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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Crazyreyn

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         S H A D O W  O F  T H E  C O L O S S U S
                                      PlayStation 2
                              FAQ/Walkthrough, Version 1.0
                                Last Updated - 05/07/2006
                        By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
                Copyright (c)2006 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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    Hello and welcome to the Shadow of the Colossus FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide
    provides you with the whereabouts and strategies to defeat all sixteen
    colossi in the game, as well as details about Time Trial and some of the
    other secrets in the game. I really enjoyed playing through this game despite
    it's length and slight repetition, but the overall beauty and presentation
    of the game really made me come back to write a guide of it.
    I would like to dedicate this FAQ to Thomas Carter (aka Carts) for lending me
    this game to play, and for being a great mate over these past few years.
    Cheers buddy!
    I hope that you enjoy this game, and using this FAQ!
    - Reyn
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Version History
    2. Game Overview
      2.01. Story
      2.02. Basics
      2.03. Controls
      2.04. Items
    3. Walkthrough
      3.01. First Colossus
      3.02. Second Colossus
      3.03. Third Colossus
      3.04. Fourth Colossus
      3.05. Fifth Colossus
      3.06. Sixth Colossus
      3.07. Seventh Colossus
      3.08. Eighth Colossus
      3.09. Ninth Colossus
      3.10. Tenth Colossus
      3.11. Eleventh Colossus
      3.12. Twelfth Colossus
      3.13. Thirteenth Colossus
      3.14. Fourteenth Colossus
      3.15. Fifteenth Colossus
      3.16. Sixteenth Colossus
    4. Time Attack and Secrets
    5. FAQ's
    6. Conclusion and Special Thanks
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                                  1. VERSION HISTORY
    | Version 1.0 - 05/07/2006 |
    The first version of the FAQ, everything is complete!
                                   2. GAME OVERVIEW
    This section provides you with an overview to playing the game, with the
    controls, game basics and items.
     2.01. Story
    More about backstory this game, this is taken from the game's manual. Note that
    in the PAL manual Wander, the main character is mispelt as 'Wanda'.
    The journey here was long.
    With only Agro for company, Wander has travelled for many moons to arrive at
    this place, a strange temple in the middle of a desolate land. As he lays
    the body of the girl on the cold stone pedestal, he begins to wonder if the
    legends are true. But his mind isn't allowed to drift far; a voice speaks
    from the heavens... the first voice he has heard in a long time.
    It seems there is some hope; a chance to trade death for life, to bring her
    back. But such unimaginable power carries with it great consequences.
    Wander will do anything, no matter what the cost to himself; he has come too
    far to lose faith now. The voice speaks of great beats that inhabit this
    strange land; creatures that, if slain, may grant the power to resurrect
    lost souls.
    When all seems lost, there is always a way.
    And now, Wander's journey is only just beginning...
     2.02. Basics
    Game Screen
    This is the standard game screen when playing the game - note that it only
    really appears when you are fighting, using your weapons or the grip /
    oxygen meter.
          |========== 4                   |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                               |
          |                         2   3 |
          |                     1 ======= |
    1 - Life Meter
        This is your life meter, which decreases if you have taken damage from a
        colossus or fall. You can recover health by just standing still for a 
        short period of time. You can refill it faster by holding down R1 and
        crouching. After each Colossus battle, this meter increases permanently.
    2 - Grip / Oxygen Gauge
        When you hold on to a wall, fur or cliff edge, this decreases slowly.
        When underwater this turns into your oxygen gauge. To refill it, remain
        stationary for a short period of time (or go to the surface if underwater).
        After each Colossus battle, this gauge increases permanently.
    3 - Weapon Selected
        Pressing left or right on the D-Pad will switch between the sword, the bow
        and being unequipped.
    4 - Colossus Health
    Finding the Colossus
    Before each battle you have to find the Colossus on the map. You are given a
    clue in the Temple, so get on to Agro and go outside to where it is more 
    sunny and use your sword to direct you in the right way. Note that this some
    times can be misleading, as it doesn't tell you distance so you may stop off
    part way and not be there. Keep checking it as you travel to ensure you are
    going the right way.
    Here is a map hosted at GameFAQs with the locations of all 16 colossi -
    Created by noypi_gjd, he did a fantastic job here.
    Fighting the Colossus
    The aim is the get on to the colossus, find the seal and stab them until the
    Colossus has been defeated. Naturally it isn't that easy, so just observe
    the surroundings and his behavior to find the solution to taking them down.
    Naturally their solutions are covered in the guide, but it's a lot more fun
    to try and figure them out on your own and using this walkthrough as a last
    To save the game in the field, find a green stone to prey against. These
    are dotted around the map in various locations, and are green stone structures.
    Find one, and press Circle in front of it to prey and save. An example of one
    lies in front of the Temple. You also get the chance to save after each
    Colossus battle.
    PAL Extras
    The PAL (European and Australian) version of the game has three extras;
    Making of Movie, Ico Trailer and Gallery. The Making of Movie is quite poor
    and real short, the Trailer is well, a trailer and there are 33 cool screen-
    shots and sketches of the game. PAL also gets 60Hz mode too, and mispelt
    Wander as Wanda in the Story section. Those crazy guys at SCEE, what are they
     2.03. Controls
    Standard Controls
    Left Analog Stick        -  Move Wander
    Right Analog Stick       -  Move Camera
    D-Pad                    -  Change between Sword, Bow and Unequipped
    X                        -  Call Agro / Whistle
    Circle                   -  Shine Sword
    Square                   -  Use Sword / Bow (when equipped)
    Triangle                 -  Jump
    L1                       -  Fix view on Colossus
    L2                       -  N/A
    R1                       -  Grip / Swim underwater
    R2                       -  N/A
    SELECT                   -  N/A
    START                    -  Map
    * Press R1 and Triangle while running to execute a Dive Roll.
    * To climb up onto a ledge above, hold triangle and release (all while holding
      R1 still).
    * While climbing, to jump to the area opposite hold triangle and push down on
      the analog stick until Wander looks behind him. Release triangle to make him
      jump in that direction.
    * When in the water, hold R1 to drop underwater. You can only go just under the
      surface and not dive down in to the depths. Doing so will make you go faster
      when swimming.
    * When using the sword for stabbing, press Square once to raise the sword and
      charge up the stab, and when Wander grunts, press Square again to plunge
      it deep in to the seal and knock off more health.
    * When using the bow, hold Square down for a few seconds to give it more power
      and a straighter line of fire. Otherwise at long distances it will just
    Agro Controls
    * The same controls are more or less the same while riding Agro.
    * Press X to call Agro over. You can also use this in battles to get a
      Colossus' attention.
    * Press Triangle while next to the horse to climb on.
    * Tap X to make him ride faster. To make him run, start tapping X and when
      he is at full speed you can hold X to maintain it, or even just leave it and
      Agro will continue running at that speed for a while.
    * You can jump off Agro when riding, or just climb off when stationary.
    * Using the bow is the exact same as when not riding Argo. Keep in running
      and then hold Square and move the pointer around as usual, and Argo will keep
      on riding forward.
