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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Never Ending Tomorrow FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 1.0
    October 12, 2005
    By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu)
    Table of Contents
    1.  Version History
    2.  Kira's Story
    3.  Athrun's Story
    4.  Missions
    5.  Survival
    6.  Item Shop
    7.  Level Up Strategy
    8.  Frequently Asked Questions
    9.  Acknowledgements
    | 1. Version History |
    Version 1.0 (October 12, 2005)  Finished Athrun's story walkthrough. Finished 
    the missions section. Updated the level up strategy section.
    Version 0.1 (October 11, 2005) - First version of FAQ.
    | 2. Kira's Story |
    [Phase 01 - False Peace]
    Unit: Strike Gundam/Sword Strike Gundam
    Partner: Murrue Ramius
    Allies: None
    Don't worry about the controls at the moment. As in the anime the Strike Gundam 
    will be sluggish until Kira can reprogram the OS. In the meantime use the Ginn 
    in the distance as target practice by firing your "Igelstellung" machine guns. 
    When that mobile suit (MS) is destroyed a second will appear, and this one is a 
    bit more proactive in that it will actually move and fire back at you. 
    Fortunately the shots are relatively easy to dodge, and since phase shift (PS) 
    armor absorbs projectile attacks you won't take any damage to your HP. When the 
    second Ginn is toast a third Ginn will appear, piloted by ZAFT ace pilot Miguel 
    Aiman. He has a heavy sword with him and will quickly move to close combat (CC) 
    range. At this point the only CC weapons the Strike has are its two "Armor 
    Schneider" combat knives. Miguel will do serious damage to your PS with his 
    sword, so try to avoid CC as much as possible and stay away from him while 
    pelting him with machine gun fire. After Miguel retreats, Rau Le Creuset will 
    appear in a Ginn High Maneuver (Note: This does not happen in the anime). What 
    went for Miguel goes double for Rau. Keep away from him and lay on the machine 
    guns. It will take a while, but eventually he will retreat.
    The second part of the phase is an aerial battle above the colony. This time 
    you'll be using the Sword Strike Gundam. The Sword Strike only has one 
    projectile attack, which is its "Midas Messer" beam boomerang. You can only 
    throw one at a time and you must wait until it returns before you can throw it 
    again. The good news is that if it hits a MS it will be temporarily stunned, 
    allowing you to close in and hack away at it with your "Schwert Gewehr" anti-
    ship sword, which is way better than the "Armor Schneider". The strategy here 
    is simple. Throw your boomerang at a MS, then quickly go to CC range and hack 
    away. Your initial opponents are two Ginns, one armed with a recoilless rifle 
    and the other with a missile launcher. Since both weapons damage PS armor only 
    you won't have much of a problem. When both of them are defeated Miguel will 
    appear once again. He has a heavy ion cannon with him this time around, which 
    does damage directly to your HP. When Miguel is killed Athrun will appear in 
    the Aegis. While the Aegis has a beam rifle, the true threat is its "Scylla" 
    energy cannon. Athrun will announce firing it by saying "Are you ready?" If it 
    does hit it will do heavy damage to the Strike, if not destroy it outright. If 
    your HP is getting low in the battle don't hesitate to use Murrue's boost to 
    recover some HP.
    [Phase 02  Silent Run]
    Unit: Aile Strike Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Moebius Zero
    The Duel, Buster, and Blitz Gundams launch an all out attack on the Archangel. 
    While the Duel keeps the Strike busy the Buster and Blitz will take out the 
    Archangel. While the Archangel in the anime can take ridiculous amounts of 
    damage, in the game it's pretty much a paper tiger. Concentrate on destroying 
    the Buster first, as it does the most damage. It can be hard to see in the 
    darkness of space, but you can tell it apart from the others since it fires two 
    beams instead of one. Don't forget that Miriallia's boost increases your shot 
    power so don't hesitate to use it to quickly take them down. Once the Buster 
    withdraws switch to the Blitz and then finally the Duel. Once all three have 
    been dealt with the Aegis will appear. The Aegis will concentrate on destroying 
    you only, so you don't have to worry about the Archangel. If you have any 
    offensive boosts left now is the time to use them.
    [Phase 03  The Songstress of the Enemy Forces]
    Unit: Aile Strike Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Mistral, Moebius Zero
    The first part of this mission involves defeating a GINN Recon Type before it 
    can destroy the Mistral that's gathering supplies for the Archangel. This is 
    easy enough. Just fly straight towards the GINN and start blasting it with the 
    beam rifle. When it takes enough damage the GINN will start to retreat. Keep on 
    blasting it until it's destroyed.
    The second part involves defending the Archangel against GINNs. Easy enough. 
    When the GINNs have been whittled down the Aegis will appear to attack. Nothing 
    has changed much, so the same strategies apply here. 
    [Phase 04  Stars Falling in Space]
    Unit: Aile Strike Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Moebius Zero
    The Duel, Buster, and Blitz once again try to destroy the Archangel. You know 
    the drill. Take out the Buster first, followed by the Blitz, and then the Duel. 
    The second half of the mission involves fighting GINNs in the earth's upper 
    atmosphere. When you've destroyed a certain number the Buster will reappear 
    along with the Duel (in its Assault Shroud configuration). This makes the Duel 
    a tougher opponent than before, but if you've survived this long you should be 
    tough enough to take them both out without much trouble.
    [Phase 05  Burning Sandstorm]
    Unit: Launcher Strike Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Resistance's Jeep
    You can pretty much ignore the helicopters for the most part. The main threat 
    here are the BuCUEs that are incoming. Fortunately, the "Agni" cannon can take 
    them out with one shot each. You'll be moving a bit slowly in the sand until 
    Kira can reprogram the OS to compensate for it, but with your firepower it 
    shouldn't be too much of a problem. The next day it's more of the same. Take 
    out the BuCUEs one at a time until Andrew appears in a missile-launching 
    variant. Dodge the missiles with an emergency evade and blast him until he 
    calls it quits.
    [Phase 06 - Beyond the Clouds of Sand]
    Unit: Aile Strike Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Skygrasper
    Yet more helicopters and BuCUEs launch an attack on the Archangel. You can 
    shoot the helicopters if you want, but again the main targets are the BuCUEs. 
    When the BuCUEs are destroyed the Duel Assault and Buster will attack from the 
    Lesseps battleship nearby. The Duel Assault will get in your face, while the 
    Buster will snipe you at a distance. It's probably easier to deal with the Duel 
    first then the Buster. It's also possible to destroy the Lesseps as well, but 
    chances are you won't have the firepower to do so at this time (interestingly 
    if you do manage to destroy the Lesseps Cagalli will repeat something she said 
    all the way back at Heliopolis). When the two Gundams are defeated Andrew will 
    appear in his LaGOWE for a final showdown. The twin beam cannons on the LaGOWE 
    have a high rate of fire, and he's not afraid to go CC if he gets close. When 
    you see him fire a burst of beams do an emergency evasion or you'll be in a 
    world of hurt.
