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    FAQ/Walkthrough by holy_

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    Full Metal Alchemist 2 : Curse of Crimson Elixir
    Full FAQ, v 1.1
    by holy_ <bask_3@yahoo.com>
       I - Introduction.......................................................FMA01
      II - Story..............................................................FMA02
     III - The Basics.........................................................FMA03
      IV - Walkthrough........................................................FMA04
           a - Chapter 1 : The Desert City Lior...............................FMA4a
           b - Chapter 2 : Trouble in East City...............................FMA4b
           c - Chapter 3 : The Tucker Mystery.................................FMA4c
           d - Chapter 4 : Back in Resembool..................................FMA4d
           e - Chapter 5 : Bord'wan, the Dead Village.........................FMA4e
           f - Chapter 6 : Siam-Sid, City of Illusion.........................FMA4f
           g - Chapter 7 : The Spire of Lebis.................................FMA4g
           h - New Game +.....................................................FMA4h
       V - Extras.............................................................FMA05
      VI - Version History....................................................FMA06
     VII - Credits............................................................FMA07
       I - INTRODUCTION                                                     (FMA01)
    Full Metal Alchemist 2 : Curse of Crimson Elixir
    Console      : Sony Playstation 2
    Genre        : Action RPG
    Developed by : Square Enix
    Hello~ Welcome to Full Metal Alchemist 2 : Curse of Crimson Elixir FAQ by me!
    This is my first time guide ever so forgive me if I make many mistake. 
    Gomen ne. Okay, since this is my first guide I choose FMA 2 : COCE because I am 
    gamer and otaku too ^^. 
    This game is made by Square Enix™ for Sony Playstation™ 2. Full Metal Alchemist
    a.k.a "Hagane no Renkinjutsushi" in Japan. This game story is based at it's
    anime or manga volume 1 and so on. So this game is the prequel of Full Metal
    Alchemist : Broken Angel. If you never watch FMA anime or manga and
    you already played FMA game, I suggest you watch FMA anime or read FMA manga
    because it's so exciting! Hehe just a word from an otaku also a gamer ^^
    Well, thanks for reading and happy playing Full Metal Alchemist 2 : Curse of
    Crimson Elixir ^^
    note: if you have question or comment or anything else just sent to my e-mail
    bask_3@yahoo.com. I will happy to answer your question if I can ^^. Oops, don't
    forget to insert subject "FMA 2". Also, you can inform me about something I 
    missed. Well, in my guide I sometimes use basic Japanese language. You can ask 
    me the meaning if you want. Oops, I forget something. There is a condition that
    gamefaqs wants, this guide is copyright of holy_ so don't distribute it freely,
    just for your own private use (well, I don't want to think it very hard ^^).
    If you want to use this guide at your site (well nobody wants it ^^), feel
    free to e-mail me. That's all. Arigatou gozaimasu.
      II - STORY                                                            (FMA02)
    *The Main Characters*
    Edward Elric   - Ed-kun is the older brother of Elric brothers. He lose his 
    left leg during human transmutation for reviving his mom. Then, he lose his 
    right arm because he transmuted his brothers, Alphonse, to a giant suit of 
    armor. Now he is become the state alchemist, with the title "Full Metal 
    Alphonse Elric - Al-chan is the younger brother of Elric brothers. He lose his 
    entire body during human transmutation for reviving his mom. Then, his soul is 
    transmuted to a giant suit of armor by his brothers, Edward.
    *Story so far* (based on Full Metal Alchemist anime or manga)
    The Elric brothers learned alchemy because they want to ressurect their dead
    mother. They learned alchemy from a woman that lose his vital organ because
    she have an ultimate wish that it's too far from the law. She wants Elric
    brothers not to use the alchemy for something that forbidden "Human
    Transmutation". After the brothers master the alchemy, they say farewell to
    their teacher and returned home to revive their mother.
    Elric brothers revive their mother. But their alchemy was failed. The brothers 
    lose his part of their body because they neglected the absolute law. 
    "Equivalent exchange". "In order to gain something, a equivalent price
    must be paid." This is the absolute law that must obeyed by all alchemist.
    Then, Colonel Roy Mustang hear something about the young talented alchemist
    live in Resembool, not other than the Elric brothers. Then the Colonel invited
    the Elric brothers to become state alchemist.
    Ed become the state alchemist (a.k.a dog of the military. Guk!). He is given
    "Full Metal Alchemist" title. Now, the brothers is searching for Philosopher's
    Stone to get his and his brothers body back to normal again.
     III - THE BASICS                                                       (FMA03)
    Well, since this is action RPG so the controls must be easier than fighting 
    game. Hehe. Ok this is the controls. Well, it's based on the tutorial.
    Analog (<-) - Move Ed
    Analog (->) - Move camera. Hold it to center the camera near Ed.
    Cross       - Jump/breakfall (after you're damaged and fall quickly press it)
    Square      - Attack (the most button you pressed ^^ Left analog not included
                  because left analong isn't pressed). Press it with X to use foot
                  sweep, (+X&left analog<except the against way with Ed view>) to
                  use slide kick, (+X&left analog<against Ed view>) to use high 
    Triangle    - Equip/man/unman weapon. Use it for transmutation combo too!
    Circle      - Transmute object/rockblocker. Use it for stonespike combo and
                  rage attack too!
    L1          - Reset camera
    L2          - Learned Alchemy menu. (+Square) Unequip weapon, (+Triangle) Equip
                  Lance, (+X) Equip Sword, (+O) Equip Hammer. Learned later in game
    R1          - Command Al. Hold it to use alleyoop and then press O to use rage
                  attack. (if your Rage gauge is full)
    R2          - Block/evade/counterattack. Block simply hold R2. Evade, just
                  press R2 and left analog. Counter is harder. You must have the
                  perfect timing when enemy is about to attack then simply press R2
    Select      - Cycle map display
    Start       - Main menu
      IV - WALKTHROUGH                                                      (FMA04)
    Ok, here comes the walkthrough. Well, I think this game is rather easy so I
    just give you the item list. Enemy is sometimes added too. But, the storyline 
    is easy, really. You can't be stuck in one place. Yosh!!, hajimemashite.
    See the description about Alchemy, ancient city, Equivalent Exchange, and the
    main chara.
     IVa - Chapter 1 : The Desert City Lior                                 (FMA4a)
    *Lior Fountain Plaza*
    Items : Elixir (S) x 4
    See the conversation between Ed and Al. Then, see the tutorial if you want.
    Go north to see some event about Sun God Leto. After that, go north to find
    save point. Save if you want. Go north afterwards.
    *Lior Residential District*
    Items : Elixir (S) x 2
    See event and the tutorial then beat the Leto cultist in black and white. 
    Advance to north.
    *Lior Business District*
    Items : Elixir (S) x 3, Lead Bangle
    Defeat two Leto Cultist group. You will get accessory Lead Bangle (+10 ATK).
    Nice for now. Go north again.
    *Lior Temple Approach*
    Items : none
    Defeat all enemies. You can transmute the barrels to become mice missile that
    target the enemy. Great. Event will occur, Rose will guide you to Leto's 
    *Temple of Leto Courtyard*
    Items: none
    You can't explore this area. Just see event where Cornello healing a green
    bird. There is event where Ed becomes so sweet in one second. Hehe. You
    know what I mean. Well, Ed is tricky eh?
    *Temple of Leto Prayer Hall*
    Items : Elixir (S) x 2, Lead Ring
    Defeat the enemies here. Then get the chest in west(require alleyoop or
    rockblocker). Go to east (using alleyoop or rockblocker again). There is save
    point here. Save if you want. Advance to the door in right.
    *Temple of Leto Easthall 2F*
    Items : none
    Just go right then advance to north.
    *Temple of Leto Westhall 2F*
    Items : Reloader, Elixir (S) x 2
    Destroy the laser using cannon that transmuted from the torch. You can pick up
    reloader from the laser gun. Go north.
    *Temple of Leto Westhall 1F*
    Items : Reloader, Elixir (S)
    You will fight the statue here. First battle just counter it when it began to
    attack you. Simply press R2 and you will see damage other than 1 and have 2
    digits ^^. Second battle, Ed and Al surrounded by the 3 statues. Use alchemy!
    transmute the pot to get bomb. Use the bomb to blow that statues. To the right
    is treasure chest, and go north for next area.
    *Temple of Leto Egress*
    Items : Reloader, Elixir (S)
    New enemy again. This time Elric brothers will facing small golems. Easy though
    Just remember to get the chest because after you defeat the golems, you went to
    north automatically. Right door is blocked.
    *Temple of Leto Easthall 1F*
    Items : Reloader
    Save your game because you will face the boss in the next area.
    *Temple of Leto Charnel House*
    Items : Lead Armor, Movie Clips
    See the event here. Then you will see the clip (get Movie Clip automatically).
    Ed will learn "Lance Transmutation" (L2+Triangle). Okay we are facing the boss.
