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    FAQ/Walkthrough by father_harvest

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      \______/ elcome to a Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition
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      \______/ alkthrough
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               QQQQQJ                                          LQQQQD
               SQMEZi                                          iEZZQj
       ____   _____
      /   /__/    /
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    /___/   /___/arvest Moon: A Wonderful Life SE
                               Copyright 2006 father_harvest Last update:8-11-06
                               Contact Info connorhelms@sbcglobal.net
    Farmer's Electronic Almanac Volume 2.5
    Table of Contents
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    time and scroll down.
    #  Title
    *0 Version History
    *1 Legal
    *2 Intro                             What's Happening?
    *3 Controls                          *****************************************
    *4 New Game                          *                                       *
    *5 What to do now                    *                                       *
    *6 Van's Shop                        *          walkthrough has been updated *
    *7 Characters                        *           doing some editing          *
    *8 Getting a Wife                    *****************************************
    *9 Ways for  Money
    *10 Other Expansions
    *11 Animal info
    *12 Tools (and random prices/selling prices)
    *13 The Records
    *14 Zack Livingston's Gift Guide
    *15 Mini games                             Look disorganized? tell me then!
    *16 Recipes Updated!!!(8/11)               Thanks for all the e-mails!
    *17 Hybrid trees and crops
    *18 Walkthrough Intro
    *19 Coming Soon
    *20 Raising your child, all the info you need
    *21 Codes, Secrets, Rumors, and Glitches
    *22 My Blog
    *23 Fan Fiction
    *0 Version History
    0.75 My guide was finally accepted after several rejections. I need to work on 
    hybrid trees and crops section(have to add more rc). The walkthrough section nee
    ds to be worked on as well.
    0.76 Slight upgrade to the crop section, specifically the rc.
    0.80 The rare crops section is complete, I have more price lists for tools and
    crops. A kids section was started(bleh), as well as the coming soon section.
    0.90 I have continued to work on section 20, and have added section 21.
    0.91 Added section 22 and 23
    0.92 Fixing spelling errors, adding to different sections
    0.93 Added Potato Soup to the Recipe Section, added more to My Blog Section
         walkthrough updated
    0.94 Various people have mailed me saying I need to add toadstool to my list...
    I added a recipe. That's basically it. Right now I'm trying to complete the
    walkthrough section.
    *1 Legal
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, priv
    ate use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copy
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their res 
    pective trademark and copyright holders.
    Don't forget!!!If you want to use this FAQ ask me not gamefaqs!!!
    *2 Intro
    If you have not yet guessed, this is my first walkthrough. I'll be giving some 
    tips on how to do various things, why this or that happened, and other tips on 
    making a succesful farm.
    At first, this game can seem too complex to do everything. Truth is, at first it
    can be frustrating trying to figure out what to do. Take it one day at a time.
    You most likely won't get everything done in a day that you want.
    As for me, I generally spend half a day at my farm working. Then I try to give 
    gifts to as much people as time permits. Then I try to have some leisure time 
    fishing or playing mini-games. If you have any suggestions e-mail me please. 
    Don't worry, I'm still adding to the guide.
    This game is quite lengthy. There are six years or "Chapters," in the game each
    of which has 40 days. Each day is 24 minutes(the clock stops while you do certa-
    in things and you also need to sleep around 8 of those minutes). As each year
    progresses, people die, move out, or move in. Your character ages as well. He
    will walk slower, jumping fences becomes difficult, and your hair grays.  By 
    the end of the first chapter you have to get engaged. In the 2nd chapter you and
    your wife will have a kid. Throughout the whole game your kid and wife age as
    The significant thing about this is you choose your wife, and what gender your
    kid will be. You can give gifts to your kid to get him/her to like something.
    Later when they grow up they will become interested in a profession and  take it
    as a job of their own. Play your cards right and your kid will become a farmer
    (or a musician, whatever you want), but if you screw it up your kid chooses what
    he or she wants.
    You also need  to give gifts to people, and in return they will give you somethi
    ng. Depending on who it is, you can get a new vinyl, tool, or instrument. At the
    end of the game you will be old. Then you enter the 7th chapter known as heaven.
    The characters look as they did around Chapter 4. Enjoy my guide as well as the
    game, jabroni!
    other info:
    The game was originally released on the Gamecube back in March 16 2004, but came
    to the PS2 October 28 2005. In the GC version you could connect to the GBA using
    Friends of Mineral Town. This was for little things like more records. Obviously
    this version isn't going to let you do that. In fact if you walk to that hill,
    Nik Nak and Flak will ask you if you really want to quit.
    There are now more fish(little, normal,big,huge)and you can't get as much pets.
    In the GC version you could get a chihuahua or even a lizard :(
    I think you'll find the secions to be divided in a more useful and easier to
    read way than some (look at some of the GC guides for instance, not well done).
    At first this guide was small. The first version to be accepted was only 56K.
    It has  definitely grown a lot, now it is over 80K(at 6-9-06). There is more det
    ail to it, as well as charts and other helpful info. I've only had a few e-mails
    thus far, but they have helped. I occasionally skim through it to find errors,
    spellcheckers don't work as good as they should. Still there are probably some
    spelling, grammar, and other errors. Please tell me if so.
    *3 Controls
    For those wanting to know how to play the game, here are the buttons and what th
    ey do(as read from the game manual).
    triangle...general functions such as hugging animals or eating food/train dog/
    wash animal at trough using  brush/make dog jump whilst training it
    circle...go back on menus/put item in rucksack
    x...harvest an item/ talk to someone/ hold animal/ item info while hold-
    ing the item/ brush animal using brush/ make dog five you whilst training it/
    ride horse/ push animal(also can be done by running into an animal's behind for 
    a few seconds)/ push red button(on walls in and out of barn to move animals in 
    or out/ whilst standing near  record player in house turn off record(if you refu
    se you can take record)
    square...open rucksack/ put item in rucksack while holding/ make dog stand on
    two legs whilst training it/ town map whilst on horse
    L1...reset camera
    L2...whistle for horse(when you get one)
    R1...first-person view
    R2...whistle for you dog
    d-pad...scroll menu
    left analog...movement/ rotate any direction to make dog spin whilst training it
    right analog...camera movement
    start...rucksack(full screen)
    select...town map whilst on foot 
    Too complicated? It is the best I can do so deal with it. Sorry.
    *4 New Game
    This will be a guide for the very first day.
    When you select new game your partner and Dad's friend will give you a tour of
    the game. Takaura will explain the buildings.Two stray dogs will appear. 
    Lucky for you, Takakura doesn't like dogs, so choose one, name it, and continue.
    You will be prompted to give your FREE OF CHARGE cow a name(it's a female, 
    please choose an appropriate name)and continue. Name you farm. Now you will be  
    introduced to people around town. Enter a name when prompted and continue.
    Ready? You start off with a few seeds to plant, tools to use, and fodder
    to feed.
    *5 What to do now
    Here is what you should do. Go inside the barn, go to  YOUR left not your cha
    racter's left and you will see a hole in the wall. It connects to the hay or 
    FODDER silo. When the x button on the button guide says GET IT OUT hit x. You wi
    ll have FODDER in your hands.Press square and your guy will put it in his ruck
    sack. Now GET IT OUT again. Find your cow's box that sits in front of it that 
    has two holes and is brown. Walk in front of one of those holes, FODDER still in
    hand. On the x button it should say put in, hit x. Now hit square and find your 
    FODDER and hit x. It should be in your hands again. Put it in the other hole.
    If you go slightly left of where the hole for the FODDER is you will see a post
    er that, when x is hit, will tell you how much FODDER you have left. Getting 
    low on FODDER? Go to Vesta's farm in the early morning and find the big red-head
    that is Vesta. Or the guy named Marlin. Talk to them and tell them you want to 
    buy something. If you hit right twice when the blue menu opens you will find 
    fertilizer. Buy wisely, money is a factor. Now back at your farm see the big 
    fence behind the barn? Charge full speed into it. Your guy will jump it like 
    Michael Jordan. Now see where all that tall grass is? Open your rucksack and get
    out the fertilizer. When you see a yellow square hit x.  Then repeat if you have
    more but on a different patch of grass. Eventually it will grow to be taller 
    than before. Only put one fertilizer on one patch of grass and for eternity it 
    will grow. It takes 9 days for it to grow (thanks Flyger2000@aol.com).
    This is where your sickle comes in. When the grass seems tall enough get it out.
    Now walk up to this tall patch of grass and when you hit x it will cut down the
    grass. Automatically, there will be more fodder put in your barn. If you hit the
    red bell behind your barn and let your animals out, if you have tall grass they 
    will eat it. Just make sure to hit the button inside your barn to bring them ba
    ck inside or after a while they will get sick and you will need animal medicine.
    When there is a sick animal in your barn it can spread it around.
    Don't forget to talk to and heart your cow. Now go to the field of yellow dirt. 
    There are two, use the one further from your house for better crops. Get your
    hoe out and when you see a yellow square hit x. Now do this on another patch  of
    dirt. Get out a seed and place it in one of the dug up areas. Now get out the 
    watering can and hit x on the plant you wish to water. When your can runs out
    of water go to the little fountain beside you and hit x to get more water.
    Hungry yet? If your guy pauses or says Guuu, you need to eat. Find something on
    the ground, harvest it, then eat it. Some things you can't eat. When you harvest
    something, you can show it to a person and they will ask you for it(if they like
    it). Certain people like certain things but most everyone likes flowers. After
    awhile of doing this if you catch someone at the right moment, they will give
    YOU a gift.
    Want to know when you can milk your cow? Go in your house and press x on the 
    desk by your bed. Select assets. Scroll through until you reach livestock.
    Now find your cow and hit x. This will tell you how much it hearts you, how 
    healthy it is, and if you look down how much bottles of milk it has and the 
    quality of it. A healthier and heartier cow makes better, more valuable milk.
    When the occasion comes(usually 2x a day) that your cow has milk, find the thing
    and hit x when it says milk. If you want to be nicer to your cow use the cow 
    milker in the rucksack. When you manage to get 60,000 dollars you can get a milk
    room,this treats your cows more nicely and gives you better milk. You won't have
    to hand milk your cows once you get it, just push them in the room.
    But what if your cow isn't giving milk after an extended period of time? Well,
    if you ordered it from the storage room, wait for a couple of seasons(allow it
    to grow) and select miracle potion from the order list. If you don't have a bull
    use another bull(this costs money). It takes a while for the calf to be born.
