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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BladewindDraconus

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 11/08/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song 
    copyright 2005, Square-Enix
    Romancing Saga Walk Thru
    Prepared by: Bladewind Draconus
    Table of Contents
    Key	Subject
    RS000	What is Romancing SaGa?
    RS001	Characters - List of Playable Characters (To be added)
    	RS001A	Albert
    	RS001B	Aisha
    	RS001C	Gray
    	RS001D	Claudia
    	RS001E	Jamil
    	RS001F	Sif
    	RS001G	Hawke
    	RS001H	Barbara
    	RS001I	Sub-characters Listing
    	RS001J	Sub-characters I  (Readily Available at start of game)
    	RS001K	Sub-characters II (Require quest complete before available)
    	RS001L	Temporary/Limited Characters
    	RS001M	Mercenary 
    	*This section to be contributed by Doomerang & Lordbetshumeletz 
    RS002	Job Classes Description and Skill Lists
    	RS002A	Basic Job Listing
    	RS002B	Advanced Job Listing
    	RS002C	Legendary Job Listing
    	RS002D	Weapon Skills Listing
    	RS002E	Magic Skills Listing
    	RS002F	Map Skills Listing
    RS003	Basic, Advanced, And Legendary Classes Requirements
    	RS003A	Basic Job Class Requirement
    	RS003B	Advanced Job Class Requirement
    	RS003C	Legendary Job Class Requirement & Location
    RS004	Proficiencies and Usage
    	RS004A	Proficiencies List
    	RS004B	How to Use Treasure Map, Find Treasure, and Excavate
    	RS004C	How to use Trade
    RS005	Event Ranks and Events (Quest)
    	RS005A	Understanding Event Rank (ER)
    	RS005B	New Game+
    	RS005C	How to Tell Your Event Rank
    	RS005D	Quest List & their ER Limit
    RS006	Related Quest Chains (Quest Walkthru)
    	RS006A	Terror of the Frontier - The Jewel Beast
    	RS006B	Unlocking Darque/Aldora (Secrect Char) & Schirach (Hidden Boss)
    	RS006C	Disaster at Melvir, Isle of Evil + Pirate Coast
    	RS006D	Of Gecklings, Silver and Moonstone
    	RS006E	Treachery in the Dominion
    	RS006F	Wanted: Delivery Boy Or Gal (+ Wuhan's brothel)
    	RS006G	Ecology 101
    	RS006H	Trouble from the Deep
    	RS006I	End Game?
    	RS006J	Frozen Secrets
    	RS006K	Fatestone Collection
    RS007	Character Intro Walkthru
    	RS007A	Albert	(N/A)
    	RS007B	Aisha
    	RS007C	Gray
    	RS007D	Claudia
    	RS007E	Jamil	(N/A)
    	RS007F	Sif	(N/A)
    	RS007G	Hawke
    	RS007H	Barbara
    	RS007Z	Opening up the World of Mardias
    RS008	Tempering FAQ & Example
    	RS008A	What is Tempering?
    	RS008B	How to Temper & How to "Break in" a Weapon
    	RS008C	Tempering the Falcata
    	RS008D	Best Temperable Weapons List
    		(Include list of all the Best Weapons in Game)
    	RS008E	Armor Tempering
    		(Include list of Best Buyable Armor)
    RS009	Tempering Materials List
    	RS009A	Buy-able Tempering Materials
    	RS009B	Dropped/Traded Tempering Materials
    	RS009C	Tempering Material Statistics
    RS010	Fusion Magic List
    	RS010A Fusion Spell List and Usage
    	RS010B Imperial Scholar Fusion Formulas (2 spells)
    	RS010C Rosalian Mage Fusion Formulas (3 spells)
    RS00Q	Interesting Questions/Posts from the GameFaq Message Board
    	Q1: Okay,newbie here.And i need help *ASAP*
    	Q2: This game would be MORE FUN if i could do many quests(HELP)
    	Q3: How to make a healer?
    	Q4: RPG Etiquette
    	Q5: What is a Benediction and How to Increase my Favor with the Gods?
    	Q6: OMG!!Jewel beast!!
    RS00Z	Thank You Notes, Legal, etc.
    Please use the search key to jump to the contents of your choice.
    If you already have the game, I suggest skipping to 001 and beyond.
    You will see a lot of "N.B." in my notes, it is abbreviation for "Note Well" 
    in Latin... In other words, pay attention!
    RS000 What is Romancing SaGa?
    Instead of telling you how badass Cloud/Squall is, Romancing Saga is about a 
    world and the exploits of its heroes. As such, greater empahsis is placed on 
    the deeds of the heroes, than the heroes themselves. And by listening to the 
    minstrel's song as you progress in the story, you will find many intriguing 
    tales, mysteries, and even forewarning of danger (hence the subtitled 
    Minstrel's Songs). 
    To fully appreciate this, one must understand the title of the game: 
    (Source: www.dictionary.com) 
    The definition of Romance in Romancing Saga is: 
    1) A long medieval narrative in prose or verse that tells of the adventures 
       and heroic exploits of chivalric heroes: an Arthurian romance. 
    2) A long fictitious tale of heroes and extraordinary or mysterious events,
       usually set in a distant time or place. 
    3) The class of literature constituted by such tales. 
    Romancing Saga focus on presenting you with a gorgeous fairy tale world that 
    will open up to you as you quest and explore. Each of the 8 main characters 
    have their own reason to join the good fight, and you get to experience the 
    world thru their eyes. In a way, the world of Romancing SaGa is the main 
    character, and the exploits of the various heroes is the plot development to 
    how spectacular and nostalgic this world is. 
    Comparison between Saga & FF: 
    The original Romancing Saga was released back in Jan. 1992. So it is only fair 
    to compare the story on the level of Final Fantasy IV (Mar. 1991) & FF V 
    (Dec. 1992). (N.B. FFIV = FF2 US, with Cecil & Rosa as the main characters.) 
    Final Fantasy is a linear RPG where the outcome is pre-determined. You view 
    things from the perspective of the main hero, as such, greater emphasis is 
    placed on character developments. Your travel companions are fixed and they 
    come and go as the story dictates (I don't want to take Parom with me, give 
    me Kain! Uhuh, you are getting Parom or you are getting Parom). All the things 
    must be done in a specific order before you can proceed further (no room to 
    screw up). 
    The Romancing Saga Series is a free scenario RPG (Think of those Choose your 
    own adventure books). You see things from the eyes of the 8 heroes separately 
    (think of FF6, when you split up into Locke, Sabin, and Terra branches). Your 
    final objective is to defeat the evil god and you can go about it anyway you 
    want (All 8 of the heroes have their own reasons for beating the boss). You 
    are free to wander and travel the world to gather allies and build up your 
    strength (There is no XP grind in Saga, you get stronger by fighting difficult 
    enemy). Once you have recruited an ally, you can go get them to rejoin your 
    party any time you want (you will not have everyone in the PT at once). So you 
    can choose different allies for difference scenario. Be warned, there are 
    incompatibility between characters, as well as time-sensitive events. So, the 
    difficulty is much greater. 
    Who this game if for: 
    If you are looking for an epic story like FFX or XenoGears, or if you are the 
    perfectionist that only want to get everything done in 1 playthru, you will be 
    sorely disappointed. 
    If you enjoy any of the following games, there is a good chance you will like 
    Romancing Saga. 
    a) Final Fantasy Tactics 
    b) Ogre Battle - March of the Black Queen 
    c) Growlancer 
    d) ChronoCross 
    e) Legend of Mana 
    f) Suikoden 
    g) Radiata Stories 
    h) Star Ocean: The Second Story 
    i) Seiken Densetsu 3 
    j) Civilization 
    RS001 Characters
    The 8 Main Characters
    1) Albert  [RS001A]
    2) Aisha   [RS001B]
    3) Gray    [RS001C]
    4) Claudia [RS001D]
    5) Jamil   [RS001E]
    6) Sif     [RS001F]
    7) Hawke   [RS001G]
    8) Barbara [RS001H]
    Information to be added in future Update.
    RS002 Job Class Description and Skills
    This section contains the complete listing of all 38 Job Class in Romancing
    Saga, as well as their requirements.  These are divided into Basic, 
    Advanced, and Legendary classes.
    Job Skill Training, Jewel Cost, and Discount!
    Raising your skill level not only allow your characters to learn more 
    techniques (weapon skills), but also reduce the DP Consumption of both
    techniques and spells.  As for map skills, raising those will increase the 
    skill level of your proficiencies (more on that later).
    You can learn new skill/job from the job trainers.  There is a skill trainer 
    in every town.  It will cost Jewels to learn skills, which you can get from
    completing quests, fighting monsters, and using map skills.  Once you get a 
    job to level 3, you can learn individual skill in addition to training an 
    entire skillset.
    There are advantages and disadvantage to training an entire skillset:
    You get a discount from training it as a skill set than if you train the 
    skills individually.  But you will need more jewels to train the entire
    Here is DragoonKain33's explaination on skill set discount:
    "The discount to buying skill sets is 5% per skill (if it is not bought 
    individually), rounded down? So a 6 skill advance class has a 30% discount
    if you buy all 6 at the same time. Classes of note to take advantage of 
    this are Ascetic and Valhallan Warrior (Both of which has all their skills
    represented in the Cleric and Warrior class respectively) and Martial 
    Artist (If you're aiming for master, spending 32 Jewels more by buying this
    class nets you 2 more lvl3 skills and a heck of a lot less DP consumption
    before you get legendary class status)."
    Good info indeed!
    Individual Cost of training a skill:
    Level 0->1    10 Jewels
    Level 1->2    25 Jewels
    Level 2->3   150 Jewels
    Level 3->4   750 Jewels*
    Level 4->5  1500 Jewels
    * I have summarized DragoonKain's clarification on Jewel Discount:
    Bascially, you get a 50% discount learning Lv4 skills from your starting 
    job skill set.  So if you start off as a swordsman, then you get 50% off
    for all the skills in the swordsman skillset when you train from Lv3->Lv4.
    The greatest benefit of this is when you choose an advanced/legendary job
    class in your new game+.
    You can train any skill/skill set to a maximum level of 5.  SOme jobs will
    benefit from a higher job level, such as Hunter get a high accuracy bonus.
    (Almost all basic & advanced job benefit from a higher level).
    DragoonKain also point out Zach Keene's DP consumption chart:
    One level of reduction in DP consumption for these things (max 5 he says):
    -Having at least 1 level of said skill
    -Every class level beyond the first
    -Legendary Class
    -Having 20 weapon techs, no magic spells**
    -Having 10 magic spells, no weapon techs
    Reduction levels, btw go:
    8->6->4->3->2->1(red)->1(Yellow)->0 (Weapons)
    8->6->4->3->2->1a(red)->1b(red)->1(yellow)->0 (Magic and Martial Arts)
    **Zach Keene himself have this to add:
    It's possible for a character to have a few magic spells without negating 
    the 20 weapon tech reduction. However the number seems to vary from 
    character to character and I haven't figured out how it's determined 
    (unless it's just preset for each character.)
    Thanks for the additional info.
    Job List & Description
    Basic Job Classes (14 Total) [RS002A]
    Basic job classes consists of a skill set of 3 skills.  You only need to train
    all of the required skill to level 1 in order to gain access to the job class.
    Please see RS003A for the Basic Job Class Requirements.
    Ascetic - Increased Resistance to Physical Status Ailments.
    Blacksmith - Increased Resistance to Will Power Status Ailments.
    Craftsman - Chance to use no DP/LP for Techniques
    Entertainer - Prevent enemy from performing combo.
    Frontier Guard - Reduce chance of enemy ambush.  Increase chance to guard.
    Geckling Knight - Increase chance of counter attack
    Herbalist - Can gather high quality herbs
    Pioneer - Recover quickly from Will Power Status Ailments
    Pirate - Attack Speed bonus, can attack faster.
    Ranger - Chance to use less BP for Techniques
    Swordsman - Deal Greater Damage in Attack Mode
    Thief - Increase range of Find Chest and Find Treasure
    Trader - Increased chance to trade with monster
    Valhallan Warrior - Recover quickly from Physical Status Ailments
    (All effects are increased by job levels)
    Advanced Job Classes (15 Total) [RS002B]
    Advanced job classes consists of a skill set of 5 or 6 skills.  You will need 
    to train all of them to level 2 in order to gain access to the job class.
    Please see RS003B for the Advanced Job Class Requirements.
    Assassin* - Increased chance of Ambush
    Castle Knight - Increase chance of Deflecting Attacks
    Draconite - Increase attack power in attack mode, attack speed in trick mode.
    	    Can only deflect attacks in defence mode.
    Estamirian Rebel - Increase chance to inflict status ailments
    Hunter - Increase bow accuracy
    Imperial Knight - Increase chance to combo with previous attacker
    Imperial Marine - Increase chance to combo with next attacker
    Imperial Scholar** - Can combine 2 spells to make a more powerful spell
    Kjar Sentinel - Increase bow damage
    Martial Artist - Increase chance to perform surge, reverse, and surge-reverse
    Red Mage* - Increase power of Sorcery and Necromancy spells
    Rosalian Lancer - Increased attack speed in trick mode
    Rosalian Mage** - Can combine 3 spells to make a more powerful spell
    Rosalian Officer - Greatly increases defence in defence mode
    Wizard - Increase damage of all spells
    *  You cannot learn the Sorcery Skill required for Assassin and Red Mage until 
       you can open up Auldburg at end game of first play-thru.
    ** You can use spell fusion with these 2 mage classes.  Just go to the spell 
       menu, press triangle and select the spells you want to combine.  Certain
       combination open up new spells.  Go to RS010 for list of fusion magic.
    Legendary Job Classes (9 Total) [RS002C]
    Legendary job classes consists of a skill set of 7 skills.  You must train all 
    of them to level 3 in order to gain access to the job class.  In addition, you
    can only change into these jobs in specific places.  Such as Cleric in Crystal
    City.  All of them reduce the DP/LP costs of Techniques and spells by 2.  No
    futher description are given by the game.
    Skill List
    Weapon Skills [RS002D]
    Short Sword
    Long Sword
    Great Sword
    Hand Axe
    Tow-handed Sword
    Two-handed Axe
    Pole Arm
    Martial Arts
    Magic Skills [RS002E]
    Map Skills [RS002F]
    Map Skills vs Proficiencies [RS002G]
    Map Skills are the skill set you can learn from the skill trainer, such as
    Search & Gather.  Proficiencies are the actual ability under each map skill
    category.  Go to RS004 for the complete list.
    RS003 Basic, Advance, And Legendary Classes Requirement List
    You can learn and change to Basic and Advanced job at the same skill trainer.
    However, you have to learn the skills for Legendary Classes and certain 
    advanced classes in Ettinham, or as combination of other skills from all over
    the world.  I have included the job change location in round brackets.
