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    Gray Walkthrough by Kouli

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    -- Romancing Saga: Minstrel Song --
    -- Gray Walkthrough --
    -- By Kouli (aka Ken Zhao, kenzhao99@yahoo.com) --
    -- Version 0.3 --
    <Beforehand Words>
    This Gray Walkthrough is based on the Japanese version of Romancing Saga:
    Minstrel Song that is released on April 21, 2005.
    The game is made and published by Square Enix.
    Lastly, the game itself offers TONS of freedom, you can do anything in any
    order for most cases. You don't have to visit the places in the order that I
    listed out. It's just an example from me, and this FAQ/Walkthrough does not
    aim for TOTAL COMPLETION, meaning you are going to miss things, events per say.
    The FAQ/Walkthrough exists just for the purpose of beating it, solely. Total
    completion is up to you and I may write related FAQs on those in the future
    separately. Just have fun with your first playthrough and beat it, don't worry
    and over-work yourself with your first playthrough.
    <Update Log>
    \April 21~24, 2005/
    - Version 0.1, start up the Gray Walkthrough
    \April 25~May 01, 2005/
    - Version 0.2, continue on the Gray Walkthrough, but going at rather slow speed
      since I am not really feeling well. The sore throat has gotten to me badly.
      Besides the coughing, there is the running nose to deal with constantly
    \May 02~May 03, 2005/
    - Version 0.3, feeling better and finish up on the walkthrough
    <Character Select>
    Obviously you are going to pick #3, Gray. Then you will be able to rename the
    Gray. After, press Circle again to confirm the initial class. Next, you can
    name yourself. I am going for "Ken", then confirm. Then select the gender. And
    then there are options for the Vibration, to either set it on or off. Finally,
    press Circle again to start the game.
    You start with Garahad and Miriam in the party. There are shops and people you
    can talk to. If you need to save your game, there is the inn person near the
    exit of the town. There is also a Minstrel in the pub: You can get him to play
    a song or so. However, beware of the function that he offers you: to kick out
    your party members. DO NO do it. You just started the game, you need Garahad
    and Miriam, at least for now. You don't have to kick out the members and can
    just keep selecting listen to a song. As long as you are talking to him and not
    kicking out Garahad nor Miriam, that's fine. If you keep talking to him, he'll
    join the party. He leaves the party every time you enter a pub, so if you want
    him, you will have to keep talking to him again to get him to join, of course,
    try not to kick out your other members by accident. You can also take a ship
    to Melville, but you will end up going with Garahad or Miriam, or say goodbye
    to both. So, don't go to Melville yet. Once you are done whatever you wish to
    do at Jelton, and heard the info on the plains, exit out the town.
    There are enemies showing up on the field, encounter one and you will enter a
    battle. You can fight around a bit here to strengthen your party, but avoid
    the Dinosaur. You can also use "Start" to open up the Map. Anyway, there are
    all these caves you can enter. Take the lower right one on the map to the
    Treasure Cave. On the third floor, you can get a "Rusty Old Sword". There will
    be a short scene. If you bring this sword to the Blacksmith at Jelton, then
    fix it with Bronze, there will a little dialogue. Now for the 3 caves around
    the center of the map, take the left most one. Make sure you have the Map
    Ability "Stealthy Steps" before entering this Dinosaur Cave. At the end of the
    cave, you would find "Dinosaur Egg". Because you have the "Dinosaur Egg",
    the Dinosaur in this cave will chase you. You could either escape your way out
    by spending LP to escape the battles, or use "Stealthy Steps". Now, back at
    Jelton, you could sell the Egg for extra money. If you go near the 3 men and a
    woman in the pub, speak with them for a scene. If you exit out pub and enter
    again, that woman(Sheryl) will be gone. There is nothing can be done at the
    moment, time to get to Melville.
    Upon your arrival, there will be a short scene. You will then promt with a
    choice, pick the third one to say goodbye to both of them. Continue down the
    path and speak with a girl(Marine) to hear about the "Nymph Statue". Continue
    into the city. There are shops around and there is a man(Jan) that you can
    talk to, and accept his request with the first choice. Claudia will join the
    party. After, a short scene. With Claudia in the party, there is a man walking
    around the city, if you talk with him, you will enter a battle against this
    "Assassin". If you sleep at the inn, you will get another scene and yet another
    choice, just pick the first one. On the second level, in one of the shrines,
    you can hear about the King's strange illness. There is also the library where
    you can get all sorts of info. Also, there is a sewer you can explore but most
    doors are locked. If you ever return to Jelton, it has already been covered by
    monsters and you can visit a new location called Mt. Tomae if you talk with the
    bartender in the pub of Jelton. If you are going there, make sure you bring the
    Map Ability - "Jump" and besure to prepare for a hard fight against Flame
    Tyrant if you decide to fight him. At this point of the game, it's best to
    avoid him. Even you lost to him, it's not Game Over. Anyway, back at Melville.