    When it is, your calf sits in a tent. Your mother cow gives mother's milk for 
    about half a season(comes in baby bottle),and if you feed it to the calf it will
    Are you starting to catch on? Well there is still some more explaining on how to
    *6 Van's Shop
    On the 3rd and 8th day of EVERY season, a merchant named Van will open a shop
    around noon, closes at 6. You can buy things not elsewhere found from him, and 
    sell any and everything you get in the game(it has to be in your rucksack). But
    where the heck is he at?! Go just left of the Blue Bar and some fat guy in blue
    overalls and red shirt(he looks Italian all dressed up because of his mustachio)
    will be standing around with boxes and stuff. That's Van. You can buy a fishing
    rod from him. This is also where you get the brush for your animals. He has ener
    gy drinks too. 
    Every chapter you will be able to buy something new from him. The best things to
    sell him are Dhibe cakes(under dessert menu in the kitchen use dhibe milk and 
    an egg), fish, and things from the dig site. A dhibe is just a combination oftwo
    crops(strawberry and turnip). You can combine crops into hybrids by using a pla
    nt named Tartan. Takakura gives it to you in the 2nd chapter and I will go into
    MUCH further detail about it later.
    To use the fishing rod, get it out of the rucksack and walk up to a body of wat
    er and hit x. You will sometime feel small bites. Then the red bobby will dip
    down into the water. When it comes back up press and hold x until you catch the
    fish. This takes some practice. It helps to turn vibration on by going in your 
    house and reading Takakura's notes to turn on vibration. I usually read somethin
    and wait to feel a vibration to resume playing. I know the rod is expensive but 
    some fish go for 2500 and up if you sell them to Van. IF the rod is too expens
    ive, in the 2nd chapter up if you befriend Galen he will give you a cooler one.
    If you sell something to him and it is worth over 100, select no until he raises
    his offer. Sometimes this will take a few tries. But the product has to be 101 
    or up to do this 'haggling' of sorts.
    If you find his energy drinks to expensive you can always go to the blue bar, th
    ough it isn't cheap either.In the fourth year, you can purchase a flower pot.
    As far as I know, this serves no purpose(but when you press x on it, it gives
    you a recipe), and is relatively expensive. I bought it anyway simply because I
    want a more decorated home.
    While on the subject of personalizing your home, you can also buy new interiors
    for your home. One of these is 100, 000 G! But the cheapest is only 5000, though
    not as awesome as the others.
    *7 Characters
    Admit it...you are dazed and confused with the who and the what. Who does what
    and where do they live? Well, as read from the manual, here are the characters.
    Name    Home	        Description
    Carter	Dig Site        41 years old wants help with digging
    Celia(eligible bride)   Vesta’s Farm  26 years old moved in with Vesta
    Chris	Village Houses  33 former news anchor still leaves for work in city 
    Cody	Cody’s Studio   36 artist makes sculptures from metals
    Daryl	Crazy Scientist Lab 35 does strange experiments seeks first breakthrough
    Dr. Hardy Village Houses 52  the local yokels gossip about his eye
    Flora	Dig Site        34 villagers wonder why she and Carter live in tents
    Galen	Village Houses	68 is bored still laments day he left his old place 
    Griffin	Blue Bar        46 cool-guy he looks youthful due to his drinks
                            (keep that in mind when your character gets old)
    Gustafa	Gustafa’s Yurt	28 enjoying life one verse at a time, 
                            he  can be found staring at trees at the spring 2x a day
    Hugh	Village Houses	8 likes to run with dad, Wally could turn pro
    Kassey	Pyrotechnician(rocket-like home) 51 World’s greatest pyrotechnician,rumor
                            is him and his bro came to the Valley after an 
                            explosive accident
    Lumina(eligible bride)	Romana’s Villa	18 spends day practicing piano, 
                            though she wouldn’t mind doing other things with other 
    Marlin	Vesta’s Farm	32 grumpy, left city to live with his sister, spends 
                            free time studying hybrids
    Muffy(eligible bride)	Blue Bar 30 no luck with love, Griffin thinks she is 
                            best thing that happened to the Bar
    Nami(eligible bride)	Inner Inn 28 because she rarely opens up, few people 
                            understand her
    Nina	Village House	67 came to Vallley for the remainder of her years 
    Patrick	Pyrotechnician(rocket-like home) 51 could easily be mistaken for his 
                            brother, likes games
    Rock	Inner Inn	22 other kids would jump at the chance of working in 
                            such a successful family business, but he just wants to 
    Romana	Romana’s Villa	62 some think she expects perfection out of Lumina
    Ruby	Inner Inn	47 the brains behind the business everyone loves her 
    Sebastian Romana’s Villa 63 family has served Romana’s family for generations, 
                            so he is treated as a family member
    Takakura Your Farm	? Takakura is your link to your father and his farm 
                            he’ll help around
    Tim	Inner Inn	48 Innkeeper looks after business while Ruby seeks 
                            ingredients to cook up meals
    Van	Beside Inner In 50 a traveling merchant  who wonders between 
                            towns and buys various items and sells medicines from Dr
                            Hardy(really energy drinks)
    Vesta	Vesta’s Farm	39 Vesta likes to talk about vegetables, lately she has
                            been trying to find a hubby for Celia, Marlin might do
                            the job unless you say otherwise
    Wally	Village Houses	Fitness freak and former sports star, he wants his son 
                            to follow and could help yours out too
    *8 Getting a Wife
    This is also from the manual.
    Don't know who to choose? What should you give them? What times are they home?
    What do they like? When should I propose? HOW do I propose? Very faq questions,
    right? Well, let me help you out a bit.
    Celia(26)...Celia is quiet and doesn't talk much about her interests, so Vesta
    might speak for her. She likes all animals and knows a thing or two about crops.
    Give her plenty of gifts, one a day every day starting from day one. Go to  the 
    house on Vesta's Farm and go upstairs. Press x on the bed and see what she feels
    Lumina(18)...New to dating, Lumina is 18 and looking for a supportive hubby, she
    enjoys gifts such as flowers, things from the dig site, and keeps her diary in
    her room at the Villa. I still haven't bewedded Lumina 2x(for the boy and girl).
    Muffy(30)...Muffy is the oldest bride you can get. She won't work on your farm
    though. Plain old flowers are the best thing to give her, so you don't need to 
    spend money on her. You can find her diary  at the Blue Bar(go to the top of
    the bar's main room).
    Nami(28)...Nami is the smartest of all the brides. She won't fall for normal 
    gifts such as flowers. Try varying items from the dig. She likes finding out in-
    fo about different cultures. Her diary is at the top of the Inner Inn.
    Around the Summer of the first chapter Nik Nak and Flak will give you a blue
    feather. Give this to the person you want to marry, but their hearts need to be
     up to 3 for a while before attempting this.
    As you can see, there are four girls you can marry. You don't need to waste food
    for them, they all (except Nami) will take flowers. You can find flowers on the
    ground throughout the whole game. If you want to know how much they like you go
    to whatever building they reside in, and in their room you will find a diary.
    Muffy's is in the Blue Bar (go to the flowers sitting on the shelves). Nami's
    can be found in the 2nd floor of Inner Inn (door on the left, on the bed). Celia
    lives in Vesta's Farm (up the stairs, on the bed). Lumina lives in the Villa.
    You have to go to the 2nd floor on the right. Her's is also on the bed.
    Throughout the first Chapter there will be scenes with your soon-to-be showing
    you that you are progressing. Remember to give them a gift every day! Almost alw
    ays you'll see Muffy's scene where she gets attacked by your dog. This happens
    to me too, even if I haven't been nice to her. Just keep at this daily routine.
    If you mess up you can just reset the game depending on how often you save.
    You definetly need to keep that in mind: save often. After every major event of
    the day save. Save after watering crops, then save after tending to the animals,
    save after giving gifts, save after ordering, and save after acquiring. The most
    important part to save is when you have progressed with you gal. If you are begi
    nning to get paranoid that [insert wife here] doesn't like you enough, propose
    to someone. This may sound crazy but proposing to someone who then refuses will
    get others to like you. If I were going after Muffy then I would propose to Lumi
    na Celia and Nami. Of course, if you haven't been doing anything with them they
    all will refuse your generous offer.
    *9 Ways for  Money
    If you are running low on money, the following should help.
    Food Processing Room...If you still have a normal cow giving milk, this can help
    A LOT. If the quality is S, then you will get good cheese or good butter. These
    can be sold for 300, 360 haggled. Regular versions of these foods only sell for
    around 100, so if your milk isn't S it won't be as good. Only use normal milk or
    you will be losing money.
    Star Cows...Their S milk can be sold for over 500 each, and when they first star
    t to give you milk they will give 10 a day. If the quality of their milk goes
    down, giving them good fodder will help, but eventually they only give you a few
    A or B milks a day. So 540 x 10 = 5400 G a day.
    Here is the prices of milks
    Normal cow... B   A   S
                 75  115 150
    Brown........B    A   S
                 115  175 225
    Marble.......B    A   S
                 115  175 225
    Star.........B    A   S
                 270 405 540
    Sheep can also be a good money maker, they only eat half as much as cows and onl
    y need half as much attention. Prices for wool are listed below.
    Fishing, at times, can be a very good money maker. With luck, you can bring in
    about 5000 G in a day of fishing. If you swim at the river right across from the
    farm, you might catch a Huge Sharshark. Then, go to the Spring and fish in the
    Lake there. A huge Arna can be caught here. Just those 2 fish are worth several
    thousand G. It should be noted that these are the 2 rarest fish in the game. Th
    is idea is simply ludicrous, so a couple fish a day will be good. Here are fish
    in abc order.Below the regular price is the haggled price. I don't have the tiny
    sizes listed because I use those for food! There are a few listed, though.
    400 G
    480 G
    Big Arna 
    400 G
    480 G
    Big Colombo
    40 G
    Big Huchep
    170 G
    204 G
    Big Nayame
    130 G
    156 G
    Big Rainbob
    150 G
    180 G
    Big Sharshark
    1200 G
    2000 G
    Big Snelt
    Big Yamame
    1000 G
    1200 G
    90 G
    Huge Arna
    1500 G
    1800 G
    Huge Colombo
    100 G
    Huge Huchep
    250 G
    300 G
    Huge Nayame
    200 G
    240 G
    Huge Rainbob
    500 G
    600 G
    Huge Sharshark 
     2500 G
    3000 G
    Huge Snelt
    100 G
    Huge Yamame
    2000 G
    2400 G
    60 G
    80 G  
    600 G
    720 G
    30 G
    Tiny Arna
    300 G
    360 G
    Tiny Colombo   
    10 G  
    Tiny Sharshark 
    600 G
    620 G
    Tiny Yamame    
    300 G
    360 G
    500 G  
    Seed Maker...If you are friends with Darrel he will  get this for you free of
    charge. Make sure you give him gifts as soon as possible because once you can or
    der it from the order form, it's too late to get one from Daryl.
