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    Ex Hard FAQ/Walkthrough by GoeTeeks

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 02/23/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus Ex Hard Guide
    Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    You are granted a non-exclusive license to unlimited copies of the FAQ, and to
    share those copies with others so long as the copies are not modified from
    their original  form.  However, because the FAQ is protected by copyright laws,
    it is illegal:  to  modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, rent,
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    or sell for profit.
    This document is copyright; GoeTeeks (Neil Ferman), 2006.
    Contents (V 1.20)
    Version Updates ---------------------------------------------------------[Ver0]
    Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------[Intro1]
    Helpful Techniques -----------------------------------------------------[Tech2]
    Bonus Guide -----------------------------------------------------------[Bonus3]
       Obtaining the Ultima Weapon ------------------------------------------[UWMG]
       How to Reach ------------------------------------------------------[Reach3A]
       How to Prepare -----------------------------------------------------[Prep3B]
       How to Succeed --------------------------------------------------[Success3C]
    Sea of Flames ------------------------------------------------------------[Ch1]
    Showdown in the Wastes ---------------------------------------------------[Ch2]
    Silent Edge --------------------------------------------------------------[Ch3]
    Headquarters Under Siege -------------------------------------------------[Ch4]
    Manor of Despair ---------------------------------------------------------[Ch5]
    Deepground Strikes Back --------------------------------------------------[Ch6]
    The Shera ----------------------------------------------------------------[Ch7]
    Midgar Assault ---------------------------------------------------------[Ch8-1]
    Fight For the Central Complex ------------------------------------------[Ch8-2]
    An Empire In Ruins -------------------------------------------------------[Ch9]
    Shinra's Dark Secret ----------------------------------------------------[Ch10]
    Beginnings --------------------------------------------------------------[Ch11]
    Omega and Chaos -------------------------------------------------------[Ch12-1]
    A Finale Chaotic ------------------------------------------------------[Ch12-2]
    Cumulative Ranking -------------------------------------------------------[CR4]
    Notes Finale -------------------------------------------------------------[NF5]
    Special Thanks and Credit -----------------------------------------------[STC6]
    Version Updates [Ver0]
    1.10 - Added 2 things for Chapter 5 (Area 1 and 2). The Manaheart (obtained by
    defeating the Dual Horn.) And a more efficient strategy to the Chopper part
    (tips on destroying the chopper quickly and keeping the WRO members alive).
    1.20 - Added a better walkthrough for Chapter 3, which now points out each 
    sniper location.
    Introduction [Intro1]
    This is a simple guide being made to note the changes (mainly additional
    enemies) for the Ex Mode of Dirge of Cerberus. Take note that it's not a full
    walkthrough, since you should have completed the game once by now and should be
    relatively familiar with the areas. I will however, provide info on some of the
    more tougher parts. I will not point out every Mako Point or item location, and
    I won't mention any Memory Capsules. I will write this for those that have only
    played through once or twice and might need reminding of certain areas, and
    while I mention tips to get S Rank, it is not a guide on how to achieve it. It
    is mostly to be used to warn you what is up ahead to assist you in surviving
    this game through Ex Hard Mode.
    The first thing you may want to take note of is the fact that while you start
    at Level 1, you keep all the weapons and gil from your most recent file
    complete. I highly recommend that you don't attempt this unless you have at
    least a Powered Cerberus. But it helps if you have all three weapons fully
    upgraded to your liking, and especially helps to have the Ultima Weapon (though
    I'm writing this while playing through without using it).The biggest reason to
    have as much upgraded to your liking is so you can focus on adding experience
    and leveling up at the end of each chapter. Believe me, the game is well
    adjusted for this.
    Helpful Techniques [Tech2]
    These are a few techniques I've learned to master while playing through the
    game (and some of the Extra Missions as well).
    Right-Handed Vincent: Vincent holds his gun with his right-hand. As such, the
    camera is also positioned over his right shoulder. This is noteworthy because
    it makes a huge difference when using corners and obstructions. You will
    expose far less of Vincent's body when you come around a corner from the left
    side (since it'll be just his arm and half his head), than if you have to come
    out from the right (because nearly all of his body will be exposed). Factor
    this in mind whenever you have obstruction and corners to deal with.
    Corners: Using the camera to see around corners should be second nature to most
    gamers by now, but I'll give a brief explanation. As you move towards a new
    open area, start moving your camera to the right and left to see if there's any
    imminent threats to be dealt with. When you've reached the corner, stand as
    close to one of the walls as you can and use the camera to peak around to see
    if anyone is along a hallway or area. Try and locate as many as you can. It's
    also useful for checking which way holds items or dead-ends, and which way
    holds enemies.
    Obstruction uses: This game has a lot of areas where a number of enemies come
    at you at once, guns blazing, and sometimes from many different directions. If
    there's a box or rock or wall to hide behind, do it. Sometimes you will need to
    duck to take advantage of this, in which case you need to temporarily stand to
    take a shot at a single enemy before ducking back down.
    Peaking: This technique is mainly for the sniper scope, where when you know
    where an enemy is, you get your First Person View out and slowly move further
    out of your corner or obstruction and shoot the enemy before they can hit you
    (or even see you). It's a major lifesaver you'll need the patience for.
    Locating distant enemies: This is by-far the most challenging part of Dirge of
    Cerberus. When one (or more) enemies shoot at you from a high place with decent
    obstruction (Edge being a prime example). In most situations, it may seem like
    enemies are shooting at you from every direction, because of the speed the
    little red line moves. The easiest, though dangerous, way to locating such
    enemies is to position yourself where the enemy (as few as possible) can see
    you, face the direction you think they're shooting from (often times if they
    miss, you'll see the red line move past your shoulder and think they're behind
    you, but they're not). Pull out your weapon and move it around (while moving
    around slowly yourself) until you see the reticule turn red, or when the enemy
    shoots, you'll see their gun blast. The moment you know where they are, seek
    cover or take them out quickly. The most annoying ones are those that like to
    duck and hide themselves from view until they shoot.
    Jump/Double Jump shooting: There are times when your enemy is making use of
    obstruction that rises to their waist when they stand. This is where Vincent
    likes to shoot when left to the auto-aim, meaning that he'll almost always
    shoot the obstruction instead of the enemy. You can either bust out the sniper
    scope, take the time to find/aim and fire at them, getting shot in the process,
    or simply jump once (sometimes twice) to hit them quickly. It's faster and
    safer for sure, and sometimes leads to a critical.
    Critical Hit timings: Most enemies that have a critical point in their head
    have ways of getting a critical without sniping them. For the most part, their
    heads usually lower when they run towards you (the right distance, when they
    face you directly is the best time to shoot them). You will also score a
    critical whenever they need to reload their weapon, or if you stand almost
    directly above them, or if you shoot right after shooting them again.
    Using Items Wisely: For those that like to go for an S Rank in Item Usage,
    here's a tip. Use your stronger healing items and let your HP get really low
    before using them (just watch that you don't die). This way you don't rack up
    the number of items just for using 4 potions to heal about 800 HP. Also, if
    the situation calls for it, using a Limit Breaker will restore all your health
    and increase your defense. Just don't waste it when you know there isn't much
    danger coming up. ^(thanks to the player's guide for this tip)^
    Dodging Missiles: The best way to not get hit by a missile is to destroy it
    before it reaches you. Of course, there's rarely a time when that's going to be
    allowed, as they may move too fast to destroy all of them, or there's a lot of
    other fire coming at you. So if you know a missile is coming, wait until you
    hear it start to get really loud and use square to dodge it quickly. Be careful
    that you don't dodge too soon, or it could readjust, or miss you but hit the
    wall behind you and still hit you with the explosion. Believe it or not, it
    actually helps (if you have the room) to run up towards the missile and dodge
    it on your own terms, rather than let it come to you. You'll also avoid enemy
    fire that way, and get closer to the one shooting missiles. It actually becomes
    easy when you're used to it.
    Bonus Guide for obtaining everything in a normal or hard setting. [Bonus3]
    I'm adding here the best (though tedious and risky) way I know of for getting
    as much gil as you need. It's located in Chapter 10, Stage Mission 3 (Defeat
    100 enemies!). Truly a special mission where you are in an area with some
    moderate cover as a number of enemies jump down at you and you have to defeat
    them. When you're done, you will have gil. The last guy drops a gold moogle
    doll worth 35,000 gil when you sell it. There's two good things about this
    mission. One, you can leave whenever you want (though upon coming back it
    restarts), and two, you can do it over and over again (hence, lots of gil).
    ^(Another tip for being able to repeat this gained from the guide)^.
    Obtaining the Ultima Weapon [UWMG]: In order to get the Ultima Weapon, you
    first need to pick up the Model Gun. It's located in Edge, and can be gotten
    right after the mission to protect the boy. After you obtain the cardkey,
    head back into the door behind you, the Model Gun is directly on your left.
    After a certain point in the game (I believe around Chapter 8 or so), you'll
    see the Model Gun in the Upgrade section of the shop. It costs 15,000 gil to
    upgrade it to the Silver Model Gun, 35000 to upgrade it to the Golden Model
    Gun, and a whopping 200,000 gil to upgrade it to the Ultima Weapon. Very
    pricey, but it is more than worth it. It holds 99 bullets, and has the best
    range, power, and firing speed than any of the other Cerberus frames. ^(Model
    Gun location and use pointed out to me by the guide)^
    How to Reach [Reach3A]: Starting in Chapter 10-4 (Lure of the Shadows), you
    should have just seen the video where Vincent is shrouded in darkness (due to
    Chaos) and quickly escapes. In any case, there will be a small black sphere of
    purple/black smoke. That's how you know you're in the right area. Anyway, go to
    the shop and purchase whatever you need to. Head up the stairs and defeat all
    the DG Sergeants (5 in total, including the one in the fake-shop). Grab the
    cardkey and head up the stairs. Through the door you'll see the small walkway
    with a bunch of explosives. Shoot the barrel above the door so that you don't
    get schooled by it when you approach it. You may double jump or destroy them
    (and call forth a bunch of enemies, including a rocket launching HA Soldier B).
    Whichever you choose. Manage through that, then pass through the room with the
    floating mines (shoot boxes and the soldiers that jump at you quickly). Then
    you have the room with the falling barrels. There's a close (A) and far (B)
    one that go in a pattern. B, A, B then both. Usually I wait for B, then A,
    then I move forward, and jump over the third B as it explodes. However you
    manage to get through, that's my method in any case (^you could also dash
    through after the third barrel explodes as the guide suggests^). Anyway, then
    you have the room with the thirty second countdown (move to the opening on the
    left, it might have been a challenge if you only had two seconds, sheesh).
    After all that you're in an area full of DG Sergeants alloted along the roofs
    of several houses. Head down the stairs and use the small destroyed brick wall
    as cover to take out the DG Sergeants on the roof ahead of you. Then head
    further down the stairs (where you'll likely get gattling'd). Use the next
    partial brick wall as cover to shoot your enemies (preferably starting with the
    gattling guy) through the windows. When you've dealt with them (should be about
    five), head down the stairs and destroy the onslaught of enemies rushing
    through the door (Firaga or Thundaga works pretty well). After all that, you'll
    have three DG Commanders to deal with. The last one you kill drops a cardkey.
    Head through the barricade on the East side, move down the stairs, destroy the
    SOLDIER Troopers that leap out of the wall, followed by the HA Soldier S (Sword
    guy). Grab his cardkey, go to the shop.
    How to Prepare [Prep3B] : At the shop, buy a full stock of all the healing
    items (make sure you already have an active Phoenix Down when you buy one). And
    buy as much handgun ammo (or whatever gun you prefer to use the most. For me,
    Cerberus is all I need) as you can afford (hopefully a full stock). There is a
    mako point in there, but you should go in with a full or mostly full (allowing
    the Mako Point to finish replenishing it) magic gauge and a couple ethers
    (magic comes in handy for the DG Elites). It also helps a lot (and I was
    surprised by how much) to have a Cerberus Relief equipped to your main weapon
    (the more upgraded the better. ^Another useful tip from the guide^). You should
    have materia (upgraded to the aga) equipped on a secondary weapon (to switch to
    quickly when you need to cast magic). When you've filled up on everything, get
    your item shortcut on Potions (it helps to start weak and work your way to
    stronger, so you don't cycle endlessly. It should be mentioned that doing this
    method will you get you a D in Item Usage and Damage Sustained), go through the
    left barricade and climb the ladder, enter the door, and be welcomed by the
    Stage Mission 3 taking up your screen for way too long.
    How to succeed [Success3C]
    First Wave: first enemies that comes up are 2 DG Sergeants at the far end of
    the room. Next up will be 2 more Sergeants that assemble on the right balcony.
    Use the obstruction object covering the mako point as cover to take out these
    enemies. After these two, 2 more pop out, followed by 3 more DG Sergeants, plus
    a HA Soldier B (RL). After they're dealt with, another DG Sergeant appears high
    above the entrance door. Take him out, and 2 more come in from either side.
    When they fall, three more appear (right, left, and center). Take them out as
    quickly as you can, but after a few seconds 3 more HA Soldier Bs jump down on
    the lower balcony. When they appear, shoot them and kill them quickly, because
    ignoring three leads to an onslaught of being tossed around with explosives
    (be wary of the annoying sliding bridge that occaisionally likes to get in the
    way. Return your attention to any remaining DG Sergeants. The moment all three
    are defeated, a DG elite drops down in front of the stairs leading to the door.
    This solo one should be taken out with melee kicks to save MP, but be very
    careful not to accidentally exit from here (you may not be able to afford a
    restock at this point). Anyway when he's taken out, he drops a nice little 2000
    gil for you. You've completed the first wave of enemies. At this point, if you
    weren't able to afford much ammo or items in your initial preparation, now
    might be a good time to head out and do so. Better safe than sorry here.
    DG Elite Note: They seem to have two very different tactics. One consists of
    them running right at you into close range for you to melee to death (my
    preference), while the other makes them flee as far from you as they can. If
    this happens, it will probably save you some HP to magic them once to make the
    fall down, otherwise you could end up chasing them halfway across the room
    while getting shot at. Just remember, these are the guys that are immune to
    bullets 'cause of those shields.
    Second Wave: This part mostly consists of enemies shooting down at you from
    above the ceiling (yes, way up there). They'll start appearing from both the
    left and right sides (4 first, two on each side, and then 8 on each section,
    try to keep moving a little as you pick them off). Then five more appear at the
    ceiling opposite the door. After you kill the first one (or a few seconds), 2
    SOLDIER Troopers and a DG Elite jump down. Deal with the 5 Sergeants quickly
    (take out the SOLDIER Troopers if they run at you, as well as the DG Elite. For
    this you need to deal with the greatest threat first (hopefully you can
    eliminate all five Sergeants on the roof before you need to worry about the
    SOLDIERs or Elite. But if the Elite is right up to you where you can't get
    cover, melee him away, then return your attention to any remaining roof boys).
    When they're all dealt with, you'll receive 3000 gil from the DG Elite and
    finish with the second wave.
    Third Wave: If you're a bit scarce on ammo with your primary weapon, this is a
    good spot to switch to secondary one (save for the rifle, it may not work so
    well). 4 SOLDIERs will drop down in a line along the center area. Just pick a
    corner and wait for them to rush to their deaths (they're easilly disposed of
    for an all capital unit). Next up, 3 more SOLDIERs and a HA Soldier S (Sword
    guy), which you will need to back peddal away from as you shoot it dead,
    followed by 2 more SOLDIERs and 2 more HA Soldier Ss, followed by 3 more HA
    Soldier Ss, lastly followed by 4 HA Soldier Ss AND a DG Elite. My suggestion
    is to keep moving as you take out the Sword guys before meleeing the Elite.
    But if he gets in your way, either move around him (if possible) or aerial
    melee (it's faster) him. Or, if he's grouped up with the HAs, magic them all.
    He'll drop 5000 gil, and the third wave is done.
    Fourth Wave: Five enemies, this is probably the most dangerous part. On the
    ground you have a DG Elite, a HA Soldier S (Sword), and a SOLDIER Trooper.
    On the balcony above the door, you have a HA Soldier B (Rocket), and above
    that on the corner to the left is a DG Sergeant on the ceiling. Best to take
    out the HA B and DG Sergeant, as their long range attacks will interfere with
    the enemies on the ground (though you'll likely defeat the SOLDIER Trooper as
    he runs right at you). Then try to focus on the bigger threat, DG Elite or HA
    S, until they're dead, and if you haven't killed him yet, the SOLDIER Trooper.
    After that, 6 more enemies appear. On the Balcony, 2 HA Soldier Bs (one above
    the door, one moving along the balcony to the right of the door), on the ground
    1 HA Soldier S, 1 SOLDIER Trooper, and yet another DG Elite, and then on the
    ceiling opposite the door (on the left when you're facing it) another DG
    Sergeant. Take out the SOLDIER guy running at you, followed by the HA B's,
    then the DG Sergeant from above, and then the bigger threat between the HA 
    S, and the DG Elite. Next set, two DG Sergeants on the ceiling in opposite
    corners (one to the right of the door, the other in the opposite corner), and
    on the ground, another SOLDIER Trooper, HA S, AND HA B. You'll probably have to
    deal with the SOLDIER first, then watch out for the rocket launchers as you
    destroy either the Sergeants or the HA B first (whichever you deem the greater
    threat, those rockets do hurt), and finally the HA B. When they've all fallen,
    pull out your weapon with materia and face the center of the room. If timed
    well, three DG Elites will drop in the center, you want to cast your spell
    (preferabally Thundaga as it has the best spread) at them just as they land to
    blow them away. You'll probably have to cast a second one to finish off
    hopefully all three, but aim for at least two, then melee the third one off.
    You'll get 3000 gil from each of them. And that's the end of the fourth wave.
    Fifth Wave: Things get a little easier from here. 4 DG Sergeants drop on each
    piece of obstruction. Take them out, then take out the 2 SOLDIER and 2 more DG
    Sergeants that follow. After them, 2 HA Soldier Bs (Rockets), a SOLDIER, and a
    DG Sergeant drop down on the obstructions. Try to take out the HA Bs first, and
    the SOLDIER when he rushes you. Keep moving around to avoid the Rockets coming
    at you. After that, you'll have 2 HA Soldier Ss (Sword guys) and 2 DG Sergeants
    drop down (again on each of the obstructions). And finally, probably the most
    dangerous part (it's time to bust out that magic again), 4 DG Elites drop on
    (again) each piece of obstruction. Try to get at least two of them together
    before unleashing any magic. If you get close enough, you can also melee them
    but that's not good until you're down to one, otherwise another could come
    around and attempt to finish you. If you manage to defeat them, three of them
    will drop 8000 gil EACH, and the last one drops the gold moogle doll (worth
    35,000 gil! With all the other gil obtained, you should rake in around 80,000
    gil per completion).