    Exit out at south.
    Nothing rellly interesting right now, but there are shops around.
    You can get Jamil in the pub and a new location(South Estamir). Speak with a
    woman in the town for another new location(Bayre Plateau). Besides those,
    nothing really interesting and more shops.
    <Aurefont - Gold Mine>
    Go north for a scene and you will be in the mine. You will need to save the
    miners around and finish off 10 monsters. Some of them can hide pretty well,
    so make sure you check all locations. Also, because the game's fixed camera
    angles, do check out some off-screen areas. Some of the monsters here are very
    tough, so DO NOT hesitate to quick save before each of them. The toughest one
    among the 10 is probably the Gold Dragon. After you clear all 10 monsters, exit
    out. In the town, you can speak with Loei and accept his request. After some
    scenes, you will be taken in a fight. After, more scenes. That's it for now,
    on to the next location.
    It's confusing but isn't all that much of a maze. There is no map so you have
    to memorize a bit and know which path you have already taken. But eventually
    you will be in an area with 2 animals outside a tree house. Enter the tree
    house and talk with Owl for more scenes. After, make sure you pick up the Owl
    Staff and Owl Hat. Now exit out this forest.
    <Bayre Plateau>
    Here, you can enter the Great Pit at north. At the deepest level of the Great
    Pit, you would meet with Adiris. You can fight him or take his request to get
    the "Gale Shoes" from Tiny Feather at Mt. Scurve. Take the request and be done
    with it. It's not likely for you to beat this creature with 5 heads. Anyway,
    you get a new location(Mt. Scurve).
    <South Estamir>
    There are shops and a shrine. There are thugs and kids running to you for money
    and try to avoid them. Check out the sewer. The NE path leads to North Estamir.
    <North Estamir>
    More shops and there are 3 men surround a female on the back of some shops,
    speak to them and fight time. After, you get a new location. In the pub, you
    can get Miriam back. Don't tell me you forgot about her already! You can listen
    to the Minstrel here for a story and a new location if you speak to him after.
    Also, there is a man here with a request. Take it and back to the sewer. Here,
    go take the center north path to the catacomb. But first, you would meet up
    with Marine. Follow her first. Eventually, a scene and go left to Loei but you
    need to killl an enemy first. After, more scene. You will be taken to North
    Point automatically. Reutrn to North Estamir and time to return to the catacomb
    in the sewer. More scene and you will return to the pub automatically. Now, you
    would see Marine around at North Estamir(and probably everywhere else with a
    port), if you talk to her and accept the new request from her. There will a
    chain of events and eventually you will be stuck in a shrine where you can't
    return til you clear it. Hence, let's not do that for now.
    Head to Meville and there should be a chain of events and you will end up in
    the inn of Meville. Once you get out, there are loads of pirates you can fight.
    Head toward the harbor and more scenes. After, go left toward the pirate boss
    for a fight. He has a lot of HPs, so try to do lots of combos. After, back to
    the city center and up to the second level. The guards are already down, so
    enter the castle. Once you meet the king, more scenes and a boss fight. After
    the fight, head to the pub and check a posted note and enter the villager's
    house for more scenes. Exit the house and head toward the central area. You
    then be taken to Mazewood automatically. Go up and follow the butterfly.
    Eventually, you will need to check out a skull to get a pendant. Also, check
    out the the flower. Now return to that villager's house at Melville. Speak with
    them for more scenes. Moving on to other stuff, head to North(or was it the
    South?) Estamir and at the pub, speak with the Minstrel as usual, there may be
    more stories from him. If so, you may get new locations. Also, there is also
    Barbara for you to get. Do so, because she has one of the ten Destiny Stones.
    <Ukom Underwater Shrine>
    (*The quest might be a bit tough. You might not want to do it now. Maybe til
    you have better magic defense, better arts and party members)
    Now speak with Marine(any harbor/ship city). Accept her request and more scenes
    then swim toward her in first person view that leads up to a fight. After, more
    scenes. Then you will end up in this shrine. Floor 1 is pretty straight forward
    except one side leads item boxes and the other leads to Floor 2. Floor 2, watch
    out for the openings on the floor, you can drop down back to Floor 1. There is
    a guardian on Floor 2 where you must fight. If you have any full party arts,
    this ends pretty quickly. Floor 3, more enemies and more of those openings that
    you can fall in. Make sure you don't fall in them just to avoid enemies. At the
    end of the floor, there is another guardian. Same as before, arts against all
    enemies work well here. Here, you will fight the true Guardian. It has only
    one attack - "Rock Canon" and it can use it twice. It is a powerful attack but
    it isn't all that deadly as long as you can heal. After, continue up to the
    room to get the Black Daia. Back track out this place but make sure you make
    a quick save before exiting out. Once you get out, another scene and you would
    end up fighting Minion Strife. He is a bit stronger than the Guardian, but it
    mainly uses Hell Fire for damage and other magic, as long as your magic defense
    is good enough, and retain the healings, you would be fine. After, more scenes
    and you would be back on the surface, as well as getting the Nymph Ring.