    Anyways, this can come in handy. If you put a crop in it(or fruit) the next day
    you will get two seeds. Here is an example of a way to make a lot of money from
    it: If you have 16 bananas, put half of them in the Seed Maker. Then, once all 
    of them have grown(should be 16 trees) you will have bananas galore to sell, and
    they are valuable when sold to Van. Typically, if you wait long enough, you will
    get 16 fruit from a tree. 16 fruit x 16 trees = 256 bananas to sell to Van. That
    is a lot of money.
    The dig site is also very helpful. Here is a list of things you can find. Notice
    that it only goes to Chap. 4. Well, that's where I am in the game as of now so
    sorry. You can still find items from the previous chapters too.
    Chapter 1
    Coin: 10
    Skull Fossil: 50
    Human Statue:40
    Moon Ore: 40
    Tablet C
    Chapter 02 
    Chapter 2:
    Sugar Ore: 50
    Fossil: 40
    Horse Statue: 70
    Silver Coin: 40
    Tablet D
    Chapter 03 
    Chapter 3:
    Hip Fossil: 60
    Hop Ore: 80
    Jade Ball: 150/180
    Tablet E
    Chapter 04
    Chapter 4:
    Gold Coin: 50
    Strange Fossil: 100
    Strange Item: 300; haggle 360
    Tablet F
    I wonder why the tablets don't start at A, lol?
    *10 Other Expansions
    Milk Proccessing Room...is a waste. A big one at that, coming in at 60,000 G it 
    is one of the most expensive items. You have to push your cows into a room your-
    self(no bell) and set them by a machine for it to work. This can end up taking
    more time than regular milking and uses more stamina. UPDATE I got an e-mail
    from rijax-rayha that went a little like this:
    i noticed you sead that the milk prossing room was not worth getting because 
    you need to manyualy push your cows in the bilding
    But i have discoverd that when the cows are outside you can Train your cows 
    to go in on ther own
    pick a set time in the morning and in the after noon push your cows in the 
    bulding at those times for i think 3 days and after that the cows will 
    actualy go in the bulding themselvs if left outside !!!
    now this only works if there outside it dasint work if left inside but i 
    find it usful when i am fishing so that i dont have to stop to milk the 
    i just wanted to lend you a hand in that section i hope you add it to your 
    guide i am a fan of the guide i use it almost evry time i play
    Thanks for the advice, I'm  sure everyone who reads this guide will want to go
    and buy a milk processing room now. No, seriously do it.
    Fertilizer Maker......This is very useful, and is only 15,000. For every 2 items
    that you throw away in the barn's trash can, you get 1 unit of fertilizer. I use
    flowers because on days they grow you can get 30 at once. That's 15 units for fr
    ee! Since I have the Great Field, I don't use the fertilizer on crops, just the 
    Pond...This is only 2500 and if yo buy it in CH1, then in CH2 you can get a duck
    You have to wake up after your wife has left the house, so find out when she lea
    ves the home, and when you go outside she mentions ducks are in the Pond and you
    can keep them. Just don't put fertilizer in front of the tree in the pasture due
    to the fact that it is where the pond is located. Please note that it will be in
    Great Field...Perhaps the most cost efficient expansion. The field is the size 
    of both of you old fields combined, and is so fertile that you only need to wat
    er crops/trees once a day, no fertilizer needed. It is 20,000 G, so it's not the
    cheapest item on the block.
    Chicken Yard.....I still haven't bought one of these, I just don't see a need to
    The price is only 10,000. Basically it is a fence beside the coop where you keep
    your chickens(you have to bring them out yourself no bell), and they sometimes 
    go back in the coop on their own. The good part is that there is always food in
    it so you won't have to buy feed. Without a bell, I don't see a use for this si
    nce you can't hold anymore chickens than 8 anyway, seems like it is the equiva-
    lent of the Milk Proccessing Room for chickens.
    *11 Animal info
    This covers what I have not already about animals. Since I have rarely mentioned
    the chicken let's start with it.
    Chickens......First buy a hen, you will get an egg from it every day and they wi
    ll sell for 40 each. Then get a rooster, your hen will now sometimes lay fertili
    zed eggs now. These are a little more pink, if you are not sure what kind of egg
    it is, press x. Put the egg in the incubator and in roughly a season the egg hat
    ches. If you get a male, sell it once it is worth 450, if it's a female keep it.
    If you are nice enough to your chicken, it will give you a golden egg which can
    be sold for 300, a hefty price considering eggs and fertilized eggs sell for 40
    and 50, respectively. If you can't seem to be able to put a fertilized egg in an
    incubator, count how many fowls you have. If you have 8, there's your problem se
    ll one. Depending on how much chickens you have, you will  have to buy new bird
    feed from time to time.
    Ducks.....If you have the Pond by Year 1, and are in Summer of Year 2, and have 
    read how to get  a duck in the section entitled Pond above, and still can't seem
    to get one,  sell a chick. You can't have anyomore than 5 to get a duck. The duc
    has eggs that are identical to the chicken, meaning, you can't tell them apart.
    Also, if you have the Pond by year one, you can still get ducks on other summers
    if you don't the second one.
    Cows.....These are the best money makers, and have been thoroughly discussed thr
    oughout this guide. Basically just put fodder in the feedbox every time you see
    an empty slot, talk to, brush, and heart it once a day. If weather permits, let 
    them outside and wash them.
    Sheep.....I personally have 2, they aren't a whole lot of money(2500 G),and can
    make you a lot of money if taken care of. Their wool will grow once a season, wa
    sh them to improve the wool's quality. Then, when they have a LOT of wool, cut t
    he poor thing. Mine like to find a wall and run full speed at it all day, which
    is weird, but I guess it is their only means of indoor exercise.
    Bulls......If you buy one of these, when a miracle potion is used select farm's
    bull and choose which bull you want. This is free. If you choose another bull it
    will cost 2500 G and it will only be a normal bull. Different bulls and cow type
    produce different calf types. These pretty much need the same attention as any 
    other cow.
    Horses......During the Summer of the first chapter Takakura will give you a free
    animal. A horse basically. You can get a different color, I've had white and an 
    orange-brown looking one. There are a few more, I think you can get black and a
    darker brown one from what I've heard. Lately I have been getting a lot of e-mai
    ls about the horse. A few of you have said that Takakura has not yet given you a
    horse. To be honest I have no idea why, some who have e-mailed me said they were
    in the fall! Every game I have played Takakura gives me a horse on Day 1 of
    Summer. I believe when you get it Takakura says it is a reward since you have go
    tten the hang of things. So be prosperous, and be kind and attentive to crops
    and animals and you should get it.
    Goat....Order it from Van for 4000 year 2 and 3. After a year it won't give any
    more milk...
    Cat...This will be given to you by Romana sometime in the 3rd Ch, it just eats.
    Dog, put food in it's bowl as much as possible(the cat also eats from it) and tr
    ain it a lot every day until it won't train any more!
    That pretty much covers the animals. Except of course how much it costs to maint
    ain them(as well as selling their foods).
    	Male		Female	
    Normal cow      3000g           4000g
    Brown cow       4000g           5000g
    Marble cow      4000g           5000g
    Star cow        6000g           7000g
    Milk Prices
    	        B grade		A grade	         S grade
    Normal          75g             115g             150g
    Brown           115g		175g		 225g
    Marble	        115g		175g		 225g
    Star		270g		405g		 540g
    Mother's Milk sells for 75G
    Butter Prices
                    B grade		A grade	         S grade
    Normal          225g            225g             300g
    Brown        	225g		300g		 300g
    Marble	        225g		225g		 300g
    Star		300g		300g		 300g
    Mother's Butter sells for 115
    Cheese Prices
    	        B grade		A grade	         S grade
    Normal          225g            225g             300g
    Brown        	225g		300g		 300g
    Marble	        225g		225g		 300g
    Star		300g		300g		 300g
    Mother's Cheese sells for 115
    Guess I'll post sheep wool for the 2nd time. You can only get a male(2500G).
    Wool           Normal
    Dirty Wool     75g
    Wool Grade B   115g
    Wool Grade A   300g
    Gold Wool      600g
    Now for some chicken info
    Buy     Male 900g	  Female 900g
    Sell    Male 450g         Female 450g
    Chicks  Male 150g	  Female 150g
    And now ducks...
    Buy     Male N/A          Female N/A
    Sell    Male 500g         Female 500g
    sell for Male 200g  Female 200g
    Non-fertilized egg   40g
    Fertilized egg       50g
    Golden egg           300g
    Goat info
    Well...it'll...it'll ummm...cost ya....bout 4500 from Van.You can also refuse
    and get it for around 2000G
    Milk - 115g
    Goat Cheese- 155g
    Goat Butter- 150g
    *12 Tools
    This is a list of the tools that I know of, so there might be more...
    Fishing rod...This is given to you by Galen. I don't know if it is any better t
    han the fishing rod, but I did catch a Huge Arna the first time I used it. Just 
    give him gifts for while until sometime in CH2 or 3 he gives it to you. It took
    me five days of giving him a fish once a day in Year 3 to get it.
    Fishing pole....This one is bought from Van for 500g.
    Brush...This is used to brush and wash an animal, I don't know if there are any
    diffrent brushes though. Rick W says no :P
    Wool Clippers...This is Wally's gift to you. You can get it in Year 1, but I did
    n't get it until the 2nd year because our schedules were much different.
    Clippers....This is the standard tool to cut your sheeps wool, and can be ordere
    d using the order form.
    Wool Shears...This won't take up as much stamina, and can also be ordred from th
    e order form.
    heavy hoe....This is the hoe you get in the beginning of the game and eats up yo
    ur stamina.
    hoe...This comes from the order form and is a little easier on the back.
    light hoe...Also from the order form, it is very light.
    Strange Hoe....You get this from Tim, it's really heavy but cuts more land.
    Weird Hoe....Vesta  gives this to you, it's got the same effect as it's strange
    version, but a little lighter.
    Cow Milker....You get this for free, and is used to uh, milk. You can also milk
    via hand or room.
    goat milker...When you buy a goat from Van, you also get this to milk it.
    heavy sickle...This is the haevy standard tool used to cut fodder and crops/tree
    sickle....Get it from the order form, isn't as heavy as the other.
    light sickle...Also available via order form, it is the lightest one.
    Strange SIckle...Get this from Cody, it covers more land but is heavy.