    Each time you do this takes about 15-20 minutes, so it'd be a good idea to have
    some spare time (although you could make use of that tempsave). Keep in mind,
    if you die, you'll have to redo everything but, each time you do it and get
    familiar with it (as well as get stronger weapons and other upgrades to your
    guns), you should be alright. In the end, you should have your Hydra and
    Griffon maxed in their upgrades to however you prefer, and the Ultima Weapon
    (you don't NEED the Cerberus if you have the Ultima Weapon). I also recommend
    having the Cerberus Relief r, Materia Floater r, Materia Booster r, all three
    barrels maxed, the Power Booster r, maybe even the Auto-Reloader and Recoil
    Limiter if you feel like it. It could also help to have a normal Materia
    Floater and Materia Booster so you can take advantage of the less MP consuming
    aras (Both in EX Hard and the Extra Missions). Anything else you want is up to
    you. When you're done, go through the rest of stage (get as many of the 4 items
    as you want, though the Bayonet Rifle helps in Extra Missions) until you reach
    the next checkpoint (before fighting Nero), then breathe that it's over.
    EX Hard Mode Notes [EXNotes4]
    Other than starting the game with all your weapons and gil, there are a few
    extra things added to the game (other than enemies ^^). First is the shop, you
    may now purchase Limit Breakers for 12000 gil, as well as a Cerberus, Griffon,
    Hydra, and each type of barrel (Short, Normal, Long) for 1000 gil each.
    Allowing you to create a new version of another gun (though it's probably not
    necessary, but you never know what you'll want). Enemies still die in pretty
    much one shot from the Cerberus until closer to the end of the game.
    Chapter Rankings for EX Hard have also become considerably more difficult. I'll
    post those at the beginning of each chapter ^A very special thanks to the guide
    There is also the addition of Silver Moogle Dolls which seem to be in very
    special locations. These each sell for 5000 gil, which helps if you don't start
    the game with a lot of gil. Now, the best way to utilize gil is to keep your
    healing items and ammo (especially of your primary weapon) fully stocked with
    each visit. You shouldn't need to worry about upgrades or other optional stuff
    A rather important issue to take note of is that the game does not pause when
    you open your menu (just like the Extra Missions). Be aware that you should
    make any changes to customizations or other such stuff when you're in a safe
    Bosses are probably easier in EX Mode than they are in Normal or Hard. With
    your powered up weapons, you'll likely destroy them before they can become a
    big enough threat (save Azul's Behemoth form). This is especially true with the
    Ultima Weapon.
    Magic at much later points in the game becomes less effective, as does the
    power of Limit Breakers (at least the projectile parts. The defense and melee
    is still well powerful enough).
    You will not find the following items in the game itself: Long Barrel, Short
    Barrel, Griffon, Hydra, Fire/Blizzard/Thunder Materia, Sniper Scope, or pretty
    much anything other than bonus frames and barrels, not even the very first
    potion in front of the ladder in the first mission. You also won't be given
    those mini-tutorials upon reaching the ladder, stepping over the Mako Point,
    reaching the first barricade, or anything else.
    The biggest difference to ranking is that it takes nearly twice the amount of
    criticals and killchains to earn S rank. Plus a few more targets, but that's
    because there's more to begin with. Still, in order to receive S Rank for
    criticals, you need to get one for almost every target you kill.
    Chapter 1: The Sea of Flames [Ch1]
    Category  S            A             B             C            D
    Targets  >162       161-150       149-120       119-90         <90
    Accuracy >75%       74%-65%       64%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    Damage   <950       951-1600     1601-2400     2401-3200     >3200
    Crits    >140       139-120       119-100        99-80         >80
    Chains   >140       139-120       119-100        99-75         <75
    Items    <6           7-10         11-15         16-18         >18
    Magic    >8           7-6           5-4           3-2           <2
    Mako     >90%       89%-70%       69%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    KO'd      0            1             2             3            >4
    Time     <20:00   20:01-28:20   28:21-38:20   38:21-38:50   >50:00
    Part 1 - Start
    Area 1: You'll start out like usual, with you gun already aimed at the three
    soldiers ready to fire at you. Take them out as usual and proceed. You may or
    may not notice the missing potion I mentioned above, but what you should note
    is the newly added DG soldier at the top of the stairs. Take them out (you
    should have a sniper scope now, so you can do it in the distance if you want
    ^^). Proceed on to your first branch. The right path leads to a box with 500
    gil you may or may not desperately need (depending on how much gil you start
    out with). The left leads to about 5 DG soldiers. Note that the explosive
    barrel will NOT kill them instantly (but it will weaken them). When you've
    dealt with that small swarm, you'll reach the area by the door leading to the
    stairs. There's 2 more soldiers standing outside the door, plus another three
    waiting inside the stairwell. Take them out, and to the right of the door
    you'll find your first potion. When you head down the stairs, you'll hear the
    familiar "Area Secure" voice and see the single soldier standing there. When
    you kill her, more rush up and immediately start shooting you, so be prepared
    to Griffon them (you won't have any MP until the first Mako Point). Finish them
    and head down the stairs.
    Part 2 - Civilians
    Area 1: Normally when you have to save the civilians that start rushing out
    you, there's 3, but now they added a fourth and furthermore, more DG soldiers
    will slowly walk around the corner of the building one by one from the main
    area. Ultimately, there's about 10 DG Soldiers in total for the main open area
    of this section, plus two more that shoot at you from one of the houses above
    and to the left. You'll probably be down to a mere couple hundred HP after this
    (Unless you want to sacrifice the three civilians down the market area and take
    your time). Anyway, if you manage that, collect any items lying around and move
    on, the lone civilian will rush out from the right followed by the same two DG
    Soldiers. Take them out. Then you can rescue the civilians along the left
    alleyway first if you like (taking out the two soldiers and beast first) before
    proceeding to the next spot (past the Mako Point, with the video of the chopper
    carrying away the tank). This next area consists of around 4 DG Soldiers. One
    will appear right away, shoot him, then the beast that's running at you. Then
    keep yourself on the right wall and aim left until you kill three more
    soldiers. as they appear. When they're dead, aim right and move towards the
    left to kill the guy hiding behind the right corner of the area. After that,
    move in about 3/4 of the way and three more Beasts leap at you from behind the
    tanks. Backpeddle as you deal with them, then approach the barricade. Turn
    around immediately and wait for the soldier to pop out of the door. Kill him,
    then the DG Soldier and 2 beasts rushing at you from the alleyway. Next up
    you'll hear screaming civis and helicopter fire. All you have to do is aim up
    and to the left as you emerge out of the alley and shoot the helicopter once to
    scare it off. If done quickly enough, you'll save all four. And finally, after
    collecting the Limit Breaker you may find yourself in need of it for the next
    part, saving our precious Rio. Now, there's a big difference to note here.
    Instead of the 15 second countdown that appears (you no longer need to activate
    the door), you'll see a "Targets: 0/30" counter instead. You have to kill
    thirty targets, which appear in higher abundance (especially after you kill
    about 15-20). It usually starts with a couple Beasts and at least one Soldier
    (random directions). Soldiers will also appear in many different windows (from
    all directions, rather than the one window in Normal). The first thing you want
    to do is head behind the fountain and pick up (and use quickly) the Phoenix
    Down. Then it's safest to move to the small niche behind the tank and to the
    right of where Rio is in. That way, you limit the directions the enemies can
    come in (beware the ones that pop through the door in that spot). If you get
    close to low health, go for the Limit Breaker, this is likely the most
    dangerous part of the chapter. When you finally get your 30 kills, the door
    will open up slowly like usual, but there will still be some enemies that
    appear, though in few numbers. When the hound leaps out, kill it, grab the
    cardkey, and the mission ends (any remaining enemies will disappear). Note
    that Rio and her mother count as 2 more civis.
    Area 2: Now we move on to our next Stage Mission: Collect the Card Keys. You'll
    approach the spot with the little girl getting ganged up on by the 2 DG
    Soldiers and 1 DG Beast. Shoot one, and the other two turn their attention to
    you. Take them out and approach the girl to make the rescue count. After that,
    equip a weapon with long range and a sniper scope. As you move on you'll hear
    some civilians cry for help. You have to look across the fire to your left to
    see them being persued by 4 DG Soldiers. With a long range weapon, you can take
    them out quickly (go from left to right, as the left one starts shooting
    first). If you kill them quick enough, all three civis have been saved. You
    should at this point have 21/25 rescued (if not you missed/failed to save some
    somewhere). Anyway, after that proceed on and you'll reach the area with the
    cardkey, and around 5 DG Soldiers to take out. Dispose of them (they all peak
    around the corner of the building) and grab the cardkey. Head back to the
    barricade, head up the stairs, kill the two soldiers waiting at the top, grab
    the items tucked away around the corner, then head down and be prepared for
    four more soldiers (one is hidden to the right of the stairwell). Fire might be
    a good one to use here. Grab another two items hidden away and proceed to the
    first boss fight.
    Dragonfly: If you equip the Long Barrel on your Cerberus (or just use the
    Ultima Weapon), this chopper will be an easy drop with around 10-12 shots. You
    could probably kill it before or as it makes it's first pass. If you decide to
    go with a shorter range weapon, it'll be a touch more grueling but it could add
    some more targets/exp to your final score. After it's health is depleted to
    about half, it will drop six DG soldiers to the ground each pass it makes (and
    start shooting missiles while you deal with them). However, it's still a fairly
    easy fight. If you're not one to concern yourself with rank, you could take on
    as many soldiers as your items/ammo will allow, as there's a shop right after
    this boss fight. When you're ready, finish off the chopper and move on.
    Area 3: You'll be inside a building. Behind the table is a Phoenix Down. Grab
    it if needed. Go into each room and collect the 500 gil and handbullets before
    you hit up the shop. Now, take note that you can now buy Limit Breakers for
    12,000 gil, along with each basic type of weapon frame and barrel. You still
    can only buy Potions, Hi-Potions, and Phoenix Downs at this point (no Ethers,
    Mega-Potions, etc. yet). Stock up on items and ammo (make any upgrades you may
    wish as well, but make sure you keep about 2-3000 gil on-hand as much as
    possible in case you need more items/ammo. It's key to survival). Head on up
    the stairs, eliminate the 10 DG soldiers Azul has the gaul to send at you (the
    last one takes about as long for your chain to run out to appear, and takes a
    good 4-5 shots to drop too). And then you finish with this part of the chapter.
    Part 3 - WRO Members
    Area 1: The first thing you'll see is the Stage Mission 4 screen: Protect the
    WRO Members, and a few backs of people in white with large black WRO letters.
    Anyway, move to the opposite end. **One warning is to not get too trigger happy
    when the reticule goes red. You could be aiming at an explosive barrel. You
    don't want to accidentally shoot that as a WRO person moves ahead, unless you
    don't care about them. They don't actually count as one of the twelve members
    you need to save.**. DG soldiers only emerge through one door, so take out the
    6 quickly. Now you can go around the area and destroy boxes to build up your
    killchain and gain some items if you want, or just move on ahead. Either way,
    move on ahead when you please. Next you'll be greeted by three more soldiers,
    one of which is the guy who gives you supplies, info, and directions. The
    rations may come in handy, so you should at least get those. (Be careful not to
    simply skip this video, because you won't be able to get the rations). Now
    comes the point where you follow them and they split off into two groups. Take
    the branch on the left first. Watch/skip the video, then move to your left (not
    the stairs ahead. If you head up those, you'll take a longer route and wind up
    behind the DG soldiers, who will have had time to kill off some soldiers and
    civis). Dispose of the 5 DG Soldiers here to save your last 4 civilians and 6
    WRO members. Then head back and take the stairs on the right. When you approach
    close enough, you'll hear one of the WRO say "Civilian safety comes first!"
    There's no civis around to save, just kill another 6 DG Soldiers and a DG Beast
    rushes at you eventually, then rescue 3 more WRO members (you should have 10/12
    by now). There's a Silver Moogle Doll in this area. Grab that, then get the
    cardkey, open the barricade on the left first, grab the 500 gil and 4th
    cardkey, then open the right barricade. Now for the area with the snipers. Get
    your long range weapon and sniper scope ready, and get ready for the 4 DG
    Soldiers sniping. Two on the rooftops as you peak out the corners, one by the
    Mako Point, and one atop the ramp. I recommend Blizzard for the two on the
    ground, as they can quickly take out one of the WRO. When that's over with,
    it's time to move on to the last boss of the area.
    Dragonfly GL: My biggest recommendation here is to make sure your MP is full.
    There's two Mako Points (one along the South area within a crate, while the
    other is on the North, behind a building. You have to climb some stairs and
    run along a narrow path behind a corner to reach it.) I recommend this mainly
    for the dogs in the next chapter. But after you collect enough MP (or all the
    Mako points for Rank), start firing away at the chopper with your weapon of
    choice. You'll hit the wing at first, but eventually it falters a little bit
    and allows you to hit the top. It shouldn't take much of that to finish it off.
    Make sure you circle around it while maintaining a small distance to avoid it's
    gunfire and missiles. After that, Chapter 1 is complete.
    **Chapter closing note: As you're leveling up after each chapter, don't fret
    about low HP at the end of a boss fight, as you will be fully healed at the
    beginning of each chapter. However, if you don't have a Phoenix Down active,
    you should do that so you can purchase your backup one at the end-of-chapter
    Chapter 2: Showdown in the Wastes [Ch2]
    Category  S           A            B            C            D
    Targets  >65        64-55        54-35        34-20         <20
    Accuracy >15%      14%-11%      10%-8%        7%-5%         <4%
    Damage   <1000    1001-1400    1401-2000    2001-2800     >2800
    Crits    >15        14-12        11-10         9-5           >5
    Chains   >35        34-25        24-15        14-10         <10
    Items    <3          4-6          7-9         10-11         >11
    Magic    >8          7-6          5-4          3-2           <2
    Mako     100%      99%-75%      74%-50%      49%-25%       <25%
    KO'd      0           1            2            3            >4
    Time     <11:40  11:41-16:40  16:41-21:40  21:41-26:40   >26:40
    Part 1 - Gatling Gunning Hounds
    Fairly simple area. There's 45 hounds in this section. Try not to get trigger
    happy and only fire when the reticule is red. The biggest threat here is how
    much those hounds hurt when they hit you (they take off a good 250-350 HP!). So
    pay attention to the ones leaping at you and try to take them out first.If you
    want to go for the Stage Mission S rank, you'll want about 25-30 taken out
    Part 2 - On top of the Shadowfox
    Make sure you have full (or almost full) MP and an aga ready to go. The first
    portion consists of some hounds leaping at you one at a time from the cliffs
    (there is one small wave of 3), so take them out when you get a chance. After
    that, you'll come to a clearing where you'll see a large number of hounds
    running towards an upper path. Shoot your aga here (before they reach the ramp)
    and watch the killchain fly. Now run to about the middle or front of the
    Shadowfox and aim up at the cliff. They'll all jump down at you, so shoot
    another aga at them before they land (remember, hitting the Shadowfox damages
    Vincent, and it hurts!). You'll see another rapid killchain, one or two may
    survive and land on the Shadowfox, quickly melee them dead. After that, aim at
    the ground behind the Shadowfox and pick off any survivors.
    Part 3 - Crimson Hound
    Collect the 3 Mako points in the area to restore your MP (you may want to
    switch down to an ara or level 1 if you want S rank in Magic Casted). Then
    proceed to the next fight with the Crimson Hound. This is the point when you'd
    want to work on criticals and killchains, since the normal hounds will be
    continually summoned. Keep watch for the Crimson Hound. When it's on one of
    the giant rock ledges, is when it's most vulnerable, but it will hop down after
    a few shots and join in the fray. Simply keep shooting at it until it's
    Part 4 - Pegasus Riders
    You'll be surrounded by a bunch of DG Soldiers riding air bikes. The best spot
    to shoot them is right in front as they come at you head on. One-shot kill.
    When you've destroyed a couple of them, you'll be able to break away from the
    circle and collect the Mako Point in front of the barricade. Then you can
    position yourself to chain-critical the remaining Pegasus Riders until they're
    all dead. If you need to cast some spells, Thunder would be a good bet too. And
    that's it with this Chapter.
    Chapter 3 - Silent Edge [Ch3]
    Category   S          A            B            C            D
    Targets  >100       99-95        94-80        79-65         <65
    Accuracy >75%      74%-65%      64%-50%      49%-30%       <30%
    Damage   <1650    1651-2100    2101-2800    2801-3600     >3600
    Crits    >80        79-70        69-60        59-40         >40
    Chains   >40        39-32        31-25        24-20         <20
    Items    <7          8-12        13-17        18-20         >20
    Magic    >8          7-6          5-4          3-2           <2
    Mako     >90%      89%-70%      69%-50%      49%-30%       <30%
    KO'd      0           1            2            3            >4
    Time     <20:00  20:01-30:00  30:01-36:40  36:41-41:40   >41:40
    Part 1 - Hounds and Snipers
    Area 1 (Hounds): The first area you enter will have a lot of buildings with
    narrow alleyways. There's hounds lurking all throughout the alleyways, so be
    ready. If you make it to G9, the hound that drops down on you will drop a
    Silver Moogle Doll, then 3 more Hounds will leap at you at once, so be ready.
    When you've explored the area, head over towards the F5 area (there will be a
    Mako Point), proceed through and talk to the soldier to get his cardkey. Return
    to the Barricade at the beginning area, taking down any hounds that get in your
    way. Enter through the nearly invisible door. There's a potion in the back
    corner, but there's no more Hydra case. There's still some ammo at the top.
    Anyway, head out of the building, there's three more hounds to take care of
    before we move on to the next portion.
