Review by dragonstear64

"Definately big game hunter."

This games title sums up the whole game. This is not a bad game there are just a few of faults in it that keep it from being better. I will go over the different parts that I feel should have been improved and also what was good about the game.

Story: 2/10
The story is very simple, your just retracing your grandfathers footsteps after a fall that he took broke his leg and is no longer able to hunt. After that there is really no story line to speak of. It's disappointing because there is nothing really going on for the rest of the game, except for a occasional character telling you something random or obvious.

Graphics: 8/10
Well one of the best parts of this game is definately the graphics. The animals in the wilderness are very detail and look like what they are suppose to be. There are six different parts of north America that you hunt through: forest, marsh, desert, grassland, mountains and the tundra. Each area expanse and well detailed and as you move along it is pleasing to the eye.

Music/Sound: 6/10
There is not much music in this game except for when your in the hunters lodge that's really the only song in the game. The sound effects are a whole other story. Your main noises are the animals. If it's a bear roaring at you or a bird chirping there is always some sort of animal like sound coming from this game. You even get to hear your character breathing if you walk to long which can get very annoying. The best part is hearing the other people talk because the voice acting is very silly. All in all not special but okay.

Gameplay: 7/10
The most important part of any game and do not expect too much from this game. It has a very simple concept go to each of the different regions and get a specific kind of game animal. In order to do that you always have to get the tags from the Warden. This gets repetitive but there is always different guns, items and animals to get so it stays fresh. The controls work out well once you get used to them. Walking around and finding the animals is fun because because of how nice the levels are built. So basically this game is just a normal hunting game.

Overall: 6/10
The main reason I gave this game a 6 out of 10 is because there is really no story line with it and just not much to it. It does not take long to beat the game and there is some replay value because of the harder difficulties and side quest. I recommend renting it unless your really into hunting than you should consider buying it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/19/12

Game Release: Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures (US, 11/10/04)

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