    ------------------------------+BOSS : CHIMERA+---------------------------------
    Um, I think you can defeat it yourself. Some tips, when it breathe the fire 
    don't counter it but go combo it for more damage. And, sometimes you taste
    it's fire breath if you counter it. So, just combo it ok.
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Lead Earring (Rank A - D)
    After you beat the chimera, go up to the stairs and advance to next area.
    *Temple of Leto Secret Passage*
    Items : Elixir (S), Movie Clips, Ring of Riddles
    Ok, you see clip again so your Movie Clip is increased 1. The girl will give
    you Ring of Riddles. Then automatically to next area.
    *Temple of Leto Egress*
    Items : none
    There is save point here. Um, do you see neko in the event? Go back to Easthall 
    *Temple of Leto Easthall 1F*
    Items : Tama
    There is kawaii neko here. Pick up the neko. You will get Tama accessory.
    *Temple of Leto Egress*
    Items : none
    Save your game because you are going to fight the next boss. Go outside if you
    are ready steady go!
    *Temple of Leto Courtyard*
    Items : Crimson Shard
    See the event. You're facing the Sun God statues now. They are tougher than the
    last one you fought. Still use counter or use the cannons to beat them in a 
    instant. Next Father Cornello at your services!
    -------------------------------+BOSS : CORNELLO+-------------------------------
    Tutorial about Rage Attack will show up. Use the rage attack by hold R1 and 
    when Al jump you to the thin air press O quickly. There will summoning stone
    fists from the ground that does a lot of damages and combos! Then use the 
    cannons to finish him in the lightspeed.
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Charm of Renewal (Rank A - B)
    See the event that Cornello's Philosopher Stone is imitation. Cornello sucked 
    by black hole from the ground. You will get Crimson Shard. That's the end of 
    this chapter.
     IVb - Chapter 2 : Trouble in East City                                 (FMA4b)
    *East City Plaza*
    Items : Alchemy Tonic, Elixir (S)
    See the event, then the car explodes. After open the treasure chest, go after 
    the mysterious man.
    *East City Back Alleys*
    Items : Alchemy Vial, Elixir (S)
    Defeat the three bandits. After defeat them, go back to previous area.
    *East City Plaza*
    Items : Dog Tag
    Get the accessory Dog Tag from the burned car. Go to next area.
    *East City Back Alleys*
    Items : none
    Defeat the enemy who distubing you. Go down to the manhole for the next area.
    *Sewers Entrance*
    Items : Belcini, Reloader, Elixir (S)
    Don't smell anything. It's smelly and disguisting you know..... ~.~
    Get the neko Belcini for new accessory for Al. North Left is blocked so go to
    North Right screen to continue your journey to the west ^^
    *Sewers Central Chamber*
    Items : Knife
    Get the Knife accessory at the metal surface, this item is shining object at
    the ground so check it very well. It's easy to located it though... Go north
    to continue the Elric brothers journey.
    *Sewers Main Sluiceway*
    Items : Reloader
    Oops, you can go to the other side because of fast current of water. Well, how
    can he go to the other side? Back to Sewers Entrance for now.
    *Sewers Entrance*
    Items : none
    Go the door in North Left that blocked in the first time you arrive here.
    *Sewers Central Chamber*
    Items : Elixir (S)
    Just advance to next area.
    *Sewers Floodgates*
    Items : Reloader
    Defeat the enemies here. There is machine gun here so use it. If you not have
    shooting sense as well as Al, let Al handle it. His accuration is top! 90% hit
    Maybe 99 % or 100%? Then, one of the bandits will destroy the flood gate 
    machine and smacked by someone (Ed I think). Transmute the destroyed flood gate
    machine to become cannon. What so special about cannon? This cannon has 
    infinity stock of ammo! Weird thing..... Hope Ed can turn the other cannon to
    have infinite ammo. Sob T_T Ok shoot the chain that hold the gates and voila
    there is no water disturbing you anymore. Save point will appear now so use it
    to save or just recover. Now, enemy will show up in other area so prepare 
    yourselves. Back to Sewers Main Sluiceway.
    *Sewers Main Sluiceway*
    Items : Protection Vial
    That annoying water is gone. So you can go to next area and chase that 
    mysterious man. Use the alchemy to beat the enemies here. It's more than
    previous area. Ok, continue.
    *Sewers Materials Storage*
    Items : Reloader, Bulletproof Vest
    There is two cranes here. Use it with Al to have fun defeating the enemies
    (I'm not pschyophat ^^). Go to left area to get the treasure chest and note
    the mallet can being transmuted from here! This tool is great for leveling up
    in Full Metal Alchemist : Broken Angel. The damage it's cause is junk just 1
    but use it to make combos. You nearly face the boss battle so take one with
    you for assuring 5 points from the combo.
    *Sewers Depths*
    Items : Elixir (M), Charm of Renewal, Strength Vial
    Many enemies show up here. Just beat 'em. There is save point here so don't
    worry. Ok, if you ready go north. Don't forget to take the mallet with you.
    Grab it if you forgot in previous area.
    *Sewers Water Treatment Facility*
    Items : none
    See the event and begin the boss battle. Ed will learn "Sword Transmutation".
    Hold L2+X to use the sword.
    ---------------------------------+BOSS : BALD+---------------------------------
    You can rest up because you got the mallet. Just do 100 combo on him then throw
    away the mallet and beat him in instant. Use rage attack if you can because he
    got some annoying bandits. Rank A is assured.
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Lucky Pouch (Rank A - B)
    See the event where Colonel Roy Mustang, the "Flame Alchemist" is arrive. That
    is the end of this chapter.
     IVc - Chapter 3 : The Tucker Mystery                                   (FMA4c)
    There is an event in the East City Headquarters. Just see the event among Elric
    brothers, Colonel Roy Mustang, and Lieutenant Colonel Hughes (family complex^^)
    about Scar, the state alchemist-killer and the vanishing people. Now, the start
    take place at Shou Tucker's Manor, the Sewing-Life Alchemist.
    *Tucker Manor*
    Items : Strength Tonic, Protection Tonic, Alchemy Tonic
    There is a save point here. Use it well. Then, you are going to explore his
    library. Search the shining object in his table and in the bookcase. After that
    , go down the stairs.
    *Tucker Manor Laboratory*
    Items : Dog Collar, Crimson Shard
    After saw the event, grab the shining object in the floor, You will get Dog
    Collar accessory. Next, go to the east room.
    *Tucker Manor Storeroom*
    Items : none
    Beat the bird-like chimera here. Go north after dealing with them.
    *Tucker Manor Back Storeroom*
    Items : Elixir (S)
    You will fight against dog-like (or lion?) chimera here. There is useful object
    here, transmute the Ed doll to become a decoy and attack the chimera when it
    attack the Ed doll. See the event where there is a hole in the wall. Go on.
    *Sewer Sluiceway*
    Items : none
    There is items here but don't get the items now. Just go back to the Tucker 
    Manor. Go back to the library to get the cat.
    *Tucker Manor*
    Items : Scratches
    Get the neko in the top of a bookcase near the table. You will get Scratches
    accessory for Al. Go back to the Sewer Sluiceway.
    *Sewer Sluiceway*
    Items : Reloader, Elixir (M), White Loincloth
    Now, you can get the items here. Beware of the dog-like chimera. You will fight
    many of them here. It's fire breath can be deadly trouble for you. And they
    attack in group. So defeat them with caution. Near the next area, there is a
    great shotgun cannon. Use it well and reload it if you need. Just beware, and
    don't waste your healing items because the next area have a save point.
    *Sewers Exit*
    Items : Elixir (M)
    Defeat the enemies here. There is a save point here. This time, you will really
    need it very badly. If you want to win the next battle against the really
    strong boss, build up your level now and rage attack. If you are think that
    your level is already enough, save once again then go up the ladder to battle
    the great boss that logically can't be beaten at your level now. But with some
    strategies and tricks you can beat it.
    *East City Freightyard*
    Items : Elixir (S), Fasthold Gloves
    See the event where Military Police is killed by Scar, the state alchemist-
    killer. Now, the boss in this stage is appear in front of you now, don't be 
    afraid. Move forward and beat him!
