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    Menu Translation/Tutorial Guide by Val

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 02/07/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ¦                           	    ¦
    ¦          Final Fantasy VII        ¦
    ¦          Dirge of Cerberus        ¦ 
    ¦          Menu  Translation        ¦
    |	   FAQ- Hints & Tips	    |
    |          Tutorial Walkthru	    |
    ¦                                   ¦
    | Dirge of Cerberus Guide                                      version 1.5 |
    | Last updated    : 07th February 2006                                	   |
    | Created by      : Valentino                                 	           |
    | Translations by : Yunaleska						   |
    | E-mail address  : Maesir-removeme-@yahoo.com (Valentino)	           |
    |		                                         		   |
    This is a menu translation guide for all those impatiant folks out there that
    bought  the Japanese  version of this cool  game but don't know how to  read 
    Japanese (Like me). The game is pretty playable without much understanding of
    the  language,  objective  waypoints make mission pretty clear and  there's 
    enough   english  phrases  in the  talking  to  make  everything  slightly 
    understandable. This  faq  just deals with the menu system an d has  a few 
    frequently asked questions answered too. So, I hope you all find this  useful 
    until the the US/UK versions are released :)
    Feel free to email me with what else you'd like to see in the faq 
    answered and if you have any info you'd like me to put in it that you know.
    First a few Frequently asked Questions :)
    Q - I don't know Japanese, should I Import this or wait for the US release?
    A - Honestly the game is very playable in this form. But if you only plan on
    buying one version i'd advise waiting so that you can understand the story.
    I really like the import because it's got the same Sieyuu from Advent
    Q - What kind of game is Dirge of Cerberus?
    A - It's a third person Action RPG, with the emphasis on Action. The closest 
    comparison I can make is Resident Evil 4, as DoC uses RE4's over the shoulder
    angle for shooting.
    Q - Is it any Good?
    A - That comes down to opinion. It's certainly not the best shooter, but is
    fairly solid and the completely customisable controls mean no one can complain
    on that front (though they still do somehow). It is made significantly better
    by the fact that it is an FFVII game.
    - Introduction and a few FAQ's
    - Contents
    - Menu System Walkthrough
    	Main Menu
    		Weapon Menu
    		Config Page 1/5
    		Config Page 2/5
    		Config Page 3/5
    		Config Page 4/5
    		Config Page 5/5
    	Post Chapter Stats
    	Pause Menu
    	Level Up Menu
    	Shop Screen
    - More Frequently Asked Questions
    - Levels Guide (Not a walkthrough)
    - Hints and Tips
    - Lyrics (In Romanji) for Redemption Maxi Single
    - Tutorial Walkthrough
    - Story Faq - Spoilers -
    - Things of Note
    - Thanks
    07th Feb 06
    Added in Story Faq
    05th Feb 06
    Filled in final ????
    Added Pause Menu options
    04th Feb 06
    Finished most of the menu system
    Finished the Tutorial walkthrough
    Added song lyrics and hint and tips sections
    29th Jan 06
    Updated Config page 5/5
    28th Jan 06
    First version completed..still needs a lot of work.
    Menu System Walkthrough
    --------Main Menu--------
    |                       |
    |          MAP          |
    |   	  ITEMS		|
    | 	 WEAPONS	|
    |	 STATUS		|
    |	 OPTIONS	|
    |                       |
    	|                             |
    	| Chamber Select              |
    	| Barrel Select               |
    	| Targeter Select             |
    	| Accessory Select            |
    	| Materia Attachment Select   |
    	| Bullet Select               |
    	|                             |
    	L2/R2 Scroll through Weapon Presets
    All buttons displayed are defaults
    Configuration Page 1/5
    	------------General Controls-----------------------
    	|                                                 |
    	| Rumble/Vibration  		           YES/NO | 
    	| Gun Mode Look Sensitivity	                  | 	
    	| Gun Mode Vertical Invert 	           Off/On |
    	| Gun Mode Horizontal Invert 	           Off/On |
    	| Camera Look Senstivity	                  |
    	| Camera Vertical Invert 	           Off/On |
    	| Camera Horizonal Invert 	           Off/On |
    	| Mouse Sensitivity 		         --------------
    	| Control Type 	                         | Controller |
    	|                                        |  Keyboard  |
    	-----------------------------------------|            |	
    Configuration Page 2/5
    	---------DUALSHOCK2 PAD Controls----------
    	|                                        |
    	| Menu				Triangle |
    	| Pause				   Start |
    	| Jump				  Circle |
    	| Crouch			  Square |
