How do I beat (11th colossus)?

  1. I am having problems beating the 11th colossus help please ?

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    pindora - 6 years ago

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  1. As soon as the fight starts, roll to your right and into the space between the flaming altar and the wall. This is to avoid a forceful ramming by the Colossus. Climb up the altar via the ledges on the side. Crouch down behind or to the side of the flaming pit bowl until the colossus rams the altar. There is a cut-scene here where a flaming stick gets knocked off of the pedestal. Leap from the pedestal to the stick and pick it up with circle. If it is on fire, hold it up to the colossus with circle; if it is not on fire, get your ass back into that hiding hole before you get rammed so you can climb back up and relight it.

    Once you have a lit stick, get the colossus between you and the end of the arena open to the outside. The colossus will be afraid of the fire and back away from you. Keep it backing until it falls from the arena. Watch the cut-scene where the colossus falls to the ground outside, breaking its armor to reveal its weak point. Jump down first one level to the lower ledge, then another, aiming to land on the colossus. If you didnt land on the colossus, it tends to be easier to jump on the colossus and harder to get rammed if you stay behind it. Once you are on the colossus, you should easily be able to find the weak point. If youre having trouble stabbing the colossus, wait until it stops running and attempts to shake you off: this makes it pretty simple to get in a jump stab.

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  1. Have you read the Faqs?

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  2. Agree with Mookie

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  3. It is also easier to get back on the colossus, if you fall off, to either lead him back to the place of first encountering the colossus or hold on to him and let him take you there, Once there, get back to the altar and stand on top of it. When he charges, jump off and grab onto his back. I found this a lot easier than just trying to jump up onto his back.

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