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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheEternalVenomX

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/06/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 Shadow of the Colossus
                                   Developed By: SCEI
                                   Published By: SCEA
                                FAQ By: TheEternalVenomX
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Story
    4. Controls
     4.1. Basics
     4.2. Horse-Riding
     4.3. HUD
     4.4. Weapons
    5. Walkthrough
     5.2. First Colossus
     5.2. Second Colossus
     5.3. Third Colossus
     5.4. Fourth Colossus
     5.5. Fifth Colossus
     5.6. Sixth Colossus
     5.7. Seventh Colossus
     5.8. Eighth Colossus
     5.9. Ninth Colossus
     5.10. Tenth Colossus
     5.11. Eleventh Colossus
     5.12. Twelfth Colossus
     5.13. Thirteenth Colossus
     5.14. Fourteenth Colossus
     5.15. Fifteenth Colossus
     5.16. Sixteenth Colossus
    6. Legal Information
                                    1. Introduction
    I only played Ico once, I rented it and thought it was a pretty damn 
    entertaining game.  Not once did I consider it "revolutionary" but an 
    enjoyable game for different reasons.  It had an absolutely phenominal sense
    of scale and a true epic feel to it.  The non-linear gameplay took some 
    getting used to but overall it was an enjoyable experience.
    Shadow of the Colossus comes to us from the same developer who once again
    tries something unique.  In this game, you play a lone Wanderer who
                                   2. Version History
    November 7, 2005
    Version 1.00
    Submitted to GameFAQs.
                                       3. Story
    Shadow of the Colossus tells the tale of a lone horserider who brings a 
    deceased girl to a Shrine.  He brings her to this Shrine in the hopes of 
    bringing her back from the dead.  But, he is told that the only way to do this
    is to find and destroy the 16 Colossi that roam the land.  Armed with only a
    sword, bow and his trusty stead Agro...the lone horserider sets off on his 
                                      4. Controls
    4.1. Controller
    X - Whistle (calls Agro and gets attention of Colossus)
    Square - Prepare/Fire Arrow and swings/stabs Sword
    Triangle - Jump
    Circle - Hold Weapon up
    Start - Open Map
    Select - Set Camera to Eye Level
    L1 - Lock Camera onto Colossus
    R1 - Grab
    L2 - Reset Camera
    R2 - Zoom Camera
    Left Analog Stick - Move Character
    Right Analog Stick - Move Camera
    Left/Right D-Pad - Scroll through Weapons
    R1 + Triangle - Roll
    4.2. Horse-Riding
    Left Analog Stick - Steer Agro
    Triangle - Mount/Dismount
    X - Ride Faster
    R1 - Crouch
    Square - Attack
    R1 + Left Analog Stick Up - Stand Up
    To Find Colossus - Hold the Sword up when you are bathed with sunlight, a 
    beam will emit.  Position the sword so the beam is focussed in the direction
    you need to go
    4.3. HUD
    Pink Circle - Grip Meter, this depletes as you grab a hold of anything.  
                  When you are not grabbing onto anything it recharges
    Red Health Bar - Your current health, replentishes itself when not flashing
    Weapon Circle - Currently equiped weapon
    Green Colossus Health Bar - When fighting a Colossus this will appear, shows
                                the total health of the Colossus.
    4.4. Weapons
    Hand - Nothing equipped, nothing really to be done
    Sword - Used to find Colossi and to stab them in their glowing weakness
    Bow - Fires arrows to attract Colossi or to hit critical weaknesses
                                    5. Walkthrough
    Note: Directions in this walkthrough will be of the North, South, West and
    East variety.  Press Start to look at your map; North is up, South is down,
    West is left and East is right.
    5.1. First Colossus
    When you begin, run back to your horse, Arco. Jump on up onto him and ride him 
    to the right of the altar.  Keep riding to the South, eventually you'll see a
    "gap" in the cliff ahead with stairs leading up to it.  Approach it and a brief
    cutscene will start.  To begin your ascent, dismount from Arco.  Go to the end
    of this gap, jump onto the grassy wall on the right and climb up with R1.  
    Press Triangle at the top to reach the ledge.  Turn left and head to the gap in
    the middle, jump it and climb up the ledge at the end.  Turn right, go across
    the bridge and dive roll under the log.  Climb up the ledge at the end and
    turn left.  Jump up and grab the small ledge that juts out from the column 
    here.  Shimmey to the other side.  Once there, hold Triangle at the end and
    pull down on the left Analog Stick.  Then release Triangle while still holding
    R1 to grab the opposite ledge.  Climb up and proceed to the end of the path to
    begin a cutscene that displays your first Colossus.
    |First Colossus|
    Run up to him and approach his left knee from behind.  Dodge his hammer and
    foot when he slams either down.  Be careful as even getting caught in the
    shockwave of either will damage you.  Grab onto the hair on the back of his
    leg and stab this area with your sword.  He'll drop to his knees, allowing you
    to jump up and grab the hair on his backside.  Climb up this hair and move to
    the left a bit.  Jump up and grab the ledge that juts out from his waist.  