    RS003A	Basic Job Class Requirement
    Ascetic [Basic]
    Staff, Martial Arts Terrology
    Blacksmith [Basic]
    Club, Pyrology, Gathering
    Craftsman [Basic]
    Short Sword, Cosmology, Strategy
    Entertainer [Basic]
    Long Sword, Martial Arts, Covert
    Frontier Guard [Basic]
    Foil, Long Sword, Shield
    Geckling Knight [Basic]
    Two-handed Axe, Lance, Martial Arts
    Herbalist [Basic]
    Terrology, Gathering, Survival
    Pioneer [Basic]
    Hand Axe, Club, Gathering
    Pirate [Basic]
    Foil, Hand Axe, Hydrology
    Ranger [Basic]
    Bow, Terrology, Search
    Swordsman [Basic]
    Foil, Long Sword, Two-handed Sword
    Thief [Basic]
    Foil, Search, Strategy
    Trader [Basic]
    Strategy, Survival, Trading
    Valhallan Warrior [Basic]
    Hand Axe, two-handed Sword, Survival
    RS003B	Advanced Job Class Requirement
    Assassin [Advanced] (South Estamir)
    Short Sword, Illusions, Sorcery, Covert, Trading
    Castle Knight [Advanced]
    Long Sword, Great Sword, Two-handed Sword, Pole Arm, Shield
    Draconite [Advanced]
    Great Sword, two-handed Sword Katana, Pyrology, Illusions, Bewitchery
    Estamirian Rebel [Advanced]
    Scimitar, Katana, Martial Arts, Illusions, Search
    Hunter [Advanced]
    Scimitar, Hand Axe, Bow, Terrology, Search
    Imperial Knight [Advanced]
    Foil, Great Sword, Hand Axe, Shield, Cosmology
    Imperial Marine [Advanced]
    Short Sword, Scimitar, Hand Axe, Aerology, Survival
    Imperial Scholar [Advanced]
    Hydrology, Aerology, Illusions, Cosmology, Trading
    Kjar Sentinel [Advanced]
    Lance, Bow, Hydrology, Demonology, Covert
    Martial Artist [Advanced]
    Scimitar, Katana, Staff, Pole Arm, Martial Arts
    Red Mage [Advanced] (Weiserheim)
    Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology, Sorcery, Necromancy
    Rosalian Lancer [Advanced]
    Short Sword, Pole Arm, Bow, Bewitchery, Search
    Rosalian Mage [Advanced]
    Club, Staff, Hydrology, Demonology, Bewitchery
    Rosalian Officer [Advanced]
    Long Sword, Club, Lance, Shield, Bewitchery
    Wizard [Advanced]
    Staff, Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology, Cosmology
    RS003C	Legendary Job Class Requirement & Location
    Unlike Basic and Advanced Classes, you cannot train and change to a Legendary
    job in the same location.  Therefore you have to go around the world training 
    all the required skills to lv3, then go to the location listed below to 
    change to the Legendary job.
    Bard [Legendary] (Melvir)
    Foil, Long Sword, Bow, Demonology, Cosmology, Search, Trading
    Cleric [Legendary] (Crystal City)
    Club, Staff, Martial Arts, Hydrology, Terrology, Cosmology, Gathering
    Fortuneteller [Legendary] (Tarmitta)
    Club, Hydrology, Aerology, Illusions, Bewitchery, Search, Gathering
    Master [Legendary] (Jelton)
    Scimitar, Club, Katana, Pole Arm, Martial Arts, Bewitchery, Covert
    Rogue [Legendary] (South Estamir)
    Foil, Short Sword, Scimitar, Bow, Strategy, Covert, Trading
    Shaman [Legendary] (Yeoville)
    Long Sword, Scimitar, Hand Axe, Shield, Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology
    Sorcerer [Legendary] (Weiserheim)
    Staff, Pyrology, Hydrology, Aerology, Terrology, Illusions, Demonology
    Templar [Legendary] (North Estamir)
    Long Sword, Two-handed Sword, Lance, Cosmology, Bewitchery, Search, Survival
    Warrior [Legendary] (Mirsaburg)
    Great Sword, Hand Axe, Two-handed Sword, Two-handed Axe, Lance Shield, Survival
    After you are qualified to change for the job, simply go to the city indicated 
    and you will be able to change to the desired legendary job class.
    RS004 Proficiencies and Usage
    RS004A Proficiencies List
    The same skill trainer that let you train jobs also let you train proficiencies
    Unlike skills, you have to pay gold to learn them.  Your skill level with your
    map skills (search, gather, strategy, survival, covert and trade) directly
    impact the effectiveness of the proficiency.
    Find Chest is a Proficiency Under the Search skill.
    If you did not level the Search skill, even if your learned Find Chest, your 
    find chest ability is Lv0.  If you train your search to lv2 (e.g. train a job
    with search to lv2), then your find chest ability is now level 2.
    After you learn the skill, you have to equip it before you can use it.  And you
    can only equip it while in town.  To equip your proficiencies, simply go to the
    menu and select proficiencies.
    Here is a list of proficiencies, and which map skill they belong to.
    When you run around the world, you will come across places with a big red !
    That means there is something there to be found.  Just use L1/R1 to scroll
    to the appropriate skill and press O to activate it.
    Find Chest - Find treasure chest, best use with disarm trap and pick locks.
    Find Ore - Find ore, must use with Mine.
    Find Herbs - Find herbs, must use with Harvest.
    Find Treasure - Only work if you have a treasure map, must use with Excavate.
    Find Traps - This is for finding hidden areas
    Mine - Mine Ore
    Harvest - Harvest Herbs to make potions at apocathy
    Excavate - Excavate buried treasure
    Pick Locks - Pick the lock on locked chests
    Disarm Traps - disarm traps on booby traped chests
    Vigilance - less likely for monsters to get first strike when they approach you
    from behind
    Climb - climb cliff
    Jump - jump across gaps
    Lurk - avoid enemy detection that relies on sight
    Move Silently - avoid enemy detection that relies on sound
    Ambush - increase chance of first strike against monsters
    Trade - trade item with monsters
    In order to use trade, you must equip your trade menu first.  Go to item menu 
    and press triangle.  You can have up to 5 things there.  Next time, go near the
    mobs and press O while Trade is the active skill.  Note that only certain 
    monsters will trade with you.  The rest would still attack.
    Lurk and Move Silently is the most used skills, followed by find chests, disarm
    trap and pick lock.  Climb and Jump are dungeon specific skills.  Find ore and
    mine is for mining (which you will use a lot for Gray's quest).  Find herb and
    harvest is for leveling your apocathy skill.  You can better herbs when you
    gather as a herbalist.
    	RS004A	Proficiencies List
    	RS004B	How to Use Treasure Map, Find Treasure, and Excavate
    	RS004C	How to use Trade
    Q3: How do I use a treasure map?
    Once you got a treasure map, go to the indicated location with both Find 
    Treasure and Excavate map skill equipped (Remember, you can only equip them in
    town).  You can check for the location of the treasure by going into the item
    menu and put your cursor on the treasure map.  It also indicate the search
    skill level you need.  Once you get to the area where the treasure is located,
    look for a blue pointer on your compass in addition to the original compass 
    pointer. This is especially important in multiple areas dungeon such as Mt. 
    Scurve. Check each mini-section until you see a blue arrow, and you will know 
    the treasure is found in that section.
    Just move around and watch for the a pop up prompt that indicating a treasure 
    chest is nearby.  Now Switch to the Find Treasure map skill and press O to use 
    the skill (You may need to turn help on for the find treasure message to 
    A gold circle would appear for a few seconds to show you where the treasure is.
    Now switch to the Excavate command, and use it near where the gold circle 
    showed up. A chest will appear... Congratulations, you just found your 
    treasure chest!
    You can do all of the above while in Lurk and Move Silently.  Good training 
    for your covert skill.  In addition, the location and the content of the chest 
    is randomly generated the moment you enter the location.  So, if you save 
    before you found the treasure, and got something you didn't want... you can 
    simply reload, exit and then re-enter the area and see if you would get 
    something better.  Or for a more efficient way, make a save in the city before 
    you enter the dungeon, and simply soft-reset and try again from that save file.
    Many rare and powerful items are found from the chests, including the Legendary 
    Shooting Star katana.  Here is small sample of armor that I've found from lv1
    treasure chests.
    Name Phy Def Mag Def Weight Notes
    Shimmering Sand Robe 13 13 6 Int +5, Wil +5, Ailments +10, Immune to Darkness
    Heeled Shoes Footwear 3 3 1 Agi +1, Cha +1
    Amber Maleate 1 1 0 Cha +7; Fire +10, Cold +10, Electricity +10, Energy +10
    Bone Amulet 1 1 0 Com -5, Cha -5, Immune to Life Attack
    Last Leaf 1 1 0 Com +7, Immune to Life Attack
    Albatross Ring 1 1 0 Int +1, Wil +1, Com +1, Cha +1, Immune to poison
    Bejeweled Ring 1 1 0 Int +3, Fire +10, Cold +10, Electricity +10, Energy +10
    Evil Eye Talisman 1 1 0 Int -5, Wil -5, Immune to Gazes
    Gold Ring 1 1 0 Com +1, Ailments +10
    Pearl Ring 1 1 0 Com +1, Electricity +10
    Pocket Dragon 1 1 0 Str +3, Vit +3, Fire +20, Ice +20, Electricity +20
    Silver Ring 1 1 0 Com +1, Energy +10
    Q4: How do I use the Trade Proficiency?
    It is recommended that you have someone with the Job Trader in the party before 
    you try it.  Trader increases chance of monster trading, and you might get
    better stuff than without a trader in the group.
    After you change someone's job to Trader, and equipped the trade proficiency
    from him/her.  Go to your item menu, press triangle to open the trade menu.
    Equip it with items (weapon and armor would work).  Please note, the computer
    will choose the most expensive item on the list by default.  Don't put stuff
    you can't afford to lose :p
    Now, go to an area with monsters.  Use lurk and move silently, move around till
    you see a monster where its icon is greenish, and use trade.  It is a good idea
    to quick save before hand.
    A menu will pop up with a list of 5 items.  Select the item you want, and the 
    computer will automatically select the most expensive item.  If the items in
    your trade menu is not of equivalent or higher value than what the monster has
    it will be grey out and you cannot trade it (it will fail if you trade it).
    Please note, you can't cancel after you start the trade, that's why you want
    to quick save beforehand.
    After the trade, the monster will disappear.  There is usually 1 or 2 monsters
    per area that can trade.  You can get stuff like Animal Coin, herbs, stone axe,
    tempering materials (including rare ones).
    RS005 Event Ranks and Events (Quest)
    Understanding Event Ranks  [RS005A]
    Now that you have an idea of the characters and the job system, it is time to
    move on to the walkthru.  But first, I must introduce you to the Event Rank
    system (ER).  The event rank is an indication of time progression in the world
    of Mardias.  As time progress, certain events become available while other
    events come to an end (wether you finish it or not).
    Combat is the major factor in pushing time (ER) forward.  Tough enemies will
    increase the time further, while weak enemies (those fights that doesn't give
    your characters any stats up at the end) have little impact.  As such, Quest
    that involves boss fight will also increase your ER.
    The system is purposely introduced to make it difficult, but not impossible, to
    do most of the events in one play thru.  The game creator wants you to 
    experience the world of Mardias from all 8 characters, with each one opening up 
    something unique and different.  It also discourages players to level grind - 
    as oppose to RPGs like the Dragon Quest series.  Rather, the SaGa experience is 
    all about constantly being on an adventure, and constantly being challenged.
    The tech sparking system is designed to rewards player who are willing to tough
    things out.  The more difficult the enemy you fight, the more likely it will
    trigger, which would enable your character to use a new and powerful technique
    at no BP/DP cost!  In addition, the rewards from the various quests will most
    likely outweights anything you get from level grinding.
    It is impossible to do every quests in one playthru*, but there is nothing that
    stop you from trying to get as many as you can.  A normal game where you just
    take things as they come will clock in at about 30-40 hours.  A do everything
    game will take you 60+ hours.  On my Aisha playthru, she has clocked in 90 hrs
    and counting (but I did spend a lot of time to gather info and test various
    stuff suchs as spell fusion, sub-characters, tempering, harvesting, and mining.
    *some quests require multiple play-thru while others are character specific.
    One last thing, Kouli has published his way of using battle count to help gauge 
    your event rank long before the Brady Game Guide. It is good stuff and 
    definitely worth taking a look.
    New Game+ [RS005B]
    As previously mentioned, the game creator didn't want you to do everything in 
    one go.  Rather, he wants you to play the game from multiple characters and
    unlock different things each time.
    A New Game+ feature is available and will carry over some progress from your
    previous playthrus.  After you beat the game, watch all of the end game
    sequence (which is impacted by your actions thru out the game) and credit,
    and you will be prompted to save a game clear file.  Loading this file will
    enable you to start the new game+, which carries over the following progress:
    1) Jobs you've unlocked
       If you have changed into a job that you qualify for, then it is flagged as
       unlocked, and you can select that job on start up.  Please note that you 
       will be level 1 of that job, regardless of basic, advanced, or legendary.
       Please note that you will get a 50% discount from Lv3->4 of your starting
       job (DragoonKain), please see the skill section RS002 for full details.
    2) Shop & Apocathy level (clout)
       This is very nice bonus, as you can now access good equipment sooner.  This 
       is also very important for Gray, as he needs access to the various tempering
       materials sold in the shops to temper his falcata.  Marcasite requires a 
       clot level of 15.
    3) 2 "Bonus" quests
       2 special quests requires multiple playthru to unlock:
       The Unlucky Woman - unlocks a hidden boss and
       Who am I? - unlocks 1 or 2 hidden characters, either Darque or Aldora
    The spells and techniques you've learned, items (weapon, armor, tempering 
    materials), money, jewels, stats, and job levels will *NOT* carry over, and
    for good reason.  For example, if you carry over the techs, you won't be able
    to spark them again, especially in a tough fight.
    How to Tell Your Event Rank [RS005C]
    By talking to the little kids from the voluntary brigade and see what questions
    he will answer, you can tell which Event rank you are in.  This is extracted
    directly from the Brady Guide.
    Rank	Question
    [In main menu]
    1	What are proficiencies?
    2	I want more money.
    3	How do I get more jewels?
    4	School me in techniques and spells.
    5	There's a chest I can't reach.
    6	I want to learn even more advanced things.
    [Under Advance questions]
    7	Stuns, shocks and Snares.
    8	Vendors
    9	Herbs and Ores
    10	Classes
    11	Weapons and Shields
    12	Modes
    13	Blacksmithing II
    14	Concoctions II
    15	Synthesizing Spells
    16	Ambush
    17	Lurking and Moving Silently
    18	Trading
    19	Blacksmithing III
    20	Final Secrets
    N.B. For questions 7 onwards, you have to check under advance 
    questions.  You will know if there is something new there by looking
    for "New" in front of the questions.
    Quest List & their ER Limit [RS005D]
    Here is a list of quests base on the Brady Guide as well. I follow
    their list because it is shorter (excluded all of the minstrel's
    stores, and information notes such as ecology, temple tour, etc.
    Time sensitive quests are in ().  This include non-time sensitive 
    quests that have an impact on time sensitive ones.  So plan ahead 
    and do them as soon as possible.
    N.B. Quest 51 is moved to early game section because it is very time 
    #		The Quest # assigned, and I will refer to them by Quest #.
    Quest		Name of the Quest
    Event Rank	The range of Event rank you can do it in, example:
    		0+ means it does not have a time constraint
    		6+ means it opens up after ER6 and have no time constraint
    		0-2 means it opens up at ER 0, and you want to pass the 
    		critical points of the quest by ER2.  To be on the safe side,
    		complete it by ER2.
    Notes		Information that I've added
    #	Quest			     Event Rank		Notes
    [Early Game quests, mostly time sensitive]
    1	Monsters to the East		0+		Albert Only
    2	Assault on Isthmus Keep		0+		Albert Only
    3	Valhalland Monsters		0+		Sif Must be in Party
    4	An Expeditionary Force		0+		Albert & Sif Only
    5	Amethyst of Visions		0+
    6	Plain Treasure			0+
    7	Voice of the Blade		0+
    (8)	Unsettling Settlements		0-2
    (9)	Innkeeper's Daughter		0-4		Do this with quest 10
    (10)	A suspicious Demise		0-4		Do this with quest 9
    (11)	Wuhan's Secret			0-5
    (12)	Raid on the Depository		3-5
    (13)	Pride of the Knights		3-7
    (14)	The Fiends of Saoki		4+		Try to do this by ER16
    15	Free the Gecklings		0+		Required for Quest 22
    16	Stolen Nymphs			6+
    17	A Bodyguard for Louie		6+
    (18)	Neville's Request		6+		Try to do this by ER9
    19	Creepy Butterfly		7+
    20	Eule Gives a Hoot		8+		With Claudia in party
    (21)	Ancient Texts			0+		Required for Quest 22
    (22)	Ailing Emperor			9-13
    23	Constance Kidnapped		9-17
    (24)	Isle of Evil			9-18
    25	Oh, Mummy			0+
    *51*	An Unlucky Woman		2-12/2+		
    Quest 51 cannot be completed on 1st play thru, and carry over to the next game.
