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    Naruto's Room Code Input List (JIS) by Yukimura

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 10/13/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    +   Naruto - Narutimetto Hero 2 (c) CyberConnect2 2004 ~ Code List & FAQ    +
    +                       by Hyo (Yukimura @ GameFAQs)                        +
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Contents -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    To find something quickly, select the code that appears next to the section's
    name, copy the code and hit "Search" on your browser or Text Viewer. There,
    paste the code and click "Find".
    [S001] .:- 【火】 Codes / Fire Codes
    [S002] .:- 【水】 Codes / Water Codes
    [S003] .:- 【土】 Codes / Earth Codes
    [S004] .:- 【風】 Codes / Wind Codes
    [S005] .:- 【雷】 Codes / Thunder Codes
    [S006] .:- Special Codes
    [S007] .:- Contact Info
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    Version 0.2
    - Huge translation in Unlocked Items
    - Modified Instructions to match Translations
    Version 0.1
    - Initial Release
    +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Instructions -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    "What? It's all in Japanese!". Well, yeah. Basically, this is the list for
    the codes that you can input into the Card Game Codes section of the game's
    "Naruto's Room". You can get there from the Main Menu (If you can't find it,
    go to my other FAQ to find Menu Translations). Once you enter Naruto's Room,
    you'll see 2 options. The one on the right will take you to the Code Input
    Inside this screen, you'll first have to choose an Element Symbol. These are
    Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Thunder. To tell which is which, you can look
    at the Contents section of this FAQ. Once you select that, 12 symbols will
    appear. The codes are composed by 3 of those symbols + the main element's
    symbol. First, let's look at the 12 Symbols that form the Codes:
    子 丑 寅 卯 辰 巳
    午 未 申 酉 戌 亥
    子 = The Rat
    丑 = The Ox
    寅 = The Tiger
    卯 = The Hare
    辰 = The Dragon
    巳 = The Snake
    午 = The Horse
    未 = The Ram
    申 = The Monkey 
    酉 = The Bird
    戌 = The Dog
    亥 = The Boar
    So, let's see some examples about how those symbols will appear on this list
    子辰卯  Ninja Mission Card no.-157 死闘の果てに + 5000-ryou 
    See the first 3 symbols? They represent the 3 Symbols you have to input. 
    In this case, it's "Rat, Dragon, Hare". After that, you'll see another symbol
    followed by a Dash, and then a number. When you see something like that, it
    means that the given code is going to give you a Card for the Collection that
    you can watch in Naruto's room. After that, you see a + and then a 5000-ryou.
    That means that, besides the card, you'll recieve 5000-ryou for the RPG mode 
    or Jiraiya's Store.
    Let's see another example:
    子辰戌  1000-ryou
    In this example, the code is "Rat, Dragon, Dog". And by inputting it, you get
    Luckily, you got the hang of it by now. So just move on to the Codes!
    [S001]+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 火 Codes -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    子辰卯  Ninja Mission Card no.-157 死闘の果てに + 5000-ryou 
    子辰戌  1000-ryou 
    子巳辰  1000-ryou 
    子亥子  1000-ryou 
    丑寅戌 Jutsu Card no.-63 写輪眼
    丑卯卯 Ninja Card no.-86 うちはサスケ) 
    丑戌巳 Ninja Mission Card no.-46 予備試験) 
    寅寅酉  10000-ryou 
    寅辰卯  10000-ryou 
    寅巳丑 (Ninja Card no.-13 三代目火影) 
    寅巳戌 (Ninja Mission Card no.-29 一進一退) 
    寅午亥  1000-ryou 
    寅未辰  Jutsu Card no.-131 千鳥 + 10000-ryou 
    寅酉午  Ninja Card no.-164 猿猴王猿魔 + 5000-ryou 
    卯卯戌 (Ninja Card no.-85 うずまきナルト) 
    卯巳午 (Jutsu Card no.-73 火遁龍火の術) 
    卯午子  1000-ryou? 
