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    Game Script by Siela_

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    *                     MAGNA CARTA: TEARS OF BLOOD SCRIPT                      *
    *                                                                             *
    *                             Written by Siela_                               *
    *                          Email: siela@freemail.hu                           *
     1. ------- General information                            [GNIF]
     2. ------- Table of Contents                              [CONT]
     3. ------- Game Script                                    [SCPT]
     4. ------- Save Scripts                                   [SAVE]
     5. ------- Miscellaneous Scripts                          [MISC]
     6. ------- Version History                                [VERH]
     7. ------- Legal information                              [LEGI]
     8. ------- Contact Information                            [CONI]
     9. ------- Credits & thanks                               [CRED]
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    *       1. General information                         [GNIF]                 *
    *                                                                             *
    Welcome to my guide! 
    And thanks for reading it ^_^ 
    This guide is based on the PS2, English version of Magna Carta: Tears of Blood.
    Although I think it is obvious, but I do like to point out that this script
    DOES contain SPOILERS.
    So, if you donít want to spoil the whole game, do not read on!!
    There, youíve been warned. 
    Iím aware of the fact, that I can be very unimaginative when it comes to
    explaining things.
    So PLEASE, if you do have a better explanation for any of the events,
    be so kind and send it to me. Thanks ^_^.
    And now, to the script!!! 
    ( just after the table of contents ^_^) 
    *                                                                             *
    *       2. Table of contents                           [CONT]                 *
    *                                                                             *
    *****Game Script*****
        3.1. ---- Headquarters / Garute                            [3.001]
        3.3. ---- Mt. Aremori Base / Yason-Roven                   [3.002]
        3.3. ---- Mt. Aremori Path / Yason-Roven                   [3.003]
        3.3. ---- Magic Circle / Yason-Roven                       [3.004]
        3.5. ---- Mt. Aremori Path / Yason-Roven                   [3.005]
        3.6. ---- The Cave / Yason-Roven                           [3.006]
        3.7. ---- Amrond Woods / Yason-Roven                       [3.007]
        3.8. ---- Valley of Lester / Garute                        [3.008]
        3.9. ---- Lester / Garute                                  [3.009]
        3.10. Ė-- Lester ( Village, Woods and Valley) / Garute     [3.010]
        3.11. Ė-- Headquarters / Garute                            [3.011]
        3.13. Ė-- Road to Amabat / Garute                          [3.012]
        3.13. Ė-- S. Mt. Rhyde / Amabat                            [3.013]
        3.13. Ė-- Lightning Ruins / Amabat                         [3.014]
        3.15. Ė-- The Great Temple / Amabat                        [3.015]
        3.16. Ė-- Remie / Maracatte                                [3.016]
        3.17. Ė-- Rance Woods / Maracatte                          [3.017]
        3.18. Ė-- Erestine / Garute                                [3.018]
        3.19. Ė-- Notia / Garute                                   [3.019]
        3.20. Ė-- Notia / Garute Ė                Calintzís party  [3.020]
        3.21. Ė-- Entress Desert / Maracatte Ė    Calintzís party  [3.021]
        3.22. Ė-- Efor / Maracatte Ė              Calintzís party  [3.022]
        3.23. Ė-- Pnosen Labyrinth / Maracatte Ė  Calintzís party  [3.023]
        3.24. Ė-- Pnosen Library / Maracatte Ė    Calintzís party  [3.024]
        3.25. --- Headquarters / Garute Ė         Calintzís party  [3.025]
        3.26. --- Mirna Road  / Garute Ė          Calintzís party  [3.026]
        3.27. Ė-- Mt. Feissen / Yason-Roven -     Calintzís party  [3.027]
        3.28. Ė-- Fire Ruins / Yason-Roven -      Calintzís party  [3.028]
        3.29. --- Amrond Woods / Yason-Roven -    Calintzís party  [3.029]
        3.30. Ė-- Notia / Garute Ė                Reithís party    [3.030]
        3.31. Ė-- Erestine / Garute Ė             Reithís party    [3.031]
        3.33. Ė-- Lidd / Garute Ė                 Reithís party    [3.032]
        3.33. Ė-- Fuget / Garute Ė                Reithís party    [3.033]
        3.33. --- Amrond Woods / Yason-Roven -    Calintzís party  [3.034]
        3.35. Ė-- Fuget / Garute Ė                Calintzís party  [3.035]
        3.36. --- Headquarters / Garute                            [3.036]
        3.37. Ė-- Efor / Maracatte Ė              Calintzís party  [3.037]
        3.38. Ė-- Nordon / Nordon Snow Ė          Calintzís party  [3.038]
        3.39. Ė-- Mountain Ruins / Nordon Snow Ė  Calintzís party  [3.039]
        3.40. Ė-- Erestine / Garute Ė             Reithís party    [3.040]
        3.41. Ė-- Fuget / Garute Ė                Reithís party    [3.041]
        3.42. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Reithís party    [3.042]
        3.43. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.043]
        3.44. Ė-- Ranca / Garute -                Calintzís party  [3.044]
        3.45. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.045]
        3.46. Ė-- Lester Wood / Garute -          Calintzís party  [3.046]
        3.47. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.047]
        3.48. Ė-- Bayrux / Bayer -                Calintzís party  [3.048]
        3.49. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.049]
        3.50. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Reithís party    [3.050]
        3.51. Ė-- Efor / Maracatte Ė              Reithís party    [3.051]
        3.52. Ė---Remie / Maracatte -             Reithís party    [3.052]
        3.53. Ė-- Pnosen Labyrinth / Maracatte Ė  Reithís party    [3.053]
        3.54. Ė-- Pnosen Library / Maracatte Ė    Reithís party    [3.054]
        3.55. Ė-- Efor / Maracatte Ė              Reithís party    [3.055]
        3.56. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Reithís party    [3.056]
        3.57. Ė-- Fuget / Garute Ė                Reithís party    [3.057]
        3.58. Ė-- The Great Temple / Amabat -     Reithís party    [3.058]
        3.59. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.059]
        3.60. --- Bayrux / Bayer -                Calintzís party  [3.060]
        3.61. Ė-- Involk Castle / Bayer -         Calintzís party  [3.061]
        3.62. Ė-- The Great Temple / Amabat -     Reithís party    [3.062]
        3.63. Ė-- Efor / Maracatte Ė              Reithís party    [3.063]
        3.64. --- Bayrux / Bayer -                Reithís party    [3.064]
        3.65. Ė-- Involk Castle / Bayer -         Reithís party    [3.065]
        3.66. Ė-- Involk Castle / Bayer -         Calintzís party  [3.066]
        3.67. -Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat -     Calintzís party  [3.067]
        3.68. -Ė- Fuget / Garute Ė                Calintzís party  [3.068]
        3.69. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.069]
        3.70. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.070]
        3.71. -Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat -     Calintzís party  [3.071]
        3.72. -Ė- Orbonne Woods  / Maracatte -    Calintzís party  [3.072]
        3.73. -Ė- Lake Astine / Maracatte -       Calintzís party  [3.073]
        3.74. -Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat -     Reithís party    [3.074]
        3.75. -Ė- Lightning Ruins / Amabat -      Reithís party    [3.075]
        3.76. -Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat -     Reithís party    [3.076]
        3.77. -Ė- Lake Astine / Maracatte -       Reithís party    [3.077]
        3.78. -Ė- Lake Astine / Maracatte -       Calintzís party  [3.078]
        3.79. -Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat -     Calintzís party  [3.079]
        3.80. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.080]
        3.81. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.081]
        3.82. -Ė- Mabres / Maracatte -            Calintzís party  [3.082]
        3.83. -Ė- Ranca / Garute -                Reithís party    [3.083]
        3.84. --- Rance / Maracatte Ė             Reithís party    [3.084]
        3.85. --- Emon / Yason-Roven Ė            Reithís party    [3.085]
        3.86. -Ė- Mabres / Maracatte -            Reithís party    [3.086]
        3.87. -Ė- Mabres / Maracatte -            Calintzís party  [3.087]
        3.88. -Ė- Remie / Maracatte -             Calintzís party  [3.088]
        3.89. -Ė- Mt. Selton / Amabat -           Calintzís party  [3.089]
        3.90. -Ė- Ranca / Garute -                Calintzís party  [3.090]
        3.91. --- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.091]
        3.92. -Ė- Orbonne Woods  / Maracatte -    Reithís party    [3.092]
        3.93. -Ė- Rance Woods  / Maracatte -      Reithís party    [3.093]
        3.94. -Ė- Headquarters / Garute -         Reithís party    [3.094]
        3.95. -Ė- Epentar / Yason-Roven -         Calintzís party  [3.095]
        3.96. -Ė- Lester Woods / Garute -         Reithís party    [3.096]
        3.97. -Ė- Grayton Mts/ Yason-Roven -      Reithís party    [3.097]
        3.98. Ė-- Asera Woods / Yason-Roven -     Reithís party    [3.098]
        3.99. Ė-- Epentar / Yason-Roven -         Reithís party    [3.099]
        3.100. -- Epentar / Yason-Roven -         Raulís party     [3.100]
        3.101. -- Epentar / Yason-Roven -         Calintzís party  [3.101]
        3.102. Ė- Lester Woods / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.102]
        3.103. -- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.103]
        3.104. Ė- Lester Woods / Garute -         Raulís party     [3.104]
        3.105. Ė- Celestial Ruins / Amabat -      Raulís party     [3.105]
        3.106. Ė- Mt. Selton / Amabat -           Calintzís party  [3.106]
        3.107. Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat -     Calintzís party  [3.107]
        3.108. Ė- N. Astine Marsh / Maracatte -   Calintzís party  [3.108]
        3.109. Ė- Lake Astine / Maracatte -       Calintzís party  [3.109]
        3.110. Ė- Emon / Yason-Roven -            Raulís party     [3.110]
        3.111. Ė- Lake Astine / Maracatte -       Raulís party     [3.111]
        3.112. Ė- Epentar / Yason-Roven -         Orhaís party     [3.112]
        3.113. Ė- Fuget / Garute -                Calintzís party  [3.113]
        3.114. Ė- Lester Woods / Garute -         Calintzís party  [3.114]
        3.115. Ė- Mabres / Maracatte -            Calintzís party  [3.115]
        3.116. Ė- Emon / Yason-Roven                               [3.116]
        3.117. Ė- Mt. Selton / Amabat                              [3.117]
        3.118. Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat                        [3.118]
        3.119. Ė- Emon / Yason-Roven -                             [3.119]
        3.120. Ė- Zekartís House / Nordon Snow                     [3.120]
        3.121. Ė- Nordon / Nordon Snow                             [3.121]
        3.122. Ė- Zekartís House / Nordon Snow                     [3.122]
        3.123. Ė- Lake Astine / Maracatte                          [3.123]
        3.124. Ė- Lester / Garute                                  [3.124]
        3.125. Ė- Lake Astine / Maracatte                          [3.125]
        3.126. Ė- Asera Woods / Yason-Roven                        [3.126]
        3.127. Ė- Epentar / Yason-Roven                            [3.127]
    *****Save Script*****
         4.1. --- Headquarters / Garute                            [4.01]
         4.2. --- Mt. Aremori Path / Yason-Roven                   [4.02]
         4.3. --- Magic Circle / Yason-Roven                       [4.03]
         4.3. --- The Cave / Yason-Roven                           [4.04]
         4.5. --- Amrond Woods / Yason-Roven                       [4.05]
         4.6. --- Valley of Lester / Garute                        [4.06]
         4.7. --- Lester / Garute                                  [4.07]
         4.8. --- Lester Ė Valley of Lester / Garute               [4.08]
         4.9. --- Road to Amabat / Garute                          [4.09]
         4.10. Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat                        [4.10]
         4.11. Ė- Notia / Garute Ė                Calintzís party  [4.11]
         4.12. Ė- Efor / Maracatte Ė              Calintzís party  [4.12]
         4.13. -- Headquarters / Garute -         Calintzís party  [4.13]
         4.14. Ė- Notia / Garute Ė                Reithís party    [4.14]
         4.15. Ė- Erestine / Garute Ė             Reithís party    [4.15]
         4.16. Ė- Efor / Maracatte Ė              Calintzís party  [4.16]
         4.17. Ė- Erestine / Garute Ė             Reithís party    [4.17]
         4.18. Ė- Bayrux / Bayer   Ė              Calintzís party  [4.18]
         4.19. Ė- Efor / Maracatte Ė              Reithís party    [4.19]
         4.20. Ė- Bayrux / Bayer Ė                Calintzís party  [4.20]
         4.21. Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat Ė     Reithís party    [4.21]
         4.22. Ė- Notia / Garute Ė                Calintzís party  [4.22]
         4.23. Ė- The Great Temple / Amabat Ė     Reithís party    [4.23]
         4.24. Ė- Ranca / Garute Ė                Reithís party    [4.24]
         4.25. Ė- Emon / Yason-Roven Ė            Reithís party    [4.25]
         4.26. Ė- Remie / Maracatte Ė             Reithís party    [4.26]
         4.27. Ė- Rance Woods / Maracatte Ė       Reithís party    [4.27]
         4.28. Ė- Lester Woods / Garute -         Reithís party    [4.28]
         4.29. Ė- Lester Woods / Garute -         Calintzís party  [4.29]
         4.30. Ė- Mt. Selton / Amabat -           Calintzís party  [4.30]
         4.31. Ė- Asera Woods / Yason-Roven                        [4.31]
    *****Miscellaneous Script*****
         5.1. --- Yejaís letter and diary                          [5.01]
         5.2. --- Manoís bracelet                                  [5.02]
         5.3. --- Pnosen Library closed door                       [5.03]
    *                                                                             *
    *       3. Game Script                                 [SCPT]                 *
    *                                                                             *
    ( Burning houses are shown, and a little boy running away from the house)
    Little boy: *huff* *huff* ......... *huff**huff*...*huff**huff*...
    ( He falls over)
    Little boy: U-uagh...!
    ( Monsters are approaching the boy, and a person, who looks like wearing some )
    ( kind of armor. The armored persons lifts his sword to attack, but the slash )
    ( is evaded by the sword of an old man.                                       )
    ( The armored person tries attacking the old man, but his attack is           )
    ( ineffective due to a strange move, which looks like the old man is          )
    ( teleporting himself from one place to another.                              )
    ( One of the monsters attack, but it is quickly killed. Another one marches at)
    ( at the old man, but it doesnít last longer either.                          )
    ( Approaching the opportunity, that the old man is occupied with the monsters )
    ( the armored person tries to attack, but in a few seconds, he is finished,   )
    ( as the remaining monster.                                                   )
    Old man:    Thereís a village nearby.
                Iím sure someone will take you in.
    Little boy: *sniff* But... Itís my fault...
                Everyoneís dead... All of Fuget...!
    Old man:    To protect those you love, your hands will
                become stained with blood...
                Do you still wish for power?
    ( The little boy nods...)
    Old man:    Then, come with me.
    ???????:    I wanted to become strong.
                ...Not in order to protect, but in order to destroy. 
    |               In the land of Efferia, a continent cut off from              |
    |      the rest of the world by violent ocean currents and steep cliffs,      |
    |                     a war rages between two races,                          |
    |                        the humans and the Yason.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |               600 years ago, in the midst of a terrible storm,              |
    |                   four ships washed ashore on this land.                    |
    |              The humans had abandoned their plague-ridden home              |
    |                 in search of a new land to live in peace.                   |
    |     The colonists named this land Efferia and established a settlement.     |
    |      Before long, the human population grew, and four countries emerged:    |
    |                     Garute, Macaratte, Bayer and Amabat.                    |
    |      In response, the native Yason banded their tribes together to form     |
    |                        the Kingdom of Yason-Roven.                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |           After centuries of fighting over land and resources,              |
    |          a full-scale war between the two raced finally erupted.            |
    |                  For many years, the war has continued...                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |          At present, the human Alliance is on the verge of losing           |
    |      to the Yason Queen, Amila and her mighty warriors, the Blast Worms.    |
    |                     But, the humans still have one hope:                    |
    |              the Alliance is secretly planning an offensive                 |
    |            that will draw on the power of the Forbidden Magic.              |
    |            General Agreian, the officer in charge of the operation          |
    |   has assigned a mercenary group known as the Tears of Blood a key role.    |
    |                                                                             |
    |              This group eager to end the war, is made up of                 |
    |             members whoíve all lost loved ones in the fighting.             |
    |                                                                             |
    | In the middle of a war that will decide the future of and entire continent, |
    |              and ultimate power is about to be awakened...                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.1. Headquarters / Garute                                     [3.001]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( A white-haired boy wakes up, and sits up on his bed)
    Calintz: ... Itís been a while, since I had that dream. Am I
             nervous about the plan...? I should have the
             others get ready.
             Iím sure the General will contact us soon.
    ( Standing next to the bed)
    Calintz: Iíll talk to Eonis and Azel first.
             ...Harenís probably at the basement.
    ( To the north from Calintzís room, the girl wearing red)
    Eonis:   Calintz, you donít look so good.
    Calintz: Donít worry, Iím fine.
    Eonis:   I hope everything goes smoothly. We donít even
             know what the plan is yet. Is it a secret mission?
    Calintz: Yes. Not many people know about it, so be
             careful what you say. I should have the details
             from General Agreian soon.
    Eonis:   Sounds like an important mission...
             I wonít say anything to anyone.
    Calintz: Iím sorry, but itís urgent. 
             Unfortunately, I donít think I can give you
             permission to return to Bayer anytime soon.
    Eonis:   Thatís okay. I just wanted to visit a few friends
             from magic school. Theyíre all worried
             because Iím on the battlefield.
    Calintz: I donít blame them. 
             Theyíre far away from the front lines...
    Eonis:   Thatís true. My parents did everything
             they could to stop the war, and thatís why
             Iím fighting, too.
             With the support of the mages from Bayer,
             we should be able to end it soon.
    |                        Eonis joined Calintzís party.                        |
    ( Near the exit of the building, on the right, the boy, beside the door)
    Azel:    Youíre up early, Captain.
    Calintz: You look like you had a rough night...
    Azel:    Um, yeah. Iím a but nervous...
             Itís my first time participating
             in such a big mission...
    Calintz: I havenít assigned you to any dangerous
             missions because I didnít want you to get hurt.
             But now, I feel youíre ready.
    Azel:    Captain! You really think so!? 
             I was worried youíd never let me in on
             the real action! 
    Calintz: Think you can handle it?
    Azel:    Donít worry. I wonít let you down!
             I lost everything in this war, but you saved me.
             And not just once... countless times...
             Thatís why I want to become strong, 
             so I can be like you!
    Calintz: You ARE strong...
             Youíre a worthy member of the Tears of Blood.
             Be confident.
    |                         Azel joined Calintzís party.                         |
    ( In the basement, speaking to the only person)
    Haren:   I thought the Alliance would give it a rest after
             the beating they took from the Blast Worms.
             What do they have in mind this time?
    Calintz: Theyíre keeping it a secret. But for a while now,
             mages from Bayer have been in and out of the
             Alliance Headquarters.
             You can guess what that means.
    Haren:   Theyíre gonna attack the Yason with magic?
    Calintz: Itís possible. You know how they are in Bayer.
             I wouldnít be surprised if they have a few tricks 
             they havenít told us about.
    Haren:   Psh... What can a bunch of mages do?
    Calintz: ...Haren.
    Haren:   No matter how long I fight, my hatred will last...
             until I find the one who killed Felicia
             and avenge her death.
    Calintz: ...
    Haren:   Felicia never hurt anyone. She was a priestess.
             She cared for the wounded.
             They killed her just for being human.
    |                         Azel joined Calintzís party.                         |
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Lehas:   Chris took Maya and went to Notia.
    Calintz: Thatís probably for the best.
             Iíd rather not get her involved.
    Lehas:   True... Sheís still young, even if sheís more 
             powerful than any other clerics and priestesses.
    Calintz: Sorry... I left you with all the paperwork.
             I didnít plan for that to happen.
    Lehas:   Iíd rather be busy.
             Besides, since I canít use a sword,
             this type of work suits me better.
    Calintz: Youíre always so indifferent.
    Lehas:   And you always seem so caught up
             In getting revenge.
             You should pay attention to the other things
             that go on around here.
             I understand that youíre out there putting
             your life on the line, but who do you think
             keeps this place running smoothly?
             Who do you think tries to find you
             the safest missions?
    Calintz: I apologize for not considering you
             point of view. Iíll keep in mind
             from now on.
    Lehas:   The Tears of Blood used to be an independent
             mercenary group. Why do you let the Alliance 
             assign you such dangerous missions?
             It is because your need for revenge?
             Or is it your ambition? We could easily keep
             this place running with more ordinary missions.
    Calintz: The Tears of Blood was created to help end 
             the war. Just like me, most of the members
             detest the Yason.
             It might seem like I have a personal agenda, 
             but Iím not the only one who wants revenge.
             So I donít mind taking orders
             from General Agreian.
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    ( Approaching the Communication Sphere)
    Agreian: Are you ready? 
    Calintz: Yes, General.
    Agreian: Knowing you, youíve probably already figured
             out most of the plan.
             Anyway, the mages of Bayer have agreed
             to use the Forbidden Magic to end this war.
             Weíve already created a large magic circle at
             Mt. Aremori. From there, weíll attack Epentar,
             the capital of Yason-Roven.
    Calintz: I suspected the plan would involve magic.
    Agreian: Evoking the Forbidden Magic and attacking 
             the Yason will be extremely dangerous.
             Mt. Aremori is within their territory,
             and the roads are steep.
             Iím sure youíve been there before.
    Calintz: Yes, on various missions.
    Agreian: The Forbidden Magic is more powerful
             than an army, but the ceremony takes time.
             You must protect the mages
             So that they can complete it.
    Calintz: I understand.
    Agreian: I have nothing more to say.
             I know the Tears of Blood will to a great job.
             When youíre ready, head for Mt. Aremori.
    Calintz: Yes, sir.
    ( In front of the Headquarters)
    Azel:    Weíre gonna be doing a lot of fighting, 
             arenít we, Captain? Iím a little worried;
             I donít wanna screw up...
             So before we go, do you think you could
             give me some tips?
    - You have the necessary skills. Letís get on with the mission.
    - Sure. Itíll be a tough battle, so it doesnít hurt to be prepared.
    ( in case youíve chosen the first one, skip to the end of the tutorial)
    Sure. Itíll be a tough battle, so it doesnít hurt to be prepared.
    Calintz: Sure. Itíll be a tough battle, so it doesnít hurt to be prepared.
    Azel:    Thanks. Iíll do my best.
    [ Beginning of the tutorial ]
    Calintz: Azel, try attacking.
             You know how, right?
    Azel:    Of course, Captain. All I need to do is time it 
             right and use some Chi.
    Calintz: Then, you know what Chi is?
    Azel:    Ummmm, Iím not sure about that...
    Calintz: Chi is the energy that sustains this world.
             It exists everywhere, even within our bodies.
             Chi is used for skills and magic attacks, too.
             You know the Trinity Circle uses Chi, right?
    Azel:    Yeah. When you approach an enemy, a circle is
             displayed. Within that circle, Yin and Yang come
             You must press the X or the O button at
             just the right moment. Then, the power of
             Chi will be released and take form.
    Calintz: Youíve got the right idea. No, go up to that
             Cactra, wait for the circle to appear, and try to
             press the right button at the right time.
             If you do all three button presses correctly, 
             youíll attack your foe.
    ( After performing the attack)
    Calintz: Good. By the way, do you know about
             the Leadership Meter?
    Azel:    The Leadership Meter? 
    ( A white hand is pointing to the upper right corner)
    Calintz: In the upper right hand corner of the screen
             two meters are displayed.
             The top one is the enemyís, and the bottom
             one represents your partyís.
    Azel:    I see them.
    Calintz: Imagine youíre taking turns. 
             If you donít move at all, the meter will slowly fill.
             But take action, a certain amount will be 
             required. Pay attention and youíll quickly
             see how it works.
    Azel:    Why it is called the Leadership Meter?
    Calintz: The marks on the meter are determined by
             the Charisma of the participants.
             If the enemiesí total Charisma is higher than
             our partyís, then it will be a difficult battle.
             As a leader, I want to make sure everyone fights
             efficiently. The Leadership Meter is the key to
             accomplishing that.
    Azel:    Then, every time we defeat one of our foes, 
             it will become easier to defeat the remaining
             enemies, right?
    Calintz: Exactly. The more we trust each other, 
             the better off weíll be in battle.
             Thatís why itís important to stay on good terms
             with all members of the party.
    Azel:    Well, if you give me that Gold Pendant I saw
             in Lester, Iíll be your best friend for life!
    Calintz: Should we stop training now and go clean up?
    Azel:    If you donít mind, letís continue.
    Calintz: In battle, there are many important things to
             For starters, pay attention to the Chi required
             by your skills.
    Azel:    The Chi this skill uses is...
    ( The white hand is pointing to "H" beside the skill name of Azel)
    Azel:    Celestial.
    Calintz: Next, check the Chi in the surrounding area.
    ( The white hand is pointing to the left upper corner)
    Azel:    Looks pretty stable.
    Calintz: Yeah, right now all the Chi is at its normal level.
             But when you use Celestial Chi to do your skill,
             the Celestial Chi in the surroundings will decrease.
             The same is true for other skills that require Chi.
             The Chi in the environment will regenerate with
             time, but it may take awhile.
    Azel:    What happens if the Chi runs out?
    Calintz: If a particular Chi is completely gone, then those skills that
             Use that Chi wonít be as strong.
             Once the Chi is completely gone, then those skills
             canít be used at all, so be careful.
    Azel:    If the Celestial Chi runs out, how am I supposed to fight?
    Calintz: Either use skills that require different Chi or
             change style.
             Remember, youíre not the only one whoíll 
             be fighting, so plan ahead.
             Since Chi usage differs according to style,
             itís a good idea to try and a balanced party.
    Azel:    In other words, go to "Form" on the Menu
             Screen and set it so everyone will use a different
             Chi. Then battles will be easier.
    Calintz: Exactly.
    ( The Trinity Drive is charged to 100 %)
    Calintz: Youíre doing well.
             Do you know about the Trinity Drive?
    Azel:    No, whatís that?
    Calintz: In battle, when "GREAT" is displayed after you
             press a button during an attack, youíll accumulate 
             Trinity Drive points.
             Once youíve filled it 30% or more, 
             the Trinity Drive can be used by pressing
             the "Square" button.
             Thatís great, Azel. 
             You have the Trinity Drive at 100%. 
             If you use it when itís at 100%,
             youíll do twice the damage.
    Azel:    Thatís sounds awesome!
             Should I try using it?
    ( After killing the Cactra )
    Azel:    Wow, that was a powerful attack.
    Calintz: But, you need to be careful.
             Anytime you miss an attack, 
             the Trinity Drive will go back to 0%.
    Azel:    Okay, I get it.
    Calintz: Azel, do you know about the different styles?
    Azel:    Of course. Each style has a set of similar skills.
             My style is "Ryusei Ikkou"
    Calintz: Right. But, you havenít learned all the skills for
             that style yet.
             Each style has at least two skills, but to begin with,
             youíll only be able to use the most basic one.
    Azel:    I see. So, how can I learn other skills?
    Calintz: As you use your existing skills, you will perceive
             new ones , which you will then be able to use.
             But, thereís a catch...
             In order to perceive a new skill, you must use 
             your most difficult existing skill and receive 
             "GREAT" for your three button presses.
    Azel:    Okay, got it.
    Calintz: Do you know how to switch styles?
    Azel:    No, how?
    Calintz: First, press "Triangle" button.
    Azel:    ...Which brings up the Menu Screen, right?
    Calintz: On the Menu Screen, youíll see "Style".
             If youíve learned a new style, then you can change
             to that style during battle by selecting this option.
             Next, Iíll explain "Standard" mode.
    Azel:    "Standard" mode?
    Calintz: All styles start out with basic "Standard" mode
             If you want to use a stronger skill, youíll have 
             to use the weaker ones first, in order.
             For example, letís say you acquired all four skills
             for the Ryusei Ikkou style, and you want to use
             the stronger one.
             Then, first you must use the other three in order.
             After you use a stronger skill, you can revert back
             to a weaker one if necessary.
             This will come in handy when a particular Chi
             is gone and the Leadership Meter is full.
             During battle, use the left and right directional
             buttons to change skills.
    Azel:    Okay, I got it.
    Calintz: Thatís it for the basics of "Standard" mode.
             The good thing is, with most styles, you can use
             a shield against your opponentís attacks.
             With a shield, the danger you take is lessened.
    Azel:    Ohhh... I see.
    Calintz: After you master all the skills for a particular style,
             then you can use "Combo" mode.
             Not all styles allow "Combo" mode, however.
             My Fuget Style does.
             To change between "Standard" and "Combo" 
             modes, during battle, use the up and down
             directional buttons.
             When in "Combo" mode, the Trinity Circle spins
             faster the usual, but if youíre successful with
             the button entries,
             then youíll do a combo attack, which can do a 
             great deal of damage.
    Azel:    Wow... Thatís amazing.
    Calintz: But itís not easy to do without a single miss on 
             the Trinity Circle.
             If you do miss, the attack will fail, and your 
             Leadership Meter will decrease.
             You cannot use a shield in "Combo" mode,
             so be careful.
    Azel:    Yes, Captain. 
    Calintz: And lastly, thereís "Counter" mode.
    Azel:    Howís that work?
    Calintz: Itís and advanced mode where you try to predict 
             the enemyís attacks  and counter them.
             Switching to "Counter" mode is done the same way
             as switching between the other modes.
             When the enemy attacks, question marks will 
             appear on the Trinity Circle.
             If you guess correctly, you can avoid the enemyís 
             attack and counter it, without the Leadership
             Meter decreasing.
    Azel:    Thatís a big advantage.
    Calintz: But just like in "Combo" mode, you risk taking 
             heavy damage.
    Azel:    Iíll be careful, then.
    Calintz: Thatís enough training for today.
             We need to head to Mt. Aremori and execute
             the plan.
    Azel:    Thank you, Captain.
    [ End of the tutorial ]
    Azel:    Um, Captain...
             I might not be able to remember all this.
             Can you explain it again?
    Calintz: If you need to refresh your memory,
             you can always go to the training area
             and ask someone there.
    Azel:    Alright, thanks.
    You have the necessary skills. Letís get on with the mission.
    Calintz: You have the necessary skills. Letís get on with the mission.
    Azel:    Yes, Captain. Iím ready.
    Calintz: If itís not clear, then go to the training area
             and ask another member.
    Azel:    Thanks, Captain.
    ( After leaving the area, on the world map)
    Eonis:   I hope we all make it back safely.
    Azel:    Donít worry, the mission will be a success!
    Haren:   Hell yeah. Letís show those Yason
             what weíre made of.
    Calintz: For this plan, weíll be going to Mt. Aremori.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.2. Mt. Aremori Base / Yason - Roven                          [3.002]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Calintz, Azel, Eonis and Haren are standing in a tent, around a table )
    Calintz: Our mission is to guard the magicians.
             While theyíre performing the ritual, theyíll be defenseless.
    Haren:   What an honor for us lowly mercenaries to serve
             as human shields for he great magicians.
    Eonis:   *giggle* I knew would say that.
    Azel:    At least it pays well, since itís a secret mission.
    Calintz: Thatís right. It doesnít matter if we have the respect 
             of the Alliance or not. Weíll still carry out the mission.
    Haren:   Leave the dirty work to the Tears of Blood, huh?
    Calintz: If the Forbidden Magic hits Epentar, itíll be a devastating blow
             to the Yason. But if we fail, thereís a good chance
             weíll be surrounded by the Blast Worms.
             If something like that happens retreat to Lester
             on the border of Garute. Understood?
    Azel:    Yes, sir.
    Calintz: Letís go.
    Haren:   I hope you find whatís youíre looking for.
    Calintz: Yeah... You, too.
    ( Speaking to the fortune-teller, who near the entrance of the tent)
    Eonis:   Why donít we have our fortunes told before
             we begin our mission?
    Azel:    Fortunes?
    Haren:   Hmph, I donít give a damn about no Fortunes.
    Eonis:   The concept of Fortunes has been widely
             accepted by many famous scholars.
             They have proven that you can gain more 
             Experience Points if you are lucky.
    Haren:   Then what about being UNLUCKY or, worst yet,
             VERY UNLUCKY!?
    Eonis:   First, you need to have a fortune-teller "Undo"
             your bad luck.
             The effects of which will wear off over time...
             Iíd say the time it takes to fight a couple of battles.
             Plus, Fortunes do affect other things, too.
             So, it would be wise to keep your luck high.
    Calintz: Eonis, being lucky and all is great, but do we
             have enough "Talismans"?
    Eonis:   I brought along as many as I thought we need.
             But, if you feel itís not enough, we can always 
             buy them or combine them to make others.
    Azel:    You can combine "Talismans"?
    Eonis:   Talismans are pieces of paper with Chi sealed
             inside them. Some are stronger than others...
             Itís possible to make a high level Talisman
             by combining two lower level ones, but only
             fortune-tellers are able to perform this ritual.
    Calintz: Iíve heard that there are rare Talismans that can
             only be made through combining certain ones.
    Eonis:   But, watch when combining, because it the 
             combining process fails, both talismans will
             be lost.
    Azel:    You know so much, Eonis! 
             Letís have out fortunes told before we leave, 
             shall we?
    ( Near the exit of the Base area)
    Azel:    Captain, do you know about "Camp Mode"?
    - No.
    - Yes.
    ( in case youíve chosen the first one, skip to this part)
    Calintz: No.
    Azel:    Every member of the party has a level of
             "Friendship" with you, the captain. You can
             coordinate these levels in "Camp Mode".
             To switch to Camp Mode, press the X button
             while touching the Save Point.
             In Camp Mode, you can select a member of your
             party and talk to him/her or give him/her a gift.
             Depending on how your conversation goes or 
             what you give to them as a gift, their level of
             Friendship changes.
             The level of Friendship can go up or down.
             Each memberís level of Friendship affects your
             "Leadership". For instance, if the level of Friendship is high,
             you can do more things with the same about 
             of Leadership.
             But remember, Friendship gained by artificial 
             means will wear off and return to their original
             Also, you should take note that repeatedly 
             Giving a present to a single person will not
             always raise his/her Friendship.
             You know how you get tired of eating the same
             food over and over? Itís kinda like that.
             You can also check other things besides
             Friendship during Camp Mode.
    Calintz: Yes.
    Azel:    Well that was a dumb question. Letís go then.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.3. Mt. Aremori Path / Yason - Roven                          [3.003]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( On the road you meet with a group of three people)
    Calintz: Itís been a while, General Tazma.
    Tazma:   Iím not in the mood to talk to you.
             Donít tell e you forgot about the other day...
             Where you made fools of my soldiers at the
             celebration party, in front of the Commander,
             no less!
    Calintz: They were being disrespectful to their superiors,
             so I taught them a lesson.
    Tazma:   Disrespectful to their superiors? You should talk!
             I heard you left the unit without permission.
    Calintz: Actually, the Commander complimented me
             on my decision, saying that I saved them time
             in storming Sobon.
    Tazma:   Y-You dare insult me!?
    Calintz: I wonít even bother answering that...
             Now, if youíll excuse me, I have 
             important things to attend to.
    Tazma:   Hmph... Insolent fool...
    ( Going forward on the mountain path)
    Eonis:   There are monsters lurking around here
             that the Yason summoned, so stay alert.
    Calintz: When moving around, we should 
             switch to "Detect Mode".
    Azel:    Whatís that?
    Haren:   Itís a mode where you look around carefully 
             as you walk. Pressing the R1 button will allow
             you to toggle between modes. Got that!?
    Calintz: When itís safe, use "Dash Mode" to run through
             an area quickly. To switch to it, press the 
             R1 button again while in "Detect Mode".
    Haren:   Look out when running in "Dash Mode"
             since itís hard to see the enemy! If youíre
             not careful, theyíll take you by surprise.
    Azel:    I see now. So, if we sneak up on an enemy in 
             "Detect Mode" and press the X button, we can 
             attack the enemy and get the upper hand, right?
    Haren:   You shouldnít forget "Rest Mode". If youíre in
             a battle area, pressing the "Square" button will make
             you kneel and rest.
             While you kneel, youíll regain HP.
             Just make sure you doní open the submenu and 
             Leave it there by pressing the "Triangle" button, since you
             wonít regain HP while the submenu is open.
    Azel:    Is that so? What happens if an enemy
             attacks you while youíre resting?
    Haren:   What do you think!?
             Of course weíll be taken by surprise!
             So make sure the coast is clear before resting.
    Calintz: Alright, are you ready?
             Letís hurry to the magic circle!
    ( going near one of the strange looking thingies in the area)
    Azel:    Huh?? Whatís that strange object?
    Haren:   Thatís a "Lantern". Geez, where have you been?
    Eonis:   Itís a crystallization of Chi that fills the air
             around with Chi.
             This area has strong Mountain Chi, 
             so I would assume itís a Mountain Lantern.
    Azel:    Is that so...
    Haren:   By using a Talisman, you can change the element
             of the Lantern.
             Just be careful and donít use an element of
             the direct opposite affinity, or else itíll blow!
    Eonis:   So, if we change the element to Fire, which I
             use often, then Iíll become stronger.
             Be careful, because if you change the element to
             one that an enemy uses, itíll become stronger.
    Calintz: To make full use of my Fuget Style,
             it would be best to change the Lantern to Wind.
    ( going forward on the road, 3 people are waiting)
    Agreian: There you are. 
    Calintz: General Agreian, weíre ready.
    Agreian: Itís time...
             Even you must be nervous for this time.
    Calintz: Hardly.
    Agreian: *chuckle* Itís quite reassuring having you here,
             although the old general doesnít speak
             so highly of you.
    Calintz: You know the whole story, donít you?
             I just received a scolding.
    Agreian: Heís a capable general, trusted by the Commander 
             himself. He was called "The Golden Lion"
             in his younger days.
             Even I cannot question his orders.
    Calintz: I understand.
    Agreian: If we succeed, it will give the Alliance
             a great advantage. But if we fail, 
             the Blast Worms will...
    Calintz: Weíll carry out the mission successfully.
    Agreian: I have faith in you.
             But, if it becomes dangerous, pull back.
             Be careful. You are much too valuable an asset 
             for us to loose.
    Calintz: You donít have to worry. 
             I donít plan on dying just yet.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.4. Magic Circle / Yason - Roven                              [3.004]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Not far from the save point, there are two alliance soldiers waiting)
    Soldier: Weíve been waiting for you.
             I hope this mission goes without incident.
    Calintz: Leave it to us. 
    ( While Calintz is talking with the soldiers, suddenly they are attacked by   )
    ( Blast Worms and a "normal" looking Yason.                                   )
    ???????: Not bad.
    Calintz: Youíre one of the Four Worriers.
    ???????: Thatís right. I am Orha. The leader of the Four Worriers.
             It seems the Tears of Blood have taken good care of my men.
    Calintz: And I could say the same.
    Orha:    But, the fun end here.
             Her Highness already knows of your scheme.
    Calintz: She may know of it, but she canít stop it.
    Orha:    Thatís what you think.
    ( during the fight)
    Calintz: Iím looking for a Yason with a Vindi shaped
             like a butterfly. Have you seen him?
    Orha:    What are you talking about?
    Calintz: Alright, letís take care of the Blast Worms first, 
             and then weíll worry about 
    ( after a few attacks, it the HP of one of the Blast Worms is under 50%)
    Calintz: The mages have conjured the Forbidden Magic!
    Azel:    Wh-Whatís going on?
    Mage:    Ohhh... The Forbidden Magic... The Forbidden Magic...!
    Eonis:   Are you alright?
    Mage:    The Forbidden Magic failed... I can tell you that much.
             Some of it was reflected back at us.
             The queen of the Yason... She stopped the Forbidden Magic.
    Haren:   Amila did? Impossible! They donít have that kind of power!
    Mage:    The Forbidden Magic is very powerful. Thereís only
             one thing that could overcome it... The Magna Carta.
    Calintz: Magna... Carta?
    *** Flashback ***
    The little boy and the old man are sitting around a campfire, not far      
    from the burnt buildings...                                                 
    Little kid: Magna Carta... Thatís the power that can cause earthquakes
                or make it rain, but you need a bunch of sacred treasures
                to make it work, right?
    Old man:    Yes. The more sacred treasures you possess, 
                the more power you can call forth.
    Little kid: If we could use the Magna Carta, we could get revenge
                on the Yason.
    Old man:    Youíll never be able to use the Magna Carta is you think like that.
    Little kid: Why not?
    Old man:    The Magna Carta is unbelievably powerful. Unless you
                have the necessary training, you wonít be able to use it.
    Little kid: Then Iíll become powerful.
    Old man:    Listen, Mano. The Magna Carta can be evoked regardless  
                of oneís strength, but first you must understand how
                this world works.
    *** End of flashback ***
    ( Alliance soldier comes running)
    Soldier: The blast Worms are attacking!
    Eonis:   Calintz: they have the advantage here.
    Calintz: Retreat to Lester. We need to regroup.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.5. Mt. Aremori Path / Yason - Roven                          [3.005]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Arriving back at the bridge, Eonis, Azel, Haren and Calintz are running     )
    ( through, when suddenly, a lance looking rod falls into the bridge, right    )
    ( in front of Calintzís feet.                                                 )
    ( At the other end of the bridge a Yason girl is standing.                    )
    ???????: I wonít let you escape.
    Calintz: Another Worrier! 
    ( The girl, with a few hand gestures, summons a creature                      )
    Haren:   Steelheart...! 
    ( the creature attack the party, the fight is over if itís HP fall below 50%)
    ( Steelheart is stomping on the bridge, which visibly can not hold much longer)
    Calintz: ( This bridge canít support its weight...)
    Haren:   No way! Not when I finally found it!
    Eonis:   You mean... thatís the creature that killed her?
    Haren:   Heh, Iíve been waiting for this.
             Iíll tear that thing apart... for Felicia!
    ( The creature is going closer to the party, the bridge is slowly crumbling)
    Calintz: I know how you feel... But the bridge wonít hold.
    Haren:   I ainít moving till I beat it to the ground!
             If you wanna run, be my guest!
    Calintz: You know we wonít abandon you.
             Weíll fight to the death, if we have to.
    Haren:   Dammit! 
    Calintz: You know your target now. Youíll get another chance.
    ( Eonis runs away, Haren after a few second follows her.)
    Azel:    Captain. Letís...
    Calintz: Iím fine. Go on ahead.
    ( Azel starts running, at the end of the bridge...)
    Azel:    Captain! Hurry!
    ( Calintz is running away for the creature, but just before the end of the    )
    ( bridge turns around and faces it.                                           )
    Azel:    Captain !?
    Calintz: If we all survive this, weíll meet in Lester.
    ( He strikes down at the bridge, which after a great explosion collapses.)
    Azel:    Captain!
    *** Flashback ***
    The little kid, Mano, is sitting next to a girl.
    Mano:  No one wants to train with me. They say Iím too weak...
    Girl:  You just havenít realized your full potential yet...
           Trust me Mano, youíll grow stronger.
    Mano and another kid, both holding swords...
    Kid:   Mano, you wanna duel?
    Mano:  I wonít loose this time, Hugo!
    Mano is talking to a skirt wearing girl
    Mano:  That move you taught me was amazing! You
           should have seen the look on Hugoís face.
    Girl:  Whoís Hugo?
    Mano:  Whaddaya mean? Heís my friend and rival.
           I told you about him before. Donít you remember?
    Girl:  Why should I care? I doní wanna talk to you!
           Leave me alone!
    Mano:  Whatís wrong? Why are you angry?
    *** End of flashback ***
    Calintz: Iím looking for a Yason with a Vindi shaped like a 
             black butterfly on his left arm. Have you seen him?
    |               Eonis, Azel and Haren left Calintzís party.                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.6. The Cave / Yason - Roven                                  [3.006]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ???????: I canít just sit here... I have to do something...
    ( A yellow dress wearing girl is healing Calintz. He wakes up, and grabbing   )
    ( his sword, as a reflex attacks the other person.                            )
    Calintz: Whoís there!?
    Girl:    Um, I...
    Calintz: ...You donít seem to be a Yason.
    Girl:    ...Iím sorry.
    Calintz: Forgive me. I thought you were the enemy.
    ( She doesnít say anything...                                                 )
    Calintz: Sorry if I startled you. I was just a reflex.
    Girl:    ...
    Calintz: Did I scare you that much? If youíre one of the priestesses 
             selected for this mission, then this shouldnít faze you.
    Girl:    Huh? 
    Calintz: Youíre not a priestess?
    Girl:    I... Iím sorry. I canít remember anything.
    Calintz: You must be joking...
    Girl:    I woke up here, and found you nearby.
             But, you wouldnít wake up no matter how much I shook you.
             So, I decided I better do something.
    Calintz: And so you used healing magic on me, right?
             Thatís a power only priestesses of Amabat can use.
    Girl:    Whatís Amabat?
    Calintz: I guess you really did loose your memory.
             What about your name?
    Girl:    Reith...?
    Calintz: Reith, huh... Thatís a lovely name.
             Letís go. To show my gratitude, Iíll take you to Amabat.
    Reith:   Okay... Ummm...?
    Calintz: The nameís Calintz.
    Reith:   Okay, Calintz.
    |                       Reith joined Calintzís party.                         |
    ( In the cave at the end of the left path )
    Calintz: It looks like... someone was living here...
    Reith:    I borrowed the clothes I found here.
              My clothes were ripped...
    ( on the table, thereís a diary)
    | XX/OO To my beloved Arian,                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    | I thought I would give this diary to you when                               |
    | we got married...                                                           |
    | But Iím sorry... Iíve betrayed my only confidant...                         |
    | He is suffering from irreversible pain...                                   |
    | Because he was...                                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | If he comes to have his revenge...                                          |
    | I will gladly give my life to him. I love you...                            |
    | Together we overcame my trials...                                           |
    | You were my savior... I thank you from the                                  |
    | bottom of my heart for all the time youíve spent                            |
    | with me.                                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | Iíve had so many memorable moments                                          |
    | with you.                                                                   |
    | So many I donít deserve...                                                  |
    | This is my final gift to you...                                             |
    | I thought youíd look good in it...                                          |
    | You liked yellow, right?                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | You always wore such masculine clothes...                                   |
    | It was like you were denying your true self...                              |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | Please accept this as a token of my love.                                   |
    |                              - Byru Escrano                                 |
    Reith:   I didnít know something like this could happen...
    Calintz: Why are you crying?
    Reith:   The author wanted to give it to someone.
             But, I took it without permission...
    Calintz: Donít worry about it. Something mustíve 
             happened, and he wasnít able to hand it over.
    Reith:   But... I think he wanted these clothes to reach
             their rightful owner.
    Calintz: This diary is pretty old. The author and the
             recipient are probably both dead. I think
             the author would want you to wear it.
    Reith:   ...Are you sure?
    Calintz: ... Yeah, Iím positive.
    Reith:   Alright...
    |                            Seiíun Scroll acquired!                          |
    Calintz: This is a Sacred Scroll...
             Why is there one here...?
    Reith:   Whatís a Sacred Scroll?
    Calintz: Itís a Scroll with the essence of a Style written 
             in it. By reading it you will be able to learn
             the corresponding Style.
    Reith:   So, I can get stronger just by collecting
             Sacred Scrolls?
    Calintz: No, even if you learn a new Style, you can only
             use the most basic skills at first. The rest of the
             moves must be learned while using that Style.
    Reith:   Hmmm...
    Calintz: This is a Blue Magic Scroll. I canít use it, so you should have it.
             Amabat priestesses should be able to mater it.
             But, remember that you can only use up to
             four Styles during battle.
             Thereís a Style heading
             in the submenu, right?
    Reith:   Right.
    Calintz: There you can select which styles youíll use
             in battle.
             The Styles youíre currently using will be
             displayed in blue, so remember to check before
             entering battle.
             It doesnít matter at this point, since you
             only have two to choose from.
    Reith:   Right.
    ( Going on the other path, before the exit, are two Blast Worms waiting)
    Blast Worm: Youíre...!
    Reith:      Oh, are you two lost, too?
    Blast Worm: Those are definitely humans.
    Reith:      Ummm...
    Calintz:    Forget them, Reith!
    Reith:      Whatís wrong?
    Calintz:    Theyíre the ones that are after us.
    ( After killing the two Blast Worms)
    Blast Worm: Ugh... Th-The rumors are true...
                You are... strong...
    Reith:      Wait! You need help...! Youíll die!
    Calintz:    What are you doing?
                Theyíre Yason... the enemy!
                What do you think we were fighting for?
    Reith:      Calintz...
    Calintz:    You lost your memory because of them, right?
                How can you possibly have any compassion
                for them?
    Reith:      But...
    Blast Worm: Tch... Iíd rather die... than be pitied
                by a human... Ugh...
    Calintz:    Did you hear that? 
                He doesnít want your help.
    Reith:      ...Iím sorry.
    Calintz:    You may not understand now.
                But, when you get back your memory, you will.
    ( After leaving the cave, on the world map)
    Reith:   Where are we going?
    Calintz: To Garute. If we waste any more time here,
             the Yason will be on top of us.
    Reith:   Is... Is it alright is I come with you?
    Calintz: What are you saying?
             Iím not going to leave you here.
    Reith:   But... you seem angry.
    Calintz: Iím not. Besides, I promised to take you
             to Amabat.
    Reith:   But... You were... so scary... Itís like you were
             someone else when you were fighting the Yason.
             Are the Yason... really that bad?
    Calintz: Just focus on regaining your memory.
             Once you find out who you are, youíll see
             them  for what they really are... Monsters...
    Reith:   ...O-Okay.
    ( on the world map)
    Astal:  It seems what weíre looking for it at...
            Mt. Rhyde...
    Neikan: ..........
    Astal:  No one will take it. Donít worry.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.7. Amrond Woods / Yason - Roven                              [3.007]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( To the north, from the Save point, there are two Blast Worms...)
    Blast Worm 1: See! There WERE humans running around here!
    Blast Worm 2: We hit the jackpot! So, you gonna surrender?
                  If you leave your heard here, maybe we let you go!
    ( After killing the two Blast Worms, going forward on the road, there are     )
    ( other Blast Worms waiting...                                                )
    Calintz: *grunt* They just keep coming, one after another...
             Not even an ant could slip through...
    ( Following the main path, at the end of the road is a party of three Blast   )
    ( Worms: two "normals" and one that doesnít look like any Blast Worms seen    )
    ( before...                                                                   )
    Calintz: Wait! Thatís no ordinary Blast Worm...
             Letís look for another route.
    Reith:   Okay, Calintz.
    ( Since nothing happens on the road, thereís only one way to go: back to the  )
    ( Save Point.                                                                 )
    ( Calintz and Reith are running, when theyíre stopped by a familiar voice.    )
    Orha:    So, youíre still alive.
             I guess luck is on my side...
             Now Iíll get to kill you with my own hands.
    Calintz: Reith. When we start fighting just run.
             Thereís no way that we can win. Just run as fast as you can.
    Reith:   But, what about you...?
    Calintz: Donít worry, I catch up.
    Reith:   Promise me, okay?
    Calintz: Alright.
    ( during the fight)
    Calintz: Reith! Run! Iíll fend him off.
    Reith:   Okay! But, which way?
    ( after running to the upper part...)
    Reith:   Itís safe here, Calintz!
             Hurry, this way!
    Calintz: Alright! Letís go! 
    ( Calintz and Reith are running away from Orha, Calintz is practically        )
    ( pulling Reith by her hand when they suddenly stop realizing they can not    )
    ( run any further. They are at the edge of a ravine...                        )
    Orha:    What a pity...
    ( Calintz steps in front of Reith, to protect her, and pulls out his sword.   )
    Orha:    I donít let those who oppose me die easily.
             Iíll send whatís left of you to the Alliance.
    ( Calintz strikes at Orha, but he hurls him back with some kind of magic.     )
    ( Orha is ready to go, deal a finishing blow to Calintz, when Reith steps in  )
    ( his way, her arms stretched out, to protect Calintz. With a similar move    )
    ( she send Orha flying backwards.                                             )
    Orha:    It-It canít be!
    ( Suddenly a signal fire appears, Calintz drags Reith to the ledge and they   )
    ( jump off.                                                                   )
    Orha:    This cannot be... Why is she here... !?
    ( From below, suddenly an ďairplaneĒ appears, flying away with the party.     )
    ( Orha is standing near the ledge, looking very angry...                      )
    Chris:   Awww yeah! The test flight for the 
             ďSpruce Chris 22 Ē is a success!
    Azel:    Captain, are you alright?
    Calintz: Iím fine, thanks.
    Azel:    You had us worried there.
    Calintz: It seems everyone got out safely.
             Chrisís inventions actually do come in handy
             from time to time.
    Chris:   You know it! I am the greatest inventor the
             Tears of Blood ever have! Hey Calintz,
             whoís the sweet thing standing next to you?
             Oh, I see how it is... Holding out on us.
    Reith:   My name is Reith.
    Chris:   Hmmm...
    Calintz: Donít get the wrong idea. She saved my life.
             She seems to be an Amabat priestess,
             but she canít remember who she is.
    Azel:    ... I see. Thank you for saving Captain Calintz.
             My name is Azel.
    Reith:   Nice to meet you.
    Chris:   Hey, Calintz... Is she really okay?
    Calintz: Iím thinking of taking her to Amabat.
             They might know who she is, and they
             might be able to treat her.
    Chris::  Well, sheís pretty hot...
             Why donít you just have her join us?
             Every mercenary group needs
             at least one hot babe...
    Reith:   Ahh!
    Calintz: Whatís wrong with the ship?
    Chris:   I think I pissed her off.
             She didnít like me flirting with someone else?
    Azel:    Chris! How can you be so calm?!
             Is that smoke?! I have a bad feeling about this...
    Chris:   Heh, I hope you brought an extra pair
             of underwear! At least I get to show you
             my mad landing skills!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.8. Valley of Lester / Garute                                 [3.008]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Standing beside the remains of the ďairplaneĒ are Calintz, Reith,           )
    ( Chris and Azel.                                                             )
    Azel:    So, Chris... How many times does this make it?
    Chris:   Ahahaha... Maybe the boosterís not worth 
             the extra weight...
    Azel:    But fortunately, we were still able to save
             the Captain. Youíre amazing Chris!
             I donít know how you do it!
    Chris:   Ahahahaha! Just call me a genius.
    Azel:    Although, for a minute there, I thought
             we were headed for the afterlife...
    Chris:   Ha... hahaha... haha... *sigh*
    Calintz: Are you okay?
    Reith:   How about you? Youíre hurt, arenít you?
             Donít you want me to heal you?
    Calintz: Itís nothing.
    Chris:   We may have made an unexpected landing,
             but at least Lesterís not far from here.
    |                   Azel and Chris joined Calintzís party.                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.9. Lester / Garute                                           [3.009]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Arriving in Lester, the party notices two Alliance soldiers, guarding a     )
    ( Blast Worm.                                                                 )
    Azel:    Weíre finally here. We better hurry!
             Everyoneís waiting for you.
    ( Reith goes to the Blast Worm. )
    Reith:   Are you okay?
    ( She starts to use healing magic on the Blast Worm)
    Soldier 1: Wh-What are you doing?
    Reith:     I-Iím sorry! Iím sorry!
    Soldier 2: Healing...? Are you a priestess?
    Reith:     Me? Iím Reith.
    Soldier 2: Huh?
    Calintz:   Oh, come on...
    ( Calintz, Chris and Azel also goes to the Soldiers.)
    Calintz:   Sheís a priestess of Amabat. It seems she lost her memory
               when the Blast Worms attacked.
    Soldier 2: Oh, I see.
    Soldier 1: Well if it isnít the Tears of Blood. You look pretty confident 
               for mercenaries that just blunder their assignment.
    Soldier 2: Hey, Stop it!
    Calintz:   You must be new... Is that how you speak to an officer?
    Soldier 1: You wanna go? Iím not afraid of you. Donít tell me 
               you forgot what you did to the village of Inade!
               You destroyed my hometown!
    Calintz:   I apologize for failing to save your village.
               But, I warned the villagers to evacuate.
    Azel:      Thatís right. Besides, the Yasons were the oneís
               who started the fire...
    Reith:     Iím sorry... Iím so sorry...
    Soldier 1: Um... priestess...
    Azel:      Itís not your fault Reith. Now, letís go.
    ( right after speaking with the two soldiers)
    Azel:      Letís go to the inn and meet up 
               with Eonis and Haren.
    ( at the inn, in Lester)
    Eonis:   Are you happy that you gave us such a scare?
    Calintz: Sorry. But, at least everyoneís alright.
    ( Haren tries to smack Calintz, who just steps away.)
    Haren:   You dumbass!
    ( Haren looks angrily at Calintz, who is, after a brief moment, responds with)
    ( an even nastier glance.                                                    )
    Eonis:   Oh, my.
    Calintz: Why am I being assaulted when I barely escaped with my life?
    Haren:   Because youíre an idiot... You wanna die?!
    Calintz: There was no other alternative.
    Haren:   Yeah, sure there wasnít.
    ( Eonis suddenly realizes, that Calintz brought a new person with him)
    Eonis:   My, youíve brought a cute young lady with you.
    Azel:    She saved the Captainís life. Sheís from Amabat,   
             but is seems sheís lost her memory.
    ( Reith goes to Eonis...)
    Reith:   Iím Reith.
    Eonis:   Iím Eonis. Reith, thank you saving Calintz.
    ( Reith then goes to Haren.)
    Reith:   Iím Reith.
    ( Haren just turns away, but Reith goes to the other side, so she can be face 
    to face with Haren)
    Reith:   Iím Reith.
    Haren:   What the hellís wrong with you?
    Reith:   Iím Reith.
    Haren:   Alright already. The nameís Haren.
    Eonis:   Is it because of her amnesia...?
    Calintz: Probably. Amabat may be looking for a missing priestess.
             I was thinking of taking her there.
    |                   Eonis, Haren joined Calintzís party.                      |
    Calintz: While weíre here, letís pay our respects to
             General Agreian.
    Azel:    I think heís at the Alliance Headquarters.
             Itís on the west side of the village, right?
    Chris:   Uhh... Doesnít that mean we already passed it?
    ( at the Eastern side of Lester, in front of on of the buildings)
    Agreian: Is that you, Calintz?
    Calintz: General Agreian, Iím glad to see youíre alright.
    Agreian: I should be the one saying that.
             Youíre the one who disappeared without a trace.
             Youíll be the death of me you know...
    Calintz: Donít say that...
    Agreian: Well, I knew you were safe...
             So, is there something wrong?
    Calintz: Yes, I wanted to ask you something...
    Agreian: Weíll have her treated at Amabat.
             My mother should know about 
             any missing priestesses.
             Iíll arrange for soldiers to escort her there.
    ( Right beside the Inn, is a Priest standing, waiting...)
    Priest:  The Tears of Blood...
             You couldnít have come at a better time...
    Calintz: Is there something wrong?
    Priest:  Amabat has sent some clerics to treat our soldiers,
             but they still havenít arrived. They may have
             run into monsters and are having a hard time.
             Ever since that Chi storm, Iíve been hearing 
             that monsters are turning violent, so Iím 
             a bit worried.
    Calintz: So, you want me to find them and escort them
    Priest:  Yes, please.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.10. Lester ( Village, Woods and Valley) / Garute             [3.010]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After walking around, the party finds the clerics, being attacked by a huge
    Eonis:   Calintz, the clerics are being attacked!
    Calintz: Everyone, prepare yourselves!
             Weíre getting them out of here!
    ( after the monster is killed)
    Calintz: I am the leader of the Tears of Blood, Calintz.
             I am under the orders of the Alliance to escort
             you. Are you alright?
    Cleric:  Iím fine. Thank you for saving us.
    Calintz: Then let us hurry to Lester.
    ( on the road, back the Lester, near the village, is a Soldier waiting)
    Soldier: Good work. Hereís what we owe you.
    Calintz: Weíll be on our way then.
    ( Calintz goes away, leaving the 2 clerics with the Alliance Soldier)
    Cleric:  I heard that the Tears of Blood were just
             a bunch of mercenaries, but they seem
             friendly to me.
    Soldier: They give respect when respect is given to them.
             Thatís how they are.
    |                             1000 Sid acquired!                              |
    ( The party automatically arrives back to Lester)
    Soldier 1: Did you hear? The Blast Worm that was captured
               is a spy for the Four Warriors.
    Soldier 2: Really? Man, whoever caught him will get 
               a nice reward...
    Soldier 1: Is that all you can think about? 
               What Iím trying to say is that thereís a chance
               weíll find out some secret.
    Soldier 2: And after that, heíll be publicly executed, huh?
    Reith:     .........
    Calintz:   Reith, letís rest at the inn.
    Reith:     Okay.
    ( At the inn)
    Calintz: Good night, Reith.
    Reith:   You too, Calintz.
    *** Flashback ***
    Woman: Alright, thatís it for todayís lesson.
    Two kids, Hugo and Mano are standing in front of the woman, they bow.
    Kid:   Thank you very much!
    Mano is slowly walking...
    Mano: Ahhh!
    He suddenly notices a person lying on the road.
    The person has a butterfly shaped mark on his left arm.
    ????: Ugh...
    Mano is running towards the village, when he realizes heís too late: there are
    dead bodies lying around and the houses are on fire.
    In the door of one of the houses is a person standing, who looks like the
    one Mano found lying in the wood. Heís gloating over the destruction...
    ?????: Aaahhh!!!
    *** End of flashback ***
    ( Calintz, whoís sleeping on a chair, next to a table, suddenly wakes up.     )
    ( He looks around, the sun is shining through the window of the room.         )
    Azel:    Captain!
    Calintz: Whatís wrong?
    Chris:   The hottie was kidnapped by the Yason 
             we saw yesterday.
    Calintz: How did that happen?
    Eonis:   Iím sorry, itís my fault.
             I didnít notice Reith leaving our room...
    Azel:    Iím sure sheís fine.
             We know where that Yason was heading.
    Haren:   Was she going out for a good time or something?
             Geez, what a pain.
    Azel:    Donít talk about her like that.
             She saved the Captainís life!
             Now, letís go and rescue her!
    |                      Reith left Calintzís party.                            |
    ( After Calintzís party leaves Lester, the scene changes to a party of 3 Blast)
    ( Worms. A fourth Blast Worm ( Eckran), the one from Lester appears, along    )
    ( with Reith.                                                                 )
    Minet:  Eckran!? Is that you?
    Eckran: Minet!? Why are you here?
    Minet:  Iím glad to see you are safe.
    Eckran: What are you doing here? Youíre not here
            to save me, are you? Another mission?
    Minet:  Weíre...
            Hm? Whoís this?
    Reith:  ........
    Eckran: A hostage. Sheís a priestess of Amabat.
            I plan to release her after I get away.
    Minet:  I see...
    ( Calintzís party, not far from the Village of Lester, founds 
    Eckran:  Why!? We donít need a hostage anymore!
             Why canít we just let one human go?
    Minet:   Sheís coming with us.
             I... canít tell you the reason...
             Whoís there!
    Calintz: Reith, are you alright?
    Reith:   ...Iím sorry.
    Minet?   That was fast...
    ( While fighting the Blast Worms, after hitting Eckran once)
    Calintz: Do you know a Yason with a Vindi that
             looks like a black butterfly on his left arm?
    Eckran:  What are you talking about?
    ( After finishing both Eckran and Minet)
    Eckran:  Sorry for using you. I wonít forget your kindness.
    Reith:   .........
    Haren:   Kindness? More like thanks for becoming 
             my hostage...
    Minet:   Letís get out of here, Eckran.
    Eckran:  Alright.
    Reith:   Iím sorry. Itís my fault.
    Eonis:   Reith, itís okay now.
    Haren:   An apology wonít cut it.
    Azel:    Haren.
    ( Calintzís is reaching out towards the head of Reith, who, as sheís afraid   )
    ( heís going to hit her, draws her head away. Calintz just gently strokes her
    ( hair...)
    Calintz: *sigh*
    ( Eonis is smiling, and Haren is just shaking his head angrily.               )
    Calintz: Letís head back.
    |                    Reith joined Calintzís party.                            |
    ( Arriving back at Lester, the Tears of Blood bump into the welcome party     )
    ( of General Tazma, General Agreian and two Alliance soldiers.                )
    Soldier 1: That definitely her! She opened the cell door 
               and let the prisoner free!
    Soldier 2: This is a violation of the law!
    Calintz:   Here we go again.
    Chris:     It must be easy, working for the Alliance.
               All you have to do to get paid is go by the book.
    Tazma:     According to these men, that woman freed
               the Yason prisoner. Is that true?
    Calintz:   What are you talking about?
    Soldier 1: Trying to play dumb, huh? I saw it with my own eyes.
               Sheís the one who opened the door.
    Azel:      *sigh* Youíre pretty bold with the General on your side.
    Agreian:   Calintz, explain yourself. There are rumors that 
               she freed the Yason.
    ( Calintz turns to Reith)
    Calintz:   Is it true?
    ( Hardly noticeably, but Reith nods her head)
    Calintz:   Are you crazy!?
               I told you not to trust them! Why didnít you listen!?
    Eonis:     Calintz!
    Tazma:     General Agreian, we should arrest her immediately.
    Calintz:   Wait! Sheís a priestess who participated in the 
               recent operation.
               But she has amnesia. She remembers nothing
               about the Alliance or the war against the Yason 
               Sheís even forgotten who she is.
    Tazma:     What proof do you have? The Blast Worm she freed
               has vital information about the Four Warriors.
               And now, weíve lost him.
    Agreian:   Arrest her. If she is a priestess,
               then Amabat should handle this.
    Azel:      But...
    Tazma:     Enough! Be grateful that we didnít arrest your mercenaries, too.
    Soldier 1: Now, come with us, priestess. 
    Reith:     ...No.
    ( Calintz draws his sword, and hold it at the neck of the Soldier)
    Soldier 1: W-W-What are you doing!?
    Calintz:   The prisoner must still be in the area.
               If I recapture him, will you let her go?
    Agreian:   ...Iím surprised youíd go to that much trouble.
    Calintz:   She saved my life. Iím just returning the favor.
    Agreian:   Very well. If you can capture the Yason, weíll set her free.
    Tazma:     Youíre going to trust this brute?
    Agreian:   Not only is the girl suffering from amnesia, 
               but it seems her mentality has regressed to that of a child.
               Punishing her would serve no purpose.
               Please, give them the opportunity to redeem themselves.
    Tazma:     Hmph. How much longer do you plan on making
               Excuses for them?
    Calintz:   My sincerest thanks, General Agreian.
    ( Calintz takes his sword away for the neck of the soldier, and turns to Reith)
    Calintz:   You wait here.
    |                      Reith left Calintzís party.                            |
    ( Through the world map, the party is taken to Amrond Woods, in Yason Ė Roven,)
    ( where, not far from the starting point, they find the two Blast Worms.      )
    Minet:   I was ordered to take that woman with us.
    Eckran:  Why a human girl...?
    Minet:   I have no idea! Theyíre already here!
    Eckran:  Theyíre fast! Looks like they 
             really want our heads.
    Calintz: ...
    ( during the fight)
    Calintz: Why are you trying to kidnap Reith?
    Minet:   Why donít you worry about yourself?
    ( after finishing both Blast Worms)
    Minet:   Eckran, run! If youíre caught, youíll be killed!
    Haren:   Hmmm... So, they werenít lying about you
             knowing some sort of secret.
    Eckran:  ... Minet, you run. ... Iím done for.
             Iíll just slow you down.
    Calintz: Give up. Itís useless.
    Minet:   Unfortunately, it looks that way.
             I was supposed to free you, Eckran.
             But, if thatís not possible...
             They want me to kill you...
             I couldnít let anyone else do it...
             So, I accepted the mission.
    Eckran:  I thought so.
    Minet:   Iím sorry, Eckran... I did my best...
             But, itís all over now. At least you wonít die alone...
             Weíll take the Tears of Blood with us!
    Calintz: What are you doing!?
    Azel:    Captain! Look out!!!
    ( The sound of an explosion can be heard...)
    Haren:   Dammit...
    ( The injured Azel is lying on the ground, held Eonis.)
    Eonis:   Azel! Azel... Hang in there!
    Azel:    Captain...? Is everyone alright?
    Calintz: ...Yeah.
    Azel:    Thank goodness... Iíve finally become useful.
    Calintz: Weíve always needed you.
    Eonis:   Once we take you back to Lester
             and get you treated, youíll be fine.
    Azel:    Okay...
    Calintz: Damn the Yason.
    ( He starts walking away...)
    Calintz: Letís go.
    ( Back at the inn, Calintz is watching Azel, whoís lying on a bed. It is      )
    ( unknown of if heís sleeping or unconscious, but he does look really badly.  )
    Eonis:   Iíll be watching Azel.
    |                      Eonis left Calintzís party.                            |
    ( at the Alliance Headquarters)
    Tazma:   Whatís wrong? I donít see
             the Blast Worm around.
    Calintz: He, and the other Blast Worm trying to aid 
             him, decided they couldnít escape and killed 
    Agreian: I see... I commend you for your efforts.
             Reith is in the cell. You can release her.
    Tazma:   Commended !? He failed to capture the spy!
             Besides, shouldnít we first at least confirm
             Whether or not that Reith is a priestess?
    Calintz: Please, be my guest... 
             But, the healing magic she used on me
             should be proof enough.
    Agreian: I believe him.
    Tazma:   What are you saying!?
             Why are you so easy on them!?
             They have no respect for authority!?
    Agreian: They risk their lives to carry out dangerous 
             mission. I think the Alliance owes them
             a debt of gratitude.
    Tazma:   Iím more than willing to give credit where itís 
             deserved. But Iíd appreciate if theyíd show
             a little more respect!
    ( Tazma goes away...)
    Agreian: Donít worry out him. Anyways, good job.
             You can set Reith free.
    Calintz: Thank you very much, General.
    ( In the cell, in front of a shabby bed, Reith is sitting on the floor.)
    Calintz: Itís all over now. Theyíre letting you go.
             You donít like being in the dark, do you? Sorry about that.
    Reith:   What happened to the Yason?
    Calintz: Youíre still worried about the Yason?
             He wonít escape again. He fought back... so I killed him.
    Reith:   How could you...?
    Calintz: Because the Yason are our enemies. Crying wonít change that.
             How can you feel sorry for them after being locked up here?
    Reith:   Iím sorry. But, I...
    Calintz: I donít want to hear your apologies. If you donít believe me,
             then go and see for yourself how this world works.
             The world wonít wait for you to regain your memories.
    ( Calintz starts walking out of the cell)
    Reith:   Do you think all the Yason should be killed, Calintz?
    Calintz: Of course.
