as you approach the torches 
    that transmute into the fire-spitters. Another chest is to the right of the 
    transmutable cranes, as well as the kitty Roxanne (if you didn't get it 
    last time.) The last chest, containing a Fullmetal Earring, is right at the 
    crystal's location.
    South Quarter
    When you first enter the area with the big golem, you'll see a chest across 
    from you.
    Merchant's Way
    The crystal is right behind you as you enter this area.
    There's chest on the left side of the path as you begin in this area. 
    Another is two the right, next to some stairs, after you follow the bend in 
    the road. The last one is near the area's exit.
    West Quarter
    From the starting point, head straight and go down into the area with the 
    two knights and four of the laser shooting statues in the corners. The 
    statue in the bottom left corner has the crystal floating above it. Hammer 
    the statue and have Al throw you.
    Chests sit in between each of the laser statues. Another chest, containing 
    the Flurry Guide appears when you go down the hole to street level,  
    Holy Quarter
    Floats above the two blob Golems, have Al throw you.
    There's one chest at the entrance and one at the exit of this area, one of 
    which contains the Fullmetal Bracer. 
    Residential Way
    It floats against the side of the center building that faces the exit. Have 
    Al throw you to get it.
    Three chests here, one near the entrance, one on the right side of the 
    forked path, and the last is near the exit. 
    North Quarter
    After you climb the second rope ladder, turn to your right to see the 
    crystal floating in the air. Have Al throw you to reach it.
    Items: Coming soon.
    Temple of Lebis
    Save right away, as you may miss this one by triggering the last cut scene. 
    Go through the entrance in front of the save point, but don't walk in too 
    far, Turn left to see the crystal in the corner, staying as far away as 
    possible from the area with the moss.
    Two chests sit on either sides of the doorway in front of the save point.
    Chapter 7: The Spire of Lebis
    Spire of Lebis-First Ascent
    Once you go down the first set of steps, head forward to the black railing 
    up ahead. You'll see the crystal floating in mid-air. You can either jump 
    for it yourself, or use Al's help.
    Right as you start the level, look to the right, there should be a chest 
    right before the stairs. The next chest is near the railing I mentioned 
    earlier, as well as one near where you land when jumping for the crystal. 
    The last chest is next to the stairs you use to exit the level. By jumping 
    for the crystal, you'll have missed one chest, however it has nothing 
    useful and the crystal is far more important. 
    Spire of Lebis Second Ascent
    In the area with the series of big laser spitting golems, the crystal 
    hovers above the first one on the right. Kill it and collect the crystal. 
    In the first passage, a chest sits on the right side of the area. In the 
    laser golem area, there's a chest to the left as you enter. The next chest 
    is across from the big golem who was in front of the crystal. The next 
    chest can be found behind a transmutable boomerang, across from the third 
    laser golem. 
    Spire of Lebis-Third Ascent
    As you enter the corridor that lets you exit this area, turn left to see 
    the crystal hovering in the corner. Have Al help you up.
    There's a chest in the top left corner of the first area (that's initially 
    locked.) The next chest is in the L-shaped corridor, on the right. The last 
    chest sits next to the doorway to the exit stairs. 
    Spire of Lebis-Fourth Ascent
    Right at the point where the corridor ends and you must jump down to the 
    next area, the crystal floats in the air. Have Al throw you to it, but be 
    careful, there are no second chances if you miss. 
    In the first room of this area, a chest sits to the left. A chest sits 
    towards the back of the following corridor. There's a chest to the right, 
    just before the jumping point. Once you're down there, two chests sit in a 
    corner to the right. There are two chests sitting on opposing sides of the 
    exit door. 
    Underspire-First Descent
    Guarding the exit of this area are two big laser golems. The crystal is in 
    between them, just a little to the left.
    Items: From the starting point, you'll see two transmutable guns up ahead, 
    each sitting in front of the steps to a small area. The one on the right 
    has a single chest, the one on the left has two. In the area mentioned 
    above with the big golems, a chest sits in the top right corner.
    Underspire-Second Descent
    By far, this is the hardest and most frustrating one in the game to get. 