    Area 2 (Snipers): Snipers, as you might've guessed, are much more accurate, and
    they hurt. At least 3-400 HP of damage with each shot. Now if you check your
    status screen to see how many snipers are left, you may notice that instead of
    15 (like Normal), there's now 26. There's 7 in the main plaza area you're in
    (PLUS a DG Trooper by the Mako Point). All the snipers are located on the roofs
    around the perimeter. Run back to the alleyway you came from and you can start
    picking off snipers one by one from right to left. You should be able to hit 5
    from that alcove. The other two you'll have to move out a little more until you
    can see them (they'll be at the 7 o'clock and 5 o'clock area of the perimeter,
    high up and slightly hidden). When you've killed the 7, head to the alcove on
    the right and take out the DG Soldier by the Mako Point. Before heading in, you
    should take the time now to collect items in the other alleyways. Once you head
    down that particular one, the boy will come (and all the Snipers you haven't
    killed will disappear too). Now it's time to Protect the Boy. Follow him into
    the building, head up the stairs and take out the two DG Soldiers waiting for
    you. Use the shop, grab the items at the top of the stairs (potion and machine
    gun ammo), then head back down and follow the boy out. There's two sets of
    guards following him, kill two in the first alleyway you come across, then move
    to the one the boy is in and kill the next to guards. Approach the boy to
    activate the second stage mission (Protect the Boy).
    Sniper Count: 7/26
    Part 2 - Bodyguard
    Area 1 (Boy): Note that the boy won't move ahead unless you're by him. So you
    can feel free to explore the area in between his movement points. Anyway, 1
    Beast leaps down past him, be ready to shoot it. Then proceed through the door.
    Head up the stairs and out to the upper walkways of the main plaza. Two beasts
    jump up onto the first bridge you cross after climbing the ladder. You can go
    down the small pathway where the Materia Floater once was (it now contains 1
    whole gil for you!). A couple bridges later, there will be two DG Soldiers
    shooting at the boy from atop some buildings in the alleyway to your right.
    Take them down, then move on. A couple more bridges later 3 hounds jump up.
    Take them down quickly, and notice the boy will start sprinting after this (he
    wises up). The final bridge before the door, a DG Sniper to the left, all the
    way across the plaza will make his appearance. Duck down and get close to take
    him down. After that, the boy will unlock the final door. Head in, move
    straight to the railing of the stairs aiming down, and wait for the DG Sergeant
    to head up the stairs. As soon as the reticule goes red, fire away until he
    dies (it might take a couple shots). Grab the cardkey and you're done. After
    the video, head back in the door behind you and grab the model gun to the right
    of the door (if you don't have the Ultima Weapon, that is. If you do, you don't
    have to grab it unless you feel like it). But continue up the stairs and out
    the door, because 5 more DG snipers have spawned in the Plaza area. They're all
    on top of a building, well above Vincent's level. You have one almost directly
    ahead of you, and another a little to the right, one more towards the center,
    another one far to the right, and the last one is almost directly to the right
    on the opposite side of the plaza. After they're taken out, head back down and
    proceed through the barricade.
    Sniper Count: 13/26
    Area 2 (Alley of Snipers): Proceed through the barricade. One Soldier will
    appear along the upper walkway, accompanied by 5 more soldiers on the ground.
    When they're gone, you'll have a long narrow path with a lot of twists, and a
    DG Sniper waiting for you on a couple of them. Slowly move around each turn
    with your rifle aimed high. They're not too hard to spot (they're not that far
    away), so when you see them, take them out. After about three twists, you'll
    emerge into a more open area. 
    Sniper Count: 15/26
    **Before moving on, head back to the main plaza (the one where you met the boy)
    because two more snipers have spawned in the area.  The first is on the south
    end by the white billboard, and the second is on the northwest building in the
    west alleyway. After that, head back through all the alleyways and proceed.**
    Sniper Count: 17/26
    There's one soldier on an upper walkway (You'll hear "Complete!"), take her 
    out. There's two more on the right side of the buildings leading to another 
    alley (They're fairly high up, just look at about 45 degrees from the corner 
    and you should see one of them.) You'll need to take these two out before it's 
    safe to come out into the open. After that, proceed up the stairs to the 
    walkway and head towards the Mako Point. Be careful not to leave yourself 
    visible to the alleyway, as there's an ambush waiting for you there. It may be 
    wise to shoot a few Blizzard Spells towards the alley, take out a few enemies 
    waiting for you so you have less to deal with. Grab the Mako Point and, you may
    have noticed a Barricade that rises when you approach. Once you drop to the 
    other side of this, there's no going back. Barricades block every path around.
    Make sure you have 19 snipers killed before dropping. No going back afterwards.
    In any case, you'll have around 5 DG Soldiers to deal with, all hiding behind
    white boxes, and there's another soldier on an upper walkway (to the left).
    When you take all of these guys out, proceed along the left wall. The first gap
    contains a Limit Breaker (which, if you're health is low, might be a good idea
    to use). The second gap plays host to 3 DG Soldiers, one of which is holding a 
    machine gun, directly in front of you. A further 3 lurk in the back around the 
    corner. AND one more Sniper will come out (further up on the left corner of the
    building you're hugging), plus another sniper, on the right-hand corner of the 
    building will become visible to you. Step back a little bit to avoid the DG 
    Soldiers (they won't come out of their little niche), and take out the Sniper 
    on the right first. Then aim up and to the right, and slowly walk out from 
    under the walkway to deal with the new sniper on the left hand corner. Then go 
    through and kill the six DG Soldiers, and grab the cardkey (and yet another 
    Silver Moogle Doll ^^). Approach the barricade, but look at the top of the 
    building past it, to the left. Another Sniper. Take him out but head back to 
    the previous area. There's a small gap on the right-hand side of the building
    with stairs leading up (and I'm not talking about the one with the barricade, 
    this set of stairs is across from that). Make your way across the walkway to 
    the white box at the far end. It contains another 3000 gil. Hop down and 
    proceed through the barrier. Hug the right-hand wall and proceed through the 
    door. Kill the two DG Soldiers that jump down and take advantage of the shop. 
    When you're set, exit the door and move out to the next part of the chapter.
    Sniper Count: 21/26
    Part 3 - Warehouse up Ahead
    Area 1 (Alley of Soldiers): The first thing you see is the video showing the
    staircase with more soldiers perched on it. Blowing up the barrel might take
    out 1 or 2 of them, but you'll still have to shoot any survivors. Head up the
    staircase, and you have another narrow pathway with a lot of twists. This one,
    though, is sniper-free. But two DG Soldiers will rush out after each twist.
    When you reach some stairs, head to the railing and aim down. Another soldier
    will rush out, shoot him quickly, then proceed down and grab the Mako Point,
    and move on. You'll have a couple more twists before you finally reach an open
    area with what looks like a very rusty bridge along it. There are three Snipers
    in this area, all of them ahead of you and decently hidden. Blizzard (or Galian
    Beast's projectiles) can be useful in locating them. There's one on the ground
    level at about a 45 degree angle from the left corner. He's your first problem,
    though he is just a soldier and not a hidden sniper for your mission.
    From there, you'll have a sniper at the far end of you (along the left).
    Another is hiding on a building high up on the left side, only visible when
    you're around the middle of the area. And lastly, the final sniper is hiding
    behind the cage all the way at the end, behind a couple boards. He's a bit
    tricky to spot because you've only got a small gap to see him, but he's not too
    hard to see and kill. When that area is clear, you'll have the final area.
    Sniper Count: 24/26
    A small fenced in area by the warehouse with two barrels, 4 DG soldiers, and
    two DG snipers. The soldiers are easy to spot and kill, the first sniper is on
    an upper walkway across from the warehouse door. The second one is perched 
    high atop the roof of the warehouse. When that's all clear, use the shop and
    enter the warehouse (get a Thunder spell ready).
    Sniper Count: 26/26
    Heavy Armored Soldier
    This is an annoying boss fight, especially if you want to take out all the
    snipers in the area. First thing you should do is cast Thunder (maybe ara or
    aga) on the HA Soldier, this will damage him and likely kill the two snipers at
    his side. Then move around while aiming at the snipers on the balconies (if you
    want to take them out. They're not part of the Destroy the Snipers Mission,
    always be moving around so the missile doesn't hit you). When they're dead, get
    a decent distance away from the HA Soldier so you can avoid his rockets and
    start firing away. After some of his health drops he'll pull out a machine gun
    (so unwise, really) and start firing away with that. When his health drops to
    about 30%, he'll come at you with his sword. But, his health is probably going
    to drop so fast you'll kill him as he's changing weapons.
    Chapter 4 - Headquarters Under Siege [Ch4]
    Category  S            A             B             C            D
    Targets  >95         94-88         87-73         72-63         <63
    Accuracy >60%       59%-50%       49%-35%       34%-20%       <20%
    Damage   <1600     1601-2700     2701-3800     3801-5000     >5000
    Crits    >63         62-53         52-43         42-33         >33
    Chains   >45         44-35         34-25         24-10         <10
    Items    <10         11-14         15-20         21-26         >26
    Magic    >8           7-6           5-4           3-2           <2
    Mako     >90%       89%-70%       69%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    KO'd     0             1             2             3            >4
    Time     <25:00   25:01-30:00   30:01-36:40   36:41-41:40   >41:40
    *Hi-Potion Hi-jinx - If you've been leveling up after each mission (rather than
    converting exp for gil, as there shouldn't be a need to now), then you should
    have somewhere around 1600 HP. Since the Hi-Potion only restores 800 HP max,
    you may see where this can lead to a problem with item usage ranks (if you
    concern yourself with such). Pay close attention to your health and, if it's
    well into the critical mark, consider a Limit Breaker or even *gasp* a Phoenix
    Down over two Hi-Potions. It really depends on how often you need to heal, and
    what may be coming up. You won't start receiving better items until Chapter 7 &
    Part 1 (Climbing up): There's a number of DG Soldiers everywhere (on the first
    floor, 6 running around in different directions). But the main thing to watch
    out for are the 2 HA Soldier Bs (Rocket guys) on almost every floor. Past that,
    this first area doesn't offer too much more of a challenge than normal. Just be
    careful on the 4th floor, when you see a bunch of WRO members and DG Soldiers
    going at it in close range, not to hit the explosive barrel. And also when you
    take the left up and head towards the office, try to shoot the soldier heading
    to the gun turret (on the other side of the walkway) before he reaches it. When
    you reach the mission where you head to the WRO Command Office, there's a
    number more enemies to watch out for on the first and second corridor (the two
    WROs that move ahead of you die quick if you don't act fast enough). When you
    see some stairs, they'll throw down an explosive barrel at you. Shoot that
    quickly, then take care of the HA Soldier B and DG Soldiers waiting for you at
    the top. The final corridor has 3 more DG Soldiers and 2 HA Soldier Bs waiting
    for you before you finally reach the office. After all of that, you can now do
    the gun turret mission (swiftly eliminate the reinforcement squad). It's
    located through the door opposite the door leading to the office. When you hop
    on the turret, you'll have to eliminate a couple sets of squads, consisting of
    around 4-5 DG soldiers, and 2 HA Soldier Bs per unit. There's two levels they
    arrive on, to your upper-right and right angles. You can finally head down to
    the first floor, use the shop, then proceed through the door on the Northeast
    Part 2 (Chasing Azul and Shelke): Rather quickly you'll hear a couple cries for
    help and see a couple DG soldiers right in front of you. For a half second it
    could confuse you (it did to me) and you might think they're WRO. They're not,
    kill them quick. Proceed onwards through the corridor, you'll reach a point
    where you start eliminating soldiers while protecting WRO members (again, watch
    out for explosive barrels) and collocting their cardkeys. There's also a part
    where you deal with Bull-Heads (those robotic things that have a plate in front
    of them. If you start seeing a 0 pop when you shoot something, switch your
    target). Stay at a distance and equip the sniper scope. Wait until they turn
    all the way to the right or left (which ever angle exposes them more from your
    position) then shoot the red and white striped area to kill them. Keep moving
    along, you'll have two barricade areas to pass through until you reach the
    final door where you will face Shelke.
    Shelke: The best way to deal with Shelke is to maintain a distance until she
    moves up close, then melee her a couple times and move away before she attacks.
    However, she does have a fast paced move where she rushes upon you and hits you
    many, many times. It's not a bad idea to use your Limit Breaker and shoot
    projectiles at her from a distance to knock her down, then melee her up close
    (careful though, she has a move where she starts flipping mid-air then attacks
    you at the peak of her spin). She shouldn't pose too much trouble, much like
    the next consecutive boss fight coming up.
    Azul: This is probably a fight that's even easier in Ex Hard than in Normal or
    Hard. Thanks to your boost in levels and more thanks to your upgraded weapons,
    you can actually damage Azul directly. Although it's not much (usually around
    70-80), it still eats at his life decently. The barrels will still damage him
    more, but he can easilly survive the first five, and is a little less willing
    to move forward (you need to hide yourself from him). All in all, as long as
    you strafe left and right and don't accidentally hit a barrel close to you,
    this battle is easy to win without taking any damage.
    Chapter 5 - Manor of Despair [Ch5]
    Category  S            A             B             C            D
    Targets  >170       169-150       149-130       129-120       <120
    Accuracy >80%       79%-70%       69%-60%       59%-40%       <40%
    Damage   <4300     4301-5600     5601-7000     7001-8400     >8400
    Crits    >120       119-105       104-85         84-70         >70
    Chains   >105       104-90         89-75         74-60         <60
    Items    <12         13-18         19-26         27-30         >30
    Magic    >10          9-7           6-5           4-3           <3
    Mako     >90%       89%-70%       69%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    KO'd      0            1             2             3            >4
    Time     <45:00   45:01-55:00   55:01-65:00   65:01-75:00   >75:00
    Part 1 (Sewers) - There are now 65 Sahagin to be eliminated (instead of 33).
    For the most part, you'll encounter most of them as you progress through the
    sewers. There's a couple areas where you deal with a couple waves of them. I'll
    point out those areas to give you an idea of what's ahead, as well as give you
    the locations of the sahagins you could miss or pass up.
    Missable ones
    G6: Jumps down by the Phoenix Down
    H10: Upper level, comes from behind when you get the first Mako Point, also
    drops a Silver Moogle Doll.
    E5: Through a tunnel, inside the box. Try to time a melee so you break the box
    at the first or second attack, and hit the Sahagin right away. That way you can
    still shoot it for a critical.
    H9: On top of the pipe almost directly above you. You'll hear it spit.
    F5: Not actually a Sahagin, but there is a case containing 5000 gil here ^^.
    After you clear the G11 wave, you'll see a tunnel on your left, and one on the
    right. Take the left one first.
    E14 (New map, after the G11 wave and taking the right tunnel): There's two
    Sahagin on the right-hand side behind a gate that spit at you. If you shoot one
    and it lives, it will take off around the corner, never to be seen again. You
    should either aim for a critical, magic them (an ara to be safe), or be
    prepared to fire two or three times at them. Note that each one only flees when
    it gets hit (so shooting one won't make them both go away).
    D10: Falls down when you grab the rifle bullets.
    C8/9: You'll come across a barricade with a Sahagin nearby that drops a
    keycard. Open the barricade and grab the items, then 4 more Sahagin will emerge
    (2 on each side). Grab the cardkey from the last one and open the barricade on
    the far side to grab another 2500 gil.
    That should be it for the ones you can miss. By the time you reach the ladder
    that leads up to storeage area of the mansion, you should have 65/65 Sahagins
    defeated. If not, you probably missed one of these.
    E11 area: Drop down from above (By first Mako Point), 2 Sahagin above you, then
    2 more jump down, followed by 3. The last one drops a cardkey
    G11 area: After you kill the 6 Sahagins (two you'll see right away, one spits
    at you from a tunnel above. The other three are in the tunnel above the
    ladder). When you take them out, there will be a wave of 4, then three waves of
    5 Sahagins that drop down. The best spot to be is at G9 (by the rifle bullets).
    They'll be forced to come at you in a line where you can pop them one by one.
    J5 area: The large circular room where you have to press a couple switches to
    open gates. There's 3 Sahagin on the top walkway, and 3 below. When you jump
    below, 2 more drop down fairly quickly. Try to kill the 3 below before jumping
    Two more Sahagins will emerge before the ladder to the basement. They should be
    the last two. After that climb the ladder and be ready to face several DG
    Soldiers. Three are in a line with their backs turned right as you emerge. When
    you shoot the first one, the other two, plus another one from the upper walkway
    will start shooting at you immediately. Strafe and take out the two at ground,
    by then another one will come out of the corner and start shooting at you.
    There's still another one on the ground level hiding around somewhere, and 2
    more guys (aside of the first one that shoots at you) on the upper walkway.
    They're difficult to hit because there's lots of obstruction plus the railing
    to get in the way of your bullets. This is a good area to work on double-jump
    shooting. When you've finally finished off all (counts) 8 DG Soldiers, you'll
    have the area underneath the grate to do. Grab the item, then prepare to take
    out the soldiers emerging from the tunnels. They take their time in appearing
    (the three that normally come on the large tunnel to the right start coming one
    at a time). There's two tunnels on the left side that each house a DG Soldier,
    one on the left by the gate that houses another one, and a large one that
    houses three more. If you can get the timing right to where you kill them just
    as they come, it's a great place to build up a killchain count and some extra
    experience. You can shoot to your heart's content, just don't waste ALL your
    ammo. Of course, screwing up will lead to a lot of being shot and using items.
    It's best to back down quickly before using two much of your healing items.
    Anyway, when you're done with that, proceed up one level of the elevator. Take
    out anyone you might have missed as you grab the Mako Point, then head to the
    stairs that wind down. Two more soldiers appear just as you take a step on the
    stairs, so kill them quick. At the bottom is a shop, make use of it (sell that
    Silver Moogle Doll ^^), then proceed up the final level of the elevator. Run
    across the bridge and watch the door slam in your face, then run back and watch
    that one slam. Then turn to the West side as the wall opens up. Three soldiers
    will come, followed by two more after they're defeated. Make use of the boxes
    and try to wait until they have to reload before taking them out (or else
    you'll get some HP whittled out of you). After the first door closes, you'll
    probably be waiting for the one on the East to open but... four soldiers will
    drop down from above, all in a line. Stand at one of the doors and start
    shooting them down one by one. THEN the East door will open up. You'll have
    three soldiers, followed by two more and a HA Soldier B (Rocket). Take out the
    HA B first then make use of the boxes for the last to soldiers. When that
    closes proceed onwards to the final elevator and you're done with this part.
    Part 2 - Mako Gear Cait
    The only real difference on EX Hard here would be how much more those bullets
    can hurt Cait. So if you're good at staying under cover (where's those Box type
    Cs when you need them? No one suspects the moving box!), you'll have nothing to
    worry about. So, first move along to the right until you see the video play.