    Shimmey to the right and climb up onto the platform.  Approach his back and
    jump and grab the ledge here.  Shimmey to either platform on either side of
    his lower back.  Climb up to the platform then jump and grab his back hair.
    Climb this hair all the way to his skull which is glowing blue and white.  
    Position your character so he is right above that glowing part.  Hold down the
    Square button to bring your sword up.  Continue holding it while the Dual Shock
    rumbles to indicate it is charging.  Release it to let loose a deadly stab into
    the Colossus' skull.  His health meter on the upper-left side of the screen
    indicates his status.  Continue to whittle down his health with stabs to beat
    this Colossus.
    Afterwards, your character passes and and you are given an option to save your
    5.2. Second Colossus
    From the altar, again mount your horse and go down the steps to the right of
    said altar.  Now, turn immediately right as you face outwards from the Shrine.
    Then go around the corner and head North from the Shrine.  Ahead you will see
    three rock monuments with paths between the gaps between them..  Take the path 
    that leads north and ride over the rock bridge that goes across the gorge.  
    When you reach the other side, take the right path down (a cutscene is 
    activated as you do).  Take the pathway all the way down and turn right as 
    you face outwards into the gorge.  As you approach the stone blockade on the 
    right: a Colossus breaks out.  
    |Second Colossus|
    Dismount Argo and pull out your Bow.  This Colossus is pretty passive and won't
    actively attack you.  Just watch out for those hooves otherwise you could get
    crushed pretty easily.  Approach this Colossus from the back while on foot.
    Mount an arrow and point it at the Colossus' back left hoof.  Hit the glowing
    bottom of it to get it to drop down.  Then approach that leg from the side and
    jump up.  Grab the hair on the leg and climb all the way up to it's back.  Once
    you reach the back stand up.  Jump and grab the stone "rib" on it's back, pull
    yourself up and drop down the other end.  Run to the other rib and climb up,
    then drop down the other side.  From here on, the Colossus will try to shake
    you off it's front.  From here on, getting thrown off is a real danger.  If
    the Colossus goes to shake: grab a hold of the hair.  When he isn't shaking,
    let go to allow your Grip Meter to build back up.  Go to the very top of it's
    head to find another glowing section.  Grab a hold of the hair and hold Square
    to charge the sword.  Release it to stab the glowing section.  When the 
    Colossus' health reaches half, the glowing section disappears.  What you need
    to do is to all the way to the Colossus' backside.  Backtrack to where you
    arrive on the Colossus' back.  In other words: climb back across the ribs and
    grab a hold of some hair.  While holding onto the hair, climb to it's backside
    to see the glowing section.  Deliver more stabbing blows to finish this Colossus
    5.3. Third Colossus
    From the altar, again leave down the right stairs and turn west upon leaving.
    Head north still and you'll see those three rock monuments you observed from
    the previous Colossus.  Take the path west that is situated between the two
    western-most monuments.  Once over the bridge, turn north and follow the edge
    of the Gorge north.  Head north all the way to the large cliff, then turn
    east and follow the cliff in that direction.  Around the corner you'll see a
    pathway that leads east through a canyon.  Go through it until you trigger a
    cutscene.  Dismount Argo and swim through the pond, go up the ramp that was
    observed in the cutscene.  When you get to the top of the ramp, jump to the
    pillar and grab the ledge.  Shimmey to the right side and jump to the circular
    platform.  Grab the edge and climb up.  Turn right and follow the path until
    you see some grass on the edge you can climb up.  Do so to face your next
    |Third Colossus|
    This guy is pretty damn tricky to take down, he wields a large club-like stone
    on one hand.  His attacks include bringing that club down in a vertical strike
    and stomping down on the ground with his foot.  However, one attack should be
    of notice: he will bring the club down in a horizontal motion allowing you to
    walk up it.  But before you can do that, you have to shatter the bracelet on
    his wrist to make it possible to climb up him.  See that large stone circle in
    the centre of this grassy island? Run onto it and place it between you and
    the Colossus.  When he strikes his club down, he'll hit the stone circle and
    shatter his bracelet.  If you get enough distance between you and the stone
    circle (keeping him on the other side) he'll attack with this diagonal strikes
    I mentioned.  When he does, jump to dodge the shockwave from the impact then 
    run up the length of the club.  Grab the hair on his arm and climb up until
    you reach the shoulder.  Move onto his back and climb up until you reach the
    top of his skull.  The glowing section is atop: stab it with charged sword
    attacks until his health is drained 50%.  When that is done, the glowing
    section moves to his belly.  Climb back down his back and go to his shoulder,
    rest your grip meter by standing on his shoulder for a bit (be prepared to
    hit R1 if he tries to shake you off).  Climb down his arm until you are past
    the bracelet, then move to the left just a tad.  You should be able to grab
    and climb up his bracelet.  When you do, run the length of it carefully (be
    sure to hit R1 if he shakes).  Then jump the length to the hair around his
    waist.  Grab the hair and move to the front of his belly, you'll see the
    glowing section.  Just stab it to remove the last of his health.
