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    Custom Combo Guide by JCtheArchangel

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    Custom Combo Guide

    Table of Contents [1]Introduction [2]Weapon Skill List [3]Combo Philosophy/General Concept [4]One Handed Sword Combos [5]Two Handed Sword Combos [6]Spear Combos [7]Axe Combos [8]Closing/Thanks/Contributions/Version History

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    Welcome to the Radiata Stories unofficial custom combo guide. I'm not a lawyer so I'll try and cut the legal crap to a minimum. I'm writing this FAQ for the information of my fellow gamers, and with the hopes that other players like myself will get as much enjoyment out of Radiata Stories as I have. Feel free to use the information in this guide as you would like, just give me credit if you distribute any information. This is just a combo FAQ, I'm not going to write out a walkthrough or include specifics about too many things other than the main character, his choice in weapons possibly, and a few other nooks and crannies of random information whenever I feel like it. Okay, on to the good stuff. I'll start off by saying how utterly useless this FAQ is. In Radiata Stories, you can win nearly every battle just by sitting back and telling your AI controlled allies what to do, once you get a few allies on your side and the game gets rolling, all you really need to do is bark orders and you can not only beat the game, but beat the Dragon Lair Cave and Distortion Corridor secret bosses with ease. When it comes down to it, this game is not that challenging. The main reason I say this, is because the main character, Jack, doesn't really have much HP. His health is fairly low throughout the game, and unless you want to seriously invest in Life Berries, (30,000 a pop for 10 HP) and maybe throw in the Max HP Plus skill to boot, you generally won't want Jack in the front lines during the really challenging battles. Losing a computer-controlled character will set your progress back a bit, but losing Jack will put an end to your game... Kind of a pain right? So then, what's the point in closely studying how to control Jack to the fullest? Because before your allies can fight your battles for you, you have to be able to beat your allies! The best computer controlled allies, at least for the human side, (Gerald, Nocturne, Elwen, Nyx etc.) usually need to be dueled before they'll join you. Needless to say, it's important to be at least somewhat decent at using Jack during a one on one fight. Not only is it important to learn how to duel efficiently with Jack, it's also important for anyone who is looking at playing a solo game or doesn't have the greatest allies available and NEEDS to have Jack in the front lines. If you're using a bunch of characters from the Mage and Priest guilds, it's important to keep the beasties off their backs most of the time. Okay, enough jabbering, on to the good stuff.

    One Handed Sword

    Right Slash (((CP 1)))- A crossing downward slash from the right. A quick, useful attack. Very useful for starting your combos. Combos very nicely into Impact Thrust as the thrust starts from the lower left, go figure, that's right where the Right Slash lands! Right Slash is also a great lead for your crowd control combos, since both Cross Slice and Crescent Blade start from the bottom left, and both have a wide cutting arc, so you'll often use Right Slash as a link between wide slicing attacks.

    Left Slash (((CP 1)))- A crossing downward slash from the left. Fairly powerful. Very similar to the Right Slash, and yet it's completely different in practicality. While the Left Slash is very similar to the Right Slash, it combos much differently, and is generally used for more focused, narrow combos. It's very useful in conjunction with Upper Slash. You can knock an enemy off guard with Left Slash, and quickly come back up from the bottom right with Upper Slash, launching them into the air, and right before they fall, come back across with Left Slash. Don't be fooled by the description though, Left Slash isn't any more powerful than Right Slash, it does the same exact amount of damage most of the time. However, it might possibly have a higher critical chance, but that's unconfirmed.

    Sky Splitter (((CP 2)))- A jump, followed by a downward plunge. Inaccurate but deadly. This one is a bit tricky, not only is there a pretty high jump delay before the narrow attack, but there's a little hop backwards following the attack, making it nearly impossible to combo since there's such a delay before and after the attack. You want to avoid jumping and hopping around in serious battles as it creates a rather obvious moment of vulnerability. Leading with an Impact Thrust will break their guard, but you need to be careful about immediately following with a Sky Splitter, because if they don't block the Impact Thrust and have their guard broken, they won't stagger back, giving them plenty of time to lift their guard for the Sky Splitter. This attack is all about timing, you need to use it carefully in order to deliver the full damage. Use your best judgment, though I wouldn't recommend placing it more than once in any combo. Its full damage is greater than right or left slash, cross slice, or the Impact Thrust, but it's not by any means the best damage dealing skill for the One Handed Sword. Use discretion here.

