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Reviewed: 11/28/05

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DarkZeT's Magna Carta: Tears of Blood Review:


Magna Carta is a Korean RPG, that is transferred from PC to PS2. When you first look at reviews, you wouldn't know if you want to get it. But this game is a very fresh change in the RPG Game Industry. I believe that this game has potential to be better than the highly acclaimed Dragon Quest 8.

Storyline - 9.5/10

Solid 9.5 out of 10. It deserves it alot too because it starts off with a war, and the first mission you have is to take part of the war. Sounds really cheesy here but from then on many twists and changes create the story, and making it a solid amazing story that is enjoyable. It has a serious feel, and with love merged into it. Story-wise it's somewhat like a Final Fantasy one, but more serious. The story of characters keeps revealing as new characters are seen or major events happen. This story is one of its strong points. It is rated down because it does start a bit slow, but it picks up. The slow points of the story is for people to get used to the battle system in my opinion. But nonetheless a bit of a flaw.

Characters - 9.5/10

It features cool characters, and many of them. These characters are somewhat different compared to other RPG but they do have some similarities. They each have a story to tell, and as the story goes on the characters gets developed and you will feel addicted to know about them. Calintz the main character turns really lovable in the story and makes his way onto the well-designed category of characters. NPCs are put into it well in my opinion.

Graphics - 9/10

Graphics-wise it can be improved by the environment and lighting use. But actually characters and environment are drawn extremely well. The places are new and refreshing in many parts of the story. It has a dark atmosphere to it, and it captivates the essence of war really well in my opinion, especially in the villages. And in other places, such as caves, the wild plains and etc. they are drawn well also.

Sound - 8.5/10

The voice acting is above average and some of them are amazing! The main characters' voices matches with their personality. But some aren't as well done but still average.
The music is nice. The opening theme is nice for me but alot of people doesn't like it. I think in music they deserved 87% and VA like 83%.

Gameplay - 9.5/10 [Battle system is amazing]

Amazing battle system. It's a great blend of real time and turn based battle system. You enter the correct combination and you hit, but if you don't you miss. This sounds like a puzzle game but it's not! There's like combo modes and counter modes as well. I find the battle system very enjoyable. The monsters are seen on the map and doesn't respond. I think there's somewhat a long loading time for the game but it's well worth it. There's loading between battles which can be very annoying, but still it shouldn't be a reason to turn away from the game. It's less lag than DQ8 for me.

There's styles where you master, each style is different. For example they could be healing magic/offensive. Each person can learn different styles.

Buying weapons and selling stuff are very routine in all RPGS, nothing special here. But there's the fortune option which means if you get a good fortune, you will master styles easier and earn more exp, which is really good in the long run.

Replay Value - 1-10/10

Not a definite value. People can love this game and play forever. Or just once because the story is raelly long and once is fairly enough. There are a chance where you want to try out different characters.

Fun Factor - 9/10

Fun :D

Overall - 9.2/10

I think this game is deserving to be one of the best RPGs of 2005[if not the best]. You should buy it but rent it just in case you don't understand the battle system. But not alot of stores have it, which means its value goes up anyways in a few years. Why not get it? You won't regret it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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