    [Middle Game quests, somewhat time sensitive]
    #	Quest			     Event Rank		Notes
    26	Faerie's Grove			 0+
    27	Water Dragon Rite		10+
    28	The Raincloud Armlet		10+
    29	The Cyclone Shoes		 0+
    30	Test of Courage			 0+
    31	The Ignigarde			 0+
    32	Monsters of Mt. Tomae		10+
    33	The Ice Sword			 0+
    34	Aquatic Ecology			10+
    35	Insect Ecology			10+
    36	Beast Ecology			10+
    37	Plant Ecology			10+
    38	Missing Taralians		 7+
    (39)	Return of the Vampires		10+
    40	The Soulgutter			10+
    41	Silver's Treasure		 0+
    42	Find the Aquamarine		11-15
    43	The Assassins' Guild		12+
    44	The Mine Assaulted		14+
    45	Pirate Invasion			14+
    46	The Jewel Beast			10+
    [End Game Quests, not time sensitive]
    #	Quest			     Event Rank		Notes
    47	The Underwater Temple		17+
    48	Theodore's Madness		18+
    49	The Dragon Knight		18+
    50	Who Am I?			 0+
    52	Frosthold Fortress		 0+		Must complete 53 first
    53	Frozen Lake Faerie		22
    54	Auldburg			20+
    55	Trials of Elore			20+
    56	The Netherworld			20+
    57	Face Saruin			20+
    RS006 Related Quest Chains
    In this section I will link all the related quests together to give you an idea
    of the plot, and what quests you need to do to complete the series.  Please
    note that this *does not* include all the quests listed above!!!  The name of
    the event chain is made up by me to highlight the theme of the plot.
    This section is meant to give you an idea of what to expect, so you can take
    notes and look for specific quests that you want to go after.  When you are 
    ready to start the game, please proceed to RS007 (Character Intro Walkthru).
    Event Chain List:
    RS006A	Terror of the Frontier - The Jewel Beast
    RS006B	Unlocking Darque/Aldora & Schirach
    RS006C	Disaster at Melvir, Isle of Evil + Pirate Coast
    RS006D	Of Gecklings, Silver and Moonstone
    RS006E	Treachery in the Dominion
    RS006F	Wanted: Delivery Boy Or Gal (+ Wuhan's brothel)
    RS006G	Ecology 101
    RS006H	Trouble from the Deep
    RS006I	End Game?
    RS006J	Frozen Secrets
    RS006K	Fatestone Collection
    RS006A Terror of the Frontier - The Jewel Beast
    The Jewel Beast is Romancing SaGa's equivalent of Final Fantasy's
    Ultima Weapon.  At event rank 16, it will set about the destruction
    of the Frontier.  This can happen sooner or later depends on how 
    many stationary monsters you have clear from the frontier by ER14
    Updated Information from Red Star:
    If you defeat less then 11 fixed enemies in the frontier region, JB 
    will wake up at ER 14 and leave the lair at ER 15. For every fixed 
    enemy defeated above 10, you'll delay the awakening of JB by 1 ER to 
    a maximum of awakening by ER 19.
    To get started, You can head to the frontier by recruiting Barbara.
    By doing various quests in the frontier to reduce the monsters, you
    can delay his awakening (Provided no one mention Jewel Beast):
       8) Unsettling Settlements
      14) The Fiends of Saoki
      39) Return of the Vampires
    Finally, you will need to unlock the Jewel Beast's Lair
      34) Aquatic Ecology
          (After you finish this quest, if you go back and talk to Strom, 
          he will reveal the location of Jewel Beast's Lair. Since you 
          heard of the Jewel Beast, it will awaken automatically at ER16.
          So don't talk to Strom unless you are ready to fight it)
    List of fixed enemies in the frontier region:
    - Yassi Cavern: Slimes at B1 and boss at B2
    - Saoki Cavern: War Beasts at B1, Greater Zombies at B2 and Boss at B3
    - Vampire's Den: Vampire minions at B1-B3, Werewolf at B4 and Boss at B4
    - Jewel Beast's Lair: all 4 Pillars on the 1st floor and the Cockatrice 
      at pile of pillars  (minor edits)
    However, doing quest 43 early may cause Saruin's Minion to wake him up:
      43) The Assassins' Guild 
          (Defeating the final boss will cause Saruin's minion to wake 
          him up, and this can happen before event 16).  To navigate this
          place, just follow the direction of the lights near the center
          of the room.  The # of lights indicate the # of rooms you have 
          to go in that direction.  See below for more info.
    >>> Assassins' Guild Navigation for Dummies (from Red Star) <<<
    There are 3 rooms that you can go to in the Assassins' Guild:
    - Go N N N E N E N S W N N to reach the boss room
    - Go N N N E N E N N to reach the ceremonial chamber (people who can't
      find the boss in the Assassins' Guild probably took a wrong step and 
      ended up here)
    - Go N N N E N E N S E to reach a room with treasure boxes.
    RS006B Unlocking Darque/Aldora (Secrect Char) & Schirach (Hidden Boss)
    If you did the following correctly, you will be able to unlock Darque
    (secret character) and Schirach (Hidden Boss) on your 2nd+ play thru.
    Unlocking Aldora's full form will take 2 play thrus.
    Since unlocking Schirach comes first:
    Starting at Event Rank 2, you will need to get started on
      51) An Unlucky Woman
          Basically, you need to talk to a woman in the pub at every 
          other event rank starting at E.R. 2, until E.R. 12.
    She will appear in the following pubs.  Once she appear there, she
    will not show up in the same pub again.  So it is a good idea to
    make a check list of these pubs and checked off which one she 
    appeared in.
    	a) Altours
    	b) Aurefount
    	c) Jelton
    	d) Mirsaburg
    	e) North Estamir
    	f) North Point
    	g) Oapu
    	h) South Estamir
    	i) Tarmitta
    	j) Weiserheim
    	k) Weston
    	l) Yeoville
    She will appear in a new pub 2 ER after your last encounter.  Since
    there are 12 pubs, you can catch her a max of 6 times between ER2-12
    each play thru.  So it is possible to unlock Schirach on your second 
    play thru if you are very careful about your ER.
    On the 12th time you meet her, you get to fight Scorn, a minion of 
    Saruin.  So be prepared (make sure you have a space in your inventory, 
    as you will get the Fatestone, Diamond).
    If you wish to challenge Schirach, find her temple in the Estamir
    Tunnel at ER19+.
    Unlocking Darque or Aldora
    Here are the condition for unlocking Darque:
    1) Comple Quest 43, The Assassins' Guild
    2) Defeat the Minion that try to steal your medalions outside Twinmoon
       Temple or Hiding in the Saruin Temple in Melvir Sewers after 
       Quest 45, Pirate Invasion (Note, you need to fight the Saruin Priest
       in the temple before you go rescue the emperor).
    3) Talked to Death in the Netherworld
    Once you've met the conditions above in the first play thru, you will get
    a cutscene where Death will release a soul from the Purgotary as soon
    as you start a new game.  Once you invite Darque, you will start quest 50, 
    Who am I?
    As you play Darque and his Dex/Int increase, you will unlock some of his
    memories.  Dex will unlock Darque's memories while Int will unlock Aldroa.
    The magic # are 16, 22, 30, 40, and 50.  16-40 would raise their 
    corresponding job levels (Assassin for Darque and Wizard for Aldora) as
    you do not have access to Sorcery magic until you get to Ettinham at ER20.
    At Dex 50, he will leave your party.  At this point, go to the Assassin's
    guild with an empty slot and an empty inventory spot in your party.  Go
    thru the maze and talk to Darque and help him fight Saruin to have him
    rejoin you.  Your reward's is Darque's Sword.
    To fully unlock Aldora, you will need to meet Death in the Netherworld
    (with Darque in your party once she you've seen the cutscene when she hits
    50 int) and then beat the 1000 level dungeon, Purgatory. Don't worry, you 
    are not going down 1 level at a time like a certain set of stairs... 
    *kick Cloud's butt while he is in drags*
    You will get a Cut Scene at the 1000th floor.  After that, pick up the ring
    and head back to town.  Look for Aldora and give her the ring.  After you
    defeat Saruin with Aldora (trapped in Darque), the next play thru she will 
    appear as Aldora.
    Please note, if Darque hits 50 dex at any time except in purgotory, you 
    will have failed in unlocking Aldora, as he would run back to the Assassin's
    Guild as you enter a town.  So, you might be able to pull it off if you head
    straight for Death, but have not been tested.
    RS006C Disaster at Melvir, Isle of Evil + Pirate Coast
    Here is the list of quests related to this quest chain.  Take note 
    as this is the most time sensitive quest chain in the game.
       9) Innkeeper's Daughter
      10) A suspicious Demise
      12) Raid on the Depository
      18) Neville's Request
      22) Ailing Emperor
      24) Isle of Evil
      44) The Mine Assaulted
      45) Pirate Invasion
    The first 5 quests above forebolds what is about to befall Melvir, 
    and it is up to you to save this city.
    Quest 22 also require you take on the Geckling quest chain.
    QUest 24 is not related to this series, but the time frame to do
    it is.  So I have included it for your benefit.
    Completing this quest chain correctly will enable you to fight a
    minion of Saruin that satisfy the condition to unlock Darque/Aldora.
    Notes on this series:
    a) You need to do quest 9 and 10 together.
    b) Speak to the police in Melvir to start this quest
    c) For quest 12, you need to go to Meliver Sewers to finish the
       quest.  You can recruit Patrick as a result.
    d) Optional: Make a spot in your PT before attempting 18 to recruit
       Gian during the mission.  You can also get Gian later in the
    e) Quest 22 requires you to get the Moonstone, which involves the
       Geckling quest chain (see below).
    f) You can only do Quest 24 after Quest 22 and before 45,  You only
       get 1 go at this.  If you left the island before you got the
       fatestone, you failed.
    g) Regarding Quest 45, the priate invasion.  Although the priates
       don't invade until ER16, you can prepare the city for the invasion
       at event rank 14.  Simply go to Melvir Sewers and look for the
       pirate hideout.  Crack it open and fight pirates.  Then warn the
       Melvir police about it, and make sure you rest at the inn.  If you
       see a baracade outside the entrance to the port, you've done in 
    h) There are 15 miners trapped in the Aurefont Mine for quest 44.
       Rescue them all for a lovely $30k reward.  You can still look
       for them after you defeat the 10 monsters, but make sure you
       don't leave the mine until you find them.  There is no roaming
       monsters either, so bring find ore and mine instead of Lurk and
       Move Silently.
    i) Pirate Coast Access: If you did part g above... When the pirates 
       invade, leave them alone and go straight to Butcher.  Afterwards,
       they would beg for mercy, and one of them would get away from the
       police and hide in the pirate hideout back in the sewers.  You can
       demand this pirate to take you to the pirate coast after you save
       the emperor.
    j) After you defeat the Butcher and before you go defend the emperor,
       head to the sewers again to under Elore's temple.  You will fight
       a priest of Saruin and 2 of his underlings.  Doing so will force
       a minion of Saruin to appear after you save the emperor.  Come
       back here to fight the Minion will satisfy the condition to unlock
    RS006D Of Gecklings, Silver and Moonstone
    This series of quests is needed for #22, the Ailing Emperor
    Quests involved includes:
      15)	Free the Gecklings
      21)	Ancient Texts
    And as a bonus, you get access to:
      41)	Silver's Treasure
    Notes on this series:
    a) You will need the find Traps Map Proficiency for Geckling cave and 
       Silver's Cave.
    b) You will need Guella Ha in your party to get silver's map for #15:
       After you got the quest in Oapu, go talk to the Geckling elder with
       Guella Ha in your party before you fight the merchant.
    c) After you completed #15, a Geckling will offer to sell you an ancient
       scroll for $10k.  If Hawke is not in your Party, he will buy the map
       before you.  Go to Uso to recruite Hawke and get the scroll for free,
       or buy it off him for 15k. (You can invite Hawke to get the scroll,
       then boot him)
    d) You have to read every line on ancient languages in the Melvir 
       library to unlock the clues in the ancient scroll.  Then visit the
       temple indicated for first of 2 key.  You cannot get the 2nd key
       until you can start the Ailing Emperor quest (22).
    e) In order to recruit Silver, you have to do quest 45 as indicated 
       above in "iii) Disaster at Melvir, Isle of Evil + Pirate Coast" so 
       the pirate will take you to Pirate Coast.
    f) Cave A in the Inner Jungle leads to Twinmoon Temple
    g) Cave B & C links to Silver's Cave and various dead ends.
    RS006E Treachery in the Dominion
    Quests involved in this series:
      13) Pride of the Knights
      23) Constance Kidnapped
      48) Theodore's Madness
      49) The Dragon Knight
    If you met Neidhart, you will need to complete the following as well:
      42) Find the Aquamarine
    Notes regarding this series:
    a) Optional: Make 2 spots in your party if you want to recruit Rapheal 
       and Theodore into your party.
    b) In the abandon keep, walking on cracked areas with cause it to break
       which allow you to fall to the level below.  Your objective is to
       fall to the basement and then find the boss.
    c) Before you rescue Constance, make sure you buy as much fire magic
       from Flammer.  Otherwise you can't get the 2 high level fire magic
       until you complete 48.
    d) In the kidnapper's cave, move the status around to open the gates.
    e) If you met Neidhart previously, and want to recruit the Dragon
       Knight, be sure to bring him with you when you escort Rapheal to
       Drachevale.  Otherwise you will be forced to control Neidhart to
       kill the Dragon Knight (lose = game over).
    f) To recruit the dragon knight, return to Drachenvale after you
       completed #49, with a space in your party.
    g) Dragon Knight cannot equip your weapon and only have 5 life points.
       You can only equip necklace and ring on him.  His armor is 32/32
       with +40 resistance on fire/cold/lightning.  To make Dragon Knight
       more effective, you will need a Pocket Dragon (Ring) and a Last
       Leaf (Necklace).  Pocket Dragon will boost his elemental defence
       to 60 (Star status, aka immunity).  Last leaf will protect him
       from direct LP attacks from bosses.
    RS006F Wanted: Delivery Boy Or Gal + Wuhan's Brothel
    Quests Involved in this series:
      11)	Wuhan's Secret
      27)	Water Dragon Rite
      28)	The Raincloud Armlet
      29)	The Cyclone Shoes
      30)	Test of Courage
      31)	The Ignigarde
      32)	Monsters of Mt. Tomae
      33)	The Ice Sword
      38)   Missing Taralians
    You might also start picking up items for the Faerie's Grove (26).
    Notes regarding this series:
    a) Make sure you talk to the agent in the S. Estamir pub before you do
       quest #11 and #27, so you can get an extra reward.
    b) Getting Kidnapped:
       If you are playing as Aisha, you can recruit Hawke to travel to Oapu,
       (you can do the Free the Geckling quest while there if you want) then
       travel to Melvir and invite Gray.  This will unlock South Estamir so
       you can talk to the Agent.  Now disband everyone from the party, go
       back to the Steppes and let yourself get killed by a kidnapper.
       You will meet Farah, and Jamil will come to your rescue.  After the 
       dust settles, you can collect 2 rewards: Jewels from Farah and gold
       from the agent.
    c) Make sure you spare Wuhan in #11 if you want to collect reward
       (Wistera Bow) from Wuhan in Quest #27.
    d) Quest #27 set off a series of annyoing go fetch quests...
    e) There are 3 ways to do quest #33.  If you are rich, buy the sword
       early.  If not, you can either kill Galahad for it (increase your
       relation to Evil, +200 if Galahad was in your party previously, 
       +100 otherwise),  Or you can make a room in your party after you
       talk to Pyrix in #31.  Galahad will join you and hand over the ice
       sword.  You can immediately boot him.
    f) You can do quest #31 and #32 together, so you do not have to make
       2 trips to see Pyrix.
    g) Start the quest Missing Taralians (38) before you talk to Avi on 
       Mt. Scurve will give an extra cut scene.
    h) Quest #30: Talk to the two guys in the Crydstal City Pub will allow 
       you to pick up Avi's feather (headgear).
    i) You can do quest 29, 30, and 38 on one trip.
    j) It is a good idea to wait for quest 27 to start before you do the
       other quests in this series.  Will save you a lot of tiem and
    RS006G  Ecology 101
    If you think the elemental kinds are annoying for making you go fetch,
    think again.  Now you are on pest control duties.
