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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sixthsage

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    |       this box represents the 79 charachter mark required by Gamefaqs       |
                   |Title:       Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus |
                   |Platform:    Playstation 2                       |
                   |Genre:       First / Third person shooter        |
    Hey guys, My name is Jason Hall, but you may know me as Sixthsage on the
    boards.  Even though I've never posted anything. Anyway,welcome to my first
    walkthrough.  I was a little skeptical at first,but I came around pretty
    quickly to the idea of a first person shooter based on Final Fantasy, a
    traditionally RPG series.  After the first fifteen munites of playing the game,
    I was hooked.  I had been planning to write a walkthrough for a while now, but
    this time I knew I had a winner.  Fair warning, there are spoilers here, if you
    don't like them, find one of the spoiler free walkthroughs.
    /update information/
    1.00     2/26/2007     Finished and uploaded to Gamefaqs
    1.01     3/05/2007     Added information on the "kill 100 enemies" section and 
                           did a little spellchecking.
    2.00     1/16/2008     Re-haul - included many missing things thanks to
                           Contributors, also, added my e-mail back to the
    update information
    table of contents
         -The WRO
         -The Tsviets
         -Familiar Faces
         -Other Charachters
         -Chapter  1 -- sea of flames
         -Chapter  2 -- Showdown In the Wastes
         -Chapter  3 -- Silent Edge
         -Chapter  4 -- Headquarters Under Seige
         -Chapter  5 -- Manor of Despair
         -Chapter  6 -- Deepground Strikes Back
         -Chapter  7 -- The Shera
         -Chapter  8 -- Midgar Assult
         -Chapter  9 -- Fight for the Central Complex
         -Chapter 10 -- An Empire in Ruins
         -Chapter 11 -- Shinra's dark secret
         -Chapter 12 -- Beginnings
         -Chapter 13 -- Omega and Chaos
         -Chapter 14 -- A finale Chaotic
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    Easter Eggs
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    Contributing to my guide
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    Special Thanks
    Dirge of Cerberus takes place three years after the events of final fantasy VII
    Advent Children.  After Meteorfall, Sephiroth's attempt to destroy the world,
    the world fell apart.  Rising from the rubble is the underground organization
    known as Deepground.  Ruthless in thier attempts to destroy life in all forms,
    it is led by a shady charachter known as Wiess (pronounced like vice) and his
    four generals, the tsviets.  Another group rises from the rubble as well, The
    World Regenesiss organization [WRO], led by Reeve Tuseti.  Now, with the help
    of Vincent Valentine, they'll face off with Deepground for the last time.......
    Basic Controls (battle)
       L1............. Use Magic
       L2............. Change Weapons
       L3............. Center camera
       R1............. Fire Active Weapon
       R2............. Reload Active Weapon
       R3............. Enter First Person Mode
       Up............. View Map
       Left........... Change Shortcut Item
       Right.......... Use Shortcut Item
       Left stick..... Move Charachter
       Right stick.... Move Camera / sight
       start.......... Pause
       X.............. Jump, Action, Skip Scene
       circle......... Melee, drop weapon
       triangle....... Open Main Menu
       square......... Crouch / Dash
       L1 + R1........ De-activate Limit Break
    Basic Controls (menu)
       D-pad.......... Navigate menu
       X.............. Select / confirm
       Circle......... cancel
         to the diehard players of final fantasy VII, you know him better as Cait
         Sith, but in this game, he plays the leader of the World Regenesis
         Organization [WRO], a group dedicated to helping survivors of the meteor
         spell invoked by Sephiroth, and stopping anyone who again threatens the 
         A young ninja who calls Wutai her home.  Three years ago, she joined up
         with cloud (also an optional charachter) as a thief and materia hunter.
         She was (somewhat) forced into joining the WRO, where she is in charge of
         espionage and intellegence gathering
         The main charachter of this game, his origins lie with the turks, a group
         of elite soilders trained by shinra (FFVII fans cringe at the thought of 
         Reno and Rude). the "scientest" Hojo transformed his body into the state
         it is in today.  As a direct result of Hojo's alterations, vincent slept 
         beneath Shinra Manor for 30 years before Cloud and the rest of his gang 
         rescued him.  Now, he takes up arms against deepground, determined to end
         the suffering of others.  He never officially signed on with the WRO, but 
         he works as a sort of mercenary for them.
    ~ SHALUA
         Head scientist of the WRO, but don't take the lab coat as a joke, the
         missing arm and eye should be a clue as to her battle record.  She may 
         feel comfortable in a lab, but her hand is no stranger to a pistol and 
         her knuckles are no strangers to Deepground face
    The Tsviets
    ~ SHELKE: The transparent
         master of the virtual world, she appears as a 10 year old girl, although
         her 19th birthday has passed.  Don't underestimate her though, She wields
         two EM sabers in battle, and is able to conjure a shield that blocks all 
         attacks, along with the fact that she's fast, really fast.  She works 
         closely with Azul to discover the wherabouts of Vincent, but she seems to
         be searching for more. Perhaps there's more to her than it seems.
         "damn he's big", generally the first thoughts on Azul.  He wields a tank 
         turret as his weapon, and he doesn't even have to strain to lift it.  He's
         pretty stylin' in his blue tsviets outfit and his huge, bulking muscles, 
         but you probably won't be able to admire his looks due to the fact that 
         you're trying to kill him. (and often failing)
         She may not be as big as Azul, but she makes up for it in pure insanity.
         She attacks with a double bladed sword and a built in machine gun.  She
         also summons crimson blades from thin air that have an annoying habit of
         homing in on you.  Enjoy!
         Not much is known about this guy.  He tends to hide in shadows and kill 
         silently. He summons a nexus of darkness to swallow his foes.  He is 
         loyal only to his brother Weiss, the only one who ever loved him and the
         only one he will ever love.  He is also the biggest coward in the world, 
         although he seems capable of necromancy (raising the dead).  He seems 
         perturbed by the fact that vincent is immune to his nexus of darkness.
    Familiar Faces
         Everyone's favorite airship pilot is back and better than ever.  He still
         loves cracking jokes (usually at vincents expense) and preening over his 
         ship.  He also acts as commander of the forces during the assult on Shinra
         Often walking around in a costume of Reeve (is Reeve a seperate
         charachter, or is he Cait Sith?), this little cat has left the perch of 
         his former pink bloated buddy and designed more elaborate costumes.
    ~ Barret
         The man with the gun on his arm.  He's also done some upgrading, as he now
         has three barrels on it.  He doesn't make much of an appearance in this 
         game, but he does put in his fair share of ass kicking.
    ~ Tifa
         Cloud's childhood friend and a master of the martial arts.  She now acts 
         along with Cloud and the others to fight off deepground and lead the 
         ground assult against their base.
    ~ RED XII
         Rescued from Hojo's lab three years ago, he only makes one appearance in 
         the game, and it's rather small, but he can fight with the best of them, 
         relying on teeth and claws instead of guns and swords.
    ~ Cloud
         Spikey head is back, and his five munites of cameo time in this game are 
         spectacular, he takes Rosso on, both of them dual wielding blades, drives
         his motorcycle (Fenrir by name) and cuts omega's beam in half.  Watching 
         him wield the swords brings joy to my heart and memories of the hours I 
         spent on Final Fantasy VII all those years ago.
    Other Charachters
         Vincent's father, died in a strange accident while working with Lucrecia 
         Crescent. Little else is known about him.
         Scientist who worked on the Chaos project, infusing it into a living host 
         (Vincent). Vincent was involved romantically with her, and worked as her 
         bodyguard for a while, where they became friends.  She turned on him, 
         under Hojo's orders, and chose science over love
    ~ WEISS (pronounced like vice)
         Again, little is known about him, save that he is Nero's brother and he 
         spells his name funny. In battle he wields 2 gunblades (katana style). He 
         apparently is in favor of killing everyone on the planet, and he wants 
         omega to make him a god among men by inhabiting his body.  he holds 
         loyalty to none, not even the brother that loves him so.  But the look in
         his eye suggess that all is not what it seems....
    ~ CHAOS
         A demon inhabiting the body of Vincent, who holds control of it only 
         through the help of the protomateria and the force of his own will.
    ~ OMEGA
         A spirit beast raised by the planet in a time of need, The Deepground 
         soilders tricked the planet into believing that the time was now so the 
         planet would call upon Omega to ease the transition into the lifestream.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter One -- Sea of Flames
    After the cutscene, shoot the three guys on the top of the building.  Move
    along the pipe and collect the potion, prompting a screen showing you how to
    use them.  Press X to grab the ladder and climb up.  Shoot the 2 guys up here
    and collect the handgun bullets, where you are prompted to show you how to
    reload.  Do so now.
    Move along the pipe and onto the wall.  Kill the four guys here, using the
    barrel for a quick kill. collect anything they drop and continue on across the
    pipes. When you come back to the wall, kill the two guys there. insted of
    heading through the doorway, continue around the corner to pick up another
    potion, If you can't pick it up, it means you're full, so use one and then grab
    it.  Backtrack to where you killed the three or four guys and head down the
    stairs, killing the guards as you go down.
    after the cutscene, the map will pop up, showing you where your destination is.
    As you move forward, a new objective screen appears.basically, as you move, 
    kill anyone attempting to hurt the townspeople.  Down the hallway, you meet 
    your first four legged mongrel, the dogs of the military. As you move on 
    you'll notice a blue glow coming from the alley on your right. Step in and 
    find your first mako point, these things let you use magic, so be sure to 
    keep a lookout for them.  Right down the way is Fire materia.  Equip it
    to your weapon by using the customize menu, and you can press L1 to fire a 
    bomb-like magic into a group of enemies.
    Before we go on, we need to backtrack a little.  Leave the alleyway and head
    to the right.  An alley on your left should have 2 guards walking away from
    you, along with a dog.  Shoot them in the back and continue on to find a
    cutscene. After the cutscene, pick up the gil off the ground and backtrack to
    where the mako point was. Move forward until you get a cutscene. After the
    cutscene, blast the barrel to kill most of the enemies and finish off any
    survivors one by one.  Approach the lazer gate.  After the little tutorial,
    turn around kill the two guards behind you.  One convienently drops a cardkey.
    Use the cardkey on the gate and move on.
    You need to draw the chopper's fire from the civillians, so step in front of
    them and take the hits.  Use a potion if you need to.  continue down the
    alleyway directly in front of you (you should see a mako point at the end).
    When the guard steps out, blow him away to get your first Limit breaker.
    Activate this to become the Galian beast, where you get enhanced strength and
    defense, but no guns at all.  Personally, I usually sell these, though there
    are a few exceptions, which I will note as we go on.  If you do choose to use
    them, save this one for the harder enemies.  step on the mako point in front
    of you to trigger 3 more enemies.  Dispose of them in whatever way you wish and
    continue down the alleyway.  Around the corner are two more goons. Blow them
    away and reload your gun.
    At the end of the alley are two more people in trouble. Ignore the little girl
    for right now and finish the dog attacking the mother.  Then, another objective
    appears.  Go to the container (big red box) and press X.  don't let the little
    girl get hit for the duration of the timer and then kill the dog that put her
    in there.
    After the brief cutscene, pick up all the items scttered around here
    (especially the pheonix down, which you should use immediately). continuing
    down the alleyway,  you should pass an alcove on the right with a lazer gate.
    Walk towards it to trigger another objective. and the map, where the keycard is
    now a green dot.  After the cutscene, kill the three little bastards picking on
    the little girl (2 guys and a dog).  Walk up to her and make sure she's alright
    and then move on.
    Down the alley is a sniper scope.  Attach it if you want, but be warned, the
    more you put on the gun, the slower it fires.  When you hear the man scream for
    help, head to your right (you should pass a mako point) and continue onward, be
    careful not to shoot the barrel, as it will kill the civilians as well.
    Regardless, continue on to get your cardkey.  Search to the left for 500 gil.
    OK, let's open that door now, just backtrack to the lazer door and open 'er up.
    When the guards come down the stairs, give them a blast of fire magic and send
    them all packing at once.
    Down the stairs, you'll find a guard carrying the long barrel.  It increases
    the range and power of your gun, equip it now, you'll need all the range you
    can get. don't forget to pick up the hi-potion and the handgun bullets in the
    corner. when you're ready, open the door.  the game will save and you'll get
    a cutscene.  Time to kick some ass.
    |                            Boss: dragonfly                             |
    | Ok, he can be annoying, but he makes for a very easy first boss.  Make |
    | sure you have a potion on your quick item and just keep plugging away  |
    | at him.  try to keep the big tower in the center of the square between |
    | you and him.  Avoid using magic, as you'll likely just miss            |
    | completely. Cut him down to about 30% of his health and get another    |
    | cutscene. six soilders drop in on you, but they're no big threat, just |
    | mop them up and continue on with the chopper. While killing the 6      |
    | little blue men, be careful not to get hit by the chopper's rockets.   |
    | they can be deadly at this point.  For amusement, use the barrels to   |
    | kill groups of soilders when they drop in.  Make sure to stop shooting |
    | once you see sparks shoot out of the chopper, no sense wasting ammo.   |
    After the cutscene with the creepy little girl (shelke) and gorilla man (Azul),
    we find ourselves in someone's office.
    Grab the pheonix down and use it immediately, It carries over until you need
    it, so you may as well use it now.  Open the doors along this hallway to find
    your first vending machine, where you can spend money to buy items or sell some
    of the items you don't need.  Save this room for last and explore the other
    ones, you'll find some handgun bullets farther down the hall, along with some
    Use the machine if you wish. my advice, sell the limit breaker and upgrade your
    Cerberus , buy another pheonix down, and re-stock your potions, blow the rest
    on handgun ammo, or save it if you wish.  Farther down the hall, you find the
    short barrel, keep it, we'll use it later, but right now, I prefer to keep the
    pistol equipped with the long barrel.
    Up the stairs, a cutscene awaits.  They talk about something called
    "protomateria", and someone named Weiss (pronounced like vice). When it's over,
    start blasting, but don't bother trying to shoot Shelke or Azul, just focus on
    the grunts that come pouring in.  When you finish them, you'll get another
    cutscene. After you kill them, Azul steps forward, intending to fight.  When
    Shelke falls down, he claims "luck is on your side" and picks her up as she
    apologizes.  He introduces himself with a vieled threat and then leaves.
    Here we meet another member of the WRO, or to be more exact, it's leader,
    Reeve. This isn't reeve though, this is Cait Sith, the wisecracking feline
    from final fantasy VII (7).  This is why vincent was talking about costumes
    when he first arived...  Well, now that that's over, Cait Sith tells you to
    meet him in front of the east church.  Time for some more gunslinging action.