    * Press R1 and Up on the analog stick to stand on top of the horse.
    * Pull back on the analog stick to stop the horse.
                                   3. WALKTHROUGH
     3.01. First Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - F5
    Run down the short set of steps behind you and call over Agro by pressing X.
    When he arrives, run up and stop next to him and press Triangle to climb on
    top. It's a bit fiddly so you might jump instead, but keep adjusting until
    you get on. Now turn Agro round to the front of the temple, where there are
    sets of stairs at both fair sides. Holding up and tapping X, make Agro run
    down the stairs to the fields outside. Press Circle to use your sword to see
    that the first Colossus is directly in the cliffs ahead. Ride toward that
    direction until you reach the cliffs, with an opening up a short set of steps.
    Ride up to show a cutscene of the cliffs above you.
    Climb off (triangle) and go to the right wall that's covered in moss. Jump up
    then press and hold R1 to start climbing, and move up the wall to the edge.
    When you reach the edge he'll hold on, so press and release triangle to make
    up jump to the area above. Head left up this walkway until you reach a gap
    on the far left; jump over, go left and climb up to the path above. Run right,
    across the small wooden planks and jump over another gap. Next, dive roll
    underneath the gap in the rock (run towards it and press R1 and triangle
    together), climb up the next area, right and climb up the small green wall.
    On your left is a column with a ridge in the side. Jump up and hang,
    then go left around the column shimmying with your hands to the other side.
    To jump to the edge opposite hold triangle and push down on the Analog Stick
    so he's facing the edge behind. Release triangle and still holding he'll jump
    across - remember to press and hold R1 at the other side to ensure he latches
    on. Climb up and proceed to the open area ahead for a cutscene.
    Fighting the First Colossus
    Basic Solution - Climb on to the back left leg
                   - Stab weak point and quickly climb up the back
                   - Reach the top of the head to find the seal
    Run toward the colossus until you reach his feet. Watch out as he steps as it
    will knock you to the ground, and beware of him stamping his feet as it'll
    really knock your health down. When he does stamp one of his feet, be sure to
    jump into the air to avoid the ground shake that will knock you down. Go to the
    back of his left leg where there is some hair that you can climb on to. Equip
    the sword and you'll see a blue cut in the centre of the fur - tap Square to
    stab it and cause him to stumble on to his left knee. Quickly jump up the
    ledges on the back of his left leg and up to the fur on his lower back. Do
    strong and built up jumps to get there in time.
    Now climb up to the ridge, shimmy right and on to the platform that sticks out
    of his lower back. Wait here a second or two to refill your grip gauge. When
    restored jump up to the next ridge and straight up his back to his shoulders.
    You can rest here if needed, otherwise make sure the sword is equipped and
    move on to the top of his head, where the blue seal is. Hang on here and press
    Square once to raise the sword. When Wander (the main character) grunts, press
    Sqaure again to plunge the sword and knock off about fifth of the colossus's
    health. Keep hanging on and stabbing him until his health is fully depleted.
    If you need to refill your grip gauge then retreat to the shoulders for a short
    while, then head back and keep stabbing. When down, you have brief control
    of Wander until black energy enters you and you return to the Temple.
     3.02. Second Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - F3
    Exit the temple for a cutscene about the save points. Head right and follow
    the outside of the temple and go north, where more or less straight ahead at
    the canyon is a bridge that goes to north. Head across it and at the other
    side a cutscene will occur, showing a large door on the beach area below.
    Head down the right path to the beach, and across to where the door is to
    trigger the battle.
    Fighting the Second Colossus
    Basic Solution - Wait until the front two leg's are raised and shoot the
                     green base with the bow
                   - Climb up the front left leg as it's collapsed
                   - Work way round to the back where the first seal is
                   - Second seal is on the head
    You face a four legged Colossus that shows no direct means of getting on there
    from the ground. Get off Agro if you haven't already and get in front of the
    Colossus, but not so that you can easily get stepped on. Keep watching and he
    should bow his head slightly and the two front legs should rise up above you.
    Using the bow, fire an arrow into the sole of it's left leg (it's bright
    green) to cause him to collapse. Now quickly run to it's left side, where
    you can start climbing the front left leg and up. If you are too slow then
    he will get up, so just do it again and give it another attempt until you 
    get up.
    When you start climbing, go up, around and on to the platform. Wait here until
    your grip gauge refills then grapple on to the fur and progress right across
    his side until you reach the top of his back. Let go and stand on the top
    to refill your grip gauge and equip the sword to see a seal on his back end.
    Grip here and start the charged stabs until half of his health has been
    depleted. Once this happens the seal will disappear, meaning you have to find
    the other - on his head. Make your way to the head via either side of the 
    spine along his back by jumping and climbing over the rows of stone. When you
    reach the head, make sure the sword of equipped so the seal shows and start
    stabbing away. He will toss you around quite a bit, so you might only get a 
    few decent stabs in before heading back to the shoulder area and getting your
    strength up before finally finishing him off.
     3.03. Third Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - E2
    Remember the bridge you just took for the second colossus? Head across
    there again and instead of heading down to the beach you can go straight on
    to some sandy plains. When you come out, use your sword to direct you to the
    North West, where the cliffs delve into a path. Head down here to reach a
    lake with a floating island above it. Notice the path that leads out of the
    water up to it, on the left? Swim across to there (hold R1 to swim underwater
    which is a bit faster, mind your oxygen gauge mind) and head up the top of
    this path. There is a box platform between you and the island, so run and jump
    toward this box platform and grab on to the ridge that runs around it, and
    shimmy toward the island side. Jump out from this box to the island (hold
    triangle and down on the analog stick) and climb on to the island rim.
    Run to the right until you see where the stone ledge turns in to grass
    and climb up. Run toward the mass of rubble across the island for a cutscene.
    Fighting the Third Colossus
    Basic Solution - Lure him to attack the central stone plate with his sword to
                     shatter the bracelet on his arm
                   - Lure him to attack the earth, and run up the sword to his 
                     arm while it's stuck
                   - The first seal is located on top of his head
                   - The second seal is located on his stomach
    This guy is huge, but isn't too tricky to take down. He has three basic
    attacks - stomping you with his leg and two variations of hitting you
    with his sword - vertically and horizontally. All of these can be easily
    dodged as he is rather slow, but make sure you jump as he connects with the
    ground to avoid the shock wave. Anyway, the plan is to lure him to one of the
    edges of the island - fire arrows at his face to annoy him so he is away
    from the centre. Now run around him to the centre of the island, where there
    is a stone plate in the ground. Stand on here until he eventually attempts
    to strike you with his sword, dodge out of the way sort of last minute so he
    hits and smashes the bracelet on his arm. Without this, you can now mount the
    Move on to a grass area of the island and keep some distance so he attacks you
    with the sword horizontally. Dodge and the sword will get stick in the ground
    for a moment or two, giving you the perfect opportunity to scale the weapon and
    run up to his arm. Start climbing up, past the shattered bracelet to the
    shoulder. Climb to the back of his neck; here you can rest a minute or two
    to regain your grip gauge. The first seal is on the top of the head, so climb
    up and begin stabbing. He'll flail around quite a bit but be persistent and
    keep resting at the back of the neck until this seal is done with. With half
    his health gone, go down the back of his neck and make your way down the back.
