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"A rather boring and glitchy shooter"

Alien Hominid started as a flash game on the net. It got cult status and was then published into a full fledged game for all three consoles. I almost bought the game from all of the great comments I had read about it and the fact that it was so colorful and fun looking. I decided to rent it, since that option is free for me and well I'm glad I didn't buy this game because it has a number of problems.

An Alien crash lands and the FBI takes his spaceship. It's up to our little alien friend to destroy the FBI and get his stuff back. The story doesn't go past that and it's a decent effort. No clue how you end up in Russia for that middle set of stages but oh well.

Graphic wise the game is very colorful. Blood spills in gushes. The problem comes in the fact that while the bosses are all different, the same color schemes and sizes make them dull. Having to go through 5 stages of a setting also gets bland and tedious and it just seems like everything is repeating over and over. Waves of the same mindless enemies don't help either.

Sound wise the game is fine. Sound effects are decent but not exciting. Music is fun and I liked it for what it was. I don't remember any voice acting.

The control is fairly tight. You can move with either the D-pad or the analog stick. Both worked well for me. Shooting, jumping and throwing grenades is easy and well, there really isn't much else to do.

Alien Hominid plays just like any other game of its kind. Fans of Metal Slug will know what's coming. You basically run towards the right side of the screen and blow crap up. The enemies are fairly mindless until the later levels and I found myself dying due to stupid level elements instead of the actual enemies. The whole hoping on cars stage I found to be a pain.

The game starts off in a major city, and then goes to Russia, and then it ends in New Mexico which I thought was a fitting end. The game offers 15 whole levels and not all are shooting levels like I mentioned before. Some are 3d-ish space shooters. They are kind of boring and kind of lame all thrown into one. The game does have one nice thing going for it and that's the weapons. You get freeze funs, fireball shooters and a few other guns. Each pickup is worth about 100 shots or if you die you lose it.

Besides the fairly short main game, which I was tired of by stage 2-2. You get a handful of mini games. I only messed around with a few. The piñata one was terrible and there was one that was alright. The only one I really liked was the PDA game. It plays sort of like Mario or perhaps the old Donkey Kong games. You're a little stickman and you need to collect all of the fruit and kill all of the bad guys, by jumping on their head. It's simple but fun and some of the later levels throw some interesting puzzles at you.

My biggest problem with the game is the fact that the game feels uninspired by the midway point and just becomes tedious. Co-op is a great feature but makes the game even easier. I also have issues with the load times which are way too long for such a simple game and while most of the levels were long, it felt like those levels were just repeating the same backdrops over and over. A nice diversion but nothing I would add to my collect. Rent for a quick weekend play through but don't buy this.

Story - 4/10
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 7/10
Control - 9/10
Game Play - 6/0
Replay Value - 5/10

Final Score: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/02/06

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