    As you kill these guys, they'll drop potions.  Use a potion and then pick one
    up.  The point is, when all is said and done, you should have full potions and
    full health :)  As you keep shooting, move toward the two mako points near the
    door.  The doors will open and WRO members will flood in.  Stick with them
    until they stop shooting, and then keep going.  you'll run into a guy here
    who can give you some information and his own little "shop".  Choose supplies
    and buy 5 of the "vital rations" and 5 of the "spirit rations"  They restore
    a little bit more HP than the potions, but they're free. Be sure you don't sell
    the short barrel and the sniper scope, but you can sell anything else.
    when you're finished "shopping", pick up the griffon frame, which is your
    machine gun.  Equip the machine gun to your second or third weapon. Equip the
    short barrel to it as well, but nothing else (materia if you want, but I prefer
    it to be fast, the more you add, the slower it shoots.)  Continue up the stairs
    and mop up for the WRO soilders there.  Pick up the Cerberus relief, which
    increases your defense slightly.
    I would also customize the Cerberus with the sniper scope to your third spot,
    for now.  from where you picked up the Cerberus relief, facing the lazer gate,
    turn around and head through the opening in the chain link fence. melee the
    boxes (save ammo) to find the cardkey.  From the opening in the fence,
    continue straight until you run into the fire, turn right to find another
    gate.  Use the cardkey on it to get another cardkey and 500 gil.  Use this
    cardkey on the first gate and keep going.
    As you round the corner, a WRO soilder yells a warning about snipers.  Run
    quickly down the hallway and shoot anyone who shoots at you (the sniper scope
    would be helpful).  After you dipatch three or four of them, pick up the
    handgun bullets and use the mako point.  Head out and take your first right.
    At the end of the hallway is another boss.
    |                         Boss: dragonfly GL                             |
    | Yeah, it's the leftover from the dragonfly you "killed" earlier.  Shoot|
    | it's right side with your machine gun, and equp your pistol after      |
    | vincent changes targets.  Fire at the container on it's back.  Rinse,  |
    | lather, repeat. Also, you may have time to break some of the boxes in  |
    | the area, there's ammo for most of your guns in here.  Just move in    |
    | close and let him have it.  Use the rations you acquired from The      |
    | helpful WRO member to save your potions.                               |
    After he falls, a cutscene occurs and the calvalry arrives, including "Reeve".
    Afterwards, you get your rank for the level and some bonus gil for your
    troubles.  you then get the option to add your exp to the total or convert
    it into gil.  Personally, i'd add it, you need the levels more than the gil
    right now.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Two -- Showdown in the Wastes
    ok, this mission is short, really short.  Watch the cutscene and enjoy the
    unlimited ammo of the turret.  Mop up as many of the little mongrels as you
    After that little bit of fun, Vincent takes to the top of the truck, where you
    have to fight off hordes of those damn guard hounds, sans turret.  Equip the
    pistol and plug away at them one by one.  When the group appears, equp the
    machine gun and tear into them.  After they fall behind the truck, Blast them
    with Magic to take them out in groups of 2-4.  Cool cutscene coming up, and
    then move on, time to head out on foot.
    After all that, you may need to heal, use the vital rations if you have any
    left, and be sure to reload all your guns.  Use the mako point and continue
    down the path until you run into a cutscene, let's rock and roll.
    |                        Boss: Crimson Hound                             |
    | This boss is a piece of cake.  Use your machine gun and teach his      |
    | little minions who's boss.  (pick up the thunder materia, but don't    |
    | equip it, you need the area damage from the fire materia.)  after his  |
    | little cronies are gone, equip the pistol and plug away, throw in some |
    | fire if you want, but you shouldn't need it (I was hitting for about   |
    | 200 - 250 damage each time, the lowest I hit for was 120, and he was   |
    | jumping).                                                              |
    After the battle, collect the cardkey, and open the door. The next cutscene
    shows vincent in all his glory, he mixes it up melee style and then empties
    three (nine) shots into his newfound victim.  He then turns away and walks
    off like nothing happened.
    Heal if you need to (you shouldn't) and continue down the path.  This next
    battle can be hell, but it's pretty easy if you know what to do.
    |                        Boss: Pegasus riders                            |
    | First things first, get your back to a wall and your pistol in your    |
    | hand.  Shoot them when they run parallel to you, if it doesn't kill    |
    | them outright, it'll piss them off and they'll rush you.  Just pick    |
    | them off as they come in, and we can be on our way.  I took a little   |
    | damage, mostly from the bikes exploding right in front of me, but it   |
    | really didn't hurt that much.                                          |
    Call it a day and collect your ending reward.  Personally, if the Experience
    won't boost you a level, turn it into gil, but it's your call on that one.
    sell off the thunder materia, and re-stock on potions, if you can upgrade
    any weapons, (long barrel) be my guest, but make sure you have some potions
    stocked, (2 is enough, enemies drop them like party favors in the next area)
    you can also sell the Cerberus Relief if you haven't done so yet
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Three -- Silent Edge
    The opening cutscene reveals just how much of a pshyco Rosso really is.  When
    you get back to vincent, you meet another member of the WRO, Shalua Rui, the
    local badass scientest.  She puts that scientific brain to good use and makes
    the comment "it's too quiet" :) not exactly degree worthy, but I like her,
    even without an eye and arm.
    Ok, let's go.  right around the corner is a vending machine, so you can
    return here whenever you want to stock up or sell.  Go ahead and sell anything
    you don't want. Equip your pistol and make sure it has the long barrel and
    fire materia.
    Backtrack to where you met Shalua and continue until you run into the set of
    stairs.  Walk up and travel around the little platform maze.  Drop off before
    you reach the other set of stairs to fight some dogs if you get bored.
    After you travel down the stairs, watch the right side of your screen for a
    hound to come running around the corner, blast it and turn around, there will
    be two more, finish them and travel down the narrow corridor with the mako
    point.  Keep moving down the corridor to find a cutscene.
    The poor man mumbles something about A soilder in red, which of course is
    Rosso, he tells you with his last breath that they were gathering civillians
    at the warehouse on the edge of town.  He also drops a cardkey, bless his
    Time to backtrack, but first we go to the dog fights.  Continue down the
    hallway nearby to see two dogs duking it out.  Either let them fight it out
    and pick off the winneror intervine and finish them both, your choice.
    Regardless, backtrack all the way to the beginning and open the gate with the
    new cardkey (it's marked on the map if you have trouble).  Open the door and
    enter, grasshopper.
    there's a potion in the corner, go back and sell one if you want so you can
    pick this one up (you shouldn't have any damage as of yet.)  Pick up the
    Hydra next to the stairs and customize it into your third weapon slot.  equip
    the sniper scope and the long barrel(II).  I would forgo materia to lower the
    weight, but if you've upgraded the long barrel, you can afford the extra
    But there's no ammo, you may be saying.  Continue up the stairs to solve all
    your problems. 36 shots await you, enjoy.  (this is the one weapon I never
    bought ammo for, it lasts forever.  The door in this area leads outside where
    some doggies wanna play, use whatever gun you want, but your pistol should be
    able to take them in one shot.  Continue on, but watch out for the doggy
    waiting in ambush.  To avoid him, dash down the narrow hallway and turn
    around and blast him.
    OK, this is where this level get's hard.  Equip your rifle or pistol (I
    prefer the pistol if you've followed my advice so far) and let's kick some
    ass.  A cutscene after you pass underneath the arch, and you get a new
    objective "take out the snipers."  there are 15 in all.  Finish them off,
    using the tiny concrete walls for cover.  You may want to backtrack and sell
    a pheonix down, so you can pick up the free one that one of the snipers drops.
    There is a vending machine in this area, but the pheonix down may disappear
    before you can get to it.. :(  After you step on the nearby mako point, that
    kid from the 1st level re-appears.
    You now have to escort him to the "Someone" who has a cardkey, but first you
    have to get him out of hiding.  Open the door and enter behind him. Head up
    the stairs to a vending machine. Kill the two guards and collect the rewards.
    Sell one pheonix down and run back downstairs. Kill the two people following
    the boy and run back to where the pheonix down was, it's probably still there.
    Now, head out and keep going until you run into the boy, kill the two guards
    in your own special way (I prefer a sniper shot from a distance, but take the
    guy on the right out first, he has a sniper rifle, the other guy only has a
    machine gun.) When you're done, walk up to the boy (make sure you grab the
    high potion nearby and then walk up to the boy.
    Protection time.  Watch the kid, he knows how to survive on the street.  He
    will shudder or step back whenever an enemy is nearby.  Wait for him to
    shudder, and then kill whatever attacks him. He will thank you each time,
    nice to see kids have manners even in video games.  If he stops, just walk
    toward him to get him moving again.  After you reach your destination, head
    inside and kill the guy on the stairs, he drops the cardkey.  A touching
    goodbye follows and this little part of our adventure is over (thank god).
    Step back inside for a cute little gun.  This gun can be upgraded later to
    create "Ultimate Weapon", but unfortunately, I had already sold it, I'll
    get it on my next playthrough and check it out.  Make your way back to the
    gate and use the cardkey.  As you make your way around, expect enemies
    around every corner.  Get the drop on most of them with a well placed 
    Fireball, and finish the stragglers from a distance.  Watch out for snipers
    on high as well.
    Eventually, you'll come to a cutscene, where you get a chance to have a
    little fun.  Blast the barrel to kill two out of three, and then run under
    the stairs to kill the third with no damage when he comes barreling out.
    Isn't strategy fun?
    Make your way up the stairs and get the "drop" on the guy hiding beside the
    next set.  Personally, i'd equip the machine gun for this part, as it can get
    a little crowded.  The pistol works too, if you're getting 1-2 hit kills, but
    the machine gun is my modus operandi. (mode of operation, in latin).
    You will eventually come to a winding steel girder with enemies scattered out.
    Stand at the entrance and snipe as many as you can before you're spotted,
    after that, equip the pistol and let them have it from long distance, don't
    miss the guy behind the fence near the mako point.
    Turn down a side alley (on the left) and you'll see a barrel, wait for the
    man to shout "he's here" and take the barrel out.  Step forward a little and
    take out the second one on your left. Point your gun up at the catwalk and
    take out the sniper when he appears. There, three shots, and 5 enemies down,
    ain't it beautiful?
    use the nearby vending machine (you may want to upgrade the hydra if you have
    the cash, but potions and ammo for the pistol should take priority). Open the
    door nearby and get ready for hell.
    |                            Boss: Heavily Armored Soilder               |
    | Heavily armored soilder my ass, it's Azul, take out the cronies while  |
    | dodging his huge guns.  Take to the top floor and pelt him with ammo   |
    | from there, but watch out for his gigantic tank weapon. keep a high    |
    | potion on your shortcut item and use it if your health drops below     |
    | half, one shot and you could end up eating the dust.  After you do some|
    | mild damage to him, he drops the turret and switches to a machine gun, |
    | just take his shots and return your own, (with a hi-potoin if needed.) |
    | When he switches to the swords, make sure you stay away (head back up  |
    | the stairs) and keep plugging bullets between his eyes.  He may head up|
    | the stairs afetr you, but if he does, meet him halfway and kill him in |
    | the  straightaway between the two corners, or just jump down and kill  |
    | him from below while he heads back towards the stairs.                 |
    The next cutscene reveals a little more about Rosso (and vincent).  You wake
    up back at the WRO headquaretrs.  This is the first time I exchanged the Exp
    points for cash, but I used it to upgrade my pistol twice. I was still full
    on Hi-potions and only needed to buy 2 potions that I used to top off my
    health during the fight with "Heavily Armored Soilder".  Enjoy (or skip) the
    cutscene, where Vincent gets shot, and get ready for the next mission.Because
    it's a doozy.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Four -- Headquarters Under Siege
    Vincent wakes up in a water chamber with Shalua peeking at him, this is an
    important cutscene, as it gives a little background data on Vincent, something
    about a demon named chaos that inhabits his body. You also get a look at Shelke
    and Azul hanging out and chatting it up.  We learn a little more about
    "protomateria. Shalua recites a passage from Lucretia's thesis, pay attention,
    it will come in handy later, and you'll hear it several times.  The alarm
    goes off just as Shalua finishes talking about gathering data.  Deepground
    is attacking.
    When the Cutscene ends and the fighting begins, you are
    ordered to help the WRO members, just finish off the ones in the lobby
    (don't miss the rocket launcher enemy on the second floor) and head upstairs.
    Kill the guard at the top of the stairs and keep going to the left.  Shoot
    the barrel from a safe distance to avoid hurting yourself and pick the enemies
    off as they come around the corner (sniper rifle is best here, you can shoot
    them from clear across the hallway).
    Head around the corner and kill the lone guard to get a cardkey. Break the
    cargo box at the end of the hallway for a red potion. Backtrack to the
    stairwell and use the cardkey on the gate that rises as you approach. Head
    upstairs and help the WRO soilders kill some enemies.  Pick off the rocket
    launcher from the top floor and head back to the wro soilders.
    Walk past them to find a long corridor.  Kill the soilders through the
    gate and heal if you need to. (Note: you may want to keep moving while you
    are in the building, enemies from upper and lower floors can still hit you
    and they may be hard to find and target.)
    Backtrack a little and head through the door on your left (facing the soilders
    you just killed.)  Kill the lone soilder who pokes his head out, and keep
    moving.  When you arrive, turn around and pick up anything the last soilders
    dropped (most likely gil).
    Head upstairs and assist the WRO members being chased around the corner.  Go
    back downstairs and continue down the hallway for a potion and a mako point.
    Turn this next corner and avoid the urge to shoot the barrel, it'll kill the
    WRO as well, instead, move in and gun the bad guys down with the machine gun
    at point blank.
    Continue onward to find 3 or 4 guards just chilling.  Gun them down and take
    the cardkey.  Backtrack and use it on the stairs.  You get a little cutscene
    where Shalua shows her stuff.
    Ok, that was cool, keep moving upstairs.  Head forward and watch as soilders
    take the elevator down a floor.  That's ok, we'll get to them later.  Just
    head back to the stairs and take it down, equip your machine gun and take
    them out when you come around the corner.  (note: you can't activate the
    elevator until they are all down, including the one across the gap.)
    Pick up any spoils (including the gravity floater, a new addition that lowers
    the weapon's weight.  Equip it to all three guns, it can't hurt anything. 
    Take the elevator up and exit to the right.  target the barrel as soon as
    possible and shoot it the second the turret starts up.
    Ok, through the door and we get a cutscene, we need to cut down some enemies
    that are headed to the main man's office.  Equip the machine gun and gun down
    the enemies as you encounter them.  When you head up the stairs, beware of
    the flying barrel, and shoot it before it can do you harm.  Shoot the person
    who threw it and turn the corner.  2 rocket launcher guys are turning the
    corner.  Take advantage of their turned backs and take them out with the
    machine gun or the pistol.
    When you get to the end of the hall, you witness cait sith knock an enemy
    into the hallway and then Reeve warns you that Azul is on the loose.
    Backtrack to where you got the cutscene warning you that you needed to help
    the comissioner.  Pick up the machine gun ammo and use the mako point.
    Head through the blue door on the left and watch Azul strut his stuff.
    Head back to the elevator.  Take it down.
    Reload your guns while in the elevator and get ready for a good battle.