    Reith:   Even children?
    Calintz: When those children grow up, theyíll turn against us.
    Reith:   How do you know? They might not!
    Calintz: Youíre too naive. Itís easy to believe that crap when
             youíve never had anything taken away from you.
    ( Outside, before the building of the Alliance Headquarters)
    Calintz: Iím worried about Azel.
             Letís go check up on him.
    ( At the inn)
    Calintz: Howís Azel doing?
    Eonis:   Theyíve finished emergency treatment.
             We just have to wait for him to wake up...
             But, there are so many injured soldiers, they
             donít have time to properly treat him. We
             should finish treating him at the Headquarters.
    Calintz: I see... You must be tired. Iíll switch with you.
             You should get some rest.
    Eonis:   You look pretty bad yourself.
             Did something happen?
    Calintz: Donít worry... Itís nothing.
    Eonis:   Alright then... Good night.
    ( Back, at the cell, at the Alliance Headquarters)
    Eonis: Hi, there. Mind if I join you?
    ( Reith, still sitting on the ground, looks up, and sees Eonis)
    Eonis: Please, donít be upset with Calintz.
           He did all he could to save you.
    Reith: But, why did he say those things?
    Eonis: He just wants you to realize the harsh reality of the world,
           before you end up getting hurt. You know, Calintz isnít 
           the only one who has a grudge against the Yason.
    Reith: If the Yason hurt me... do you think I would hate them?
    Eonis: I wouldnít want something like that to happen to you.
           Weíre facing those hardships so that others donít have to.
           So much hatred has built up...
           This war can no longer be stopped simply with words.
           But, I believe the war will end some day,
           Even if the only thing I can do now is fight.
    ( At the inn, standing beside the injured Azel is Calintz and Reith, who )
    ( is trying to heal Azel)
    Reith:   Why didnít you tell me about Azelís injuries?
             I came here as soon as I found out.
    Calintz: ...sorry about earlier. I just wanted to...
    Reith:   Eonis explained everything to me. 
             Youíre really a confusing person, you know.
             Itís almost as if you wanted me to hate you.
             Calintz... Iím gonna do whatever I can do to make a difference.
             Right now, all I can do is heal peopleís injuries.
             But some day, I wanna try and find a way to end the war.
             Is that too optimistic? Am I being too naÔve?
    Calintz: Who knows?
    Reith:   Huh? What kind of answer is that?
    Calintz: Uh... Well, it seems like a god idea.
             You certainly have a talent for healing.
    Reith:   Then Iíll do my best.
    Azel:    Uggh... I canít take it anymore.
    ( Azel suddenly sits up on the bed.
    Calintz: A-Azel...!
    Azel:    Sorry for interrupting when it was getting good, but Iíve been
             laying here all day and my back is killing me. *chuckle*
    |             Reith, Azel and Eonis joined Calintzís party.                   |
    Calintz: Azel is recovering fine, but he needs more rest.
             Weíll have to stay here for a while.
    Chris:   The shouldnít we be looking for some work?
             Lehasíll be on our ass when we get back:
             ďWhat were you doing all this time? Playing?Ē
    Haren:   Thatís for sure... My head hurts just thinkiní about it.
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar, two Blast Worms, a red Blast Worm and Orha are        )
    ( standing in front of the throne, where Amila is sitting.                    )
    Orha:       Are you ready?
    Amila:      Everyone will be startled when they see me.
    Blast Worm: No, no. You look absolutely stunning.
    Amila:      Are you being sarcastic? I wouldnít blame you,
                since I look like this...
    Blast Worm: I wouldnít dream of it, Your Highness.
                Now, you must go. Your people are waiting for you.
    ( Amila stands up, but while standing, from under her mask, she looks at Orha.)
    ( for a few seconds, heís looking back at Amila, but then heís turning his    )
    ( head down.)
    ( Some time later, in the same room is Orha, with one of the Blast Worms.)
    Blast Worm: Are you worried?
    Orha:       ...No.
    Blast Worm: We canít hide it forever. Thereís no other way.
                Support for Her Majesty grown immensely 
                since she reflected the Forbidden Magic.
                If we tell them that the Queen sacrificed her life for the
                sake of her people... then all Yason will band together.
    Orha:       But, if people learn the truth, then an uprising could result.
    Blast Worm: Most of the population is too concerned with Rheuma
                for something like that to happen. As long as the Blast Worms
                are under our command, we have nothing to fear.
                Since it has come to his, there is a secret that you should know.
                But, we will discuss it soon enough with Her Majesty.
    ( On the world map)
    Amila:  Everyone must be surprised, for this is 
            my true self. But, I am content because
            I was able to protect my people.
    Azhadi: Our queen had finally fallen prey to Rheuma...
            I will miss fighting alongside her.
    Carian: Look at how fast her skin is turning...
            She doesnít have much longer...
    Azhadi: You sure look happy...
    Carian: Of course I am. Sheís never been nice to me.
            I thought sheíd never die, but to think that
            sheís contracted with Rheuma...
            I can hardly contain myself...
    Azhadi: The candidates for the next in line are
            Probably jumping in joy right now.
    Carian: ...Theyíll most likely attempt to get us on their
            sides as long as Rheuma rules this world.
            Hmmhm... Even if Amila didnít contract 
            the disease, she wouldnít have been long 
            for this world anyway...
    *** Flashback ***
    Mano is sitting on the ground, standing beside him is a girl.
    Mano: Sh-Shut up! This is my first time fighting a monster!
    Girl: How can you be so stupid?
    Mano: Donít call me stupid!
    Girl: Youíve never fought a monster, but you wander into a forest?
          Thatís just plain stupid. What were you thinking?
    Mano: *sniff*
    Girl: What? Now youíre crying?
    Mano is still sitting just like before, but now the girl is sitting beside him.
    Girl: Geez.
    Mano: What?
    Girl: If youíre afraid of getting hurt, then thereís no way 
          youíll get stronger. ďNo pain, no gain.Ē Right?
          You want me to teach you? Whoís your opponent?
          Iíll train you so you can beat him in less then a month.
    Mano is waiting for the girl in the forest...
    Mano: Iíve been waiting.
    Girl: For me? ...Really?
    Mano: That move you taught me was amazing. 
          You should have seen the look on Hugoís face.
    During another fighting lesson...
    Girl: Itís scary how much youíve improved.
    Mano: Then, tell me your name.
    Girl: Okay... If you can beat me.
    Some time later, at their usual meeting place...
    Mano: What happened to her...? I know I can win now...
          But, where did she go...?
    *** End of flashback ***
    ( In front of the inn, there is an Alliance Soldier waiting.)
    Soldier: General Agreian is waiting for you at the inn.
    Calintz: He is? Thanks.
    ( At the inn)
    Agreian: Calintz, Iíve been waiting for you.
    Calintz: General, did you need me for anything?
    Agreian: I have another job for you.
             I hear Mirna has been under siege by monsters
             since the Chi storm. It seem the monsters have
             grown restless.
    Calintz: So, am I to go to Mirna, sir?
    Agreian: You should avoid moving with the Alliance.
             You havenít been on General Tazmaís
             good side lately.
    Calintz: I understand. I will go there as soon as I stop
             by the Headquarters.
    Agreian: Also, the young lady... Reith, was it?
             I have selected her escorts.
             I will send them to Amabat with her.
             I have ordered them to wait at the village 
             entrance tomorrow morning. Bring her there.
    Calintz: Thank you.
    Agreian: ...Still, I am a bit surprised in the amount 
             of interest youíve shown in that girl.
    Calintz: As I said before, she saved my life.
             I simply want to return the favor.
    Agreian: *chuckle* I see... At any rate, good luck.
             The Forbidden Magic has failed, but the war
             continues and we are still in need of your help.
    ( At the inn, Calintz is talking with Reith...)
    Calintz: Tomorrow morning, some soldiers will be waiting 
             at the entrance. Theyíll take you home.
    Reith:   Calintz... Youíre not coming?
    Calintz: I have a mission. I know I promised you, but... sorry.
    Reith:   ... I see.
    Calintz: I hope you regain your memory in Amabat.
    Reith:   Me, too.
    Calintz: Iím still grateful to you for saving my life back there.
    Reith:   I thank you for saving me, too.
    Calintz: Good night, then.
    ( Calintz starts walking away, Reith want to say something to him)
    Reith:   Uh... Ummm...
    ( Calintz turns his head back to Reith)
    Calintz: Yes?
    Reith:   Um... Take care, Calintz.
    Calintz: Thanks, I will.
    *** Flashback ***
    Mano and the kid he found are at the same forest, where Mano found him.
    ????: Thank you. You saved my life.
    Mano: Youíre a Yason... but your ears are like humanís.
    ????: Hmph... Who cares about something like that?
    Mano: You better leave as soon as you feel better.
          I anyone finds you... theyíll kill you.
    ????: Yeah, I know.
          Youíre scared of me, arenít you? Because Iím Yason.
    Mano: No, Iím not. I...
    ????: Yea, you are. Donít worry. Iíll be leaving soon.
    *** End of flashback ***
    |                       Reith left Calintzís party.                           |
    ( In front of the inn)
    Eonis:   Donít you even want to say goodbye?
             She was crying all night yesterday.
             Youíre the only one she can rely on.
    Calintz: Sheís a priestess of Amabat. Itís better for the
             both of us if we stayed away from each other.
    Chris:   Man, thatís cold, even for you.
             Sheís so cute, too.
    Azel:    If you say so, then Iíll comply...
             But, Reith will be disappointed, I imagine.
    Haren:   No sweat off my back. Sheís more trouble than
             anything else. We donít need someone who
             sympathizes with the Yason around us.
    Eonis:   But, doesnít she remind you of Felicia?
    Haren:   Donít be stupid!
    Eonis:   I meant no offense, Haren.
    Calintz: Letís go back to Headquarters first.
             We need to report the situation to Lehas.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.11. Headquarters / Garute                                    [3.011]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Heading back to the Headquarters, on the road there is little girl, waiting.)
    Azel:  Weíre back!
    ( He notices the little girl, who is holding a strange looking doll.)
    Azel:  Oh, Maya howíve you been?
    ( She doesnít say a word, sheís just stroking the doll.)
    Chris: Have you been a good girl, my little princess?
           ...You just get cuter every day!
    Haren: Here we go again... Who do you think you are, her father?
    Chris: How can I ignore such an adorable girl?
           I mean, Maya deserved a good-looking papa like me, right?
    Haren: Papa? With that face? More like a child molester.
    Chris: *chuckle* Harenís just jealous, isnít he Maya?
           I have the face of a warm, caring father, right?
    Haren: Just listening to this fool makes my head hurt.
    ( Haren walks away.)
    Chris: Why doesnít anyone get it?
    ( At the Conference Room)
    Lehas:   It seems youíve all returned safely.
    Eonis:   Yes. We finally finished the mission.
    Lehas:   Is that so?
    Chris:   Absolutely. We even collected y paycheck.
             We all hurried back to see your face light up with joy.
    Lehas:   I wish you were always this eager to please.
             Weíre on the verge of bankruptcy, here.
    ( Lehas walks out of the room)
    Eonis:   She has a one-track mind, doesnít she?
    Calintz: Youíve all done well. You can rest for the day.
    Haren:   Why did Agreian tell us to go to a small town
             like Mirna all of a sudden?
    Eonis:   I think he was just being considerate 
             by sending us away from General Tazma.
    Lehas:   What did you do this time?
             The Tears of Blood isnít your group.
    Haren:   I donít have to take this from someone whoís
             just kicking back here while we do all the work.
    Azel:    Ease up, Haren. When are you two ever going
             to be nice to each other?
    Calintz: Weíre going to Mirna, regardless. 
             I just thought that you should know.
    Lehas:   You do realize that I should always be consulted
             on matters such as this. You canít just keep
             doing whatever you please.
    ( Going out of the Headquarters, is Maya standing, holding her doll.          )
    ( Calintz goes to her.                                                        )
    Calintz: Whatís wrong? 
    ( Maya just points to an injured Alliance Soldier, whoís laying on the ground.)
    ( Calintz runs to him, and kneels beside him.                                 )
    Calintz: Hey, are you okay?
    Soldier: H-Help her, please... Help Reith...
    Calintz: Reith!? What about Reith?
    Soldier: We were... attacked by the Yason...
             at Mt. Rhyde... Reith was...
    ( After telling these, the soldier dies.)
    Calintz: Hey! Hold on! Hey!
    ( Hearing Calintz shouting, Eonis comes running.)
    Eonis:   Calintz? Whatís wrong?
    Calintz: Reith has been kidnapped by the Yason.
    ( Calintz stands up from the dead soldier)
    Calintz: He said it happened at Mt. Rhyde. I have to hurry.
    Eonis:   Are you going to save her?
    Calintz: He gave his life to tell us this. Iím going to Mt. Rhyde.
             You take care of Mirna.
    ( Calintz runs away.)
    Eonis:   Calintz! 
    ( Hearing Eonis, Haren appears)
    Haren:   Whatís wrong?
    Eonis:   Iíve never seen Calintz so upset.
    Haren:   It doesnít looks like heís heading for Mirna.
    Eonis:   Heís not.
    Haren:   That idiot. Whatís he getting us into this time?
             Letís go, you guys! Weíre following the Captain!
    Lehas:   This happens every time.
    Eonis:   Iím sorry.
    Lehas:   Well, arenít you going to join them?
    Eonis:   But... What about Mirna?
    Lehas:   Itís probably nothing serious. 
             Iím sure they can handle it.
    Eonis:   Thank you.
    ( On the world map)
    Eonis:   Iím coming, too. Youíre going to need my help.
    Calintz: What about Mirna?
    Eonis:   Lehas was the one who told me to come along.
             I hate to place our responsibilities
             upon her even though she said not to worry
             about Mirna.
    Haren:   Donít worry about Lehas; she can manage.
             Mt. Rhyde has more priority now since 
             the Yason are there.
    Chris:   You ready to roll, Maya?
             Letís go save the princess.
    |                       Maya joined Calintzís party.                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.12. Road to Amabat / Garute                                  [3.012]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After entering the Road, the party finds a few a dead Alliance soldiers.)
    Calintz: Heís dead... 
    Eonis:   I hope weíre not too late.
    Calintz: She must have ran towards Mt. Rhyde.
    ( on the world map)
    Blast Worm 1: Weíve killed all the Alliance Soldiers.
                  The girl ran into the cave, but she wonít get far.
    Blast Worm 2: Letís get ready to pull out.
                  Weíll secure an escape route while you can capture
                  the girl!
    Blast Worm 1: Yes, sir.
    Blast Worm 2: I need not to remind you that we need to capture
                  her intact. You will suffer greatly if any harm
                  should befall her.
    Blast Worm 1: Understand.
    ( In the same area, after walking down on a few stairs, is a Yason waiting)
    Calintz:    What are the Yason doing around these parts?
    Blast Worm: You think Iíd tell you, human!?
    Calintz:    I hear you are looking for a human girl. What are you up to!?
    Blast Worm: You overheard...!? Dammit!
                Iím not telling you anything!
    ( After fighting the Blast Worm)
    Calintz:    Tell us! Where is the girl!?
    Blast Worm: Shy do you care...?
                Who is she to you?
    Calintz:    Just answer the question!
                What are you going to do with her!?
    Blast Worm: I donít know...
                I-I was just following orders...
    Azel:       Why are you after Reith?
    Haren:      Somethingís up... I know it.
    Calintz:    The other Yason went towards Mt. Rhyde.
                Letís go.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.13. S. Mt. Rhyde / Amabat                                    [3.013]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Finally arriving at Mt. Rhyde; Haren, Chris, Eonis, Maya and Azel are just  )
    ( standing and watching the Mountains, and the really bad weather...          )
    Chris: Whoa! This is some weather weíre having here.
    Eonis: Itís been like this in the past 10 years.
           A lot of people has stopped using this path.
    Azel:  Iíve heard about it but... I never really believe it.
    ( Walking around, the Calintz ends up before the entrance of a cave, which is )
    ( guarded by a Blast Worm. ) 
    Calintz:    They must be keeping Reith in here.
    Blast Worm: Whoís there !?
    Calintz:    Weíre here for the girl.
    Blast Worm: Heh... so, youíre the humans whoíve
                been snooping around here.
    ( after beating the Blast Worm)
    Calintz:    Let me ask you one more time...
                Where is the girl!?
    Blast Worm: Sh-Sheís in the cave...
                But, sheís probably already caught.
    Calintz:    You came all the way here just to capture her?
                Who gave you the orders?
    Blast Worm: I... I donít know...
    Calintz:    Tell me!!
    Blast Worm: I told you... I donít know...
    Haren:      If you donít wanna talk, then you donít need
                this jaw of yours, do you?
    Blast Worm: ...Gen... General Roxy...
    Haren:      Roxy? Sheís here, too?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.14. Lightning Ruins / Amabat                                 [3.014]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Walking around in the area, the party ends up before the entrance of a cave,)
    ( which is guarded by a Blast Worm. ) 
    Blast Worm: Whoíre you!?
    Calintz:    Hmph... You donít seem very strong.
    Blast Worm: What!?
    ( Beating the Blast Worm, Calintz enters the cave, which leads to a larger    )
    ( ďroomĒ, with large glowing stones, which look like some kind of altars.     )
    ( In front of one of these stones Reith is sitting. She lifts up her head,    )
    ( and sees Calintz.                                                           )
    Reith:   Calintz! 
    ( She runs to Calintz.) 
    Reith:   I didnít think Iíd see you again.
    Calintz: You alright?
    Reith:   Yes.
    ( Reith and Calintz are standing in front of each other, but none of them     )
    ( moves towards the other one. Chris and Azel are silently watching them, and )
    ( smiling they look at each other. )
    Reith:   I was hoping that youíd come, and now here you are.
             I canít believe it!
    Calintz: On of the Alliance Soldiers came all the way to
             Headquarters to notify us... What happened?
    Reith:   I donít really know. The Yason just attacked us...
             I ran in here and hid as best as I could... But, they found me...
    Calintz: Everythingís okay, now. Letís get out of here.
    ( They are starting to leave the place, when Roxy enters with her beast.      )
    ( Steelheart suddenly leaps at them, but Reith stands in between Calintz and  )
    ( the beast. For a few seconds a shield is defending them, but it disappears, )
    ( and Reith falls onto the ground. Calintz runs beside her.                   )
    Calintz: Reith!
    ( Calintz is looking at Roxy, but sheís just standing silently.)
    ( After the battle with Steelheart, Haren and Calintz are watching Roxy and   )
    ( Steelheart, as if theyíre uncertain what to do next.                        )
    Roxy:    I wonít be as careless as the last time.
    Haren:   ...You know the Sendoh region of Maracatte?
    Roxy:    Thatís not part of Maracatte. It belongs to us Yasons.
    Haren:   Makes no difference... You summoned that beast and
             slaughtered every human in sight. Remember that?
    Roxy:    And what about all the Yason that was killed?
    Haren:   You bastards... You murdered Felicia!
             She was just trying to protect the villagers from that thing.
             Only her arm... That was all I could find of here!
    Roxy:    The fact is, youíre as guilty as we are.
    Haren:   Shut up!!
    Eonis:   Haren, wait! Reithís badly hurt.
    ( Calintz turns around to see Reith, whoís laying in the ground, in pain.     )
    Reith:   Ugh... Ooooh...
    Roxy:    Sheís been poisoned.
    Calintz: Give me the antidote. Now!
    Roxy:    You think weíd make an antidote? This poison has
             no effect on Yason. So, thereís no need for one.
    ( Calintz is looking at Roxy, Haren is shaking his arms, when...)
    Reith:   Calintz... Stop it...
    ( Reith holds out his hand towards Calintz, when the tip of her hand starts  )
    ( glow. The cave starts rumbling...)
    Roxy:    ........!!
    (.... on the ground a large, glowing, magic circle looking drawing appears,  )
    ( and along with the sign, a monster also appears.                           )
    Haren:   A monster!?
    Roxy:    ( This isnít just any monster... Even with my power
             I couldnít control it. Itís too dangerous.)
    Haren:   Where the hell did it come from...?
    Roxy:    ...Time to go.
    Calintz: Hey, come back here!
    ( Beating the monster, it slowly fades away, and a few seconds later the      )
    ( monster is totally gone.                                                    )
    ( Calintz goes to the place, where the monster was standing.                  )
    Calintz: Whatís this?
    |                      Lightning Shard acquired!                              |
    Calintz: Howís Reith?
    ( Beside Reith is sitting Eonis, who looks really concerned. She, Azel and    )
    ( Chris are watching Maya, whoís trying to heal Reith. After a few tries, she )
    ( shakes her head, that itís not good...                                      )
    Eonis:   Sheís not good...
    Calintz: Letís take her to Amabat.
             If we hurry, we might be able to make it.
    ( While leaving the Lightning Ruins, the party meets with 2 persons, who are  )
    ( wearing strange cloths and masks.                                           )
    Turibo:  Kill them.
    Chris:   What the!?
    ( After beating them...)
    Calintz: Are you allies of the Yason?
    Turibo:  ...Ha...
    Haren:   Who the hell were those guys wearing the
             stupid masks?
    Eonis:   When they saw us, one of them said to kill us...
             Do they know us, then?
    Calintz: ...Letís hurry to Amabat. 
             Reithís safety is all that matters.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.15. The Great Temple / Amabat                                [3.015]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Arriving at the Great Temple)
    Justina: She needs treatment.
             Please, this way.
    ( Reith is laying on a bed, Calintz and a green ribbon wearing girl are       )
    ( standing next to her bed. The opening of the door can be heard.             )
    Calintz:  Mistress Ladrinne...
    ( A priestess, and another woman, who is not wearing the usual priestess      )
    ( dress, entered the room. They go to the bed of Reith.                       )
    Ladrinne: Iíll treat her now. Donít worry. Please, wait outside.
    Calintz:  Of course.
    ( Out of the room, in the main part of temple, when Calintz tries to go to    )
    ( northern part of the Temple, he is stopped by Justina.                      )
    Justina: There you are.
    Calintz: Is something wrong?
    Justina: We have finished healing your companion.
             Please go to her room.
    ( In front of the room, is Mistress Ladrinne waiting for Calintz.             )
    Calintz:  Mistress Ladrinne...
    Ladrinne: She is alright. She sustained no serious injuries.
    Calintz:  Really...?
              She had been poisoned and was in poor health.
    Ladrinne: Thatís strange. I didnít find any poison in her.
    Calintz:  But, she was...
    Ladrinne: There are certain people with the ability to heal
              themselves with their own divine power.
              I believe she is one of them
              She has incredible power for an ordinary person.
    Calintz:  Huh!? Sheís not a priestess?
              But, she was able to heal my wound, 
              so I just assumed she was one...
    Ladrinne: So, you found her at Yason-Roven?
              I remember all the priestesses and clerics
              we send. I hand-picked every one of them.
              But, I have never seen this young lady.
              She is definitely not a priestess of Amabat.
    Calintz:  I see... Then, who is she...?
    Ladrinne: The answer is hidden within her memories.
              We will know once she is treated.
    Calintz:  Can it be treated?
    Ladrinne: Of course. But, I am not an expert in recovering
              lost memories. I know an excellent cleric for
              the job. We shall talk about this later.
              Please, go see her.
              She is already awake.
    Calintz:  Thank you for all that youíve done.
    Ladrinne: You do not seem like yourself, being so worried.
              It seems you have grown attached to her.
    Calintz:  No, itís just that she saved my life. That is all.
    Ladrinne: Hmhmhm... I suppose.
    ( In the room)
    Reith:   Calintz...
    Calintz: Are you alright?
    Reith:   Yes.
    Eonis:   Glad to hear it. You had me worried for a while.
    Calintz: Were the Yason following you? 
             Itís rare for them to come that far north.
    Chris:   Hey man, ease up... Sheís been through a lot.
    Reith:   Itís alright... We were just walking along and
             the Yason took us by surprise. Someone told
             me to run and grabbed my hand, but he... he...
    Azel:    Itís alright, youíre safe now.
             Weíve asked Mistress Ladrinne about you and
             she said that you werenít a priestess.
    Reith:   ...R-Really?
    Chris:   Donít sweat it! Your memory didnít just up
             and ran away. Itís still somewhere inside you.
             You just forgot where you place it.
    Haren:   Hmph! It isnít normal for a human to be chased
             by the Yason. I smell a spy...
    Reith:   I... I...
    Haren:   When you regain your memory, 
             weíll see if youíre as innocent as you look...
    Calintz: Reith save my life.
             I promised her that Iíd protect her.
             We might be able to find out why the Yason
             were after her once she regains her memory.
             Until then, she stays with us.
             If anyone has a problem with that,
             Iíll give up leadership.
    Azel:    What are you saying!?
             You canít quit being captain!
             Besides, I have no problem with that at all.
    Eonis:   Neither do I.
    Chris:   Me neither.
    Haren:   Pssh! Fine! Donít blame me if this
             xxxx blows up in your faces...
    Eonis:   Itís settled then...
             Haren, can you be any more vulgar?
    Reith:   Iím sorry... I donít mean to be such trouble...
    Eonis:   No trouble at all...
    |                       Reith joined Calintzís party.                         |
    ( Right after leaving the room)
    Eonis: Calintz, make sure you contact Lehas.
           Iím worried about Mirna...
           You should also explain to General Agreian
           what happened.
    ( Approaching the Communication Sphere)
    Lehas:   Youíre here finally!!
    Calintz: Did something happen?
    Lehas:   What were you doing at Amabat?
    Calintz: We were in need of some treatment.
    Lehas:   I see...
             Iím sorry to report that Mirna was overrun
             by monsters.
             Our soldiers could not repel the attack and 
             General Agreian is not pleased with the results.
    Calintz: Hmm...
    Lehas:   Heís in his office on the 2dn floor 
             of the Great Temple.
             Make sure to explain yourself.
    Calintz: This is my fault...
    Lehas:   Apologies will only get you so far; 
             you must maintain discipline and self-control.
             Iím partially at fault for not stopping you,
             but you have to realize that you cannot continue
             to make rash decisions like that.
    Calintz: ...
    Lehas:   I know you donít like to hear complaints,
             especially from someone who isnít on the 
             But, you must realize the consequences of such
    ( On the second floor of the Temple, going in on the door to the right...    )
    ( Calintz is standing is front of General Agreian, who really looks furious. )
    Agreian: Itís about time you came here.
             I was informed of your arrival hours ago.
    ( He goes to Calintz and slaps him on the face.)
    Agreian: Why did you disobey my orders?
             I had to gather my troops and march all the way to Mirna!
    Calintz: I apologize, sir.
    Agreian: Did you think this was just a ploy to get you out of the
             Allianceís way? While you was busy ignoring my orders
             Mirna was being attacked by monsters!
    Calintz: Iíll accept whatever punishment you give me. But, my
             comrades are not to blame. It was my decision and they
             simply followed it. Please, do not hold them accountable.
    Agreian: Iíll grant your request.
             Take him away.
    Soldier: Yessir.
    ( At the prison of the Temple)
    ( The sound of someone walking can be heard...)
    Cleric:  Whoís there?
    ( The sound of a quick slash...)
    Cleric:  Agh...
    Calintz: ...?
    ( Again, only the sound of steps...)
    Calintz: You...!
    ???????: I see youíve met my friends.
    Calintz: Who are you?
    ???????: If you think Iím going to tell you, then 
             youíre sorely mistaken.
             Besides, shouldnít you be preparing to die?
    ( The fight is quickly over...)
    Calintz: So, thatís what youíre after...
    ???????: Life or death... Iíll let you choose. But now that 
             you know the truth, youíre better off choosing 
             the latter. The truth will only bring you pain.
    Calintz: What? The truth...?
    Reith:   Calintz!
    Azel:    Captain, are you alright?
    Haren:   Whoís the rat the snuck in here!?
    ( After beating the unknown attacker)
    ???????: Hphm... Iíll have to retreat for now.
    Haren:   Hmmm... Whatís this?
    *** Flashback ***
    The houses of a village, light breeze blowing, and chirping of birds...
    Hugo: Hereís a token of my friendship.
    He holds a knife in his hand.
    Mano: They said I had this when I came here.
          I donít really remember.
    Mano is holding a bracelet in his hand.
    Hugo: Thatís important for you, isnít it?
          You can give me something else.
    Mano: No... You can have it, Hugo. 
          Youíre giving me your most treasured possession.
    Hugo: Thanks, Iíll take good care of it.
          Weíll always be friends, Mano.
    The kids are standing, holding out their treasures in their hands towards
    the other: Hugo, the knife and Mano, the bracelet.
    *** End of flashback ***
    ( Calintz is waking up slowly in the same room, where Reith was treated.      )
    ( He sits up, beside his bed is General Agreian.                              )
    Agreian: Are you awake?
    Calintz: General...
    Agreian: Itís been a while, Mano.
    Calintz: Huh...? Youíre not...?
    Agreian: Yes, itís me, Hugo. I havenít seen this knife in ages.
    ( Beside Agreian, who is holding the knife, appears the image of the child    )
    ( Hugo, holding in his hand the knife, the same way, Agreian does.            )
    Agreian: I heard from my mother that you defeated the Blast Worms in
             the Mt. Rhyde region. I apologize for jumping to conclusions.
             I shouldnít have come down so hard on you.
    Calintz: No, itís my fault, General.
    Agreian: Will you call me Hugo... for old times sake? When weíre
             behind closed doors, letís forget about ranks. I still canít believe
             it... that you survived that incident. I looked for you back then.
    Calintz: I had no idea Mistress Ladrinne was your mother.
    Agreian: Haha, surprising, isnít it?
             Regardless, Iím happy we were able to meet again, Mano.
    Calintz: I agree.
    Agreian: I know we were short on soldiers,
             but I canít believe they breached out defenses...
    Calintz: They were after a strange shard.
             Some masked men also attacked us
             at Mt. Rhyde, when we found it.
    Agreian: Masked... men...?
    Calintz: Yes, their clothes were odd, too...
             We need to find out who they are...
    Agreian: There is no need to investigate...
    Calintz: Hmm...?
    Agreian: You were not the only one who was attacked.
             These are not ordinary thieves; theyíre some
             sort of organization with a specific purpose.
             Many our missions have been compromised
             and key people have been assassinated.
             Itís probably them.
    Calintz: Then... Are you saying that thereís a spy within
             the Alliance?
    Agreian: Thatís what I believe. But, we have yet to track
             him down.
             For a while I suspected you...
    Calintz: It canít be helped.
    Agreian: But, somewhere in my heart I knew it couldnít
             be you.
    Calintz: Then, if we can find out who it is...
    Agreian: Donít get involved any further. We donít even
             know who to trust within the Alliance.
             Keep this a secret, you may
             endanger yourself. Several of my subordinates
             have already been killed investigating them.
             So, Iím going to investigate this matter myself.
             In the meantime, I want to give you another mission.
    Calintz: Another mission?
    Agreian: The shard in your possession in the Lightning
    Calintz: Lightning Shard...? 
             You seem to know something about it.
    Agreian: That shard is part of the Light of Salvation.
             Find out what you can about the Eight Heroes.
             I donít know if I...
             ...I planned on collecting all of the shards.
             This is of utmost secrecy;
             not even Mother know this.
             ...I was going to keep it from you, too.
             I didnít want to involve you in such a 
             dangerous mission.
             You are my closest friend.
    Calintz: But, you should realize that I am a soldier,
             first and foremost.
    Agreian: I canít afford to loose you.
             Besides, you now have someone to look after...
    Calintz: Hugo! Reith and I...
             Itís not what you think...
    *** Flashback ***
    Mano is talking with the kid, he found in the forest.
    Mano: So thatís... what happened...
    ????: But, at least Iím alive.
          ...Even though everyone else is dead.
    Mano: I still have my teacher and friends.
    ????: Yeah. Youíre a lucky guy.
    *** End of flashback ***
    Eonis:   Mistress Ladrinne wants to talk about Reith.
    Calintz: I see.
    Eonis:   Mistress Ladrinneís room on the 2nd floor,
             Next to General Agreianís room.
    Calintz: Yeah, I remember.
    ( On the second floor, entering the room at the end of the corridor          )
    ( Mistress Ladrinne, and the earlier seen girl, who is wearing a large, green)
    ( ribbon are talking about Reith.                                            )
    Justina:  Reith seems to have neutralized the poison
              with her own divine powers.
    Ladrinne: Yes, she has great potential. She would be a 
              perfect candidate to succeed me as Great Priestess.
              I would love for her to return to Amabat
              once she recovers her memory.
    Justina:  So, you want me to...?
    Ladrinne: Yes, please. The time is near for me to find my successor.
    Justina:  But, no one can replace you.
    ???????:  Mistress Ladrinne. Calintz, the Captain of the Tears of Blood
              is here to see you.
    Ladrinne: Show him in.
    ( Calintz enters the room, kneels down before Mistress Ladrinne.)
    Ladrinne: Youíre awake. How are you feeling?
    ( Calintz stands up.)
    Calintz:  Good, thanks to you.
    Ladrinne: Calintz, you must take better care of your body.
              You have so many scars... If youíre not more careful
              you could wind up with a serious injury.
    Calintz:  It comes with the territory.
    Ladrinne: I suppose you want to know why I summoned you here.
              *chuckle* It concerns Reith, of course.
              Once she regains her memory, Iím considering 
              recommending her as a candidate to become 
              the next Great Priestess.
    Calintz:  She has that much power?
    Ladrinne: If trained properly, she could become far greater than me.
              So for now, I would like Justina to accompany her.
              She will help Reith to recover her memory.
    ( The green ribbon wearing girl steps beside Mistress Ladrinne.)
    Justina:  We met earlier. Iím Justina.
    Calintz:  Iím Calintz.
    Ladrinne: You may go know. Calintz, take care of Reith.
    Calintz:  As you wish.
    |                    Justina joined Calintzís party.                          |
    ( Stepping out of the ďliftĒ, on the ground floor.)
    Reith:   I canít believe Mistress Ladrinne made me
             a candidate to become the Great Priestess...
             I have no idea whatís going on.
    Justina: Calintz, I will take Reith to Remie in Maracatte 
             tomorrow for her treatment.
    Calintz: Alright, I will report this to Lehas.
    ( Approaching the Communication Sphere)
    Lehas:   Whatís wrong?
    Lehas:   I see... Iím glad that the General is an
             understanding man.
    Calintz: After weíre done with Reith, weíll head back
             to Headquarters.
    Lehas:   Alright.
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar)
    Orha: So, the Tears of Blood interfered...
          As I expected...
    Roxy: But, the girl was poisoned.
          Sheís probably...
    Orha: Incompetent girl... I told you not to harm her.
          Why did you use poison? Does it bother you
          that much to be after a human girl?
    Roxy: It was out of my control...
          You know I canít control my Familiar when
          itís using its instincts.
    Orha: (... The poison should have no effect on her...)
    Roxy: Why are you so interested in her?
          What makes her so special?
    Orha: Hmph... Was there anyone else other than
          the Tears of Blood who interfered?
    Roxy: ...What do you mean?
    Orha: There is a spy within our ranks.
          Why do you think the Alliance attempted
          the Forbidden Magic?
          There was someone who was familiar with
          the land.
    Roxy: They may have found our by capturing and 
          torturing a Blast Worm.
    Orha: No, the Alliance set up the magic circle in an
          area where there werenít any Blast Worms.
          On top of that, they attacked the exact location
          where our defenses were weak to try and divert
          our attention.
    Roxy: Hmmm... Youíre right...
          The information is too precise to have come
          from an ordinary soldier.
    Orha: There is definitely a spy. Someone is leaking
          information to the Alliance. We need to find
          out who it is.
    ( On the World map)
    Carian: The power of the Forbidden Magic is
            devastating. I honestly believe that Epentar
            wouldíve been wiped off the face of the planet.
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: She is queen for good reason...
            She single-handedly harnessed the power of
            the Magna Carta and stopped the Forbidden
            But, even with all her power, the queen still
            contracted the Rheuma.
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: What is it that you want?
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: ...So it was true. I will have my men investigate.
            But, itís probably Orhaís doing. That stupid
            bitch would never disobey Orhaís orders.
    ( Back at the Great Temple, near the area of Mt. Selton, Mistress Ladrinne    )
    ( is casting a spell on two clerics. The magic changes their appearance and   )
    ( they donít look like humans, but like Yasons.                               )
    Ladrinne: Your mission is of utmost importance. Please, be careful.
    ( The two ďYasonsĒ bow before her, and leave. The whole scene is watched from )
    ( the distance by a Blast Worm.                                               )
    Calintz: Can we go to Remie from here?
    Azel:    Yes. Weíll have to go through Mt. Selton
             first and it should be just south of there...
    Haren:   We better hurry up and get this over with or
             Lehas will be on our asses again. Iím not in the
             mood to hear any more bitching from her.
    Chris:   Heheh... Lehas may seem like the ultimate
             ice-queen on the outside, but I betcha sheís a real
             sweetheart once you get to know her.
             If thereís something I know... itís women...
    Justina: Whatever...
             Can we cut the chit-chat and leave already?
    Eonis:   I hope you regain your memory.
    Reith:   Thank you, everyone.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.16. Remie / Maracatte                                        [3.016]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the areas of Mt. Selton and Orbonne Woods there are no conversations.]
    ( After stepping through the gate of Remie)
    Justina: Dr. Bronx runs an inn and a clinic.
             It is located in the southern part of Remie. 
             Letís look for it.
    ( At the inn)
    Justina: It has been a while, Dr. Bronx.
    Bronx:   Welcome. Iíve read your letter...
    ( Reith sits on a chair, surrounded by Dr. Bronx, Justina and Calintz)
    Justina: Reith has divine power.
    Bronx:   Oh? Is she a priestess of Amabat?
    Justina: No, sheís not.
    Bronx:   Hmm... Okay then, close your eyes...
             Stay calm, take a deep breath and relax.
             Clear your mind; donít think anything at all.
             Let yourself be one with all that surrounds you.
             Look inside your heart. What do you see? What do you hear?
    ( Reith shuts her eyes, for a few seconds there is silence, but then screams  )
    ( and people shouting can be heard.                                           )
    ???????: We have to stop them! We have to save everyone!
    (  Reith opens her eyes and suddenly jumps off the chair.)
    Calintz: Reith...
    Bronx:   Calm down... It was just a memory.
    Reith:   It was so sad... So horrible... But, I donít understand.
             I donít understand whatís happening...
    Bronx:   Everythingís okay, now. Donít worry.
    Bronx:   Iíve been treating patients with mental illnesses
             for quite awhile, now, but Iíve never seen
             anything like this before.
    Calintz: Whatís wrong?
    Bronx:   The treatment I gave to her was meant to bring 
             out her sub consciousness. That was I can
             examine the Chi that forms her.
             But, I was disturbed to find that Miss Reith
             is missing most of her Chi. Not only that, but their
             structure is fragmented.
    Calintz: I donít really understand...
    Bronx:   Everything in this world is made up of Chi,
             including humans. But, the way those Chi are 
             connected varies from person to person.
             I examine a personís conditions through these
             connections. A person with a heavy heart may
             be lacking an important Chi...
             A person with amnesia has had her 
             Chi tangled up like loose threads. 
             Let me put it to you simply...If a normal person
             is made up of about 100 Chi, Reith has only
             about 10.
    Calintz: Is that possible?
    Bronx:   Perhaps in a newborn baby or a recently 
             deceased person. Her mental regression may
             have something to do with her missing Chi.
    Calintz: Can her condition be healed?
    Bronx:   Unfortunately, that is beyond my power...
             However, my older brother Alex in Notia may
             now a way. He was much more divine power 
             than me.
             I will contact him immediately to let him know
             you are coming.
    ( leaving the room...)
    Eonis:   Is that what the General said?
             The light of Salvation, huh...
    Haren:   Shards, sacred treasures, the Magna Carta...
             all myths. Itís all just a bunch of BS if you
             ask me...
    Chris:   Thatís what most people would say, but there is
             evidence to the contrary. I donít think we can
             completely disregard it.
    Calintz: Letís see what we can find out about the
             Eight Heroes...
             We may be able to shed some light on this 
             Light of Salvation the General was talking about.
             Does anyone know where to start?
    Chris:   If I may and you know I will...
             I know exactly where we should start looking!
    Haren:   Here we go again...
    Chris:   Come on! 
             This time I know what Iím talking about!
             Have I ever steered us wrong? Donít answer that...
             At the Entress Desert, there is this place called the
             Pnosen Library. From what Iíve heard, 
             It has books on just about everything.
    Azel:    The Pnosen Library...
    Calintz: After we take Reith to Notia, weíll go to this 
             Library. Letís get some rest in the meantime.
    *** Flashback ***
    Mano is talking with the kid, he found in the forest.
    Mano: Oh, that? Thatís what created the barrier about the forest.
    ????: Wow, thatís incredible.
          So, all the paths around here look exactly the same?
    Mano: Thanks to that, no outsider can get to Fuget.
    ????: I bet you do something to protect the sacred treasure too, right?
    Mano: Of course we do. We all take turns guarding it.
    *** End of flashback ***
    |                      Reith left Calintzís party.                            |
    [ Since Reith left the party, the story wonít progress until sheís back.      ]
    [ Sheís sitting near the gate, towards Orbonne Woods.                         ]
    Calintz: Reith?
    ( Reith looks up on Calintz, he goes to her.)
    Reith:   Uh... Calintz.
    Calintz: What are you doing?
    Reith:   Nothing. I donít have anything to do.
    Calintz: Is there something bothering you?
    Reith:   No... I was just hoping that Iíd get my memory back...
             To tell you the truth, Iím tired of being a burden on everyone.
             I wanna help you, like Azel and Eonis do...
             If I could get my memory back, then I might be more useful...
             At least thatís what I was thinking...
    *** Flashback ***
    Mano is sitting next to his teacher.
    Woman: I canít believe you kept practicing with those blisters.
           Being reckless wonít make you stronger.
    Mano:  But... I wanna be like Hugo.
           Iím tired of not being good enough.
    Woman: Mano...
    *** End of flashback ***
    ( Calintz sits down, next to Reith.)
    Calintz: Rushing things will only make things worse.
             Besides, feeling discouraged isnít necessarily a bad thing.
             That way, once youíve grown stronger youíll be
             more sympathetic towards others who lost hope.
    Reith:   Calintz... I never thought of it that way.
    Calintz: Um, well... My teacher taught me that...
    Reith:   Your teacher must have been a wonderful person.
    ( From not far away, Azel and Eonis are watching them.)
    Azel:    The two of them really make a pair, huh?
    Eonis:   Yes. Thank goodness. I was worried
             that Calintz would never settle down.
    |                       Reith joined Calintzís party.                         |
    Calintz: Reith, letís go back to the inn and get some rest.
    Reith:   Okay, Calintz.
    ( at the inn)
    Calintz: Reith, why donít you rest for today?
    Reith:   Okay, Calintz. Iíll see you tomorrow.
    |                  Reith, Justina left Calintzís party.                       |
    ( the next day...)
    Haren:   Isnít this Pnosen Library cursed or something?
             Besides, how the hell are we crossing the
             Entress Desert? Cuz, I ainít walkiní
    Chris:   How about if we fly...? My new model,
             the ďSpruce Chris 23Ē is ready to...
    Haren:   Uh... no...
    Chris:   Why do you always gotta pick on me...?
    Eonis:   If weíre going to fly, how about Notiaís 
             Azure Wings?
    Azel:    Thatís definitely a lot safer.
    Calintz: Then, letís head for Notia.
    Eonis:   What about Reith?
    Calintz: I donít want to involve her in the search for the
             Light of Salvation. But, Alexís clinic is at Notia.
             Iíll talk to her about what weíre going to do.
    Chris:   Canít leave her alone, eh? 
             Yep, yep, I know how it is.
             In the fires of war, blossoming new love...
             How romantic...
    Calintz: Letís go!
    Chris:   Hey!
    ( In the room of the inn)
    Justina: I just finished speaking with Dr. Bronx and
             he manages to get a hold of Dr. Alex.
             Iím going to accompany Reith to Notia to have 
             her treated.
    Eonis:   Thatís wonderful! We have to go to Notia, too.
    Reith:   So... Can we go together?
    Haren:   Only as far as Notia. After that, weíre gone.
    Reith:   I... I see...
    Azel:    Geez, Haren... You donít have to se so cold...
             Reith, mercenaries follow their own path.
             Thatís all. You shouldnít worry about it.
    Reith:   Itís alright... I wouldnít be of any use to them.
    Chris:   What are you saying!?
             Being in the presence of a beautiful young lady
             brings life to our desolate souls...
    Calintz: Weíre leaving...
    Chris:   Hey, wait up!
    ( Immediately after leaving the room)
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    ( At the communication sphere)
    Agreian: We have a situation.
             Several Yason were spotted close to Remie.
    Calintz: Spies?
    Agreian: Probably. I want you to deal with them before
             anything happens.
    Calintz: Am I to capture them alive?
    Agreian: They are probably trying to take Alliance secrets
             back with them. We canít afford to let them
             escape to Yason-Roven like last time.
    Calintz: I understand. Weíll handle this.
    Calintz: I should go back to the inn and tell Reith that
             I need to do this first.
    ( Back at the inn)
    Calintz: Iíve received urgent orders. You two wait here.
             We wonít be gone long.
    Reith:   Is everything okay? Calintz...
             What kind of mission is it?
    Calintz: ...Donít worry. Itís nothing serious.
             Just wait here Ďtil we get back.
    Reith:   Then why wonít you tell me?
             Itís something dangerous, isnít it?
    Calintz: Itís not anything to worry about.
             Just concentrate to getting your memory back.
    Reith:   Calintz...
    Justina: Reith, it doesnít involve is.
             We should do as Calintz says and wait here.
    Reith:   Heís hiding something. I know it.
    ( Right after Calintz leaves Remie toward Orbonne Woods, Justina goes to the  )
    ( Communication Sphere.                                                       )
    Justina:  Mistress Ladrinne, whatís wrong?
    Ladrinne: Did you hear of any Yason sightings around 
    Justina:  Huh? There couldnít possibly be any Yason all
              the way up here...
    Ladrinne: ...I sent spies to Yason-Roven.
    Justina:  Ah... Then those Yason are clerics.
    Ladrinne: You are correct. But, the Alliance will not be able
              to tell the difference. I am worried there may be
              unnecessary battles...
    Justina:  No...
    Ladrinne: Whatís wrong?
    Justina:  The Tears of Blood just left on an urgent mission. Could it be...?
    Ladrinne: ...I see. I have cast an illusion spell on
              them so that they will look like Yason.
              They cannot undo the spell on their own.
    Justine:  The Alliance wouldnít believe them no matter 
              what they say.
              I will go after the Tears of Blood immediately.
              I hope I make it in time...
    ( Arriving back at the inn, Justina runs in the room)
    Justina:  Reith... Uh, no...!
    ( Meanwhile, at Orbonne Woods, Calintzís party meets with the two Yason.      )
    Calintz: Hold it right there!
    ( He pulls out his sword and holds it towards the Yason.)
    Yason 1: The Tears of Blood!
    Haren:   Hmm, so youíve heard of us?
    Yason 2: Please wait! Weíre not Yason!
    Haren:   Hey, if youíre gonna lie, at least
             think of something better than that.
    Yason 2: Iím telling the truth!
    Yason 1: Forget it! They wonít believe us no matter what we say.
             Besides, this mission is supposed to be a secret.
    Haren:   Enough chit-chat!
    ( After the rather easy fight with the Yasons...)
    Yason 2: Please, listen... Weíre not Yason... I swear...
    ( Calintz hold his sword towards them.)
    Calintz: This sword is pointed right at your throat.
             Are you still going to lie to me?
    Reith:   Stop it, Calintz!
    ( Suddenly Reith appears and stands between Calintz and the Yasons.)
    Calintz: Reith!? What are you doing here!?
    Reith:   I... I was worried about you.
    Calintz: Step aside.
    Reith:   What? Why are you attacking helpless, innocent people?
    Calintz: Stay outta this. We have orders to kill these Yason.
    Reith:   But, they arenít even Yason. Look closely, Calintz.
             Whatís wrong with you?
    Calintz: What wrong with ME? Are you crazy?
             You think theyíre humans!?
    Reith:   No...
    Calintz: Are you deaf? I said move!
    Reith:   No!
    Azel:    Reith, these were the Generalís orders. 
             If we disobey him, the Captain will be help responsible.
             So, Iím asking you, please get out of the way.
    Reith:   Whatís wrong with you all? Theyíre not Yason.
             Theyíre humans! Donít you get it!?
    ( Calintz hold his sword toward Reith.) 
    Calintz: This is not about ma personal feelings.
             If you wonít move, then Iíll...
    ( He lifts up the sword above his head, ready to strike down. Shuts his eyes, )
    ( and strikes down at Reith, who pulls down her head. A clashing sound can    )
    ( be heard, then Calintz opens his eyes and sees, that his strike was averted )
    ( Justina's weapon, who stands in front of Reith.  
    Justina: Would you really have killed her?
    ( Calintz just stares and suddenly he realizes, that behind Reith, there are  )
    ( 2 human clerics standing.                                                   )
    Justina: These are spies Mistress Ladrinne sent to 
             Yason-Roven. You already know that the 
             Four Warriors have spies all over Efferia, right?
             Itís not quite public knowledge, but Amabat has 
             been dispatching spies for quite some time.
             This war isnít about whatís right or wrong,
             after all.
    Calintz: General Agreian wasnít aware of this?
    Justina: Thatís right. Even though he is Mistress
             Ladrinneís son, he only represents the Alliance
             not Amabat.
             But, we didnít imagine anything like this
    Chris:   This is so not right... How were we supposed
             to know that they were anything but Yason?
    Justina: Reithís divine power is extraordinary.
             She was the one that broke the illusion.
             If Reith wasnít here, we cloud have had a major
             incident on our hands.
             I will report this to Mistress Ladrinne and 
             I suggest you do the same with General Agreian.
             Remember. No one is at fault here.
    |                  Reith, Justina left Calintzís party.                       |
    ( Right after arriving back at Remie)
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    ( At the communication sphere)
    Calintz: I called off the mission.
    Agreian: You let them escape?
    Calintz: No, thanks to Reith...
    Agreian: Reith?
             Calintz, donít let you emotions get in the way...
             Even is she is now a member of the Tears of
             Blood, I donít think it is wise to involve her in
             such important matters.
    Calintz: Listen to me! If it wasnít for her,
             I would have been responsible for the deaths 
             of innocent people.
    Agreian: Clerics?
    Calintz: Thatís right. They were Amabat clerics disguised
             as Yason, sent to spy on them.
    Agreian: Amabat...? Why would they...?
    Calintz: It shouldnít be such a surprise as the Alliance 
             is doing similar things. Amabat is just being
             more discreet about it.
    Agreian: Iím sorry, Calintz. I was mistaken.
    Calintz: If it wasnít for Reith, I would have the blood
             of innocents on my hands. I donít think I could 
             live with that...
    Agreian: I see...
    Eonis:   General, if youíll excuse us, weíll be heading 
             to Notia now.
    ( When the party tries to leave towards the road which lead to Notia...)
    |                          Lehas is calling you.                              |
    ( At the communication sphere)
    Lehas:   Haran, a letter came in for you.
    Haren:   A letter? For me?
    Lehas:   But... Well...
             The sender is...
    Haren:   What about the sender?
    Lehas:   Itís Felicia.
    Haren:   What!?
    | If this letter finds you safely, it means that weíre                        |
    | still as close as we were before. You should receive                        |
    | this letter four years since the day we first met.                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | Youíre at Garute... Iím at Maracatte...                                     |
    | We may be so busy we havenít been able to see                               |
    | each other...                                                               |
    | But maybe weíre together when this letter                                   |
    | arrives. And maybe Iíll read this letter and                                |
    | feel embarrassed.                                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | Do you want to go on a date for out 4th                                     |
    | anniversary at Erestine, where we first met?                                |
    | Iíve already hidden your present there.                                     |
    | You never liked to work, so I know you wonít                                |
    | look for your present before I get there.                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | But, come before me this time.                                              |
    | Youíre always late, but Iíll be upset if you come                           |
    | late this time.                                                             |
    Lehas:   I remember now...
             Felicia said she sent a letter to Haren
             two years from then. I thought she was joking...
             I didnít think itíd really arrive.
    Haren:   Haha... Ironic, huh?
             She never suspected that in a couple of months after 
             she sent this letter that sheís be dead.
    Lehas:   .........
    Calintz: Erestine... Itís close to the Doren Ruins.
             ...Letís stop by.
    Haren:   And do what? Look for that present? 
             Thatís a waste of time.
    Lehas:   Haren, listen to me.
             Itís a plea from a person, whoís no longer here.
             And... her final request.
             Why donít you just do it?
    Haren:   ..........
    Lehas:   Good luck.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.17. Rance Woods / Maracatte                                  [3.017]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After seeing the man, standing at the forest entrance...)
    Haren:   Hey... You guys!
    Azel:    Do you know them Haren?
    Haren:   Yeah. Theyíre from Haja Dojo.
             They use the Ranka Shoretsu Style.
    Eonis:   The Ranka Shoretsu Style opposes you
             Gekisho Shinzan style, right?
    Haren:   Yeah... Iíve always felt they needed a good
             ass-kicking. Iím surprised they have a dojo
    Calintz: Dojos have been opening up all over lately.
             And each one seems to teach a different style.
    Eonis:   Yes, teaching combat skills has become quite
             a lucrative business.
    Azel:    Oh yeah? So... If you train at a dojo, you can learn a style?
    Eonis:   Thatís right? There are four skill lever for each
             style. You will start at the lowest level and must
             defeat the trainer to advance to the nest level.
             When you have defeated the trainer at the highest 
             level, you will be awarded a scroll acknowledging 
             your mastery of that style.
    Chris:   But, if youíre defeated... you loose your money.
    Haren:   Hmm... I might as well give it a try.
             After defeating these Haja Dojo guys,
             Iíll get myself a scroll!
    Chris:   ...Just try not to loose and make a fool of yourself.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.18. Erestine / Garute                                        [3.018]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Haren:   This is where I first met her. She was trying to go
             to Remie form Amabat and she ended up in
             Erestine Ďcause she got lost.
             She was always bad with directions.
    Calintz: Letís look for what she left for you.
    ( In front of one of the fountain looking thing, on the ground is a shiny     )
    ( object.                                                                     )
    Haren:   Here it is...
    |                      Feliciaís Gloves acquired!                             |
    | Feliciaís Letter Ė ďDid you kept you promise and                            |
    | come early to find your present? If youíre reading                          |
    | this letter, then that means you did. Iím glad.Ē                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | ďThis is where we met for the first time. Iím                               |
    | horrible with directions, and I was surprised that                          |
    | you patiently showed me the way to Remie.Ē                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | ď At first, you brushed me off. But, then you                               |
    | changed you mind. ĎItíd be disgusting if I found                            |
    | your dead body along the roadí. you said.                                   |
    | I was shocked, but then I realized you just                                 |
    | werenít very good at expressing yourself.Ē                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | ďIt was cold out and raining pretty hard, yet you                           |
    | lent me your coat... Thank you. This isnít much,                            |
    | but consider it a token of my gratitude.                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    | Sorry you had to wait your years for it, though.Ē                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | ď I went to a lot of trouble to make this for you,                          |
    | so take good care of it. In two years, Iíll be there                        |
    | with you, and Iíll make you say thank you.                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    | You better not say itís too embarrassing                                    |
    | or Iíll never forgive you!Ē                                                 |
    Haren:   .......
    Calintz: Weíll go on ahead. Take your time.
    Haren:   ...Naw, itís cool. This is just another place, now.
             I didnít need to come here to remember that.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.19. Notia / Garute                                           [3.019]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Justina: I guess this is goodbye for now.
    Eonis:   Iím sure you will be fine, but be careful.
             Take care of Reith.
    Justina: There is no need to worry.
             It is my duty to protect Reith.
    Chris:   Hey, you should take this...
    |                            Flare acquired!                                  |
    Reith:   What is it?
    Chris:   Itís a flare. Whenever youíre in danger, aim it
             towards the sky and shoot it. Then weíll come
             save you.
    Justina: Are you sure this will...work?
    Chris:   Come on, baby! This is me youíre talkiní about 
             here... Your cold demeanor send shills down
             my spine... Brrr!
    Justina: Get used to it... After weíre done, letís meet back
             at Headquarters.
    Chris:   Hahaha, brrrrr!!
    Calintz: Just be careful.
    Reith:   Um, yeah... Um, Calintz. You too.
    Calintz: Thanks.
    Chris:   ...And Iíll be careful too. Heheh. Anyways, we
             should head out to the Azure Wings head office.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.20. Notia / Garute Ė Calintzís party                         [3.020]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( On the world map)
    Roxy: Why do you search for her so desperately?
          Iíd like a reasonable explanation.
    Orha: As long as I donít bring her here, there is nothing
          to talk about. This is a top secret mission from 
          our leaders...
    Roxy: What about Her Majesty?
          Does she know of this?
    Orha: She shall never know of this. If this information
          Were to reach her... I might need to kill you.
    Roxy: Are you serious?
    Orha: This is for the sake of all Yason. I cannot rely on
          Carian or Azhadi. Itís an important mission, and
          I can only rely on you.
          Are you still not satisfied with my explanation.
    Roxy: It will suffice...
    ( Back at Notia, before the Office of the Azure Wings)
    Pilot:   Welcome. Where are you headed?
    Calintz: The Pnosen Library in the Entress Desert.
    Pilot:   The Entress Desert? Excuse me, are you joking, 
             right? That is a dangerous place.
    Calintz: Regardless, we still need to go there.
    Pilot:   If you insist... But, itís definitely  going to cost
             you. Somewhere in the neighborhood of about 
             10.000 Sid...
    Azel:    What? Why so expensive?
    Pilot:   Itís a long way to the Entress Desert.
             Not to mention the danger involved.
    Haren:   This is frickeniní highway robbery!?
             What kind of business are you running here!?
    Pilot:   ...
    Chris:   Hehe... Youíll have to excuse my burly friend
             here. Heís just sore that he gambled all his
             money away yesterday...
    Would you like to use the ďAzure WingsĒ?
    - Weíll pay.
    ( In case of choosing this option, skip down to ďWe need time to prepare...Ē. )
    - No thanks.
    Eonis:   I knew it was expensive, but didnít expect it 
             to be that much.
    Haren:   Damn! I think we would have been better of riding in
             your great-whatever-you-call-it.
    Chris:   Ohh, you finally recognize my skills.
    Calintz: I wonder if thereís any other way to use the
             Azure Wings.
    ( at the inn)
    Haren:   I happened to overhear that pilot. Heís looking
             for something called an ďAir GillĒ.
    Eonis:   I just saw a child carrying what looked like
             fish gills.
    ( After getting the Air Gills, back at the building of the Azure Wings)
    Pilot:   Were you able to collect the fee?
    Calintz: I have this ĒAir GillsĒ. I was wandering if you
             can give me a deal with this.
    Pilot:   Wow, this is rare! Yes, this will do.
             We need time to prepare, so we will be leaving
    *** Flashback ***
    The injured kid is lying in the forest, with Mano standing beside him.
    ????: Ugh... Ughhh...
    Mano: Are you alright?
    ????: I need... some of that... medicine... Ugh, it hurts...
    Mano: Okay. Donít worry.
          But, Iíll have to go to get it.
          Just hang on until I get back.
    Mano runs away, leaving the injured alone. Still lying on the ground, only his
    face can be seen, while heís giving off a wicked smile.
    *** End of flashback ***
    ( On the world map, the airship goes from Notia to the Entress Desert, where...)
    Pilot:   The sandstorm is worse that what I anticipated.
             Itís too dangerous.
    Haren:   What?
    Pilot:   Itís impossible with this ship.
             We can still turn back... Ahhhh!!!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.21. Entress Desert / Maracatte - Calintzís party             [3.021]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Haren:   Damn! Why are we always so unlucky!?
    Chris:   Címon man, whereís your sense of adventure?
    Azel:    Phew, itís so hot. There is no way we can walk 
             to the library from here.
    Calintz: We need to get moving. We wonít last long out
             here without water.
    Chris:   I so knew this was gonna happen! Weíre going 
             to need some to get through the sandstorm...
    Haren:   Huh? What are you babbling about?
    Chris:   Yeah, itís our only hope. We have no time
             to waste... Hey guys, we need to go to Efor.
             Thereís one way to get to the Pnosen Library.
    ( At the same time the party finally leaves the Entress Desert, in Amabat...)
    Ladrinne: So, you were surprised by my actions?
    Agreian:  Sending secret agents to infiltrate the Yason...
              My division could have handled the matter.
              If your involvement is discovered, Amabat will be dishonored.
    Ladrinne: If you think Amabat is only concerned 
              with keeping its hands clean, you are mistaken.
              We have sacrificed much for the sake of this world.
    Agreian:  You think that Amabat is that powerful?
    Ladrinne: No. In fact the Holy Order of Eryu
              intends to extend its authority within the Alliance.
    Agreian:  Mother, I know what youíre getting at.
              You believe that Amabatís primary concern
              is the peace of Efferia.
    Ladrinne: Precisely. For that Iím willing to take any risk.
    Agreian:  But... 
              At least you could have informed me of your plan.
    Ladrinne: I didnít think it was necessary.
              Besides, as a general for the Alliance,
              you have your own duties to attend to.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.23. Efor / Maracatte - Calintzís party                       [3.022]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Going around in Efor, the party ends up in front of the only house where    )
    ( they can enter.                                                             )
    Eonis:   Where are we?
    Chris:   My house.
    Eonis:   Huh?
    Chris:   Hey pops, Iím home!
    ( In the house, a man is sleeping leaning on the table.)
    Rostin:  Nhnnnggg... Nnngg...
    Chris:   So predictable.
             He hasnít changed a bit.
    ( Chris walks to the table and altering his voice, starts to speak...)
    Chris:   Oh, my dear Rostin, youíre so wonderful!
             Darling, will you stay with me tonight?
    Rostin:  Oh, Angela!! Iíll never let you go.
             Gimme a kiss... Huh!? What?
    Chris:   Are you awake now? 
             Itís me, your son.
    Rostin:  Whatíd you go and wake me up for?
             I was having the best dream.
             Angela finally confessed her feelings to me...
    Chris:   Hmph. Still chasing skirts at your age?
             You never learn, do ya? ...Dirty old man.
    Rostin:  Those days are long gone.
             I gave that up when your brother died.
    Chris:   Mother must be SO grateful.
             Thanks to you and your cheatiní ways,
             she couldnít even die in peace.
    Rostin:  Youíre wrong.
             It was because of her hatred for the Yason.
    Chris:   Hey, I got a favor to ask.
    Rostin:  A favor? You show up out of nowhere after all
             these years and thatís all you have to say...
    Chris:   Yeah, I was just being considerate 
             of your privacy.
             I thought youíd be living happily with a woman
             or something...
    Rostin:  Hmph. So what is it?
    Chris:   We need an airship.
    Rostin:  What!?
    Chris:   A durable one that can fly through a sandstorm.
    Rostin:  I donít have one. Now get out.
    Chris:   Donít tell me you canít build one. You used to
             be so passionate about it. Whey you built it with
    Rostin:  Damn you, shut up! 
             Donít talk about you brother!
    Chris:   If Eston ever found out that you quit building 
             ships it would break his hearts. Youíre just a
             drunk living in the past...
    Rostin:  What would you know!? You had no interest in 
             airships. And you come back asking me to
             build one?
    Chris:   Pop... You didnít need me. You already had
             a son who was everything you wanted.
             I, on the other hand, couldnít do anything right.
             He was always your favorite.
    Rostin:  ...Are you trying to say it was my fault?
    Chris:   Thatís not it. I tried to do my best with what
             you taught me. But... eventually you stopped 
             teaching me...
             you were busy building airships with Eston. 
    Rostin:  ...Thatís enough. Get some rest and weíll talk
             alone tomorrow.
    Chris:   Sorry about this. Every time I talk to my father, 
             it always turns out like this.
    Eonis:   Your father also builds airships.
             I guess it runs in the family, hmm?
    Chris:   Too bad Iíve got no talent... You guys already 
             know that. My brother was different. He was
             a genius. No matter how hard I tried, I could
             never get out of his shadow... Eventually,
             my dad only taught Eston. It was then 
             when I started making bows.
    Azel:    But, you can build airships and if we can get 
             help from your brother...
    Chris:   Heís dead...
    Azel:    Iím sorry, I didnít know...
    Chris:   Itís cool... Itís in the past anyways.
             My brother said he was gonna build and airship
             that could fly through the sandstorm. He started
             building it with my dad.
             I didnít even bother to help. I guess I was jealous
             of my brother as he worked next to my dad.
             My brother never gave up no matter how many
             times he failed. They finally finished it... 
             ...and they named it ďRusty 27Ē.
             But, on itís first flight, my brother died flying it...
             To make it accelerate faster, they made the body
             too light and it ended up falling apart.
             They were like little kids. I was so jealous.
             I hoped they would fail... Then, it really happened...
    ( going back in the house)
    Chris:   What? You said youíre gonna build ďRusty 28Ē
             and youíve got nothing!
    Rostin:  Oh, itís ready. I just need... 10 Omarev Feathers...
    Chris:   Oh, is that all? No problem... Iíll just march
             down to the store and pick some up.
             Hey, while Iím there Iíll see if I can get 
             the Yason to surrender too... Do you
             know how hard is it to capture those things?
    Rostin:  That is exactly why youíve practiced with
             crossbows Ė for situation like these.
             As long as we have those feathers, the airship
             will be able to fly fast despite its heavy weight.
             I canít... I wonít let the ďRusty 28Ē fail.
    Chris:   Alright...
             You heard him. Letís go.
    ( At the same time, Calintz, after gathering the 10 Omarev Feathers, leaves   )
    ( the Entress Desert, in Epentar...                                           )
    Yason: Your Majesty, Lord Orha is here to see you.
    Amila: Let him in.
    Orha:  Your Majesty, you are as beautiful as always.
    Amila: ...Can we skip the formalities when weíre alone?
    Orha:  Your Majesty, I cannot let my guard down even
           for a moment. There are many people watching you.
           You must realize that there is nowhere you are truly safe.
           However, I came to inform you that the leaders 
           of the three tribes will be arriving today. Thereís 
           an important matter they wish to discuss with you.
    Amila: Very well...
    ( Back in Efor, at Chrisís house)
    Rostin:   Hey, boy! Take care of it, you hear me?
    Chris:    Ok, ok, I got it! Sheesh... nag, nag, nag...
    Rostin:   If you know what to do, then do it right.
              Donít make me worry...
    Eonis:    How exciting...
    Haren:    For some reason, I donít know if the exciting is the 
              right word...
    Eonis:    ...........
    ( In the garden, next to Chrisís house, Rostin, Haren, Maya, Calintz, Azel    )
    ( and Chris are standing, watching the finished ďRusty 28Ē.                   )
    Rostin:  Go ahead... Try it out.
    Chris:   Why donít you try, Dad?
    Rostin:  Whatíll I do if it crashes?
    Chris:   Youíre just making excuses.
    Rostin:  Is that how you treat your olí man?
             Quit complaining and climb aboard.
             Trust me, for once. Itís perfectly safe.
    Chris:   ...Then, why donít your try it?
             Forget it! Anyone wanna come along for a ride?
    Haren:   You want to risk our necks, too?
    Calintz: Iíll join you.
    Azel:    Captain! Are you crazy!?
    Chris:   ...Thanks a lot, Azel.
    Eonis:   Iíll come too. I have confidence it its design.
    Azel:    Well, if the Captainís going, then so am I.
    Haren:   Hey, wait...
             I canít be the only one who stays behind.
    ( On the world map)
    Chris:   Whoa! It actually works!
    Azel:    Congratulations. Itís a success!
    Haren:   I think I just lost 10 years of my life.
    Chris:   Hey, hey thatís not nice.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.23. Pnosen Labyrinth / Maracatte - Calintzís party           [3.023]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel:    Wow... This maze is enormous.
    Haren:   They donít wanna let us through or somethiní?
    Chris:   It could be fun...
    Haren:   Man, itís too hot for this. What happens if
             we get lost.
    Calintz: Letís try to get through it as fast as we can.
    ( As the party goes near the entrance of the Labyrinth)
    Azel:    Captain... Whatís this...?
    Calintz: Itís a maze... Nothing to worry about.
    Chris:   Hold on second... You canít just go in there
             and expect to come tight out. Thatís why my
             ingenious invention will come in handy!
             Itís called ďThe Amazing MazenatorĒ!
    Azel:    ...........
    Eonis:   *sigh*
    Maya:    *wince*
    Chris:   Hey! You havenít even seen it yet! Wow, even
             Mayaís giving me that look... Well, youíll change
             your minds when you hear what it does.
             Get this Ė it gives you a 360 degrees view!
    Haren:   Face it, Chris Ė your inventions suck!
    Chris:   Hey! Donít interrupt!
    Haren:   Hmph.
    Chris:   Now, listen up. Iím only gonna say this one.
             The controls are simple. All your have to do to
             change the view is move the right analog stick,
             and the camera will rotate around us.
    Eonis:   Wow, this thing actually works.
             In fact, it might be quite useful.
    Calintz: Finally, something we can use.
    Chris:   See, I told Ė Hey! That wasnít a compliment!
    Calintz: Címon, everyone! Letís fly through here!
    Chris:   Hey, wait up... Arenít you gonna us my 
             new invention!?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.24. Pnosen Library / Maracatte - Calintzís party             [3.024]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel:    Wow, so this is the Pnosen Library. Amazing.
    ( An old man appears, walking slowly, as heís came to greet the party.        )
    ????:    Visitors?
             Iím surprised you came all this way.
             My name is Amon. Iím the head librarian here.
    Calintz: Nice to meet you. 
             Iím Calintz. I lead a band of mercenaries.
    Amon:    Oooh, a mercenary.
             You must be strong. 
             Maybe you wonít end up as a corpse.
    Chris:   A corpse? I donít like the sound of that.
             What exactly do you mean?
    Amon:    All of the books in this library are protected
             by magic. When you open one, powerful ghosts
             or monsters will appear.
             Unless you can defeat these protectors,
             you wonít be able to read a single page.
    Azel:    Wow, so the rumors are true.
    Amon:    Recently, itís been quiet around here. But,
             a few years ago, there was some treasure hunters
             and curious travelers who paid a visit.
             They didnít heed my warning, though.
             Stupid fools, making more work for an old man
             like me. It was a real hassle cleaning this place up.
    Azel:    Ah... aha... Donít worry.
             You wonít have that problem with us.
    Amon:    Heh. Iím not concerned whether you live or die.
             Itís just that these old joints donít bend like
             they used to.
