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    Sphere Translation FAQ by Emerati

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    This FAQ written by and is copyrighted to James Rodgers (Emerati)
    For questions regarding this FAQ or to submit missing information, please send
    an e-mail to emerati@hotmail.com. All submitted information that is used in
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    This FAQ uses a combination of English and Japanese.  If your computer isn't
    equipped to read Japanese characters, this FAQ will not be viewed correctly.
    For web browsers with "JAPANESE SHIFT_JIS", go to VIEW --> CHARACTER
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    "Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special" is copyrighted to
    Square-Enix 2004.  All characters, names, places, etc. from this game are
    included within this copyright.  The purpose of this FAQ is to help others
    enjoy and better understand this game and to practice my Japanese. This may not
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    1. UPDATES
    5. SPHERES
    6. CREDITS
    1. UPDATES
    February 10th - Version 1.0 Halfway finished. Still missing many spheres.
    February 20th - Version 1.1 Finished with spheres and general touching up.
    Welcome to Itadaki Street Sphere FAQ 1.1.  For fans of Enix's Dragon Quest
    series and Square's Final Fantasy series, this is truly a match made in Heaven,
    if only the AI characters weren't so &*^# lucky.  If you've played the game
    before, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  Once you've made it past
    the first four stages (using the cards), you start over from the beginning
    using Spheres (As seen in Final Fantasy X-2), instead of cards. As with the
    cards, each sphere has a unique, and sometimes a fortuitous/disastrous effect.
    Some effects are similar to what you'll see with the cards. Others are "level
    upped" versions.
    Each character has an innate class ranging from warrior to wizard, hero to
    thief. What class you are determines what kind of sphere you receive. If you're
    classed as a thief, you'll receive spheres imbued with powers associated with
    thieves such as stealing from your fellow players, causing obstructions, and
    generally getting in everyone's way. As you complete the requirements for each
    course, you will be given the choice of selecting a new class before you begin
    the next course. One you select a new class, you can't change it until you
    finish all the levels for that particular course (unless of course, you happen
    upon the sphere that allows you to change your class mid-game).
    3. HOW TO USE
    Simple enough. If your kanji reading skills are up to par, this guide shouldn't
    be too much trouble. If you don't know any kanji whatsoever, just match up the
    squiggly lines on your t.v. screen to the squiggly lines in this fact and hope
    for the best.  The number on the left indicates the sphere number in the game.
    Next comes the sphere level ranging from 1 (for low level) to 5 (highest
    level). Next comes the Japanese name of the sphere followed by the best English
    translation I could think of in parenthesis. Following after the English name
    is the Japanese card description as seen in the game. After that comes the
    English.  While I highly doubt Square-Enix will ever use any of my
    translations, I can always hope.  If anyone knows of a position available as a
    Localization Specialist for Square-Enix, please let me know. Should you have
    any questions regarding this fact, my translations, or if you know any better
    or more appropriate names, please feel free to email me at Emerati@hotmail.com.
    戦士: 直接攻撃に役立つスフィアの扱いに長ける戦士。 お店の値段を下げたりマーク消し去ったりするのが得意。
    The warrior.  This class of player's preference is for attacking directly and
    asking questions later.  They specialize in lowering their opponents property
    value or
    stripping away their marks.
    商人: お金にからむスフィアのことなら なんでも商人におまかせ! お店の値段を上げたりマークをもらったりするのが得意。
    The merchant. If there is money involved, the merchant is the way to go.  If
    raising property value and collecting needed marks is important to you, look no
    further than your friendly neighborhood merchant.
    魔法使い: 攻撃魔法のスフィアを使わせたら 右に出る者はない魔法使い。 買い物料や株価を下げたり 株 をうばうのがとくい。
    With the awesome power of attack spheres, there is no match for the Wizard.
    From decimating their opponent's property or stock value to stealing their
    stock right out from under their noses, there's nothing the wizard won't do to
    僧侶: 神に仕える僧侶。 防衛や回復魔法のスフィアを用いる。 買い物料や株価を 上げたり 株をもらうのが得意。
    The cleric. A soulful and dutiful servant to God. Healing and defensive
    measures in abundance.  With but a magical sphere, property and stock values
    instantly raise and your stock in, well, stock will reach sky-high proportions.
    盗賊: 持ち前の素早いや盗みのワザを生かしたスフィアを使う。 相手の移動をジャマ したり お金をうばうのが得意。
    The thief.  With a deft hand and lightning quick reflexes, other players will
    soon find their pockets and sphere collection a lot lighter.  Nothing makes the
    thief happier than spoiling the best-laid plans of their opponents.
