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    Hinata Hyuga by Hello Hello

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                                       Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2
                                           Hinata Hyuga FAQ
                                             Kenny Ryan 
                                       (Hello Hello on GameFAQs)
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    Hello! It's me Hello Hello, and I've finally gotten around to making another 
    FAQ. This guide is for the character Hinata Hyuga from Naruto: Ultimate 
    Ninja 2 for the Sony PlayStation 2. 
    Q: How do I unlock Byakugan Hinata?
    A: This isn't an FAQ about Byakugan Hinata.
    Q: Will Hinata end up with Naruto?!?!
    A: I don't know. Why ask me?
    Q: How do I unlock Byakugan Hinata?
    A: This isn't an FAQ for that character. Stop asking.
    Q: Which Hinata is better?
    A: They're about even. Hinata can be customized. Her alternate self can not. 
       On the other hand her other self can activate the Byakugan at anytime
       without warning, which can be very deadly. Regular Hinata can jack up her 
       stats at any time though with her Super Healing Medicine. Keep that in mind.
    Q: How do I unlock Byakugan Hinata?
    A: . . .
    Hinata Hyuga is the heir to the Hyuga family's leadership. As the daughter of 
    current clan leader Hiashi Hyuga she is set to become leader after him. A shy,
    and timid girl, Hinata has a hard time asserting herself and suffers from a
    self-esteem problem. She has a crush on Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja whom she 
    admires because of his confidence, and determination.
    Hinata possesses the Byakugan, an ability that everyone with Hyuga blood can 
    use. The Byakugan allows Hinata an almost 360° range of vision, and allows her 
    to see other people's Chakra points. By striking these Chakra points she can 
    close off, or open an opponent's Chakra, or attack the opponent's internal 
    organs. This is a deadly stlye as no matter how hard you train you can never 
    strengthen your internal organs. Even a weak Byakugan user can theoretically 
    cause major damage if he or she were able to land a hit.
    Turning Palm Strike: O, O, O, Up+O
    Double Thrust Strike: O, O, O, Forward+O
    Double Palm Hit: O, O, O, Down+O
    Turning Palm Dance Barrage: O, O, O, Back+O
    Heaven's Palm: Up+O, O
    Downward Spiral Palm: Down+O, O
    Turning Back-Through Palm" Forward+O, O
    Turning Knee Strike (Ground Throw): Back+O
    Rolling Back Palm (Aerial Throw): Back+O
    Jumping Rising Thrust (While Jumping): Up+O, O
    Stepping on Air Kick (While jumping): Down+O, O
    Double Palm Air Strike (While jumping): O, O
    Barrage of Gentle Fists (uses Chakra): Up, Up, O
    Super Healing Medicine (uses Chakra): Down, Down, O
    Friends (Chakra Gauge 1 or over): Triangle, O
    Byakugan (Chakra Gauge 2 or over): Triangle, Triangle, O
    Gentle Fist (Chakra Gauge 3 or over): Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, O
    Hinata is a good character, and should be played as a close ranged character 
    due to her natural talent with Taijutsu. 
    Good jutsu to give her would be ANBU Kakashi's Young Lightning, and Kabuto's 
    Feather Illusion Jutsu, Ino's Ninja Wolfsbane, or Guy's Dynamic Entry.
    Super Healing Medicine is fine to keep, but Barrage of Gentle Fists is lame.
    Hinata's Byakugan can be activated by using her level 2 secret technique. In
    this state ever hit you land (even one's that are blocked) will cause the 
    opponent to lose Chakra. This is can be good, if you know how to play 
    Hinata's level 1 secret tech is also good in that it can go on for three 
    phases. It does respectable damage.
    Hinata's level 3 secret technique is the one that hurts. If you can succeed in
    both phases, you can easily take off close to (if not) half the opponent's HP.
    Hinata is short, and many of her attacks hit lower than smiliar attacks from 
    other characters. Use that to your advantage and get in many throws.
    Be aggressive against Hinata. Especially if the other player has managed to 
    get the Byakugan going. Don't give up any ground. Substitute and put on 
    pressure until it wears off. 
    Alternatively, if you can't play well agressively, use the stage to your 
    advantage and buy time.
    Super Healing Medicine:
    In chapter 2 collect you need to collect 3 herbs. One of the herbs is in a pot 
    at the Hokage Stone faces, another in the Forest of death, and the last is in 
    Zabuza's hideout. After the game find Hinata at the Trail, on the bridge and 
    she will ask for them. Give them to her and you'll get her Super Healing 
    Barrage of Gentle Fists:
    After the game, find Hinata at the Training Grounds. Talk to her and you'll
    get the opportunity to fight her. The requirements for victory are:
    1) Win the battle.
    2) Leave at least 80% life.
    3) Preserve a level 3 Chakra.
    This is pretty easy. Start the battle with a level 3 special technique, and 
    then blast away at her (while making sure you have the time to get your Chakra 
    back to level 3). If for some reason you are having trouble with this, use
    Tsunade. Her level 3 secret technique gives her HP regeneration for a short 
    time. Alright, you've gotten Barrage of Gentle Fists!
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