    Quests Involved in this series:
      34)	Aquatic Ecology
      35)	Insect Ecology
      36)	Beast Ecology
      37)	Plant Ecology
    The water spirit for Faerie's Grove (26) can only be acquire when 
    doing quest #34.  If you miss it, you are SoL.
    Notes regarding this series:
    a) After you finish Aquatic Ecology (34) and talk to Strom, he will
       reveal the location of Jewel Beast's Lair
    b) Make sure you get the water spirit in Water Dragon Temple before 
       you set the 4 crystals in place.  Otherwise you will never get
       back in.
    c) You can talk to the elemental king again to check the rankings.
       Once you talk to them, they will automatically send you to the
       beginning of the dungeon.
    d) Check your Notes, there is some very helpful information there
       to help you do the ecology.  Example, since plants relies on
       beast to prosper, kill everything but beasts and plants until
       they are the top 2 on the list, then kill a beast or 2 and plants
       will be #1.
    e) If you can't find Aquatic on Mt. Scurve, go to any caves in Crystal 
    f) Killing things in the same map region as that of the elemental king
       will satisfy them.  e.g. (Mt. Tomae, Plains, or anywhere on Ligau 
       Isle) would please Pyrix.
    RS006H Trouble from the Deep
    Mermaids and trouble goes hand in hand...
    Quests Involved in this series:
      16) Stolen Nymphs
      17) A Bodyguard for Louie
      47) The Underwater Temple  
    Notes Regarding this series:
    a) 16 and 17 are related and need to be done together.
    b) Completing 16 & 17 will automatically unlock 47.  Make sure you are ready
       before accepting to help Marina.  Otherwise you won't be able to get out
       until you got the Fatestone.  You need to fight a Turtle Dragon and then
       a Minion.
    RS006I End Game?
    There are 3 end game scenarios depending on your affinity with good, evil, or 
    middle of the raod.
      54) Auldburg (Middle of the road)
      55) Trials of Elore (Good)
      56) The Netherworld (Evil)
    Speak to the Minstrel when you hit even rank 20 and he will tell you he is
    worried about Saruin destoying the world.  Tell him it won't happen, and he 
    will unlock one of the 3 quests for you.
    Notes regarding this series:
    a) It is possible to unlock all 3 quests, as long as you do not unlock quest 57.
       (You will unlock 57 by completing any of the 3 quests).
    b) After you unlock Quest 54, talk to the little kid in Uso to unlock the 
       Auldburg location on your map.  You can try then try to unlock 55 & 56.
    c) Buying Cosmology spells from the Melvir Temple is the easiest way to raise 
       your Alignment to Elore. Vortex such as Phantom and The Wheel will also work.
    d) If you chose to kill other people (Wuhan, Galahad, Pyrix) in your play thru, 
       you would likely have a good relationship with Death.  However, it is not a 
       requirement.  You can simply do 50 Pillar VOrtex (e.g. 3 people, position 
       Front-Middle-Front, Artful Slash -> Round Kick -> Artful Slash).
    e) Equip Jump before you go into the Netherworld.
    f) The gaint you fight in Auldburg may drop the mullock needed for Gray's sword.
       So make a clean save before you fight them, and see if you got the one you 
       need (They drop other mullocks as well).
    g) Choose your final party before attempting the Trial of Elore.  The Minstrel 
       will no longer be available.
    RS006J Frozen Secrets
    Quests Involved in this series:
      52) Frosthold Fortress
      53) Frozen Lake Faerie
    Notes regarding this series:
    a) This quest can be start on/after you begin the end game scenario.  You will 
       need to complete Quest 53 before you can do 52.
    b) Having met death and revive a character is the easiest way to get this 
       scenario trigger.  Otherwise raise your event rank to 22.  That will require
       you to fight a lot of tough monsters to bring the ER that high.
    c) Spoiler: You get to unlock another hidden character, Frielei, and the
       Obsidian Sword Fatestone for quest 52.
    RS006K Fatestone Collection
    In your 2nd+ play thru, you have the opportunity to collect all 10 fatestones.  
    If you set all 10 upon Saruin's altar, you will increase Saruin to his most 
    powerful form... with 90,000HP.  This is for those of you that are up for a 
    good challenge.  You can only collect all 10 fates on your 2nd+ playthru,
    provided you did quest 51 perfectly.
    Here is their location and the quest you can get them from:
    Ruby (Fatestone of Fire) - Kept by Flammar in Weiserheim (Quest 48)
    Aquamarine (Fatestone of Water) - Crystal Lake's Cave E (enter thru Cave D, Q42)
    Topaz (Fatestone of Earth) - Nisa's Underground Temple under Kaklim Desert (Q38)
    Opal (Fatestone of Wind) - Silver's Treasure Cave on Walon Isle (Quest 41)
    Amethyst (Fatestone of Illusion) - Get it from Barbara (from Minstrel) (Quest 5)
    Emerald (Fatestone of Demon) - Isle of Evil (Quest 24)
    Moonstone (Fatestone of Energy {Bewitchery}) - Twinmoon Temple (Quest 22)
    Obsidian Sword - Frosthold Fortress (Quest 52)
    Black Diamond (Fatestone of Shadow {Sorcery}) - Underwater Temple (Quest 47)
    Diamond (Fatestone of Light) - Carried around by Schiele (Quest 51)
    RS007 Character Intro Walkthru 
    Walkthru Checklist:
    RS007A	Albert
    RS007B	Aisha
    RS007C	Gray
    RS007D	Claudia
    RS007E	Jamil
    RS007F	Sif
    RS007G	Hawke
    RS007H	Barbara
    RS007Z	Opening up the World of Mardias
    RS007A	Albert
    To be Added
    RS007B	Aisha
    Aisha starts off as a young nomad girl from the Taralian tribe.  If this is 
    your first character playing Romancing SaGa, it can be rather overwhelming.  
    In addition, she starts out very poor (50G)...  However, I have found an
    elaborate way to open up Aisha and make her rich!  Basically we are trying to
    get to South Estamir to start the Wuhan's secrets before being kidnapped, so
    we can collect an extra 2500 gold in reward instead of the just 100ish jewels 
    after the quest.
    After the introduction, you will be left with your horse on the Steppes of
    Galessa.  Your first objective is to get rescued by Prince Neidhart, the dark
    knight (Move over Prince Charming).
    Here are the steps:
    1) Run into an enemy on the plain and get killed.  Choose to go to Crystal City
       to see the extra cutscene.  This will follow by another set of cutsenes...
    2) After the cutscene, your grandpa will tell you to visit Uso.  So get going.
       Once there, recruit Hawke, which will open up North Point and Godongo on the
       world map (If Barbara is there, you can recruit her as well, but most likely 
       her spot is filled by a mercenary). Feel free to talk to the locals to learn
       more about the world. Next, head to North Point. You can do this by pressing 
       triangle to access the world map, then select North Point. 
    3) Visit the North Point Pub to recruit Guella Ha. You will need him for a 
       quest coming up. Now, go to the world map again and select Godongo island. 
       You may come across Diana and you definitely need her in your party. When 
       you are done talking to the locals, head out side to the Jungle and go 
       right. You will enter another town called Oapu. Visit the pub and talk to 
       the two man standing together. You will learn that something strange is 
       going on around town (this allows you to get started on the Free the 
       Gecklings quest, and it is a good idea to do this quest since Aisha is needs
       the money to pay for a boat ride off the island).
    4) Start the quest by going to the back of the weapon shop to hear the crying.
       Now head out to the Jungle and head for the Geckling Cave. You can move the
       stone to the light to open the door.  Make your way to see the Geckling
       Elder (you don't need to fight at all, which is a good idea as you don't
       want to raise your event rank yet).  The correct light spot: left for 1st
       door, lower left for 2nd door.  Proceed to B2 and you will eventually get
       to the Geckling Village.
    5) Talk to the Elder.  Since Guella Ha is in the party, this will trigger an
       important cutscene that will let you collect Silver's Treasure map later.
    6) Head out the way you came back to Oapu, and talk to the weapon shop owner
       for a boss fight.  With Hawke, Guella Ha, and Diana helping you, you will 
       have no problem at all.  If you are lucky, you might have Barbara or the 
       Minstrel helping you out as well.
    7) After the Geckling march, go back to see the Geckling elder for your 
       rewards. Then head back to Oapu and take a boat ride to Melvir.
    8) At this point, you will need 2 spots in the party to make room for Gray and 
       Claudia. They can be found in the pub in the 2nd floor. If the Minstrel is 
       in your party, he will leave as soon as you enter the pub. So its a good 
       idea to strip his equipment before you enter the pub (also strip whoever 
       you are going to disband). Talk to the minstrel inside the pub to disband 
       your 4th character. Inviting Claudia will open up Mazewood, while inviting 
       Gray will open up a lot of new areas. The area that you are interested in  
       is North Estamir. 
       Please note, it is possible that Gray and Claudia might be in the pub of 
       another city.  If that is the case, talk to the people in town to open up
       the areas nearby.  Visit those towns to pick up other people so you can 
       open up more areas.  As long as you can get to North Estamir, you are good.
    9) Once there, look for a small raft by the docks and head over to South 
       Estamir. Now head to the pub, talk to the bartender and ask for a job. She 
       will direct you to the Agent that gives you the Wuhan's Secret quest.
       Watch out! There are beggar kids and thiefs that will be after your money.
       You don't need to give them anything.  Do try to avoid the thiefs as you
       don't want to get into a fight yet.
    10) Congratulation, now you are entitled to an extra 2500 Gold. Now, strip 
        everyone's equipment, disband ALL of your party members, and use the World 
        Map to head back to Steppes of Galessa. Near each of the the entrance is a 
        stationary NPC (looks like the thief in S. Estamir). Talk to any of them to 
        engage in a fight with a kidnapper (quicksave beforehand). You would want 
        to throw the fight and lose to them (it is possible to kill the kidnapper, 
        but that won't start the next step).
    11) After you lost, you will be sold as a slave and is taken to Wuhan's secret 
        room (quest complete $_$). Now equip yourself and then talk to everyone in 
        the room (well you only need to talk to Farah...). This will trigger a 
        cute cut scene... (not spoiling it) and then you get to fight Wuhan's 
        guards. Since you are now armed to the teeth, go ahead and have Jamil 
        defend, and let Aisha attack. There is a good chance Aisha would spark a 
        new technique or two. Afterwards, you can either spare Wuhan for a later 
        quest (which gives you a nice Wisteria bow), or kill him to increase your
        favor with the dark side.
    12) When the dust settles, collect the reward from Farah (100ish jewels), 
        recruit Jamil (or just recruit him to strip his equipment, he got a nice 
        Rapier), and head over to the pub to collect your 2500 Gold.
    13) Recruit Gray again to Unlock Uso and Crystal City.  Please go to section 
        RS007Z Opening up the World of Mardias for the rest of the walkthru.
    RS007C	Gray
    Gray's story is about tempering the Falcata into the Legendary Demonbrand, and
    is not recommended as your first character into playing Romancing SaGa.  On your
    subsequent play thrus, when your Clout with the various shops is higher, you
    will be able to get the materials needed a lot easier.
    Gray start in Jelton with Galahad and Myriam in his party.  You can choose to go
    to the plains right away and explore (Note, there is a bug where some players
    missed the boat ride and is stuck on the island forever).  Alternatively, you 
    can take the boat ride back to Melvir (the safe route):
    Here is the walkthru for the safe route so you don't miss the boat:
    1) Talk to everyone in town to get Quest 6, Plain Treasure, and Minstrel's story
    2) Exit to the plain (press triangle) and get into 1 battle.
    3) Go back to Jelton, striped Galahad and Myriam's equipment, and then take a 
       boat ride back to Melvir (they are going to leave your party).  I suggest
       you quicksave before you get on the ship.
    4) You can choose to go with either Myriam, Galahad, or ditch them both.  Each 
       one gives a different cut scene but has no impact on the story.  If you quick
       saved, you can see all 3 choices. Choosing Myriam is most amusing. But I 
       prefer to ditch them both so I can invite other people later on.  You can 
       always get them back later if you need them.
    5) Exit the port and walk around 1F of Melvir.  You will be stalked by Gian!
       Be a pal and speak to him, and he will pay you 1000 gold to protect Claudia.
    6) Hang around Melvir to visit the library and pick up some quests.  It is also
       a good idea to do them once you assemble the party of your choice, while your
       event rank is still low.
    7) When you are ready, head back to Jelton to pick up your Falcata. (Please see
       the tempering section to learn how to temper (Search for RS008). The Falcata
       tempering guide is also there (Search for RS008C). There is no time limit on
       this quest, so you can do Yassi Cavern and then pick up your sword. This will
       guarentee you don't mess up your event rank.
    8) While on the plains, you can also get the Dinosaur Egg for a good chunk of 
       cash.  Squeenix Man from the GameFAQ board has this trick to share:
    	In the dinosaur nest, if your party is still way too weak to beat a 
    	dinosaur, do this BEFORE you grab the eggs, purposely pick a fight 
    	with each of the 5 dinosaurs. Choose retreat each time, using a 
    	different character's retreat option per dinosaur so nobody loses 
    	too much LP.
    	The dinosaurs will now be cleared out of the cave, and then you can 
    	just grab the eggs and waltz safely back to Jelton. 
    	The one dinosaur outside this cave will be too far to even notice if 
    	you just keep on cruising. 
    	Enjoy spending that handy 7,000 gold.
       If you can't beat them, outwit them!  And retreat won't harm or increase your
       Event Rank.  Two bonus for the price of one.
    Please go to section RS007Z Opening up the World of Mardias for the rest of the 
    RS007D	Claudia
    Claudia's intro sequence is very easy and straight forward.
    As soon as you gain control of Claudia, go to menu, Position, and move
    Claudia to the middle row (press down once on Claudia). This will protect her
    as well as making her bow attack stronger.  Now go inside Eule's house (in
    the tree to raid the chest).  Head out, and move towards the screen until
    you get a cutscene.  After a few maps, you will get into a fight.  On the
    first round you will control only Gian.  You can have him attack or defence,
    as it makes no real difference.  On the next round Claudia and her 2 guardian
    animals will join the fight (Feel free to use the two animals best attack).  
    After that you will get a map from Gian.  Now head back the way you came to 
    report back to Eule.
    Eule will encourage you to go see the world outside the forest.  Rest in the
    house to recover your LP, and now you can head out to the world.  You can go
    to Aurefont (nothing much to do here except to get a mercenary and the town's
    map) or directly to Melvir.  At Melvir, look up Gian in the Palace (2F), and
    you will eventually get Gray (after a series of cut scene).  Gray will also
    comment on pretty you (Claudia) are.
    At some point in the game, you may run into an assassin in Melvir.  Please go 
    to section RS007Z Opening up the World of Mardias for the rest of the walkthru.
    Notes on the two guardian animals (Brau & Sylvan):
    At event rank 8, if you sleep at the inn (paying), you will trigger a cut 
    scene and Quest 20, Eule gives a hoot.  Once you go see Eule, the 2 guardians
    will leave you for good.
    The 2 guardians, similar to the Dragon Knight, cannot be dismissed by the 
    minstrel, have their own attacks, and can only equip necklace and rings.  This
    gives you 2 low maintenance characters, so you can focus your money and Jewel
    on Training Claudia and the other two members of the party.  This make Claudia
    a good choice if this is your first play thru of the game.
    RS007E	Jamil
    To be Added
    RS007F	Sif
    To be Added
    RS007G	Hawke
    As soon as you gain control of Hawke, you will start at the Coral Sea. Press
    start to take a look at the map, you are try to head for the middle exit in
    the NW corner (NW).  Now go to the menu, position, and move Guella Ha to the
    middle spot (press down once on Guella Ha).  Then go to weapons, and trade the
    Pirate's Gothic Axe with Hawke's Hand Axe.  Next go to armor, unequip everything
    except the fur coat from the pirate and give them to Guella Ha.  Finally, give
    the First Aid to either Hawke or Guella Ha (weapon).  Now you are ready to set
    The Lady Luck is nice and speedy, so you should be able to avoid fights.  Head
    towards Cave C (the middle exit).  There is no monster inside.  Once again,
    open your map to see where you are going, and cruise to the Pirate Coast (No
    mobs once again).