    There are shops around and talk with the person by the herb shop for the new
    location 'Lake Malar'. In the pub, you may get more story from the Minstrel.
    <North Point>
    Usual shops and Minstrel in the pub may offer more story, and you can probably
    get that Gera=Ha to join as well.
    There are shops around, you can speak with the Minstrel, Hawk(probably can join
    if you wish), and there is also a woman that can reveal you the new location
    'Steppes of Galessa', another man that reveals 'Kaklim Desert', a kid that
    reveals 'Oldcastle'.
    <Crystal City>
    Lots of shops as usual, speak with a town person for a new location 'Crystal
    Lake'. In the pub, there is Sif you can get and the Minstrel might tell you
    another one of the stories. Explore this city around since it's quite big.
    There is also a Mirza Shrine where you can get Garahad back.
    In the pub, there is Sif again if you don't have her in the party already.
    Nothing really interesting except few shops.
    In the pub, there is the Minstrel with more story. Besides the shops, there is
    an oldman by the harbor, accept his request to the Isle of Evil.
    <Isle of Evil>
    Not that tricky as it seems. Just pay attention to the stairs and use the D-Pad
    to walk slow or faster. On the next area, you gonna need to avoid that ball.
    Rather easy if you just run side ways. You need to check the 6 mini altars in
    order to lower the path to north. What's next is just repeatitions, except it
    gets harder. In the end, you will reach to the 4th floor. More scene and that's
    it for now.
    Within the castle, there is Albert that you can get along with a request.
    <Mt. Scurve>
    Quite a big area, with lots of monsters. Avoid them with Stealth and Stealthy
    Steps if you can. Later part or in order to reach the top, you need the Jumping
    map ability, so bring equip that along. At the top of the mountain, check the
    feather on the ground and Tiny Feather will show up. You have a choice, either
    to speak of the Adiris request or fight it.
    <Newroad/West End>
    Go all the way north to the second area and you can face Jewel Beast here. He
    is all the strong per say, can atack twice per turn. The deadly thing is if he
    combos up his two attacks. Once you beat it, you get the Jewel Ring.
    Take a ship at Melville to get here. Usual shops here and within the pub, there
    is the Minstrel that may tell another story. Exit out to the Jungle. Go left
    to Godongo.
    Just more shops. Once you are done, exit out, back to the Jungle. Take the
    upper right cave this time.
    <Gekko Tribe Cave>
    To open the gates, you will need to move the stone to the right light spot. In
    the end, you can get to the Gekko Tribe Village. Anyway, back at the Jungle,
    take the ship at north to the inner part. 
    <Inner Jungle>
    Upper near cave leads to a shrine but you probably don't have the items to open
    it. The other two caves leads to other areas, and among that, you can get into
    the Silver Cave.
    Take a ship at Yeoville. Speak with an oldman in town to get a new location
    'Eugenscade'. In the pub, you may hear more story from the Minstrel. Then there
    are also shops around.
    There are shops around and a castle to explore. Speak with the castle master
    for a new location 'Weiserheim'. Also, speak with a female on the second floor
    to get a key. Back to Mirsaburg.
    With the key, head to the eastern corner house that was locked before, you can
    now enter the Mirsaburg Castle. There are monsters around, so beware. In the
    Teodor Room, there is a map that reveals a new location 'Pagan Ruins'. Then
    a quick battle after. Afterward, there shouldn't be any monster around. Exit
    out the way you came in then.
    <Pagan Ruins>
    This can be confusing. But check out the candles at the hall? You need to get
    them all light up. To light them up, follow the head statue that's facing the
    wall then enter that wall, once you are back to the wall, go north. Repeat this
    over and over again to get all the candles light up. When all the candles are
    light up, still follow into the wall that a statue is facing at. Just one more
    time, then there will be an intersection, go right to the jail. Here, do make
    a quick save. You can going to fight Red Dragon. Physical attacks, it can does
    it twice per turn. It's really its fire attacks, especially Flame Breath that
    does more than one person. It only has about twice of the HP a Gold Dragon has,
    however. After, go north to a big jail area. The one that the statue is facing
    at is the real Teodor. After, save your game, exit out and head to Weiserheim.