    [Phase 07  The Sea Dyed Red]
    Unit: Strike Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Skygrasper
    Since this battle takes place mostly in the water, you'll be using the plain 
    vanilla Strike Gundam with a bazooka. The first part of the mission involves 
    defending the Archangel over the sea against DINNs in the air and GOOhNs under 
    the water. The DINNs are hard enough to hit with the bazooka, but the GOOhNs 
    can only be hit when they pop out of the water to attack (unless you have the 
    Forbidden Blue/Deep Forbidden, then you can hit them under the water hehehe). 
    Suffice it to say this is a most annoying battle indeed. The second part 
    doesn't get any better, as you now must deal with the GOOhNs under the water. 
    The Strike turns very slowly underwater, and the torpedos that the GOOhNs fire 
    are much faster than your bazooka rounds. Destroy enough GOOhNs and a ZnO will 
    appear. This mobile suit is big and ugly and is surprisingly effective in hand-
    to-hand combat. Try to avoid CC for the most part and keep firing away with the 
    [Phase 08  The Land of Peace]
    Unit: Aile Strike Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Skygrasper
    I recommend using a beginner's ticket for this mission, as the Archangel tends 
    to get destroyed rather quickly without it. All four ZAFT Gundams launch an 
    attack on the Archangel, and this time it looks like they're going to succeed. 
    The Buster is the biggest threat here, as it will fire non-stop at the 
    Archangel even if you attack it. The Blitz will also constantly attack the 
    Archangel. Meanwhile the Duel Assault will try its best to get in your face, 
    while the Aegis just floats around on its Guul carrier watching the battle (it 
    still can mess up your targeting lock though). Destroy the Buster ASAP, 
    followed by the Blitz and then the Duel Assault. When all three are gone you 
    can go after the Aegis, but it doesn't matter if you defeat it or not since by 
    the time you get to this point the Archangel will have probably escaped the 
    combat zone.
    [Phase 09  Flashing Blades]
    Unit: Aile Strike Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Skygrasper x2
    This is another tough stage that I recommend using a ticket on. First you'll be 
    up against the Blitz and Aegis. The Blitz is probably the easier of the two so 
    try to take him out first. Once both are gone the Duel Assault and Buster 
    appear. The Duel will get in your face and the Buster will attack from afar. 
    It's probably easier to take out the Duel first, although chances are you're 
    probably going to end up firing at both of them as the opportunity presents 
    itself. When both of them are taken out a seriously pissed Athrun appears in an 
    incredibly powered up Aegis (must be the Seed). Tolle in the Skygrasper will 
    pop in to help, but if you saw the anime you know what happens to him. The 
    Aegis will take a serious beating before it goes down, and it seems to fire the 
    Scylla cannon quite frequently this time around. If you're not using a ticket 
    it's going to be a very close battle.
    [Phase 10  The Descending Sword]
    Unit: Freedom Gundam
    Partner: Lacus Clyne/Murrue Ramius
    Allies: None
    Lacus appears once again (hurrah!) and gives Kira a shiny new present in the 
    form of the Freedom Gundam. After a trademark Lacus speech Kira departs for 
    earth. The Freedom has a nuclear engine that (slowly) restores PS over time and 
    fires beam cannons and railguns for its multi-lock attack. Unfortunately, it 
    doesn't seem to have the dual beam saber for its close range attack (strangely 
    enough the Justice has it, go figure). Have fun testing out the Freedom against 
    the dumbfounded GINNs that are blocking your path. Or you could just jet past 
    them in HiMAT mode to the marker, but that wouldn't be fun now would it? Note 
    that on the way to the marker you can briefly see a shuttle flying past you. 
    This is of course the shuttle that is carrying Athrun back to the PLANTs. We'll 
    be seeing him shortly in the next mission.
    In Alaska Kira finds the Archangel under attack by DINNs, GINNs (on Guuls), and 
    GOOhNs. Oh my! It's too bad they didn't start playing T.M. Revolution's Meteor 
    here. It would have been a nice touch. Anyway, back to the battle. You can 
    pretty much ignore the MS in the water and concentrate on the ones in the air. 
    After you shoot a few down Yzak in the Duel Assault will make his appearance. 
    Defeating him is no problem at all. What you do need to be aware of is that he 
    sometimes flies close to the Archangel, and that stray shots from the Freedom 
    can do serious damage to the ship. Fight him away from the Archangel. When the 
    Duel is defeated the battle ends.
    [Phase 11  Decisive Fire]
    Unit: Freedom Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Strike Gundam, Justice Gundam
    Using a ticket here makes things much easier, especially in the second part of 
    the mission. The Strike Daggers that attack initially are little more than 
    targets for the Freedom. When you destroy them all however things change for 
    the worse as the Calamity, Raider, and Forbidden Gundams join the fray. The 
    Calamity fires missiles that damage your PS armor, but it fires a lot of 
    missiles, which means your PS can go down in a hurry if you're not careful. The 
    Raider is fast and sprays you with near continuous machinegun fire. It also has 
    a very long-range close attack in the form of its "Mjolnir" hammer. The 
    Forbidden is the most annoying of all since its "Geschmeidig Panzer" armor 
    system completely deflects beam weapons, and its "Hresvelgr" plasma cannon has 
    homing capability. Basically one of them serves as bait while the other two 
    mercilessly pound you with their weapons. It's going to be a tough fight no 
    matter now you look at it. You might be tempted to use all of your offensive 
    power up boosts now, but be sure to save some for the next act.
    The second part of the stage involves an all out attack on the Archangel. The 
    strategy is simple: the Calamity will concentrate all its firepower on the 
    Archangel while the Raider and Forbidden distract you. Athrun will arrive in 
    the Justice to help out, but don't count on him for much. Get to the Calamity 
    ASAP and do whatever it takes to take it out first. Once the Calamity is gone 
    you can breathe a bit easier. Continue attacking the remaining MS until they 
    retreat from the field.
    [Phase 12  Trembling World]
    Unit: Freedom Gundam
    Partner: Lacus Clyne
    Allies: Justice Gundam
    The first part of the stage involves destroying the GINNs attacking the 
    Eternal. It shouldn't be too difficult, but don't take your time either as the 
    GINNs are all packing heavy weaponry. The second part is pretty much a free for 
    all against the Earth Forces. You'll be fighting against Strike Daggers as well 
    as the terrible trio again. Fortunately, you'll have Lacus as backup so you 
    shouldn't have as much problems as you did before.
    [Phase 13  Spiral of Encounters]
    Unit: Freedom Gundam
    Partner: Lacus Clyne
    Allies: Justice Gundam
    This is another wild melee in space. Fortunately, since the Calamity is off 
    collecting the anti-Lacus, er, I mean Flay, you only have to deal with the 
    Raider and Forbidden. While both are equally annoying, it's much better than 
    having to deal with all three. When both are defeated Yzak in the Duel Assault 
    will appear. You should have no problems beating him at this point. Once he's 
    dealt with, destroy the Nazca class ships floating about with multi-locks to 
    clear a path for the Eternal.
    [Phase 14  The Final Light]
    Unit: Freedom Gundam (with METEOR)
    Partner: Lacus Clyne
    Allies: Justice Gundam (with METEOR)
    Yet another stage that is sorely missing the Meteor soundtrack. You'll begin 
    the stage with the METEOR, which is basically a big can of whoop ass. Your goal 
    is to destroy all the nuclear missiles that are being launched at the PLANTs. 