    	| Raise Gun/Fire		      R1 |
    	| Reload			      R2 |
    	| Zoom				      R3 |
    	| Raise Gun/Materia Shot	      L1 |
    	| Limit Break			   L1+R1 |
    	| Melee Attack/Lower Gun	       X |
    	| Switch Gun Preset		      L2 |
    	| ????				         |
    	| Center Camera			      L3 |
    	| Use Item			 D-Pad R |
    	| Scroll Item List Forward	 D-Pad L |
    	| Scroll Item List Backward	         |
    	| Map				 D-Pad U |
    	| Chat Input (Online Only)	  Select |
    	| Icon Chat (Online Only)	 D-Pad D |
    	| Icon Chat1 (Online Only)	         |  
    	| Icon Chat2 (Online Only)               |
    	| Icon Chat3 (Online Only) 	         | 
    	| Icon Chat4 (Online Only)               |
    	| Icon Chat5 (Online Only) 	         |
    	| Icon Chat6 (Online Only)               |
    	| Icon Chat7 (Online Only) 	         |
    	| Icon Chat8 (Online Only)               |
    	| Icon Chat9 (Online Only) 	         |
    	|                                        |
    Configuration Page 3/5
    	-----------------Mouse Controls-------------------
    	|                                                | 
    	| Menu                         Mouse Wheel Click |
    	| Pause                                          |
    	| Jump/Use                                       |
    	| Crouch/Stand                                   |
    	| Raise Gun/Fire		      Left Click |
    	| Reload                                         |
    	| Zoom                                           |
    	| Raise Gun/Materia Shot                         |
    	| Melee Attack/Lower Gun	     Right Click |
    	| Next Weapon Select	 	  Mouse Wheel Up |
    	| Previous Weapon Select	Mouse Wheel Down |
    	| Center Camera                                  |
    	| Use Item                     -----------------------            
    	| Equip Next Item              | Unnassign           |                   
    	| Equip Previous Item          | Left Mouse Button   | 
    	| Map                          | Right Mouse Button  |
    	|                              | Mouse Wheel Click   |
    	-------------------------------| Mouse Wheel Up      |
    	                               | Mouse Wheel Down    |
                                           |                     |
      	sub window are the choices available.
    Configuration Page 4/5
    	------------Keyboard Controls-------------
    	|                                        |
    	| Menu				       V |
    	| Pause                                P |                        
    	| Move Forward                         W |	
    	| Move Back                            S |
    	| Move Left                            A |
    	| Move Right                           D |
    	| Walk	                           Shift |
    	| Jump                             Space |				 
    	| Crouch	                      X  |		  
    	| Raise Gun/Fire                   Enter |
    	| Reload                               R |   
    	| Zoom				       Z |
    	| Raise Gun/Materia Shot	       F |	                     
    	| Melee Attack/Lower Gun               B |
    	| Switch Gun Preset                    N |
    	| Center Camera	                     Tab |
    	| Quick Weapon Select 1                1 |
    	| Quick Weapon Select 2		       2 |					
    	| Quick Weapon Select 3                3 |
    	| Use Item			       E |
    	| Scroll Item List                     Q |
    	| Map			               M |
    	| Chat Input (Online Only)	       C |  
    	| Icon Chat (Online Only)	       I |
    	| Icon Chat1 (Online Only)	      n1 |  
    	| Icon Chat2 (Online Only)            n2 |
    	| Icon Chat3 (Online Only) 	      n3 | 
    	| Icon Chat4 (Online Only)            n4 |
    	| Icon Chat5 (Online Only) 	      n5 |
    	| Icon Chat6 (Online Only)            n6 |
    	| Icon Chat7 (Online Only) 	      n7 |
    	| Icon Chat8 (Online Only)            n8 |
    	| Icon Chat9 (Online Only) 	      n9 |
    	|                                        |
      	Extra Keyboard functions - unlisted 
    	The numeric keypad emulates the D-Pad in 
    	the menus and  the  right  analog  stick 
            ingame when Num-Lock is turned off.
    	| Camera/Gun Movement Down            n2 |
    	| Camera/Gun Movement Left            n4 |
    	| Camera/Gun Movement Right           n6 |
    	| Camera/Gun Movement Up              n8 |
    Configuration Page 5/5
    	----------Audio/Display Setup---------
    	|                                    |
    	| Sound Mode          Stereo/DolbyII |
    	| Subtitles                   on/off |
    	| Speakers Name               on/off |
    	| Gamma Config                       |
    	|                                    |
    OPTIONS - [] to return to Defaults
    ----Pause Menu----
    |                |
    |     Resume	 |
    | Save  and Quit |
    | Back to  Title |
    |		 |
    Post Chapter stats displayed. The screen straight after the stats displays 
    number of challenge targets hit. These vary for each level.