    --------------------------------+BOSS : SCAR+----------------------------------
    This is the strong boss in this game. Well, not to strong but his power
    is great. He can do a big amount of damage to your HP. Well, this battle is
    really unfair. But, he have a weakness too! Ok, at first just grab the chest
    under the box in the west and the south-east (let Scar target you and he will
    destroy the box that you're on). After you grab the chest, use your rage attack
    before Al is killed because the rage gauge will reset if Al is killed. Ok, Scar
    is stunned now. Combo him for a while. Then, go to north-east corner. Use Al
    to alleyoop you to the box. Scar will destroy it. Then, there is an object that
    very useful here. Transmute the cow. Yes, the fans will know that the cow is
    the mascot of Hiromu Arakawa-san, the creator of Full Metal Alchemist in the 
    manga! Use it to cause great damages to Scar. Be careful, you can be hitten by
    it too >.< Then, after the cow is back to the heaven, transmute it to get some
    Beef. Then beat Scar using counterattack when he rush into you and say "You
    can't escape". Or, use stonespikes combo is great optional way too but just
    press the Square one or two times and use the stonespikes when he rush into you
    , hit his back and use the stonespikes combo. This boss fight is harder than 
    previous boss but I think you all can beat him and get the powerful accessory
    for you, who can't timing the accu-strikes well (Me too ^^). This accessory 
    will give you 100% (!) accu-strike. Useful and fair prize for unfair boss ^^.
    If you lose, it's okay the game will continue but I suggest you to beat him. 
    Use the healing items if you need ,I think you will need it but save some for
    next boss battle.                                
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Sunglasses (Rank A - D)
    See the event where Al body is damaged, and Ed right automail-hand will be 
    destroyed by Scar. Then, the useless Colonel at the rain Roy Mustang, Major
    Alex Louis Armstrong (Strong-armed Alchemist), Lieutenant Risa Hawkeye, and 
    Lieutenant Havoc come at rescue. Scar will escape and see the event at the HQ.
    That's the end of this chapter.
     IVd - Chapter 4 : Back in Resembool                                    (FMA4d)
    *Rockbell Home Front Yard*
    Items : Amazon Wrench
    See the event at Elric brothers hometown, Resembool. Then, there was a scene 
    that your cute and kawaii repairer Winry will hit you with her wrench. You will
    get Amazon Wrench accessory.
    *Rockbell Home Interior*
    Items : none
    Just see the event here.
    *Rockbell Home Front Yard*
    Items : Camaraderie Crest
    Now, Ed right automail-hand is fixed, so he fix his brother, Al. Now, you're
    going to sparring with Major Armstrong!
    ------------------------------+BOSS : ARMSTRONG+-------------------------------
    Well, another just little unfair battle. Major Armstrong is really have strong
    arms. So the "Strong-armed Alchemist" title is perfect for him like his name.
    Little unfair because you can't use alchemy! (L2,Triangle,and O is forbidden).
    Then, you must have low stock of healing items because you're fighting Scar 
    before. Well, well try your best to win this one. Major Armstrong have a 
    special skill, "Majestic Muscle Mambo". You can't escape being hitten by this
    skill if you're already get just 1 hit from his combo. So, beware of this
    tricky skill. Just, use combo between Ed and Al to win this battle. His damage
    is great too so evade him and combo him to get good points. Oh, if you lose
    the story will continue, and like fighting Scar, I suggest you to win this one
    and grab the accessory.
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Bond of Brotherhood (Rank A - B)
    Got presents from Major, first a nearly-dead hug ^^, second Camaraderie Crest 
    accessory. See the event in Rockbell Home Interior and continue your journey.
    *Resembool Outlying Hills*
    Items : Elixir (M)
    There is a save point here. Use it if you want. Then, see the scene where you
    will fight golems next. After defeat them, go inside the cave.
    *Cave Chamber 1*
    Items : Reloader
    See the event about the girl and locked door. There is save point again here,
    use it if you want. You can see the map of this cave in the wall in all chamber
    , so if you got lost just see the map ok? The different color show that you are
    in that chamber. Ok, go to the west first.
    *Cave Chamber 2*
    Items : Strength Tonic, Fireguard Cloak
    Defeat the big golem here to get one of four pieces to open the locked door.
    Then, back to Chamber 1 and take the north route.
    *Cave Chamber 3*
    Items : Gold Ring
    Your path is blocked of by tower of wood for protecting kodomo to enter the
    mine. Ed will learn the last learned Alchemy menu "Hammer Transmutation". Hold
    L2+O to use it. Break the wood tower with your hammer. Then, go to the north-
    east first.
    *Cave Chamber 4*
    Items : Elixir (M), Gold Bangle
    This place is exp heaven for now....demo there is many enemies here. You must
    beat that flying golem that just give 5 exp, in sort of hundred. They not 
    infinite. After you clear them, the slime golem will come out. It has great
    defense so defeat it patiently. It give lucky-seven exp 777! Good, for now.
    Back to Chamber 3 then take the west route.
    *Cave Chamber 5*
    Items : Alchemy Tonic
    You will see the chest above. You can't get it for now. Just exit to the north-
    *Cave Chamber 6*
    Items : Gold Armor, Protection Vial
    Just walk your way through. Near the big golem, you should able to transmute
    shuriken. Use it to defeat it quickly in far and safe range. Get the second
    piece, two more. Back to Chamber 5 and take the north-west route.
    *Cave Chamber 7*
    Items : Reloader, Advancement Guide
    Get the chest from the blocked area with wood tower. Go to the west afterwards.
    *Cave Chamber 8*
    Items : Protection Tonic, Elixir (M)
    Beat the big golem to get the third piece. Just one more to open the door and
    solve the mysteries. Yosh!!! But, the golems will spawn to disturb you. Beat it
    if you want. Go back to Chamber 7 and advance to the north.
    *Cave Chamber 9*
    Items : Elixir (M)
    Beat the big golem again to get the fourth or the last piece. Now, exit to the
    south to open that big door. There is save point here. Use it.
    *Cave Chamber 5*
    Items : Gold Earring
    This is the high place that you see when you came here first time. Get the
    chest and go back to the Chamber 1.
    *Cave Chamber 1*
    Items : none
    Save your game and take the four slate to the door. After it's open, don't go 
    in yet. You can pick up neko in Resembool Outlying Hills. So go south.
    *Resembool Outlying Hills*
    Items : Ryuke
    Pick up the neko near the entrance of the cave. You will get Ryuke accessory.
    Go inside the cave again.
    *Cave Chamber 1*
    Items : none
    Save your game again. Then get ready to have a boss battle.
    *Cave Alcove of the Circle*
    Items : Movie Clips, Crimson Shard
    See the event. The boss battle will begin now.
    -----------------------------+BOSS : PHANTOM (1)+------------------------------
    Don't underestimate her. She is quick and strong. Her agility will make her
    being hard to hit. She is very fast. If you want to get good score, combo all
    of the golems she spawn. Just do 30 combo you get 5 points. The other score is
    the real problems now. The damage is rather easy, but time is gold now. Beat
    her as fast as her speed. The tricky part here, if she fall, you can't combo
    her anymore. So, this battle is little harder. Um, you can use the fire
    rod-like to deal more damage to her if you already achieve the combo 
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Armlet of Absorption (Rank A), Fullmetal Bracer (Rank B)
    See the movie that a man rescue her (get Movie Clips). You will get Crimson 
    Shard. See the scene about Elric brothers is leaving Resembool. That's the end 
    of this chapter.
     IVe - Chapter 5 : Bord'wan, the Dead Village                          (FMA4e)
    There is an event again at East City HQ featuring same as always Elric Brothers
    , Colonel Mustang, and Lieutenant Hawkeye. Then, there is an event at Bord'wan.
    You will see the movie (get Movie Clips).
    *Bord'wan Village Gate*
    Items : Elixir (M)
    First time in Full Metal Alchemist game, you will accompanied by someone other
    than Alphonse, your dear brother. This time, your 3rd chara is well you know
    yourself, is Lieutenant Risa Hawkeye!!! ^^ Don't underestimate her, she joined
    the military is the fact that she is strong. She can help you with shooting
    with her gun multiple times and sweep kick the enemy near her. She is great
    asset and if she knocked out, she can reviving herself just like Al. And to
    get accessory, you must protect her from being knocked out. Well, this is
    average task to take. Remember, 1 KO you won't get the accessory. Daijoubu,
    she can take care herself. Ok, defeat the enemies and move forward.
    *Bord'wan West Road*
    Items : Armlet of Piercing, Alchemy Vial
    Just defeat the enemy and go to next area.
    *Bord'wan Village Square*
    Items : Lucky Haversack
    See the event and save your game. The north path is not allowed to enter so
    enter the south path.
    *Bord'wan South Road*
    Items : Charm of Renewal
    Defeat the enemies here. Next to the east we are.
    *Bord'wan South Road Annex*
    Items : Strength Vial
    New golem appears. It has large body and strong attack. It can't being flinched
    too (it's not pokemon you know). But still it can be stunned. The strategies
    are (I rarely giving some tips, aren't I?) just use your basic alchemy skill.
    The Rockblocker. When it have far range with you, use the rockblocker to block
    it's way and he will get flinched (it's not pokemon again hehe). Then defeat it
    and you will get easy victory with minimal damage.
    *Bord'wan Elder's House*
    Items : Ring of Vows - His
    See the event. Then read the diary of the villager here at the front of the 
    burned house. You will get Ring of Vows - His accessory. The other prize is
    this area now filled with flying golems. Defeat them, and the slime-like golem
    will spawn. Defeat it again for great exp. Return to Bord'wan Village Square as
    fast as you can.