    The missiles are very tiny and hard to see. Fortunately, a missile group has a 
    large ring icon around them so you can see them a bit easier. Use the METEOR's 
    massive multi-lock attack to wipe all of them out. Make sure you get them all, 
    as it's very easy to miss one or two of them (check the radar). One the 
    missiles are taken care of, use the METEOR to blow away the Peacemaker forces.
    When the Peacemaker force is destroyed, the terrible trio will once again 
    appear to make their final stand. While the METEOR isn't very maneuverable, it 
    does have powerful beam weapons and a fantastic melee attack with it's two 
    massive beam swords. Make judicious use of emergency evasion and close to CC 
    range to make short work of the opposition.
    [Phase 15  To An Endless Future]
    Unit: Freedom Gundam (with METEOR)/Freedom Gundam
    Partner: Lacus Clyne
    Allies: Buster Gundam
    If you want to make your life easier use a beginner's ticket from the start. 
    The Providence Gundam is the strongest in the game, and its DRAGOON special 
    attack will eat through your HP like mad. If you see the DRAGOONs come out you 
    should, as Murrue puts it, "EVADE!" The first part of the battle isn't bad 
    since you have the offensive firepower of the METEOR, but the second half is a 
    bitch since you're going sans the METEOR. The Providence can take a ton of 
    damage and it doesn't matter if you attack at range or with close combat. 
    Expect to take major damage either way. There isn't any surefire strategy for 
    defeating Providence (except maybe dodging like crazy), but if you've watched 
    the anime you can actually "gauge" how close you are to defeating it by the 
    dialog between Kira and Rau. If you want style points try defeating Providence 
    with a melee attack to emulate the anime ending.
    | 3. Athrun's Story   | 
    [Phase 01  False Peace]
    Unit: Aegis Gundam
    Partner: Nicol Amalfi/Rau Le Cruset
    Allies: GINN (Miguel)
    It's time for a little target practice. If you played through Kira's story mode 
    this should look very familiar to you. While the Strike is busy attacking poor 
    Miguel, blast away at Kira using the Aegis's beam rifle. Eventually Miguel will 
    call it quits, leaving you to face the wrath of the Strike by yourself. Since 
    the Strike only has machine guns at this moment (which the PS armor will 
    absorb), the only way Kira can damage you is to get up close and personal. Just 
    keep away and continue to blast him until he goes down.
    The second part of the battle is against the Sword Strike. Miguel will once 
    again take it for the team. The Strike's beam boomerang will stun you if it 
    hits, so make sure you dodge it when it comes out. Since the Strike now has an 
    anti-ship sword, it is imperative that you not engage it in hand to hand at 
    this time. Just keep your distance and plug away at the Strike, and eventually 
    you'll emerge victorious.
    [Phase 02  Silent Run]
    Unit: Aegis Gundam
    Partner: Rau Le Cruset
    Allies: Buster Gundam/Duel Gundam
    There are two ways to clear this mission. First is to destroy the Archangel, 
    which you're probably unlikely to do right now, unless you've already cleared 
    this stage and have a powerful MS (i.e. Justice + METEOR). The second is to 
    defeat the Strike, which is probably easier at this point. Do a flyby past the 
    Archangel and engage the Aile Strike. The Buster and Duel will be backing you 
    up, but unfortunately they don't seem to do much except fly around and take pot 
    shots at the Moebius Zero as it buzzes around. Unless you're confident in your 
    hand-to-hand skills, it's probably going to take a while to whittle away the 
    Strike's armor with the beam rifle. If you're really confident you can try to 
    nail the Strike with a Scylla shot, but if you miss that's a large chunk of 
    your PS energy gone down the drain. It's probably safer to enter attack mode 
    and try to use a special combo instead. When the Strike is defeated the mission 
    [Phase 03  The Fading Light]
    Unit: Aegis Gundam
    Partner: Rau Le Cruset
    Allies: GINN
    The Aegis will be up against Earth Alliance ships and Moebius mobile armors in 
    this stage, which amounts to little more than target practice for Athrun. Once 
    you've turned the fleet into cosmic dust, good old reliable Kira will show up 
    in the Aile Strike to join the party. Nothing has changed much since the last 
    battle, so you know what to do at this point.
    [Phase 04  Separate Ways]
    Unit: Aegis Gundam
    Partner: Rau Le Cruset
    Allies: Duel Assault, Blitz Gundam, Buster Gundam
    The Le Cruset team goes on a rampage by wiping out the entire Earth Alliance 
    8th Fleet. Systematically wipe out each ship using multi-lock attacks. The rest 
    of the team is actually proactive this time, and they will take out a few of 
    the ships on their own. Once all the ships are toast Canard Pars will appear in 
    the Hyperion Gundam and start attacking you. Just kidding. Of course, it's none 
    other than Kira in the Aile Strike. This fight isn't to the death though, as 
    when you damage him significantly he'll be knocked into the earth's atmosphere. 
    Don't bother chasing after him. Instead head back to the Vesalius to complete 
    the mission.
    [Phase 05  War For Two]
    Unit: Aegis Gundam
    Partner: Yzak Joule
    Allies: Duel Assault, Buster Gundam, Blitz Gundam
    It's strange how in Kira's version of this mission the Archangel gets 
    absolutely raped by the Zala team, but in Athrun's mission the Archangel 
    doesn't even get a scratch. Since your comrades are utterly dysfunctional at 
    the moment (maybe it's just Yzak), it's up to you to take up the slack. The 
    objective is to take out the Archangel before it heads into Orb territory. The 
    Aile Strike will try it's hardest to stop you from doing so. It's difficult to 
    shoot the Archangel while the Strike is constantly attacking you, so you might 
    as well take care of Kira beforehand. Yzak's boost provides a power up to your 
    long range and melee attacks, so make good use of it. Once Kira is driven off, 
    get back to the Archangel and multi-lock it to death before it escapes.
    [Phase 06  Flashing Blades]
    Unit: Aegis Gundam
    Partner: Yzak Joule
    Allies: Blitz Gundam
    It's time to settle the score once and for all. The Aegis and Blitz will 
    double-team the Sword Strike. Ignore the Skygraspers flying around and 
    concentrate your fire on the Strike. You probably know to avoid the beam 
    boomerang by now. Once the Sword Strike goes down the second phase of the fight 
    begins. Now you'll be fighting the Aile Strike, and this time it's a true fight 
    to the death. Tolle will appear in the Skygrasper at this point. Feel free to 
    shoot him down. The Strike has a lot more HP in this battle than normal. Use 
    Yzak's boosts to put the Strike down once and for all.
    [Phase 07  Decisive Fire]
    Unit: Justice Gundam
    Partner: Cagalli Yula Athha
    Allies: Freedom Gundam
    Aw yeah! There's a new sheriff in town, and his name's Athrun Zala. Start 
    celebrating by blowing away the Strike Daggers with your new toy. When the 
    Daggers are destroyed, the terrible trio of the Calamity, Raider, and Forbidden 
    appear. If you've played through Kira's story before, you probably know what to 
    expect. Start with the Calamity, and then the other two at your leisure. For 
    some inexplicable reason it seems easier this time around with the Justice than 
    the Freedom, but it could just be me. 