    Cross Slice (((CP 2)))- A horizontal, left-to-right slashing attack.It doesn't sound too complicated right? Left to right, though it's actually bottom left to upper right, which isn't mentioned in the description. I use this skill quite a bit during crowd control situations, and while it might not do the greatest damage of the One Handed Skills, it's cheap, somewhat powerful, and quick! The hardest thing about crowd control is taking a beating, and a quick combo is best for cutting down on beating times, as well as quickly cutting down many opponents at once. Since it comes from the bottom left and moves to the upper right, it combos very well with Right Slash. A fairly simple, yet fairly effective means of quick crowd control is to simply alternate Right Slash to Cross Slice until you run out of CP or start taking a beating. Once you find yourself almost surrounded, step away from the brawl in order to heal or just reposition yourself. Be sure to enter this combo in the form of a counter attack in order to cut down on the beatings. You don't want to simply rush into a crowd and expect to cut them all to ribbons without taking a scratch unless you first parry and give yourself a moment to get the combo rolling. Once you parry and counter with one crowd control cut, the damage you'll do to each enemy will cause them to stagger a bit, allowing you the half a second you need to jump into the next crowd control cut, and that is what makes the simple Cross Slice to Right Slash alternation so effective.

    Cyclone Thrust (((CP 3)))- A thrust to the throat. Knocks the foe down. Here's another attack that's difficult to combo effectively. You most certainly want to avoid starting your combos off with this attack, there is a monster delay before the thrust, but the damage usually makes up for it. Another reason you want to avoid starting your combo off with this attack, the more obvious reason, is that it knocks the foe down. Not all enemies will be knocked down, usually the bosses and larger enemies will just stagger or sometimes they won't even flinch, which is two strikes against the Cyclone Thrust, as this makes it less dependable. Cyclone Thrust is normally something you'll want to use on the tail end of a combo, if the damage doesn't kill the enemy, then it will usually knock them down at the very least, allowing you the time to either move on, or reposition yourself and strike again once they get up. You'll usually want to use the Cyclone Thrust directly following a high damage skill, as the staggering motion you force on your opponent will allow you the time you need to prepare for the thrust. You can also use it right after the Impact Thrust, but only if it breaks the opponents guard. If the enemy simply decides to "grin and bear it", he or she will have ample time to recover and lift their guard in time to stop the Cyclone Thrust and avoid getting knocked down. The plus side of this attack is that it doesn't have much of a recoil, so if they do manage to guard it and counter, you'll be able to guard their counter and turn the tables yet again. One fun use of this skill is to have it be your only skill! If you're in a battle with several enemies at once, like the goblin trio, you can use this skill to keep one or two busy while your allies gang up on the third. Direct your allies to strike one while you continuously move back and forth between two, knocking them way back and keeping them out of the fight.

    Guillotine Slash (((CP 3)))- A jump, followed by a slash to the head. A very powerful attack. Oh how I love this attack. A jump, followed by a slash to the head, very similar to the Braver limit break from Final Fantasy VII. Aside from being fun to watch and reminisce over, it's also quite useful! It's a bit tricky to combo with, since no matter how you look at it, jumping into the air makes you vulnerable, as well as causing a delay in your combo. The plus side is that you are slightly less vulnerable with Guillotine Slash as you are with Sky Splitter, and your attack isn't quite so narrow. Another thing to look at when comparing the two is the most important thing of all, the damage! Guillotine Slash is among the upper crust of damage dealers for the One Handed Sword. The single most annoying thing about the skill though, is the shiftiness, while you're in the air, if you take one cut from pretty much anywhere, you'll be moved slightly, usually to the side, causing you to miss your mark. So while the delay is less noticeable than the Sky Splitter, and the range is a bit more impressive, it still suffers from being a bit narrow at times. Another great example of a skill meant for duels and bosses, but not for crowd control. The key with this skill is creating the opening, just a small, less than a second chance to allow Jack to be up in the air, completely uninterrupted, and then come down hard on a wide-open enemy. Once you can figure out a great combo for forcing a guard break on an opponent followed by a Guillotine Slash, you've got yourself a very effective combo!

    Impact Thrust (((CP 3)))- A plunge into the foe's gut. Breaks parry.Ah the good ol' parry break attack. Every weapon has one, and this one is pretty decent. It comes from the left side of Jack's body, and is pretty quick no matter how you combo it. The damage is less than that of any other attack, but once Jack is holding a decent weapon at a decent level you won't really notice the difference. Not a crowd control skill, you will most likely use this in duels, you will often be forced to open your menu and change combos in order to lead with this simply because some enemies will begin guarding and playing turtle once their health drops to a certain point, and that's when Impact Thrust comes in. Don't use Impact Thrust with anything but a high damage single opponent combo in mind. Impact Thrust creates a huge opening if it breaks the opponents guard, the largest opening you're likely to get without using volty points. If the opponent isn't guarding for the attack, it won't really cost you anything, since the attack is quick you can usually continue with your combo unless you've got a huge delay attack immediately following, such as Sky Splitter. A safe bet would be to combo Cross Slice, Right Slash, Left Slash, or Upper Slash directly after the thrust.

