• Infinite Flight during Earth Stages

    When playing on an Earth-based stage, use R1 instead of X to boost. This will allow you to fly as long as you like without using up the Thruster guage.

    Contributed By: OmegaZEROCustom.


  • Unlock ''Haro Madness'' Surival Mode

    Successfully complete Ace 100, Sudden Death, and Time Trial survival modes in order to unlock a hidden survival mode; "Haro Madness."

    Contributed By: Turinu.

  • Unlock Survival Mode

    Complete either Kira's or Athrun's story mode once to Unlock Survival mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mision Mode : Lowe GearUnlocked upon completing Story Mode once.
    Mission Mode : Andrew BartfieldUnlocked after completing Mikhail's Mission Mode.
    Mission Mode : Barry HoUnlocked after completing Andrews Story Mode Once
    Mission Mode : Cagalli Yula AthaUnlocked upon completing Story Mode once.
    Mission mode : CrotUnlocked after completing Orga's Mission Mode.
    Mission Mode : DearkaUnlocked upon completing Story Mode once.
    Mission Mode : Ed the RipperUnlocked upon completing Story Mode once.
    Mission Mode : Gai MurakumoUnlocked upon completing Story Mode once.
    Mission Mode : Jane HoustonUnlocked after completing Athrun's story mode once.
    Mission Mode : Jean CarryUnlocked after completing Jane's Mission Mode.
    Mission Mode : Mikhail CoastUnlocked after completing Morgan's Mission Mode
    Mission Mode : MorganUnlocked upon completing Story Mode once
    Mission Mode : Mwu La FllagaUnlocked upon completing Story Mode once.
    Mission Mode : NicholUnlocked upon Completing Story Mode once.
    Mission Mode : OrgaUnlocked after completing Shani's mission mode
    Mission Mode : Rau Le CreuestUnlocked upon completing Mu La Fllaga's story mode.
    Mission Mode : Rena ImeliaUnlocked after completing Mikhail's Mission Mode
    Mission Mode : Rondo Gina ShakuComplete both Lowe and Gai's Mission Mode
    Mission Mode : ShaniUnlocked after completing Athrun's story mode.
    Mission Mode : ShihoUnlocked upon completing Available ZAFT Pilot's Mission Mode
    Mission Mode : YzakUnlocked upon completing Story Mode once

    Contributed By: BurningGundamX.

  • Unlockable Mission Modes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Andrew Waltfeld's Mission modeClear Cruset's Mission Mode
    Barry Ho's Mission ModeClear Mikhail's Mission Mode
    Clotho's Mission ModeClear Orga's Mission Mode
    Dearka, Nicol, Yzak's Mission ModeAvailable from the start
    Jean Carry's Mission ModeClear Clotho's Mission Mode
    Lawe le Cruset's Mission ModeClear Mwu's Mission Mode
    Londo's Mission ModeClear Gai + Lowe's Mission Mode
    Lowe, Gai's Mission ModeAvailable from the start
    Miguel Aiman's Mission ModeClear Yzak+Dearka+Nicol's Mission Mode
    Mikhail's Mission ModeClear Morgan's mission Mode
    Morgan, Edward's Mission ModeAvailable from the start
    Mwu, Cagalli's Mission ModeAvailable from the start
    Orga Sabnak's Mission ModeClear Shani's Mission Mode
    Rena's Mission ModeClear Edward's Mission Mode
    Shani's Mission ModeClear Kira + Athrun's Story Mode
    Shiho's Mission ModeClear Miguel's Mission Mode

    Contributed By: X20A_Sfreedom.

  • Unlockable MS

    Mostly, you need to clear missions, story modes and level up your character as partners to unlock MS

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    105 DaggerClear Morgan's Mission Mode
    Buster DaggerClear Rena's Mission Mode
    CalamityClear Orga's mission mode
    Deep ForbidonAccumulate 5000 Seed Point
    Duel DaggerClear 5 Mission Modes
    ForbidonClear Shani's mission mode
    Forbidon BuleClear Jane's Mission Mode
    FreedomClear Kira's story mode up to when Freedom appears
    Gunbarrel PackMwu Lvl 10
    HyperionCleaer 10 Mission Modes
    IWSP Strike RougeClear Survival mode with Strike Rouge
    Jeans' LongdaggerClear Jean's Mission Mode
    JusticeClear Athrun's story mode up to when Justice appears
    MeteorClear Kira and Athrun's story mode
    MobiousNatale or Murrue's Lvl 10
    Mobious ZeroClear Mwu's Mission mode
    RaiderOrga's Lvl+Shani's Lvl+Clotho's Lvl=20 or over
    RaiderClear Crotho's mission mode
    SkygrasperClear Kira's story mode up to 5th stage
    Strike RougeClear Cagalli's mission
    Sword CalamityClear Edward's Mission Mode

    Contributed By: X20A_Sfreedom.