    First, head up the stairs and take out the two boxes for some rifle and
    machine gun ammo If you missed them the first time around.  Then check your
    map and head to the door in the northeast of the area. (take a moment to
    break all the crates in the area, you want a full machine gun for the battle
    coming up.)
    Use the vending machine if you need to and stock up on potions.  Upgrade the
    Machine gun and the long barrell if you have the money.  When you're ready,
    head through the door.
    Around a few corners you come upon two deepground soilders fighting a group of
    WRO guys, you pop in right behind the Deepground soilders, so again, shoot
    them in the back and call it a day. Grab the Limit breaker and the machine gun
    ammo in this room, you'll need them later. Avoid using your machine gun for a
    while, you'll need the ammo later.  Kill the enemies down the stairs and take
    the power cross and the cardkey.  The power cross increases the power of melee
    attacks, but I would sell it for the 700 gold.
    Use the nearby mako point and use the cardkey on the gate.  use magic or
    melee the robots in the next area and shoot the guards (barrels are scattered
    for your exploding pleasure).  If you do use the barrels, use your sniper
    rifle, it only takes one shot, whereas the cerberus takes three to fire a
    single shot. COllect any spoils (including the cardkey) and use the cardkey
    on the gate.
    If you managed to save the last WRO soilders, they'll back you up in this
    section, take care of the robot and then deal with the soilders.  Collect the
    cardkey and use it on the next gate.  This is it, time to face the first of
    the Tsviets, Shelke, open the door whenever your'e ready, after a lengthy
    cutscene, (it's important, watch it) you get to fight...
    |                      Boss: Shelke the Transparent                      |
    | OK, this is what a boss fight should be, she's fast and can summon a   |
    | barrier.  There are two main ways to do this, the first is cheap, but  |
    | effective, and the second is lengthy, but you can make 850 gold doing  |
    | it.  The first method depends on if you listened to me earlier and got |
    | the limit breaker, if so, use it and wail on her for a while.  If you  |
    | knock her over, keep hitting her, she'd do the same to you.  If you    |
    | choose this method, don't heal before you come in, the limit breaker   |
    | does that for you.  If you choose the other method, equip the machine  |
    | gun and target her.  Jump (keeping her targeted) and fire away, she    |
    | can't hurt you in the air and you can repeat this as many times as     |
    | necessary.  If you're gonna use the machine gun method, sell the limit |
    | breaker and use the money to upgrade your machine gun (twice if you    |
    | can).  If you drop out of the galian beast form before you finish      |
    | killing her, use the pistol  to finish her off (or your most powerful  |
    | weapon (machine gun works too)) Regardless of how you beat her, good   |
    | job, congrats on you're first real boss fight                          |
    after you finish her, you find yourself back outside.  Use healing items and
    then buy new ones. You'll be facing another friendly face soon.  Equip your
    rifle before you head out and get ready for a beating.
    Open the door and watch the cutscene (yes all of it). Vincent goes big gun.
    I love the comment he makes to reeve after he fires the bazooka at Azul
    (that enough of a teaser to get you to watch it?)
    Watch or skip, the battle still awaits.
    |                        Boss: Azul the Cerulean                         |
    | Azul's main bad part is that he has armor that can almost nulify your  |
    | attacks.  They can't on the other hand, stop explosions, turn to your  |
    | right and shoot the barrels off the top rack.  When that's done, pick  |
    | them off one by one as he passes them, don't bother trying to shoot    |
    | him, it won't do shit. If you need to, jump or dash to avoid his shots.|
    | This battle should take all of fifteen seconds if you get lucky and    |
    | have good aim.  Reload your weapon in triumph as he falls.  I finished |
    | him off with a total of 7 shots, since I upgraded my rifle, I had 8 in |
    | the chamber.  Compared to Shelke, this was like shooting ducks in a    |
    | pond.                                                                  |
    I recomend adding the experience points to your total this time, but it's
    still up to you. (I got 1200, pushed me from level 9 to level 11).
    sell off the power cross and anything else you didn't use.  Re-stock on
    anything you may have used and modify weapons if you can.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Five -- Manor of Despair
    This time, there's no introdctory cutscene, it's just straightforward, you
    land in a sewer.  Equip the pistol or the rifle and move forward.  After the
    cutscene, backpedal, firing away at these new enemies. When you're done, move
    forward. As you  move down the hallway, keep an eye on the side passages for
    items and enemies.  Keep blasting away as they sahagain appear until you get
    to the gate.
    Turn right and duck into the alcove (before you do, make sure all the sahagin
    are dead, they will tear you to pieces in narrow corridors.  Climb the ladder
    and use the mako point.  Drop off of the side into the circular area.  Blast
    the sahagin who is spitting on you from above and more will drop in.  Blast
    to your hearts content and pick up the cardkey.  Use the cardkey on either
    door and move forward.
    In this next area, continue down the hallway, but watch out for a Sahagin
    dropping in on you.  When you round the corner, put a bullet into the barrel
    to take care of two birds with one stone.  On your left is a grate with a
    hole in the center.
    The first thing you'll notice is this area is the Mako point.  The second is
    the two sahagin patrolling the area, high and low.  Blast the one above you
    first and then turn your gun on the other one.  Reload and step on the mako
    point.  from the mako point, turn right and climb the ladder.  Lob a fireball
    into the pipe to make short work of the two sahagin hiding there (cowards).
    Grab the gil (1000), then turn around and jump back down to where the mako
    point was. continue ahead to the gate.
    Turn around and go backwards through the gate, aim your gun up and blast the
    sahagin before he can get you.  Take out the crates and collect the booty
    (argh!)  leave the gate and head right.  take a right and move up the stairs
    for some rifle ammo.  Head to the mako point and keep moving forward.  When
    the tunnel dead ends, take a left to acquire a blizard materia.
    Backtrack to the fork and head right this time.  Blast the sahagin through
    the bars and move on down the hallway, checking the alcoves to the left and
    right for some rifle ammo and a potion.  Beware the sahagin that ambushes you
    after you pick up the rifle ammo.
    Kill the sahagin around the corner for a cardkey, which happens to be right
    next to a gate, you know what to do.  After the sahagin attack, open the gate
    behind you to deactivate both of them, go get the gold and turn around.  Take
    a left and jump onto dry land.
    Before you head through the gate, stand in the doorway and blast the sahagin.
    Kill the sahagin spitting at you and move around the center pedestal.  Watch
    out for the sahagin dropping in on you, be sure to turn around and blast him.
    Destroy both of the crates in this room for a potion and some gil.  Push the
    button on the back of the pillar to open the nearby gate.
    Head back through the gate you entered and follow the concrete walkway until
    you pass an alcove, duck into the next one to find a ladder.  Climb up it and
    use the mako point.  Kill the sahagin at the top of the stairs and move past
    him, but don't go far.  Wait a second for the next one to drop down and kill
    Shoot the one next to the switch and activate the switch.  make your way to
    the gate, it's marked on the map, and climb the ladder.  Blast the nearby
    guard in the back and finish off any other ones on the ground. Take out the
    two on the catwalk.  Duck under the low gate and pick up the three items in
    here, including the power booster (sell it, or equip it to the pistol only.)
    Head back out the gate, ignore the guards, as they'll just keep respawining.
    Wait for the elevator to lower to the bottom floor and hop in.  Get out on the
    third floor and head forward.  Enter the room with the mako point and the two
    packages on the floor, pick everything up and attempt to leave.  the door slams
    shut on you and the walls open up.
    Kill the guards on the left side of the hall, and then duck behind the other
    boxes to take out the ones on the right side.  When all is said and done, the
    doors open and you can continue on up the stairs.  As you approach the
    elevator, a cutscene occurs.
    Now you are in control of cait sith, don't worry it's temporary.  This mission
    is all about stealth, if you're spotted, you might as well restart. You can
    try to run like hell, but don't count on that working.  Turn to your right and
    jump over the pipes until you get a short cutscene.  After the guard stops at
    the end of the hall, run to the box.  Keep the box between you and him,
    circling around it as you go.  When his back is turned, run for it and jump
    off the side, try to land on one of the pipes.
    Jump onto the next area and hide behind the box until both guards turn thier
    backs and walk away.  Follow the guard on the right and hide on the right
    side of the box when his back is turned.  When he walks off again, step
    towards the ladder to get a cutscene.  After the cutscene, grab the ladder,
    but keep the camera pointed down toward the guard.  When he turns his back,
    drop. Run like hell to the left before he turns around again.  A short
    cutscene appears, press X next to the barrel to push it into the waiting
    guard.  Reapeat for the next one (be sure not to move towards the barrel
    until they turn thier backs.)
    as you push the second barrel, chase it, staying back far enough not to get
    caught in the explosion.  Jump on the barrels, but be careful of this last
    guard. Drop down behind the two robots to advance.
    A cutscene plays and we are back on our little merry way.  Turn your camera
    to the right and down to keep an eye on the guard.  when he turns away from
    you, run left and jump over the barrel.  Time it right to kill him when you
    push the barrel down the stairs and follow the barrel down.
    Run to the right side of the pillar and use the camera to check the next area.
    When the coast is clear, run behind the convienently placed barrel.  Wait for
    an all clear again and stay in the middle of the guards, not too close, but
    not too far away.  As soon as you get clear, run down the steps and take the
    first right to finish this part of our adventure.
    After a greusome cutscene (in which cait Sith utters his catchphrase for this
    game "good gracious me") we meet another of the four tsveits (Nero the sable).
    Never fear though, you don't have to fight him, just enjoy the cutscene.  He
    claims that his brother is Omega and then summons a dark nexus around Cait
    Sith.  The cutscene ends with a teddy bear sitting in Omega's pool.
    Welcome back to vincent.  Take a right around the corner to run into a vending
    machine.  Sell the power booster and the Blizard materia and re-stock your
    potions and hi-potions (and pheonix down, if you need it, personaly, i
    haven't been killed yet, so the first pheonix down is still active, but at
    the time of this walkthrough, I was on my third playthrough, I played through
    it in normal, and then ex hard, and then, for the walkthrough, i played normal
    again.)  Stock up on any ammo you need, (most likely handgun) and save the
    rest for modifying, if you can't already (I upgraded the Hydra II to the Hydra
    III and the Griffon to the griffon II.) Regardless of what you do, turn around
    and open the door on the right.  Cutscene time.
    After you enjoy (or skip) the cutscene, you get a new objective, collect the
    omega files.  There are four in all, but you don't have to get them all (I
    still can't find one of them).  Head into the side passage and kill the first
    guard.  Move a little deeper into the room to make two more guards step out
    from the side passage, dispose of them.  Collect anything they drop and head
    into the side room they came out of to collect some rifle and handgun ammo.
    Backtrack to the room where you met lucrecia, and head through the big door
    on your left.  Kill the dog and the soilder in here and move into the side
    room on your right, collect the potion and return to the previous room where
    you killed the soilder.  The door right across from you is the one we want
    now.  Open it and wait a second for the guard to come running in, kill him
    with some style and don't let him get a shot in.  Take a left and open the
    This next area is confusing, but just bear with me.  First off, pop open the
    door right across the hall.  Turn left and head through the narrow entrance.
    Kill the guard in here and head back to the center room.  Head through the
    other side to find a mako point.  Head back out the door into the main
    hallway.  Turn to the left and head all the way to the next door.  Kill the
    dog that rounds the corner and kill the machine gun soilder on top of the
    nearby stack of boxes.
    Open the door and collect the two items on the table (limit breaker, and
    handgun bullets.  Open the other door in here and kill the dog and soilder.
    At the end of the hall is your first Omega report (3 to go).
    Head out the door back into the main hallway and take a left.  Kill the enemy
    behind the box and open the door, we have officially gone in a circle, heal
    any damage with potions and then re-stock on them.  Sell a pheonix down (trust
    me) and the limit breaker (if you want too) you may want to buy an ether, but
    i'd save the money (i still had four spirit rations from the first level).
    Whether you use the vending machine or not, head back through the door you
    just came through. Follow the hallway all the way to the end and open the
    door, kill the four soilders in here (I suggest using the machine gun, as
    they drop ammo for it).  When you're ready, open the next door.
    Welcome to the underground caverns.  Shoot or melee the box in front of you
    to get a pheonix down (see, told you to trust me).  Enter the next door on
    your left, but approach cautiously.  this is where vincent slept during his
    time here, but someone else has taken his coffin.  When the soilder breaks
    out of the coffin, shoot him (machine gun works great) and collect the gold
    he drops.
    Head back out into the hallway.  Continue down the passageway until you run
    into a group of three or four enemies, kill them with the pistol or use a
    fireball to take them all out, your choice. Take a moment to reload your guns
    and head forward, take the handgun bullets on the right if you need them, if
    not, leave them, you can come back later.  Move down the narrow hallway (if
    you have trouble finding it, check your map) and kill the guard as he rushes
    you.  Now run back and get the ammo if you didn't before (reload your gun
    OK, this part is annying, make sure you have some potions before you move on
    (backtrack to the vending machine if you don't.)  When you step past the
    barrier, a new objective appears, disarm the mines.  The only way to do this
    is to run around until you hear a beeping.  Hone in on it and keep moving
    until you find a mine.  Shoot it and watch vincent roll (you can jump to
    avoid damage, but it's a pain, just take the damage).  four mines later, use
    a potion or two to restore any damage and grab the cardkey.  You may want to
    backtrack to the vending machine to grab new potions, it's a risk free trip
    as all the enemies are already dead.
    Backtrack or not, head forward past the new gate.  Don't shoot the barrel
    yet, insead, use the switch nearby to activate a moving platform.  As you
    ride across, target the barrel, when the guard comes around the corner, blast
    the barrel to get rid of him easily. (you can drop down off the lift and get a
    mako point, but you have to fight a dog for it, go on, do it).
    Around the next few corners, there are a few enemies hiding at the end of
    the hallway, blast them. (fireball works great here).  Kill the dog as he
    rushes you and make your way down the corridor to pick up whatever they leave
    behind. (rifle and handgun bullets for me, but it may differ).
    Turn the next corner slowly and target the barrel, equip the rifle and blast
    it to take out three for the price of one.  Collect any spoils while you pat
    yourself on the back and head toward the gap in the fence.  Two more soilders
    rush you, but there's plenty of hallway to kick thier ass (they wield swords,
    so keep your distance).
    Make your way up the spiraling staircase (those of you who played FF7 may
    remember this stairway) killing enemies as you go.  At the top is a dog and a
    soilder, kill them both and enter shinra mansion proper.
    The welcoming party consists of two soilders, your housewarming gift should
    consist of a few well placed bullets.  In the next room are some free rifle
    bullets (60 on mine).  Open the door and continue on your way.  Take the
    corridor on the right and open the door at the end of the hallway.  There's a
    hi-potion in the crate, so melee or blast it open.
    Take a moment to snipe the few soilders in the next room, and then walk (or
    jump) down the stairs.  Turn around and kill the new ones who appear out of
    the side rooms.