    This is sort of tricky, but drop down gradually past the stone armour until
    you land down the lower back area. Now run around the front to find the second
    seal on his stomach. This is a lot easier due to it being more secure, so a
    few stabs and he is done for!
     3.04. Forth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - G5
    Exit the temple and ride South East to some white cliffs with vegetation
    growing on top. There is a canyon here, so ride in to it to a lush green
    area at the other side. Head down the right path down below and ride
    to the far area past the strange mounds in the ground; somewhat onward and to
    the left until a cutscene occurs.
    Fighting the Forth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Lure him to the centre of the four mounds located in the
                     middle of the field
                   - Ensure he is watching and run in to one of the mound doors
                     and head to the bottom of the stairs
                   - Observe the movements above for three violent stamps, and
                     exit out of another exit
                   - The Colossus should be sitting over the mound door, back
                     toward you and lowered enough to climb on to
                   - Stab neck twice to lower head, only one seal on top of head
    I find that getting on to this Colossus the hardest of them all, mainly because
    it's so damn fiddly and annoying for him to get in the right position. Anyway
    get his attention and retreat back to those four Teletubby mounds in the centre
    of the area. These all have doors, leading to a set of underground passages
    that link to one another, so you can enter one and exit another at the opposite
    side for example. Anyway, lure him over to on top of these mounds, in the
    middle and ensure that he watches you go in one of the doors. Go down to the
    bottom of the stairs and wait in the passages, and press and hold L1 to
    keep an eye on the Colossus's location. He should move around and cause
    debris to fall from the ceiling, but this won't harm you. Eventually he will
    stamp three times quite heavily, the third of which will shake the screen
    violently; it's quite different from the standard walking around he does.
    When this occurs, note the passage exit he is at (should be the one you went in
    but may not) and exit at the one next to it. Just creep out slightly and
    press L1 to view the Colossus location. Hopefully he will standing over the
    mound and looking in to the door with his head peering over. If so you will
    notice his back end is lowered, so run over without getting his attention and
    run and jump on to the hanging at the back, and jump up to the fur on his
    lower back.
    Now if this didn't happen, and say he was in front of the door, then get his
    attention and try again. Lure him to the top and go in, do the stamps, go out
    and see what position he is in. It's annoying that most of the time he looks
    in from in front of the door, and not over, which is what you need. Just keep
    ANYWAY when you are on the Colossus, run up his back to his neck where you will
    see a blue weak point. Equip the sword and give him a good stabbing or two
    so he lowers his head, allowing you to run on to the fur onward. Find the seal,
    grip and being with the deep plunges - luckily he won't toss his head about
    much so you should be able to take him out in one sitting, instead of going to
    retreat for your grip gauge.
     3.05. Fifth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - H4
    Exit the temple on the left side and head straight East, going just north
    of the white cliffs you entered for the last Colossus. Where the cliff edge
    terminates is a path that goes East, so follow the cliff base and around left
    to a more open area. There is a Save Stone on your left if you feel the need
    to save, otherwise go onward a little where there is an opening in the
    cliffs to the right. Ride onward to reach ruins. Dismount Agro and enter the
    water. Swim just off right of the centre where in the wall is the tip of an
    archway that you can swim under. Ahead is a wall with climbing steps on, so
    climb up to the top, run straight on and up the steps for a cutscene.
    Fighting the Fifth Colossus
    Basic Solution - In the lake, get on one of the small island platforms
                   - Use the bow to get the Colossus's attention
                   - When he swoops down to you, jump just before he hits you and
                     latch on to the fur on his shoulder
                   - Three seals are located on the tail end and on each wing
    Below is a lake, and the first job is to dive in. Run onward to see the floor
    is missing, so fall down here into the water. If you start swimming more or
    less straight on there is an archway with three island platforms underneath.
    Get onto the central platform. If you look straight ahead and up, you'll
    see the winged Colossus perched high above on a column. Whip out your bow and
    start firing charged shots to get it's attention. It should swoop straight down
    to you, and just before it hits you jump and hold R1 to latch on to the fur
    on it's shoulders and begin taking a flight on Colossus Airlines. Note that 
    there are several of these island platforms in the lake, and as long as you
    get one some, get the attention of the Colossus and be patient as he turns
    around in the air, he'll swoop down toward you. Be sure to aim the jump right
    though, otherwise you'll just get heavily knocked back and lose a major
    part of your health bar.
    Once you are on the bird, there are three seals to locate; one on each wing
    and one on the end of the tail area. As you are on the shoulder fur, better to
    tackle the nearest wing seal. Climb up the fur and when the wing straightens
    out, run down the wing to the end fur where a seal will be. Stab it when you
    can, but more importantly be sure to take care of your grip gauge; when the
    bird is level stand still to regain your grip, then begin the stabbing. The
    bird tends to twist and turn quite a bit, so just be patient. When the seal
    goes, move on to the opposite wing and work on that seal - take your time
    getting there and keep gripping so you don't fall. When you are done with the
    two wing seals then move to the central area of the bird and walk down to the
    end of the tail. The camera sorta shifts, so maintain it to ensure you don't
    step off the edge. When you get there, the seal is fairly easy to stab due to
    a lack of turbulence. Finish that seal to finish off this Colossal birdie.
     3.06. Sixth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - D6
    Leave the Temple from the right exit and head South West for a while. Remember
    to the use the sword to get the right direction. You'll see in the distance
    some tall columns, which closer up are branchless trees. Just round the corner
    from these is an opening into a forest. Enter and navigate your way through
    the trees, taking a slight left turn as you go. You should reach a cliff
    edge with a shallow lake far below. This isn't the place, but if you heard
    right along the edge you will end up on a rock bridge around the lake, under
    some rock structures left and out to a desert plain. If you use your sword
    here it'll direct you to take a right turn, where at the far end of the
    desert are ruins the in cliff wall. It'll take a minute or so to reach them.
    When you get there, dismount off Agro and head down the passage in the centre.
    Head through here, progressing past the various block walls, down some steps
    and to a large hall. Go on and stand at the edge and start falling (don't jump
    but fall close to the wall) and grip the ridges as you go to slow your descent.
    Shimmy to a side halfway down when you need to, and keep falling and gripping
    until you reach the bottom.
    Fighting the Sixth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Run past the walls to the far end of the hall
                   - Hide in the lower area behind the columns and wait until he
                     kneels down to look at you, then run out and grab on to his
                   - There are seals on his head and lower back
    Start running down the hall to a small lying wall. There are small indents
    along it, with small platforms in them acting as stepping stones up and over.