    Wait for the guard to turn around and head back past the box, then run up to
    the box and hide behind it. Wait patiently for him to turn back around and
    reach the box as you move along the other side of it and run past him. There's
    a drop off to your left. Simply run off in full force and you'll drop to the
    pipe below. Repeat again and wait for the two soldiers to turn around. Timed
    right you can quickly jump to the platform and continue to move ahead. If you
    fall down and have to climb the ladder, you'll likely have to hide behind the
    crate until you see the guards return and turn back around. The moment it's
    clear, take the path to the right and swiftly move behind the crate by the
    ledge when you get a chance. *Warning: The moment you hit the corner of the
    ladder, a video will play, and when it returns, Cait will be standing right in
    the middle of the ladder where the soldier you just worked so hard to pass CAN
    see you if he looks to his right. If you activate it, quickly move back to the
    left for better cover.* When the guard by the crate leaves, approach the ladder
    and move the camera down to see the soldier below. He has a short paced walk,
    but the moment he turns around, run down and to the left, past the ladder and
    seek a meager bit of cover from the rusty barrel (not the explosive one).
    You'll see another video. Wait for the guard to start walking away and push the
    explosive barrel at him (wait for him to get at least halfway down or the
    explosion can hit and kill Cait. Who'd want that?). Run down the hall and move
    to the right, seeking cover by the explosive barrel. This is where it gets
    tricky. You have the guard who will be a future victim of Cait's ability to
    roll things (poor guard...), AND the guard from below the ladder (earlier
    avoided) that may seem insignifacant on your right. What you have to do is wait
    until the guard on the right turns around, and the guard ahead of you walks
    behind the corner of crates before pushing the barell (Don't worry, it'll still
    hit him). Then run behind the crates, jump up to the first crate (wait until
    the guard turns around again... yes, he's that annoying), then drop behind the
    shield robots. Approach the hole and watch another video. You're almost there.
    Head to the stairs leading up and jump over the barrel (might take a couple
    tries). Time it when the guard reaches about the halfway between 5 and 6
    o'clock area, then push the barrel. After this, you've got the last trick. Two
    guards are circling a pillar at exact opposite ends. You need to sneak in the
    halfway point between them (you can get a little closer to the guard ahead of
    you than behind, but not too close) and walk at about their pace until you
    reach the stairs. After that, take the fork to the right and approach to hole
    to watch Cait... get caught... after all of that (Just like Metal Gear Solid...
    they always know you're there before you even arrive).
    Part 3 - Back to they that can shoot stuff. Yay!
    Area 1 (Reaching the main part of the Manor): Make use of the shop on the right
    path before proceeding straight ahead. Enter through the two doors and watch/
    skip the video (automatically obtaining the first Omega Report). There's three
    doors (other than the one you came from). The West one has absolutely nothing
    to grab or anyone to shoot. The East one has 2 soldiers that rush at you right
    away. When you enter, three more soldiers rush in, and there's another one
    hiding on the right edge of the door containing ammo. When you leave through
    the south door, a soldier and beast will come from the left right away, and
    another soldier is waiting for you through the little arch on the left. Open
    the next door and take out two more soldiers. Open the next door and... it's
    safe, for now. The door straight ahead of you leads to a library. Behind the
    left bookcase is another soldier waiting, and to the right is a Mako Point.
    Exit the library and proceed down the hall. When you round the corner, there
    will be a soldier on top of the bookcase, and two beasts drop down from the
    ceiling and start to rush you. Proceed through the door to the left, take out
    the soldiers, move through the door on the right. Two soldiers and a beast move
    out in a line. Take them out, run all the way to the end and behind the corner
    to grab Omega Report #2. Move out of that door. Round the corner and two more
    soldiers await you behind some boxes. You can move through the door at the end
    make use of the shop if you need to, then head all the way back to the other
    side of the hall. When you open that door, three soldiers (two walking around
    and one perched atop some boxes) and a beast await you. When you've taken them
    out, proceed down, round the corner to take out another soldier rushing you,
    and a final one behind another crate. Go through that door, then open the door
    on your left, move in a bit (gun ready), and shoot the SOLDIER Trooper that
    emerges from Vincent's old coffin. He'll drop another Silver Moogle Doll for
    you (I like how the coffin where the SOLDIER Trooper emerges from in Normal
    mode is open). Exit there and move on. When you start to reach an open area, 4
    DG Soldiers, 1 DG Beast, and 2 SOLDIER Troopers will immediately attack you.
    Not a bad time for magic. Proceed through the winding corrider (kill the two
    soldiers that come running around the corner just as you start to move), and
    then you come to something I hate. Mines. When you hear the beeping noise,
    start moving slowly until you see one appear. Take a couple steps back and
    shoot it (L12, I11, K9, and I6 in case you need to know their locations). When
    the last one is hit (or set off), it'll drop a cardkey. Proceed through the
    barricade. Approach the pit slowly and shoot the two beasts below. Drop down to
    the Mako Point and two more beasts jump down after you. Press the button at the
    top of the ladder and use the platform to cross the pit. The explosive barrel
    will not kill the 3 soldiers that emerge right away (just a note). Take them
    out however you wish, and move ahead. Round the next corner and shoot the 3
    soldiers, then the 2 beast that run along the walls (you'll have to wait until
    they land). Move around the next corner and THIS time the explosive barrel WILL
    kill all four DG Soldiers standing right by it (remember kids, the safest place
    to stand is next to an explosive object). Move through the door on the left.
    Move through the two doors ahead of you (grabbing a Mako Point, then a Limit
    Breaker and some ammo), and proceed back. Take advantage of the shop and head
    back the way you came. Next up, as you round the next winding area, you'll come
    across 1 soldier, then a little later, 2 soldier, and when you reach the door
    with the stairs (you'll hear "CHARGE!") and 1 DG Soldier and 2 SOLDIER Troopers
    will rush at you. Now this next part is rather dangerous. The moment you
    approach the door, 3 DG Soldiers start shooting at you immediately. Probably
    the best way to not lose too much health is to get as close to the door as you
    can, and shoot some Blizzard spells up. It may take more than one to destroy
    them though, so you might not have enough MP for all three. But taking out one
    or two will at least save your HP by a good amount. Anyone left standing will
    need to be sniped the moment they're in sight (which is well after they're able
    to hit you, unfortunately). Waiting at the top of the stairs is a beast and a
    soldier. When you head in the door at the top, 2 more DG Soldiers rush in.
    Area 2 (There's no more safe in the Manor!): There's no enemies until you reach
    the stairwell. There's a Hi-Potion at L-5 you may or may not need to grab
    (within a white box). Move past the walkway, enter the door on the left, shoot
    the soldier NOT facing the door and grab the 1500 gil from the white box. Exit
    and enter the door across from you, and shoot yet another soldier facing the
    window. Grab the Mako Point. Exit and enter the room at the end, this time
    there's a smart soldier who's waiting behind some barrels (a little to the
    left). Shoot him and grab the Omega Report behind the barrels. Head back to the
    stairwell and snipe one of the two soldiers. Two more rush in joining their
    friend. Try and shoot who you can (you'll need to snipe or jump-shoot them),
    but move across to the other side. When you're out of sight, they'll rush up
    the stairs making them easier targets. Head down stairs, you will soon hear
    "BELOW!". Two DG Soldiers shoot at you from the top balcony while a beast
    rushes down the stairs to attempt (miserably) to mangle you. Proceed down the
    East Branch doors first when they're taken care of. There's nothing in the room
    on an angle, but the longer narrower hallway boasts two beasts (who jump out
    along the walls) and the final Omega Report (behind the bookcase). Next head to
    the rooms on the west side. The door at an angle (with some cobwebs running
    along it, these soldiers aren't paid for their cleanliness) contains 800 gil.
    When you move through the final corridor, you'll be rushed by 3 DG Soldiers
    (two of which make use of cover in the back corners) and then rushed by 3
    SOLDIER Troopers. The next room has 2 more SOLDIER Troopers and a Beast. When
    you approach the next door, another SOLDIER opens the door for you and attacks
    quickly. There's 2 more DG Soldiers waiting for you in this next room as you
    head towards the door. And the next door leads to the lab area. Head down the
    hall and open the door on the immediate left to proceed to the boss.
    Part 4 - Black Widows Should Have Eight Legs
    You'll start off in a corridor. The first thing you'll see around the corner is
    a bunch of little red mines. Fire materia equals a killchain here. But if
    you're out of MP, you can simply double jump over them. Proceed onward, nabbing
    the Mako point and hitting up the shop along the way. Now when you enter the
    battle, head up the stairs first thing (avoid the Mako shot along the way).
    Head all the way to the back balcony and duck down. Move to the room to the
    left (E-7 on the map) until you're nice and tucked away. If the Black Widow
    starts firing its maching gun at you, dash out (stand), run to the other side
    of the room then duck down and head back. It should lose track of you in any
    case. Once it starts moving around, wait for it to start climbing the wall and
    reach the ceiling. When it's in sight along the ceiling, wait for it to open up
    the mine bomb bay and start shooting at it until it falls. Now, head to the
    balcony and position yourself to where you can hit it (preferably without
    falling off. The small broken part of the stairwell is a good spot) and start
    shooting at its underside until it gets back up. Then head back (crawling when
    you reach the back wall) to E-7 and repeat. Done right, you'll suffer no damage
    (When I used this trick, it's the first time I got anything other than a D for
    damage sustained. Go C!). When it dies, you're ready for the next chapter.
    ^Thanks to the guide for this very useful strategy^
    Chapter 6 - Deepground Strikes Back (I think it should be titled Return of the
    Deepground myself) [Ch6]
    Category  S            A             B             C            D
    Targets  >120       119-105       104-90         89-70         <70
    Accuracy >70%       69%-60%       59%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    Damage   <3800     3801-5000     5001-6500     6501-8000     >8000
    Crits    >125       124-100        99-80         79-60         >60
    Chains   >80         79-65         64-45         44-25         <25
    Items    <8           9-14         15-19         20-26         >26
    Magic    >8           7-6           5-4           3-2           <2
    Mako     >90%       89%-70%       69%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    KO'd      0            1             2             3            >4
    Time     <25:00   25:01-30:00   30:01-40:00   40:01-50:00   >50:00
    Part 1 - Canyon and Bodyguard
    Area 1 (Extra Mission Enemies) - First thing to watch out for is the extra
    (4th) Sweeper in the first part of this. Make sure not to stay too close when
    they fall, due to their exploding deaths. The last one drops a cardkey, nab the
    Mako point and proceed through the barrier. Make use of the shop and let the
    hound hunting begin. There is some interesting behavior to be observed by some
    of the hounds before they decide to attack you. In any case, there's plenty of
    warning when they start coming (you'll either see them in the distance or hear
    they're footsteps and heavy breathing). You'll reach the spot with the three
    Epiolnis (those ostrich-like creatures). Shooting one means they all run off
    (try to snipe the one of the ones on the left for a critical, as the one on the
    right runs right at you. Kill it quick). Now, rounding this corner and moving
    ahead a bit, you'll come across a couple more hounds accompanied by your
    bestest friend ever from the Extra Missions. Those of you who haven't done
    those, I'd like to introduce a Dual Horn. With at least 10,000 HP, killing it
    is difficult to do (but it is very worth it, see below). If you do not wish to
    try, Simply dodge to the small opening on the left to avoid its deadly attack
    and move on. After taking out the last two that leap out at you, you'll come
    across a cave (You'll hear someone say "Area under Deepground control! Securing
    the Perimeter!" and a bunch of other orders as well.)
    **Manaheart! If you can take out the Dual Horn, it drops a nifty little item
    option called the Manaheart (another little trinket from the Extra Missions).
    The Manaheart has the ability to (gradually) restore your MP over time, and
    better yet, it's upgradable to the Manamind (32,000) which restores MP faster
    AND enhances your magic (desperately needed in EX Hard). It is also upgradable
    to the Manasoul (96000) to speed your MP growth and enhance magic even more.
    The one possible drawback to this is you have to remove the Power Booster, but
    it's good to be able to have fun with magic!**
    *Defeating the Dual Horn: It's actually pretty simple to defeat the Dual Horn.
    As you make your way through the canyon area, rush through, killing all the
    dogs and ostrich creatures as fast as you can. Rack up as high a killchain as
    you can (5-6 should be enough) and by the time the Dual Horn starts coming,
    shoot away at it (Cerberus works best). You should take a good 1500 to 2000 HP
    per shot. Even with its high HP (around 10-12000), it will drop quickly enough.
    Especially when you can shoot it in the back (where it's more vulnerable). This
    item is highly worth grabbing.*
    Area 2 (Soldier Camp) - The first thing you'll see is a Bizarre Bug. The only
    way to critical these guys is to wait for them to turn around and open their
    backs to shoot some sort of acid at you. This can be tricky for the ones that
    just want to get right up to you and ram. If you notice they don't stop, start
    backpeddling a bit until they open up, then shoot. Or just kill them without
    the critical, whatever works for you. Kill the first one, then move ahead and
    you'll see another bug approaching a DG soldier, kill those two, and a third
    makes his appearance to be killed. Move forward a bit and shoot the bug in the
    hole towards the ceiling on the left. Destroy the two boxes (done quickly
    enough, you'll have a nice killchain for the next part). Now move to the right
    and notice all the soldiers around. You want to shoot the two sweepers first
    (with a good killchain, they'll die in one shot each), as their explosive death
    will kill the nearby soldiers. Then approach the edge a little slower and aim
    down, pick off as many soldiers as you can, one by one. The moment you head
    down the ladder and out into the open, a bunch of Bizarre Bugs will swarm down,
    and a couple soldiers will start shooting at you (those that you couldn't hit
    from up above). If you can avoid the bugs while shooting the soldiers, you may
    be able to take them out one by one as they expose their weak-spot. Otherwise,
    if you find yourself being rammed by bugs and shot by soldiers, fire a materia
    shot to take the bugs out quickly allowing you to focus on the soldiers. When
    that's clear, head to the north tunnel and prepare for another mission screen.
    Protect the 12 WRO Members! Take out the 7 DG soldiers (try to take out the
    ones by the gun turret first) and make sure you destroy all the explosive
    barrels. Next up is destroying 15 helicopters. These choppers love shooting
    missiles at not only you, but the WRO members you have to protect. The only
    way to keep them alive is by shooting the missiles before they reach everyone
    (it won't take much for them to be picked off). Taking down the explosive
    barrels early will help in that they won't blow up on your friends. As for
    locating the choppers, wait until the WRO change their focus from the chopper
    you destroyed to the next. If you're aiming for the Guard N Barrel, you'll have
    to keep all of the WRO alive, including these 4. Which means you may have to
    sacrifice some of your own health to shoot missiles aimed at them first (they
    die in one shot). Usually only one or two of the missiles becomes a threat (for
    others), but the last couple choppers like to fire several missiles directly at
    Vincent (almost guaranteeing death), so be wary. When the choppers have all
    taken their pass (destroyed or not), destroy the 3 HA Soldier S's (Sword guys)
    heading your way, and grab the cardkey. Collect the items and Mako Point
    (beneath a white crate) in the area and move on. Probably the best strategy you
    can do is to NOT use the gun turret and instead use the Cerberus (it destroys
    the choppers in 2-4 shots depending on the angle). You will need to equip a
    long barrel first in order to have enough range. But you can often destroy most
    of the choppers before they even have a chance to fire missiles. Below is a
    list of the choppers, their starting location, and threat level. These threat
    levels ARE based on using the Cerberus over the gun turret. Otherwise nearly
    all the choppers (save 2 and 3) will have time to fire off at least 1 set of
    missiles, making this mission a lot harder.
    1 - Comes from over the rocks to the West. The first round of missiles it fires
    is usually not a threat to the WRO, though one may be headed to you. You can
    usually destroy it before the next more threatening batch comes.
    2 & 3 - Both come from behind the rocks and head towards the WRO building. They
    are of no actual threat to you.
    4 - Comes from the West, rises over the land by the WRO building. Can usually
    be destroyed before it can fire off a batch of missiles (if you find it fast
    5 - Comes from the mountain to the East (directly behind you). Focuses missiles
    on the WRO building (low threat). Can be destroyed before it fires anything.
    6 - Takes a good while, but comes from the mountains to the right of #5's
    location (South). It too can be finished off before it fires missiles.
    7 - Comes from over the bridge structure (the bridge gets in the way of this
    one for a little while). It appears shortly after #6 does, so you want to
    stand by the gun turret and wait until it starts peaking over the structures to
    start shooting like crazy. It can fire missiles off quickly, but it IS possible
    to destroy it before it does.
    8 - Comes directly from the West a little while after 7. It may be out of range
    at first but as you have a direct shot at its nose, it should only take 2 or 3
    shots to finish it. Otherwise it will fire a barrage of missiles.
    9 - Another one that comes from over the bridge structure. Same tactic applies
    here as it did 7.
    10 - Another one similar to 8, only more towards the rocks.
    11, 12, 13 - 11 comes from the same location as 8 (take it out quickly). 12 and
    13 come from over the rocks (the same area the 1st chopper comes from). These
    last two both fire off a barrage of missiles (8 in total) before you can get a
    chance to destroy them. This is by far the toughest part in the entire mission.
    It's possible to lose all 4 of your WRO members right here. But if you manage
    to shoot these missiles down, you've basically done it.
    14 - Comes in the same location as 8 and 11 do. Destroy it quickly.
    15 - Comes from the same location as 12 and 13 do. This takes a LOT more damage
    to destroy (5-6 shots with the Cerberus), but can still be destroyed before it
    can shoot missiles.
    Note: The most frustrating thing about this entire mission is there's NO check-
    point until you reach the part of the bridge with the Black Widow II. So if you
    fail to save even 1 member until then, you'll have to restart all the way back
    to the beginning. It's a very dedicated task.
    Area 3 (Causeway, a.k.a. Bridge) - Head through the tunnel and open the door on
    the other side. Start shooting at the enemies instantly shooting at you. It's
    fairly chaotic around here and the best way to survive it with low damage and
    item usage is to use your Limit Breakers to heal. The homing shots help hit
    enemies hiding behind smoke or up in balconies. The first half consists of
    sever DG Soldiers on the ground, all along the East, West, and South walls,
    plus a couple snipers along the bridge in the center. **There's a cactuar on
    top of the East red light in the center bridge. You can take out by sniping it
    when you're done with the first half.** The second half consists of three more
    WRO members fighting off several more soldiers and hounds (located along the
    North and West areas mainly). Take them out quickly (try to avoid any explosive
    barrels that may hit your friends, but the one with three stacks of barrels
    will kill the sniper up top). Grab the cardkey and move on. The next tunnel
    features 3 DG Soldiers surrounding a single WRO member. The biggest threat is
    how easy it is to accidentally shoot one of the explosive barrels, killing
    everyone ^^... including the WRO member :-(. When you're through there, Move to
    the next portion of the causeway. Again you'll have several soldiers, hounds,
    and snipers alotted all along the area. Prepare another Limit Breaker as you
    blast your way through this area. When all of them are taken out, move on to
    the next area, and you've finally reached a checkpoint.