    Weird sickleS...This is from Dr. Hardy, I haven't noticed any difference between
    this one and the strange one.
    watering can S....The first one you get, holds 35 squares.
    watering can L....This is from the order form and hold 140 squares.
    watering can w....Romana gives this to you once you have a Great Field and she h
    as given you sheet music. It only hold 10 squares, but it waters nine crops by
    pressing x once!
    I don't know of any other tools so that's it for now(still trying to find anothe
    r brush).
    Here are some random prices for tools. When I say ledger it means you get it
    from the order form.
    Heavy Hoe         -  Free, Starting tool get from Takakura. Sell for 35g.
    Hoe               -  800g  (Ledger) Sell for 400g
    Light Hoe         -  1000g (Ledger) Sell for 500g
    Strange Hoe       -  Get from Vesta in chapter 2
    Weird Hoe         -  Get from Tim (Must also be friends with Ruby)
                         Sell for 500g, haggle for 600g
    Heavy sickle      - Free, Starting tool get from Takakura. Sell for 35g.
    Sickle            - 600g (Ledger) Sell for 300g
    Light sickle      - 750g (Ledger) Sell for 435g, haggle for 450g
    Strange sickle    - Get from Gustafa. Sell for 375g, haggle for 450g
    Weird sickle      - Get from Dr.Hardy (Chapter 2), sell for 375-450g
    Fishing rod       - Buy from Van, 500g
    Fishing pole      - Get from Galen (Chapter 2) Sell for 1000g
    Milker            - Free, Starting tool get from Takakura.Sell for 150g-180g
    Goat milker       - Get when you buy a goat from Van. Sell for 75g
    Watering can S    - Free, Starting tool, get from Takakura, sell for 50g.
    Watering can      - 600g (Ledger) 300-360g (sell)
    Watering can L    - 750g (Ledger) 375-400g (sell)
    Watering Can W    - Get from Romana. Sell for 375g-450g
    Wool shears       - 400g  (Ledger) 200-240g (sell)
    Electric clippers - 1300g (Ledger) 650-780g (sell)
    Wool Clippers     - Get from Wally. 150-180g (sell)
    Brush		  - Buy from Van. 500g
    For the heck of it here are the prices for the Bar
    Red Punch    100g
    Blue Punch   100g
    Moon Trip    120g
    Moomoo Milk  150g
    Cherry Pink  200g
    Stone Oil    300g
    Here are some prices from Vesta's farm as well.
    Turnip: 20G
    Carrot: 30G
    Strawberry: 30G
    Tomato: 30G
    Sweet Potato: 40G
    Potato: 40G
    Melon: 50G
    Watermelon: 60G
    Peach: 1120G
    Orange: 820G
    Grape: 900G
    Banana: 1500G
    Apple: 820G
    Fertilizer: 120G
    Wild Plant and Herb sell prices(f is flower h is herb m is for mushroom)
    (F)Goddess Drop- 15G
    (H)Mugwort-      15G
    (F)Toy Flower-   10G
    (F)Happy Lamp-   15G
    (F)Mist Moon-    10G
    (H)Royal Fern-   15G
    Fall   Jess Dobbins has e-mailed me about a mistake. Hackberry and Matsutake
    ----   have an M by them for mushroom.
    (H)Bracken-      15G
    (F)Gemsoil-      20G
    (M)Hackberry-    20G
    (M)Matsutake-   100G
    (F)Trick Blue-   10G
    (M)Toadstool-   100G-thanks to Flyger2000@aol.com!
    (F)Amorous-      10G
    (H)Sorrel-       20G
    (F)Upseed-       25G
    *13 The Records
    I've gotten a lot of records, though not all...
    64 memories....If you get a combined victory of 10 against Patrick and Kassey at
    Territory Capture, they will hand you this. The liner notes are:The cherry bloss
    oms were falling then..........
    Breeze...This is the one that plays at the very beginning of the game. The fines
    t work song
    Joy of the Fall...I got this from giving gifts to Mukumuku, the white thing at 
    the Spring in winter. He gives you more if you talk to him again. It's dedicated
    to the three harvest sprites.
    Marine Jazz....Get this one from Griffin. It's the finest song in Davy Jones' lo
    Quiet WInter...If you look in your tool shed this is in there. It says Endless
    Spring Song....Van will let you have this. It says the farm started from here.
    Summer Memories...Carter gives this to you when he is at the beach. So much happ
    ened in the last year...............
    The Bride.....You get this cheerful record from Chris. I'll call you darling....
    Town Spirit....Befirend Sebastian and he'll give it to you when he is in his roo
    m. It's the song from the Harvest Goddess cutscene. Remember those long nights..
    Winter HM...Kate will give you this. The kappa from the spring is under the ice.
    hint hint wink wink......I have no idea what this means either. Fish at the Spri
    ng in winter maybe you'll cacth it.
    HMAWL SE...Get this from Hugh, I don't have it I've seen it around the boards th
    Flower Bud...This is from Rock, same deal as Hugh's though.
    Butterfly....Again, same deal, this time from Marlin.
    This is all I know of for now.
    *14 Zack Livingston's Gift Guide
    This is NOT MINE. It is done by my pal Zack, and I asked for permission to use 
    this, so thank this part for him, it is the whole guide. Thanks, kudos out to 
    you Zack! His part begins with 123 and will end with 456
    --Dr Hardy
    -version info
    -contact info
    In Harvest moon A Wonderful Life they have integrated in a friendship
    system, which not only lets you make friends but will allow it so
    they will give you make gifts in return. For example if you make 
    friends with Cody he'll give you a special sickle which makes
    farm life much easier, so its vital to make friends with towns
    people from day one.
    |Name- Lumina                                                    |
    |Gift Ideas- Flowers, golden wool, Mushroom Gratin, Sweet Potato |
    |Items Received- none?                                           |
    |other helpful notes- bridal candidate                           |
    |Name- Celia                                                  |
    |Gift Ideas- Flowers, Vegetables, Eggs, Crystals, Shiny Coins |
    |Items Received- none?                                        |
    |other helpful notes-bridal candidate                         |
    |Name- Muffy                                        |
    |Gift Ideas- Flowers, Crystals, Shiny Coins, Sweets |
    |Items Received- none?                              |
    |other helpful notes-bridal candidate               |
    |Name- Nami                                                 |
    |Gift Ideas- curry, trick blue, items from excavation site  |
    |Items Received- none?                                      |    
    |other helpful notes-bridal candidate                       |
    |Name- Tim                                                              |
    |Gift Ideas- eggs, milk                                                 |
    |Items Received- Strange Hoe                                            |
    |other helpful notes- Need great field to obtain strange hoe, also enter|
    |his house at about 7 AM to trigger the cut scene                       |
    |Name- Ruby                                                                |
    |Gift Ideas- Flowers, milk wild plants                                     |
    |Items Received- Ruby Spice                                                |
    |other helpful notes- Ruby's spice is needed to make curry which is one of |
    |Nami's favorite things, essential for wooing her. Enter kitchen when ever |
    |she is in there to trigger event.                                         |
    |Name- Rock                                                                   |
    |Gift Ideas- Light Pickles, Mist Moon flowers, fodder, human-shaped artifacts |
    |coins, mushroom, gratin, butter, tomato melon salad, cheese, earth soup, Toy |
    |Flowers                                                                      |
    |Items Received- none?                                                        |
    |other helpful notes- none?                                                   |
    |Name- Gustafa                                                       |
    |Gift Ideas- flowers, anything from the ruins, curry, mushroom curry |
    |Items Received- Tum Tums                                            |
    |other helpful notes- none?                                          |
    |Name-Galen                                                                  |
    |Gift Ideas- S rank crops, Apples (regardless of rank), washing Nina’s grave |
    |Items Received- Fishing rod(upgraded)                                       |
    |other helpful notes- After chapter one he turns sour, so make friends during|
    |chapter one                                                                 |
    |Name- Nina                                                |
    |Gift Ideas- didn't bother to find out                    |
    |Items Received-none?                                      |
    |other helpful notes- Don't bother making friends with her.|
    |Name- Vesta                                                                 |
    |Gift Ideas- Flowers, Milk, Crystals, Earth Soup, Curry                      |
    |Items Received- Weird Hoe                                                   |
    |other helpful notes-enter tool shed at 10 30 pm when alone to trigger event.|
    |Name- Marlin                                                 |
    |Gift Ideas-S rank vegetables, eggs, records, stamina potions |
    |Items Received- none?                                        |
    |other helpful notes- none?                                   |
    |Name- Carter                                               |
    |Gift Ideas- Milk, Melon, Watermelon, fish, cheese, sashimi |
    |Items Received-                                            |
    |other helpful notes-                                       |
    |Name- Flora                                                                   |
    |Gift Ideas-Fish, cheese, butter, milk, curry, mushroom curry, S-quality crops |
    |fossils, clay statues                                                         |
    |Items Received- Necklace                                                      |
    |other helpful notes-                                                          |
    |Name- Murrey                                    |
    |Gift Idea's-All food except it is made from fish|
    |Items Received-none?                            |
    | other helpful notes-none?                      |
    |Name- Daryl                                                    |
    |Gift Idea's- Items from excavation site, fish, eggs, earth soup|
    |Items Received- Seed maker                                     |
    |other helpful notes- none                                      |
    |Name- Cody                                                                |
    |Gift Idea's- Human Statues, flowers, ore                                  |
    |Items Received- Strange Sickle                                            |
    |other helpful notes- He'll only accept gifts when has away from his house.|
    |Enter house at 9:00 AM                                                    |
    |Name- Kassey                         |
    |Gift Idea's- flowers, crystals, coins|
    |Items Received-none?                 |
    |other helpful notes- none?           |
    |Name- Patrick                                                               |
    |Gift Idea's- flowers, crystals, coins, eggs, cheese, fish, sweet potato soup|
    |Items Received- none?                                                       |
    |other helpful notes- none                                                   |
    |Name- Hugh                       |
    |Gift Idea's- Milk, Coins         |
    |Items Received- HMAWL SE (record)|
    |other helpful notes- none        |
    |Name- Grant                                                                   |
    |Gift Idea's-Eggs, Milk, Goat Milk, Sashimi                                    |
    |Items Received- Alarm Clock                                                   |
    |other helpful notes- he'll give you the alarm clock regardless if your friends|
    |with him                                                                      |
    |Name- Chris                                                          |
    |Gift Idea's- Strawberry shortcake, Flowers, Milk, Apples, Fruit Juice|
    |Items Received- The Bride (record)                                   |
    |other helpful notes- none                                            |
    |Name- Wally                                    |
    |Gift Idea's- Eggs, Milk, Coins, Sashimi, Cheese|
    |Items Received- Wool Clippers, Medal           |
    |other helpful notes- none                      |
    |Name- Griffin                                                             |
    |Gift Idea's-Fish, coins, sashimi, Mist Moon flowers, Trick Blue, crystals,|
    |golden eggs                                                               |
    |Items Received- Summer Memory (record)                                    |
    |other helpful notes-none?                                                 |
    |Name- Samantha                    |
    |Gift Idea's-Flowers, Milk, Sashimi|
    |Items Received- none?             |
    |other helpful notes- none.        |
    |Name- Kate                                  |
    |Gift Idea's-Flowers, Curry, Coins, Moon Ores|
    |Items Received-HM Winter (record)           |
    |other helpful notes- none.                  |
    |Name- Romana                                                              |
    |Gift Idea's- Flowers, oranges, milk, records, crystals, golden coins, clay|
    |statues                                                                   |
    |Items Received- Cat, Watering can, Sheet Music                            |
    |other helpful notes- none?                                                |
    |Name- Sebastian                     |
    |Gift Idea's- Eggs, Fish             |
    |Items Received- Town Spirit (record)|
    |other helpful notes- none?          |
    |Name- Dr Hardy                                                                |
    |Gift Idea's- coins, fish                                                      |
    |Items Received- Weird Hoe                                                     |
    |other helpful notes- You should fertilize 3/4 of your field, and leave it uncut
    |before he'll give you the weird hoe. Enter house at 11 30 to trigger event.   |
    |Name- Van                                        |
    |Gift Idea's- Eggs, Anything from the ruins, curry|
    |Items Received- Spring song (purchased record)   |
    |other helpful notes- none?                       |
    |Name- Takakura                                                                |
    |Gift Idea's- Any cooked meals                                                 |
    |Items Received- Tartan (2nd year)                                             |
    |other helpful notes- tartan can be gained whether your friends with him or not|
    |Name- Mukumuku                                                               |
    |Gift Idea's-fish, eggs                                                       |
    |Items Received- Joy of Fall (record)                                         |
    |other helpful notes- Can be found by the spring during winter and only winter|
    special thanks to genki_girl33, pumpkin101, cascade7, Kamigari, Boyceboy
    contact info
    E-mail- Bardoc2k2@sbcglobal.net
    aim-    Firemagebardock
            xICryEmoTearsx5 (go on more often)
    name-   Zack Livingston
    this faq was written by Zachary David Livingston, if you wish to use this
    on your own FAQ or put on your own personal website you must talk to me 
    Again, thank you so much Zack!
