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    House Code List by DeathMerchant15

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                Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 - English Code List
    This is the Code list for Naruto's House in Ultimate Ninja 2.
                       Code List
    Here they are:
    Rat-Dragon-Hare            Ninja Mission Card no.-157+5000-ryou 
    Rat-Dragon-Dog             1000-ryou 
    Rat-Snake-Dragon           1000-ryou 
    Ox-Tiger-Dog               Jutsu Card no.-63
    Ox-Hare-Hare               Ninja Card no.-86
    Ox-Dog-Snake               Ninja Mission Card no.-46
    Tiger-Tiger-Rooster        10000-ryou 
    Tiger-Dragon-Hare          10000-ryou 
    Tiger-Snake-Ox             Ninja Card no.-13
    Tiger-Snake-Dog            Ninja Mission Card no.-29
    Tiger-Horse-Boar           1000-ryou 
    Tiger-Ram-Dragon           Jutsu Card no.-131+10000-ryou 
    Tiger-Rooster-Horse        Ninja Card no.-164+5000-ryou 
    Hare-Hare-Dog              Ninja Card no.-85
    Hare-Snake-Horse           Jutsu Card no.-73
    Hare-Horse-Rat             1000-ryou
    Hare-Horse-Snake           1000-ryou 
    Hare-Dog-Dog               1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Tiger-Dragon        Jutsu Card no.-7
    Dragon-Tiger-Horse         1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Monkey-Snake        Ninja Card no.-68
    Dragon-Rooster-Snake       Ninja Card no.-163+10000-ryou 
    Dragon-Boar-Rat            1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Boar-Rooster        Jutsu Card no.-88
    Snake-Rat-Hare             Jutsu Card no.-10
    Snake-Rat-Rooster          Ninja Mission Card no.-104
    Snake-Tiger-Ram            Jutsu Card no.-130+1000-ryou 
    Snake-Hare-Dragon          Ninja Mission Card no.-158+1000-ryou 
    Snake-Hare-Horse           1000-ryou 
    Snake-Hare-Rooster         Ninja Mission Card no.-137+1000-ryou 
    Snake-Snake-Ox             Ninja Card no.-82
    Horse-Tiger-Boar           Ninja Card no.-137+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Horse-Rooster        Ninja Card no.-28 
    Horse-Ram-Snake            Ninja Card no.-50
    Horse-Rooster-Horse        Ninja Mission Card no.-138+5000-ryou 
    Horse-Dog-Hare             Ninja Card no.-144+5000-ryou 
    Ram-Rat-Hare               Ninja Mission Card no.-139+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Tiger-Rat              1000-ryou 
    Ram-Hare-Dog               Ninja Mission Card no.-91 
    Ram-Dragon-Ox              Jutsu Card no.-92
    Ram-Snake-Ox               Ninja Mission Card no.-63
    Ram-Snake-Boar             Jutsu Card no.-147+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Ram-Ram                Ninja Card no.-62
    Ram-Rooster-Horse          Ninja Mission Card no.-71
    Ram-Rooster-Rooster        Ninja Mission Card no.-6
    Ram-Boar-Rat               Ninja Mission Card no.-64
    Monkey-Tiger-Snake         1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Hare-Rat            1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Hare-Snake          5000-ryou 
    Monkey-Snake-Rat           Ninja Mission Card no.-156+1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Horse-Dragon        1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Horse-Dog           Jutsu Card no.-9
    Monkey-Monkey-Ram          1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Dog-Rat             Ninja Card no.-90
    Monkey-Dog-Tiger           Jutsu Card no.-62
    Monkey-Boar-Horse          Ninja Card no.-94
    Monkey-Boar-Monkey         Jutsu Card no.-149+5000-ryou 
    Rooster-Tiger-Monkey       Jutsu Card no.-72
    Rooster-Snake-Boar         Ninja Card no.-64
    Rooster-Horse-Dog          Jutsu Card no.-1481000-ryou 
    Rooster-Monkey-Monkey      Jutsu Card no.-71
