About Lumina, How TO MARRY HER? ><

  1. In the First Chapter / First Year, i've already make Lumina's Heart to be 4 Pink Heart..Then i give her Blue Feather, then some cutscene about discuss it with Romana & Sebastian appear..Romana said she'll teach(or what else) Lumina before she get Married... *NB : I Propose her in Fall Season.. This Thing that i ask is my Second slot Save File

    I have another save file (its my FIRST File of this game..first time file that i play this game), i propose her and i think she still too young / i still didn't reach 4 pink heart for her..so she says something to cheer us to propose a girl (i think), so i thought she's can't be proposed (but now im conscious that I CANT MARRY HER IN MY FIRST SAVE FILE BECOZ I DIDN'T REACH 4 PINK HEART OF LUMINA YET)..then i marry Muffy and when i & Muffy came to Villa (in the Day that i marry Muffy), Lumina looks sad/dissapointed..and then i dissapointed why do i Marry Muffy but i have a very Good relationship with Lumina :( Then i make new Life in second Slot and plan to Marry her..

    So right now, im still in First Chapter/Year in Winter and i still live alone (only with my Animals)..Then shall i Wait for second Year to get Marry her? Now i'm hesitate that i Lost my Blue Feather so i CANT MARRY ANY GIRL ANYMORE..coz i didn't have it (in my chest beside my house) (the place that Takakura gave me that Feather)after i Propose Lumina and she still not my bride ><.. so is that rummor right that Lumina can be Married only when she's get Adult? Pls Answer my Question THANKS BEFORE :D ><

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    GansheeFaqs - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Lumina will always look sad during the wedding scene if you marry someone other than her. She pretty much has a crush on the player. And don't worry, once a girl has accepted your marriage proposal, you will automatically get married at the end of the chapter. Go to bed on Winter 10th and the wedding scene will start. You cannot not marry in this game as you must have a child to proceed.


    User Info: CatMuto

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