    5.4. Fourth Colossus
    Head south from the Shrine of Worship and then turn east.  You should see an
    opening in the east cliff.  Not the one immediately east of the First 
    Colossus gate but the next easy one.  Head through there and down the path, 
    when you get to the end you'll be in a grassy field with a gateway ahead.  
    This gate leads down into an  underground chamber.  This chamber is linked 
    to four more surface gates arranged in a square formation. Note this gate 
    network because it becomes crucial in the Colossus battle.  Anyways, head 
    down the grassy path to your left to the field.  Walk forward, inspect the 
    cave network, then keep moving to meet the Colossus.
    |Fourth Colossus|
    This four-legged thing doesn't have any weapons to attack with but will stomp
    you if you get close.  What you need to do is lure it towards you, then duck
    into one of those caves.  Make sure it sees you go into that cave, as it will
    attack the entrance trying to flush you out.  Head down the stairs from the
    cave entrance and head out the opposite entrance (and only the opposite).  
    After you exit, if the Colossus is still attacking the previous gate, then he
    hasn't spotted you yet.  If he starts walking towards you: you've been spotted
    and have to repeat the whole thing again.  The key is to wait, out of sight,
    until he drops his head down to "look" in the cave.  When he does, his tail
    plate drops to ground level.  Run to his back and grab the tail plate, jump
    and climb up from there until you reach his back hair.  Climb the back hair 
    until you get to his head.  Run across the stone "crown" on his head and grab
    a hold of his skull hair.  You'll see the glowing section indicating his
    weakness is here.  Stab this part repeatedly until he goes down.
    5.5. Fifth Colossus
    Head out the south entrance of the shrine, then turn east.  As you face east
    you will see the path you took to the Fourth Colossus.  To the left of it
    is another path: take it.  This path is bordered by a cliff on one side and
    a gorge on the other.  Follow this path until you reach a grassy field.  There
    is a Save Shrine here as well, if you need it.  Just east of the Save Shrine 
    is another pathway.  It leads to some ruins in the middle of a lake.  Jump
    into the lake and swim towards to underwater archway.  Jump straight up and
    as you plunge back down push the Control Stick forward.  You are now under
    the archway, swim ahead.  When in the next pool, swim towards the center
    column and climb up the ledges to the top.  Continue forwards, up the stairs
    to start a cutscene showing a flying Colossus.
    |Fifth Colossus|
    See that hole in the corner of this platform? Drop down it to end up in the
    lake.  Turn to the right just a bit and swim forward, you should see three
    platforms sitting atop the water.  Swim to the centre one and jump up onto
    it.  Fire a few arrows at the Colossus to get his attention.  Then wait until
    he attempts to divebomb you.  When he does, jump to either shoulder of his and
    grab the hair.  Now, I can pretty much guarentee you will fall off at some
    point.  This is due to his constant pitching while in flight in addition to 
    his frequent shaking.  The limited grip meter doesn't help either.  If you do
    fall off, return to that centre floating platform and repeat the arrow attack.
    Then grab back on when he dive-bombs.  Anyways, while on his shoulder make your
    way to the tip of his left wing.  You will have to run across the stone patch
    on the way to the tip.  Wait until he is flying parallel, then run quickly
    to the end.  Grab the hair and stab the glowing section until it disappears (it
    usually does after one stab).  The next glowing section is on the tip of his
    right wing now.  Return to the hair on his back, rest your grip if you can
    then make the attempt to the right tip.  Run over the stone section on his wing
    then grab the hair on the tip.  Stab the glowing section again.  Now, the final
    glowing section is on the very tip of his tail.  Return to his back and make
    the climb to his tail.  Remember to rest your grip every now-and-then when it
    runs low.  When you do reach the tip of his tail, grab the hair then stab the
    glowing section to bring him down.