    The crystal floats in the middle of the fourth set of wind machines (the 
    ones that go beyond the pathway to the area's exit). The problem here is, 
    you can only reach the crystal if Al throws you. Sadly, Al is very stupid 
    and it's hard for him to make it past any gusts of wind. If you've made it 
    through the area and Al is far behind, exit the area into Third Decent and 
    head back into this area to get Al automatically by your side.
    Now the challenge is getting past the wind machine that precedes the 
    crystal, and to the block that sits closest to the machine (right in line 
    wit the crystal). This easy enough with Ed, but getting Al over there is a 
    pain and will take MANY attempts. You have to hold the R1 button to get him 
    to run over, yet time it right so he runs over when the machine has died 
    Even if you get him safely caught up with you, your troubles aren't over 
    yet. You have to perfectly time running to the edge just as the wind dies 
    down and having Al throw you to the crystal. This is hard as you have to 
    keep Al right behind you, which is a challenge, since you can accidentally 
    have him throw you too early if you hold R1, but not holding it makes him 
    fall behind. You also have to have him throw you when you're as close to 
    the edge as possible, or else you'll miss. Having Al keep up, positioning 
    yourself correctly and having him throw you in the small window of time you 
    have before the machine kicks up again is VERY difficult. Any mistake and 
    you have to start all over again. 
    In the ditch where you fall below the first set of wind machines, there's a 
    single chest. There's another chest in the ditch for the second set of wind 
    machines. Before the third set of wind machines, there's a single chest on 
    the far left. When in front of the machines, there's a chest on a block on 
    the right side of the forked path, and two chests on the left fork. Get 
    past the jump of the right side to reach a line-up of four chests, one of 
    which contains the valuable Armlet of Perception, which will give you the 
    ability to automatically counterattack.
    The area's cat, Ophelia is in the area below this line up of chests. To get 
    her, go as far left as possible, hug the corner and drop down gently by 
    walking off the edge, not jumping. Equipping Ophelia to Al increases his 
    aggression, which proves very useful. You can find two chests in the last 
    ditch here. After you follow the path to the exit, instead continue on to 
    the optional fourth set of wind machines, and you'll find a chest in the 
    ditch below them, and two at the very end of the path, one of which 
    contains the Evasion Guide.
    Underspire-Third Descent
    Be careful, this is an easy one to miss, and you'll have to reload if you 
    screw up. As you enter the area, the path in front of you leads to a big 
    drop, and the crystal floats here. Change your view so you can see it, and 
    carefully drop down into it, DO NOT jump. Once you go down, there's no 
    return, so again, be careful if you don't want to reset. 
    When you land on the platform with the blob golems, head to the area on the 
    left to grab the Earring of Blades from the chest. On the area to the right 
    is another chest. Climb up to the area where the two big golems are, and 
    check the area to the right of them for a chest. From the platform where 
    the fat golems are, you'll see a transmutable crane behind them on the edge 
    of this platform. Walk to that edge and have Al throw you to the platform 
    across from it to reach the chest. Drop down to the area below and you'll 
    find a chest in this area. To reach the chest on the other big platform, 
    climb on to the platform with the big golem and tall golem, and stand very 
    tip of the corner closest to the platform. Have Al throw you and you'll get 
    the Bangle of Blades from the chest, and then jump down to the area behind 
    the platform to get the chest with the Ring of Blades in it (climb a rock 
    blocker to get out of this area). The final chest is back in the 
    aforementioned area with the two golems. 
    Underspire-Fourth Descent
    Floats right in front of the door that leads to the final boss battle, just 
    past the save point. A brief cut scene takes over as you approach, but you 
    can grab it right after that.
    A chest sits in front of the fenced area, just past the transmutable 
    columns. Another chest is on the opposite side of the fence, facing the 
    stairs leading to this area's exit. The last chest is in the final corridor 
    of this area, sitting on the right. 
    E. Copyright Info
    This document is copyright 2005 of Raveen Sharma. It is intended for 
    private use only and no part of it may be posted anywhere else without 
    F. Credits
    Funimation, Aniplex, Racjin and Square Enix are to thank for making this 
    game possible. 

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