    Let's take a munite to explore before we move on.  Head down the stairs (walk
    or jump, your choice).  facing away from the stairs, turn left.  Head down
    the narrow corridor and take a left at the end.  Open the door and look
    behind the boxes to find an Omega file (2 more to go).
    Head back to the main room and take the right side of the room this time,
    duck into the big room next to the corridor (there's spiderwebs over the
    entrance) and grab the gil.  Head out and down the little corridor next to
    the room you just left.  Equip the machine gun and open the door.  blast
    away.  Four enemies and several bits of ammo later, pick up the spoils and
    keep moving.  Open the door nearby (check the map if you have trouble finding
    it).  Travel unopossed down the narrow corridor and open the door on the end.
    Back down the hallway, shooting at the swordsmen who approach.  Kill the dog
    when you finish them off.
    The other door in this area is booby trapped, as you approach, a soilder
    comes dashing through, step back and let him have it.  Move to the next door
    and pop it open.  grab the potion in here and head down the corridor.  Take
    this moment of reprieve to reload all your weapons and take the first door on
    your left.
    After the cutscene, you appear in a long corridor.  Turn the corner and jump
    over the red mines scattered through the hallway.  Continue down the hallway
    and use the mako point.  Keep going until you find a vending machine.  Grab
    the machine gun bullets in here and use the vending machine (you know the
    drill, upgrade, potions, ammo, in that order.)  If you have the money,
    upgrade the short barrel.
    After you're done, equip your machine gun and head through the door.  You
    arrive back in the room with the stairs, but this time, you have company.
    |                             Boss: Black Widow                          |
    | Don't think too hard about this one.  Circle him (about mid range) and |
    | blast him with the machine gun.  Jump if he tries to rush you, but be  |
    | careful of his beam cannon it hurts like a bitch (2 hits and you're    |
    | down). When he crawls up the wall, find cover and equip the rifle.     |
    | When he hangs upside down from the celing, hit him with the rifle      |
    | until he falls.  While he's falling, equip the pistol and blast his    |
    | underbelly until he dies (if you've been upgrading properly, you       |
    | should only have to do this once).  If you die, restart to save the    |
    | pheonix down, but i doubt you'll have problems. (don't use items, you  |
    | automatically get re-healed, this is the final boss of this area.)     |
    After he dies and vincent shows off, Rosso shows up in a nice little cutscene
    (watch it, trust me).  She steals the protomateria from vincent's body and
    then discovers that he needs it to control chaos.  She moves in for the kill,
    but a familliar weapon (to us FF7 players) flies through the air and cuts her
    off.  Rosso leaves, yelling "Wutai Flea" and then says that she'll finish off
    vincent if the wound that she just gave him hasn't killed him already. This
    chick needs counceling in a bad way.
    At the end of this mission, I opted to again add them to my total.  It pushed
    me up to level 13. I'm happy with my upgrades, so i'll level up a little.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Six -- Deepground Strikes Back
    Ok, after the cutscene (in which vincent reveals a little about his sin and
    his punishment and we see a few scenes with Lucrecia and Hojo, you step out
    of a truck and into a bit of trouble.
    Just avoid the rockets and blow the little bastards away, the rifle is the
    prime choice for a weapon, but the pistol works good too.  Grab the cardkey,
    equip your rifle, and use it on the door, kill the rushing beast and then use
    the vending machine if you need to (upgrade weapons, sell things you don't
    need, and so on).
    Kill the on-rushing enemies and continue on.  Shoot the bird-looking things
    from a distance to make the wolf rush you.  Kill him and take two steps
    forward.  Kill the other wolf as he drops down.  Turn the corner and gun down
    the two rushing wolves and take the other one out as it jumps back and forth
    across the hills.
    As you turn the corner, you may be able to nail the one hiding behind the rock
    (look for the wagging tail, it's a dead giveaway.  If you take a shot and
    miss, he'll run out along with one of his buddies.  Just kill them either way.
    If you can snipe the one standing on the cliff across the valley, be my
    guest, but if not, just run ahead and he'll jump at you, kill him at your
    leisure.  The next one is resting on top of a log hanging over a path.  Shoot
    him once to make him run at you (if you don't kill him outright).  Roll him
    back down the hill and reload your rifle.  keep going (and shoting) until you
    run into a mako point. use it and make sure you have fire equipped.  When the
    ladybug drops from the cliff, blast her with fire, finish it off with a rifle
    shot if needed.  The next ladybug has a thing for the two soilders nearby.
    Shoot her once and let them fight it out, pick off the winner.
    This next area is fun beyond all get out.  Start by sniping the barrels to
    take out a few, (the one's to your left set off a chain reaction and I took
    out 2 with them, plus it's pretty).  After you mop up the enemies, drop down
    to trigger some soilders.  Kill them and don't move for a second.  step
    forward and run back to the ladder, climb it and pick off the ladybugs from
    up high.  Use the red potions you got from the wolves earlier to heal, you
    may get lucky.  When you're ready, head down the passageway to the left of
    where you entered this area (check the map).  But be sure to break all the
    barels here.  Do it from a distance as some of them have ladybugs hiding
    inside.  Use the rifle and pick them off from a distance.
    Head out and along the strangely quiet passage.  When you reach the end,
    several WRO members are under fire, help them out and gain some backup for a
    while.  Quickly shoot all the barrels in the area and move across the open
    area to the turret.  Shortly after, you'll get a new objective, time to kill
    some choppers.  Use the turret while your fellow WRO members back you up.
    (keep an eye on them, they'll turn to face a new chopper when it comes into
    range, just follow thier line of sight and take them out.
    After the last chopper crashes, a group of samauri charge in.  Leave the
    turret and pick them off (you can stay in it until they get close, but don't
    get stuck in it while they surround you.) Get the keycard and pick up the
    items around here. (don't forget to use the mako point.)
    When you're ready, use the keycard on the blue gate.  At the end of the
    hallway is a vending machine, use it to your hearts content and then move on.
    Up the stairs is a gunfight.  Jump in and kill some Deepground.  Waves of
    enemies will attack, but you should be ok (use the pistol, it's the strongest
    weapon you have right now and the enemies nearby drop ammo for it.
    Make your way across the battlefield, you will eventually run into a small
    group of WRO soilders, give them a hand, and then head to the door across the
    way (map).  You run into another group of WRO.  Step back and blast the barrel
    to kill everything in the hallway (you could try to save them , but it's hard
    not to hit a barrel anyway, just finish it qucikly.)
    You may want to backtrack to the vending machine now.  Re-stock on potions
    and hi potions. (you may want to top off your handgun ammo too.)  Get back to
    where you rescued (or assassinated) the WRO members, and head up the stairs.
    Kill the enemies around here and get a keycard.  Use it on the blue gate and
    continue down the tunnel.
    After the disturbing cutscene, we get a save point and all hell breaks
    loose.  Find cover quick and kill the ground enemies, worry about the enemy
    snipers later.  After all is said and done, head up the big set of stairs.
    After the cutscene, things get serious. Let's rock
    |                           Boss: Black Widow II                         |
    | Nothing special, It's armor stops most of your attacks.  Just circle   |
    | it with the machine gun and avoid it's lazer beam.  Kill the cronies   |
    | at the beginning and this thing is nothing special, just watch out for |
    | the beam, it hurts like a bitch.  If you see the orb forming around    |
    | the turret, dash to the side and you'll probably dodge it.  Avoid      |
    | jumping because the thing loves shooting it's machine gun at you to    |
    | blow you out of the air.  Reload your guns when it falls and continue  |
    | on your merry way                                                      |
    Well, now that that's over, enjoy a brief cutscene where Vincent plays the
    badass that he truly is and let's get a move on.  First things first, reload
    all guns and then move down the corridor.  kill the one guard that moves to
    stop you and enjoy the scenery.  Look familiar, it's the WRO Headquarters, in
    slightly worse shape than last time.  head to the end of the corridor and
    open the door.  Help the WRO members mop up the lobby and let's move on.
    You won't be climbing the stairs this time around, but there is a mako point.
    Head through the door nearby (let the map be your guide).  Take care of the
    dog when it jumps out at you, and continue.  Farther down the corridor is a
    grunt standing alone (but not so mighty).  Kill him and continue on.  Look
    familiar, this is where you helped the WRO when you were in this building
    last time.
    After dispatching these enemies continue down the hallway and keep going till
    you get a cutscene.
    Vincent said it best when he said "what the hell".  Watch this touching
    cutscene and enjoy some decent fighting scenes, along with some sister
    helping sister.  You also learn that Deepground has ordered Shiek's death, so
    she joins up with the gang to stay safe.  (hard to imagine that azul the one
    who carried her unconcious form from a building, would try to kill her, but
    it happens.  After the cutscene, you get your final ranking for the chapter.
    I'd convert the exp to gil this time round, and upgrade the cerberus again,
    one more upgrade and it's done.)
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Seven -- The Shera
    Remember Cid Highwind, the airship pilot from FF7, if not, take a good look,
    he's here to hand out some punishment to the Deepground soilders, using his 
    newest airship, the Shera. (named after his wife, i'm sure she was honored.)
    Ok, this mission is easy, just talk to three people (reeve, Yuffie, and
    Shelke) You don't have any guns so there will be no battles, hell, you can't
    even double-jump.  Turn around from where you start and head through the door
    on the far right of the ship (asuming you are facing Cid, face to face).
    Open this door for a cutscene with Yuffie, she looks a little sick, mentioning
    something about eggs for breakfast and her hatred for airships.  She waves you
    away with a "sorry vince, I don't feel like talking much."
    Head around the corner and keep going (we'll come back to the door later).
    Talk to the WRO member standing next to the door to discover that Shelke has
    locked herself up in the sick bay.  Go ahead and head in to start a cutscene.
    She seems a little depressed, but she's working on a project to utilize her
    specialty, A SND (synoptic net dive).  It let's her jump into the internet and
    gather data, she wants to help out anyway she can.  She almost let's
    something slip, but stops herself and says "sorry, i appear to be getting off
    track".  Vincent laughs and says she reminds him of her sister.
    Leave her to her work and leave the sick bay.  Take a right and head through
    the door.  Reeve is sitting next to the Vending machine, use the machine
    before you talk to him.  Buy some X-potions, Mega-potions, and an elixer (get
    another pheonix down and restock all other items as well).  You may also want
    to purchase the materia booster, but it's not necessary yet.
    Reeve is short and to the point. He mentions something about Shelke helping
    him understand the Omega reports you brought him, and that he'll give
    everyone a full briefing at the meeting, which starts right after you finish
    talking to him.
    Don't skip the cutscene, trust me it's worth it, Cloud makes his first
    appearance, as does Tifa and Barett.  Cloud mentions something about fenrir
    (his bike I assume), and rides off to lead the group.  Shelke performs her
    dive and connects to the system, under the watchfull eye of cait sith.  She
    projects the story of Omega for all the team to see, speaking in the voice of
    lucretia (she's calling the data from lucretia's memories, which were uploaded
    to her mind in order to help her find vincent.)  Cait sith attempts a net
    dive as well, so they can get the data from his inflitration of reactor zero.
    ("dear gracious me")  Cid cusses at Weiss for a while, and ends the meeting
    saying "if you got anything needs doing, do it now".
    This part is exactly like the first part, but now you can (and should) talk
    to everyone three times, and you can also talk to Cid
    CID:  Main deck of the Shera
    1. He tells you not to worry about the reactors, that he'll take care of
    them, he also laments letting you "have all the fun", but he can't leave his
    baby in the sky all alone.  He finishes up with "looks like from now own it's
    Vincent versus the Tsviets"
    2. This time, he reveals some interesting information about Cait Sith, or
    "Reeve".  Apparently he paid for Cid's airship, in cash (on the condition
    that cid helps him save the world), Hmm, wonder where he got that money, we'll
    have to hound him about it later.
    3. A little of everyone's favorite airship pilot speaks out in round three.
    This time, he tells vincent that they'll go out for drinks when all is said
    and done (just like the good old days?).  He mentions his wife, Shera,
    telling vincent that she's worried about him and "you know how she gets.
    Yuffie: hallway next to the main deck (same as last time)
    1. She talks about how Deepground attacked Wutai (her hometown), but it looks
    like everything turned out ok, thanks to her dad and the Wusheng (Wutai's
    military ninja squad).  Still, she's worried about her father, saying he's
    not as young as he used to be, and that he'll have a heart attack (if she
    doesn't have one first).
    2. She brags that if she were there, her dad wouldn't even have to put down
    his Mai Tai, and then goes on the defensive when vincent laughs.
    3. more bragging "I could take out deepground with one hand tied behind my
    back." (still looks a little airsick to me though
    Shelke: Sick bay (same room as last time, but different space in room.)
    1. She talks about being tired and talks about the data from Dr. crescent
    becoming more clear in her mind, mentioning something about Lucrecia and
    Vincent spending time together ;), she sleeps, so just head out, once is
    Reeve: same room, different space in room, right side this time.
    1. Vincent asks him about the lack of costume and Reeve talks about how the
    home base was pretty much destroyed, but he managed to salvage Cait Sith
    (number five, I assume he's talking about lives.)
    2. Vincent, never one to mince words, comes right out and asks him who's
    fronting all this gil to reeve's operation.  Reeve responds that he doesn't
    know or care, as long as he keeps getting the checks.  He mentions something
    about someone who may feel they owe the planet something in return. (who do
    we know who's rich and owes the planet something, Aha, i bet it's rufus, From
    Final fantasy seven).
    3. Cait sith talks for him, saying that Vincent should get some rest, that
    everything is gonna get "really nutty, really soon".
    Well, now that that's over, take a munite to check out the celing in this
    room, it rocks.  Head out and backtrack to Yuffie, continue down the corridor
    and open a side door.  Down two flights of stairs is another door, open it up
    and move on, follow the winding path until you find another door.  open it and
    talk to the soilder inside.  She sounds really sorry, but you aren't allowed
    to go in, just backtrack until you get a cutscene, one in which vincent goes
    a little crazy.
    Afterwards, enjoy the huge claw marks on the wall and watch as vincent fights
    the beast inside him.  He can't control it without the protomateria.  After
    this brief cutscene, it's time to roll, Cid tells everyone to live, or he'll
    "drag you back from hell and kill you again." Shelke hands vincent his cell
    phone and notes that she's made some changes.  Shelke apparently has never
    been "counted on" by anyone before.  watch the cutscene of the battle, with
    Shelke leading from her Terminal.  We see cloud kick some ass with barret 
    right behind him.  Then Vincent skyboards down.  All in all, it's awesome.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Eight -- Midgar Assult
    When you land, you get a call from Shelke, It looks like we landed a bit off
    target, but it'll all be ok,  Time to hit The shinra building.
    As you move forward, you'll gain two allies (you can try to keep them alive,
    but it probably won't work.  Follow them until they get shot by the turret
    man. Pop the barrel to finish him off and then pick off any survivors.  Pick
    up the L adjuster and sell it at the nearby vending machine.  Join up with
    the group of WRO soilders to trigger a cutscene, apparently, we picked up
    some tagalongs (they'll be easier to keep alive, mostly).
