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    Card Synthesis Guide by HarveyTHW

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    Arc The Lad: End of Darkness
    Card Synthesis
    By: HarveyTHW
    Table of Content
    1. Intruduction
    2. Ability Cards
      2a. Magic Cards
      2b. Gimmick Cards
      2c. Special Skills Cards
    3. Part Cards
      3a. Attack Cards
      3b. Defense Cards
      3c. Special Parts Cards
    4. Copyright Information
    1. Intruduction
    	This guide is intended to help those who are having trouble with the
    card synthesis system in Arc the Lad: End of Darkness. In ATL:DOD cards are
    the only way your characters can gain strength. This guide will provide
    information on how to obtain cards by the card synthesis system only. This
    guide does not list all of the cards and obtaining methods.The card
    synthesis system let players combine two cards together to create stronger
    2. Ability Cards
    	Ability cards control the character's magic, gimmick (items,) and special
    attacks the character is able to use. Each character can equip upto 4 ability
    cards in the slots corresponding to the x, square, triangle, and O button.
    2a. Magic Cards
    |Card name           |Synthesis Recipe
    |Big Bang            |Flaming Arrow + Flaming Arrow
    |Big Bang II         |Big Bang + Magical Stone
    |Cure                |Healing Rain + Healing Rain
    |Cure II             |Cure + Magical Stone
    |Cure III            |Cure II + Magical Stone
    |Diamond Dust        |Water Bubble + Water Bubble
    |Diamond Dust II     |Diamond Dust + Magical Stone
    |Dark Sphere         |Divide + Divide
    |Dark Sphere II      |Dark Sphere + Magical Stone
    |Divide              |Dark Sphere + Dark Sphere
    |Divide II           |Divide + Magical Stone
    |Flaming Arrow       |Big Bang + Big Bang
    |Flaming Arrow II    |Flaming Arrow + Magical Stone
    |Golem Hand          |Meteor Fall + Meteor Fall
    |Golem Hand II       |Golem Hand + Magical Stone
    |Healing Rain        |Magic Secrets + Cure
    |Healing Rain II     |Healing Rain + Magical Stone
    |Healing Rain III    |Healing Rain II + Magical Stone
    |Meteor Fall         |Golem Hand + Golem Hand
    |Meteor Fall II      |Meteor Fall + Magical Stone
    |Protection          |Magic Secrets + Armor Stone
    |Rising Blast        |Thunder Storm + Thunder Storm
    |Rising Blast II     |Rising Blast + Magical Stone
    |Strike Power        |Magic Secrets + Power Stone
    |Thunder Storm       |Rising Blast + Rising Blast
    |Thunder Storm II    |Thunder Storm + Magical Stone
    |Tornado             |Wind Slash + Wind Slash
    |Tornado II          |Tornado + Magical Stone
    |Water Bubble        |Diamond Dust + Diamond Dust
    |Water Bubble II     |Water Bubble + Magical Stone
    |Wind Slash          |Tornado + Tornado
    |Wind Slash II       |Wind Slash + Magical Stone
    2b. Gimmick Cards
    |Card Name           |Synthesis Recipe
    |Bent Throwing-Knife |Light Metal _ Blade Secrets
    |Dilz Bomb           |Gunpowder Orb + Hard Metal
    |Discharge Machine   |Spray Connon + Vilner's Unit
    |Firebomb            |Empty Bottle + Oil Orb
    |Flamethrower        |Spray Cannon + Oil Orb
    |Hand-Grenade        |Gunpowder Orb + Light Metal
    |Healing Rod         |Lusah Cane + Healing Rain
    |Iron Ball           |Hard Metal + Light Metal
    |Numbing Ball        |Alraune Seed + Oil Orb
    |Ointment            |Empty Bottle + Cure
    |Paralyzer           |Lusah Cane + Big Bang
    |Paralyzing Bomb     |Time-Bomb + Numbing Ball
    |Polished Stone      |Transparent Stone + Universal Cloth
    |Poison Bomb         |Time-Bomb + Oil Orb
    |Shockwaver          |Lusah Cane + Tornado
    |Slow Bomb           |Time-Bomb + Alraune Seed
    |Small Stone Sack    |Stone + Lizard Hide
    |Throwing-Knife      |Bent Throwing-Knife + Shooting Secrets
    |Time-Bomb           |Hand-Grenade + Gunpowder Orb
    2c. Special Skills Cards
    |Card Name           |Synthesis Recipe                        |Character Usable
    |Blade Rain          |Blade secrets + Strike Power            |Lutz
