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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kagata

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      ___|  |               |                        _|  |   |
    \___ \  __ \   _` |  _` |  _ \\ \  \   /   _ \  |    __| __ \   _ \ 
          | | | | (   | (   | (   |\ \  \ /   (   | __|  |   | | |  __/ 
    _____/ _| |_|\__,_|\__,_|\___/  \_/\_/   \___/ _|   \__|_| |_|\___| 
      ___|       |                             ____| \     _ \  
     |      _ \  |  _ \   __|  __| |   |  __|  |    _ \   |   | 
     |     (   | | (   |\__ \\__ \ |   |\__ \  __| ___ \  |   |
    \____|\___/ _|\___/ ____/____/\__,_|____/ _| _/    _\\__\_\
    By Kagata
    Version 0.1
    <>          Table of Contents             <>
    I.	Introduction
    II.	Version History
    III.	Controls
    A.	On Foot
    B.	Horseback
    IV.	Equipment 
    A.	Sword
    B.	Bow
    V.	Statistics
    A.	Health
    B.	Stamina
    VI.	Walkthrough
    A.	1st Colossus
    B.	2nd Colossus
    C.	3rd Colossus
    D.	4th Colossus
    E.	5th Colossus
    VII.	Secrets
    VIII.	Glitches
    IX.	Plot and Character Analysis
    X.	Credits
    XI.	Legal Stuff
    <>           Introduction                 <>
    Greetings! If you are looking at this guide, chances are you've 
    purchased or rented Shadow of the Colossus. Well, congratulations, 
    because it's a great game! Well, I'd say it's more of an experience
    than a game.
    It's my suggestion that you only refer to this guide if you are stuck 
    or looking for the secrets. Because of the nature of the game,
    knowing how to defeat the Colossi is a major spoiler and sort of ruins 
    the experience. Of course, being stuck and never progressing sort of 
    ruins the experience as well, hence the guide. Also, since the names 
    of the Colossi are spoilers, they will only be in the walkthrough section.
     Please note this is my first guide. If it's kind of unpolished, it's 
     because I'm still getting used to everything. If you have any questions 
     or comments, email me at Kagata777@yahoo.com.
    <>            Version History             <>
    Version 0.1 - October/19/2005: Bought the game and started writing the guide! 
    This is only the first version, expect a better version later.
    <>               Controls                 <>
    This game has pretty simple controls, but the guide wouldn't be complete if 
    I didn't explain them.
     On Foot
    X Button: This calls Argo, your horse. 
    Square Button: You'll slash your sword and shoot arrows with this.
    Triangle Button: With this you can jump and mount Argo.
    Circle Button: This will reflect light off your sword, showing you the 
    weak points and location of Colossi.
    R1 Button: Grips things and allows you to climb them as long as you hold it. 
    Pressing up and Triangle while holding this will help you get onto ledges.
    Left Analogue Stick: Movement
    Right Analogue Stick: Positions Camera
    X Button: You'll kick your horse, making him go faster.
    Triangle Button: Jump off Argo.
    Circle Button: Same as on foot.
    Left Analogue Stick: Movement
    Right Analogue Stick: Positions Camera
    <>              Equipment                 <>
    Ancient Sword: This is primarily used to kill the Colossi. It can also 
    be used to show where they are, via its neat light feature, and to highlight 
    the weak points of the Colossi.
    Bow: This will generally get the attention of most Colossi who are ignoring 
    you. The longer you hold it, the straighter the arrow will fly, but it does 
    take up stamina.
    <>              Statistics                <>
    Health: This measures whether you are alive or not. Crouching will recover it 
    faster than normal. Getting hit will obviously lower it.
    Stamina: This is a grip meter. When you run out you plunge to your doom. Don't 
    grip things or shoot arrows to recover it. It also raises every time you kill a 
    <>              Walkthrough               <>
                     First Colossus: Ogre
    Getting There: Ok, getting to this one is fairly easy, exit the ancient temple 
    you start out in, shine your light south (This is the direction the temple 
    faces) and follow it. You will find yourself in a place where you must leave 
    Argo behind (Fear not though! After defeating the Colossus, he'll be at your
    side once more) and do some climbing. Here is a great place to get a hang 
    of the controls. After you are done climbing, you will be treated to a cut 
    scene showing your first prey.
