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    Temple Climbing FAQ by ArcadeCrusade

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 02/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | Shadow of the Colossus E3 2005 Demo                                     |
    | Climbing the Temple FAQ	                                          |
    | v1.50                                                                   |
    | by Matt Miller, aka ArcadeCrusade                                       |
    | mattroid |at| arcadecrusade |.| com                                     |
    [10]   I. Introduction
    [20]  II. Version History
    [30] III. Things You Need To Know
    [31]         i) Climbing
    [32]        ii) Grip Meter
    [33]       iii) The "Vertical Angle Jump" Glitch (VAJ)
    [34]        iv) Jumping Across to Other Walls
    [40]  IV. Walkthrough
    [41]         i) Full Guide
    [42]        ii) Quick Quide
    [50]   V. Once You're At The Top...
    [51]         i) To The Left
    [52]        ii) To The Right and Behind
    [53]       iii) Straight Ahead
    [60]  VI. Legal Stuff / Credits
    To jump to a section, simply do a search for the shortcut in brackets to
    the left of the section. The first number corresponds to the section number
    (I, II, etc) while the second number corresponds to the subsections, if any
    (i, ii, etc). When searching, obviously, include the brackets.
    I. INTRODUCTION                                                        [10]
    Welcome to my little walkthrough on how to climb the temple in the E3 demo 
    of Shadow of the Colossus. I'll start by giving you all some basic info
    concerning the demo that this FAQ is intended for. Note that this FAQ is 
    made for the E3 Demo ONLY! This is not made for the "Stand Alone Version"
    or the final version of the game! A similar method can be used in the final
    release of the game, but the top of the temple is VERY different. Please
    do not email me telling me that my FAQ is wrong about the top of the temple 
    when you're not even playing the version of the game that this FAQ is 
    Places to find the E3 demo:
    -September 2005 issue of PSM 
    -October 2005 (#97) issue of Official US PlayStation Magazine 
    -The "Playstation 2 Holiday 2005 Demo Disc" that Sony sends out 
     (Thanks to Paul Rudoff for this last one!)
    If anyone knows anywhere else to get it, let me know. 
    There have been a lot of people asking around lately as to how to get to 
    the hidden section on top of the temple, so I decided it'd be best to make 
    a separate FAQ all about it for easy reference.
    Please note that this, as far as I know, WILL NOT work on the "Stand Alone 
    Demo" which can be played/had at various GameStops and other retailers. The 
    Stand Alone Demo is more recent, and as such, has been updated to not 
    include the "vertical angle jump" glitch as well as the crossable bridge to 
    the far NE of the temple. However, if anyone knows of a way to do this in 
    the Stand Alone Demo or of any other neat glitches/secrets, let me know. 
    Also, a lot of the graphical errors and such in the E3 demo are smoother in 
    the newer stand alone version.
    I guess I should tell you all the few things you need to know about this 
    FAQ and what exactly it's for. This is my first FAQ, so please bear with me 
    and if you have any suggestions, email me and let me know. As stated above, 
    there is a hidden section on top of the temple (now known as the "Secret 
    Garden") where you start the demo. This section can be reached by taking 
    advantage of a "glitch" that allows the player to jump upward while 
    climbing without draining his or her grip meter. I say "glitch" even though 
    the hidden section was probably left there on purpose as well as the method 
    of getting there.
    Note that we now know that this can be accomplished in the final release of
    the game, but only after you've expanded your grip meter well beyond what 
    your start with. I read somewhere not to attempt it until you've passed at 
    least the first seven colossi. At that point, your meter should be enough 
    to reach the top (I've not confirmed this, though). You can also earn more 
    grip by eating the tails of the white tailed lizards you see near save 
    Also note that since this FAQ was originally made for the demo version, I 
    will not be including a bunch of details about climbing the temple in the
    final version of the game. However, this FAQ CAN be used as a guide for the
    that version as well. Just be aware that the vertical angle jump DOES drain
    your stamina in the final game. In other words, the path to the top is the
    same, but the use of the "VAJ" glitch is useless.
    II. VERSION HISTORY                                                    [20]
    v1.50 - February 15, 2006
              Added the "Quick Guide" walkthough section for those who want it
              in a list-type format.
              Added section search feature.
              Many phrases/sentences reworded in an attempt to be more clear
              for the reader. Also, several sections have been slightly updated
              with new information. Nothing important for those who've used 
              this guide in the past.