    *15 Mini games
    Please note that not all of these are available at first.
    Territory Capture...Go to Kassey's house around 1 PM. The best start is to creat
    e a hexagon in the very center of the board.
    Grave Cleaning....SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Go to Galen's in the morning while he
    is standing by SPOILER's grave. You have to go in a circle under 1 min. Your
    guy tends to use a great amount of stamina though...
    Milk Drinking....Go to the Inner Inn at night. This is pretty simple, rapidly hi
    t the x button for a minute. It can be tough though.
    a recent e-mail I got,
    From Scott Blair:Hey, I thought I'd let you know that in your FAQ you say that
    the milk drinking contest is at night and I haven't been able to get that once.
    It wasn't untill I followed Van into the inn around 12:30-1pm and spoke to rock
    then that I got the milk drinking contest.
    *16 Recipes
    This is a list of all the recipes that I know. You start out with soups and sala
    ds, make 25 meals and you get entrees and desserts,10 more gets you main course.
    Soups  ////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Earth Soup  ......................  Potato + Carrot ($100)
    Fish Stew  ........................  Potato + Carrot + Fish ($250)
    Stew  ...............................  Potato + Carrot + Milk ($200)
    Tomatoma Soup  .............  Tomato + Carrot ($90)
    Yam Soup  ......................  Yam ($110) or bargain for ($132)
    Potato Soup ...................Potato + wild plant + mushroom
    Salads ////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Dhibe Salad  ....................  Dhibe + Tomato + Berrytoma ($35)
    Fruit Salad  .....................  Apple + Orange + Tomato ($40)
    Light Pickles  ...................  Turnip ($25)
    Marinade  ........................  Fish + Mugwort + Tomato ($35)
    Melon Salad  ...................  Melon + Apple + Orange ($25)
    Tomacaro Salad  ..............  Tomato + Carrot ($35) 
    Tomamelo Salad  .............  Tomato + Melon ($35)
    Entrees ////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Fried Mushrooms  .............  Potato + Mushroom + Butter ($80)
    Fried Vegetables  ..............  Tomato + Carrot + Butter ($70)
    Grape Pie  ........................  Grape + Butter + Egg ($50)
    Melon Pie  ........................  Melon + Butter + Egg ($50)
    Sashimi  ............................  Fish ($150)
    Smoothe Veggie  ...............  Potato + Turnip + Carrot ($175)
    Main Courses   ////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Curry  ...............................  Ruby Spice + Carrot + Potato ($150)
    Gratin  ..............................  Milk + Cheese + Butter ($200)
    Meuniere Set  ...................  Fish + Butter ($250)
    Mushroom Curry  .............  Ruby Spice + Potato + Mushroom ($200)
    Mushroom Gratin  ............  Cheese + Mushroom + Butter ($150)
    Omelet  ............................  Egg + Butter ($200)
    Desserts  ////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Carrot Cake  ....................  Carrot + Egg + Milk ($150)
    Fruit Juice  ........................  Milk + Peach + Grape ($50)
    Grilled Yam  .....................  Yam ($75)
    Kashry Ice Cream  ...........  Kashry + Brown Milk + Star Milk ($150)
    Love Cocktail  .................  Watermelon + Grape ($200)
    Peach Tart  .......................  Peach + Egg + Butter ($125)
    Pound Cake  ....................  Milk + Egg + Butter ($175)
    Rich Juice  ........................  Star Milk + Banana + Peach ($75)
    Strawberry Cake  .............  Strawberry + Egg + Milk ($190)
    Sweet Potato  ...................  Yam + Butter + Egg ($150)
    Veggie Cake  ....................  Tomato + Egg + Milk ($150)
    This could be all, if you don't make something correclty and eat it your charact
    er feels like crap.
    *17 Hybrid trees and crops
    In the 2nd chapter, order something from Takaura. When he comes back, enter his
    house around 6. You should get a plant named Tartan. He is used to make better t
    rees and crops. This is a list of the ones I know. I'll try to find some more pr
    ices for the 2nd and 3rd gen crops, as well  as trees. Before you make hybrids,
    save. You might make a mistake!
    Well here are the crops, 2nd gen crops, 3rd gen crops, trees, 2nd gen trees, 3rd
    gen trees all in easy-to-read, easy-to-print charts!
    | Seed Name  |Grade B: Buy|Grade B: Sell|Seasons Grown|  Type  |Time to Grow |
    | Carrot     |    30 G    |     45 G	|F,W	      |  Root  |   9-10Days  |
    | Melon      |    50 G    |     70 G	|Su,F         |  Vine  |   8-9 Days  |
    | Potato     |    40 G    |     60 g	|Sp,W         |  Root  |   9-10Days  |
    | Strawberry |    30 G    |     35 G	|F,W          |  Stem  |   8-9 Days  |
    | Tomato     |    30 G    |     35 G	|Sp,Su,W      |  Stem  |   7-8 Days  |
    | Turnip     |    20 G    |     25 G	|Su,F,w       |  Root  |   5-6 Days  |
    | Watermelon |    60 G    |     65 G	|Sp,Su        |  Vine  |   8-9 Days  |
    | Yam        |    40 G    |     70 G	|F	      |  Root  |   7-8 Days  |
    | Name of crop|  1st crop  |  2nd Crop  |Seasons Grown |  Type  |Time to Grow |
    | Gretoma     |   Tomato   | Watermelon |   Sp,Su,F    |  Vine  |   9-10 Days |
    | Berrytoma   |   Tomato   | Strawberry |   Sp,Su,F    |  Vine  |   8-9  Days |
    | Melotoma    |   Tomato   |   Melon    |   Sp,Su,F    |  Vine  |   9-10 Days |
    | Trady       |   Tomato   |   Turnip   |   Sp,Su,F    |  Vine  |   7-8  Days |
    | Tobatama    |   Tomato   |   Potato   |   Sp,Su,F    |  Root  |   8-9  Days |
    | Tomaca      |   Tomato   |   Carrot   |   Sp,Su,F    |  Vine  |   8-9  Days |
    | Yamato      |   Tomato   |     Yam    |   Sp,Su,F    |  Root  |   8-9  Days |
    | Berryber    | Watermelon | Strawberry |    Sp,Su     |  Vine  |   9-10 Days |
    | Melober     | Watermelon |   Melon    |     Sp,F     |  Vine  |   8-9  Days |
    | Raury       | Watermelon |   Turnip   |    Sp,Su     |  Vine  |   9-10 Days |
    | Bashber     | Watermelon |   Potato   |    Sp,Su     |  Root  |   7-8  Days |
    | Cabber      | Watermelon |   Carrot   |    Sp,Su     |  Vine  |   8-9  Days |
    | Kashry      | Watermelon |     Yam    |    Sp,Su     |  Vine  |   7-8  Days |
    | Berrylon    | Strawberry |   Melon    |    F,w,Sp    |  Vine  |   7-8  Days |
    | Dhibe       | Strawberry |   Turnip   |    F,w,Sp    |  Vine  |   5-6  Days |
    | Paberryta   | Strawberry |   Potato   |    F,w,Sp    |  Vine  |   9-10 Days |
    | Cabbery     | Strawberry |   Carrot   |    F,w,Sp    |  Vine  |   9-10 Days |
    | Berrican    | Strawberry |     Yam    |    F,w,Sp    |  Root  |   7-8  Days |
    | Dhilon      |   Melon    |   Turnip   |     Su,F     |  Vine  |   9-10 Days |
    | Potamelo    |   Melon    |   Potato   |     Su,F     |  Root  |   8-9  Days |
    | Camelo      |   Melon    |   Carrot   |     Su,F     |  Vine  |   6-7  Days |
    | Sholo       |   Melon    |     Yam    |     Su,F     |  Root  |   7-8  Days |
    | Radita      |   Turnip   |   Potato   |    W,Sp,Su   |  Root  |   5-6  Days |
    | Cady        |   Turnip   |   Carrot   |    W,Sp,Su   |  Root  |   6-7  Days |
    | Kandy       |   Turnip   |     Yam    |    W,Sp,Su   |  Root  |   5-6  Days |
    | Tataro      |   Potato   |   Carrot   |    W,Sp,Su   |  Root  |   9-10 Days |
    | Kanro       |   Carrot   |     Yam    |     Su,F     |  Root  |   7-8  Days |
    | Bashota     |   Potato   |     Yam    |    W,Sp,Su   |  Root  |   6-7  Days |
    rc 12 must be made between 6 pm and am
    rc 13 must be made between 6 am and pm 
    These might not be ALL the combinations,
    be advised, but really this is enough.