    After you have arrived in the Pirate Coast, you will be informed that Butcher is
    calling a meeting.  Go to the town hall (NE building).  Eventually Butcher will
    challenge you to a duel, accept it.  Head out, shop the supplies you need, and
    maybe train Hawke to a lv2 pirate.  When you are ready, head back out to the
    Coral Sea.
    You will get another cutscene.  Then, head back to the Pirate Coast and confront
    Butcher in the town hall.  You can try and defeat him, or you can flee for your
    life.  If you challenge him (win/lose), you will be kicked outside the town hall
    (no game over).  Just head towards your 
    ship for the next cutscene.  You will 
    end up in Godongo.  Please go to section RS007Z Opening up the World of Mardias 
    for the rest of the walkthru.
    Please try to avoid as much fighting as possible, or your Event Rank might be 
    too high.
    RS007H	Barbara
    Barbara start at Weston and with quite a few towns around the new road open up.
    Just go into the Pub and talk to the minstrel to get a nice cut scene.  After
    that, you will get the Amethyst Fatestone, and you are on your way to explore
    the world of Mardias.  Please go to the next section, RS007Z Opening up the 
    World of Mardias for the rest of the walkthru.
    Please note that the Minstrel will disappear for a while.  Eventually he will
    reappear after a few quests, so choose your party carefully and do not invite
    Note also that if you start the Wuhan's secrets quest, did not invite anyone
    and sacrifice Herman to Death (Escape until he dies), you can get capture just
    like Aisha.  However, you do not need to do that as you can access S. Estamir
    thru N. Estamir to get the quest.  But its fun.
    (Walkthrus for the other characters to be added)
    RS007Z	Opening up the World of Mardias
    Once you are finished with the starting sequence, the first thing that I 
    recommend you to do is to open up the world of Mardias.  Recruit the other main 
    characters into your party is the best way to open up the world, but there are
    other things to do along the way.  Here is my checklist of things to do when 
    you enter each new town:
    Please note: If you are playing as Albert, do not worry about opening the world
    until after you survive the ship wreck, get out of Valhalland, and met with
    1) Pick up town maps from the volunteer brigade (little kid with a shiny badge)
    2) Talk with NPCs around town to open new area (see list below)
    3) Visit the pub and check the minstrel for stories.  Also pick up your planned 
       party members if any (see character section on where to recruit your party
    4) Also recruit the other sub-characters/mercenary so you can strip their 
       equipment and Balm.  This will allow you to equip your party for free, as
       well as giving you some extra cash from selling the excess items. 
    6) Borrow Aisha's horse, you have to get it before the Taralians move (Yes, you
       can get it even if your main character is not Aisha.  I just got it with 
    7) Get the following quests:
        5	Amethyst of Visions (You complete by recruiting Barbara)
        6	Plain Treasure (Jelton Pub owner)
        8	Unsettling Settlements (Yassi)
        9	Innkeeper's Daughter (Melvir 2nd Floor Pub - Notice)
       10	A suspicious Demise (Melvir Police Station)
       11	Wuhan's Secret (South Estamir Pub)
       15	Free the Gecklings (Oapu Pub)
       N.B.	Someone will ask you to escort him in N. Estamir.  This is for the 
    	Oh, Mummy quest (#25). Decline for now until you have the a full party
    8) Take boat rides, there are only 2 worthwhile boat rides that you should pay
       for (for most characters anyway). Albert and Gray have to take a boat ride 
       to advance their opening scenario.
       Oapu - Boat ride to Melvir 80G (so you can get Gray)
       North Estamir - Raft ride to South Estamir, it will be the best 10G you ever
    Useful Party Members for Opening Mardias
    Depending on who your main character is, you will be starting at different part
    of the world and run into the other main characters in different order. But the 
    concept is (in no particular order):
    1)  Get to Melvir to pick up Gray, who opens up all the cities in Rosalia, 
        Bafal Empire, Dry Lands and Ligau Isle (pretty much half of the civilized 
        world as Mardias knows it, also open up the towns you need to find Barbara)
    1a) As a bonus, you will always find Claudia with Gray, and she will open 
        Mazewood for you.
    2)  Pick up Hawke from Uso to open up North Point and Godongo (You can reach 
        Melvir by boat from Walon Isle, but need to pay fare)
    3)  Search the towns along the New Road and find Barbara (The New road stretch 
        from North Point in Dry Lands, pass Rosalia and Kjaraht into the Frontier). 
        She will open up Weston, New Road, Tarmitta, Crystal City, Altours, North 
        Estamir, Uso, and North Point.  I've seen her a few times in North Estamir's
        pub at start of a new game before any fighting.
    4)  Find Sif to open up Valhalland & Knight's Dominion (Mirsaburg & Eugenstadt)
    5)  Jamil can open up South Estamir, but much faster to take the raft ride
        from North Estamir.
    6)  Aisha opens up the Steppes of Galessa, but faster to ask the NPC in Uso.
    Helpful NPC that also Open up Mardias
    This is a list of towns with NPCs that open up area the 8 main characters
    don't open up.  You should still visit every town for maps and equipment
    Dry Lands
    Uso (Open up by Gray):
    - A male NPC and the kid NPC on the west side of road opens up Kaklim Desert
    - A female NPC left of the magic shop opens up the Steppes of Galessa
    Crystal City (Open up by Gray):
    - Talk to the people in the pub to open up Crystal Lake and Mt. Scurve.
      (There are other NPCs in the city that unlock the Crystal Lake too).
    North Estamir:
    - Raft Ride to South Estamir (in the port), free.  Just look for the small
      raft at the other dock.
    - If you can't find Sif... Boat ride to Mirsaburg (50G)
    - Talking to one of the NPC will take you to a fruit farm with a few trees
      and some enemies.  Do not engage the insect enemies, but you can kill 
      every thing else (move silently recommended).  This will impact the fruit 
      merchant's inventory in town.
    Bafal Empire
    Bruelle (Open up by Gray):
    - A female NPC *outside* the port area (in blue) opens Bayre Plateau
    - Boat ride to Mirsaburg (80G) (Yeoville is 50G).  Sif opens it for free.
    This area is opened by Sif
    Knights Dominion
    Mirsaburg (Open by Sif, Boat ride from Bruelle):
    - An old man NPC (to the right of the road into the palace) opens up 
    South Estamir (Jamil):
    - Raft ride to North Estamir
    Tarmitta (open by Barbara)
    - A male NPC outside the Apothecany opens Lake Malar
    Weston (Barbara):
    - A female NPC near the entrance will tell you about Yassi, and Saoki later 
    Ligau Isle
    Jelton (Gray):
    - Exit Jelton by pressing triangle will take you to the plains.
      Note: If you have open up area outside of Jelton, you can use the world map 
      exit on the Plain (SE corner) and then bypass Jelton back to the main land
    Coral Sea
    This is Hawke's place, off limit till later
    Walon Isle
    Godongo (Hawke):
    - Exit town to get to the Jungle (no enemies)
    - Recruit Guella Ha in North Point for quest 15 before coming to Walon Isle
    - Head East to open Oapu
    - You can access inner jungle and Geckling Cave
    - Boat ride to Melvir
    Special Notes on Faerie's Grove
    Once you completed the Amethyst of Visions quest by recruiting Barbara or
    dance for the Minstrel if you are Barbara, the Faerie's Grove will randomly 
    appears in different places (the same will happen if you lose to the mummy
    in quest #25, but getting quest #5 done is the cleaner way to do it. If you see
    it, it is a good idea to visit it. Once there, try to talk to all the faeries.
    You need to keep visiting it until you get the Faerie's Grove quest (#26)
    started (after 2nd+ visit). When you exit, it dumps you in a random town.
    RS008 Tempering FAQ & Example
    Section Summary:
    RS008A	What is Tempering?
    RS008B	How to Temper & How to "Break in" a Weapon
    RS008C	Tempering the Falcata
    RS008D	Best Temperable Weapons List
    RS008E	Armor Tempering
    RS008A	What is Tempering?
    In Romancing SaGa, Tempering is the act of altering a piece of weapon or armor
    to make it stronger.  It usually involves adding a tempering material to the 
    piece of equipment.  In addition, you can adjust the attack power (sharpness) 
    and durability (sterdiness) of the equipment.
    Before we continue, you must understand the statistics of weapon and armor:
      Weapon (& how they are repaired):
        Attack   -	The Attack Power (or sharpness) of the weapon.  The higher the 
    		number, the greater the damage.
        DP       -	Durability Point.  This indicates the tolerance of the weapon
    		before it breaks.  Techniques can put a lot of stress on the
    		weapon and cause it to wear.  When it reachs 0, it must be
    		repaired before it can be used again.  An untempered weapon
    		can be repaired at the smith or stay at the inn (paying, so 
    		they would repair the weapon for you).  A tempered weapon,
    		however, requires you to re-temper it with another piece of
    		tempering material to repair the DP.
        DP Mod   -	The DP Modifier (sterdiness).  This impacts the amount of 
    		damage a weapon will take when techniques are used.  The higher
    		the number, the more durable the weapon, the less damage it will
    		take. Hence, positive DP Mod is good, especially when you are
    		trying to break in a tempering material.
        Phy Def  -	Physical Defence
        Mag Def  -	Magical Defence
        Armor does not have durability point.
    RS008B	How to Temper & How to "Break in" a Weapon
    Basically, your weapon can get stronger if you temper a harmonious material 
    into it.  You will know when the material is harmonious when the blacksmith 
    show the material in red when you put your cursor on it.  After you temper 
    it, you will need to "break in" that weapon until the material is harmonious
    with the weapon (you will know when it changes its name to ???+1).  
    "Breaking in" a material does not mean you have to use it until DP is 0.
    Rather, just keep using techniques with that weapon (it is perfectly fine 
    even if they consumed no DP.  In fact, that's the best way so you don't
    waste materials to re-temper the weapon).
    Tempering Examples and analysis:
    Let's start with a Kjar Bow and a beastfang.
    Go to the Blacksmith at Crystal City (inside weapon store).
    Select add my own materials and move your cursor to the beastfang.
    Notice beastfang is shown in red.  It means the tempering material 
    is harmonious to your weapon.
    Base on my tempering experiement with Bows and Scimitars, I have 
    concluded that the base weapon determines the stats of the final 
    form.  If you use a weaker base weapon, you will end up with a
    weaker weapon in the end even if they share the same name.
    e.g. Steelsong from Falchion is 25 atk, Steelsong using Drachenbrand
    as base will have 34 atk.
    N.B. There are exceptions as always.  If the final form can be tempered
    by more than one material, such as GrimCrystal vs DarkCrystal, that
    will impact the outcome of the weapon.
    You can tell a weapon is in its final form what it changes it name
    from ???+# to a different name.  e.g. Kjar Bow -> Kjar Arbalest.
    I will explain the effects of tempering materials in the Kjar Bow
    example below.
    1) Kjar Bow -> Kjar Arbalest:
    Kjar Bow can be tempered with any of Beast Fang, Tortoise Shell, and 
    Reinforced Wing in its first form.
    For the purpose of my test. I ungraded two Kjar bow at the same time, 
    the first one with beast fang and the 2nd one with Tortoise Shell. 
    The beast fang gives higher attack, but also give you a -1 DP Modifier,
    and lowers max DP by 10. 
    The tortoise shell improved attack slightly (I think), adds +1 to DP 
    modifier (I think), and drops max DP by 20.
    I then modify the first bow to increase its durability so to get rid 
    of the -1 modifier. Then both bow has the same damage... Except the 
    tortoise shell bow now have an additional +1 to its DP modifier.
    It appears that better material does increase the power of the weapon 
    for that "generation".
    However, the next generation required me to use a Steel Thread to 
    upgrade it. Guess what, both bows ended up with exactly the same 
    Power, DP Modifier, Max DP, Weight
    Kjar Bow:
    Base Stat: 44, 0, 30
    1st Generation: 
    Beastfang: 52, -1, 20
    Variation: 57, -2, 20 and 48, 0, 20
    Tortoise Shell: 48, +1, 10
    Variation: 52, 0, 10 and 44, +2, 10
    Reinforced Wing: 57, -3, 10
    Variation: 61, -4, 10 and 52, -2, 10
    Evolve to Kjar Bow+1
    2nd Generation:
    Steel Thread: 48, +1, 40 (Renamed to Kjar Arbalest, tested from Beast 
                              Fang and Tortoise Shell only)
    Variation, 52?, 0, 40 and 44, +2, 40
    Final Form: 52, +1, 40 (Steel Thread is no longer shown as red)
    Variation: 57, 0, 40 and 48, +2, 40
    If you temper the final form with another material, it is renamed to Kjar Bow+2.
    Adding a Tree Crystal to the Final Form would be 57, +2, 10, and can be treaked
    to 61, +1, 10.  Kjar Bow+2 is easily one of the most powerful weapon in the 
    game damage-wise, and also the easiest to temper.
    2) Garal Shaft (Pole Arm)
    Halberd -> Halberd +1 -? Halberd +2 -> Garal Shaft
    N.B. Halberd step can be skipped by simply purchasing a Halberd +1.
    3rd Generation Garal Shaft (per-final):
    Power +2: 49, 0, 20
    Power +1: 45, 1, 20
    Neutral: 42, 2, 20
    Durability +1: 38, 3, 20
    Durability +2: 35, 4, 20
    Final Form (Neutral): 45, 2, 20
    3) Morglay -> Morglay +1 (2-handed Sword) 
    34, 0, 30
    1st Generation:
    Vernie: ???
    Morglay +1 (Final):
    Power+2: 47, -1, 20
    Power+1: 44, 0, 20
    Neutral: 40, +1, 20
    Durability +1: 37, +2, 20
    Durability +2: 34, +3, 20
    I have yet to reach the final generation for this sword.
    Anyway, go ahead and experiment for fun.  Just save before you try.
    By the way, Tree Crystal is an excellent material to use on the final form of 
    your weapon as it increases the +DP modifier (+2) and attack (+1 degree).
    RS008C	Tempering the Falcata
    Before we even begin, let's get one fact clear once and for all: Unless you are 
    playing as Gray, you will not be able to get the Voice of the Blade (Quest 7).
    Therefore, the Falcata cannot transform into the Demonbrand.  As such, you are
    much better off with the Shooting Star (katana), which you can get from treasure
    chest (need treasure map).
    Here are the steps to acquire/temper the Falcata.  Please also keep in mind that
    you should train Gray's Job Class to Master to help break in the sword.  Saving 
    enough Jewel to get his Katana skill to lv5 is a must.
    1) When you are ready, come back to the plains, and jump down the Treasure Cave.
       (The cave entrance is on the SE side of the map, just east of the world map
       exit, with flowers outside.)  You should go there with Lurk, Move Silently,
       Find Chest, Climb, and Jump to maximize your profit.
    2) Head to Level 3 of the cave.  The sword is right after the first turn.  If
       you can see it, just move around and click X until you get it.  You will get
       the Rusty Falcata.
    3) When you are done picking up the chests and boss fight in the cave, head back
       to the town.  You will see a cut scene where the sword say it wants to be
       tempered with a piece of Bronze (which is available in the Jelton blacksmith)
    4) Now that you know how to properly "break-in" a tempered weapon, you can 
       ignore what the Blacksmith say about breaking the sword.  If you don't, read 
       section RS008B.
    5) After each evolution of the Sword, repeatly zone in and out of any pub until
       you get the cutscene which tell you what the next material they need.