    *Bord'wan Village Square*
    Items : Ring of Vows - Her
    See the event. You will fight some golems. Then get the shiny object near the
    north exit. Ring of Vows - Her accessory is for you now to take. Save the game
    again and go to the north area.
    *Bord'wan East Road*
    Items : Elixir (M)
    The enemies rather hard here. So use the tractor to beat 'em up. The big golem
    is the troublemaker so defeat it first then defeat the another golems. Up the
    way (Find the Way ^^) and go to the light ^^ (I mean to next area).
    *Bord'wan Mountain Pass*
    Items : Reloader, Red Loincloth
    You will get suprise attack at first time you being here. Use the rockblocker
    to block their path and get 'em. There is suprise attack again here. Quickly,
    transmute the sucker and defeat them all. Advance to next area. Note, there are
    flying golems here. But defeat them, will not give you anything. Just some low
    exp. Waste of time (Dias quote?). Anyway, advance to next area. BTW, this part
    doesn't connected to the game, now I listened to the Open up Your Mind song.
    It's Gensoumaden Saiyuki song. Really give me inspiration ^^ Must open up my
    *Bord'wan Outskirts*
    Items : Elixir (M)
    Inside the house is the next path to continue the storyline.
    *Secluded House*
    Items: Bullet of Faith, Journeyman's Guide, Elixir (L)
    If you protect the suteki Lieutenant Hawkeye, there is shiny object near the
    door. Get it for Bullet of Faith accessory. See all of the documents here and
    save your game. First, back to Bord'wan Outskirts for neko.
    *Bord'wan Outskirts*
    Items : Antonio
    This neko location is near the house. Get it for Antonio accessory for Al.
    Back to the Secluded House again.
    *Secluded House*
    Items : none
    Save your game and don't forget to build up rage attack. Oh, one more thing
    get the money mallet to deal more combo against the boss battle.
    *Bord'wan Cemetary*
    Items : Movie Clips, Crimson Shard
    See that Lieutenant Havoc is save. Then face the golem!
    ------------------------------+BOSS : GOLEM (1)+-------------------------------
    Now, you are going to face the golem. As you know, this isn't ordinary golem.
    Just take a look you will know that isn't ordinary or see the guide that you're
    going to face golem at the boss battle is another fact >.< This boss is really
    strong!!! The combo points are for you to get if you use the shotgun nicely.
    So do 100-combos and 5 points for you! Ganbate ne! Damage is hard sector too. 
    If you get hit by it's laser, sayonara bye bye to your five point. Time is hard 
    too. So, use your full chikara to beat it and use your skill to beat this ugly 
    boss. I think you can beat it if you try little harder. I knowthis is a hard 
    battle. I hope you get great score at the end till the end of time (not funny 
    you know >.< well who want to look funny anyway? Baka! ^^)
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Armlet of Retribution (Rank A - B)
    See the event and you will get Movie Clips and Crimson Shard. The next
    destination place is Siam-Sid. Get your package ready and hayaku move on.
    That's the end of this chapter.
     IVf - Chapter 6 : Siam-Sid, City of Illusion                           (FMA4f)
    See the event at desert. Chotto mate, Ed don't run by yourself. See the event 
    at Siam-Sid Eastern Gate.
    *Siam-Sid South Quarter*
    Items : Strength Tonic, Elixir (L), Elixir (XL), Fullmetal Armor
    You will take the control of Ed again. There is a hint here, use your hammer &
    jump to attack the sit-statue. See it can be destroyed by your hand? Weird eh?
    Well, this describe that you can destroy it when it attack you later in game. 
    Hehe, how nice of Square Enix to give hint like that >.< The north gate is
    blocked so go to the east.
    *Siam-Sid Grand Promenade*
    Items : Reloader, Elixir (L) x 2, Fullmetal Earring, Protection Vial, Roxanne
    Get the neko Roxanne accessory here. Just one more cat! Ok, meet up with Mr.
    Glostner and Lieutenant Hawkeye again here. Then, you're going to entrance of
    Spire of Lebis. You will see the movie about the people of Siam-Sid will reveal
    their trueself, Golems!!! (Get the Movie Clips). Defeat the golems to buy some
    time for Lieutenant and Mr. Glostner to run away. After you defeat them all, 
    you're going to chasing Lieutenant and Arlen again (they're not the bad guy so
    chasing word isn't good idea?).
    *Siam-Sid South Quarter*
    Items : Elixir (L)
    The statue will attack you now so be careful. There is traps here, the statue
    fall and hit you. It's damage is weak but it can stun you. So, remember that
    because there will be many statue traps as you advance the game. The north
    gate is open now. Go inside the gate and defeat the enemy as you advance to the
    next area. Oops, the big golem here is have new skill. It can shoot a powerful
    laser and when you hit by that laser, you will be juggled at the air as you
    take some damage from the purple laser. Tricky skill...
    *Siam-Sid Merchant's Way*
    Items : Elixir (L), Alchemy Vial, Alchemy Tonic
    Pass the street of merchant to defeat the enemies here and go to the next area
    with full power.
    *Siam-Sid West Quarter*
    Items : Strength Vial, Elixir (XL), Fullmetal Bangle, Elixir (L) x 2, Flurry
    First time the item list is two lines ^^. New enemy appear here. The knights
    here is incredible, it is so strong with can't be flinched ability. But, still
    it can be stunned. The best option to defeat it is use your hammer to attack 
    it's back and use Al as your shield (Gomen ne Al-chan ^^). Use the cow is great 
    option too. But, don't use the  hammer to attack it all the time. Prefer 
    counterattack it to attack it in front  of it. Get the chests here first. There 
    is a save point here. I bet you will use it to replenish your HP and save the 
    game. After you done saving and grab all of the chest you see here, go down to 
    the hole. Then, take the chest here and advance to next area.
    *Siam-Sid Holy Quarter*
    Items : Elixir (L), Fullmetal Ring
    Just like my name this place. The katana is available here so use it wisely.
    There will be many golem here so you can use the crane at near of the next
    area for easier way to defeat the enemies here. Next area after you done here.
    *Siam-Sid Residential Way*
    Items : Reloader, Protection Tonic, Elixir (L)
    The slime-like golem here doesn't give you 777 exp again just 430 exp. A bit
    of down but defeat it with the fire rod-like for easier way. The enemies
    strong here so beware of them. Go to next area after you defeat the enemies 
    and grab the chests.
    *Siam-Sid North Quarter*
    Items : Fullmetal Earring, Strength Tonic, Reloader x 2, Elixir (L), Elixir
            (XL) x 2, Protection Vial, Fullmetal Armor
    Second time the item list is two lines ^^ (Why I counting this? >.< Like in the
    Chrono Cross, at Viper Manor (A) - Karsh Room where he counting when you try to 
    take his chest ^^).  Defeat the enemies here, transmute the flamethrower, and 
    take up the ladder. Defeat the golem here then go down. Transmute the car to 
    defeat the enemies here. Bring the money mallet with you for A-rank. After done 
    taking all of the chests meet the Lieutenant and Arlen at the end of the path.
    *Temple of Lebis*
    Items : Elixir (L), Elixir (XL)
    There is a save point here. Use it. Don't forget to take two chests in front
    of you. After that enter the area. Then go near the Queen of Lebis statue to
    see the event. The queen looks like Elma, the Crowley's dead lover. Arlen
    will explain you that. Then exit the area automatically.
    *Temple of Lebis Cloister of Devotion*
    Items : Movie Clips
    See the event and the boss battle will begin! Hajimari.
    ------------------------------+BOSS : GOLEM (2)+-------------------------------
    This spider-like golem is easier than the previous golem you fought at Chapter
    5. You can evade it's spinning attack by saw the shadow at the ground. Then
    you can attack it with the mallet. Remember to defeat the golems that the boss
    summoned to appearing the boss again. Defeat it is rather easy so I think you
    can do it yourself. The green laser it beams is weak too so don't be afraid
    to attack it.
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Moon Medal (Rank A - B)
    See the movie where Major and Colonel will show up (get the Movie Clips). That
    is the end of this chapter. Just one more chapter!
     IVg - Chapter 7 : The Spire of Lebis                                   (FMA4g)
    The last chapter. Sob T_T. I hope this game have longer adventure but oh well
    just hope for Fullmetal Alchemist 3 that still Japanese. You can control Al
    too in that game. Want to see that exciting game in English language because
    I don't understand Japanese language. Oh, boku wa baka da yo.... T_T
    *Spire of Lebis Hall of Displacement*
    Items : none
    See the event here. There are three transmutation circles that used as warp
    portal. Colonel Roy Mustang, Major Alex Louis Armstrong, and Lieutenant Risa
    Hawkeye will separated by three warp-transmutation circles. Whatever you 
    choose, the maps and the items are same as the other. But, the different 
    accessory is waiting for you. If you follow the Colonel Roy Mustang path at 
    the north, you will get Flame Gloves. If you follow the Major Alex Louis 
    Armstrong path at the east, you will get Strong-Arm Gauntlet. If you follow 
    the Lieutenant Risa Hawkeye path at the west, you will get Bullet of Resolve. 