    Part 2 - Black Widow #2 (Still only four legs!)
    2 Soldiers on the Right and Left side each, four more up top. Three rush you as
    you reach the 3/4 point, and three more rush to the stairs when you get close.
    When all that's done, grab any items on the ground level before heading up the
    stairs, as they disappear once the boss fight is activated.
    Black Widow II - Thundara might help eliminate the four soldiers around the
    BWII. However you do it, off them quick, then destroy the crate on the
    northwest corner for a Mako Point. Make sure to grab the two items along the
    bridge (3000 gil and Limit Breaker) before finishing the Widow off, or else
    you'll lose the chance to grab them again. The missiles will be fairly simple
    to dodge as will the Mako Cannon (only fired at close range). The gun turret on
    the East is a good way of destroying this thing while saving ammo. Try to keep
    it aimed at the missile bay so you can be ready to shoot the missiles down
    quickly and easilly (it varies the path a bit, so be on guard). Once the
    soldiers are defeated, this can be yet another flawless boss fight if you time
    your dodges well. If you don't like the gun turret, go after it at close range
    and dodge the Mako Cannon (it'll flash yellow right before it fires, that's 
    when you dodge).
    Part 3 - Storming the destroyed complex
    Area 1 (Main Entrance) - The first target should be the HA Soldier B towards
    the left of the center area (standing on a large chunk of rubble). After that,
    take out the two soldiers in front of you and the one high up shooting down.
    The other two are easy to spot a little ways inside. Hopefully you're fast
    enough to save all 3 WRO Members (this is probably the second hardest mission
    to save everyone). Collect the items and proceed through the door. Head down
    the hallways until you see some stairs. There's a couple soldiers waiting for
    you on the right of the stairs (one is behind a pillar along the railing, the
    other to the immediate right of the corner). Proceed down the stairs and along
    the pathway and you're done!
    Chapter 7 - The Shera (2 Hours of Video, 10 Minutes of Playtime) [Ch7]
    Part 1 ("Old Times"?) - Talk to Yuffie (Just outside the Bridge), Reeve (by the
    shop), and Shelke (Computer Room)
    *Note that the shop on the Shera will allow you to purchase X-Potions and
    Elixers. This will be the ONLY time to purchase these items until Chapter 10,
    so stock them now (Mega-Potions are also good).
    Mega-Potions Away - You may have noticed (several chapters ago) that Hi-Potions
    are not quite cutting it as a major healing item. This is mainly because your
    levels (if you've been gaining exp. and not converting like you should be in Ex
    Hard) are a lot higher than they would be for the area you're in. You'll
    finally start picking up Mega-Potions soon, but even those will soon leave
    something to be desired (your HP should be around 2000 by now, to the
    Hi-Potion's 800 and Mega-Potion's 1500 HP restoration). While X-Potions and
    Elixers are not buyable until Chapter 10, consider using one in the next couple
    of chapters if you don't need a Limit Breaker and don't wish to use up a
    Phoenix Down.
    Part 2 (Do you really think Vincent ever went to a bar to have a drink with
    Cid?) - Talk to Cid (Bridge), Yuffie, Reeve (changed chairs to the other side),
    and Shelke several times each (until they reach the point where they repeat
    themselves), then head to the engine room area. When you activate the video,
    you're done with this chapter (I know, grueling and tough. Takes so many
    tries to manage...).
    Chapter 8-1 - Assault on Midgar [Ch8-1]
    Category  S            A             B             C            D
    Targets  >95         94-85         84-70         69-60         <60
    Accuracy >80%       79%-70%       69%-60%       59%-40%       <40%
    Damage   <4300     4301-5000     5001-6200     6201-8000     >8001
    Crits    >55         54-40         39-30         29-20         >20
    Chains   >65         64-45         44-33         32-25         <25
    Items    <7           8-15         16-20         21-25         >25
    Magic    >8           7-6           5-4           3-2           <2
    Mako     >90%       89%-70%       69%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    KO'd      0            1             2             3            >4
    Time     <26:40   26:41-31:40   31:41-36:40   36:41-46:40   >46:40
    Extra Challenging: The game's difficulty at this point rises depending on
    whether or not you have the Ultima Weapon. Enemies will now start surviving a
    single shot from the Cerberus along, but not necessarily with the Ultima
    Weapon. And sure enough, enemies still take a decent chunk of HP even with your
    particularly high levels (and Hi-Potions are about as useless as potions with
    2000 HP, at least as far as Item Usage Rank goes). Bear all this in mind before
    rushing into groups of enemies. Find cover to keep from getting too beat up, as
    you may be used to one-shot kills by now (if the Cerberus is your main weapon).
    Where the Gil's at: This mission contains a lot of gil. There's several
    briefcases containing 2000 gil scattered throughout the area, plus one
    containing 10,000 gil! On top of that, enemies have a decent drop rate of s/m/l
    adjusters. As you probably don't need more than one of these (if any), you can
    sell any excess for 10 gil a pop (okay, so it's not that much, but there's
    still around 20,000 findable gil in the area. More than enough to keep your
    ammo and health items replenished, and maybe even purchase/upgrade some things
    you may have wanted for a while now).
    Part 1 (Train Graveyard and 5 members to protect) - Run forward, watch the 2
    WRO rush to their deaths (they don't count towards protection, but in area 2
    this will become what I call a "problem"). Run through the gunfire (there's a
    gatling gun going) and aim towards the center right. Hit the explosive barrel
    to take everyone out (and thank Square that this one actually kills everyone).
    Keep running towards the back and pick up the 2000 gil (this is the mission
    that makes you rich). Then move towards the front (along the left) until 2 DG
    Soldiers and a DG Sergeant rush at you (a barricade pops up behind them). Take
    them out and pick up the cardkey, there's a shop on the right corner. Take
    advantage of it, then move towards the 4 WRO to the left. After the video,
    press forward and take care of the 4 enemies that emerge from the left. Run all
    the way to the back and pick up the cowardly WRO. Move into the doorway on your
    left and ready a Firaga. Proceed down the hall, and when you reach the doorway,
    turn towards the left and rush out. Fire a Firaga at the soldiers waiting to
    ambush you (it may actually take a couple shots to kill them all). Grab the
    cardkey and move ahead. The moment you emerge, three enemies will shoot you
    from the right. Take them out, then turn towards the guy shooting at you from
    the roof above the door you just came out of. Move forward, watch/skip the
    video and be prepared for several enemies shooting at you from ahead. 2 in the
    distance (far distance), 4 at close range (on the right and on the left), and 2
    at mid-range (center). Take out the ones closer to you, then turn your
    attention to the enemies at the area you were just at. There's 4 of them, and
    they're good at depleting HP quickly. When all the enemies are taken care of
    (you'll need to snipe the two in the distance), run forward, all the way up to
    the barricade. A HA Soldier S will jump down to your right. Take him out
    quickly and grab his cardkey. Head down, take out the 4 soldiers that emerge,
    and keep moving. Prepare Thundaga. You'll reach a final barricade. 8 of those
    little Red Saucer robots (that I despise greatly) will head down from the walls
    from behind, ahead, and on the left (all sides but the barricade). Take them
    out before they pick off your WRO (Thundaga works quite well here). After the
    last one falls, pick up it's cardkey and... you're done with this portion!
    Congrats if you managed to save all 5. But that's kid's stuff compared to
    what's coming.
    Part 2 (Rescue Impossible)
    Area 1 (Snipers in the graveyard) - Take advantage of the shop behind you, then
    bust out your Rifle. Proceed out the door, and aim up and to the right. There's
    a DG Sniper up there to take out. Move forward (ignore the missiles being
    fired, it's just background war stuff). There's another Sniper on the roof
    straight ahead of you, take him out quick. Run all the way to the back, turn
    left and jump over the boxes. Grab the Mako Point and 10,000 gil (^^) in the
    area then turn around and U-Turn around the train. Another sniper awaits just
    around this corner, up and right (behind the bluish-gray sign). As you move
    ahead a little more, 2 DG Soldiers and a Sergeant come running around the
    corner. After taking them out, run all the way to the wall and head left, grab
    the 2000 gil. Veer to your right and follow that path to another briefcase with
    2000 gil, but this one is guarded by 2 DG Sergeants (who jump out when you get
    close to it). Head back and make another U-Turn around the train. Jump through
    the car with the open door. When you hop out the other side, move to the wall
    and inch your way to the left a bit. Aim up above the traincar you just came
    out of, there's 2 Snipers perched high above the building behind it (you'll see
    that bluish-gray sign again). Snipe them. Move on, as you move past a small
    freight, a bunch of enemies will start rushing towards you. Wait until they get
    close to the barrel and take them all out with that (be prepared to pick off
    survivors). the tricky part is to come.
    Area 2 (The Last 9 WRO) - This is the last portion of protecting WRO Members in
    the chapter. And believe me, it's the most difficult of them all. When you open
    the barricade, crouch down and move into (BUT NOT THROUGH) the doorway and
    stick to the right side of the frame. Aim underneath the train car (you'll
    need the scope) and inch to the left until you see the feet of a HA Soldier B.
    Shoot the feet a few times until it dies. The reason to not proceed ALL the way
    through the door is because when you do, the Stage Mission will activate, and
    the HA Soldier B shoots its missile at the 2 WRO Members right away (killing
    them). They won't suffer any damage at all until you actually activate the
    Stage Mission. After he falls, turn your attention to the gun turret soldiers
    on the water tower (high up and to the right). Shoot the one closer to you
    (he's the harder one to take out). When he falls, the other will start shooting
    at you right away (they start shooting when all of the soldiers the 2 WRO are
    fighting are killed, or if they're fired at). Take the second one out. If all
    three of the enemies the 2 WRO are fighting (they are capable of killing them
    without you) before the Stage Mission activates, a third turreter will start
    shooting, switching his attention between you and the other 7 WRO he's meant to
    take out. So before you take out the other two soldiers from beneath the train,
    move forward a bit until you see him and take him out. Then you can finish off
    the DG soldiers and move ahead. As you approach the gap in the next train area,
    4 more soldiers run out at you. Take them down. Now, before you cross the
    tracks (this is the trickiest part in the entire game), aim back at the water
    tower. If you haven't taken out the third Turret soldier, do so now. But your
    attention should be at the fourth turret. The gunner for it won't appear until
    you cross the tracks, in which case you'll have about 1 second to shoot him
    dead before he manages to kill at least one of your WRO friends waiting on the
    other side. It may take a couple of tries before you get a feel for his
    location before you can successfully take him out in time. Of course, this is
    only if you want S Rank for this particular mission (You only need 8/9, which
    is good since the turret guy seems to kill off one before he even boards the
    turret -_-). Otherwise there's no need to stress and Restart a hundred times.
    When you're ready to move on, do so. Grab the Mako Point, count your losses
    (there should be 7 looking around), or revel in success ^Thanks to the guide
    for telling me about the invisible triggers^. Keep heading past the WRO and
    collect another 2000 gil. Then head back and move towards the garage area.
    Area 3 (The final section) - Take out the soldier that appears atop the train.
    Run behind the chair-like thing and grab the 5th Omega Report. Proceed on,
    shoot the soldier across the empty trailer, then the one that jumps down from
    the car to the right. Jump across the trailer, head towards the right and pick
    up the 2000 gil in the area, then turn around and head the other way. There's
    2000 gil and Limit Breaker in the area before another garage entrance. Head
    into the garage (there's 2 more Briefcases with 2000 gil before the WRO in the
    traincar). Head into the car when read (watch/skip the video), then move on.
    Take advantage of the shop on the left before going through the large opening.
    Just before the Mako Point, a Stage Mission begins (Defeat the Deepground
    Commander). This can be dealt with in one of two ways. You can either destroy
    the commander directly (dodging all the missiles and gunfire from his lackeys),
    or you can fight off about 5 waves of different enemies before killing him.
    When he dies, all the enemies disappear. It depends on if you want the
    experience and targets destroyed rating. In any case, the Sweepers pose an
    annoying threat with their missile barrages and high defense. The rest of the
    soldiers that come (soldiers, HA B's and S's, and Red Saucers) will fall
    easilly. Just keep moving around and don't be shy about using limit breakers if
    your health gets low (the HA soldiers and Red Saucers are likely to drop one
    anyway). When he drops, proceed through the barricade and down the tunnel.
    You'll reach a long tunnel and probably see three enemies at the end. Shoot
    them and press forward. HA Soldiers will appear through the arch at the end of
    the tunnel, however you won't be able to damage them until they come through
    the arch. When they're dealt with, move forward. There's a Mako Point to the
    right of the arch on the other side. Head down the tunnel and 3 more soldiers
    plus an HA B soldier will appear at the end of the tunnel. Again you'll have to
    wait before you can start damaging them. Head all the way through the rest of
    the tunnel and up the stairs. There's 2000 gil at D4 (to reach it, jump through
    the car at E8 and follow the path), and a Mako Point at I7. Make sure you pick
    these up before heading to the next boss fight.
    Shrikes - The best advice to handle these guys would be to stay on the move
    until you've found a good spot for cover (the train car to Vincent's right
    seems like a suitable spot). You will take some damage, however if you're not
    entirely impatient and play it smart, you should be able to defeat these guys
    without using an item. If your HP is running low and there's at least 2 or 3
    left, the best item to use would be a Limit Breaker, as it's homing projectiles
    will put a quick end to these guys.
    Chapter 8-2 - Fight For the Central Complex (WRO Are Human Shields Now ^^)
    Category  S            A             B             C            D
    Targets  >70         69-55         54-40         39-20         <20
    Accuracy >70%       69%-60%       59%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    Damage   <5000     5001-6500     6501-8800     8801-11000   >11001
    Crits    >50         49-40         39-30         29-20         >20
    Chains   >80         79-70         69-60         59-40         <40
    Items    <10         11-17         18-28         29-36         >36
    Magic    >8           7-6           5-4           3-2           <2
    Mako     >90%       89%-70%       69%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    KO'd      0            1             2             3            >4
    Time     <28:20   28:21-36:40   36:41-50:00   50:01-60:00   >60:00
    Note: There's only one more mission here for assisting WRO. There's a slightly
    tricky part to it but it's not all that difficult. All the others are as
    expendeble as you wish them to be.
    Part 1 (Climbing Up) - Follow the 2 WRO to the front of the doorway. Destroy
    the 2 soldiers standing on the other side, then proceed down and aim towards
    the left to defeat a third soldier hiding behind the corner. Grab the cardkey
    and jump to the back right corner for a Hi-Potion if needed. Make use of the
    shop. Head back and through the barricade. A group of soldiers plus a Black
    Widow will appear. Try to dodge or destroy the missiles and focus on the
    soldiers first. You can use the boxes to build up a killchain but with all the
    enemies firing at you (and since getting hit cancels a killchain), I prefer to
    destroy the enemies first, then go around shooting all the boxes and barrels in
    the area to get a good killchain count (though it is good to make use of the
    explosives by the enemies).  Thundaga works well here, but be careful to not be
    too close to an explosive barrel when you fire one off (one or two should
    destroy the Widow if you're close enough, and build up a good killchain as
    well).  There's a Limit Breaker at A10. Proceed on, the WRO will start shooting
    at a couple soldiers that come around the corner. There is a barrel on top of a
    box, but you have to use the scope to shoot the box because the auto-lock on
    only targets the barrel. It's a hassle for only two enemies, and the explosion
    may not even kill them.  After these two, there's another two a little further
    down with a similar situation (barrel on box). When they're dead, proceed on
    towards the gun turret spot. A wave of enemies come (3 sit down in the opposite
    gun turrets while 2 shoot at you from the front). Stand by the corner on the
    left side and snipe the soldiers as they come in, as well as the turret users
    (don't bother with the gun turret yourself. This leads to a lot of HP loss and
    lower accuracy). As more enemies rush in, they'll sit back on the turrets, so
    be ready to keep that up. Some enemies will come in close to you, melee or
    Griffon/Cerberus them, then return to sniping. When everyone is dead, a final
    soldier emerges, kill her for a cardkey. Cross through the barricade, grab the
    Mako Point and 1000 gil in the box, then climb the ladder. Stage Mission 1:
    Avoid the Aerial Mines. Three mines float around between several barricades
    that pop up and down of their own timing. As you proceed, soldiers will come at
    the end of the hall and start shooting you (You'll hear "I found him!").
    They're a nuisance and good at distracting you when it's time to move. Study
    the movements of the mines and proceed slowly, one or two barricades at a time.
    Getting hit will almost definitely kill you, and the timing is very tricky to
    explain. You basically want to move towards the next safest barricade available
    to you. Move through the first two barricades when they open up and the first
    mine is just clearing the space between the second and third barricade. When
    the third barricade drops, you have a tight window between the second aerial
    mine moving just past the space ahead of you, while the first one is heading
    towards you, AND there may be a soldier shooting at you. If you can clear that,
    consider it an almost miracle. Next you want to move through the fifth and
    sixth barricades as the second aerial mine is moving along the right side. And
    finally clear the final three barricades as the third aerial mine sweeps along
    the left. If everything times out right, you'll be fine. If not, you'll
    probably use a Phoenix Down.  When you've cleared that, proceed on down the
    tunnel. You'll have another fight with a few DG Soldiers and a couple WRO
    backing you up (make use of the barrels in the back), then as you proceed down
    you'll reach the checkpoint (It's one of the only ones that doesn't have a
    video to accompany it).