    5.6. Sixth Colossus
    From the south side of the Shrine, head southwest.  There should be a path
    that leads into a forest-like area as you head in this direction.  Head due
    west in this forest and out the west exit.  You are now in a large grassy
    plain so head southwest again.  You should see a large stone-like structure
    built into the cliff face here.  There are some steps leading down that are
    placed in front of this structure.  Head down these and to the end of the
    tunnel into a large room.  Approach the edge of this platform, holding R1, to
    drop down a grab the ledge.  Release R1 and press it again to grab the ledges
    of this wall to control your decent.  When you reach the bottom you face you
    sixth colossus.
    |Sixth Colossus|
    Head to the opposite wall and wait for the Colossus to charge you and smash
    this section.  Run through the ruined wall to the next one, have the Colossus
    smash this one and then proceed to the end.  You'll see a structure with 
    stories to it (it has columns on each story as well).  Run into the bottom 
    section of this structure and hide.  When the Colossus goes to peek inside run
    up to him and grab his beard.  Climb up it to the top of his back, rest here
    to recover Grip.  Then climb to the top of his head and stab the glowing 
    section.  When his health is about half-drained the glowing section moves to
    the lower part of his back.  Rest your grip again on the top of his back, then
    climb down to the lower-left section of his back.  Stab this section repeatedly
    but make sure to rest your grip at the top of his back if you need.  Once he
    is down you return to the Shrine to begin the next Colossus hunt.
    5.7. Seventh Colossus
    Exit the castle, then head north.  Take the northern bridge over the gorge (the
    same one you took to get to the Second Colossus).  Except take a left after 
    crossing to head out onto a plain.  Keep heading north until you get to a cliff
    face at the very end.  Then turn west and keep going, head up a hill to meet a
    lake with a bridge leading over it.  Take the bridge to the end, then dismount
    Agro and walk the rest to the column.  Take the spiral path on the column down
    into the lake to meet your next Colossus.
    |Seventh Colossus|
    This one is an electric eel that swims around in the lake, surfacing 
    occassinally.  If you attempt to swim close to this eel, he will approach you
    and try to surface under you (to attack you with his electric spines).  Dodge
    these spines, then grab a hold of his tail when it surfaces above the water.
    Hold on tight, then when he surfaces head straight for the back of his first
    electric spine and give the glowing section a stab.  Now, this is a tip that 
    will help you avoid getting his with electric shocks.  The electric spines have
    a radius, marked by the change of hair color at the front and back of the 
    spines.  If you can't stab the spines fast enough, hide on this hair to avoid
    getting zapped.  After stabbing that glowing section once, the spine will die
    meaning no more shocks from it.  Remember to rest your grip as this Colossus
    will dive for extended periods of time.  Run to the second spine and repeat the
    same process: being aware of when the Colossus is ready to dive (he'll only
    shock you when he does).  After that, run to the third spine, near the head
    and repeat the process one more time.  No more shocks at all from this Colossus
    now.  The final glowing section is at the top of his head.  Grab ahold of the
    hair near there and do powerful stabs to take him down.  Be aware of his diving
    though, because you have little warning now that you are so close to his head.
    5.8. Eighth Colossus
    Head south from the Shrine of Worship.  The path you need to take is the one
    in the south cliff.  It's between the paths that lead to the First and Fourth
    Colossus.  It leads directly south as well.  Go through it, when you get to 
    the junction head west.  You should see a cave inside of the cliff straight
    ahead of you as you leave this path.  Head through it, dismount Agro and follow
    the pathway right.  Head around the corner at the end to come to a large pool.
    Swim across to the ruins ahead and head through the front doorway.  Take the 
    stairs down until you get to a large chamber.  On the right is a column with
    grabbable ledge.  Jump and grab the ledges to get to the very top, then shimmey
    to the opposite side.  Jump off to the catwalk up here.  Follow the catwalk 
    down into another tunnel.  Jump and grab the blocks to pass through then go
    down the stairs at the end to meet your next Colossus.
    |Eighth Colossus|
    This Colossus has two main attacks, a tail swipe (very damaging) and an 
    electric projectile.  Either should be completely avoidable if you follow
    the instructions below.
    Turn left and follow the path until you get to a stairwell.  Take the stairs
    down all the way to the ground level to the second level.  Go to one of the
    windows here and fire a couple arrows at the Colossus to get his attention.
    When he begins to climb up walk to an opposite window and aim your bow.  Fire
    two arrows at two different legs to get him to fall.  Then return to the 
    staircase and quickly run down.  Grab a hold of the Colossus' belly hair and
    find the glowing section.  Stab it with power to take him down quickly.  When
    he gets back up repeat the above strategy to take him down.
    5.9. Ninth Colossus
    From the Shrine, head north and take the western bridge that lead you to
    the Second Colossus.  It leads over a gorge and has two rock monuments on
    either side of the entrance.  After passing over, head northwest to the cliffs
    on the north side and follow them west.  You'll come across a large gorge with
    a bridge that leads over it to the south.  Once over it you are in a large dry
    lake bed with active geysers.  A cave on the north cliff wall has the next
    Colossus: enter to fight him.
    |Ninth Colossus|
    Lead him out of the cave on Agro, and ride to a geyser on the lake bed.  