    Get over this wall and keep running down the hall. There are three of these
    walls in total to overcome, so keep going until the far end. Naturally the
    Colossus will give chase and simply just walk straight through each wall. At
    the end of the hall in the far end wall is a area behind the columns, allowing
    you to escape the colossus's pounding fist attack. Wait in here and observe
    the Colossus, and eventually he'll kneel down and look at you. Wait until
    he has fully knelt and quickly run out and run and jump on to his beard.
    Bingo, beardy has been boarded.
    The beard is quite unstable and will cause you to keep losing your grip, so
    try and move on to his chest and then work your way up to this shoulders.
    Once there, you can take a quick rest for the grip gauge but you are by no
    means safe, as he can shake you off easily from here. Once you are fairly
    rested, head to the top of his head for the first seal. Do your worst and
    after half of his health being depleted the seal will disappear. The second
    is at the lower left area of his back, so work your way down there, not
    forgetting to rest the grip gauge on the way. He will still try and shake you
    off here but not to the extent of his upper body, and after a few stabs of this
    seal he'll be done for.
     3.07. Seventh Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - D1
    Head out of the right temple exit and turn North, and over the bridge that
    leads to the Second Colossus. Of course at the other side go straight on and
    to the desert. The sword will tell you to go in the direction of the Third
    Colossus, but ignore it and head straight north across the desert. Keep going
    with the tall bridge to your right, and weave in between two *huge* rock
    structures, where the desert will extend to the west. Head that way and keep
    going West, past a Save Stone and where there are some thin columns in the
    distance. Once there, dismount off Agro and head through archway on the right.
    After the cutscene head down the path, drop down and jump to the spiraling
    structure and make your way down to the lake. Start swimming out for a 
    Fighting the Seventh Colossus
    Basic Solution - Enter Lake and follow until he starts to surface
                   - Grip the back end of the eel and make your way up
                   - Disable each spike by stabbing the weak points before them
                   - The seal is just after the last spike
    You are facing a giant electric eel, which as you can imagine isn't gonna
    be that easy. You may even die on the first few attempts, I know I did.
    Swim out and keep the camera fixed on the Colossus. When it gets close by,
    start swimming toward the head but keep in line with it's body. Shortly it
    will start to rise to the surface, followed by the electric spikes from it's
    back one by one. Avoid these but keep pace as the back end of the Colossus
    will soon come out of the water. Swim into it and grip on to the back to get
    As you are taken underwater keep gripping, and you'll be taken to the surface
    again shortly. Step by step slowly get further up the Colossus when you are
    out on the surface, and always grip when you get submerged. Make your way to
    the first electric spike but stop well short. Notice the brown fur near the
    spike? Stay out of that when in the water, otherwise you'll get a nasty shock.
    Grip close by and when you come out of the water next time, quickly run to the
    base, sword equipped to see a blue tear in the fur. Do a charged stab here to
    kill off the electric spike, allowing you to progress past it the next time
    you surface.
    Do this will the next two spikes; head slowly up the Colossus, wait until you
    are near the spike then stab the weak point to disable it. At some point
    chances are the Colossus will dive and not resurface; you can tell when this
    happens as the music changes back to the tranquil tone when you were just
    swimming about in the lake. Let go of the Colossus and take to the surface,
    and get ready to reboard the Colossus again. This time you should be able to
    disable all three electric spikes and reach the far end. The seal is just
    after the last electric spike, so grab on and he'll rapidly go under and
    out of the water. You have just enough time to make a charged stab each time,
    so be sure to do so. If you are too slow he'll surface deep again, if so just
    get on again and finish him off.
     3.08. Eighth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - G6
    Exit and head south east, in between where Colossi One and Four where found.
    Head through the canyon here until you come to a split, and head straight on/
    left. Keep riding and the ground will get greener, and in the wall opposite
    is a tunnel. Go in, dismount Agro and head around the path that goes opposite
    the waterfall. The next area is a beautiful small lake with ruins on the other
    side; swim over and on the right end you can enter and head down inside. Down
    the steps is a hall, with columns to the left and right. Pick either and
    start climbing, and at the top shimmy around to the other side and jump
    opposite to the path. Progress onward and drop down, climb the wall using the
    blocks to reach the top of a Coliseum.
    Fighting the Eighth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Head to the second to last floor and go to one of the edges
                   - Fire a few arrows to get his attention, and he'll start 
                     climbing up the wall
                   - Fire arrows at his glowing legs to make him fall down on
                     this back
                   - There are two seals on this stomach
    Turn right and take the stairs down on the right hand side, and keep doing so
    until you reach the bottom floor. Head out to the centre to meet the smallest
    Colossus yet, a lizard with no visible weakpoint. He will turn to you and
    spit out charged electric blasts, which if hit by hurt a lot, and also leave
    a poisonous mist that will injure you also. When he charges up (his mouth
    opens and yellow light appears) hide and move away from that position to
    avoid any blasts or mist.
    Anyway, head up a level and go to the edge and look down. Fire a few arrows
    to get his attention, and dodge a few of his projectiles. Soon he will start
    climbing the wall along side you. Move so you can fully see him, which would
    ideally be the far edge to where he is, and you can see that his legs are
    glowing white. Shoot a few of these with your bow to make him fall down below
    on to his back. Jump down, equip the sword and get on his stomach. There are
    two seals here, and you should be able to make two or three charged shots
    before he rolls over again. When he does, look around and see which of the
    surrounding doors has the damaged first floor above it and head up there,
    and start the process all over again. It isn't that tricky, but if you get
    caught by the mist then you'll suffer.
     3.09. Ninth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - D3
    This guy is a bit tricky to get to, but bear with me. Head out of the
    Temple, right, and North to the two bridges; one heading North to where
    the Second Colossus is, the other going West. Head across the West bound one
    and keep going west along the green plains. Keep checking your map and as soon
    as you hit the edge of row D on the map, travel north. You'll see some cliffs
    just to the north west, head north past them and the sky will darken and a
    chasm blocks your path. Follow the edge to find a bridge shortly after. If
    you head North now, past the Geyser you should come to a cave (use the sword)
    where the Colossus will be.
    Fighting the Ninth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Lure the Colossus over a geyser
                   - When it activates, shoot the green insides of his legs
                     as he leans over
                   - He'll flip to this side, so climb up the underside and on to
                     the top
                   - When he flips back over, get to the head where the only seal
                     is located
    This Colossus is rather bad ass. Although he looks like a turtle and is just
    as slow, he has a nasty long distance projectile blast which will knock the
    hell out of you. Plus when you get close, he'll raise it's two front legs and
    smash them down. Run and dive roll to help dodge the other (chances are you
    are gonna get hit) and for the latter, just move away and jump as they land.
    Get on Agro and run back to the nearest Geyser, and put the Geyser between
    yourself and the Colossus. Run around in a circle as well so that the 
    projectiles will have more of a chance of missing you. Slowly the Colossus
    will move toward you, and over the Geyser. When the Geyser activates and shoots
    out water, he'll topple over a little. Get underneath and equip the bow; the
    legs which he is leaning on have their green insides exposed. Shoot both legs
    with the bow to cause him to dramatically roll over. Quickly run all the way
    around and run and jump onto his furry underside and begin climbing. Once you
    get to the top, drop down onto a scale and try and get toward the centre as
    you can, so when he flips over you'll still be on there.
