PlayStation2 SharkPort 2 Save (North America)

Save Game File11/09/04Straight Edge678K
ROH/TNA/WWE/Misc CAW's Some aren't complete.
Save Game File11/10/04Straight Edge1863K
This save includes ROH/TNA/WWE and Misc CAW's Volume #2

PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (Japan)

Save Game File09/16/13HBOSS467K
a 2013 save featuring todays & yesturdays puroresu including a wwe tna cmll roster. Gotch not done.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Japan)

Save Game File04/04/08Pesthauch666451K
Everything unlocked and renamed, Edits (all slots full): various template based edits, some free edits (i.e. Dr. Wagner Jr., Kuishinbo Kamen)
Save Game File04/09/06SharoKham408K
Max Drive format conversion of Straight Edge's latest save file. Exact same content but resaved to be usable on a Max Drive.
Save Game File09/16/13HBOSS544K
my 2013 renamed save featuring todays wrestlers Okada, Bryan, Ibushi, Sekimoto, Archer, & more. The G1 Climax 23 update~
Save Game File08/10/15dokoham341K
Unlock 100%

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (Japan)

Save Game File03/11/06Hness1863K
Team Straight Edge's KOC II Save - The Dream US Indy Save you've all been waiting for!

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