    卯午巳  1000-ryou 
    卯戌戌  1000-ryou 
    辰寅辰 (Jutsu Card no.-7 繰糸の術) 
    辰寅午  1000-ryou 
    辰午戌 (依-6 ワラジ) 
    辰申巳 (Ninja Card no.-68 うちはサスケ) 
    辰酉巳  Ninja Card no.-163 三代目火影 + 10000-ryou 
    辰亥子  1000-ryou 
    辰亥酉 (Jutsu Card no.-88 兵糧丸) 
    巳子卯 (Jutsu Card no.-10 火遁豪火球の術) 
    巳子酉 (Ninja Mission Card no.-104 宗家と分家) 
    巳寅未  Jutsu Card no.-130 写輪眼 + 1000-ryou 
    巳卯辰  Ninja Mission Card no.-158 受け継ぎ託す者 + 1000-ryou 
    巳卯午  1000-ryou 
    巳卯酉  Ninja Mission Card no.-137 察知 + 1000-ryou 
    巳巳丑 (Ninja Card no.-82 暗部) 
    午寅亥  Ninja Card no.-137 うちはサスケ + 1000-ryou 
    午辰亥 (Ninja Card no.-36 赤丸) 
    午午酉 (Ninja Card no.-28 犬塚キバ) 
    午未巳 (Ninja Card no.-50 はがねコテツ) 
    午酉午  Ninja Mission Card no.-138 高速の体 + 5000-ryou 
    午戌卯  Ninja Card no.-144 不知火ゲンマ + 5000-ryou 
    未子卯  Ninja Mission Card no.-139 木の葉、舞 + 1000-ryou 
    未寅子  依-15 アミ + 1000-ryou 
    未卯戌 (Ninja Mission Card no.-91 鋭い嗅覚) 
    未辰丑 (Jutsu Card no.-92 五行封印) 
    未巳丑 (Ninja Mission Card no.-63 新人9人全員集合) 
    未巳亥  Jutsu Card no.-147 手裏剣影分身の術 + 1000-ryou 
    未未未 (Ninja Card no.-62 うちはサスケ) 
    未酉午 (Ninja Mission Card no.-71 呪印の暴走) 
    未酉酉 (Ninja Mission Card no.-6 迷子ペット“トラ”捕獲任務) 
    未亥子 (Ninja Mission Card no.-64 サバイバル演習) 
    申寅巳  1000-ryou 
    申卯子  1000-ryou 
    申卯巳  5000-ryou 
    申巳子  Ninja Mission Card no.-156 Aランク任務 + 1000-ryou 
    申午辰  1000-ryou 
    申午戌 (Jutsu Card no.-9 牙通牙) 
    申申未  1000-ryou 
    申戌子 (Ninja Card no.-90 秋道チョウジ) 
    申戌寅 (Jutsu Card no.-62 封邪法印) 
    申亥午 (Ninja Card no.-94 ロック・リー) 
    申亥申  Jutsu Card no.-149 屍鬼封尽 + 5000-ryou 
    酉寅申 (Jutsu Card no.-72 繰風車三ノ大刀) 
    酉辰丑  1000-ryou 
    酉巳亥 (Ninja Card no.-64 はたけカカシ) 
    酉午戌  Jutsu Card no.-148 火遁火龍炎弾 + 1000-ryou 
    酉申申 (Jutsu Card no.-71 火遁鳳仙火の術) 
    酉酉辰 (Ninja Card no.-91 犬塚キバ) 
    酉酉午 (Jutsu Card no.-8 遠眼鏡の術) 
    酉戌酉 (Ninja Mission Card no.-73 死の森のサバイバル) 
    酉亥酉  1000-ryou 
    戌辰寅 (Ninja Mission Card no.-72 蘇れ写輪眼) 
    戌巳申  Ninja Mission Card no.-155 不吉な予感 + 1000-ryou 
    戌午酉  Ninja Mission Card no.-136 16連コンボ + 1000-ryou 
    戌亥巳 (Ninja Card no.-74 モズク) 
    戌亥戌  1000-ryou 
    亥丑亥 (Ninja Mission Card no.-101 重要なアドバイス) 