    Falcata Tempering Summary
    	Stage		Material	Location
    	Rusty Falcata	Bronze		Jelton Blacksmith (BS)
    	Falcata+1	Rosalian Steel	Crystal City, Mirsaburg, N/S Estamir BS
    	Falcata+2	Southern Iron	Bruelle, Eugenstadt, Loban, S. Estamir, 
    					Gato's Village BS
    	Falcata+3	Marcasite	Sold in Altours, Aurefont
    	Falcata+4	Steel Thread	Sold in Aurefont
    	Falcata+5	Meteoric Iron	Most commonly dropped by Death Croacker 
    					(aquatic) but also from a few other types 
    					when your HP is 400+
    	Falcata+6	Mullock		Not just any mullock, but rather an
    					extremely rare type of Mullock.  Mullock
    					can be dropped, mined, and traded.  But
    					there is no reliable way to get the rare
    					Mullock the sword need yet.
    	Falcata+7	Boss Fight!	Sword Demon, 16-17k HP!!!
    	*Should you break the sword before you reach the next stage, you have to
    	 temper it again with the same material.
    	**Since the boss fight is no pushover at 16-17, there is no rush to get
    	  your falcata level up to the max right away.  So take your time to find
    	  the material.  Just position yourself to do the quest at ER20 and you
    	  should be good.
    Notes on Meteoric Iron & Mullock
    Not only are these 2 materials only, but they also drop the DP Mod to the 
    negative zone.  So until you have lv4+ Katana, you should hold off on the 
    tempering. Otherwise you will have a really difficult time breaking in the 
    Getting the Mullock requires a lot of luck.  The most logical route (well, 
    according to my logics anyway) is to hope for a drop from a tough monster.
    It has been posted on the GameFAQ board that getting it from the Giant in
    Auldberg is the best bet to-date.  Just make sure you make a clean save
    beforehand.  Then go into Auldburg and fight the Castle Guardians until 
    a Mullock Drop (quicksave before each one).  If no Mullock drop, reset 
    and try again.  Once you killed them, take it back to the Blacksmith to 
    see if any are harmonius with your Falcata +6.  If not, load the clean save
    and try again.  If you got it, Congratulations.
    It is also a good idea to assemble your best party/equipment for the
    upcoming boss fight.
    Falcata+7 and the Boss Fight
    Once you "break-in" the Falcata, quick save before you enter town, because
    the fight will start when you enter.  The Blade Demon is fairly tough, and
    can attack multiple times a turn, and have a few AOE attacks.  Spells such 
    as Revive and Self-Immolation will come in handy this fight.  The best 
    strategy here is to outdamage it.
    Once you win the fight.  You will get the ultimate cutscene and see the 
    Falcata+7 transform into the Demonbrand (55 Atk, 0, 30, str +10).  It is one
    of the strongest weapon in the game.  In addition, Gray's outfit changes.
    RS008D	Best Temperable Weapons List
    Best Buyable Weapon List:
    		Buyable		Atk	Cost	Clout	Where**
    Foil		Vernie Rapier	21	4500G	9	Mirsaburg
    Short Sword	Hanger		25	3100G	1	Bruelle
    Long Sword	Schiavona	34	9000G	9	Mirsaburg
    Great Sword	Rosalian Saber	24	2940G	1	Crystal City
    Scimitar	Drachenbrand	33	7500G	7	Yeoville
    Hand Axe	Throwing Axe	31	5390G	3	Melvir, Loban
    Club		Cyclone Club	27	3900G	1	Crystal City
    2-Handed Sword	Morglay		34	7800G	7	Mirsaburg
    Katana		Katana+1	25	4340G	12	Jelton
    2-Handed Axe	Great Axe	36	9500G	8	Bruelle
    Staff*		Elemental Staff		9200G	9	Weiserheim
    Pole Arm	Halberd +1	38	12900G	17	North Estamir
    Lance		Garal Spear	33	8610G	15	Bruelle
    Bow		Kjar Bow	44	19999G	17	Tarmitta
    *Staff is more for mage's casting than for tecniques...  The 
     Elemental Staff gives Int+1, Wil+1, All Element Resistance +10.
    **Some of these weapon are available in shops not listed.  I try to keep the
      list limited to the major cities.
    I always go to the Blacksmith in Crystal City or Bruelle because they offer
    me the choice to temper in my own materials and have Vernie/Garal available.
    You will know when a weapon has reached its final form when it name changes.
    Once you have break-in the material for the final form, 
    I highly recommend 
    you to take it to a smith and see if tempering a tree crystal can help you
    make the weapon stronger.  Quick save before you attempt this!  Temper in
    the tree crystal, then adjust the attack and durability until it pleases you.
    9 times out of 10 Tree Crystal will enhance your weapon.
    Also, there are a few generic tempering formulas such as
    	1) Rosalian Steel, Ligau Steel, Black Steel, Steel Thread
    	   Steel Thread Works best here because of the +2 DP mod with no penalty
    	   on attack power.
    	2) Marcasite, Meteoric Iron
    	   Usually there is another material to be tempered after this, so a
    	   Marcasite will suffice if you don't have Meteoric Iron.  The Shock-
    	   proof effect you get from Meteoric Iron will be lost in the next 
    	   tempering.  Marcasite gives -3 DP Mod while Meteoric Iron gives -2.
    	3) Beast Fang, Tortoise Shell, Reinforced Wing
    	   Tortoise Shell works best in this group because it is the only one
    	   in the group to give a +DP Modifier
    I will now list the best weapons (temperable or otherwise) for each weapon type.
    Please refer to RS009 for location of the material.
    "Break In" - a weapon is only considered to have broken in when the harmonius
    	     material is no longer in red.  You can check this by selecting
    	     the weapon and press square to check on the material.
    Tempering Method Legend:
    I have listed and numbered the stage:
    Stage 0 is the neutral state that you start in.
    Stage 1 is the next stage, after you have break in the material from stage 0
    Stage 2                                , ,                           stage 1
            and so on
    You will also see me say "Add Tree Crystal after you break in the ???".
    Make very sure you have "Break in the material specified before you temper in 
    the Tree Crystal.  Otherwise you need to start over in the previous stage...
    You do not need to put in the tree crystal if you don't want to.  I put it in
    because I like to have the +DP Mod, which reduce the wear and tear on my 
    weapon so I don't have to worry about weapon breaking.  Alternatively, you
    can try tempering in a Beastfang if you don't mind repair weapon, or that
    weapon has a high +DP mod already (You have to temper it again with a tempering
    material in order to repair the weapon).
    With the exception of the Falcata, any weapons that had been tempered via adding
    a meterial, even when its name changed, can only be repaired by tempering 
    another piece of material to repair it.  Usually you want to use the same
    material.  Tree Crystal can be purchased, and so makes it a good choice to
    add the finishing touch on the weapon.
    Also, different weapons may share the same name after some tempering, but their
    damage will not be the same. Example, Steelsong made from Drachenbrand vs the 
    Steelsong made from Falchion.
    Here is the Ultimate Weapons List:
    Welcome to Bladewind's Personal Arsenal! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    This took me a long time to test and compile, so I truely hope you enjoy it.
    The best buy-able foil is the Vernie Rapier (base weapon Rapier), and is 
    already tempered to its final form.  The Espada Ropera (39 atk) is the best 
    foil and can be acquired from Quest 22 as well as from chests.  However, you 
    should also pay attention to the Blazing Sword as it can channels fire magic 
    you've learned, and is temperable.  Personally, I choose Blazing Sword over 
    the vernie any day because foil user with hydrology magic can cast fire 
    spells via the Blazing Sword.  Silver Fleuret's Hunter's Fury Technique is 
    not good as you can learn more powerful techniques.
    List of good Foils:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Vernie Rapier		27	Just break in the vernie and add a tree crystal
    				to make a Rapier +3, sold in Crystal City.
    Blazing Sword		15	Channels Fire Magic
    Espada Ropera		39	Best foil
    Sword Of Earth		36	LP Weapon (can't temper), Channels Earth Magic
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Vernie Rapier	Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Vernie
    1. Rapier+3		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Blazing Sword	Elemental Core, Peggy Crystal
    1. Blazing Sword+1	Vermillion*, Windshell (Elemental Core does not work)
    2. Blazing Sword+2 	Dark Crystal, Grim Crystal
       *Kudos to Jitawa for pointing out Vermillion, good job!
    0. Espada Ropera	Rosalian Steel, Ligau Steel, Black Steel, Steel Thread
    1. Espada Ropera+1	Marcasite, Meteoric Iron
    2. Espada Ropera+2	Vernie
    3. Vernie Rapier	Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Vernie
    4. Espada Ropera+3	No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Short Sword:
    List of good Short Swords:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Hanger			25	Best buyable.
    Werewolf		27	Agi+1, drop from monster/chest
    Dragonscale Blade	37	Find Treasure, Fire/Cold/Elect. Resistance +10
    Serpentbrand		27	LP Weapon, Int+5, Channels Water Magic, 
    				Cannot be tempered
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Hanger			Souther Iron, Mullock
    1. Hanger+1		Steel Thread
    2. Steelgad		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Steel Thread
    3. Hanger+2		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Werewolf		Souther Iron, Mullock
    1. Werewolf+1		Beast Fang, (Tortoise Shell, Reinforced Wing)
    2. Beowulf 		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Beast Fang
    3. Werewolf+2		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Dragonscale Blade	Beast Fang, Tortoise Shell, Reinforced Wing
    1. Dragonscale Blade+1	Wind Shell (Elemental Core, Tree Crystal)
    2. Wyrmbrand
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Long Sword:
    Schiavona is the workhorse of the long sword family.  The Farangi has slightly
    higher attack, but has no special stats.  Since it can only be found from 
    treasure chests, you are better off using your Schiavona+3 and use the 
    treasure map to pop better weapons such as the Shooting Star.
    List of good Long Swords:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Schiavona		34	Best buyable.
    Farangi			39	Find Treasure
    Main Gauche		45	LP Weapon (Can't temper), 2 special attacks
    				Acquired from Trial of Elore.
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Schiavona		Rosalian Steel, Ligau Steel, Black Steel, Steel Thread
    1. Schiavona+1		Marcasite, Meteoric Iron
    2. Schiavona+2		Garal
    3. Garal Sword		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Garal
    4. Schiavona+3		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Farangi		Souther Iron, Mullock, Bismuth, Copper?
    1. Farangi+1		Steel Thread, (Corundum)
    2. Steelrend		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Garal
    4. Farangi+2		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Great Sword:
    The best buyable Great Sword isn't really that great...  I like the Raksha
    Sword better for the Str+3, and can be stripped from Silver.  Raksha also
    have a better base attack than the Ogre's Cleaver.  The Obsidian Sword,
    however, is one of the best weapon in the game.
    List of good Great Swords:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Rosalian Saber		24	Best buyable... but not great at all
    Raksha Sword		29	Str+3, cannot be tempered, Chests, Strip
    Blue Saber		35	Status Ailments +20
    Obsidian Sword		50	LP Weapon (Can't temper), Fatestone(all stats+1)
    				Switch weapon mode, +20 resistance to Blunt,
    				Slash, Aerial Attacks, nullify Bewitchery Magic
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Rosalian Saber	Vermillion, Southern Iron
    1. Rosalian Saber+1	Marcasite, Black Steel
    2. Rosalian Saber+2	Vernie
    3. Vernie Saber		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Garal
    4. Rosalian Saber+3	No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Blue Saber		Elemental Core, Deadstone
    1. Blue Saber+1		Native Silver, Electrum
    2. Blue Saber+2		Tree Crystal
    3. Blue Saber+3		Dark Crystal
    4. Dark Blade
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    If you do plan on playing Darque, this is the section for you.  Phantombrand
    cannot channel illusion magic, so it is pretty useless with its low attack.
    List of good Scimitars:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Drachenbrand		33	Best buyable... the workhorse of Scimitars
    Darque's Sword		44	You get it when you unlock Darque
    Red Peacock		40	Dex/Agi/Cha +3, cannot be tempered
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Drachenbrand		Southern Iron, Mullock
    1. Drachenbrand+1	Steel Thread, (Corundum)
    2. Steelsong		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Garal
    3. Drachenbrand+2	No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Darque's Sword	Southern Iron, Mullock
    1. Darque's Sword+1	Bismuth, Copper?
    2. Darque's Sword+2	Steel Thread, (Corundum)
    3. Sadalmelik		(You can add tree crystal or beastfang)
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Hand Axes:
    Bilqis and Epic Hero have their own weapon skills, but LP weapons with
    average attack power and no DP Mod isn't that good...
    List of good Hand Axes:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Throwing Axe		31	Best buyable... the workhorse of Hand Axes
    Cosmo Egg		47	LP Weapon, cannot be tempered, Vit+6
    				Can use Exnophobic Blast.  You get it for
    				defeating Pyrocanis
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Throwing Axe		Ligau Steel, Marcasite, Steel Thread
    1. Throwing Axe+1	Reinforced Wing, Windshell
    2. Throwing Axe+2	Aerodyne
    3. Falconwind		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Aerodyne
    4. Throwing Axe+3	No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Clubs aren't exactly the best weapon in RS... but they do have a powerful move
    called Grand Slam. It is a two hits attack against everybody, the initial
    strike doesn't do much damage... but the 2nd hit at the end of round is causes
    massive earth quake damage to the enemy.
    List of good Clubs:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Cyclone Club		27	Best buyable... not bad but not great either
    Amber Jack		38	Treasure chest... I would use my treasure map
    				for better weapons... cannot be tempered.
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Cyclone Club		Bronze, Blancazure
    1. Cyclone Club+1	Southern Iron, Maracasite
    2. Cyclone Club+2	Garal
    3. Garal Hammer		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Garal
    4. Cyclone Club+3	No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Two-Handed Swords:
    I personally find Sword of Death to be a terrible weapon... eventhough it gives
    42 attack, the penalty of -20 Vit/COM/Status Ailments makes you too vulnerable
    to damage and status attacks.  Furthermore, the Claymore has 43 base attack,
    and temperable to +DP Mod.  Ice Sword on the other hand, is much more feasible
    because it negates self-immolation.
    List of good Two-handed Swords:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Morglay			34	Best buyable... Wait for Claymore if you can
    Claymore		43	Chest drop, very nice damage
    Ice Sword (+1)		38	INT-20, Fire Resistance +20, Channels Aerology
    				Aside from the one you give to Pyrix, there is
    				also an Ice Sword +1 for sale in Ettinham for 
    				30,000G.  The best thing about this sword is
    				its ability to negate self-immolation.  However,
    				the -20 Int puts a dent on your magic damage...
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Morglay/Claymore	Southern Iron, Marcasite, Meteoric Iron
    1. Morglay+1/Claymore+1	Blacksteel, Mullock
    2. Morglay+2/Claymore+2	Vernie
    3. Vernie Sword		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Vernie
    4. Morglay+3/Claymore+3	No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    The best Katana is the Demonbrand, tempered from the Rusty Falcata (RS008C).
    Next to that is the Shooting Star.  It is really a shame that you cannot dual
    wield in this game...  The Crane Princess is also good (37 atk), but doesn't
    make the cut in the best weapon category.  I will include the tempering 
    instruction for it as well in case you get one.  Ogre's Eye requires a rare
    Black Steel at stage 2, and judging by the material use, it has a potential
    to become a powerful weapon.  However, it might also have -DP Mod and the 
    damage won't match Demond Brand or Shooting Star.
    List of good Katanas:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Demonbrand		55	Str+10, forged from Rusty Falcata (Gray only)
    Katana+1		25	Best buyable... but just weak...
    Crane Princess		37	Chest pop.  Not bad, but there are better
    Shooting Star		45	Treasure Chest, Dex/Agi+3, Status Resistance+30
    				Best Katana if Gray is not your main.  I love
    				the power, stats and status resistance on this.
    				Cannot be tempered.
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Katana*		Southern Iron, Marcasite, Meteoric Iron
    1. Katana+1		Blacksteel, Mullock
    2. Katana+2		Vernie
    3. Vernie Katana	Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Vernie
    4. Katana+3		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    *Katana is included because Katana+1 is sold out a lot...