    |rare| 1st crop | 2nd Crop|Season    |Type      |growth time|
    |rc 1|Berrylon  |Trady    |Spring    |Stem      |6-7 Days   |
    |    |Berrylon  |Tomaca   |          |          |           |
    |    |Berrytoma |Camelo   |          |          |           |
    |    |Berrytoma |Dhilon   |          |          |           |
    |    |Cabbery   |Melotoma |          |          |           |
    |    |Dhibe     |Melotoma |          |          |           |
    |rc 2|Cady      |Tataro   |Spring    |Stem      |           |
    |    |Potamelo  |Sholo    |          |          |8-9 Days   |
    |rc 3|Cabber    |Cady     |Spring    |Root      |7-8 Days   |
    |    |Cabber    |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |    |Cabberry  |Cady     |          |          |           |
    |    |Cabberry  |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |    |Cady      |Camelo   |          |          |           |
    |    |Cady      |Kanro    |          |          |           |
    |    |Cady      |Tomaca   |          |          |           |
    |    |Camelo    |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |    |Kanro     |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |    |Tataro    |Tomaca   |          |          |           |
    |rc 4|Berryber  |Cabber   |Spring    |Vine      |7-8 Days   |
    |    |Berryber  |Melober  |          |          |           |
    |    |Cabber    |Melober  |          |          |           |
    |rc 5|Cady      |Radita   |Spring    |Root      |7-8 Days   |
    |rc 6|Berryber  |Melotoma |Spring    |Vine      |6-7 Days   |
    |    |Berrylon  |Gretoma  |          |          |           |
    |    |Berrytoma |Melober  |          |          |           |
    |rc 7|Berrylon  |Dhibe    |Spring    |Stem      |7-8 Days   |
    |rc 8|Bashber   |Gretoma  |          |          |           |
    |    |Bashber   |Kashry   |          |          |           |
    |    |Bashber   |Melober  |          |          |           |
    |    |Bashber   |Paberryta|          |          |           |
    |    |Gretoma   |Kashry   |          |          |           |
    |    |Gretoma   |Melober  |          |          |           |
    |    |Gretoma   |Tobatoma |          |          |           |
    |    |Kashry    |Melober  |          |          |           |
    |    |Melober   |Potamelo |          |          |           |
    |    |Melotoma  |Potamelo |          |          |           |
    |    |Melotoma  |Tobatom  |          |          |           |
    |rc 9|Berryber  |Dhilon   |Summer    |Stem      |7-8 Days   |
    |    |Berrylon  |Cabber   |          |          |           |
    |    |Berrylon  |Raury    |          |          |           |
    |    |Caberry   |Melober  |          |          |           |
    |rc10|Bashota   |Cady     |Summer    |Stem      |8-9 Days   |
    |    |Kandy     |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |rc11|Berrytoma |Trady    |Summer    |Vine      |7-8 Days   |
    |    |Gretoma   |Melotoma |          |          |           |
    |    |Gretoma   |Trady    |          |          |           |
    |    |Melotoma  |Trady    |          |          |           |
    |    |Melotoma  |Tomaca   |          |          |           |
    |    |Tomaca    |Trady    |          |          |           |
    |rc12|Dhilon    |Kashry   |Summer    |Stem      |8-9 Days   |
    |see |Dhilon    |Yamato   |          |          |           |
    |note|Kandy     |Melober  |          |          |           |
    |at  |Raury     |Sholo    |          |          |           |
    |top |Sholo     |Trady    |          |          |           |
    |rc13|same as   |rc 12    |everything|is the    |same       |
    |rc14|Dhibe     |Dhilon   |Summer    |Stem      |7-8 Days   |
    |rc15|Bashota   |Kandy    |Summer    |Stem      |9-10 days  |
    |    |Kanro     |Kandy    |          |          |           |
    |rc16|Berrican  |Kashry   |Fall      |Root      |6-7 Days   |
    |    |Berrican  |Sholo    |          |          |           |
    |    |Kashry    |Sholo    |          |          |           |
    |    |Kashry    |Yamato   |          |          |           |
    |    |Sholo     |Yamato   |          |          |           |
    |rc17|Camelo    |Dhilon   |Fall      |Vine      |8-9 Days   |
    |rc18|Berrylon  |Caberry  |Fall      |Stem      |6-7 Days   |
    |rc19|Cabber    |Kanro    |Fall      |Root      |8-9 Days   |
    |    |Cabber    |Tomaca   |          |          |           |
    |    |Caberry   |Kanro    |          |          |           |
    |    |Caberry   |Tomaca   |          |          |           |
    |    |Camelo    |Kanro    |          |          |           |
    |    |Camelo    |Tomaca   |          |          |           |
    |    |Kanro     |Tomaca   |          |          |           |
    |rc20|Bashber   |Bashota  |Fall      |Stem      |8-9 Days   |
    |    |Bashber   |Cabber   |          |          |           |
    |    |Bashber   |Paberryta|          |          |           |
    |    |Bashber   |Potamelo |          |          |           |
    |    |Bashber   |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |    |Bashber   |Tobatoma |          |          |           |
    |    |Bashota   |Paberryta|          |          |           |
    |    |Bashota   |Potamelo |          |          |           |
    |    |Bashota   |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |    |Bashota   |Tobatama |          |          |           |
    |    |Cabber    |Potamelo |          |          |           |
    |    |Paberryta |Potamelo |          |          |           |
    |    |Paberryta |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |    |Paberryta |Tobatoma |          |          |           |
    |    |Potamelo  |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |    |Potamelo  |Tobatoma |          |          |           |
    |    |Tobatoma  |Tataro   |          |          |           |
    |rc21|Berrylon  |Cady     |Fall      |Stem      |7-8 Days   |
    |    |Camelo    |Dhibe    |          |          |           |
    |rc22|Berrylon  |Dhilon   |Winter    |Stem      |6-7 Days   |
    |rc23|Kandy     |Cady     |Winter    |Stem      |7-8 Days   |
    |rc24|Cabber    |Camelo   |Winter    |Root      |7-8 Days   |
    |    |Cabber    |Caberry  |          |          |           |
    |    |Camelo    |Caberry  |          |          |           |
     _________ ____________ _________________ ______________
    |Seed Name|    Cost    |Seasons harvested|Time to Grow  |
    |Peach    |    180 G   |      Summer     |   15-16 Days |
    |Orange   |    140 G   |      Summer     |   13-14 Days |
    |Grape    |    160 G   |       Fall      |   19-20 Days |
    |Banana   |    280 G   |      Summer     |   14-15 Days |
    |Apple    |    140 G   |       Fall      |   17-18 Days |
    2nd Gen. Trees
    |Tree one|Tree two|Hybrid tree|Harvest|Time to Grow |
    |Banana  |Peach   |Magerum    |Winter |18-19 Days   |
    |Banana  |Orange  |Magenge    |Summer |17-18 Days   |
    |Banana  |Apple   |Appage     |Fall   |15-16 Days   |
    |Banana  |Grape   |Gehju      |Summer |15-16 Days   |
    |Peach   |Orange  |Lanmuge    |Fall   |16-17 Days   |
    |Peach   |Apple   |Phurum     |Fall   |18-19 Days   |
    |Peach   |Grape   |Jurum      |Fall   |16-17 Days   |
    |Orange  |Apple   |Oraphu     |Spring |15-16 Days   |
    |Orange  |Grape   |Orahge     |Summer |15-16 Days   |
    |Apple   |Grape   |Phuju      |Summer |16-17 Days   |
    3rd Gen. Trees
    |1st tree|Lanmuge +Gehju    |
    |        |Jurum + Magenge   |
    |        |Gehju + Lanmuge   |
    |        |Magerum + Orhange |
    |2nd tree|Lanmuge + Magenge |
    |        |Magerum + Lanmuge |
    |        |Magerum + Magenge |
    |3rd tree|Lanmuge+Appage    |
    |        |Magenge+Phurum    |
    |4th tree|Jurum+Gehju       |
    |        |Orhange+Jurum     |
    |        |Orhange+Gehju     |
    |        |Genju+Orhange     |
    |5th tree|Jurum+Appage      |
    |6th tree|Jurum+Phurum      |
    |        |Phurum+Jurum      |
    |7th tree|Orhange+Phurum    |
    |        |Oraphu+Jurum      |
    |8th tree|Gehju+Oraphu      |
    |9th tree|Oraphu+Appage     |
    |        |Appage+Magenge    |
     How much can you make?
    |    Tree    |  B  |  A  |  S  |  B  |  A  |  S  |
    |Apple       |25G  |35G  |45G  |410G |420G |430G |
    |Orange      |30G  |40G  |50G  |410G |420G |430G |
    |Grape       |35G  |45G  |55G  |450G |460G |470G |
    |Banana      |35G  |45G  |55G  |750G |760G |770G |
    |Peach       |40G  |50G  |60G  |560G |570G |580G |
    |Oraphu      |55G  |65G  |75G  |420G |430G |440G |
    |Phuju       |40G  |50G  |60G  |420G |430G |440G |
    |Appage      |40G  |50G  |60G  |540G |550G |560G |
    |Phurum      |45G  |55G  |65G  |455G |465G |475G |
    |Orahge      |45G  |55G  |65G  |420G |430G |440G |
    |Magenge     |45G  |55G  |65G  |540G |550G |560G |
    |Lanmunge    |50G  |60G  |70G  |540G |550G |560G |
    |Gehju       |50G  |60G  |70G  |560G |570G |580G |
    |Jurum       |50G  |60G  |70G  |470G |480G |490G |
    |Magerum     |50G  |60G  |70G  |610G |620G |630G |
    Also, mixing a plant with a wild plant will have an effect. Only three will have
    an effect on them, though.
    Happy Lamp-A green circle appears next to the seed name, plants grow any season
    Gemsoil-black circle appears next to it, soil around plant becomes extremely fer
    Upseed-improves seed quality to S!!!!!
    *18 Walkthrough Intro
    Here is the main part of the guide. Altogether this is probably going to be the 
    largest section in my whole FAQ. There will be subsections, which is the walkthr
    ough for one of the chapters. Well let's begin.