    亥寅子  Ninja Card no.-143 はがねコテツ + 1000-ryou 
    亥寅亥  1000-ryou 
    亥卯卯  Ninja Card no.-155 うちはサスケ + 1000-ryou 
    亥卯午  1000-ryou 
    亥卯未  1000-ryou 
    亥未子 (Jutsu Card no.-99 砂の鎧)
    [S002]+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 水 Codes -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    子子申  1000-ryou 
    子申酉  1000-ryou 
    子酉亥  1000-ryou 
    丑寅卯 (Ninja Card no.-96 テンテン) 
    丑申卯 (Ninja Card no.-75 巨大蛇) 
    丑酉申 (Ninja Mission Card no.-102 塗り薬) 
    寅辰寅  5000-ryou 
    寅午丑 (Ninja Card no.-78 ミダレ) 
    寅戌午  Ninja Mission Card no.-142 誘拐 + 1000-ryou 
    卯寅戌 (Ninja Card no.-98 イヤシ) 
    卯未巳 (Jutsu Card no.-96 軟の改造) 
    卯申申  1000-ryou 
    辰子未  Ninja Card no.-148 鬼童丸 + 1000-ryou 
    辰巳卯 (Ninja Card no.-93 日向ヒナタ) 
    辰巳午  Jutsu Card no.-134 涅槃精舎の術 + 1000-ryou 
    辰巳申  1000-ryou 
    辰午子 (Jutsu Card no.-74 口寄せの術) 
    辰未午  Ninja Card no.-149 次郎坊 + 1000-ryou 
    辰申戌 (Ninja Card no.-97 スズメ) 
    辰酉未 (Ninja Card no.-89 奈良シカマル) 
    巳未子  Ninja Card no.-152 薬師カブト + 5000-ryou 
    巳未巳 (Jutsu Card no.-76 潜影蛇手) 
    巳酉午  5000-ryou 
    午子午  5000-ryou 
    午子未  1000-ryou 
    午卯辰  1000-ryou 
    午辰卯 (Jutsu Card no.-94 鈴の音) 
    午巳亥  Jutsu Card no.-153 水遁・水衝破 + 1000-ryou 
    午午子  Jutsu Card no.-150 草薙の剣 + 1000-ryou 
    午午辰  Jutsu Card no.-151 口寄せ・穢土転生 + 10000-ryou 
    午午午  1000-ryou 
    午未寅  Ninja Card no.-151 多由也 + 1000-ryou 
    午未未 (Ninja Mission Card no.-96 音のスパイ) 
    午未酉  Ninja Mission Card no.-160 木ノ葉崩し + 5000-ryou 
    午申酉 (Ninja Card no.-84 大蛇丸) 
    午酉巳  Ninja Mission Card no.-159 禁鎧の研究 + 1000-ryou 
    午戌寅  Ninja Card no.-168 二代目火影 + 1000-ryou 
    未午巳  Jutsu Card no.-135 四紫炎陣 + 5000-ryou 
    未午戌  1000-ryou 
    未申丑 (Ninja Mission Card no.-75 観察者) 
    未酉申  1000-ryou 
    未戌寅 (Jutsu Card no.-77 双蛇相殺の術) 
    未戌申  Ninja Mission Card no.-141 策動するもの + 1000-ryou 
    申辰卯  1000-ryou 
    申午丑 (Ninja Card no.-76 シグレ) 
    申午巳  1000-ryou 
    申午申  Ninja Mission Card no.-140 不完全な発動 + 1000-ryou 
    申申卯 (Jutsu Card no.-105 双昇龍) 
    申申午  1000-ryou 
    申申戌  Ninja Card no.-166 大蛇丸 + 10000-ryou 
    申申亥  Jutsu Card no.-132 掌仙Jutsu Card no.+ 1000-ryou 
    酉子午  1000-ryou 
