Additional ArtistDarin Beaver
Additional ArtistCedric Busse
Additional ArtistPat Dolan
Additional ArtistCef Grima
Additional ArtistChad Mirshak
Additional ArtistErik Novak
Additional ArtistBob Rissetto
Additional ArtistDavid Seabaugh
Additional DesignerPatrick Drobotij
Additional DesignerJennifer Fassett
Additional ProgrammerHal Bouma
Additional ProgrammerMike Henry
ArtistRichard Bernal
ArtistAndrew Cheng
ArtistRichard Coons
ArtistMazin Dajani
ArtistBill Eng
ArtistSteve Gehrke
ArtistJoe Hamell
ArtistRoland Herran
ArtistBill Jacoby
ArtistAngel Ruiz
ArtistLisa Wells
Audio/VideoMichael Caisley
Audio/VideoRyan Cashman
Audio/VideoFred Love
Audio/VideoMichael Metz
Audio/VideoTim Schlie
Audio/VideoTim Stasica
DesignerWarren Capps
DesignerSean Lynn
DesignerDavid Pellas
DesignerSean Riley
Lead ArtistCary Penczek
Lead DesignerTom Dowd
Lead ProgrammerJerome Karaganis
ProducerBenjamin Hoyt
ProgrammerEnrique Conty
ProgrammerMark Gants
ProgrammerMark McNeill
ProgrammerKevin Meinert
ProgrammerBay Sonthipanya
Voice ActorErin Ashe
Voice ActorJosh Bear
Voice ActorCorey Bringas
Voice ActorJody Coglianese
Voice ActorBill Corkery
Voice ActorRyan Drummond
Voice ActorLiv Kellgren
Voice ActorRodriguez Love
Voice ActorDuncan McPherson
Voice ActorLani Minella
Voice ActorErin Moore
Voice ActorDave Rivas
Voice ActorDavid A Rodriguez


Data and credits for this game contributed by JDM, Y0u, LordAndrew, bcks, and oliist.

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