    [Phase 08  Trembling World]
    Unit: Justice Gundam
    Partner: Cagalli Yula Athha
    Allies: Freedom Gundam
    It's time for more fun in space with the Earth Forces and the terrible trio. 
    You've seen these guys before and know the drill. I honestly can't think of 
    anything to say about these clowns that you haven't heard before.
    [Phase 09  The Opening Door]
    Unit: Justice Gundam
    Partner: Cagalli Yula Athha
    Allies: Freedom Gundam
    Geez. Didn't we just go through this? This mission is pretty much the same as 
    the last one, except that you won't have to deal with the Calamity since ensign 
    Sabnak is busy retrieving the bitch queen's, er, Flay's lifepod. Oh, one thing 
    is different here. After you beat the two Yzak appears in his Duel Assault to 
    challenge you. Ho hum.
    [Phase 10  The Final Light]
    Unit: Justice (with METEOR)
    Partner: Cagalli Yula Athha
    Allies: Freedom (with METEOR)
    This mission is almost exactly the same as Kira's phase 14. Shoot down the 
    nuclear missiles with the METEOR before the PLANTs go boom. Once the peacemaker 
    force is obliterated, you guessed it, the terrible trio appears for the final 
    battle. Note that the METEOR's multi-lock attack uses missiles, which isn't too 
    effective against their trans phase armor, so use the METEOR's main cannons 
    instead. When you've defeated all three you'll through a third round of combat 
    against several Strike Daggers. At this point the Raider reappears in a last 
    ditch effort to destroy you. Take him out and breath a sigh of relief.
    [Phase 11  To An Endless Future]
    Unit: Justice
    Partner: Cagalli Yula Athha
    Allies: Strike Rouge
    This stage has a time limit of sorts, the time limit being the HP of the 
    Eternal. Unlimited waves of ZAFT MS will be attacking the Eternal, and they are 
    all armed to the teeth. The goal here is to destroy a certain number of enemy 
    MS, whereupon a designated marker will appear in front of GENESIS. The key here 
    isn't surviving as much as it is protecting the Eternal long for the goal to 
    appear. Don't concentrate too much on one MS, and keep very close to the 
    Eternal so you can quickly destroy the closest threats. Oh, and don't fire too 
    close to the Eternal or you'll end up hitting it, and that would be bad (not to 
    mention make Lacus quite upset). You need to destroy a large number of MS to 
    reach the target goal. Once you have done so, Athrun will mention something 
    about going into GENESIS. This is your cue to make a beeline for the indicated 
    marker. While you are doing so, the remaining ZAFT MS will be swarming over the 
    Eternal like killer bees, but hopefully it will hold out long enough for you to 
    reach the waypoint before it blows up.
    And that's it. It's a bit anti-climactic for Athrun's ending, but if you want 
    to know what happens inside of GENESIS you can play Cagalli's mission mode to 
    find out.
    | 4. Missions |
    [Battle of Endymion (Mu La Flaga)]
    How to unlock: Available from start.
    Unit: Moebius Zero
    Partner: OMNI operator
    Allies: Moebius Zero
    The Moebius Zero is quite a powerful machine and its gunbarrels will make short 
    work of the GINNs in this mission. The only problem is that it has no close 
    combat attacks, so if an enemy closes to CC range your only option is to use an 
    emergency evade. After taking out a certain number of GINNs, Rau will appear in 
    a GINN High Maneuver. His GINN can take quite a bit of punishment, so use your 
    specials when you see an opening.
    [Genesis Attack (Cagalli Yula Athha)]
    How to unlock: Available from start.
    Unit: Strike Rouge
    Partner: Athrun Zala
    Allies: Justice Gundam
    This stage involves flying into GENESIS Star Wars style while fighting off 
    several waves of GuAIZ. There are several obstructions in the tunnel that can 
    block your shots so use your standard shots instead, as Cagalli's hand-to-hand 
    skills leave much to be desired. After the GuAIZ are taken care of Mikhail will 
    appear in a GINN High Maneuver, but so will Athrun in the Justice. Mikhail's 
    GINN is quite sturdy so if you have any boosts left now is the time to use 
    them. After his defeat keep flying forward until you reach the GENESIS core.
    [Tiger Fangs, Soldier's Sword (Andrew Waltfeld)]
    How to unlock: Clear Lunar Encounter.
    Unit: LaGOWE
    Partner: Aisha
    Allies: BuCUE, ZuOOT
    Use the LaGOWE's multi-lock attack to quickly destroy the tanks in the area. 
    When you've destroyed most of the Gai in the Astray Blue Frame appears. After a 
    long conversation Gai will drop down to attack (you can't damage him until 
    them). The Astray isn't particularly dangerous, but it can take quite a bit of 
    damage. Use Aisha's boosts as necessary to finish him off.
    [Battlefield of Thunder (Yzak Joule)]
    How to unlock: Available from start.
    Unit: Duel Assault Shroud
    Partner: ZAFT operator
    Allies: DINN
    Yzak goes on a rampage in this mission. The area is full of Earth Alliance 
    artillery pieces (missile launchers, cannons, tanks, etc.). Use multi-lock 
    attacks to take them all down. As you clear the area Strike Daggers will 
    appear. As Yzak points out they're poor imitations of the Strike Gundam, so 
    feel free to take them all out. When you've obliterated a fair amount Jean 
    Carrey will appear in his custom Long Dagger. It's pretty much the same in 
    performance as Yzak's Duel Assault so you're on even terms. Just watch out for 
    the sneaky Strike Daggers that attack from behind during the battle.
    [Fateful Choice (Dearka Elsman)]
    How to unlock: Available from start.
    Unit: Buster Gundam
    Partner: Miriallia Haw
    Allies: Justice Gundam
    It's a ZAFT reunion as Dearka and Athrun fight off waves of Strike Daggers to 
    protect the Archangel. The Buster has a powerful shot attack, but it's slow to 
    fire and often misses from a distance. Get in close and blow the Daggers away. 
    When a large number have been destroyed the Raider Gundam will show up. 
    Fortunately the other two are no shows, which makes things a whole lot easier. 
    Use Miriallia's boosts to power up and inflict serious damage on the Raider. 
    When the Raider flees you've won the battle.
    [Battle of Artemis (Nicol Amalfi)]
    How to unlock: Available from start.
    Unit: Blitz Gundam
    Partner: Yzak Joule
    Allies: Duel Gundam, Buster Gundam
    Nicol's goal in this stage is to destroy the shield transmitters protecting the 
    Artemis base. They are arranged in a circular pattern around the main hangar. 
    Don't worry about stealth here even though this seems like a stealth mission. 
    Once you've destroyed most of the transmitters several Moebius fighters will 
    exit from the base and begin to attack you. Destroy them all and the Sword 
    Strike Gundam will appear. Fortunately for you, so will the Duel and Buster 
    Gundams. Remember that the Sword Strike's beam boomerang will stun you if it 
    hits, so be sure to dodge it when it comes out. If you want to be really sneaky 
    you could use the Mirage Colloid and attack the Strike while invisible, but it 
    isn't really necessary here.