    酉丑卯 (Ninja Mission Card no.-74 手打ち料) 
    酉丑未 (Jutsu Card no.-93 影千本) 
    酉寅午  Jutsu Card no.-133 死魂の術 + 1000-ryou 
    酉未卯  Jutsu Card no.-152 水遁・水陣壁 + 1000-ryou 
    酉未申  1000-ryou 
    酉申酉 (Ninja Card no.-77 バイウ) 
    酉亥巳 (Jutsu Card no.-95 チャクラ吸引鎧) 
    戌子申  1000-ryou 
    戌卯巳 (Ninja Mission Card no.-92 死闘の行方) 
    戌申亥  Ninja Card no.-167 初代火影 + 1000-ryou 
    戌酉卯  Ninja Card no.-150 左近 + 1000-ryou 
    戌酉未  1000-ryou 
    戌戌巳 (Ninja Card no.-95 日向ネジ) 
    亥子巳  1000-ryou 
    亥卯酉  1000-ryou 
    亥酉卯  隠し暗号 ライバルとの決闘 全キャラ 
    亥酉酉 (Ninja Mission Card no.-76 死のイメージ) 
    亥戌未  1000-ryou 
    [S003]+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 土 Codes -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    子寅寅  Ninja Mission Card no.-165 愛情 + 1000-ryou 
    子辰亥  Jutsu Card no.-161 影首縛りの術 + 1000-ryou 
    子未卯  Jutsu Card no.-140影真似の術 + 1000-ryou 
    子未酉  1000-ryou 
    子戌卯  Jutsu Card no.-143 八卦掌回天 + 1000-ryou 
    丑丑丑 (Ninja Mission Card no.-39 小さな勇気) 
    丑辰巳 (Ninja Card no.-107 剣ミスミ) 
    寅卯卯 (Ninja Mission Card no.-94 闇の蠢動) 
    寅辰辰 (Ninja Card no.-72 秋道チョウジ) 
    寅辰戌  1000-ryou 
    寅午巳 (Ninja Mission Card no.-81 地の書) 
    寅酉午 (Ninja Mission Card no.-83 遠い約束) 
    卯子申  Ninja Card no.-140 日向ネジ + 1000-ryou 
    卯丑寅 (Ninja Card no.-66 ウドン) 
    卯卯申 (Ninja Mission Card no.-20 忍者学校) 
    卯辰辰 (Jutsu Card no.-84 呪印Jutsu Card no.) 
    卯辰申 (Jutsu Card no.-82 消写顔の術) 
    卯午丑 (Ninja Mission Card no.-89 イチャイチャバイオレンス) 
    卯未亥  1000-ryou 
    卯申亥  1000-ryou 
    卯戌申 (Ninja Card no.-51 飛竹トンボ) 
    辰子辰 (Ninja Mission Card no.-66 草むしり) 
    辰丑巳 (Ninja Card no.-104 ザク・アブミ) 
    辰寅子  Jutsu Card no.-162 倍化の術 + 1000-ryou 
    辰寅卯 (Ninja Mission Card no.-84 ハラペコ) 
    辰卯申  1000-ryou 
    辰午巳 (Ninja Card no.-108 薬師カブト) 
    辰戌寅 (Ninja Card no.-52 森乃イビキ) 
    辰亥巳  Jutsu Card no.-142 宗家の秘印 + 1000-ryou 
    辰亥戌  Jutsu Card no.-160 心乱身の術 + 1000-ryou 
    巳午酉 (Jutsu Card no.-101 心転身の術) 
    巳未未 (Ninja Card no.-103 ドス・キヌタ) 
    巳申寅 (Jutsu Card no.-83 フォーメーションいのシカチョウ) 
    巳申午 (Ninja Mission Card no.-82 食糧確保) 
    巳戌未 (Ninja Card no.-105 キン・ツチ) 
    巳戌申  Ninja Mission Card no.-165 もう一人の追跡者 + 1000-ryou 