    Chapter 1
    Please read the new game section first. And well, if this is your first time pla
    ying, the rest of the guide as well. This section starts on the 2nd day of the g
    Make sure to go to bed early enough to wake up around 5 AM. When you first get 
    up, water your plants. If you bought crops from Vesta the day before, now is the
    time to plant/water them. Now you need to go in the barn. Put fodder in your cow
    feedbox. If it starts to eat the fodder, don't interrupt it. When your cow is do
    ne eating, talk to and heart it. There, you are done for the day with animals ex
    cept milking. It would be wise to milk now, it takes 6 hours before you can milk
    the cow again. After 7 PM your cow won't give you milk.
    Now put some of your fertilizer on the pasture(if you didn't use it all on crops
    then use the rest here). In a few days the grass will be tall enough to cut.
    Take this time to give gifts to as much people as desired. If you have decided 
    on a girl, then give her a gift and talk to her a while. If you are still a minu
    te or so around 1 PM, your doing good. Now go around collecting things from the
    ground, and eat a few things. You can drink milk if you like, but that's also a
    good source for money.
    You can buy some more things from Vesta if you have enough money. You really jus
    t need to buy fertilizer and a tree, unless you still need more crops. If so, do
    n't spend too much money. By now you can milk your cow again. Now it should be
    nearly dark. DON'T go to the bar it costs too much money for what your current b
    udget is.
    Instead go to the Spring. You should see two mushrooms, eat one.You will be take
    n inside the tree, Nik, Nak, and Flak live here. Do you see those pots in the co
    rner? Talk to it for a few minutes. When at last it says that you've won, talk 
    to the Harvest Sprites. Now you can choose between a boy or girl when you have 
    your kid.
    Head on home. Put anything you can in the dairy box in the Food Storage Room.
    Now you can eat again, watch tv, or go to bed. On the 3rd day Van comes, so you
    can sell a lot of things and buy that much needed animal brush.
    Alright day three. Hopefully you have awoken around 5 again. Same routine as the
    day before, plant you new crops(don't buy anymore for  the rest of the season, t
    hey won't have time to grow)and water them. Put fodder in your cow's feedbox, mi
    lk her, talk to and snuggle her. Once again put some fertilizer in the pasture.
    Again, go around giving gifts to people, and collecting wild plants if any are l
    eft over.Around noon Van will open his shop. First thing you should do is buy an
    animal brush and then fishing rod. Now just sell what you want. You should make
    a lot of money, but since you used up so much on a brush and rod you probably wo
    n't have as much as before you went to Van.
    Okay by now it'll be a little after noon. Spend this time to catch some fish. I
    would fish in the river in front of your barn if you need food. If it is money y
    ou are looking for the river at the Spring has some valuable fish. Do this until
    around 5.
    The next step is up to you. You can chat with your girl, work on the farm, or co
    ncoct new recipes. 
    Day 4. Water the crops, brush your cow, milk it, talk to and heart it, let it go
    outside. Put some fertilizer on the pasture. Buy what you can from Vesta. Now do
    what you feel, I would give people gifts. Collect what needs to be collected. If
    you become too hungry drink milk or something. Don't forget to train your dog.
    You can go to the digsite and find some valueables, it will end at 5. Now milk 
    the cow again. You can fish for a while. Go see what profits you made from Takak
    ura and put milk into the shipping bin. If you happen to come across a cutscene 
    of some sort(most likely Muffy) it won't take up any time.
    If your crops are dry, water them again. It will be night by now, so let your c-
    ow in. If there isn't any fodder left, fill it up.
    Day 5. Find something to eat first thing. If your guy can't do much without gett
    ing worn, buy lighter tools or medicine from Van(on day 8). If your guy is feel
    ing better water your crops. If you have any grass in the pasture, cut it down.
    If you have money for fertilizer use it. Now milk your cow. Feed it and then let
    it outside if the weather is good. Brush and wash it, talk to and heart it.
    By now you can probably give gifts to more people. Now you can give Darryl fish.
    Galen takes fish as well. So now just spend this time talking to people. You mig
    ht even come across a cutscene with a girl. I recommend you to play territory ca
    pture, you will get a moon ore for winning. Now go dig or fish for a few minutes
    Milk your cow again and let it back in.
    Water the crops if needed. Now put the milk in the shipping bin. See how much mo
    ney you have in the order form. Now order lighter tools if you want. Train your 
    dog after this. Don't forget to put some food in it's bowl. You should probably 
    go to bed by now, but I would eat first.
    Now you should be getting the hang of things. You might have an eligible bride
    come to your house for a chit-chat, but not much is going to happen. Until the
    first day of Summer that is. Takakura will give you yet another free animal.
    This time it is a horse! It can be brown, white, and orange. Don't like the one
    you got? Just restart the day until you get the color of your choice. I believe
    it's randomized though I am not for sure.
    Keep giving gifts to people, especially the woman of your choice. In the Fall
    Nik Nak and Flak will give you the famed Blue Feather. Give this to the one you
    love. It won't work on everyday citizens, only the brides. Make sure you have
    3 hearts in [insert girl]'s diary before giving this to her. Do this before the
    last day in winter as well.
    You should by now have the wool clippers from Wally, think about buying a sheep
    now. Chickens, well you should have bought those in the Summer or Spring. Buy a
    hen  not rooster first. She will give you an egg worth 40 G a day. Use this
    money to buy a rooster. Then you will continue to get more chickens, sell them
    if you get another boy. There is only need for one rooster even if you have the
    highest amount of hens possible.
    The sheep will grow wool once a season. Wash them to improve the quality of the
    wool. The best quality is golden, which is 600 G and you can haggle it to Van.
    If you need more money there is a whole section on this but you can dig a lot...
    Chapter 2
    Have Takakura get something from the city. Go in his house at night, you should
    get Tartan(read the crops section for more). Now you can get the big bucks.
    This will come in handy if you have a seed maker. Refer to my hybrid list to dec
    ide what crop you want to make. Then make a third gen. hybrid ASAP. It helps to
    have a few of them instead of just one. Once they have grown place each of these
    crops in the seed maker, and then let those seeds grow. If you sell them they
    earn you thousands.
    If you don't have a pond yet then it may be to late to get a duck. You will have
    to wait until Summer to find out though. You may also want to purchase the ferti
    lizer maker. If you have yet to purchase the food processing room (I understand,
    this thing is costly for this early in the game), start saving to do so. Trust
    me you  will become a better cook with it. Plus butter and cheese sell for a
    high price. The better the milk quality the better the butter/cheese quality.
    You can turn mother's milk into butter/cheese as well. You can turn goat milk in
    to butter/cheese for those who purchase the goat from Van when it is available.
    You will want to stay active with your kid. Chapter 2 is the best time to influe
    nce your kid into doing what you want them to. If you want a musician befriend
    Gustafa to obtain the tumtum. This is a set of drums. Also befriend Romana and
    she will give you some piano sheet music. Give these to your kid. Records help
    this career too. Look at the career mini-guide for more.
    Really this is all for Chapter 2. Start experimenting with Tartan and the seed
    maker so by Year 3 you will have started planting plenty of 3rd gen crops. Look
    at the hybrid section for more. Don't forget to become tight buddies with Romana
    if you have not yet done so. You'll want to do this so you can get the sheet mus
    ic. Once you get the sheet music wait until you have the Great Field (available
    in Chapter 3) and Romana gives you the watering can w.
    Chapter 3
    Your kid has grown a bit. Now they are toddlers and this would be the best year
    to influence what career they choose. If you don't yet have a food processing
    room that is bad. Real bad. Saveup and get one. If you have a lot of cows giving
    you milk (especially brown/marble) the cheese and butter will earn you a lot of
    money. Don't use star milk, this will actually decrease it's value.
    *19 Coming Soon
    What am I currently working on? This is the section that covers it all!
     /                                                \
     |An events summary for the getting a wife section|
         |  Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto
    [  {}  {}  ]        I might add a section for friends. You know, what happens as
    [          ]        they like you more, just day to day progress.
     \ \____/ /
      --------  *
       |     | /
      /|  S  |/        Yes, I am working on the walkthrough. Keep in mind a large
     / |     |         portion of the game is multiple choice, so it's not going to
    *   -----          be ultra-detailed.
                      Some who don't want to wait for me to complete the walkthrough
                      may want to look at my blog for the time being as a rough
                      guide to everything. (I'm in CH 4)
                    Any suggestions yourself? e-mail me!
    *20 Raising your child, all the info you need
    I have heard people say that you cannot get a girl in this game, but you can. In
    the GC version you can only get a guy. What gender you get is not randomized(I
    beleive) talk to Mr. Pots. I explain this more in the walkthrough section.
    Section 20 is information about the kids, as said, so obviously this will take a
    while to complete. The sons will be covered first. Also Chris gives them a fortu
    ne, that will also be covered. Then I'll explain how to get them to follow a cer
    tain career.
     /         \ These drawings look nothing like the real characters......
    |Muffy's Son|
     \  o  o   /
      \_______/  Muffy's son is the most athletic kid. He'll hang with Wally and his
                 son a lot. Don't expect him to stick around the farm much. He wears
                 blue and red.
          |Fortune| I'll be getting it soon...
         Likes and Skills
         Career          Interest          Skill
         Scholar         very low          very low
         Planting        very low          very low
         Animals         very high         somewhat low
         Painting        very low          low
         Music           high              very high
         Athletics       very high         very high
     /         \
    |Celia's Son| looks like Toad from Mario lol
     \  ^   ^  / 
      \___o___/  Celia's son wears green, likes the outdoors(won't leave the farm
                 much though) and likes animals/plants.
          |Fortune| This boy  has both knowledge and gentleness within. Raise him we
           =======  ll. 
         Likes and Skills
         Career          Interest          Skill
         Scholar         very low          low
         Planting        very high         very high
         Animals         very high         very high
         Painting        low               high
         Music           low               low
         Athletics       low               low
     /        \
    |Nami's Son|-----heh, kinda bad...
     \ *   *  /
      \  J   /
       \ 0  /
        ----   Nami's son is quiet (wonder why). He wears all blue. He is smart, tha
               nk God, and is shy.
          |Fortune| This boy will have unparalelled curiosity. He'll want to know
           =======  the deepest things, and will be a momma's boy. I laugh every
                    time I read this lol.
         Career          Interest          Skill
         Scholar         low               very high
         Planting        high              high
         Animals         very low          high
         Painting        very high         very high
         Music           low               high
         Athletics       very low          very low
    Don't worry I'll get the girls in soon(sort of).
    |Career mini-guide|
    This will help you get the child to do what you want him/ her.