    Rooster-Rooster-Dragon     Ninja Card no.-91
    Rooster-Rooster-Horse      Jutsu Card no.-8 
    Rooster-Dog-Rooster        Ninja Mission Card no.-73
    Rooster-Boar-Rooster       1000-ryou 
    Dog-Dragon-Tiger           Ninja Mission Card no.-72
    Dog-Snake-Monkey           Ninja Mission Card no.-155+1000-ryou 
    Dog-Horse-Rooster          Ninja Mission Card no.-136+1000-ryou 
    Dog-Boar-Snake             Ninja Card no.-74
    Dog-Boar-Dog               1000-ryou 
    Boar-Ox-Boar               Ninja Mission Card no.-101
    Boar-Tiger-Rat             Ninja Card no.-1431000-ryou 
    Boar-Tiger-Boar            1000-ryou 
    Boar-Hare-Hare             Ninja Card no.-155+1000-ryou 
    Boar-Hare-Horse            1000-ryou 
    Boar-Hare-Ram              1000-ryou 
    Boar-Ram-Rat               Jutsu Card no.-99
    Rat-Rat-Monkey             1000-ryou 
    Rat-Monkey-Rooster         1000-ryou 
    Rat-Rooster-Boar           1000-ryou 
    Ox-Tiger-Hare              Ninja Card no.-96
    Ox-Monkey-Hare             Ninja Card no.-75
    Ox-Rooster-Monkey          Ninja Mission Card no.-102
    Tiger-Dragon-Tiger         5000-ryou 
    Tiger-Horse-Ox             Ninja Card no.-78
    Tiger-Dog-Horse            Ninja Mission Card no.-142+1000-ryou 
    Hare-Tiger-Dog             Ninja Card no.-98
    Hare-Ram-Snake             Jutsu Card no.-96
    Hare-Monkey-Monkey         1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Rat-Ram             Ninja Card no.-148+1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Snake-Hare          Ninja Card no.-93
    Dragon-Snake-Horse         Jutsu Card no.-134+1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Horse-Rat           Jutsu Card no.-74
    Dragon-Ram-Horse           Ninja Card no.-149+1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Monkey-Dog          Ninja Card no.-97
    Dragon-Rooster-Ram         Ninja Card no.-89
    Snake-Ram-Rat              Ninja Card no.-152+5000-ryou 
    Snake-Ram-Snake            Jutsu Card no.-76
    Snake-Rooster-Horse        5000-ryou 
    Horse-Rat-Ram              1000-ryou 
    Horse-Hare-Dragon          1000-ryou 
    Horse-Dragon-Hare          Jutsu Card no.-94
    Horse-Snake-Boar           Jutsu Card no.-153+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Horse-Rat            Jutsu Card no.-150+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Horse-Dragon         Jutsu Card no.-151+10000-ryou 
    Horse-Horse-Horse          1000-ryou 
    Horse-Ram-Tiger            Ninja Card no.-151+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Ram-Ram              Ninja Mission Card no.-96
    Horse-Ram-Rooster          Ninja Mission Card no.-160+5000-ryou 
    Horse-Monkey-Rooster       Ninja Card no.-84
    Horse-Rooster-Snake        Ninja Mission Card no.-159+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Dog-Tiger            Ninja Card no.-168+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Horse-Snake            Jutsu Card no.-135+5000-ryou 
    Ram-Horse-Dog              1000-ryou 
    Ram-Monkey-Ox              Ninja Mission Card no.-75
    Ram-Rooster-Monkey         1000-ryou 
    Ram-Dog-Tiger              Jutsu Card no.-77
    Ram-Dog-Monkey             Ninja Mission Card no.-141+1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Dragon-Hare         1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Horse-Ox            Ninja Card no.-76
    Monkey-Horse-Snake         1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Horse-Monkey        Ninja Mission Card no.-140+1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Monkey-Hare         Jutsu Card no.-105
    Monkey-Monkey-Horse        1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Monkey-Dog          Ninja Card no.-166+10000-ryou 