    [ There are a total of 12 books, which can be read at this moment, since you  ]
    [ donít have access to the first floor. Here is a rough plan of the library:  ]
    |                      |
    |L5                  R5|
    |                      |
    |                      |
    |L4                  R4|
    |                      |
    |         M2           |
    |L3                  R3|
    |                      |
    |                      |
    |L2                  R2|
    |         M1           |
    |                      |
    |L1                  R1|
    |                      |
    |** Book Left 1 **                                                            |
    |Structural Engineering of Airships Ė ďAs illustrated                         |
    |in the diagram, the most critical phase in the                               |
    |creation on an airship is the construction of the                            |
    |core.Ē                                                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďHumans greatly advanced the skills                                          |
    |and techniques necessary for creating a durable,                             |
    |light-weighted frame and controlling the flow of Chi.                        |
    |In addition, humans were successful in improving                             |
    |the entire progress using magic. Interestingly,                              |
    |although the Yason possess more highly advanced                              |
    |magical skills than humans, they have yet to                                 |
    |succeed in the construction                                                  |
    |of an airship.Ē                                                              |
    |** Book Left 2 **                                                            |
    |Metallurgy: Then and Now Ė ď The technological                               |
    |skills of metallurgy in Efferia were greatly                                 |
    |advanced following the creation of the first ships.                          |
    |The ships required a durable, light-weighted frame                           |
    |and a strong, protective exterior. The construction                          |
    |of both components relies heavily on the art of metallurgy.Ē                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ĒOriginally, humans used common                                              |
    |metals, such as...Ē                                                          |
    |** Book Left 3 **                                                            |
    |On the Yason Ė ďAs stated earlier in this text, the                          |
    |Yason civilization differs greatly from human                                |
    |civilization. If human can be likened to stones,                             |
    |the Yason can be likened to trees. Human                                     |
    |civilization has been founded on the                                         |
    |cultivation and exploitation of the land to                                  |
    |accommodate their lifestyle.                                                 |
    |The Yason, however, assimilate to their natural                              |
    |surroundings living in harmony with the land.Ē                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe Yason originally learned the studies of                                 |
    |architecture and engineering from humans.                                    |
    |Quite recently, however, their skills have                                   |
    |greatly surpassed those of their teachers.Ē                                  |
    |** Book Left 4 **                                                            |
    |Trikus and Cresida Ė ďPointing his sword at the heavens,                     |
    |Trikus screamed in agony, íWhat a cruel fate, indeed!                        |
    |My eternal love Ė Cresida Ė a daughter of the Yason!                         |
    |Agghhh! Why have the gods cursed me so!?íĒ                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďCresida clutched at his side wailing. ĎIím sorry!                           |
    |Iím sorry! If I was more courageous I would have                             |
    |told you. But, I feared losing you, my love.íĒ                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďTrikusís hand began to tremble underneath the                               |
    |weight of him mighty sword, and he bellowed,                                 |
    |íAs the world is against me, I shall strike down                             |
    |the sun and plunge it into the depths of the sea.                            |
    |And all those who will wander in the darkness                                |
    |can blame me! All those who will tremble in                                  |
    |the cold can curse my name!íĒ                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďíI, Trikus, great warrior of Garute, stand before                           |
    |you and proclaim my undying love for this                                    |
    |woman! Disparage me if you will. But, I would                                |
    |rather forfeit all the glory and honor in this world                         |
    |than renounce our love.íĒ                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďAnd though Trikusís screams reverberated to the                             |
    |heavens, sadly, they could not alter                                         |
    |his beloved Cresidaís sentence of execution.                                 |
    |Thus without hope, he...Ē                                                    |
    |** Book Left 5 **                                                            |
    |The Great Jewelry Magician -                                                 |
    |ďGrandier is the best jeweler in Maracatte.                                  |
    |Although expensive, Grandierís work has always                               |
    |been loved by women and has                                                  |
    |become a popular choice for wedding rings.Ē                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďCurrently, Grandier the fifth has taken over and                            |
    |during his time, the ĎAurora Stoneí was                                      |
    |discovered; a stone that shines with the beautiful                           |
    |color of a rainbow.                                                          |
    |Many types of jewelry have been made with                                    |
    |this precious stone.                                                         |
    |The ĎAurora Stoneí represents ĎShining Loveí.                                |
    |and has become a popular gift for proposals.Ē                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďAll of Grandierís works has a crest inscribed on it,                        |
    |proving that it is his work and adding great value.                          |
    |This is why Grandierís work is so popular.Ē                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ĒGrandierís shop is still located in Remie in                                |
    |the same old building. The crest is inscribed                                |
    |on the shop sign, so you will be able to                                     |
    |recognize it right away.                                                     |
    Calintz: ( This crest was on the ring...)
             ( Remie... I should stop by later.)
    |** Book Right 1 **                                                           |
    |The Absence of Religion Ė ďWhile many theories                               |
    |exist, there is no definitive explanation for the                            |
    |absence of religion in Efferia. Although place                               |
    |of worship can be found in Amabat, in general                                |
    |there is no official religion or formal study of                             |
    |theology on the continent.Ē                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďMany historians theorize that it was during                                 |
    |The Great Migration when humanity first lost                                 |
    |their faith. Regretfully, they presume that                                  |
    |the beliefs and values of human civilization                                 |
    |were not string enough to survive those                                      |
    |dark times.Ē                                                                 |
    |** Book Right 2 **                                                           |
    |Theory of War Ė ďEven those who acknowledge                                  |
    |the current technological superiority of weaponry                            |
    |cannot deny the effect primitive weapons had on                              |
    |the war during its inception...Ē                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ď...Combat is at the heart of war, and it is an                              |
    |act of cruelty and brutality. This demonstrates that                         |
    |war is something much more that an expression                                |
    |of hostility.Ē                                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďTherefore, it is not enough to construct a theory                           |
    |around the question, ĎWhy are two races                                      |
    |fighting?í Rather, we must examine the period                                |
    |when humans and the Yason were fighting with                                 |
    |primitive weapons. There we can find examples and explanation                |
    |to further our understanding of                                              |
    |the escalation of war.Ē                                                      |
    |** Book Right 3 **                                                           |
    |The Maracatte Gourmet Cook Book -                                            |
    |ď...In addition, Maracatte boasts many delicious                             |
    |entrees. A local favorite is fresh quail basted in                           |
    |seasoned sake and steamed with plum.Ē                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďAnother tasty dish is pan-fried boar thigh                                  |
    |with a variety of spices. The tender                                         |
    |meat is slices thin and served with a side of                                |
    |beans...Ē                                                                    |
    |** Book Right 4 **                                                           |
    |Anonymous Memoir - ďI, alone, am the judge of                                |
    |my life, passing sentence on the crimes I                                    |
    |committed. I am a wandering poet form the long                               |
    |forgotten city of Cartian Cross.Ē                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďLook at that boy and how broad he smiles! I was                             |
    |once like that. Did a kiss from a maid wake me up                            |
    |today? Oh, how my heart fills with joy. Not so                               |
    |long ago I ventured into Yason territory dreaming                            |
    |of glory and honor.Ē                                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďBut, alas, it was all in vain. For the burning flame                        |
    |had long gone dark and cold as a frozen shadow.                              |
    |So, here I lie beneath the poetís star, singing of                           |
    |the one I loved.Ē                                                            |
    |** Book Right 5 **                                                           |
    |The Eight Heroes -                                                           |
    |ďThe Eight Heroes sealed the Tree of Light.                                  |
    |Since their names were not commonly know,                                    |
    |they were referred to by their Chi.                                          |
    |Whatever information has been uncovered                                      |
    |about them has been recorded in these pages.Ē                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Anthony Abel, The Hero of the Heavens Ė ď The                                |
    |leader of The Eight Heroes, he received the title                            |
    |íThe Shining Protectorí from Maracatteís leader.                             |
    |He was an extremely skilled swordsman. He                                    |
    |devoted all of his power preventing the war with                             |
    |the Yason, but after he sealed the Tree of Light,                            |
    |he embarked on a journey to train as a samurai.Ē                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďOf The Eight Heroes, Anthony is the most                                    |
    |mysterious. Rumor has it that he journeyed                                   |
    |from continent to continent, changing his                                    |
    |name at each of his destination.                                             |
    |However, this rumor was never confirmed.Ē                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Zekart Somun, The Hero of Wind Ė ďHis                                        |
    |swordplay equaled that of Anthony, and he won                                |
    |the Garute Sword-fighting Competition 4                                      |
    |consecutive times. He established Fuget for                                  |
    |the benefit of humanity, but afterwards departed                             |
    |alone to master the art of the samurai. He and                               |
    |Anthony were best friends as well as rivals.Ē                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Elaine Crane, The Hero of Water Ė ď The youngest                             |
    |of The Eight Heroes, she was an energetic teenager,                          |
    |but has developed into a talented mage.                                      |
    |She even has the power to create new magic.                                  |
    |Now, she is busy in magic school studying                                    |
    |and experimenting. A new magic system of her                                 |
    |creation is currently under evaluation.Ē                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Joshua Mynn, The Hero of Ice Ė ď The current                                 |
    |Great Cleric of Amabat, he is nearly as famous                               |
    |as The Hero of Heavens. His divine power is said                             |
    |to be the strongest in the history of the Great Clerics.Ē                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Yeja, The Hero of Fire Ė ď A mercenary from                                  |
    |Garute , who, aside from his beautiful looks,                                |
    |had strength like a giant. Also, he was                                      |
    |quite skilled with a spear. He lived in Notia                                |
    |but left in search of adventure. By some                                     |
    |accounts, he ventured into Yason-Roven.Ē                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Aria Lusier, The Hero of Lightning Ė ď A mercenary                           |
    |of Garute, she was beautiful, but deadly in battle                           |
    |thanks to her animalistic instincts. She was often                           |
    |mistaken for a man because of the way she                                    |
    |dressed. It was unclear why, but she was killed by                           |
    |mercenaries who bore some kind of grudge                                     |
    |against The Eight Heroes.Ē                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Behru Escran, The Hero of Earth Ė ď Half Yason                               |
    |and half human, he was born and raised un Yason-                             |
    |Roven, but was banished and came to Efferia.                                 |
    |By sealing the Tree of Light, he betrayed his                                |
    |homeland, but at the same time became hero                                   |
    |for humanity.Ē                                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďAfter the excitement died down, he settled                                  |
    |into a life of anonymity. Some people say that he                            |
    |was murdered by the Yason for being a traitor.                               |
    Chris:   If only Iíd been born 50 years earlier,
             maybe I woulda been treated like a hero.
             Man, how cool would that be!?
    Haren:   you, a hero? Pshh.
    Calintz: Zekart Somun...
    Eonis:   Whatís wrong, Calintz?
    Calintz: Oh, nothing.
             ( Zekart Somun, the founder of Fuget...
             No way...)
    *** Flashback ***
    Mano:    Master... Are you going on a journey?
    Old man: Yes.
             I am leaving for the land of pure whiteness.
             Come visit me there, if youíd like.
    Mano:    The land of pure whiteness?
             Is it a place covered with snow?
    *** End of flashback ***
    |** Book Middle 2 **                                                          |
    |The Slashing Squad of Eternal Oath -                                         |
    |ďComprised of a group of individuals who had lost                            |
    |their homes and families, the Slashing Squad of                              |
    |Eternal Oath participated in the early stages of                             |
    |the war between human and Yason.                                             |
    |Members carried a unique, short sword with the                               |
    |sigil of a leaf engraved on the hilt.                                        |
    |The swords were so popular that young boys could                             |
    |be seen around parrying with toy replicas.Ē                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďSurprisingly, all the members of the Slashing                               |
    |Squad were merchants who traded between the                                  |
    |two races. In times of peace, they were                                      |
    |businessmen who traveled from continent to                                   |
    |continent selling their wares and reaping profits.                           |
    |In times of war, however, they became soldiers who                           |
    |courageously entered into battle fighting their                              |
    |enemies to death.Ē                                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe Slashing Squad was so well known for                                    |
    |honoring their words that the term Ďeternal oathí                            |
    |was later added to their names.Ē                                             |
    |** Book Middle 1 **                                                          |
    |Joshuaís Memoirs Ė ďIím not sure if leaving                                  |
    |behind this record is the right thing to do.                                 |
    |Weíve learned the horrible truth about                                       |
    |The Light of Salvation, and have decided                                     |
    |to seal it away.Ē                                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďIf the Light of Salvation is brought back into                              |
    |the world again, I want someone to know                                      |
    |the truth, that the same mistakes are                                        |
    |are not repeated. That is why I am writing this now.Ē                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďWe journeyed to The Tree of Light in                                        |
    |Yason-Roven thinking that if we were                                         |
    |to seal the Light of Salvation,                                              |
    |then the war would end. It wasnít easy,                                      |
    |but we managed to find it.Ē                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThere, we learned that The Light of Salvation                               |
    |is actually a divine vessel comprised of eight                               |
    |shards. Together, they can be used to unleash                                |
    |an infinite stream of Chi from The Tree of Light.                            |
    |So, we divided the shards among the eight of us.                             |
    |On the way back to Efferia, we discovered their                              |
    |frightening power.Ē                                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďBehru inadvertently used the Earth Shard                                    |
    |as he was being chased by the Yason.                                         |
    |The shard created a tremendous earthquake                                    |
    |that swallowed the entire band of soldiers.                                  |
    |A single shard has such incredible power.                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďWe were afraid that someone would try                                       |
    |to take advantage of the power, so we decided to                             |
    |keep it a secret. When we returned to Efferia,                               |
    |we were welcomed as heroes.                                                  |
    |Thatís how we became known as The Eight                                      |
    |Heroes. Attack by the Yason dwindled, and                                    |
    |there was peace for a time. But, eight years later,                          |
    |an unfortunate event reignited the animosity.Ē                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďBehru, Whoís half Yason, was assassinated                                   |
    |for betraying his homeland, and the Earth Shard                              |
    |was stolen. Shortly before that, he mentioned                                |
    |a nightmare heíd had in which he dreamt that the                             |
    |Earth Shard wanted to return to The Tree of Light.                           |
    |It turned out to be a premonition.Ē                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďIf the Light if Salvation is returned to the Yason,                         |
    |humanity is destined to fall. We must guard                                  |
    |then remaining seven shards with our lives...                                |
    |They must never be allowed to fall                                           |
    |into the Yasonís hands.Ē                                                     |
    Calintz: The shards are much more powerful
             than I expected. I understand now why 
             the General is so interested in obtaining them.
    Eonis:   Supposedly when all the shards are reunited,
             one can unleash the Magna Carta...
             I wonder if the legend is true.
    Haren:   Gimme a break. If it was true, then how come no
             oneís doing anything about it? I havenít heard any 
             rumor about the Yason looking for the shards.
    Calintz: Maybe Amila and The Four Warriors 
             are keeping it a secret.
    Chris:   That would make sense, if itís as powerful
             as the book says. Remember that thing
             she summoned at Mt. Rhyde? 
             I hoper we donít have to face 
             any more of íem.
    Haren:   But can you imagine...? With the Magna Carta,
             taking out the Yason would be a breeze!
             I canít wait to get my hand on it!
    Chris:   Thatís not a bad idea. 
             Itís be the fastest way to end the war.
    Azel:    I agree. 
             The Yason destroyed my village.
             I canít let them do something like that again.
    Eonis:   Iím anxious to end the war, too...
             So, are we all in agreement.
    Calintz: Maya, how Ďbout you?
             Are you coming with us?
    Chris:   Itís gonna be dangerous.
             If it were up to me, Maya, Iíd make you
             stay behind.
    Haren:   Yeah, yeah.
    ( Maya slowly nods with her head.)
    Calintz: alright, letís get back to Headquarters.
    ( At the same time the party leaves the Library, in Epentar...)
    Orha:         So... Thatís the reason for the war?
    Chief Shinen: It may come as a surprise, but unfortunately we
                  have no other choice.
                  The search has already begun, but it will be
                  difficult to find the Light of Salvation of Efferia.
                  We have relatively little information.
    Orha:         Thatís why you need the Blast Worm.
    Chief Shinen: Iím afraid itís absolutely necessary.
                  Itís the only way to save our race.
    Amila:        With the Light of Salvation, the Yason
                  can be saved, right?
                  We wonít be helpless against Rheuma anymore.
    Chief Shinen: Yes, Your Majesty.
    ( Amila is walking in the garden, near a pavilion, deep in her thoughts...    )
    Amila: The Light of Salvation...
    (...when she realizes, that there is a Phoenix flying near her.               )
    Amila: Did you come to play with me?
    ( Amila starts to walk towards the Phoenix, but as if itís afraid of Amila,   )
    ( flies backwards, and flies away from her.                                   )
    Amila: I see... Even you wonít accept someone like me.
    ( back in Efor, at Chrisís house)
    Chris:  You can give it to us. You wonít use it anyways!
    Rostin: What are you saying!? The Rusty 28 is the only 
            ship that can compete against Azure Wings.
    Chris:  Ahh... So you finally feel like working?
    Rostin: Of course. Compared to the Azure Wings,
            everyone is going to love my Rusty.
    Chris:  Hey, hey... Your Rusty? Come on, give credit
            where credit is due, Pops...
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    ( Approaching the Communication Sphere)
    Calintz: I did some research on the Light of Salvation.
    Agreian: Tell me what you know...
    Calintz: As you said, our goal it to end the war...
    Agreian: Yes...
    Calintz: But, is that your only purpose for the 
             Light of Salvation?
    Agreian: Why do you ask?
    Calintz: The Hugo I know wouldnít show it, but he was 
             a very competitive person. He would never run
             away from a fight.
    Agreian: You know me too well... I plan on activating 
             the Magna Carta and ending the war with 
             the Yason.
    Calintz: Youíre going to make the legend a reality?
    Agreian: There is conclusive proof that the Magna Carta 
             is real. We must succeed. I canít let the war
             continue any longer.
             We must defeat them and make them surrender.
             Mother must never know of this... She would
             not approve of this action.
    Calintz: I see...
    Agreian: You should be careful.
             Do not tell Lehas about the Light of Salvation.
    Calintz: I understand.
    Agreian: Calintz... I know youíve been searching for a 
             Yason with a Vindi that looks like a butterfly
             on his left arm...
    Calintz: How do you know...?
    Agreian: I know you will claim vengeance for your
             masterís death.
    Calintz: Letís go back to Headquarters.
    Haren:   You werenít planning on walking there, were ya?
             The war will be over by the time we get back!
    Chris:   No problem; leave it to me! Iíll just ask Dad
             for a lift on Rusty 28! 
    Calintz: Alright, letís head over to your place, then.
    ( at Chrisís house)
    Rostin: This is the last time Iím doiní this for free.
            Next time, Iím charginí you!
    Chris:  Donít be so stingy, Dad. You know you
            love flying. 
    Rostin: Ungrateful kid. Anyways, weíre ready
            for take-off!
    ( On the world map)
    Rostin: Letís go, Rusty!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.25. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.025]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel:    Why are we going to Headquarters, Captain?
    Calintz: We should check in with Lehas.
             But, donít say anything about 
             the Light of Salvation. The General
             asked that we keep our mission quiet.
    Chris:   Are you sure thatís a good idea? You know
             how she is... I donít think I can stand that
             icy stare again... Man, it gives me the chills!
    Azel:    Well, itís an important mission, so we donít 
             have much choice.
    Haren:   Iím sure weíll find her in the conference room,
             like always. Letís go and get this over with.
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Lehas:   Your mission to take Reith for her treatment
             took longer than I had planned...
             Also, while you were away a payment was
             Sent from the General. But, what was it for?
             I don't remember the mission.
    Calintz: ...From now on, do not question any payment
             from the General.
    Lehas:   Why? Whatís going on?
    Chris:   Actually, weíre on a very important secret
             mission. Itís so dangerous in fact, we didnít 
             want to involve you.
    Lehas:   Is it something you canít tell me? I see...
             Those who canít fight arenít considered
             a real part of the Tears of Blood.
    Chris:   Itís not anything like that... Itís just...
    Eonis:   Iím sorry, Lehas...
    Lehas:   Donít worry about it. I understand.
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar...)
    Carian: I never realized... that the Light of Salvation
            harbored such secrets...
    Amila:  Yes, I knew you would be surprised. I didnít 
            want to get you and the Blast Worms involved
            in such a dangerous task.
            I would take on the search for the Light of Salvation
            myself, but it would be impossible in my current
            As of right now, the best course of action would
            be to leave this to you. The leaders of the Yason
            tribes concur with the decision.
    Azhadi: Your Majesty, obtaining the Light of Salvation
            will cure the Rheuma?
    Amila:  Yes.
    Roxy:   Excuse me Your Majesty, but if the Rheuma is 
            cured, the Yason will try to regain their power.
            The Blast Worms might suffer under their
    Orha:   There is no time to worry about such things.
    Amila:  When the Tree of Light is restored, your
            contribution will not be forgotten.
            I swear, no matter what happens, I will make
            sure that the Blast Worms are not persecuted.
            I understand your apprehensiveness. You
            should know why I created the Blast Worms.
            There is no need to worry.
    Roxy:   Thank you, Your Majesty...
    ( in the Tears of Blood Headquarters, before the Conference Room)
    Eonis:   Calintz, I heard that one of the Eight Heroes
             - Joshua Ė was often seen traveling on
             Mirna Road when he was older.
             Maybe if we go there and ask around,
             we can uncover more information about
             the Light of Salvation.
    Azel:    Thatís a good idea. We should go everywhere
             The Eight Heroes went. Who knows what weíll find...
    Chris:   If I remember correctly, Mirna Road is north
             of Lester... I heard it used to pass through 
             a village, but no one lives there anymore.
    Calintz: Alright, letís go take a look. It canít hurt.
    Chris:   First stop Ė Lester!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.26. Mirna Road  / Garute Ė Calintzís party                   [3.026]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After walking around, near a house the party finds what theyíve been        )
    ( looking for: another part of Joshuaís Memoirs.                              )
    |Joshuaís Memoirs 2 Ė ď...After we sealed it, we were                         |
    |all relieved. But, we were wrong. When Behru said                            |
    |he was worried, we should have listened to him.                              |
    |But, it was too late.Ē                                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďAfter Aria had sealed the Lightning Shard,                                  |
    |she was killed by mercenaries who hated The Eight Heroes.                    |
    |But, they were really Yason disguised as humans.                             |
    |After killing Behru, they tried to steal the Shard                           |
    |from his liver, Aria.Ē                                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďWe were lucky enough that they never got the Lightning                      |
    |Shard since it was already sealed. Itís been 30 years                        |
    |and now a strange change took place.Ē                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe area has been surrounded by heavy fog and                               |
    |dark clouds for the last year. It is now a place where                       |
    |the thunder echoes. The other areas have changed as well.                    |
    |Land that was once flat has turned into mountains                            |
    |after 30 years. In some place volcanic eruptions have                        |
    |occurred. The power the Light of Salvation possessed                         |
    |was beyond imagination.Ē                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe individual Shards have powers that release Chi                          |
    |into their surrounding environments. They also have the power                |
    |to project illusions, images of things that the owner desires.               |
    |Some even had powers that could heal and cure diseases.Ē                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe sudden change in climate was similar to a storm                         |
    |that comes from Chi after activating the Magna Carta.                        |
    |So there were rumors that someone did activate                               |
    |the Magna Carta. But, it was better that way than have                       |
    |people known the truth.Ē                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďAt that time, I was only in touch with Elaine, Renee                        |
    |and Zekart. Yejaís whereabouts were unknown,                                 |
    |but I heard he was taken by the Yason. Anthony said                          |
    |that the safest way to protect the Light of Salvation                        |
    |was to do it by himself and disappeared.                                     |
    |I hear he is known to stop by the Great Temple                               |
    |sometimes.Ē                                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThere is another truth we found out after 30 years...                       |
    |The tremendous amount of Cho from the Shards that                            |
    |were given to us started to eat away at out souls slowly...                  |
    |Itís as if they acknowledged that we were their protectors.                  |
    |This power is what nightmares are made from.                                 |
    |A power that is beyond humankind.Ē                                           |
    Eonis:   The Light of Salvation has the power
             to affect the land in strange ways.
             Thatís why the climate changed in Mt. Rhyde...
    Calintz: We should gather as much information from
             the affected areas as soon as possible.
    Azel:    Um... Captain? Master Smidt said a volcano formed
             a few years ago in the Yason area.
    Chris:   That sounds a little suspicious.
             A volcano popping out of nowhere...
             Could that be...?
    Calintz: Letís go back to Headquarters and ask
             Master Smidt.
    ( On the world map, as Calintz and the others leave Mirna Road)
    Carian: So... you knew about the Light of Salvation?
    Neikan: ..........
    Azhadi: How did you find out?
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: If the Light of Salvation comes under our control
            and the Tree of Light is restored, the Yason will
            not yield.
            The ones who looked down upon the Blast
            Worms will not relinquish their power so easily.
    Neikan: ..........
    Azhadi: ..........
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: Iím sure that the power of the Light of 
            Salvation is just like our Familiars.
            We donít need to get it back.
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: The humans are searching for it, too?
            The mercenaries? How foolish...
            They donít even know how to use it.
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: It doesnít matter.
            As long as it doesnít fall into the hands of Amila...
    ( back at the Headquarters, at the smithís room)
    Smidt: Welcome. Lookiní for an upgrade?
    Azel:  Not today, Master Smidt. But, we do have a 
           question. Um, the volcano you were talking
           about the other day...
           Can you give us some more details about it?
    Smidt: You mean Mt. Feissen in the Yason territory?
           I heard about it from a friend whoís a traveling
           It wasnít active until a few years ago, when it
           started erupting. Now, itís so hot you canít
           even go near it.
           Why do you ask?
    Azel:  Well, ití been so hot lately, I thought it might
           be because of the volcano. Anyways, weíll
           come back later for upgrades.
    ( After leaving the room)
    Chris:   Ha, I knew it! Somewhere on Mt. Feissen in - 
    Haren:   Hey, ya moron, keep it down...
             We should talk in private.
    Calintz: Then letís go to my office.
    Haren:   Whereís that?
    Chris:   Youíre a member of the Tears of Blood and
             You don't know where the Captainís office is?
             You gotta be kidding me! Everyone knows that!
    Azel:    Um, Chris... The Captainís office is on the left.
             The right side is where the living quarters are.
    Chris:   Um, then what are we going this way for?
    ( At Calintzís office)
    Eonis:   An active volcano... Sounds dangerous.
    Calintz: This is going to be a difficult mission as the heat
             will be unbearable, so be prepared.
    Azel:    We should take the proper measures then...
    ( While Calintz and the others are leaving the area of the Headquarters, they )
    ( are stopped by Lehas.                                                       )
    Lehas:   Calintz!
             We receives a request from a unit
             stationed along the Maracatte battlefront.
             They were pursuing a Yason spy,
             but they lost him near Garute.
             Theyíre asking for our assistance.
    Eonis:   But, we have other orders.
    Lehas:   What orders?
    Chris:   The secret mission we told you about.
    Lehas:   I see.
    Chris:   Hey, don't get discouraged. Next time
             weíll be happy to take orders from you. In fact,
             maybe we could talk about it over a few drinks...
    Lehas:   You should be on your way.
    Chris:   Is she mad?
    Azel:    Of course she is.
    Haren:   Hey, Calintz... Should we be keeping
             our mission a secret from her? 
             She IS a member...
    Calintz: Itís too early to tell her about it. Now, letís go.
    ( On the world map)
    Calintz: Letís head for Amrond Woods, first.
             Itís not far from the volcano.
    Chris:   Oooooh. But, all that heat could be dangerous.
    Haren:   If you canít take it, then youíre not a real man.
    Chris:   What I meant was if I get any hotter, itíll be
             too much for the ladies to handle.
    Calintz: Alright, letís go.
    Chris:   Hey, wait up!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.27. Mt. Feissen / Yason-Roven Ė Calintzís party              [3.027]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the area of Amrond Wood there is no conversation.]
    Chris: Whoa, this is frigginí hot! Like, this isnít just
           any hot! This is like... standing-on-the-sun
           kindaí hot!
    Azel:  Everyone, please be careful!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.28. Fire Ruins / Yason-Roven Ė Calintzís party               [3.028]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After going a few steps in the area, 2 Blast Worms appear.                  )
    Blast Worm: Hold it right there, humans!
                Where did you come from?
    Chris:      Man! I knew this was a bad idea...
    ( After the fight)
    Haren:   Got Ďem!
    Calintz: Letís hurry. The rest of the Blast Worms
             will come.
    (At the end of the road is a small building, where they enter.                )
    Azel:  We finally found it.
    ( The earth starts to shake...)
    Chris: But, why do I have this strange feeling
           something badís gonna happen?
    ( While the earth is still shaking, on the ground a large symbol appears,     )
    ( and the orb, which is on a column, starts to glow. Also with the symbol,    )
    ( the guardian, which looks like a large caterpillar, also appears.           )
    Haren: Hmphm. Doesnít surprise me.
    ( After the fight, Calintz walks up to the orb.)
    |                           Fire Shard acquired!                              |
    Haren: Is that it?
    Eonis: No, weíve still got to get away.
           Since the Yason know weíre here,
           they may be waiting for us.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.29. Amrond Woods / Yason Ė Roven - Calintzís party           [3.029]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( On their way back to the Garute, the party stumbles upon...                 )
    Azhadi: What are you humans doing here?
            Going for a hike on Mt. Feissen?
    Eonis:  Azhadi!? On of the...
    Azhadi: You do realize that this is OUT territory?
    Haren:  So, whatís your point?
    Azhadi: My, arenít you friendly? I despise humans
            more than anything in the world!
            Whaddaya think of that, tough guy?
    Haren:  I think your ugly face is making me sick to
            my stomach. Whaddaya think of that, freak?
    Azhadi: Ha. Confident, arenít you?
    ( After Azhadiís HP is below 50 %...                                          )
    Azhadi: Youíre stronger than I thought. Letís see
            how you fare against my familiar...
    (...he summons his Familiar, a Succubus.                                      )
    ( After finishing the Succubus)
    Azhadi:  Heh, heh. This is so much fun!
             Shall we play some more?
    Eonis:   This is insane. Azhadi is one of the strongest
             of the Four Warriors. We donít stand a chance.
    ( Suddenly the Flare, that was given to Reith, appears on the sky. Surprised, )
    ( Azhadi turns his attention to that sight.                                   )
    Chris:   Huh? Look...!
    Calintz: Reith...
    |                      Switching to Reithís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.30. Notia / Garute Ė Reithís party                           [3.030]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Justina: Reith, letís go to see the doctor, Alex.
             He may be able to help you.
    Reith:   Okay.
    Justina: And, one other thing...
    Reith:   Yes?
    Justina: In the past, we could depend on Calintz in battle.
             But now, itís just the two of us. We should think 
             carefully before acting.
    Reith:   Thatís true...
    Justina: ...Especially since we cast similar magic and use 
             the same Chi. Weíll have to change the properties 
             of the Lanterns from time to time,
             or else weíll run out of Chi. That will make thinks
             a lot more difficult, so be careful.
    Reith:   Oh, I get it... We need to change the Lanterns 
             so they provide Water or Ice Chi, right?
    Justina: ...I guess Iíll have to play leader
             for the time being.
    ( At the inn, when going near the person, who is waiting there)
    Justina: Pardon us...
             Dr. Bronx?
    Alex:    Yes. Iím his older brother, Alex.
    Justina: You two look so much alike.
    Alex:    Yes, the resemblance is uncanny.
             We are twins after all.
    Justina: Dr. Bronx sent us here to meet with you.
             I am the priestess, Justina.
    Alex:    Yes, I read the letter.
             Please, come with me.
    Alex:    Itís exactly like my brother said.
    Justina: Reith is missing some of her Chi?
    Alex:    Yes. This is very rare, indeed...
    Justina: Can you cure her? 
    Alex:    If itís just a memory loss, all I need to do is
             untangle the Chi that is mixed up. Her memory
             should return within a month or two.
             However, since the Chi is missing, thereís really
             nothing I can do. Weíll just have to wait until it
             comes back naturally.
    Justina: Oh, I see...
    Alex:    Iíll try to recreate her memory from the remaining
             Chi she has left. 
    ( After a few second of silence, the sound of someone running and something  )
    ( burning can be heard.                                                      )
    ????????: Papa! Papa!
    ( Reith, sitting on a bed in the inn, suddenly opens her eyes)
    Justina: Reith? Are you okay?
    Alex:    Just relay. Take a deep breath...
             Now, tell me. What happened?
    Reith:   Papa... died. I didnít wanna leave him, but someone
             pulled me away... I had to run...!
    Justina: Reith, thatís all in the past now.
    Alex:    Indeed it is. Do you remember anything else?
    Reith:   There was a village Ė a village where children were playing
             on top of a hill. There was a dojo there, too.
    Alex:    Hmm... Could it be Fuget?
    Reith:   Huh?
    Alex:    There used to be a dojo there. They cared for children who
             had no home. Many fine swordsmen trained there, but it
             was destroyed by the Yason about ten years ago.
    Reith:   Fuget... Thatís where Calintz is from.
    Justina: Really?
    Reith:   Yes, Iím sure of it.
    Justina: Then, maybe we should go there.
             We might be able to find some clues.
    Justina: Reith, it won1t be easy with just the two of us.
             We should try to stay out of trouble
             as much as possible.
    Reith:   Youíre right. We should be careful and move in
             Detect Mode.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.31. Erestine / Garute Ė Reithís party                        [3.031]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Walking near a small pavilion, Reith and Justina sees a strange trio:       )
    ( two Alliance soldiers and a white haired man.                               )
    Soldier 1: Iíve had enough of playing cat and mouse!
               Why donít you just surrender!?
    ?????????: Iím surprised you lasted this long. Well done.
    Soldier 2: Iíll capture you no matter what it takes!
               I donít care if youíre alive or dead.
    Soldier 1: Hey...
    ( Suddenly Soldier 1 realizes, that Reith and Justina are watching them.      )
    ( Reith slowly walks near the white haired man.                               )
    Justina:   Oh no, here comes trouble.
    Soldier 1: Can I help you, Miss?
    Reith:     Why are you chasing him? Itís two against one! Thatís not fair!
    Justina:   ...I knew it.
    ?????????: Thank you. Theyíre accusing me of being a Yason.
               I donít know what to do...
    Soldier 2: Ya dirty little half breed!
    ?????????: What? I havenít done anything wrong. If Iím a half Yason,
               then why donít I have a Vindi on my body?
    Soldier 2: You little weasel... How can you lie like that?
    Soldier 1: Hey...
               Miss, donít be fooled. Heís a spy from Yason Roven.
               Heís hiding his Vindi.
    Justina:   Do you have proof of that?
    Soldier 2: Well, um... Not exactly... But, if I can just get
               my hands on him, then Iíll make him talk.
    Reith:     Make him... talk?
    ?????????: Hold on... Now Iím really worried. Even someone whoís
               innocent will admit his guilt if heís in enough pain. Right?
    Justina:   I see that youíre from the Maracatte Frontline, 
               but even so, this is going too far.
    Soldier 2: Priestess, save that pretty voice of yours for praying.
               Stay outta our buseness.
    ?????????: Enough already. You guys are pissing me off.
    ( A blonde girl appears walking from behind the soldiers.                     )
    Soldier 2: Who the hell are you?
    Blonde girl: If you donít shut up, my fists will make you quiet! 
    |                    Rianna joined Reithís party.                             |
    ( After the fight with the two soldier.                                       )
    ???????: You all came to my rescue. Thanks so much.
    Rianna:  Being mistakes for a Yason... I guess a pretty
             face doesnít always make things easier.
    ???????: Ahahaha. When I go to Maracatte, it happens every time
             I guess Iíd be better off going to Garute.
    Reith:   Are you okay?
    ???????: Thanks to you, Miss. It was nice of you to stand up for me.
             Excuse me, but whatís your name?
    Reith:   My name is Reith.
    ???????: Iím Sdei. May I ask for the names of your companions?
    Justina: Iím Justina.
    Rianna:  And Iím Rianna.
    Sdei:    Iíd like to thank you properly, but Iím in a rush,
             so I have to go... Itís not much, but here... Take this...
    Justina: We didnít help you to be rewarded. As a priestess, 
             I was insulted by the way they addressed me.
    Sdei:    Oh, you canít possibly refuse.
             Please, take it. Iíll feel bad if you donít. 
    |                        Diamond pendant acquired.                            |
    Rianna:  So, where are you headed next?
    Sdei:    Well, I was thinking of Notia.
    Rianna:  Have you seen another scrawny guy like you around?
             Heís an adventure that researches Chi and Carta.
             His name is...
             Well, he changes it in every town, so I donít know what it is.
    Sdei:    hmmm... Not that I remember.
    Rianna:  Yeah, I didnít think itís be that easy. Okay, see ya.
    Sdei:    Farewell. Iím sure weíll meet again. It must have
             been fate that brought us together... right?
    Reith:   So Rianna, youíre married? It must be wonderful.
    Rianna:  Thatís what you would thin. But, my husband
             is so obsessed with Chi and Carta that heís 
             forgotten what it means to be married.
    Reith:   Where are you going to go now?
    Rianna:  Well, youíve probably never heard of it, 
             but I was on my way to Fuget.
             My husband said something about it being a
             great lace to conduct his research. So I figured,
             it would be a good place to start looking for him.
    Reith:   Hey! Thatís where weíre headed.
             We should go together!
    Justina: Reith... Your naivety is endearing, 
             but donít be so quick to trust people so easily...
             Especially the likes of her...
    Rianna:  Hello? Iím standing right here...
    Justina: Well, itís true... We don't really know you.
    Rianna:  Hmmm, so I can trust you because youíre a 
    Justina: I never asked you to trust me in the first place.
    Rianna:  We fought together, doesnít that mean
             anything to you? The only reason I helped
             you out because I was bored. 
             Besides, if I really wanted to hurt you,
             do ya think Iíd do it alone?
    Reith:   She does have a point Justina...
             She is all by herself, that in and of itself is
    Justina: She seems to be doing just fine from what I can
             Alright, we will accompany you to Fuget.
             But, that doesnít mean I trust you...
    Rianna:  Yeah, yeah, donít do me any favors...
    Reith:   Nice to meet you.
    Rianna:  Yeah, the same here.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.33. Lidd / Garute Ė Reithís party                            [3.032]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( At the same time the trio of Reith, Rianna and Justina leaves to area of    )
    ( Erestine, Roxy is walking somewhere, which looks like the Amrond Woods in   )
    ( Yason-Roven. Unbeknownst to her, Carian is watching her, from the shade of  )
    ( a tree.                                                                     )
    Carian: My, oh my. What is it that you seek?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.33. Fuget / Garute Ė Reithís party                           [3.033]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the area of Ranca / Garute there is no conversation.]
    ( A few ruined, burnt out houses - thatís what remained from Fuget.          )
    Rianna:  Fuget was destroyed by the Yason... 10 years ago.
    ( Behind Reith, the image of a little girl appears)
    Girl:    Papa, I wanna live here.
             Can we? I wanna play with the other kids.
    ( Reith turns around, but the little girl is gone. Justina walks to her.)
    Justina: Are you okay, Reith?
    Reith:   Yes...
    Rianna:  I guess heís not here.
    Justina: Your husband?
    Rianna:  Yes. I feel Iíll run into him eventually...
             I keep waiting for it to happen, even though it probably wonít.
    ( In the eastern corner of Fuget stands the same little girl, who appeared    )
    ( behind Reith. When Reith notices it, first it disappears, then a glowing    )
    ( sphere appears in the same place.                                           )
    Rianna:  Whatís wrong? See something?
    ( Reith touches the image, which keeps changing from the little girl to the   )
    ( sphere, and collapses.                                                      )
    Amila:   To end the war, itís the only way.
    ( Starry night sky, strange looking building, floating rocks, which look like )
    ( islands, large crystals Ė That the memory that Reith gets back.             )
    ( When she wakes up, Justina is kneeling beside her.                          )
    Justina: Reith, whatís wrong? Are you okay?
    Reith:   Y-Yeah... something just appeared right in front of me...
    Justina: Did you memory come back?
    Rianna:  What? Did you lost your memory? My husband could help you,
             if he was here. But, heís off researching Chi and Carta.
             I donít know how he could leave such a cure wife behind...
    Justina: I donít think Reithís case... it that simple.
    Rianna:  Why, is her condition that serious? Has a cleric examined her?
    Justina: Yes. From her remaining memories, we got Fuget a clue.
             Itís a good thing we came here.
             It seems like more of her memory returned.
    ( Reith, still sitting on the ground, holds a small, green rock in her hand.  )
    Rianna:  If my darling husband found out about this, heíd be quite 
             intrigued. Hey, you know what? One time he healed
             a patient, that even a cleric couldnít cure.
    Reith:   Then, you think he can restore my memory?
    Rianna:  Well, Iím not positive... But, probably!
    Reith:   Really? Maybe if we al search for him together...
    Justina: Reith... Are you sure youíre okay?
    Reith:   Of course. I just want to get my memory back...
    Amila:   To end the war, itís the only way.
    Reith:   I have to get it back.
    ( While going out of Fuget, the girls are ďwelcomedĒ by a familiar voice...   )
    Roxy:    So, youíre still alive.
    Reith:   *gasp* Youíre the one who tried to...
    Justina: You know her?
    Reith:   Calintz said sheís one of The Four Warriors.
    Rianna:  What!? Sheís one of them!?
    Justina: Is that true?
    Roxy:    Yes. My name is Roxy Midka.
    Justina: What do you want?
    Roxy:    All I need it the girl. No one else has to get hurt.
    Rianna:  But, what do you need me for!?
    Reith:   I donít understand. Why are you only after me?
    Roxy:    Someone would like to speak with you.
             Thatís all I can say.
    Justina: You donít expect us to just hand her over, do you?
    Roxy:    I didnít think youíd let her go without a fight.
    ( During the fight with Roxy, when her HP reached 50%...                      )
    Roxy:    Well done. But, how long will you survive
             against my familiar?
    ( After the battle with Steelheart...                                         )
    Roxy:    I guess it wonít be as easy as I thought?
    ( Suddenly Carian appears, slowly walking towards them.                       )
    Carian:  You call that a fight?
             You wonít have much luck trying to capture them like that.
    ( After a small hand gesture of Carian, which also looks like as if sheís     )
    ( thrown something to the girls, a large blackish Ė grayish orb appears       )
    ( around Reith, Rianna and Justina.                                           )
    Roxy:    Carian!
    Rianna:  Uaah!? What the...!
    Justina: Itís and illusion.
    Rianna:  What a dirty trick!
    Reith:   Whatís happening?
    Justina: Donít worry Reith. With a little luck,
             we should be able to break free.
    Reith:   Huh? Break free from what?
    Rianna:  This barrier! If we donít get out of here,
             we wonít be able to move.
    Reith:   Barrier? What barrier?
    Rianna:  Huh? Are you blind?
    Reith:   But, I donít see anything.
    ( Reith hold out her hand, and touches the place, where the barrier is. In an )
    ( instant it breaks into pieces.                                              )
    Carian:  My illusion...!
    Justina: Reith!?
    Rianna:  Wow! That was amazing. Do you know magic?
    Reith:   Huh? Magic? Whatís that?
    Roxy:    Seems like your illusion is more of a daydream than a nightmare.
    Carian:  Hmph. That was just childís play.
             Iíll show you my true power.
    [ NOTE: After the fight with Carian, even if she IS beaten, the conversation  ]
    [ is the same, when the Reith-Rianna-Justina trio is beaten by the Yasons.    ]
    ( Justina is sitting on the ground, Rianna and Reith are still standing, but  )
    ( they all are in very bad shape.                                             )
    Rianna:  Ugh... Damn it.
    Carian:  *chuckle* I knew it. No matter how hard
             you try, you cant beat me.
    Reith:   Tell me... Why are you after me?
    Roxy:    I told you before. Iím just following orders.
    Reith:   From who?
    Orha:    From me.
             Carian, may I ask what you are doing here?
    Carian:  Oh, poor Roxy seemed to be having trouble, 
             so I came to lend a hand.
    Rianna:  Heís one of The Four Warriors, too!
             There are three of Ďem here!?
    ( Reith is watching the Flare which they got from Chris.                      )
    Justina: Reith, just shoot it.
    Reith:   Okay.
    Orha:    Hmph... Calling for help?
    ( Reith shoots up the flare, which like fireworks, explodes in the sky.       )
    |                    Switching to Calintzís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.33. Amrond Woods / Yason - Roven                             [3.034]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In Amrond Woods the situation hasnít changed: Calintz and the others are    )
    ( still standing eye to eye with Azhadi, trying to figure out what to do.     )
    Eonis:   I wonder what happened to Reith.
    Azel:    What should we do Captain?
    Calintz: Letís go. Itís not far from here.
    Azhadi:  Hehe... Where do you think youíre going?
    Haren:   Damn, not again!?
    Chris:   We donít have time to waste!
    ( After finishing Azhadi...)
    Azel:    We have to find Reith and the others,
             before itís too late!
    Chris:   Damsels in distress! Sounds like a job for Chris!
    Haren:   Stop acting like an idiot. Letís get moving!
    Eonis:   The flare looked like it was coming from Fuget...
    Haren:   Then the shortest route is through
             the Valley of Lester and Lester Woods.
    Calintz: First, we need to get out of here.
             Theyíre on out tail!
             (Hold on a little longer, Reith... Iím on my way!)
    ( Through the world map, the party is taken to Valley of Lester.              )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.35. Fuget / Garute Ė Calintzís party                         [3.035]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the areas of Valley of Lester + Lester Woods there are no conversations. ]
    ( Calintz arrives at the are from the west. Going near the save point...      )
    Calintz: The Four Warriors!
    Reith:   Calintz!
    Orha:    The knight in shining armour has
             arrived Ė faster than I expected.
    Calintz: Back off!
    Orha:    ...And apparently quick to anger, too.
    [ NOTE: After the fight with Orha, even if he IS beaten, the conversation     ]
    [ is the same, when Calintzís party is beaten.                                ]
    ( Reith is half-lying on the ground, Calintz is standing in front of Reith,   )
    ( protecting her.                                                             )
    Reith: Calintz...
    Orha:  Iím surprised you lasted this long.
           But not, itís time to end this.
    ( Orha summons his Familiar, a large Raven.)
    Haren: How did he do that!?
    Orha:  Farewell.
    ( The Raven slowly starts to fly towards Calintz, who covers his head with    )
    ( his arms...                                                                 )
    Reith: Noooooooo!
    ( ...but after a few seconds he lets down his arms. and to his surprise, the  )
    ( Raven is not attacking, but hovering in the same place, before Calintz.     )
    ( Then it flies backwards, beside to itís master.                             )
    Carian: It canít be... A familiar disobeyed its master!?
    Chris:  Now!
    ( Chris throws down something which creates smoke, while Calintz and the      )
    ( others can run away.                                                        )
    Carian: I never thought the great Orha would be defeated.
            This is a serious setback.
    Orha:   Since when did you start speaking to me like that?
            I feed him fresh meat every time I summon him.
            Would you like to end up as his next meal?
            That human... Heís protecting her without
            having any idea of the truth.
            I donít know how the hell you got involved in this,
            but stop meddling in other peopleís affairs.
            I have already assigned you a task.
    Carian: Hmph.
    ( On the world map)
    Chris:   Phew, there goes 10 years of my life...
             I didnít expect three of Ďem to show up.
    Calintz: What happened?
    Justina: I donít know. Either way, they were following us or
             it was just a coincidence...
    Haren:   Hmph! I bet you anything they were after
             Reith again.
    Reith:   .......
    Rianna:  Yeah, it seemed that way.
    Calintz: I knew it...
    Eonis:   Haren, I donít want to hear it!
    Justina: I think it would be best if we return to 
             Headquarters. I donít think weíll be as fortunate
             if they come after us again.
    ( Through the world map, the party is taken to the Headquarters.              )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.36. Headquarters / Garute                                    [3.036]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Justina: When Reith was young, she lived in Fuget.
    Chris:   Fuget is Calintzís home village.
    Eonis:   Do you remember anything else?
             Any reason why the Four Warriors would 
             be after you... Anything at all?
    Justina: I have no idea. She did have a strange reaction
             at Fuget, but she hasnít really told me anything.
    Haren:   She should hurry up and regain her memory. 
             This time we were lucky...
             But if the Four Warriors keep coming at us,
             I dunno how long we can hold out.
    Rianna:  Then why donít you ask them?
             Wouldnít be that the fastest way?
    Chris:   Now, why the hell didnít I think of that!?
             Sure, we can invite them over for a dinner,
             have some smores, talk about old ti-
             Just who are you anyways?
             Is she a new member?
    Justina: No, we just met her along way.
    Rianna:  Hey! Is that how you introduce people?
             Iím Rianna. Iíve got some experience being a 
             Right now, Iím just looking for my husband.
    Chris:   Hu-husband!? That means youíre married?
             A married woman?
    Rianna:  Yeah, boy wonder, thatís what Ďmarriedí means.
    Chris:   ...Good women always get taken first.
    Eonis:    Marriage... Isnít it grand?
    Rianna:   A grand pain in the ass.
    Haren:    Whatever... Can we trust you?
    Rianna:   Not this again. Look here, I can be pretty handy
              when it comes to a fight...
              No offense to you guys, but you look like you can 
              use all the help you can get at the moment.
              Besides, I thought mercenaries donít like to 
              dwell on the past.
    Chris:    Of course! As I like to say... The future youíll
              spend with a woman is much more important
              than whatever happened in the past...
    Haren:    Man, youíre so full of it...
    ( In front of the building of the Headquarters, Reith is sitting, deep in her )
    ( thoughts, Lehas standing beside her.                                        )
    Lehas: You seem to be feeling better.
    Reith: Yes.
    Lehas: How are you?
           Did you get a little bit of your memory back?
    Reith: I donít think so... I want to hurry and get my memory back,
           so Haren can trust me. But...
    Lehas: Oh, donít pay attention to that guy.
           Heís always been like that.
           Heís suspicious of everyone and everything.
    Reith: Oh no, Haren is a strong and courageous person.
           Considering his fiancťe was killed by the Yason...
           I donít blame him.
    Lehas: That pretty much goes for everyone here.
           I also lost a captain in the Hargen War. I guess
           people deal with loss in their own way.
    Reith: I see... That person must have been important
           to you then.
    Lehas: ...Yeah.
    Reith: I donít fully understand the Yason.
           Maybe thatís why I donít hate them.
           But, everyone wants to fight them.
    Lehas: I do believe there are some who are still pure
           of heart and would like the fighting to end. 
           Yet the war continues...
           Unfortunately, war is something people with
           power instigate. The remaining majority are just
           puppets caught in the middle to amuse them.
           Fighting for self-preservation and fighting for
           the purpose of conquering anther people are
           completely different entities.
           Try no to confuse the two... 
           Believe me, if I had a choice, Iíd rather not fight.
    Reith: Lehas... you have a kind soul.
    Lehas: Huh?
    Reith: I have a feeling... you were waiting for someone
           to say that to you.
    Lehas: I was just sharing my opinion, thatís all...
    Reith: No, it really helped me, thank you.
    Lehas: Well, if you say so...
    Justina: Whatís wrong? You look a little dazed.
    Reith:   Iím fine... Itís just that when we were at Fuget...
             I saw a younger version of myself standing before me.
    Justina: What do you mean? Was it an illusion?
    Reith:   Iím not really sure...
             When I tried to reach out to myself, the illusion
             just disappeared in a cloud of smoke.
             But, I think I got part of my memory back
             because of it...
    Justina: Itís probably because Fuget is somewhere
             in your lost memory. So, maybe thatís why
             you saw that illusion.
    Reith:   But, the strange thing is when I came to,
             I had this stone in my hand.
    Justina: A stone?
    Reith:   Yes... Look at this...
             You did say that Iím missing Chi that makes up
             my memories. Maybe there is some of that
             missing Chi inside this stone?
    Justina: This stone is most likely a divine vessel, the only
             thing that can preserve Chi. Divine vessels can be
             anything that is found in nature...
             So, I wouldnít be surprised if Chi were preserved
             in something like this.
    Reith:   So... This stone showed me the illusion.
    Justina: I believe so... This stone apparently contained
             parts of your memory which took form in reality.
             If this stone does carry your Chi, maybe it was
             yours to begin with.
    Reith:   Why would I lose it then?
    Justina: It could be related to your memory loss.
             But, you didnít get back all of your memories?
    Reith:   No... I still donít know why Iím like this...
    Justina: They there might be other stones of object 
             that contain the rest of your memories. 
             Reith, you are no ordinary person...
    Reith:   That may be so...
             But, I do want to regain my memory.
    Justina: Reith, keep this stone safe and secret...
             Do not tell anyone about it, even Calintz.
    Reith:   Why?
    Justina: This particular divine vessel is very valuable.
             It holds an enormous amount of Chi and there are
             people who will try to steal it from you.
             Remember, trust no one...
    Reith:   Okay, I will do as you say.
             But, will it be alright to tell Calintz once I get all
             my memories back?
    Justina: ...When that happens, it shouldnít matter. 
             Iím sure you will know when the time is right.
    Reith:   Mmhmm...
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar)
    Azhadi: We sill donít know why the Tears of Blood
            were on Mt. Feissen. They must have been on
            some secret mission.
    Amila:  The Tears of Blood... Orha, how long do you
            intend to let them interfere with our plan?
    Orha:   They have proven to be a worthy adversary. 
            I will take care of them immediately.
    Amila:  Roxy, I want you to retrieve the water fragment.
            The future of our people depend on it.
    Roxy:   I understand, Your Majesty.
    Amila:  The only way to save our people is to revive
            the Tree of Light.
    Carian: ( Hmph... Weíll see of you get your way, Your Majesty.)
    ( Meanwhile in Amabat)
    Agreian:  Iím totally against it.
    Ladrinne: Your opinion is irrelevant. The decision is mine.
    Agreian:  Mother!
    Ladrinne: There are many injured people in Lester. 
              They put their faith in the Forbidden Magic,
              but the plan failed.
    Agreian:  Itís the Allianceís duty to protect them.
              If you go there, youíll become the target
              of Yason attacks.
    Ladrinne: Many mages and soldiers are among the victims.
              There were clerics and priestesses who fell, too.
              I was opposed to the plan from the beginning.
              It was a mistake to attack the Yason using the 
              Forbidden Magic.
    Agreian:  They were lucky this time.
              They were able to defect out magic attack
              using that power, the Magna Carta.
              But ever so... We wonít just give up.
    Ladrinne: I understand that youíre worried, Agreian,
              but by trying to protect me, youíre putting
              the lives of may others in danger. 
              Many of those who suffer are yearning for
              my divine protection. I cannot just ignore
              their pleas.
    Agreian:  Mother...
              Alright. Iíll abide by your wished. 
              But, at least allow me to make the arrangements 
              for your departure.
    Ladrinne: Very well. Thank you.
    ( Back at the Headquarters)
    Eonis:   Itís almost Lehasís birthday... Did you remember?
    Calintz: ...Is it?
    Eonis:   I knew youíd forget. Thatís pretty sad.
             Weíre always so busy, we never have any time
             to celebrate, you know?
             We cause Lehas a lot of trouble, so I thought we 
             should do something nice for her this year.
    Calintz: ...Yeah, I guess youíre right.
    Eonis:   I hears she has a lot of nightmares, so I thought
             a Mage Statue would be the perfect gift. In Bayer,
             itís a charm we give to bring pleasant dreams.
             Itís made using Moon Rock, Mud and Geckra
             Bone. I asked Master Smidt to make one for us. 
             Once weíve got all the ingredients,
             we should go see him. It wouldnít hurt to ask
             around... Maybe another member of
             the Tears of Blood has one these ingredients.
             If we go look for a Geckra Bone near Lester 
             or Fuget, we might bump into one of
             The Four Warriors. 
             Geckra also lives in the Mt. Ranca area,
             so letís go there.
    Geckra Bone Ė if there isnít one already in the inventory, the party can get
                  one from the only place they can go, Mt. Ranca.
    Mud Ė one of the girls in the room, that just above the conference room
    Girl: Wanna try a mud pack, Eonis? I brought it from
          my home village... Itís good for your skin.
    ( if you speak again with her)
    Girl: Did you use the mud pack? How was it?
          It looks like itís working... Your skin is 
          so smooth.
    Moon Rock Ė speaking with one of the soldiers, who are walking in the hall
    Soldier: Hey, Captain! I found this key when I was
             cleaning. Why donít you take it?
    |                            Black Key acquired!                              |
    Soldier: I wonder that that key is for.
    With the key, the closed chest, which is in the basement can be opened.
    |                            Moon Rock acquired!                              |
    ( After successfully gathering all three materials, at Master Smidt           )
    Smidt:   Eonis told me what youíre looking for. Seems like
             all the ingredients are here. Iíll get started.
             Hereís the Mage Statue you wanted.
    |                          Mage Statue acquired!                              |
    Calintz: Thank you.
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Lehas:   Whatís this?
    Calintz: I heard it was your birthday.
    Lehas:   ......
             Iím surprised you remembered.
             Or, did Eonis tell you?
    Calintz: I canít deny it.
    Lehas:   Thatís okay. I donít know your birthday, either.
    Calintz: .......
             The presentís from all of us. Itís not much.
    Lehas:   Wow, a...
    Calintz: Itís a charm called a Mage Statue. Itís supposed
             to bring you pleasant dreams.
    Lehas:   I see...
    Calintz: I hear you have a lot of nightmares.
    Lehas:   Really? Did Eonis tell you that?
    Calintz: Are they about the past?
    Lehas:   I try to forget about it... But, I guess itís still in
             my subconscious.
    Calintz: Um... By the way... Happy birthday.
    Lehas:   ...Itís a little unusual, but thank you.
             Iíll take good care of it.
    ( In front of the Conference Room)
    Eonis: Good job. Now, Iíve got something to tell you...
           You should take a look at Joshuaís Memoirs...
    |ď...Yeja never returned, and Moria got tired of                              |
    |waiting. About seven or eight years later,                                   |
    |Mt. Feissen began to erupt again.                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |Thatís when I realized what Yeja went to do.Ē                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďAround the same time, I started having                                      |
    |nightmares. In the dream, Iíd be alone in                                    |
    |paradise, and Iíd hear a whisper on the wind:                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |ĎCollect the Light of Salvation, and the world                               |
    |shall be yours...í It sounded as if the devil                                |
    |was trying to tempt me.Ē                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďI began to understand what Behru and Yeja must                              |
    |have gone through. So, I left Notia and started                              |
    |living quietly in the countryside of Mirna.                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |I saw Moria again, and she broke a very long                                 |
    |silence.Ē                                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďMoria sealed away the Mountain Shard.                                       |
    |She realized from the start that something                                   |
    |about the Light of Salvation was not right.Ē                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďI heard that many changes were occurring in                                 |
    |the Ice Fields of Nordon. Moria warned me to                                 |
    |hurry up and seal the Ice Shard. She had a                                   |
    |safe place in mind. It was the same                                          |
    |place I had thought of.Ē                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďBefore my mental state deteriorates any further,                            |
    |I must pass on the position of Great Cleric...Ē                              |
    Eonis:   Calintz, in Joshuaís Memoirs, it said something
             about that thing the General wants us to find.
    Calintz: Okay, letís talk in my office.
    ( In Calintzís office)a
    Calintz: If Joshuaís Memoirs are true, then the Mountain
             Shard should be at the Ice Fields of Nordon.
             Eonis, youíre from Bayer, 
             so you should be fairly familiar with that area.
    Eonis:   Yes. But, I have never been to Nordon.
             Many have ventures there, but none have ever
    Haren:   This is just great... First, a volcano, 
             now an ice field. Next, youíll be tellingí me
             weíre going underwater...
    Calintz: We should inform Lehas and the General, 
             but weíll leave as soon as we make the necessary 
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    ( At the Communication Sphere)
    Agreian: I was conducting geographic research on Nordon
             to see if there were any changes after the Eight 
             Heroes went there. It seem to be the case...
    Calintz: The same thing was said in the memoirs,
             so Iím sure.
    Agreian: I see.
             If youíre going to Nordon, you wonít we able 
             to use the Azure Wings because of the terrible
             weather conditions. Be sure to prepared.
    Calintz: I understand.
             I will contact you again when we arrive.
    Agreian: Before you go, you should know that you might
             receive an escort order for the Great Prayer
             Festival from the Alliance.
    Calintz: The Great Prayer Festival? At a time like this?
    Agreian: I know this is horrible timing, but Mother
             strongly desires it... I have no control over it...
             I just hope nothing happens.
    Calintz: I see.
    Agreian: Your priority should be placed on finding the
             Mountain Shard. I will talk to the Alliance army.
    Calintz: Alright.
    Agreian: I wish you luck.
    ( Right after speaking with General Agreian)
    Reith:   Lehas was looking for you.
             Sheís having a meeting.
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Lehas:   Since many fell victim to the Forbidden Magic...
             Amabat has decided that the Great Prayer
             Festival will still be held to lift the spirit of the
    Eonis:   Isnít it dangerous to hold an event like that at a
             time like this? We simply donít have enough
             soldiers to guarantee Mistress Ladrinneís safety.
    Lehas:   Their plan is to send out decoys, so the exact
             location of the festival wonít be known until
             the start of the festival.
             Rumor has it the real Great Priestess will be
             heading to Lester.
    Justina: So Mistress Ladrinne has decided to go through
             with it...
    Calintz: The real Great Priestess wonít be at Lester.
             Amabat wouldnít reveal where the real one is.
    Azel:    Then the real one could be hidden somewhere among the fake ones.
    Calintz: Whatís the mission?
    Lehas:   You are to escort one of the decoys from Erestine
             to Fuget.
    Calintz: I see...
    Lehas:   Itís a direct order from the Alliance army,
             so you should act immediately.
    Azel:    But...
    Lehas:   Yes, I am aware that Agreian has given you an
             important mission.
    Chris:   Whoa, what a dilemma this is...
             That secret mission is more urgent.
             Oh, how it pains me to reject a mission from
             the beautiful Lehas...
    Lehas:   I have no idea what all of you are up to, 
             but I need someone to tae on this mission. 
    Haren:   Agreian said he would talk to the Alliance about
             it, but weíre not the only member of the Tears
             of Blood, ya know?
    Justina: Oh, are you referring to us?
    Haren:   Well, you guys gotta earn your keep somehow, 
             ya know?
    Reith:   Haren is right, we need to be more helpful.
             I am a member of the Tears of Blood after all.
    Haren:   You think theyíll be alright?
    Calintz: Weíll leave this to Justina and Reith...
             Theyíll be fine.
    Justina: You need not worry, we can handle an escort 
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar)
    Carian: According to my sources, the Great Prayer
            Ceremony will soon be performed in Garute.
    Amila:  Just as I thought. After failing with
            the Forbidden Magic, thereís not
            much else they can do.
    Carian: Your Majesty, if we could abduct the Great
            Priestess, it would simplify our search for
            the Light of Salvation immensely.  
    Orha:   But... can she be captured so easily?
    Amila:  It might be difficult, but it would be worth
            the trouble. Carian, it was your suggestion.
            Will you accept the mission?
    Carian: I am honored, Your Majesty.
            But, the task is too difficult for me alone.
            Would you allow Azhadi to accompany my?
    Amila:  Is that alright with you, Azhadi?
    Azhadi: Iíll do as you with, Your Majesty.
    Amila:  Then, itís settled. Carian and Azhadi will
            handle this matter, while Roxy deals with
            the situation in Bayer.
    Roxy:   Yes, Your Majesty.
    Amila:  The Yason race is screaming in pain.
            Donít forget that you four are the light of hope.
    ( At the same room, but this time, only Orha is standing there.)
    Blast Worm: Is there something on your mind, sir?
    Orha:       No... Go search Mt. Feissen thoroughly.
                Find out what the Tears of Blood were 
                looking for.
    Blast Worm: Yes, sir.
    ( On the world map)
    Carian: Azhadi and I will leave on the same day as the
            festival. Weíll keep our end of the agreement,
            so donít forget yours.
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: Hahaha! I canít wait to see the look on Roxyís face
            when she comes back. She was so confident when
            she left.
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar, a Blast Worm is holding a triangle shaped object,     )
    ( which looks like Amilaís mask. But this Blast Worm is not wearing the       )
    ( the full uniform, the face is uncovered, and can be seen the it is a girl.  )
    ( She puts the mask down on a table, leaves the room, but before leaving she  )
    ( turns back for a moment, checking the mask.                                 )
    ( On the world map)
    Haren:   Hmm... The Mountain Shard is somewhere in
             the Ice Fields of Nordon. 
             How do you suppose we get there?
    Chris:   Dude, where have you been!? 
             Did you forget we have the Rusty?
             Seems to me like someoneís taken one too many
             hits on the head.
    Calintz: Then, letís head to Efor.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.37. Efor / Maracatte - Calintzís party                       [3.037]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( At Rostinís house)
    Rostin:  Nordon, eh? Hmmm...
    Calintz: Is it impossible?
    Rostin:  Impossible? No.
             Insane? Yes.
             I did make some adjustments to the Rusty 28
             so we should be fine.
             Besides, if I do something the Azure Wings canít
             do, the Rusty will be famous!
             I can leave anytime, so when youíre ready, let me know.
    Rostin:  Are you ready?
    - Yes.
    Rostin:  Then letís get going!
    ( On the world map, the airship goes from Efor to Nordon, where...)
    Chris:   Hey pops... Somethingís not right.
    Rostin:  The wind is too strong, so I canít go any further.
             Iíll have to set her down here.
             Seems like this is it.
             Sorry, I couldnít do any better.
    Calintz: Itís alright, you did what you could.
             We can take it from here.
    Rostin:  Ok, Iíll be waiting for you here.
             If at all possible, please try to hurry.
             Itís freezing out here!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.38. Nordon / Nordon Snow - Calintzís party                   [3.038]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ NOTE: although, according to the map, Nordon and the Mountain Ruins are in  ]
    [ Bayer, they appear to be in a completely different region: Nordon Snow.     ]
    Chris: Brrr... Itís freakiní cold.
    Eonis: I donít want to hear it...
           You should try wearing what Iím wearing and
           see what happens then.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.39. Mountain Ruins / Nordon Snow - Calintzís party           [3.039]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel:  This mountain is huge.
    Eonis: It may not look like it, but itís only been a couple
           of decades since it was formed.
    ( Finally arriving at the top of the mountain, the party ends up before a     )
    ( a strange looking building. As they go closer, just like at the other ruins,)
    ( a large symbol appears on the ground and it is followed by the Guardian.    )
    Calintz: Finally, you show up.
    ( after killing the Guardian)
    |                       Mountain Shard acquired!                              |
    Azel:  Whew... We did it.
    Chris: Letís hurry and get out of here!
           Iím freezing my arse off!
    ( In a totally unknown place, which has blueish-purpleish pillars, there are  )
    ( bodies lying around, presumably dead bodies. And they all look like Blast   )
    ( Worms... The sound of steps can be heard, but the only the short legs of    )
    ( this person is shown, nothing else.                                         )
    Girly voice: So, youíve begun to take action.
                 Well, I wonít let you have your way.
    |                      Switching to Reithís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.40. Erestine / Garute Ė Reithís party                        [3.040]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In Erestine, before the surprised Reith, Rianna and Justine, there are 3    )
    ( Mistress Ladrinne standing.                                                 )
    Rianna:   They all look the same!
    Justina:  Of course. They are decoys.
    Reith:    They are? They all look different to me.
    Justina:  Just as I thought. You canít be fooled, Reith.
    ( One of the Mistress Ladrinneís walks a few steps forward.                   )
    Ladrinne: Thank you for coming.
    Justina:  Weíre from the Tears of Blood.
              Youíre not Mistress Ladrinne... are you?
    Ladrinne: No, Iím not. Iíve been disguised.
              Come... We must hurry...
    Reith:    Huh...?
    ( Mistress Ladrinne  walks a few steps forward.                               )
    Ladrinne: Iím counting on you.
    Reith:    Um...
    Ladrinne: Please...
    Reith:    Okay.
    ( As they go near the place where they met Rianna, Reith suddenly stops.      )
    Rianna:  Youíve noticed it, too?
    Reith:   Um...
    Justina: Someoneís there.
    Rianna:  Hey, you there! Come out so we can see you!
    ( Hiding behind the bushes, a man comes walking slowly.                       )
    Reith:  Who are you?
    Rianna: Heís been following us.
            Damn bastard... Underestimating us just Ďcause weíre women.
            Well Iíll show you...
    ( At the same time, the unknown man just collapses...                         )
    Rianna: Huh?
    ??????:   Whew, Iím alive. I feel a lot better, now.
              For a moment there, I didnít know
              what would happen.
    Ladrinne: If you were hungry, you should have just said so.
    ??????:   Itís a dangerous world. Iíd already been mistaken
              for a peeping Tom, so I didnít think it was a good
              idea to beg for food.
    Ladrinne: How did you end up like this?
    ??????:      Iím the victim of a pickpocket. Got all my money
              stolen and didnít eat or drink for two days.
              I thought I was gonna die.
    Rianna:   Youíre not trying to make us feel sorry for you
              so weíll give you money, are you?
    ??????:   Huh? What kind of man do you think I am?
              Iím a man who repays his debts.
    Rianna:   And how do you intend to do that?
    ??????:   With my muscular body, of course.
    Rianna:   Your what!?
    Justina:  How dare you say such things in the presence 
              of the Great Priestess?
    ??????:   Hold on... I didnít mean it like that. Iím
              pretty good with a sword, ya know! To show 
              my gratitude, Iíll escort you on your journey.
              Or course, itíd be nice if you provided me with
              three square meals a day and accommodations.
    Rianna:   Huh? You actually expect us to trust you!?
    Reith:    Letís invite him to come along!
    Rianna:   Reith!
    Reith:    Well... Calintz didnít know me, and he still came
              to my rescue. I just want to do the same. Besides,
              heís good with a sword. He may come in handy.
    ??????:   Woo! Thanks.
    Ladrinne: Youíre right, heíd make a welcome addition.
    Justina:  But, Mistress Ladrinne, we know nothing
              about him...
    Ladrinne: Justina, youíre a priestess. 
              You should know what it means to have faith.
    Justina:  I see. So, youíre saying that we should just 
              accept him, even if he is a total stranger?
    Reith:    Justina!
              His name is Raul.
    Rianna:   What in the world is going on here?
    |                      Raul joined Reithís party.                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.41. Fuget / Garute Ė Reithís party                           [3.041]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the area of Lidd there is no conversation. ]
    ( While Reith, Justina, Rianna and Mistress Ladrinne are entering Fuget,      )
    ( behind them appears Carian and 2 Blast Worms.                               )
    Reith:    Why are you here...?