    Killing the Beast: This one is fairly easy to beat. First, you have to get its 
    attention, or else it'll just walk away from you. Shoot some arrows at it, and 
    it will start chasing you. It'll try and smash you with its cudgel, but it 
    reaches up so far in the air before it strikes that it gives you a good 30 
    seconds to get out of the way. Also if you get too close it will stomp you with 
    its feet. On its moss-covered leg, you'll notice it has a weak point. Jump on 
    it and press R1 to grab hold, press the circle button and you will raise your 
    sword.Press circle again to stab it. After doing this for a bit, the beast will 
    falla bit, giving you an opportunity to jump up and grab on to its lower leg. 
    This will enable to you to climb up to its head and repeat the same process of
    hitting it with your sword. Then it'll expire, congrats, first Colossus down, 
    that wasn't too hard was it?
                     Second Colossus: Minotaur
    Getting There: Now you are back at the temple, Argo at your side! Go outside 
    and the sword will shine north. Ride north to a bridge of land and cross it. 
    After you cross it, take a right, which will take you onto the beach. Ride 
    across the beach till you see a cut scene of the next Colossus.
    Killing the Beast: This one is a bit more difficult than the last. You'll 
    need your bow, so get that out. When it tries to stomp you, shoot its hooves, 
    it'll kneel a bit so you can grab its fur, climb and get its weak point, which 
    is on its head, like the previous colossus. Stab it and then get the one on its 
    tailbone. The beast is then felled. Not too difficult huh?
                     Third Colossus: Knight
    Getting There: Back at the temple again! Go the same way you went to beat the 
    last Colossus, but don't take a right at the land bridge. You'll past a desert 
    type area, and your light will shine pointing you in the direction of a canyon 
    type place. Pass that and you'll be in a swamp. Swim up to the giant ramp and 
    go all the way till you reach the end. Jump onto the pillar and hang on, then 
    edge your way in the direction of the Coliseum. Run up the ramp till you reach 
    the stairs, and you are there. The beast will awaken at your presence, and this
    one is a big one.
    Killing the Beast: This one is kind of hard. If you take too long, you'll 
    hear that its armor is brittle. Kind of a vague hint though. What it means is 
    you have to stand on the one stone part of the Coliseum, which is in the 
    center, and wait till it tries to hit you. It has three attacks, it'll kick at 
    you, it will stab its stone "sword" straight into the ground, tip first, trying
    to smash you, and one where it will swing its sword down on the ground
    lengthwise. This third one is the one you need, and after he hits the circular
    stone part, his armor will crack on his sword arm. Wait till he does the
    third attack again, and then run up the length of his sword. Go next to an
    edge and hang on, because if not he'll just toss you off it when he brings it
    up again. Scale his arm up onto his head and plunge your sword in till the
    mark fades. Then go down its back and jump down onto the "armor" he has just
    below his stomach and lower back. Climb around to his stomach and stab the
    sword there a couple of times. This'll fell the beastie.
                     Fourth Colossus: Horse
    Getting There: Back at the temple once more, I bet you are seeing a pattern by
    now! This one is fairly easy to get to, just shine your light southwest and 
    follow it. You'll go through a canyon to a grassy plane with four mounds. Go 
    past the mounds to the next Colossus.
    Killing the Beast: This Colossus isn't very aggressive, it seems to only like 
    to try to rear up and stomp you (Sort of like a horse would, maybe that's 
    because it is pretty much a horse). Getting on top of this one is kind of 
    difficult though.
    Run over to the area with the underground tunnels (They are little hills and 
    you can climb into them, all 4 connect to each other underground. Run to one 
    side and lure the colossus over there. Once he is around the middle of all the 
    mounds and chasing you, run to the tunnel in that mound, enter it, take either 
    path and take the second exit you see, you'll be behind the colossus now. Run 
    up to his back (He should be just about ready to go down from the hill you 
    first entered and his back part should be lowered and facing you) and jump onto
    it. Now go up to his shoulders and stab for a while. Next you'll have to jump
    up to his head and stab that. He'll be quite dead after that.