    Give your kid plenty of records. You can get a record every day from Mukumuku.
    Also give them Gustafa's tumtum, and Romana's sheet music. In chapter 2 singing
    to your kid will help this. You will have a hard time getting your kid to do
    this if you didn't marry Lumina.
    If Wally gives you a gold medal keep so you can give your kid the special item.
    You will be able to tell if your kid is an athlete rather easily. He or she will
    often jog with Wally and sometimes Hugh. This career path is pretty tough to get
    I reccomend that you marry Muffy to make things easier.
    *21 Codes, Secrets, Rumors, and Glitches
    please note, this is a brand new section and is still heavily under construction
    In this part I will post codes for CHEAT DEVICES ONLY. There are no button press
    cheats, sorry. Also, I will try my best to write the codes I make on my own time
    in Raw, therefore enabling someone with any cheat device to use the code. Note
    that the cheat device I have is Gameshark 2 V1.1 Cheat Codes, or the newest one.
    I don't have an AR2 or Max or Codebreaker. This means the people without the sa
    me version of Gameshark (or if you have another cheat device altogether) will ha
    ve to find the master code on their own. And as always, e-mail me for anything
    you found on your own and share it with the rest of us.
    Official Codes:
    [M] Must Be On added 7/23/06
    760A6310 00000000
    9809CDE6 782241AF
    Gold added 7/23/06
    760932E0 00000000
    29522422 0C8C883E
    Freezer added 7/23/06
    760DDFE0 00000000
    495254AE 0CA17A56
    519D9B9E 0CA57A56
    49525495 0C347A56
    519D9BD1 0CA57A56
    49523671 0C487A56
    519D9B12 0CA57A56
    49523671 0C567A56
    519D9B46 0CA57A56
    49523668 0CC67A56
    519D9B8E 0CA57A56
    Crop Bin added 7/23/06
    7601AFC0 00000000
    4952C622 0C237A56
    519DE55B 0CA57A56
    Dairy Bin added 7/23/06
    7604F5B0 00000000
    4952C6D0 0CEA7A56
    519DE55D 0CA57A56
    4952C6DE 0C427A56
    519DE510 0CA57A56
    4952C693 0CC27A56
    519DF518 0CA57A56
    2952C6A9 F8DFF903
    2952C655 F8DFF949
    Tool Shed Shelf added 7/23/06
    76015AA0 00000000
    4952437C F8D77A56
    519DEB4C 0CA57A56
    4952E8D0 0CFE7A56
    519D9B21 0CA57A56
    4952E851 0C927A56
    519DF5A5 0CA57A56
    2952E868 F8DF5214
    2952E8D6 F8DF52AF
    2952E86D F8DF52E1
    2952E884 F8DF52B1
    2952E8BE F8DF5246
    4952E8D4 0C9B7A56
    519D9B42 0CA57A56
    4952E8B6 0CA37A56
    519DE5C2 0CA57A56
    Tool Shed added 7/23/06
    7607FF50 00000000
    1952D50A 0CA5883E
    1952D5F5 0CA5883E
    1952D576 0CA5883E
    1952D5D1 0CA5883E
    1952D564 0CA5883E
    1952D5DB 0CA5883E
    1952D5E5 0CA5883E
    1952D50D 0CA5883E
    1952D59C 0CA5883E
    1952D57A 0CA5883E
    1952C640 0CA5883E
    Take a look at the Tool Shed's first line. If we compare it to the first line of
    the other bins and the shelf and the freezer, there is little difference, especi
    ally in the first 8-digits. So we could find another asset of the game if we
    type in our own first 8-digits. Then all the other lines are easy once you
    understand their pattern. This might allow us to find say, the fodder silo.
    Then write the value we want to the fodder silo's address, therefore enabling us
    to get as much fodder in stock as we desire! All this may yet prove
    to be futile, as the workers at Gameshark may very well be trying the same thing
    but we might be able to find it before them.
    We might also find the address of another asset using PS2DIS (or completely gues
    sing, which just may prove to be easier). Who knows what we could do to the
    order form or even the barn!
    Codes you the reader and I have found:
    pretty self-explanatory, more to come
    You can get Carter's chihuahua after becoming friends with him, or finding all
    of the tabs at the dig site.
    False, this is only true for the Gamecube version.
    You can duplicate the Ruby Spice by making curry.
    Also false, this one only applies to the GC version as well. (Though sometimes
    I have found that it DOES work, not always).
    You can get 10,000G each time you press start on the second controller.
    Once again this only applies to the GC version, and  besides it has to be port 3
    none found!
    *22 My Blog
    I will write what happens day to day in my current save file here. After I compl
    ete a year in the game I delete everything and start a new blog. This prevents
    my faq from getting ridiculously overgrown.
    Summer Day 1 It rained as soon as I woke up (around 3 30 am). I checked my crops
    because I forgot to harvest them last night. Each one of them  died, including
    my hybrids. I bought and planted 200 fertilizers in the field because I only
    have around 30 fodder left. My normal cow gave birth to a male so I immediately
    went to the order form and sold it. I also ordered a watering can l, and a brown
    cow. My milking room was ordered today, so it will be a while before that is
    done. My animals needed fodder so that and the fact that I had to talk to them,
    heart them, and brush them took me a while. It was noon when my guy got hungry
    so I caught a tiny snelt (11 cm) and made sashimi. I remembered my chickens so I
    got their eggs and gave 2 of them to my son Tony (named after Black Sabbath's
    guitarist). I also refilled their bird feed. It was around 7 30 so I went to bed
    and set the alarm to 3 30.
    Summer Day 2 Once again it was raining. I had a dirty cow but couldn't wash it.
    I planted a bunch of trees in the great field the other day and already they
    sprouted. I planted about 50 more fertilizers in the field and then went into
    the barn. I got out of the barn at 8 00 am and decided to train my dog. It took
    about 10 minutes before he got mad so I quit. I had more sashimi (same fish same
    size). Now it was 10 so I went to Romana's and got the watering can w. I beat bo
    th Kassey and Patrick at territory capture (17 wins now) and went home. I got
    eggs from my chickens, and all of which were golden eggs (except one fertilized)
    6 golden eggs in one day, not bad. I gave 2 of them to my son though. It's now
    2 00 pm and has been raining non stop for over 2 days. Stupid stationary front.
    I went back into the barn and shaved my two sheep and got 2 things of gold wool.
    Went to town to give gifts to people for a while, headed to bed at around 7 30.
    Summer Day 3 The rain finally stopped. The weatherman said that the front has
    moved on though some clouds remain high in the sky. I woke up at 3 30 am as I al
    ways do. Since it wasn't raining I watered my crops (actually all I had left
    from the disaster on Day 1 was trees). I planted around 30 more fertilizers in
    the field. I am seriously running out of fodder now. I went in the barn and fed
    my animals (a normal cow and bull, a star cow, a brown cow, a white horse, and
    2 sheep). Now I have only 25 fodder in stock! I went outside and hit R2 to call
    my dog. After I was done training Ozzy it was time to head to the chicken coop.
    7 eggs were collected, 4 golden, 2 normal, 1 fertilized (put it in the incubator
    so it will be a while). I gave 2 golden eggs to Tony, my son. He seems to be han
    ging out in the chicken coop all day in his teenage years. It was time to open a
    shop. 9 am until  00 00 pm I selled various items (including 2 sugar ores that I
    won from Kassey and Patrick to an impatient Van). I figured I'd let Van open his
    shop. He never did so I left and talked to some people. At about 1 30 pm he fina
    lly did. I bought plenty from him, a pot, bear, turbogizer, ball and etc. Since
    I gave him discounts on my sugar ores he decided to give me a discount on his
    things as well. I went back to the farm and from 2 00 pm to 3 00 pm, I washed
    my flock of dirty animals. Then I fed Starky (star cow) Moomoo (normal) and Fitz
    ~3(don't ask, brown cow)good fodder. I went to the order form and as it turned
    out had nothing to do there. I caught yet another tiny snelt and ate sashimi.
    Afterwards I watered my trees and went to bed at 7 30 pm.
    Summer Day 4 I woke up at the usual. After eating a mugwort I stepped out to
    water my trees. I spread about 20 fertilizer on the field and went in my barn at
    5 30 am. After feeding and talking to my animals I let them out. I washed them
    all and went to the chicken's coop at 8 00 am. I obtained 4 golden, 2 fertilized
    and one normal egg. I gave Tony both of those as part of what has become my
    daily gift. I trained my dog until it got mad. Then I fed it and then the cat.
    Moomoo my normal cow gave my five jugs of S milk. I made 3 butter, 1 cheese. The
    other gallon I drank. Then I headed to town. I gave a strawberry to Ruby and a
    fish set to Tim. Then I handed Galen a gift. I noticed that it wasnow 3 30 pm.
    I rushed over to Patrick and Kassey's but they were outside, so no territory cap
    ture. I called my horse and went back in the farm to ring the bell. I ate a bana
    na and refilled the animals fodder containers. After putting random things in
    the storage room I decided to hit the hay.
    Summer Day 5 The usual time  of rise (3 30 am). Instead of watering crops I caug
    ht a snelt. Then I watered the crops. I refilled the animal's fodder containers.
    Of course, I also talked to and brushed them. It wasn't going to rain according
    to the weatherman so I let my animals out. Didn't wash them though. I ate a bana
    na and trained my dog. Now it was 9 00 am, and I took a peek at my trees. I had
    to rewater them because of the Summer heat. Now it was 10 30 am so I went to my
    chicken coop. As usaul I gave 2 to Tony. I obtained 5 jugs of S milk from Moomoo
    which I made 4 sticks of butter and one wheel of cheese from. Then I cooked up a
    fish set and ate it. I wanted to make an omelet for my wife, Celia. I also had
    wanted a good breakfast so I made 2. After giving an omelet to Celia I noticed
    that it was now 00 30 pm. I called my horse and went to the pyro twins'. They
    were still walking around inside so I gave Kassey an egg. Then I lost horrendous
    ly at territory capture (the score was 15-22, which I later found out lowered my
    spirit). I had better luck with Kassey and won 22-17. I went back home and let
    the animals back in. For several days I was completely oblivious to the fact
    that Starky (Star Cow) needed a miracle potion, so I went to the order form.
    Now it was 3 30 pm. Without knowing what to do I ate a royal fern and walked the
    town. I came back at 8 00 pm and went to bed.
    *23 Fan Fiction
    e-mail me of what you think should happen next! (first come first serve)
    You wake up at 5 am, and go into the:
    a. barn
    b. chicken coop
    c. tool shed
    d. food storage room

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