              Included quite a bit of new information regarding the final
              version of the game and how this FAQ can be useful for it in
              addition to the demo.
              Several typos fixed.
    v1.02 - November 19, 2005 (Unreleased)
              Added a little to the intro. Some stuff about the relevance of 
              of this FAQ to the final release of the game as well a couple
              more places to find the demo.
              Also added some info on the different sections of the Secret
              Garden in the final version of the game and how it's different 
              from the demo. This can be found in section V.
    v1.01 - October 22, 2005 (First public release)
              Only a few minor fixes. Nothing important.
    v1.00 - October 11, 2005: Initial Release (Unreleased)
              Pretty much has everything it needs, really. Complete walkthrough
              on how to get to the top of the temple and what you'll find once
              there as well as some tips along the way.
    III. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW                                           [30]
    Okay, here I will tell you the simple trick to this. All of this is pretty 
    basic, but you may want to practice some of these moves a little before you 
    attempt to climb the tower since getting to top and then falling simply 
    because you didn't know how to jump AWAY from a wall can really piss you 
    off and waste time. With some patience and luck, you can make it to the top 
    in one try. 
    i) Climbing                                                            [31]
    In order to climb any climbable surface, you generally need to first jump 
    to it by hitting the /\ button. Once you jump to it, hold down R1 to grab 
    on. You'll need to continue holding R1 the entire time you are climbing or 
    else you'll let go and fall. Even if you drop down, though, you can grab 
    back on with R1 assuming you're still facing and are close enough to the 
    wall to do so.
    ii) Grip Meter                                                         [32]
    As you should know simply by reading this far, you have a "grip meter."
    Basically what this means is that while climbing, you can only hold on for 
    so long before you let go and fall. The grip meter is the lower right 
    corner of the screen and is the kind purple/pink circle. When all the color 
    go away at the center, you'll fall.
    iii) The "Vertical Angle Jump" Glitch (VAJ)                            [33]
    It works like this. While hanging from vines, ledges, or whatever, if you 
    move left, up, right, down, or jump straight up, your grip meter decreases. 
    However, if you point the left analog stick at an upward angle (ie: up-left 
    or up-right) and jump, your meter won't decrease at all. Basically, using 
    this technique will allow the player to continue to climb any wall or other 
    climbable surface for as long or high as they like. 
    It is because of this glitch that we can reach the top of the temple, so 
    use it well. Because you can charge your jump, I've found that it's faster 
    to only charge a little bit and jump diagonally a short distance rather 
    than taking the time to get a full charge and jumping further. The ideal 
    way is to time figure out how long to charge your jump so that you grab 
    the wall at the peak of your jump. A little practice, and you'll find 
    yourself up at the top sooner than you think.
    iv) Jumping Across to Other Walls                                      [34]
    You can jump in any direction from a wall or ledge. This includes behind 
    you. Basically, while holding down /\ to charge your jump, rotate the left 
    analog stick until your character lets go of the wall with one hand and 
    faces the wall behind him. This is when you want to release /\.
    IV. WALKTHROUGH                                                        [40]
    What follows are two sections which will get you to the top of the temple.
    One is a more complete and detailed guide and the other is more of a quick 
    reference guide in list format. You may consider using the quick guide 
    first and only consulting the full guide if you get stuck. That may make it
    a little more fun for you, but if you want to be sure to make it in one 
    shot, use the full guide. Also, there are a few points that can be 
    difficult to explain without going into detail. Especially one 
    inparticular. In this instance, I noted in the quick guide that you may 
    to refer to the full guide just in case.
    i) Full Guide                                                          [41]
    I'm going to write this as if you are starting at the beginning of the 
    demo. So first things first, get on your horse. Ride outside and take a 
    left. Follow the temple around making sure you can see the wall on the left 
    side of the screen just a bit (use the right analog stick to help you keep 
    the temple in view). Not too far around, you'll see some bare roots 
    sticking out from a ledge near the top of the screen. Get pretty close to 
    where those are and stop.
    Get off your horse and face the temple. Just left of those roots, you will 
    see a large patch of green ivy going up the side of the temple. Our 
    adventure begins here :)
    Walk to the wall and jump. Grab onto the wall at the peak of your jump to 
    save a little time climbing. Remember that you want to use the vertical 
    angle jump (VAJ from here on out) glitch so that you don't deplete your 
    grip meter. If you don't know how to do this, please check out the "Things 
    you need to know" section just above the walkthrough.