    [Flight of the Magic Bullet (Miguel Aiman)]
    How to unlock: Clear Battlefield of Thunder, Fateful Choice, and Battle of 
    Unit: Miguel's GINN
    Partner: ZAFT operator
    Allies: GINN
    This is a very annoying mission, as you will have to deal with waves upon waves 
    of Moebius fighters like mosquitoes. While they can be easily taken out, the 
    damage they deal can quickly add up. There are also several Earth Alliance 
    ships in the area to deal with as well. To top it all off, Mu La Flaga in the 
    Moebius Zero appears later in the stage. Miguel's GINN is supposed to be 
    customized for higher performance, but to be honest I couldn't tell the 
    difference in this battle.
    [Lunar Encounter (Rau Le Cruset)]
    How to unlock: Clear Battle of Endymion.
    Unit: GINN High Maneuver
    Partner: ZAFT operator
    Allies: GINN
    This is pretty much the opposite of Mu's mission. Rau will be up against the 
    Moebius Zero squadron. Interestingly enough, the GINN's machine gun makes short 
    work of the Moebius Zeros. When Mu appears in his own Moebius Zero though it's 
    an entirely different story. You'll need to do some serious dodging to avoid 
    his gunbarrel attacks, and his Moebius Zero can take a whole lot more 
    punishment than the standard one, but eventually you'll whittle away his HP 
    with a lot of persistence and patience.
    [The Final Key (Orga Sabnak)]
    How to unlock: Clear Madness Unleashed.
    Unit: Calamity Gundam
    Partner: Clotho Buer
    Allies: Raider Gundam, Forbidden Gundam
    Now this mission is somewhat unfair. It's like Kira and Athrun suddenly decide 
    to celebrate "Let's Destroy Calamity Day". The Freedom and Justice will make a 
    beeline for you and ignore the Raider and Forbidden completely. The Calamity's 
    main attack is non-beam based, which is bad since both MS have PS armor. In 
    order to do any real damage you'll need to use your special attack or close 
    combat. You would probably want to do the latter, as running out of energy in 
    this battle means a quick and messy death. The only problem is that both of 
    them will double-team you. If you try to attack the Freedom, the Justice will 
    use its "Fatum" assault unit to nail you repeatedly. If you go after the 
    Justice, the Freedom will sneak in from behind and slice you to pieces. 
    Fortunately, destroying both MS is completely optional here, as all you need to 
    do is survive until Flay's lifepod appears. When you get the message, haul ass 
    to the designated area. When you reach it the mission will end successfully.
    [Wandering Souls (Clotho Buer)]
    How to unlock: Clear The Final Key.
    Unit: Raider Gundam
    Partner: OMNI operator
    Allies: Strike Dagger
    Orga and Shani have just been killed, leaving Clotho a nervous wreck. So let's 
    destroy everything shall we? Just to let you know, there is a time limit for 
    this battle, which is the time Clotho has left before his nervous system shuts 
    down. =) Use the Raider's machine guns to obliterate the GINNs in the area 
    until the Buster arrives on the scene. The machine guns aren't effective 
    against the PS armor, so use the Raider's Mjolnir hammer in close combat. 
    Fortunately, the hammer has quite a bit of reach, so you can actually use it 
    from a distance to nail the Buster. When the Duel Assault appears you'll 
    probably be on borrowed time, so quickly attack the Duel with the Mjolnir and 
    don't let up on it.
    [Madness Unleashed (Shani Andras)]
    How to unlock: Clear Kira and Athrun's story mode.
    Unit: Forbidden Gundam
    Partner: Orga Sabnak
    Allies: Raider Gundam, Calamity Gundam
    This mission is probably one of the hardest, as there is a strict time limit 
    and lots of targets to go after. The objective here is to destroy all the Orb 
    ships in the area in addition to the Freedom and Justice Gundams. The Freedom 
    appears initially and the Justice appears after you destroy a few ships. As in 
    Orga's mission it seems that the two of them seem hell bent on double-teaming 
    you here. To make things even more difficult M1 Astrays will also attack you, 
    often getting in your way while the Freedom and Justice beat on your 
    mercilessly. Did I also mention that there was a time limit? Good luck on this 
    one. You'll definitely need it.
    [The Prize (Lowe Guele)]
    How to unlock: Available from start.
    Unit: Red Frame Gerbera
    Partner: Kisato Yamabuki
    Allies: None
    The goal here is to prevent the ZAFT forces from entering the main camp. 
    Fortunately they don't actively make a beeline for it, so boost away from the 
    camp to serve as a decoy so that they follow you. Initially three DINNs appear, 
    followed by two more shortly afterwards. When the opposition is destroyed, 
    Shiho Hahnenfuss will appear in a CGUE DEEP Arms. She's great at dodging so 
    don't bother with long-range special attacks. Try to keep her at a distance 
    with the beam rifle for a long as possible. Although Lowe is good with the 
    Gerbera Straight, Shiho is no slouch in the close combat department either.
    [Battle of Ame-No-Mishashira (Gai Murakumo)]
    How to unlock: Available from start.
    Unit: Blue Frame 2nd L
    Partner: Elijah Kiel
    Allies: None
    Ordinarily the Blue Frame 2nd L is a powerful mobile suit, and indeed the 
    Astrays defending the Ame-No-Mishashira are no match for it. Unfortunately, 
    you'll also be up against a Sword Calamity and Raider Full Spec, both of which 
    have Phase Shift Armor. This is bad because the 2nd L only uses machine guns 
    and a gatling gun for it's primary weapons. This means that in order to do any 
    real damage you need to get close and use melee weapons. Suffice it to say 
    you're going to take a real beating even before Rondo shows up in the Gold 
    Frame AMATU (which also has PS armor). The Gold Frame is formidable in close 
    combat, so expect an uphill battle all the way.
    [The World in Our Hands (Rondo Ghina Sahaku)]
    How to unlock: Clear The Prize and Battle of Ame-No-Mishashira.
    Unit: Gold Frame AMATU
    Partner: Orb operator
    Allies: Strike Dagger
    Muahahaha! This is a fun little mission where you play the role of Mr. 
    Egomaniac himself Rondo Ghina Sahaku. The ZAFT forces don't have a prayer 
    against the power of the Gold Frame AMATU, so just enjoy the moment and 
    obliterate their pitiful forces with impunity. Lowe Guele appears shortly 
    afterwards to crash the party in his Red Frame, but you should have no problems 
    dealing with him.
    [By Faith (Shiho Hahnenfuss)]
    How to unlock: Clear Flight of the Magic Bullet.
    Unit: CGUE DEEP Arms
    Partner: Yzak Joule
    Allies: Duel Assault Shroud
    The Strike Daggers that initially appear are no match for your mobile suit. 
    Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the Raider, Calamity, and Forbidden 
    Gundams that appear shortly thereafter. While the CGUE DEEP Arms does have beam 
    weapons (as a special attack), there is no where near enough energy to take out 
    a single Gundam much less all three of them. This means that the only 
    alternative is to engage in melee combat with the anti-ship sword. Yzak doesn't 
    help much in the Duel Assault, but be sure to make proficient use of his boosts 
    since you need any edge you can get in this battle.
    [Light of Boaz (Morgan Chevallier)]
    How to unlock: Available from start.