    If you are still on the Colossus, then run straight down the middle toward his
    head and equip the sword. The one and only seal is placed on his head, so begin
    stabbing away. He'll put up a decent fight but this is not anything you aren't
    used to by now.
     3.10. Tenth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - B4
    Head out of the Temple, right, and North to the two bridges; one heading North
    to where the Second Colossus is, the other going West. Head across the West
    bound one and just ride west along the cliff edge all the way to the far end...
    it'll take a short while. At the end are a few trees, and just follow the rock
    wall left and around until you reach another plain, where there is a tunnel
    on the left. Head down there to reach a sandy cavern. Ride into the centre
    to start the battle.
    Fighting the Tenth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Ride away from him on Agro and he'll give chase and appear
                     out of the sand
                   - Turn around and shoot an eye with the bow to send him in to a
                   - There are two seals, both requires climbing the fur on him
    Get on Agro and start riding away from the Colossus. He should start giving
    chase closely behind you. Mind where you are going briefly, then equip the
    bow and turn around and aim toward him. His eyes will begin to show (freaky
    ones at that) and fire at them. It's a bit tricky but if you hit he'll flip
    over and accelerate straight onward. Move to the side to avoid being hit,
    and he'll keep going until he hits a wall. Ride up to him, and he'll be in an
    arch shape with his underside showing, covered in fur. Climb up and equip the
    sword to show the first seal not far up. Stab away until it's gone, where he'll
    turn back over and wander off.
    Repeat this again; find him and ride off so he gives chase. Note that if you
    take too long in firing the arrow he'll try and eat you, so be fairly hasty
    about it. Once he has flipped over again, climb up and the other seal is more
    or less on top of his arched state. You should have enough time to finish
    him off.
     3.11. Eleventh Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - F5
    Exit the temple and head right, and North to the bridge that took you to the
    Second Colossus. As usual, ignore the lower path and head straight on to the
    desert plains. Ride north, and divert just to the right side of the tall
    bridge the splits the desert in two, and continue riding north. After a minute
    or so of riding, at the far end, is a deep chasm. Head right to the West side
    of this to find a path that winds down the bottom. Head down there to reach
    the bottom, and swim through the water to the centre. Onward, there is a path
    that leads up on the right. Take it, and there will be an opening in the left
    wall into some ruins. Jump up the wall at the end right, and up again, then
    turn around and run and jump to the area opposite with the torches. Cutscene.
    Fighting the Eleventh Colossus
    Basic Solution - Climb the side of one of the fire pedestals so the Colossus
                     rams it
                   - Collect the torch that falls and advance toward him; he'll
                     back away from you
                   - Make him back off the far end, making him fall down the
                     cliff and break the armour on his back
                   - Drop down and grab on to the fur, where the seal is
    This Colossus will be one of the most annoying you'll encounter. Rather small
    compared to the rest, he is mighty fast and loves to keep ramming you. One of
    the most frustrating factors is that if you get knocked over, he'll wait until
    you get back up then strike you down again. If this happens, then try as soon
    as you get up to run for cover, behind a rock or pedestal or even against a
    wall. Although chances are you'll never recover and just keep getting rammed
    to death. It's damn annoying, but there isn't that much you can do except
    not trying to get hit in the first place.
    Anyway, when you begin straight away run to one of the side pedestals that
    houses the torches. Get to the side and start climbing, so the Colossus will
    ram the pedestal, causing a wooden torch to fall down. Quickly drop down, and
    with nothing equipped press Circle by it to pick it up. The Colossus is scared
    of fire, so if you advance toward it slowly it'll back away. Aim to get it
    toward the far end, so it backs off outside. If your torch extinguishes quickly
    run back to the side, up a pedestal and reignite. Just walk toward it and
    he'll back off slowly and not too close either, or he'll swipe you. At the
    edge he'll fall out side and down the cliff, shattering the armour on his back
    and exposing fur and, you guessed it, a seal.
    Drop down to the cliff below, so you are still above the Colossus. He should
    be stunned, so jump off on to his back and climb on. He puts up a real fight
    but try your hardest to get some stabs in. Chances are you won't finish him off
    and if you don't, get ready to run. I find the best place to go is back in to
    the ruins, and up the first step on the right. On most of the attempts with
    this Colossus he'll run in this direction as you are on his back anyway, so
    it should only be a short distance for you to travel. Stay on the step to
    recover your grip and most probably your life meter, and wait until he gets
    close and jump on again. As he has less room to run about, then he should be
    more tame and easier to stab.
     3.12. Twelfth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - 
    Exit the Temple from the left exit and head North East, where by some columns
    in the distance will be a bridge going North. Go across and keep going North
    to another bridge, this time heading across into the cliff face where a lush
    forest lies (you'll be in grid G2 now). As soon as you enter this forest,
    take a right turn and follow the wall around, so that you do a U Turn and back
    out on to the cliff edge (but not the same as you entered of course). There is
    is a path leading left as you come out, so take it along the cliff edge as it
    winds its way to a broad waterfall. Get off Agro when you must and climb up,
    and latch on to the rims of the column and shimmy round to the other side.
    Jump off and head up the passage along the wall to the trees at the end, and
    jump in to the lake (if you jumped in closer to the water fall, chances are
    you'll fall with the water, so to speak). Head North through the giant archways
    and further in to the lake, and get on to the central island.
    Fighting the Twelfth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Swim around his back quickly and climb on top
                   - Hitting the stones on his head directs him, so move him to
                     one of the three structures
                   - Jump on to it and wait until he puts his legs on the edge
                   - Run and jump on to the chest fur, where the seal is located
    This is one of the harder Colossuses (that a word?) to figure out, which is
    undoubtedly why you are here. Sticking to the current trend he can shoot
    nasty projectiles at you from his horns. You'll get prior warning, and are
    easily dodged by dive rolling or better still, just being submerged in the
    water meaning the bolts won't even enter. To get on the Colossus, swim around
    to it's back and start climbing. Note that he will turn around a bit faster
    than you can swim, so make sure you are swimming submerged, and to go under
    his arm and stick close to his body to get around. Eventually he will stop
    turning and allow you to get on his back fur.
    Climb up to the top, and on to his head. See those three structures in the 
    lake? The plain is to get there. You can direct the Colossus by hitting the
    white rocks on his head with the sword; the central one to go on, and the sides
    to go in that respective direction. Take him to one of those structures and
    when close enough, jump off on top of it. Quickly put the central stone
    between you and the Colossus to avoid a projectile attack, and wait a few 
    moments for him to put his front legs on the structure, exposing his mainly
    chest hair. Run jump and grab on to this, where a seal is. Stab away with the
    sword. You'll be able to get half of his health down in one sitting, and he'll
    drop down again. In retaliation he'll destroy the structure you just used,
    but remember there are another two to choose from. Repeat the process of
    getting on, directing and jumping on to the chest fur to finish him off.