    Part 2 (Stage Missions Galore)
    Area 1 - Ready a Thundaga and make sure you've got enough MP for 2 shots, then
    proceed down the hall. Stand about 10 feet from the base of the stairs and wait
    for the Black Widow to get close to the bottom of the stairs before firing your
    first shot of Thundaga. Backpeddle, if it lives, fire a second one shortly
    after the first. It should fall after that, if not, fire until you're out of MP
    and keep shooting. If it reaches you, a WRO, or the wall, it will self-destruct
    and you won't get the credit for it. Proceed on, make use of the shop. Down the
    hall on the right is a DG Sergeant manning a turret. **New Attack: DG
    Commanders are now capable of tossing mines that roll along the floor. Be very
    watchful for this, because it's sneaky, unattentive, and quite painful.** Now,
    in Normal Mode, you can duck into the floor duct and safely eliminate the
    Commander with the Hydra, but NOT ANYMORE! The little pit is the perfect spot
    for the Commander to roll one of his mines along and get you exploded without
    any warning. Instead, snipe him from the little crack between the wall and the
    pipe on the right side, and be careful because it might take more than one
    headshot to take him out (he has about 1500 HP!). When he's dead, proceed down
    the hall opposite the turret to the barricade maze. The objective here is to
    find and shoot 5 little floor mines, each of which drops a barricade. The 1st
    one is on some boxes immediately to the right of the doorway. The 2nd one is on
    top of the crates all the way to the back wall. You need to double jump to
    target it, then double jump again to shoot it. The 3rd one is just behind the
    boxes where the first mine was, on the floor (move through the barricades to
    target it). The 4th mine is on the boxes to your left. Now move to the crates
    where the 3rd Mine was, and target the last mine in the right hand corner away
    from you. You'll have to jump once to hit it. Grab the items and proceed back
    to the gun turret. If you sit in it, prepare for a large wave of enemies that
    rush you. This IS optional, but it does get you some extra experience and
    targets destroyed points (and a possible killchain/critical boost too). They'll
    likely whiddle away your HP though. Just be careful not to let your accuracy
    drop too much. Climb the ladder, grab the Mako Point, and be read to shoot the
    soldier rushing out from the left. Proceed all the way down the hall, grabbing
    the 1000 gil in the crate and get your Hydra out. Prepare for Stage Mission 3
    (Assist the WRO Members. Last one. I swear!). The first phase of this mission
    is simple: You'll need to crouch and a barricade will raise up. A WRO member
    will run to a switch in the back and proceed to hit it and make it work. Every
    5 or 6 hits, a soldier will try to hit him and distract him. Aim to the right
    of the WRO's head and wait for a soldier to come within range and fire away.
    When he hits 40, the barricade will drop and you can crawl underneath the gate.
    Follow the three WROs down the hall. They'll stand off with a Commander at the
    top of the stairs (the occaisional soldier rushes down the stairs). The tricky
    part here is the barrels that drop from the stairs. It takes a couple shots to
    destroy them. After the first one, rush up the stairs and start shooting the
    Commander before he can send anymore soldiers or barrels down to your friends
    below. If you seem to have trouble with the mission (or your HP is low), you
    can use a Limit Breaker to rush the stairs, take the hit of the barrel (and
    probably destroy a soldier rushing downstairs), then head up and proceed to
    destroy the Commander. But that's a desperation tactic. Climb the ladder and
    collect the items (they are: X-Potion, Limit Breaker, ammo for each weapon, and
    most noteably, the first G Report). Don't forget to grab the Mako Point on your
    way back down. Head through the door to your left. There's a soldier standing
    across the room (a bit to the left) of you. Kill him quick, but the main threat
    is the Commander that appears in the upper balcony. He'll shoot and throw mines
    at you while you try to snipe him. The main trick is that there's another one
    on the right side of the balcony who also throws mines down (with really good
    accuracy too), and three Sergeants waiting for you when you rush in (each with
    a giant engine area for cover). There's also a third Commander on the left side
    of the balcony. Take out the three Sergeants first, but keep moving, and try
    not to move back to an area too much (keep an eye out for those mines!).
    Destroy the Sergeants, then take out the 2 Commanders before moving on.
    Area 2 (After the Elevator) - Ready Thundaga and your MP (including Ethers). As
    you proceed down the next hall, the second Black Widow will rush down the hall.
    Get somewhat close to it before you fire Thundagas to take it out, it'll take
    probably four shots to destroy it now -_- (don't worry about the soldiers or
    the WROs). Proceed on, up some stairs and be greeted by yet another Stage
    Mission (Destroy the Sentry Robots). You have to destroy 10 Red Saucers. The
    first wave of 4 come at you now. They're resistent to melee and won't die in a
    single shot, so be prepared to jump over them once or twice as you pick them
    off. Proceed to the elevator and hit the switch. 4 HA Soldier Bs await you at
    the top, hiding behind a bunch of white boxes. Don't leave the elevator until
    you've dealt with them (they'll fire a decent barrage of missiles at you, but
    they're easy to dodge or destroy). Once you leave the elevator, the last 6 Red
    Saucers will swarm you. Take them out quickly (Thunder might be good if you've
    got the MP). Proceed down the hallway, grab the Mako Point to the right of the
    upcoming split, then make use of the shop on the back wall past the split
    (fill up on everything you can). Head out the door (Hi Rosso!), and before
    greeting Red, grab the items on the left and right side of her first before
    activating the battle.
    Rosso the Crimson (Red the Red) - The good news is that your Cerberus takes a
    decent chunk of her health away with each shot (the Ultima Weapon takes a good
    9-10% per hit!). So you don't have to endure her fast attacks for long. The
    first part of the battle, move around and shoot her until the cut-scene. Even
    in the second part, you don't need to use too much cover, just learn when to
    dodge. Keep strafing when she fires her bullets, when she launches her wind
    tracking things, wait until they get really close then dodge forward or in the
    direction they're heading towards. The only really annoying attack is her
    butterfly kick (she'll jump at you from a huge distance and almost instantly
    approach you and start kicking you. It's a fairly wide-spread attack that's
    hard to avoid, but keep dodging back and start firing away when she lands). It
    shouldn't take too much to finish her, but depending on your dodging ability,
    you might need to use an item before she goes down.
    Chapter 9 - An Empire In Ruins [Ch9]
    Category  S            A             B             C            D
    Targets  >170       169-150       149-135       134-100       <100
    Accuracy >75%       74%-65%       64%-55%       54%-30%       <30%
    Damage   <5000     5001-6500     6501-8800     8801-11000   >11000
    Crits    >90         89-80         79-60         59-50         >50
    Chains   >100        99-80         79-70         69-50         <50
    Items    <9          10-16         17-22         23-30         >30
    Magic    >8           7-6           5-4           3-2           <2
    Mako     >90%       89%-70%       69%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    KO'd      0            1             2             3            >4
    Time     <40:00   40:01-45:00   45:01-51:40   51:41-60:00   >60:00
    Part 1
    Area 1 (Shinra HQ Entrance) - Before entering the building, make a full circle
    around the area and collect the items, Mako Point, and make use of the shop.
    Then, equip a Cerberus Relief and Sniper Scope on the Cerberus (and maybe the
    Hydra) then head in. Stand at the doorway by the destroyed check-in station and
    aim high and to the right. Pick off the sniper there (long-range) then pull out
    your Cerberus. As you head in, 4 DG soldiers will appear on the balconies above
    (1 on the left, 1 on the right, and 1 in the middle, plus 1 more on the top
    balcony) while 2 SOLDIER Troopers will jump off the balconies to attack you.
    This doesn't seem threatening but without the Cerberus, it only takes about
    six-seven hits for them to kill you, and they shoot fast. Not to mention the
    balconies serve as very excellent cover for them (DON'T use a Limit Breaker
    here. The projectiles only do a small amount of damage and are unlikely to hit
    their targets from the bottom level). To minimize damage, Immediately move
    towards the broken glass wall in the back (try to stay towards the mid-left
    section) and pick off the 2 SOLDIERs. Then turn your attention to the left DG
    Soldier, and shoot him. Note that you'll likely need to use the Sniper Scope in
    order to hit the soldiers on the balconies.  You may only get his attention,
    but he'll jump down to make him an easier target. When he's done, take out the
    soldier on the right, then turn your attention to the one on the top balcony
    (you will have to backpeddle a bit to reach him). When you've taken them out,
    proceed up the stairs on the right. Another SOLDIER Trooper rushes at you when
    you reach the top, easy prey. Now pull out the Hydra and look across the room.
    There's another DG Sniper at the top southwest corner, and a DG Soldier on the
    South side. Snipe them quickly, then start moving towards the stairs on the
    west side. Before you reach them, 2 more soldiers and 2 DG Beasts will rush in
    from the entrance. Have your aim out and ready to take them down, but be aware
    that 2 DG Beasts will come at you, and also that the enemies can climb up the
    broken stairs on the West side. When you've taken all of them out, you've
    cleared the more dangerous part of the game. Head up to the top level, drop
    down the elevator shaft, grab the items in the area and then head down the
    stairs to the lower levels.
    Area 2 (Tunnel Bugs) - Head down a couple turns until 3 bugs appear. Take them
    out and keep moving. Before too long, Another bug will drop down while two of
    its friends join it from around the corner. Take these three out and move
    ahead. You'll see another bug hanging in mid-air. Shoot it once to knock it
    down, then kill it. Another bug from around the corner will be hanging from a
    fence, it will drop on its own and come to you. Take it out. Proceed on, watch/
    skip the video then grab the Red Ether behind you (if needed), then move on.
    Two DG Soldiers and a Beast rush at you. Strafe and shoot to eliminate them.
    When you move through the door, you'll be in a room with lots of boxes and a
    walkway above. 3 DG Soldiers will head in, arranging themselves on the left
    side. They're difficult to hit at the angle by the door, so move to the right a
    bit, taking the nearest ones out first. After about ten seconds, 3 more DG
    Soldiers will come in and align themselves along the far end of the room.
    Utilize the boxes by the door to take them out. Proceed through the next couple
    of doors, eliminate the 2 bugs (one will be hanging on a glass window) and move
    on. The next room contains what looks like a lone bug sitting on a briefcase
    (Mega-Potion). When you shoot it or get close to it, 3 more bugs drop from the
    ceiling. Prepare a materia shot if you wish or just shoot them. Next area
    contains a Mako Point, and down the corner is a door with an explosive barrel
    by it (hmm...). Sure enough, when you get a bit closer, 2 soldiers run out of
    the door (remember kids, the safest place to put explosives is right by
    doorways and corners). Inside the door is a locker room area. A DG Beast will
    leap over the lockers, and another soldier will shoot at you as he comes around
    the corner of said lockers. A 2nd DG Soldier awaits you on the left wall behind
    the lockers. When this is down, move through the door and proceed down the
    hall, making use of the shop. The next room you'll see a bunch of explosive
    barrels, and a crate. There's 5000 gil above one of the explosive barrels. If
    it's destroyed, you will not be able to claim it. A DG Soldier will rush in,
    followed by 2 HA Soldier Bs. Don't worry about them blowing up barrels, they
    don't aim for them. Just focus on taking them out (which takes more shots than
    usual these days) then collect your 5000 gil reward.
    Infinite Bugs - The next area is a tunnel way with 3 large doors that need to
    be opened by a switch. When you open the first one, a bunch of bugs drop down
    from behind you. They will continue to drop for an infinite amount of time. You
    can close the first shutter door behind you to stop the bugs from following
    you, but take advantage of the oppurtunity for extra exp and targets destroyed
    counts (and if you're patient and lucky enough, a few extra critical hits).
    There's a Mako Point at the end, so feel free to use some magic.
    Part 2 - Mapless
    Dual Black Widdow TWs - This is by far the easiest and fast dealing with Black
    Widdows you'll ever have. You'll have two, one on the ceiling and one on the
    ground. The one on the ceiling simply drops mines on the ground by its buddy.
    Easy enough to avoid as you don't want to go near the area anyway. The one on
    the ground will fire its Mako Cannon at you, which is relatively easy to dodge.
    Just shoot the one on the ground until it dies, then shoot the one on the top
    and it will fall to the ground, exposing its weak point. Plug away at that and
    it will likely die before it gets back up.  Head into the elevator when you're
    done and head down.
    Area 1 (Executive Offices) - When you get off the elevator, you'll be greeted
    by the first Stage Mission of this chapter (Collect the Top Secret Files). You
    will not have a map for a while, so here's a brief description. There's four
    office type areas in each corner. Move in a clockwise or counterclockwise
    direction to hit each office up before leaving the area. Each office contains
    an item and a couple of them have a battle. The one with machine gun bullets
    (southeast corner) contains a DG soldier and 2 DG Beasts. The southwest corner
    contains the first Top Secret File, and no enemies. The northwest room will
    contain rifle bullets, a Limit Breaker, and a Mako Point, as well as a group of
    Red Saucers (HATE!). The final (northeast) corner contains 3000 gil and no
    enemies. To leave, find the doorway on the east side (between the northeast and
    southeast offices). Proceed down the hall and open the door. You'll hear "Open
    fire on the bridge!". 2 Shrikes will rain bullets down upon the bridge from
    overhead. Take them out as quickly as possible (stick by the door, they'll
    focus on the center of the bridge at first) before moving on. This next spot is
    rather dangerous, as a large group of DG Soldiers rush in on the far end
    (there's a bunch of display cases of materia blocking the area). Stay by the
    corner and take out the enemies that rush at you first. Then slowly (equip the
    scope) move around the corner to take out the enemies hiding. You'll need
    precise aiming to hit them, as they like to crouch and while you CAN shoot
    through the glass, the pillars still effectively block the area Vincent likes
    to target. Prepare to suffer some HP in this spot. The next materia pillar area
    has a number of female DG soldiers plus a couple dogs. Use the same tactic
    here, and collect the Top Secret File on the right wall when you've cleared the
    area. Move ahead, there will be a two spots where a couple DG soldiers pop out
    of doors. Take them out, another door will open where three pop out, and when
    you kill one, they'll start running back. You'll have to chase them down until
    you finish them off. After that, move ahead to the next bridge and watch/skip
    the scene where you get a map of the area.
    Part 3 - Mines to Darkness
    Area 1 (1st Elevator) - Head into the elevator room, run around the outer
    walkway to grab the handgun bullets on the other side. Then head into the
    elevator and press the switch. Be greeted by the only other Stage Mission
    (Destroy the Surveillance Mines) in this rather long chapter. It works on a
    point system. Surveillance Mines will float around the elevator as it descends.
    You get 1 point for each mine you shoot, and 3 points for each shot mine that
    collides into another mine and blows it up. There's a max of 99 points (which
    is needed for S Rank, and NOT just >90 like in Normal). There's 2 elevators of
    this mission, don't worry about not having too high a score here (you should
    have around 35 or so), as the second elevator has lots of chain reactions.
    When you're done, head out and across the balcony, make use of the shop, then
    head in the door.
    Area 2 (Offices) - As you head through, you'll hear "He's Here!" You'll see a
    number of enemies move through a bullet-proof window. Keep heading down, only
    one soldier actually comes out of the window. The rest arrange themselves in
    the four offices you'll need to proceed through. The safest way to proceed
    through each of these offices is to crouch down and crawl around the desk areas
    in a counter-clockwise manner (compensate for Vincent's right-handed-ness).
    Slowly peek around corners and shoot any soldier waiting for you. If done well,
    you may not even suffer much (if any) damage. There's a Top Secret File in
    three out of the four of these office areas (1st, 3rd where there are no
    enemies, and 4th). When you leave the 4th office, immediately move to the left
    wall and take cover behind the random platings along the wall (it never hurts
    to put extra human-height wings in a building design for cover). Two soldiers
    hide behind two Bull-heads (shield things). Use the Sniper Scope to hit the
    soldiers in the head, then aim for the red and white striped back of the bull-
    heads as they turn back and forth to kill them in one shot. Proceed down the
    hall, then across another bridge and into a second elevator area.
    Area 3 (2nd Elevator) - Again grab the handgun bullets on the opposite side of
    the room before activating the elevator. This second part is much more
    dangerous in two ways. 1st, the mines are closer together, which is good for
    chain reactions, but as they fly across the elevator, this means the explosion
    is likely to hit you. The best way to avoid this is to shoot the first mine in
    the group while stand a little away from it, then move away from the
    consecutive explosions and make your way towards where the first mine was. The
    second danger point is the 4 soldiers that shoot at you from an outer walkway
    about halfway down the elevator. If you get to 99 points before you're done,
    play it safe and don't destroy anymore mines. When you're done, proceed across
    the bridge.
    Area 4 (To Blue) - Cross the bridge and enter the next area. 3 HA Soldier S's
    (Sword) will come at you from both sides. Keep your distance as you shoot them
    dead. Move down a hall and into another room where 2 HA Soldier B's will be
    waiting (along with a few explosive barrels). Stay put and keep shooting until
    they launch a missile at you, then dodge out of the way. They have slow
    reactions here, so you might only need to worry about one at a time. Shooting
    the barrels can both damage them and help you build up a killchain to make your
    shots stronger. The last area will consist of doors that slide open. The first
    will reveal 6 more Red Saucers, the second one will reveal 3 DG Beasts. After
    you take them out, proceed on down, through the door. Collect the X-Potion and
    Machine Gun Bullets (if needed) and make use of the shop. Make sure you have a
    full supply of Ethers and Limit Breakers. Then proceed down the bridge to the
    main boss.
    Azul the Cerulean (Blue the Blue) - There are two phases to this boss fight.
    The first is a basic repeat of the fight in WRO HQ (only without the barrels
    and your shots do more damage). Just circle around him, keeping the pillar
    mostly between him and you and shoot at him until he dies (and jump over his
    shockwave when he occaisionally shouts and hits the ground). The second part is
    fighting him in his Behemoth form. He's immune to your bullets and melee.
    There's two ways of taking him down. Magic (which is rather weak unless you use
    the Ultima Weapon), or Galian Beast. For MP, there's 8 Mako Points underneath
    those containers allotted around the room. Unfortunately, you have to get Blue
    boy to step on them to bust them open. You'll want to do this for 100% Mako
    Collection in any case. But when they're used up and dried out, he's better
    fought as Galian Beast. Stand a distance and shoot your energy balls at him.
    When he starts to charge those horns, rush up to him and deliver some
    devastating melee blows. If he hunches down a bit (after he's done glowing),
    run away and jump to avoid his tail. It may take a couple Limit Breakers to
    finally destroy him.
    Chapter 10 - Shinra's Dark Secret [Ch10]
    Category  S            A             B             C              D
    Targets  >210       209-180       179-130       129-100         <100
    Accuracy >43%       42%-37%       36%-30%       29%-25%         <25%
    Damage   <15000   15001-19000  190001-23000   23001-27000     >27000
    Crit     >75         74-65         64-55         54-45           >45
    Chains   >165       164-150       149-135       134-115         <115
    Items    <17         18-26         27-35         36-44           >44
    Magic    >11         10-8           7-6           5-4             <4
    Mako     >90%       89%-70%       69%-50%       49%-30%         <30%
    KO'd      0            1             2             3              >4
    Time     <66:40   66:41-76:40   76:41-86:40   86:41-100:00   >100:00
    Part 1
    Area 1 (Gargoyles) - Ahh gargoyles. These annoying little beasties boast some
    annoyance. They fly around (in and out of range, behind and around obstacles,
    plus they occaisionally teleport) and occaisionally shoot slow moving but
    nearly invisible projectiles at Vincent. You have to deal with 8 after
    descending a couple stairs. Add a couple DG soldiers that enter the scene after
    every few Gargoyles you blast away. 4 Gargoyles come at you right off the bat.