    巳戌戌  1000-ryou 
    巳亥戌  1000-ryou 
    午子亥  Ninja Mission Card no.-167 最強たるゆえん + 1000-ryou 
    午卯辰  Jutsu Card no.-141 呪印Jutsu Card no. + 1000-ryou 
    午辰申 (Ninja Card no.-106 赤胴ヨロイ) 
    午午辰 (Jutsu Card no.-96 朧分身の術) 
    午午戌  Jutsu Card no.-159 木遁秘鎧・樹界降誕 + 1000-ryou 
    午未巳  1000-ryou 
    午未午  1000-ryou 
    午申戌 (Ninja Card no.-71 奈良シカマル) 
    午酉午  1000-ryou 
    午戌午  1000-ryou 
    午戌戌  1000-ryou 
    未子亥  1000-ryou 
    未卯午  1000-ryou 
    未卯亥  Ninja Mission Card no.-150 籠の中の鳥 + 1000-ryou 
    未巳丑 (Ninja Card no.-6 秋道チョウジ) 
    未巳未  Ninja Card no.-162 秋道チョウザ + 1000-ryou 
    未午子  Ninja Mission Card no.-148 参った! + 1000-ryou 
    未午午  Ninja Mission Card no.-160 囮 + 1000-ryou 
    未未辰 (Ninja Mission Card no.-90 コピー能力) 
    未未酉 (Jutsu Card no.-65 煙玉) 
    未酉卯  Ninja Mission Card no.-149 隠された実力 + 1000-ryou 
    未戌未  Ninja Card no.-160 山中いのいち + 1000-ryou 
    申寅午 (Ninja Card no.-37 日向ネジ) 
    申寅申  1000-ryou 
    申卯卯  Jutsu Card no.-144 柔拳法・八卦六十四掌 + 5000-ryou 
    申辰巳 (Ninja Card no.-30 日向ヒナタ) 
    申未未 (柔拳) 
    申酉丑 (Ninja Card no.-5 奈良シカマル) 
    申酉亥 (Ninja Mission Card no.-99 中忍試験規定) 
    酉辰申  Ninja Card no.-141 日向ヒザシ + 1000-ryou 
    酉巳卯  Jutsu Card no.-158 土遁・土流壁 + 1000-ryou 
    酉巳酉 (Ninja Card no.-4 山中いの) 
    酉午子 (Ninja Card no.-32 テンテン) 
    酉午酉  Ninja Card no.-156 油女シノ + 1000-ryou 
    酉未戌  1000-ryou 
    酉亥寅 (Ninja Mission Card no.-105 報復) 
    戌卯未 (Jutsu Card no.-66 隠れ蓑の術) 
    戌卯戌  1000-ryou 
    戌辰酉  1000-ryou 
    戌午寅 (Jutsu Card no.-20 縄抜けの術) 
    戌申子  Ninja Card no.-138 奈良シカマル + 1000-ryou 
    戌申未 (Ninja Card no.-70 山中いの) 
    戌酉午 (Jutsu Card no.-104 口寄せ・飛び道具) 
    亥寅戌  Ninja Mission Card no.-147 後遺症 + 1000-ryou 
    亥辰午  1000-ryou 
    亥亥寅  10000-ryou
    [S004]+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 風 Codes -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    子丑戌 (Jutsu Card no.-98 土遁・土中映魚の術) 
    子寅子  1000-ryou 
    子巳巳 (Jutsu Card no.-85 うずまきナルト連弾) 
    子巳未  Jutsu Card no.-154 奇壊蟲の術 + 1000-ryou 
    子午子  Jutsu Card no.-137 カマイタチの術 + 1000-ryou 
    子午亥  1000-ryou 
    子未戌 (Ninja Mission Card no.-7 最速の到達者) 
    子酉未  1000-ryou 
    子亥寅  1000-ryou 