    0. Ogre's Eye*		Ligau Steel, Southern Iron
    1. Ogre's Eye+1		Blacksteel
    2. Ogre's Eye+2		Dead Stone
    3. Ogre's Eye+3		Meteoric Iron
    4. Devilmark
    *Included this in case anyone got a black steel and want to try it
    0. Crane Princess	Ligau Steel, Southern Iron
    1. Crane Princess+1	Marcasite
    2. Crane Princess+2	Tree Crystal
    3. Crane Princess+3	Meteoric Iron
    4. Noble Crane
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Two-Handed Axes:
    Most of the Two-handed Axes in this game are very good.  Two of the unique axes
    gives Str+5/6, with no negative stats at all.  Overall, the 2handed axes' high
    damage rating can maximize the damage from hit-all techniques like Earth Dragon 
    and Grand Slam .  The only draw back is that only 3 job classes can use them...
    Geckling Knight (Guella Ha), Imperial Knight, and Warrior.
    List of good Two-handed Axes:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Great Axe		36	Best buyable...  Good damage for a good price
    Vorpal Axe		40	Treasure Chest, very destructive
    Axe of Kings		30	LP Weapon (Can't temper), Str+5, channels 
    				Pyrology, can summon Pyrix.  Its main use is
    				for str boost and spells.
    Destroyer		49	Best 2h axe! LP Weapon (Can't temper), Str+6!
    				Special Attack: Malefix Eclipse.
    Destroyer		42	LP Weapon (Can't temper), Int+6.  Special 
    				Attack: Haunted Louse.  I am guessing the int
    				boost is to increase damage of special attack.
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Great Axe		Ligau Steel, Southern Iron
    1. Great Axe+1		Marcasite, Steel Thread
    2. Great Axe+2		Garal
    3. Garal Axe		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Garal
    4. Great Axe+3		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Vorpal Axe		Dead Stone, Beast Fang, Peggy Crystal
    1. Vorpal Axe+1		Dinosaur Skin, Stonefish Scales
    2. Vorpal Axe+2		Toxic Talon
    3. Executioner
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Staves is more for boosting int than for doing damage.
    List of good Staves:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Elemental Staff		18	Best buyable. Int/Wil+1, Fire/Cold/Elect/Energy
    				Resistance +10.  Cannot be tempered.
    Eule's Staff		10	LP Weapon, Int/Wil+3, Channels Demonology
    Mage's Staff		20	LP Weapon, Int/Wil+5, Channels Illusion
    				Cannot be tempered.
    Serpent Staff		28	LP Weapon, Com+5, Channels Terrology
    				Cannot be tempered.
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Eule's Staff		Elemental Core, Peggy Crystal
    1. Eule's Staff+1	Tree Crystal, Windshell
    2. Eule's Staff+2	Dark Crystal, Grim Crystal
    3. Darkrung/Grimrung
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Pole Arms:
    I personally don't find the Khellendros very good, as I despise negative stats
    equipment (38 Atk, LP, Int/Wil/Com -10, elec. resistance +50).  The Electricity
    resistance may come in hand against lightning mobs such as the gold dragon.
    However, you are better off a Garal Shaft for regular fights.
    List of good Pole Arms:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Halberd+1		38	Best buyable, good damage. The merchant selling
    				this is in the same block as the Martial Arts
    Yucomb's Trident	40	LP Weapon (Can't tempered), Channels Hydrology.
    				Special hit all attack, Divine Lightning,
    				Powerful and useful for mob clean up.
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Halberd		Ligau Steel, Bismuth
    1. Halberd+1		Marcasite, Steel Thread
    2. Halberd+2		Garal
    3. Garal Shaft		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Garal
    4. Halberd+3		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Khellendros		Windshell
    1. Khellendros+1	Toxic Talon, Grim Crystal
    2. Nether Khellendros
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    I use lances a lot... It is the weapon of choice for Templar, and a backup 
    weapon for my Kjar Sentinels.  The Scorpion Lance is sturdy and reliable, and
    I've found one from chests and 2 dropped from Lizard Lords.  A pre-tempered
    Garal Spear can be purchased in Bruelle for 8610G.  However its base weapon 
    is a spear so the damage will not be as good as a military fork.  Nevertheless,
    you need a Black Steel/Corundum to temper Military fork+1 any further...  So
    I personally prefer the Garal Spear over the Military Fork +1. 
    The Malystrix share the same problem as the Khellendros (40 Atk, LP, 
    Int/Wil/Com -10, Fire resistance +50),  I personally don't think it is worth 
    the -30 stats because a tempered scorpion can do more damage.
    List of good Lances:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Military Fork+1		35	"Best" buyable, good damage. But the material 
    				needed to temper it further is very rare.  The 
    				merchant selling this is in the same block as 
    				the Martial Arts.  Garal Spear is a nice 
    				alternative with +2DP Modifier.
    Garal Spear		33	The +2 DP Mod more than make up for the 2 less
    				atk points.
    Scorpion		37	Best lance, drop from normal chest and Lizard 
    				Lord, which appears when your HP >500.
    Feather Spear		35	LP Weapon (Can't tempered), Agi+5, Channels 
    				Aerology and you can summon the elemental king
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Military Fork	Rosalian Steel, Blancazure
    1. Military Fork+1	Black Steel, Corundum
    2. Military Fork+2	Garal
    3. Garal Spear		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Garal
    4. Military Fork+3	No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Scorpion		Sticky String, Steel Thread
    1. Scorpion+1		Tortoise Shell
    2. Scorpion+2		Reinforced Wing
    3. Cor Scorpii		Add Tree Crystal after you break in the Reinforced Wing
    4. Scorpion+3		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    0. Malystrix		Dinosaur Skin
    1. Malystrix+1		Toxic Talon, Dark Crystal
    2. Nether Malystrix 
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    Unlike other weapons, the best bow is actually buy-able.  Eres' Bow looks nicer
    but doesn't come close to a Kjar Bow+2.
    List of good Bows:
    Name			Atk	Notes
    Kjar Bow		44	Best bow.  Can be tempered to 61 atk.
    Eres' Bow		35	LP Weapon (Can't tempered), can use Dreamshot.
    Tempering Method:
    Stage			Material
    0. Kjar Bow		Beastfang, Tortoise Shell, Reinforced Wing
    1. Kjar Bow+1		Steel Thread
    2. Kjar Arbalest	Add Tree Crystal after you break in the steel thread
    4. Kjar Bow+2		No breaking in after tree crystal since not harmonious
    	*** Please refer to RS009 for location of the material. ***
    RS008E	Armor Tempering
    There is no Harmonius Material for Armor.  Necklace and Rings cannot be 
    tempered.  The Garal set is the best armor you can buy, but that doesn't mean 
    you should buy the whole set.
    Best Buyable Armor Summary:
    		Buyable			Cost	Clout	Where
    Shield		Garal Shield		7695G	15	Melvir, North Estamir
    Helm		Garal Helm		7790G	15	Melvir, North Estamir
    Chest Piece*	Field Plate		12600G	12	Crystal City, Mirsaburg
    		Garal Armor		23750G	18	Melvir
    		Battle Mage Armor	6600G	6	Bruelle
    Gloves*		Cyril's Bracer		5000G	4	Crystal City, Melvir
    Leg Pieces*	Long Boots		432G	1	Northpoint
    Necklace	Fang/Wing Amulet	500G	1	South Estamir
    Ring		Guardian's Ring		5000G	5	Crystal City, Melvir
    Garal Shield and Garal Helm is worth the money.  Aside from that, the other 
    items from the Garal set is not worth it.
    Chest Piece
    - The Garal Armor is 57 Phy Def, 28 Mag Def, 38 Weight, but costs 23650G.
    - I prefer using a Garal Tempered Field plate at 60% of the cost.
    - Buy a Field Plate (12600G) and take it to the Blacksmith in Bruelle, temper 
      in a Garal (740G).  Then increase the PHY DEF twice (600G each time). Your 
      new armor has 54 Phy Def, 32 Mag Def, 38 Weight, but cost only 14540G.
    - You can also temper in a dinosaur skin using the same steps for 57 phy def, 
      21 mag def, 33 weight.
    - Battle Mage Armor is a decent armor for mages... with okay defence and a 
      small boost to int and wil.  However, Scarlet Robe (Chest in Flammar's 
      Tower) and Shimmering Sand Robe (Treasure Chest) provides better INT boost.
    - High defence gloves have -dex stats.  I don't like to see -stats, so I use
      the Cyril's Bracer instead.  Immune to curse, WIL+3, Status Ailment +10.
    Leg Pieces
    - Metallic Leg armors will decrease the agi stat, so I use long boots instead.
    - Long boots can be tempered with Meteoric Iron (Shock immunity) for spell
    The best armor are all from chests, treasure, and quest reward.  Please see
    RS004B	How to Use Treasure Map, Find Treasure, and Excavate for some of the
    items you can get.
    RS009 Tempering Materials List
    RS009A Buy-able Tempering Materials
    Material	Clout	Cost	Location
    Aerodyne	14	2400	North Point
    Beast Fang	4	620	Godongo, Uso
    Bismuth		7	465	Aurefont, Godongo
    Blancazure	3	465	Aurefont, Jelton, Oapu
    Bronze		0	N/A	Eugenstadt, Jelton, Mirsaburg
    Dinosaur Skin	21	9400	Weston
    Garal		0	N/A	Bruelle, N. Estamir
    Ligau Steel	0	N/A	Jelton, Loban
    Marcasite	15	1290	Altours, Aurefont
    Native Silver	0	N/A	Bruelle, Crystal City, Mirsaburg
    Reinfored Wing	10	2340	Pirate Coast, Taralian Camp
    Rosalian Steel	0	N/A	Crystal City, Mirsaburg, N. Estamir, S. Estamir
    Southern Iron	0	N/A	Bruelle, Eugenstadt, Loban, S. Estamir, 
    				Gato's Village
    Steel Thread	12	2340	Aurefont
    Tortoise Shell	12	2280	Weston
    Tree Crystal	17	1290	Godongo
    Vermillion	5	465	Aurefont, Uso, Weston
    Vernie		0	N/A	Crystal City, N. Estamir
    Material from Blacksmith also include the tempering cost, which is dependent on 
    the weapon, therefore is listed as N/A.
    (Thanks Gundam4fun for adding Weston and Gato's Village)
    RS009B	Dropped/Traded Tempering Materials:
    Material		Rarity		Dropped by		
    Black Steel		Very Rare	Cyclops and various monsters
    Corundum		Very Rare	
    Dark Crystal		Very Rare	Demon Lord
    Dead Stone		Very Common	Undead Type Enemies
    Devilsweed Seed		Rare		Drop/Trade with Plants
    Electrum		Common		Unknown Type Enemies
    Elemental Core		Common		Elemental (Unknown Type Enemies)
    Ghost Silver		Very Rare	Deepfish (looks like ghost ship)
    Grim Crystal		Very Rare	Specter, Soul Drain
    Meteoric Iron		Common		Death Croaker (frog), Dehydrated
    					Plants, Stone Beast and Other mobs 
    					when your HP is at 400+
    Peggy Crystal		Common		Peggy (common from Peggy Striker)
    Pure Gold		Rare		Gold Dragon and Alsak
    Sticky String		Very Common	Catepillar Type (Insect Enemy)
    Stonefish Scales	Very Rare	Dropped by Petrified Fish, Juscony,
    					Deepfish, Abyssal Maroda, Guardian 
    					Beast,Drake, Trade with Aquatics
    Toxic Talon		Very Rare	Ifrit, Zombie Dragon, Gelion, Abyss
    					Lord, Amul Amut (Trial of Elore) and
    					Alastol (Trial of Elore).
    Windshell		Very Rare	Dragon Turtle, Zaratan (Trial of Elore), 
    					Great Sky Dragon, Wyrmfounder (Trial of 
    Other monsters known to drop ores per Ultimania guide:
    Ogre, Cyclops, Ogre Lord, Ogre Champion (Trial of Elore), Mountain Man, 
    Netherworld Root, Stone Beast, Death Croaker, Cackatrice, Gargoyle, Nut, 
    Slime (all colours), and Frozen Corpse
    Thanks again to Gundam4fun for finding Stonefish Scales, and Kenton for 
    providing the information from the Ultimania guide.
    RS009C	Tempering Materials Stats Modifier
    Here is a compiled list of known raw material and their impact on an untempered 
    Material: Name of Material
    Attack: the degree of attack power increased (not the actual value increased)
    DP Mod: Increase/Decrease to DP Mod
    DP (x10): the degree of impact on durability
    Rosalian Saber (24, 0, 30)
    If you take it to a blacksmith, and select increase attack power, it would 
    change it to (26, -1, 30). In my chart, it can be read as Increased Attack 
    by 1 degree, 
    -1 DP Mod, 0 DP (x10)... or simply:
    [Tempering] 1 -1 0
    If you increase the attack power again to (28, -2, 30)
    It becomes: [Tempering2] 2 -2 0
    Material	      Attack  DP Mod  DP (x10)	Resistance
    Aerodyne		+1	-1	-1
    Beast Fang		+2	-1	-1
    Bismuth			-3	+1	+3
    Blancazure		-2	+2	 0
    Bronze			-3	+1	+1
    Dead Stone		+5	-1	-5
    Devilsweed Seed		-1	+1	-2
    Dinosaur Skin		 0	+2	-1
    Electrum		-1	+3	-1
    Elemental Core		+2	-2	-2
    Garal			 0	+2	+1
    Ligau Steel		+1	 0	-1
    Marcasite		+2	-3	 0
    Meteoric Iron		+2	-2	-1	Shock
    Native Silver		-1	+2	-1
    Peggy Crystal		 0	+1	-1
    Pure Gold		-2	+1	-1
    Reinfored Wing		+3	-3	-2
    Rosalian Steel		 0	+1	 0
    Southern Iron		 0	-1	+2
    Steel Thread		 0	+2   	+1
    Sticky String		-2	+3	 0
    Stonefish Scales	 0	+1	-1	Hydrology
    Tortoise Shell		+1	+1	-2
    Tree Crystal		+1	+2	-2
    Vermillion		 0	-1	+1
    Vernie			+1	+1	-1
    RS010	Fusion Magic List
    Imperial Scholar and Rosalian Mage can fuse spells together to cast Fusion 
    spells.  To create a fusion spell: first, change job into a rosalian mage or
    an Imperial Scholar.  Then, open the spell menu of the character and press
    triangle.  You now have access to the fusion spell creation menu.
    RS010A Fusion Spell List and Usage
    Fusion Spell	BP/LP	Usage
    Song of Souls	13/1	Give evereyone in party Flame of Life
    Crimson Flare	21/2	Target one enemy for immense fire damage (-int)
    Overdrive	20/3	Give casters a number of free turns, only cast can move
    Hasten Time	30/4	Gives the party one extra turn.  Everyone in party can
    Whiteout	15/4	Create Whiteout condition to cover party's escape
    Simulacrum	25/3	Summon a snowman to fight in caster's place.
    Petra Delta	15/1	Unleash petrifying gas (cone shape)
    Wallbreaker	13/1	Nullify everyone's (ally+enemy) magic barrier
    Phantom Shield	12/2	Create illusion to block attacks
    Veil of Fog	 9/1	Increase chance of combo for 1 turn
    Anti-Magic	10/0	Cast Magic Shield effect on self/1 ally
    Shield Breaker	10/1	Dispell an enemy's magic shield
    Galatic Rift	13/2	Attack all enemies
    Andromeda	20/2	Nullify all damage this turn for both sides
    Spirit Barrier	16/1	Half damage of allies this turn
    Rain of Life	20/5*	Heal your party's HP (LP Cost is one per party member)
    Just keep in mind there is more than one way to fuse a spell than what is listed
    below.  Feel free to play around with it.  It does not matter what combination 
    of spells you chose to fuse, the casting cost will always be the same.
    The BP/LP cost can be lowered by the magic level of the mage.
    Most Fusion Formulas below needs to be done in order listed.
    RS010B Imperial Scholar Fusion Formulas
    Fusion Spell	BP/LP*	Fusion Formula
    Song of Souls	 8/1	Flame of Life + Summon Elemental (or Self-Immolation)
    Hasten Time	25/1	Fold Time + Snowstorm
    Petra Delta	10/1	Pulverize + Mind Blast
    Anti-Magic	 5/1	Armor Blessing + Enhance Spells
    Galatic Rift	10/0	Cosmic Tide + Strengthen Pull
    Rain of Life	15/5	Way of Focus + Holy Water
    * At Level 5 Imperial Scholar
    RS010B Rosalian Mage Fusion Formulas
    I play around with the formulas and rearranged all of them to only 2 schools.