    Carian:   Finally. Weíve been waiting for you.
              In fact, weíre so tired of waiting,
              we were about to go home.
    Justina:  This was supposed to be a secret.
              Iím surprised you know.
    Carian:   It wasnít a bad plan, but we can tell a fake
              when we see one.
              Donít underestimate us.
    Ladrinne: You mean, someone couldnít keep a secret, right?
    Carian:   Hahaha.
    Rianna:   You wonít be laughing for long.
              The real priestess is in Lester by now.
              You chose wrong.
    Carian:   Ahahahaha, 
              weíll see how long that confidence lasts you...
    ( the fight is over is Carian is defeated or her HP falls under 20%)
    Carian:   Hmm...I see you have a new bodyguard.
    Raul:     Whoa, I think I may be in for more than I bargained for.
    Reith:    Iím sorry. Itís my fault, since I asked you to join us.
    Rianna:   Itís too late now for regrets.
    Raul:     Well, since I agreed to protect you, Iíll fulfill
              my end of the deal. Are you ready to get rowdy?
    Ladrinne: Stop. Thatís enough.
    Reith:    Mistress Ladrinne?
    Carian:   Oh, giving up already? If youíre feeling guilty, 
              why not just keep on pretending to be a phony?
    Justina:  That canít be...
    Ladrinne: Iím sorry, Justina.
    Justina:  Youíre... the real Mistress Ladrinne?
              Reith! You must have known! Why didnít you tell us?
    Reith:    Iím sorry.
    Ladrinne: I asked Reith to keep it a secret. But, thereís no need to fight
              for my sake. Itíll be fine, as long as I do as they ask.
    Carian:   You should have cooperated from the start.
    Raul:     If you agree to go with them, who knows what will happen?
    Ladrinne: True, but I do not wish to put your lives at risk.
    Raul:     Mílady, may I have your permission to handle this?
    Carian:   You fool... Trying to play the hero?
    ( With a small hand gesture, Carian summons her Familiar, which is a large,   )
    ( three-headed snake. The surprised Reith looks at the snake, but soon her    )
    ( expression changes... Sheís looking at the snake rather angrily, which is   )
    ( not attacking the party at all.                                             )
    Carian:   Whatís the matter? Why wonít you attack!?
    Raul:     *chuckle* A familiar that disobeys itís master.
              First time Iíve seen it happen.
    ??????:   The Blast Worms are here, sir!
    ??????:   Go get Ďem, men!
    Raul:     So, whatís your move?
    Carian:   Psh! You wonít always be this lucky.
    Raul:     Thanks heavens. That was close.
    Agreian:  Mother, are you alright?
    Ladrinne: Yes, Iím fine.
              The Tears of Blood did an admirable job.
    Agreian:  Iím glad to hear it...
              I have much to thank them for.
    Justina:  General, Carian knew exactly where the real
              priestess would be...
    Ladrinne: As I had feared...
              There is a traitor within the Alliance.
    Agreian:  We are actively searching for this traitor.
              Rest assured. We will find him.
    Ladrinne: Thank you everyone. I am indebted to you.
    Justina:  Donít mention it. Weíre just glad youíre safe.
    Ladrinne: I should have been more mindful of the danger
              this would bring... Especially during times like
    Agreian:  I will have the army guard the surrounding area.
    Ladrinne: I know this may be difficult for you, 
              but thank you for having faith in me.
    ( Reith, Justina and Rianna are standing in Fuget and silently watching       )
    ( Mistress Ladrinne, who appears to be praying. Purple-pink lights appear     )
    ( around her. The surprised Reith watches, as these lights penetrate the      )
    ( surrounding trees, water. On the ground a large magic symbol appears, with  )
    ( Mistress Ladrinne at its center. Along with the symbol, a large transparent )
    ( sphere and a smaller, yellow sphere appear, the yellow one right above her  )
    ( head. With Justina and Rianna outside the large sphere, and Reith inside,   )
    ( the priestess, with a small move, throws up the transparent sphere.         )
    ( For a few second, it floats above her and then it ďbreaksĒ to pieces, which )
    ( rather looks like pink petals. Reith hold out her palm to catch one, but it )
    ( soon disappears in her hand. They stand silently in Fuget as the petals     )
    ( keep falling down...                                                        )
    Rianna:   Weíre done playing escorts, so letís go back
              to Headquarters.
    Justina:  But, do you think the Tears of Blood
              will accept him? ...I doubt it.
    Reith:    Iím sure itíll be fine Itís not like heís a
              bad person or anything.
    Raul:     Heh, thanks. So, what will it take to 
              convince everyone?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.42. Headquarters / Garute Ė Reithís party                    [3.042]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Mercenary: Everyone is waiting for you in the conference room.
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Eonis:   Welcome back.
             I heard what happened.
             Did you have a difficult time of it?
    Rianna:  Weíre just glad everything turned out the way it
    Lehas:   ...Iíve never seen you before.
    Raul:    Haha, you are as beautiful as you are observant...
             My name is Raul, and I am the newest member
             of the Tears of Blood... A pleasure to meet you.
    Haren:   Give me a break... When did this happen?
             Who made this decision?
    Raul:    Why, this wonderful your lady right here.
    Calintz: Who are you?
    Raul:    You could say Iím a wandering swordsman, 
             of sorts...
    Rianna:  Donít waste your breath interrogating this guy... 
             All we did was give him some food and now we 
             canít get rid of the guy.
             Heís pretty good in a fight, so I guess it couldnít
             hurt having him around.
    Maya:    ........
    Reith:   Raul is an honorable person.
    Haren:   And how do you know that?
    Reith:   Well... I think itís alright to trust him.
    Raul:    You do realize a womanís intuition is rarely ever
    Calintz: You probably know that we are General
             Agreianís special mercenary group and we canít
             afford to have any liabilities.
             If you even look at me funny, I wonít hesitate to 
             bury you.
    Raul:    I know who you are and you are wise not to give
             your trust so freely... But, I will prove myself
             to you on the field of battle.
    Calintz: ...Welcome to the Tears of Blood.
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar, in the same room, where the Blast Worm left Amilaís   )
    ( mask, Orha, Azhadi and Carian are standing before a desk, where Amila is    )
    ( sitting.                                                                    )
    Amila:  You seemed confident before you left. What happened?
    ( Carian kneels down)
    Carian: Iím sorry, Your Majesty. I am ashamed.
    Amila:  There must be some explanation.
    Azhadi: Yes. This may com as a surprise, 
            but Carianís familiar ignored her commands.
    Amila:  This is strange, indeed. Familiar always obey their masters.
            Was there something holding it back?
    (Carian stands up)
    Carian: It seem that way. This is not the first time I have seen such
            an incident...
    Orha:   Your Majesty, we just received this information. 
            Roxy has safely arrived in Bayer.
    Amila:  Things did not go as planned, but it canít be helped.
            Capturing the Great Priestess was a long shop to begin with.
            We shall proceed with a new agenda.
    ( In the same room, Amila is standing near the window, looking out...)
    ( The scene in Fuget is repeated: Reith looks at the Snake, surprised, then   )
    ( angrily. The whole scene is watched by one of the Blast Worms, who, when    )
    ( watched closely, can be the same girl, who left the mask in Epentar...      )
    Amila:  Why...? Why are you here?
    ( On the world map) 
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: Does the Great Priestess have the power to
            control the familiars?
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: Then who does...? It happened a couple of times.
            ...Donít tell me itís that little girl...
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: So, itís alright if I kill her?
            Itís just one human.
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: Do not underestimate me.
            I have spies all over Efferia...
    ( On the world map, again)
    Carian: Eliminate her as soon as possible.
    Sdei:   But, the Tears of Blood Headquarters is protected
            by some kind of magical barrier.
            We have tried many times to get in, but have had
            no success.
    Carian: Is that so? Leave the barrier to me.
            Once inside, find the girl and kill her.
    Sdei:   As you wish.
    ( On the world map, but at Mt. Selton)
    Astal:  The Hero of Water is very powerful and
            she will definitely have the upper hand.
            We need to distract her.
    Neikan: ..........
    Astal:  If you fail, this will be all for nothing.
    Neikan: ..........
    Astal:  Alright. I will pay her a visit...
    |                    Switching to Calintzís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.43. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.043]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Lehas:   Calintz?
    Calintz: Whatís wrong?
    Lehas:   A fire beast has appeared in Lester Woods.
             Iím afraid itís a strong one.
    Eonis:   I see... What about the Alliance force?
    Lehas:   Theyíve already been defeated twice, and theyíre 
             still out there hiding. But, they donít know where
             itíll show up next.
             If it isnít defeated, then Lester could be in danger.
    Calintz: But, unless we have a way to counteract its 
             Fire Chi, then we wonít stand a chance...
    Chris:   Hmm... A way to negate Fire Chi... Leave it to me!
             Iíll think up something cool.
             I need a concentrated source of Ice Chi...
    Lehas:   Why donít you look in Ranca?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.44. Ranca / Garute Ė Calintzís party                         [3.044]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Calintz: Is it around here? That thing youíre looking for
             with a lot of Ice Chi?
    Eonis:   I think so. Letís try Detect Mode.
    ( approaching the blue crystal looking thingy...)
    Eonis:   This must be it... I sense a lot of Ice Chi.
    Calintz: Alright, back to Headquarters.
    |                            Ice Bead acquired!                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.45. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.045]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Chris:   Alright, thisíll do. Iíll get right to it, so why donít
             you go and relay for a while.
    *** flashback ***
    Hugo is running, behind him, not far way is Mano. Suddenly Hugo stops and turns
    back, and sees, that Mano stopped.
    Hugo: Whatís wrong?
    Mano: Go on without me. I have to go back.
    Hugo: Are you crazy? Do you wanna get yourself killed?
    Mano: Itís my fault! Everything is my fault...
          I canít run away like this!
    Hugo: Mano!
    *** End of flashback ***
    Chris:   See how quickly I finished it? I call it the 
             ďGlacier MakerĒ. Arenít you impressed?
             Isnít that a good name? I surprised even myself
             with this one!
    Calintz: ..........
    Chris:   Haha........ ha. Um... I guess we should get going...
    Calintz: ...Alright.
    |                         Glacier Maker acquired!                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.46. Lester Woods / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.046]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Walking around in the forest, the party end up near a large, red monster.   )
    Calintz: So, youíre cause of all the trouble.
    [NOTE: if you meet with the monster before you have the Glacier Maker, you    ]
    [ wonít be able to cause any damage to the monster, and after a few turns,    ]
    [ the fight will be over.                                                     ]
    [Eonis:   Itís pointless... We need a way to counteract                       ]
    [          the Fire Chi!                                                      ]
    [                                                                             ]
    [Calintz: Pull back!                                                          ]
    ( after the Fire Monster is killed, the party heads back to Headquarters)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.47. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.047]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Lehas:   Good work.
    Chris:   I present to you the Glacier Maker. Itís
             a masterpiece inspired by your icy cold stare...
             Will you accept it?
    Lehas:   ..........
             It doesnít look very useful, but Iíll keep it
             just in case.
    Chris:   ..........
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    ( at the communication sphere)
    Calintz: Whatís wrong?
    Agreian: We know where the Water Shard can be
    Calintz: How?
    Agreian: I read through some old documents and pieced
             together the information.
             Apparently, the Hero of Water quit being
             the principal of a school of magic and is living
             secretly on a floating island.
    Calintz: A floating island... Then itís in Bayer?
    Agreian: Youíre looking for Involk Castle, but the exact
             location of which is unknown.
             I am certain that the mage has managed to
             conceal the way to the castle by some means...
    Calintz: I guess the only way it to go look...
             Iíll head to Bayer.
    Agreian: You should to Bayrux first to see what kind
             of information you can get.
    Calintz: Letís continue this conversation in my office.
    ( At Calintzís office)
    Eonis:   Thereís really no set way to reach Involk Castle.
             The mages put up magic barriers to prevent
             outsiders from getting in, and theyíre always
             changing their defenses.
    Haren:   We need to get more information about this place.
    Chris:   For once, I agree with the brute. Weíre just gonna
             get a headache if we stand here and yap about it...
    Calintz: Then letís leave now.
    Azel:    Wait a sec...
    Haren:   What now?
    Azel:    Did you know today is the Captainís birthday?
             Happy birthday!
    Haren:   Shut up! Seriously, sometimes I wonder
             about you, Azel. Weíre mercenaries, we donít do
    Azel:    Lighten up, Haren...
    Eonis:   I hate to say it, but you can be really annoying
             sometimes. Anyway, happy birthday, Calintz.
    Chris:   Oh dang... A birthday! We gotta tell Reith.
             Weíre gonna have ourselves a partay.
    Calintz: We are not going to have a ďpartayĒ and we are 
             not going to tell Reith.
    Chris:   Oooh, yes we are! Come on, man. Live a little!
    Calintz: We donít have time for this...
    Chris:   Sure we do! Even mercs like us gotta get down
             and shake out groove thangs once in a while...
    Calintz: ..........
    ( While Calintz and the others are trying to leave the Headquarters, just     )
    ( after the stairs...                                                         )
    Lehas:   Where are you going?
    Calintz: On our mission.
    Lehas:   The one you mentioned before? ...Is it that important?
    Haren:   Isnít it obvious?
    Eonis:   Iím sorry, but it really is urgent.
             If itís not too much to ask, can we talk later?
    ( Lehas doesnít say a word, she is just looking before herself.)
    Chris:   Wait, isnít today Calintzís birthday?
             You didnít plan something, did you?
             If so, then we can stay. Weíll celebrate!
    Haren:   Huh? You must be joking!
             Lehas would never think of something like that.
             The day she plans a party is the day when hell freezes over.
    Lehas:   Youíre right. Mercenaries donít have time to celebrate.
             You never know when it might be your turn to die...
    ( Lehas angrily goes away.)
    Haren:   Sheís always sayiní things like that. I donít think sheís
             got a clue what it really means to be a mercenary. 
    Calintz: Thatís enough, Haren.
    Haren:   Youíre taking her side? She doesnít know what the 
             hell sheís talking about. Sheís just being a bitch.
    Eonis:   Hold on... Have you considered how she might be feeling?
    Haren:   So, youíre on her side, too?
    Calintz: Enough. We donít have time for bickering.
    ( Behind a pillar, whole conversation was overheard by Lehas.)
    ( Right after leaving the Headquarters)
    Chris:   Dad!
             What are you doing here?
    Rostin:  I just finished some business, and was about to
             go home.
             How Ďbout you Are you on another mission?
    Chris:   Yeah, weíre in a hurry.
    Rostin:  I see. Then, why donít you hop aboard Rusty?
    Chris:   Wait... Whatís the catch? Youíre never this nice.
    Rostin:  Hey! Is that how you talk to your father, 
             you little ingrate!
    Calintz: Thanks for the offer.
             Weíll definitely take you up on it.
    Rostin:  Where are we headed.
    Calintz: Bayer...
    Rostin:  Then, letís go.
    ( On the world map, the airplane flies from the HQ to Bayrux)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.48. Bayrux / Bayer Ė Calintzís party                         [3.048]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Bayrux, as the party soon discovers, is a peculiar place: it floats in the  )
    ( air, and consists of many small and larger islands.                         )
    ( After hopping through a few islands, the party bumps in a strange looking   )
    ( monster, which attacks right away.                                          )
    ( However, they are unable to cause any damage at all to the monster.         )
    Calintz: Itís no use... All of our attacks are being absorbed.
             It is because the power of the water? If we could
             only freeze it.
    Chris:   Hey, remember that thing I created
             - the Glacier Maker? Think that would 
             come in handy?
    Calintz: Letís get in touch with Lehas.
    ( At the Communication sphere)
    Azel:    Sheís not responding...!
    |                             Smidt is calling you.                           |
    Smidt:   Ca...Calintz?
    Calintz: What happened!?
    Smidt:   Hu-hurry up! The Headquarters... is under attack...
             by the Yason!
    Calintz: That canít be! What about the magical barrier?
    Smidt:   They somehow figured out how to get past it...
             Lehas is fighting now... Many are wounded...
             Hurry, we canít hold out much...
    Calintz: Weíre on out way!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.49. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.049]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( A sword kills a Tears of Blood soldier, who after staggering collapses, and )
    ( shortly dies. It turns out that the sword is held by a Blast Worm.          )
    ( The Blast Worm walks away revealing Lehas, who is standing with a sword in  )
    ( her hand. In front of her IS Sdei standing...                               )
    Lehas: But... How did you get through the maze?
    Sdei:  Well, if you can see through the illusion, itís simple.
    Lehas: Why are you here?
    Sdei:  Thereís a girl named Reith here, correct?
           Iíd like to speak with her.
    Lehas: Youíre mistaken.
    Sdei:  I beg to differ. If youíre lying, youíll regret it.
    Lehas: Why do you want with her?
    Sdei:  Oh, I though you looked familiar... What good are you
           to a group of mercenaries if youíre unable to fight?
    Lehas: What?
    ( Sdei pulls out a longsword)
    Lehas: Clavehander!
    Sdei:  Oh, is that the name of this sword?
           Then surely you remember... the Battle of Hargen?
    Lehas: It canít be... Youíre the Butcher of Hargen!
    Sdei:  ďButcherĒ is such a harsh word.
           Besides, it was you humans who invaded out territory.
    Lehas: You killed General Shiven!
           That day, I vowed to avenge his death...
    Sdei:  I thought I crippled you so that you would never pick up
           a sword again. But, apparently, youíre stronger than I thought.
           What must I do this time? Cut off a leg?
    Lehas: Just try... Youíll regret it.
    ( Lehas runs to attack Sdei, but he disappears from where he was standing.    )
    ( Sheís looking left and right to find the Yason, when Sdei suddenly appears  )
    ( right behind her and strikes down at her...                                 )
    ( Azel and Calintz arrive running back at the Headquarters, when they notice  )
    ( all the dead bodies lying around.                                           )
    Azel:    Oh my god... Lehas! 
    ( They see the injured Lehas lying on the ground, and standing right next to  )
    ( her is Sdei.                                                                )
    Lehas:   Stay away... Heís too strong...
    Haren:   Who the hellíre you!?
    Sdei:    Youíre acquaintances of Reith, right? Where is she?
    Calintz: Are you... a Yason?
    Sdei:    Well, kind of.
    Calintz: Why are you looking or Reith?
    Sdei:    Itís none of your business.
    Calintz: You bastard!
    ( The fight with Sdei and the Blast Worms is over if his HP falls under 50%)
    Sdei:    Hmph... This isnít the right time...
             Iíll wait for a better opportunity.
    ( Chris, Maya and Azel are all around Lehas, who is lying on the ground,      )
    ( while she is held by Calintz. Maya is trying to use healing magic on her... )
    Calintz: Lehas, are you alright? Hold on!
    Lehas:   Calintz... Iím sorry... I couldnít... protect our base... 
    ( Maya stops with the healing, and shakes her head sadly...                   )
    Chris:   Dammit...
    Calintz: What are you saying? You did well.
    Lehas:   Take... Clavehander...
    Calintz: Clavehander?
    ( They look at the longsword which Sdei used to strike down Lehas)
    Lehas:   ... to our comradesí... grave...
    Calintz: Okay, I promise.
    Lehas:   Thank you... Iím glad... I got to see you all... in the end...
    Azel:    Lehas, donít say that... Hold on!
    Lehas:   Itís a bit late, but... happy... birthday...
    Calintz: Lehas...
    ( Chris, Azel are standing in the Conference Room, watching all the prepared  )
    ( food that is on the large table. Calintz is with them, too, although heís   )
    ( not really concerned about anything, heís just standing, with closed        )
    ( eyes, and closed fists.                                                     )
    ( Suddenly the door opens, and Reith runs in...                               )
    Reith:   Calintz! What happened!?
    Calintz: You... Who the hell ARE you?
    Reith:   Calintz?
    Calintz: Why are the Yason so desperate to find you?
             You donít remember anything at all?
             Answer me, Reith? Who are you really?
    Azel:    Captain...
    Reith:   Iím sorry.
    ( Reith runs out of the room with Calintz looking angrily after her.          )
    Justina: Will you please explain to me whatís happened?
    Justina: I understand. Itís best of Reith stays away from here
             for a while. Iíll take her to the Great Temple.
    Azel:    Iím sorry. Itís not your fault. These are unusual circumstances.
    ( On the table the party finds Lehasís diary.                                 )
    |Lehasís Diary                                                                |
    |Entry #1 Ė ďItís been four years                                             |
    |since I became a mercenary. I owe so much to                                 |
    |General Shiven...                                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |If he hadnít taken me in, I would have died                                  |
    |of starvation in the streets.Ē                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Entry #2 Ė ďTomorrow is the day. Weíve prepared                              |
    |to shed blood in order to take back the land                                 |
    |the Yason stole from us.                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |We made a promise that, no matter what,                                      |
    |we wonít look back, even if one of us falls.Ē                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďI doubt Iíll be able to sleep tonight. Even                                 |
    |the General is probably having trouble sleeping.Ē                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |Heís usually so calm, but for this mission he                                |
    |has a huge responsibility.                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |...Iím really worried about him.Ē                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Entry #3 Ė ďItís been a while since Iíve written                             |
    |anything here. I wasnít able to use my right                                 |
    |hand until now. When I think about the fact                                  |
    |that I may never be able to pick up a sword again,                           |
    |my mind goes completely blank. But, thatís not                               |
    |even the worst of it...                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Iíve suffered dearly since that day, thinking                                |
    |about our brutal defeat the Hargen, and how                                  |
    |General Shiven was taken from us.Ē                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ĒI still remember that day as if it were carved into                         |
    |my memory... When I close my eyes, I can see                                 |
    |the blood soaked battlefield, and I can hear                                 |
    |the tortured screams of my comrades.Ē                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ĒWhy am I the only one who lives on misery...?                               |
    |I would rather be a corpse rotting in the earth then                         |
    |suffer these agonizing feelings of loss and regret.Ē                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Entry #4 Ė ďToday, I started work at Sendoh                                  |
    |Hospital. Itís my first time caring for patients,                            |
    |so it feels kind of awkward.                                                 |
    |But, in a way, itís fitting, since I can sympathize                          |
    |with those who are in misery and no longer able                              |
    |to fight.Ē                                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďI work with a priestess named Felicia who is                                |
    |really kind and unbelievably innocent.                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |Ironically, sheís seeing this scary guy from                                 |
    |the Tears of Blood, a mercenary group thatís                                 |
    |been fighting against the Yason.                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |When I heard about them, it reminded me                                      |
    |of the good old days, with General Shiven                                    |
    |and my old comrades.Ē                                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Entry #5 Ė ďFelicia introduced me to the members                             |
    |of the Tears of Blood recently. Their leader,                                |
    |Calintz, is calm and quiet.                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |Heís accompanied by Eonis, a mage; Chris who                                 |
    |seems like a bit of a player; Azel, a friendly                               |
    |young man who seems to have a lot of respect                                 |
    |for Calintz; and of course Haren, Feliciaís boyfriend.                       |
    |Heís the roughest of the bunch. He always looks                              |
    |like heís about to kill someone.Ē                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďI canít believe an angel like Felicia is seeming a                          |
    |Neanderthal like Haren. People are calling them                              |
    |beauty and the beast.                                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |But, they look happy when theyíre together.                                  |
    |Itís like Harenís a totally different person                                 |
    |when heís with her.Ē                                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Entry #6 Ė ďIíve started working for                                         |
    |the Tears of Blood, thanks to a reference from                               |
    |Felicia. They want me to manage the operations                               |
    |here at Headquarters. I felt kin of lonely coming                            |
    |to Garute by myself, but itís not that far from                              |
    |Sendoh, and I can always write to friends.Ē                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďItís hard to talk to Calintz, since heís so quiet.                          |
    |Iím that way too, so I think the others feel                                 |
    |uncomfortable around me.                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |Eonis suggested that I try to be a little more                               |
    |cheerful.Ē                                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďNow that I think about it, I havenít laughed at all                         |
    |since the Battle of Hargen. May I wonít be able                              |
    |to laugh ever again...Ē                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Entry #7 Ė ďOn the way to Garute, I stopped by                               |
    |Erestine to visit the graves of those who died                               |
    |in the Battle of Hargen.                                                     |
    |Theyíre buried deep within the forest where                                  |
    |wild flowers grow, and no one ever ventures.                                 |
    |May they rest peacefully now, in this place                                  |
    |that hardly even looks like a graveyard.Ē                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďInstead of tombstones, a single sword protrudes                             |
    |from the ground. This is the sword I was given by                            |
    |General Shiven. Itís covered with rust now,                                  |
    |and entangles in vines. I canít believe so much                              |
    |time has passed. At least my hand has finally                                |
    |healed.Ē                                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Entry #8 Ė ďI guess now everyone appreciates what                            |
    |I do around here. I try to find them safe missions,                          |
    |but they only want to fight the Yason.                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |Haren told me to mind my own business. I get                                 |
    |the feeling that he thinks Iím useless. He also                              |
    |thinks he can do whatever he wants just                                      |
    |because heís out there and not in here, like me.Ē                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďIronically, he also said itís pointless trying to                           |
    |explain things to a woman who knows nothing                                  |
    |about fighting. I never told Felicia that I used to                          |
    |be a mercenary. Itís not something I like to                                 |
    |talk about Ė too many depressing memories...Ē                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďYesterday, Felicia and I decided to be bad for                              |
    |a change, so we drank the night away. Sheís too                              |
    |good for Haren. Itís such a waste.                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |When I asked her if sheís going to marry him                                 |
    |she blushed.Ē                                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďFor some reason General Shiven popped into my                               |
    |head today. I should have told him how I felt,                               |
    |or at least hinted at it.                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |But, I couldnít say anything at all, even in the end.Ē                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Entry #9 Ė ďSendoh was attacked by                                           |
    |the Blast Worms, and Felicia was killed.                                     |
    |I canít believe it...                                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |How many more tragedies must I endure? Am I                                  |
    |destined to live in sadness? I was finally able to                           |
    |move on and to forget, but this it too much...                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďOn my way to Sendoh with the Tears of Blood,                                |
    |I felt like I was reliving the Battle of Hargen all                          |
    |over again. There were corpses everywhere -                                  |
    |bodies twisted and mouths frozen agape in cries                              |
    |of pain. And then, I saw Haren just standing                                 |
    |there screaming.                                                             |
    |There wasnít anything anyone could do to                                     |
    |console him.Ē                                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThere was a sun-burnt arm lying in the ash,                                 |
    |wearing the ring that Haren has given her.                                   |
    |It was too cruel Ė just an arm to say goodbye to.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďHe never got a chance to see her face one last time.                        |
    |I was un utter shock. My eyes stung with pain,                               |
    |but I couldnít shed a tear.Ē                                                 |
    |                         Glacier Maker acquired!                             |
    ( At the Communication sphere)
    Agreian: I heard what happened... The last time I saw her
             was at Mirna. I was surprised because I didnít
             know she could use a sword.
    Calintz: ...Lehas was at Mirna?
    Agreian: She didnít tell you? She came with the group
             that defended Mirna in your place.
             When I became angry, she defended you and
             insisted that it wasnít your fault.
    Calintz: I didnít know that... I didnít even try to...
             understand Lehas at all.
    Agreian: This is unfortunate... I didnít think the Yason
             would be so bold as to attack your headquarters.
             We should not underestimate them. 
             It is also necessary to find out more about Reith...
    Calintz: ..........
    Agreian: I know very well that she is a good person. 
             But, nobody knows anything about who
             she is or her past.
    Calintz: I understand.
    |                      Switching to Reithís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.50. Headquarters / Garute Ė Reithís party                    [3.050]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ...Sometime earlier.
    Raul:    I am honored that I was able to come 
             to the defense of the Great Priestess.
             I will surely remember this day.
    Justina: Your assistance was invaluable.
    Reith:   Hey, where did Rianna go?
             I didnít see her today.
             ...There she is!
             Why the long face?
             You look tired.
    Rianna:  Oh, I just went walking around the Lester area. 
             I heard that someone saw a person that looked
             like my husband, but he wasnít there.
    Raul:    You were looking for your husband?
    Rianna:  Damn that fool! When he comes back, Iím gonna
             give him an earful.
    Reith:   Letís keep looking for him...
             Iím sure youíll find him.
    Rianna:  Yeah... Youíre right.
    Justina: Reith, do you remember anything new?
    Reith:   Now that you mention it... I do!
    Justina: What is it?
    Reith:   When I went to Fuget, I saw and old grey castle
             of sorts...
    Rianna:  A castle? Youíll have to be a little more specific
             than that. There are hundreds of castles in
    Raul:    Hmmmm...
    Rianna:  Do you know something?
    Raul:    Well...
    Rianna:  If you know something, spit it out already.
             Otherwise just shut up!
             Umm, I wouldnít know. I havenít been around
             everywhere and plus I donít know the area.
    Justina: Maybe we should go to the Pnosen Library.
             Iím sure weíll be able to find some information
             on this castle Reith is talking about.
    Raul:    At least someone around here has some common
    Rianna:  That was that? If you got something to say,
             say it in my face...
    Reith:   Letís go then. Iíd go anywhere to learn the
             significance of this castle.
    Rianna:  How do you suppose we get there?
             The Pnosen Library is in the middle of a desert.
    Reith:   Chris was saying his dad has an airship...
    Justina: I think youíre right. Weíd have to go to Efor,
             but maybe he could take us there for a 
             reasonable price.
    Rianna:  So, is that the plan?
    Justina: Yes, we should let Lehas know.
    ( Searching for Lehas, they enter the Conference Room, where, to their        )
    ( surprise the table is full of fresh, steaming food.                         )
    Rianna:  Whoa! This is awesome!
    Reith:   Did you make all this Lehas?
    Lehas:   Um, yeah... Itís Calintzís birthday.
    Reith:   What? Itís his birthday? ...I didnít know.
    Raul:    Mmmm, smells good.
             Not only are you beautiful, but you can also cook.
    Lehas:   It was nothing, really...
    Reith:   Then, Iíll go get Calintz!
    Lehas:   Um, um... Thatís okay...
    Reith:   You donít want me to?
    Rianna:  Why donít you get him Lehas?
             Weíll stay here and surprise him.
    ( Lehas is just standing, staring in front of her, not saying a word)
    Rianna:  What are you waiting for?
    Lehas:   Okay...
    ( Lehas leaves the Conference room.)
    Justina: I guess even Lehas has a softer side, huh?
    ( Rianna walks to the table.)
    Rianna:  It looks delicious!
    Reith:   Stop!
    Rianna:  I-I just want a little taste.
    Reith:   No, Calintz should be first.
    Rianna:  Alright, alright, I got it. But arenít you a little jealous? 
             It seems like Lehas likes Calintz.
    Reith:   Really? Thatís great!
    Rianna:  Geez, youíre just like a little kid.
    ( Lehas arrives, alone.)
    Reith:   Whereís Calintz?
    Lehas:   He left. He said he has an urgent mission.
    Reith:   What!? But, we had everything waiting for him.
    Lehas:   Itís good that heís busy.
             We need money to keep this place running.
             Címon, everyone. Letís eat. I wouldnít want this to go to waste.
    Reith:   Hey, Lehas... Why donít we just wait till he gets back?
    Lehas:   Iím not really hungry, so thatís fine with me.
             But, donít let this stop the rest of you from eating.
             Itíd be a shame to have to throw all this away.
    ( Lehas, looking sad and the same time angry, leaves them)
    Reith:   She seems angry...
    Rianna:  Do you blame her?
             She spent all that time preparing this,
             and he didnít even come. Thatís pretty rude.
     ( Through the world map, the party is taken to Efor.                         )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.51. Efor / Maracatte - Reithís party                         [3.051]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( At Rostinís house.)
    Reith:   Oh, no one is here. I wonder where Rostin went.
    Rianna:  Maybe he stepped out for a bit...
    Raul:    It would be too much trouble to go looking for
             him. We should just wait here.
    Reith:   ...Heís still not back. I wonder what happened...
    Rianna:  It seems like someone took a flight ahead of us.
             We should go.
    Reith:   But, the Pnosen Library...
    Raul:    There is another way, but itís definitely not
             the traveler-friendly route...
    Justina: I donít like the sound of it... How then?
    Raul:    We can get to the Entress Desert from Remie.
    Reith:   Really? Is there really a way?
    Justina: How do you know this?
    Raul:    Itís pretty common knowledge.
             Trust me, I know what Iím doing.
             Iíve been all over Efferia.
    ( Through the world map, the party is taken to Remie.                         )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.52. Remie / Maracatte Ė Reithís party                        [3.052]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( While they try to leave Remie towards the Entress Desert...)
    Rianna: The desert winds are too strong.
    Raul:   Maybe on of the locals knows a way.
            Letís ask around.
    ( Speaking with the old man, standing near the way they tried to leave Remie )
    Old man: With the weather like it is today, you wonít be
             able to cross the desert.
             But, there is a way...
             It calms the desert winds using Wind Chi.
             Iíll sell you one for 3,000 Sid... You want it?
    - No thanks.
    Old man: Come see me again.
    - Sure.
    |                                Sand Wing acquired!                          |
    Old man: Use it wisely.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.53. Pnosen Labyrinth / Maracatte Ė Reithís party             [3.053]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Finally traversing the Labyrinth, arriving before the Library...) 
    Raul: Itís here... Letís go.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.54. Pnosen Library / Maracatte Ė Reithís party               [3.054]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [Hereís a rough plan of the second floor. The door on the first floor can not ]
    [be opened yet, trying will only get you a note, that itís locked.            ]
    |                           |
    |stairs               stairs|
    |UL5   |             |   UR5|
    |      |  Stairs up  |      |
    |      |             |      |
    |UL4   |             |   UR4|
    |      |             |      |
    |      |             |      |
    |UL3   |             |   UR3|
    |      |             |      |
    |      |             |      |
    |UL2   |             |   UR2|
    |      |             |      |
    |      |             |      |
    |UL1   |             |   UR1|
    |      |             |      |
    |      |             |  door|
    |** Book Upper Left 1 **                                                      |
    |Mysteries of Efferia Ė ďWhen visiting Bayer, one                             |
    |cannot help but notice Involk Castle Ė the floating                          |
    |castle. The reason why it floats remains Bayerís                             |
    |biggest mystery.Ē                                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe inhabitants of Involk Castle conducted                                  |
    |research and perform experiments on Chi.                                     |
    |They have no contact with the outside world,                                 |
    |so very little is known about them. Many visitors                            |
    |attempting to reach the castle have mysteriously                             |
    |disappeared. These incidents have heightened                                 |
    |the fear of the locals who believe an evil monster                           |
    |lurks in the area.Ē                                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe existence of evil monsters,                                             |
    |however, has not yet been confirmed.Ē                                        |
    |** Book Upper Left 2 **                                                      |
    |The Start of It All Ė ďMany arguments have been                              |
    |made regarding what caused the start of the war                              |
    |between humans and the Yason. The most                                       |
    |convincing, however, proposes that the Yason                                 |
    |burned down a human village, which resulted in                               |
    |retaliation, and eventually led to war.Ē                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďHistorians, however, dispute the legitimacy of                              |
    |this hypothesis claiming that at the time the                                |
    |incident occurred, the Yason were greatly adverse                            |
    |to fire. If accurate, this raises the question as to                         |
    |whether or not it was a plausible for the Yason to set                       |
    |fire to the village.Ē                                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThus, the question remains as to what caused                                |
    |the start of it all.Ē                                                        |
    |** Book Upper Left 3 **                                                      |
    |Chronicles of The Great Migration Ė ďNo on                                   |
    |remembers when the war began. All that can be                                |
    |remembered from that time are climate                                        |
    |catastrophes - volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and                           |
    |tornadoes Ė that ravaged the land. Without usable                            |
    |land to produce sustenance, humans feared                                    |
    |extinction and fled to the sea. The fortunate who                            |
    |survived The Great Migration reached the land of                             |
    |Efferia.Ē                                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďWhile there is no evidence to confirm it,                                   |
    |historians claim that prior to the historic voyage,                          |
    |humans possessed something similar to a Vindi.                               |
    |If this is true, we can concur that, at one time,                            |
    |humans were able to absorb Chi through their                                 |
    |bodies.Ē                                                                     |
    |** Book Upper Left 4 **                                                      |
    |The Language of Humans and the Yason -                                       |
    |ďEvidence strongly suggests that the common                                  |
    |language currently shared by humans and the                                  |
    |Yason is neither partyís native tongue. Recently                             |
    |discovered documents dating back to the period                               |
    |of The Great Migration contain entirely                                      |
    |different writing system from that currently                                 |
    |in use.Ē                                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďIn fact, these documents chronicling the trials and                         |
    |tribulations of our great ancestors are completely                           |
    |undecipherable to most modern day humans.                                    |
    |This implies that the human language has hanged                              |
    |dramatically over the course of time. Likewise,                              |
    |there is strong evidence that suggests the Yason                             |
    |also used a different language in the past.Ē                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďSome scholars postulate that the common                                     |
    |language presently spoken was created in a joint                             |
    |effort by members of each race. Critics of this                              |
    |hypothesis, however, are quick to point out the                              |
    |irony in the suggestion that humans and the                                  |
    |Yason, life-long enemies worked together to                                  |
    |create a language that would, in effect, encourage                           |
    |communication and promote understanding                                      |
    |between the races.Ē                                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďRegardless, the use of the same language means                              |
    |there was communication between the humans                                   |
    |and the Yason long ago.Ē                                                     |
    |** Book Upper Left 5 **                                                      |
    |The Tree of Light and the Yason -                                            |
    |ďThe Eight Heroesí foray into Yason-Roven n                                  |
    |and the subsequent sealing of The Tree of Light has                          |
    |been well documented.                                                        |
    |As a result, the Yason are no longer able to receive                         |
    |Chi through the Vindi and have become greatly                                |
    |weakened physically.Ē                                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďIn addition, the crippling disease Rheuma                                   |
    |threatens the existence of the entire Yason race.                            |
    |Humans praise the deeds of The Eight Heroes,                                 |
    |but compassionate individuals should question                                |
    |the result of these actions.Ē                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďOne might ask, ĎIs it morally acceptable to bring                           |
    |such pain and suffering to the Yason?í and,                                  |
    |ĎHow did The Eight Heroes seal The Tree of                                   |
    |Light and what were their motivation in doing                                |
    |do?íĒ                                                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe Eight Heroes have been silent regarding                                 |
    |their actions, and until their whereabouts become                            |
    |known, these questions shall remain unanswered.Ē                             |
    |** Book Upper Right 1 **                                                     |
    |History of the War Ė ďIn early stages of the war,                            |
    |humans held many advantages over the Yason.                                  |
    |The greatest advantage, however, was the                                     |
    |knowledge of battlefield tactics, specifically, the art                      |
    |of engaging an enemy in large numbers.Ē                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďDue to their physical superiority, a Yason soldier                          |
    |had dominance over a human in a one-on-one                                   |
    |fight. However, a common battlefield tactic is to                            |
    |offset this weakness by greatly increasing the                               |
    |number of soldiers compared to that of your                                  |
    |enemy.Ē                                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe Yason, however, did not possess this                                    |
    |common knowledge. Therefore...Ē                                              |
    |** Book Upper Right 2 **                                                     |
    |The Yason Confederation Ė ďIn compliance with                                |
    |the Land Ordinance, humans settled throughout                                |
    |the continent is areas once populated by the                                 |
    |Yason. The population explosion that followed                                |
    |resulted in the need of more human-designated                                |
    |land, forcing the Yason to move further south.Ē                              |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďA number of the Yason chieftains  considered this                           |
    |an unjust act of land appropriation and called for                           |
    |a rebellion against the humans. This movement                                |
    |gathered much support among the rest of the                                  |
    |Yason and lead to the unification of the tribes and                          |
    |the formation of the Yason Confederation.Ē                                   |
    |** Book Upper Right 3 **                                                     |
    Reith:   Hey, this looks familiar!
    Justina: Itís a picture of Involk Castle, the floating castle
             in Bayer.
    Rianna:  I thought the story about a village in the sky
             was just a fairy tale... Could it be true?
    Justina: Involk Castle...
    Reith:   Whatís wrong?
    Justina: Um, nothing... Reith, are you sure youíve seen
             this place?
    Reith:   Yeah, no doubt about it.
    |** Book Upper Right 4 **                                                     |
    |Origin of the Land Ordinance Ė ďNear the end of                              |
    |the Frontier Period, Kimerun, the ruler of Garute,                           |
    |announces and order that banished all Yason from                             |
    |living within Garute territory. Kimerun was much                             |
    |reveres by his subjects and they largely supported                           |
    |his proclamation.Ē                                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe Garute army, strengthened by their                                      |
    |dedication to martial arts, easily forced the Yason                          |
    |out of their territory. Humans soon after acquired                           |
    |the deserted lands. At the time, however, they                               |
    |were unaware that this act would be the beginning                            |
    |of a nightmare they would not awaken from                                    |
    |for generations to come.Ē                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďKimerunís narrow-minded policy of territory                                 |
    |protection and land appropriation was formally                               |
    |adopted as the Land Ordinance. Many now                                      |
    |believe that this ravenous desire for land lead                              |
    |directly to the long-lasting war between                                     |
    |humans and the Yason.Ē                                                       |
    |** Book Upper Right 5 **                                                     |
    |The Unknown Truth, chapter VIII Ė ďIt has been                               |
    |said that The Pillar of the World existed in the land                        |
    |of Efferia before humans migrated. Similar to                                |
    |The Tree of Light for the Yason, The Pillar of                               |
    |the World was a source of Chi for humans.Ē                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThere are no records or evidence of its existence,                          |
    |however, and many consider it to be legend.                                  |
    |Those that believe, however, state that while the                            |
    |Yason lived together in harmony under The Tree                               |
    |of Light, humans wanted The Pillar of the World                              |
    |all for themselves. As a result, war among humans                            |
    |broke out over its power again and again.+                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďWith the use of powerful magic, that adversely                              |
    |affected the land and weather, humans eventually                             |
    |caused the destruction of The Pillar of the World.                           |
    |Thus, facing the danger of extinction, humans...Ē                            |
    ( Leaving the Library...)
    Justina: Itís not going to be easy getting to Involk Castle.
             As you saw in the book, itís floating in the sky.
             Weíll need to use the Azure Wings...
    Reith:   ...or the Rusty?
    Justina: I hope Rostin is home by now...
    Raul:    Letís go check.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.55. Efor / Maracatte - Reithís party                         [3.055]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( At Rostinís house)
    Reith: Heís not here...
           Oh, itís from Headquarters...
           I wonder what happened?
    |                      Mercenary is calling you.                              |
    ( At the Communication Sphere)
    Reith:     This is Reith. Whatís wrong?
    Mercenary: The... Head... quarters...
    Reith:     What was that? I canít hear you.
    Mercenary: Please... come... quickly...
    Reith:     Somethingís not right...
               Iím on my way!
    (After leaving Efor, through the world map, they arrive at the Headquarters.) 
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.56. Headquarters / Garute Ė Reithís party                    [3.056]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Reith, Justina, Rianna and Raul arrive at the Headquarters running.         )
    ( They look at all the dead soldiers everywhere...                            )
    Rianna:  What happened here...?
    Justina: It looks like there was an attack.
    Reith:   Whereís Calintz...?
    (Reith starts running towards the building of the Headquarters.)
    Raul:    We should follow.
    ( In the building of the Headquarters, after entering the Conference room)
    ( Chris, Azel are standing in the Conference Room, watching all the prepared  )
    ( food that is on the large table. Calintz is with them, too, although heís   )
    ( not really concerned about the anything, heís just standing, with closed    )
    ( eyes, and closed fists.                                                     )
    ( Suddenly the door opens, and Reith runs in...                               )
    Reith:   Calintz! What happened!?
    Calintz: You... Who the hell ARE you?
    Reith:   Calintz?
    Calintz: Why are the Yason so desperate to find you?
             You donít remember anything at all?
             Answer me, Reith? Who are you really?
    Azel:    Captain...
    Reith:   Iím sorry.
    ( Reith runs out of the room with Calintz looking angrily after her.          )
    Justina: Will you please explain to me whatís happened?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.57. Fuget / Garute Ė Reithís party                           [3.057]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Rianna is watching from a distance Reith, who is sitting on the grass, just )
    ( staring in front of her, looking very miserable.                            )
    Rianna:  Reith...
    ( Reith turns around, around her are Justina, Raul and Rianna standing.       )
    Reith:   Is it because of me...?
             Am I the reason this place was attacked?
    Rianna:  Itís not your fault. Calintz is jumping to
    Reith:   No... Heís right. I donít know why, but...
             the Yason are searching for me. They want to
             capture me...
    Raul:    The Yason are after you?
    ( Rianna nods with her head to Raulís question.                               )
    Justina: Reith, itís even more important now that
             you get your memory back.
             Come with me to the Great Temple. 
             Itís better if you stayed away from here for a while.
    Rianna:  Why is that, Justina?
    Justina: Lehas... is dead.
    ( Reith suddenly turns her head to Justina, looking frightened.               )
    Reith:   Lehas...? Itís all my fault.
    Raul:    Donít think that way, Reith.
    ( He holds out his hand toward Reith, as heís waiting for something.          )
    Raul:    Itís not your fault.
    ( After a few moments, Reith puts her hand into Raulís hand.                  )
    ( As Reith tries to leave Fuget...                                            )
    Sdei:    So, we meet again.
    ( Sdei is walking towards Reith...                                            )
    Reith:   Sdei! Itís been a while.
    ( Sdei arrives right before Reith and makes a strange move with his hand,     )
    ( like he was stabbing Reith...                                               )
    Reith:   Sdei...?
    ( Reith collapses, revealing that Sdei is holding a large knife in his hand.  )
    Justina: Reith!
    Reith:   Why...? Why, Sdei?
    Sdei:    Whaddaya mean, why? Iím just following orders.
             If you hadnít saved me from those soldiers, 
             I wouldíve been executed... and Lehas would 
             still be alive.
    Rianna:  You bastard... Youíre the one who killed her!?
    Reith:   So... it is my fault after all...
    Sdei:    Yes. You are to blame. This is a direct result of 
             your naivety. How does it feel to be rewarded
             this way for your kindness?
    Raul:    So, youíre a Yason? Wait... A half Yason?
    Sdei:    Since I donít have a Vindi, I look exactly like
             a human.
    Raul:    What do you want with Reith?
    Sdei:    I was asked to capture her, or if necessary,
             kill her.
    ( after beating Sdei)
    Raul:    Who sent you?
    Sdei:    What kind of fool do think I am?
             Taking the young ladyís life is my
             only concern here.
    ( on the world map)
    Justina: Letís hurry and get to Amabat.
    ( The party is taken to Amabat.)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.58. The Great Temple / Amabat Ė Reithís party                [3.058]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In the Great Temple, in Mistress Ladrinneís room...)
    Ladrinne: Oh my, what a horrible turn of events...
    Justina:  Mistress Ladrinne, we must treat Reith.
    Ladrinne: Yes. We will start right away.
    ( In the same room, where she was first treated, Reith suddenly wakes up.     )
    Rianna: Thanks god... Youíre finally awake.
    Reith:  Rianna...
    Rianna: Donít worry, Youíve already been treated.
            The pain should be gone now.
    ( Reith doesnít say a word, she is just sitting, staring... )
    Rianna: Reith?
    ( Reith starts crying...)
    Reith:  *sob*
    Rianna: Itís okay... Just cry it all out...
    Rianna: Itís not such a terrible thing to help a Yason.
            It took more courage to do that than to look the
            other way.
            Besides, youíre not the only one who saved him.
            Justina and I were there, too. Thereís no reason
            for you to take all the blame.
    Reith:  *nod*
    Rianna: You know what else?
    Reith:  What?
    Rianna: Remember how I told you my husbands wanders
            around doing research? ...That was a lie.
    Reith:  Huh?
    Rianna: To tell you the truth, after he disappeared,
            I found a letter. It said his feeling had faded
            and we were better off apart.
    Reith:  Rianna...
    Reith:  But, Iím not satisfied with that explanation.
            Thatís why Iím looking for him. I want to
            confront him, and hear the whole story. 
            I donít know why it matters so much to me...
    Reith:  I didnít realize you were going through all that.
    Rianna: Yeah. Not to mention, heís a Yason.
    Reith:  Huh?
    Rianna: He has a Vindi. I knew the moment I saw it.
            But, I think he might only be half Yason.
            Anyway, it didnít change the way I felt about him.
            I donít think it really matters what race someone is.
            Does that sound corny to you?
    Reith:  Not at all. Thanks for sharing it with me.
            I fell a lot better, now.
            But, you should cheer up, Rianna!
    ( on the world map, at Amrond Woods)
    Azhadi: I didnít think Sdei would fall...
            The Tears of Blood are stronger than we thought.
    Carian: Since this is the way it turned out, we should
            inform him... We need to keep a low profile,
            so weíll need him to investigated this for us.
    Azhadi: If thereís no other way...
            I donít like taking orders from that guy.
    Carian: But, he serves his purpose in the grand scheme
            of things...
    |                       Which party will you play as?                         |
    |                            Calintzís party.                                 |
    |                             Reithís party.                                  |
    [ The script will continue with Calintzís side. For Reithís part skip to 3.62 ]
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.59. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                 [3.059]   |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Calintz: The search for the Water Shard will continue
             as planned. It is absolutely critical that we
             acquire it. Lehasís death will not be in vain!
    Haren:   Iím with you, Calintz! The Yason will pay for 
             what theyíve done...
    Chris:   Letís leave now. The longer we stay, the more
             painful this becomes...
    Calintz: ......
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    ( At the communication sphere)
    Agreian: It seems like youíve calmed down a little.
    Calintz: Yes... We held a funeral for Lehas, but she
             deserved better... Iím on my way now to look
             for the Water Shard.
    Agreian: You know that Reith is here, right?
    Calintz: ...Oh.
    Agreian: She was injured when the Yason attacked...
    Calintz: What!?
    Agreian: Donít worry, my mother has treated her and
             she is doing well.
    Calintz: They went after Reith again? But, I thought
             they wanted to capture her without harming her.
    Agreian: Maybe their plans have changed or maybe
             someone else is after her...
    Calintz: ...How is he doing?
    Agreian: It seems that you are still care about her ever though
             you didnít stop her after she ran off...
    Calintz: I said Iíd be the one responsible for her until
             she gets her memory back.
    Agreian: Sheís doing fine. Sheís been traveling around 
             Efferia to get her memory back.
    Calintz: I see... As long as sheís safe, itís fine.
             Weíre going to the floating castle.
    Agreian: Then Iíll have the Azure Wings go to your
             headquarters. Take that to get there.
    Calintz: Thanks, Hugo.
    Agreian: Youíre welcome.
    ( Before the building...)
    Pilot: Iím the pilot of the Azure Wings. General Agreian
           sent orders to transport you to Bayrux.
    Chris: Wow, it sure is nice having friends in high
           places... Now, we can go cruisiní in the luxurious
           Azure Wings for free!
    Haren: Yeah, and itís a helluva lot safer than that 
           bucket of bolts, Rusty 17. Itíd be worth it,
           even if we had to pay for it.
    Chris: Whatíd say!? Rusty 28ís flown through
           searing desert heat and biting polar winds! 
           Azure Wings donít hold a candle to her.
    Azel:  Alright, calm down. Letís just enjoy our trip
           to the floating castle.
    ( On the world map, the airplane flies from the HQ to Bayrux)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.60. Bayrux / Bayer Ė Calintzís party                         [3.060]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ Until the battle with the earlier monster, there are no conversations.      ]
    ( Arriving at the island with the Undine, which they could not hurt earlier...)
    Chris:   Okay! Letís freeze Ďim with the Glacier Maker!
    Haren:   Just because it worked before, doesnít mean
             itíll work again...
    Chris:   Relax, a genius never fails!
             Take this, peg leg!
    ( Chris throes the Glacier Maker to the monster, where large ice crystals     )
    ( appear, making it unable to move.                                           )
    Chris:   Heheh... Heís completely frozen.
             Now, just shoot him down with an arrow.
    Chris:   Thereís nothing a genius canít do! Feel free to
             thank me as much as you want!
    Calintz: Letís go to the floating castle.
    Chris:   Hey... What about my...?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.61. Involk Castle / Bayer Ė Calintzís party                  [3.061]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After teleporting around in the castle, the party bumps into 2 Turibos,     )
    ( apparently waiting for them.                                                )
    Calintz: Itís been a while. What do you want?
    Turibo:  I have business with you.
    Calintz: Youíre searching for the Light of Salvation, 
             arenít you?
    (after defeating them)
    Haren:   What it this!? You gotta be kiddiní me!
             Heís way weaker compared to the others.
    Chris:   Me thinks they underestimate us.
    ( After a few more islands, they end up before a building.                    )
    ( Inside Calintz, Chris, Azel and Eonis are walking before blueish-purpleish  )
    ( pillars Ė the same place, that was shown some time ago.                     )
    ( There is no one inside, except a little girl...                             )
    Eonis:   *gasp* A child? But, why is she here...?
    Chris:   Little girl, are you lost?
    Girl:    Arenít you the ones who are lost?
    Chris:   Weíre here to find a magnificent treasure.
    Girl:    Oh, just like me.
    Eonis:   All by yourself? But, how did you get here?
             Even we had a difficult time.
    Girl:    You should know by now that appearances can
             be deceiving... You fools.
    ( Calintz quickly draws his sword, just before the little girl starts casting )
    ( a magic spell. Around everyoneís legs circles appear and soon they discover,)
    ( that the spell caught them Ė they are unable to move.                       )
    Calintz: *grunt* I canít... move...
    Azel:    What, thatís going on?
    Girl:    *giggle* What did you come here for?
             Well, actually I have y pretty good idea.
    ( Calintz somehow raises his sword right beside his head, as heís ready to    )
    ( attack, when the girl notices the move. Beside Calintz appear the image of  )
    ( the old man, who saved Calintz Ė Mano -, holding and moving his sword the   )
    ( same way Calintz did.                                                       )
    Girl:    You... Zekart was your teacher, was he not?
    Calintz: Yes. How did you know?
    Girl:    Youíre technique... It seemed familiar.
    Calintz: You knew my Master? Who are you?
    Girl:    Iím Elaine Crane.
    Calintz: The Hero of Water...!
    Chris:   No freaking way! Sheís just a little kid!
    Elaine:  Itís because of the Water Shard, which radiates
             tremendous Chi. It has blessed me with eternal
             youth and given me the power to heal.
    Calintz: The Heroes sealed the Light of Salvation...
    Elaine:  To protect it. The best way to keep it from
             being stolen by the Yason is to hide it.
             Youíre too young to know how sly they can really be.
             Do you intend to search for the Light of Salvation?
             Do you realize how dangerous it is?
             Donít do something stupid like uniting all of the shards.
             Theyíre evil. They have minds of their own, and they can
             corrupt those around them. Possessing even one shard without
             knowing how to use it can be very dangerous... Ugh...
    ( At this moment the conversation is interrupted by a dagger, which lands in  )
    ( Elaine. From behind one of the pillars Astal walks out, the same person who )
    ( tried to kill Calintz in Amabat.                                            )
    Elaine:  *gasp* When did you...!?
    Astal:   Iím sorry...
             How rude of me to attack when your guard was down.
    Haren:   Dammit... You again!
    Astal:   Yes, we meet again. It is no mere coincidence, either.
             Fate has intertwined our paths.
    Calintz: You... You canít take that!
    Astal:   Hmhp. Isnít it ironic?
             ...Unable to move a muscle because of this so called hero.
             Well then... Rest peacefully, mílady.
    ( Astal, after getting the Water Shard, runs away.)
    Elaine:  Zekart...
    Azel:    Hey, I can move again.
    ( Calintz runs to Elaine, who is lying on the ground.)
    Calintz: Maya, heal her after I pull out the dagger.
    ( Maya nods.)
    Elaine:  Itís no use... The dagger was poisoned...
             Itís already... spread throughout my body...
             The Dark Yason... got their revenge... on Behru and Aria...
             and now... me... Ugh...
    ( Reith and Rianna arrive running at the moment, when Calintz holds up the   )
    ( dagger he pulled out from Elaine.                                          )
    |                      Switching to Reithís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.62. The Great Temple / Amabat Ė Reithís party                [3.062]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Reith:   Iíll get my memory back no matter what it takes.
             ( Calintz... Where are you? Are you safe?
             I wonder if anyoneís seen the Tears of Blood.)
    ( The party will not leave Amabat until they speak with General Agreian.      )
    ( After entering his office, Reith looks around, but heís not there.          )
    Reith:   Where is he? I guess Iíll wait a bit.
    ( After waiting a bit, Reith notices a shining bracelet on Agreianís table.   )
    Reith:   What a beautiful bracelet...
    ( Just beside the bracelet, there is a letter...)
    Reith:   Whatís this...?
    Agreian: Reith? What are you doing here?
    Reith:   Oh, I was waiting.
    Agreian: For me?
    Reith:   Yes, I wanted to know how Calintz is doing.
    Agreian: Ah, I see. Calintz is doing fine.
             And what about you? Are you alright?
    Reith:   Yes, thanks to the Great Priestess.
    Agreian: I see. Thatís good.
    ( After leaving General Agreianís office.)
    Reith:   ( That was the first time Iíve seen those letters...
             But, I felt like I could read them...)
             ( What am I thinking? I donít have time for this, 
             now. I need to get to Bayer so I can get my
             memory back!)
             ( Iím sure Rostin will help me, with Rusty 28.)
             ( But, I need to get to Efor first.)
    ( On the world map)
    Reith:   Rianna, can we go to Efor to see Rostin...?
    Rianna:  Sure, why not?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.63. Efor / Maracatte Ė Reithís party                         [3.063]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( At Rostinís house)
    Rostin: Lemme guess...
            You girls want a ride on Rusty 28, am I right?
    Reith:  Yup. Weíre trying to get to the floating castle.
    Rostin: It has a barrier around it, you know, so we canít 
            land there. But, I can take you to Bayrux, 
            which is pretty darn close.
            Rustyís been busy, lately. Just the other day, 
            those bloody tear guys wanted a lift, too.
            She took a bit of damage, but now I have her 
            purring like a kitten again.
            So, are you ready to go?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.64. Bayrux / Bayer Ė Reithís party                           [3.064]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( While arriving at Bayrux, Rianna is walking behind the others. She stops    )
    ( for a few seconds and looks towards a large boulder, as sheís feeling that  )
    ( someoneís there. After standing there a few seconds she shakes her head and )
    ( runs after the others. Not long after this, Astal comes out from behind     )
    ( the very same boulder, that Rianna was looking at...                        )
    ( On the Island of Void, on the last island is Roxy waiting.                  )
    Reith:   You again...!
    Roxy:    Funny to see you here.
    Justina: Thatís our line.
    Roxy:    How Ďbout we settle in battle?
    Raul:    Why do we keep running into The Four Warriors?
    Rianna:  Donít ask me.
    ( During the fight with Roxy, when her HP reached 50%...                      )
    Roxy:    *chuckle* Youíre pretty strong, now. But, are you
             strong enough to defeat Steelheart?
    ( Roxy summons Steelheart, who arrives, ready to attack. Raul draws his sword.)
    Roxy:    Attack them.
    ( Reith is looking at Steelheart, the same way she did with Carianís Familiar )
    ( as if sheís trying to force it not to attack. Whatever sheís doing seems to )
    ( work, because Steelheart is not moving.                                     )
    Roxy:    Whatís wrong? What are you afraid of?
    ( Steelheart is stomping with his legs, unable to decide whatís he got to do: )
    ( attack according to Roxyís orders or not.                                   )
    Roxy:    Obey your master.
             If you donít... youíll be punished.
    ( Steelheart starts moving towards the party...)
    ( The fight is over if Steelheartís HP falls under 50%...                     )
    Rianna:  Damn... Itís much too strong for us.
    Raul:    It canít be helped...
    ( Raul, with a really cool looking technique, which he hasnít used earlier,   )
    ( in a matter of seconds finishes off Steelheart...                           )
    Roxy:    What the...!?
    Reith:   Raul?
    Roxy:    You defeated Steelheart... How...?
    Raul:    Hey, donít just stand there; move.
             The fightís not over yet.
    Justina: Iím ready!
    ( After finishing Roxy...)
    Roxy:    Psh... Weíll call it quits, for today. But, next time
             you wonít get off so easily.
    Justina: Just who are you?
    Raul:    *chuckle*
             Just a wanderer who has a little sword skill.
    Rianna:  Just a wanderer?
    Raul:    What more do you want to know?
    Justina: Who you really are.
    Raul:    Iím just a wanderer.
             But... I learned a special sword skill.
             Itís too much for me, so I only use it when 
             Iím really in danger. As you can see my body
             canít take it.
    ( The girls are just standing, looking at him, without saying a word.         )
    Raul:    Do you doubt my intensions? 
    Reith:   Oh no! Of course not.
    Raul:    Isnít it more of a mystery that the familiar 
             refused to attack us?
    Reith:   Yeah, thatís true.
    ( Not far from them, looking down, is Astal standing, watching them...        )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.65. Involk Castle / Bayer Ė Reithís party                    [3.065]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Reith, Justina, Rianna and Raul are walking in Involk Castle. Following     )
    ( them from a distance, like a shadow, is Astal.                              )
    ( Arriving before the small building, the center of the castle, Reith notices )
    ( the image of Amila standing there. Within the image, there is a glowing     )
    ( sphere, just like it was in Fuget. 
    Elaine: Donít make me laugh. Thatís utterly ridiculous.
    Amila:  Then we have nothing more to discuss.
    ( Black and white pictures of a totally new place, they havenít been before - )
    ( that the memory Reith gets back this time. She also gets a small rock, but  )
    ( it doesnít look like the other one she got in Fuget.                        )
    Justina: Are you alright, Reith?
    Raul:    Whatís happening to her?
    Justina: Sheís trying to get her memory back.
             We donít really understand how...
             But, every time she does this, she seems to get
             a piece of it back.
    Reith:   The forest...
    Rianna:  Reith?
    Reith:   What a strange memory...
    ( Entering the building, Reith and Rianna arrive running at the moment, when  )
    ( Calintz holds up a dagger Ė as if heís ready to strike down on the girl,    )
    ( whoís lying just in front of her on the ground.                             )
    |                    Switching to Calintzís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.66. Involk Castle / Bayer Ė Calintzís party                  [3.066]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Rianna:  What are you doing!?
    Eonis:   Donít misunderstand. Maya, heal her.
    Raul:    Itís no use. Sheís already dead.
    Reith:   Calintz... Why...?
    Raul:    If you didnít kill her, then how do you explain
             the dagger? Why are you here to begin with?
    Calintz: Not for the same reason as you.
    Reith:   Well, weíre here to get my memory back.
             Iím pretty sure Iíve been here before.
    Justina: Captain of the Tears of Blood, youíre under
             arrest for the murder of Elaine Crane,
             the Hero of Water.
    Eonis:   You knew she was one of The Eight Heroes?
    Justina: Yes, but how did you know?
             And why did you kill her?
    Reith:   No! Calintz... Itís not true, is it?
    |                       Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                            |
    |                     Maya has left Calintzís party.                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.67. The Great Temple / Amabat Ė Calintzís party              [3.067]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Calintz is sitting in the prison of The Great Temple, thinking...           )
    *** Flashback ***
    Elaine:  The Dark Yason... got their revenge... on Behru and Aria...
             and now... me...
    *** End of flashback ***
    Calintz: The Dark Yason...
    ( In Mistress Ladrinneís room, General Agreian and Mistress Ladrinne are      )
    ( talking about...                                                            )
    Agreian:  Calintz is a loyal subordinate. Itís true that heís 
              stirred up trouble within the Alliance army,
              but he would never do something so outrageous.
              I believe heís somehow gotten himself into
              the middle of something.
    Ladrinne: I agree. I believe heís telling the truth.
    *** Flashback ***
    Ladrinne: Justina, I realize that Elaineís death must have
              been shocking to you, but donít you think that
              arresting Calintz was a bit extreme?
    Justina:  I understand. Iím prepared to face the
              consequences, Mistress, no matter what you
              decide. However...
    Ladrinne: What is it?
    Justina:  I thought that if I didnít do something, then
              theyíd never reveal the reason they were there.
              But, perhaps Calintz will confide in you,
              Great Priestess.
              I heard that Mistress Elaine was practically
              I doubt that the Tears of Blood have
              had the power to kill her. Itís more likely that
              they were set up.
    Ladrinne: But, Calintz didnít say anything, except that heíd accept
              whatever decision we make...
              And we canít hold him captive based on that.
              Like you said, thereís probably some other
              explanation. Justina, go with the Tears of Blood
              and watch over him.
              Calintz is like a son to me, so try to keep him
              out of harmís way as you would with Agreian.
    Justina:  I understand.
    Reith:    Mistress Ladrinne?
    *** End of flashback ***
    Reith:    Mistress Ladrinne?
    Ladrinne: Reith? How long have you been here?
    Reith:    Not long. I said your name but...
    Ladrinne: Oh, Iím sorry. I was deep in thought.
    Reith:    Oh... I wanted to talk to you about Calintz...
    Ladrinne: You donít need to worry about him. 
              It seems that it was all a misunderstanding.
              Heíll be set free.
    Reith:    Really? Thank you so much!
    ( Reith, happy with the news, leaves General Agreian and Mistress Ladrinne.   )
    Agreian:  Thank you, Mother.
    Ladrinne: No need to thank me. I didnít plan to hold him
              much longer. I only wish that heíd tell us why
              he was there. Do you know, Agreian?
    Agreian:  No, I havenít got a clue. He told me nothing.
    Ladrinne: I feel like Iím missing something, and it worries
              me. I just want Calintz to be happy...
    ( In the prison)
    Reith:   Calintz.
    Calintz: Why... are you here?
    Reith:   I spoke to the Great Priestess and she said to set
             you free since you didnít commit any crimes. 
             General Agreian convinces her.
    Calintz: I see, Hugo...
    Reith:   Are you alright? Are you hurt?
    Calintz: Iím fine. They didnít treat me badly.
    Reith:   I see... Iím glad.
    Calintz: I heard that you were hurt by the Yason when
             they attacked. 
    Reith:   Oh... Iím doing fine thanks to Mistress Ladrinne.
    Calintz: What about your memory? 
             Did you get it back?
    Reith:   Yes, but I havenít had the chance to tell you... 
             Youíve been so busy. But, when I went to Fuget, 
             I remembered something...
             ...and then we went to the floating castle. 
             Theyíre both so far away from each other,
             but we managed.
    Calintz: Did you find out anything about yourself?
    Reith:   No, not yet. But, I feel like Iím almost there.
             Then... you wouldnít have to look after me
    Reith:   Do you know anything about Fuget...?
    Calintz: ...Yeah. Why do you ask?
    Reith:   I saw it in my memories.
             There were people living there a long time ago, 
             yes? I heard it was your home...
    Calintz: Yes, there was a large dojo and they took
             in children who had nowhere to go...
             They taught us how to fight.
    Reith:   I see... Do you think we met each other there?
    Calintz: Itís certainly a possibility... But, there were many 
             kids around my age and it was a long time ago...
    Reith:   Iím thinking of going back. Maybe this time I
             might remember things more clearly.
    Calintz: Itís not the safest place to be... Iíll go with you.
    Reith:   Iíll be fine. I have Rianna and Justina with me...
    Calintz: Just follow me.
    Reith:   Huh? We donít have to go this second...
    |                       Reith joined Calintzís party.                         |
    ( On the world map they are taken to Fuget)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.68. Fuget / Garute Ė Calintzís party                         [3.068]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Calintz: Fuget is inside this forest.
    Reith:   I thought so... Iíve seen this place before.
             I remember it well.
    ( Near the entrance of the destroyed Fuget is the image of the little girl    )
    ( who taught Mano how to fight. Going near her...                             )
    *** Flashback ***
    Mano: See? I improved, right?
    Girl: Thatís nothing to brag about. 
          Youíve still got a lot to learn.
    *** End of flashback ***
    Reith:   Mano...
    Calintz: Hmm? Did you say something?
    Reith:   Oh, itís nothing.
    Calintz: Are you alright? You look dazed.
    Reith:   Iím fine. When I remember things, all these 
             imaged flow into my head. I might be out of it 
             for a bit, but Iím fine.
    Calintz: And, what did you see?
    Reith:   I... I say myself when I was young. 
             It wasnít anything important.
             Just a random memory, thatís all...
             We should hurry and get back. 
             Everyone might be word because we just left
             without telling anyone.
    ( On the world map they are taken to the Tears of Blood Headquarters)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.69. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.069]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Calintz and Reith are walking towards the Headquarters, when suddenly Reith )
    ( stops. Calintz takes a few more steps, when he turns around to see why had  )
    ( Reith stopped.                                                              )
    Reith:   I better go. I donít belong with... the Tears of Blood.
    ( Reith starts walking to the direction they came from, away from Calintz.    )
    Calintz: Reith... Welcome back.
    ( Reith stops, surprised she looks at Calintz, as if sheís not sure of what   )
    ( she just heard. Calintz nods with his head. Reith runs to Calintz, who      )
    ( hugs Reith.                                                                 )
    Reith:   ...Thank you.
    Reith:   Thanks for taking me in, Calintz.
             ...But, Iím going back to Amabat.
    Calintz: Why...?
    Reith:   Itís my fault that Lehas died. 
             I canít face anyone like this...
    Calintz: If it was because of me, I should apologize.
             I said too much back there.
    Reith:   No, itís alright. Iím sure anyone would have
             reacted the same way. Itís not your fault Calintz...
             Please donít misunderstand. I... I just donít want 
             to keep relying on the Tears of Blood. Thatís all...
    Calintz: Reith...
    Reith:   But, I can come visit, right!? Even though Iím far
             away from everyone, weíll always be friends.
             Do you think everyone would be alright
             with that?
    Calintz: Reith... Iím sure they would. Youíre one of us...
             Youíll always be welcomed with open arms.
    |                       Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                            |
    |                       Maya joined Calintzís party.                          |
    |                        Reith left Calintzís party.                          |
    ( On the world map, at Epentar)
    Amila: What are you doing!? This incompetence is inexcusable.
    Orha:  Iím sorry, Your Majesty.
    Amila: Who else is searching for the Light of Salvation?
           The humans?
    Orha:  Unfortunately, that may be the case.
           Thereís no guarantee that the Heroes didnít tell
           anyone anything before they died.
    Amila: Then double your efforts! We need to know who 
           would be searching for the Light of Salvation and
           how they obtained their information.
           If we do not revive The Tree of Light, there will 
           be no future for the Yason.
