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Kiss and Tell: Valentine's Day 01/30/06 Ashley Winchester
More of a dirge for Final Fantasy VII than anything else. 09/05/06 CCSchlueter
Story's nice, everything else is PHBBT! 08/14/06 Def Freak7
Dirge of Cerberus is a casual shooter, with barely anything to do with the Final Fantasy 7 world... 05/21/12 Demigod_Tyek
Final Fantasy 7 fans shouldn't be discouraged by the critics, there is alot for them to like here. 08/28/06 DragonFaced
A dirge for Cerberus 08/30/06 espidey
A great game, just not what you're used to. (Spoiler-Free) 08/22/06 Ghost_of_Cloud
Am I the only one who thinks Vincent is wearing clown shoes? 08/21/06 goku554051029
What happened? 08/18/08 GooberSD
Anyone else feel like it's a failed copy of Kingdom Hearts? 02/27/12 KsCountry
Needs tuning in some areas, but still a good game. 08/22/06 LegatoBluesommers
A truely chaotic ride! 09/15/06 MattDavidson
Square should stick to what they do best. 06/30/08 mf29
Hmm... I actually didn't expect it to be this good! 08/21/06 MFSoulia
Care about the actual game and not just the name "Final Fantasy"? Read here! 08/24/06 Ninjujitsu
SE thinks that any game that they slap "Final Fantasy" on will sell. 09/05/06 Off_da_border
The Titanic of the Videogame World 08/21/06 omegadranzer
A unique "Gun RPG" from Square-Enix 03/24/06 ParaFish
Playing a Dirge of Cerberus 08/23/06 Phoenix_Tear
Half-FPS, half-RPG; half movie, half game 08/28/06 pokkithedo
A unique, yet fun hybrid of the FPS and RPG genre. It also doubles as the sequel to the sequel of Final Fantasy VII 08/18/06 Rothemcia
Square-Enix's third-person shooter proves fun, but not perfect. 08/17/06 Sephir0th56
They could have done so much better. 03/18/09 spankythesloth
Played it, didn't expect much, but found a new gem in Square's arsenal! (spoilers) 08/25/06 sqwalllyonhart
Dirge of Cerberus: Not as bad as everyone thinks, not as good as anyone hoped. 09/13/06 thaGreatness
There is no winner in this average game... (Possible spoilers) 08/31/06 Trunksrocks27
Good idea, but falls flat 08/31/06 wizardmentor
Vincent's triumphant return 08/21/06 Xhunter11

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