     3.13. Thirteenth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - E6
    Remember the South West desert, where the Sixth Colossus was? Head there. So...
    leave the Temple from the right exit and head South West for a while. Remember
    to the use the sword to get the right direction. You'll see in the distance
    some tall columns, which closer up are branchless trees. Just round the corner
    from these is an opening into a forest. Enter and navigate your way through
    the trees, taking a slight left turn as you go. You should reach a cliff
    edge with a shallow lake far below. This isn't the place, but if you heard
    right along the edge you will end up on a rock bridge around the lake, under
    some rock structures left and out to a desert plain. If you use your sword
    here it'll direct you to the left, where there is a small circle of ruined
    structures not too far away. Ride up and get off in the centre to activate
    a cutscene.
    Fighting the Thirteenth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Shoot the three white sacs on it's underside
                   - He'll now fly lower, so ride on Agro and jump on to the fins
                   - The seals are located on three flaps on the Colossus itself
    A huge long flying Colossus, regarded by many as one of the most enjoyable in
    the game. It doesn't even attempt to injure you, plus getting on top of it
    is really cool. Anyway it'll come out of the sand and fly off, so make sure you
    are on Agro and give chase. If you look at it's underside, you'll see three
    large white sacs, one at the front, middle and back end of the Colossus.
    Riding along side, use the bow to shoot them (aim in front and just above, and
    ensure that shots are fully built up) to deflate them; you'll know when this
    happens as they will turn black and shrivel up.
    Do this to all three and he'll lower to the ground and the side fins will lower
    down to ground level. Still on Agro, ride up along side and jump off the
    horse and grab on to the fin. Be sure to be riding at full speed, be really
    close and jump just in front and high up. When you have latched on, begin
    climbing to the top. He'll soon level out the fins and start flying at the
    normal height, so run across to the Colossus itself. There are three seals on
    this flying Colossus, all underneath separate flaps located at the front,
    centre and backend. Do the front one first, equip the sword to see the seal
    and start stabbing. When it glows white you know it's finished, so run down the
    back of Colossus to the next one.
    You might just get a stab or two in, but you won't finish the second seal as
    the Colossus will plunge down into the sand. Jump off just before to avoid
    major injury and call over Agro. Press and hold L1 to keep tabs on where the
    Colossus has gone and give chase when it remerges. Repeat this same process
    until all three seals are done, and the Colossus is grounded for good.
     3.14. Fourteenth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - C2
    Head out of the Temple, right, and North to the two bridges; one heading North
    to where the Second Colossus is, the other going West. Head across the West
    bound one and just ride west along the cliff edge until the C/D grid boundary
    on the map and head North. You should pass by the Ninth Colossus to the East
    and enter the cliffs straight north. Head left and keep following the left
    wall until it opens out, where columns surround both sides of the path and
    enter the mountain left. Head down the passage to a small lake; dismount Agro
    and swim across, over the island and to the other side of the passage and
    continue down. You'll come to some green ruins. Drop down straight to the
    ground and in the wall ahead is a tall slit that you can go through to the
    trench below. Head down, climb up the left rock and up to the higher passage.
    Head to the end of this passage and up the stairs to activate a cutscene.
    Fighting the Fourteenth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Get on the fallen column near by and work your way around the
                     upper areas to the next column
                   - From the top, fire arrows at Colossus to make him ram it twice
                     so it falls
                   - Work your way around the various structures and columns until
                     you end up where you entered
                   - Climb above and make him ram the supporting column, so the
                     level collapses and removes his armour
                   - Get on to a fallen column so he rams it, is dazed and can 
                     be mounted for a good stabbing of the seal
    Just like the Eleventh Colossus, this guy can be a real pain, mainly due to
    his ramming. If you get hit then try and hide as soon as you can in one of
    the trenches or fallen columns, as he won't go to a level other than his own.
    If you get stuck with getting rammed over and over, there isn't much you can do
    except try and run away. Best thing to do is not get hit (much).
    As soon as you start there is a fallen column to your left; immediately
    run over and climb it, head to the far end and jump across to the archway
    before he rams the column and knocks you off. Run to the other side and onto
    the wall, across dropping down to the lower wall and to the end and on to the
    erect column. Climb to the top and crouch down so when the Colossus rams it
    you'll stay on. It needs two rams to knock over a column, and chances are
    he'll walk off so fire a few arrows at him to anger him enough to ram again.
    When he does a cutscene will cut in as it falls over; you can control yourself
    as it falls, so slowly move over to the side so when you resume you'll on top,
    and not on the ground ready to get rammed.
    From this felled column run and jump across the trench and on to the wall, 
    head down, over the gap and onto the wall at the end. Head across and jump to
    the lower wall at the other side, to the end and start climbing another 
    column. Again, make the Colossus ram it twice to make it fall over. It'll lie
    next to another column... there are two more to climb and knock over, and you
    will be next to a small archway. Jump onto and climb the proceeding column and
    knock it down. You'll come to another small archway, so get on and then jump
    from the to the tall structure next door. Shimmy round to the right side,
    climb up and on to the side platform and from this on to the final column.
    Knocking this over will send it through the wall next to you, the area where
    you entered the ruins.
    Once you recover from the fall, run over to the far side where the wall is
    climbable. Head up via that to the top and head around on to the upper
    level, and look down on to the Colossus. Fire arrows to get his attention,
    and he'll ram the supporting column, causing the whole level to collapse on
    him... and break his back armour! After the cutscene head back up to the
    above level, and head across here to the far end and jump straight on to the
    column that broke the wall. When the Colossus rams it he'll be dazed, allowing
    you to easily get on and start stabbing. He'll soon be back to normal and take
    you on a small ride, so just get off, find a column and get him dazed again.
    Repeat until he is down. Phew!
     3.15. Fifteenth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - G1
    Located directly East of Colossus Eleven, head out of the Temple and
    head North and take one of the bridges to the desert by the tall bridge.
    Get on the right side and head directly north, and when you reach the chasm
    where Colossus Eleven was start riding East. Over a few dunes you'll reach
    ruins in the cliff face ahead. To enter. there is a large rock in front of
    the ruins, and going anti-clock wise around it you'll find a passage that leads
    inside. Dismount Agro here so you can climb up the side and around the
    obstacle, then on to the next area. Head around one of the sides and go up
    the stairs, where at the top is a long area with two bridges high above.
    Run all the way to the far end edge for a cutscene.