    Upper Slash (((CP 4)))- An upward slash that sends the foe flying through the air. This one is great for duels, you'll almost always use it as your second to last attack, followed by left slash, impact thrust, or cross slice. It's important to remember that it comes from the bottom right, so set it up accordingly when you combo it. One thing to be aware of, is that often times in duels it won't knock the opponent into the air, I've noticed this when I train at the training dummies, during the crowd control fights it will always send the enemy flying, but during the "defeat XXXXXX" levels, they'll usually just take the damage like any other attack or guard. Be aware of this, and also take note of that fact when facing larger enemies that aren't likely to go for a plane ride every time you cut upwards. Another great use for it is during the duels that you are absolutely in over your head. If you're looking to keep an enemy too busy to hit you back, simply combo upper slash and either left slash or cross slice, and you'll be able to keep them either in the air or on the ground in most situations. Don't think for a second that this could be an ace in the hole against someone like Elwen though.

    Dance Tornado (((CP 4)))- A spinning jump attack driving into the foe. For all the jumping dandies and faerie wanna-be's out there, eat your heart out. If you absolutely love Kung Fu movies and want to emulate your favorite Chop Saki flicks, this move is for you. There is an irritating delay before the attack, and Jack always seems to move his sword back to the middle before he proceeds with the jump, which allows plenty of time for the enemy to bring their guard up before it hits in most situations. Because of this, you're forced to either lead with a guard break from the Impact Thrust, or use Dance Tornado as the first attack in your combo. Its damage isn't all that impressive, which kind of eliminates the purpose of twirling in the air like a ballerina I say, but if you must... The reason I say to lead with Dance Tornado is because the recoil is very small, and while there's a large delay before the cut, if you position yourself behind the opponent you should be able to find time enough to begin your little twirl cut. You generally want to follow Dance Tornado with a quick attack, I recommend Cross Slice, as it does more damage than Dance Tornado and begins right where Dance Tornado ends. Here's yet another skill to use at your own discretion. Dance on princess... dance on.

    Crescent Blade (((CP 4)))- A crossing slice attack. Slow but powerful. This one is great for crowd control, but like the description says, it is a bit on the slow side. A great way to compensate for the delays both before and after the attack is to surround the attack with speed. There are only two attacks that are displayed as upper right to bottom left, Right Slash, and Foo Foo Dance *Cough AHEM Cough Hack* Dance Tornado. You can lead Crescent blade very effectively with either one and you'll be able to buy yourself enough time to prepare the Crescent Blade, but do not follow Crescent Blade with Dance Tornado, the opening gives your opponent enough time to cut you six times then sit down and write a poem about it. While that might be a lame example, it's certainly worth noting. Just because the end and start points are displayed as a perfect match doesn't mean the attack will combo smoothly. Great damage, and the recoil is manageable, experiment with it a bit to see how it best fits. Another thing to take note of is to be very careful about leading your combo with this, as it is too slow to parry and counter with, the enemy has plenty of time to hop back and avoid it, so always be sure to lead with something quick just to keep them in place and staggering a bit before you smash their ribcage with the Crescent Blade. Surprisingly, Sky Splitter seems to lead this pretty well, and cuts down on the Crescent Blades delay, but sort of defeats the purpose since Sky Splitter is a single enemy skill while Crescent Blade is crowd control. Do some experiments with it to find its use.

    Beast Thrust (((Volty Blow)))- One-Handed sword volty blow. A thrust knocks down the foe and breaks parry.It's not my favorite volty blow, but it has its uses. If you use it on a guarding opponent, you'll end up behind them, they'll be guard broken, and heavily staggering. Like any volty blow, it's impossible to combo, but it is an important part of the One Handed arsenal and should be mentioned. For those that don't already know, Volty Blows don't cost any CP, but they do cost 10 volty points, (I really hate that word, "volty", so cheesy.) So using volty blows excessively can cut down on your ability to effectively lead your party in the longer drawn out battles. It does more damage than your other attacks, but be advised, the Beast Thrust can only hit one opponent, no matter how you angle it, so it is not at all useful in crowd control situations. Also be aware that because of the huge delay after the attack, you won't be able to combo after it, even if you guard break it'll be next to impossible to combo anything after it since you will likely land in a less than perfect spot, a major flaw with the Beast Thrust. If you've got a few extra volty points lying around and want to take the smirk off your enemies face, Beast Thrust will be your buddy.

