How do i beat the 12 the colossi?

  1. How can i beat the 12th colossi?

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  1. From shotgunnova's FAQ/Walkthrough:

    Take the bridge north of the starting temple, then turn east, looking for a
    2nd bridge that extends northeast (it's near the Half-moon Canyon savepoint).
    It leads into a sheltered glade, with its only exit beckoning Wander along a
    cliffpath that abruptly ends at the top of Misty Falls -- a saveshrine of the
    same name can be found here as Agro's left behind. Shimmy around the pillar
    near the path obstruction to get on the other side, progress north as far as
    possible, and jump in. The current is practically nonexistant, so just keep
    swimming upstream. Past the ancient bridge, look for a stone formation just
    barely above the surface. Step on it and...

    WEAKSPOT: Chest

    RESTSPOT: Upper shell
    : Upper head

    BEHAVIOR: This sleeping giant uses its horns to shoot electrical projectiles
    not unlike some colossi previously seen. These come from its dual
    horns, so obviously it's a frontal-only attack. As a waterdweller
    its turn radius isn't quite as slow as some land bosses.

    If Wander makes it to high ground and hides, the colossus will put
    its two front hooves on the structure for stability and fire its
    thunderbolts when our hero's head sticks out. Its weakspot on the
    chest is also exposed here -- making it come out of the water of
    its own volition is the only way to get this to show!

    Maneuvers to get rid of Wander, depending on where he is:

    Thrashes in place (if on back)
    Bows head, squirms (if on head)
    Bends head back (if on head)

    STRATEGY: Figuring out this one's trick can throw the player for a loop if
    s/he's not careful. Like always, the first task is mounting. This
    foe's a good swimmer and trying to circle behind in a roundabout
    way ain't gonna work; instead, swim underwater between its limbs
    and body, which is quicker and may also get a free push from its

    Its seaweedy back is easy to climb, and there's little it can do
    to stop an advance towards its head region. But...what's this? It
    has no weakspot to stab like the others! To get its true weakspot
    (on chest) to show, the three teeth-shaped stones on its head're
    the key.

    As Dormin said, this colossus can be used to get to higher ground,
    namely the couple of ancient structures dwarfed by this giant. Use
    the sword to hit the stones on its head, which is wires it to go
    in a certain direction (middle = forward, left/right...duh?) as
    well as making it completely complacent tempoarily. Make tracks to
    the nearest pavilion.

    When it gets in the vicinity of a building, leap off and use the
    central cylinder to obscure any good projectile shots. The beast
    will raise its front hooves onto the structure to get its bearings,
    revealing its meaty chest weakpoint in the meantime. Leap onto its
    fur and cut into the still-beatin' heart. Six incisions'll do the
    trick, doctor. Note that the structures the colossus leans on can
    break, so no dilly-dallying!

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