    Monkey-Monkey-Boar         Jutsu Card no.-132+1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Rat-Horse          1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Ox-Hare            Ninja Mission Card no.-74
    Rooster-Ox-Ram             Jutsu Card no.-93
    Rooster-Tiger-Horse        Jutsu Card no.-133+1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Ram-Hare           Jutsu Card no.-152+1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Ram-Monkey         1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Monkey-Rooster     Ninja Card no.-77
    Rooster-Boar-Snake         Jutsu Card no.-95
    Dog-Rat-Monkey             1000-ryou 
    Dog-Hare-Snake             Ninja Mission Card no.-92
    Dog-Monkey-Boar            Ninja Card no.-167+1000-ryou 
    Dog-Rooster-Hare           Ninja Card no.-150+1000-ryou 
    Dog-Rooster-Ram            1000-ryou 
    Dog-Dog-Snake              Ninja Card no.-95
    Boar-Rat-Snake             1000-ryou 
    Boar-Hare-Rooster          1000-ryou 
    Boar-Rooster-Rooster       Ninja Mission Card no.-76 
    Boar-Dog-Ram-              1000-ryou 
    Rat-Tiger-Tiger            Ninja Mission Card no.-165+1000-ryou 
    Rat-Dragon-Boar            Jutsu Card no.-161+1000-ryou 
    Rat-Ram-Hare               Jutsu Card no.-140+1000-ryou 
    Rat-Ram-Rooster            1000-ryou 
    Rat-Dog-Hare               Jutsu Card no.-143+1000-ryou 
    Ox-Ox-Ox                   Ninja Mission Card no.-39
    Ox-Dragon-Snake            Ninja Card no.-107
    Tiger-Hare-Hare            Ninja Mission Card no.-94 
    Tiger-Dragon-Dragon        Ninja Card no.-72
    Tiger-Dragon-Dog           1000-ryou 
    Tiger-Horse-Snake          Ninja Mission Card no.-81
    Tiger-Rooster-Horse        Ninja Mission Card no.-83
    Hare-Rat-Monkey            Ninja Card no.-140+1000-ryou 
    Hare-Ox-Tiger              Ninja Card no.-66
    Hare-Hare-Monkey           Ninja Mission Card no.-20
    Hare-Dragon-Dragon         Jutsu Card no.-84Jutsu Card no.
    Hare-Dragon-Monkey         Jutsu Card no.-82
    Hare-Horse-Ox              Ninja Mission Card no.-89
    Hare-Ram-Boar              1000-ryou 
    Hare-Monkey-Boar           1000-ryou 
    Hare-Dog-Monkey            Ninja Card no.-51
    Dragon-Rat-Dragon          Ninja Mission Card no.-66
    Dragon-Ox-Snake            Ninja Card no.-104
    Dragon-Tiger-Rat           Jutsu Card no.-162+1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Tiger-Hare          Ninja Mission Card no.-84
    Dragon-Hare-Monkey         1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Horse-Snake         Ninja Card no.-108
    Dragon-Dog-Tiger           Ninja Card no.-52
    Dragon-Boar-Snake          Jutsu Card no.-142+1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Boar-Dog            Jutsu Card no.-160+1000-ryou 
    Snake-Horse-Rooster        Jutsu Card no.-101 
    Snake-Ram-Ram              Ninja Card no.-103
    Snake-Monkey-Tiger         Jutsu Card no.-83
    Snake-Monkey-Horse         Ninja Mission Card no.-82
    Snake-Dog-Ram              Ninja Card no.-105
    Snake-Dog-Monkey           Ninja Mission Card no.-165+1000-ryou 
    Snake-Dog-Dog              1000-ryou 
    Snake-Boar-Dog             1000-ryou 
    Horse-Rat-Boar             Ninja Mission Card no.-167+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Hare-Dragon          Jutsu Card no.-141+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Dragon-Monkey        Ninja Card no.-106
    Horse-Horse-Dragon         Jutsu Card no.-96
    Horse-Horse-Dog            Jutsu Card no.-159+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Ram-Snake            1000-ryou 
    Horse-Ram-Horse            1000-ryou 
    Horse-Monkey-Dog           Ninja Card no.-71
    Horse-Dog-Horse            1000-ryou 
    Horse-Dog-Dog              1000-ryou 
    Ram-Rat-Boar               1000-ryou 