    Two Handed Sword

    ''Crescent Slice (((CP 1)))- A curved downward slash from the right.Your bread and butter cut, it's a pretty decent way to start a combo, and it can cut into a few enemies at once, which is a plus. Unfortunately it doesn't combo quite as quickly as the right or left slash from the one handed sword or any of the attacks from the spear, but you can usually transition out of the Crescent Slice into either a Lunge, Reverse Blade, Cyclone Plow, or a Balance Thrust.

    Lunge (((CP 1)))- A straight thrust. Short reach, but fairly powerful. The lunge is a great way to start a duel combo since it's fairly quick and straight forward, but it can be a bit challenging to combo afterwards as your choices are a bit limited. Because you are extending your blade straight forward, and most of the Two Handed Sword attacks require moving the weapon to the side or overhead before the strike, you need to carefully choose the next move after a lunge. I recommend using Cyclone Plow, since the attack begins with a turn of Jacks body, making it very easy to combo from pretty much anywhere. You can also try Spinning Slash, Balance Thrust, and maybe upper slash.

    Downward Thrust (((CP 2)))- A downward thrust. It does little damage but hits numerous times.Not bad, it has its uses. It's easy to do a thrust attack or an attack from down low afterwards. It'll come in handy, but getting there is the trick. If you try to use it AFTER a thrust or from down low, there will be a giant pause before the attack, which isn't a big deal against the weaker enemies, but when you can't afford to screw up during a more important duel or battle, you want to ensure that your combo moves smoothly, ESPECIALLY with a two handed sword.

    Reverse Blade (((CP 2)))- An upward slice from the left. Link with other attacks.Reverse Blade is a somewhat graceful transition attack with decent range. Too bad it's not quite quick enough to follow Upward Slash, but it'll be a part of most combos simply because speed is so hard to come by with a larger weapon.

    Right Plow (((CP 3)))- Sweeping attack from right to left. Good reach. Here's another horizontal cut for the Two Handed Sword, it starts and ends wide, from the right to the left. Great for crowd control, it's nothing too complicated, just set it up correctly so you don't have to drag the heavy blade to the other side of Jack's body in order to continue your combo, all the while getting smacked around by two or three foes at once.

    Upward Slash (((CP 3)))- An upward slash to knock down the foe and stop counterattacks. Yay! Knockdown attack. Like most of the knockdown attacks it starts from the lower right. Because of the large delays when using this weapon, you won't have an easy time following up with another attack while they're airborne, but the Lunge or Crescent Blade can pull it off, as can the Balance Thrust, at least for the first hit.

    Cyclone Plow (((CP 3)))- A blow from the left. Jack is vulnerable during this very powerful attack.I use this one a lot, not at the beginning of a combo, but in the middle of it, since you can actually combo this quite well. Just remember it finishes wide on the right, and proceed accordingly.

    Balance Thrust (((CP 4)))- A thrust and then upward slice. Breaks parry. Another pretty useful attack. It's kind of difficult to plan this strategically since there's a delay between attacks no matter how you slice & dice, so a fake isn't easy, but it is possible. If anyone has any great combos for any situation at all, be sure to let me know. Balance Thrust is a very useful attack, even if you're not using it to break parry, since it tosses the enemy into the air, leaving you enough time to get in one more quick attack. An ideal combo for a duel with the Two Handed Sword would be three smooth hits, followed by a slight delay going into the Balance Thrust, followed by a Lunge, or something else that can follow the Balance Thrust.

    Spinning Slash (((CP 4)))- Spinning sword attack. Strikes all surrounding foes.Good ol' spin attack, lacking in creativity, but plenty effective. You can experiment with Right Plow, Shadow Buster, and Cyclone Plow since they all start fairly wide, you can combo them together for some fun crowd control.

    Shadow Buster (((CP 4)))- A low slash as if attacking the foe's shadow. Knocks down the foe.Starts from the left and knocks down all in range, a great way to finish a crowd control combo since you won't be leaving yourself open after the combo is finished. It's pretty useful, but it's kind of unfortunate that it costs 4 CP since Two Handed swords don't typically have a whole lot of CP.