    A new objective screen pops up, making it official, you need to protect them,
    (good luck) until you get to the complex.  Kill the three guards around the
    next corner to get a good start.  Head through the door and lob a bomb of fire
    magic into the guards standing next to the corridor (if there are any
    stragglers, you're men will probably pick them off.  Grab and use the cardkey
    to continue on.
    Pick off the four or five enemies here (don't miss the one on top of the
    building). and continue on for a cutscene.  After it's over, pick off the
    group of enemies here (one will drop an elixir, use the one you have in your
    inventory and pick his up off the ground.  After all of them are dead, use the
    mako point and continue down the path until you reach a lazer gate, turn
    around and blast the incoming soilder (if he doesn't appear, walk up to the
    gate and press X).  He was convienently carrying the cardkey that we need.
    Open the door and let's go
    Kill the group of enemies (fire works wonders, so does the machine gun).
    Your allies show up right as you finish them off, so stay with them and find
    the next gate.  As soon as you try to open it, little spiders pop in, equip
    your machine gun and make short work of them (I lost my first ally in this
    part).  Pick up the cardkey and open the door.
    Before you can use the Vending machine, a cutscene pops up.  Congrats, you
    escorted the members (most of them anyway) to thier destination.  Vincent
    refuses any help and continues on alone.  Use a hi potion (and maybe a ether
    if you want) and then restock the items with the vending machine behind you.
    Continue down the alleyway and avoid the explosions and gunfire.  head right
    around the train cars to jump into one of them.  You come out near a long
    corridor, head down it and "rescue the surviving WRO memebers."  Sorry,
    you'll be too damn busy saving your own ass.  Kill the three soilders nearby
    and take cover from the machine gun fire behind the train. After you pick off
    the incoming soilders, step back just far enough to target the guy in the
    machine gun turret and use the fire materia on him.  Shoot the two other
    soilders up there before they can take the turret.
    Heal up if you need to and then continue on (kill any snipers that take shots
    at you along the way).  As you turn the corner nearby you'll see some WRO
    members taking fire from the turret man on top of the tower, shoot him from a
    long distance (scope if you need it).  Take the Hi-potion to the left of you
    (if you face the tower with the turrets on it), and then continue on. Take the
    2000 gil near the WRO members (if any survived) and then find the nearby mako
    Backtrack to the narrow passageway, (check the map), between a set of trains
    and a wall. Kill the guards nearby and then shift the camera to get an
    overhead view.  There's an omega file here, How strange.
    Continue on and you'll find an open room with two items in it (2000 gil and a
    limit breaker).  Take a moment to re-load your weapons and then walk past the
    closed gate that's nearby.  Collect the 2000 gil near the entrance and keep
    moving down the passageway to find 2000 more, surrounded by flames.  Grab it
    and jump over the fire, check the map if you need to, but regardless, get into
    the train nearby to trigger a cutscene.
    Shelke saves the day again.  She uploads an updated map to you and she also
    warns you about a heavy line of defense up ahead.  Continue through the train
    to find an exit and a vending machine.  Re-fill your health and stock up on
    potions of all kinds. Upgrade any weapons you want but try to save 2000 for
    the materia floater and the Materia booster. Buy them and equip them to your
    pistol only.  Whenever you're done, head through the nearby door and find a
    new objective and boss battle
    |                         Boss: Deepground Commander                     |
    | this guy is zero threat, but the army that acomponies him is a         |
    | different matter entirely, kill everyone but him (use pistol or rifle  |
    | for long distance, and then equip your machine gun to finish him off.) |
    | optional: you can use the Limit breaker to make quick work of this     |
    | fight, but it's not really worth it, in my opinion.  If you bought the |
    | materia floater and booster, put them to good use and blast away till  |
    | the magic is all gone. He should fall pretty easily. Be sure to heal   |
    | after all is said and done                                             |
    Get the keycard and go back to the door you entered from.  Use the vending
    machine to re-stock anything you used and sell the limit breaker if you
    didn't use it.  Sell anything you don't need and re-fill your pistol ammo.
    Backtrack to the room where you fought the boss and head through the door.
    In this next area, fire a few bursts of fire magic down the corridor to
    finish all your problems (don't worry if you take some damage, one of the
    guys drops an elixir, use yours and pick up his.)  The next hallway has a
    mako point in it, so blast the enemies at the end of the hallway with your
    upgraded fire magic and go back and grab it.  Pick up the Hi-potion at the
    end of the hallway and continue on.
    Find the mako point in this area and use it, keep moving forward, adn you'll
    get a call from Shelk again.  She congratulates you on getting this far and
    then a swarm of enemies pours in. She wishes you luck, you won't need it.
    |                              Boss: Shrikes                             |
    | Equip the handgun or rifle and just shoot away, they'll fall           |
    | eveuntually, if you find them in a group, use the upgraded fire materia|
    | to take them out in one fell swoop.  Keep a potion on your quick item, |
    | just in case, but you shouldn't have much of a problem.  Don't bother  |
    | trying to take cover behind the train cars, they'll fly over you and   |
    | box you in. Just stand and deliver, this is the last battle for this   |
    | area, so don't bother healing if you don't think you'll need to        |
    Enjoy a good ending and then either add exp to totals or exchange it for gil,
    your choice (i'm level 13 right now and i'm not having any problems with
    defense or HP.  Judge your playing style and choose.)
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Nine -- Fight for the Central Complex
    When you start out, follow your allies between the two cars.  You'll see the
    three lazer gates in front of you, turn left a little and head down the
    narrow corridor to the left of the gates.  Kill the three guards in here.
    Use a hi-potion if you need to heal because there's another one in the
    corner.  Use the vending machine for anything you may have forgotten to buy
    and be sure to grab the cardkey off the table.  Head back out.
    Aim your pistol towards the back of the nearby train and open the gate.  As
    soon as you lock onto something that's moving, launch some fire back there to
    finish off almost all the enemies. (assuming it's level three).  use the
    barrels to finish off any stragglers and you should have no damage.
    When your men move out, take a moment to break all the cargo boxes nearby for
    some goodies. (don't forget the Limit breaker on top of the crate next to the
    mako point.)  Sell anything you don't need back at the vending machine and
    make sure you have a pheonix down activated and another one in the inventory.
    Upgrade any weapons if you can and reload your guns before you head out.
    Follow your men around the corner up ahead and pick off the lone soilder who
    greets you there.  A sniper waits around the corner, blasting rifle ammo at
    your men, put him down with the pistol or return some rifle ammo of your own.
    When you step into the open space with two or three WRO members in it, turn
    around and pick up the pistol ammo near the train.  When you're done,
    follow / protect your new comrades.  Grab the turret nearby if you want and
    blast away at the door, killing the soilders as they come in (don't worry,
    you can't hurt your newfound buddies).  When you see the cardkey appear, you
    know you're done (one of your allies will step in through the door to let you
    know as well.)  Hop off the turret and run over.  You may need to mop up a
    few survivors in the room, but there shouldn't be more than one or two.
    In the adjacent room, there's a laser grid with a mako point on the other
    side. Convienently, we just got a cardkey.  Use it on the door and step on the
    mako point, melee the box behind you and climb up the ladder.  Here, you get
    the objective "avoid the aerial mines.  You have to pass through the grid as
    the walls go up and down.  The mines will attack you if you get stuck in
    between two gates, so time your movements carefully.
    At the end of the hall, a moron starts shooting at you with a rifle before
    you can get through the gates.  The gates may stop you from going through,
    but they don't stop ammo, so let him have it.  A potion is sitting on the
    stairs next to the gates, but if you try to get it, the mines advance on you.
    Use one from your inventory and run out to get it really quick.  Head down the
    hallway and you'll barely get a chance to see a WRO member round the corner
    on the next landing.  Lob a fireball into the mix to take out most of the
    enemies, but a few remain, pick the weaker one off first and then keep
    shooting the one in All blue armor until he falls (this is a new, improved
    dumbass, now with the power to piss you off more).  Keep going around the
    corners until you get the mission objective "destroy the robotic assult
    units." (sounds fun).  Turn the corner and you'll see what it means.
    Just keep backing up the hall and turn the corner when he gets close.  he'll
    run into the wall (killing your allies most likely). and blow up.  Well, not
    exactly smooth, but we didn't get hurt.  Head up the stairs again.  use a hi
    potion to re-heal any damage you may have and then re-stock with the vending
    machine.  Walk forward into the little hole behind the de-activated gate and
    crouch down.  When the Turret starts firing, scope in on the operator and let
    him have three or four good shots to the head.  (you can hit him while you
    are crouched, but he has trouble hitting you.
    Continue down the hallway to find a huge grid of lasers, Point your gun upward
    and shoot down the five red laser mines in the room, you should be able to see
    them just fine, so it's not a problem.  When they fall they'll de-activate the
    gates, then head on through to pick up 2000 gil and a high potion.   Backtrack
    to where the turret was (careful, there may be someone in it again, it happens
    every now and then).
    Pick up the Rifle ammo and climb the ladder.  Use the mako point and kill the
    guard.  At this point, approach the door and crouch down when the guard
    appears.  Shoot any soilders that come after the guy at the end of the
    hallway until he finishes de-activating the grid.  when he finishes, crawl
    under and follow them around the corner.  Stand at the bottom of the stairs
    and shoot any soilders that appear above.  Don't run up the stairs until you
    put a couple of fireballs up the stairway to clean it out.  If some barrels
    fall down, shoot them before they can hurt your allies (and you).  Head up
    the stairs and grab the HI potion.  Climb the ladder nearby.
    Pick it all up, it contains an x potion, a limit breaker, and ammo for all
    three guns. There's also a G-report that you'll need later (collect all three
    to unlock a special ending.)   When you're done, backtrack to the door and
    crouch walk under it.
    When you get here,  head into the door on your left.  Use any means necessary
    to kill the guards in this room, get the cardkey and then backtrack to the
    vending machine if you need to.  Re-stock on everything and then head back to
    the room.  Use the cardkey on the gate and press the orange button next to
    the door to open it.  Step inside and press the other button to activate the
    elevator.  When you get to the top, kill off any guards and prepare to take
    some damage.  Another security bot rounds the corner, and this time there's
    no convienent hallway to duck into.  It'll hit you and explode, again killing
    anyone else near you.  Just use a hi or mega potion to top off.
    break the barrels nearby for some cold hard cash and round the corner.  You
    get another objective "destroy the sentry robots".  Head upstairs and use the
    mako point if you're not full on magic (if you are, wait a munite before
    activating it.  Head forward and blast fire at them while they're all in a
    group.  Pick off the stragglers one by one and break some boxes for pistol
    ammo and more gold.  Head into the elevator and press the button.
    On the way up, be sure to re-load everything and equip your machine gun.  Kill
    the spiders and then pick off the two bazooka toting maniacs.  Use a hi or
    mega potion to top off (depending on how much you got hurt) and let's move
    on.  Pick up any spoils left over by anyone and then keep moving down the
    hallway.  There's a mako point on your left and if you circle around, you'll
    find a vending machine.  Head out of one of the doors ahead of you to
    encounter the craziest of the Tsviets.  No one to save you this time, it's
    time to end this.
                               Boss: Rosso the crimson                       |
    | She's pretty mild, until you do about 20 percent damage to her, then   |
    | she gets mean.  Anyone heard the song Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry? That  |
    | could be Rosso's themesong.  After she becomes bloodthirst Rosso, keep |
    | your distance as much as you can, while still keeping something between|
    | you and those crimson blades of hers. Use thoes potions and pheonix    |
    | downs, don't hold anything back.  She's pretty resistant to magic, so  |
    | avoid using it for a while, don't bother using a limit breaker here    |
    | either, because she'll just keep attacking you if you try it, not      |
    | letting you get in a single attack.  If she traps you in a corner and  |
    | knocks you over, try  jumping or rolling to get away from her, she     |
    | won't let you out once she gets you there, so it's up to you to do it  |
    | yourself. Also, be sure to pick up the items laying around, including  |
    | the Limit breaker on the right side of the room.  There's a vending    |
    | machine in here that you can use if you want to, but you probably won't|
    | get to it. The only strategy I can really come up with is to shoot her |
    | like crazy with your most powerful weapons and heal every second, if   |
    | anyone's got anything better, let me know.  This is the last battle for|
    | this area, so don't worry about what's to come, just focus on her      |
    | death.                                                                 |
    After you get the conclusion screen, use the experience points for your total
    or convert it to gil, but don't buy any potions or anything just yet, modify
    and sell, but don't buy anything yet, trust me.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Ten -- An Empire in Ruins
    The first thing you should do is collect all the items in the area.  This is
    the reason I told you not to go shopping at the end of the last level.  Pick
    everything up, and you can use the vending machine nearby to finish up on
    your shopping.  Don't miss the pheonix down, limit breaker, and the mako
    point.  When you're done, make sure you have your pistol equipped and head
    into the building proper.
    Kill the two swordsmen who rush you and then move up the stairs.  Kill the
    third swordsman that rushes you at the top of the stairs.  Grab the nearby
    rifle bullets and move on up the second flight of stairs.  When you arive at
    the top, zoom in the scope and pick the soilders off the bottom floor.
    head down the stairs and kill the dog when it rushes you.  Finish off any
    remaining soilders and pick up the goodies.
    Head back up the stairs and pick up the gold sitting there.  Drop down the
    open door and gather up the items down here. Drop off the ladder and head
    around the corners, but keep your camera pointed towards the celing.  Kill
    the three ladybugs down this hallway and continue down the hallway until you
    get a cutscene.  Vincent makes his own way down.
    Make your way up the halway until you get to the barrels.  Wait for a few
    seconds until the two guards come around the corner with thier little
    hellhound, and finish them all off.  Collect the items as you make your way
    down the hallway and then open the door.  Kill the four guards with a well
    placed fireball.  Collect the machine gun bullets in the corner and open the
    Kill the ladybug that drops in on you and then blast the other one off of the
    wall.  Open the next door and prepare for hell.  Don't actually go trough the
    door, instead, just open it up and shoot the ladybug on the floor.  When the
    rest of them drop in, blast them with a fully charged fireball.  Pick off the
    survivors with your pistol and get the mega potion.
    Open the door and head back out into the hallway.  Turn the corner, but don't
    shoot the barrel.  When the soilders run out the door, blast the barrel to
    end it quickly.  Head into the room they ran out of and kill the dog that
    jumps over the lockers.  Jump back over the lockers and kill the two guards
    on the other side.
    Open the door and head back into the hallway.  Pick up the two red potions and
    move down the hallway.  Take a left and find a vending machine.  Upgrade
    weapons and re-stock on your potions.  head into this room, but don't shoot
    any barrels.  Jump on the nearest barrel and jump again to get 5000 gold.