    ------------Stats Screen--------------
    |                                    |
    | Enemies Killed                     |
    | Accuracy                           |
    | Damage Taken                       |
    | Critical Hits                      |
    | Chained Enemies                    |
    | Items Used                         |
    | Limit Break Used                   |
    | MP Springs Used                    |
    | No of times Incapacitated          |
    | Completion Time                    |
    |                                    |
    This appears post chapter and also after dying within a chapter.Dirge of 
    Cerberus stocks Exp during a play, at the end of a chapter or at death the 
    player is given the opportunity to continue and then can either use the 
    stocked exp to add to the total exp and thus level up, or can choose to 
    exchange that exp for GIL. The Number of GIL is displayed in the box in the 
    middle of the screen when choosing.
    |                                |
    | Use Stocked Exp to Level Up    |
    | Convert Stocked Exp into Gil   |
    |                                |
    Either a Jukebox, at the chapter end or a WRO member ... so far
    |                                  |
    |   Buy      Sell      Upgrade     |
    |                                  |
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. How do I save?
    A. The game autosaves. A save file is made the first time you
    start a new game and it keeps adding checkpoint save files each
    time you clear an area within a chapter. You'll know it's saving
    when you see the Memory Card symbol appear in the upper right
    corner of the screen.
    Q. How do I get off the Highwind?
    A. You have to enter and leave the engine room to trigger a cut scene.
    The engine room is quite far into the ship, but it's easy to recoginse,
    it's the room with all the gears and cogs.
    Q. How do I beat Azul once he's transformed?
    A. Get him to break those barrels around the lift, they provide infinite
    Magic. Now either transform and beat the crap outta him or stand back and
    use the Blizzard materia shot.
    Q. Where is Gackt?
    A. Unfortunatly not much in this game. He is only in the secret ending which
    you unlock by collecting the three G-Reports. The ending is cool though :) 
    and will hopefully lead to another game with Gackt in it.
    Q. How long does the game take to complete?
    A. Took me about 12 hours. Pretty standard length nowadays for a Resident
    Evil styled game. Not much replay incentive unless youre a completist or
    you want to play on higher difficulties.
    Q. What's the difference between the difficulty modes?
    A. Easy gets a real big scope that shoots things even outside the target
    circle. Normal get the usual and Hard gets no scope. The number and strength
    of enemies also goes up and the menu becomes an active menu (yet to confirm)
    in that things keep on rolling while the menu is up.
    Q. Are Cloud and Company in this?
    A. Yes but only in a support role. They do look pretty awesome in the FMV.
    Q. Is Sephiroth in this?
    A. No he isn't. Apart from a small clip taken from Advent Children when 
    Lucrecia faints.
    Q. Is any one else playable?
    A. Only Cait Sith, in a very small stealth section in the Zeroth Reactor.
    Level's Guide
    Chapter One:
     Raid on Kalm 
      6 checkpoints
    Chapter Two: Getting to the WRO Part 1
      5 checkpoints
    Chapter Three: Getting to the WRO Part 2
      4 checkpoints
    Chapter Four: WRO HQ
      4 Checkpoints
    Chapter Five: Nibelheim - The sewers below and the Shinra Mansion
      4 Checkpoints
    Chapter Six: Back to the WRO HQ
      4 Checkpoints
    Chapter Seven : The Highwind 2 - Sierra
      2 Checkpoints (No actual gameplay, just visit the engine room)
    Chapter Eight : Infiltrating Midgar - Train Graveyard
      6 Checkpoints
    Chapter Nine : Shinra HQ
      5 Checkpoints
    Chapter Ten : Deep Ground
      5 Checkpoints
    Chapter Eleven : The Zeroth Mako Reactor
      6 Checkpoints
    Chapter Twelve : Lifestream
      6 Checkpoints    
    Hints and Tips
    - Always try and keep stocked up healing items, there not too expensive and
    most of the time you can run back to the jukeboxes to restock.
    - Same applies to Ammo, make sure you have enough ammo. It's never too much
    of a problem, but I focused on one weapon so ran out quite often.