    Extension Aura (((Volty Blow)))- Two-handed volty blow. Aura unleashed from the sword deals numerous hits. I LOVE this attack!!! I use it all the time, I dream about it, I named my dog after it, I'm going to name my son after it, this attack is so awesome. Two or three of these can easily do the same amount of damage as a Volty Blast, and at so much less cost. It's great not only because of the damage it does, but for a few other reasons. The Spears Shotgun attack is similar, however the Extension Aura has a leg up on it since once it is shot off, nothing can stop it. The Shotgun attack requires Jack to continuously thrust away, but Extension Aura only requires that first swing to fall, and then the damage just adds up. Another great thing about it is the area of effect, it spreads outward slightly, and has a pretty easy time hitting multiple enemies if you aim it right. So smack him around as much as you like after the sword falls, toss him across the field for all I care, that attack is going to do exactly what it's supposed to do, and then some. Because of the initial delay, and the fact that Jack has to draw back his blade first, you can't really combo this one in any way, but you can time it, try to drag in as many enemies at once before you unleash, or during a duel time it as they're getting up, or as they're passing by doing their combo, giving you the perfect opening to strike. Assuming you maneuver around a bit to set this attack up, or have some allies around to distract the opponent, this attack is every Jack's wet dream.


    Quick Thrust (((CP 1)))- A quick forward thrust. A standard attack.

    Shaft Strike (((CP 1)))- A quick thrust with the spear shaft. Link with other attacks.

    Middle Slash (((CP 2)))- A downward cross slash from the left. Minimal exposure to attack.

    Horizontal Slice (((CP 2)))- A forward sweep with a long spear. Long reach attack.

    Charge Thrust (((CP 3)))- A powerful thrust unleashing accumulated power.

    Combo Attack (((CP 3)))- A thrust into the foe, followed by a throw.

    Spin Strike (((CP 3)))- A spin of the spear into a downward strike. Breaks parry.

    Twist Strike (((CP 4)))- A half turn into a forward sweep. Has a long reach.

    Knockdown (((CP 4)))- A sweep of the feet, knocking down the foe. Minimal exposure to attack.

    Wild Spin (((CP 4)))- A large sweep with a spear that strikes all surrounding foes.

    Shotgun (((Volty Blow)))- Spear volty blow. Numerous thrusts are dealt instantaneously.


    Skull Bash (((CP 1)))- A downward swing of an axe to the foe's skull.Half

    Slash (((CP 1)))- A horizontal half swing. Minimal exposure to attack.

    Triple Slice (((CP 2)))- A powerful attack leaving three gashes with one blow.

    Charge Blow (((CP 2)))- A downward swing unleashing accumulated power.

    Upward Slash (((CP 3)))- An attack of little power but it knocks down the foe.

    Earthshake (((CP 3)))- A leap followed by a bash to the ground causing a sonic wave.

    Top Break (((CP 3)))- A thrust with the tip of an axe. Breaks parry.

    Low Strike (((CP 4)))- A sweep of the foe's feet, knocking them down.

    Aerial Strike (((CP 4)))- A strike using the momentum of a jump.

    Hammer Throw (((CP 4)))- An axe is swung around to attack all surrounding foes.

    Aerial Spin (((Volty Blow)))- Axe volty blow. An aerial spin with a slice is followed by a sonic wave.

    [3]Combo Philosophy/General Concept

    So what does it all come down to? In a word... Speed. With the way the main character is built, you can't play it any other way. How you customize Jack will ultimately determine how he is played, but no matter how you build him up, he will always have a shortage of HP once you get into the serious battles. So with that in mind, we can rule out using him as a tank, even if you pump up his defense, buy him the best armor, or get Valiant Armor, give him every defense berry, and every life berry, use Tri-Emblem, Max HP Plus, 100t Body, Robot Suit, and whatever other measure you can think of, Jack simply can't take too much damage before he goes down for the count. There's ways to keep him going for longer, but without a decent measure of control and skill, and without adapting and learning how to best move him around the field quickly without getting torn to pieces, he'll get cut down every time. So with Jacks survival in mind, it's very important that no matter what you are fighting, big or small, many or few, you need to be able to deliver the damage and get the hell out. Anyone who has ever had a drawn out duel with Elwen knows what I'm talking about. She is the perfect model for anyone looking to use Jack with skill. Once she delivers that first blow, it's very difficult to escape the proceeding onslaught. Careful movement is required in order to keep her cutting in the wrong directions. You need to display that kind of force with Jack. No matter what weapon you are using, you need your combo to be without pause or break. Of course there are times when this does not apply, if the enemy simply will not flinch no matter how hard you hit them, or whether you are using guard breaks or volty blows, then try to keep your fluid combo, but just go for high damage moves. But assuming your opponent has at least some reaction to your attacks, you need to carefully consider each piece of your combo carefully. Some combos will work wonders in some battles and be completely worthless in others, which is why there is no "perfect" combo. Consider this carefully, and let your weapon of choice as well as the combo of choice work around not only your preference, but also the enemy's weakness. So to sum up, why is speed most important when piecing combos together? Because Jack's level and the weapon he's using will determine the damage he does, so it's your job to effectively apply that power so that you can deliver every ounce of damage possible with as little delay and few openings as possible. The only appropriate time to piece moves together which don't combo well is if you're creating a fake for the opponent to get their guard up right before a guard crush, and I LOVE those combos even if they aren't very practical in many situations.