    ( In the Conference room of the Headquarters)
    Calintz: This is my responsibility, 
             I endangered our base and failed in its defense.
             It could have been attacked at anytime by
             the Yason... If there is anyone to blame,
             it should be me.
             In light of this, I will relinquish my command
             of the Tears of Blood...
    Azel:    No...
    Eonis:   Calintz...?
    Haren:   Here we go again! 
             Did you eat a whole bowl of crazy today?
             You canít leave now!
             You have to protect Reith and the base!
             You got that? If I ever hear you say that again,
             youíll be eating one of my dirt sandwiches...
    Chris:   Yeah, listen to the brute for once...
             Besides, if you quit, then Iíd have to take
             command and we canít have that, can we?
    Haren:   You take command!? Hah! Donít make me laugh!
             Iím next in line. Check out these guns...
    Chris:   You scare me sometimes...
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    ( Approaching the Communication Sphere)
    Agreian: Thank you for your hard work. I know it must
             have been difficult.
    Calintz: Are you sure the Great Priestess doesnít know?
    Agreian: Thereís no need to worry... She knew the
             Hero of Water from a long time ago.
             I didnít think she was alive.
    Calintz: She hadnít aged at all. She claimed it was the
             power of the Light of Salvation.
             Before she died, she also said that the Dark Yason 
             attacked her. Maybe this secret society has
             something to do with the Dark Yason.
    Agreian: It is said that the Dark Yason were banished
             from Yason-Roven for not being able to
             protect the Light of Salvation.
             Their ancestors were only half-Yason and
             the Light of Salvation didnít affect them.
    Calintz: So, what do you think?
    Agreian: I believe the Yasonís hatred towards humans
             runs deeper. Iíve heard that the Dark Yason are
             the ones who killed the Hero of Earth and took
             the Earth Shard. So, I canít deny the possibility.
    Calintz: If thatís the case, we should find them right away 
             and get the Water Shard back...!
    Agreian: Calm down... You should keep a low profile for
             now. Mother wants to know why you went
             to look for the Hero of Water.
             Justinaís responsibility is not just to look after
    Calintz: But, we canít just let this go...
    Agreian: Right now, I want you to do as I say. I intend to
             keep this from my mother until the end. If she
             ever finds out, she will never forgive me...
    Calintz: Hugo...
    ( Somewhere in a house, fire is burning under a cauldron, there is a table    )
    ( with books... And there is Astal, occupied with reading one of the books.   )
    Astal: Iku Me Kum Corta
           Non Omnidarr
           Quirtaa Sora...
           So, thatís what the diagram means...
    ( He strikes the table.)
           It wasnít the Tears of Blood that I should have been
           worried about. It was you who was behind all this.
           Donít think that Iíll just sit back and let your plans unfold.
           Ultimate weapon? Hmph! Donít make me laugh!
    ( After looking though the book what was open on the table, Astal leaves,     )
    ( with a small package in his hand.                                           )
    |                       Which party will you play as?                         |
    |                            Calintzís party.                                 |
    |                             Reithís party.                                  |
    [ The script will continue with Calintzís side. For Reithís part skip to 3.74 ]
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.70. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.070]  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    ( Approaching the Communication Sphere)
    Agreian: Calintz, Mother has a favor to ask of you.
    Calintz: What is it?
    Agreian: A doctor named Alex whoís stationed in Notia
             wants to come visit her here in Amabat.
             But, he has a fear of heights,
             so flying is out of question.
             Instead, I want you to escort him here.
    Calintz: I thought Reith was handling Mistress 
             Ladrinneís affairs. Sheís not available?
    Agreian: She received a letter and left to meet someone. 
             But, donít worry. She told one of the clerics
             that is was nothing serious.
             An airship will be waiting to take you to Notia.
             The doctor is expecting you.
    Calintz: Alright, but you owe me one, Hugo.
    Agreian: Thanks for your help.
    Calintz: Donít mention it.
    ( In front of the building)
    Pilot: At the request of General Agreian,
           we are here to fly you to Notia.
           Please climb aboard.
    ( On the world map, the airplane flies from the HQ to Notia)
    ( Before the building of the Azure Wings)
    Haren:   Letís get this over with. We wouldnít want to
             keep the doctor waiting. Weíll just grab Ďim
             and get outta here. 
    Chris:   Ha! They your put it that way, 
             it sounds like a kidnapping.
    Haren:   you trainí to start somethiní !?
    Chris:   Hahaha... No. It was just an observation.
             Donít be so uptight.
    Haren:   You wanna see uptight? Iíll show you uptight!
    Eonis:   Okay, okay, knock it off, you twp. Our mission
             is to escort the doctor to Amabat and ensure his
             safety. We didnít come here to fight, did we?
    Calintz: Sheís right. Letís get to the clinic.
    ( At the Inn is the doctor waiting for the Tears of Blood)
    Alex:    Oh, youíre here.
             Iím all ready to go.
    Calintz: Very well, sir.
    ( On the world map)
    Calintz: So, letís hurry to Amabat.
    ( They are immediately taken from Notia to Amabat.)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.71. The Great Temple / Amabat Ė Calintzís party              [3.071]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Calintz: Weíre here, doctor.
    Alex:    Thank you. Youíve been a wonderful help.
             As you know, itís not safe to travel, these days.
             Please, take this as a token of my gratitude.
    |                            10000 Sid acquired!                              |
    Calintz: Iím afraid we canít accept it.
             We were just following orders.
    Alex:    Itís not much, really. Go ahead.
             I want you to have it.
    Haren:   Itís not polite you refuse a gift, is it, Calintz?
    Calintz: You have a point. Excuse me, doctor.
             Weíll gladly accept it.
    Alex:    Iím off to find Mistress Ladrinne. Take care.
    ( The doctor leaves them.)
    Calintz: Now, weíd better go report to the General.
    ( As the party reaches the first floor, at General Agreianís office...        )
    Agreian: You have some nerve sneaking in here.
    ( The General is standing behind his desk and talking to Astal, who, with a   )
    ( drawn sword, is standing on the other side.                                 )
    Astal:   Somethingís come up, unfortunately...
             Sorry, but youíll have to die.
    Agreian: Hm... Do you think Iíll just stand
             here and quietly await death?
    Astal:   It doesnít change the fact that youíre gonna die.
    Agreian: Where do you think you are?
    ( For a few seconds they are staring at each other, then suddenly...          )
    Agreian: Intruder! Come quickly!
    Astal:   Itís too late!
    ( He jumps up, and strikes down...                                            )
    ( Meanwhile on the corridor, Calintz and the others are halted by two soldiers)
    ( who obviously do not want to let them through.                              )
    Soldier: Stop!
             The Hero of Water wasnít enough, huh?
             Now, you plan to assassinate the General?
    Haren:   I said, we didnít do it!
    Soldier: How do we know that? You expect us to 
             trust you mercenaries?
    Agreian: Intruder! Come quickly?
    Calintz: Agreian...?
    Soldier: What was that...?
    Calintz: Everyone, letís go!
    ( Chris and Haren knock out the two soldier, in a matter of second.           )
    Haren:   You stupid ugly morons! Donít you know how to fight?
    ( Inside the Generalís office, Astal is holding his sword at Agreianís throat )
    ( ready to kill him.                                                          )
    Astal:   I should have killed you first.
    Calintz: Agreian!
    ( With drawn sword Calintz runs to Astal to stop him, who throws something on )
    ( the ground. It causes a blinding light, so Calintz covers his eyes. When    )
    ( the light is gone, Astal is not in the room any more.                       )
    Calintz: Agreian! Are you alright?
    Agreian: Yeah, Iím fine.
             When I told him I donít accept marriage proposals
             from man, it nearly got me killed.
    Chris:   *whistle* Nothingís scarier than a Blast Worm scorned.
             So, are Amabatís doors open to everyone, now?
    Haren:   Of course not, you idiot!
    Calintz: Weíll take care of him.
    Agreian: He knew... all about the Magna Carta... and
             how the shards from the Light of Salvation.
    Calintz: I see. Then, Iíll shut him up for all eternity.
             He wonít make it back to Yason-Roven.
    Agreian: Calintz... Be careful.
    Calintz: I repay his courtesy in full.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.72. Orbonne Woods / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party              [3.072]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the area of Mt. Selton there in no conversation.]
    [ There is a new area of Orbonne Woods where the party up to now could not    ]
    [ enter, due to Haren complaining, that heís not going in there, because they ]
    [ will get lost Ė or something like that.                                     ]
    [ If you enter now, you will get the following note:                          ]
    [ Calintz: Powerful creatures that resemble the ones in                       ]
    [          Orbonne Woods live here. Be careful.                               ]
    ( Finally Calintz catches up with Astal, near the sign that points to Remie.  )
    Astal:   So, you followed me here...
             Are you that anxious to die?
    Calintz: Iím anxious to kill you.
             Itís time you pay for your sins.
    Astal:   My sins?
             Who will avenge those whoíve been persecuted
             and driven from their homeland?
    Calintz: What are you trying to say?
    Astal:   You wouldnít understand... Being the object
             of scorn-treated like you donít even exist.
             But, what does it matter to you?
             ...Youíll have plenty of time to think
             about it when youíre six feet under.
    ( After defeating Astal, Calintz, the others and Astal are still standing eye )
    ( to eye. It looks like both of them are thinking about the next move, when   )
    ( Azel notices something on Astalís arm...                                    )
    Azel:    That Vindi! Is he the one youíve been looking for...!?
    Haren:   Damn! Why didnít we notice it earlier?
    Calintz: so, it was you? Youíre the one who
             tricked me and destroyed Fuget...?
    Astal:   Oh, that? I didnít tell you? Sorry...
    Calintz: No need to apologize.
             Iíll settle the score with my sword.
    Astal:   Hmmmm, Iím looking forward to it.
    *** Flashback ***
    Mano is running back to Fuget, but there are only dead people lying around, the
    village is already on fire. Mano finally notices her teacher, whoís standing   
    facing the boy. Suddenly a strange voice can be heard, she collapses and there 
    are two daggers sticking out from her back. And the one whoís responsible for  
    the daggers, the young boy, Astal, Mano found in the forest, seemingly injured,
    is standing in the door of a half-destroyed house, looking really evil and
    content at the same time about the destruction he caused.
    Woman: Mano! Run away from here! Run north! Hurry!
    Mano:  I canít! I canít leave you here alone...
    Woman: Mano...
           Go now, Mano. I canít help you, anymore. But, everything 
           youíve learned here... will surely help you to survive...
           Believe in yourself... Mano
    Leaving his teacher behind, Mano starts running away from Fuget. But, he isnít
    the only one running, someone or something is running after the boy.
    ??????: Aaaaaahh!!
    [ Unfortunately, since Mano and the other boy have pretty much the same voice ]
    [ I canít say for sure which one of them cried out :(                         ]
    *** End of flashback ***
    Calintz: Well, look whoís here... This time
             you wonít escape with your life.
    Astal:   Weíll see about that.
    ( After defeating Astal...)
    Astal:   I seem to be in a pickle, here.
             You see, I have a hot date tonight...
             So, may I be excused?
    Calintz: Hahahahahaha... That IS a bit of a pickle.
    Astal:   Are you crazy?
    Calintz: Do I seem a little crazy to you?
             I think Iíve completely lost it.
    Astal:   In that sense, you do remind me of your teacher...
             Rather than just giving up, she trashed
             around like a wounded animal.
    Calintz: Shut that filthy mouth of yours,
             or Iíll shut it for you.
    Astal:   Ha... In the end, she was begging for her life,
             Crying and clinging to my feet.
    Calintz: I said shut up! 
    ( Astal throws something at Calintz, which blinds him. Taking advantage of    )
    ( he attacks Calintz, who just collapses. And before the very eyes of Azel    )
    ( and Haren he just vanishes into the thin air.                               )
    ( Later Maya is healing Calintz, who apparently wasnít hurt badly by Astal.)
    Azel:    Captain, are you alright!?
    Eonis:   What are you going to do?
    Calintz: Chase after him, of course!
    ( Maya finishes the healing.)
    Calintz: Thanks.
             Iíll follow him to the depths of hell.
             Letís not waste any time.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.73. Lake Astine / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party                [3.073]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the areas of Rance Woods and Astine March there are no conversations.]
    ( Calintz and the others arrive running at the end on the bridge, where, to   )
    ( their surprise is...
    Reith: Calintz! 
    Chris: Huh? Reith?
    ( Standing behind Reith Justina, Raul, Rianna, and beside Rianna is Astal.    )
    Astal: Theyíve already caught up.
    |                      Switching to Reithís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.74. The Great Temple / Amabat Ė Reithís party                [3.074]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Justina: Is that so...?
    Reith:   Yeah. I feel like I owe them a lot.
    Raul:    Every chick eventually grows wings
             and flies away from the nests...
    Rianna:  But, leaving makes it look like we did
             something wrong.
    Reith:   Iím sorry, Rianna... Itís my fault.
    Rianna:  No, donít blame yourself... Weíll just hang out
             around Amabat for a while. We can drop by
             anytime to say hi to the Tears of Blood.
    Rianna:  Hey, Reith... I heard thereís a cave on Mt. Rhyde,
             not far from Amabat... Supposedly
             the divine vessel of lightning IS there.
             So... Do you wanna come along?
             If you donít want to, though, itís not a big deal.
             Iíll just go by myself.
    Reith:   Of course Iíll come with you.
    Rianna:  ...Thanks.
    Raul:    Afraid to go alone, huh? Donít worry...
             Weíre all friends here. You can admit it.
    Rianna:  Hmph, mind your own business.
    Justina: You donít seem to be doing much...
             Why donít you come with us and lend a hand?
    Reith:   Good idea! Weíre all go together.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.75. Lightning Ruins / Amabat Ė Reithís party                 [3.075]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the areas of Mt. Rhyde there in no conversation.]
    Rianna:  Do you think this is the right place? 
    Reith:   Thereís only one way to find out...
             Letís see if we can find any clues about your
    Justina: Be careful. Itís most likely infested with monsters,
             so we should make sure weíre prepared before
             we go any further.
    Reith:   I wonder if the divine vessel of lightning is
             really here...
    Raul:    Letís go take a look around.
    ( At the ďendĒ of the cave.Ē)
    Reith:   This it is... This is where the cave ends.
             When I was kidnapped by the Yason, this is
             where they kept me. Calintz and the others  
             came to save me, but I fainted when I tried to
             stop that girl Roxyís attack.
    Justina: I donít see the divine vessel anywhere.
    Reith:   Hmmm... From what I can remember... a huge
             monster appeared, right before I fainted...
    Raul:    That may have been the vesselís guardian.
             If he defeated it, then Calintz may already
             have the divine vessel of lightning.
    Rianna:  How do you know so much? My husbandís a
             researcher, and I never heard him say anything about
             a guardian.
    Raul:    Uh... Well, Iíve been to so many places, 
             Iíve heard all the stories. Hahaha...
    Rianna:  Oh really? Seems youíre hiding something...
             But, I think you mean well, so I let you off
             the hook, for now.
    Raul:    Donít be so suspicious. After all, I have 
             Reithís approval.
    Reith:   Yeah, thatís right. I think we can trust him.
    Rianna:  Hey, Iím just telling you what my instincts say.
             Anyways, there doesnít seem to be anything here
             that will help me find my husband. 
             But, I never thought it would be easy. 
             Should we go back to the Great Temple?
    Reith:   Yeah, letís! Next stop: Amabat!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.76. The Great Temple / Amabat Ė Reithís party                [3.076]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Just as the arrive, a cleric approaches them, with a letter in his hand.    )
    Cleric:  I was asked to deliver this to you. I donít know
             who itís from, but here you go.
    Rianna:  Huh? For me?
    Reith:   A letter! Whoís it from?
    Rianna:  Letís see... Itís from Astal!
    | ď Sorry for not writing for so long. I donít                                |
    | have much time, so Iíll get to the point.                                   |
    | A week from now, come to Astine Marsh.                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | Iíll be waiting for you there between sunset                                |
    | and midnight, every day for a week.Ē                                        |
    Reith:   Arenít you excited!?
    Rianna:  Geez... He never changes. Whatís he thinking,
             asking me to meet him at a marsh in the middle
             of the night!?
    Justina: Considering the date on the letter,
             youíd better hurry.
    Rianna:  I canít imagine that itís good news,
             if we have to meet in secret.
    Reith:   Youíre not gonna go alone, are you. Itís times
             like these when you need your friends the most.
    Justina: I agree.
    Rianna:  If you say so... Then, I guess weíll go together.
    Justina: Donít try to hide it... Youíre glad weíre coming,
             arenít you? I can see it in your eye.
    Rianna:  Alright, I admit it.
    Raul:    ( But, how did he know that sheíd be here...?)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.77. Lake Astine / Maracatte Ė Reithís party                  [3.077]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the areas of Mt. Selton, Orbonne Woods, Remie, Rance Woods and Astine    ]
    [ Marsh there are no conversation.                                            ]
    ( After going through the ďgateĒ at the end of the bridge.)
    ( Reith and the others are waiting at the place Astal given them, but he is   )
    ( not there yet.                                                              )
    Rianna:  Heís not here! What if something happened to him...?
    Reith:   Heíll be here. Donít be so impatient!
    Rianna:  Iím not being impatient! Dammit, he broke his promise again!
             Next time I see him, Iíll gonna sock him in the face.
    Raul:    I donít see anyone around. At lease weíre not
             being followed.
    Justina: We you expecting us to be? Just who are you?
    Raul:    Whaddaya mean?
    Justina: I donít care what your true objective is.
             Just donít forget that Iím a priestess of Amabat.
    Raul:    Yeah, yeah. I keep it in mind.
    ( Finally Astal shows up, Rianna runs to him.)
    Rianna:  Youíre alright! I was so worried about you!
    Astal:   Why didnít you come alone?
    Rianna:  Huh? What difference does it make?
    ( Suddenly Calintz and the others arrive running. )
    Reith:   Calintz!
    Chris:   Huh? Reith?
    Astal:   Theyíve already caught up.
    |                    Switching to Calintzís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.78. Lake Astine / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party                [3.078]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel:    Run! Heís dangerous!
    Haren:   Donít just stand there! Run!
    Rianna:  Huh? Run from who? This is my husband.
    Chris:   Wha!? Are you nuts!?
    Astal:   Stay back, Rianna. You get going.
             Iíll catch up later.
    Rianna:  Whatís going on? Do you know Calintz?
    Calintz: Of course he does.
             Heís a spy of the Blast Worms.
             He assaulted General Agreian and killed
             The Hero of Water. It was all his doing.
    Rianna:  Are you serious!?
             You told me it was your lifeís work to study Chi!
             Was that a lie, too?
    Astal:   ...No, that was true. My research has
             always been for the sake of science.
    Calintz: Wow, youíre one hell of an actor.
    Astal:   Well, it worked on you, didnít it?
    Calintz: Hmph. Enough talk. Iíve been looking
             for you for almost 10 years.
             My patience wore out ages ago.
    Astal:   Itís only taken that long
             because youíre so pathetic.
    Rianna:  Hey! Iím not done with my questions!
             Are you really a spy for the Yason?
             Were you just using me?
    Astal:   Iím no spy, nor did I use you.
    Rianna:  They, why!? Explain it to me!
    Astal:   ...Itís form the sake of my beliefs.
             Or maybe itís a matter of pride.
    Calintz: Your beliefs? What sort of belief justify
             destroying an entire village?
             And now, you plan to use the Magna Carta
             to wipe out all of mankind!
    Astal:   Hahahaha... Is that what you think!? You fool.
    Reith:   Calintz... Please...
    ( After the fight with Astal)
    ( Calintz and Astal are standing facing each other, holding their swords,     )
    ( determined to finish the things off.                                        )
    Calintz: Damn you, Yason dog!
    Astal:   Just die already!
    Calintz: This breath will be your last
    ( Rianna runs between them, to stop them fighting.                            )
    Rianna:  Stop it, you two!
    Calintz: Stay out of this! I donít wanna hurt you!
    Astal:   I gotcha.
    ( Astal send a attack on its way, but since Rianna is standing in front of    )
    ( Calintz, first it hurts her, that it blows Calintz away.                    )
    Rianna:  A-Astal...?
    Reith:   Rianna!
    Calintz: You bastard... How could you?
    ( Calintz seems really hurt, but with the help of his sword he stands up.     )
    Astal:   You are really persistent.
    Calintz: Shut up! I can still fight!
    ( They start fighting, when suddenly Astal stops...)
    Astal:   Ugh!
    (...because of the dagger in his back Ė he was stabbed by Rianna. She staggers)
    ( a few steps, and collapses. Astal drops his sword, and falls to the ground  )
    ( just opposite of Rianna.                                                    )
    Rianna:  Just stop it... Letís put an end to this,
    Astal:   Sure... I guess this isnít a bad way to go.
             But... The Turibo will move forward with 
             their plans... as long as he still lives...
    Calintz: What are you talking about?
    Astal:   Itís a secret society... run by a man named... Neikan...
             People call him... The Third Man...
             If he gets his way... then... Forget it. Itís too late, now...
    Rianna:  Why...? Why did it have to come to this?
             Even though you deceived me, I... I...
             ...You idiot...
    ( Calintz is sitting on the ground, at the same area, looking miserable.      )
    ( Behind him is Reith standing, with an ambiguous expression on her face.     )
    Calintz: How long are you going to stand there?
    Reith:   Oh! ...You noticed...
             Well, um... Iím sorry. Iíll leave you alone.
    Calintz: Itís okay Reith.
             You donít have to go...
    ( Reith is sitting next to Calintz, whoís still looking really sad.           )
    Reith:   Calintz... You must  be tired.
    Calintz: No... Not really.
             If you were me... what would youíve done? ...If you were
             forced to choose between revenge and sympathy?
             If the hatred was more that you could stand,
             would you still go through with it, even if
             you knew it would make your friends suffer?
    Reith:   I donít know.
    Calintz: I ran away and saved myself, leaving my loved ones to die.
             Is it wrong to try and bury the past?
             Whatís the difference between revenge and murder?
    Reith:   But, thatís the past. Besides, if you didnít go
             through all that you wouldnít be here today.
    Calintz: I know that death isnít the answer, but...
             Just because youíre alive doesnít mean you have
             a reason to live. Know what I mean?
    Reith:   No, I donít. If you werenít here, then I wouldnít be here
             either. The Tears of Blood would never have existed! 
             Itís because of you that weíre all here together...
             Without you, we would be nothing.
    Calintz: Why do you look like youíre going to cry?
    Reith:   Because thereís so much pain inside you.
    Calintz: Donít worry, Iím fine.
    Rianna:  Where am I?
    Justina: Are you okay? You passed out all of a sudden,
             so we thought you were seriously hurt.
             We were really worried about you.
    Justina: What about Astal...?
    Justina: There was nothing we could do.
             ...He didnít hit anything vital. Maybe he
             missed on purpose.
    Rianna:  That doesnít  make me feel any better...
    Justina: But, he must have wanted you to know
             the truth... Otherwise, he wouldnít have 
             said all that before he died.
             You know? ...About The Third Man, the secret
             society, and the Darkness of Destruction. 
    Rianna:  The Darkness of Destruction? I donít remember
             him saying anything about that.
    Justina: As he was lying on the ground, he said it
             with his dying breath.
    Rianna:  So what!? That doesnít change the fact that
             he betrayed me!
             I finally know what heís been up to all this
             time... hanginí out with those weirdoes 
             who attacked Calintz.
             He was one of them, wasnít he!? Iím such
             an idiot. I should have known better...
    Justina: He simply chose a different path than ours.
             Itís no oneís fault.
    Rianna:  Stop making excuses for him!
             That jerk! I hope heís happy, now that heís dead!
    Justina: Rianna...
    ( On the world map, at Mt. Selton.)
    Neikan: ..........
    Turibo: Yes, mílord. Weíve confirmed Astalís death. 
            The traitor died in combat against the
            Tears of Blood.
    Neikan: ..........
    Turibo: No, he didnít give them anything.
    Neikan: ..........
    Turibo: No, mílord. I assure you, I watched closely! 
            There were no signs that he intended to betray us.
            He must have planned his moves carefully.
    Neikan: ..........
    Turibo: Yes, thatís right. We checked all his belongings,
            just as you ordered, but we found nothing.
            Perhaps he destroyed the evidence, 
            since he was so thorough. 
    Neikan: ..........
    Turibo: I-I beg your pardon! I know my opinion
            is unnecessary! Please, forgive me!!
    Neikan: ..........
    Turibo: Yes, mílord! I understand. Weíll continue
            investigating, and weíll find anything
            of importance that he left behind.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.79. The Great Temple / Amabat Ė Calintzís party              [3.079]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In the usual ďtreating roomĒ General Agreian is half lying, half sitting on )
    ( the bed, listening to Calintzís report.                                     )
    Calintz: Astalís dead! Itís over. So, what are they thinking!
    Agreian: Youíre too loud.
    Calintz: What now?
    Agreian: Astal is dead, and the Turibo has lost its leader.
             But, thereís still a problem.
    Calintz: Thatís right... The Third Man.
    Agreian: Exactly. We still havenít caught the spy within the 
             Alliance who was leaking information to Astal.
             Heíll probably continue to spy on us.
    Calintz: So, the investigation was a failure.
    Agreian: The problem is, my authority in the Alliance is not absolute.
             In fact, Iím facing a number of restrictions.
    Calintz: So, the Alliance sees you simply as the Great Priestessís son...
    Agreian: Iím afraid so.
    Calintz: Who the brass think is doing the fighting!? Hiding behind
             their rank... All they do is talk about ideals!
    Agreian: Thatís not the only problem.
    Calintz: You mean thereís more?
    Agreian: The Holy Order of Eryu has issued a warrant for
             Riannaís arrest, because she was Astalís wife.
             I never imagined theyíd go that far.
             If Iíd known sooner, I would have tried to intervene...
             Iím truly sorry.
    Calintz: Do you think theyíll try and pin this on her?
    Agreian: They need a scapegoat. Thatís how politics work. Publicly,
             The Holy Order of Eryu plans to launch a full scale investigation. 
             The arrest warrant clearly indicated their intentions. 
    Calintz: When will this happen?
    Agreian: More than likely, clerics are already on their route to the 
             Tears of Blood Headquarters.
             I couldnít warn you earlier, because we have yet to catch
             the spy; I had no choice but to wait for you to come here.
    Calintz: I have get back to Headquarters...!
    Agreian: Iím sorry, but there really wasnít anything I could do.
             Unfortunately, the warrant was forwarded to me as well, too.
             Technically, I should order you to arrest her.
             But lately, Iíve been so busy, I forgot to inform you.
             Officially, no have received no such order.
    Calintz: Thanks for all your help.
    Agreian: Weíre old friends. Itís the least I could do.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.80. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.080]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In the Conference Room)
    Rianna:  Youíve been looking for me?
    Calintz: Looks like I made it in time.
    Rianna:  In time for what?
    Calintz: Have you heard of The Holy Oder of Eryu?
    Rianna:  Yeah, Iíve heard of Ďem.
    Calintz: After that happened to Astal, they
             began hunting for spies.
             As part of their investigation, theyíve
             issued a warrant for your arrest.
    Rianna:  Who, me!?
    Calintz: I was ordered to arrest you. Címon we have to hurry.
    Cleric1: We found the spy!
    Cleric2: You received orders from General Agreian, right?
    Calintz: What are you talking about?
    ( Rianna single-handedly smack out the clerics and turns to Calintz, who is   )
    ( during the whole time just standing there, but not helping the clerics.     )
    Rianna:  Calintz! I canít believe you! Youíre nothing but Agreianís dog!?
    Reith:   Calintz? Did you really agreed to arrest her?
    Rianna:  He brought the clerics here, didnít he? 
             Of course he would...
             Thatís the kind of person he is.
    Calintz: Is that what you think of me? Iíll remember that.
    Reith:   Calintz... Do you always do everything Agreian says?
    Rianna:  Next time we meet, Iíll kick your ass! So, be ready!
    Reith:   Iím disappointed in you, Calintz! Rianna, wait!
    ( With this said, Rianna and Reith runs out of the room)
    Cleric1: Sheís tough! After her!
    Cleric2: Captain, you received orders too, right?
             Donít just stand there, help us!
    Calintz: Did I give you the wrong idea?
             You wanna see something interesting?
    ( Heís holding his sword in his hand, pointed towards the ground.             )
    Cleric2: W-Weíre allies, right!?
    Calintz: Allies? Such a beautiful word. Iím touched...
    |                       Which party will you play as?                         |
    |                            Calintzís party.                                 |
    |                             Reithís party.                                  |
    [ The script will continue with Calintzís side. For Reithís part skip to 3.83 ]
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.81. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.081]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Haren:   So? Whatís the General say?
    Calintz: The Holy Order of Eryu has intervened.
             Theyíre even more anti-Yason than
             the officers in the Alliance.
    Azel:    Canít General Agreian do something!?
    Calintz: Donít blame Agreian.
             Heís doing all he can, with his injury.
             But, he couldnít keep the The Holy Order at bay.
    Haren:   Donít you get it!? They kill fugitives on the spot
             rather than let them get away.
    Calintz: Iím well aware of that.
             Thatís why the Tears of Blood need to capture
             Rianna while Agreian tries to buy us time.
    Haren:   What!? You want us to arrest her!?
    Calintz: Weíll just be protecting her. But first, we have
             to find her before sheís caught and executed.
    Haren:   You make it sound so simple! What will we
             do after that? We canít hide her forever!
    Calintz: Weíll escort her to Amabat. Then, weíll stick
             around for the questioning.
             If Agreian handles the interrogation, then sheíll
             be released without charge, Thatís why we need 
             to find her first. 
             Címon, letís get started.
    Azel:    But, where?
    Calintz: Well, aside from Yason-Roven, whereís the only
             place that sheís be safe from both the Alliance
             and Amabat?
    Haren:   Of course! The Garden of Light!
    Calintz: Yes, Emon. Letís go...
    ( In Calintzís office)
    Calintz: Whatís going on?
             The Third Man, Neikan... Does he really exit?
             The one who controls the Dark Yason
             within the Turibo.
             What does he want? ...I havenít got a clue.
             Hugo, what should I do?
             Anyways, Reithís safety comes first.
             ...Thereís no reason to hesitate.
             Donít look back; just keep moving forward.
    ( On the world map)
    Calintz: Lets head over to Emon to find Reith.
    Azel:    Um... How do we get there, Captain?
    Calintz: Go south from Rance Woods.
    Azel:    So, weíre heading to Rance Woods, then?
    Calintz: Thatís right. We donít have time to waste.
             Letís go.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.82. Mabres / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party                     [3.082]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the areas of Rance Woods, N. Astine March, Lake Astine, S. Astine Marsh  ]
    [ and in Efor there are no conversations.                                     ]
    ( Shortly after the sign that leads to Emon, while the party is walking on    )
    ( the bridge leading to Emon...                                               )
    Azel:    Captain, look! Thereís a mob forming...
    Haren:   Theyíre hungry for blood... I have a bad feeling
             itís about to get ugly.
    Calintz: That yellow dress...? Is that...Reith!?
    |                      Switching to Reithís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.83. Ranca / Garute Ė Reithís party                           [3.083]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After a few steps, the party is stopped by 2 clerics)
    Rianna: Dammit! They were waiting for us!
    Cleric: Youíre under arrest. Weíre authorized
            to use force, if necessary.
    Raul:   Force, huh? Do you have enough men?
    Rianna: Just try and touch me. Iíll break every bone
            in your body!
    Cleric: If thatís your attitude, then you leave us
            no choice...
    ( After beating the clerics)
    Rianna: Why me? What did I do?
    Raul:   Itís because your husband was a spy. 
            The Allianceís plans has been thwarted 
            many times, you know.
            I other words, theyíre looking for a scapegoat.
    Rianna: Is that so? Well, thanks for clearing that up
            for me!
    Reith:  Hey, no fighting.
    Raul:   Theyíre probably looking for you all over Efferia,
            and going to Yason-Roven is out of the question...
    Rianna: So, whatcha trainí to get at?
    Raul:   Thereíre only one place to go... Emon.
    Reith:  The Garden of Light?
    Raul:   Thatís right. Itís a safe haven where Amabat
            canít touch us.
            Right now, itís our only hope.
    ( Going past the save point...)
    Raul:   For heavenís sake... Donít you realize that the clerics are
            probably already there waiting? Even Iíd think of that.
    Rianna: You donít understand! I have to go and get it, 
            before they tear the place apart.
    Raul:   But, the clerics are there.
    Rianna: Itís important to me! If youíre too scared, then donít come!
            Iíll go by myself if I have to.
    Raul:   Youíre a wanted felon. If youíre caught, itíll all be over.
    Rianna: Like I said, Iíll go by myself.
    Raul:   I see... ...So, what is this thing thatís so important?
    Rianna: ...Itís... Itís none of your business.
    Raul:   Alright, you win. Letís go find this
            ďimportantĒ thing whatever that is...
    Reith:  Will we have to fight?
    Rianna: Probably. Sorry for being selfish, Reith.
    Raul:   Hey, why are you only apologizing to her?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.84. Rance / Maracatte Ė Reithís party                        [3.084]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the areas of Lidd, Erestine, Doren Ruins and Rance Woods there are no    ]
    [ conversations.                                                              ]
    Cleric: Hey, she actually showed up.
    Rianna: I knew youíd be here.
    Cleric: What? And you still came?
    Rianna: Yeah. Get in my way, and 
            you wonít live to regret it.
    ( After beating the 2 clerics, Rianna and the others are looking around in    )
    ( the in the house, when suddenly...                                          )
    Rianna: Thank goodness, I found it.
    Reith:  Oh, a ring? Does it mean that much to you?
    Rianna: Yep, I guess it does.
    Raul:   Sorry to interrupt, but whatís that package?
    Rianna: A package? Where?
    ( They go to the table, where beside a pile of books, is the same package     )
    ( that Astal carried.                                                         )
    Rianna: *gasp* It couldnít be...!
            It IS from him... Whatís this? It looks like some sort of journal...
    |Sorry Rianna, Iím sure youíre surprised to hear from me.                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |By the time you read this letter, Iím probably no longer alive.              |
    |I donít have much time. So Iíll stick to whatís important.                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |This it the data that I have collected through my research.                  |
    |Itís very important, so I wanted to leave it in the hands                    |
    |of someone I trust.                                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Everything you need to know is here. The contents are all true.              |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |Please believe me. I know I betrayed you, but on this I give                 |
    |you my word. Iíve included the map to the Turibo hideout.                    |
    |If you want to know the whole truth, thatís where youíll find it.            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |I have to go now. This is my final farewell.                                 |
    |Iím sorry for everything, Rianna.                                            |
    |I love you from the bottom of my heart.                                      |
    Rianna: What is this...? What does he mean...?
    Raul:   I don1t know but I have a feeling weíre not alone.
            Letís talk later. We should leave!
    ( On the world map)
    Raul:   Alright, letís head to Emon, then.
    Rianna: Thanks for coming with me, Reith.
    Reith:  You donít need to thank me... Weíre friends,
            arenít we?
    Rianna: Haha... Yes we are.
    Raul:   Hey! What about me!?
    ( Right away theyíre taken to Emon.)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.85. Emon / Yason-Roven Ė Reithís party                       [3.085]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Yason soldier: Humans? Why are you here?
    Raul:          Irreconcilable differences. Weíd like to stay
                   here for a while.
    Yason soldier: We donít offer sanctuary for criminals, you know.
    Raul:          Itís political. Can you make an exception,
                   just this once?
    Yason soldier: Let Ďem in. It wonít make any difference.
    Yason soldier: Emon is a peaceful place. If you cause a ruckus,
                   youíll be exiled immediately, Got it?
    Raul:          We understand. We wonít make any trouble.
    ( At the end of the village, in front of a building, the Yason Elder is       )
    ( telling a tale to a group of children about...                              )
    Elder: ...So you see, the Magna Carta is meant for 
           only those who know how to use it wisely.
           Because, if youíre not careful with it, it could destroy the entire 
           world. In other words it could be the Light of Salvation 
           or it could the Darkness of Destruction. 
    Child: What does it look like?
    Elder: Hahaha, Iíve never seen it either, so I wouldnít know.
    Child: If we only had the Magna Carta.
           Then we could protect our village.
    Elder: Hahaha, thatís the spirit. Itís important that you never
           forget your responsibility to protect those you love.
    ( The Elder notices Reith, whoís been standing there, listening to his tale.  )
    Elder: Alright, time for you all to head home.
           Now, then... What business do you
           have with and old Yason like me?
    ( In the building)
    Seiton:  Hmmm... so, thatís what happened, huh?
             The Holy Order has become quite a
             body of extremists.
             At any rate, Iím sorry to hear about Astal.
    Rianna:  Right nor, Iím just pissed off.
             I thought he was out doing research.
             I guess I was a fool to believe him.
    Seiton:  Research, you say? Thatís odd.
             I wonder what someone from a secret society 
             would be studying...
    Rianna:  Uhhh, letís see... From what he told me...
             You know what? I havenít got a clue.
    Seiton:  I see...
             Perhaps itís for the best. Still, heís probably
             not the leader of the Dark Yason.
    Reith:   What makes you say that?
    Seiton:  Iíve been investigating the Dark Yason
             for many years, now. Based on the 
             information theyíve been able to obtain, 
             I believe they have a source high up.
    Justina: Iíve noticed that as well.
             He must be a careful man.
    Seiton:  Yeah, since no oneís found him out yet.
             I believe The Third Man is the true leader,
             and that heís just using the Dark Yason.
             Your husband may have been cooperating 
             with him for some reason.
    Rianna:  Whyís that?
    Seiton:  Hahaha. Thatís something eve this
             old Yason doesnít know. From what
             youíve told me though, it seems that the 
             Tears of Blood have been in the right place
             at the right time. This General Agreian
             must be a pretty resourceful.
    Rianna:  Yeah, Calintz and Agreian know
             how to get results. The problem is, 
             theyíre both so damn callous.
    Seiton:  Calm down, now. Weíve been talking for so
             long, youíre probably getting tired.
             Why donít you go and get some rest?
             Thereís no reason to get yourself all worked up.
    Reith:   Thank you so much.
    ( On the world map, at Epentar)
    |Ē...So, wherever the Turibo have appeared,                                   |
    |the Tears of Blood have shown up, too.                                       |
    |The humans believe that the Turibo are                                       |
    |Yason spies. It seems that this Agreian has                                  |
    |become aware of the Turiboís movements                                       |
    |and has been dispatching the Tears of Blood                                  |
    |personally.Ē                                                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ĒIf they really placed a spy, then it                                        |
    |would seem that the Turibo see both                                          |
    |the Yason and humans as enemies.                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |In which case, itís unlikely that they helped                                |
    |the humans to a attack us.Ē                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ĒIíll write again once I know more.Ē                                         |
    Orha: They were both at Mt. Feissen?
          The Tears of Blood and the Turibo...?
          Are they after the Light of Salvation?
    Seiton: Indeed, the enmity between humans and
            the Yason has only grown stronger.
            But, Iíve been trying to find a solution.
            Thatís why Iíd like to meet with
            the Great Priestess. She has the power
            to influence many people.
    Reith:  They, Iíll go talk to her. Iíve already met her
            once before.
    Rianna: Are you out of your mind!? Weíre being
            chased by The Holy Order of Eryu!
            We canít just go back and ask for a meeting
            with the Great Priestess!
            Weíll be killed!
    Seiton: Please, donít do anything dangerous
            on my account.
            I realize that you are already in enough trouble
            as it is, and many people will stop at nothing to
            see that this plan fails.
    Reith:  Iíll give her your message. Please, let me try!
            I want to end this war!
            ...I donít want anyone else to end up like Astal.
    Seiton: ...I sense your determination. 
            Will you really help me?
    Reith:  Yes, Iíll do whatever I can.
    Rianna: Reith...
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.86. Mabres / Maracatte Ė Reithís party                       [3.086]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Right after leaving Emon, the party is welcomed by clerics...)
    Rianna:  Youíve gotta be kidding me! We just left Emon.
    Cleric:  Heheh. Looks like the information was accurate.
    Justina: They knew that we would be here?
             How is that possible?
    Rianna:  This is crazy! Weíre totally surrounded.
    Raul:    Itís tough being popular.
    Rianna:  It sounds like youíre enjoying yourself.
    ( After beating the clerics, a familiar person shows up behind the clerics... )
    Reith:   Calintz...!?
    |                    Switching to Calintzís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.87. Mabres / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party                     [3.087]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Calintz: Letís make this quick...!
    Haren:   Itís time to let off some steam! 
    ( after a few hits on one of the clerics...)
    Cleric:  What!? Youíre on THEIR side!?
    Calintz: Did we ever say weíre on your side?
    Cleric:  They from now on, the Tears of Blood
             are enemies of Eryu!
    Calintz: I have no problem with that.
    ( After finishing the fight)
    Calintz: I see... Well, I hoper Iíve didnít give you
             too much of a scare.
    Reith:   No. I always has faith in you.
    Justina: Oh, really? Thatís not what you were
             saying earlier...
    Reith:   No, thatís not true! I-I didnít mean it like that...
    Rianna:  Thanks, Calintz.
    Calintz: I never intended to hand you over to 
             The Holy Order.
             I hears about what happened from Hugo, 
             but by the time I arrived, it was too late.
             Iím glad I finally caught up with you.
             Hugo said you were headed for Emon.
    Rianna:  He did? I thought he didnít like me.
    Calintz: He may not show it, but he has a kind heart.
    Reith:   We should thank him later.
    Rianna:  Here, read this. It was in a package Astal left
             for me, but I have no idea what it means.
    | Journal Entry Ė ď Our leader, Delun, has died                               |
    | of a rare disease. I knew he didnít have long,                              |
    | but it still came as a shock.                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    | Neikan was nominated to be his successor,                                   |
    | and he has already assumed the position.                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | I donít know what that guy has in mind,                                     |
    | but heís been researching humans.                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    | Apparently, heís obtained a lot of his                                      |
    | information by pretending to be one.Ē                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | Journal Entry Ė ďWe made our way into Fuget                                 |
    | without a hitch.                                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    | Neikan has already made the necessary                                       |
    | preparations, so it was easy to bypass                                      |
    | the barrier.                                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | We disguised ourselves as Blast Worms so that                               |
    | the attack couldnít be traced to us.                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    | As Neikan predicted, Fuget was caught                                       |
    | completely off guard and was easily destroyed.                              |
    | We also obtained a valuable item in the attack.Ē                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | Journal Entry Ė ďNeikanís insistence on having                              |
    | his way is getting worse. I knew he was                                     |
    | charismatic, but heís been taking it too far.                               |
    |                                                                             |
    | And heís never here at the base, so heís come to                            |
    | be known as ďThe Third ManĒ. His little charades                            |
    | where he pretends to be human make me sick.                                 |
    | However, only a few people, myself included,                                |
    | are aware of it.Ē                                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | Journal Entry Ė ďThe temporary base on                                      |
    | Mt. Selton has become out official base.                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    | Weíve penetrated deeper into human territory,                               |
    | but we have little to fear, since we pretty much                            |
    | look the same as them.                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | A new division has also been established.                                   |
    | Theyíre calling it ĎTuriboí.Ē                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | Journal Entry Ė ď I realize that Neikan is very                             |
    | ambitious and has earned everyoneís respect.                                |
    | In fact, few would criticize him.                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    | But, I have my doubts...                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    | Delun wanted to save us from the discrimination                             |
    | we were facing in Yason-Roven, but Neikan                                   |
    | has a different agenda.                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    | He seems shady. I donít think heíll be satisfied                            |
    | simply with revenge...                                                      |
    Calintz: Neikan? So, heís the one...
    Justina: Based on the conclusion, it sounds like Neikan
             is leading the Dark Yason. But, why is he called
             ďThe Third ManĒ?
    Reith:   So, heís the one we need to find?
    Calintz: We canít even be sure itís a ďheĒ. Thereís a 
             possibility that weíre just being led to think
             that way.
    Rianna:  Calintz, that bastard is the one who
             made Astal destroy your village.
             ...It doesnít day why, though.
    Calintz: I donít care what his reasons were. All I care
             about is finding him Ė thatís it. Iíll chase him
             to the end of the earth if I have to.
    ( Meanwhile in Amabat, General Agreian is sitting in his office, looking at    )
    ( the bracelet he received from Calintz, when they were kids.                  )
    Agreian: As proof of our friendship, we exchanged items 
             that were important to us. I gave you a knife 
             and you gave me this bracelet.
             That was so long ago. If you think about it, 
             we really have come a long was.
             Havenít we, Calintz?
             But, while you continue to run, I am at a 
             standstill. Sometimes I envy you, my friend.
             Cleric, enter!
    ( A cleric enters the room, and stoops in front the Agreianís desk)
    Agreian: My wounds have fully healed, so Iíll be
             resuming my normal duties. I expect 
             a full report on the current situation.
    Cleric:  Of course, sir.
    Agreian: Calintz... it would be truly wonderful if this 
             world could be transformed into the place you
             dream of... but... realityís not like that.
    ( On the world map, at Remie)
    Calintz: Take Reith to Amabat, like we discussed. 
             Be careful, thought, since theyíll be looking
             for you. Go and see Mistress Ladrinne. 
             Try to convince her to arrange a peace 
    Justina: Weíll take care of it.
    Calintz: Most likely, there will be clerics guarding Amabat.
             It may be difficult, but do your best.
    Reith:   Thatís strange.
    Calintz: What?
    Reith:   I thought youíd be against something 
             like a peace conference.
    Calintz: I am against it. I donít believe thereís any way
             we can reach and agreement with the Yason.
    Reith:   Then, why are you asking us to do this?
    Calintz: The war is taking its toll on all of us, 
             including me.
             Thereís nothing wrong with believing in peace,
             but itíll never happen.
    Reith:   Canít you be more optimistic?
    Calintz: Iím going to follow through the original plan.
    Justina: You mean the ďsecretĒ mission you
             planned with Agreian...?
    Calintz: Weíre all in this together.
             You can skip the sarcasm.
    |                       Which party will you play as?                         |
    |                            Calintzís party.                                 |
    |                             Reithís party.                                  |
    [ The script will continue with Calintzís side. For Reithís part skip to 3.092]
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.88. Remie / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party                      [3.088]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( At the communication sphere)
    Agreian: I appreciate you coming, but why take 
             unnecessary risks when thereís a warrant for 
             your arrest?
             Attacking a cleric was a mistake.
    Calintz: Iím sorry, but there was no other way.
    Agreian: Was it because of Reith?
    Calintz: ...I know how to get my revenge, now.
    Agreian: But, Astalís already dead...
    Calintz: He wasnít their leader.
             Weíre looking for someone named Neikan.
    Agreian: Are you certain of this?
             If so, Iíll start digging for information.
    Calintz: Donít bother. I doubt thatís his real name.
    Agreian: I canít hurt to try. If this is his real name,
             then Iíll deal with him myself.
    Calintz: He has the Wind Shard and the Water Shard.
             We have to act fast. I think know where their 
             hideout it...
    Agreian: Hm!? Where? Iíll have a battalion sent 
             there at once.
    Calintz: Hold on, there could be a traitor in out midst...
             We have to be careful.
    Agreian: Youíre right. If we mobilize out troops, then
             someone could leak the information to this 
    Calintz: If he knows weíre coming, heíll have time to
             prepare. Then, we wonít stand a chance.
             Itís better if I lead a surprise attack.
    Agreian: Thatís too dangerous! You donít know what youíre 
             getting yourself into.
             Even though we know where they are, thereís 
             not much we can do, now.
    Calintz: If I head anything more, Iíll let you know.
             But, we canít afford to wait.
    Agreian: If you do manage to capture him, itíll be much
             Easier getting the warrant for your arrest lifted.
    Calintz: Yeah, thatís why I donít want to miss this chance.
             The others are bringing Reith to Amabat.
             Please help them if you can.
    Agreian: Easier said than done.
             The clerics are searching for them in droves.
    Agreian: Iím surprised thereís someone like that in Emon.
             Iíll do whatever I can to help.
    Calintz: And take care of Reith, too, please.
    Agreian: Leave it to me; youíve got enough to worry 
             about. I canít afford to loose such a good friend.
    Calintz: Thanks. I should go, now. Iíll be in touch.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.89. Mt. Selton / Amabat Ė Calintzís party                    [3.089]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the area of Orbonne Woods there is no conversation.]
    ( Right after crossing the bridge that leads to the Celestial Ruins, there is )
    ( a cave on the left side, leading to the Turibo Hideout. Inside, there are   )
    ( a few Turibo, waiting for them.                                             )
    Calintz: Looks like they were expecting us.
    Azel:    Captain, arenít we a little outnumbered?
    Haren:   I thought this was a secret society.
             ...Itís more like a private army.
    Turibo:  Weíve been waiting for you.
    Calintz: So, youíve been spying on us?
    Turibo:  Of course. We know exactly what youíre up to.
    Calintz: I just have one question: is Neikan really inside?
             We donít want to kill all of you for nothing.
    Turibo:  Since youíre so confident, why donít you
             give it a try?
    ( After the fight)
    Haren:   If this groupís so secret, then how come thereís
             so many of Ďem!?
    Chris:   Damn, Iím tired... Can I call a T.O.?
    Eonis:   What should we do, Calintz?
             This is far beyond what we expected.
    Azel:    But, what about the plan!?
    Haren:   Are we fighting or what!?
             We donít have time for chit-chat!
    Calintz: *grunt*
             Retreat! Weíll finish this later.
    ( After leaving the cave, a few steps away from it...)
    Chris:   *huff**huff* I donít normally panic,
             but that just about gave me a heart attack!
    Haren:   Where the hell did they all come from?
    Calintz: Iím sorry, itís my fault. I underestimated them.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.90. Ranca / Garute Ė Calintzís party                         [3.090]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After the earlier conversation, the party automatically ends up in Ranca.   )
    ( There, right away, a flare appears on the sky, coming from the direction    )
    ( of the Headquarters...                                                      )
    Azel:    Captain! A flare! Our Headquarters must be under attack!
    Chris:   This is the first time Iíve seen a flare shot from there.
    Calintz: Weíve got the get back. Hurry!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.91. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                  [3.091]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In front of the Headquarters, there are 3 tied up Tears of Blood soldier    )
    ( guarded by a Blast Worm... and Orha.                                        )
    Calintz: Stop!
    ( Orha turns to Calintz, and beside him, there are other Blast Worms.)
    Orha:    Long time no see. Have you been well?
    Calintz: Yeah, Iíve been just fine. But, not that I have 
             a chance to fight you, Iím feeling even better.
    Orha:    Sheís not here.
    Calintz: You lay so much as a finger on Reith, 
             and Iíll send you straight to hell! 
    Orha:    I should be giving the warnings...
             Youíre in no position to make demands.
    Haren:   You son-of-a-bitch!
    Orha:    If you agree to come quietly, then no one will be harmed.
    Calintz: You think Iíd trust a Yason?
    Orha:    Thatís up to you. But, right now, you donít have
             many options to choose from.
    Haren:   You coward!
    Orha:    If you refuse my request, then Iíll kill the
             hostages one by one. If you try to do anything
             stupid, then they all die.
             However, if Calintz gives himself up, then no
             blood needs to be shed. The choice is obvious, right?
    ( Calintz, after thinking on the situation, throws his sword on the ground.)
    Calintz: Alright, Iíll surrender. But, you better keep your word.
    Orha:    Of course. I donít plan on staying here long;
             I need to get back to Yason-Roven.
             ...Guards, prepare to leave!
    ( Haren raises his hands, ready to attack the Blast Worms, who walk towards   )
    ( Calintz, but Calintz stops him.                                             )
    Calintz: As of this moment, the Tears of Blood is no more.
    Haren    What!?
    ( Calintz walks away with the 2 Blast Words...)
    Orha:    I have business with Reith, also. Bring her to
             Yason-Roven, and I guarantee both their safety.
             Of course, itís up to you whether or not 
             you accept my proposal.
    ( Orha walks away after the others.)
    |                      Switching to Reithís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.92. Orbonne Woods / Maracatte Ė Reithís party                [3.092]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( On the world map, at Mt. Selton)
    Turibo: You want us to kill Chief Seiton? But...
    Neikan: ..........
    Turibo: Oh, no!! Forgive me! Iíll do as you ask!
    Neikan: ..........
    Turibo: No, weíre still searching for them. Donít worry, 
            it wonít be long before we have Calintz and
            the Tears of Blood in our hands.
    Neikan: ..........
    Turibo: I understand, sir. Weíll get right on it.
    ( Reith and the others, after a few steps bump into a few clerics...          )
    Cleric:  Why donít you just surrender? The more you
             resist, the worst your sentence will be.
    Reith:   We came all the way from Emon. 
             We have to talk to the Great Priestess!
    Cleric:  Huh!? What the hell were you doing in Emon?
    Rianna:  *sigh* We had things to do there, okay!?
             Weíre not Yason spies! Got it?
    Cleric:  How do we know youíre telling the truth? 
             Wait a minute... I bet you had something to do
             with Seitonís death...
    Rianna:  What are you talking about?
    Cleric:  Did you really come from Emon? The Chief
             there was just assassinated. But, I guess of youíve 
             been on the run, you might not have heard.
    Justina: Letís turn back. I think we should reevaluate 
             our plans.
    Rianna:  Iím not sure how much longer we can keep 
             This up!
    Cleric:  You think you can beat us?
    Rianna:  Shut up! We donít have time for you.
    ( After the fight with the clerics.)
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar, in the usual room, Amila is standing behind her desk, )
    ( staring out the window. In front of the desk is Orha waiting.               )
    Orha:  Your Highness, we donít have a moment to waste.
           We have no information about how close they
           are to completing the Light o Salvation.
           If the Tears of Blood manages to unite all of the
           shards, then it will mean the end of the Yason.
    Amila: Is the Light of Salvation the only thing you
           care about?
    Orha:  What are you implying?
    Amila: Youíre never honest with me.
           Do whatever you like. Iím simply a puppet for
           The Four Warriors.
    Orha:  With all due respect, Your Highness, you are
           the leader of Yason-Roven.
           What Iím concerned is Carian and Azhadi.
           I believe they may be planning something.
    Amila: Worrying will only make you tired.
           Theyíre not planning anything...
           In fact, compared to you, they seem unquestionably loyal.
    Orha:  May I say something, Your Highness...?
    Amila: Thatís enough! You donít intend to obey my
           orders... Just do as you like.
    Orha:  We will crush the Tears of Blood, as you
           Please take care of yourself while I am away.
           And if you would, be mindful of the two
           comrades I mentioned earlier.
    Amila: I said thatís enough.
    ( On the world map, at Epentar)
    Carian: Heís got something up his sleeve... I know it!
            The question is, what?
    Azhadi: Why donít we just send in some spies?
    Carian: He doesnít even trust himself. Thatís how
            cautious Orha is...
            If we send in spies, heíll figure it out. 
            Then, heíll be even more careful.
            I donít understand why Amila tolerates it!
            She doesnít even question Orhaís actions.
            When did she become so soft!?
    Azhadi: Itís the Rheuma. She doesnít have much time left.
            What a sad fate for the one who stopped
            the Forbidden Magic... Hahaha
    Carian: Thatís right Ė The Forbidden Magic! 
            Sheís been different ever since.
            Something must have happened...
            We have to find out what. To gain the upper 
            hand, we need to know exactly what happened
            after the attack...
            Once we know the truth... the Queen and Orha
            will be finished... Hmhmhmhm...
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.93. Rance Woods / Maracatte Ė Reithís party                  [3.093]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Rianna:  I canít believe Seiton was assassinated...
             Did he know too much for his own good?
    Justina: A peace conference will be more difficult, now.
             Without a mediator, the war will just drag on.
    Rianna:  It doesnít matter anyway.
             The war canít be stopped.
    Justina: Thatís not necessarily true.
             Iíve heard that the Alliance is searching for
             the Light of Salvation.
    Rianna:  Is that why theyíve been following us?
    Justina: But, weíre not the ones they should be after.
             The Tears of Blood probably know more than 
             we do, since they hate the Yason so much.
    Raul:    THATíS why theyíre looking for the Light of 
             Salvation!? Donít people ever learn!?
    Rianna:  Whaddya mean!?
    Justina: Is there something youíre not telling us?
    Raul:    Thereís one thing I know for sure Ė the Light of
             Salvation is more dangerous than you think.
             Itís a threat both for the Yason and humans.
    Rianna:  Donít say such scary things.
             Besides, how do you now that?
    Justina: Yes, Raul...
             Youíre well informed for a swordsman.
             I was suspicious of you from the start...
             Your skill level is far above average.
             Thatís why I did some research.
             No offense, but if Iím right, then youíre over
             60 years old.
    Rianna:  Youíre saying heís an old man...
             How can he not take offense to that!?
    Justina: He looks a lot younger then he really is because
             he never grows older...
             Thereís only one possible explanation for that, 
             right, Raul? I bet you knew Elaie Crane, too.
             Am I right?
    Raul:    Yes, thatís correct.
             ...Anthony Abel Ė thatís my real name.
    Reith:   Then, youíre one of The Eight Heroes?
    Raul:    Yes, Iím sorry for hiding it.
             Iím the Hero of the Heavens.
             But, I prefer to avoid formalities.
    Rianna:  I-I canít believe it.
    Raul:    Until now, I never thought the mistake we made
             50 years ago could be repeated...
    Rianna:  But... Canít the Light of Salvation be used to end
             the war?
    Raul:    You donít understand.
             Once itís in your possession, nothing else seems
             to matter. Time loses its meaning, and little by
             little, your sanity vanishes. 
             A few of my close friends went completely insane.
             To wield so much power in that state of mind can 
             result in disaster.
             And now, theyíre trying to reunite it!
             Why do you think we divided it and hid it?
             ...Because we were so scared of what would
             happen if someone brought the fragments together.
    Justina: So, thatís what happened to The Eight Heroes, 
             and why the Light of Salvation was kept a secret.
    Raul:    Unfortunately, some power-hungry fools are out
             searching for it again. 
             It doesnít matter it itís hidden.
             With the right people looking, theyíll find it.
             All out effort was is vain...
             The Eight Heroes are nothing but failures.
             If people seek en end to the war through its power,
             then the whole world is doomed.
    Reith:   The Light of Salvation holds terrifying power that 
             should never be unleashed.
    Raul:    It should be feared, not admired.
             Coveting its power will only lead to ruin.
             In the wrong hands, all that awaits is utter
    ( They are walking in Rance Woods, when suddenly a flare appears.)
    Justina: Look, a flare!
    Rianna:  Itís not Calintzís. ...Is it from the Headquarters?
    Raul:    Must be an emergency.
    Reith:   Letís hurry and get back!
             They might need our help.
    ( They are running to the other direction, towards the Headquarters, when     )
    ( Reith stops.                                                                )
    Reith:   Calintz... Be careful.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.94. Headquarters / Garute Ė Reithís party                    [3.094]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Arriving at the Headquarters, Justina is looking around to see whatís the   )
    ( problem, when she notices Haren and Chris talking in front of the building. )
    Justina: We saw the signal flare. What happened?
    Haren:   Calintz... was taken away by Orha.
    Reith:   He was? But, why?
    Haren:   Some of our men were taken hostage...
             There was nothing we could do.
    Rianna:  But, why Calintz?
    Haren:   He asked us to bring Reith to Yason-Roven.
    Reith:   Me? Then, because of me, Calintz...
    Rianna:  They still want Reith...? Well, thatís too damn bad.
    Haren:   If I bring Reith there, Calintz will never forgive me.
    Reith:   Will they release him if I go there?
    Haren:   No way! Donít even think about it!
             If Calintz was willing to hand you over, 
             he wouldnít have surrendered in the first place!
    Chris:   Thatís right. All of Calintzís hard work will go to waste.
             You donít want that, do you?
    Reith:   But if I go there, maybe Orha will...
    Haren:   You canít trust him! Heís our enemy! Anyone who believes
             what their enemy says, doesnít deserve to survive!
    Rianna:  I know youíre angry, but we have visitors...
    ( ...5 clerics show up, ready for the fight.)
    |                        Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                           |
    |                        Maya left Calintzís party.                           |
    |                        Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                           |
    |                        Maya joined Reithís party.                           |
    |                    Switching to Calintzís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.95. Epentar / Yason Ė Roven Ė Calintzís party                [3.095]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In a prison cell, Calintz, with his hand tied is sitting on the floor,      )
    ( while two Blast Worms are interrogating him.                                )
    Blast Worm1: I hear youíre stubborn, so letís make this simple.
                 Just tell us who has the shards youíve collected?
    Calintz:     Wouldnít you know it, I lost Ďem.
    Blast Worm2: you bastard, you think youíre so smart!
    Blast Worm1: I have to admit, youíre pretty tough.
                 I can respect you as a warrior.
    Calintz:     And is this how you show your respect?
    Blast Worm2: I told you. Thereís no point being nice to humans!
    ( Orha enters the cell, the Blast Worms bow before him.)
    Orha:        Under the circumstances, Iím not sure how to greet you...
                 What do you think of Yason-Roven?
    Calintz:     Oh, itís been delightful... As you can see, Iíve been tied up, 
                 and beaten. What more do I have to look forward to?
    Orha:        Iím glad you havenít lost your sense of humor.
    Calintz:     Truthfully, Iíd like to beat the hell outta you right now, 
                 but my hands are tied.
    Orha:        Tell me... Where are the shards that you have collected?
    Calintz:     Why? ...You wanna be saved?
    Orha:        Thereís no use changing the subject.
                 We just want back what you humans stole.
                 ...It was originally ours.
                 Iím sure you already know, but we have a good reason 
                 for wanting them returned.
    Calintz:     The Magna Carta...?
    Blast Worm1: What did he say?
    Blast Worm2: Yeah, whatís he talking about?
    Orha:        Everyone out! Immediately!
    ( The Blast Worms leave the cell, leaving Orha with Calintz alone.)
    Blast Worm1: He said something about the Magna Carta.
    Blast Worm2: Him? He knows about it?
    Blast Worm1: Yeah, seems like General Orha doesnít want us to hear.
    Orha:        Thatís not something you should be saying
                 in front of just anyone.
    Calintz:     Itís not a secret anymore, right?
                 The was canít be stopped;
                 itís only going to get worse.
    Orha:        Even the Four Warriors do not fully understand 
                 the Magna Carta. Itís too dangerous to tell anyone 
                 about it.
    Calintz:     Yeah, it could lead to more fighting. People
                 will turn on each other. Thatís what happens 
                 when it comes to power.
                 And thereís no greater power than this.
    Orha:        Thatís why we must keep it a secret. No one
                 must know the relation between the Light 
                 of Salvation and the Magna Carta.
    Calintz:     But, wouldnít it be fun just to tell everyone?
                 Humans and Yason are such idiots...
                 They both love spreading rumors.
    Orha:        How naive are you. You think the Light of
                 Salvation and Magna Carta exists for your sake?
    Calintz:     Well...
    Orha:        You are weak... Youíve been blinded by the
                 promise of power.
                 If you think the Light of Salvation can save
                 mankind, then you are mistaken.
                 That dream is just an illusion.
                 Those like you who lust for power or who are
                 consumed by anger are pathetic. Farewell.
    ( Calintz is sitting in his cell alone, still with tied hands, when the door  )
    ( opens, and a Yason enters, holding Calintzís sword.                         )
    Yason:       Ugh... Youíre still alive, huh? I guess they
                 didnít make it this far.
    ( He limps to Calintz.)
    Calintz:     That wound looks pretty bad. Whoís you pissed off?
    Yason:       This is no time to joke. Hold still.
    Calintz:     ...What are you doing?
    ( The Yason cuts the ropes on Calintzís hands, who stands up, and rubs his    )
    ( wrists.                                                                     )
    Yason:       Just shut up and run! Until youíre out of
                 Yason-Roven, everyone you see is your enemy.
    Calintz:     Why are you letting me go?
                 And what the hell was all that noise?
    Yason:       I hate admit this... but thereís been a 
                 rebellion... There are two Blast Worms on
                 their way here to kill you.
    Calintz:    Wait... You got that wound helping me?
    Yason:      I wouldnít help a human in a million years!
                Itís just... Iím so sick of this... All this bickering...
                Fighting among us... It shouldnít be this way...
    Calintz:    What are you going to do... in your condition?
    Yason:      Just go dammit! Get out of here! I know I wonít
                last long... You think I donít realize that!?
    ( Meanwhile they were talking, the 2 Blast Worms sent to kill Calintz arrive, )
    ( and they kill the Yason, who was ready to leave Calintz.                    )
    Blast Worm1: Good! Heís still here!
    Blast Worm2: Our orders are to kill him!
    Calintz:     Just try it, you bastards.
    ( Calintz is walking around on the prison level...)
    Calintz: Where... am I?
    ( ...when suddenly he notices Yason bodies lying in the corridor, bodies,     )
    ( which are half petrified.                                                   )
    Calintz: Oh, my god! Is this because of Rheuma?
             Are these the people I hated so much?
             ...Is this what I wanted?
             ...No! Not this!
    ( On the world map, at Epentar)
    Carian:     You fools! This isnít what I had planned!
    Blast Worm: Some of my soldiers took matters into their own
                hands. At this rate, it will look like thereís a
    Carian:     You idiot! There IS a rebellion...
                Your soldiers are ignoring their orders.
                If thatís not a rebellion, then what is!?
    Blast Worm: One more thing... You know that human 
                you wanted killed during the confusion...?
                Well, we canít find him anywhere.
    Carian:     What!? My plan is ruined!!
                ...Wait. That may not be a bad thing.
                Listen carefully. While is busy looking for 
                the girl, Iíll continue to toy with the Queenís head.
                I want you to spread a rumor that the Queen is
                conspiring with humans, and thatís the reason 
                she let the prisoner escape.
                No matter what, though, you have to make sure
                that Orha and the human are see together.
                I donít care how you do it, but we need to arouse 
                some suspicion. Got it!?
    Blast Worm: Donít worry. Iíll take care of it.
    Carian:     What are you waiting for? Get going!
                Thereís no turning back, now.
                Iíll have to revise the plan...
    ( Finally leaving the prison behind, Calintz end up in place that looks like  )
    ( a huge garden.                                                              )
    Calintz: Where the hell am I?
    ( ...the sound of someone walking near can be heard and Calintz hides away    )
    ( in a nearby bush.                                                           )
    Amila:   Who goes there? How dare you enter the Queenís garden?
    ( Realizing, who the person in the garden is, with a stern expression,        )
    ( Calintz starts to walk towards the Queen.                                   )
    Amila:   Ca-Calintz!? Why are you here!?
    Calintz: so, I finally get to meet the Queen.
    Amila:   No! Why are you here!?
    ( Calintz hold his sword towards Amila...)
    Amila:   Wait! I donít wanna fight you!
    (...He strikes down with his sword, but before the attack, Amila falls back.)
    Calintz: If I kill you, the war will end. No on will have
             to suffer once youíre dead.
    ( Heís ready to attack Amila, when Orhaís familiar, the large Raven appears   )
    ( between them and attacks Calintz.
    Calintz: Ah! Ugh!
    ( And a few seconds later Orha appears.                                       )
    Orha:    You are safe now, Your Highness. The traitors,
             who have started the rebellion have been eliminated.
             Thereís nothing to worry about, anymore.
    ( After a few attacks on Orha, he summons his familiar. After the short fight )
    ( with the birdie...                                                          )
    Calintz: No! We need to retreat!
    |                     Switching to Reithís party.                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.96. Lester Woods / Garute Ė Reithís party                    [3.096]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Chris:   *sigh* I may be a genius, but thereís only 
             so much I can take.
    Haren:   Nowís not the time for jokes!
             We just let Calintz walk right into
             the hands of the enemy!
    Azel:    Letís hurry and save the Captain!
    Rianna:  Thatís what weíre trying to figure out.
             If you have time to complain, then why
             donít ya come up with some ideas.
    Eonis:   But, it wonít be easy. We have both the
             Yason and Amabat to worry about.
    Chris:   Letís just ask Agreian for help.
    Haren:   What are we gonna say? ďCalintz is in trouble.
             Please launch an attack on Yason-Roven.Ē
    Raul:    Thatís great idea.
    Haren:   Huh?
    Raul:    There IS a way to attack Yason-Roven...
    Haren:   Hey, Chris...
    Chris:   Oh, no... What now?
    Haren:   Go toss this lunatic off a cliff.
    Raul:    If you do that, then you wonít have anyone
             to show you the way. Iíve snuck into
             Yason-Roven before, you know.
    Rianna:  Thatís suicide. The border between Garute 
             and Yason-Roven is a war zone! 
             Just getting close to that is impossible!
    Raul:    Who said anything about crossing a battlefield?
             Weíll be crossing The Grayton Mountains.
             Last time I went, there was still a path.
    Chris:   Question: how long ago was that, exactly?
    Raul:    Hmm... Letís see... About 50 years ago.
    Justina: 50 years ago? Do you mean the same route 
             The Eight Heroes took!
    Raul:    Thatís right! Like the young lady said, the
             original expedition followed that path.
             Three of us were on the verge of death
             by the time we finished, so... I estimate that
             about half of us will survive this time around.
    Haren:   Half!? Boy, things are really looking up.
    Reith:   Well, Iím going.
             Calintz has always been there to save me.
             Now, itís my turn to save him.
    Rianna:  Reith, the mountains are more dangerous than
             you think. All that climbing will be hell, but itís 
             nothing compared to the monsters up there.
             No one ever bothers to guard that route.
    Raul:    Thatís why we were able to sneak in.
             But, I have to admit, it was pretty rough.
    Reith:   Iím still going.
    Azel:    Me, too! We have to save the Captain.
             As long as we stick together, I know 
             we can make it!
    Haren:   It ainít that easy, kid... Ah, screw it! Iíll go, too.
    Raul:    Through the mountains, itís a straight ship to
             Epentar. Weíll have to force out way through,
             of course.
    Reith:   Iím going to save Calintz, no matter what.
    Haren:   Knowing him, heís probably not waiting for help.
             But, I uses we could surprise him, for once.
    Raul:    Alright, but remember to keep your eyes peeled, 
             everyone. Itís a long road to Epentar.
    Chris:   That doesnít sound like much fun.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.97. Grayton Mountains / Yason Ė Roven  Ė Reithís party       [3.097]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Right after entering the area of Grayton Mountains...)
    Raul:   Oh... These guys!?
    Azel:   Do you know them Raul?
    Raul:   They use the same style as I do.
    Azel:   Ohh... So, theyíre your friends?
    Raul:   Well, yeah... I heard a rumor that one of my
            students opened a dojo...
    Rianna: One of your students opened a dojo? ...Wait, 
            how old were you when you were teaching?