    Ram-Hare-Horse             1000-ryou 
    Ram-Hare-Boar              Ninja Mission Card no.-150+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Snake-Ox               Ninja Card no.-6
    Ram-Snake-Ram              Ninja Card no.-162+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Horse-Rat-             Ninja Mission Card no.-148+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Horse-Horse            Ninja Mission Card no.-160+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Ram-Dragon             Ninja Mission Card no.-90 
    Ram-Rooster-Hare           Ninja Mission Card no.-149+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Dog-Ram                Ninja Card no.-160+1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Tiger-Horse         Ninja Card no.-37
    Monkey-Tiger-Monkey        1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Hare-Hare-          Jutsu Card no.-144+5000-ryou 
    Monkey-Dragon-Snake        Ninja Card no.-30 
    Monkey-Rooster-Ox          Ninja Card no.-5 
    Monkey-Rooster-Boar        Ninja Mission Card no.-99 
    Rooster-Dragon-Monkey      Ninja Card no.-141+1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Snake-Hare-        Jutsu Card no.-158+1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Snake-Rooster      Ninja Card no.-4j 
    Rooster-Horse-Rat          Ninja Card no.-32 
    Rooster-Horse-Rooster      Ninja Card no.-156+1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Ram-Dog            1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Boar-Tiger         Ninja Mission Card no.-105 
    Dog-Hare-Ram               Jutsu Card no.-66 
    Dog-Hare-Dog               1000-ryou  
    Dog-Horse-Tiger            Jutsu Card no.-20 
    Dog-Monkey-Rat             Ninja Card no.-138+10000-ryou 
    Dog-Monkey-Ram             Ninja Card no.-70 
    Dog-Rooster-Horse          Jutsu Card no.-104 
    Boar-Tiger-Dog             Ninja Mission Card no.-147+1000-ryou 
    Boar-Dragon-Horse          1000-ryou 
    Boar-Boar-Tiger            10000-ryou
    Rat-Ox-Dog                 Jutsu Card no.-98
    Rat-Tiger-Rat              1000-ryou 
    Rat-Snake-Snake            Jutsu Card no.-85
    Rat-Snake-Ram              Jutsu Card no.-154+1000-ryou 
    Rat-Horse-Rat              Jutsu Card no.-137+1000-ryou 
    Rat-Horse-Boar             1000-ryou 
    Rat-Ram-Dog                Ninja Mission Card no.-7 
    Rat-Rooster-Ram            1000-ryou 
    Rat-Boar-Tiger             1000-ryou 
    Rat-Boar-Dragon            Ninja Mission Card no.-164+1000-ryou 
    Ox-Rooster-Ram             Ninja Card no.-10
    Tiger-Rat-Horse            Jutsu Card no.-138+1000-ryou 
    Tiger-Hare-Rat             Ninja Card no.-165+1000-ryou 
    Tiger-Dragon-Horse         Ninja Card no.-100 
    Tiger-Monkey-Boar          Jutsu Card no.-157+1000-ryou 
    Hare-Rat-Rooster           Ninja Mission Card no.-65 
    Hare-Hare-Hare             Ninja Mission Card no.-+1000-ryou 
    Hare-Monkey-Hare           Jutsu Card no.-80 
    Hare-Rooster-Dog           Jutsu Card no.-81 
    Hare-Rooster-Boar          1000-ryou 
    Hare-Boar-Boar             Ninja Mission Card no.-161+1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Rat-Snake           Jutsu Card no.-155+1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Rat-Horse           Ninja Card no.-147+1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Rat-Boar            Ninja Mission Card no.-15 
    Dragon-Tiger-Horse         Ninja Card no.-35 
    Dragon-Hare-Dog            Jutsu Card no.-16 
    Dragon-Snake-Dragon        Ninja Mission Card no.-103 
    Dragon-Monkey-Rat          1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Monkey-Dragon       Jutsu Card no.-89 
    Dragon-Monkey-Rat          1000-ryou 
    Snake-Ox-Rooster           Jutsu Card no.-65j 