    [4]One Handed Sword Combos

    Be advised that you can in most cases follow up your combos with a Beast Thrust. If your combo involves knocking down your opponent, then you probably won't be able to squeeze a Volty Blow in, but if not, give it a try and see if it helps. One great tactic to try is to finish your combo with an Impact Thrust to break the opponents guard, then immediately press square to launch of Beast Thrust. If their guard was broken Jack will pass behind them and do some damage, if they block the Beast Thrust, their guard will be broken now and they will take decent damage. It's just something to keep in mind.

    Rolling Leaves (((CP 11))) -Crossing Slice -Right Slash -Left Slash -Upper Slash -Cross Slice This is my "around the house" combo. Pretty useful in duels as it keeps the enemy busy and doesn't have much delay between attacks. Also can knock down several opponents at once in the right situations.

    Humming Bird (((CP 9))) -Right Slash -Cross Slice -Right Slash -Crescent Blade -Right Slash Good ol' crowd control. It starts off quick in order to allow several enemies to approach and join the stagger-fest. Once the third Right Slash is complete, the Crescent Blade rips through all present, and then comes back for one final right slash. It's EXTREMELY important to start this combo from a parry and counter.

    Bear Stopper (((CP 12))) -Impact Thrust -Guillotine Slash -Upper Slash -Cross Slice This one depends on the guard break, so in most situations it won't require a parry on your part, just wait till they're playing turtle then begin the Bear Stopper. This one is pure power with relatively low delay, and it follows with a knockdown. Overall it'll come in handy during duels where you need to really deliver a punch in a short amount of time, just be sure that guard break goes off or you'll get smacked right out of the sky or have the Guillotine Slash blocked most likely.

    Wrath of the Wind (((CP 8))) -Dancing Tornado -Crescent Blade For all those dandies out there who want to get the job done. It's pretty quick once Jack quits twirling, for some reason these two just combo pretty nicely, making a very quick and effective pair of hits that work great when you manage to flank an opponent. Aside from it's quick hits during a duel, this could also be used for doing large damage to a group, but I wouldn't recommend using this after parrying since you can quite easily get smacked out of the air by one opponent or especially a group, try to start this combo while the opponent or opponents are distracted.

    Iron Hornet (((CP 6/7))) -Left Slash (Optional) -Upper Slash -Cross Slice Excellent for getting in and out quick. If there's just too many creeps running around for your party to handle and you want to keep a couple busy, use this to knock a couple down while your allies work on the main course. It's also useful if you're in the early portion of the game and your weapon doesn't have a lot of CP.

    Rhythm Shatter (((CP 8/9))) -Right Slash (Optional) -Cross Slice -Impact Thrust -Guillotine Slash This one is beautiful when it works. You'll notice that Cross Slice comes right before the Impact Thrust, what isn't apparent to the naked eye is that these two are not a perfect match for a smooth transition, Cross Slice has a slight recoil, and ends on the upper right, where as Impact Thrust begins on Jack's left, but that's the whole idea. You create a slight opening, a fake, allowing the opponent to lift their guard, and once they do, you hit with a sudden guard break, followed by a huge damage attack, aka Guillotine Slash. Doesn't work on everybody, but it's worth trying out once or twice during a duel.

    Her Daddy's Shotgun (((CP 11))) -Right Slash -Crescent Blade -Impact Thrust -Cyclone Thrust Following up on fakes, much like the Rhythm Shatter, The Right Slash in Her Daddy's Shotgun is not optional as it is needed to get the combo started smoothly, and then quickly change into the Crescent Blade. The Crescent Blade has a much more obvious recoil, so the fake is a bit more exaggerated this time, and directly following the guard break is a Cyclone Thrust. The purpose of this combo is not only to do heavy damage by exploiting a created opening, it's also to knock the foe down, giving you time to heal and/or reposition yourself as you like.

    [5]Two Handed Sword Combos

    With the two handed sword, you'll have a more challenging time keeping your combos smooth and rapid, but on the other hand, you'll do more damage in most cases. The Two Handed Sword is an excellent choice if Jack has a few teammates to distract the opponent, making it easier for Jack to run around back and unleash the fury.

    Explosive Fissure (((CP 10))) -Downward Thrust -Lunge -Cyclone Plow -Upward Slash -Lunge Since the Two Handed Sword is such a large weapon, preparing for an attack from the side would be quite difficult after a thrust, but this combo uses Jacks body to prepare for the horizontal attack following the lunge, and completes the combo by launching the opponent into the air.