    Afer some scene, you would fight Ifrit. His fire bird attack can be pretty
    deadly at the beginning, but the rest is similar to the previous fight with
    that Red Dragon. They even have similar amount of HPs. Also, watch out for its
    shield for your first attack. After the battle, speak with Flama then pick the
    first option to obtain the Fire Ruby, another Destiny Stone.
    <Lake Malar>
    Pay and rest at the inn. At night, since the water is depleted and you can now
    enter that mansion. In the end, you will fight with Shadow Warrior of Tuman,
    afterward, head to Lake Malar and there should be a ship and two guards there.
    After you push the guards into the water, you can take the ship. Avoid the
    monsters and go right to that temple-like structure.
    <Water Dragon Shrine>
    In the inner part, eventually you would be in the room to meet with the Water
    Dragon. You will fight the guards, then pick the second choice to fight the
    Tuman. He isn't all that tough, and in the end, you would get the Water Dragon
    Ring. After, you will have the choice to return, try its request or fight it.
    <Kaklim Desert>
    Have the map ability 'Jump' ready, BTW. At the desert, use the compass and go
    north. A sand pool here will take you to the inner part of the desert. Walk
    your way around from right to the left in order to get into the Desert Ruins.
    Work your way around and eventually, you would get to a monster guarding a path
    and that leads deeper, into the Niser Cave. Similar to above, explore around
    and there is the same monster guarding the path to inner parts. Soon, you will
    reach to a village.
    <Legendary Lake Village>
    Pass here to the shrine. At there, pick the third option to pray then pick the
    second choice to recieve Topaz, another Destiny Stone. Back to the first floor
    of the Niser Cave, speak with the center man then the first option to get the
    Earth Sword. Now you can speak with the people around.
    Pass Flame Tyrant, that door leads to the UnderWorld. You will need to equip
    the map ability Jump, and in the end, you will meet 1 of the three Evil Gods -
    God of Death, Des. You can fight it and quite frankly, it's a pretty difficult
    fight, especially that 'Gate Opening' move. He is actually stronger than the
    final boss himself, per say. If anyone dies, make sure you revive that person
    ASAP. Don't hesitate to spend a round just to heal yourselves. This is no
    ordinary enemy.
    <Trials of Elore>
    Alright, time to get to the final section of the game. By now, if you talk with
    the Minstrel, he may reveal this location or you could reach here through the
    Steppes of Galessa. This is just the Sun Altar. Up the stairs and there will be
    stairs up to the heaven.
    <Final Trial>
    Starts up by fighting Ogre Champion. This is just the first fight, you should
    not have much trouble. After, get the item box that contains the map, then go
    right to fight Frozen Body. This one has a better defense and a bit more HPs,
    but still easy. After, go back to left to fight Grendel. Next area, Zaratan,
    then King Mok where things get a bit harder because of its high magical offense
    then you can get Eris Bow after the battle. Next, Jascony then Dinosaur. The
    third area, Destroyer. After that, ignore the warp point and go left to fight
    that AmulAmut and you can get Left Hand Sword. Area 4, Wilm Founder then there
    is Alastor, then the finally, Gold Dragon. In the final area, you would meet up
    with Elore. He will tell you the location of Saruin. Pick the first option to
    get back to the Sun Altar.
    (*If there is anything you want to do now, do it.)
    <Last Dungeon>
    Head to Isthmus then into the Isthmus Cave. In the end, you will be taken to
    the Last Dungeon after some scenes. In the end of Floor 2, you can fight up
    with Minion Strife again. On Floor 3, you can fight with Minion Wile. Floor 4,
    you are going to fight both Minion together. Two of these can be a bit trouble
    but just focus on one first then the other one. Pass them, you would finally
    reach to the end of the game. Saruin will reveal himself and time for the final
    battles. First fight, not too bad. He can hit you a bit harder than the last
    set of enemies fights. Focus a bit more on healing, then he will eventually
    move to his next form. The thing to watch out is his Darkness of the Heart move
    that attacks the whole party numerous times. Spend a turn or so to heal the
    party after. Saruin also has another full party attack but it doesn't hit many
    times, however, do heal before you attack on. With the best moves for each type
    of weapons, such as Phantasmagoric for Fine Sword, Lefty Fork or Motionless
    Sword for Long Sword, Heart-Shape Sword for Blade, Phoenix Arrow for Bow...etc
    Once you take down this final form of Saruin, you have beaten the game. Sit
    back and enjoy the ending.
    <More Coming Soon>
    - Me
    - CJayC
    - Square Enix
    This Document Copyright 2005 Kouli

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