    As you climb, you'll want to follow the dark green leaves up the right 
    path. This is true pretty much the whole way up - follow the dark leaves. 
    Going up and left really won't do you much good and it's simply faster and 
    easier to go up and right.
    Pretty soon, you'll see a ledge on the right side of the screen. Ignore it 
    and just keep going. Again, following the dark leaves will get you where 
    you need to go, but generally staying to the right side of the screen is 
    also a good idea since the next ledge is also on the right and that's where 
    we're headed.
    When you finally see the second ledge, get right up to it on the side of 
    the wall and do your VAJ to hang from it. From here, you want to shimmy 
    right until you have to jump to next section of the ledge. Don't worry, you 
    can use up some of your grip here since we have a place to rest soon. 
    However, don't use too much in case you miss the resting spot. I'll leave 
    it up to you to decide if you want to use your grip to shimmy across here 
    or VAJ across. I've fallen several times VAJing too quickly, so be warned. 
    Anyway, you want to get all the way to the right side of this ledge where 
    your back will be facing another ivy-covered wall. You want to jump across 
    to this wall (see the section above if you don't know how to jump to it). 
    Once there, you want to go up and right until you see the ledge behind the 
    wall you're on. There's a small tree there and this is your resting spot in 
    case you've used up some grip.
    From my experience, the best way to get to this ledge is to climb as close 
    to the edge of the wall BEFORE the character starts to turn sideways. What 
    I mean by this is that the character is still vertically oriented on the 
    wall. He seems to move his legs up and behind him the closer you get to the 
    edge. The point is, every time I've jumped facing that way, I've fallen 
    past the tree ledge and grabbed onto the little grassy lip right below it. 
    If that happens, don't worry, that's where you want to be anyway, you just 
    missed the resting point is all. However, jumping while still oriented 
    straight up and down and VAJing towards the ledge somehow makes him land 
    behind the tree. 
    If you made it to the rest point, hold R1 and walk to the edge and let 
    yourself drop and grab onto the ledge. Now you want to release R1 and then 
    hold it again so that you'll grab onto the small grassy lip below as I 
    mentioned above. Once there, I'll leave it up to you again to decide if you 
    want to shimmy across or VAJ across. You've come a long way and I'd hate 
    for you to fall now.
    Anyway, follow this ledge around to the right until you get in the corner 
    of the wall you're on and another one where you can see ivy again to the 
    upper right. Here you're going to want to fully charge VAJ towards that 
    green. Sometimes you'll grab high, sometimes you'll almost miss and grab 
    real low. Either way, you should make it. VAJ up and right to the next 
    wall. You should now see another ledge which you can simply climb over to 
    and automatically grab onto. Follow this ledge all the way right doing what 
    you need to do to get there until the character is just behind a little 
    leaf or something.
    Directly behind the character is a giant cylinder of some kind covered in 
    ivy. Jump to it from here and you'll grab on near the bottom of this new 
    structure. All you need to do here is VAJ up and right again until you get 
    to the top to the right of some more roots. Rotating the camera here as you 
    climb may help put your mind at ease since the columns can get in the way 
    of your view at times.
    From here you should be able to see the path. Go up and left to the next 
    structure. At this point, if you managed to save most of your grip, you can 
    probably just climb the rest of the way. Or, you can VAJ as well, it's all 
    good. Whatever you want. Just keep going up a little ways and you come to 
    the top ledge. Once there, hit /\ to pull yourself up.
    Congrats! You're now at the top.
    ii) Quick Guide                                                        [42]
    What follows is a simple list of steps to make it to the top. For a more 
    detailed guide, please use the section above this one. You may want to 
    consider only consulting the other one if you get stuck. That is, if you're
    more adventurous.
    -Get on Agro and turn left out side the temple
    -Keeping the wall in view on the left, stop when you see roots above you
    -Climb the ivy on the wall using the VAJ and follow the path to the right
    -Follow the darker colored leaves and pass the first ledge
    -Jump to the second ledge you come to
    -Work your way accross the ledge to the right
    -Jump to the next wall you see
    -On this wall, climb up a little and get close to the edge
    -Jump to the ledge with the tree
     (See detailed guide above for further deatil. This can be tricky!)