    Hurricane Katrina with PMS (((CP 9))) -Reverse Blade -Cyclone Plow -Spinning Slash Like that name? Hehehe, I made that up. It's fairly quick with an extremely wide area of attack. Not to be used for duels or boss fights, just for the pesky creeps you want to take out in big numbers.

    Earth Wind & Fire (((CP 10))) -Crescent Slice -Reverse Blade -Downward Thrust -Balance Thrust -Lunge If you prefer the direct approach, this combo is for you. This combo will do decent damage with minimal exposure, and knockdown the foe to boot.

    Inertia's Bane (((CP 9))) -Crescent Slice -Reverse Blade -Cyclone Plow -Right Plow Here's yet another crowd control combo. I like this one since it not only does pretty good damage, but it also keeps the blade in motion almost without pause, but even with that said, the fact that it is a combo utilizing the Two Handed Sword means that it can only move so fast. There's no knockdown with this combo, so in certain situations it may be possible to follow up with an extension aura.

    Silent Scream (((CP 12))) -Crescent Slice -Reverse Blade -Cyclone Plow -Downward Thrust -Balance Thrust Friggin beautiful. A couple diagonal cuts, followed by a spinning horizontal, and once the crowd control damage is done, it focuses in on one opponent, doing big damage with a Downward Thrust immediately followed by a Balance Thrust, knocking them into the air. Once the combo is over, you have a couple options. Either reposition yourself, heal, give commands, move on to another opponent, or follow up with an extension aura. If you want to really make an impression and follow with the volty blow, be sure to time it just right, you have to wait a split second so that the first wave of the Extension Aura hits them as they're finished getting up.

    Not-So-Silent Scream (((CP 8))) -Crescent Slice -Lunge -Cyclone Plow -Downward Thrust -Lunge Sort of a cheap knock off combo, for those who can't seem to find a two handed sword with 12 CP, this one will transition fairly quickly while still delivering a decent amount of damage.

    Zorro (((CP 9))) -Reverse Blade -Right Plow -Shadow Buster One can't help but enjoy using this every now and then. It's a fairly quick combo that cuts in a "Z" like motion. The final cut knocks down all the foes in the range of motion.

    [6]Spear Combos

    Unfortunately I don't use the spear nearly enough, but I'm fixing to change that. The spear is nothing to be toyed with, it is a fierce and wild weapon in Radiata Stories that can easily cut into crowds without missing a beat. The Shotgun is a pretty nice volty blast, and it combos pretty nicely, a lot nicer than the Beast Thrust for sure. It's quite a simple matter to tack on a Shotgun strike right after your combo as long as the enemy hasn't been sent flying too far away. It's very difficult to create combos for the spear since you can pretty much combo anything together and it will transition quickly. If anyone has any great combos they use with the spear, please email them to me so I can list them here.

    Crashing Waves (((CP 12))) -Shaft Strike -Middle Slash -Horizontal Slice -Twist Strike -Spin Strike What makes this combo useful is the fact that it can hold several enemies in place in nearly a 180 degree angle, and at the same time sets you up with a slight delay at the end, leading into a spin strike, which breaks the guard, setting you up for either another combo, or a Shotgun volty blow. Not bad, minor adjustments depending on who or what you're fighting.

    Crimson Gust (((CP 12))) -Quick Thrust -Shaft Strike -Twist Strike -Spin Strike -Combo Attack I very much like this combo, and once you try it you'll understand why. There is almost no delay between the attacks, and while the beginning of the attack is very direct, the Twist Strike in between can fend off any approaching foes that have come within range during the combo, and immediately following, the Spin Strike breaks the opponents guard, giving you the perfect opportunity to launch them into the air and off your back. All the damage that this combo does is nothing to shake a stick at, but the fluidity of the strikes and the seemless transition is what makes it shine.

    I Want the Rainbow Back! (((CP 10))) -Shaft Strike -Middle Slash -Quick Thrust -Spin Strike -Charge Thrust Like that name? It's in honor of Ralphy May, who isn't dead yet I don't think, but a man that big can only live so long. Whether it's now or later, we're gonna miss you man. Anyways, this combo gets up close and personal for the first few hits, and then sets up for a very forceful Charge Thrust. One of the few combos you'll see for the spear that ISN'T meant for crowd control.