    - Either keep a Sniper rifle or make use of Materia shots to use against
    snipers, like those in Chapter 3
    - For the final chapter you get a special weapon, however it's ammo is very
    limited so try not to waste shots if you want to finish the game
    - If you're gonna use the quick recovery roll, remember to jump straight after
    wards, this eliminates the problem of Vincent crounching and leaving himself
    - Don't be afraid to trade your exp for gil, upgrading your weapons and buying
    healing items is just as important as leveling up.
    - Use Keyboard and mouse, it makes it sooo much more fun and easier :)
    - Remeber to always stock up on items at the end of a chapter as you won't
    always get a chance to buy stuff at the start of the next chapter.
    - Each Materia has its uses. Use Fire Materia to take out groups of enemies,
    while blizzard locks in on targets. 
    - You clearly don't read Japanese (like me) if youre reading this guide, so 
    try to memorise the ending symbols for the items. All Health Potions end in 
    the same symbol, usually the longer the line means the more potent the potion.
    - That item you can't use directly, but can still appear in your quick item
    select is Phoenix Down.
    - There is no cost for dying and retrying. The game just allows you to use
    any accrued exp and then sends you on your merry way. So don't be afraid to
    try a fight numerous times.
    - Oh yeah, you're meant to die in the first fight against Weiss, the dual
    gunblade maniac.
    Lyrics and Music : Gackt
    Shizuka ni sora ni kaeru anata no sugata wo
    what else can I do besides avenge you?
    Namida ga kareru made zutto mitsumete ita
    Afureru kanashimi wa kese nai kizuato ni
    Wasure wa shinai to chikatta
    Oreta tsubasa wo habatakase
    Subete wo keshsite mise you
    Itsu no hi ka owari wo mukaeru
    Saigo no kane ga nari yamu made
    you told me
    live as if you were to die tomorrow
    feel as if you were to be reborn now
    face as if you were to live forever
    Furueru yubi de akai namida wo nazotta
    I had nothing to lose, nothing truth
    Hakanai omoide ga yami ni ochite yuku
    Saigo no hohoemi ga ukandewa kieru
    Nukumori dake wo nokoshite
    Yasashii dake no kotoba nara
    Ima no bokuha iyase nai
    Hateshi naku tsuduku tatakai ni
    Kono mi wo subete sasageru dake
    Itsuka wa kono sora ni daremo ga kaeru kara
    Wakare no kotoba wa ira nai
    make it up
    Oreta tsubasa wo habatakase
    Subete wo keshite mise you
    Itsu no hi ka owari wo mukaeru
    Saigo no kane ga nari yamu made
    Yasashii dake no kotoba nara
    Ima no bokuha iyase nai
    Hateshi naku tsuduku tatakai ni
    Kono mi wo subete sasageru dake
    Lyrics and Music : Gackt
    Akaku somaru ude de kimi wo dakishime nagara
    Aoku terasareta namida wo tsuki ni sasageru
    Mune ni kizamareta kizuato wo mitsume nagara
    “Mou modore nai...” to yoru ga sasayaku
    Saa me wo tojite inori wo sasagereba ii
    Mou omae ni nokosu kotoba wa nanimo nai kara
    Kami wo furuitataseru yami wo kiri saku koe ni
    Naki sakebu ga ii, subete owarase you
    Watashi no mune ni tada damatte dakarereba ii
    Owaru koto no nai yasuragi ga koko ni aru kara
    Subete no tsumi wo tsugunai umarekawareba ii
    Omae ni nokosareta sube wa nanimo nai....
    Saa me wo tojite inori wo sasagereba ii
    Mou omae ni nokosu kotoba wa nanimo nai kara
    Tutorial Walkthrough
    Okay the first thing to select is Single Player of Multiplayer Tutorial. I
    don't have online capabilities for Japanese titles so this is only for the 
    single player.
    Select the first option given.
    You're introduced to a young Vincent Valentine learning the ropes in the 
    Turks training facility.
    First a look at that computer terminal over at the other end of the hall. Run
    over and press O.
     -------Tutorial Menu--------
     |                          |
     |    Controls  Overview    |
     |     Mission Overview     |
     |     Current  Mission     |
     |     Tutorial Review      |
     |   Skip to next Terminal  |
     |                          |
    Controls Overview     : Shows you what the keys and buttons all do.
    Mission Overview      : Shows overall missions details
    Current Mission       : Shows the information displayed at the start of each
                            Tutorial section.
    Tutorial Review       : Shows with pictures all the commands you should have
                            learnt as you go through the turorial.