    Kill the guard quickly, before he shoots a barrel and ruins your pretty
    face.  Backtrack to the vending machine if you need anything else, and then
    open the door and continue on.
    The ammo fairy is here, pick up all four boxes to get some machine gun and
    pistol ammo.  At the end of the hallway is a door. Press the switch to open
    it.  After the cutscene, use the switch nearby to close the door again before
    you get overrun by insects.  Open the next two doors and move around the two
    corners to find a mako point.  Use it and open the door.  Get ready for
    another boss battle.
    |                         Boss: Black Widow TW                           |
    | Kill the one on the ground first, use the machine gun and circle       |
    | around it, just like you have done to all the black widows so far.     |
    | Ignore the one on the celing for now, and focus on the one on the      |
    | ground floor.  After he goes down, shoot the one on the celing until   |
    | he falls.  Equip the pistol and shoot his underbelly until he dies     |
    | (two or three shots should do it).  When he's down, vincent acts like  |
    | a badass again while the robot blows up.                               |
    After all this mess is over, open the door in front of you and step into the
    elevator.  When you step off, you get a new objective.  Time to get some
    As you step out, head into the alcove ahead and to the left of you.  Inside,
    you'll find your first secret file.  Leave that room and head out to the
    left.  Kill the spiders as they come out the door and be sure to get the
    limit breaker and the rifle bullets.  Use the mako point and leave again,
    continue in a circle around the room, moving to the left.  The next room has
    3000 gold and not an enemy in sight, sweet.  The last room in the group of
    four has two dogs, a guard, and a few little suprises.
    When you're done, exit the room through the door with the blue bar on top of
    it.  Kill the two flying sentries and heal if you need to.
    The next room looks like a materia museum.  As you enter, you'll be overrun
    by a few guards.  Kill them with a well placed fireball and call it a day.
    Collect any goodies and move out.  This next room is where doggies go when
    they want to join the circus.  A few dogs go jumping across the different
    pedestals like little acrobats.   Kill them and then take out the soilder in
    the room with a good placed head shot.  Pick up the top secret file in here
    and move on.  Kill the two guards in the hallway and step over thier dead
    bodies as you re-load your gun.  Around a couple corners is another set of
    two, finish them and open the door to get a cutscene.
    Vincent gets a phone call from the old gang, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret all jump
    in to say hi, the badass thing about it is that Cloud is obviously still
    fighting, you can hear swords clashing in the background.  Afterwards, tifa
    sends you a map of the shinra building, wonder where she picked that up :)
    She tells you to take an elevator down as far as you can, and we will take
    her advice.  Just ahead is the afformentioned elevator.  Take it down while
    playing skeet (rifle works best here) with some toy mines.  After all is said
    and done, head out of the elevator and down the hall, there's a vending
    machine right beside the door, heal up and then re-stock anything you use.
    When you're finished, head into the door.
    As you head down this hallway, you can hear the soilders getting into 
    postion.  Open the door nearby and rain hell down on them.  Personally, I
    prefer the machine gun in here, mainly because it's close range and there
    arent a lot of them.  Repeat in the next room, take cover if you want, or you
    could just lob a fireball at the door when they come in, either way works.
    Head out the next door and find another elevator.  be careful this time and
    just focus on not dying.  If you shoot one of them, it usually starts a chain
    reaction that leaves you dead.  After the little fight, head across the
    hallway and make your way into the overly large room.  As you come in, three
    samaurai guards bust in.  Kill them (sword vs gun = you win).  pick up any
    goodies and head out the door.  Grab the mako point in the next room and head
    down the hallway.
    Through this door are two rocket launcher enemies, use the nearby barrels to
    take them out or just plug away at them until they fall.   head down the
    corridor and shoot all the bad robot spiders.  Teach the doogies a new trick,
    play dead, and keep going.
    In the next room, you'll find an x-potion, a vending machine, and some gold.
    This can mean only one thing.  Use the vending machine and head out the door
    when you're ready.  As you approach the door down the hall you get a
    cutscene.  Number two:
    |                           Boss: Neo Azul                               |
    | Another two part fight.  The first part is stupidly simple.  Just keep |
    | the big pillar in between you and him and shoot when you get the       |
    | chance.  Pistol is preferred, but machine gun works if you have        |
    | upgraded it well enough.  If he jumps into the air (you may remember   |
    | this trick from the first time you fought him) just jump and keep      |
    | shooting, when this form dies, the true beast comes out.               |
    |                          Boss: Arch Azul                               |
    | This boss sucks, your guns can't touch him, all you can do is blast    |
    | him with magic and melee him.  Have him run over those litle pedestals |
    | on the ground to uncover mako points.  you don't have to land on them, |
    | just jump over them.  When he starts charging up for his wide area     |
    | attack, double jump towards him and keep kicking.  Be sure to get away |
    | quickly before he nails you with his tail.  After the battle, Vincent  |
    | unleashes a bit of the beast himself and brutally finishes him off.    |
    | There's only one Tsviet left, and he was watching in on the fighting.  |
    The final screen pops up.  I'd turn the experience into gil if I were you and
    finish upgrading the pistol, and any other weapons you want.  Be sure to
    re-stock on any items after you finish upgrading.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Eleven -- Shinra's Dark Secret
    Move down the hallway and use the vending machine if you forgot something at
    the shop.  Keep going down the stairs for a cutscene and another mission
    objective.  Stand next to the door at the top of the stairs, so you can kill
    the guard if he comes rushing out of it and use the rifle or pistol to finish
    them off from a distance.  When they die, a samaurai guard comes running up.
    Kill him for a cardkey.
    Head back to the glowing bars near the entrance and unlock them with your
    shiny new cardkey.  Drop down the ladder for some gold and an X-potion.  Drop
    off the side next to the X-potion and make your way to the next ladder (map
    if you need help).  Climb up and move forward until you come to a ladder with
    some de-activated bars across them.  stand at the top and edge forward until
    the soilders move in below.  Use the barrels and your imagination to make it
    an easy fight, and then go back and get the X-potion if you need it.  Whether
    you go back or not, move on to the door.
    When you open the door, make sure you have everything from the previous
    room.  If you're sure, fall down the hole in front of you and move down the
    corridor, get the mako point on the way.  Head up and open the door nearby.
    Kill both guards at the bottom of the stairs with a fireball and move down.
    Kill the guard on the side of the room, (there's a barrel for ease) and then
    move forward until you see the gate go down.  Two flying bombs drop in on you
    and start blasting away with a machine gun.  kill them to get the cardkey and
    open the door.
    down the stairs, shoot the barrels before they hit you and look upon the
    treasure trove of items, sadly, you won't get a one.  A guard comes in and
    grabs them all before you can even look at them.   If anyone knows if it's
    possible to get these, tell me how and i'll give credit where due.  Anyway,
    move on.  Grab the mako point and move toward the door.  It snaps shut on you
    and you are attacked from all sides.  A squadron of snipers waits on the top
    of the catwalk and a samaurai stalks you from behind.
    Kill them and grab the cardkey from the samaurai.  Reload and open the door.
    Move up the stairs and open the door at the end of the hall.  Get ready for a
    The guards in here can't be shot.  You have to knock them down with a melee
    and then shoot them in the back while they're down.  One of them drops a mega
    potion, so use it to your advantage.  The one on the center pillar can be
    shot, but he has a lot of HP, kill him last.  Use the cardkey on the nearby
    gate and head through the door.  You'll notice three things in this room.
    One, a vending machine, two, a mako point, and three, several guards scattered
    throughout the room.  Snipe them from a distance and then drop off the ladder
    (use the vending machine if you need to).
    Make your way to the bottom of the room,  killing guards as you go.  when you
    get to the boxes, equip your rifle.  Shoot the boxes from a distance, as many
    of them have guards hiding inside.  The cardkey is in the boxes too, so find
    it.  Backtrack up two ladders and open the gate.  drop down and turn around.
    Head through the door at the end of the hallway.
    Don't panic when the bullets rain down from above.  Just walk slowly through
    this area, giving the enemies above (which you can't shoot) time to empty
    thier rounds.  When you come to the next area, it's time to hop a ride.
    This area is possibly one of my personal favorites.  You ride along the
    tracks to your next destination while stalked by a myriad of enemies and even
    a Dragonfly chopper.  Just shoot anything that comes your way and try to
    avoid the shots by the chopper.  Don't bother using magic, you're moving too
    fast for it to do any good unless you can lead the target pretty well, but
    with the lock on feature, good luck.
    When you finally arive at your destination, be sure to heal any damage you
    may have taken and reload all your guns.  Head through the door in front of
    you and start down the stairs.  Don't worry, the floor falls out and there's
    nothing you can do about it.  Just fall or drop down and you'll find yourself
    in a tunnel.
    Make your way down the tunnel and you'll get a loading screen.  At the end of
    the hallway is a vending machine, use it as you see fit and break the box
    near it for an ether.  You may have noticed that when you passed the walkway
    to your right, vincent says "you know what to do cerberus."  Oh goody, your
    main charachter has gone insane now, he's talking to his gun.
    Backtrack to the side-path and equip your rifle.  Snipe the three guards
    before they even know you're there and move along.  As you head down the
    passageway, three more guards drop in on you.  The one nearest you has
    protect activated, so you'll have to melee him and shoot him in the back when
    he hits the ground.  A fireball would take them all out nicely, or at least
    knock them down and make it easy to finish off.  Don't forget to snipe the
    two soilders on the building across from you.  Use a mega potion to re-heal
    and pick up the one behind you.
    Another protected soilder jumps you at the end of the hallway.  Blast him
    with a fireball and collect the ether he drops.  As you head near the stairs,
    look up a bit, toward the vending machine.  If you didn't shoot the barrel
    earlier, you can now for two easy kills.  Backtrack to where they died and
    pick up an elixir and some gold.  Backtrack to the stairs you were on when
    you killed these two and head on down.  just use a fireball to finish off the
    guards nearby and grab the mega potion to re-heal yourself.  Search this area
    for a g-report, a cardkey and 3000 gil.  Drop down the side of the roof to
    find a door.
    Use the cardkey on the blue bars and head down the stairs.  As you approach
    the bottom, three swordsmen come at you from the boxes.  Back up the stairs
    and blast them as they follow you up.  Collect the cardkey and the ether and
    move on.  As you open the nearby blue gate with your new cardkey, a samaurai
    comes around the corner after you.  Dispose of him and use his cardkey to
    open the next door.  You'll approach in a hail of gunfire.
    take cover behind the nearby ledge and peek around.  Don't miss the barrel
    below you and shoot it to kill two foes.  Take the man directly across from
    you out with a headshot and then blast the two boxes near the barrel.
    There's a soilder hiding directly below you, so kill him before you drop
    down.  Another hides behind the wall near the barrel.  Kill them both and
    grab the X-potion.  Re-heal if you need to and drop down.  Don't let the
    nearby soilder take you by suprise and finish him quickly.
    Kill the soilder on the ledge across from you and drop down.  Shoot the two
    soilders, one from the top of the building and the other from the doorway
    across the way.  Use the mako point and drop down.  Move forward until you
    hear vincent mention something about snipers and quickly backtrack to the
    safety of the hallway.  One soilder is above you and to the right, take him
    first and peek around the corner, facing the stairs.  The second is barely
    visible, hiding around the ledge on top of the building.  He likes to duck
    when you aim at his head, so take the shot quick.
    now you have two options.  You can continue on with the level, or you can get
    a new gun.  As you are facing the sniper on the rooftop, if you turn to your
    right, you'll see an item box at the bottom of an incline.  It contains a new
    machine gun, one that does little damage, but knocks the enemy down everytime
    it hits.  If you manage to increse it's rate of fire, you can actually hold
    enemies in the air and kill them quickly.  The only problem is that if you
    grab the weapon, a swarm of guard hounds surrounds you.  When you drop them,
    three crimson hounds (just like the boss you fought way back in the game)
    drop in on you.  Personally, I never use the machine gun much, so I skipped
    it, but the choice is yours.
    As you go up the stairs, you may see a bullet hit the ground in front of you,
    turn around and aim up, just past the steel girder.  You should lock on to the
    last sniper.  Either shoot him flat out, if you upgraded your rifle enough,
    it'll kill him, or aim at his head and finish him off that way.  Continue up
    the stairs when he falls.  Turn to the right as you take the top of the stairs
    and grab the cardkey.  Turning completely around (you should see a gate at
    the end) you'll find another sniper on the top of the building.  Take him out
    and proceed cautiously down the hallway.  Two armored rocket launcher guards
    jump out at you.   Dodge the rockets and return fire.  Open the gate after
    they fall.
    In this next area, take a moment to look around.  If you turn left after
    heading through the doorway, you'll find a barrel.  Shoot it (you  may need
    the scope) to knock a box down.  Grab the contents to find the faerie L
    Barrel.  Equip it to both the rifle and handgun, we'll sell the standard long
    barrel at the next oppurtunity.  Leap across the rubble strewn walkway and
    head up the stairs.  When vincent exclaims "what's this?" you know you're on
    the right track.  Heal any damage you may have and hop into the turret.
    You now face what I call the gauntlet.  Wave after wave of enemy come after
    you, from up close and at a distance. You'll face human snipers, Machine gun
    nests, flying mines, and to finish the round, two black widow robots.  Take
    note of the turrets mounted up and to the right, they are the most dangerous
    for the most part.  The humans can be difficult to spot at a distance, but
    just follow the arrows on your damage indicator.  You'll find them soon
    enough.  When the last two black widow spiders fall, you'll be rewarded with
    a cardkey.  Use it on the door behind you for a treasure trove of items and
    another cardkey.
    Use the cardkey you recently acquired to open the gate ahead of you.  A lone
    enemy sniper waits in the window directly above the door.  Take him out
    before he hits you.  Finish off the two enemies that rush around the corner
    as you open the door and move on.  I have noticed that an enemy is shooting at
    you as you come into the next area, but he never hit me and I couldn't find
    him, if anyone has any luck, let me know.  Collect the items strewn around,
    including an elixir, and head up the stairs to your right.  A vending machine
    awaits, sell the long barrel and then upgrade the rifle and anything else you
    wish.  Continue onto the bridge.
    There's a limit breaker sitting in the center and enemies swarm about you as
    you enter.  Equip the machine gun and let them have it.  They come in waves,
    the last one includes a rocket launcher guard, a samaurai, and a soilder with
    protect.  Pick off the rocket launcher first, then step back and let the
    samaurai come in.  Finish the soilder last by rushing him and knocking him
    over (square then circle quickly).  Shoot him in the back for a cardkey.
    You get a cutscene as you step off the bridge.  Nero attempts to capture
    Vincent in one of his aura's, but he escapes with the help of Shelke, who was
    captured earlier.  After the cutscene, you can use the vending machine under
    the stairs and also find some handgun bullets.  Sell any items you don't need
    and also sell a pheonix down (trust me). Head up the stairs and pick up the
    rifle and machine gun ammo.  At the top of the stairs is an item box
    conatining 1 gil, this is annoying because there's no way to get rid of it, so
    you'll always have an extra 1 gil, damnit.  Try to jump over it if you can.