    Cherry Popper (((CP 11))) -Shaft Strike -Middle Slash -Horizontal Slice -Spin Strike -Charge Thrust This combo is ideally suited for duels. It's one of the few combos you'll see specifically meant for dueling. The Shaft Strike and Middle Slash open up the combo and deal in a few free bits of damage, but the Horizontal Slice goes out a bit too wide, causing a slight bit of noticeable delay before the spin strike can begin, which is what makes the Cherry Popper a great fake, because after that spin strike recovers and hits, the opponents guard will be broken and give you the perfect opportunity to Rip into them like Tiny Tim goin' at a Christmas Steak, (I don't like ham, so I'll tell the story my way).

    Cherry Annihilation (((CP 11))) -Wild Spin -Spin Strike -Twist Strike It uses the same concept as Cherry Popper, only in a crowd control sense. Open with a wild spin to force them all into a stagger, then after the short recoil, use the spin strike to break the inevitable guard, and go straight into a twist strike to finish them off. You can throw other attacks before or after the combo, but the basic principle is in these three.

    Cheetah (((CP 7))) Submitted by darkdude_97@hotmail   -Quick thrust -Middle slash -Shaft strike -Middle slash -Quick thrust (Not tested by FAQ writer) My favorite attack for spears it goes fast but not that strong though very good for controlling bosses and good for crowd control.

    [7]Axe Combos

    It's next to impossible to effectively combo with the axe. It's a huge cumbersome weapon that is generally used for dealing massive amounts of damage at a snails pace. To add to the already tall order of creating combos for this weapon, more than half of the attacks in the Axe's arsenal are combo finishers! I can explain it to you a thousand times, but I can't understand it for you. Give it a try, and if anyone comes up with some decent combos for the Axe, I am dying to hear them. If you're looking to do heavy damage to a crowd, Hammer Throw can get the job done, as can the Volty Blow. Also if you're just looking to exploit wide openings left by gigantic bosses, then the axe should be able to get the job done, but it doesn't seem to matter much how you place the attacks, you're going to have a large cooldown before and after every attack you throw. I'll try and toss a few ideas down, but I will need some outside advice on this one.

    Triple Threat (((CP 8))) -Hammer Throw -Low Strike A crowd control combo, but without much range. It finishes by knocking down all those in front of you. Bear in mind that the Hammer Throw usually hits twice, making it a fairly useful ability, and probably the easiest to combo with.

    Apocolypse (((CP 9))) -Earthshake -Hammer Throw -Charge Blow -Aerial Spin (Volty Blow)

    Diving Falcon (((CP 7))) Submitted by J. L. E.- -Aerial Strike -Earthshake

    (Untested by FAQ writer) The opponent is typically launched into the air, then you fairly quickly follow after it with Earthshake, which actually DOES tend to smack the foe both times like it's meant to.  It's definitely an attack meant for duels, but it's pretty strong.  However, the best thing about this combo by far is that you can use it for the Ancient Axe, which is THE MOST POWERFUL weapon in the entire game.  Holy Sword Gram is better because it is second most powerful and is very quick, but this is a nice little striker for the axe-wielders.

    Jordan Tanner (((CP 8))) Named after the contributor who forgot to name it =/ 1. Half slash 2. Skull bash 3. Top break 4. Upward slash

    (Untested by FAQ writer) It goes together fairly smooth and you should be able to add on Aerial spin at the end of it.

    Animal attack (((CP 8))) Submitted by darkdude_97@hotmail -Skull bash -Half bash -Skull bash  -Half bash -Hammer throw (optional)   (Untested by FAQ writer) The creator says its good against bosses and crowds, unverified though.

    Wild Gaguar Submitted by darkdude_97@hotmail who either cant spell or knows words I dont   -Hammer Throw -Earthshake   (Untested by FAQ writer) Creator says its good against bosses but not great against crowds.

    [8]Closing/Thanks/Contributions/Version History

    If you do somehow manage to piece together a somewhat graceful combo with the axe, and it doesn't finish with a knockdown move, be sure to go ahead and follow up with an Aerial Spin in order to maximize the damage done.

    Version 1.1- Just released it, still needs many combos as well as descriptions and general opinions of all the spear and axe moves. Still, the bread and butter of the guide, the combos, are in place, and that's what counts. I'll see

    Version 1.2- Haven't updated this thing in years... Wow, December 2006 was when I posted it. Surprisingly it's Feb 2011 and I just got another email the other day with another custom combo! Haven't played in years but wanted to go ahead and post the updates as promised. I do still remember this game, had a lot of fun with it, can't say many PS3 games have come close. I still remember dueling Elwin several times and meeting Nyx for the first time... Brings a tear to the eye! Anyways, removed email from the FAQ, won't update again probably unless I read over it and notice formatting issues or something like that. Let's all cross our fingers and hope they start putting PS2 RPG's on the PS3 network for download so we can all play this again! Enjoy.