    踊りっ子: ダイスの目をあやつるスフィアが持ち味。踊れば おひねりも?好きなダイスの目を出したり お金をもらうのが得意。
    The dancer. With a dancer's grace, the fall of the dice is oh-so-carefully
    controlled.  So, how does dancing bring about the downfall of the enemy? Well,
    it's easy when you can command the dice to give you the roll you want or
    receiving a windfall of money.
    勇者: あらゆるワザを極めた者与えられるのが勇者の称号だ。 攻撃に向いた多くのスフィアを使いになすことができるぞ!
    The hero.  The appellation of "hero" falls upon those who use everything at
    their disposal and gives it their all. With a multitude of attack spheres to
    call upon, the hero sets forth to do battle.
    賢者: 魔法使いと僧侶を極めた者がたどり着く究極の魔道士の姿。 自分のプラスとなる多くのスフィアを使いになすことができる!
    The sage.  Combining the powers of the wizard and cleric, the sage wisely and
    efficiently puts to use the spheres of both classes.  A plethora of spheres
    designed for self-improvement awaits those who choose the sage.
    Blue Spheres - 移動系 (Movement System)
    1.   Level 1 ヘイスト (Haste) ダイス を もう1回ふれる!   Roll again!
    2.   Level 1  レミラーマ (Remirama) 次のダイスの目がわかる!     Know
    your next roll!
    3.   Level 3 ルーラ (Return) ぎんこう城へワープ!	Warp to the bank!
    4.   Level 2  キメラのつばさ (Warpwing) どかかへワープ!     Warp
    5.   Level 5 風のぼうし (Wind Hat) 好きな場所へワープ! Warp to anywhere you
    6.   Level 2  もろば斬り  (Double-Edge Slash)
    好きな人と場所を交換!     Exchange places with anyone you want!
    7.   Level 2 テレポ (Teleport) 好きな人をぎんこう城にワープさせる! Warp
    anyone you want straight to the bank! (no level up, no chance to buy stock).
    8.   Level 1   バシルーラ (Limbo) 自分以外の人を全員どこかへワープさせる!
    Warp everyone but yourself to somewhere on the game board!
    9.   Level 1 くちぶえ (Whistle) 好きな人を自分が今いるところへ呼ぶ! Call
    anyone over to where you're presently at.
    10. Level 4 あしばらい (Stun) 好きな人の次のダイスの目が1になる! Turn
    anyone's next roll (yourself included) to an automatic 1!
    11. Level 3 すいめんげり (Suimen-Geri) 好きな人の次のダイスの目が2になる!
    Turn anyone's next roll (yourself included) to an automatic 2!
    12. Level 3 スロウ (Slow)
    好きな人の次のダイスの目 を 1 2 3にする! Choose anyone and their next
    roll will be either a 1, 2, or 3!
    13. Level 5 スロウガ (Slowga) 自分以外の次のダイスの目が1,2,3になる!
    Everyone's next roll except your own is now either a 1,2, or 3!
    14. Level 4 デジョン (Zap) 好きな人を好きな場所へワープさせる! Warp whomever
    you want to anywhere you want!
    15. Level 4
    ギルガメッシュ  (Gilgamesh) ギルガメッシュ召喚! 好きな場所に全員集合させる!You've called upon Gilgamesh! Gather everyone to your chosen place!
    16. Level 5 サボテンダー (Cactrot)
    サボテンダー召喚!すれ違うとお金をもらえる!You've summoned Cactrot! If you can
    catch up to the Cactrot, you'll be awarded with money!
    Yellow -Green Spheres - マーク系 (Mark System)
    17. Level 1 いのりのゆびわ (Prayer Ring) たりないマークをひとつ もらえる。 
    Receive one missing mark!
    18. Level 2 けんじゃの石 (Sorcerer’s
    Stone) たりないマークをすべて もらえる! Receive every missing mark!
    19. Level 1 天使のゆびわ (Angel's Ring)
    どこでもカードを 1枚 もらえる! Receive one wild card!
    20. Level 3 (バギ) (Infernos) 自分以外の人のどこでもカードを1枚ずつ消す!
    Remove one wild card from every player expect yourself!
    21. Level 4 (バギマ) (Infermore) だれかのマークを2つ消す! Remove 2 marks
    from somebody!
    22. Level 4 (バギクロス) (Infermost) みんなのマークをひとつ消す! Remove one
    mark from every player (self included!)