    Kill the enemies and shoot the box, out pops a barrel, shoot it to find a
    small dot on the ground, shoot it to find a potoin (no i didn't spell it
    wrong, it's a different item that heals only 1 hp.  Head back downstairs and
    sell it for 10 gold.  Not much, but better than using it in a firefight and
    dying.  The vending machine up here is fake, if you try to use it, a guard
    pops out.  Equip the machine gun and press x near the machine.  Start firing
    immediately and take him down before he gets a shot in.
    head up the stairs with the newfound cardkey and step into the door here.
    Jump over the bombs here, if you shoot one, a few guards run in below you and
    cause you much harm.  Beware a barrel that drops as you reach the end of the
    hallway.  Pick up the cardkey and use it on the next door to find a row of
    boxes in front of you.  Shoot them one by one and then shoot the guard that
    pops up out of the last one.  Turn backwards and run down the hallway looking
    behind you.  When the guard jumps out, shoot him and keep moving.  If you are
    fast enough, you'll dodge the flying bombs.  You also pick up a pheonix down
    on the hallway (told you to sell the last one.)
    As you open the next door, a guard drops literally at the tip of your
    barrel.  Blast him and be ready to take some damage.  This next area is part
    luck and part timing, just pick a time and run like hell.  If you do get hit,
    dash forward and you'll likely get through.
    In the next room, a countdown starts, point your gun at the other end of the
    hallway (the next room) and wait for the countdown to end.  There's a Cactaur
    at the end of the hallway.  I have had reports that this is the third cactaur
    in the game, check the easter egg section for more details.  After you're
    done playing with the cactaur, take the left into the next room.  Aim your 
    gun to the top of the building in front of you and take the stairs sideways.  
    Blast a fireball to take out all four guards.  Don't miss the one standing on 
    the building beside it as you hit the middle landing. (where the item is).
    From where the last guard was standing, you should be able to see a barrel.
    Shoot it to drop it on some unsuspecting guards.  Take a moment to snipe any
    that you can from the high ground.  After you are satisfied, head down the
    stairs nearby and find a vending machine.  Around the corner is another set
    of stairs.  Head down.
    There's two ways to go about this, the first is the stealthy way, and, in my
    humble opinion, the best.   Equip the rifle or pistol and peek around the
    corner as the guards come to the door.  Pick them off one by one or use a
    fireball to take the lot of them at once.  Then crouch down and head to the
    right side of the door, away from the windows.  Use a dash (square) to clear
    the doorway in one rush and snipe the guard in the turret from cover.
    Option two is much more fun, but will likely result in you getting injured
    more.  Equip the machine gun and dash to the right of the door.  Wait for the
    guards to come in and blow them away as they enter the room.  I still suggest
    sniping the machine gunner regardless of which you choose, but it's up to you.
    After you take out the immediate enemies, I suggest you hop into the turret.
    This will prompt three guards to come out (you can only see two from here).
    Use the turret on the newfound foes and then hop out. Equip a long range
    weapon (pistol or rifle) and peek around the corner.  This one will take
    several shots to take down, whether you aim for the head or not, so just lock
    on and blast away, don't give him an oppurtunity to shoot back.  When he
    falls, take the cardkey he so nicely dropped for you.
    Again, you face a choice.  Open the gate near the turret to face a small
    group of enemies, the reward being a chance to try the true gauntlet and a
    vending machine.  After all the enemies fall in this area, take the hallway
    on the left and travel around.  The message "defeat 100 enemies" appears.
    Enemies will swarm your position in waves of anywhere from five to ten at a
    time, Kill them all to nab a Gold moogle doll that sells for 35000 gil, along
    with about 8000 to 10000 in pickups 
    Regardless, take the stairs back to the turret room and round the corner.
    Here you'll find 3000 gold, a mako point and some stairs heading down.  At
    the bottom of the stairs on the right is a room with a vending machine in
    it.  Upgrade weapons and re-stock on any items you may need.  After you're
    done, head back out the door and across the hall to the doorway opposite.
    Open the door and quickly close it again.  Bullets will bounce from the
    door.  Open the door, kill one guard and close it again.  As always, you
    could lob a fireball at the center target on the top floor to finish the lot
    quickly.  After they fall, drop down the ladder and move to the right, toward
    the watery sewer-like area.  As you move down, vincent will mutter "hmm"
    Look up and shoot the dot on the celing to get a cardkey.  Let's collect all
    the cardkeys and then we'll take care of the items. (1 cardkey collected)
    Keep going down the hallway until you get to the room with a turret and a
    mako point.  Use the mako point and stand next to the turret.  Aim up and to
    the left to find a box.  Scope in on it and fire.  It will fall to the
    ground.  We'll worry about that later.  aim toward the pipe (up and to the
    right from the turret) and shoot the red dot out of the pipe.  Continue down
    the hall and kill the guard.  Drop off the side and turn the corner, kill the
    last of the guards in this area.
    Move down the hallway and climb the ladder, at the top is a keycard floating
    in mid-air.  Finish climbing the ladder and then jump off to get the cardkey
    (2 cardkeys collected).  Turn back around and climb back up.  Climb up the
    second ladder on your left and  you'll notice a vending machine.  Shoot the
    cargo box for another cardkey (3 cardkeys) and walk up to the vending machine.
    Vincent mutters "hmm" again.  Go around the box and find another cardkey
    behind the vending machine. (4 cardkeys collected). Drop out the window
    nearby and move down the corridor.  The next cardkey is on the edge of the
    cliff, be sure not to fall off as that will triger the next cutscene.
    (5 cardkeys collected)  Backtrack all the way to the beginning of the level
    and shoot the box and the red dot on the ground for two more cardkeys. (7
    cardkeys collected).
    Now for the treasure.  Open the gate in front of you for two more cardkeys
    (8 cardkeys collected).  Now for the treasure.  head back to the sewer room
    with the two ladders.  Use a cardkey on each gate in the long string.  You
    should have one left, but there are two more in the area, along with a lucky
    s barrel, which increases your experience earned when you make a kill.  equip
    it if you want, if not, just sell it at the vending machine at the top of the
    stairs.  Across the hall is another gate.  Open it for a limit breaker.
    Backtrack to the turret room for a bayonet rifle.  The last treasure is at the
    very beginning, near the first area of this space.  Open the last gate for a
    elixor (no mispelling) which acts like an elixir, but has the side effect of
    a pheonix down, it is the ultimate healing item, so save it for the final boss.
    Head back to the vending machine and use it if you need to. (I equipped the
    lucky s barrel and sold the other one for almost 20,000 gold.), upgrade the
    machine gun and the pistol, you'll need them in the next fight.  Make sure
    you have a pheonix down activated and another in your inventory.  Head back
    to where we collected cardkey 5 and drop off.  Time to rock
    After the cutscene, you face the last of the tsviets.
    |                            Boss: Nero the Sable                        |
    | He's annoying, but not the hardest boss in the world, in fact he's     |
    | kind of dissapointing.  Rosso was by far the hardest of the tsviets,   |
    | but he barely matches Azul, if he does that.  Just equip the handgun   |
    | and let him have it. After you do about 20% damage, he'll make two     |
    | clones of himself.  The only problem with this is that if you shoot    |
    | them, it still does damge to him.  After you kill the two imposters,   |
    | Nero drops the guns and comes at you with physical attacks.  Just wait |
    | for him to dive at you and then dash to the side.  Just keep plugging  |
    | away, but be sure not to finish him off with the handgun.  If you      |
    | equipped the lucky short barrel to the machine gun, wait till he has   |
    | almost no hp left and finish him off with it.                          |
    He pulls an underhand maneuver, trapping vincent in his darkness realm, but he
    meerly gives him the chance to rescue Shelke from the other dimension.  After
    you escape, Nero says that he will need to try a different dance and summons
    a huge darkness orb behind him.  Before he can release whatever he has in
    mind, Yuffie comes to your aid.  Nero makes some stupid excuse that his
    brother is calling him and runs away.  After this, you get your finish
    Congratulations, this was definitely one of the longest missions in this game.
    I chose to add the experience to my total experience points, mainly because
    all my guns are fully upgraded at this point.  The decision remains yours
    however.  Hang in there, we're almost through this drawn out game.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Twelve -- Beginnings
    When you start, pick up the hi-potion and the handgun bullets in front of you
    and use the mako point  Head right and up the stairs as you see the guards
    jump out.  They both have protect on, so get in close and melee the hell out
    of them.  If that fails, just blast fireball after fireball into them.
    COntinue down the path and use fireballs to kill the soilder on the pipe as
    he is protected too.  Kill the spiders that may come rushing you and move on.
    When you get to the mako point the end of the hall, turn right and shoot the
    barrel to kill the guard easily.  A gargoyle has popped up behind you, so be
    sure to finish him off.  When they die, you may notice that you can still hear
    gunfire.  Stand at the top of the stairs and look straight ahead, you should
    be able to see the soilder peeking around the corner, duck and snipe him for
    an easy kill.  When he's dead, use an X-potion to re-heal and pick up the one
    behind you.  Head down the stairs and take a left.
    Kill the ladybug on the pipe to your right and continue down the stairs.  Go
    into the door to find a vending machine.  Use it if you need to and continue
    on.  As you come into the next area, a cutscene greets you, however short it
    may be.   You have to now kill all gargoyles.  As you kill them don't miss the
    guard on the catwalk across from you taking pot shots with a rifle.  Use the
    mako point and continue down the stairs.  Pick up the handgun bullets and go
    through the door.  I suggest shutting it behind you to avoid getting hurt by
    anything you may have missed.
    Through the next door is a ladder, drop off and kill the two spiders at the
    bottom.  Around the corner are some very angry protected guards.  Use
    fireballs or melee to finish them off quickly.  At the top of the stairs is a
    guard with a rocket launcher waiting for you.  Kill him and then take out the
    two ladybugs that drop in.  Kill the last one to get a keycard.  Use it to
    open the doors.
    This area should look familiar to you, you've been here before.  Cait sith's
    mission took place in this very room.  Pick up the mega potion nerby and drop
    down the ladder.  Drop down again to find a large number of item boxes waiting
    on you, but don't worry, these are yours for the taking, they each contain
    100 gold.  Use the mako point and all hell breaks loose.  Equip your machine
    gun and shoot the ladybugs as they fall in.  A fireball will take them down in
    one blast if you hit it right, but you may need to mop up the survivors.
    Collect the cardkey from the final one and open the gate.  Head through the
    In this next area you have to again take out the gargoyles.  A turret is
    provided, but i suggest you use your own guns, so you can move around
    easier.  After they fall, head down the stairs and pick up all the ammo.  Move
    on down and head through the door at the bottom.  Head through the next door
    for one hell of a time.
    There are several enemies on the central pillar, and you have to kill them.
    All the soilders have protect and the rocket launcher enemies have a lot of
    hp.  I suggest equipping an ether to your quick items and lobbing fireball
    after fireball into the lot of them.  You can also shoot the barrels on top
    of the pedestal to send them scattering among the enemy.  Shoot the barrels
    to take out two or three at a time.  After they're all dead (or you decide to
    run like hell).  Head down the path to the door. Use your map if you have
    trouble finding it.
    In the small room between doors, you can find an x-potion and a Hi potion,
    Heal with either an x-potion (recommended) or a hi-potion and pick up the
    spoils.  Head through the next door to find a familiar mission objective.
    This time, when you kill the gargoyles, I reccomend using the turret.  If
    not, don't be afraid to lob some fireballs in there,  the turret will take
    them down pretty good, so i wouldn't waste your ammo here.  After you're
    done, head through the door and use the much needed vending machine.
    Note: A contributor has noticed a suitcase in mid-air around here, if anyone
    else has spotted it or knows how to get it, let me know
    Spend every bit of gil you have, even if you buy handgun ammo with it.
    (If your weapons aren't fully upgraded, You may wish to be a bit more frugal,
    but I don't have to worry about that.)
    After you use the machine, head through the next door for a cutscene.  Two
    guards come in, one of them pushing a turret.  Kill the first one and then
    quickly take out the second one before he can hop into it.  After they're
    both dead, use the turret to kill the two armored rocket launcher soilders
    that come in.  COllect the cardkey and open the door.
    Open the next one to find some soilders sitting in a nice quiet group.  Kill
    them all with some well placed fireballs and melee the rest to death, they're
    all protected.  Make your way down the hallway, ducking under pipes as you
    go.  When you get to the end, use the mako point and re-heal. Open the door
    when you're ready.
    In this next area, all you can do is run, you can't kill the soilders
    shooting down at you so run like hell (you can use fireballs, but it's just a
    waste of mana, and you'll need them in a munite.  As you come into the next
    room, fire off a shot to get the bugs heading at you.  Lob fireball after
    fireball until all of them are dead and pick up the cardkey.  In this next
    room, stand in the middle of the room and fight the enemies as they come in.
    When they're all dead, face the door and jump to get on top of some pipes, up
    here is another g-report, grab it. (last one)
    Be sure to pick up all the items through here and then push the button on the
    door and head through for a cutscene.  After it's over, it's time to rock yet
    |                         Boss: dragonfly PT                             |
    | This guy is a cinch, just follow the same strategy you've used for all |
    | the other planes.  When it gets close, equip your machine gun and shoot|
    | up into it.  The hardest part of this boss is the gargoyles that drop  |
    | down on you when the plane ducks behind the barrel.  Just shoot them   |
    | to make them fall and melee them or shoot them when they hit the       |
    | ground.  You may have some spiders drop in on you as well, take them   |
    | out with a good blast and call it a day.  After all is said and done,  |
    | heal and let's move on                                                 |
    Press the button near the exit and watch the door open.  Travel down the
    pathway and get ready when you turn the last corner.  Lob fireball after
    fireball into the mass of enemies and then melee the rest when you run out of
    magic.  When they're all dead, use the vending machine and sell any leftover
    items.  Open the door next to the vending machine to get another cutscene
    with yuffie.  Wiess appears to be dead, but Nero shows up and corrects the
    misconception.  Huge plot twist time, Wiess is dead, Nero's bringing him back
    with the power granted him by Omega.  Time to drop this little pshyco.
    |                             Boss: Arachnero                            |
    | This is the hardest boss fight as of now.  Just watch the floating     |
    | crystals nearby until they open up and start to charge.  They shoot    |
    | beams of energy at you, and it hurts like a bitch.  Don't let it       |
    | happen.  After all of the little bastards are down, you can hurt       |
    | Arachnero directly.  Use your most upgraded weapon (most likely pistol)|
    | and keep shooting until he brings up the shield again.  Beware, meteprs|
    | will rain down from the heavens after you kill three or four of the    |
    | flying Crystals.  After he drops down into the lava and flies back up  |
    | to his perch, five homing energy balls fly up with him, crouch behind a|
    | pillar to avoid them.  Repeat the process after he brings his shield up|
    | and eventually you'll cut his hp down to about 30% which causes...     |
    |                             Boss: Gorgonero                            |
    | Give me a break, this shouldn't even be considered a boss fight.  Nero |
    | drops into a new spot, opens fire and teleports out when you hit him.  |
    | This is a lame attempt.  JUst shoot him once when he teleports into    |
    | your vision range.  If he teleports onto your ledge, just shoot him    |
    | with the pistol over and over again to make him go away.  You may      |
    | want to jump to avoid his attack, but it shouldn't be a problem.  The  |
    | hardest part of this battle is the time it takes to finish him off when|
    | you can only get one hit in at a time.  If this is the best the        |
    | Tsviets have got, i'm dissapointed.  Kill the last of them and let's   |
    | finish this, and watch him run and find his brother.  Let's go,        |
    | Weiss awaits                                                           |
    After that dissapointing battle, grab the 5000 gold nearby and use the vending
    machine, time for any upgrades you think you'll need.  Un-equip all the
    attachments to your gun and sell them, even the fire materia, we won't need it.