    子亥辰  Ninja Mission Card no.-164 足止め + 1000-ryou 
    丑酉未 (Ninja Card no.-10 エビス) 
    寅子午  Jutsu Card no.-138 砂の繭 + 1000-ryou 
    寅卯子  Ninja Card no.-165 パックン + 1000-ryou 
    寅辰午 (Ninja Card no.-100 月光ハヤテ) 
    寅申亥  Jutsu Card no.-157 幻鎧・黒暗行の術 + 1000-ryou 
    卯子酉 (Ninja Mission Card no.-65 空き缶拾い) 
    卯卯卯  Ninja Mission Card no.-163 基本小隊 + 1000-ryou 
    卯申卯 (Jutsu Card no.-80 狐狸心中の術) 
    卯酉戌 (Jutsu Card no.-81 霞従者の術) 
    卯酉亥  1000-ryou 
    卯亥亥  Ninja Mission Card no.-161 失われた鎧 + 1000-ryou 
    辰子巳  Jutsu Card no.-155 傀儡の術 + 1000-ryou 
    辰子午  Ninja Card no.-147 風影 + 1000-ryou 
    辰子亥 (Ninja Mission Card no.-15 内なるサクラ) 
    辰寅午 (Ninja Card no.-35 嬉野カエデ) 
    辰卯戌 (Jutsu Card no.-16 変化の術) 
    辰巳辰 (Ninja Mission Card no.-103 洞察眼) 
    辰申子  1000-ryou 
    辰申辰 (Jutsu Card no.-89 擬獣忍法・獣人分身) 
    辰申子  1000-ryou 
    辰酉卯 (Ninja Card no.-99 並足ライドウ) 
    巳丑酉 (Jutsu Card no.-65 大手裏剣) 
    巳巳寅  Jutsu Card no.-139 砂分身+ 1000-ryou 
    巳午午  Ninja Card no.-145 砂瀑の我愛羅 + 10000-ryou 
    巳未午  Ninja Mission Card no.-144 組み合わせの変更 + 1000-ryou 
    巳未亥  1000-ryou 
    巳申丑 (Ninja Card no.-88 山中いの) 
    巳酉未  1000-ryou 
    午寅午  Ninja Card no.-169 風影 
    午巳未  Jutsu Card no.-156 仕込み傀儡 + 1000-ryou 
    午巳戌  5000-ryou 
    午午午 (Ninja Mission Card no.-98 状況把握) 
    午午未  1000-ryou 
    午未子 (Ninja Mission Card no.-80 サクラの決意) 
    午未酉  Ninja Mission Card no.-162 我愛羅という名 + 1000-ryou 
    午未戌 (Ninja Mission Card no.-77 忍歌「忍機」) 
    午酉寅 (依-7 ツナミ) 
    午酉申  Ninja Card no.-171 カラス 
    未子子  Jutsu Card no.-136 巨大扇子 + 1000-ryou 
    未子辰  Ninja Mission Card no.-143 限界点の計測 + 1000-ryou 
    未子巳 (Ninja Card no.-24 春野サクラ) 
    未辰子 (Ninja Card no.-29 油女シノ) 
    未午午  Ninja Mission Card no.-145 落ち込み + 1000-ryou 
    未戌酉  依-19 フタバ + 1000-ryou 
    申子酉  1000-ryou 
    申丑丑 (Ninja Mission Card no.-93 捨てゴマ) 
    申寅丑 (Jutsu Card no.-19 魔幻・奈烙見の術) 
    申寅未  1000-ryou 
    申辰酉 (Ninja Card no.-102 蝦蟇) 
    申午巳  1000-ryou 
    申未午 (Jutsu Card no.-78 砂縛柩) 
    申申酉  Ninja Mission Card no.-146 本戦開始! + 1000-ryou 
    申戌卯  1000-ryou 
    申亥子 (Ninja Card no.-38 夕日紅) 
    酉丑丑 (Jutsu Card no.-100 砂瀑葬送) 
    酉寅巳 (Ninja Mission Card no.-78 ラッキー!) 