    23. Level 3 フェニックスの尾 (Phoenix Down) 全員のマークの数X100Gもらえる!
    Receive 100G X the current total number of everyone's marks!
    24. Level 2 メガフェニックス (Megaphoenix)
    全員のマークの数X50Gをみんなでゲット!Everyone receives 50G X the current
    number of marks!
    25. Level 5 エアロガ (Aeroga) だれかがマークの数X200Gをはらう!Somebody
    pays 200G X the number of marks they've collected!
    26. Level 2 かまいたち (Razor Wind) 好きな人のマークをシャッフル!Switch your
    marks with anyone of your choosing!
    27. Level 5 オーデイン (Oden) オーデイン召喚! 全員のマークを消しさる! You
    have summoned Oden! Everyone's marks (yourself included) gets erased!
    28. Level 5 わたぼう (Watabou)
    わたぼう召喚!すれちがうたびマークと引き換えにお金をくれる!You have summoned
    Watabou! When you meet, turn your marks in for money!
    29. Level 3 ごうけつのうでわ  (Hero's Bracelet)
    どこでもカードを2枚もらえる!Receive two wild cards!
    Orange Spheres - お金系 (Money System)
    30. Level 1 ケアル (Cure) 持っているお店の数X10Gお金をもらえる。 Receive
    10G X the total number of shops you possess!
    31. Level 2 ケアルラ (Cura) 持っているお店の数X20Gお金をもらえる。 Receive
    20G X the total number of shops you possess!
    32. Level 3 ケアルガ (Curaga)
    持っているお店の数X30Gお金をもらえる。 Receive 30G X the total number of
    shops you possess!
    33. Level 3 ポーション (Potion) 持っている株数X2Gお金をもらえる!Receive 2G
    for every stock you possess!
    34. Level 4 ハイポーション (Hi-potion)
    持っている株数X5Gお金をもらえる!Receive 5G for every stock you possess!
    35. Level 5 イクスポーション (X-potion)
    持っている株数X10Gお金をもらえる!Receive 10G for every stock you possess!
    36. Level 2 天使のうたごえ (Voice of an Angel)
    もらえる予定の賞金の半分を王様から もらう!Receive half of your expected prize
    money from the King!
    37. Level 2 世界樹のしずく (Dewdrops of the World Tree)
    レベルUP!王様から賞金をもらう!Level Up and get your prize money (but lose your
    38. Level 4 きせきのつるぎ  (Miracle Sword)
    いまいるお店の値段の50%分をお金でもらう! Receive 50% of the value of the
    current shop you landed on!
    39. Level 2 サンダー (Thunder) だれかから株数X2Gお金を消しさる!Remove 2G X
    the number of stocks that somebody possesses!
    40. Level 3 サンダガー (Thundaga) 好きな人から株数X3Gお金を消しさる!Remove 3G
    X the number of stocks from somebody you choose!
    41. Level 2 とうぞくのカマ (Thief's
    Pot) だれかから財産の5%分のお金をいただく! Receive 5% of the total value of
    someone's property!
    42. Level 3 ギガデイン (Gigadein) トップの人から500Gもらう!Take 500G from
    the current leader!
    43. Level 4 ライデイン (Raiden) だれかから1000Gをもらう!Take 1000G from
    44. Level 4 ミナデイン (Minadein)
    トップの人から残りの人の所持金の合計分をぼっしゅう!From the current leader,
    receive the total of the other player's fund!
    45. Level 5 みんなの恨み (Everyone's Grudge)
    好きな人から今までのいただき料分お金をぼっしゅう!From anyone you choose,
    receive the current total of your store fees!
    46. Level 1 ポイズン (Poison) 好きな人を5ターンのあいだ毒状態にする! Poison
    anyone of your choosing for 5 turns!
    47. Level 5 ラムウ (Ramuh)  ラムウ
    召喚! みんなからお金の20%をいただく! You have summoned Ramah! Receive
    20% of everybody's money!
    48. Level 5 キングスライム (King Slime)
    キングスライム召喚! すれ違うたび総貸産の10%分お金がもらえる! You have
    summoned King Slime! Receive 10% of the total of your rental values every time
    you meet!
    Red Spheres - お店の価格系 (Shop Price System)
    49. Level 1 ホイミ (Heal) 自分の好きなお店の値段を10%UP! Increase the
    value of one of your shops 10%!
    50. Level 2 ベホイミ (Healmore) 自分の好きなお店の値段を30%UP! Increase
    the value of one of your shops 30%!