    Unit: 105 Dagger (with Gunbarrel Pack)
    Partner: OMNI operator
    Allies: 105 Dagger
    The Gunbarrel Dagger is probably one of the most overpowered mobile suits in 
    the game. It's basically a combination of the Moebius Zero and a mobile suit, 
    except that the Gunbarrels fire beams instead of machine guns, and that they're 
    extremely accurate compared to beam rifles. Not to mention that you can simply 
    spam beams over and over again at a rate that would put the Providence to 
    shame. Needless to say the GINNs that appear here have absolutely no hope of 
    even touching you. Mikhail will appear in his GINN High Maneuver, but he's no 
    match for your superior firepower. Just keep your distance and spam him to 
    death with your Gunbarrels.
    [Victoria Dyed in Blood (Edward Harrison)]
    How to unlock: Available from start.
    Unit: Sword Calamity
    Partner: OMNI operator
    Allies: Strike Dagger
    The Sword Calamity is a close combat version of the Calamity Gundam. It has two 
    anti-ship beam sabers as well as two beam boomerangs. Needless to say you can 
    pretty much tear apart the ZAFT forces here by simply stunning them with the 
    boomerangs and slicing them to pieces with your two beam sabers. There isn't 
    even any boss in this mission, so have fun ripping the Coordinators a new one.
    [Panama Battle: The Aftermath (Jean Carrey)]
    How to unlock: Clear Wandering Souls.
    Unit: Jean's Long Dagger
    Partner: OMNI operator
    Allies: Strike Dagger
    This stage is similar to Yzak's mission, except now it's from Jean's point of 
    view. You won't have to deal with tons of artillery here, but there are quite a 
    bit of ZAFT MS attacking. The Long Dagger is roughly equal to the Duel Assault 
    in terms of capabilties. Speaking of which, when you've defeated a certain 
    number of ZAFT MS Yzak will make his appearance in the Dual Assault. He's quite 
    aggressive, so keep your distance and pelt him with beams until he's defeated.
    [Storms of Casablanca (Jane Houston)]
    How to unlock: Clear Athrun's story mode.
    Unit: Forbidden Blue
    Partner: OMNI operator
    Allies: Deep Forbidden
    The Forbidden Blue is the underwater version of the Forbidden Gundam. Like its 
    predecessor it has a homing beam, which can be used to great effect against the 
    GOOhNs and ZnOs that you'll be fighting against in this mission. The only 
    problem is that the Forbidden Blue uses up a lot of energy in combat, and there 
    are quite a bit of targets in the mission, including several Vosgulov 
    submarines. If you're not careful you could end up running out of power near 
    the end.
    [The Swirling Sakura Petals (Rena Imelia)]
    How to unlock: Clear Victoria Dyed in Blood.
    Unit: Buster Dagger
    Partner: OMNI operator
    Allies: Raider Full Spec
    The Buster Dagger is pretty much the same as the Buster Gundam: slow but 
    powerful. Unfortunately, the BuCUEs you'll be facing in the desert will be 
    difficult to hit with it due to their speed, so try to get as close as you can 
    to reduce the lead time between shots. Defeating all the BuCUEs will bring out 
    a trio of LaGOWEs that will team up on you with group attacks. You'll be hard 
    pressed to defend yourself against one of them, much less all three. Don't feel 
    bad if you have to use a ticket to beat this one, as this is definitely one of 
    the tougher missions to clear.
    [Smart Operation (Mikhail Coast)]
    How to unlock: Clear Light of Boaz.
    Unit: GINN High Maneuver
    Partner: ZAFT operator
    Allies: GINN
    You have to love this man's puns. The GINN High Maneuver isn't grossly 
    overpowered, but compared to the Earth Forces that you'll be up against in this 
    mission it might as well be a Gundam. The experimental assault rifle has a much 
    higher rate of fire than the standard GINN machine gun, and it's quite 
    noticeable when you see how fast your enemies go down. Destroying the EA Forces 
    here shouldn't be a problem. After you've pretty much obliterated the 
    opposition Gai will show up in his Astray Blue Frame. As you might expect he's 
    a lot tougher than the rank and file forces you previously engaged, so keep a 
    steady stream of fire on him until he withdraws from combat.
    [For Whom the Master Fights (Barry Ho)]
    How to unlock: Clear Smart Operation.
    Unit: M1A Astray
    Partner: Cagalli Yula Athha
    Allies: M1 Astray
    Ugh. This is definitely not one of my favorite missions. The M1A Astray has no 
    problems going up against the cannon fodder in this mission, but the two MS 
    bosses you'll encounter happen to be the strongest in the game. It's like a 
    standard GINN trying to take out the Freedom and the Justice. Shortly after the 
    battle starts the Providence will appear on the battlefield. Fortunately, you 
    don't have to destroy it completely (that's Kira's job), just damage it enough 
    so that it flies away. The problem is surviving long enough to do that. If the 
    Astray gets hit with the DRAGOONS it's pretty much over. If you survive the 
    encounter several more enemies will appear, and then a second boss comes along. 
    This time it's Morgan in the Gunbarrel Dagger. While he's not as strong as the 
    Providence, it's like saying the Justice isn't as strong as the Freedom. If you 
    manage to clear this mission without using a ticket you definitely have some 
    mad skills.
    | 5. Survival |
    [ACE 100]
    This survival mission involves defeating 100 enemies in a row. During the 
    mission the opposition will become increasingly harder as stronger mobile suits 
    appear to attack you. When you reach 97 kills the last three enemies will 
    appear...all at once.
    Space: Freedom, Justice, and Providence.
    Land: Red Frame Gerbera, Blue Frame 2nd L, Gold Frame AMATU.
    Sea: Deep Forbidden, Forbidden Blue, Strike Gundam (with bazooka).
    This is the exact same thing as Ace 100, except that both your defense as well 
    as that of the enemy has been drastically reduced. In other words, it only 
    takes a few hits to destroy you. Fortunately, the same goes for the enemy.
    This is the same (theoretically) as the previous survival modes, except you 
    have three minutes to defeat as many enemies as possible. This is by far the 
    easiest survival mode to...well...survive in since all you need to do to win is 
    If you manage to complete one of each of the survival mode types (Ace 100, 
    Sudden Death, and Time Trial), this fourth survival mode becomes available. And 
    boy, is it a doozy. As the name implies, this one involves Haros. From the 
    start a very large Okapi (Lacus's robotic dog) appears and releases three 
    Haros. These are all easy to defeat. What comes next is pure madness. Three 
    large Haros appear, and each alone would make a formidable boss. Unfortunately, 
    all three attack simultaneously. A dark blue Haro (with a Turn A Gundam 
    moustache) fires homing missiles non-stop. A green Haro fires a stream of beams 
    at you, similar to the Hyperion's beam submachine gun. And the pink Haro (Pink 
    chan) fires homing beams (like the Forbidden Gundam). Did I also mention that 
    Pink chan also has the same energy shield as the Hyperion Gundam, and that it 
    never goes down until you destroy the other two Haros? If you're playing the 
    space stage, you have to deal with the Okapi as well. The Okapi fires Gottfried 
    beams from its eyes and shoots Lohengrin blasts from its legs and tail. On land 
    the Okapi is relegated to walking around the area. I'm not sure what happens in 
    the sea stage, but I'm almost afraid to find out. And what do you get for 
    clearing this monumental task? Absolutely nothing, except maybe the warm fuzzy 
    feeling of blowing up some Haros.
    | 6. Item Shop |
    Here you can use your Seed Points (SP) to purchase units, characters, and 
    special gallery items. Note that every time you enter the shop a character is 
    randomly selected to appear as the shopkeeper from the following list: Kira, 
    Athrun, Lacus, Cagalli, Yzak, Mu, Rau, and Haro. There's one more character but 
    I'm not quite sure who it is (possibly Lowe Guele?).