    酉辰酉 (Ninja Mission Card no.-86 そうならない法則) 
    酉辰戌  1000-ryou 
    酉巳戌 (Ninja Card no.-81 夢火) 
    酉未寅 (Ninja Card no.-79 朧) 
    酉戌丑  Ninja Mission Card no.-95 使用禁止 
    酉亥未  1000-ryou 
    戌子未 (Ninja Card no.-80 篝) 
    戌寅未 (Ninja Card no.-9 ミズキ) 
    戌卯寅  Ninja Card no.-159 油女ゲン + 1000-ryou 
    戌巳丑  1000-ryou 
    戌巳戌  Ninja Card no.-170 カンクロウ + 1000-ryou 
    戌未未  1000-ryou 
    亥子卯  5000-ryou 
    亥辰卯  Sランク WJからの挑戦状 追加 
    亥巳午 (Jutsu Card no.-79 風遁・大突破) 
    亥午辰  1000-ryou 
    亥午午 (Ninja Card no.-65 モエギ) 
    亥午酉  1000-ryou 
    亥午戌  Ninja Card no.-146 テマリ + 1000-ryou 
    亥未申  1000-ryou 
    亥戌午  1000-ryou 
    亥亥丑 (Ninja Card no.-69 春野サクラ)
    [S005]+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- 雷 Codes -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    子子午 (Ninja Mission Card no.-87 第三の試験・予選) 
    子丑寅 (Jutsu Card no.-3 お色気の術) 
    子寅酉 (Ninja Card no.-87 春野サクラ) 
    子辰酉 (Ninja Card no.-39 マイト・ガイ) 
    子辰戌  Ninja Card no.-158 猿飛アスマ + 1000-ryou 
    子申戌  依-18 コウジ + 1000-ryou 
    子戌申  1000-ryou 
    丑寅未 (Jutsu Card no.-87 八門遁甲) 
    丑辰卯 (Ninja Card no.-34 木ノ葉丸) 
    丑辰亥 (Ninja Mission Card no.-69 ダンゴにおしるこ) 
    丑戌卯 (Ninja Mission Card no.-68 ゴールの先に) 
    寅子申  Ninja Card no.-172 はたけカカシ&マイト・ガイ + 5000-ryou 
    寅寅辰 (Ninja Card no.-67 うずまきナルト) 
    寅寅午  1000-ryou 
    寅卯戌 (Ninja Mission Card no.-67 天の書) 
    寅卯亥 (Ninja Mission Card no.-61 木ノ葉丸軍団参上!) 
    寅午寅  依-16 テウチ + 1000-ryou 
    寅午辰  1000-ryou 
    寅申辰  1000-ryou 
    卯寅子 (Ninja Card no.-49 神月イズモ) 
    卯寅丑 (Ninja Card no.-73 たたみイワシ) 
    卯卯午  Ninja Mission Card no.-135 変える力 + 5000-ryou 
    卯辰亥 (Jutsu Card no.-102 肉弾戦車) 
    卯午卯  1000-ryou 
    卯酉午  1000-ryou 
    辰酉子  Sランク任務 VJからの挑戦状 追加 
    辰酉寅  10000-ryou 
    辰酉辰  1000-ryou 
    辰戌丑 (Ninja Mission Card no.-85 咄嗟の機転) 
    辰戌午 (Jutsu Card no.-68 チャクラ吸着) 
    巳子子 (Ninja Mission Card no.-88 立派な忍者) 
    巳子戌  1000-ryou 
    巳寅子  1000-ryou 
    巳寅酉  Ninja Mission Card no.-154 嵐のごとき戦い + 1000-ryou 
    巳卯巳 (Ninja Mission Card no.-62 メシ抜き) 
    巳巳亥  1000-ryou 
    巳午子  1000-ryou 
    巳申戌  1000-ryou 
    巳酉卯 (Ninja Card no.-83 みたらしアンコ) 
    巳戌酉  Ninja Card no.-139 ロック・リー + 1000-ryou 
    午子午  Jutsu Card no.-145 うずまきナルト二千連弾 + 5000-ryou 
    午子午  依-17 アヤメ + 1000-ryou 
    午丑卯 (Jutsu Card no.-86 表蓮華) 
    午巳子  1000-ryou 
    午午午  Ninja Card no.-154 うずまきナルト + 1000-ryou 
    午午申  Ninja Mission Card no.-133 秘密の抜け道 + 1000-ryou 
    午未丑 (Jutsu Card no.-91 獅子連弾) 
    午酉酉 (Ninja Card no.-53 忍亀) 
    午亥卯  Ninja Card no.-157 山城アオバ + 1000-ryou 
    未丑辰 (依-5 ゾウリ) 
    未丑亥 (Jutsu Card no.-1 クナイ) 
    未寅戌  1000-ryou 
    未卯寅  1000-ryou 
    未午酉  Ninja Mission Card no.-153 最高のライバル + 1000-ryou 
    申子子 (Ninja Card no.-61 うずまきナルト) 
