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    Card List by blink625

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/20/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special
    From: Denny Lam <blink625@hotmail.com>
    Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 8:11:00 (EST)
    Version: 1.00
    1. Introduction
    2. How to use this guide
    3. Description or terms
    4. Card Listing
    5. Credits
    6. Copyright
    1. Introduction
    DQ & FF Monopoly (Itadaki Street Special) is really fun and addictive.
    To make this game more enjoyable I've written the following card listing.
    Thanks goes to Square Enix for making such a creative game.
    As you can see, this FAQ is not 100% complete.
    It takes time and a lot of luck to get a specific card.
    I have 98 out of 100 cards, but some of the descriptions need to be revised.
    Please feel free to e-mail me with missing or incorrect information.
    The cards that I'm not sure of have a (?) at the end of the effect.
    If you wish to have a more completed FAQ including menu, stock market, etc.  
    Please e-mail me an e-mail, with enough support I'll work on a full FAQ.
    Hope you'll enjoy this FAQ.
    1. How to use this guide
    The number on the left indicates the Card No.  Whenever you step on a "suit" 
    square or a question mark (?) square you'll enter a screen with a 10 x 10 
    square chart.  In that chart you can select any of the 100 slots. 
    When you choose four or more of your own slots in sequence (vertically or 
    horizontally) you'll get extra gil.  If you get 4 in a row you'll get 40 
    gil, 5 in a row you'll get 50 gil, and so on.  If you do finish a full line 
    of ten, you'll get 200g!
    Each time you select a slot, a number between 1 and 100 will be revealed 
    accompanied with an effect on your current game.  The effect of each card 
    number is explained below.
    2. Description of terms
    Devil - an npc character that travels the game board.  any houses he passes 
            will be put to sleep until he moves again.  he leaves at random.
    Gil - money in Idataki Street Special
    Girl - an npc character that travels the game board.  she gives you a suit 
           of your choosing when you pass her or land on a square she's on.  if 
           you have all four suits, she will give you a wild card.  she leaves 
           at random
           Note: if she lands on a square you're already on, nothing will happen
    House - Structures on each street square 
    House value - the value of a house (effects rent, sale and trade value)
    Pearl - another word for stock or share (in stock market)
    Servant - an npc character that travels the game board.  he will pay rent 
              on squares he lands on.  he disappears at random
    Sleep - when a house is in a resting state, no money will be paid for 
            rent when an opponent lands on it
    Stock value - the value of each pearl (stock)
    Warp - Move your character to another square on the playing board
    Wild Card - a card that can be used to substitute any of the four suits when 
                levelling up.  more than one can be used at a time to level up.
    3. Card Listing
    Card #. Effects
    1	give the ability to change direction
    2	give an extra dice roll
    3	lets you go anywhere except chance squares. 
    4	give 100g to target player
    5	warp to target house square
    6	warp to target suit square
    7	owner's houses worth 7% more
    8	rent on all houses up 30%
    9	put all houses to sleep plus extra turn
    10	rent on all houses 50% off plus extra turn
    11	gain roll times 11 gil from each player
    12	Upgrade target house
    13	owner house worth 13% less
    14	owner give each other player dice roll times 10g
    15	gain roll times 50 gil 
    16	house value up by 3 x 10% at random
    17	half your level up bonus (proportional to current character level)
    18	sell house for 2x the cost
    19	owner's house rent up 30%
    20	level up target house 20% for free
    21	give owner 10 stock on a random street
    22	you may sell target house you own for 2x the cost (can refuse)
    23	target house value worth 50% more
    24	sell house for $200 + land cost
    25	50% off on rent on own houses for one turn
    26	get a share of any transactions going on (same as the lucky star square) 
    27	gain number of houses owned times 27 gil
    28	summon a servent
    29	teleport to target player's location
    30	make all house's rent 100g for one turn + one turn
    31	house value on one street increase by 10% at random
    32	house value on one street increase by 20% at random
    33	sell house for 3x the cost
    34	owner's house sleep for 1 turn
    35	sell pearls for 35% more
    36	upgrade target house for 100g less
    37	stock value on one street increase 30% at random
    38	lets you by stock at a 10% higher price than normal
    39	pay 50g to target player
    40	house value down 20% at random
    41	pearl value on one street down 10% at random
    42	pearl value on one street down 20% at random
    43	pay # of pearls owned x 2 gil
    44	drop house value on each side of you by 20%
    45	pay number of houses times 20 gil tax
    46	pay 150g
    47	turn houses into basic building
    48	house value on one street decrease 10% at random
    49	house value on one street decrease 20% at random
    50	take another # of steps = first dice roll
    51	give 1 more step
    52	give 2 more steps
    53	warp home
    54	pay 100g to warp home
    55	gain an extra turn without paying rent on what you land on
    56	give an extra turn with all shops at half price
    57	warp to target sqaure
    58	pay 100G and warp anywhere but a chance mark
    59	buy pearls at 10% less
    60	pearl cost up 10% at random
    61	pearl value times 10% gil gain
    62	pearl value times 20% gil gain
    63	pearl value up 20% at random street
    64	pearl value up 30% on random street
    65	buy target house for 5x the cost
    66	give 10 pearl on most expensive stock
    67	buy pearl
    68	lets you buy a shop at 6 times the price
    69	sell pearl for 20% more
    70	levels you up and gives you the bonus (it takes away all the suit marks)
    71	gain gil (proportional to current character level)
    72	gives you 20G x your current number of house
    73	buy target empty land
    74	auctioning off one of your house for twice the price
    75	buy empty land for 2 times the cost
    76	gain 500g
    77	get 5 pearl on each street
    78	buy target land with $200 more
    79	spend 3x the cost to buy target land/owned land
    80	randomly turn house value into pearl value
    81	make everyone roll 1 on next dice roll 
    82	nearby house gain 10% house value upgrade
    83	randomly relocate everyone else
    84	randomly reduce 1 house rent to 1 gil
    85	gain gil roll times 100 gil
    86	gets 100g from everyone
    87	upgrade target house for free
    88	randomly warp everyone
    89	everyone gain 1 wild card 
    90	all house rent up 30%
    91	summon girl 
    92	summon devil
    93	upgrade house for half the price
    94	summon servant, girl, devil (all 3 npc's at once!)
    95	warp everyone to you
    96	warp all to a target player
    97	pearl value up 20%
    98	buy target house for 4 times the cost.
    99	give you 4 suits.  give wild card if you already have 4 suits
    100	get 1 wild card
    4. Credits
    Thank you to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.
    Thank you to Neoseeker for hosting this FAQ.
    Thank you to SquareEnix for creating the game.
    Thank you to Bomberman, Wing and Phil for spending time learning the game
    Thank you to Baseline for support.
    Thank you to Phil for Editing
    Thank you to Vilaeth for finishing the list.
    5. Copyright
    This FAQ is designed for personal use.
    You may not distribute this FAQ without my permission.
    You may not modify this FAQ in any way.
    If you would like to use this information for another FAQ, 
    you MUST give me credit.
    Authorized Site:
    Copyright 2005 Denny Lam
    a.k.a. Blink
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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