    Skip to next Terminal : Goes straight to mission 10
    Frankly, this stuff is all useless. Well it is if you can't read Japanese and 
    if you could you wouldn't be reading this :)
    PHASE 1 - Basic Movements + Actions
    The first group of missions in tutorial mode revolve around that hamburger
    bot. Chase the l'il guy around the place. Keeping in his trail or in sight
    boost the score.
          - Mission 1: 
    	Here you can only move Vincent (no cam control or offensive moves). 
            Press O on the hamburger bot. Follow and repeat.
          - Mission 2: 
            Now you can only move the camera using the right stick. Track the 
            movements of the burger bot using the camera. Keep it on him to 
            complete the mission,
          - Mission 3:
            Kinda like mission 1, only now you can use the camera control and
            camera center button. However this mission hardly needs the extra
            control. Just repeat what you did in mission 1,
          - Mission 4:
            Like before, but now you will need the L3 camera center button. The 
            Burger bot tries to outsmart you and cuts some sharp turns. Keep close
            and press O when he stops to finish this mission.
          - Mission 5: Doors
            Introduces door colours. Red is locked, Blue is unlocked and Clear 
            open. Press O at the blue door and run through
          - Mission 6: Maps
            Introducing the Map. Press the D-Pad up to bring up the map. While
            map is up, weave through the corridors to you destination. Press X
            to get rid of the map.
          - Mission 7: Jumping
            Jumping. Press O (when not near an interactible item) to bound into
            the air. Not the best of jumps, but it gets the job done.
          - Mission 8: Climbing
            Press O at the ladder to get on the ladder and then hold up to climb.
            Much like Leon, Vincent doesn't climb down ladders, climbing down is
            for panzies!
          - Mission 9: Collect 10 items
            Approach the Jukebox, press O and buy an Item (doesn't count for much
            though) then run up the stairs and pick up the briefcase. These are 
            what items are stored in in DoC. The game then gives a breif sumamry
            of quick items. 
            Head through the blue door. Press circle on the panel adjacent to the 
            red door to unlock it. Once unlocked, head on through. Jump over the
            rising blocks. Fall down the gap to get the gil and your second item.
            Climb the ladder, jump the blocks and you'll reach a slope.
            Crouching. Press [] to enter crouch mode. Crawl through, once you've 
            reached the other side grab the item. See that guard? ignore them, 
            your combat moves still haven't been unlocked. Climb the ladder and 
            press the switch. This opens the door and lets through a second guard, 
            Ignore them also. Approach the little robot. He's there to explode and
            teach you the quick recovery move. Hold [] and direction when blown
            back by the robot to roll back into action.
            Climb the ladder, jump down, grab the item and proceed. You now have
            Melee attack. So press X repeatedly to kick the crap outta the guards
            and collect the items they drop. Then head back and kick the crap
            outta the guards still alive. You should now have 10 items, the double
            doors near where the three guards jumped you should now be open. 
            Head on through
    PHASE 2 - Gun Shootery
    	- Mission 10
    	Shoot the cargo boxes. There are six on the ground and four that
            appear in the overhead areas, behind the gates. This should be a good
    	point to fine tune the config to your liking.
    	- Mission 11
    	Same again, except now with the normal scope attached. This gives a
    	wide area of auto-targetting.
    	- Mission 12
    	Same again, except now eith the easy mode scope attached, this auto-
     	targets some stuff, even when outside the scope circle.
    	- Mission 13 
    	Kill the 8 guards that jump out and then collect the briefcase, which
    	gives you the sniper scope
    PHASE 3 - Specific Weapon Attachemnts
    	- Mission 14
    	Press L3 to go into Zoom mode. Kill the 8 guards and destroy the two
    	cargo boxes. Then proceed over the newly formed walkway.Pick up the 
    	items. One of which is the machine gun attachment.
    PHASE 4 - Materia Attachements and pools
    	- Mission 15
    	Drill the 4 waves that approach you with the machine gun and pick up
    	the materia attachments that they drop
    	- Mission 16 
    	Run over the blue glows to fill your MP bar
    PHASE 5 - Materia Shots
    	- Mission 17 
    	Use the fire materia (L1) attached to the sniper rifle (L1 to switch) 
            to kill the guards hiding at the end of the corridors.
    	- Mission 18
    	Fill up on MP on the new materia pools
    PHASE 6 - Limit Break
    	- Mission 19
    	This bit doesn't make much sense. You're supposed to transform into
    	the limit break form, but it never works. Vincent just glows a bit.