    UNIT NAME             SP   HOW TO UNLOCK
    Aile S Pack            250 Available from start.
    Launcher S Pack        250 Available from start.
    Sword S Pack           250 Available from start.
    Strike Rouge           400 Clear Cagalli's mission.
    Freedom Gundam         700 Clear Kira's Phase 9.
    Justice Gundam         700 Clear Athrun's Phase 6.
    Moebius Zero           300 Clear Mu's mission.
    Skygrasper             300 Clear Kira's Phase 5.
    METEOR                1000 Clear Kira's and Athrun's story modes.
    Strike Dagger          250 Available from start.
    Calamity Gundam        600 Clear Orga's mission.
    Forbidden Gundam       600 Clear Shani's mission.
    Raider Gundam          600 Clear Clotho's mission.
    Hyperion Gundam        700 Clear 10 missions.
    IWSP                   300 Clear survival (any) with Strike Rouge.
    Jean's Long Dagger     300 Clear Jean's mission.
    Sword Calamity         600 Clear Edward's mission.
    105 Dagger             350 Clear Morgan's mission.
    Gunbarrel Pack         300 Mu Level 10.
    Duel Dagger            300 Clear 5 missions.
    Buster Dagger          300 Clear Rena's mission.
    Forbidden Blue         500 Clear Jane's mission.
    Deep Forbidden         350 Accumulate 5000 SP.
    Raider (Full Spec)     500 Orga's, Shani's, and Clotho's levels must total 20.
    Moebius                100 Murrue Level 10.
    Moebius (Nuclear)      500 Clear survival (any) with Moebius.
    Aegis Gundam           350 Clear Athrun's Phase 1.
    Blitz Gundam           350 Clear Nicol's mission.
    Buster Gundam          350 Clear Dearka's mission.
    Duel Gundam            350 Clear Yzak's mission.
    Assault Shroud         200 Clear survival (any) with Duel Gundam.
    Recoilless Rifle        50 Available from start.
    Heavy Ion Cannon       100 Available from start.
    Missile Launcher       150 Available from start.
    Miguel's GINN          350 Clear Miguel's mission.
    GINN Recon Type        250 Clear survival (any) with GINN (any).
    CGUE                   350 ???
    DINN                   300 ???
    BuCUE                  300 Available from start.
    Missile Pod            100 Clear survival (any) with BuCUE.
    LaGOWE                 400 Clear Andrew's mission.
    ZuOOT                  150 Aisha Level 10.
    GOOnH                  250 Available from start.
    ZnO                    400 Clear survival (any) with GOOnH.
    Commander's GuAIZ      450 ???
    GuAIZ                  400 Nicol Level 10.
    Providence Gundam      800 Clear Rau's mission.
    CGUE DEEP Arms         400 Clear Shiho's mission.
    GINN High Maneuver     350 Clear Mikhail's mission.
    Dreadnought Gundam     700 Clear all 22 missions.
    M1 Astray              250 Available from start.
    M1A Astray             400 Clear Barry's mission.
    Astray Red Frame       350 Lowe Level 10.
    Astray Blue Frame      350 Gai Level 10.
    Astray Gold Frame      350 Kisato Level 10.
    Red Frame Gerbera      500 Clear Lowe's mission.
    Blue Frame 2nd L       550 Clear Gai's mission.
    Gold Frame AMATU       600 Clear survival (any) with Rondo (any unit).
    Prototype GINN        1000 Unlock all units (except last one).
    Gai's GINN             500 Unlock all characters.
    ???                    ??? Unlock everything in item shop(?).
    ITEM                 SP  CHARACTER                  HOW TO UNLOCK
    Kira's Uniform 2     150 Kira (regular clothes)     Kira Level 10.
    Pendant              200 Murrue Ramius              Available from start.
    EAF Military Cap     220 Nartarle Badgiruel         Available from start.
    Makeup               200 Flay Allster               Available from start.
    EAF Uniform          150 Flay (uniform)             Flay Level 5.
    Top Secret Disk      150 Flay (ZAFT uniform)        Flay Level 10.
    Yellow Glasses       200 Sai Argyle                 Available from start.
    Intercom Earpiece    200 Miriallia Haw              Available from start.
    Notebook             200 Orga Sabnak                Clear Orga's mission.
    Great WSXXX          200 Clotho Buer                Clear Clotho's mission.
    Portable Player      200 Shani Andras               Clear Shani's mission.
    Pink Haro            200 Lacus Clyne                Available from start.
    Stage Dress          150 Lacus (stage dress)        Lacus Level 5.
    Coat                 150 Lacus (surcoat)            Lacus Level 10.
    Mask                 200 Rau Le Creuset             Available from start.
    Good Luck Charm      200 Yzak Joule                 Available from start.
    Bandage              150 Yzak (scar)                Yzak Level 5
    Fan                  200 Dearka Elsman              Available from start.
    Sheet Music          200 Nicol Amalfi               Available from start.
    ZAFT I.D. Tag        200 Miguel Aiman               Athrun Level 5.
    Coffee Cup           200 Andrew Waltfeld            Clear Andrew's mission.
    Walking Stick        150 Andrew (Eternal)           Andrew level 10.
    Bracelet             200 Aisha                      Andrew Level 5.
    ZAFT Military Cap    200 Martin Dacosta             Andrew Level 5.
    Amulet of Haumea     200 Cagalli Yula Athha         Available from start.
    Dress                150 Cagalli (dress)            Cagalli Level 5.
    Officer's Uniform    200 Cagalli (officer)          Cagalli Level 10.
    Eight                200 Lowe Guele                 Clear Lowe's mission.
    Sunglasses           200 Gai Murakumo               Clear Gai's mission.
    Work Tool            200 Kisato Yamabuki            Lowe Guele Level 5.
    Serpent Tail Emblem  200 Elijah Kiel                Gai Level 5
    Sahaku Family Crest  200 Rondo Ghina Sahaku         Clear Rondo's mission.
    Zaft Red Uniform     200 Shiho Hahnenfuss           Yzak Level 10.
    Emblem A             200 Morgan Chevalier           Clear Morgan's mission.
    Emblem B             200 Edward Harrelson           Clear Edward's mission.
    Emblem C             200 Jean Carrey                Clear Jean's mission.
    Emblem D             200 Jane Houston               Clear Jane's mission.
    Emblem E             200 Rena Imelia                Clear Rena's mission.
    Emblem F             200 Mikhail Coast              Clear Mikhail's mission.
    Emblem G             200 Barry Ho                   Clear Barry's mission.