    Position yourself so the geyser is between you and the Colossus.  This Colossus
    has two attacks.  He'll fire four simultaneous electric shocks that deal massive
    damage to you.  Riding away from Agro seems to be the best option to dodge them.
    The next attack is he'll rear up and slam his feet on the ground, time it and
    jump the second before his feet hit the ground.  To defeat him, lure him over
    a geyser so his body comes into contact with the water.  These geysers turn on
    and off frequently.  If one turns off while you are trying to lead him over it,
    just wait and it'll flare back up.  When the hot water comes into contact with
    his underbelly he'll fall onto one side.  Whip out the Bow and fire arrows at
    the bottoms of his two feet that are in contact with the ground.  They should 
    have green panels on the bottom, indicating which ones are the weak points.  
    After firing two charged arrows at the bottoms he'll fall completely on his 
    side. RUN up to his belly and climb up to his belly hair.  If you approach 
    directly to his belly you'll see ledges below his belly hair that you can use
    to climb up.  Once you are on the belly hair, climb all the way up to the 
    ledges on top of his belly hair.  When you reach these, the Colossus will begin
    to upright himself.  Be careful and time your movements so you reach the top
    of his back as he turns over.  When you are on the very top of his back, 
    quickly run to his head.  Grab a hold of the hair on his skull and stab the 
    glowing section here multiple times to defeat him.
    5.10. Tenth Colossus
    From the Shrine of Worship, head north of the building.  Take the bridge that
    leads west over the gorge.  Continue heading west, follow the edge of the gorge
    for reference.  Keep heading straight west until you come to a Save Shrine at
    the far west cliff.  Save here then head into the cave to the immediate south,
    follow it into a chamber with the next Colossus.  Head to the northern area
    of the cave to trigger it.
    |Tenth Colossus|
    This particular Colossus is a sandworm-like version of the giants you've been
    facing.  Keep on Agro and start pressing X to get some speed, then switch to
    your bow and ready an arrow.  Agro will keep the pace up as long as you've
    got your bow out and ready to fire.  Keep aiming at the approaching Colossus
    as he chases you.  When you see his eyes (they are giant, orange circles...you
    can't miss them) fire an arrow into either one.  He'll then lose control and
    crash into a wall.  Dismount Agro then, climb up onto his head and run and jump
    up to his belly hair.  Run along the belly to make it to the glowing section
    quickly, grab ahold when he starts shaking violently.  The glowing section is
    in the middle of his belly, grab ahold and start stabbing.  When his health is
    depleted in half he'll upright himself.  Repeat the same process of shooting
    an arrow into his eye while riding Agro to have him crash again.  Then climb
    back onto his head; run and jump to his belly and climb the hair to the back
    end.  The glowing section is here now so get to stabbing to finish him off.
    5.11. Eleventh Colossus
    Head north from the Shrine of Worship and take the bridge that leads north.
    Follow the massive stone bridge structure north, keeping on the west side
    of it.  You'll come across a Save Shrine, furthur north you'll see a massive
    gorge that goes under this massive stone bridge and a bit to the east side.
    Head to the eastern edge of this gorge, by a rock monument on the eastern edge
    is a pathway leading down.  Take the winding path down to the bottom of the
    gorge.  Drop into the pool and swim to the opposite end.  Take the right
    ramp up and head straight when you reach the top.  On the left you'll see a
    large stone gate.  Head through, turn left and jump the gap to the platform
    to meet your next Colossus.
    |Eleventh Colossus|
    This guy has two attacks, a powerful charge and a paw swipe.  He can attack
    you while you are lying on the ground so be aware of that.  He'll use the
    charge from a distance and the paw swipe when up close.  What you need to do
    is approach one of the flame braziers from the side and climb up as the 
    Colossus is charging you.  He'll ram headfirst into the brazier knocking
    down a flaming stick.  Drop back down and walk over the stick to pick it up
    then climb back up the flame brazier.  Swing the stick into the fire to light
    it then drop back down.  Press O to hold it high in the air, the Colossus will
    back off as he is scared of fire.  Position yourself so the Colossus backs off
    the cliff at the far end.  When he does, he'll shatter his back armor in the
    fall.  From there, drop down the cliff and onto the Colossus' back.  If you 
    miss then you'll have to run after him trying to jump atop of him (if you're
    quick you won't get hurt).  Grab a hold of his back hair and stab the sword
    into the glowing section.  He'll try to buck and shake you off, by far the
    most violent and consistent bucking/shaking yet.  Keep your cool and keep
    stabbing that one glowing section every chance you get to finish him off.