    51. Level 4 ベホマ (Healall) 自分の好きなお店の値段を50%UP! Increase the
    value of one of your shops 50%!
    52. Level 3 ベホマラー  (Healus) 好きなイリアのお店値段を10%UP! Increase
    the value of all the stores in one area by 10%!
    53. Level 4 体力の泉 (Power Spring) 止まったお店を強制
    54. Level 5 リミットブレイク (Limit Break)
    増資あまりを超えない範囲で自分のお店最大9999G増資できる!Increase the
    capital of one of your chosen stores to a possible 9999G!
    55. Level 1 メラ (Blaze) 止まったお店の値段を10%DOWN! Decrease the value of
    the shop you're at by 10%!
    56. Level 2 メラミ (Blazemore) 止まったお店の値段を20%DOWN! Decrease the
    value of the shop you're at by 20%!
    57. Level 3 メラゾーマ (Blazemost) 止まったお店の値段を30%DOWN! Decrease the
    value of the shop you're at by 30%!
    58. Level 3 ザキ (Beat)
     止まった持ち主のいるお店をぎんこう城に3倍の値段で売る! Force the sale of
    the property you're at to the bank for 3 times its value!
    59. Level 4 ザラキ (Defeat)
    止まった持ち主のいるお店をぎんこう城に2倍の値段で売る! Force the sale of the
    property you're at to the bank for 2 times its value!
    60. Level 3 ベキラマ  好きなエリア全体のお店価格を10%DOWN! Decrease the
    value of any complete area by 10%!
    61. Level 4 ベギラゴン 好きなエリア全体のお店価格を20%DOWN! Decrease the
    value of any complete area by 20%!
    62. Level 5 イフリート (Ifrit)
    イフリート召喚!止まったお店をぎんこう城に売る!You have summoned Ifrit! Force
    the sell of the property you landed on to the bank!
    63. Level 5 マンドラゴラ (Mandragora)
      マンドラゴラ召喚! マンドラゴラが止まったお店の価格を40%UP!You have
    summoned the Mandragora! Where ever it stops, the value of the store increases
    by 40%!
    Yellow Spheres - 買い物料系 (Shopping Fee System)
    64. Level 1 ブリザド (Blizzard) 止まったお店の買い物料が半額!Instant half-off
    sale at the store you stopped at!
    65. Level 2 ブリザガ (Blizzaga) 止まったお店の買い物料が無料に! No rental
    fees for the shop you stopped at!
    66. Level 3 テンションため
    67. Level 4 マトンアタック (Mutton Attack)
    止まった持ち主のいるお店の買い物料半分のお金をもらえる!Receive half of the
    shop fee for the space you're on!
    68. Level 5 バイキルト (Bikill) 自分のお店の買い物料が1ターン2倍に! For one
    turn, all of your store fees and doubled!
    69. Level 2 ヒャド (Icebolt) 好きな人のお店を1ターンお休み! Close all of your
    chosen opponent's stores for one turn!
    70. Level 3 ヒャダルコ (Snowblast) 好きな人のお店を3ターンお休み! Close all
    of your chosen opponent's stores for three turns!
    71. Level 4 マヒャド (Snowstorm) 自分以外のお店がすべて3ターンお休み! Close
    all of your opponent's stores for three turns!
    72. Level 3 こおりの息 (Ice Breath)
    自分以外のお店の買い物料を1ターン30%OFF! Instant 30% off sale for all
    stores but your own.
    73. Level 4 こごえるふぶき (Frozen Blast)
    自分以外のお店の買い物料を1ターン半額に!Instant 50% off sale for all stores
    but your own.
    74. Level 1 マヒャド斬り (Snowstorm Slash)
    好きなエリアの買い物料が1ターン半額に! For one turn, all the stores in an
    area you select will have a half off-sale!
    75. Level 4 マホターン (Seal)
    止まったお店の持ち主が買い物料の半分をぎんこう城に支払う! The owner of
    property you stopped on pays half of the rental fees to the bank!
    76. Level 5  マホカンタ (Reflect)
    止まったお店の持ち主が買い物料ををぎんこう城に支払う! The owner of property
    you stopped on pays all of the rental fees to the bank!
    77. Level 5 シヴァ (Shiva) シヴァ召喚! 好きな人のお店が5ターンお休み!You
    have summoned Shiva! Close all of your chosen opponent's stores for 5 turns!