    -Rest for a moment on the ledge
    -Walk towards the edge and drop down to the ledge below
     (If you missed the rest point, hopefully you managed to grab on here)
    -Shimmy over to the corner of the wall your on and the next one
    -Jump towards the wall that the ledge meets
    -Jump again to the next wall
    -Climb to the next ledge and grab on
    -Shimmy yourself until you're behind a small leaf
    -Jump towards the giant cylinder behind you
    -Continue up and to the right of the roots
    -Go up and left to the next structure
    -Continue up the rest of the way and pull yourself up to the top
    -Let out a sign of relief
    Congrats! You're now at the top.
    V. ONCE YOU'RE AT THE TOP...                                           [50]
    Now that you're at the top of the temple, what do you do? What's here? Is 
    there a secret colossus waiting for you? Well, sadly, there's no colossus 
    up here, but there are some pretty neat things to explore. To the left 
    there is a path, ahead of you is a doorway, and just to the right and 
    behind you is that log bridge you can see in almost every screenshot of 
    this game on the net (unless there are more than one, I guess).
    Note that each way you go has ways of falling into an endless death or trap 
    of some kind. In other words, you might have to climb the tower three times 
    to visit all three sections.
    Also note that this info DOES NOT apply to the final version of the game!
    Each section of the "Secret Garden" is different in the demo. In each 
    section, I'll note what that area is like in the final version of the game, 
    but I won't go into detail since this FAQ is intended for the E3 Demo only
    (As you all should know by now!)
    i) To The Left                                                         [51]
    If you go to the left, you'll follow a path up and around the side of the 
    temple. As you go, you'll notice that the graphics get more buggy and 
    incomplete. Keep going and you'll find a doorway on the right. If you go 
    past this doorway, the character will begin to walk OFF of the ground as if 
    he's in zero gravity or something. Nothing else there, really.
    If you go inside the door, the first thing waiting for you is a rather 
    creepy looking decapitated female body. Just standing there! You can run 
    right through her as if she's not even there. In fact that's true for lots 
    of objects in this room.
    There are trees, what look like incomplete waterfalls, several platforms 
    and a moat going around the whole thing. From the little exploring I did in 
    here, there's nothing more than what you see except for TONS of glitches. 
    If you drop down in the moat, the water effects aren't complete and once 
    you get in, you can't get out. The game will not allow you climb out at all 
    from what I saw. Eventually, my character just went into an endless falling 
    animation in the middle of the moat and I had to restart the demo.
    *In the final version of the game*
    The path to the left is pretty much the same, but without all the glitches
    and incomplete areas. 
    ii) To The Right and Behind                                            [52]
    If you go right and then turn away from the temple, you'll see a seemingly 
    endless bridge. From what I can tell, you can't do much here except run for 
    a long time until the you fall through the bridge and splat on another 
    platform below. You can get some pretty cool views of the surrounding areas 
    here, though. Eye candy *drools*
    *In the final version of the game*
    You can run and run and run until a strong gust of wind keeps you from 
    crossing the end of the bridge. How sad.
    iii) Straight Ahead                                                    [53]
    As soon as you pull yourself up to the top of the temple, you'll see a 
    doorway directly ahead of you. Please note that as soon as you go inside
    this door, YOU CANNOT GET BACK OUT. For whatever reason, there's like an 
    invisible wall there and you can't get back to where you just were to 
    explore the other areas. 
    When you go in the door, you'll be going down some stairs. It won't take 
    long before you reach the end. And boy, is it the END. Rotate the camera 
    around to see a bunch of other areas of the game. If you jump off and into 
    the void, you'll end up in a white screen death. Kinda neat :)
    *In the final version of the game*
    The door is closed here and there is no way to open it. This way cannot be
    explored in the final game.
    VI. LEGAL STUFF / CREDITS                                              [60]
    Obviously, I don't own the rights to this game or anything related to it in 
    any way. Nor do I claim to. Thanks to Sony and the ICO Team for bringing us 
    this awesome demo and game.
    Yeah, I wrote this FAQ and I wrote it specifically for GameFAQs.com. 
    However, you can post it anywhere else you want to if you feel the need as 
    long as it's unmodified. I'd like to know if you do use it, though! Why? 
    Because I like to feel special. Please don't modify it without asking me 
    first. I'd prefer that you simply email me and let me know of the changes
    you'd like to see and perhaps I'll make/add them.
    This guide is Copyright 2005 Matthew Miller

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