    5.12. Twelfth Colossus
    Head north from the Shrine of Worship and take the north bridge across the
    gorge.  Take the left path upon leaving it and then take an immediate eastern
    turn.  Keep riding in a eastern direction and you'll come to a bridge that
    leads northeast.  At the end of the bridge, head into the secluded forest
    and turn around.  Beside the entrance you arrived in is the exit, head
    through and turn left.  Follow the path until you arrive at a Save Shrine.
    Go past it, up the stairs and cling the the ledge on the right column.  Then
    shimmey to the opposite side of the column and let go.  Run down the path
    and jump into the water at the end.  Swim through the large gateway ahead
    and onto the small island to start the next Colossus battle.
    |Twelfth Colossus|
    This Colossus has only one attack and that's a powerful electric blast it
    shoots from its horns.  You'll see these stone towers in the lake with you,
    swim to them and climb up to the lower level.  Get the attention of the 
    Colossus and he'll approach the tower.  Crouch behind the centre column to
    dodge his electrical blasts.  He'll eventually lose interest and start to
    go around the tower.  When his back becomes visible, swim to it.  Once at 
    his back, climb up his back hair and continue upwards all the way to the top 
    of his head.  Now, at the top you'll notice that there are three sets of 
    stones here.  One on the left side of his head, one on the front and one on 
    the right.  Hitting either one of these stones will cause the Colossus to go 
    in that direction.  What you need to do is guide him to one of the stone tower 
    islands.  When you get close enough, jump to the island and hide behind the 
    column to dodge his electric blast.  Eventually he'll rear up and try to 
    attack you directly.  When he does his belly is completely vulnerable.  Jump 
    to his belly and grab a hold of his chest hairs, stab the glowing section as 
    hard as you can.  Once he drops back down you'll have to repeat the process of 
    climbing his back, navigating to a stone tower island (he'll destroy the one 
    you previously used) and jump on his chest hairs when they are exposed.  Do 
    this and you'll slay your Twelfth Colossus.
    5.13. Thirteenth Colossus
    Head southwest from the Shrine and head through the southwest path (it'll lead
    you into a secluded forest).  Exit the forest from the west end and you'll be
    on a rock bridge over a gorge.  Head over the bridge, into a cave then out to
    arrive in a desert.  Head south from the cave towards the circular rock 
    monument ahead.  Step on the center platform here to meet the next Colossus.
    |Thirteenth Colossus|
    This Colossus will fly around the desert without attacking you, just another
    passive one.  Those large, white sacs on it's underbelly are a weak point so
    mount Agro and fire arrows at them.  When one is punctured it'll shrivel up
    and turn black.  You'll want to stay on Agro all the time (except when you
    are mounting him in a second) since this boss flies pretty fast.  When all
    of his sacs are punctured he'll drop his front fins and drag them along the
    ground.  Here comes the hard part as you have to climb up those fins.  Ride
    Agro towards them and position him so you are riding parallel to the fins.
    Make it so you are practically touching them.  Then jump off towards the fin
    and press R1 and you'll hopefully cling on.  At this point the Colossus will
    do one of two things.  He'll either raise his fin up into a horizontal position
    at which point you can run across to his body (he'll flip them vertically when
    he's doing this, so keep your finger above R1).  His second varient is he'll
    continue dragging the fin on the ground.  In that case just jump up with
    Triangle to get the the top of the fin.  Either way, you'll need to jump onto
    his body and grab some hair.  This Colossus will either try to shake you off
    or do a barrel roll.  Cling onto the hair if he tries either.  Run to the
    frontmost vertical fins on his back to find the glowing section just behind it.
    Stab this until a third of his health is gone.  It'll disappear and the 
    Colossus will decend into the ground.  You'll be back at the beginning shooting
    the white sacs, riding to the fin, climbing up the fin and finding the next
    glowing section.  This time it will be one vertical fin back on his back, stab
    it and he'll descend again.  Repeat the whole process one last time to finish
    him off for good.
    5.14. Fourteenth Colossus
    Head to the north end of the Shrine and head across the west bridge.  After
    entering the other side, turn northwest immediately.  Keep going in a 
    northwestern direction until you get to a pathway in the cliffs.  A Save Shrine
    is right beside the entrance to the pathway if you need indications.  Head
    through this path all the way to the end, at the junction turn left over the
    stone embankment.  Then immediately turn right and follow the pathway.  A little
    ways down, some totems start to line the path to indicate you are on course.