    No accessory is better than the others, it just have different effects. Since 
    you already saw Lieutenant Hawkeye great skill, you can choose the different 
    partner this time. Colonel Mustang will help you with his flame skill. Great 
    damage, he is so strong!!!! No wonder he is the Colonel and given the "Flame 
    Alchemist" title... Major Armstrong will help you with his battle skill. You 
    have already seen the Armstrong skill "Majestic Muscle Mambo" at the battle in 
    Resembool, Chapter 4. He is strong too, no wonder he given "Strong-armed 
    Alchemist" title. Lieutenant Hawkeye will help you with her shooting skill. 
    Since you have been with her, you already know her skill. She is strong too!! 
    Ok, pick whatever you want or pick your favourite character to continue the 
    *Spire of Lebis First Ascent*
    Items : Reloader, Elixir (XL) x 2, Alchemy Vial, Tear of Lebis
    Whatever partner you choose, move on. Transmute the rock cube here into spiked
    ball (2x transmutation). Then, you can transmute the pillar to defeat the 
    enemies below you. Then, after get the treasure chest at the above, jump down.
    Here, transmute the car to help you defeat the enemies. Then, open up the chest
    and move on to next area.
    *Spire of Lebis Second Ascent*
    Items : Elixir (XL) x 3, Alchemy Tonic
    The middle-size golem here is annoying. They shoot laser beams at you. Ok, move
    to their place and beat them quickly. After you beat them, the middle-size
    golems appear again at your back. Do the dirty work again, beat them first. 
    After that, you can defeat the enemies in your left or right. Move on. Well,
    now the big golems shooting it's purple lasers on the either side plus the 
    middle-size golem shoots blue lasers at front of you. The upper hand is with
    you because at front of you, there just one middle-size golem. Point 2, you can
    transmute the katanas to defeat the big golems. Use rage attack if you can to
    help you defeat this laser enemies quickly and go to next area.
    *Spire of Lebis Third Ascent*
    Items : Tear of Lebis, Elixir (XL) x 2, Flame Gloves (Mustang with you),
            Strong-Arm Gauntlet (Armstrong with you), Bullet of Resolve (Hawkeye
            with you)
    Now, the items list are third line!! (just the descriptions are too much >.<). 
    Ok, move to the open area. The door will close and you are trapped inside. You
    must defeat all of enemies groups here to open the door again. The best option
    here is using the sucker and shotgun combination. The enemies will defeated 
    easily. Use the rage attack if you can. After you defeat the enemies here, the
    door will open and your partner will give you his/her special accessory (see 
    the items list). Defeat the enemies next and go to next area.
    *Spire of Lebis Fourth Ascent*
    Items : Alchemy Vial, Elixir (XL) x 3, Tear of Lebis x 2
    There are many floating golems here but defeat them all isn't summoning the
    slime-like golem. So defeat them as you like. After you done, jump down.
    Remember to open all of the chests before proceed this way. If you are ready,
    jump down, beat the enemies here, open the chests, and go to next area.
    *Spire of Lebis Hall of the Twins*
    Items : none
    There is save point here. Use it ok. Then go forward to see the event. Arlen
    will show up and help you translate the Lebis tablet. Then, you are going to
    teleporting to next area automatically without your partner.
    *Queen's Chambers*
    Items : Movie Clips
    Go front to fight the toughest boss in FMA 2 : COCE.
    -----------------------------+BOSS : PHANTOM (2)+------------------------------
    This is the strongest boss in this game. Why I have opinion like that? Because
    she is speedy (of course!) and she can deal a lot damage that she can't do it
    at the first fight. Her HP is become more lot than her first version. And you
    face her at the really wide area so she can use her agility to run from you
    very fast and launch her attack at your back!! Ok, this are some tips to beat
    her. At first, she doesn't use her full power so you can be calm now. She can
    summon red bell that shoots the fireballs at you. Destroy it with the hammer
    or the fire rod-like. Sometimes, she summons the big golems. This is your 
    chance to get combo score. Use your lance by press Square 4x and Triangle 3x.
    If Al help you, you can do 30-combos. 30 combos will get you 3 points. If you
    manage to beat her with quick time and small damage, you will get the minimum
    score for A Rank = 13. If you can't defeat her quickly or you take great damage
    , it's okay. There is one last chance to adding more points for combo. Lure
    her to the middle area. There are some machine guns. Use it well!! Remember to
    break her guard for doing combo or your hard work is useless. You can get 5
    points from combo if you are doing well. Remember to evade her tricky skill.
    She can summon antlion-like golem that appear in the middle area that will
    suck you and you will take great damage from it. Keep safe distance from it
    and you will be safe. When she enters hyper mode (this is not the "Healing
    Smile" angel skill from Angelic Layer ^^ forgot the name... Branchi? That's 
    RAVE! maybe they have same name?), she can't be flinched by your attack. When 
    you hit her, she will counter you to the air. This skill can take lot of your 
    HP. If you want to hit her, wait when she spreading the fireballs. Then, go 
    behind her and attack her with unarmed weapon or the fire rod-like. I know this 
    is a hard battle. So good luck to get A Rank and grab the accessory. Ganbatte!!
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Alluring Cologne (Rank A), Armlet of Absorption (Rank B)
    See the movie of Elma's death (get the Movie Clips). Then you're automatically
    go to next area again.
    *Underspire First Descent*
    Items : Tear of Lebis x 3, Reloader
    Get the chests at either side and defeat the enemies. Go down and clear the 
    enemies again. Go to next area if you already take all of the chest here. I
    suggest you clear the enemies here too for gain some levels.
    *Underspire Second Descent*
    Items : Elixir (XL) x 4, Reloader, Elixir (L) x 2, Tear of Lebis, Alchemy Tonic
            x 2, Strength Vial, Protection Vial, Alchemy Vial, Strength Tonic x 2,
            Protection Tonic x 2, Armlet of Perception, Ophelia, Evasion Guide
    This time is the pure three line of items list ^^. This area is the biggest
    area in this game. And now I will guide you to take all the chests here and to
    move well here. At first, there is a chest at the below. Pick it. Pass the
    wind blower, then get the chest at the below again. Go forward, get the chest
    at your left. Now, as you see the area has been splitted by a wide gap in the
    middle and you can still walk at the left and right area with the wind blower.
    First, go to the left side. At the first two panels, the wind still slow so you
    can pass easily. The next two panels, be careful. The wind blows to the right.
    The timing is when the wind at the third and fourth panels going to stop, go
    quickly to fifth panels and grab the chest there. Now, go to the below first
    (the middle gap). Get the chests here (there are 4 chests). The left area 
    containing two chests (already included in the 4 chests) only so if you want
    to levelling up, defeat the enemies here. Ok, move to the right path (at the
    above). Same as the left path, watch the timing and grab the chest. You can
    see the small bridge there for crossing the area with the chests. Still, with
    the same timing, go pass the bridge when the winds stop blowing at that area.
    But, there 2 points that may be problems to you. First, there was a really
    small bridge. You can fell down easily if you press the analog stick diagonaly
    and the situation get worse because of the winds. Well, if you fell, just take
    the stairs up. But that just wasting your time. So, be careful. Second, because
    of the bridge, you don't have much time to cross the next area from the bridge.
    You must concentrate to pass the bridge well and pass the area too because the
    fierce wind still blowing here. After you clearing that 2 problems, get the
    chests (they're many here). When you got all the chests, don't fall down now!!
    Afterwards, go fall down to the most left area here (I mean this area with
    many chests) and you will get the neko Ophelia accessory for Al. This cat is
    very great so equip Al with it (help Al to become more aggresive). Ok, get the 
    chests near the stairs then take the stairs up. Go to the right and stand on
    the high platforms and jump aside to get 2 chests. Remember to get the chest 
    on the below area too. Ok, this area finished now (whoo, I'm very tired ^^ I
    think you're tired too because you see my guide while still playing FMA hehe).
    Well, don't have relation to the game but to rest up this time, I read a manga.
    Guess what? No, I don't read Full Metal Alchemist this time but I read a shoujo
    manga "Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou" 10. I know that manga has been released in 
    2000 (first time in Japan), but it's very good shoujo manga! One of a few 
    shoujo manga that I very like to read it same as when I read shounen manga. 
    When you have some time, go read it. You can relax a bit by reading that (it's 
    not a promotion you know ^^ just a suggestion from an otaku ^.~). Go advance 
    to the next area now.