    |Bloody Thorn        |Magic Secrets + Golem Hand II           |Camella
    |Cragh Spirit        |Cane Secrets + Illusion Secrets         |Edda
    |Crimson Slash       |Physical Secrets + Flaming Arrow II     |Delma
    |Cross Javelin       |Cane Secrets + Power Stone              |Theo
    |Diek Missile        |Machine Secrets + Flaming Arrow II      |Diekbeck
    |Divine Judgment     |Illusion Secrets + Rising Blast II      |Kukuru
    |Earth Spirit        |Cane Secrets + Golem Hand II            |Edda
    |Gigant Bazooka      |Shooting Secrets + Weponry Manual       |Ganz
    |Heat Cyclone        |Blade Secrets + Flaming Arrow II        |Paulette
    |Heat Wall           |Magic Secrets + Flaming Arrow II        |Elc
    |Ice Smasher         |Physical Secrets + Water Bubble II      |Volk
    |Impulse Bomb        |MAgic Secrets + Big Bang II             |Alec
    |Lamda Punishmenet   |Physical Secrets + Lamda Crest          |Ida
    |Lancer Spirit       |Cane Secrets + Magical Belt             |Edda
    |Lilia Spiral        |Blade Secrets + Bising Blast II         |Lilia
    |Mind Control        |Illusion Secrets + Dark Sphere II       |Bebedora
    |Mirage Field        |Machine Secrets + Rising Blast II       |Tatjana
    |Mortal Spray        |Shooting Secrets + Wind Slash II        |Shu
    |Napalm Frenzy       |Shooting Secrets + Flaming Arrow II     |Cheryl
    |Pyron Summons       |Magic Secrets + Illusion Secrets        |Darc
    |Ravish              |Illusion Secrets + Golem Hand II        |Leeza
    |Sakura Slash        |Sword Secrets + Flaming Arrow II        |Tash
    |Shuffle Shot        |Shooting Secrets + Dark Sphere II       |Maru
    |Total Healing       |Magic Secrets + Water Bubble II         |Arc
    |Vanichoo            |Magic Secrets + Magical Stone           |Choco
    |Windblade Shot      |Sword SecretS + Magic Secrets           |Kharg
    3. Part Cards
    	Parts cards are equipments that each character can equip. There are
    three type of part cards. Attack, Defense, and Special Parts. Each character
    can equip one card in each catagory. These cards give passive effects to the
    characters from stats boosting to status effect immunity.
    3a. Attack Cards
    |Card Name           |Synthesis Recipe                        |Note
    |Battle Armband      |Muscle Wristband + Power Stone          |
    |Bewitching Beads    |Jade Beads + Crystal Beads              |
    |Brain Hilt          |Mysterious Ore + Weaponry Manual        |Alec Only
    |Cairngorm Beads     |Bewitching Beads + Magic Secrets        |
    |Cheif's Claw        |Hard Metal + Mysterious Ore             |Delma Only
    |Complete Combat     |Fighting Travelog + Survival Guide      |
    |Crystal Beads       |Transparent Stone + Broken Beads        |
    |Devil Armband       |Physical Secrets + Iron Fang            |
    |Diek's Pencil       |Vilmer's Unit + Engineer's Manual       |Diekbeck only
    |Dilz Unit           |Vilmer's Unit + Techno Stone            |Tatjana only
    |Exorcist's Shaft    |Lusah Cane + Lark Coat of Arms          |Edda only
    |Gold Rosary         |Silver Rosasy + Mysterious Ore          |
    |High Priest's Crest |Complete Combat + Lamda Crest           |Iga only
    |Iron Fang           |Battle Armband + Hard Metal             |
    |Jade Beads          |Polished Stone + Broken Beads           |
    |Manual of Warfare   |Tome of Five Rings + War God Tome       |
    |Monster's Fang      |Illusion Secrets + Iron Fang            |
    |Muscle Wristband    |Power Wristband + Power Stone           |
    |Nidella Hilt        |Mysterious Ore + Nidellia Crest         |Kharg only
    |Popular Stuffed Toy |Universal Cloth + Caingarm Beads        |Bebedora only
    |Power Wristband     |Wristband + Lether Wristband            |
    |Shining Cross       |Silver Rosary + Polished Stone          |
    |Silver Rosary       |Light Metal + Mysterious Ore            |
    |Sol's Shaft         |Lusah Cane + Sol's Crest                |Theo only
    |Tactical Glove      |Gauntlet + Weaponry Manual              |Charyl only
    |Tome of Five Rings  |Complete Combat + Survival Guide        |