    Snake-Snake-Tiger          Jutsu Card no.-139+1000-ryou 
    Snake-Horse-Horse          Ninja Card no.-145+10000-ryou 
    Snake-Ram-Horse            Ninja Mission Card no.-144+1000-ryou 
    Snake-Ram-Boar             1000-ryou 
    Snake-Monkey-Ox            Ninja Card no.-88 
    Snake-Rooster-Ram          1000-ryou 
    Horse-Tiger-Horse          Ninja Card no.-169 
    Horse-Snake-Ram            Jutsu Card no.-156+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Horse-Horse          Ninja Mission Card no.-98 
    Horse-Horse-Ram            1000-ryou 
    Horse-Ram-Rat              Ninja Mission Card no.-80 
    Horse-Ram-Rooster          Ninja Mission Card no.-162+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Ram-Dog              Ninja Mission Card no.-77 
    Horse-Rooster-Monkey       Ninja Card no.-171 
    Ram-Rat-Rat                Jutsu Card no.-136+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Rat-Dragon             Ninja Mission Card no.-143+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Rat-Snake              Ninja Card no.-24 
    Ram-Dragon-Rat             Ninja Card no.-29 
    Ram-Horse-Horse            Ninja Mission Card no.-145+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Dog-Rooster            1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Rat-Rooster         1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Ox-Ox               Ninja Mission Card no.-93 
    Monkey-Tiger-Ox            Jutsu Card no.-19 
    Monkey-Tiger-Ram           1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Dragon-Rooster      Ninja Card no.-102 
    Monkey-Horse-Snake         1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Ram-Horse           Jutsu Card no.-78 
    Monkey-Monkey-Rooster      Ninja Mission Card no.-146+1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Dog-Hare            1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Boar-Rat            Ninja Card no.-38 
    Rooster-Ox-Ox              Jutsu Card no.-100 
    Rooster-Tiger-Snake        Ninja Mission Card no.-78 
    Rooster-Dragon-Rooster     Ninja Mission Card no.-86 
    Rooster-Dragon-Dog         1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Snake-Dog          Ninja Card no.-81 
    Rooster-Ram-Tiger          Ninja Card no.-79 
    Rooster-Dog-Ox             Ninja Mission Card no.-95 
    Rooster-Boar-Ram           1000-ryou 
    Dog-Rat-Ram                Ninja Card no.-80 
    Dog-Tiger-Ram              Ninja Card no.-9 
    Dog-Hare-Tiger             Ninja Card no.-159+1000-ryou  
    Dog-Snake-Dog              Ninja Card no.-170+1000-ryou 
    Dog-Ram-Ram                1000-ryou 
    Boar-Rat-Hare              5000-ryou 
    Boar-Snake-Horse           Jutsu Card no.-79 
    Boar-Horse-Dragon          1000-ryou 
    Boar-Horse-Horse           Ninja Card no.-65 
    Boar-Horse-Rooster         1000-ryou 
    Boar-Horse-Dog             Ninja Card no.-146+1000-ryou 
    Boar-Ram-Monkey            1000-ryou 
    Boar-Dog-Horse             1000-ryou 
    Boar-Boar-Ox               Ninja Card no.-69
    Rat-Rat-Horse              Ninja Mission Card no.-87
    Rat-Ox-Tiger               Jutsu Card no.-3
    Rat-Tiger-Rooster          Ninja Card no.-87
    Rat-Dragon-Rooster         Ninja Card no.-39
    Rat-Monkey-Dog             1000-ryou 
    Rat-Dog-Monkey             1000-ryou 
    Ox-Tiger-Ram               Jutsu Card no.-87
    Ox-Dragon-Hare             Ninja Card no.-34
    Ox-Dragon-Boar             Ninja Mission Card no.-69
    Ox-Dog-Hare                Ninja Mission Card no.-68
    Tiger-Rat-Monkey           Ninja Card no.-172+5000-ryou 
    Tiger-Tiger-Dragon         Ninja Card no.-67
    Tiger-Tiger-Horse          1000-ryou 
    Tiger-Hare-Dog             Ninja Mission Card no.-67
    Tiger-Hare-Boar            Ninja Mission Card no.-61
    Tiger-Horse-Tiger-         1000-ryou 