    78. Level 2 トルネコ (Torneko)
    トルネコ召喚! トルネコが買い物をしにやってくる!You have summoned Torneko!
    He's on a shopping spree! Where he stops, the owner receives the full rental
    Green Spheres - 株系 (Stock System)
    79. Level 3 旅のカブ屋 (Stock Brokerage) 株を買うことができる!Here's your
    chance to buy stock!
    80. Level 2 エーテル (Ether) 好きなエリアの株が10%UP!  Increase the value of
    any area's stock by 10%
    81. Level 3 エーテルターボ (Turbo Ether) 好きなエリアの株が20%UP! Increase
    the value of any area's stock by 20%!
    82. Level 1 エリクサー (Elixir)
    1番たかいエリアの株を10株もらえる! Receive 10 stocks from the most
    expensive area!
    83. Level 4 ラストエリクサー (Last Elixir) 1番高い株を20株もらえる!
    Receive 20 shares of the most expensive stock!
    84. Level 3 ラスピル (Rasp) 好きなエリアの株が払いもどされる! Force the sale
    of all the stock in your chosen area!
    85. Level 5 ふしぎなおどり (Mystery Dance)
    自分以外の人の株をすべて払いもどす!Force the sale of everyone's stock but your
    86. Level 4 マホトラ (RobMagic) だれからの株を1エリア分うばいとる! Steal
    all the stock for one area from somebody!
    87. Level 1 イオ (Bang) だれかの株を10株うばう! Steal 10 shares of stock
    from somebody!
    88. Level 2 イオラ (Boom)  だれかの株を20株うばう! Steal 20 shares of stock
    from somebody!
    89. Level 5 イオナズン (Explodet) 自分以外の人の一番高い株を20株ずつうばう!
    Steal 20 shares of the most expensive stock from every player!
    90. Level 2 プチメテオ (Meteorite) 好きなエリアの株が10%DOWN! Decrease the
    value of any area's stocks by 10%!
    91. Level 4 メテオ (Meteor) 好きなエリアの株が30%DOWN! Decrease the value
    of any area's stocks by 30%!
    92. Level 5 バハムート (Bahamut)
    バハムート召喚!止まったエリアの株が40%DOWN! You have summoned Bahamut!
    Decrease the value of the area's stock you landed on by 40%!
    93. Level 5  デブチョコボ (Fat Chocobo)
    デブチョコボ召喚!デブチョコボが止まったエリアの株が20%UP! You have
    summoned the Fat Chocobo! Anywhere it lands, that area's stock value increases
    by 20%
    Purple Spheres - 特殊系 (Specialty System)
    94. Level 1 ニフラム (Expel)
    好きな人のセットしているスフィアをひとつ消しさる!Remove any one set sphere
    from your chosen opponent!
    95. Level 2 ぶんどる (Plunder)
    好きな人のセットしているスフィアをひとついただく! Take one currently set
    sphere from anyone of your choosing!
    96. Level 2 しあわせのたね (Luck Seed) レベルが 1〜3あがる! Increase 1 ~ 3
    levels (no money received, though)!
    97. Level 4 いてつく波動 (Icy Pulse)
    止まったお店の持ち主がセットしているスフィアを消しさる!Remove all of the set
    spheres from the person's whose property you landed on!
    98. Level 3 商人の心 (Merchant's Heart)
    スフィアリストから好きな人にスフィアを300Gで売る!Sell anyone of your own
    spheres to anybody of your choosing for 300G!
    99. Level 3 スフィアリストから自分のスフィアを500Gで売る! Sell any one of
    your own spheres for 500G!
    100. Level 4 パルプンテ (Chance) なにがおこるかわからない!You never know what
    you're gonna get!
    101. Level 1 ものまね (Mimicry) ひとつ前おこったスフィアを再発動! Repeat the
    action of the last used sphere!
    102. Level 3 メダル王 (Coin King)
    メダル王の城発場! もらえる賞金が3ターンのあいだ3倍になる!For 3 turns, the
    bank will award three times the normal prize amount!
    103. Level 1 ふしぎなきのみ (Wonder Nut) レベルに応じてお金をもらえる!Receive
    100G X your current level!
    104. Level 3 ショプチェンジ (Class Change) 好きな職業に転職できる!Change your
    105. Level 4 アルテマ (Ultima) 全員のお金を平均化する!Take the average of
    everyone's money!
    6. CREDITS
    1. Square-Enix for their constant hard work in creating a multitude of
    unforgettable games.
    2. Gamefaqs.com for hosting this FAQ and for their invaluable help over the
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