    GALLERY               SP     UNLOCKS
    Beginner's Ticket     10     Used to drastically reduce stage difficulty.
    Seed Encyclopedia1   300     Entries in Seed encyclopedia.
    Seed Encyclopedia2   300     Entries in Seed encyclopedia.
    Seed Encyclopedia3   300     Entries in Seed encyclopedia.
    Seed Encyclopedia4   300     Entries in Seed encyclopedia.
    Seed Encyclopedia5   300     Entries in Seed encyclopedia.
    Seed Encyclopedia6   300     Entries in Seed encyclopedia.
    Unit Viewer          500     Unit viewer in gallery.
    Sound File          1500     Sound test in gallery.
    Bonus Disc 1         500     Special voice (Kira)  Kira Level 15.
    ???                  ???     ???
    ???                  ???     ???
    ???                  ???     ???
    ???                  ???     ???
    ???                  ???     ???
    Bonus Disc 7         500     Special voice (Lacus)  Lacus Level 15.
    Bonus Disc 8         500     Special voice (Cagalli)  Cagalli Level 15.
    ???                  ???     ???
    | 7. Level Up Strategy |
    Level 1     0 - 99
    Level 2     100 - 199
    Level 3     200 - 249
    Level 4     250 - 299
    Level 5     300 - 349
    Level 6     350 - 399
    Level 7     400 - 449
    Level 8     450 - 499
    Level 9     500 - 549
    Level 10    550 - 599
    Level 11    600 - 649
    Level 12    650 - 699
    Level 13    700 - 749
    Level 14    750 - 799
    Level 15    800+
    Partners automatically gain 100 experience points after a mission. However, 
    depending on the relationship between the pilot and partner it is possible to 
    gain 150, 200, or even 240 experience points after the battle. Even if the 
    paring is favorable, the amount of bonus exp is also dependent on the mission 
    itself. For example, if Athrun and Cagalli are partners on Athrun's Phase 07, 
    Cagalli will get 50 bonus experience. However, the same pair used in Athrun's 
    Phase 08 will get a 100 bonus instead. The multiplier is also dependent on the 
    closeness of the two characters selected. For example, if Lowe Guele is paired 
    with Gai Murakumo (a friend), Gai will get a 1.1 multiplier for a bonus of 20 
    experience. However, if Lowe is paired with Kisato Yamabuki (a very close 
    friend), Kisato will get a 1.2 multiplier instead, for a bonus of 40 
    experience. Therefore, the most experience one normally gets via a partner 
    relationship is 240 (100 base + 100 bonus x 1.2 = 240). Interestingly enough, 
    if you select the same character for both the pilot and partner, you will 
    usually get the 100 bonus experience for a close relationship. I guess you do 
    have a close relationship with yourself. =)
    Base experience = 100
    Special Bonus
    No relationship = 0
    Good relationship = 50
    Close relationship = 100
    Friends = x1.1
    Close friends = x1.2
    [Pilot x Partner]
    Kira x Lacus: This pair seems to always get a 100 bonus and 1.2 multiplier no 
    matter what mission you're playing. I guess they want to emphasize that these 
    two are the main pair in the Seed universe. That also explains why they're both 
    naked in every opening credit as well (Destiny too!). =)
    Kira x Cagalli: The two siblings don't always get along (Kira's third boost 
    has the famous bitch slap quote hehe), but they are close enough that you will 
    usually get a 50 exp bonus most of the time.
    Kira x Flay: If you play Kira's desert missions (Phase 5 and 6) with Flay, 
    you're guaranteed to get 240 experience. Perhaps it has something to do with 
    the fact they just had sex? =)
    Kira x Athrun: Like Athrun and Cagalli, it seems that sometimes Athrun gets a 
    50 bonus and at other times a 100 bonus. I guess it's like the on again off 
    again relationship they have in both Seed and Destiny.
    Kira x Murrue/Mu/Miriallia: These pairs seem to always the 100 bonus, which 
    isn't surprising since they're kind of Kira's older sister/older brother/sister 
    Athrun x Kira: If Kira is Athrun's partner he will always get the maximum 
    amount of experience possible. This is proof positive that Athrun loves Kira 
    more than his sibling. =)
    Athrun x Cagalli: You would think Athrun and Cagalli would have the same soul 
    shattering relationship that Kira and Lacus would. Unfortunately, this isn't 
    the case. Just as their relationship has ups and downs, so too does the bonus 
    go up and down.
    Athrun x Nicol: Nicol is closer to Athrun in terms of personality and ideals, 
    which explains this bonus.
    Mu x Murrue: Works well in Mu's mission. You could just use Kira x Murrue but 
    Kira is a bit young for her. =)
    Andrew x Aisha: If you play Andrew's default mission, you're guaranteed 240 
    experience for Aisha. I usually don't use Dacosta since he doesn't unlock 
    anything when he levels up. Aisha on the other hand unlocks a mobile suit (and 
    is much cuter to boot).
    Yzak x Dearka: These two are pretty inseparable, in this series and in Destiny.
    Dearka x Miriallia: Major bonus points for Miri in Dearka's story mode. =)
    Lowe x Kisato: Self explanatory. Kisato usually gets the full 240 experience 
    paired up with Lowe.
    Lowe x Gai: Gai doesn't get quite as much experience as Kisato, but 220 exp is 
    nothing to sneeze at.
    Gai x Lowe: See Lowe x Gai.
    Shiho x Yzak: Shiho has a secret crush on Yzak, which explains the bonus. =)
    For the remainder of the characters, it seems that pairings between character 
    with similar ideals and temperaments gives you the bonus. For example, Jean and 
    Kira get a bonus (they have similar ideals), as do Rondo and Rau (well, they're 
    both kind of maniacs).
    | 8. Frequently Asked Questions |
    Q: Why can't I use X mobile suit/armor in story/mission/survival mode?
    A: First of all, in order to use a different mobile suit/armor than the default 
    one, you must first clear the mission with the default suit (survival is an 
    exception). Also, each mobile suit/armor can only be used in certain 
    environments. Check the icons next to the unit to determine where it can be 
    used. For example, the Freedom and Justice Gundams can be used in any 
    environment, while the METEOR can only be used in space, the BuCUE can only be 
    used on land, and the GOOnh can only be used underwater.
    Q: How do I unlock Haro Madness in survival mode?
    A: You must complete one of each type of survival match. In other words you 
    must complete 100 Aces once, Sudden Death once, and Time Trial once. It doesn't 
    matter what type the battlefield is (i.e. space, land, sea).
    Q: What do you get if you clear Haro Madness?
    A: You don't get anything special for clearing it. It's just there for the 
    Q: Are Canard Pars and Prayer Reverie unlockable as pilots?
    A: No, although their mobile suits (Hyperion and Dreadnaught Gundam) are.
    Q: Can you play against the computer in versus mode?
    A: No. Versus mode is only 1P vs 2P.
    | 9. Acknowledgements |
    Thanks go to Bandai for releasing this game in the states. Now if we could only 
    get the other Gundam Seed games here as well...
    This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
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    Currently this FAQ/Walkthrough is only hosted at www.gamefaqs.com. Do not post 
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    Copyright 2005 Brian Nii

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