    Tiger-Horse-Dragon         1000-ryou 
    Tiger-Monkey-Dragon        1000-ryou 
    Hare-Tiger-Rat             Ninja Card no.-49
    Hare-Tiger-Ox              Ninja Card no.-73
    Hare-Hare-Horse            Ninja Mission Card no.-13+5000-ryou 
    Hare-Dragon-Boar           Jutsu Card no.-102
    Hare-Horse-Hare            1000-ryou 
    Hare-Rooster-Horse         1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Rooster-Tiger       10000-ryou 
    Dragon-Rooster-Dragon      1000-ryou 
    Dragon-Dog-Ox              Ninja Mission Card no.-85
    Dragon-Dog-Horse           Jutsu Card no.-68
    Snake-Rat-Rat              Ninja Mission Card no.-88
    Snake-Rat-Dog              1000-ryou 
    Snake-Tiger-Rat            1000-ryou 
    Snake-Tiger-Rooster        Ninja Mission Card no.-154+1000-ryou 
    Snake-Hare-Snake           Ninja Mission Card no.-62
    Snake-Snake-Boar           1000-ryou 
    Snake-Horse-Rat            1000-ryou 
    Snake-Monkey-Dog           1000-ryou 
    Snake-Rooster-Hare         Ninja Card no.-83
    Snake-Dog-Rooster          Ninja Card no.-139+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Rat-Horse            Jutsu Card no.-145+5000-ryou 
    Horse-Ox-Hare              Jutsu Card no.-86
    Horse-Snake-Rat            1000-ryou 
    Horse-Horse-Horse          Ninja Card no.-154+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Horse-Monkey         Ninja Mission Card no.-133+1000-ryou 
    Horse-Ram-Ox               Jutsu Card no.-91
    Horse-Rooster-Rooster      Ninja Card no.-53
    Horse-Boar-Hare            Ninja Card no.-157+1000-ryou 
    Ram-Ox-Boar                Jutsu Card no.-1
    Ram-Hare-Tiger             1000-ryou 
    Ram-Horse-Rooster          Ninja Mission Card no.-153+1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Rat-Rat             Ninja Card no.-61
    Monkey-Rat-Boar            Jutsu Card no.-129+1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Ox-Rat              Ninja Mission Card no.-100
    Monkey-Ox-Tiger            Ninja Card no.-31
    Monkey-Tiger-Rooster       Ninja Card no.-142+1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Dragon-Dragon       Ninja Card no.-101
    Monkey-Ram-Monkey          1000-ryou 
    Monkey-Ram-Dog             Ninja Card no.-63
    Monkey-Rooster-Rat         Ninja Mission Card no.-134+1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Horse-Dragon       Jutsu Card no.-128+1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Monkey-Tiger       1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Monkey-Snake       Jutsu Card no.-127+1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Dog-Rat            1000-ryou 
    Rooster-Boar-Ox            Jutsu Card no.-69
    Dog-Rat-Boar               1000-ryou 
    Dog-Ox-Dog                 Ninja Card no.-92
    Dog-Snake-Snake            Ninja Card no.-136+1000-ryou 
    Dog-Horse-Dragon           Jutsu Card no.-67
    Dog-Ram-Rat                Ninja Card no.-135+10000-ryou 
    Dog-Monkey-Dog             Ninja Mission Card no.-70 
    Dog-Dog-Rooster            Jutsu Card no.-146+1000-ryou 
    Boar-Rat-Dog               Ninja Mission Card no.-1
    Boar-Horse-Rat             Ninja Mission Card no.-151+1000-ryou 
    Boar-Monkey-Snake          Ninja Mission Card no.-152+1000-ryou 
    Boar-Rooster-Monkey        Jutsu Card no.-61
    Boar-Boar-Rooster          1000-ryou 
                                Special Codes
    Wind: Dog-Monkey-Ram : Unlocks "Fiery Duo's Challenge" - vs. Guy
    Fire: Dragon-Snake-Tiger : Unlocks Naruto's Challenge in 5-rank missions  
    Thunder: Snake-Rat-Dragon : Unlocks All Playable Characters
    If you see something you think you should contact me about
     feel free to do so by emailing DeathMerchant15@gmail.com

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