    The others you'll have to move around to find. Head back towards the entrance
    way after the first three to four kills (kill the soldier coming out), and kill
    the gargoyle flying around the pillar near the entrance area. There's another
    one flying around the platform beneath the entrance area. After killing it, you
    should have 6 gargoyles defeated so far. Start heading back east for the last 2
    gargoyles (and another couple of soldiers). When they all fall (you'll hear
    "He's here!") and a HA Soldier S will come after you. Kill him and take the
    cardkey. Open the barricade nearby the shop to gain access to some gil and an
    X-Potion. Head on, when you drop past the barricade (you'll hear "FIRE!") a HA
    S and 4 DG soldiers will come at you (many of them very intelligently utilizing
    explosive barrels as cover). Just stay towards the back, strafe a bit until
    you've killed all of them (get the sword guy first! Another one will emerge a
    little later on too!). When that's done, swipe the 6th Omega Report right
    underneath the barricade you dropped from. Then head to the far side, drop down
    again and move to the door (grab the rifle bullets if you need to). Drop down
    another drop area (though this one has a ladder) and collect the first Mako
    Point. Proceed through the door and shoot the soldiers standing at the bottom
    of the stairs(facing the wrong direction). There's a Hi-Potion (useless) and a
    Limit Breaker to the right and left of the door (respectively). Head down the
    stairs and keep moving to the wall. A DG Sergeant appears by the exit door. Use
    the cover to snipe him (don't get confused by the barrels Vincent targets in
    the distance). When he's dead, head towards the exit and be stopped by the
    barricade. 3 More Sergeants will jump down from behind. Run to the wall for
    some cover again and shoot them as they come. When they fall, 3 more DG
    Soldiers drop down by the entrance barricade. Finally, after they die, 3 HA
    Solder S's will drop down in the far end, middle, and front end. Wait until
    they group together then start shooting them as you backpeddle from them. The
    last one drops a cardkey. Head down the ladder but be prepared for the 4
    barrels that drop and roll at you! You have to shoot them (jumping over them
    doesn'tavoid them). Next you'll see a nice area full of briefcases.
    Unfortunately, a DG Sergeant jumps down and grabs them. You have only a couple
    shots to kill him or you'll miss them forever. There's nothing particularly
    valuable in there, so don't stress if he gets away. As you head down, you'll
    see a Mako Point, and a barricade will rise (you'll hear "Below!"). 4 DG
    Soldiers shoot at you from the balcony above you. Not too threatening, but a HA
    Soldier S approaches you from behind (he's also carrying a cardkey). Don't get
    knocked up by him as you're busy dealing with the soldiers above you (you
    should probably take him out first).
    Area 2 (Shield Guys) - DG Elites: I HATE these guys, a lot more than Red
    Saucers. Magic at this point in the game (at least on EX Hard) is very weak. It
    probably takes 2-3 aga shots to kill them, and around 4-5 full melee combos.The
    best thing to do in this area is use a Limit Breaker and melee them dead with
    Galian Beast. When all 4 Elites are dead, the Commander will come down from his
    barricaded area and start shooting at you. He has a LOT of HP, so it might take
    a couple rounds to kill him (or a lot of full melee combos from Galian Beast).
    The only plus to DG Elites is there decent drop rate of good items (Ethers and
    Mega-Potions). There's some ammo and a Mako Point on the far end of this area.
    When you've killed the Commander, he'll drop his cardkey. The exit is the
    barricade on the right. Head through the other side, grab another Mako Point
    and make use of the shop. Drop down the ladder, and a large wave of DG
    Sergeants will drop down from the other side (4 on the right side, 4 on the
    walkway on the left side, 2 West, 2 East). Stay to the left side of the area
    you're at and kill each Sergeant immediately across from you. When you're sure
    they're all gone, aim slowly towards the balcony around the corner of the mini-
    wall you have for cover. Kill the 2 West Sergeants there. Now aim straight
    across to your left. Eventually you'll see the peaks of heads of the 2 East
    Sergeants. When you have one locked-on, double jump and shoot him really quick,
    then do the same with the other. When they're all dead, drop down the ladder.
    You'll be surrounded (2 on the left, 4 on the right) by more DG Sergeants from
    the lower area. There's no cover here, so keep moving as you pick them off
    (Materia shooting the 4 grouped together may help, though it won't kill them
    even after 2 shots). Now move to the drop-off point (opposite the barricade)
    and drop down a couple ladders. Here you'll find a number of boxes. One of them
    contains a cardkey, while the others contain an enemy (DG Sergeant or HA
    Soldier S) or ammo. The box on the left side furthest you contains the cardkey.
    As you go to climb the ladder you dropped down from earlier, another Sergeant
    will come out of the door on the direct opposite side from you. Take him out
    before you start climbing. Finally, climb the ladder, open the barricade, drop
    down, and proceed to the exit. Next up, you'll enter a tunnel (bullets will
    rain down, don't worry about them). Head down, turn left, but crawl through the
    opening on the right side just past this turn. There will be a Mako Point and a
    shop waiting for you. After this, you'll arrive to the first Stage Mission.
    Area 3 (Mine Cart) - Destroy the 10 pursuers. You'll be followed (they all come
    from behind) by some DG Sergeants riding carts. You get a point for killing a
    soldier, and a point for destroying the cart. The first two come, one directly
    behind, while the other on the upper rail to the left. The tracks will unite
    eventually and another cart with a Sergeant comes along here. The last cart
    (overhead rail on the right) will have 2 Sergeants plus the cart to destroy.
    You don't have a whole lot of time to finish this last one off (and it'll take
    a couple shots to destroy the cart) before the next area. The final target will
    be a chopper. Pull out your Griffon or Cerberus and shoot away at it until it
    blows up (you have plenty of time as long as you keep blasting away at it).
    Keep an eye on your HP though. After getting off the mine cart, head through
    the door and along a bridge. It will collapse and you'll fall to a tunnel.
    Part 2 - The Village.
    Area 1 (Cerberus knows what to do!) - Head to the open area, make use of the
    shop. Behind the partially destroyed wall awaits 3 more Sergeants. Take them
    down then proceed on. 3 DG Elites (><) drop down ahead of you. Use the crate
    for cover if you need to throw some materia on. Shoot a Firaga at the middle
    guy to knock them all down, then run up to them and melee them. There will be
    two more DG Sergeants shooting at you from a distance (a little ways ahead of
    you), take them out quickly. Around the corner another Elite awaits you. When
    you approach him, he'll jump behind you, run back and melee him. Then, when you
    get to the end of the walkway, use the crate for cover as 2 more Sergeants
    appear across from you (to the left, back towards the shop area). If you didn't
    shoot the explosive barrel before, you can use that to take them out now.
    There's another Sergeant perched on a roof below the walkway you're on. When
    you head down the stairs, you'll be greeted by 2 DG Sergeants on the roof to
    the right, and a DG Elite right in front of you! Another one (holding a
    cardkey) is on his way. Rush to the stairs behind you (picking up the Mega-
    Potion?) and melee the Elite, then turn to the right and shoot the Sergeants.
    By now the other Elite will probably have caught up to you. Melee him dead.
    When they're all dead, head down the stairs and run to the back of the roof
    (behind the chimney) for G Report #2. Then proceed down the stairs and through
    the door. Proceed through the barricade, then head down. Another barricade
    raises and 3 SOLDIER Troopers drop down on all sides of you. Kill the one in
    front of you (before he attacks you) and move to the barricade then turn around
    to kill the other two. The last one drops a cardkey. Head in, then a HA Soldier
    S awaits you in between a very tight space (the barricade closes behind you).
    Kill him for another cardkey. When you head out, you'll be greeted by 4 more
    Sergeants (two on the ledge across from you, and 2 on the ground level below
    you). There's an explosive barrel by the 2 on the ground. When all are dead,
    drop down and be greeted by 3 more soldiers rushing in from the opening. Head
    through that opening for another soldier shooting at you from your right. Drop
    down ("AAIIMM!") and be greeted by 4 more Sergeants. 2 on the roof above you (a
    little to the right), 1 on the ground, and 1 in the window across from you.
    There's a small corner of cover if you crouch, but you'll need to take the roof
    guys out first. There's also a Mako Point on this ledge. After you drop down,
    look to the right and aim high, there's a sniper on the roof. As you proceed
    through ("Great... Snipers.") you'll have another one to deal with. He's
    perched atop the building far down from the stairs. Now you can go down and
    grab the item waiting in the water. When you try to leave, a barricade pops up
    and a hound will jump down. Kill it, and more hounds jump down (3), followed by
    2 more very large waves of hounds. When they all drop (materia shot anyone?), 3
    Crimson Hounds will jump down. Keep jumping/moving around them and shooting
    them until they all drop. Grab the cardkey from the last one and leave. As you
    proceed up the stairs, 2 more Snipers shoot at you. One in the window of a
    building behind you, the other between a roof peak and a building side in front
    of you. At the top of the stairs, 2 more snipers come into play, both of them
    ahead of you (one atop a pillar in front of you, the other in another window
    further ahead of you). There's a cardkey on a crate to the back. Pressing on,
    another one shoots at you from another roof steeple to the right, and 2 more
    from the large building behind you (they crouch down, making it difficult to
    locate them). When they're all dead and you move down, 2 HA Soldier Bs emerge
    and immediately shoot a rocket at you. Defeat them quickly and move on.
    Area 2 (More damaged structures and the Faerie L Barrel) - Before dropping off
    the ledge, move to the opening on the right and make use of the shop (You can
    buy X-Potions and Elixirs now!). Then (DON'T shoot the crate yet!) proceed all
    the way across the balcony and aim for the explosive barrel in between the two
    rusty ones. This will knock the box down for probably the best barrel in the
    game. Though not as long range or powerful as the Nova L Barrel, it defeats the
    Master N Barrel in every category. Thus making your Cerberus (or Ultima Weapon)
    even better than before. Whether you get it or not (I strongly recommend it,
    even if you have to restart), move on. You'll be surrounded by barriers and
    there will be a turret to the left. When you mount it, Stage Mission 2 (Swiftly
    eliminate the enemy soldiers) will begin. You will be immediately assaulted by
    Red Saucers, Bull-heads, and a Sweaper. The saucers are difficult to hit due to
    their maneuvarability, but it's important they don't get close enough. The
    Bull-Heads are easy enough to destroy, as is the sweaper. After this first
    part, Twin Sentries will continually fire from the far windows along the right
    (3 at a time), while Aerial Mines will begin to approach you, and soldiers
    start firing at you. The Aerial Mines are the most dangerous (and eventually
    difficult as they get faster and more maneuverable) ones, so take them out
    first. Followed by the Twin Sentries, then the soldiers. After all the enemies
    are squelched, two Black Widows drop down, mainly firing missiles at you.
    Destroy the missiles as you slowly whittle away their HP. The last one you kill
    kill drop a cardkey. Use it on the barricade behind the turret first to pick up
    the items (including an extra cardkey), then move ahead. There's another
    Sergeant atop the building to left left as you head towards the barricades.
    When you approach the barriers on the far side, three Sergeants come up to it.
    Take them out, head down the stairs and shoot another Sergeant immediately to
    the right, followed by a final one in a window high up to the right. Head down
    the stairs (you'll see water, items, and a barricade) and loop around the
    corner, into the opening. There's 4 cases containing 1 gil, and one case
    containing 10,000 gil. When you grab them (you'll hear "Got him!"), 2 DG Elites
    appear past the barricade, while 3 Sergeants run in from behind. Rush the
    Sergeants (if you have MP available, shoot the elites to knock them away), and
    kill them (get out of the Elite's firing path). Then head back around the
    corner to deal with the Elites (Did I mention I hate them?). The last one drops
    a Silver Moogle Doll (haven't seen one of these in a while, have we?). Before
    moving ahead, look up at the area above the opening. You should see 4 explosive
    barrels. The second one to the right contains a Cactuar. He'll dance a little
    when he first appears, it's when he starts running that he becomes vulnerable
    (he's invincible until then). If you get him or not, head up the stairs and
    move along the skinny walkway before the barricade, make use of the shop, then
    move ahead to the obvious trap. Four waves of 4 DG Sergeants drop down from
    above, after which you'll have a HA Soldier B and S, along with a DG Elite to
    deal with (You'll hear "STAND YOUR GROUND!" for the final wave). The last to
    drop drops a cardkey. Move on to the next checkpoint.
    Part 3 (Where Stage Mission 3 is at)
    Area 1 (Traps and Sniping galore) - Make use of the shop right away. Head up
    the stairs and defeat all the DG Sergeants (5 in total, including the one in
    the fake-shop). The crate contains a barrel which contains a mine which
    contains a potoin. Grab the cardkey and head up the stairs. Through the door
    you'll see the small walkway with a bunch of explosives. Shoot the barrel above
    the door so that you don't get schooled by it when you approach it. You may
    double jump or destroy them (and call forth a bunch of enemies, including a
    rocket launching HA Soldier B). Whichever you choose. Manage through that, then
    pass through the room with the floating mines (shoot boxes and the soldiers
    that jump at you quickly). Then you have the room with the falling barrels.
    There's a close (A) and far (B) one that go in a pattern. B, A, B then both.
    Usually I wait for B, then A, then I move forward, and jump over the third B as
    it explodes. However you manage to get through, that's my method in any case
    (^you could also dash through after the third barrel explodes as the guide
    suggests^). Anyway, then you have the room with the thirty second countdown
    (move to the opening on the left, it might have been a challenge if you had
    only two seconds, sheesh). After all that you're in an area full of DG
    Sergeants alloted along the roofs of several houses. head down the stairs and
    use the small destroyed brick wall as cover to take out the DG Sergeants on the
    roof ahead of you. Then head further down the stairs (where you'll likely get
    gattling'd). Use the next partial brick wall as cover to shoot your enemies
    (preferably starting with the gattling guy) through the windows. When you've
    dealt with them (should be about five), head down the stairs and destroy the
    onslaught of enemies rushing through the door (Firaga or Thundaga works pretty
    well). After all that, you'll have three DG Commanders to deal with. The last
    one you kill drops a cardkey. Head through the barricade on the East side, move
    down the stairs, destroy the SOLDIER Troopers that leap out of the wall,
    followed by the HA Soldier S (Sword guy). Grab his cardkey, go to the shop.
    Proceed to do Stage Mission 3 (Defeat 100 enemies) if you wish (you may at
    least want to collect the Mako Point there), of which there's a useful tactic
    at the beginning of this guide. The only couple differences for this in EX mode
    is that the enemies hit harder and you'll have more HP (so healing isn't so
    easy). If you've done it or not, head back to the gatling gun area and move
    ahead. Before heading into the once barricaded door, move to the outer ledge
    and snipe to upper gatling gunner. Take out the 2 other DG Sergeants on the top
    ledge then back away and duck down before the bottom gatling gunner starts
    opening fire. Slowly approach the edge, aiming towards the fire and when he
    stops firing, shoot his head. Then go into the door, grab the Mako Point and
    head down the stairs. There's two doors, the left one is a shop (you may or may
    not need), the right one opens to the area where you would face a lot of gun
    fire had you not dealt with the enemies from above (note the 2 gatling guns?).
    And now we've reached the final area.
    Area 2 (Not quite Stage Mission 4) - You'll see an item 0/4 counter above.
    There's 4 items, and 10 (actually 12) cardkeys. The first item to work on is
    the one behind 7 Barricades. The first cardkey is at I-8, aim at the pipe above
    and shoot the inside, a little mine drops down. Shoot that for cardkey #1. Head
    towards the sewer and watch for the DG Commander coming around the corner.
    Inside the sewere is another mine by one of the lights on the ceiling. Cardkey
    #2 is in there (Don't stand too close, or you'll blow up!). Head on up the ramp
    and board the gatling gun (Mako Point!). Aim towards the upper left at the
    white box, shoot it once to knock it down. Head back down to break it open for
    Cardkey #3! Keep moving towards the right to the far barricade from the entry
    point. Use one cardkey to open it up, for two more cardkeys (ultimately cardkey
    #4 though). Move past the gatling gun area (kill the Commander that leaps up
    from the ledge) and drop to the bottom. Another Commander awaits you on the far
    left of the sewage (Hey, another Silver Moogle Doll!). Climb the two sets of
    ladders, there's a cardkey (#5) behind the shop, and another one in the white
    box (#6). Drop down from the opening and head towards the large drop off area.
    Another cardkey is at the edge of this, but you will have to jump to reach it,
    and double jump back. If you fall, there's no going back up. It's not as hard
    as it sounds though. Success means cardkey #7. Cardkey #8 (you may have noticed
    by now?) is at the top of the second ladder going down. You have to jump to
    reach it. When you do, go through the seven barricades to collect the Lucky S
    Barrel (increases exp! But is very short ranged), and 2 more cardkeys (#9 and
    #10). You should now have 3 cardkeys to get the last three items (from entry
    point, Elixor, Bayonet Rifle, and Limit Breaker). When you're all set, use the
    shop to sell any extra items you may have picked up, then head down the cliff.
    I should probably mention that this isn't a Stage Mission. So if you're
    concerned about rank, don't be.
    Nero the Sable (Black the Black?) - He too doesn't take too much to destroy.
    There's 3 phases to this fight. The first one he'll shoot at you. Run circles
    and shoot at him until he glows blue. He'll be invincible while he's blue.
    He'll split into 3 forms and start shooting at you with all three again.
    Continue to strafe about as you kill 2 of them. When there's only one left,
    he'll again start shooting at you only at a much faster pace. Keep circling
    and shooting until he drops.