    *Underspire Third Descent*
    Items : Earring of Blades, Elixir (XL) x 3, Armor of Blades, Bangle of Blades,
            Ring of Blades, Elixir (L)
    This is the third time that the items list consume two lines ^^. As you can see
    , in this area you can get 4 advance accessories that pumps up your favourite
    status (or maybe extreme is the better words?). But, they have a bad effect
    so I suggest don't equip those strong but weak accessories. First, you can beat
    two slime-like golems. Use the car that equiped with cannon to beat them. Then,
    you gotta beat some flying golems. Go up the ladder to beat some golems again.
    At truth, rage attacks work effective here. But, maybe you want to use it later
    at next area. That's okay. After you get all the items, use the rockblocker or
    alleyoop to the next area.
    *Underspire Fourth Descent*
    Items : Elixir (XL) x 2, Elixir (L)
    Whoops, straight here will get you to the final boss in Full Metal Alchemist 2
    : Curse of Crimson Elixir. I think you want to do some leveling before you
    (before dawn ^^) face the final boss. I think lv. 40 is enough to defeat the
    boss with ease. Lv. 35 is already enough though. Ok, defeat all of the enemies
    here to gain some level (not some though ^^). After you ready to face the final
    boss, save your game in front of the semi-final area.
    -note by holy_ : after you beat the game, you can continue the game by playing
    New Game +. You will want to do great leveling to level 99 (Ed only is enough).
    Why I say that? Because you can get alchemy skill after you beat the game. Lv.
    99 will get you flash bomb lv.2, this item can defeat all the enemies in your
    sight in one explode!!!!! This is useful items to beat the boss, perfectly
    useful for A-Rank-ing Phantom (2). So, you might want to get level 99. And you
    can keep your bonus points. So, you can storing some bonus points for the 2nd
    playthrough that makes the enemies and bosses stronger.
    If you really ready (I'm to noisy, amn't I? >.<) enter the next area after you
    save your game final time.
    *King's Chamber*
    Items : Movie Clips
    Ok, see the events here about Jack Crowley and you will facing the first final
    boss in this game!!!
    -------------------------------+BOSS : CROWLEY+--------------------------------
    You won't be expect hard fight here. He is strong but not just enough to defeat
    Phantom (2) difficulty. He can do some Ed's alchemy skill like transmuting the
    stonespikes with more area of attack. Then, he can transmute big sword too, 
    like Ed that isn't needed any items. He can do lot of damage to you, but his
    attack can be avoided easily. I won't give you much strategies to defeat him.
    To get Rank-A, equip Al with the seventh neko "Ophelia". This accesory can make
    Al become more aggresive. Now, Al can do more combos to help you get A-Rank in
    the boss battles. Use the spear when Al attacks Crowley. Remember to attack
    with Triangle when using spear. After you get some combos (I forgot the
    requirement, maybe 20++ combos to get 3 points?), beat him with no time and
    less damages to get A-Rank. For easier way to win against this boss, equip
    Elric brothers with flash bomb (must lv.99). Unequip Ed and Al then attack him.
    When you get the requirement 3 points of combo, equip Al with the flash bomb.
    Then, transmute your flash bomb to lv.2 flash bomb and you will win this battle
    with A-Rank in easier way (note again : Lv.99 only). First final boss is 
    beaten! Congrats.
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Glass Samurai (Rank A), Sun Medal (Rank B)
    Get ready for 2nd boss. You're still facing Crowley. But now he using his golem
    form to beat you. Take a deep breath and here comes the last boss!!!
    ------------------------+BOSS : CROWLEY (GOLEM FORM)+--------------------------
    Whew the last boss, this game is rather short. Since you have played Full Metal
    Alchemist, I think you can beat this easily. And if you got maximum level, this
    boss can't do anything to you. But if you just lv.35 or lower this boss can be
    hard for you. He can do more damage than his human form (since when he can
    transform??) that will be annoying. His attack is harder to evade now. But like
    I said before, do leveling until level 99 and you will win this battle easily. 
    Well, giving tips isn't my ability (Gomen nee.......) but I will do my best.
    Like I said before, if you are confident with your ability , use the lance to
    get minimal 3 points from combos. But, if you're not confident about your skill
    , do leveling to get lv.99. He can do various way to attack you like the fire
    balls or the sword attack. Remember to avoid his sword attack and his wave
    attack after he is swinging his big sword. If you're level 99, there is a way
    that will beat him instantly. You're already used one flashbomb so there just
    one more left that equipped by Al. In the beginning of the battle, press R1 to
    unequip flash bomb from Al. Do the minimal requirement of combos to get 3 point
    and transmute the flash bomb again to win this battle and return home with A
    Rank. Or just hit him because he can't do anything to you if you are already
    reached level 99. Yosh!!!, you're the winner now. Yatta!!!
    ACCESSORIES BONUS : Whetstone of Ages (Rank A), Galaxy Medal (Rank B)
    See the movie for Movie Clips. Then go forward in the one-way road to the final
    area (hmm 2/3 area).
    Items : Movie Clips
    Just event here, Ed will touch the crimson elixir and you can walk in this real
    final area to reveal some Lebis and Crowley tragedy. The others will calling
    you from your dream and you have to transmute three crystals to see the ending
    of this game. See the movie (get the last movie clips). Congratz for beating 
    the FMA 2 game. See the epilogue for more Movie Clips and some event that 
    includes Lust, Gluttony, and Envy. And the trains that was the beginning scene 
    of Full Metal Alchemist : Broken Angel. Hehe, this faqs of the chapters finish
    here now. See you in the next chapter of Full Metal Alchemist. Sayonara Bye
    Bye and wish you to have good luck! Jaa ne ^_^
     IVh - New Game +                                                       (FMA4h)
    Hi, you're in the new game + section. If you're already cleared the game, you
    can look here for some new updates that only can obtained by clearing the game
    first time. Remember, you can keep your Bonus Points, items, accessories, 
    alchemy skills, learned alchemy weapons, tutorials.
    - After you finish the game and get all of the neko (cats) that have 7 species,
    you can get "Milk" accessory in the Lior Fountain Plaza (front of Broken Angel
    Store). You can see the cats that you obtained to hear their cute voices.
    Obtained at Chapter 1.
    - After clearing the game, you can get "Crimson Stone" accessory from Chapter
    7. Defeat Crowley two times and you can get this accessory from the chest (you
    must get all of the bonus material)
    - You can obtained the bonus material that can unlock the images gallery in the
    bonus section. Here is the list (based on the bonus menu in Full Metal
    Alchemist 2 : Curse of Crimson Elixir). You can get 64 bonus materials that
    scattered around the places in this game.
    [Chapter 1]
    *Lior Fountain Plaza*
    Bonus Material 1
    *Lior Residential District*
    Bonus Material 8
    *Lior Business District*
    Bonus Material 11
    *Lior Temple Approach*
    Bonus Material 12
    *Temple of Leto Prayer Hall*
    Bonus Material 13
    *Temple of Leto Easthall 2F*
    Bonus Material 2
    *Temple of Leto Westhall 2F*
    Bonus Material 50
    *Temple of Leto Westhall 1F*
    Bonus Material 6
    *Temple of Leto Egress*
    Bonus Material 32
    *Temple of Leto Easthall 1F*
    Bonus Material 64
    *Temple of Leto Charnel House*
    Bonus Material 14
    *Temple of Leto Secret Passage*
    Bonus Material 56
    [Chapter 2]
    *East City Plaza*
    Bonus Material 4
    *East City Back Alleys*
    Bonus Material 61
    *Sewers Entrance*
    Bonus Material 32
    *Sewers Central Chamber*
    Bonus Material 21
    *Sewers Floodgates*
    Bonus Material 60
    *Sewers Main Sluiceway*
    Bonus Material 10
    *Sewers Materials Storage*
    Bonus Material 7
    *Sewers Depths*
    Bonus Material 3
    [Chapter 3]
    *Tucker Manor*
    Bonus Material 20
    *Tucker Manor Laboratory*
    Bonus Material 19
    *Tucker Manor Storeroom*
    Bonus Material 22
    *Tucker Manor Back Storeroom*
    Bonus Material 17
    *Sewers Sluiceway*
    Bonus Material 45
    *Sewers Exit*
    Bonus Material 25
    *East City Freightyard*
    Bonus Material 16
    [Chapter 4]
    *Rockbell Home Front Yard*
    Bonus Material 24
    *Resembool Outlying Hills*
    Bonus Material 9
    *Cave Chamber 2*
    Bonus Material 27
    *Cave Chamber 3*
    Bonus Material 26
    *Cave Chamber 4*
    Bonus Material 5
    *Cave Chamber 6*
    Bonus Material 15
    *Cave Chamber 7*
    Bonus Material 18
    *Cave Chamber 8*
    Bonus Material 43
    *Cave Chamber 9*
    Bonus Material 28
    *Cave Chamber 5*
    Bonus Material 59
    *Cave Chamber 1*
    Bonus Material 58
    [Chapter 5]
    *Bord'wan Village Gate*
    Bonus Material 23
    *Bord'wan West Road*
    Bonus Material 42
    *Bord'wan Village Square*
    Bonus Material 29
    *Bord'wan South Road*
    Bonus Material 37
    *Bord'wan South Road Annex*
    Bonus Material 40
    *Bord'wan Elder's House*
    Bonus Material 52
    *Bord'wan East Road*
    Bonus Material 31
    *Bord'wan Mountain Pass*
    Bonus Material 35
    *Bord'wan Outskirts*
    Bonus Material 30
    *Secluded House*
    Bonus Material 39
    [Chapter 6]
    *Siam-Sid South Quarter*
    Bonus Material 34
    *Siam-Sid Grand Promenade*
    Bonus Material 36
    *Siam-Sid Merchant's Way*
    Bonus Material 44
    *Siam-Sid West Quarter*
    Bonus Material 62
    *Siam-Sid Holy Quarter*
    Bonus Material 63
    *Siam-Sid Residential Way*
    Bonus Material 41
    *Siam-Sid North Quarter*
    Bonus Material 38
    *Temple of Lebis*
    Bonus Material 57
    [Chapter 7]
    *Spire of Lebis First Ascent*
    Bonus Material 53
    *Spire of Lebis Second Ascent*
    Bonus Material 54
    *Spire of Lebis Third Ascent*
    Bonus Material 55
    *Spire of Lebis Fourth Ascent*
    Bonus Material 47
    *Underspire First Descent*
    Bonus Material 46
    *Underspire Second Descent*
    Bonus Material 48
    *Underspire Third Descent*
    Bonus Material 51
    *Underspire Fourth Descent*
    Bonus Material 49
    Total : 64 Bonus Materials
       V - EXTRAS                                                           (FMA05)
    This section are for all players that want to seek something that related to
    the game.