    Head into the cave at the end and dismount Agro.  Swim through the water to
    the end and follow the tunnels to the cave exit.  After the brief cutscene drop
    down to the lower platform.  Turn left and head down the stairs on this side
    to a small platform.  Grapple the edge of the platform, let go and grip again
    to gradually drop yourself down.  If you face opposite from this wall on the
    left is a small opening.  Go through and head down the stairs.  On the left 
    side is a large column on its side that you can climb on top of.  Climb up to
    the path and walk to the end.
    |Fourteenth Colossus|
    You'll see another column at the end of the path on the left side.  Climb to
    the top of it and head to the end.  Jump to the archway and climb up to the
    top.  Run across and jump to the wall, climb up.  Run to the end (press R1 if
    the Colossus charges it to avoid getting knocked off) and drop down to the
    smaller wall on the right.  Run to the end of this wall, jump to the tower at
    the end and climb to the top.  Fire arrows at the Colossus to draw his 
    attention and have him knock the tower over.  From where you land, run ahead
    and jump over the gap then climb atop the tower that was just knocked over.
    Jump up to the wall and run to the end, jump to the lower wall opposite.  Turn
    right and cling onto the tower.  Jump to the top of it.  Have the Colossus
    ram it twice to toppel it (shoot arrows at him to get him to ram it).  When
    the tower toppels you will fall off, just climb atop of the fallen tower.  Then
    jump to the next standing tower and repeat the process to have it knocked over.
    Jump atop this fallen tower and jump to the next tower, climb it with jump
    grapples.  Once you get this tower knocked over, climb up the fallen column
    and leap to the next archway.  Follow it until the end and leap to the tower.
    Again climb it and have the Colossus toppel it with charges.  Climb atop the
    fallen tower and run to the end, leap onto the archway then onto the structure.
    Climb up to the top, shimmey to the side and jump up a ledge.  Shimmey to the
    back of the structure and climb to the back platform.  From the back platform
    jump to the tower and again have it toppeled.  This will send you back into
    the area you started from.  From the recently toppled tower, head opposite it
    and jump up the ledge wall to the top.  Go to the platform that stands above
    this area and lure the Colossus with arrows.  He'll charge the columns 
    supporting this platform causing a ton of rubble to smash his armor.  Now his
    vulnerable hide is exposed.  You'll also be back on the ground as you fell
    along with the rubble.  Climb atop on of the toppeled towers and wait until
    the Colossus goes to charge.  Jump the second he starts running and you'll
    dodge the shock of the impact.  The Colossus will be a bit dazed from the
    ramming so jump onto his back and grab ahold.  Stab his glowing section on
    the back as much as you can with powerful stabs.  He'll try to buck you off
    by running around, if you fall off then just climb atop one of the toppeled
    towers and repeat the process.
    5.15. Fifteenth Colossus
    Head north from the Shrine and over the northern bridge across the gorge. 
    Take the left path upon leaving and continue way to the north.  At the very
    northern part of the land, take an eastern turn and head east.  There will be
    a Save Shrine coming up as well.  From the Save Shrine, head to the east of
    it and look north.  You will see a small ramp leading up into the building 
    here.  Take it and follow the pathway into the structure.  Dismount Agro and
    approach the tipped-over column that blocks the path.  Climb up the ledge on
    either side and walk past it.  Drop down and head up the stairs, climb up
    the ledges on the top wall.  Climb the stairs ahead and head onto the large
    field.  Head to the end to trigger the Colossus.
    |Fifteenth Colossus|
    This guy has two attacks, a stomp and a club swipe.  He'll do the former
    when you are on the ground while the latter is for when you are on the
    Turn around and look to the right.  You will see some platforms slightly
    elevated above the ground, jump on them.  Lure the Colossus over and he'll
    stomp one of them.  This will tilt the platform up a bit, allowing you to run
    onto it and jump up to reach the upper level.  Run up the stairs after reaching
    this upper level and run to the stone blocks lining the pathway.  Lure the
    Colossus over and he'll whack this level with his club.  The impact will
    cause a block to drop on top of one of the blocks already there.  Jump up and
    use those two stacked blocks to reach the next level.  Once up there, head to
    the stairs near the entrance to this field and head up the stairs.  At the top,
    head to the middle bridge which should be the ruined one.  It lines the field
    connecting one side to the other.  You want to avoid the full bridges as the
    Colossus will knock these down. Lure the Colossus over to the ruined bridge
    you are on with whistles or arrows. When he gets close, leap off and cling onto 
    his hair.  The glowing section is on the top of his head.  He shakes a LOT 
    during this encounter so mash Square to get your powerful stabs in as quick as 
    possible.  When he health is down to about 10% the glowing section disappears.
    Head to his right arm (the one that holds the club) and climb down the hair to 
    his elbow.  There is a small weakness spot here with black mist swirling 
    around it.  Stab it once to get the Colossus to drop his club.  You'll drop
    back down to the ground as well.  The Colossus' new attack is a ground pound
    with his right fist.  Avoid the pound and climb onto his palm hair.  Stab the
    glowing section on his palm to finish him off.