    Raul:   Anyways... Azel, why donít you try out this dojo?
    Azel:   Me? Iím not skilled enough yet.
            Anyways, your style is too difficult.
    Raul:   Nonsense. If you know the enemy and know
            yourself, in a hundred battle you will not be
            Yes, the Tenmei Keishin Style is difficult, 
            but you do know that is uses the 
            Chi if Wind and the Chi of Celestial, donít you?
            And your Ryusei Ikko Style uses Counter Mode,
            doesnít it?
    Azel:   Oh yeah! Thatís right.
    Raul:   Regardless of your enemyís strength, if you
            know what Chi to use, youíll always have the
            advantage. Good luck!
    ( A few steps later, near the save point...)
    Rianna: So, this is it, huh...
    Chris:  Not only it is all uphill, but there are monsters along the way...
            I have a bad feeling about this.
    Haren:  Then, just go home!
    Raul:   Having second thoughts even before weíve started?
            Donít worry, once youíve made it through here, 
            youíll know the true meaning of hardship.
    Chris:  Hey, you donít have to scare us like that.
    Raul:  Scare you? Iím just being honest.
           Reith, are you sure youíre ready to face that mountain?
    Reith: Iím positive. Calintz is waiting for me.
    Raul:  Thereís one thing I need to tell you all before
           we start.
    Haren: Whatís that? When we break for lunch?
    Raul:  ...What do you think this is, a day in the park?
           Anyway, thereís a monster in these mountains
           known as the Stone Golem.
           Back then, it nearly killed us. I suggest we try to 
           avoid it, if itís still around.
    Azel:  What does it look like?
    Raul:  Itís big, with blue and white skins that as though 
           as leather. Not only that, but its fists feel like 
           theyíre made of stone.
    Azel:  I-I see... We should probably stay away
           from it, then.
    ( At the second part of the mountain, right before the house)
    Chris:   Ooooh! Look at that cozy little cabin
             waiting for us! This is gonna be great!
    Haren:   Man, do you ever shut up?
    Chris:   Well, everybody looked so tired, 
             I thought Iíd cheer you up!
    Haren:   You know what would cheer me up?
             ...If you shut up for a change.
    Rianna:  All this yelling is making my head hurt.
    Raul:    Hahaha... I see youíre all making the best
             of the situation.
    Rianna:  The other seven heroes arenít as annoying
             as you, are they?
    Justina: Are you alright, Reith? Do you need to rest?
    Reith:   I wonder if Calintz is okay...
    Justina: I donít know... The Yason donít take
             kindly to humans.
    Reith:   I was always a burden to Calintz...
             But now, maybe I can change that.
    ( Not fat from the house, near the exit from the area...)
    ( Everyone looks extremely tired, when after climbing the mountain they stop.)
    Chris:  *huff* Hey, guys... I just *huff* realized something
            really important.
    Haren:  Shut up! Weíre finally done climbing; I donít wanna hear it.
    Rianna: Yeah! You never have anything good to say!
    Chris:  While we were climbing, I was thinking... 
            Once we save Calintz... We have to climb
            this mountain all over again, wonít we?
    Rianna: Aww... Dammit!
    Haren:  You made me picture it! Thatís why I told you to shut up!
    Eonis:   Well... Weíre in Yason territory, now, so we better get serious.
    Raul:    Our lives are on the line, so stay alert.
    ( Reith is holding her head and shaking it...)
    Reith:   Ah...!
    Rianna:  Whatís wrong!? Reith, are you okay?
    Reith:   My memoryís... coming back...
    ( Black and white pictures of the place, that looks like the one she saw in   )
    ( the memory of Involk Castle.                                                )
    Justina: Reith, whatís the matter? Does it hurt?
    Reith:   No, Iím fine... Sorry... Everyone... Iím sorry...
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.98. Asera Woods / Yason Ė Roven  Ė Reithís party             [3.098]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( A few steps later, they meet with 2 Blast Worms)
    Blast Worm1: Humans? Whereís they come from?
    Blast Worm2: Damn them. They found a new way in!?
    Haren:       I see they sent the welcome wagon.
    Chris:       Hey, why donít you guys take off your armor
                 and cool down for a bit? It must be hot in there.
    Rianna:      Is there something wrong with you?
                 How can you joke at a time like this?
    ( fight with 3 Blast Worms)
    ( Almost at the end of the area...)
    Haren:   Wha! What the hellís this!?
    ( On the ground, there are half-petrified Yasons lying.)
    Justina: Is this... the disease they call Rheuma?
    Rianna:  I canít believe it... This is horrible.
    Raul:    Itís getting worse every year...
             Take a good look... This is the fate of the Yason
             who have lost their source of Chi.
             This is the misery The Eight Heroes caused when
             we stole the Light of Salvation.
             The Yason are dying, but humans are hurtling themselves 
             towards extinction with even greater force.
    Justina: This is too cruel, this fate.
    Reith:   Ugh... My head... 
    Rianna:  Is your memory coming back again? Are you okay?
    Reith:   I feel better, now. Donít worry.
    Raul:    Letís go. Our presence is only causing 
             these poor Yason more pain.
    ( A few steps later, at the end of the area, they meet with other Blast Worms)
    Blast Worm1: Humans!
    Blast Worm2: The report was true! They found a new way in!
    ( fight with 3 Blast Worms)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.99. Epentar / Yason Ė Roven  Ė Reithís party                 [3.099]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After a few steps...)
    Reith:      Ah! No... Stop!!
    Justina:    Is her memory returning again?
                I wonder if something here is triggering it...
    Raul:       Sorry, but weíll have to discuss it later...
    Blast worm: Humans! Capture them!!
    Rianna:     Heh! Iíll teach you to mess with us!
    Eonis:      Reith, stay back! Let us handle this.
    |                       Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                            |
    |             Justina, Raul, Rianna, Maya left Reithís party.                 |
    |                       Switching to Raulís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.100. Epentar / Yason Ė Roven  Ė Raulís party                 [3.100]  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                       Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                            |
    |                  Justina, Rianna, Maya joined Raulís party.                 |
    ( After the fight with 3 Blast Worms)
    Haren:   Damn... How many more will we have to 
    Rianna:  Reith, are you... huh!?
             Oh, no! Whereíd she go!?
    Justina: What!? She was right behind me...
    Raul:    This isnít good. Weíre in the heart of the enemyís territory.
    Rianna:  Reith! REITH!!
    Justina: What should we do...?
    ( Reith is walking around in Epentar...)
    Reith:       No... Iíve got to find Calintz... Stay away...
    ( ...until she ends up in the same place she saw in her memory. There are     )
    ( 4 Blast Worms, practicing. They notice Reith and suddenly the glowing orb   )
    ( appears, the same that appeared every time when Reith got back some of her  )
    ( memory...
    ( In the same place, where she ended up is Azhadi, Roxy, Carian and Orha      )
    ( watching Queen Amila and her familiar, the Phoenix. The triangle mask on    )
    ( Amilaís face slowly disappears, revealing that Reith IS Amila.              )
    ( Amila strikes down with her weapon, creating the barrier around Epentar,    )
    ( which reflected the Forbidden Magic. After this, she somehow ended in the   )
    ( cave, where she changed her dress to the yellow one she found there,        )
    ( leaving her Amila dress behind.                                             )
    Reith:       I see... So, thatís how it is...
    Blast Worm1: What the hell was that? There was a flash of light!
    Blast Worm2: Itís human. Kill her!
    ( Surrounded by the Blast Worms, Reith summons the Phoenix. )
    Reith:          You fools... Who are you pointing those swords at?
    (Amilaís voice) Do you not recognize me?
    ( Orha comes, and kneels down before Reith. After him, all the Blast Worms do )
    ( the same.                                                                   )
    Orha:        I have been waiting for you, Your Highness.
                 Did you enjoy your journey?
    Reith:       ( In Amilaís voice) Journey... Yes, it was such a sad journey.
                 Itís unfortunate... but, I must forget it.
    ( Back at Raulís party, Rianna is still searching for Reith...)
    Rianna:  Reith! Where are you!?
    Raul:    Forget it. Weíre smack dab in the middle of Epentar.
             Weíll never find her.
    Rianna:  Youíre not just gonna give up, are you?
    Azel:    We still havenít found the Captain, either.
    ( With that said, a familiar looking person shows up...)
    Calintz: You guys... 
             What are you doing here?
    Azel:    Captain! Thank god youíre alive!
    Calintz: Itís dangerous for you here...
    Rianna:  What? Not even a thank you?
    Raul:    Hey, arenít we forgetting something?
    Calintz: And whatís that?
    Eonis:   Reith wandered off while we were fighting.
    Calintz: She what...!? You mean, sheís lost in Epentar!?
             What the hell were you doing!?
    Rianna:  Yí know what we were doing!? ...Tryiní to save
             your ass, thatís what! Almost got killed, too!
             ...And this is the thanks we get?
    Eonis:   Please stop. We have to find Reith!
    Raul:    Thereís no time to waste. Letís go!
    |                       Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                            |
    |                    Justina, Rianna, Maya left Raulís party.                 |
    |                    Switching to Calintzís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.101. Epentar / Yason Ė Roven  Ė Calintzís party              [3.101]  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                       Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                            |
    |             Justina, Raul, Rianna, Maya joined Calintzís party.             |
    ( In the northern part of Epentar, the party is stopped by 4 Blast Worms and  )
    ( and in front of the is Orha, waiting...                                     )
    Calintz: This is the third time today. 
             Iím getting tired of your face.
    Orha:    Iím not any happier to see you.
    Calintz: Whereís Reith?
    Orha:    I donít know. Why do you care so much?
    Calintz: If you so much as touch her, you wonít 
             live to see another day. Got it?
    Orha:    Control your temper, or it will control you.
    ( Fight with Orhaís Raven. Once it is killed, Orha attacks them, but itís soon )
    ( over after Orha gets some damage.                                            )
    ( Calintz and Raul, with swords in hands, are standing in front of Orha and    )
    ( the Blast Worms...                                                           )
    Calintz: Reith! Tell me where Reith is!! 
    ( Orha doesnít say anything, heís just looking at Calintz, when suddenly a     )
    ( yellow thing falls in front of Calintz Ė a yellow flower that Reith was      )
    ( wearing in her hair. Calintzís looks up to see where it came from, and to    )
    ( his surprise, behind the Blast Worms is Amila standing, still with stretched )
    ( out hands Ė she threw the yellow flower to Calintz.                          )
    Calintz: Amila...!
    ( Amila turns around, and slowly walks away...)
    Orha:    Does that answer your question?
    Calintz: You bastards!!
    ( Calintz moves to attack Orha, but Raul, whoís standing beside him, punches   )
    ( him in the stomach. Calintz collapses
    Raul:    Weíre not ready for this! Letís retreat!
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.102. Lester Woods / Garute Ė Calintzís party                 [3.102]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Calintz is sitting, leaning to a rock, staring, looking really miserable.   )
    *** Flashback ***
    In the cave, Calintz, after waking up, grabs his sword...
    Calintz: Whoís there!?
    Girl:    Reith...?
    ...holding Calintzís hand, Reith gets from the ground...
    Reith:   Okay, Calintz.
    ...Reith steps in Orhaís way, her arms stretched out, to protect Calintz...
    ...Calintz drags Reith to the ledge and they jump off the cliff...
    Reith:   Whatís wrong with you all? Theyíre not Yason.
             Theyíre humans! Donít you get it!?
    ...Calintz strikes down with his sword, a clashing sound can be heard...
    ... Reith runs to Calintz, who hugs Reith. 
    Reith:   ...Thank you.
    *** End of flashback ***
    Calintz: *sigh*
    Eonis:   Calintz...
    Raul:    We canít just sit here and do nothing...
             Reith is probably still alive. But, considering how 
             desperate they were to find her, Iím starting to
             think she may be one of them.
    Calintz: ...Youíre saying sheís a Yason?
    Raul:    Since The Four Warriors themselves
             were after her, Iíd say she was
             someone important, too.
    Haren:   A Yason?
    Raul:    Should we continue to search for her?
    Azel:    Captain...
    Raul:    Letís consider out option... Maybe we should
             concentrate on finding Neikan, since heís
             the leader of the Dark Yason.
             I assure you, the Dark Yason will not be content
             with getting revenge on The Eight Heroes... They
             seek to destroy all of Efferia and Yason-Roven.
    Haren:   How Ďbout we go check out that cavern again.
             Maybe weíll find the stolen shard.
    Raul:    Listen carefully... Stop collecting the shards.
             No matter how noble his intentions, 
             General Agreian wonít be able to overcome
             the Light of Salvationís influence.
    Eonis:   Is it true that the Light of Salvation
             takes control of a personís mind?
    Raul:    *sigh* The Light of Salvation haunts its victims
             with recurring nightmares, driving them to
             collect the remaining shards.
             I hid the Celestial shard to escape its nightmares.
             Itís amazing that Elaine was able to protect her 
             shard for so many years and still keep her sanity. 
             Can you believe that even Joshua succumbed
             to the temptation of the Light of Salvation?
             He attacked me to steal my shard.
             Itís ironic... A priest famous for his gentleness
             was the first one to crack. 
             If you continue to collect the shards for Agreian,
             youíll start to notice a transformation.
             But by then, itíll be too late.
             You canít let that happen, Calintz. 
             Iíll go retrieve the Celestial Shard.
             Letís meet at Orbonne Woods.
    |                   Justina, Raul, Rianna left Calintzís party.               |
    |                      Justina, Rianna joined Raulís party.                   |
    |                         Agreian is calling you.                             |
    Calintz: General Agreian is trying to contact us!
             Justina and Rianna, go with Raul. The rest
             of you will return with me to Headquarters.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.103. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                 [3.103]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Approaching the Communication Sphere)
    Agreian: Are you okay, there?
    Calintz: Yeah, donít worry. Iím close to unmasking
             the leader of the Dark Yason.
    Agreian: If you find out who it is, contact me immediately.
             Who knows what theyíre up to? And if things
             get ugly, pull out. I donít want you getting hurt.
             You still have to save Reith, right?
    Calintz: Yeah. And, Raul has volunteered to retrieve
             the Celestial shard.
    Agreian: That would make sense, since heís the one 
             who hid it. So, where did he say it was?
    Calintz: Not far from Amabat, actually.
             ...somewhere on Mt. Sekreit.
    Agreian: I see...
    Calintz: Raul had one other thing to say about
             the Light of Salvation...Apparently, it has
             a will of its own, and can even take control
             of a personís mind. Even Joshua, one of
             The Eight Heroes wasnít strong enough to
             resist it...
    Agreian: So Iíve heard.
    Calintz: You knew? Then, why are you - ?
    Agreian: To end the war.
    Calintz: Youíre willing to take that risk!?
    Agreian: If something should happen to me, then please
             see it through to the end.
    Calintz: Hugo... Are you crazy!?
    Agreian: I canít turn back, now. Too many lives have
             already been lost. Weíve put our own lives
             on the line, too, havenít we?
    Calintz: But, I doubt Raul will just hand over the shard...
             He did warn us, after all. He might even be
             thinking of disappearing with it.
    Agreian: Leave Raul to me. Iíll convince him.
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar)
    Chief Seryun: Excuse me, Your Highness. But, there is 
                  something that I just do not understand. 
                  Why were you up north, at a time like this...?
    Amila:        How many times must I explain it?
                  Chief of the Seryun, you have become
                  quite insistent since we last spoke.
    Chief Seryun: I-I beg your pardon.
    Chief Kiasa:  Weíre just glad that you returned safely,
                  Your Majesty.
    Amila:        Thank you. I have observed the people of
                  the north, and have discovered a feasible
                  way to end the war. 
                  Thereís no need to fear. Just to as I command.
    ( In Amilaís room, sheís sitting by her desk, while Orha is standing in front )
    ( of it, waiting for the Queenís order.                                       )
    Amila: Let me hear your report on the Dark Yason.
    Orha:  They fled to Efferia, where they established a new
           base of operations. Since they look like humans,
           theyíve encountered few obstacles.
           The leader of the Dark Yason is Neikan.
           We believe heís gathered information
           through his connection in the Alliance.
           Unfortunately... it seems that there was
           a spy within the Yason as well.
    Amila: I see.
    ( She takes up a letter from the desk, which has a red seal at the bottom.)
    Amila: What is this red crest?
    Orha:  Itís the crest of the Dark Yason. It is intended
           to symbolize their hunger for revenge.
    Amila: ...Orha.
    Orha:  Yes, Your Highness.
    Amila: Can you find out more about the Great Priestess Ladrinne?
           I want to know everything there is to know...
    Orha:  Your highness, I beg your pardon, but...
    Amila: Donít ask; just learn all that you can.
    Orha:  I understand, Your Highness.
    ( In the throne room...)
    Roxy:   Are you suggesting that we destroy 
            the Light of Salvation? Forgive me,
            Your Highness, but thatís...
    Amila:  Donít worry, Iím still sane.
            During my time in Efferia, I learned many things. 
            You think without the Light of Salvation,
            the Yason are doomed, donít you?
            But, our people will rise again.
            The next generation will be born 
            free of the restraints of the Vindi.
    Carian: But... What will happen to us? Rheuma is
            already spreading within the Blast Worms.
            If we donít revive the Tree of Light...
    Amila:  The Light of Salvation will always pose a threat
            if it falls into the wrong hands. 
            This it the only way to guarantee our safety.
            Besides, some Yason have already begun to
            show signs of resistance, have they not? 
            Please have faith in me. Yason-Roven will once
            again become the paradise it used to be.
    Orha:   I beg your pardon, Your Highness, but the plan
            involves a certain element of risk.
            If the humans were to attack after the Tree of
            Light is dead, then what will happen?
    Azhadi: Thatís right... Your Majesty, itís too dangerous.
    Amila:  I donít have time to convince you...
            We must recover the Light of Salvation
            as soon as possible.
            Make that your top priority.
    Amila:  One of them is a traitor... But, who...?
    ( On the world map, at Amrond Woods)
    Carian: What? You know the Queen said that...? 
            But, how?
    Neikan: ..........
    Carian: You donít trust us, do you? But, guess what?
            Weíve already figured out who are you.
    Neikan: ..........
    Azhadi: Donít worry. Weíll continue to play dumb. 
            The rest is up to you...
    Neikan: ..........
    ( On the world map, at Epentar)
    Azhadi: Can we still trust him?
    Carian: Who said anything about trust? This is business.
    Amila:  I see. So, this is how you show your loyalty? 
            By betraying your own people? 
    Carian: ...Your Highness.
    Amila:  Do you recognize this face?
    ( The usual triangle mask is gone, Amila or Reithís face is normally shown.)
    Carian: It canít be...
    Amila:  I thank you for your efforts. Sdei, was it...?
            The assassinís name. Serina would have 
            never sunk to that level.
    Carian: Youíre not even a pure Yason.
    Amila:  Hence, the mask. But, even worse, I was forced
            to keep my sister locked up.
            Orha, arrest these traitors. Execute them once
            the full extent of their plans is known. 
    |                       Switching to Raulís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.104. Lester Woods / Garute Ė Raulís party                    [3.104]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Raul:    I hid the Celestial Shard on Mt. Sekreit.
             But, I donít know for sure that itís still there.
    Justina: What do you mean?
    Raul:    As I was saying, the shards can take
             control of a personís mind. 
             They want to return to the Tree of Light.
             After Joshua and Behru succumbed to their
             power, both headed to Yason-Roven.
    Rianna:  I still canít believe a stupid rock has that
             much power.
    Raul:    Why do you think the Yason are so convinced 
             they need the Light of Salvation? Anyway,
             we should get going.
    ( On the world map, at Lester Woods)
    Raul:    Thereís a way to get to the Celestial Ruins from 
             Mt. Selton. Thatís there we should head next.
    ( On the world map, they are taken to Mt. Selton)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.105. Celestial Ruins / Amabat Ė Raulís party                 [3.105]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the area of Mt. Selton there is no conversation, as there isnít any in   ]
    [ first two sections of the Celestial Ruins.                                  ]
    ( At the third, last section of the area...)
    ( Raul is walking towards the chest, where he hid the Shard, when the large   )
    ( symbol appears on the ground along with the guardian, which looks like a    )
    ( crossover between a bird and a horse.                                       )
    ( After the fight is over)
    |                      Celestial Shard acquired!                              |
    ( A few steps later, leaving the area...)
    ( ...Raul hits Rianna on the back of the neck, who collapses. Heís already    )
    ( taken care of Justina, whoís lying not far from Rianna...                   )
    Raul: Sorry... I donít intend to hand this over.
          The shards must never be reunited.
    ( Suddenly he realizes, that heís not alone, there are 2 Turibos watching him.)
    ( after the fight with the Turibos)
    Raul: So, YOU are Neikan... Hmph. We were quite the fools.
          What do you want? Revenge? Then, just kill us heroes.
    ( The other person cannot be seen, only the hands, as the person starts to    )
    ( cast some kind of magic to finish off Raul.                                 )
    Raul: Uahhh... I have to... warn Calintz... about you...!
    ( Meanwhile in Epentar, in the Queensís garden, Amila and Serina, her sister, )
    ( are talking...                                                              )
    Serina: Why did you let me live?
    Amila:  Youíre my little sister.
            Nothing you ever do will change that.
    Serina: But, what difference does it make? 
            Isnít it our custom to confine the members of 
            the royal family?
    Amila:  Serina, itís true that I had you confined.
            But, thatís because there were people 
            who were trying to use so?
    Serina: Really? So, you were looking out for me?
    Amila:  Back then, I did whatever it took to survive.
            It may not seem like it, but I was protecting you.
    Serina: How considerate of you. Did you enjoy your
            trip to Efferia? Are you pleased with yourself, 
            not that Calintz remembers your name?
    Amila:  Thatís right. And now, heís mine. Donít be jealous.
    Serina: What!?
    Amila:  The truth is, I really am selfish. 
            Iím the one who locked you away and had
            everyone executed, so that I could be Queen. 
            Iím the one who started the war, which cost so
            may humans their lives. 
            The Ice Queen Ė Amila Reith Riein Zes Ė thatís me.
    *** Flashback ***
    Mano and a little girl are sitting in the forest...
    Girl: Geez.
    Mano: What?
    Girl: You want me to teach you? Whoís your opponent?
          Iíll train you so you can beat him in less then a month.
    Not far from them, someone is watching the two kids...
    Mano walks away, the girl stays, when someone walks to her. 
    The new person is almost identical to the girl, they even wear the same dress.
    They are sitting beside each other, but they arenít talking, they arenít even 
    looking at each other.
    *** End of flashback ***
    Serina: Stop it... I already know... You donít have to pretend anymore.
    ( Amila walks to Serina, puts the arms on her shoulder.)
    Amila:  Iím sorry. Iím sure that everyone will hate me for what
            Iím going to do. But, itís all for the sake of our people.
    Serina: What are you planning?
    Amila:  The Yason will survive. Rheuma is simply a trial
            that they must endure if we are to evolve.
    Serina: Are you saying my condition is curable?
    Amila:  That all depends on you.
    Serina: *sigh* What does that mean? ...Even the Blast Worms
            have been infected. Itís hopeless, now.
    Amila:  I donít know of that Iíve got planned will lead to destruction
            or salvation. But, from whatíve seen if Efferia, 
            I am certain that the Yason will rise again. 
            Serina... I know I wasnít much of a sister to you. 
            But, I promise to you this. There will come a time when
            you can once again walk freely in the sunshine, smiling. 
            That will be my last present to you, Serina.
    Serina: What do you mean? Can you even keep that promise?
    Amila:  Of course. But, I have something to ask you in return.
    ( She leans to Serina, and whispers something to her.)
    Serina: Why would you say that? *gasp* What are you trying to do!?
    Amila:  Promise me.
    ( On the world map, at the Headquarters)
    Calintz: Weíre going back to the Turibo hideout. We 
             donít want the same thing to happen again,
             so letís assess the situation once we arrive.
    Haren:   No matter how many of Ďem are waiting, 
             Iíll take care of it.
    Eonis:   Donít do anything foolish. Now, letís get going.
    ( From the Headquarters, they are taken to Mt. Selton.)
    |                    Switching to Calintzís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.106. Mt. Selton / Amabat Ė Calintzís party                   [3.106]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( At the Turibo Hideout)
    Haren:   Itís empty. Whatís going on?
    Chris:   Did they know we were coming?
    Azel:    That canít be. Weíve been careful.
             Thereís no way they could have known...
    Calintz: ...But, they could have guessed. 
             They burned everything important.
             Thereís nothing left to do here.
    ( After leaving the cave)
    Turibo:  So, I was told correctly.
    Calintz: ...By who?
    Turibo:  Iím only here to deliver a message:
             bring the Ice Shard from The Great
             Temple of Amabat to Astine March.
    Haren:   Ha! Ya think weíd listen to you?
    Turibo:  The Great Priestessís life... is at stake.
    Calintz: What?
    Turibo:  You wouldnít want to be framed for
             Ladrinneís assassination, would you?
    Haren:   You bastard!
    Turibo:  The shard is in the back of the temple.
             The door can only be opened by you, Calintz.
    Calintz: Iím going to the Great Temple. You guys 
             meet up with Raul.
    Azel:    But Captain, is it safe for you to go by yourself?
    Calintz: Explain the situation to Raul. Maybe heíll
             have an idea.
    Chris:   Youíre not going alone. If you get caught, 
             then weíll really be screwed. Besides,
             weíre a team; you canít ditch us, now.
    Eonis:   Thatís right, Mistress Ladrinne is in trouble,
             so weíre coming with you.
             Weíve got to find the Ice Shard if weíre
             going to have any chance of saving her.
             ...Of course, we wonít just hand it over.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.107. The Great Temple / Amabat Ė Calintzís party             [3.107]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( After a few steps, the party bumps into a few clerics...)
    Cleric:  Hey! Arenít you- !?
    Calintz: We donít have time for this.
    ( After the fight with 3 clerics)
    Calintz: Whereís the Great Priestess?
    Cleric:  I donít know.
    ( After a few more steps, more clerics show up...)
    Cleric:  whoís there!?
    Calintz: Iíll be blunt... Mistress Ladrinne is in danger.
    ( After the fight with 3 clerics)
    Cleric:  Ughh. Mistress Ladrinne? In danger?
             ...I donít buy it.
    Calintz: Where is she?
    Cleric:  ...She left the temple. But, thatís not common
             knowledge. In fact, theyíre keeping it very quiet.
             Thereís even a double...
    Calintz: A fake wouldnít fool the Dark Yason.
             ( She left the temple...? Whatís going on, here?
             What kind of spy would have access to such
             secret information?)
    ( In front of the door, thatís on the left side of the temple)
    Chris:   Is this it?
    ( He tries to push the door with all his might, but...)
    Chris:   Hmmmph... Uaa... It wonít budge.
             Is this really a door? It must be locked from the inside.
    Eonis:   He said that only Calintz would be able to open it.
             I wonder if thatís true...
    ( Calintz goes to the door, touches the door, which opens.)
    Azel:    Whoa, it opened on its own!
    Calintz: Letís go.
    ( Inside the room)
    Azel:    Thatís definitely the Ice Shard.
    ( The large symbol appears, along with the guardian of the shard)
    Calintz: So, youíre going to test me to see if
             Iím worthy of possessing you?
    ( After the fight is over)
    |                            Ice Shard acquired!                              |
    ( leaving the room, at the main part of the temple)
    Cleric:  Itís Calintz! Capture him!
    Calintz: Thereís too many clerics around here!
             Letís hide in Mistress Ladrinneís room!
    ( If the go to the back of the temple, where the teleport circle was)
    Eonis:   The circleís gone... We canít get to
             Mistress Ladrinneís room from here.
    Calintz: We need to take the stairs.
    ( Going through the door on the right, which wasnít there before, and after   )
    ( going up-up-up-up-up on the stairs, the party ends up on the first floor,   )
    ( in front of Mistress Ladrinneís room.                                       )
    ( In Mistress Ladrinneís room)
    Azel:    This is it.
    Calintz: Weíll wait here until itís safe to leave.
    ( If they try to leave now)
    Calintz: I still hear voices. Letís wait a while longer.
    ( Going a few steps towards the end of the room...)
    ( ...Calintz notices on the floor a bracelet...)
    Eonis:   Whatís wrong?
    Calintz: I gave him this... No, itís a different color.
    *** Flashback ***
    Hugo: Thatís important for you, isnít it?
          You can give me something else.
    Mano: No... You can have it, Hugo. 
          Youíre giving me your most treasured possession.
    Hugo: Thanks, Iíll take good care of it.
          Weíll always be friends, Mano.
    The kids are standing, holding out their treasures in their hands towards
    the other: Hugo, the knife and Mano, the bracelet.
    *** End of flashback ***
    Calintz: What it this... Hugo?
    Eonis:   Calintz, whatís wrong?
    Calintz: Oh, itís nothing. We better get to Astine Marsh.
    |                    Ladrinneís Bracelet acquired!                            |
    ( Right after they leave Mistress Ladrinneís room...)
    ( ...Meanwhile, near the center part of Lake Astine, Mistress Ladrinne,       )
    ( accompanied by two priestesses, is walking towards 2 Blast Worms.           )
    Ladrinne:   Where is she...?
    Blast Worm: Iím sorry, but please come with us. Itís Her Majestyís orders.
                Donít worry, you wonít be harmed.
    Agreian:    Thatís a sorry excuse for a kidnapping...
    Ladrinne:   Agreian!? Why are you here?
    Agreian:    Stay where you are, Mother. Youíve been tricked.
                How could you believe such an obvious lie?
    Ladrinne:   But, they said...
    Blast Worm: So, youíve General Agreian? We already know about Ė Ugh...
    ( The Blast Worm cannot finish the sentence, due to a hit on his head by a    )
    ( cleric.                                                                     )
    Cleric:     Insolent dog. How dare you...
    Ladrinne:   Please, wait. Let them finish...
    Agreian:    Mother, they are Yason. How can you believe them?
    Ladrinne:   Agreian...
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.108. N. Astine Marsh / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party           [3.108]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Going by the save point)
    ( The party of Calintz, Haren, Eonis, Maya, Azel and Chris are walking towards)
    ( the exit to Lake Astine, when Calintz stops.                                )
    Calintz: Iím going in alone.
    Haren:   Are you crazy?
    Calintz: We donít know what the situation is over there.
             If things heat up, Iíll send a signal. 
             But, if Iím not back in an hour, then go meet up with Raul.
             If we all get caught, thatíll endanger the others, too.
    Azel:    I understand, Captain. But, if you run into trouble, 
             please send the signal. Weíll come right away.
    Calintz: Thank you.
    ( As heís walking away...)
    Calintz: ...Sorry.
    ( Maya is standing, looking sad, stroking the head of her strange doll.)
    |                       Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                            |
    |                     Maya has left Calintzís party.                          |
    ( On the world map, Calintz is taken from N. Astine Marsh to Lake Astine.)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.109. Lake Astine / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party               [3.109]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Calintz is walking at the middle section of the area of Lake Astine, where  )
    ( there are 2 clerics, guarding Mistress Ladrinne.                            )
    Cleric:   *gasp* The Tears of Blood!
    Ladrinne: Please, wait.
              Calintz, Iím glad to see that youíre safe.
              How did you know I was here?
    Calintz:  Huh? Mistress Ladrinne... I thought you were kidnapped...
    Ladrinne: Is something wrong?
    Agreian:  Calintz.
    ( Suddenly General Agreian appears and walks to Calintz.)
    Calintz:  They said they had Mistress Ladrinne captive.
              They asked me to bring the Ice Shard...
              So I snuck into the Great Temple.
    Agreian:  And you obtained the shard?
    Calintz:  Yeah, but I had to steal it.
              ...It seems we were tricked.
    Agreian:  Leave it to me. Iíll handle it.
    ( Calintz holds out his hand, with the Ice Shard on it. Agreian reached for   )
    ( it, when...                                                                 )
    Amila:    No! Donít give it to him...!
    Calintz:  Amila...
    Ladrinne: What are you doing!?
    ( Calintz looks at Mistress Ladrinne, whoís guarded by no longer the clerics, )
    ( but by 2 Turibos, sword at hand.                                            )
    Calintz:  Hugo...? Whatís going on?
    Agreian:  I commend you for your efforts, Calintz.
              I knew that only you would be able to obtain this shard.
              ...You, who have the power of the Great Priestess within him.
    Calintz:  Hugo... Did you know all along?
              That Mistress Ladrinne had a similar bracelet...
              Or, was it just coincidence?
    Agreian:  *chuckle* This bracelet allowed me to become ďAgreianĒ.
              Itís the only thing that could be used to identify 
              the Great Priestessís son.
    Ladrinne: Agreian?
    Agreian:  Oh, yes. Mother, allow me to introduce someone.
              This is Agreian.
    Ladrinne: What do you mean? You had that bracelet...
    Calintz:  That bracelet... was originally mine.
    Ladrinne: What?
    Calintz:  Agreian... So... Youíre Neikan...
    Agreian:  *chuckle*
    ( The 2 Turibos turn their swords to Mistress Ladrinne...)
    Calintz:  Mistress Ladrinne!
    Agreian:  I thought I ordered you to collect all of the shards?
              Shouldnít you complete your mission?
              I already have the Celestial Shard.
              All I need now is the Earth Shard.
              Can you bring it to me? You wouldnít want to part with your
              long lost mother, would you?
    ( Calintz looks at the bridge, where Amila is standing, wearing the Earth     )
    ( Shard on her dress.                                                         )
    Calintz:  Prepare yourself, Amila.
    Calintz:  Youíre the cause of this war. If you didnít exist...
              then none of this wouldíve happened.
    Amila:    ...Thatís absurd.
    Calintz:  Yeah, right.
    Amila:    Does it make you feel better to put the blame
              on others?
    ( During the fight with Amila, after Calintz damages her)
    Calintz:  Are you mocking me? Címon and fight!
    Amila:    I... Very well, then. I wonít hold back.
    ( After the fight)
    Amila:    W-Wait... I... I...
    Calintz:  Are you afraid of death!? Do you know how many humans
              died in this war...? You have no right to beg for your life!!
    ( Calintz attacks Amila. The attack doesnít hurt her, but she falls onto the  )
    ( ground. And due to the attack, her mask falls off, revealing the face of... )
    Calintz:  Reith...?
    Amila:    Iím sorry, Calintz.
    Calintz:  But, why...?
    Agreian:  Bring me the Earth Shard, Calintz!
    ( Calintz walks to Amila...)
    Amila:    Calintz...
              Please... Do it for me...........
    (...Calintz takes up the shards from the ground, and throws it at feet of     )
    ( General Agreian.                                                            )
    Agreian:  I thank you for your loyalty and hard work, Calintz.
    Ladrinne: So, it was you who was after the Light of Salvation.
    Agreian:  But, wouldnít you agree that I place a convincing son, 
    Ladrinne: Donít ever call me that again!
    Agreian:  Well, no need to worry. Youíll be much happier with your true
              son in the afterlife...
    ( General Agreian and the 2 Turibos disappear from the area...                )
    ( ...Just in time, because he started some kind of magic Ė from the water and )
    ( also from the ground, jets of flame are going upwards, which creates a      )
    ( a barrier around the middle section of Lake Astine.                         )
    Ladrinne: How could you!?
    Orha:     Your Highness!
    ( Orha tries to go to Amila, but stopped by the barrier, which sends him      )
    ( back, unable to go through.                                                 )
    ( Calintz startled looks around and goes to Amila, still lying on the ground  )
    ( Mistress Ladrinne starts to cast some magic, which looks similar to the     )
    ( one she did in Fuget. The large symbol appears on the sky, just as before,  )
    ( but this time, the magic shatters Ė sheís unable to stop what Agreian has   )
    ( has set into motion.                                                        )
    Ladrinne: Uaagh! ...Ugh.
    ( She collapses.)
    Calintz:  Mistress Ladrinne!
    ( All the upgoing flames stops, but a large flame sphere appears, falling    )
    ( down, right where they are. Amila reaches out for her mask, she puts it    )
    ( on...                                                                      )
    [ MOVIE Ė Calintz jumps away just in time from a falling pillar. Amila, with ] 
    [ great difficulty gets up, and starts to cast some magic. Calintz turns     ]
    [ around and sees her hovering above the earth. He reaches out to stop her...]
    [...The magic, which Amila cast, in the last second made a new barrier       ] 
    [ around the area, protecting them from the flame sphere.                    ]
    ( Smoke is slowly disappearing, Calintz is walking around...                  )
    Calintz:  Reith...
    ( He sees Mistress Ladrinne lying, but cannot be known whether sheís dead or  )
    ( just unconscious. Where once Amila stood, there are just the pieces of her  )
    ( mask...                                                                     )
    ( ...Calintz sinks on his knees.                                              )
    Calintz:  It didnít matter whether you were human... or Yason...
              I promised... that Iíd protect you...
    ( Orha in disbelief looks at the pieces of Amilaís mask, unable to accept     )
    ( that she's no more.                                                         )
    Calintz: *sob* Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!
    |                        Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                           |
    |                        Maya joined Raulís party.                            |
    |                       Switching to Raulís party.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.110. Emon / Yason-Roven Ė Raulís party                       [3.110]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel:    We met up with Raul in Orbonne Woods, 
             but a rumor is circulating that the Tears of
             Blood has kidnapped the Great Priestess,
             and once again we became fugitives. 
             We managed to make our way to Emon, but...
             Raul is seriously injured, and Mistress Ladrinne
             is both mentally and physically injured from
             the ordeal.
             Rianna and Justina were speechless when they
             heard about Reithís death, and theyíve been
             unable to sleep since then...
             Itís as if all hope died with Reith.
             Agreian attacked Epentar using the Light
             of Salvation, and now the people of Efferia
             are calling him a hero.
             The Captain has disappeared.
             But, I know heís out there, still alive,
             and I believe in him.
    Rianna:  Well, serves you right, after whackiní us on the
             ...You were gonna take the shard and ditch us,
             werenít you?
    Raul:    Sorry, but I had my reasons.
    Justina: The Light of Salvation... right?
    Raul:    Itís exactly as I feared...
             Do you understand, now...?
             Nothing good can come of it.
             50 years ago, we thought the same way you do.
             We believed that force was the only way to end
             the war, and we were willing to kill off the Yason
             entirely if necessary.
             With that attitude, it wasnít difficult for us to
             obtain the Light of Salvation.
             I never thought that history would repeat itself...
             Now tell me what horrible things I missed
             while I was having such beautiful dreams.
             ...Thatís a lot to deal with, even for Calintz.
             But, we canít just give up, right?
    Haren:   Letís go. Thereís no point waiting.
    Chris:   I thought for sure heíd be back by now...
    Azel:    Címon, we better go look for him.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.111. Lake Astine / Maracatte Ė Raulís party                  [3.111]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ At the areas of Mabres, Efor and S. Astine Marsh there are no conversations. ]
    ( Going through the door leading to the middle section of the area)
    Azel:    Captain! So, this is where you were!
    ( Calintz is sitting on the ground, heís just staring in front if himself...)
    Azel:    Captain...?
    Haren:   Say something! Just disappearing like that...
             You know how worried we were!?
    ( No answer, Calintz is not responding to anything.)
    Eonis:   Calintz...!?
    Rianna:  Just knock it off. You think youíre the only one...
             whose heart was broken?
             I still canít believe that Reith was Amila...
             But even so, she sacrificed herself to protect you!
             And yet... this is how you show your gratitude!?
    Justina: Calintz, since that day, Mistress Ladrinne has shut her heart
             to the world. She really needs you. So... Please... Donít give up.
    Chris:   Look, Calintz. If you donít feel like talking, then you donít
             have to. But, at least come see the Great Priestess. 
             She is your mother, after all.
    ( Still no answer at all, not even a small reaction.)
    Azel:    Captain... please, say something. Snap out of it!
    Haren:   Dammit, Calintz! You call yourself a leader!?
    Chris: At this rate itís hopeless.
    Haren: Damn him! ...Wallowing in sorrow. How
           pathetic. Does he only care about himself?
           Heís supposed to be our captain... 
           I guess the Tears of Blood is really dead
           this time. 
    Azel:  Donít say that, Haren. The Captain will be back,
           and heíll be stronger than before. Just give him
           a little more time.
    Raul:  It seems this is something he has to work through
           on his own. A trial, of sorts.
    Azel:  Iím sure heíll overcome it. We just have to
           be patient.
    Eonis: Azelís right. Heís out captain. We should give
           him as much time as he needs...
    Raul:  Then, letís wait for him in Emon.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.112. Epentar / Yason-Roven Ė Orhaís party                    [3.112]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ Officially, you never get the ďswitching to Orhaís partyĒ note, but he      ]
    [ deserves his own section ^_^                                                ]
    ( Orha is walking in the throne room, when suddenly a Blast Worm appears...)
    Blast Worm: Itís the traitor!!
    Orha:       What?
    Blast Worm: Heís here! The traitor is here!
    ( 4 Blast Worms, with swords in hands, surround Orha.)
    Orha:       The Queen has passed away. 
                What is the meaning of this?
    Blast Worm: Silence, traitor!
    Orha:       Traitor...? How dare you accuse me!
    Blast Worm1: You helped the humans set a trap 
                 for Her Majesty! 
    Blast Worm2: I heard you were laughing while she was in pain!
                 What kind of sick bastard are you?
    Blast Worm1: He doesnít deserve a trial! Letís kill Ďem!
    Orha:        Who told you this...?
    Blast Worm1: Youíve got some nerve to walk in here like this!
    Orha:        Show some respect, before I get angry.
                 Where are the others?
                 Why havenít they put an end to this nonsense?
                 Whoís protecting Miss Serina?
    Blast Worm1: Ha! That traitor!? Just as I thought!
                 Heís here to save his accomplice!
    Orha:        My accomplice...?
    Blast Worm1: Sheís been conspiring with humans to steal
                 the throne. Lady Carian will execute her
    Orha:        Carianís behind this!? It all makes sense, now.
                 Sheís the one who incited the rebellion.
    Blast Worm1: Lady Carian will be the new queen.
                 Sheís probably already dealt with the imposter.
    Blast Worm2: As for you... Weíll deal with you right here.
    Orha:        So, youíve pledged your loyalty to her...
    ( The fight with the 3 Blast Worms is quickly over...)
    Orha:        I never thought Iíd have to kill soldiers whoíve
                 fought alongside me. 
                 Your Highness...
                 I will atone for this once I have escorted
                 Mistress Serina to safety.
    Serina:      Aaah!
    ( Hearing Serinaís cry, Orha is running to save her. At the end of the throne )
    ( room, he sees Serina on the floor, with 2 Blast Worms, who are ready to kill)
    ( her any moment.                                                             )
    Orha:        What is the meaning of this?
    Blast Worm1: General Orha...!
    Orha:        Where are you taking her?
    Blast Worm1: To be executed, of course.
    Serina:      Stop it! Let go of me!!
    Blast Worm1: Kill her is she resists. Those are Mistress 
                 Carianís orders.
    Serina:      Why!? I havenít done anything!
    Blast Worm1: Impersonating the Queen.
    Blast Worm1: And helping the humans assassinate her! 
                 You deserve to die twice for your crimes! 
    Serina:      I did what!? Youíre all insane! It was YOU
                 who made me Queen!
    Blast Worm1: Shut up! Or, weíll kill you right here!
    Orha:        Enough! Stop this force!!
    ( After the fight with the 2 Blast Worms, Orha goes to Serina and kneels down )
    ( in front of her.                                                            )
    Orha:        Are you okay?
    Serina:      ...Yes. ...Thank you.
    Carian:      You look like youíre out of your breath...
                 Are you tired already?
    ( Carian appears, slowly walking towards them... Orha gets up, and stands in  )
    ( front of Serina, protecting her.                                            )
    Serina:      Carian, you traitor!
    Carina:      Excuse me, but I believe YOUíRE the imposter,
                 here. You can stop pretending to be the Queen,
    Orha:        You... knew?
    Carian:      Of course. But, Iím not stupid enough to fight
                 you when youíre at full strength.
    Orha:        Her Majesty lost her life because of your deceit.
                 Donít you understand? Every action has consequences!
                 You cannot simply ignore the past and the future!
    Carian:      Still lecturing me about the future? How typical. 
                 But, how much longer will you last, in your condition?
    ( She throws some kind of magic attack at them, Orha tries to cover Serina,   )
    ( so that she wonít be harmed, but the attack is deflected by someone else... )
    Roxy:        Are you alright...?
    ( Roxy, with stretched out arms, is standing between Serina, Orha and Carian. )
    Carian:      Foolish girl. Do you want to be branded a traitor, too?
    Roxy:        Youíre the traitor, here. Youíre disloyalty makes me sick.
    Carian:      You like to talk, donít you?
                 How long must we continue this idle chat?
    Roxy:        Orha. Take Her Highness and run.
    Serina:      What are you saying? We canít just leave you here alone.
    Orha:        You must go. You must live on for the sake of Queen Amila.
    Carian:      Youíre not going anywhere!
    Roxy:        Orha, hurry.
    Orha:        Roxy...
    Roxy:        I want you to know... I love you... And I want you to live.
                 Now, run!
    ( Orha and Serina are running out of the throne room. A Blast Worm tries to   )
    ( stop them, but heís quickly out of the way. A little later they are stopped )
    ( by 3 Blast Worms.                                                           )
    Blast Worm:  You think you traitors can escape!?
                 Well, you wonít get past here! Seize them!
    Orha:        How dare you defy me? If you with to live,
                 then stand down!
    ( After the fight with the 3 Blast Worms)
    ( In the throne room Roxy collapses, Carian is watching her. More and more    )
    ( Blast Worms appear, silently surrounding then.                              )
    ( Finally escaping from Yason-Roven, Serina and Orha stop to rest Ė both of   )
    ( them look extremely tired.                                                  )
    |                    Switching to Calintzís party.                            |
    Alliance Soldier: Sir, weíve been able to turn the tides on nearly 
                      every front.
    Agreian:          So, the chiefs withdrew from the front lines...?
    Alliance Soldier: Yes, thatís correct.
                      This information has not been verified, but I
                      heard that there were some sort of rebellion
                      amongst the Yason.
    Agreian:          Hmph. This is more than I expected, Carian.
    Alliance Soldier: Huh? Excuse me, Sir?
    Agreian:          I could tell you... but it would mean your death.
                      So, ask at you own peril.
    Alliance Soldier: Yes, sir. I understand.
    Agreian:          The soldiers must be exhausted. 
                      Halt all operations. 
                      Regroup and secure the perimeter.
    Alliance Soldier: What!? But, weíre so close to defeating them...
                      Morale is high. We can still...
    Agreian:          Iím giving the orders, here.
                      Halt all operations and secure the perimeter.
    Alliance Soldier: Y-Yes, sir! Iíll do it at once!
    Agreian:          This victory will solidify my place in the
                      But, there are still things left for the Yason to do.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.113. Fuget / Garute Ė Calintzís party                        [3.113]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Calintz, like a sleepwalker, is going towards whatís left of Fuget. In his  )
    ( shadow, a red dot appears, and the shadow starts to change form - it slowly )
    ( changes to the form of a bird, with the red dot as itís eye.                )
    ( Calintz stops for a second, slowly turns his head, but then again starts to )
    ( walk towards Fuget, not noticing anything.                                  )
    ( Calintz is standing in front of the main building, but he looks like as he  )
    ( is not aware of where he is. 2 soldiers appear and when they notice him     )
    ( they run to him, with swords at hand. He looks at the soldier, but it seems )
    ( that heís not aware of them.                                                )
    Soldier 1: Heís not sane, is he?
    Soldier 2: Hmph... Once heís dead, it wonít matter, will it?
    ( He attack Calintz, a clashing sound can be heard. )
    Soldier 1: What!?
    ( Out of nowhere, the phoenix appears...)
    Soldier 2: No way... It canít be!
    Soldier 1: A phoenix!
    ( The bird squawks and quickly kills the 2 soldiers)
    ( The Phoenix, squawking, is flying around Calintz.)
    Calintz:   Reith... Reith... Reith...
    ( The bird starts to cast some magic... the sound of someone walking can be   )
    ( heard, and later Reith appears, walking to Calintz, in her yellow dress.    )
    ( Not far from him she stops, and sheís just standing there, smiling at him.  )
    ( Calintz runs to her, reaches out to touch her, but the image disappears...  )
    ( He looks at the Phoenix angrily...                                          )
    Calintz:   Damn you...! You killed Reith!
    ( He tries to attack the bird with his sword, but it quickly retaliates.      )
    Calintz:   *cough* Reith! She will come back!
               Youíre lying! Sheís not dead!
    ( The Phoenix attacks Calintz, whoís blown away. Leaning on his sword, he     )
    ( gets up, turns around and sees that images of Reith are appearing.          )
    ( The Phoenix is just hovering in the same place...)
    Calintz:   Dammit... These arenít Reith! 
    ( He starts attacking the Reith images, making them disappear.)
    Calintz:   If we canít be together... then Iíll destroy everything!
    ( More and more images appear... Calintz raises his sword...)
    ( Calintz collapses. The Phoenix is still hovering at the same place, but it  )
    ( starts to cast some magic on Calintz, which cures him. Surprised to see     )
    ( whatís happened, he sits up, and looks at the bird.                         )
    Calintz:   You... Why are you here? Reith is dead. 
               Doesnít a familiar disappears along with its master? 
               How ironic... that youíre the one who saved me. 
    ( Suddenly, a little boy runs through the sitting Calintz. He jumps up, and   )
    ( sees a little boy, Mano and the little girl sitting on the ground.          )
    Calintz:   This is... Fuget?
               ...How it used to be.
               I remember... those days...
    ( Calintz looks at the little girl, who looks familiar...)
    Calintz:   Reith? That girl back then was... you?
               I canít believe I forgot about it... Iím such an idiot!
    ( The image of the kids disappear, but the image of Mano and Hugo ready to    )
    ( make the change appear. Calintz strikes at the image of Hugo.               )
    Calintz:   Ha! Even if I forget everything else, I wonít forget you...
               Donít think youíll always have things your way.
               Iíll show you what itís like to suffer... to lose someone
               important to you. Hugo... Youíll regret what youíve done.
    ( Mano disappears, and so does the Phoenix.)
    Calintz:   Was it... just a dream?
    |                 Calintz has learned the special technique                   |
    |               Ē Crimson ScarĒ, an ability which draws on                    |
    |                the power of the Phoenix to reduce damage                    |
    |             he sustained by half. The ability allows him to                 |
    |                 guard against all types of attacks.                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.114. Lester Woods / Garute Ė Calintzís party                 [3.114]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Calintz is walking through Lester Woods, when he notices Orha and Serina    )
    ( standing face to face with Azhadi and 4 Blast Worms.                        )
    Azhadi:     Itís been a while. Iíve missed you.
    Orha:       So... Youíre a traitor after all!
    Azhadi:     Iíve always wanted to take you on.
                Now, letís see who the strongest of The Four Warrior really is.
    ( One of the Blast Worms is blown away by an attack by Orha.)
    Orha:       What a shame. If Iíd aimed more carefully, 
                your disgraceful file would be over.
    Azhadi:     You bastard...! Get Ďem!
    ( A Blast Worm lifts his sword, ready to attack...)
    Orha:        Donít lay a finger on her! Sheís the Queenís sister.
    Azhadi:      The Queen? As you living in a fantasy world?
                 Yason-Roven has no queen! The throne is empty!
                 Now, letís begin the inquisition! 
    Orha:        You mongrel.
    ( While Orha is occupied with Azhadi, one of the Blast Worms attacks Serina.)
    Serina:      Ahhhhhhhh! Orha!
    ( Orha turns to Serina...)
    Orha:        Miss Serina. Ugh!
    ( ...but he had turned his back on Azhadi, who right away attacked Orha.)
    Azhadi:      Hey, now... Donít turn your back on the great Azhadi.
                 I guess it was all just speculation that youíre the strongest,
                 huh, Orha?
    ( Another Blast Worm falls onto the ground, injured, but this time, itís due  )
    ( to Calintzís attack.                                                        )
    Calintz:    If youíre bored, Iíd be happy to join in.
    Blast Worm: Ca-Calintz! I know him. Heís the Captain of the Tears of Blood!
    Serina:     Ca-Calintz!?
    Azhadi:     Get rid of him! Once and for all!
    ( When Azhadiís HP drops below 50%)
    Orha:       ...Go. Leave here.
    Calintz:    What?
    Orha:       Take care of... Miss Serina.
    Calintz:    Is that something you wanna ask your enemy?
    Orha:       Itís Her Majestyís... I mean, Miss Reithís...
                only sister.
                Thatís why... Iím asking you.
    Calintz:    Reith...
    Serina:     What do you mean?
                Why arenít you coming with us?
    Azhadi:     Are you going to run? Go ahead, be my guest.
    Orha:       I ask you for the Queenís sake.
                Remember, she sacrificed her life to save you...
    Calintz:    ..........
                ...Come with me.
    Serina:     Wait... What about...?
    Calintz:    I said come with me! You wanna die here?
    Orha:       Be careful, my lady. Iíll follow you as soon as I can.
    Serina:     If that turns out to be a lie, then Iíll never forgive
    |                       Serina joined Calintzís party.                        |
    ( Near the exit to the next section of Lester Woods)
    ( ...Calintz and Serina are running, Calintz is pulling Serina by her hand... )
    ( ...the Blast Worms are closing in on Orha, who readies himself to attack... )
    Orha: If I had just reached out to Her Majesty, 
          then maybe I could have saved her.
    ( ... Orha summons her Raven, which quickly finishes the Blast Worms...       )
    ( ...Azhadi and Orha are fighting...                                          )
    ( ...Calintz and Serina, safe from Azhadi stop to rest. Serina looks to the   )
    ( the direction they came from, worried about Orha...                         )
    ( ...bird feathers... dead Blast Worms... and someone is walking away...      )
    ( At the place, where Serina and Calintz stopped, heís sitting on the ground, )
    ( while Serina is walking around, worried about Orha.                         )
    Calintz: Iím telling you now, I donít want to be friends with you.
    Serina:  I can see that.
    Calintz: Maybe youíve forgotten, but Iíll refresh your memory.
             You attacked out Headquarters. Many of my comrades
             were killed, including Lehas.
    Serina:  But, that was...
    Calintz: Itís impossible for us to be friends.
    Serina:  Iím sorry...
    ( Calintz get up, starts to walk away. Serina is looking at after him, and    )
    ( where he was sitting appears the image of Amila.                            )
    Amila:   If something happens to me... Take care of Calintz... Please.
    Calintz: (When I look at Serina... she reminds me of Reith.)
    ( On the world map, at Lester Woods)
    Calintz: Weíre being chased by humans and the Yason.
             Our only option is Emon, the Garden of Light.
             If the others are smart, theyíll be already there.
    ( Through the world map, they are taken to Mabres.                            )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.115. Mabres / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party                    [3.115]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Serina:  Orhaís not coming, is he...?
    Calintz: He sacrificed himself for your sake.
             Didnít you realize that?
    Serina:  Why didnít you tell me!?
    Calintz: We donít have time for this...
    Serina:  How can you say that!? He might be an enemy
             to you, but he saved my life!
    Calintz: So, what? You want me to say that the Yason
             arenít so bad after all?
    Serina:  You loved my sister. Did you start hating her
             once you found out she was a Yason?
    Calintz: ..........
    Serina:  You were always more interested in Reith
             than me. Youíve even mistaken me for her...
    Calintz: Stop talking about her.
    Serina:  Youíre running away?
    Calintz: This isnít the time or the place for this.
             I have to find my comrades...
    Serina:  ..........
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.116. Emon / Yason-Roven                                      [3.116]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel:    Captain...? Captain, youíre alright!
    Calintz: Iím glad youíre safe too, Azel.
    Azel:    Are you back to your old self again?
    Calintz: Yeah. Iím sorry about before.
             But, Iím no longer confused.
    Eonis:   Calintz! Iím so glad to see you! 
             We were all so worried.
    Haren:   So, youíre finally back. And whoís that with you?
    Chris:   Seems like every time you disappear,
             you show up with a new girl!
    Calintz: ...I need to talk to you all.
    ( In the village chiefís house)
    Haren:   Are you serious? You just want me to forget
             about everything sheís done?
    Calintz: Sheís been wrongly accused. Besides, sheís not
             the Queen anymore, and the Yason are after her, now.
    Eonis:   Well, that doesnít change the fact that she was the
             reigning Queen for a while. 
             But, at the same time, I can understand how she
             must feel after that happened to Reith.
    Justina: Even if you can sympathize with her, it doesnít
             mean we should forgive her.
             How many people do you think died because of
             her orders?
    Calintz: Sheís a victim, too, you know.
             She was used, then discarded.
             Thanks to Hugo, I know how it feels.
    Justina: ..........
    Raul:    I say we accept her.
    Justina: What?
    Raul:    Sheís Reithís sister. 
             Before Reith got her memory back, she was
             our friend, We didnít know her as Queen Amila,
             we just know her as Reith. 
             If she was still alive, sheís want us to help her
             one and only sister... Thatís what I think.
    Rianna:  ...I agree. Astal was part Yason, but to me,
             he was just Astal. Nothing more, nothing less. 
             I think we should give her a chance.
    Calintz: ..........
    ( Out of the building)
    Serina:  Everyone hates me.
             Thereís nowhere I can go to escape that.
    Calintz: You canít erase what you did in the past,
             no matter how hard you try.
    Serina:  ..........
    Calintz: Nobody can.
             ...When I found out that Reith was really Amila, 
             I didnít want to face the truth. 
             But, even though she was Queen, Reith sacrificed
             herself for our sake. Iíll never forget that. 
             I canít save someone the way Reith did, 
             but if I was given the chance, I would.
    Serina:  Are you just saying that out of pity?
    Calintz: No... I feel like I should do everything in my 
             power to give back to the world. Thatís what
             Reith taught me...
    ( Inside the building)
    Raul:    So, youíve decided to settle things with Agreian, 
             no matter what, huh?
    Calintz: If I donít, Efferia will be in danger.
    Raul:    Itís impossible for you to defeat him.
    Calintz: Why, because youíre no match for him?
    Raul:    Unfortunately, yes.
    Haren:   Donít be so sure.
             We wonít know unless we try.
    Raul:    Thatís just what Iíd expect from a guy like you.
             By the time you realize your mistake, 
             youíll be dead.
    Haren:   So, what do you want us to do, dammit!?
             Stand here and watch!? There must be a way!
    Calintz: Youíre right, Raul. The odds are stacked against
             us. But, Iím the one who helped
             Hugo get to this point. 
             Even if I fail, I still have to fight him.
    Raul:    Can you at least wait a little longer?
    Calintz: What, until youíre healed?
             Thereís not enough time.
             Besides, youíre in pretty bad shape.
    Raul:    Thanks for your concern.
             If you really want to fight him, go ahead and try.
             Just make sure youíre prepared not to come back.
    Rianna:  What the hellís up with that attitude!? 
             Itís not like we wanna fight him, you know!
             Weíre not so naive to think we can save the world.
    Raul:    Fighting is one think, but this is suicide.
             What good will your intentions be when 
             youíre dead!?
             Donít make me laugh.
             Are you that eager to throw your lives away?
    Haren:   Iíve had enough of this crap!
    Raul:    What? You wanna fight? 
             Iíll teach you a lesson even in my 
             current condition.
    Calintz: Stop it, Haren.
             This is our decision. If we wanna risk our lives 
             for nothiní, then so be it. Is that good enough
             for you?
    Raul:    Yeah, whatever.
             Itís pointless talking to you, anyway.
    |                          Raul left Calintzís party.                         |
    ( Out of the building)
    Haren:   You talk big in front of Raul, 
             but what good does this do us?
    Chris:   Yeah, yeah. It doesnít change the fact that we
             have to go to The Great Temple ad settle things
             with Agreian. 
    Azel:    But, if we canít go there now, weíll be surrounded
             by clerics!
    Justina: I know another way inside the Temple.
    Haren:   Oh, yeah? Then, why donít you enlighten us...?
    Justina: The doctor we met before, Alex, said that there
             was a hidden door in the Turibo hideout in Selton.
             Supposedly, the door leads to an underground 
             sewage pipe which is connected to the Temple.
    Chris:   Then, our next destination is Selton?
    Haren:   Thatís a ways away.
    Chris:   Yeah, but if weíre lucky, maybe weíll meet some
             pretty girls along the way.
    Haren:   Give it a rest, would ya?
    Calintz: Alright, letís get moving.
             Agreian wonít wait around forever.
    |                            Rostin is calling you.                           |
    ( Approaching the Communication Sphere)
    Rostin:  Long time no see. Is Chris doiní alright?
    Calintz: Heís fine. How Ďbout you...?
             What have you been up to?
    Rostin:  Glad you asked! Iíve finally completed Rusty 29! 
             Itís way better than its predecessors! 
             ...More powerful and more expensive!
    Calintz: Sounds really impressive. Congratulations.
    Rostin:  *nod* Thanks. I was thinking of doing you guys
             a favor and letting you ride it for free. 
             Iím grateful that youíve managed to keep
             my stupid son alive, and because of you, I was able
             to rediscover my passion Ė building Rusty!
             Besides, I still need to perform a buncha flight
             tests before I can open Rusty Airways 
             for business.
    Calintz: Thanks! After seeing the previous Rusty in action, 
             Iím sure itíll be a success. And, itíll save us a lot of
             time getting around.
    Rostin:  Sure thing. Just contact me via Communication
             Sphere when you need a lift.
             Of course, like before, there will be certain
             destinations that are too dangerous to fly to.
             I canít risk crashing Rusty, or my dream of
             opening my own airport will be ruined. But,
             transporting you from town to town shouldnít
             be a problem.
             Iíll do my best to be at Communication Sphere
             as much as possible, but I canít be there 24/7.
             I have a social life, ya know. Hahaha.
    Calintz: Alright, I understand. Iíll be in touch when we
             need your services. Thanks again.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.117. Mt. Selton / Amabat                                     [3.117]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ No matter whether you are brave adventurer and walk all the way, or just    ]
    [ lazy Ė like me Ė and use Rusty until Remie, there are no conversations.     ]
    ( At the Turibo hideout, after going through the door, they end up in a room, )
    ( in the same room, from where Astal left with the package in his hand.       )
    Chris:   Thatís it. Thatís the magic circle, right?
    Justina: Yes. Letís hurry. 
    ( Stepping on the magic circle the party is teleported to the sewers.)
    Serina:  It stinks in here.
    Justina: Well, it is a sewer.
    Calintz: If youíre gonna complain, then donít bother
    Serina:  Geez. All I said was ďIt stinksĒ.
    ( Going though the 2 areas of the sewers, they end up before a magic circle,  )
    ( which teleports them to...                                                  )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.118. The Great Temple / Amabat                               [3.118]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Just in front of the magic circle is the only place they can go Ė a door.   )
    ( Going through, they end up on a large balcony, where Agreian a waiting.     )
    Agreian: Well, well, well. Who do we have here?
    Calintz: ...Hugo.
    Serina:  You...
             Youíre the reason my sisterís dead.
    Agreian: I never laid a finger on her.
             She died trying to protect Calintz.
    Serina:  No, itís because of your selfish plan!
    Agreian: So, you think that entitles you to revenge?
    Calintz: ...Letís stop playing games.
             Iím tired to your lies.
    Agreian: You were always my inferior...
             Iím sure things havenít changed...
    ( The fight with Agreian is quickly over.)
    Calintz: Hugo...
    Agreian: Calintz, youíre always been brash. As long as you won, 
             youíre impulsiveness was praised as courage. But, when you
             run into a stronger opponent, it just makes you vulnerable.
    ( Raising his hand, he send strange shots towards Calintz. )
    Azel:    Captain!
    ( The Phoenix arrives flying in between Calintz and the shots. For a while, it )
    ( protects Calintz, but Agreianís attack is no match for the bird, and, as     )
    ( quickly as it came, disappears.                                              )
    Agreian: Hmph. A worthless pet, donít you agree? Now, itís time to die.
    ( He sends another wave of his attack on the way Ė but this time someone else  )
    ( comes to the rescue Ė Raul is standing in front of Calintz.                  )
    Raul:    Everyone, run!
             You brought this upon yourselves, understand? Now, go...!
             Find Zekart.
    Agreian: What in the world are you thinking?
             A hero from half a century ago is no use to anyone.
    Calintz: Letís go!
    ( Raul is standing, still holding his sword, but one of Agreianís shots has   )
    ( pierced him though the stomach.                                             )
    Agreian: Is that the best you can do?
             Seems like youíve reached your limit.
    ( With a slight hand gesture, without even touching Raul, Agreian sends him   )
    ( flying over the edge of the balcony.                                        )
    Raul:    Ugh... *sigh* Elaine...
    Agreian: Just go on thinking that youíre a hero, when in reality
             you were powerless from the very beginning.
             Until we meet again, you can keep your filthy life.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.119. Emon / Yason-Roven                                      [3.119]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( In the village chiefís house)
    Eonis:   Whereís Mistress Ladrinne?
    Justina: I donít know.
             But, she may never be herself again...
    Eonis:   Itís out fault Raul died. 
             We disregarded his warning.
    Justina: We canít change that, now. 
             But, since he died for our sake, we owe it to him
             to kill that monster, Agreian. 
    Eonis:   Youíre right.
    Serina:  Whatíll happen, now?
             How could I let myself be deceiver?
             I did such horrible things...
             What was I thinking?!
    ( Out of the building)
    Serina:  Calintz?
             Were you thinking about Raul?
    Calintz: Yeah...
    Serina:  What would my sister have said at a time like this...?
    Calintz: What difference does it make?
    Serina:  Well, you were closer than we are.
             She probably would have tried to make you feel better.
    Calintz: Why are you comparing yourself to her?
    Serina:  I canít help it. For the last ten years, sheís the only one I
             talked to. I had no other friends... I donít know what else to do.
    Calintz: Itís ok, you donít have to do anything.
    Serina:  They, try no to look so sad. Usually, you look angry.
    Calintz: I do?
    Serina:  Youíre just acting tough, right? I can tell...
             I was the same way when I tried to be like my sister.
    Calintz: I see.
    Serina:  So, cheer up.
             ...Even if it doesnít mean as much coming from me.
    Calintz: Thanks... I will.
             Hugo was right Ė Raul died because of me. 
             Itís hard to accept, but it was completely my fault.
             But, thatís the past, now. Iíll settle things with Hugo for one 
             and for all. The next time we meet, Iíll stand my ground.
    ( In the village chiefís house)
    Calintz: Iím going to look for my master.
    Chris:   You mean that Zekart guy?
    Calintz: Yeah. Actually, heís the Hero of Wind.
             Before he dies, Raul told me to go look for him.
             Maybe he knows a way how to defeat Hugo.
             One thingís for sure, heís an incredible fighter.
    Justina: Do you know where he is?
    Calintz: Last time I saw him, he said he was going on a 
             journey to a land of pure whiteness.
             I didnít know what he meant at the time, but
             I think he was looking for someplace quiet.
    Haren:   So, any guess?
    Calintz: Not really. Iíll just have to start searching.
    Azel:    Are you going alone, Captain?
    Calintz: Yeah. I could take some time to find him, and
             I wonít want to leave Mistress Ladrinne by
             herself. Please look after her until I return.
    Eonis:   Okay, leave it to us. Please be careful.
    Eonis:   Itís simple. Bayer is sometimes referred to as
             ďthe land of whiteĒ. So, thatís probably what
             he meant.
    Calintz: I think so, too.
    Haren:   Just donít do anything stupid, okay?
    Calintz: Donít worry about me; worry about yourselves.
    Azel:    Even if he is in Bayer, it wonít be easy to find
             him... But if he likes quiet, then I doubt heíll
             be in Bayrux. 
             Captain, I really donít think you
             should go alone, but itís your decision...
    Calintz: Youíre right, heíll definitely be somewhere more
             secluded. But, Iíll find him. And once I do, Iíll
             come back much stronger. 
             So, donít worry about me. Just be patient.
    Chris:   White means snow... It doesnít take a genius
             to figure that out, even though I am one. 
             He must be somewhere where thereís snow.
    Maya:    ..........
    Rianna:  Will you be okay by yourself? I understand 
             why you wanna go alone, but if you get lost, 
             itíll be a pain in the butt for us to find you.
             So, make sure you come back. Weíre already lost 
             enough friends. I wouldnít stand to loose you, too.
    Calintz: Donít worry. Iíll promise Iíll be back.
    Justina: Good luck. Donít worry about Mistress Ladrinne.
             Iíve served under her for a long time, and I think
             of her like a mother.
    Calintz: Yeah, I know. Sheíll be in good hands.
             I guess Iíll be leaving now...
    |                       Azel, Eonis, Haren, Chris,                            |
    |             Serina, Justina, Rianna, Maya left Calintzís party.             |
    ( While Calintz is running on the bridge, that is near the exit of Emon...)
    Serina:  Are you leaving already?
    Calintz: Yeah.
    Serina:  Okay, good luck. Will you bring me a souvenir?
    Calintz: ...Iím not going on a vacation, you know.
    Serina:  Relax, I was just kidding.
    Calintz: ...Alright. Well, goodbye.
    Serina:  Be careful...
    ( On the world map, at Emon)
    Calintz: (I must go to the Ice Fields of Nordon
              and find my master.)
    ( He is taken to upper part of Bayer, but thereís no concrete area name given.)
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.120. Zekartís House / Nordon Snow                            [3.120]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Calintz is walking at a snow covered place. Heís looking around to find his )
    ( master, when he notices someone standing near a large stone block.          )
    ( He runs to the person, who is the same old man, who saved Mano in Fuget.    )
    Calintz: Itís been a while, Master.
    Zekart:  For what purpose... are you here?
    ( Calintz and Zekart are sitting over the fire.)
    Zekart:  People has always been drawn to the Light of Salvation.
             Things never change.
    Calintz: Master, do you have a solution?
    Zekart:  You wouldnít understand, even if I told you.
    Calintz: But...
    Zekart:  Unsheath your sword.
    ( At the fight with Zekart, he easily countering Calintzís attacks. )
    ( After Zekartís first attack)
    Calintz: !?
    ( After Zekartís second attack)
    Calintz: (How can he counter my attacks so easily!?)
    ( After the fight)
    Calintz: You can read my every move...
             Havenít I improved at all over the last ten years?
    Zekart:  Indeed, you are more skillful than before. 
             But, I can see the flow of Chi surrounding you,
             so it is easy to anticipate your next move.
    Calintz: How can you defeat me so easily? Has Hugo 
             gained the same power from the Light of Salvation?
    Zekart:  You are my student; I know you well. It should
             come as no surprise that I am able to defeat you.
             However, simply possessing the Light of
             Salvation will not grant one the ability to see the
             flow of Chi. 
             It was not until I reached my utmost limit that
             I attained a full understanding of Chi...