    -Edward Alchemy Skills-
    Level 14 : Ed can create two rockblockers
    Level 16 : Ed can transmute lv. 2 gauntlet
    Level 18 : Ed can transmute lv. 2 bomb
    Level 20 : Ed can transmute lv. 2 crane
    Level 21 : Ed can create lv. 2 stonespikes (3 total)
    Level 24 : Ed can transmute lv. 2 steel ball
    Level 26 : Ed can transmute lv. 2 shuriken
    Level 40 : Ed can create lv. 3 stonespikes (5 total)
    Level 45 : Ed can create three rockblockers
    Level 99 : Ed can transmute lv. 2 flash bomb
    note : you can keep alchemy skills even after you beat the game. So remember to
    leveling to 99 then you can start the game from the beginning (New Game +) with
    your completed alchemy skills.
    -Movie List-
    Based on the bonus menu in Full Metal Alchemist 2 : Curse of Crimson Elixir.
    Movie 01 : Cornello and the Chimera
    Movie 02 : A Mysterious Girl
    Movie 03 : Crowley Cometh
    Movie 04 : The Dead Village
    Movie 05 : Crowley Returns
    Movie 06 : Surrounded
    Movie 07 : Roy & Armstrong Arrive
    Movie 08 : Shed Tear
    Movie 09 : The Rebirth
    Movie 10 : Unto Ruin Once More
    Movie 11 : Epilogue
    note : the movies automatically for yours when you saw the movie first time.
    Total 11 movie clips.
    -Image List-
    Based on the bonus menu in Full Metal Alchemist 2 : Curse of Crimson Elixir.
    Image 01 : Title Logo
    Image 02 : Grand Arcanum of the King
    Image 03 : The King of Lebis Reigns
    Image 04 : The City of Siam-Sid -1-
    Image 05 : The City of Siam-Sid -2-
    Image 06 : The City of Siam-Sid -3-
    Image 07 : The Ruins of Siam-Sid
    Image 08 : Transmutation Circle
    Image 09 : Ed and Al's Terrible Accident
    Image 10 : The Elrics as They Were
    Image 11 : The Elrics as They Are
    Image 12 : Al Transmutes the Broken Radio
    Image 13 : Cornello's Congregation
    Image 14 : Rose Hides in Al
    Image 15 : Roy Makes His Entrance
    Image 16 : Scar
    Image 17 : The Black Monsters
    Image 18 : Elma
    Image 19 : Diary
    Image 20 : Documents
    Image 21 : Al Gets Ripped a New One
    Image 22 : Ed's Right Arm is Destroyed
    Image 23 : Hawkeye Makes Her Entrance
    Image 24 : Armstrong Makes His Entrance
    Image 25 : Scar Blasts a Hole in the Ground
    Image 26 : Ed and Al Lick Their Wounds
    Image 27 : Ed Pays His Respects
    Image 28 : Winry Says Goodbye
    Image 29 : The Pair From Resembool
    Image 30 : Arlen Makes His Entrance
    Image 31 : Golem Mural
    Image 32 : Photograph of a Golem Mural
    Image 33 : Golems
    Image 34 : Crowley
    Image 35 : Crowley and Arlen in Their Youth
    Image 36 : Crossing the Desert
    Image 37 : Elma is Revived
    Image 38 : Fond Memories
    Image 39 : Elma, Crowley, and Arlen
    Image 40 : A Old Photograph of Arlen
    Image 41 : Crowley and the Crimson Stone
    Image 42 : The Two Faces of Elma
    Image 43 : To Breathe Life into Death
    Image 44 : Siam-Sid Cast into Ruin
    Image 45 : The King Despairs
    Image 46 : Crowley's Transmutation Fails
    Image 47 : Crowley's Transformation
    Image 48 : Crowley's Unhinged
    Image 49 : The Sins
    Image 50 : Concept Art : Crowley 1
    Image 51 : Concept Art : Crowley 2
    Image 52 : Concept Art : Crowley 3
    Image 53 : Concept Art : Crowley 4
    Image 54 : Concept Art : Crowley 5
    Image 55 : Concept Art : Crowley 6
    Image 56 : Concept Art : Elma 1
    Image 57 : Concept Art : Elma 2
    Image 58 : Concept Art : Elma 3
    Image 59 : Concept Art : The Phantom 1
    Image 60 : Concept Art : The Phantom 2
    Image 61 : Concept Art : Arlen 1
    Image 62 : Concept Art : Arlen 2
    Image 63 : Concept Art : Arlen 3
    Image 64 : Concept Art : The Ring of Lebis
    note : you can get the bonus materials after you beat the game.
    This game has two musics (OP and ED).
    OP Theme
    Ready Steady Go
    by     : L'Arc~en~Ciel
    Lyrics : hyde, tetsu
    note : also known as Full Metal Alchemist 2nd OP (anime).
    ED Theme
    by          : Naoko Mori
    Lyrics      : Naoko Mori
    Composed by : Tomohiko Sato
    -Item List-
    Elixir (S)       - Restores 50 HP
    Elixir (M)       - Restores 100 HP
    Elixir (L)       - Restores 200 HP
    Elixir (XL)      - Restores 400 HP
    Tear of Lebis    - Fully restores HP
    Strength Vial    - Temporarily increases ATK (cannot be used in combination 
                       with other tonic)
    Protection Vial  - Temporarily increases DEF (cannot be used in combination 
                       with other tonic)
    Alchemy Vial     - Temporarily increases ALC (cannot be used in combination 
                       with other tonic) [Ed only]
    Strength Tonic   - Permanently increases ATK by 1
    Protection Tonic - Permanently increases DEF by 1
    Alchemy Tonic    - Permanently increases ALC by 1 [Ed only]
    Essence Tonic    - Permanently increases ATK, DEF, and ALC by 1 [Ed only]
    Beef             - Restores 29 HP [Ed only]
    Reloader         - Necessary to re-transmute firearms
    Bonus Art        - Bonus Art can be viewed from the gallery
    Movie Clips      - Movie Clips can be viewed from the gallery
    Slate A          - Open a path in Chapter 4 (Need 4 slate)
    Slate B          - Open a path in Chapter 4 (Need 4 slate)
    Slate C          - Open a path in Chapter 4 (Need 4 slate)
    Slate D          - Open a path in Chapter 4 (Need 4 slate)
    note : you can get beef by transmuting the cow after it's departed to heaven.