  • Unlockable MS/MA

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AegisClear 1st stage of Athrun's Sotry Mode
    Astray Blue FrameGai Lvl 10
    Astray Blueframe Second LClear Gai's Mission Mode
    Astray Gold FrameKisato or Eliza Lvl 10
    Astray Goldframe ArmatzClear Survival Mode with Londo or Astray Goldframe
    Astray Red FrameLowe Lvl 10
    Astray Redframe Flight UnitGet everything besides all units/Characters (ex-encyclopedias)
    Astray Redframe GaberaClear Lowe's Mission Mode
    Bacow(Missile Type)Clear survival mode with Bacow
    BlitzClear Nicol's Mission Mode
    BusterClear Dearka's Mission Mode
    CiGUeClear Survival Mode
    CiGUe Deep ArmsClear Shiho's Mission Mode
    DiNNLevel up any parter
    DrednoughtClear All Mission Modes
    DuelClear Yzak's Mission Mode
    Duel Assault ShroudClear survival mode with Duel
    Gai's GiNNGet All Characters
    Ginn High ManeuverClear Mikhail's Mission Mode
    LagoweClear Andrew Waltfeld's Mission Mode
    M1A AstrayClear Barry Ho's Mission Mode
    Miguels' GinnClear Miguel's Mission Mode
    Nuclear MobiousClear survival mode with Mobious
    Prototype GiNNGet All Units
    ProvidenceClear Cruset's Mission Mode
    ZautoAisha or DaCosta's Lvl 10
    ZnOClear Survival Mode with GuNN

    Contributed By: X20A_Sfreedom.

  • Unlocking Pilot/Partners/MS Part-1

    Most of the Unlocking in this game is done by increasing the level of Partners. Each Patners goes from lv1 to lv15. You just need to bring them along on you mission and they will earn EXP points. Before doing this finish every Mission in Kira and Asuran StoryMode and do all the Missions in Missions mode. This will unlock most of the stuff in the game. Each time you unlock something, go to the shop menu and and buy it.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Miguel Ayman Pilot/PartnerAsuran Zara Partner Lv5
    MS Barrel DagerMwu La Flaga Partner Lv10
    MS SawatAisha Partner Lv10
    Partner Aisha+DacostaAndrew Bartofelt Partner Lv5
    Partner Andrew Eternal Clothes(Press R1)Andrew Bartofelt Partner Lv10
    Partner Caggalii Princess Dress(Press R1)Caggalli Yura Athra Partner Lv5
    Partner Caggalli Kusanagi Clothes(Press R1)Caggalli Yura Athra Partner Lv10
    Partner Flay Federation Clothes(Press R1)FLay Alster Partner Lv5
    Partner Flay Zaft Clothes(Press R1)FLay Alster Partner Lv10
    Partner Kira Civilian Clothes(Press R1)Kira Yamato Partner Lv10
    Partner Lacus Eternal Dress(Press R1)Lacus Klyne Partner Lv10
    Partner Lacus Singer Dress(Press R1)Lacus Klyne Partner Lv5
    Pilot /Partner Ysak with a Scar(Press R1)Ysak Jule Partner Lv5
    Pilot/Partner Shio HanenfusYsak Jule Partner Lv10
    Special Sound Caggalli SP-8(in sound test menu)Caggalli Yura Athra Partner Lv15
    Special Sound Lacus SP-7(in sound test menu)Lacus Klyne Partner Lv15
    Special Sound Ysak SP-3(in sound test menu)Ysak Jule Partner Lv15
    Special Sound-Asuran SP-2(in sound test menu)Asuran Zara Partner Lv15
    Special Sound-Flay SP-9(in sound test menu)FLay Alster Partner Lv15
    Special Sound-Kira SP-1(in sound test menu)Kira Yamato Partner Lv15
    Special Sound-Mwu SP-5(in sound test menu)Mwu La Flaga Partner Lv15

    Contributed By: J Blabbermouth.

  • Unlocking Pilot/Partners/MS Part-2

    Some MS(Mobile Suits) are unlocked via different means. Sometimes you have to play with a specific MS to unlock another. Another way is to increase the level of more than one Partner or finish a level with an S-Rank to unlock specific Partner. You also unlock a MS after getting all 9 Special Sound Set and another after unlocking all MS in the shop menu.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    MA(Mobile Armor)Mebius with Nuclear MissilePlay with MA Mebius
    MS Astray Blue FrameGai MuraKumo Partner Lv10
    MS Astray Gold FrameElija Partner Lv10
    MS Astray Gold Frame AmatsuPlay With Londo Pilot+MS Blue Frame or MS Hyperion Gundam
    MS Astray Red FrameLow Gear Partner Lv10
    MS Astray Red Frame FUUnlock all 9 Special Sound Set
    MS Baku with Missile PodPlay with MS Baku
    MS Duel Gundam Assault Shroud Play with Ysak Pilot+MS Duel Gundam
    MS Gundam Strike Rouge IWSP packPlay with Cagalli Pilot+MS Strike Rouge
    MS Jinn Communication version ZGMF-LRR704BPlay with MS Jinn
    MS Jinn PrototypeUnlock every MS in the shop menu
    MS Jinn(Blue Gai Murakumo version)Accumulate 12 000 SP
    MS Rider Gundam(Blue version)Shanny Partner Lv5+Olga Partner Lv5+Croto Partner Lv10
    MS ZonoPlay with MS Goon
    Partner Elija KeelGai MuraKumo Partner Lv5
    Partner Gai MurakumoGetting S-Rank in Phase-15 of Kira Story Mode
    Partner Kisato YamabukiLow Gear Partner Lv5
    Special Sound-Diarkka SP-4(in sound test menu)Diarkka Helsman Partner Lv15
    Special Sound-Kluze SP-6(in sound test menu)Raw Le Kluze Partner Lv15

    Contributed By: J Blabbermouth.

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