    Fighting the Fifteenth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Get to the side and stand on the tile under the lower area
                     and wait until he stands on the edge and lowers you up
                   - Wait along the next area until he attacks, knocking down
                     rubble allowing you to progress up
                   - Head to the top and to one of the bridges, stay at the edge
                     until it's knocked down, get attention and jump on to when
                   - First seal is on top of head
                   - Climb down back of his right arm (sword carrying arm) and
                     stab the wound
                   - Now on the ground, get him to perform a ground punch and
                     grip his palm, where the second seal is located
    This giant has all the standard attacks as the ones you've seen earlier, like
    foot stamping and sword stabbing, so you'll be able to easier avoid his
    attacks. When you begin head to one of the far sides and get on the tiles,
    and head away from the Colossus. The level above you, in the cliff, will
    lower down about halfway. Wait underneath here and stand in the centre of the
    tile, next to the wall. When the Colossus comes over, he'll step on the edge
    of the tile and lift you up so you can climb to the above area. How nice! Now
    run along here and you'll see there is no way up, so wait until the Colossus
    attempts to hit you but cause rubble to fall down (note that he may take some
    time doing this, just keep running back and forth and firing arrows until he
    does). Use the rubble to hang above, then jump opposite and climb up and
    head down this path to one of the ends, where there are some stairs. Go up
    to the top most level, and to one of the ends to get on one of those tall
    DO NOT get in the centre of this bridge, as the Colossus is going to smash and
    knock it down with his sword. Instead stay on the far end so when he does it
    you'll still be up there. Get his attention with arrows so he gets closer and
    closer, enough so that you can jump on top of his head. He if gets somewhat
    close but just stamps his feet, then retreat a little back down the stairs, and
    fire arrows to get him out of this cycle, then head up and try again. Once you
    are on there, equip the sword and a seal will be revealed on the top of his
    head. Stab away. When this seal disappears almost all of his health is gone,
    but as you may have guessed theres still another. Rest on his shoulders quickly
    then make your way down his right arm, ie. the one carrying the sword. Be sure
    to go down the back of his arm, and when you come to his armour there is a
    dent and a blue wound there. If it doesn't show up, then you haven't got the
    sword equipped before, so try heading back up, equipping and back down again.
    Anyway, do a charged stab to make him drop the sword and for you to be flung to
    the ground.
    Now he has lost his sword, his sword attack is replaced by a ground punch.
    Stand in front (not too close) so he does this attack, dive roll out of the
    way then grab the palm of his head. The other seal is here. Stab away until he
    is done for. Just one more Colossus left now!
     3.16. Sixteenth Colossus
    Getting There
    Grid Reference - F8
    Exit and head south east, in between where Colossi One and Four where found.
    Head through the canyon here until you come to a split, and head straight on /
    left. Keep riding and the ground will get greener, and in the wall opposite
    is a tunnel. This tunnel was where Colossus Eight was, so head left and ride
    onward into the plains. Keep riding South, turning right slowly so you
    by pass all the drops on the far right side. You are aiming to get to the
    tall cliffs in the distance (to the right a little), to the centre of there.
    When you get there remain on Agro and stand on the platform, and shine the
    sword toward the light coming out of the door. It will open. Head through and
    up the stairs in the far left corner, around and stop as you come to the top.
    Straighten up and charge with Agro as fast as you can onward, so you jump onto
    the bridge ahead. Although the camera angle changes, keep holding UP on the
    analog stick to make it to the other side. Cutscene.
    Now to scale the cliff face. There are ridges in the cliff base ahead, so head
    up the ledge above. Head right along the ledge and go up the blocks and steps,
    and climb the mossy wall up to the above ledge. Head across more steps along
    the cliff, where are the end is a level area with a passage in the wall. This
    will take you further up the cliff. As you exit, it will start to rain...
    use one of the side columns to climb up to the top of the cliff, where a
    cutscene will initiate.
    Fighting the Sixteenth Colossus
    Basic Solution - Head up the stairs and quickly go right and down in to the
                     passage entrance
                   - Use the barriers and passageways to make your way up to the
                     base of the colossus
                   - Climb up the armour to the lower back, stab and get on the
                   - Get up to the upper arm and stab wound, jump on to hand
                   - Stab hand to level out, use sword to find wound on left
                     shoulder and hit with bow
                   - Jump on to shoulders and the only seal is on the top of the
    At first, this guys seems impossible to reach, mainly due to his extremely
    powerful and constant projectiles that he throws at you from a distance.
    However you just have to follow sets of tunnels and use barriers to get to him.
    When you begin, head up the stairs and hide behind the column on the left as
    he fires. Straight after run directly right to the broken column base for
    shelter, and after the projectile hits it, jump down the tunnel entrance to
    the right. Follow it through to the end where you'll see some blocks by the
    edge. Climb up and hang off the upper edge and after he fires run onward to
    the first barrier wall. Wait until he hits that then run right quickly to the
    next one and hide, wait for the fire, run etc all the way until the next
    passage on the far right side. Note that if you get hit you'll be blown
    back in to the trench and you'll have to make your way across these walls
    Out the other side of the passage you'll be at the side cliff edge. Run right,
    down the steps and round the thin path. Use the ridge above to shimmy right
    around to the far side. Drop down and run back into the main area where the
    next passage entrance is located. At the other end, quickly head up the
    broken stairs and to the barrier wall straight ahead. Head right across
    the walls, going after each blast until you reach another passage. Again if you
    get hit then you'll get thrown to the trench below.
    The final passage will take you to underneath the Colossus, by his feet.
    Start climbing his armour to the upper ledge. You now have to make your way
    up this armour to the lower back. I won't provide a walkthrough, as there are
    loads of little paths to take, as you long as you keep going up you'll find it.
    If you end up at the front, just head around the side to the back and up to
    the fur of the back. Here is a weak point, so stab it and his hand will
    hover over the see that it is. Jump opposite and grab on to it, and he'll
    move his arm to the front. Climb on top and run up his arm, where underneath
    his glowing arm band is a blue wound. Charge stab, and his other harm will
    hover over. Jump across and hang on to be taken away.
    Now you are on his right arm, climb on top and stab the arm with your sword
    so it flattens out. Equip the sword now and shine the light on the left 
    shoulder to locate a hidden wound; black rings will circle to show where it
    is. Equip the bow and fire here and he'll move the hand over the wound, 
    allowing you to jump off and run to the top of his head, where the one and
    only seal is. He does put up a good fight twisting his head, so do what you
    can and if you need to rest and build up your grip gauge again retreat to the
    upper shoulders where on the right side there is a sort of fence across the
    edge, that should help you stay on as you rest. So keep stabbing the hand
    until he is dead.
    If you managed to get all the way to the top and take down the Colossus with
    out falling off, then I applaud you (I kept falling on my first attempts, heh)
    and all is left now is to watch the ending. Not to spoil it but you can
    control small aspects of it, but your actions won't affect the outcome.
    Congratulations on completing the game!
                             4. TIME ATTACK AND UNLOCKABLES
    Hard Mode
    When you complete the game and save, the option to choose the Hard mode
    becomes available on the title screen. This is pretty much the same game, bar
    there are a few more seals on quite a few of the Colossi.