    |Weaponry Manual     |Battle Magazine + Survival Guide        |
    3b. Defense Cards
    |Card Name           |Synthesis Recipe                        |Note
    |Battle Armor        |Heavy Armor + Warrior Cham              |
    |Chain-Mail Vest     |Leather Vest + Light Metal              |
    |Combat Gear         |Cloth Outfit + Whirlwind Bandana        |
    |Crause Shield       |Battle Armor + Warrior Charm            |Paulette only
    |Dragon Bone Armor   |Dragon Guard + Dragon Scales            |Darc only
    |Dragon Guard        |Rune Armor + Dragon Scales              |
    |Dubach Mask         |Armor Stone + Lizard Hide               |Maru only
    |Elven Chain-Mail    |Sayer's robe + Violet Racer             |
    |Fiona's Outfit      |Sayer's Robe + Universal Cloth          |Lilia only
    |Gauntlet            |Leather Glove + Light Metal             |
    |Heavy Armor         |Ring Armor + Hard Metal                 |
    |Hermit's Robe       |Magic Robe + Magical Stone              |
    |Holy Mother's Sash  |Cloth Belt + Romantic Drop              |Kukuru only
    |Horn Outfit         |Hermit's Robe + Universal Cloth         |Leeza only
    |Largo's Belt        |Magical Belt + Romantic Drop            |Choco only
    |Leather Gloves      |Craft Gloves + Lizard Hide              |
    |Lizard Guard        |rune Armor + Lizard Hide                |
    |Lupine Cloak        |Traveler's Robe + Warrior Charm         |Volk only
    |Pyulka Jacket       |Hermit's Robe + Lizard Hide             |Elk only
    |Magic Shoes         |Blade Boots + Magical Stone             |
    |Magic Robe          |Traveler's Robe + Magical Stone         |
    |Mercenary's Boots   |Survival Guide + Lizard Hide            |Ganz only
    |Monji's Coat        |Magical Belt + Combat Gear              |Tash only
    |Ninja Hand Guard    |Craft Gloves + Whirlwind Bandana        |
    |Piana Petal         |Alraune Seed + Romantic Stone           |Camellia only
    |Ranger Suit         |Cloth Outfit + Combat Gear              |
    |Ring Armor          |Hard Metal + Cloth Outfit               |
    |Rune Armor          |Battle Armor + Magical Stone            |
    |Sasha Tool Bag      |Small Stone Sack + Lizard Hide          |Lutz only
    |Sayer's Robe        |Traveler's robe + Cloth Belt            |
    |Scarf of the Elite  |Ninja Scarf + Whirlwind Bandana         |Shu only
    |Smelian Armor       |Rune Armor + Mysterious Ore             |Arc only
    |Traveler's Robe     |Cloth Outfit + Ranger Suit              |
    3c. Special Parts Cards
    |Card Name           |Synthesis Recipe                       
    |Angel Statuette     |Mysterious Ore + War God Tome
    |Antidote Ring       |Toy Ring + Polished Stone
    |Armor Stone         |Techno Stone + Romantic Drop
    |Balance Ring        |Toy Ring + Tranparent Stone
    |Engineer's Manual   |Survival Guide + Machine Secrets
    |Goddess Statuette   |Mysteriour Ore + Tome of Five Rings
    |Healing Card        |Cure III + Cure III
    |Healing Pygmy       |Healing Card + Universal Cloth
    |King Statuette      |Mysterious Ore + Manual of Warfare
    |Lark Coat of Arms   |Silver Rosary + Gold Rosary
    |Magical Belt        |Cloth Belt + Warrior Charm
    |Magical Stone       |Polished Stone + Romantic Drop
    |Ninja Scarf         |Whirlwind Bandana + Universal Cloth
    |Power Stone         |Transparent Stone + Romantic Drop
    |Red Earrings        |Blue Earrings + Romantic Drop
    |Romantic Drop       |Any two identical version II magic cards.
    |                    |ie. Cure II + Cure II or Divde II + Divide II
    |Romantic Stone      |Yellow Earrings + Romantic Drop
    |Techno Stone        |Mysterious Ore + Romantic Drop
    |Violer Racer        |Silver Rosary + Shell
    |Warrior Charm       |Hard Metal + Lizard Hide
    |Whirlwind Bandana   |Universal Cloth + Lizard Hide
    |Yellow Earrings     |Red Earrings + Romantic Drop
    4. Copyright Information
    This guide is copyright (c)2005 Kevin Tang.
    This Guide is written only for www.gamefaqs.com.

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