    	Which I guess makes sense since he can't have him limit forms yet...
    	So just kill the 8 enemies any way you see fit.
    PHASE 7 - Turrets
    	- Mission 20
     	Collect the blue key card and open the door by pressing O Then run up
    	the stairs and press O to use the machine gun turret. Kill 18 guards.
    	If they get past the machine gun fire, they run up the stairs so be
    	prepared to turn about and let them have it.
    PHASE 8 -  Allies
    	- Dismount the turret with O and run back to the door at the stairs.
    	Press O and the door will lock. RUn back down the stairs and work with
    	the other Turks to destory 8 evil burger bots. That being done, run
    	back up the stairs and head through the door.
    Story FAQ ---SPOILERS--- 
    So you've completed the game and want to know to know a little bit more, eh?
    Well what follows are the questions I was left asking after completing the
    game  and  the answers  to  them. Don't read this  section if  you  haven't
    completed the game. It'll only spoil your fun. Thanks for helping with most 
    of this info goes to kilz3m. Email me if you'd like any other questions
    answered here or you know Japanese and I got something Reeeally wrong here.
    What is OMEGA?
    Omega, despite looking like one, isn't a Weapon. You remember that nifty
    planet show in the Sierra that looked very similar to what Bugenhagen shows
    in FF7? Well that explains Omega. Omega is the living Planet's last chance
    at esacping doom before the rock crumbles.
    What is CHAOS?
    Apart from being Vincent's final Limit From, Chaos is meant to be the servant
    of Omega. His job is to help bring all life energy into the lifestream by
    killing as much as he can. Of course Vincent still retains his personality
    while transforming, which is why he doesn't kill and maim.
    Who are the ENEMY?
    The enemy are the DEEP GROUND SOLDIERS and the elite Tsuviet. They are an
    army set up in DEEP GROUND by the late-ShinRa president. The Tsuviet are 
    DGS that have been exposed to the 'G Substance'; much in the same way that
    SOLDIER are exposed to Mako.
    what is DEEP GROUND?
    It's  the  underground  facility below Midgar that  houses the DGS and the 
    Zeroth Mako Reactor.
    How does Lucrecia keep popping up?
    It is memories and fragments of her  that are left imprinted on the  World
    Okay, so what's the World Network? 
    The World  Network is the thoughts and personalities  overlaying  the life-
    stream. Shelke's technique (the Senstive Net Dive) is a way to access that
    It's pretty much like HOLY except it's used to summon OMEGA. The ANCIENT 
    MATERIA appeared inside Vincent when Lucrecia brough him back to life by
    exposing him to Mako contaminated by the G-Substance which is what trans-
    formed Vincent into Chaos.
    Why does Vincent start losing control of his transformations?
    When Rosso (the bow carrying woman) pulls the ANCIENT MATERIA, Vincent's
    conrol over Chaos starts becoming unstable. 
    How is HOJO still alive?
    Much like Lucrecia he is just a memory in the World Network, but because he
    is injected with Jenova cells he is a little bit more. He 'possesses' Weiss
    in order to have a body and gather pure Mako.
    Why are those people from Kalm dropped into a vat of Mako?
    To increase the amount of pure Mako obviously. Afterall Mako is made from 
    lifestream and people are made of lifestream. But Hojo is only after pure
    Mako to summon OMEGA, that's why some people aren't taken in Kalm. They are
    already infected (proabably only a bit) with Geostigma.
    What's GEOSTIGMA?
    Go watch Advent Childen! or read 'On The Way to a Smile' translatied on 
    www.adventchildren.net. It's basically a contaminated strain of lifestream.
    Things of Note
    - Badguys just don't die like they used to...in fact they never seem to die.
    - The Badguys laugh waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. It really does become annoying
    that they laugh even when they got their asses handed to them and then are 
    - The Sahaugin are the only enemies from FF7 to show up and even then they're
    monsters from Dungeons and Dragons originally.
    - I still want to know why on earth Shalua dresses like that. It just looks so
    Thanks goes to Yunaleska for a lot of the translating 
    and to Ido_Alpha_Omega for helping with some of the the translating as well.
    Lyrics for Gackt's songs were taken from Cherryblossom-garden.com
    Thanks also to kilz3m for the story elements.
    And Obviously thanks to Squenix for making this game, especially to Testuya 
    Nomura whose character designs and art rock! and to Gackt for inspiring 
    Tetsuya and for being so cool :)

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