    申子亥  Jutsu Card no.-129 チャクラの解放 + 1000-ryou 
    申丑子 (Ninja Mission Card no.-100 電光掲示板) 
    申丑寅 (Ninja Card no.-31 ロック・リー) 
    申寅酉  Ninja Card no.-142 神月イズモ + 1000-ryou 
    申辰辰 (Ninja Card no.-101 自来也) 
    申未申  1000-ryou 
    申未戌 (Ninja Card no.-63 イルカ) 
    申酉子  Ninja Mission Card no.-134 勝利の誓い + 1000-ryou 
    酉午辰  Jutsu Card no.-128 影分身の術 + 1000-ryou 
    酉申寅  1000-ryou 
    酉申巳  Jutsu Card no.-127 クナイ + 1000-ryou 
    酉戌子  1000-ryou 
    酉亥丑 (Jutsu Card no.-69 金縛りの術) 
    戌子亥  1000-ryou 
    戌丑戌 (Ninja Card no.-92 油女シノ) 
    戌巳巳  Ninja Card no.-136 うずまきナルト + 1000-ryou 
    戌午辰 (Jutsu Card no.-67 起爆札) 
    戌未子  Ninja Card no.-135 九尾の狐 + 10000-ryou 
    戌申戌 (Ninja Mission Card no.-70 みたらしアンコ見参!) 
    戌戌酉  Jutsu Card no.-146 分身体当たり + 1000-ryou 
    亥子戌 (Ninja Mission Card no.-1 ラーメン一楽) 
    亥卯戌  10000-ryou 
    亥午子  Ninja Mission Card no.-151 破られた封印 + 1000-ryou 
    亥申巳  Ninja Mission Card no.-152 ニクキュウ + 1000-ryou 
    亥酉申 (Jutsu Card no.-61 影分身の術) 
    亥亥酉  1000-ryou 
    [S006]+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Special Codes +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    There are a couple of special codes available, that unlock things like new
    S-rank Missions or Unlock all the Characters. So I'll be listing them here
    as I get them. The order in which I'll put them will be the following:
    (Element) Code : Effect
    (風) 亥辰卯  : Unlocks "Weekly Jump" S-Rank Mission
    (雷) 辰酉子 : Unlocks "V-Jump" S-Rank Mission
    (火) 亥酉卯 : Unlocks All Playable Characters
    I really really recommend that you don't use the last code, because you'll be
    wasting this game's true potential... but do what you like.
    [S007]+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Contact Info -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    You can contact me if you want to send submissions that you want added here,
    or if you find mistakes and want to report them. I'll try to fix it all soon.
    E-mail: hyo.exe@gmail.com
    Please, don't contact me to ask for help. If it's not listed here, I don't
    know the answer, thus contacting me for that would be useless... right?
    Please remember... I' not looking for ANY friends, so refrain from writing if
    you are not going to be useful!
    If you submitted something here and want it removed or wanted modified or I
    didn't credit you properly, contact me ASAP, I'll change it.
    Last, but not least, do not distribute this ANYWHERE. If you found this
    somewhere else other than GameFAQs.com, please let me know.
    Again, thanks to everyone who provided their knowledge on this great game!
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