    5.16. Sixteenth Colossus
    Head southeast of the Shrine and take the southeast path through the south 
    cliffs.  Midway down will be a junction, take a right and follow the path into
    an open plain.  You need to head to the very south of the land, so head in a
    straight southern direction.  You'll come to some cliffs midway down but a path
    around lies to the west.  At the very southern edge of the land are two massive
    cliffs with a gate between them.  Ride to the gate, dismount Agro and stand in
    the sunlight in front.  Raise your sword with the Circle button and place the
    reflected beam on the glowing circle on the gate.  Mount Agro again and ride
    through the now-open gate.  At the end there is a Save Shrine and a series of
    stairs leading up.  Save at the Shrine, then ride up the stairs with Agro.  At
    the top, run straight for the bridge while on Agro.  He'll jump to it and then
    you must ride across it.  After the cutscene, head straight and climb up the
    ledges on the wall.  Pull yourself up to the platform above and climb the 
    blocks on the right.  At the top, climb on the grass that's on the wall here.
    At the very top, climb over to the platform and let go to drop onto it.  Climb
    and jump across the remaining blocks until you reach a large platform.  Go
    through the doorway on the wall and up the stairs.  You'll reach an outside
    ledge at the top.  Climb up the pillars that line the ledge up to an upper
    platform to meet the next Colossus.
    |Sixteenth Colossus|
    This guy is incredibly hard for one reason: those energy bolts of his HURT.  
    He'll be off in the distance letting these things off everytime he spots you.
    They are also released in quick succession so you have to time everything right
    here.  Go up the stairs and hide behind the large tower, everytime you move 
    out into the open DO IT IMMEDIATELY AFTER HE SHOOTS.  So, run immediately right
    and hide behind the fallen pillar.  When he fires on it run to the hold in the
    ground on the right.  Drop down and follow the tunnel to the end.  When you
    reach the end you'll have to be careful because he can shoot down from this
    area.  Climb up the block at the end and hide behind one of the walls.  Move
    from wall to wall after he fires a shot.  Drop down into the hole at the end
    and follow the tunnel out.  Once outside, hug the cliff to avoid his shots and
    head to the circular platform.  Cling to the above ledge and shimmey around
    jumping to the platform at the end.  Follow this platform to a large open area
    but wait.  RUN into the area and quickly into the cave.  At the end, carefully
    go up the blocks to the field with the Colossus.  Hide behind the wall and run
    to the next after he shoots.  The final wall is really tricky because of the
    distance.  What I like to do is poke out, wait until he fires then walk back
    to the previous wall.  Then I let the bolt hit then RUN to the next wall before
    he can attack again.  Drop into the hole and follow the tunnel until you arrive
    under the Colossus.
    See that metal wall dead ahead? Climb up the ledges on it then jump up to the
    top platform.  Turn left and jump to the next platform, grab the ledge and pull
    yourself up.  Turn left and head to the column, jump to the ledges on it and
    climb up.  Once up there, continue left jumping from platform to platform until
    you reach the end.  Climb up the ledges again, going straight up.  Shimmey at
    the top to any platform and pull yourself up.  Climb up the ledges to the top
    again and follow the paths to the front of the boss.  Climb up the ledges again
    to reach the very top.
    To defeat this Colossus, first run around to his back.  Leap onto the hair and
    grab ahold and stab the weakness symbol.  He'll bring his right hand back to
    the area, leap off and grab ahold of his hand hair.  You'll need to move onto
    the back of his hand, just keep holding on and move to the back.  Stab the back
    of his hand with your sword to level it out for a bit.  Stand up, run up his
    arm and jump to his upper arm.  Grab ahold of the hair here and stab the
    weakness here as well.  He'll bring his left hand to the area, jump off the
    hair to his left hand.  Grab ahold of the hair and once again climb to the
    back of his hand.  If you fall off of the Colossus, don't panic: just press R1
    and maneover over to one of the ledges you climbed up.  Once you cling onto
    the ledge you'll have to backtrack.  Anyways, stab the back of his left hand to
    stabilize it then select the Bow.  Fire an arrow at his right shoulder (where
    the hair is) and grab a hold of the hand hair.  He'll bring his left hand to
    his shoulder, climb atop of the hand and jump to the shoulder.  From the
    shoulder, run to his neck and jump to the top of his head.  He will begin to
    violently shake so grab ahold of something if he does.  When at the top of his
    head stab the glowing section on his skull.  Keep going at it and you will
    beat the game.
                                6. Legal Information
    Shadow of the Colossus is a trademark of SCEA, this guide is intended to assist 
    gamers through their experience playing Shadow of the Colossus, the author is 
    not making a profit off it.
    This guide copyright 2005 TheEternalVenomX.  This guide may not be 
    copied,  altered, distributed or sold without the author's consent and 
    Right now, I only give permission for GameFAQs to host this FAQ.  I mean
    no offense to any other sites, but I just feel most comfortable with what
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