    Just leave the lucky short barrel on the machine gun, and the faerie long
    barrel on the pistol and rifle.  Trust me on this, you won't be needing
    anything else.  Use the money to buy potions, pheonix downs, and ammo,
    upgrade the last of your guns if you need to, but we won't really use the
    machine gun anymore.  Stock up on all ammo and you may want to keep the
    materia floater and booster if you wanna use magic, but it's not nesecarry.
    Don't use a pheonix down here, but keep one in your inventory.  Don't bother
    healing either, just head on in.  After the cutscene, the battle begins.  Just
    stand still and let him kill you.  Another cutscene and the real battle begins.
    |                         Boss: Weiss Empowered                          |
    | Now that you have the power of Chaos running through you, he moves at a|
    | more reasonable speed.  Watch out for his five distinctive movements.  |
    | The first, he spins his swords around.  When he does this, you can't   |
    | hurt him, move back as far as you can and wait for him to stop.        |
    | The second, he crouches down, with one sword above his head and the    |
    | other at his side.  Jump fast when he moves, he'll catch you in a      |
    | combo that will probably kill you.  The third, he jumps into the air   |
    | and lands in a machine near the back of the room.  Step back and wait  |
    | for the energy orbs to fly at you.  Dash forward when they're close    |
    | to you to have them explode harmlessly behind you.  His fourth move is |
    | his most annoying.  He slides his swords on the ground, creating       |
    | shockwaves that hit you hard, dash to one side to avoid them.  His     |
    | fifth move is his downfall.  When he jumps into the air and points his |
    | swords at the ground, wait for him to slam the ground (Azul did this,  |
    | but Weiss' hurts more.)  Jump but keep shooting as the shockwave       |
    | passes under you.  He takes double damage while doing this.  You may   |
    | need a few hi or mega potions to get you through this, as it's         |
    | definately the hardest in the game.                                    |
    After that boss battle, I can imagine that you're ready to sit back and enjoy
    the ending.  While this would be the perfect time to end the game, with Weiss
    dead and Omega lost forever without a host, Square enix had to have one last
    romp.  There's one more chapter, and it's a doozy.
    When your point total is displayed, add it to your total experince points. 
    When the shopping screen pops up, just re-stock anything you may have used
    during the battle with Wiess and get ready for one hell of a finale.
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Thirteen -- Omega and Chaos
    This misssion is very straightforward.  Enjoy your new pistol, the death 
    sentance.  One shot kills everything.  Simply move along the path here, 
    killing waves of enemies with ease.  When you come to the elixir, fight off 
    the nearby enemies and then use yours.  Grab the spare and move along.  Just 
    follow the path (you can't go any other way) until you get another cutscene.
    Watch it, it rocks.  Vincent takes to the sky and engages in some dogfighting.
    After the cutscene, move forward and up the stairs, killing the strange enemies
    along the way.  Continue moving up until you get to a platform with a gate.
    Reload your death sentance before you move forward and get ready to rumble.
    Circle around the enemies as they appear and continue shooting them until you
    get a cutscene.  Again, watch it, the old team is back to kick some ass.  Cid
    and the other members of the WRO make a nice hole in the door for you and then
    wish you the best of luck.  Vincent heads out with "it's time to save the
    This next part is awesome.  You get to do some aerial fighting.  The music
    rocks too.  Don't worry about moving vincent, the game does that for you, just
    focus on shooting everything that moves.  It's really hard for them to hit you,
    but the same is not true in reverse, just take them out with the death penalty.
    Breathe a sigh of sadness when it ends.
    Kill all the enemies nearby and then watch the upcoming cutscene.  We need to 
    get to the top of the mushroom tower.  Reload the Death sentance and keep
    moving.  Just move upward any chance you get and kill the pathetic resistance.
    When you fly up to the next area, just move forward along the path, don't worry
    about the enemies nearby, it's time to end this mission.
    Again, add the exp to totals and re-stock on any items you used.  If you plan
    on continuing the story in ex hard mode, sell every item you own, except for
    perhaps the elixor (it's the best healing item in the game and it only nabs you
    10 gold, bull.) You'll get plenty of chance to re-stock in the next mission...
    /walkthrough/  Chapter Fourteen -- A Finale Chaotic
    This mission starts out with a little boss fight, something to warm you up:
    |                         Boss: Crystal Feelers                          |
    | this boss is more like a re-stocking mission.  Equip your rifle and    |
    | kill all the enemies as they pop in.  The boss doesn't attack you      |
    | directly, or at all. Instead, you will notice one of the petals spread |
    | around the arena open up and begin to shine a white light.  You have to|
    | melee the petal when it opens. The easiest way to do this is to wander |
    | around aimlessly until you happen to come near an open plant.  The     |
    | enemies can't hurt you and they drop some decent stuff.  Just keep     |
    | killing with the rifle until you run out of ammo or you get tired of   |
    | fighting.  Keep meleeing plants and shooting flying cross things       |
    | until you're satisfied with the amount of death penalty bullets you    |
    | have and you have re-stocked your red potions, hi potions, and pheonix |
    | down.  Save these for now. After you finally give up and kill all the  |
    | plants, you get a short cutscene and another battle ensues...          |
    |                         Boss: Omega Cocoon                             |
    | It's a freaking cocoon.  It doesn't move, fight, or do anything except |
    | bleed.  Just equip the Death penalty and keep unloading on it.  It puts|
    | up no resistance, relying on the flying crosses to protect it (they    |
    | aren't very good bodyguards.) After it falls, it spawns the enemy      |
    | we've all been waiting for...                                          |
    |                        Boss: Omega Weiss                               |
    | Caution, if you hold any respect for this game, kill this mockery of a |
    | final boss off as soon as possible.  Just equip your death penalty, a  |
    | red potion or two, and plug away.  It has some differeng attacks,      |
    | most annoyingly of which is the fact that it has Weiss in it, and he   |
    | drops in every now and then to slice and dice you a little.  This boss |
    | is a bit of a dissapointment, but I trust that you'll kill it all the  |
    | same.  I'll not give away all the attacks, just in case you read ahead,|
    | but rest assured, if you've made it this far without much trouble, you |
    | will be sorely dissapointed.                                           |
    After this sad little battle, you get your cumulative results. and then
    there's nothing left to do but enjoy the final cutscene.  Congrats on hanging
    in there and finishing a great game, as well as using my first walkthrough to
    help you out.
    /Cumulative Results/
    This is where I'll post any cumulative results I recieve from contributors, the
    first one on the list will be mine, but I have effectively played the game 
    twice on these results, so the final time is pretty steep for this game.
    Sixthsage : 
         Targets destroyed     1165
         accuracy rate         53%
         damage sustained      112664
         critical hits         414
         killchains            730
         items used            220
         magic used            118
         mako collected        78%
         times KO'd            4
         Time expired          10:46:17
    /Easter eggs/
    Here's some things that struck me as funny while I played Dirge of Cerberus,
    some things that correspond with other final fantasy games.  (if anyone else
    notices something, be sure to e-mail me and i'll add it.)
    1: vincent himself
         for those of you Who have played final fantasy 10, Vincent seems to bear
         a striking resemblence to a certian someone by the name of Auron. The cape
         that he wears is exactly the same color as Auron's robe, and the collar
         covers his mouth, much like Auron for the biggest majority of the game.
    2: Chaos, Vincent's inner demon
         The demon who resides within vincent looks strikingly similar to a Final
         Fantasy 12 summon by the name of Mateus.  The horns on the top of the head
         and the wings bear an oh so striking resemblance, although the color is
         wrong for the skin
    3: Looking to the stars
         Onboard the Shera, in the room with the vending machine, the celing
         changes it's appearance.  When it turns to the space scene, look closely
         at the wierd shape near the center, it looks strikingly similar to Chaos.
    4: Clouds in the sky
         In chapter 3, look for a light shining in the sky, walk toward it and look
         up to see a silhouette of Cloud in the sky, there is also another one near
         where you get the model gun and another near the bridge while you protect
         the boy.
    /E-mail checklist/
    I love recieving e-mails, but no one likes spam, flames, or things of the such.
    So if you do send me an e-mail, whether it's just to say Hi and thanks for the
    walkthrough, or to contribute to my guide, I encourage you to follow these
    ~ Be sure to mark it with something like "dirge of cerberus" in the subject
      line so it is not deleted
    ~ Be polite, flames and impolite criticism will not be tolerated and will be
      deleted immediately (impolite criticism consists of something like "this
      guide sucks, you need to make it better") basically, if you find a problem,
      try to offer a solution or a way to fix it instead of just bitching about it.
    ~ Keep in mind that I typically check my e-mail at school, since I have
      dreadfully slow internet at home. So, during the school months, i'll probably
      get back to you within a day or so, depending on my workload and how many
      e-mails I have recieved.  During the summer or holidays, don't expect 
      anything until I get back in school.
    ~ Feel free to contribute.  Within my walkthrough, i noted some things that I
      was not able to do or some things that I needed help on.  If you can answer
      any of these questions, be sure to let me know what name you want me to use
      to give you credit.  If you fail to do this, i'll just use your e-mail
      address  to give you credit.
    ~ Be thorough.  If you decide to contribute something or you have a question,
      be sure that I can understand what you're talking about or asking.  I welcome
      any questions or contributions, but if I can't understand what you're saying,
      all you're doing is wasting both our times.
    ~ Keep in mind that I will not give credit for a simple little thing.  I'll not
      let my credits section be seven pages long because I have to credit everyone
      who pointed out a missed comma or period.  Send in a complete list of errors
      and you'll get all the credit you deserve, send in a few little snippets, and
      you'll get a heartfelt e-mail of thanks. :)
    ~ feel free to e-mail me about things unerelated to gaming.  I love to chat,
      and as this is my first guide, I haven't gotten tired of a bunch of random
      e-mails yet...
    ~ Flame me, spam me, or in any other way be an a$$ hole.
    ~ Send the same e-mail over and over.  If I don't respond within two or three
      days, send it again, but I don't need seven copies of the same e-mail in four
    Failure to respect these rules will result in your e-mail being blocked from
    my inbox.  You've had your fair warning.
    /Contributing to my guide/ E-mail me a Seventhsage@gmail.com
    This guide is far from complete, nor is it ever likely to be.  I encourage any
    and all forms of feedback, negative (as long as it's constructive), positive,
    and any additions to generally make my guide better.  Things I'm looking for
       Alternate boss strategies*
       Locations for the extra content capsules*
       Easter eggs* - please provide adequate details for me to check it.
       Anything I noted within my guide as things I need*
    Things i'm not looking for explicitly, but are still welcome (will not likely
    recieve credit):
       Spelling errors (see e-mail section)
       Criticism with ideas for improvement
    note: * = I will need time to test them before I add it to my guide
    /Legal Information/
         this walkthrough is property of me and me alone, feel free to download it,
         print it, and distribute it, but don't change it, call it your own, or
         make any profit whatsoever from it. Also, if you do distribute it, be sure
         to give me some credit (which you have to do if you follow the "do not
         change it clause), I put a lot of time into this thing. Include my
         E-mail address or the link to my website, listed below. everyone loves
         free publicity :).  As of now, it has permission to reside in the places
         listed below:
     www.gamefaqs.com (and affiliates)
     http:\\seventhsage.googlepages.com (my site)
    and on the other hand, these sites are expressly forbidden to host my site, due
    to the fact that they have been known to rip off other faqs writers.  These are
    compiled from lists found on many other gamers faqs, thanks for the heads up
    guys. Special thanks to SinirothX, who speaks most highly *laughs* of the
    following sites, especially Cheatcc, on his final fantasy 10 boss battle 
       http://www.zeldaguide.com             |zelda Guide]
       http://www.cheatcc.com                |CheatCC|
       http://911codes.com                   |911 codes|
       http://www.9lives.ru/eng/             |9 lives|
       http://www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm      |Bean's Playstation Dimension|
       http://cheatindex.com                 |Cheat Index|
       http://cheatmatrix.com                |Cheat Matrix|
       http://cheatsearch.com                |Cheat Search|
       http://www.panstudio.com/cheatstop    |Cheat Stop|
       http://games.netscape.com/Faqs        |CNET Gamecenter|
       http://www.consoledomain.co.uk        |Console Domain|
       http://dlh.net                        |Dirty Little Helper|
       http://www.darkstation.com/           |Dark Station|
       http://kirby.pokep.net                |Dreamland|
       http://www.gamesdomain.com            |Games Domain|
       http://www.gameexpress.com            |Games Express|
       http://www.gamesover.com/             |Games Over|
       http://www.megagames.com              |Mega Games|
       http://www.squarehaven.net            |SquareHaven|
       http://www.flatbedexpress.com         |Ultimate System|
       http://www.videogaming.net            |VideoGaming.net|
    Should you find it on any of these sites or elsewhere, be sure to alert me at
    once so I can take the proper actions to have it removed through any means I
    see fit.  I will send a warning email, politely asking for the removal.  If my
    warning is not heeded within a reasonable amount of time, (about a week) I will
    remind them again (a bit less politely), after that, I let the legal system
    handle it, and rest assured, the legal system is on my side, what with
    copyright being what it is and all.
    /Special thanks/
    Square Enix for bringing the final fantasy series into an all new genre and
    doing a pretty damn good job of it.
    Me - for finally biting the bullet and writing a guide.
    Everyone else who helped me set up this guide:
       Sinrothx - for loaning me his list of "people who cannot host this guide"
       Eli Shreve - for giving me the rewards for the "kill 100 enemies" section
       Mark clark & Star_Rapture - laser grids in chapter 9
       Fat, bald guy - midair suitcase in chapter 12
       Leon Valentine - info on ultima weapon and the cloud silhoutes
       Caliban - let me know i had my e-mail removed, along with other info
       Omega arts - info on the chapter 9 laser grids and the g-reports
    You - What would be the point of writing a guide if nobody ever read
    it.  I hope you have enjoyed my guide, and I hope it helped.  Keep an eye out,
    I'm debating whether I should make another...

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