             Unfortunately, it too complex to be 
             When you see the flow of Chi, then you can
             control it freely. At that point, style no longer
             has meaning.
             I call the technique ďUniversal SwordĒ, since it
             does not rely on any particular type of Chi.
             In fact, any typed of Chi may be combined to
             perform the skill.
    Calintz: Please teach me... I must become stronger.
    Zekart:  Unless you learn to see the flow of Chi, then
             it will be impossible for you to master this
    Calintz: Then, what should I do?
    Zekart:  First, you must learn to stay calm and be patient.
             ...Go grab something to eat.
    Calintz: Huh?
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.121. Nordon / Nordon Snow                                    [3.121]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Once Calintz has gathered the 5 Feral Lynx meat)
    Calintz: This should be enough... I donít want
             to keep Master waiting.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.122. Zekartís House / Nordon Snow                            [3.122]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Meanwhile at Emon...)
    ( ...Serina is looking around in the village, but itís awfully quiet...)
    Serina:  Thatís weird. No oneís here...
    ( Justina comes running.)
    Justina: The Alliance army is headed this way. We better go.
    ( In the village chiefís house)
    Justina: Agreian must have planned this. He probably 
             had us followed when we felt the Temple.
    Rianna:  Should we force our way through?
    Haren:   Of course.
    Eonis:   Wait. I donít want any innocent people to get hurt, 
             so letís think about this, first...
    Haren:   How Ďbout this... You guys escape through 
             the back, taking the Great Priestess with you.
             The rest of us will get the soldiersí attention.
             Thatís the only way.
    Chris:   I agree. Azel, Justina, Eonis and Maya,
             take the Great Priestess and get out of here! 
             Haren, Rianna and I will deal with the soldiers.
    Maya:    ..........
    Chris:   Thereís no use pouting, princess, no matter how
             adorable it may be. The fact it itís too dangerous.
             Once we all escape, weíll meet up at Lake Astine.
    Serina:  What about me?
    Chris:   Um... Weíll take care of this, so just do whatever.
    Serina:  What!?
    Chris:   Do whatever you want... Help us. Donít help up. 
             Go find Calintz. Itís up to you! But, I donít 
             recommend staying here.
    Serina:  Okay, then Iíll go find Calintz.
    Eonis:   Itís settled, then. Letís go.
    ( Out of the building) 
    Eonis:  I pray for your safety, Serina. If you see Calintz, 
            tell him not to worry Ė that weíre alright.
    Serina: Okay. Then, weíll meet at Lake Astine. 
    ( Back at Zekartís House)
    Calintz: Okay, Iím ready.
    Zekart:  You seem to be much calmer, now. But, you
             look tired. Why donít you go rest for a while?
             Then, weíll begin.
    Calintz: But, Iím running out of time.
    Zekart:  If a single vindictive urge remains in your heart,
             then you will be unable to use
             the Universal Sword technique.
             To master it, you must first come to terms
             with your past. 
             When you attempt to do so, there is a danger
             that you will be crushed by the weight of your
             emotions... even to the point of death.
             Thatís why it is so important that you are first in
             a state of tranquility.
    ( Speaking again with Zekart)
    Zekart: Your heart is filled with many emotions.
            If a sword is to strike true it cannot be
            tainted by weak alloys.
            Therefore, you must quiet your restless soul.
            I see ripples, caused by all that disturbs you.
            You must eliminate these fluctuations.
            First, clear your mind. 
            Rid yourself of the past that clouds
            your judgment.
            Are you ready?
    - No. 
    Zekart: Return here when you are ready.
    - Yes. 
    Zekart: Then, leave your part behind you. 
            But, remember Fuget, the style I have 
            taught you. If you are too consumed 
            by the though of gaining power, 
            youíll be unable to anticipate your
            opponentís actions. 
            In battle, strength is important, but not as
            important as reading your opponentís moves.
            Chi is comprised of Yin(X button) and
            Yang(O button). Allow yourself to feel its flow.
            Now recall my teachings and
            leave the past behind you.
    ( The screen fades to black...)
    Calintz: Master?
             Whatís going on?
    ( ...and then, Calintz is standing on a large yellow circle, in front of a    )
    ( Blast Worm.                                                                 )
    Blast Worm: You... You destroyed my village! 
                The Tears of Blood will pay for this!
    Calintz:    But, you did the same to mine... 
                So, weíre even.
    Blast Worm: You think that makes it okay to harm
                innocent people?!? Weíre dying of Rheuma.
                Weíve done nothing wrong!
    Calintz:    This is war. You canít have sympathy on
                the enemy. No one ever said it was fair.
    ( After the fight with the Blast Worm, another person appears.)
    Roxy:    The blood of the Yason is on your hands.
    Calintz: And the blood of humans in on yours!
    Roxy:    I only wish to protect my people. 
             But, you... Youíre a murderer.
             You kill any Yason who crosses your path.
    Calintz: You are all enemies.
    Roxy:    All of us? Even a newborn baby?!
    ( After the fight with Roxy, another person appears.)
    Azhadi:  Hahaha, youíre just like me Ė a natural born killer...
             Your body tingles with excitement when you
             draw blood, does it not?
    Calintz: Donít compare me to you. You make me sick!
    Azhadi:  Psh, YOU make ME sick. I can smell
             the blood coursing through your veins... 
             Donít try to deny it.
             Who are you to judge me?
             Your soul is rotten and ugly.
    Calintz: Get away from me, you freak!
    ( After the fight with Azhadi, another person appears.)
    Elaine:  How could you have been fooled
             so easily by the Dark Yason?
    Calintz: I...
    Elaine:  If you hadnít come, the Water Shard would never
             have been stolen. You ruined everything, 
             you stupid fool. 
             If the world comes to an end, 
             itís no oneís fault by yours.
    Calintz: Then, why did you steal the Light of Salvation 
             in the first place? Itís the Eight Heroes who
             started this all!
    Elaine:  You donít know just how terrifying the Yason
             were back then. If we didnít do something,
             then you wouldnít have never even been born.
             For 50 years we guarded the shards, despite
             the pain it caused us. You fool! Youíve doomed
             the world we gave our life to protect!
    Calintz: No! Thatís not true!!
    ( No fight this time, but the next person appears, as always.)
    Carian:  Oh, itís you Ė the extraordinary 
             Captain of the Tears of Blood.
    Calintz: What do you want?
    Carian:  Me? *chuckle* Why are you so agitated?
             Youíre having doubts, arenít you...
    Calintz: Dammit... Go away.
    Carian:  Hmhmhm... Youíve lived  a life full of hatred, 
             thinking only of revenge. A dirty, blood-soaked life... 
             Thatís all you know.
    Calintz: I said go away!
    ( After the fight with Carian, another person appears.)
    Orha:    Foolish human... Why do you avoid yourself?
    Calintz: ..........
    Orha:    You are ugly inside. Why do you pretend
             not to see? All you must do is admit this,
             and it will end.
    Calintz: Okay, I get it. Youíre right. 
             ...Are you happy, now?
             Just leave me alone.
    Orha:    Then, you must atone for your wrongdoing.
    ( After the fight with Orha...)
    Calintz: ...Reith!
    ( Amila is standing, with her mask on, in front of Calintz.)
    Amila:   I was wrong... Humans are our enemies.
             But, somehow I forgot that, and then I met you.
    Calintz: ...Iím sorry I couldnít protect you.
    Amila:   Yes, you failed me, Calintz.
             Itís all your fault. I will forever be blamed by the Yason.
             Iíll be known as the one who fell in love with a human,
             and turned her back on her country... and her people.
    ( While sheís speaking, she takes off her mask.)
    Amila:   Why did I sacrifice myself for a human like you? 
             You tired to destroy my country, Yason Roven...
             No, thatís not something that I would do. 
             It was Reith Ė just one facet of my psyche.
    Calintz: I donít reserve forgiveness... What should I do? 
             Iíll do anything, just tell me.
    Amila:   Anything? Then... Will you shed you blood for me, 
             without hesitation?
    Calintz: Yes...
    ( Amila walks to Calintz and leans to him, as if sheís ready to whisper       )
    ( something to him.                                                           )
    Amila:   Hmhmhm. Now, thereís the Calintz that I love.
    ( The screen becomes blurry...)
    Calintz: I know myself better than anyone else...
             That they said is true... I lived life foolishly.
             If I hope to escape my past...
    ( Calintz is lying on the yellow circle, which after a few seconds changes    )
    ( its color to black. And 2 familiar looking yellow shoes appear...           )
    Reith:   Calintz.
    ( Surprised to see Reith, Calintz sits up.)
    Calintz: Reith?
    ( Reith sits down beside Calintz.)
    Reith:   You havenít changed one bit. 
             You still need me to look out for you.
             When you purge your anger, be careful, okay?
             You donít want to loose the person you really are.
    Calintz: Thatís what Iíve become? Without the thought of revenge,
             my life would have no meaning?
    Reith:   You have always lived for the sake of others.
             Thatís why youíve been too scared to face the truth.
             But now, youíre here for your own sake. 
             Thatís not a bad thing. If you canít love yourself, you wonít 
             be able to love anyone else. All the scars that youíve received 
             have faded away. The past will not haunt you anymore.
             Youíll have a fresh start... as if your past was another lifetime.
    Calintz: But... I...
    ( Reith leans to Calintz...)
    Reith:   Youíre still not convinced? Thatís just like you...
    Amila:   You dirty, filthy human. You truly are the scum of the planet.
    Calintz: I donít care what you say, anymore.
             Iím going to live for myself, from now on.
             Iíll leave the past behind... and Iíll no longer be confused!
    ( While heís speaking, he holds out his sword towards Amila.)
    ( After the fight with Amila.)
    Amila:   Calintz... Help me!
             Itís me, Reith! Are you going to kill me?
             I sacrificed myself for you...!
    Calintz: Iím fine now, Master.
    ( Behind the image of Amila appears Zekart.                                   )
    ( Calintz, with one strike, makes Amila disappear...                          )
    Zekart:  It seems that you have awakened. Can you see the flow of Chi?
    Calintz: Yes, I can.
    ( Around Zekart, there is a greenish-bluish looking barrier, which looks      )
    ( like some kind of liquid.                                                   )
    ( Back in reality...)
    Zekart:  Are you able to see the truth of things
             in this world with your own yes, now?
    ( Serina arrives running...)
    Serina:  Calintz! 
    Calintz: Why are you here...?
    Serina:  Why? Because I was worried about you.
    Reith:   Thereíre people who care about you, right? You should... live.
    Serina:  Why are you just standing there! We need you!
    Calintz: ...Whatíre you talking about?
    Calintz: I have to finish my training, first. 
             Then, we can talk.
    Serina:  I escaped, but I don1t know what happened 
             to the others. Once youíre ready, letís go
             to Lake Astine.
    ( Speaking with Zekart)
    Zekart:  How are you feeling?
    Calintz: You were testing me.
             But, I was able to escape my past. For the first
             time, I was able to see the light in this world.
    Zekart:  Is that so...?
    Calintz: I may have known deep inside that I was
             deceiving myself...
             but, I let myself believe that it was my anger
             and hunger for revenge that gave me
             the strength to stand up to Hugo...
             ...when all this time, I just couldnít face the fact
             that I let myself be a puppet.
             By blaming Hugo, I was able to bury the part
             of me I was ashamed of.
             It wasnít about Hugo at all. I just wanted to 
             Protect my friends... to guard their future.
             Now, theyíre in danger. I will never hesitate again.
    Zekart:  So, thatís how you perceive things...
             Then, Calintz, show me your true skills.
    ( During the fight)
    |                    Calintz has learned the special technique                |
    |                            ďUniversal SwordĒ.                               |
    |                 When he is in counter Mode, he will be able to              |
    |                   see the Chi that his opponents are using.                 |
    ( After the fight)
    |                 Calintz has learned the style ďTrue FugetĒ.                 |
    Zekart:  Do you plan to unleash the Magna Carta?
    Calintz: I donít know. I have no reason to, anymore.
    Zekart:  It is said that the Magna Carta is the ultimate 
             power, but itís simply a restructuring of the Chi
             within the divine vessels and the surroundings.
             But, to us humans, that may seem like a miracle.
    Calintz: I understand now... When Reith sacrificed herself 
             for our sake, she drew from the Chi inside her to
             call forth the Magna Carta.
    Zekart:  What was her original intention?
             Did she wish to restore The Tree of Light using
             the Light of Salvation?
    Calintz: No. According to Orha, she wanted to destroy it.
             She believed it was the only way for the Yason 
             to survive. It doesnít make sense...
    Zekart:  But, if it was destroyed, then the Yason would
             have no source of Chi.
    Calintz: After obtaining the Light of Salvation,
             we realized the truth: The Tree of Light
             is the best resting place for the
             Light of Salvation and its terrible powers.
    Zekart:  Calintz, go to Epentar and find The Tree. 
             See with your own eyes the flow of Chi.
             They, you will understand the true relationship
             between The Tree and the Yasonís Vindies.
             From what youíve said, Amila was already 
             aware of it.
    Calintz: Master... What do you mean?
    Zekart:  I have nothing  more to say. I leave the rest to
             you. If you are victorious, then the Light of 
             Salvation will be yours. 
             What you do with it is up to you.
    Calintz: Forgive me, Master, but I must go.
    Zekart:  I see. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Serina:  Did it go well?
    Calintz: Yeah.
    |                        Serina joined Calintzís party.                       |
    ( On the world map, they are taken directly to Lake Astine )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.123. Lake Astine / Maracatte                                 [3.123]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( At the middle section of the area.)
    Azel:    Captain! 
    Calintz: Azel, is everyone alright?
    Azel:    Well, not everyone...
    Justina: Chris, Haren and Rianna have been captured.
    Calintz: What!?
    Justina: Rumor has it that there will be a public execution...
             But, I donít know any more than that.
    Calintz: Weíve got to save them. Justina, will you stay
             here and look after Mistress Ladrinne?
    Justina: Of course. Please be careful. There are guards
             everywhere. I think theyíre expecting you.
    |              Azel, Eonis, Maya joined Calintzís party.                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.124. Lester / Garute                                         [3.124]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ From Lake Astine until Lester there are no conversations.                   ]
    ( At the Allianceís prison, Chris and Haren and sitting on the ground, while  )
    ( Rianna is standing beside them, all waiting...                              )
    Chris:    Aww man... Is this how weíre gonna die, rotting in here?
    Haren:    Dammit...
    Rianna:   I wonder if Justina escaped safely?
              ...What happened to Calintz?
    ( 2 Alliance soldiers stop at the door of their cell.)
    Soldier1: Get up.
    Soldier2: You guys get the death sentence.
    Haren:    Psh! For What!?
    Soldier2: you wanna know why? ĎCause General Agreian said so.
    Haren:    That bastard...
    Soldier1: Donít worry, youíll have a nice funeral.
    Soldier2: Yeah, itíll be great.
    ( While one of the soldiers enters the cell, the other stays outside...       )
    ( not for long.                                                               )
    Soldier1: Ugh!!
    ( Someone attacks the soldier on the outside, and the other soldier           )
    ( still inside the cell quickly draws his sword.                              )
    Soldier2: What the hell!?
    ( The attacker appears, walking slowly...)
    Rianna:   Calintz!
    Haren:    Itís about time.
    Calintz:  Sorry Iím late.
    ( In front of the Allianceís Headquarters) 
    Haren:   Youíre back! How did it go?
    Calintz: I found my master, and he showed me the way.
    Rianna:  Good! Then, letís go kick Agreianís ass!
    Calintz: By now, he must be regretting his decision to
             obtain the Light of Salvation.
    Rianna:  What? Why is that?
    Calintz: Youíll see.
    ( On the world map, they are taken directly to Lake Astine )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.125. Lake Astine / Maracatte                                 [3.125]  |
    |                                                                             |
    Justina: So, everyoneís here now.
    Calintz: I have something to tell you all...
             After training with my master,
             things have changed...
    Chris:   So, basically, youíre the ultimate badass, now!
    Calintz: Thatís a bit of an overstatement.
    Justina: So, what are you going to do? Fight Agreian?
    Calintz: Iím afraid I have no choice. Hugo will eventually 
             be consumed by the Darkness of Destruction,
             and if that happens, then the whole world will
             be in danger.
    Eonis:   Then, you canít afford to loose...
    Calintz: Right. This will be the final battle... I hope
             I can count on you all one more time...
    Azel:    Of course, Captain! 
    Justina: Iím willing to help, too. However,
             Iím concerned about Mistress Ladrinne.
    Chris:   Iíll talk to Dad. Weíre the ones who are wanted.
             Itíd be a piece of cake for him to keep 
             Mistress Ladrinne safe.
    Rostin:  Donít worry. Iíll take good care of her.
    Calintz: Thank you. 
             Iím going out for a while. Iíll be back soon.
             Until then, please rest up... Mother.
    ( On the world map, they are taken to Asera Woods. )
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.126. Asera Woods / Yason ĖRoven                              [3.126]  |
    |                                                                             |
    ( The only thing that is shown is the night sky, full of starts.)
    Eonis:   Look at all the starts.
    ( Eonis is sitting on the ground, next to her is Justina.)
    Justina: The night sky is the same, even here, in enemy territory.
    ( Calintz is standing next to a tree, looking around, when he notices Serina  )
    ( standing by herself, away from the others, looking at the sky.              )
    Calintz: Do you look at them often?
             Want me to teach their names?
    Serina:  Iím not a child, you know.
    Calintz: Donít worry. Everything will be fine.
    Serina:  What was my sister like, with you?
    Calintz: Like a little kid.
    Serina:  What?
    Calintz: She was considerate of others, even in ways you
             might not think of. She sparkled, like a star in the sky.
             But, you donít have to try and fill her shoes. Just be yourself. 
             Donít worry about what other people think. Follow your heart.
    Serina:  How ironic this is... Youíre here cheering me up, 
             when my sister asked me to look after you.
    Calintz: If you keep talking like that, then nothing will change.
    Serina:  Okay, I get it. This is the last time.
             I wonít be depressed anymore, or angry.
    Calintz: Letís go to Epentar. Weíll put a stop to Hugoís
             plan and make a world where humans and Yason 
             can co-exist.
    Serina:  Thank you, Calintz.
    Azel:    Captain! Are you sure about this?
             Iím kinda worried...
             Do you really think we can win?
    Calintz: Yes... With this sword, I believe we can defeat
             him. But, it might not hurt to visit a dojo and 
             pick up some additional equipment.
    Azel:    Thatís true.
    |                                                                             |
    |     3.127. Epentar / Yason ĖRoven                                  [3.127]  |
    |                                                                             |
    [ MOVIE Ė Calintz is walking out of Asera Woods, when he notices strange,     ]
    [ glowing things flying in the air. He runs to the top of a small hill, where ]
    [ he sees that these things are flying towards one thing Ė The Tree of Light. ] 
    Calintz: So, thatís why! The Tree of Light absorbs Chi from the Yason
             through their Vindies. All this time, the Light of Salvation
             has been using them as a source of energy...!?
             I see. Reith... Thatís why you...
    *** Flashback ***
    Amila: Calintz...
    Amila is lying on the ground, after their fight, already without her mask.
    Amila: Please... Do it for me...
           Destroy... The Tree of Light...
    *** End of flashback ***
    Haren:   This is the heart of the enemyís territory.
             Even if we defeat everybody here, more 
             will come.
    Rianna:  Then, weíll just take Ďem all on!
    Justina: Iím sure you all realized this, but we should 
             make sure weíre prepared for the final battle. 
             If we wait until later, it may be too late.
    Chris:   Final battle? I donít like the sound of that.
             Canít we call it something else...?
             Like ďThe Ultimate ShowdownĒ?
    Maya:    ..........
    Eonis:   Can you take this a little more seriously?
             Look, even Mayaís mad...
    Serina:  Are you ready, Calintz?
    Calintz: Yeah. ...Letís finish this!
    ( Going through Epentar they end up before the Castle. Inside the Castle,     )
    ( thereís nothing interesting, except a magic circle, which takes everyone    )
    ( to a new part of Epentar. After a few steps, they bump into the welcome     )
    ( party of 3 Blast Worms.                                                     )
    Serina:  The Blast Worms!
    Azel:    Captain, leave it to me!
    Chris:   Azel, Maya, and I will take care of this.
             You go on ahead.
    Calintz: Thanks, guys.
    |                   Azel, Chris, Maya left Calintzís party.                   |
    ( Going forward, there is a familiar person waiting.)
    Azhadi:  Welcome, Your Majesty.
    Serina:  Azhadi... Youíre not a Dark Yason...
             Why are you siding with Agreian?
    Azhadi:  So, you expect me to care about those
             ungrateful invalids? Even though theyíre
             constantly criticizing the Blast Worms?
    Serina:  Rheuma is also affecting the Blast Worms.
             You think youíre the only one whoíll be safe?
    Azhadi:  The Tree of Light will be restored.
             ...Not until the Yason are dead, of course.
             Otherwise, theyíd just take things for granted.
    Calintz: You think Agreian will restore The Tree?
             Heís the kind of guy who will gloat 
             while the Yason die slowly.
    Azhadi:  The Tears of Blood hate the Yason, donít they?
             Well, we have something in common, then.
             Youíd make powerful allies.
    Justina: When youíre through with the Yason, 
             your next target will be humans, right? 
             Thereís no way we could be part of that.
    Azhadi:  Hmpm... We may have one thing in common, 
             but the similarities end there.
    Calintz: I agree.
    Haren:   Calintz! Itís a waste of time talking to him.
             Let us handle this; you got bigger fish to fry.
    Calintz: ...Haren, donít die.
    Haren:   Man, donít jinx me!
    ( During the fight with Azhadi)
    Azhadi:  Why should I bother with you?
             ...Succubus, dinner is served!
    ( After defeating him familiar.)
    Azhadi:  Hmm... I guess itís not so easy after all.
             Well, come on! Try ME on for size!
    |                            Eonis, Haren, Justina                            |
    |                            left Calintzís party.                            |
    ( Going forward, there is another familiar person waiting.)
    Carian:  I see you defeated Azhadi.
    Calintz: You want a piece of us, too?
    Carian:  Well, hello again, Your Highness.
             Youíre siding with THEM, now?
    Serina:  Youíve got no room to talk...
             Donít you know that youíre being used!?
    Carian:  Allow me to correct you. In my arrangement
             with Agreian, I believe that weíre both using
             each other.
    Serina:  Donít you care of Yason-Roven is destroyed?
             ...Or even all of Efferia?
    Carian:  Shut up and get ready to fight!
    Serina:  Calintz, you go on without me.
    Calintz: But...
    Serina:  I want to make myself useful, for a change.
             Iíll catch up as soon as Iím finished here.
    ( Carian summons her familiar, the three headed snake, which get ready to     )
    ( attack Serina. However, The attack is disturbed by another familiar, the    )
    ( Raven. Soon, Orha shows up, walking slowly up the stairs.                   )
    Orha:    Calintz, go now.
    Calintz: Orha...
    ( Orha and Calintz silently stare at each other, until Calintz nods.)
    Calintz: ...Iím sorry.
    ( During the fight with Carian)
    Carian:  This is it!
    ( After defeating her familiar.)
    Carian:  Youíre tougher than I thought.
    |                   Serina, Rianna left Calintzís party.                      |
    ( At the top of the stairs is a magic circle, which takes Calintz to where    )
    ( Agreian is waiting for him.                                                 )
    Agreian: So, youíre finally here.
    Calintz: You were expecting me?
    Agreian: Of course.
    Calintz: So, this is how it ends...
    Agreian: I see it as destiny. I hate to lose you, though.
    Calintz: Hugo, I came to return something to you.
    ( Two soldiers stand in the way of Calintz)
    Agreian: What is it?
    [ MOVIE Ė One of the soldiers falls onto the ground. Calintz, after a few     ]
    [ steps hold up the knife, which he received from Hugo. He throws it to Hugo  ]
    [ who easily catches the knife, and shatters it to pieces.                    ]
    Calintz: I donít need that anymore.
    Agreian: Hahaha... So, youíre saying, ďTo hell with the pastĒ, huh?
    Calintz: That knife means nothing to me, now.
    Agreian: I see... Then, I guess weíre enemies.
    ( After defeating Agreian, heís kneeling on the ground.)
    Agreian: It canít be... Why canít I see your attacks?
             Thereís no way you have that much power!
    Calintz: You thought you could unleash the Magna Carta
             with the Darkness of Destruction?
    Agreian: And why not!?
    Calintz: Thereís something that you lack.
    Agreian: You bastard. I cannot possibly lose...
             I have power beyond your wildest imagination!
             Once I have resurrected the Tree of Light using the
             Darkness of Destruction, all of Efferia will cower before 
             me. Both humans and Yason will obey my every command!
    ( while heís speaking, his back starts to glow, and he starts to change.)
    Agreian: ...I will control... all the world!
             You think humans... pose the slightest threat to me?
             Youíve interfered for long enough!
             You will be punished... for trying to steal my kingdom
             from me!
    Calintz: The Light of Salvation has overtaken you.
    Agreian: Uah... Ah... Calintz... Calintz!
    ( Calintz holds up his sword, ready to attack, when Serina arrives, running.)
    Serina:  Calintz!
             Letís fight... together.
    ( After the blinding light fades away, they see, what Agreian has become: the )
    ( mix of some reptilian thing, with large tail, two gray wings, and in the    )
    ( middle there is Agreian, fused with the creature.                           )
    Calintz: I canít believe you wonít let go of the Light, 
             even after what itís done to you... Hugo, this is insane!
    Agreian: Silence! Insolent humans... Iíll rip you to shreds!
    ( After defeating Agreian)
    ( Thereís a large explosion, and Agreian falls onto the ground.)
    Agreian: Ugh... Ughhh...
    Calintz: Hugo... 
             It's over now.
    Agreian: Ha... haha... killed by my childhood friend...
             Unbelievable... I never thought you'd be the one...
             to save the Yason... You've always hated them so much...
    Calintz: I really had to reason... to hate them so much.
    Agreian: But... you've killed countless Yason... and stood there,
             while the one, you loved sacrificed herself...
             Hahahaha... Live on in pain... and endless regret...
    Calintz: Someday, you'll see the truth.
    ( While they are speaking, Agreian turns more and more transparent, until he  )
    ( totally vanishes.                                                           )
    ( Still at the same place, Calintz is standing, behind him is Serina.)
    Serina:  Calintz...
    Calintz: It's all over now, Serina.
    Serina:  ...Calitz... I want to run to you... But... I can't...
    ( Serinaís legs are already turned to stone... Calintz runs to her.)
    Calintz: Serina...
    Serina:  I was... so happy... to see you again, after all those years.
             ...Once, when we were younger, you mistook me for
             my sister... I got really upset, then. Do you remember?
    Calintz: Yeah.
    Serina:  Sorry.
    Calintz: Serina...
    Serina:  I had my eyes on you even before my sister.
             ...This is it... so I want you to know...
             Calintz... I... I've always...
    Calintz: Serina!
    Serina:  No! I... I'm not done yet!
    Calintz: Serina!!
    Serina:  Calintz... You know that I've always... loved...
    [ MOVIE Ė Serina tries to move, but sheís almost petrifies Ė she shakes her   ]
    [ head, and a few seconds later, sheís totally petrifies. Calintz runs to her ]
    [ kneels down, and holds her hand. It looks like as heís trying to cure her,  ]
    [ thereís a large explosion Ė and Serina moves, as if nothing has happened.   ]
    [ In disbelief he looks at Calintz, who still on his knees, hugs Serina...    )
    |             With the destruction of the Light of Salvation,                 |
    |         The Tree of Light lost its source of power and withered away.       |
    |                As a result, the Yason were finally freed from               |
    |              the cursed bonds that constrained their existence.             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |               When they learned that a human was responsible for            |
    |              curing them of Rheuma, the inhabitants of Yason-Roven          |
    |                              were in disbelief.                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                 Despite that miracle, not all problems between              |
    |                     the two races were instantly solved.                    |
    |                     However, humans and Yason have begun                    |
    |                                 to make peace.                              |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                        Time flows on; a year has passed...                  |
    Haren is standing at a grave, probably Feliciaís.
    Behind him is Eonis standing, who smiles at him, and for the first time,
    Haren is smiling.
    At Efor, Rostin and Chris are taling looking at a plan, probably the next
    Rusty's. Maya goes to them, shakes her head, but her eyes shows that she's
    really happy with them. 
    In Amabat, at The Great Temple, Justina is walking, when she notices Mistress
    Ladrinne. She runs to her...
    At Lake Astine, Rianna stands holding a bouquet of flowers, which she throws
    into the lake.
    At the Headquarters, Azel is watching over some training soldiers.
    In Epentar, in Amilaís room, Orha is standing in front of the desk. The sun is
    shining in, as always, and behind the desk appears the image of Amila, smiling.
    After a few seconds, her image fades away...
    [ MOVIE Ė In a garden, Serina is sitting on a bench. She stands up and starts ]
    [ to walk away, when Calintz grabs her hand. She looks at him, smiles at him. ]
    [ Calintz smiles at Serina, and they are standing, hugging each other, while  ]
    [ in the background the withered The Tree of Light can be seen.               ]
    (After the ending credits...)
    At one of the woods, Raul is lying on the ground, relaxing. 
    First, his expression is pretty neutral, but it soon changes, and heís smiling.
    *                                                                             *
    *       4. Save Scripts                                [SAVE]                 *
    *                                                                             *
    Save scripts - as the conversations that are supposed to increase the level 
    of Friendship of the party.
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.1. Headquarters / Garute                                    [4.01]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Eonis:   In Bayer, they tell fortunes the night before a big
             event by studying the stars. Tonight, the stars
             look rather ominous.
    - You actually believe in that stuff?
    Eonis:   *giggle* Itís probably hard for someone from
             Garute to understand, since the people here
             are much less superstitious.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased.***
    - I can see why people seek their fortunes, but-
    Eonis:   Oh, you doubt star-divination? Itís quite accurate,
             actually. Well I canít say, Iím surprised,, since 
             the people of Garute arenít very superstitious. 
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Calintz: In Garute, the best thing to do before a big event
             is nothing at all. That way you can avoid any 
             unnecessary distractions.
    Azel:    Captain, what are we supposed to do
             for this mission?
    - Iím afraid I canít tell you yet.
    Azel:    Sorry, forgot. Not until we arrive at out post,
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Itís a secret mission from General Agreian.
    Azel:    Really? Thatís awesome!
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren:   Hmph! Itís just probably some dirty work.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Azel:    Captain, donít you have a girl you wanna say
             goodbye to? Chris said he has three!
    - Iím busy with work. I donít have time for that.
    Azel:    Weíre luck to have you as our leader, Captain.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Iím more at home on the battlefield.
    Azel:    Huh? ... Really? 
    *** No change ***  
    Haren:   Itís pointless comparing to Chris.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren:   We get to kick some Yason ass in this mission,
    - If weíre successful, it could be the deciding battle.
    Haren:   Hell yeah!
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - I canít reveal information yet.
    Haren:   Hmph! Not even to your friends?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Azel:    Heís only following orders, Haren.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.2. Mt. Aremori Path / Yason - Roven                         [4.02]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel:    Letís hurry to the magic circle.
    Eonis:   The mission is important...
             But, everyone coming back safe should be our
             first priority.                             
    - I realize that... Sometime you worry too much.
    Eonis:   Do I? I know I shouldnít...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren:   You can only say that because weíre so close.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Donít worry. Iíll make sure of that.
    Eonis:   Youíre pretty confident. I can believe in you, right?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Eonis: If we attack the Yason with the Forbidden Magic,
           Epentar might be destroyed.
           I wander if attacking Epentar is the right thing
           to do. There are so many civilians there...
    - ...Weíre no different from the Yason, you say?
    Eonis: Thatís not what I mean.
           Thereís a reason why the Forbidden Magic is
           You donít know what kind of power will be
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    - Weíre just returning the favor.
    Eonis: I know we all have our personal vendettas
           against the Yason.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Thatís right and I plan to make good on mine...
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:  I hope that this operation is a success.
           For the sake of the Tears of Blood, as well.
    - Weíll make it succeed. We will end this war.
    Azel: Iíll do my best, Captain! 
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Either way, the Alliance will still get the credit.
    Haren: Yeah... Their attitude pisses me off.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:  But... This is such an important mission.
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  What do you think about this mission, Captain? 
    - Of course I think itís important.
    Azel:  Me, too.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Pssh! Weíre just doing all the hard work for
           someone else.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    - It doesnít seem to have much to do with us.
    Azel:  It does seem like the Alliance will take all
           the credit.
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: Heís right. 
           We donít have anything to do with this.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: We just have to protect the mages, right?
           Letís just get this over with.
    - Never underestimate the enemy...
    Haren: What!? Donít lecture me.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Haren, listen to what Calintz says. 
           We donít know what the enemy can do...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - With you this pumped, weíll be done in no time.
    Haren: Of course! The Yason donít stand a chance.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Do you think the Headquarters will be alright?
    - Heh... I didnít think you cared...
    Haren: Hey, I care! I may not show it often
           but I am a member of this outfit.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:  Hmmm...
           I think Iíve seen a new side of Haren today...
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Anyone who tries to get in will end up lot.
    Haren: Yeah, youíre right...
           The idiot who got lost is right here.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: What are you sulking about?
           Calintz didnít mean it like that.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.3. Magic Circle / Yason - Roven                             [4.03]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Eonis: We should get out of Yason-Roven.
    Eonis: Letís hurry. I canít believe the Forbidden Magic
    - The Alliance is full of good-for-nothings.
    Eonis:   You shouldnít say things like that about our allies.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: Because they couldnít hold back the Blast Worms, 
             the Forbidden Magic took longer to cast...
             Which gave Amila time to prepare.
    Eonis:   Stop it. Everyone did their best. They put their
             Lives on the line, just like us.
    - Iím sorry... Our efforts were for nothing.
    Eonis:   Calintz...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: I wonder if General Agreian is alright...
             Letís go find out.
    Eonis:   Okay.
    Azel: Captain... Are you alright?
    - Yeah. What about you?
    Azel: Iím fine. Iím just glad that youíre not injured.
          Letís get out of here.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Yeah, Iím fine.
    Azel: Thanks goodness. Now, letís get outta here.
    *** No change ***  
    Haren: Dammit... Those Yason bastards...!
    - Amila... Sheís even more powerful then they say.
    Haren:   You think sheís the one who blocked
             the Forbidden Magic? Is that possible,
             even for a queen?
    *** No change ***  
    Calintz: Her power is rumored to be nearly infinite. 
             I thought they were just stories spread to create 
             loyal subjects, but it seems there may have been
             some truth to them.
    - Calm down.
    Haren:   *grunt*
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Calintz: Some of the responsibility falls on the Alliance
             for not being able to hold back the Blast Worms.
             Also, the Forbidden Magic took longer to cast
             then we expected.
    Haren:   But if Amila wasnít there, the magic wouldíve hit.
             If only she hadnít been there...!
    Calintz: Thereís no use crying over spilt milk. If we get
             the chance, weíll take care of her ourselves.
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.4. The Cave / Yason - Roven                                 [4.04]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Calintz: We need to get out of this cave.
    Reith: I donít know whatís going on. Iím so worried...
           I should try to get back my memory as soon 
           as possible.
    - I hope you do. I canít protect you all the time.
    Reith: Iím sorry...  know that I can be e burden on you.
    *** Reithís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    - Itís no good to rush things. Donít worry about it.
    Reith: Okay... Thank you.
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Reith: Calintz... What are we going to do now?
    - Everything will be alright if you follow me.
    Reith: Okay... Letís go then.
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - What do you think?
    Reith: Hmmmm... I donít know, so Iíll follow you.
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased. ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.5. Amrond Woods / Yason - Roven                             [4.05]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Calintz: We need to escape from Yason-Roven. Itís too
             dangerous here.
    Reith: Wow, weíre outside! Itís so bright!
    - Is this the first time youíve been outside?
    Reith:   Hmmm... I think Iíve seen it before,
             but I also think this is my first time.
             It feels so good.
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: Youíre a strange woman...
    Reith:   Huh?
    Calintz: ...Oh, nothing.
    - Weíve finally made it out. Letís hurry.
    Reith: Okay.
    *** No change ***  
    Reith: Where are we going now?
    - ...First to Lester, then Amabat.
    Reith:   Amabat?
    Calintz: Itís where the priestesses like yourself belong.
    Reith:   Is that so? Hmmm... Amabat, huh?
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Weíre going out to play?
    Reith:   Really? Yay, Iím so happy.
    Calintz: ... I was just kidding.
    Reith:   What!?
    Calintz: (... I was never good at jokes...
             I think Iíve been hanging around Chris too long.)
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.6. Valley of Lester / Garute                                [4.06]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Chris: Lesterís just north of here. Letís hurry.
    Azel: Captain... I know you meant well...
          But, you really had us worried...
    - Sorry... I didnít mean to worry you.
    Azel:    Iím not blaming you or anything. Itís just...
             I already owe you my life... and here you are
             saving me again...
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: Donít worry about the past. You donít owe me 
    Chris:   Aw, isnít that special...? It brings a tear to
             my eyes... You two are practically brothers.
    *** No change  ***  
    - You worry too much.
    Azel:    How long are you going to treat me like a kid?
             Iím a member of the Tears of Blood, just like
             everyone else!
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris:   Ooh... Heís angry, now! Is he at that age, already?
    Azel:    Shut up, Chris!
    Chris:   Sheesh... Lighten up.
    Chris: Man, she really is a looker. Youíre quite 
           the playboy, Calintz.
    - Not this again...
    Chris:  Címon, donít be shy. You were alone with her in
            a cave right? Give us all the juicy details!
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:   Heís not like you, Chris!
    - Seems like youíre the one interested in her.
    Chris:   Iím deeply wounded by that... Iím not the kinda
             guy who steals his friends girl. So, if you need
             any pointers, donít hesitate to ask.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Calintz: Thereís nothing between us.
    Azel:    Geez, Chris...
    Reith:   Huh? Thereís someone Calintz likes...? Who?
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:    *sigh*
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.7. Lester / Garute                                          [4.07]    |
    |                                                                             |
    ( after entering Lester, speaking with Haren and Eonis at the inn)
    Calintz: Letís pay a visit to General Agreian.
             The Allianceís Headquarters is on the west side
             Of Lester.
    Haren: What the hellís you do that for? If you ever try to
           Pull something like that again, Iíll kill you myself.
    - Sorry. I had no other choice.
    Haren:   ...Why donít you think of yourself for a change?
    Calintz: the Tears of Blood is my number on priority.
    Haren:   Revenge is a selfish emotion, isnít it?
             ...Sometimes, I canít help to think Felicia wanted
             it this way.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: .............
    - Then, who should I have sacrificed? 
    Haren:   Thatís not what I meant!
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: Itís better that all of us getting killed.
             Would you rather it was you?
    Eonis:   Stop it, Calintz. You know what Haren means.
    Calintz: Sorry, it was a bit harsh. Iím just frustrated
             that the mission was a failure.
    Azel:    Captain... Weíre grateful... But, you sure
             gave us a scare.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    ( after accepting the ďFind the clericsĒ mission)
    Calintz: We need to find the clerics.
    Reith:   Where are we going now?
    - Weíre going to search for your companions.
    Reith:   My companions...?
    Calintz: People who fight alongside you.
    Reith:   So, does that make us companions?
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: ...I guess so.
    Eonis:   Calintz, youíre turning red.
    Calintz: Knock it off.
    - I told you before: weíre looking for the clerics.
    Reith:   I-Iím sorry.
    *** Reithís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Eonis:   Arenít you being a little short-tempered?
    Chris:   Maybe heís just hiding his true feelings.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Eonis:   Maybe youíre right.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: ...Thatís enough out of you two.
    Chris: Weíre running behind.
           Lehas is probably angry...
    - I didnít know you cared what she thinks.
    Chris: Whatíre you talking about?
           Iím such a kid person, I lay awake in bed at
           night thinking about how to help people.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: You? Yeah, right.
    Azel:  By people, you mean attractive people, 
           right Chris?
    Chris: I never get any appreciation around here.
    - She can wait.
    Chris: Ouch, thatís cold.
    Haren: Iím not in the mood for her lecturing anyway.
    Chris: Brrrrr... *shudder* Thatís even colder.
    *** No change  ***  
    Eonis: Lately the flow of Chi has not been normal.
           Does it have anything to do with the Forbidden
    - Amila blocking it may be the cause.
    Eonis:   You blame everything on the Yason.
    Calintz: Donít try to defend them.
    Haren:   Theyíre our enemies!
    Eonis:   Iím not defending them.
             Why are you sensitive?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   Calintz...
    - There may be a connection...
    Eonis:   When Amila blocked the Forbidden Magic, 
             the power she evoked may have disrupted 
             the flow of Chi.
    *** No change  ***  
    Chris:   Sounds complicated.
             I wonder if she called forth the Magna Carta.
    Calintz: No... It couldnít be!
    Reith:   Calintz...
    Calintz: ...Letís hurry. Weíve got a mission to complete.
    Haren: Tch. Whyíd you accept this stupid mission,
    - Someoneís life is in danger.
    Haren: Well, that changes everything.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Eonis: Thereís no need for sarcasm.
           What if the person in danger was one of us?
    Haren: Thatís different!
    Eonis: True, but donít you think human life is
           important, no matter what the circumstances?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - We donít have any say in the matter.
    Haren:   I knew youíd say that.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:    Captain, since weíre saving someoneís life
             doesnít that make it an important mission?
    Calintz: Maybe youíre right.
    Azel:    Iíd like to think that.
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.8. Lester Ė Valley of Lester / Garute                       [4.08]    |
    |                                                                             |
    [ The following conversations can be accessed at the Inn of Lester and also   ]
    [ after leaving Lester, at the Valley of Lester.                              ]
    Haren: They shouldnít have gotten far. Theyíre probably 
           still somewhere near the Valley of Lester.
    Azel: I wonder if we can save Reith...
          Iím a bit worried.
    - If you believe in me, then just follow me.
    Azel: You know I do. Iíve always believed in you.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - If youíre not confident, you can stay behind.
    Azel:  Captain, I didnít mean it like that...
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: Stop your whining. What kind of men are you, anyway?
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel: Captain, what do you think of Reith?
    - I donít know... I never thought about it...
    Azel:    Oh, is that so?
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris:   You never thought about it? Are you blind?
             How can you say that, with such beauty in front
             of you?
             Oí lovely Reith... Your beauty is purer that a 
             chrysanthemum enveloped in the morning mist.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Calintz: ...........
    Haren:   Did you just break into song?
             What the hell is wring with you, man?
    - For some reason... sheís on my mind.
    Azel:    Is that so?
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris:   Can you feel the love tonight... 
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:    Iím so happy for you.
    Calintz: ???
    Chris: Man, theyíre sure making a big deal out of this.
           Yason this, Yason that.
           Weíre only out here to save a beautiful lady.
    - ...Donít put us on the same level as you?
    Chris: Is there a lump of coal where your heart should be?
           You should let your spirit be free, like mine.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: Calintz is right. What the hell would happen
           if everyone was like you?
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - How can you be so cheerful at a time like this?
    Chris: Hahaha... Itís just my way, man.
           You should try it sometimes.
           Youíll be a lot happier for it.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: ...Well, whatever it is, donít give it to me.
    *** No change ***  
    Chris: You canít hide it from me, you!
           I know youíve got a little somethiní,
           somethií for the new girl...
           I can see it in the way you treat her.
    - Sheís lost her memory. Of course she needs help.
    Chris: Is that so? 
           So, can I go out with her?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:  Youíre kidding, right?
           Reith is about a million times good for you.
    Eonis: I agree...
    Chris: A million times...?
           I was thinking maybe two or fives time...
           But, a million?
    - What would you say if I said she was my type?
    Chris:   Awwww, thatís too bad.
             Sheís my type, too.
             Then again, any girl that looks like that is my type.
             So, whenís the wedding?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: ............
    Haren:   You want me to break my foot off in his ass?
             Just give me the word.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Eonis: I hope you donít provoke the Alliance any further.
    - I know... I let my emotions get the best of me.
    Eonis: Just keep that in mind that any action we take will
           surely raise eyebrows. We should be careful.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Who cares? Those Alliance punks need some
           ass-kickiní anyways.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    - They insulted me.
    Eonis: What Iím saying is not to get so emotional.
           The Tears of Blood draws too much attention 
           as it is.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Azel:  But, they had no right. I think they deserved it.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Eonis: Even if General Agreian trusts us,
           we shouldnít do anything to upset General Tazma.
    - Yes, I know. I was acting childish.
    Eonis: I know you can be calm and collected.
           Unlike someone else I know.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: What? You talkiní about me?
    Eonis: Hmm? I didnít say anything.
    - Nothing good will happen if we just back down.
    Eonis: A wounded ego never hurt anyone.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Donít even go there.
           Calintz is right. Weíre not part of the Alliance.
           Thereís no point in being nice to them.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Geez, what a troublesome girl. Whyíd you bring her here?
    - She saved my life.
    Haren: Tch. Then why didnít you treat her better?
           If sheís lost her memory, they you shouldíve 
           just taken her to a doctor.
    *** No change. ***  
    Azel:  Donít say that. 
           She save the Captainís life.
           Of course we had to save her.
           Besides, who caused that fight on the bridge?
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - I didnít ask for your help.
    Haren: Is that so? Have a nice life then...
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Alright, Mr. Attitude, thatís enough...
           Of course weíre going to save the damsel in distress.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Shut up!
    Haren: I canít believe youíre being lead by this girl.
           I thought you werenít interested.
    - My only concern is repaying my debt.
    Haren: If you say so... the last thing we need is you being distracted.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Whatís wrong... Are you interested?
    Haren: W-What!? Of course not!!!
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris: Heheh... It looks like someoneís in love.
           I can see it in your face, man.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: I think someoneís asking for a death wish...
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.9. Road to Amabat / Garute                                  [4.09]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Calintz: Mt. Rhyde is a dangerous place. We need to
    Maya: ................ ( looks concerned)
    - Sorry I got you involved in this.
    Maya: .......... ( She looks as if she wants to say, ďCheer up!Ē)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - .......... ?
    Maya: ...........
          ( looks irritated)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Azel: I will gladly to Mirna, but Iíll go along with
          whatever you decide.
    - No, this is more important. Stay here.
    Azel: If you say so.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - No, you are not ready.
    Azel:  ...Am I still not good enough?
           I know I canít compare with you,
           but I think Iíve gotten better...
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Do as Calintz says.
           He knows that your skills will be
           most useful here.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel: I just remembered something
          about when you saved me.
    - You mean on the Road to Amabat?
    Azel:    Thatís right.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: It was in the middle of winter wasnít it?
             It was amazing you were still alive.
    Azel:    I wouldnít be here, if it wasnít for you.
    Maya:    ............ ( looks like she wantís to say, ďYouíre cool.Ē)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Mt. Rhyde, was it?
    Azel:    No, it was the Road to Amabat.
             Did you forget?
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: Sorry. It was a long time ago, so...
    Chris: You like Reith, donít you?
    - It seems you still have the energy to joke around.
    Chris: You donít have to be so serious all the time, man.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: Calintz is right. You really need to just
           shut your trap.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - I promised Reith that Iíd protect her.
    Chris: Oh, the truth finally comes out! Hey, everyone, Calintz is...!
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Just shut up!
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Maya:  .............( looks like sheís having fun)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Reith will be alright.
           You donít have to feel guilty about it.
    - Thanks.
    Eonis: We understand.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Maya: .......... ( She looks as if she wants to say, ďCheer up!Ē)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Thanks, but this is my problem.
    Eonis: ...Please, donít forget, that weíre here, Calintz.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Iím getting tired of fighting the Yason.
           Will this war ever end?
    - Itís not like you to complain.
    Eonis: Iím only human, you know.
           We just canít keep going on like this.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    - I know itís difficult, but we canít turn back now.
    Eonis:   I know...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: I have to keep going until the end. But you...
    Eonis:   But I can give up anytime. 
             Is that what youíre trying to say?
             This is my choice to be here and I will see it
             through with you to the end. 
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: I donít care what you do, but what are you
           planning to do about the Generalís orders?
    - You want to go to Mirna, then?
    Haren: Arenít you supposed to be the one going?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Azel: You donít care either way, do you Haren?
          Besides, the Yason have appeared on the Road
          to Amabat, so this takes priority.
          Iím sure the General will understand.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Azel is right.
           Nothing happened at Mirna.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - The Road to Amabat is our first priority.
    Haren: Well, yeah, but...
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris: In your face, man! Besides, a beautiful girl is
           in trouble. Thereís no question as to whatís 
           more important.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Donít you ever shut up?
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.10. The Great Temple / Amabat                               [4.10]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Justina: Weíre trying to restore Reithís memory, right?
             Remie is southwest of Amabat.
    Maya: .................
    - I donít know what youíre trying to say.
    Maya:  .........
           ( smiles)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: She says she like you, when youíre honest!
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:  Youíre incredible, Captain! 
    - You want to go play?
    Maya:  .............
           ( shakes head)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris: That definitely isnít it. You got a long way to
           go before you can understand her the way I do.
    Azel: Captain, howís my swordsmanship? 
          I believe that Iíve improved a little.
    - Soon enough, youíll be as good as me. 
    Azel: Iím happy that you say that, but itís more than
          I deserve.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Eonis: You trained hard, Azel. Youíre like a different person now.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Youíre not aggressive enough.
    Azel: I know what it is. When I swing my sword,
          I have a bad habit of hesitating.
          Iíll work hard to overcome it!
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Heheh... Youíre pretty strict, Calintz.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel: So, what are you going to do when Reith gets
          her memory back?
    - Maybe sheíll go back to where she came from.
    Azel:    Is that so...
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   I canít stay here...?
             I wanna be with everyone.
    Calintz: Iím sure your feelings will change once you get
             back your memory.
    Justina: Thatís right. Youíd have to start with training to
             be the next Great Priestess.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Thatís for Reith to decide.
    Reith:   *sigh*
    Azel:    Thatís true.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Justina: But, as soon as she regains her memory 
             Sheís going to train to be the nest Great Priestess.
    Reith:   Huh!?
    Calintz: Thatís for Reith to decide, too. Right?
    Justina: Well, Itís true, but...
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   Even after I get back my memory, 
             I still want to be with everyone.
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Maracatte... I never thought Iíd be setting foot
           in this place again...
    - Does Maracatte have any significance for you?
    Chris: Yah, itís where I was born.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Man, no one cares about where you came from.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Itís where you were born, right?
    Chris:   What are you talking about?
             Maracatte isnít my home country.
             Just kidding! You actually remembered?
             Iím so happy, I could just cry.
    *** No change  ***  
    Calintz: .............
    Maya:    ...........
             ( expression of pity)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris: This is top secret, but I managed to get
           my hands on Justinaís measurements. 
           How Ďbout it? You interested?
    - Iím not interested.
    Chris:   What? You donít believe me, do you?
             Alright then, starting from the top...
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Justina: Donít even... Because I guarantee it will be the 
             last thing what comes out of your mouth...
    *** Justineís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris:   Eh... I-I was just playiní is all...
    Azel:    Chris, why do you have to be so... so perverted?
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - .... (ignore)  
    Chris:   Hey, if you donít listen to me, Iíll tell everyone
             embarrassing things about your childhood!
             When you were seven, your name was Mano,
             and you were a crybaby...
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: Them Iíll talk about your most embarrassing 
    Reith:   Hm? Whatís that?
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Justina: I want to hear about it, too.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris:   You wouldnít!? Thatís so not cool!
             Weíve been pals a long time, right Calintz...?
    Haren:   What a looser...
             He wet his bed until he was twelve.
    Chris:   Th-That was because I had nightmares!
    Justina: Sure. Itís alright.
             I know plenty guys whoóoh waitóno I donít.
    Chris:   Dang, see what youíve done?
             My street cred has gone down the toilet.
             Youíll get yours, dude...
    Haren: This is a pain. 
           Why do we have to do this stupid mission?
           We should just go home.
    - You can go home now if you want.
    Azel:  Thatís alright! Haren, youíre always complaining.
           You should think about the group instead of just
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Heh, it looks like you know how to talk like an
           adult. I still remember when you used to cry all
           the time.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  Ow ow ow ow! 
           Captain, help me!
    - Donít worry, youíll get paid when we get back.  
    Haren: Thatís what I like to hear!
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  You are such the mercenary...
    Reith: ...Am I just getting in your way, Calintz...?
    - No, youíre not. Donít worry about it. 
    Haren:   I donít think sheís just going to stop worrying 
             about it just because you say not to.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Iím sorry...
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris:   Weíre cool... Calintz said no to worry about it.
    Calintz: ..........
    - If you think so, then just get back your memory.
    Reith:   I... Iím sorry...
    *** Reithís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris:   Hey, that wasnít a nice thing to say!
             Forget about him, you need a man thatíll treat
             you right... Like me!
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Justina: Stop fooling around, Chris!
             Calintz is right.
             I hope you regain your memory soon.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: Calintz. This is for saving me. I made it myself.
           Here, have a taste...
    - It... Itís good...
    Chris: Reeaally? Then, Iíll take one...
           Urgh!? Y-Youíre right...
           Itís oh-so... good...
    Reith: Really!?
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Here, let me have a taste... Bleagh!
           What planet is this food from?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith: I-Itís not good? Thatís strange...
           I thought it tasted good...
    Haren: What!?
           I think you need new taste buds!
    - It does taste... a bit odd...
    Reith:   Huh?
    *** Reithís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris:   The godsíll strike you down if you say anything
             about her cooking...
             Now, let me try...
             Urgh! J-Just as I thought...
             Sheís a top-class *cough* cook.
             If you guys got * cough* marriedó
             C-Calintz, Iím sorry man...
             I think youíre gonna starve to death.
    Reith:   What do you think, Azel? 
             Is my cooking good?
    Azel:    O-Oh... yes, Reith.
             I think... that being able to cook this
             is wonderful enough.
    Reith:   Thank you.
             Iíll make it everyday, then!
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: .........
    Justina: Iíve heard stories about you.
             Youíre pretty famous.
    - Hmph. Donít you mean infamous?
    Justina: So, youíre aware of that.
             It seems youíve been here and there,
             wreaking havoc.
             I pictured someone a little crazy,
             but you look fairly normal.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel:    The stories are greatly exaggerated.
    Chris:   But, theyíre half right.
             Heís just softened up a little since then.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - So, whatís it to you?
    Justina: Oh, nothing. I was just interested in you.
    *** No change  ***  
    Reith:   *giggle* Whenever I see Calintz,
             I want to know more about him.
    *** Reithís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris:   Ooh, could it be love!?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: ..........
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.11. Notia / Garute Ė Calintzís party                        [4.11]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Haren:   I happened to overhear that pilot. Heís looking
             for something called an ďAir GillĒ.
    Eonis:   I just saw a child carrying what looked like
             fish gills.
    Azel: I wonder if Reith is alright.
    - Sheíll be fine.
    Azel:  Well, I guess so, since Justinaís with her.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Ooh, so you WERE worried, huh?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Not this again.
    - The mission is our only priority.
    Azel:  ...Yessir.
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren: We wonít have time to worry about them pretty
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: I wonder if Lehas is alright.
    - Sheís strong. Donít worry.
    Eonis: I with I were as confident as you...
           Lehas might be strong to you, but...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris: Man, you donít know anything about women, 
           do you? If you ever want to have a love life,
           Iíll teach you everything there is to know...
           Hail to the king, baby!
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Yeah... The king of Iíve-been-dumped-so-many-
    Chris: W-What did you say!?
    Haren: Did you already forget what you said when you
           were drunk? You told me you were dumped
           247 times...
    Chris: W-Why you!?
    - I believe in her. Sheíll be fine.
    Eonis:   You should tell that to her.
             Whenever I listen to you two talk, it feels like
             you guys are just going through the motions...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel:    Youíre both so alike, but different at the same time.
             What do I know is that you share the same kind 
    Calintz: ...Enough talk. We have a mission to do.
    Azel:    And you both try to hide behind the mission at
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Maracatte, eh...?
    - You alright?
    Haren: Itís nothiní...
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Are you going to stop by Feliciaís grave?
    Haren: Nah... I donít want to reopen old wounds.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Man, Iíve always been popular with the ladies for 
           as long as I can remember... 
           The lovely Terissa, the innocent Angelica, the sexy Martina...
           Oh, such sweet mam... er memories.
    - ....(ignore)  
    Chris: Hello? Are you listening to me? 
           Donít ignore me... Please?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Are those all the chick that dumped you?
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  Will you be quiet? 
           The Captain doesnít even want to hear it.
           Just look at his face.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris: All you ever think about is the Captain.
           Thatís why you canít get yourself a girlfriend now.
    Azel:  Really?
           Then, how about you, Chris?
    Chris: ........
    Eonis: Ouch, that must have hurt.
    - ....(put up with)  
    Chris: Ya know, youíre the only person that ever bothers
           to listen to me.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  Captain, are you alright?
    Haren: My ears are about to rot off from all the crap
           spewing from your mouth.
    Maya:  .............
           ( looks like sheís saying, ďIncredible!Ē)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Maya, ever you think that itís incredible?
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.12. Efor / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party                      [4.12]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Chris: We can get Omarev feathers for the Omarevs 
           in the desert.
    Eonis: Calintz, what do you think of Reith?
    - Why do you ask? What do you think of her?
    Eonis:   I asked first.
             All you need to do is answer honestly.
             Itís no big deal really...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris:   Aww... Canít you see the young man is too
             embarrassed to tell you?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis:   Chris, I wasnít asking you!
    Calintz: I... I honestly donít know...
    Eonis:   *sigh* I knew you would say that...
    - I think sheís a good person, innocent.
    Eonis:   Itís not like you to give such a direct answer.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: Iím always worried that sheís going to cause 
             trouble for us...
    Eonis:   Unfortunately, I would have to agree.
    Haren:   All this talk about relationship is making me
             nauseous. Find a better time for it.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: I have a bad feeling about this. Whatíre ya gonna do?
    - Just have faith in Rostin.
    Haren:  Well, we all know Chrisís skills, right?
            How do we know if his old man is the same way 
            and we all end up taking a dive into the sand?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris:  Oh, come on.
            Show some faith in my old man.
    Maya:   ..................
            ( agrees with Chris)
    - Well, I want to believe in Rostin, but...
    Haren:  You donít wanna end up head first in the sand
            either, huh?
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris:  Haren, why do you always gotta hate on me?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Maya:   ..............
            ( looks angry)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris: What do you think of my old man?
           Do you think I look like him?
    - Yes.
    Chris: Wha!? ĖHow do I resemble him?
           We donít look anything alike!
           Youíre just kidding, right?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren: You brought it up, you moron.
           I thought you were the spitting image
           of your pops.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Yes, I though so, too...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Not really...
    Chris: Yeah, whew...
           I knew I could count on you.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  ...Captain...
           You just said that to get Chris off your back, right?
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: You be quiet!
    Maya:   ..............
            ( looks sympathetic)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Maya: ....(looks excited)
    - Youíre not scared?
    Maya:   ..............
            ( shakes head)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren:  Kids nowadays have no fear it seems.
    - Itís dangerous up there.
    Maya:    ..............
             ( looks unhappy)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris:   Hey, my Maya loves to fly.
             If you want to talk to my princess,
             you need to do it through me. Got that?
    Calintz: ...I think Iíll do that from now on.
    Chris:   Thatís right.
             Iím Mayaís papa after all.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren:   Something about that just ainít right...
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.13. Headquarters / Garute Ė Calintzís party                 [4.13]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Calintz: Letís check out Mirna Road. Itís north of Lester.
    Azel: Can the Light of Salvation really end this war?
          I donít know what it does, so Iím kinda worried
    - Your not the only one whoís worried.
    Azel:    Captain...
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: If thereís a chance, then we should at least try.
    - What do you want me to say?
    Azel:    Um...
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: I think itís best for you to come up with
             your own answer.
    Eonis:   Heís right. Weíll find out what it can do
             soon enough.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel: I wonder if Reith has regained her memory yet.
          If so, will she be any different...?
    - I canít even imagine.
    Azel: Yeah, I know. Itíd be weird if she came back
          a totally different person.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Iím sure sheíll be fine.
    Azel:    Thatís kinda cold, donít you think?
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris:   Itís how he shows his love. Right, Calintz?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: ..........
    Eonis: I hear there are Yason who wish to live in
           peace with humans. Supposedly, theyíve 
           settled in Emon.
    - Thatís ridiculous.
    Eonis: You think so? But, if the Yason and humans can
           peacefully coexist, then it wouldnít be so bad.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris: True... Itís not that far-fetched. Not everyone
           thinks like you, ya know...
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: Psh... The Yason canít be trusted. Felicia trusted
           them, and look what happened to her.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Thatís not a bad idea.
    Eonis: I agree. I hope that day comes soon.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Are you crazy? The Yason and humans 
           could never live together.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris: I knew youíd say that. You wonít be happy
           until every last one of Ďem is dead.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Maya:  .........
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Hphm!
    Eonis: The Light of Salvation contains immense power,
           right? What would you do if you had that power?
    - Iíd take revenge.
    Eonis:   It seems like you have a lot of anger built
             up inside.
    *** No change. ***  
    Calintz: Of course.
    Haren:   If I had that power... Iíd low Yason-Roven
             right off the map.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Azel:    Thatís a bit extreme. Youíd be killing innocent
             children, too.
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    - Iíd end the war.
    Eonis:   Thatís the same thing I was thinking.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris:   But, that means borrowing the power of
             the Light of Salvation...
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: I donít know if that would solve our problems
             or not... When it comes to war, there really is
             no right answer.
    Haren: The Light of Salvation, huh... So, soon weíll
           have our revenge...
    - We need it to end the war.
    Haren: Heh... So, you want revenge, too...
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***
    Azel:  Stop it, Haren.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Eonis: I understand that you want revenge, but ending
           the war is our primary goal.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Thatís right. Revenge will be ours.
    Haren: Iíve waited a long time for this.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris: Trust me, it wonít make you feel any better...
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Eonis: Yes, revenge is not everything. Weíre looking for 
           the Light of Salvation to end the war, too.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: I don't get it. If you have a grudge, then get
           revenge. Is a half-ass sense of justice that
    - Revenge is a selfish action. Remember that.
    Haren: I gave up on justice the day Felicia died...
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Revenge will just create more people like us.
    Haren: Who cares? Why are you so concerned about 
           everyone else?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  Thatís not a bad thing. Because of Captain, 
           Iím here now. If he didnít save me...
           I wouldíve frozen to death.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Eonis: Azel...
    Chris: It feels like a foreign territory, doesn't it?
    - Are you having second thoughts?
    Chris: Who, me? Weíve come this far... Iíll see it
           through to the end.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - If youíre going to back out, nowís the time.
    Chris: What? If I wanted to quit, I wouldíve
           done it a long time ago.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Maya: ...............
    - You look tired. Are you okay?
    Maya: .........
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - .........
    Maya:  .........
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris: Hey, whatís goiní on here?
    Eonis: Maybe Calintz has learned how to 
           communicate with Maya.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.14. Notia / Garute Ė Reithís party                          [4.14]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Justina: Letís head to Fuget through Caska and Erestine. 
             Reith... We might be able to cure your amnesia.
    Justina: Reith, once youíve gotten your memory back
             do you want to become a candidate for
             the Great Priestess?
    - Me? The Great Priestess?
    Justina: Thereís no guarantee youíll be chosen, but just
             being a candidate is an honor. Itís the first step
             to becoming the Great Pristess.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   I see...
    - Iím not sure Iím right for it...
    Justina: Why not?
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   I donít know. Itís just a feeling.
    Justina: Well, the choice is yours.
    Justina: What do you think of this war?
    - Fighting never changes anything.
    Justina: Well, thereís no easy way to end the war.
             Itís not like they can just shake hands and
             make up. 
             If it were the case, then it would have 
             never started.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   ........
    Justina: To tell you the truth, I donít really care for people 
             who talk about nothing but ideals. I actually find
             it easier to deal with the Tears of Blood,
             who only seek revenge. At least they have
             the courage to act on their convictions.
    Reith:   ...Iím sorry.
    Justina: Donít misunderstand me. Iím not blaming you
    - Iím sorry. I just donít know.
    Justina: You donít know?
    Reith:   I donít want the fighting to continue, but Eonis
             Said that words can no longer end this war.
    Justina: You and Mistress Ladrinne have a lot in common.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Huh?
    Justina: She thinks as you do. Empty promises are not
             enough, but if you get the truth across,
             the situation may change.
    Reith:   .......
    Justina: However, there may be times when you can
             only get truth across through force. People
             are foolish, believing only what they can see.
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.15. Erestine / Garute Ė Reithís party                       [4.15]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Justina: Letís head to Fuget through Caska and Erestine. 
             Reith... We might be able to cure your amnesia.
    Rianna: No matter where ya go, everyoneís at war with
            the Yason. This world is a mess. 
    - If only we could stop fighting and live in peace.
    Rianna:  We canít live in peace.
             Thatís the reason weíre fighting in the first place.
             What are you, one of those dreamers who believe 
             that we shouldnít be fighting the Yason?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Maybe... Maybe I am.
    Rianna:  Really?
    Reith:   I just donít see whatís wrong with saying,
             ďLetís live in peace.Ē
             It may sound silly to you...
             But, I canít deny whatís in my heart.
    Rianna:  Yeah, I guess...
             Regardless, itís still just a dream.
             I mean if words could end the war,
             it wouldíve been over a long time ago.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Reith:   Thatís why... Thatís why Iím searching for an answer.
    Rianna:  Huh?
    Justina: She still hasnít regained all of her memory.
             When she does, sheíll be able to comprehend
             much more than she does now.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - I guess war is inevitable.
    Rianna:  Weíre powerless. 
             I mean, we can talk all we want about how
             we should live together in peace,
             but if words could end the war,
             it wouldíve been over a long time ago.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: .........
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Rianna:  Whatíre you lookiní at?
             You really donít like being felt out of
             the conversation, do ya?
             Lemme guess, the peace-loviní Priestesses think
             differently than us commoners, right?
    Justina: Youíre mistaken of you believe that all Priestesses
             are pacifists.
             Weíre not watching the war from the sidelines,
             you know.
    Rianna: Hey, youíre a pretty one, arenít you?
            Do you have our eyes on anyone?
    - Huh!? N-No... I-I donít think so...
    Rianna:  Sure you do... There is someone, isnít there?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Thatís uh...
    Rianna:  If you like Ďem, you better tie Ďem down.
             Itíll be too late or regrets when he gets away.
    Justina: Thatís enough. Youíre upsetting Reith.
    - No...
    Rianna:  Well, thatís disappointing to hear.
             Maybe youíre just trying to hide it.
             Anyways, if you ever need advice, 
             you know who to come to.
             Iím quite the experienced in that area.
    *** No change  ***  
    Justina: If she listens to you, sheíll end up a tomboy.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Rianna:  Well, at least I have more experience than a
    Justina: They say that women have become much more
             appreciated because of the war.
             And a woman is a woman, I guess.
             Even is sheís like THAT.
    Rianna:  Hey!
    Reith:   Uh... Ummm...
    Rianna: If your beloves just up and left,
            youíd go after Ďem wouldnít ya?
    - Yes, I would. Iíd want to know why he left.
    Rianna:  Thatís right! Wait... What?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: Maybe he just grew tired if it all.
    Rianna:  Whatís your problem!?
    - No. I think itís best to wait for him.
    Rianna:  Then he should at least tell me when heís coming
             back. Itís hard to wait for someone day after day
             after day.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   Itís hard. But, of you believe in him, you should wait.
    Justina: Right. But, what if he didnít feel for her the same
             way she felt for him? 
             What if this is his way of saying itís over between
    Rianna:  Hey!
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.16. Efor / Maracatte Ė Calintzís party                      [4.16]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Chris: Letís take Rusty for a ride to the Ice Fields of 
    Azel: The other day I overheard someone speaking ill
          of us. They said we were the lapdogs of the Alliance.
          Why would they say something like that?
    - It doesnít matter as long as you know the truth.
    Azel:    Sorry...
    Calintz: Iím not getting down on you.
             I understand how hard it is to be a mercenary at
             your age.
             Itís not a good feeling to hear someone badmouth
             you. But, itís not like youíre working to earn
             peopleís praises.
    Azel:    ...Youíre right, Captain.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Why do you care about what others say?
    Azel:    I...
    Calintz: Do you want them to praise you and tell you that
             youíve done a good job?
    Azel:    Itís not that! 
             I donít need to hear those words...
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren:   Ya know, it really pisses me off to hear that kinda
             crap from losers that reek of weakness.
    Eonis:   Itís not easy to hear such things. 
             Remember, Calintz has had to endure that kind 
             of criticism for much longer than you have.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel: Captain, when you found me on the Road to 
          Amabat, how you did you know I was still alive?
          Wasnít I unconscious?
    - I knew that you wouldnít die there.
    Azel:  Ha... hahaha...
           That makes me feel a bit embarrassed.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Youíre so happy, youíre turning red.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    - Actually, I didnít know.
    Azel:    Really?
    Calintz: But, I wanted to believe that you would live.
    Azel:    ...I see. Thank you again.
             Itís because of you that Iím here today.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: I wonder what kind of person was Joshua...
    - He was not only a Hero, but he was also a priest.
    Eonis: Is that all? From his memoirs,
           it seemed like there was more...
    *** No change  ***  
    - Iím interested in what he wrote in his memoirs.
    Eonis: Me too. I donít understand why he had to step
           down from his position as the Great Priestess before
           he went crazy... Did he do something evil because of the Light
           of Salvation?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Arenít you worried about Reith?
           You were all in a panic when she was being
           kidnapped by the Yason."
    - Justinaís with her, so Iím sure sheíll be fine.
    Eonis:   That sounds irresponsible.
             Is that all the affection you have for her?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Calintz: .......
    Haren:   I think itís just fine.
             After all, sheís been nothiní but trouble for us.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Yeah, but I canít be with her all the time.
    Eonis:   *giggle* Does that mean you want to be with her?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: .......
    Chris:   Ooh, sheís turning red! *chuckle*
    Azel:    Stop picking on him!
    Haren: I canít believe it. Of all the places in the world,
           why the Ice Fields of Nordon? 
           You think we can make it back from there alive?
    - Youíre not afraid, are you?
    Haren: Youíre disrespecting me!?
           I just donít like cold.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Eonis: He seems to be agilitated.
    - We canít just quit now.
    Haren: Of course we canít. 
           Donít try to sound cool.
           Besides, the Ice Fields are nothiní...
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris: Stop bluffing. 
           You already know how frigginí cold it is, right?