                     Fifth Colossus: Crow
    Getting There: Go south, then follow the light till you go through another 
    canyon (Man, they are all over the place in this game) to some ruins, which are
    partially underwater. There is a little opening through the ruins center that
    allows you to swim, then climb up the great pillar till you get to the top.
    Now you are in the arena of the next Colossus fight. I hope you like swimming,
    because you'll be doing lots of it this round.
    Killing the Beast: This one will be perched on a pillar. Go to the center of 
    the lake and you'll see two towers, in between these two will be 3 platforms 
    just barely out of the water. Stand on the center one and shoot the Colossus 
    with your arrow. Now it'll be fairly pissed and swoop down onto you, jump up 
    and grab hold of one of its wings, which are fur covered. It'll try to shake 
    you off. Now make your way down to its tail, where you'll find its first weak 
    point. Hit that. Next you'll have to go to the tips of both wings and hit its 
    other weak points. Expect to be thrown off and have to swim a lot, its pretty 
    exasperating. Other than that though, it's a pretty easy fight, and being up 
    in the air is cool, kind of adds a sort of thrill and danger to the atmosphere.
    Be careful though because the wind will knock you off the beast.
    <>               Secrets                  <>
    There are plenty of secrets, but I've yet to discover any yet.
    <>               Glitches                 <>
    None discovered yet.
    <>      Plot and Character Analysis       <>
                Initial Character Impressions
    The Main Character (Also Known as Wanda and Wanderer): For an unnamed 
    character, he is very interesting. By the looks of him he isn't a soldier, 
    he lacks armor and doesn't seem to have any formal training with the sword 
    (He can do a slash, but that's about it). We aren't really told why he has the 
    "ancient sword" either, he just has it, was it passed down to him? Did he find 
    it somewhere? I don't know really. He also comes equipped with a bow. He seems 
    pretty proficient with this, indicating that perhaps he does some hunting.
    He seems pretty clumsy, he isn't like the agile prince of Persia, after jumping
    he'll stumble a bit. When a Colossus steps next to him he'll lose his balance.
    This is definitely not a typical action/adventure game hero. This guy
    wouldn't stand a chance against say, Dante from Devil May Cry. He seems like
    a very normal person skill wise (Of course he sure can take a beating, he's
    obviously a healthy young lad). On the other hand, on his horse this guy is a 
    He arrives in the ancient land with only his horse and his beloved. His 
    traveling absolutely alone kind of indicates to me that what he is doing is 
    probably highly forbidden in whatever culture he hails from (In fact, the 
    beginning hints at this a lot).
    I'd say this guy came from a nomad society (Based off maybe the Mongolians) 
    because of his horsemanship (And the sort of relationship he has with his 
    horse. He treats it like a friend) and bow skills.
    Another interesting thing about the character is his apparent fearlessness. 
    He seems very devoted to saving his beloved from death. He isn't afraid of 
    going against his culture by doing so either (He seems to have no qualms with 
    dealing with Dormin)
    His Beloved: No name for her either. She seems to have been sacrificed from 
    what the story suggests. She is also very dead, the main character wants to 
    recover her soul and bring her back to life apparently.
    Dormin: The voice in the temple. A very mysterious character. He is obviously 
    very powerful, as he can bring back souls from the dead.
    Argo: Your faithful steed. Not much else to say about him, except that 
    Colossi and your sword can't harm him because he is made out of Gundanium alloy
     or something. He also doesn't like water.
    <>              Credits                   <>
    Brilliant Writer of this FAQ: Kagata
    Contributors: None, as of yet
    ASCII: http://www.rootsecure.net/?p=ascii_generator
    Shadow of the Colossus Game Designer: SCEI
    And lastly, credits go to CJayC for making this great site.
    <>            Legal Stuff                 <>
    This guide is written by me and is therefore my property. As of now, 
    only http://www.gamefaqs.com has permission to use this guide. If you want 
    permission to post my guide somewhere, then please email me at 

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