    Chapter 11 - Beginnings [Ch11]
    Category  S            A             B                 C                D
    Targets  >100        99-90         89-75             74-40             <40
    Accuracy >60%       59%-50%       49%-40%           39%-30%           <30%
    Damage   <20000   20001-24000  240001-28000       28001-33000       >33000
    Crits    >90         89-70         69-50             49-30             >30
    Chains   >35         34-28         27-20             19-10             <10
    Items    <14         15-22         23-31             32-40             >40
    Magic    >8           7-6           5-4               3-2               <2
    Mako     >90%       89%-70%       69%-50%           49%-30%           <30%
    KO'd      0            1             2                 3                >4
    Time     <53:20   53:21-58:20   58:21-1:06:40   1:06:41-1:20:00   >1:20:00
    Part 1 (Pipes, Walkways, and DG Elites) - Equip Thundaga at the start. If your
    MP is full, don't collect the Mako Point yet. If it's down about a third, go
    ahead and grab it. Round a couple corners and you'll see a pipe hindering a
    walkway. There's a large pipe that has a box and barrel sitting on it. Shoot
    the box to knock down the barrel. 3 DG Elites will come running up to the pipe
    almost immediately (you'll hear "Hail Weiss!"). Wait for them to get in
    position, then blast the barrel. The blast will hurt them (hopefully kill) and
    knock them back, melee any survivors to death. Keep an eye towards the ground
    for Red Saucers. They tend to sneak up on you throughout the area. As you move
    on, you'll see another DG Elite shooting at you (shoot the Red Saucer heading
    towards the mini-pipe. He'll need to be taken out with magic. There's another
    elite right across from him who has a barrel next to him, shoot that to finish
    this one off. As you head up the stairs, another Red Saucer will sneak up on
    you. When you approach the Mako Point, a Gargoyle will swoop in through the
    window. Kill it, grab the Mako Point, head back to the Mako Point at the
    beginning (if you saved it, that is), then move ahead and kill the last DG
    Elite in the area with Magic. Feel free to kill the little bug crawling along
    the wall pipe (you'll hear it a lot) whenever you see fit. Proceed onwards,
    make use of the shop just past the door. Stage Mission 1: Defeat the gargoyles.
    2 Gargoyles fly around the large area and shoot their shots at you. There's
    also 2 walkways (WAAAAYYY in the distance, but you'll see your targets anyway)
    that each contain 1 DG Sniper and 1 HA Soldier B (Rocket). And another one
    that has another single HA Soldier B. You'll have sniper fire, rockets and
    invisible gargoyle shots coming at you almost constantly. Head down the stairs
    and seek some cover behind the very large red pillar. Try to take the gargoyles
    out first, as their the most annoying. Then aim towards the right side of the
    pipe and take out the sniper and HA Soldier B on the further walkway first. Aim
    towards the left side to eliminate the lone HA Soldier B. Then head back up the
    stairs and destroy the sniper and HA Soldier B on the walkway closer to the
    entrance. Proceed to the next area. Drop down the ladder, there's a Red Saucer
    immediately to your left that likes to ambush right away, kill it quick, then
    kill the next one making its way up the stairs. Head down, (you'll hear "He's
    here!"). There's a DG Elite to your left, and 2 more ahead of you behind
    another pipe. Turn to the left one and melee him, equip your magic then double
    jump-fire your materia shot at the 2 past the pipe, if you have the MP, shoot a
    second shot to finish them. There's also 3 bugs that are behind the pipe as
    well, but you need to cross it first (two barricades trap you) before they
    appear. You'll have to kill them (and any surviving elite's) to get the
    cardkey. This area should start to look familiar. It's where you snuck in at as
    Cait Sith. There's two bugs climbing along the pipes by the drop-off. One of
    them has a lot of HP but carries 3000 gil. Be warned that if you shoot it once,
    it will fall, and there will be 2 Red Saucers in a VERY closed in area waiting
    at the bottom, along with the bug. Drop down and start melee-ing or Griffon
    frenzy. After all that, climb the ladder and move ahead. Drop down to where you
    see a bunch of briefcases (on the floor 9 cases of 100 gil, and the one at the
    top of the ladder is a Limit Breaker). Grab the briefcases, but once you grab
    the Mako Point, 5 bugs drop down (right on top of you!). Take care of them for
    the cardkey. Through the door, and Stage Mission 2 (Defeat the gargoyles part
    2) appears. 3 Gargoyles, but only 2 HA Soldier Bs on either side of the room.
    Kill the gargoyles first while (miraculously?) dodging the missiles. The gun
    turret may be useful to eliminate the HA Soldier Bs, but it could hurt your
    accuracy and would not be fun if you had all three gargoyles blasting you at
    once. When it's all clear, proceed on.
    Part 2 - Stage Mission 3: Destroy the enemies around the Central Pillar.  This
    rather irritating mission is not THAT difficult with some practice. There are 8
    enemies around the central pillar, they alternate between HA Soldier Bs and DG
    Elites. The more challenging part of this is the 2 Red Saucers that continually
    come at you throughout the area. Immediately take cover behind the pillar in
    front of you. Take out the Red Saucers approaching, then shoot the white box
    above all the barrels on top of the central pillar. Now it's just a matter of
    avoiding missiles, clearing out Saucers, and shooting each barrel one at a time
    (and probably finishing off the HA soldiers). Move around the area as your aim
    gets obstructed by pillars or enemies. When that's all clear, head towards the
    exit (killing all the Red Saucers along the way). In the next area, Stage
    Mission 4: Defeat the gargoyles 3. 7 Gargoyles and 2 HA Soldier Bs on the right
    side walkway. This one is tough because the gargoyles and missiles can do a
    good job distracting your focus. You can only hurt the gargoyles as they're
    approaching you or shooting at you. Once they start flying away they're
    somehow invincible. Dodge/shoot missiles while you wait for the gargoyles to
    come at you (they come 2 at a time usually). When you've destroyed most/all of
    them, start focusing on the HA Soldiers. Move through the door and use the
    shop. Next up, you'll see a cut-scene of a DG Soldier pushing a Gatling Gun on
    the other side of you. When it gets back to you, a very high endurance DG Elite
    drops down in front of you (there'll be a barricade). He has a LOT of HP and
    takes a while to kill (with or without magic). Work on him until he dies, then
    start shooting the soldier across the room (3-4 shots should do it, it's hard
    to hit his head) until he dies. Then proceed across to the door. This next part
    is optional but if you sit in the gatling gun, barricades pop up from each
    door. 2 HA Soldier Bs enter from across the room, when you take them out,
    they'll drop a cardkey BUT, when you open the barricade, it pops right back up
    and 3 gargoyles pop in the room. When they fall, another cardkey appears in the
    middle of the walkway. When this one is used, the barricade again pops right
    back up and 5 bugs drop down near you. When they drop their cardkey, you can
    finally head through the door. Through the next door is 3 DG Elites with their
    backs turned. If you have MP, use magic to kill them. If not, you'll have to
    take the punishment of meleeing them (they won't get knocked around or stunned
    for long, so you'll suffer a lot of damage). Proceed down if you manage to kill
    them. You'll cross a Mako Point and then come to a room with a holled out
    walkway above you. 5 DG Elites are on top and shoot down an almost constant
    rain of fire. You could try to kill them, but even magic doesn't work on them.
    Best to just rush through, switching sides as you move down. You'll probably
    want to save your MP for the next room anyway, which contains a bunch of bugs
    in a closed-in area. Jump over them when you start to get backed into a corner,
    keep shooting (or fire a couple materia shots to destroy them all at once). The
    last one drops 1000 gil and a cardkey. I HATE this next room. There's 4 really
    tough DG Elites on each corner. They don't get stunned when you hit them (with
    magic or melee). There ARE 4 Mako Points at each corner. When you kill those
    four, another one will keep coming in from the area above (eventually dropping
    down). There's a platform in the center of the room that rises up (somewhat
    slowly) when you stand on it. This takes you up to the top, where the final G
    Report is waiting for you. A Limit Breaker does very well in this area. When
    you grab that, you could shoot the two pipes on either side of the room to
    knock down a bug from each (each one drops 1000 gil), and you COULD kill the DG
    Elites to boost targets and exp, but it's a lot more damaging than most
    "infinite enemy" spots would be.
    Dragonfly PT - This is a VERY annoying boss fight. Aside of the chopper (which
    can take a good number of hits until it's finally destroyed), you've got Red
    Saucers coming at you every so often, and the chopper usually sends a gargoyle
    in. At first, you just shoot at it until around half its health (it mainly just
    fires at you unless you get under it). Then, It's main tactic (once it's health
    is at about half) is to swoop in, sending a gargoyle at you to keep you busy,
    then hide behind the large pillar. It will come out to shoot missiles at you.
    You must dodge/shoot the missiles while killing the Gargoyle it dispatches.
    This causes the chopper to swoop in again (getting in your range) and drop off
    another gargoyle. At a distance, you could blast it with the Hydra (or a long
    barrel), but you won't have time for critical shot aiming. But with the Ultima
    Weapon and Farie L Barrel, this part of the fight might not be too troubling
    for you (just watch for the Red Saucers and keep moving to avoid the gargoyle's
    Part 3 (On to the boss fights) - Moving ahead, you'll head down a hallway.
    You'll almost immediately hear a chorus of "Hail Weiss!" and see a DG Elite
    running down the hall. Get Thundaga ready. Chase him for a good while and wait
    until he groups with his other 4 friends. Quickly shoot Thundaga at them
    (twice) to finish them off. Then make use of the shop and move ahead. Be ready
    for the next couple of boss fights.
    Part 4 - Nero
    Arachnero - Wait for the black crystals flying around to fly at you and lower
    their guard. Shoot them at this time until they're destroyed. There should be 4
    of them. When they're all destroyed, start shooting at the barrier around
    Arachnero (he'll start summing meteors at this point, so be ready to move
    around. It takes about 5 shots to destroy the barrier with the Cerberus
    (meaning you get one shot at Arachnero and reload. You should shoot 4 times
    then reload and destroy the barrier so you can make use of his downtime). He'll
    quickly restore it after a few shots. Continue shooting the barrier, followed
    by him, dodging his meteors, until he falls down. Then move to the edge of the
    center bridge-like thing and shoot him a few times and he'll transform into
    Gorgonero - This isn't too difficult. He'll disapper quickly. Look for his
    black smoke and aim at him. Its a reflex battle, as you need to wait for the
    reticule to go red and shoot him quickly. If you're too slow or fast, he'll
    start shooting at you (doing meager damage, really). Shoot him once, and he'll
    disappear again. Repeatthe process until he's dead. *Note: with the Ultima
    Weapon, you'll be able to shoot him more than once when you hit him.*
    Part 5 - Weiss
    Talk to Yuffie, make use of the shop. Then move down the hall. Watch/Skip the
    lengthy videos. You'll have one battle of battling Weiss with super-haste3
    speed. Take your beating (the phoenix down doesn't activate) and watch/skip
    another video. Finally on to the real fight.
    Weiss the Immaculate (Hojo) - The basic strategy for much of the battle is to
    stand back and shoot Weiss. When he starts twirling his swords, stop shooting
    (perhaps reload?), and prepare for whatever attack he's going to do. He'll
    either continue shooting (only at the beginning of the battle), or he'll either
    rush at you and go sword crazy on you (prepare to dodge), or he'll jump into
    the air and slam down a ground wave much like Azul's (double jump). When his
    health is REALLY low, he will start moving around like crazy, eventually
    stopping somewhere. Find and shoot him. A big threat is when he jumps over the
    Lifestream pool and fires 4 very powerful tracking shots at you. Weiss will be
    invincible during this time, so focus on dodging them. The best way is to wait
    until they get close enough, then dodge forward. As a last note, using your
    Limit Breaker here will refill your HP, and increase your speed and firing rate
    (as well as your overall power).
    Chatper 12-1 - Omega and Chaos [Ch12-1]
    Category  S            A             B             C            D
    Targets  >75         74-70         69-50         49-30         <30
    Accuracy >80%       79%-70%       69%-60%       59%-40%       <40%
    Damage   <3000     3001-3600     3601-5000     5001-6500     >6500
    Crits    >10          9-6           5-4           3-1            0
    Chains   >50         49-45         44-30         29-15         <15
    Items    <2           3-4           5-6           7-8           >8
    Magic    >5            4            3-2            1             0
    Mako     N/A          N/A           N/A           N/A          N/A
    KO'd      0            1             2             3            >4
    Time     <15:00   15:01-16:10   16:11-18:20   18:21-25:00   >25:00
    Part 1 - Chaos! Hells Yeah!
    Area 1 (Weeeee!) - This is a very straightforward chapter with little
    difference to Normal mode. There's a few more Omega Buds and Leafs that fly
    around, and they still do some serious damage. Other than that, Death Penalty
    still destroys things with one shot. Just move forward, jump through the tubes,
    and get to the point where Vincent flies halfway around Omega.
    Area 2 (Why can't WE fly?) - This area has a few ladders and stairs, as well as
    the last two Omega Reports (E8 and . At the top, you'll reach a spot where 12
    Omega Buds fly around you. Kill them all and you'll reach Part 2.
    Part 2 - Star Wars-ee
    Area 1 (Flyiiiinnnggg) - You're flying through a tunnel-type place with Omega
    Buds on your tale. All you have to do is wait for them to fly in front of you
    and shoot them (they come 2 at a time). Don't worry about avoiding any of the
    structures or, shots being fired at you, as it happens automatically. It's a
    short passage.
    Area 2 (The doorway) - You'll be on your feet again with a bunch of Omega Buds
    flying around shooting at you. Strafe and shoot until they're all dead (they
    seem infinite, but they're not). When they're all dead, you'll move on.
    Area 3 (Core) - A long ascent upwards as Buds and Leafs fly at you and shoot at
    you. It gets a bit tricky but you shouldn't have too much trouble. Just enjoy
    the music until you reach the top (when it sadly ends).
    Part 3 - Omega's Head
    All you have to do here is defeat the Omega Buds that fly at all different
    angles from here then move to the edge of the bridge. And that's the end of
    this chapter.
    Make S here?
    Chapter 12-2 - A Finale Chaotic [Ch12-2]
    Category  S           A             B             C            D
    Targets  >80        79-50         49-30         29-20         <20
    Accuracy >70%      69%-60%       59%-50%       49%-30%       <30%
    Damage   <50        51-100       101-1000     1001-2000     >2000
    Crits    >20        19-10          9-5           4-1            0
    Chains   >20        19-15         14-10          9-5           <5
    Items    <2          3-4           5-6           7-8           >8
    Magic    >5           4            3-2            1             0
    Mako     N/A         N/A           N/A           N/A          N/A
    KO'd      0           1             2             3            >4
    Time    <15:00   15:01-20:00   20:01-30:00   30:01-50:00   >50:00
    Think you can get S in THIS chapter? Especially Damage Sustained... don't get
    Crystal Feelers - You're in a large area with lots of Omega Buds all over the
    place. There's 6 Crystals in the area. You can only hit them with melee attacks
    while their open. Most of the time, the ones that open are on the opposite side
    of the room. You'll need to use Chaos's increased speed while dodging to reach
    them in time to destroy them. But don't ignore the buds, they accumulate
    quickly and can do some serious damage. You should destroy a crystal, destroy
    the buds, look for the next crystal that opens, and destroy it. Follow that
    Omega Coccoon - A very large coccoon is located in the center area way up high.
    It's very easy to destroy, but again those Buds accumulate quickly. It's not a
    good idea to stand around and let them sprout. Take a few shots, kill buds,
    take a few more shots, kill more buds. Circle the Coccoon as you shoot it.
    Omega Weiss - Very large target. Try to find the right distance at a straight
    on angle to keep up the double 2000 damage (jumping and shooting helps). Most
    of his attacks will be firing a large number of missile like life-forms that
    follow you around. Strafe and dodge at the last second to avoid these, or you
    can shoot them and get some nice killchains. He'll also slam his hand down to
    the ground, sending a shockwave. Jump over this (which can be slightly trickier
    timing without double jumps). When he's at about half, he'll send up a bunch of
    shields in front of his body. You may also see a white glowing object fall down
    to the ground. That's Weiss, he'll come to attack you until the shields are
    destroyed. Make sure you shoot all of them because any left-over will be sent
    at you (while Weiss is keeping you busy too!). His final phase involves glowing
    red and moving high to the sky (he's invincible at this point). He'll charge a
    very large fireball and shoot the battleground. Basically this is your cue to
    run as far to the edge as possible (jump onto a rising platform if possible).
    It WILL kill you even at full HP if it makes direct or at least close-to direct
    contact with you. When that's done, he'll continue to glow red and become
    faster and fiercer. Keep firing until he falls. Limit Breakers will increase
    your firing speed, defense, refill HP, and give you more power, AND you have
    infinite bullets (and won't have to reload) while it lasts (which is shorter
    than your usual Limits). Save at least one for the final phase of Omega to take
    him out quickly (before he launches his giant fireball again). When he dies,
    check out your accumulative rank to see how you did.
    Cumulative Ranking (Entire Game) [CR4]
    Category  S               A                B                C               D
    Targets  >1512        1511-1323        1322-1058        1057-798           <798
    Accuracy >67%          66%-57%          56%-46%          45%-29%           <29%
    Damage   <65560      65561-83100      83101-1053001    04301-129500     >129500
    Crits    >933          932-771          770-612          611-465           >465
    Chains   >790          781-645          644-490          489-310           <310
    Items    <112          113-184          185-262          263-331           >331
    Magic    >103          102-77            76-51            50-27             <27
    Mako     >91%          90%-70%          69%-50%          49%-30%           <30%
    KO'd      0              1-13            14-26            27-39             >39
    Time     <6:31:20  6:31:21-7:54:30  7:54:31-9:43:20  9:43:21-11:55:00 >11:55:00
    Notes Finale [NF5]
    You may send questions/comments to: bombgt@yahoo.com
    Corrections are welcome as well as anything I might have missed or messed up
    royally. "Improved" strategies may or may not be updated. Slight mistakes (IE:
    number of enemies in a particular spot) will be ignored. Only major corrections
    are welcome. This guide is intended for the more skilled players trusted to do
    some things (like grab obvious items or Mako Points, kill enemies, etc.)
    without me having to tell them to do so.
    This is my first ever FAQ that I've written/submitted and may look forward to
    writing more in the future. I have done my best to try and organize things for
    both people well-versed in terms (such as enemy names) and people who do not
    know terms or area locations too well (Even though it is Ex Hard Mode, doesn't
    mean everyone knows everything there is to know about the game itself).
    Special Thanks and Credits [STC6]
    To all the people whose FAQs have helped me out in many games. Thank you.
    To GameFAQs for existing and remaining a free source. Consier this guide a sort
    of payback.
    Credit for some tips and strategies (^where duely marked^) to the official
    player's guide. Especially the Ex Hard rankings. Though I can not thank you for
    any further help on Ex Hard Mode as you don't contain any further data past
    ranking. (Part of why I made this guide in the first place).
    To myself for being stubborn enough to write this.
    To bombercanuck@gmail.com for encouraging me to find all the snipers in Chapter
    To those of you that read it, and further to those that send comments.

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