           Iím only going Ďcause weíve got no other choice.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: I thought you were going because,
           ďBayer chicks are hot.Ē
    Chris: Oh... Thatís right.
    Haren: Whatís the general thinking?
           Is there really a point to finding
           the Light of Salvation?
    - Hugoís very trustworthy.
    Haren: Maybe to you he is, but not to me.
           I think he might be up to something.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  I believe in the Captain!
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Ha! I donít believe in anyone with just ďCaptainĒ
           On his mind either.
    - You donít believe in me?
    Haren: Itís not that...
           I just have a bad feeling about this mission.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: We knew this mission would be dangerous. 
           Are you chickening out now? Thatís not like you.
    Haren: ...Ask me that again when weíre hanginí off
           the side of a cliff.
    Chris: My old manís really something, huh?
    - Yeah, I was a bit surprised.
    Chris: You were, huh. Hahaha...
           I mean, heís still chasing skirts at that age.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: I could say the same to you.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    - He kind of looks like you.
    Chris: Hahahaha! For real, man. He kinda looks like Ė 
           Whaaaa!? Does... Does he look like me!?
           In what way does that perverted, middle-aged,
           denture-weariní old man look anything like me!?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren: In every way, you dumbass.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Chris, youíre only getting agitated because you
           know itís true.
    Chris: I wonder if Justinaís got a boyfriend.
           Sheís pretty cute, and she's very ladylike.
    - What are you planning now?
    Chris: Planning...?
           I just wanna get to know her, thatís all.
           Donít get the wrong idea.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: Sure.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris: Wh-What!? I said donít get the wrong idea.
    Maya:  ............
           (stares at Chris)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Noooo, Maya. 
           Itís not like that!
           Believe me.
    - ...Well, no rule states that priestesses canít marry.
    Chris:   Thatís right! So, then itís okay for me to make her
             my girlfriend, isnít it?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren:   You idiot! Donít you understand thereís a chance
             she already has a boyfriend?
    Calintz: ...........
    Maya: ..............
    - What's wrong?
    Maya:  *smile*
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Chris: That smile is to cheer you up.
           Man, she used to only smile at me.
    Haren: Hey, you can hallucinate all you want, 
           just do it somewhere else.
    - Do you enjoy being in the Tears of Blood?
    Maya:  *nod*
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Of course she does! 
           Because Iím always there to protect her.
    Haren: How many times have you used that line?
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.17. Erestine / Garute Ė Reithís party                       [4.17]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Rianna: We need to get to Fuget safely with this 
            Mistress Ladrinne.
    Justina: Iím worried. This is a rather impulsive move
             for Mistress Ladrinne. I hope everything turns
             out alright.
    - Weíll do our best to protect her.
    Justina: Thank you.
             Sheís like a mother to me.
             I canít let anything happen to her.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  Really?
             When I was in Maracatte, I lost my entire family
             to the war.
             I was the only one who survived...
             thanks to my divine power...
    Reith:   Is that so...?
    Justina: At the time, all I could think was,
             ďWhy did I survive? I donít want this power.
             I just want to die...Ē
             But, Mistress Ladrinne helped me to understand
             that with my divine power I could help others.
    - Mistress Ladrinne is strong. Sheíll be fine.
    Justina: Donít assume that!
             Do you know why there are so many pretend
             Great Priestesses being sent out as decoys?
             Do you!?
             Itís because her life is in grave danger!
             She may have limitless divine power,
             but that doesnít make her immortal.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  Whatís wrong?
             Why are you getting so worked up?
    Reith:   Iím sorry...
             I didnít know...
    Justina: ...Iím sorry, too. I didnít mean to yell at you.
             ...I used to hate my powers.
             My entire family died, but I lived...
             just because I had these powers.
             For a long time I couldnít bear it...
    Rianna:  ......
    Justina: It was Mistress Ladrinne who gave me the will
             to live. Thatís why I must protect her at all costs.
    Reith:   I see.
    Rianna:  No worries.
             Reith and I both want to protect her too.
             If we work together, weíll make this mission a 
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Justina: Reith, don't you find it strange that the Yason
             are after you?
    - Yes, I do. I canít understand why...
    Justina: You must try to remember. Itís very important.
             You may have some connection to the Yason.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   Iíll try...
    Rianna:  Why are you harassiní her?
             If she canít remember, then she canít remember.
             Just because youíre in a hurry, it doesnít give you
             the right to hurry others.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Justina: ...Iím sorry, Reith.
             Please accept my apology.
    Reith:   Thatís okay.
    - ...Do you think I did something bad somewhere?
    Rianna:  Ahaha... You?? Do something bad??
             Thatís a good one!
    Justina: There must be some explanation for it.
             After all, they seem o know you rather well. 
             You must regain your memory, Reith.
             Otherwise, youíll never be able to move forward.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   But... But, Iím afraid that if I get my memory back, 
             something awful will happen. Iím scared...
    Rianna: Protecting the Great Priestess is a big job.
            Iím startiní to get nervous.
    - You get nervous too...?
    Rianna:  Of course I do. I gave up workiní as a mercenary 
             to become a housewife. So, Iím not as
             strong as I used to be.
    *** No change ***
    Justina: You? A housewife?
             I canít picture that.
    Rianna:  Well, I may not look like a housewife,
             but I was good at choppiní wood and carryiní things.
    Reith:   ...Wait, arenít men supposed to do these chores?
             What about cooking and cleaning?
    Rianna:  My husband took care of that, of course!
    Justina: ...And youíre proud of that?
    - Youíre the strongest one here, Rianna!
    Rianna:  Hahaha... Yeah, youíre right.
             Itís been awhile since my mercenary days
             but I still got it.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: Reith, youíre starting to give her a big head.
    Rianna:  No, sheís not. Sheís just cheeriní me up.
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.18. Bayrux / Bayer Ė Calintzís party                        [4.18]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Calintz: We need to gather information on the 
             Water Shard at Bayrux.
    Azel: This time itís the Water Shard... Weíre getting
          closer to collecting all of them. But, is this
          really the right thing to be doing?
    - Even if itís wrong, as long as it ends the war...
    Azel:  Is that how it is now?
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Since everyone is divided on the subject,
           I think Iíll stay neutral.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - If I thought it was wrong, I'd stop right now.
    Azel:    Captain...
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: I believe that itís the right thing to do.
             And Iím going to make sure it stays that way.
    Eonis:   Thatís why we follow you.
    Eonis: Happy birthday, Calintz! 
           I wish we could throw you a party...
    - Thereís no time for that now.
    Eonis: But, itís once a year. Why donít you do something
           for yourself for a change?
    *** No change ***  
    Chris: Yeah. Letís grab the liquor from the basement
           and get our drink on!
           How long are we just gonna let it sit there? Hmm?
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Not again...
    - Thatís okay. Thanks anyways.
    Eonis: Itís not really like you to say thank you.
           *giggle* I feel a bit embarrassed. 
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Tch... Quit giggling.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Eonis: Hmmm? Jealous are we?
    Chris: *chuckle* Looks like you canít handle Eonis.
    Haren: You think this war will ever end?
    - Someday...
    Haren:   I wasnít looking for a vague answer like that.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Calintz: ..........
    Haren:   Sometimes I wonder how long weíll have to
             continue fighting like this. 
             Itís not as we like it or anything.
    Eonis:   Itís true, we donít know when it will end.
             But, we continue to fight because we have hope
             that one day it will end.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Otherwise, thereís no reason to fight, is there?
    Haren: I guess...
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Thatís not like you, Haren.
           You seem tired.
    Haren: I get tired of thinking about how long weíll have to
           keep fighting.
    Chris: Bayer, huh? Iíve never been there.
           You think itís safe?
    - It shouldnít be a problem. I hear theyíre friendly.
    Eonis: What are you talking about?
           Theyíre a closed society.
           Did you forget that?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Itís not like you.
    *** No change ***  
    - I hear theyíre not to friendly to strangers.
    Eonis: Since Involk Castle was built, theyíve been living
           in the sky.
           They donít have much communication
           with the outside world.
           They canít help but to be xenophobic.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.19. Efor / Maracatte Ė Reithís party                        [4.19]    |
    |                                                                             |
    ( Before visiting Rostinís house)
    Rianna:  Letís look for Chrisís house and talk to Rostin.
    ( After the visit)
    Justina: I believe the Pnosen Library has the information
             we need. We can get there from Remie.
    Justina: Reith, I donít think it would be best
             for you to stay with the Tears of Blood.
    - But... I want to be together.
    Justina: With Calintz?
    Reith:   Huh? Thatís not what I...
    Justina: Reith, I don1t think you have enough experience to
             handle the dangerous work the of the Tears of Blood.
             Regardless of the immense divine power you
             possess, I think you would simply become a
              hindrance to them.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   ...You really think so?
    Rianna:  Whatís so wrong with being with the one you love?
             Iím all for it, Reith.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Raul:    In the end, Reith is the one who must decide.
             Justina, I donít think you should be influencing
             her decision.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Am I just extra baggage?
    Justina: Iím sorry to be the one to tell you,
             but at this point in time, yes you are.
             However, once you recover your memory,
             youíll know exactly where you belong.
             That may be a good time to leave
             the Tears of Blood.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  Hey, donít scare her like that.
             Reith, donít pay attention to Justina.
             The last thing you wanna be right now is
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Raul:    Thatís right, do whatever you feel is right. 
             Itís your decision.
    Justina: Reith, if two of your friends were in
             great danger, which would you save? 
             If you save both, youíll die.
             So, what would you do?
    - I donít know...
    Justina: Thatís not an answer.
             When the situation is place right in front of you,
             there wonít be any time for you to deliberate.
             A decision must be made!
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    - Iíd save both of them, even if it meant Iíd die.
    Justina: Would you? Could you really do that?
             Is it so easy to give up your life?
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   Maybe not. But, if Iím the only one who can
             save them both, the I would risk dying.
    Rianna:  Justina, why did you go and ask such a stupid
             question like that? 
             Donít you worry, Reith, ya hear? 
             If Reith says sheís to it, then sheís do it.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: Itís a question asked of those who aspire to
             become the Great Priestess. 
             Unlike a normal priestess, the role of the Great
             Priestess requires personality and character.
             The aspirants are judges on the coherence and
             the complexity of their answers.
    Rianna:  She doesnít wanna be the Great Priestess,
             for cryiní out loud!
    Rianna: I hope you get your memory back this time.
    - Thank you so much for caring all about me.
    Rianna:  Hahaha...
             Itís kinda embarrassing being thanked like that.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: do you really think such trifling words will 
             be of any consolation?
    Rianna:  Hey!
    - Iím sorry... Iím causing so much trouble.
    Rianna:  What are ya talkiní about?
             Youíre not the only one.
             I mean, Iím causing trouble by looking for my
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Justina: Huh? You knew you were causing trouble?
    Rianna:  Hey!!
    Rianna: You planningí to stay with the Tears of Blood
            even after you get your memory back?
    - Yes, thatís what I want to do.
    Rianna:  Theyíre all nice, so I think itíll be okay.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: Thatís a childish play. At the very least, Rianna
             and I will leave the Tears of Blood as soon
             as we fulfill our objectives.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   Is that so...
    Raul:    Iíll stay by your side.
    Rianna:  Who the hell wants to have and old geezer like
             you next to them?
    - I might have to leave.
    Rianna:  Why? Youíre doing so well here.
    Reith:   Lately, thatís how Iíve been feeling...
             Like thereís a place I have to return to...
             Where everyone is waiting for me...
             Isnít that strange?
    Justina: If thereís a place you must return to, 
             then you must go.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Raul: Iím grateful to you for saving me, but do you
          really believe in me? I might stab you in the
          back later on, you know?
    - I feel like I can believe in you.
    Raul:    You say funny things.
             Arenít you supposed to say that when you meet
             the man of your destiny?
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   ?
    Rianna:  What the hell does that mean?
             Put a sock in it, ya old geezer!
    Raul:    Geez... You donít even know how old I am, 
             so stop calling me an old geezer.
    Justina: Reith, you put your trust in a lot of people,
             but it is best if you would refrain from doing so.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    - Oh, then Iím not supposed to trust others?
    Raul:   See, Now sheís stuck.
    *** Raulís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Rianna: *chuckle* This is a good one, alright.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Raul: No one believes in me but you, Reith.
          Right? You believe in me, donít you?
    - Yes, I believe in you.
    Raul:   There you have it! As long as Reith believes in me,
            Iíll serve the Tears of Blood with every inch of
            my body.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna: Please stop phrasing your words like that.
            They could be easily misconstrued.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    -  To tell you the truth. I donít really know.
    Raul:    Hey, hey. Thatís not nice.
    *** Raulís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Justina: Reith said that on a spur of the moment.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Yes, but... I felt that It would be reassuring if Raul
             was there. I donít know why, but I felt like I could
             believe in him.
    Raul:    Hey... Are we meant to be?
             Am I meeting my destiny?
    Rianna:  No! But, keep it up and you could be meeting
             my fist!
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.20. Bayrux / Bayer Ė Calintzís party                        [4.20]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel: Lehas... I never thought that... that would be
          the last time we'd ever see her.
          We werenít able to do anything for her...
          Captain, what should we do?
    - Everyoneís at a loss right now.
    Azel:    Captain...
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: I think that in honor of Lehas, we should 
             complete this mission.
             Just sitting here feeling depresses wonít do us
             any good.
    Azel:    Yessir!
    - Why are you so full of regrets?
    Eonis: Calintz, I understand how you feel, but donít be
           so insensitive. Everyone here feels just as bad.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Azel:  Iím sorry, Captain.
           I shouldnít have said that.
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: Enough already.
           The more you keep talking, the more you keep
           sticking your foot in your mouth.
           What else do ya wanna hear?
           If you want someone to comfort you, 
           go get a nanny.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Everyoneís so depressed...
           I donít know what to do.
           I know itís difficult, but we must persevere.
           Itís such a shame...
    - Thereís nothing that can be said.
    Eonis: I know. Iím sorry.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Letís not give up, everyone.
           Weíve been through a lot together.
           This is no time to quit.
    - Should we just quit?
    Eonis: Of course not. What are you saying?
           Itís just that I canít apologize enough to Lehas...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris: Everybody is thinking the same thing.
           ...Donít feel so down, itís not like you.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: I feel guilty. I never thought that would happen...
           I never imagined that that would be the last time
           weíd meet.
    - Thereís nothing you can do about it.
    Haren: I... I want to think like that... but, I canít.
           The day Felicia died, we got into an argument,
           over something stupid.
           I didnít think it was going to be out last time 
           together then. And now...
           I donít know what to think...
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - I think you were at fault that day.
    Haren: Youíre right... I was to blame!
           Who wouldíve though that was gonna happen?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: It wasnít all your fault, Haren.
           Lehas was a bit sensitive that day, too.
    Chris: Really. I donít know what to say. 
           I promised myself that I wouldnít let anyone die,
           but... I guess I failed her.
    - Yeah...
    Chris:   ......
    Calintz: Iím the one who shouldíve known her the best...
             Yet, I never know what she was thinking...
    Chris:   I wonít let this happen again...
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Not everything can go your way.
    Chris: Donít say that. Itís not like that will change
           everything thatís happened.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: Are you sayiní that if we work hard, everything
           will be fine? I think thatís a load of bull.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.21. The Great Temple / Amabat - Reithís party               [4.21]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Justina: I think General Agreian knows Calintz the best.
    Justina: Reith, are you okay?
    - I want to return to the tears of Blood...
    Justina: Reith...
    Reith:   Is that dumb? Iím so stupid...
    Justina: Normally I would say yes, it is dumb.
             Not this time, though.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Yes... Iím okay.
    Justina: You donít have to pretend that everything is
             okay. I know itís trying, but you can rely on us in 
             times like this.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   But, itís my fault. 
             Lehas was killed because of me...
    Raul:    Think about it like this.
             Letís say you brought an apple from a fruit stand.
             While you were eating the apple, a piece of it
             Became lodged in your throat causing you to
             choke and die.
             Now, would you hold a grudge against the fruit 
             stand guy for selling you the apple?
    Reith:   No... But...
    Raul:    Itís the same idea.
             Even though your relationship with Sdei
             indirectly brought about this misfortune,
             you yourself didnít cause it to happen.
             You never intended for things to turn out the
             way they did.
             The same way the fruit stand guy didnít know
             selling that apple to you would cause your
             death... right?
    Rianna:  What are you talking about?
             Who the hellís this fruit stand guy, anyways?
    Justina: .......
    Rianna: I know itís hard, but donít give up.
            Iím sorry, I donít know what else to say...
    - Thank you for your encouraging words.
    Rianna: Youíre welcome.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Raul:   So, you do know how to cheer people up.
            I guess you are a woman after all. Hmm...
    Rianna: Shut up, ya old bud!
    - You too, Rianna.
    Rianna: Iím sorry. Guess you didnít need to hear all that.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:  No, Iím glad to know that you have a lot going 
            on too. Letís give it our all.
    Raul: Well, I have no other way of explaining it. 
          Sometimes bad things just happen. 
          Blaming yourself will only make it worse.
          In addition, your close friends will be worried
          about your well-being.
    - Iím sorry. I didnít know.
    Raul:  Well, itís a matter of fact, so donít have to be
           so distraught over it.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: I really am useless.
           Justina and Rianna were both worried about me, 
           and I...
           Oh, you were too, of course.
    Raul:  All you can do is realize that now.
    Reith: I will...
    - Iím sorry...
    Rianna: Hey, old man, whatíre you making Reith cry for?
            Hey... Youíre not tryiní to pull anything on her,
            are ya?
    Raul:   Stop treating me like Iím some kind of pervert.
    Reith:  Itís no oneís fault. Itís just... Itís just I donít 
            know how to apologize to everyone...
    Rianna: Why do ya need to apologize for?
    Reith:  You were all so worried about me, yet all I could 
            think about was myself. ...Iím so sorry...
    Rianna: This old fart is just a meanie.
            Did you lecture her about tow sheís not the 
            only one thatís having a hard time?
    Raul:   No! No, I didnít think.
    *** No change ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.22. Notia / Garute Ė Calintzís party                        [4.22]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Azel: Letís meet up with the doctor.
    Azel: Do you like Reith, Captain?
    - I donít know. Iíve never really thought about it...
    Azel:  Really? Are you trying to hide it from me?
           The other day I saw you two returning to 
           the Great Temple together.
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Eonis: Oh may, is that true?
           I wish I could have seen that.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - ...Maybe I do...
    Azel:    Thatís what I thought.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren:   Hey... Youíre not gonna give us some cheesy BS 
             about falling in love and whatnot, are you?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris:   Hmmm?
             Jealous Haren?
    Calintz: ........
    Azel: I wonder what the general is going to do once he
          collects all the shards of the Light of Salvation.
    - He said that he plans to end the war.
    Azel:    Is that so?
    *** No change ***  
    Calintz: And I... I accepted his proposition.
    Haren:   I donít care how itís done, just as long as it ends
             the war.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - He won't allow it to be used for evil.
    Azel:    Captain...
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: I believe in Hugo, but I donít trust the Alliance.
    Haren:   He may be up to something too, ya know.
             You shouldnít put too much trust in him just 
             because heís an old friend.
    Eonis: Do we have to keep it a secret from the Great
           Priestess too? The Light of Salvation is much
           too important to conceal.
    - I promised Hugo.
    Eonis: I know, but...
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Azel:  A promise is a promise. 
           We have to keep it a secret.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - I donít want to hide it from Mistress Ladrinne.
    Eonis: I know.
           Even if it was promised to General Agreian, 
           keeping it a secret the entire time...
           Shouldnít we report this to her, instead?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  But, we canít just break our promise.
           That would betray the generalís trust in us.
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Eonis: Iím glad youíve made up with Reith.
           What happened? Is this the power of love?
    - Donít tease me.
    Eonis:   Uh oh! Youíre turning red.
             Thatís unlike you... but I think itís cute.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: ........
    - Well, Iíve been a bit cold to her lately.
    Eonis: Oh my, I wasnít expecting that answer.
    *** No change ***  
    Chris: Heís always been the shy one.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Haren: Even if everyone else dies, Iím never going to give
           up the fight. Thatís what I promised myself when
           Felicia died.
    - Youíll continue fighting then? Even without us?
    Haren:   Donít say things like that.
             If you guys are planning to leave all the hard 
             stuff to me, Iíll kick your asses.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: *chuckle*
    - Revenge alone can only take you so far.
    Haren:   But, what else so I have?
             Iíve come this far purely on my desire for revenge.
             What else do I need?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: Just donít think you need to do it all by yourself.
    Eonis:   Thatís right. Weíve been through all of this
             together. You donít have to distance yourself now.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Lately I've been wondering if thereís really
           any point to continuing this fight.
    - Have you lost your desire for revenge?
    Chris:   Of course not! Itís just... Whenever I look at 
             Maya, I start thinking... Maybe itís not so bad to
             just live in peace.
             I mean, the Alliance is just fine with the
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: I donít agree with that.
    Haren:   Neither do I! 
             If youíre serious, then leave the Tears of Blood!
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - There may not be any point to it.
    Chris: Itís strange. Because of us, there are more and
           more people becoming like us.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: You agreed to fight knowing that.
           Donít wuss out on us now.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris: My old manís a cheatiní perv. 
           But, he never did anything in front of my ma.
           Actually... My ma died trying to protect him.
           She jumped in the way of a Yason attack.
    - She mustíve really loved him.
    Chris: Isnít that strange?
           She was always nagging him before.
           Anyways, it was maís death that triggered
           a big blowout between me and my old man.
           Thatís why I left home.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Maya:  ........
           ( looks worried)
    Chris: Itís okay. Iím fine.
    Haren: ........
    - I guess the apple doesnít fall far from the tree.
    Chris: Ugh... D-Donít day that!
           Although... I canít completely deny it.
           ...But, Iíve never cheated on anyone.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Haren: Of course you havenít. Thatís because youíve
           never been with anyone in the first place!
           Youíve been outdone by your old man.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Maya: *frown*
    - Thereís nothing to worry about.
    Maya:  *smile*
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Whoa, I guess they donít need me anymore! 
           Their hearts are connected!!
    Haren: Shut up!
    - Whatís wrong?
    Maya:  *frown*
    *** Mayaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Chris: Man, you still need work,
           Want me to give you some lessons? 
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.23. The Great Temple / Amabat - Reithís party               [4.23]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Before receiving Astalís letter
    Reith: Letís go look for Riannaís husband at the 
           Lightning Ruins.
    Justina: Things may have calmed down, 
             but he still hasnít proved his innocence.
    - I know. Calintz is suspicious...
    Justina: It may be difficult to hear, but just because he
             saved you, it doesnít mean heís honorable.
             There are plenty of people who help others
             for ulterior motives.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  You donít have to go that far.
             Reith believing in Calintz is like you
             believing in Mistress Ladrinne.
    - At least itís over.
    Justina: You should remain cautious. 
             You donít know whatís going to happen.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Raul:    Reith, you believe in Calintz, right?
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Yes, I believe in him.
    Rianna:  Thatís right. 
             Justina, you believe in Mistress Ladrinne,
             donít ya?
             Even if someone accused her of wrong
             doing youíd still believe in her, right?
    Well, itís the same for Reith.
    Rianna: You believe in Calintz?
            Donít you know what he did at Involk Castle?
    - I believe in him.
    Rianna: Whatíre ya gonna do if heís guilty?
            The Tears of Blood operate only for revenge.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:  Even so... I think Calintz had something in mind.
    Raul:   You have to believe in your comrades.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna: And what about you? Never mind.
            Just stay outta this!
    - I donít know...
    Rianna:  I know the feeling. Well, there wasnít really
             anything we couldíve done anyways.
             At least heís been released.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Justina: That still doesnít solve anything.
             We must remain cautious.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Raul: Whether or not you believe in Calintz,
          thatís your decision to make. 
          I donít have anything to say on the matter.
          My belief or disbelief in him arises from not
          knowing him that well. 
    - I believe in Calintz.
    Raul:  I see. Thatís good. But, you should be prepared
           to take responsibility for your own decisions.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: Of course.
    - I want to believe in Calintz. But...
    Raul:   There can be no hesitation.
            Trust cannot be changed at your whim.
            Even if the world is against you, even if itís
            the truth, you must hold to your conviction. 
            Thatís the true meaning of trust.
    *** Raulís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Rianna: Ya think itís easy as that? 
            She wants to believe in him, but sheís confused
            because all thatís happened.
            I can understand how she fells.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Raul:   She shouldnít believe in him then.
            Sheís free to make her own decisions.
            Whether of not one stays on the same path they
            originally started out on completely depends on
            the individual.
    After receiving Astalís letter
    Justina: Letís ho to Lake Astine. Riannaís husband
             should be there.
    Justina: To be honest with you, I think heís suspicious.
             Why is he contacting Rianna all of a sudden?
             And, how did he know where we were?
    - Thatís a good point. Iím a bit worried, too.
    Justina: Good. You need to be more cautious.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  What the heck, you two! 
             If you donít trust him, Iíll go by myself.
             You donít have to tag along with me.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Rianna...
    - Maybe he just wants to see Rianna.
    Justina: I hope your overly optimistic view is correct.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  Whatíre you trying to say? Reith is wrong?
             Thereís no doubt he wrote that letter to meet
             with me...
             Do you think heís planniní to do something to me?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: I just pray he doesnít.
    Raul:    Calm down, you two. Itís your beloved, right?
             Nothing will happen.
             If he tries anything, Iíll be there to protect you.
    Justina: ...Can you not act like Chris?
    Rianna: He contacts me now!? Heís so cruel.
    - Maybe he has something to ask of you.
    Rianna:  Yeah... That may be it.
             Something mightíve happened, 
             so he needs me to wipe his ass...
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Huh...? I didnít mean it like that...
    Justina: Itís best to be prepared for anything.
             Especially since he knew Rianna was here.
             Which means heís been following u.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Maybe he just wants to see you.
    Rianna:  Y-You think so...?
             I sure hope so.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: How about we think about this realistically?
             How did he know we were here?
             And why would he write a letter first?
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  You donít have to put it like that, ya know!
    Justina: Besides... Werenít you dumped?
    Rianna:  Hey!!
    Raul: I bet Riannaís thrilled. But...
    - Is something wrong?
    Raul:  Just unnecessary worries. But, Riannaís so-called
           husband is here somewhere. He may have been 
           watching us the entire time.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Reith: Thatís stange...
    - For now, letís just be happy for her!
    Raul:  ..........
    Reith: I understand what youíre trying to say.
           Justinaís suspicious about it, too.
           But, for Riannaís sake, letís put our concerns
           aside for now.
    Raul:  I guess I was being rude.
           Youíre right. Letís just be happy for Rianna.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.24. Ranca / Garute - Reithís party                          [4.24]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Raul: The best way to protect Rianna is to go to Emon.
    ( after the Raul-Rianna ďdebateĒ beside the save point)
    Rianna: Sorry Reith... But, I need to go to Rance first.
            I want to stop by my house. You can get to
            Rance from the Doren ruins.
    Justina: So, can you believe in him now?
    - I donít know. Why did it have to come to this?
    Justina: Of course you donít know.
             Even I was surprised by his actions.
             But, I donít think itís like him to do something 
             like this to a comrade.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  Whatís going on?
             Itís not like YOU should be defending him.
             Letís just it.
             He was just a lying scumbag to begin with.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    - Iím disappointed. But, maybe he had a reason.
    Rianna:  .........
    Justina: Thatís just like you.
             Even I was surprised at his actions.
             But, I donít think itís like him to do something 
             like this to a comrade.
             He is a mercenary, however, and he can be
             heartless when he needs to.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Raul:    Reith wants to believe in Calintz. 
             Itís not fair to make her suspicious of him.
             Besides, you donít have proof of your accusations,
             do you?
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: What are you going to do now?
             You can't just keep running.
    - Letís go to Amabat to prove Riannaís innocence.
    Justina: Youíll be caught by The Holy Order of Eryu
             long before that.
             Besides, convincing them wonít be easy.
             Theyíre not going to change their minds unless
             we have substantial information.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Raul:    If I go with you, we might be able to make it.
    Justina: Youíre overly confident in your own abilities.
             If you underestimate Eryu, youíll be in trouble.
    Rianna:  Forget it. Those fools arenít going to believe me.
             Iíll just get thrown in the pen.
             But, thank you, Reith. I didnít know you would 
             go that far for me.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Rianna...
    Rianna:  But, itís too risky.
             I donít want to put you guys in danger.
    - I want to talk with Calintz.
    Justina: You want to talk to him?
    Reith:   I was too distraught at the time to notice,
             but Calintz never really gave an answer. 
             I donít think he wouldíve just accepted
             the warrant for Riannaís arrest.
             You probably think Iím being naive.
    Justina: No. Actually, I agree with you... to a certain extent.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Huh?
    Justina: He may have been forced to obey those orders.
             Or perhaps he thought we would run.
             He can always rely on Mistress Ladrinne and 
             General Agreian for help.-
    Reith:   Then shouldnít we turn back?
    Rianna:  Forget about it!
             Heís in cahoots with The Holy Order of Eryu.
             You both know that heís the type of person to
             do exactly as heís ordered.
             Reith, you need to pipe down.
             How long are you going to keep covering for him!?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Donít say things like that, Rianna...
             Calintz isnít that kind of person.
    Rianna:  Really? Then why did it turn out like this?
             Why did those Clerics show up at the perfect 
             moment? Why? Huh!?
    Raul:    Hey now, this isnít the time to be fighting each
             other. We should be spending our time getting out of
    Justina: *sigh* This is going to be difficult.
    Riana: Itís no use talking to me.
           Iím not going back to the Tears of Blood.
    - But, we donít even know Calintzís intentions.
    Rianna:  So what?
             Are you saying that he was trying to save us?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   I... I donít know, but at the very least I donít think
             that heís the kind of person who would capture us 
             and hand us over to them.
    Justina: Thatís true. Reith does have a point.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  Whatís gotten into you? Now youíre defending Calintz?
    Justina: Donít get snippy with me.
             Iím simply looking at things objectively.
    - I think he overdid it a little, too.
    Rianna: See?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:  Yes...
    Rianna: Let me tell you something, he overdid it a lot,
            not a little. I donít care what his reasons were,
            you donít go handiní over your buddies.
    Raul:   No I think youíre overdoing it yourself.
            I donít know Calintz that well, 
            but I donít think thatís that heartless.
    Rianna: How would you know? 
            You havenít known him that long.
    Riana: Did Astal really love me? I donít know.
           Maybe he was fooling me from the start,
           just having fun with me...
           When I think that way, I feel so miserable.
    - ...I donít know what he thought of you either.
    Rianna: I know. I mean, even I donít know...
            That cheater... *sigh*
    *** No change ***  
    Reith:  Rianna...
    Rianna: But, even if something about him was false...
            Itís still the truth to me.
            I was happy when I was with him...
            I have plenty of good memories.
            I donít wanna think of them as all fake.
            I loved him... So, maybe I wanted to end
            everything with my own hands.
    - I think that he loved you.
    Rianna: You think so? He loved a woman who could 
            stab him in the back?
    Reith:  Itís now what I meant. He... He might have
            wanted you to put an end to it all.
            I think I understand now. 
            He had something he had to do.
            Thatís why he had to leave you.
    Rianna: Why...? We couldíve just gone together.
    Reith:  I donít think he wanted to endanger you.
            The Turibo is a secret organization, right?
            There were probably a lot of things you werenít
            supposed to know about.
    Rianna: Thatís stupid.
            Trying to handle everything on your own...
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Raul: You donít have to put on a brave face.
          We all know that these are difficult times.
    - Why did Calintz do that?
    Raul:  I ask myself the same question.
           But, Iím sure that heís not the type of person
           to act without thinking.
    *** No change ***  
    Reith: I want to believe in Calintz.
    - What would you do, Raul?
    Raul:    Oh, you want to hear my valuable opinion?
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Reith:   Huh...? Oh, yes...
    Raul:    I think our first priority is to lay low somewhere,
             somewhere safe.
             After that we can meet up with the Tears of
             Blood, and find out the truth.
             Thereís always the option to ask for help from
             the Great Priestess.
    Justina: ..........
    Raul:    The Great Priestess I know isnít the type of person
             who would ignore the tyranny of The Holy
             Order of Eryu.
             Iím assuming that she hasnít heard the details
             of Riannaís arrest warrant yet because most of
             it has been fabricated.
    Raul: Come to think of it, we still need to get you
          your memory back.
          Where was the first place you began to remember
    - Fuget...
    Raul:  Hmmm...
    Reith: I seem to remember living near Fuget when I was
           a child with my father and little sister.
           I remember it was very boring.
           But, thatís all I can remember.
    Raul:  I see. I heard about that. Justina told me.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased. ***  
    - Involk Castle...
    Raul:  Involk Castle? 
           I thought it was Fuget.
    *** Raulís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith: Oh, yeah. 
           Fuget came first.
    Raul:  ...But, since you mentioned Involk Castle,
           that means youíve been there, right?
    Reith: Yes... Isnít that strange? 
           When did I go there?
           I was wearing black clothes, and...
           I was talking to someone.
           I remember being quite agitated at the time.
    Raul:  And...?
    Reith: I needed to do something...
           but I wasnít allowed to do...
           I pretended it was nothing, 
           but I was really worried and anxious. 
    Raul:  What did Involk Castle help you remember?
    Reith: A country village...
           There was injured people, and the Yason...
           But, why was I there? I was just watching...
           My heart was aching.
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.25. Emon / Yason-Roven - Reithís party                      [4.25]    |
    |                                                                             |
    [NOTE: Youíll get these conversations only after speaking with the elder.     ]
    Justina: I was surprised by your insistence.
    - I didnít want to let this chance get away.
    Justina: I know itís the only way, but itís still very risky.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   I-I know.
    Rianna:  Even if Reith didnít day, we wouldíve chosen
             this path anyways. Iím not goiní to sit here and let 
             Eryu catch me.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: Thatís true.
    - Was I rash?
    Justina: Just a bit. Nevertheless, I think it was appropriate.
             In situations like this, we have no other choice but to
             take drastic measures.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Rianna: I wonder if everything will be okay.
            Fighting the Yason is one thing.
            But, fighting The Holy Order of Eryu...
    - Iím sorry. I shouldnít have been so stubborn.
    Rianna: No, itís okay.
            I have to meet with Mistress Ladrinne anyways.
            Besides, I donít wanna be called a spy just 
            because I had something to do with Astal.
            I think this is the best way.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - Youíre worried, too?
    Rianna:  Whatíre you sayiní?
             Iím your run-of-the-hill human.
             There are times when I let my emotions get
             the best of me, and there are times when I am
             full of regrets, too.
    *** No change ***  
    Justina: Really?
    Rianna:  Oh, shut up.
    Raul:    To avoid regrets in life, you must be careful
             when making decisions.
    Rianna:  It is not easy, ya know.
    Raul:    When you get older, youíll learn how to control
             You know, when I was younger, I was a
             hot-tempered fool blinded by momentary fame.
    Reith:   You were?
    Raul:    You donít believe me?
             Everyoneís hot-blooded in their youth.
             Young people all want to stand out from
             the crowd.
    Raul: I think itís too dangerous to return to Amabat.
    - But, we may be able to bring the war to end.
    Raul:    Talks with the Yason? The Holy Order of Eryu
             would never approve of that.
    *** Raulís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   But, in this instance, I think Mistress Ladrinne
             would understand.
    Raul:    Is that all? How do you feel about exposing your
             friends to such a perilous situation by asking them
             to journey to Amabat?
             Thanks to your stubbornness, we may all be in danger.
    Reith:   I...
    Raul:    Sharing your opinion is fine, but you must also
             be prepared to suffer the consequences. 
    Reith:   Iím sorry...
    Rianna:  Itís okay. Either way, I have to meet the Great
             Priestess, and prove my innocence.
             This will the a good opportunity. 
             Thanks to Reith, I was able to bit the bullet.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: I believe that a compromise with the Yason is 
             virtually impossible, but I know Mistress
             Ladrinne would agree to it.
             Therefore, I will do as she wished.
    - Iím sorry for being so stubborn.
    Raul:  Hmm?
    Reith: Itís just... you and Justina have nothing to do
           with this, yet I keep urging you to go.
    Raul:  Well, none of us seem to mind.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: Huh?
    Raul:  In order to prove that Riannaís not guilty,
           we have to go to Amabat anyways.
           We all know that itís a dangerous situation,
           so we were waiting for the right opportunity.
           And I believe this is it.
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.26. Remie / Maracatte - Reithís party                       [4.26]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Justina: Even if Iím in danger, you have to keep going.
             You can do it, right?
    - I... canít.
    Justina: Why did you accept such an important task, if 
             you canít even promise me that much?
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   But, I canít just leave you behind.
             Iíll save you somehow.
    Rianna:  Thatís right. 
             We canít just abandon out friends.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: And what if it ends up costing your life.
    Reith:   Still, I wouldnít just leave you!
             I wonít ever give up on my troops!
    Rianna:  Did you say ďtroopsĒ?
    Reith:   I donít know, did I?
    Rianna:  Reith, did you have troops before?
    Reith:   ...Ummm... I really donít know.
    Rianna:  Maybe you were some sort of mercenary or
             somethiní before you lost your memory.
             ...Yeah, right.
             The day a timid little girl like you can be a 
             mercenary is the day the sun rises in the west.
    Raul:    ..........
    - Okay. But if that happens, Iím sorry!
    Justina: It looks like youíve made up your mind.
             I like that.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  Wait a minute Ė thatís not like you at all.
             Thereís no way youíd ever abandon a friend 
             in need.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   Well, I might if there was no other choice.
             But, Iíd rather avoid situation like that.
    Justina: Seems like youíre not as sure as I thought.
    Reith:   ...How could anyone desert someone? 
             How could they just turn their backs on them...?
    Rianna:  There, there, donít cry.
             Hey, whyíd you have to make her cry?
    Raul:    Iíll protect you all so that it wonít ever happen.
    Justina: You will. What proof do you have?
    Raul:    Believe in me.
             Iíll protect you.
    Reith:   ...Okay.
    Rianna: Reith, when is this war going to end? 
            Is there any guarantee that what weíre doiní
            isnít a total waste?
    - I donít think war will ever go away.
    Rianna: ..........
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:  Oh, donít misunderstand me. When everyone
            disagrees, the only thing left to do is fight. Wars 
            begin over the stupidest things. 
            Even if thereís peace, it wonít last forever. But,
            I want to protect that peace, ever if it means
            there will be bloodshed.
    Rianna: Ummmm... You donít seem to be yourself.
    Reith:  Huh? Really?
    Raul:   But, those were inspiring words.
    Reith:  You think so? You donít think Iím being too
    Raul:   There are people right here risking their lives to
            fight for peace.
    - Canít we make it mean something?
    Rianna:  Youíre right.
    *** No change ***  
    Reith:   Even if this war ends, peace might only last
             a short while.
             Both humans and Yason are foolish, so they
             might start fighting again at any moment. 
             But, there will always be people whoíll risk their
             lives for that brief moment, and I would gladly 
             shed my blood with them...
    Rianna:  R-Reith?
    Reith:   Hm? What?
    Rianna:  Man, that was scary. 
             You were like a totally different person.
    Reith:   Huh? What do you mean?
    Justina: ...Perhaps she is starting to revert to her old self.
    Raul: A lot of different memories have been popping
          into your head, right? 
          If you ask me, I donít think your someone
    - It doesnít matter who I am, does it?
    Raul:   Well, that comment tells me you havenít 
            recovered your memory yet.
    *** Raulís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:  Why? Do you think Iíll change once I get my
            memory back?
    Raul:   I donít know. You may have been a completely 
            different person before.
    Reith:  Even so, I donít think my desire to end the war
            will ever change.
    Raul:   How can you be so sure?
    Rianna: I donít think sheíll change.
            I donít know how to put it, but I doubt that a
            personís true character can change just because
            they lost their memory. 
            Besides, I believe in Reith.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - I want to know, too.
    Raul:  ..........
    Reith: Sometimes, I worry.
           What if the old me was someone really evil?
           What if the Yason are after me because I did
           something horrible to them?
    Raul:  So, you have been thinking about it.
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: Even if I do get my memory back, 
           I donít think Iíll ever be the old me anymore,
           not after all Iíve been through.
           I want to continue the way I am now, 
           even if itís nothing like used to be.
    Raul:  So, thatís your answer, huh?
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.27. Rance Woods / Maracatte - Reithís party                 [4.27]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Rianna: Peace talks will hafta wait Ďil later! First, letís 
            head back to emon.
    Justina: I canít believe Master Seiton was assassinated...
             And at a time like this. 
             Thereís no other explanation for it other than
             someone knew about the secret talks in advance
             and took measures to stop them.
    - The Holy Order of Eryu? Maybe the Yason?
    Justina: Donít play dumb, Reith. 
             The only people who knew about it were 
             Master Seiton, us... and the Tears of Blood.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:   But... Calintz would never...
    Raul:    Heís definitely suspicious, but I donít think he did it.
    Justina: Iím not 100% positive either.
    - Do you suspect Calintz?
    Justina: Iím sorry... but yes, I do.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Reith:   You canít not suspect him in that situation.
    Rianna:  Cheer up. I, for one, believe in Calintz.
             I just have a hunch that it wasnít him.
    Reith:   Me too... I donít believe Calintz did it either.
    Rianna: What was Raul thinking, hiding his identity
            from us all the time?
    - I think I understand why.
    Rianna: There ainít nothiní in the world you canít 
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:  No, I really do understand. 
            Being one of The Eight Heroes sounds nice, but it
            must have been a heavy load for him to carry. 
            Having all those expectations placed on him, 
            everyone watching his every move, 
            it must have been too much for him to handle.
    Raul:   I knew Reith would understand.
            Man, no matter where I go, all the ladies are
            chasing after me. Itís hard being so popular.
    Rianna: Shut you yap!
    - I know, but I donít think Raul is a bad person.
    Rianna:  I donít think heís bad either...
             I just wanna know what he was thinking.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: The Eight Heroes are much older than us...
             It was about 50 years ago, so...
             We canít really judge them by their looks.
    Rianna:  Thatís right! Heís not an old man...
             Heís a straight-up geezer!
    Raul:    Hey now!
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.28. Lester Woods / Garute - Reithís party                   [4.28]    |
    |                                                                             |
    [ The following conversations can be accessed practically anywhere, since the ]
    [ party is free to go around the world. But, since they start in Lester Woods,]
    [ Iíll stick to that name.                                                    ]
    Raul: Weíll clear the Grayton Mountains to rescue 
    Justina: I think you should stay behind this time.
             The Yason are looking for you.
    - You donít need to worry about me.
    Justina: Iím not worried about you; Iím worried
             about all of us. If the Yason show up, then
             itíll only make matters worse.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Rianna:  Donít be so uptight. You understand how
             she feels, right?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Justina: Yes. I know she wants to see him.
    Reith:   Donít worry, Justina. Iím ready to fight the Yason.
             ...And, you need my divine power.
    Rianna:  you sure seem confident...
    Reith:   Itíll come in handy when everyoneís tired, 
             wonít it?
    Justina: *giggle* So you say.
    - Am I that much trouble?
    Justina: I hate to say, but yes.
    Reith:   For the first time, Iím grateful for my power.
             When everyoneís in pain, itíll come in handy.
    Justina: Reith...
    Reith:   Iím ready to fight the Yason. I wonít be a bother
             to anyone. In fact, Iíll protect you all.
    Justina: I see. Fine, then. Letís fight together.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Rianna: Iím worried one of us may not be coming back.
    - Iíll make sure that doesnít happen.
    Rianna: Reith...
    Reith:  Iím worried, too. Everyoneís life is on
            the line. But, Iíll protect you all, so that
            nothing bad happens.
    Rianna: Can I believe in you?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith:  Yes, believe in me.
    - Even if that happens, Iíll save Calintz.
    Rianna: Thatís pretty cold, Reith, So, heís more
            important to you than the rest of us?
    *** Riannaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:  Thatís not what I meant. If anything happens,
            Iíll try to  protect all of you. Even if I...
    Rianna: Even if you what? If you die, then whatíll
            happen to Calintz? Sacrificing yourself for
            others doesnít solve anything.
            What about the people you leave behind?
            How will they feel?
    Reith:  But then, who will Ė 
    Raul:   Hey, cut the depressive talk. All we have to do is
            come back alive, right? We havenít even left. 
    Raul: Are you ready?
    - Yes.
    Raul:  The look in your eyes has changed.
           Youíre more serious, now. 
    *** Raulís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: My friendsí lives are at stake, after all.
    Raul:  Well, try not to think about it. If youíre too
           nervous, youíll get careless. Keep your
           composure so youíre ready for anything.
    Reith: Okay. Thanks, Raul.
    - I donít know what to do.
    Raul:  Hey, try being more optimistic...
    Reith: Thereís not much point being nervous, is there? 
           But, this isnít the first time Iíve felt this way.
    Raul:  Itís like that for everyone. Iíve been around
           a long time, but I still get nervous. No matter
           how many times your life is in danger,
           youíll never get used to near-death expressions.
    *** No change ***  
    Azel: What was the Captain thinking?
          Why did he agree to that?
    - Thatís Calintz for you. Thatís why I like him.
    Azel:  Thatís what I like about him, too.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: I think thatís why Calintz has such good friends.
    - Donít you know him by now?
    Azel:  Thatís not what I meant... I know how he is...
           Thatís why it makes me so mad!
    *** No change ***  
    Chris: Azel, just leave it at that. She probably feels
           the same as you.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Reith: Iím sorry... I should be more understanding.
    Eonis: Even after your memory returns, please stay
           by Calintz's side.
    - I will.
    Eonis: Thank you.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: Why do you ask?
    Eonis: Because... You give his life purpose...
    Reith: Eonis...
    Eonis: I want you two to be happy together.
    Reith: What about you?
    Eonis: Me? *giggle* The one I like is still thinking 
           about his old girlfriend...
           But, eventually Iíll win him over.
    Reith: ???
    - I donít know...
    Eonis:   Why? Isnít Calintz special to you?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Reith:   Thatís not the reason. At first, I thought that
             things would be the same even after I got my
             memory back. But not, Iím getting more and more worried.
             I feel like once I regain my memory, Iíll 
             become someone else...
    Justina: Sheís right. There may come a time when we
             must part. We should all be ready for that.
    *** Justinaís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Eonis:   I see... But, thatís not whatís important. 
             As long as you still care for him...
             Just make sure he understands.
    Reith:   Alright... But, letís worry about saving him
             right now!
    Eonis:   Okay!
    Haren: I know you donít like fighting the Yason,
           but if you have to, will you?
    - If itís for Calintzís sake.
    Haren: Really? Youíre the one who said not to fight them.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: I may be contradicting myself, but I wonít kill
           any of them. Thatís where I draw the line.
    Haren: Is that how it is?
    - I donít know...
    Haren:  And you say youíre gonna save Calintz?
            Great, I donít believe this.
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Reith:  I never wanted to harm the Yason, so I just 
            avoided it... because I was scared. But this time,
            I wonít run away. Iíll fight.
    Rianna: You donít have to do if you donít want to.
            Just leave it to us.
    *** Riannaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Donít worry. Calintz is alright. You really
           do like him, donít you?
    - Uh, well...
    Chris: Hoho, Looks like Iím right on the money.
           No need to be embarrassed. I think itís great.
    Reith: Huh? Um...
    Chris: Even though Calintz has wonderful allies 
           like us, heís still alone. His heart has always
           been in Fuget.
    Reith: thatís so sad...
    Chris: Yeah. He may act tough, but he really needs
           someone to support him.
    *** No change ***  
    - I want to be by his side.
    Chris: Whoa, youíre blunt.
           As they say, honestyís the best policy!
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Reith: Calintz has become so strong... He used to be
           such a crybaby.
    Chris: Huh?
    Reith: Oh... nothing.
    Chris: I have a favor to ask... Will you stick with him?
    Reith: I promise.
    Haren: Hey, shouldnít you be worrying about your own problem?
    Chris: I could say the same thing to you. How long
           will you dwell on the past?
    Maya: ..........
    - Are you worried about Calintz?
    Maya:  *nod*
    Reith: Weíll save him, so donít worry.
    Maya:  *smile*
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Whoa, Reith, you understand Maya?
           Thatís incredible! We must be psychic! 
    Haren: ..........
    - Whatís wrong?
    Maya:  ..........
    *** Mayaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Reith, you have to read her expressions.
           Mayaís worried about you. She doesnít
            want you to be afraid.
    Reith: Oh, really? Iím sorry.
    Maya:  ..........
    Chris: Huh? That wasnít it? Hmmm...
           Then, sheís worried about Calintz?
           Or could it be...
    Haren: Give it up, genius. You donít have a clue.
    Chris: What are you talkiní about? No oneís perfect.
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.29. Lester Woods / Garute Ė Calintzís party                 [4.29]    |
    |                                                                             |
    [ The following conversations can be accessed in Lester Woods, Fuget, Ranca   ]
    [ and the Headquarters.                                                       ]
    Azel: Captain... Weíre ready to go and save Reith
          whenever you are.
    - Thanks...
    Azel:    Captain...
    Calintz: Itís not like Iíve given up on her. Iíll let you know
             when the time is right.
    Azel:    Of course. Weíll wait for your orders.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - That's okay... Donít worry about it.
    Azel:    ...Are you serious? Weíre all worried about her.
             ...Uh, sorry. I didnít mean to question your
    Calintz: I understand how you heel, but it wonít be easy.
             We should wait until we know more.
    Azel:    Captain...
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris:   Donít worry. Calintz is just waiting for the right
             time. Of course we wonít let him go alone.
    Eonis: Youíre worried about Reith, right? Donít worry,
           we'll save her.
    - That idiot...
    Eonis:   Calintz...
    Calintz: Just to save me, she - Dammit! 
    Eonis:   Donít blame yourself. Just return the favor.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: But... We donít know where she is. We wonít get
             anywhere at this rate.
    - We donít have time to save her.
    Eonis:   B-But...
    Calintz: This time, Iíll drag Neikan from the Dark Yason
             hideout even if it kills me.
    Eonis:   But, what about Reith?
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Azel:    Wait, Captain... Saving Reith doesnít have to be
             out priority, but letís at least find out if sheís okay.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased. ***  
    Calintz: ..........
    Haren: Thatís pretty cold... I figured youíd already be
           going after her.
    - Iím just being rational, unlike someone I know.
    Haren:   Whatís that supposed to mead? Are you calliní
             me a hothead!?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Calintz: Listen, Iíll go after he once I have more 
             information. But right now... as long as
             we donít know whatís happened to her,
             I donít think itís wise to move.
    Azel:    Captain...
    - I do want to save her.
    Haren:   So, what are we waiting for?
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: Weíll go after her once we have more information.
             But right now, we donít know a whole lot.
    Haren:   Donít worry. If anythingís happened to her,
             theyíll pay for it.
    Chris: Those damn Turibo. We'll crush them this time.
    - Iíll find out just who this Neikan really is.
    Chris:   I know youíre worried about Reith, but cheer up.
             Weíll go save her after we finished this.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: I donít need to be consoled. Reithís alright,
             Iím sure of it.
    Chris:   What makes you so sure?
    Calintz: Theyíve been trying to capture her alive all this
             time. That means she has something they want.
             I donít know whatíll happen to her after they get
             what they want, though.
    - Just donít underestimate them.
    Chris: Hey, tell that to Haren. Iím the epitome of caution.
    *** No change ***  
    Haren: Why the hell are you pointing at me? Youíre
           the one who canít even shoot a goddamn
           arrow straight. 
           Last time, you almost nailed me in the back
           of the head. Remember?
    Chris: Did I do that?
    Haren: Need me to jar your memory?
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.30. Mt. Selton / Amabat Ė Calintzís party                   [4.30]    |
    |                                                                             |
    [ These conversations are only available after speaking with the Turibo.      ]
    Calintz: We need to get the Ice Shard and hurry to
             Lake Astine...
    Azel: Captain, let's hurry.
    - Yeah. We have no other choice.
    Azel: Yeah, we should check things out there.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - ...Weíre always doing something dangerous.
    Azel:    Captain...
    *** No change ***  
    Calintz: Iím okay. I just thought something. How did
             the Turibo know where Mistress Ladrinne was...?
    Azel:    The General was right; there must be a spy
             within the Alliance Ė someone impersonating 
             a human.
    Calintz: If Astal was still alive, I bet we could find out
             from him...
    Haren: Are you seriously gonna take the Ice Shard
           from the Great Temple? If you get caught, 
           the punishment will be pretty severe.
    - Well, we have to confirm their story.
    Haren:   Yeah, I guess so.
    *** No change ***  
    Calintz: Weíll know once we get there whether or not
             Mistress Ladrinne is safe.
    Haren:   I donít think they were bluffing. They seemed
             pretty confident.
    Calintz: True. If it was a lie, weíd see right through it.
    - It canít be helped. It's for Mistress Ladrinneís sake.
    Haren: I guess so. It may be a crime, but
           the Great priestessís life is on the line.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    |                                                                             |
    |     4.31. Asera Woods / Yason-Roven                               [4.31]    |
    |                                                                             |
    [ The following conversations can also be accessed in Epentar.                ]
    Calintz: Hugo, Iím coming to Epentar to stop you.
    Serina: Did you love my sister?
    - Yes.
    Serina:  ...I see. We both lived in Fuget.
             When I saw you that time, I was surprised.
             You may have changed your name, 
             but I knew it was you, Mano.
    *** Serinaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: Is that so...?
    Serina:  Reith taught you how to fight with a sword.
             I always watched from a distance.
    Calintz: ..........
    - I donít know what you're talking about...
    Serina:  Then, do I even have a chance?
    *** Serinaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: A chance for what?
    Serina:  ...Never mind.
    <Serina  - Increased Greatly>
    Azel: Captain... What about Reith...?
    - I have buried her in my heart.
    Azel: What does that mean? Are you trying to forget
          her!? Why!? Is it because she was a Yason!?
    *** Azelís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: Azel, Calintz is suffering more than anyone here.
           The wound in his heart has yet to heal.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Azel:  ...Iím sorry for getting so upset.
    - Donít worry. She's with me in my heart.
    Eonis:   ...That way, youíll never forget her.
    Calintz: I couldnít if I tried. Because of me-
    Azel:    You didnít know! There was nothing you could
             have done. Itís not your fault.
    *** Azelís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: I didnít even have a chance to say anything. 
             I never imagined that would be the last time
             Iíd see her.
             I hurt her so much, but she still saved me.
    Eonis:   Thatís why weíll never forget her. Ever.
    Eonis: You're always so rash when it comes to battle.
    - You can stay behind if you want.
    Eonis: Why are you talking nonsense? I never said
           I donít want to come.
    *** Eonisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren: He may be rash, but we canít just leave Agreian
           to do whatever he wants. If there was ever a time
           to take action, itís now.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Eonis: But...
    Haren: Yeah, what?
    Eonis: Ever since Reith passed away, I feel that Calintz
           has become even more rash...
    Haren: Donít worry. Heís not that stupid. After all,
           he was able to come to terms with her death.
    Eonis: I suppose so...
    - You may be right.
    Eonis:   So, youíre aware of it. 
    *** Eonisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: But, we canít just let Hugo do whatever he wants. 
             If I go down, Iím taking him with me.
    Eonis:   I guess thereís no other way.
    Calintz: Iím afraid not.
    Eonis:   We decided to do this together.
             I wonít back out, now.
    Maya: ...............
    - Sorry to worry you. Letís fight together.
    Maya:    *nod*.
    *** Mayaís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: Yeah, letís do it.
    - Could you wait for us this time?
    Maya:  ..........(shakes head fiercely)
    *** Mayaís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Chris: Itís no use. This lilí princess is stubborn. 
           Once she makes up her mind, she wonít 
           back down.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Haren: Iím gonna tear Agreian a new one. You can help
           kick his ass, too.
    - My pleasure.
    Haren:   Thatís the spirit.
    Calintz: The fall of Fuget... Mistress Ladrinneís mental 
             breakdown... Theyíre both his fault. Heís been
             manipulating us all along. 
             Weíll make him pay for his sins.
    Haren:   Yeah. I canít wait to get my hands on him.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    - This has got to stop.
    Haren:   Whaddya taliní about? Donít you want revenge?
    *** Harenís trust in you has decreased. ***  
    Calintz: Yeah, I want revenge. But, thatís all
             the Dark Yason ever wanted. Where will it end?
    Haren:   ..........
    Calintz: Itís just keeps going back and forth...
    Haren:   So, what are you saying? That we shouldnít go?
    Chris: Hey, Calintz... Are you alright? You had me
           worried there, for a minute. You were staring off
           into space...
    - ...Who are you?
    Chris:   Wha!? Wait a minute... Youíre joking, right?
    Calintz: .......... Gotcha.
    Chris:   Hey! Thatís not cool.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has decreased greatly. ***  
    Haren:   He, that was a good one.
    *** Harenís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Chris:   Of course YOU would think itís funny...
    Calintz: Donít worry. Iím fine.
    Chris:   Hmph. No oneís worried about you.
    Haren:   Stop pouting.
    Chris:   Iím not pouting!
    - I'm fine.
    Chris:   Thatís a relief.
    *** Chrisís trust in you has increased greatly. ***  
    Calintz: Sorry if I scared you.
    Chris:   I thought youíd finally cracked.
    Azel:    I knew heíd snap out of it.
    Chris:   ...And who was the saddest of them all, huh, 
    *                                                                             *
    *       5. Miscellaneous scripts                       [MISC]                 *
    *                                                                             *
    This section will cover all those letters, conversations that can be missed if
    you do not have the habit of looking at every corner, and talking to everyone
    over and over again.
    |                                                                             |
    |     5.1. Yejaís letter and diary                                  [5.01]    |
    |                                                                             |
    You can find these in the only accessible house ( beside the inn) in Notia.
    The letter is on the table, the diary is on the bookshelf.
    |Ē ...I heard about your recent nightmares.                                   |
    |Moria is worried.                                                            |
    |Elaine and I, too. Moria didnít hold onto it                                 |
    |for very long, so perhaps thatís why she wasnít                              |
    |affected.                                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |You should get rid of it as soon as you can.                                 |
    |Put it in someplace where no one will find it.Ē                              |
    |Yejaís note Ė ďDear Moria, Iím heading to                                    |
    |Pnosen Library. There are many rare books                                    |
    |and documents there, so perhaps I can learn                                  |
    |more about this monstrous thing.Ē                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |If I thought they could tell me how to destroy it,                           |
    |Iíd fly there immediately.                                                   |
    |Yejaís Diary Ė ď This pain is unbearable...                                  |
    |Every night, The Light of Salvation appears in                               |
    |my dreams, and deafening ringing wracks                                      |
    |my brain. I held onto the rock for 10 years                                  |
    |without a problem, and now itís suddenly                                     |
    |tormenting me. Did it just recently awaken?Ē                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďI remember Behru suffering from the terrible                                |
    |nightmares, too. I tried to smash it, but it wonít                           |
    |even scratch. Iíd thrown away, but what if                                   |
    |someone else finds it? Iím so scared. This thing                             |
    |is like a demon. What does it want from me?Ē                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďRecently, Iíve been having this nightmare                                   |
    |where I am burned alive. Even though itís a                                  |
    |dream, it feels so real... The pain is excruciating.                         |
    |It feels like my skin is melting off my body. I                              |
    |wake up every night screaming, Now, Iím afraid                               |
    |to even go to sleep. This is insane.                                         |
    |Why did I ever bring this thing with me!?                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |     5.2. Manoís bracelet                                          [5.02]    |
    |                                                                             |
    Manoís bracelet is shown throughout many of the cut scenes, but there are a 
    few details that are not said, unless you read the right book... and after 
    that you speak to the right person.
    In Pnosen Library, on the ground floor on the left side the 5th book ( from 
    the door) is written about the Grandier Jewelry Shop in Remie. After reading
    it, Calintz comments that maybe they should stop there later.
    If later, much, much later, you go to the Jewelry shop youíll get the following
    Jeweler: Welcome to the Grandier Jewelry Shops.
             What kind of jewelry are you looking for?
    Calintz: Thereís something Iíd like to ask.
             I had a bracelet with your crest inscribed on it...
    Jeweler: Was there a problem?
             If it broke we will gladly fix it.
    Calintz: No, that bracelet is the only clue I have to the
             identity of my parents. I donít know where I 
             was born or even what my real name is.
             But, I gave it to my best friend, so I donít have
             it with me...
    Jeweler: Oh, I see. Can you describe the bracelet?
             Everything I do here is custom made...
             So, if you know the characteristics, we should be
             able to deduce who the original customer was,
             as well as the date it was made.
    Jeweler: Oh, there is no need to look at the records for this.
             This is the one my father made. It was special, 
             so I remember it.
    Calintz: Really?
    Jeweler: General Sheed Estar from Maracatte ordered
             this bracelet to send to his love. The General
             was my fatherís best friend.
             Thatís way he took special care in creating it.
    Calintz: General Sheed Estar...?
    Jeweler: Yes. You must be his son, if you have this
             Bracelet. Although I heard he cast aside the
             name Estar to marry his love from Garute.
             An honorable family in Maracatte would not
             allow marriages with people from other countries.
    Calintz: And, the Estar family...?
    Jeweler: Sadly... most of the noble families were destroyed
             by the Yason, including the Estar.
    Calintz: ...I see.
    Jeweler: But what a coincidence... The last time I saw
             the General... was when he came to pick the
             bracelet up. I havenít seen him since.
    Calintz: What happened to his lover?
    Jeweler: I was young, so I donít remember that much.
             Iím sorry I canít be of more help.
    Calintz: Thank you for all of your help.
    |                                                                             |
    |     5.3. Pnosen Library locked door                               [5.03]    |
    |                                                                             |
    At the first floor of the Pnosen Library, there is a locked door, which can not
    be opened without the proper key.
    This key, which is a pendant, can only be acquired after Rostin checks in, that
    he has finished Rusty 29, which is at the end of the game.
    To get the pendant, the party has to enter the Entress Desert from Remie, where
    there will be a shining object in the sand.
    Chris: Hmm... What is this?
           Itís a pendant. Looks mighty expensive...
    Maya:  ..........
    Chris: Oh no, no... Maya, donít gimme that look. 
           You know I hate it when you give me that look... 
           Look, Iíll just leave it where I found it.
           But it is pure silver. Wouldnít it be better
           if we sold it?
    Haren: What... are you doing?
    Chris: Wha? Thereís something written on it...
           Sir Richard Algernon Lloyd Kuranoff...
           Dude, this is one long ass name...
           And... Sebastian Arnold Pnosen.
    Azel:  Pnosen? As in ďtheĒ Pnosen?
    Chris: Most likely... 
           He probably didnít survive in the desert.
           How sad.
    Azel:  We should take that back to Amon.
    Chris: Yeah, I guess we could do that...
           But, itís such a waste...
           Awww... Come on Maya, not the look!
           You know that ainít fair...
    Haren: ...Yeah, whatever.
    |                            Pnosen Pendant acquired!                         |
    At Pnosen Library...
    Amon:    This i-is Lord Pnosenís...!
    Azel:    So, we were right.
    Amon:    Where did you find this? In the desert?
             ...W-Was there anything else?
    Eonis:   ...There were... human remains beside it...
    Amon:    I see... After Lord Pnosen lost his wife, he
             became depressed...
             He had built this library in the middle of 
             nowhere so that she could be surrounded
             by the books she loved.
             But, I guess he couldnít stand living there
             without her. It seemed like all the happiness
             had been drained out of him.
             So, he decided to embark on a journey...
             I could only watch as he left...
    Eonis:   I see... Wait!? Didnít that happen around
             300 years ago? How could you possibly...?
    Amon:    I have waited for his return for many years,
             but now, even the slightest hope has vanished. 
             This is all thatís left him... 
             It was a gift from his wife. Why did he have
             to go and die in the middle of the desert, 
             leaving an old man like me behind...?
    Everyone: ..........
    Amon:    Will you take this pendant?
    Calintz: I canít accept such a valuable possession...
    Amon:    Itís alright. Lord Pnosen has passed away, 
             and the Pnosen Family is gone now.
             That pendant isnít worth anything.
             Maybe it was fate that led you to it.
    Chris:   Seriously? ...Wow, thanks. Weíll take it!
    Chris is grinning at Amon, but he quickly finishes it, when he notices, that 
    everyone is looking at him, rather furiously...
    Amon:    Thank you.
    He is turning transparent and while heís floating upwards, he slowly 
    Eonis:   Incredible... He watched over the 
             library long after Pnosen left.
    Azel:    Now, thatís what I call devotion.
    This new section of the library has only 2 rooms Ė in the first room there is
    only one book, the second room had 3 books.
    |** First room **                                                             |
    |** Book 1 **                                                                 |
    |The Forgotten Hero Ė ďMany heroes have emerged                               |
    |from the long lasting war between humans and the                             |
    |Yason. Some received great praise and their                                  |
    |names are well know. Others have been ignored                                |
    |and their names are long since forgottenĒ                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďKenneth Rustiga is one of those names. Born a                               |
    |merchantís son in Garute, Kenneth lived a rather                             |
    |normal existence for most of his days.                                       |
    |In fact, he did not display his heroism until the                            |
    |age of 40.Ē                                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďKenneth possessed unparalleled physical abilities.                          |
    |Using the geographical features of the land,                                 |
    |he stopped the Yason armyís advance north of                                 |
    |The Grayton Mountains time and time again.                                   |
    |These monumental achievements, however,                                      |
    |never receives the recognition they deserved.Ē                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďUnfortunately, at that time, everyoneís attention                           |
    |was focused at The Eight Heroes. Kennethís defeat                            |
    |of the Yason army was overshadowed when                                      |
    |The Eight Heroes sealed The Tree of Light.                                   |
    |Kenneth was...Ē                                                              |
    |** Second room **                                                            |
    |** Book 1 **                                                                 |
    | The History of Emon Ė ďIt is said that, ĎRevenge                            |
    |wrought with evil intentions begets greater evil                             |
    |which, eventually, leads to complete and                                     |
    |utter destruction.í Such is the case with war                                |
    |between humans and the Yason.Ē                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďHatred let to violence, violence to war, and                                |
    |war led to mass numbers of casualties. Emon was                              |
    |established as an escape from the destruction and                            |
    |became a gathering place for outcasts from                                   |
    |both sides.Ē                                                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ď In the beginning, they were like wandering                                 |
    |nomads searching the continent for a safe haven                              |
    |far away from the war and prejudice. But, these were                         |
    |harsh times, and such a place could not be found.                            |
    |Weary and destitute, the wanderers finally settled                           |
    |in Emon.Ē                                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďAt first glance, Emon appeared to be a strange                              |
    |choice as it was situated in the heart of the war                            |
    |along the orders of both territories. It is precisely                        |
    |due to this location, however, that Emon was                                 |
    |chosen. Its strategic position prohibited an attack                          |
    |from either the human or the Yason.Ē                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďAn assault upon Emon would have left either                                 |
    |side highly vulnerable to a counter attack from                              |
    |their enemy. This was a risk neither side was                                |
    |willing to take.Ē                                                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďSo it was that the people of Emon, surrounded                               |
    |by war, finally found their peace.Ē                                          |
    |** Second room **                                                            |
    |** Book 2 **                                                                 |
    |The History  of The Great Migration Ė ď...And thus,                          |
    |humans left their homeland and set sail for a                                |
    |destination unknown. Without maps or nautical                                |
    |measuring devices, the crews navigated by faith.                             |
    |But, the voyage proved to be too perilous;                                   |
    |those who did not die from exposure to the                                   |
    |elements, later succumbed to starvation.Ē                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďChoosing the despair of reality rather than the                             |
    |hope of uncertainty, many ships turned back and                              |
    |returned to their homeland. There they once again                            |
    |faced the tragedy of war and the horror of                                   |
    |Petralysis, the disease which turns the body to                              |
    |stoneĒ                                                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThe remaining ships that forged ahead faced                                 |
    |hurricanes, raging storms, and driving winds.                                |
    |The mortality rate was high and only 4 out of 120                            |
    |ships survived the treacherous journey.Ē                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThose brave souls that endured The Great                                    |
    |Migration were left battered ad scarred by                                   |
    |the time they reached the land of Efferia Ė but they                         |
    |were alive. And so, to this day we honor the                                 |
    |memory of Garute, Maracatte,                                                 |
    |Amabat and Bayer, the four ships that delivered                              |
    |them safely.Ē                                                                |
    |** Second room **                                                            |
    |** Book 3 **                                                                 |
    |The Frontier Era Ė ď ...In the beginning, humans                             |
    |and Yason werenít enemies. Humans dreamed of                                 |
    |establishing themselves in their new-found home.                             |
    |Without the Yasonís help, it wouldnít have been                              |
    |possible.Ē                                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |ďThis was called Frontier Era. It was the only                               |
    |time when Yason and humans lived together                                    |
    |peacefully. Some people say itís proof that the two                          |
    |races can co-exist, but realityís a whole different                          |
    |story.Ē                                                                      |
    *                                                                             *
    *       6. Version history                             [VERH]                 *
    *                                                                             *
    - 19.August 2006.     Started working on the script
    - 20.Aug Ė 23.Oct     Adding a bit here, a bit there...
                          and (after a ďfewĒ weeks off) added major part of Lester
    - 15-19.November      Added the parts of HQ, Road to Amabat, Mt. Rhyde, Ruins
                          and The Great Temple and the save of the Great Temple 
    - 20.Nov Ė 03.Dec     Added Remie, Rance Woods, Erestine and a little of Notia
    - 03.Dec Ė 05.Jan     Due to Christmas (preparations, traveling) I had to put
                          away the script for some time :(
    - 06.January 2007.    Finally, update! Added Calintzís part of Notia, Efor, 
                          Entress Desert, Pnosen Labyrinth and Library!
    - 13-13.January       Headquarters, Mirna Road, Mt. Feissen, Fire Ruins added
    - 27-28.January       Reithís part of Notia, Erestine, Fuget added
    - 02-25.February      Finished many things :)
                          The main script is finished till Reith gets back 
                          to HQ from the Pnosen Library
    - 21-22.April         added a few things here and there :)
    - 01.May              the usual, added a few things here and there :)
    - 12-13.May           added a new section, continued with the script.
    - 02-03.June          added a few things here and there :)
    - 09-10.June          arrived at the first biggest spoiler :)
    - 16-17.June          finished the family reunion scene 
    - 23-24.June          few new things here and there, finished Pnosen Library
    - 01.July             added few things Ė next stop ENDFIGHT!!!
    - 08.July             FINISHED!!!!!  :)
    *                                                                             *
    *       7. Legal information                           [LEGI]                 *
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