How do I beat the Ninth Colossus?

  1. I can't seem to beat this one. It's the one that you find in the cave and have to draw out. I spent hours running around trying to get it to walk over the geysers, but it just never happened. Any tips?

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    Jon_To_The_C - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. From the Colossus Help sticky topic on the message board:

    Normal Method:

    I will assume for the purposes of this guide that you rode up to the colossus on Agro. If you did not, see the time attack section. You will start the fight on Agro. You will see the colossus emerging from its cave and raising its head. It is going to shoot at you. Take off on Agro and turn around as quickly as you can. I do not recommend using the Agro 180 as a horizontally moving target will be harder for the colossus to hit. Ride away from the colossus and towards the nearest geyser. Position yourself so that the geyser is between you and the colossus. Ride in circles around this area to draw the colossus over the geyser while avoiding being hit by the shots it will frequently fire. Ride in circles until the colossus is over the geyser and the geyser begins to spray. The colossus will go up on either its left set or right set of legs; which side does not matter. If this does not happen, the colossus is not properly above the geyser; reposition it by getting it to follow you. Once you get the colossus on two legs, ride up under it; stop; and shoot the glowing bottoms of its grounded feet. The colossus, its traction gone, will tumble towards the shot feet. Ride around the colossus on whichever side you are closest to as it falls. Be careful not to be knocked from the saddle and crushed. The colossus will eventually come to rest on its side. As you round the colossus, you will see a stomach covered in fur. Leap onto the furry stomach of the colossus and start climbing. When you get to the hard, stone shell of the colossus, run up the horizontal plate like protrusion to the white line. Crouch over this white line. The colossus will soon begin to right itself, if you remain crouched as it turns you will hold onto the ledge that is the white line. When the colossus stops shaking so violently, drop to the new horizontal plate at the edge of the colossus shell. Run towards the tail of the colossus until you can turn around and head towards the tail between two sets of skyward protrusions of the colossus shell. The weak spot is on the head. Stab until death.

    Alternate Methods:

    1) If you stand on the colossus tail, it will lift up its tail and lower its face. If you jump on Agro and haul ass to its face you can jump on.

    2) You can jump onto the colossus front leg and be shaken to its face if you release at the right time.

    3) When the colossus begins to turn over, you can, instead of holding onto the little ledge, run over the edge during the turn. If you time this correctly, you will land on the colossus back rather than having to run around.

    4) You can jump on the Colossus' back leg and be launched to the edge of its shell near the back.

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