    Time Attack
    When you complete the game and save, if you load up that save you'll start
    again with your health and grip intact. You can also replay any of the
    Colossi from inside the temple by going up to the respective statue and
    preying (Circle button). By doing so you can unlock various items. This also
    occurs in Hard mode, where the times are slightly different, as are the
    Colossus Temple Locations -
                                       ( POOL )
                                 ----+          +----
                                  16 |          | 15
                                 ----+          +----
                                  14 |          | 13
                                 ----+          +----
                                  12 |          | 11
                                 ----+          +----
                                  10 |          | 9
                                 ----+          +----
                                   8 |          | 7
                                 ----+          +----
                                   6 |          | 5
                                 ----+          +----
                                   4 |          | 3
                                 ----+          +----
                                   2 |          | 1
                                 ----+          +----
                                       ( GIRL )
    Time Attack - Normal Times and Rewards
    Normal Mode Times - 
        First Colossus        -  2:30:00
        Second Colossus       -  4:00:00
        Third Colossus        -  6:00:00
        Fourth Colossus       -  5:50:00
        Fifth Colossus        -  5:30:00
        Sixth Colossus        -  3:30:00
        Seventh Colossus      -  12:00:00
        Eighth Colossus       -  8:00:00
        Ninth Colossus        -  7:30:00
        Tenth Colossus        -  6:00:00
        Eleventh Colossus     -  5:30:00
        Twelfth Colossus      -  9:30:00
        Thirteenth Colossus   -  12:00:00
        Fourteenth Colossus   -  9:00:00
        Fifteenth Colossus    -  10:00:00
        Sixteenth Colossus    -  9:30:00
    Normal Mode Rewards -
        Two Colossi       -  Whistling Arrow
        Four Colossi      -  Cloak of Force
        Six Colossi       -  Mask of Strength
        Eight Colossi     -  Lizard Detection Stone
        Ten Colossi       -  Fruit Tree Map
        Twelve Colossi    -  Mask of Power
        Fourteen Colossi  -  Cloak of Deception
        Sixteen Colossi   -  Flash Arrow & Brown Agro
    Time Attack - Hard Times and Rewards
    Hard Mode Times (thanks to THayes for giving me this data!) -
        First Colossus        -  2:50:00
        Second Colossus       -  4:30:00
        Third Colossus        -  5:00:00
        Fourth Colossus       -  5:00:00
        Fifth Colossus        -  5:30:00
        Sixth Colossus        -  6:30:00
        Seventh Colossus      -  8:00:00
        Eighth Colossus       -  7:30:00
        Ninth Colossus        -  7:30:00
        Tenth Colossus        -  5:00:00
        Eleventh Colossus     -  5:30:00
        Twelfth Colossus      -  10:00:00
        Thirteenth Colossus   -  13:00:00
        Fourteenth Colossus   -  9:00:00
        Fifteenth Colossus    -  11:30:00
        Sixteenth Colossus    -  9:30:00
    Hard Mode Rewards -
        Two Colossi       -  Harpoon of Thunder
        Four Colossi      -  Sword of the Sun
        Six Colossi       -  Fruit Tree Map
        Eight Colossi     -  Shaman's Cloak
        Ten Colossi       -  Lizard Detection Stone
        Twelve Colossi    -  Shaman's Mask
        Fourteen Colossi  -  Cloth of Desperation
        Sixteen Colossi   -  Queen's Sword & White Agro
    Different Coloured Agro
    For a brown Agro, complete Normal Time Attack and press Square at the title
    screen. For a white Agro, complete Hard Time Attack and press Circle at the
    title screen.
    There is also a glitch to obtain White Agro in Normal Time Attack. Complete
    all 16 Colossi in Normal Time Attack, don't save, die and choose to retry.
    You'll respawn at the 16th Colossus. Beat him again and Agro will be white.
    Secret Garden
    After completing the game four times you'll have enough strength to climb
    the vegetation at the back of the temple, and all the way up to the top area
    that you see at the end of the game. Don't eat any of the fruit, as it'll
    permanently lower your health and grip gauges.
    Increase your Grip and Health
    Finding fruit from trees can permanently increase your health gauge, and 
    killing and eating white lizards will permanently increase your grip gauge.
    In both cases, shooting them with your arrow and pressing Circle eats them.
    Although there is no real locations for the white lizards (you just have to be
    lucky the find them; unlock the detection stone in Time Attack) there are
    locations for the fruit trees, as listed below. Thanks to noypi_gjd for
    creating the map and being a basis for the locations here!
    Grid Column B - Row 5 (x2)
    Grid Column C - Row 6 (x2), Row 4 (x2), Row 3 (x1), Row 1 (x1)
    Grid Column D - Row 7 (x2), Row 6 (x2), Row 4 (x2)
    Grid Column E - Row 7 (x2), Row 5 (x3), Row 3 (x2)
    Grid Column F - Row 6 (x2), Row 4 (x1), Row 1 (x1)
    Grid Column G - Row 8 (x2), Row 6 (x1), Row 4 (x1)
    Grid Column H - Row 6 (x2)
    Reminiscence Mode
    If you return to the Colossus after you've defeated it, you can prey and
    do the fight again.
    Ico Symbol
    If you have an Ico save on your memory card, then Agro will have a different
    symbol on his head.
                                        5. FAQ'S
    Q. The Colossus isn't acting like it says in your guide!
    A. While my in-depth strategies cater for most situations, there are times when
       some Colossi act a bit unorthodox. In which case, follow the 'Basic
       Solution' before each walkthrough for a general quick guide for each one.
    Q. Is this game a sequel to Ico?
    A. Not really. The game has nothing to do with Ico bar it's graphical style and
       general presentation. Although there is an element in the story that means
       this game is a possible prequel... I'll let you figure out what. You can see
       the Plot Analysis guide at GameFAQs if you want to know more.
    Any other questions, feel free to give me an email.
                            6. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS
    That's just about it, folks. I hope that this document has been of aid in
    one form or another, and that it has been easy to use. If you could, please
    either ask me questions, suggestions, comments or contributions at 
    crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com. Also could you rate this FAQ so I could get some 
    feedback. Thank you for reading.
     | Special Thanks to these who have contributed to the guide in some way... |
    CJayC (Gamefaqs) -      For accepting this guide and for creating the best site
                            on the internet. Thanks! http://www.gamefaqs.com
                            The site also supplied most of the cheats and
                            unlockables, so thanks to them and their contributors.
    IGN -                   For accepting this guide and for creating an awesome
                            video games site. Thanks! http://www.ign.com
    Sony  -                 For creating such an amazing game!
    ASCII Generator -       For producing the text ASCII for my Crazyreyn sig.
                            Thanks, and is a great site if you need any ASCII text.
    noypi_gjd -             For allowing me to link to the map and use it as a base
                            for the fruit tree locations!
    THayes -                For allowing me to use his Hard Time Attack data! 
             | Special Thanks to these who are my good GameFAQS friends... |
    Robert Lane        (Lanerobertlane)
    Richard Arnett     (Guitarfreak86)
    Ryan Harrison      (RHarrison0987)
    Thomas Carter      (Carter12)
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    Rebecca Skinner    (Karpah)
    Martin Dale-Hench  (Fox)
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    Richard B.         (Gbness)
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    Chris Noonan       (Merca)
    Colin Scully       (me frog)
    Tom Hayes          (THayes)
    And everyone else at the FAQ Contributors board! Also a nod to the GameFAQs
    UK board and v3, for being so damn funny and cool. :)
    If I have forgotten you, then please contact me and I'll fix your name up here!
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