    -Accessories List-
    Name             |Effects                         |Where to get               |
    Lead Ring        |Increases max HP by 20          |Temple of Leto Prayer Hall |
    Gold Ring        |Increases max HP by 50          |Cave Chamber 3             |
    Fullmetal Ring   |Increases max HP by 100         |Siam-Sid Holy Quarter      |
    Ring of Blades   |Increases max HP by 50 % & lower|Underspire Third Descent   |
                     |other attributes by 50 %        |                           |
    Lead Bangle      |Increases ATK by 10             |Lior Business District     |
    Gold Bangle      |Increases ATK by 20             |Cave Chamber 4             |
    Fullmetal Bangle |Increases ATK by 30             |Siam-Sid West Quarter      |
    Bangle of Blades |Increases ATK by 50 % & lower   |Underspire Third Descent   |
                     |other attributes by 50 %        |                           |
    Lead Armor       |Increases DEF by 10             |Temple of Leto Charnel     |
                     |                                |House                      |
    Gold Armor       |Increases DEF by 20             |Cave Chamber 6             |
    Fullmetal Armor  |Increases DEF by 30             |Siam-Sid South Quarter     |
    Armor of Blades  |Increases DEF by 50 % & lower   |Underspire Third Descent   |
                     |other attributes by 50 %        |                           |
    Lead Earring     |Increases ALC by 10 [Ed only]   |Rank A - D Chimera         |
    Gold Earring     |Increases ALC by 20 [Ed only]   |Cave Chamber 5             |
    Fullmetal Earring|Increases ALC by 30 [Ed only]   |Siam-Sid Grand Promenade   |
    Earring of Blades|Increases ALC by 50 % & lower   |Underspire Third Descent   |
                     |other attributes by 50 % [Ed    |                           |
                     |only]                           |                           |
    Moon Medal       |Increases all attributes by 5 % |Rank A - B Golem (2)       |
    Sun Medal        |Increases all attributes by 10 %|Rank B Crowley             |
    Galaxy Medal     |Increases all attributes by 20 %|Rank B Crowley (Golem Form)|
    Armlet of        |Enables its wearer to damage    |Bord'wan West Road         |
    Piercing         |blocking enemies & lower ATK and|                           |
                     |ALC by 10 %                     |                           |
    Armlet of        |Converts 5 % of all damage dealt|Rank A Phantom (1) & Rank B|
    Absorption       |to HP                           |Phantom (2)                |
    Armlet of        |Increases counterattack damage  |Rank A - B Golem (1)       |
    Retribution      |by 30 % [Ed only]               |                           |
    Armlet of        |It's wearer automatically       |Underspire Second Descent  |
    Perception       |counterattacks if attacked while|                           |
                     |blocking & lower VIT and DEF by |                           |
                     |50 % [Ed only]                  |                           |
    Fullmetal Bracer |Reduces damage by 20 %          |Rank B Phantom (1)         |
    Bulletproof Vest |Reduces firearm damage by 30 %  |Sewers Materials Storage   |
    Fireguard Cloak  |Reduces fire and explosion      |Cave Chamber 2             |
                     |damage by 30 %                  |                           |
    Fasthold Gloves  |Prevent weapons from being      |East City Freightyard      |
                     |dropped                         |                           |
    Bond of          |Increases the rate of which the |Rank A - B Armstrong       |
    Brotherhood      |rage gauge fills                |                           |
    Lucky Pouch      |Slightly increases the chance   |Rank A - B Bald            |
                     |enemies will drop items when    |                           |
                     |defeated                        |                           |
    Lucky Haversack  |Increases the chance enemies    |Bord'wan Village Square    |
                     |will drop items when defeated   |                           |
    Alluring Cologne |Draws enemies irresistibly to   |Rank A Phantom (2)         |
                     |its wearer                      |                           |
    Glass Samurai    |When equipped with a katana, its|Rank A Crowley             |
                     |bearer can defeat most foes with|                           |
                     |a single strike & lower all     |                           |
                     |attributes by 10 %              |                           |
    Whetstone of Ages|Enables unlimited use of        |Rank A Crowley (Golem Form)|
                     |equippable weapons & lower all  |                           |
                     |attributes by 10 %              |                           |
    Crimson Stone    |Enables unlimited use of        |King's Chamber (must get   |
                     |transmuted weapons that consume |all of the bonus materials)|
                     |ammunition. Increases ALC by 30 |[2nd playthrough]          |
                     |% and lower other attributes by |                           |
                     |20 %                            |                           |
    Charm of Renewal |Revives it's wearer from KO once|Rank A - B Cornello        |
                     |, then is consumed [Ed only]    |                           |
    Advancement Guide|Increases EXP earned in battle  |Cave Chamber 7             |
                     |by 5 %                          |                           |
    Journeyman's     |Increases EXP earned in battle  |Secluded House             |
    Guide            |by 10 %                         |                           |
    Flurry Guide     |Increases EXP earned from combos|Siam-Sid West Quarter      |
                     |of 20 or more hits by 20 %      |                           |
    Evasion Guide    |Stacks an additional 100 % of   |Underspire Second Descent  |
                     |the EXP earned from a successful|                           |
                     |counterattack [Ed only]         |                           |
    Knife            |Increases ATK by 15 & lower ALC |Sewers Central Chamber     |
                     |by 5                            |                           |
    Dog Tag          |Increases VIT by 1 & DEF by 10 &|East City Plaza            |
                     |lower other attributes by 5     |                           |
    Sunglasses       |Automates accu-strikes [Ed only]|Rank A - D Scar            |
    Amazon Wrench    |Increases chance of stunning    |Rockbell Home Front Yard   |
                     |enemies                         |                           |
    Camaraderie Crest|Protects its bearer from being  |Rockbell Home Front Yard   |
                     |stunned [Ed only]               |                           |
    Strong-Arm       |Increases non-elemental damage  |Choose Armstrong at Chapter|
    Gauntlet         |dealt by 30 %                   |7                          |
    Bullet of Faith  |Increases firearm damage dealt  |Protects Hawkeye at Chapter|
                     |by 15 %                         |5                          |
    Bullet of Resolve|Increases firearm damage dealt  |Choose Hawkeye at Chapter 7|
                     |by 30 %                         |                           |
    Flame Gloves     |Increases fire and explosion    |Choose Mustang at Chapter 7|
                     |damage dealt by 30 %            |                           |
    Ring of Vows -   |Increases ATK, DEF, and ALC by 1|Bord'wan Elder's House     |
    His              |, increases EXP earned in battle|                           |
                     |by 50 % if equipped with Ring of|                           |
                     |Vows - Hers                     |                           |
    Ring of Vows -   |Increases ATK, DEF, and ALC by 1|Bord'wan Village Square    |
    Hers             |, increases EXP earned in battle|                           |
                     |by 50 % if equipped with Ring of|                           |
                     |Vows - His                      |                           |
    Milk             |Stacks an additional 100 % of   |Lior Fountain Plaza (must  |
                     |earned EXP & lower all          |get all of the cats) [2nd  |
                     |attributes by 20 % [Ed only]    |playthrough]               |
    Ring of Riddles  |Increases ALC by 5 % [Ed only]  |Temple of Leto Secret      |
                     |                                |Passage                    |
    Crimson Shard    |Increases VIT by 1, ATK and ALC |See the walkthrough >.~    |
                     |by 5,and DEF by 3 [Ed only]     |                           |
    White Loincloth  |Forces Al to stand still [Al    |Sewers Sluiceway           |
                     |only]                           |                           |
    Red Loincloth    |Makes Al ignore Ed's commands.  |Bord'wan Mountain Pass     |
                     |Raises all attributes by 10 %   |                           |
                     |[Al only]                       |                           |
    Dog Collar       |Increases VIT by 2, ATK by 20,  |Tucker Manor Laboratory    |
                     |lower DEF by 54 [Al only]       |                           |
    Tama             |Increases EXP earned in battle  |Temple of Leto Easthall 1F |
                     |[Al only]                       |                           |
    Belcini          |Protects against being stunned  |Sewers Entrance            |
                     |[Al only]                       |                           |
    Scratches        |Increases the rate which VIT    |Tucker Manor               |
                     |improves [Al only]              |                           |
    Ryuke            |Causes Al to behave strangely & |Resembool Outlying Hills   |
                     |increases ATK by 200 [Al only]  |                           |
    Antonio          |Increases the rate at which rage|Bord'wan Outskirts         |
                     |gauge fills [Al only]           |                           |
    Roxanne          |Prevents Al from running.       |Siam-Sid Grand Promenade   |
                     |Increases all attributes by 25 %|                           |
                     |[Al only]                       |                           |
    Ophelia          |Causes Al to become more        |Underspire Second Descent  |
                     |aggressive [Al only]            |                           |
      VI - VERSION HISTORY                                                  (FMA06)
    v 1.1 (09/02/05) - fixes missing accessory "Whetstone of Ages" in accessories
    list section. Gomen nee... Thanks for you who mention it to me via e-mail.
    v 1.0 (08/17/05) - this is the first time that finished with full walktrough.
    Sorry for some time to make the guide of this game because i've been so busy
    with my school. Hope you enjoy it though >.<
     VII - CREDITS                                                          (FMA07)
    Square Enix - for making this great game
    Hiromu Arakawa - for making "Full Metal Alchemist" series. Arigatou Arakawa-san
    Gamefaqs.com, gamefandom.com - for posting this guide
    and of course you! ^^
    Full Metal Alchemist is copyright of Square Enix.
    (c) 2005 holy_

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