How do I beat the 10th colossus?

  1. What is the name of the 10th colossus?

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  1. #10- (The sand worm)
    Designation: Sand Tiger
    Proper name: Dirge
    Latin name: Harena Tigris

    Normal Mode:

    For the purposes of this guide I will assume you rode up to the starting area on Agro. At the beginning of the fight, quick start Agro into a run. You should run near enough to the colossus, which you can see churning under the sand, that it notices and follows you. Ride towards a wall, turning your camera towards the colossus (auto point with L1) and pulling out your bow and readying an arrow. Eventually the colossus orange eyes will be visible above the sand. Release the camera lock button and aim for one of the colossus eyes. Shoot the colossus in the eye to hear it scream and watch its eyes close. Keep riding forward; do not turn; you should be headed towards a wall. Keep going until you are close enough to the wall to jump off of Agro into the wall. Do so and wait for the colossus to crash headfirst into the wall: you will have enough room not to be crushed by the colossus. Jump on the colossus head and make your way up its back until you see a weak point. Start stabbing. The colossus will go back underground after finishing off a weak point. When this happens, ride close enough by it to get its attention and repeat the above from there.

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