    This way, you can focus your jewel usage.  There are many many combinations 
    to create fusion spells and are not limited to what is listed here.
    Fusion Spell	BP/LP	Fusion Formula
    Song of Souls	 8/1	Flame of Life + Summon Elemental + Self-Immolation
    Crimson Flare	16/1	Hell Fire + Revive + Sunray
    Overdrive	15/0	Fold Time + Freeze Time + (Hypnotism/Mind Blast)
    Hasten Time	25/1	Fold Time + Snowstorm + (Water Blast/Summon Elemental)
    Whiteout	10/3	Missile Shield + Summon Elemental + Starbeam/Cosmic Tide
    Simulacrum	20/2	Summon Elemental(Wind) + Snowstorm + Holy Water
    			Many possible combinations
    Petra Delta	10/1	Earthen Grasp + Pulverize + Mind Blast
    Wallbreaker	 8/1	Tremor+Aegis+(Way Of Str./Wave of Life/Mark of Awake.)
    Phantom Shield	 7/1	Phantom Warrior + Fire Illusion + (Sunray/Starbeam)
    Veil of Fog	 4/0	Hypnotism + Lightning Illusion + Holy Water/Fold Time
    Anti-Magic	 5/0	Enhance Spell+Mind Blast+(Way Of Str/Focus/Wave of Life)
    Shield Breaker	 5/0	Shockwave + 2 Fire spells (Hell Fire + Bird of Fire)
    Galatic Rift	10/1	Sun Ray + Cosmic Tide + (Water Blast/Bird of Fire)
    Andromeda	15/1	Star Beam + Starlight + Hypnotism
    Spirit Barrier	11/0	Way of Def+Way of Str+(Flame of Life/Self-Immolation)
    Rain of Life	15/5	Wave of Life + Wave of Focus + (Fold Time/Freeze Time)
    RS00Q Interesting Questions from the GameFaq Message Board
    These are some of the more interesting questions I've seen onthe GameFAQ board.
    I figure I would share it with you.
    Q1: Okay,newbie here.And i need help *ASAP*
    Q2: This game would be MORE FUN if i could do many quests(HELP)
    Q3: How to make a healer?
    Q4: RPG Etiquet
    Q5: What is a Benediction and How to Increase my Favor with the Gods?
    Q6: OMG!!Jewel beast!!
    Q1: Okay,newbie here.And i need help *ASAP* (from lilfairy)
    "Yea...i start with claudia(tried aisha first,but sucks)
    besides,i like archer types.
    And...please explain to me about all STATUS in Romancing saga.What 
    the hell is WIL??Explain everything,please.
    And about weapon...i know claudia uses a bow,so where can i find it?
    The first one was totally a lame.
    Claudia...Is she a good magic user?What spell i should put on her?
    Btw,i dun really understand about the whole spells things.So i guess 
    i need explanation too.
    How do u activate....oh my,i forget-the one u use to find treasure 
    chests?And how do u i do requests?There seems no one request yet...
    oh,if u need to know,i just played this game.Err,about one hour ^^
    And tech,do i have to go in battle,so i can gain new?Or other way?
    I know i asked A LOT.But please explain,cuz i dun think that lil' 
    boy in the game has explained enough -_-
    thanks a lot before"
    My Answer:
    He was not kidding about asking a lot of questions...
    1) Definition of various character stats:
    STR - Attack power for melee weapon
    VIT - How well you can take a hit
    DEX - Accuracy and Bow damage
    AGI - Attack Speed
    INT - Magic Attack
    WIL - Magic Resistance
    COM - Healing Power
    CHA - Accuracy of status inflicting magic/skills
    2) Big cities tend to have better weapon and armor for sale than 
    starting cities.  However, you will need to improve your clot with 
    the merchant before they sell you better stuff.  You can improve your 
    clot by buying and selling stuff at any merchants.  Kjar bow is the 
    best buy-able bow, and can be tempered into a Kjar Arbalest.  See my 
    thread on Buyable Tempering Materials FAQ.
    3) There is no class restrictions to characters, meaning you can 
    change their job to suit your playing style.  All you need to do is 
    visit a skill trainer.
    As for magic, there are 10 schools of magic that are paired up as 
    opposing elements.
    Pyrology <-> Hydrology
    Aerology <-> Terrology
    Bewitchery <-> Sorcery
    Demonoloy <-> Illusionary
    Cosmology <-> Necromancy
    Although you can learn spells from all the school, you can only use 
    spells from one of the opposing school at a time.
    [Additional Note]
    For example, Fire (Pyrology) opposes Water (Hydrology)
    I taught Claudia both sets of magic, but only have Hydrology 
    activated... which means I can only use Water magic.  You can switch
    to the opposing school by visiting a temple/spell merchant that sells
    magic from the desired school to activate it (but it will cost you).
    Note: You can bypass this by using a weapon that can channel 
    the opposing element.  In this case, I can equip Claudia with a
    Blazing Sword (which channels Pyrology) to give Claudia Access to
    fire magic.  Please note that when you use a weapon to channel magic,
    it is the weapon's skill level that impacts your spell level.
    4) Activation Proficiency:
    While you are in town, press square to open up the menu, then go to 
    Proficiency menu and equip the skills there (cannot equip when you 
    are outdoor).  You can learn these skills from the skill trainer.  To
    increase the level of the skill, such as find chest, increase the 
    corresponding map skill... in this case, Search.  If your Search is 
    level 2, your Find Chest skill will also be Lv2.
    5) Getting quests:
    Just go around talking to people.  Certain quests require you 
    progress further into the story before you can activate it.  The game
    automatically classify it as quests, request, stories, rumors, etc. 
    for you
    6) You will learn techs during battle, usually when fighting tough 
    enemies.  Raising your weapon skill (e.g. Katana) will unlock the cap 
    for you to learn more powerful techniques.
    Q2: This game would be MORE FUN if i could do many quests (also from lilfairy)
    "oh My GOD.I've been playing for about 2 hours.And no quest at all.And what i 
    have been doing is just hanging around like crazy.Do some battles to gain gold 
    and jewels or items.This is crazy.What i got just rumors...no quest at all.
    er,i played as claudia.Melvir,mazewood,???(forget the name),and the two cities 
    which we can reach by boat from melvir.(duh,forget the name too)are available.
    But i want other city.  Please tell me...I dunno what to do.I want to do some 
    quests.I wanna recruit some people...
    had no idea at all..
    and thanks before"
    My answer (recreated for this guide):
    Romancing SaGa can be very overwhelming if this is your first time playing it,
    and that's okay.  The point of a SaGa game is about how the hero (you) journey 
    the world and eventually confront the evil god that seeks to destroy it.  A lot
    of focus has been placed on adventuring and exploration.  If you understand 
    this concept, then you will do well in this game.
    After the introduction sequence, you are pretty much left to fend for yourself.
    In order to proceed with the game, you must:
    1) Explore - the world is out there waiting for you to find your adventure.
       Try and open up as many places as you can.
    2) Make friends - along your travel, you will come across fellow adventurers
       and Kindred spirits that are trying to accomplish something or just out 
       there looking for trouble. It is a good idea to invite them into your party 
       as some of them have good information to share.  For example, Gray, being a
       seasoned adventurer, will open up a lot of areas for you if he is not the 
       main character.  Barbara and Claudia can take you to places only they know 
       about.  There are more characters that can unlock areas, and I will let you
       find them out.
    3) Take a boat ride!  Ships is a good way to take you to a new port you have
       not been to before.
    4) Talk to the citizens and help those in need - as with any RPG, talking with
       stationary NPC usually give you some info, that includes opening up 
       additional areas.
    5) Beginning quests:
       Check out towns like North & South Estamir, Yassi (Frontier), Melver (Bafal
       Empire), and Jelton for starting quests.
    Q3: How do I make a healer in this game? (from Run ANT83)
    "Ok, I have no idea how to make a healer for this game. What spells should
    I focus on? What stats make a good healer? In my party of Gray, Sif, Gian, 
    Claudia, and Barbara, who would make a good healer?
    thanks in advance for any responses"
    My answer: 
    (Re-created for this guide)
    First off, let's take a look at the healing spells.  There are 2 healing 
    spells that can heal other people, Healing Water and Moonbeam...  Moonbeam 
    is the more powerful of the two.  If you can afford the jewels, go with
    The must have spells for Early stages:
    1) Use Moonbeam (Cosmology, Melvir Temple + various spells merchant)
    2) Use Holy Water (Hydrology, Melvir Temple + various spells merchant)
    Also, the Com stats effects your healing power.  So Com boosting equip is
    good... but also pay attention to the speed of the character.  Healing spells
    goes off fairly quickly, but it is also a good idea if your healer can pull
    off a heal before the enemy kill one of your party member and waste the turn.
    Middle stage:
    3) Equip everyone with Way of Focus (Bewitchery, Crystal City Temple)
    4) Flame of Life (Pyrology, Flammer + various spell merchant)
    5) Various buffs like Aegis, self-immolation, armor blessing, way of defence
    Way of Focus is cheaper than Moonbeam's BP cost, but can only heal yourself.
    It is very helpful in boss fights especially after they use a hit all attack.
    You should also start looking into shock=proof eqiupment.  My suggestion is
    Long Boots temper with Meteoric Iron (your mages should be the priority for 
    End game (good to have, but not necessary):
    Fusion spells *You must be a Rosalian Mage or Imperial Scholar to use these*
    6) Rain of Healing
    7) Flame of Life
    Personally I did fine against Saruin without using the fusion spells.  I find
    them too BP/LP costly.
    Jobs for healers:
    If you plan to use fusion spells for your healers, I would recommend you go
    with either a Rosalian Mage or an Imperial Scholar.  However, you need to be
    mindful of the LP costs of those spells.  The high BP cost also mean you will
    not be able to spam these spells.
    Alternatively, you can use the Legendary Classes, which gives you a -2 LP
    modifier to your spell costs.  While this isn't much for the healing spells, 
    it goes a long way for the buffs.  The best healer would be Cleric, followed 
    by Bard and Fortuneteller.  Both Cleric and Bard receive the full bonus from 
    Cosmology, which would be the main healing spell you use in the absence of 
    fusion spells.  In addition, you can also use these job classes offensively
    when they are not healing.  For my Aisha game, her job is Cleric.  She is not
    only a powerful healer, but also an accomplished Martial Artist.
    I have purposely omitted my pick for who become the healer in this party.  It
    is up to you, the player to decide.  With Romancing SaGa, it is really up to
    you how you play the game.  You can make Cloud that healer/flower boy, and 
    Aeris the might swordsmaiden if you want.  It might take a little longer to
    raise the COM stats, but it will go up in time.
    Q4: RPG Etiquette (Started by XBaralai on the Game FAQ Board)
    I just have to share this:
    So, I've noticed all these questions on how this place is opened up and that 
    place is opened up and how do you get this quest to start and what not. It 
    makes me think that alot of people have never played an RPG. So, in that 
    light, let's go over the common RPG rules.
    1. Talk to everyone - don't let a single person go without you talking to 
    them at least twice, sometimes 3 times.
    2. Check everything that can be checked - I don't care if it's your 
    character's grandma's underwear drawer..CHECK THEM!
    3. If all else fails - go back to step 1.. people's dialog changes.
    4. If you've tried steps 1-3 and still no luck then it's safe to say that 
    you need help.
    (And Jati No Rei have the following to add)
    yes, this game is actually nice in that once you have talked to someone, 
    they almost always become inactive, allowing you to narrow down who it is 
    you need to talk to w/o wondering if that is the same guy with green hair 
    you already talked to. RS is actually different enough from your average 
    RPG that a few new things should be added to that list.
    5) for the first bit of the game, only keep 4 characters and use that 5th 
    slot to recruit and then dismiss new people to unlock new areas.
    6) constantly check back with the Volunteer Brigade and see if you've 
    gone up an event rank. Everytime you have, go back to those cities where 
    nothing was happening and see if that's different now.
    7) don't bother trying to "level up" if the random enemies are too hard, 
    as they will only get harder as you get stronger. Rather, wait till you've 
    come upon a boss that is just too strong, then try to increase your 
    strength before fighting them again.
    8) if you are fighting a strong boss and die, wait for a minute to see if 
    you get the Game Over screen or if you are kicked back into the dungeon, 
    as there are a decent number of fights you can lose w/o getting a game 
    over, and some of them are great for sparking techs off of.
    (Finally, from JessieDeAlkirk)
    Aw, we forgot the number one rule of RPGs:
    If people tell you not to do something, you must immediately go out and 
    do that thing. If people tell you to do something, you must also go out 
    and do that thing, but it is possibly not as important as when they tell 
    you not to do it.
    But that really just goes hand-in-hand with talking to everyone multiple 
    times if you can. Every RPG player knows this rule, it just makes me 
    smile that it's in every game. Ever.
    Thanks guys & gal!
    Q5: What is a Benediction and How to Increase my Favor with the Gods?
    A benediction is a favor from the gods and occurs when you are in dire
    needs.  It will do anything from healing your entire party to obliterating
    your enemy.  However, your favor with the god must be high enough...
    When you do Vortexes and buy spells from the corresponding temple of the 
    gods, you increase your favor with them.  Once a Benediction with that god 
    occurs, you lose 25% of your favor with them... which you can regain by
    doing more Vortexes or buying more spells.
    Q6: OMG!!Jewel beast!!
    I am extracted pieces from this interesting post:
    From: Rathalos89
    can any1 tell me wat exactly trigger the appearance of Jewel Beast?...
    it came out destroying every town of frontier after i killed the vampire....
    From: Gundam4fun
    One way to prevent the Monster from awakening too early in the game or until 
    you are strong enough to take on it, is to complete ALL 3 of those quests:
    Unsettling Settlements
    The Fiends of Saoki
    Return of the Vampires
    And if possible wait until later in the game to complete the Assassin Guild 
    If you complete ALL those 3 quests it will hold the JB from awakening at least 
    until ER 18-19.....
    From: Gundam4fun
    Even if you do all other 3 quests, just wait longer to take the Assassin Guild 
    quest (you can wait until latter in the game since this quest window is ER 
    14-20), because the Jewel beast will awake up after you complete the Assassin 
    Quest, the minions in this quest talk about wake up the jewel beast....
    From: Diablomon
    Hahaha like a Moron I took on JB and it's Jewel Beam "OVERKILLED" me :) That 
    word actually appeared on screen it was ******* hilarious
    From: AvalonSharpe
    So, what stats am I going to need to take this thing on, when it's at full 
    strength, sitting on top of Weston pub?
    And is it's Jewel Blaster a Physical or Magic attack?
    Any resistances that'll block it?
    Any special tactic?
    Will I need Alkaizer change?
    Will it let me defeat it if I gave it an Internet cookie?
    Should I use Kamehameha?
    (The last three were jokes, if you didnt notice.)
    From: BladewindDraconus
    This puppy only has 30k HP. XD
    The best way to survive his attack is with revive and body doubles, such 
    as the fire elemental (which can also cast revive!).
    Healing your characters to full is pretty pointless when he can 1 shot your 
    entire party's HP... but not if you cast revive on your characters first!
     Whoever have revive status is automatically restore to full HP after they 
    lose all HP. So if you manage to setup your revive, you can use Jewel Blaster
    for "healing"! (Dragon Knight comes with auto-revive, but you need to protect
    his 5 LP with a fire elemental)
    In order for such a setup, it is a good idea that everyone can cast revive, 
    moon beam, and fire elemental. The role of reviver and damage dealer needs 
    to be interchangable.
    The ideal setup would see 1-2 fire elemental (double as revivers) or people
    defending while getting BP, plus 3 damage dealers on the field. Your goals 
    1) have refresh on everybody at all time, so you don't need to heal raise 
       and then cast revive on them
    2) Try and deal at least 1k of damage every round, the more the better. 
       Just keep the beast hard pressed.
    It will take a bit of luck to get revive on everyone. But once you survive 
    that, have 3 people focus on damage while the other 2 members keep revive 
    up on everybody. As long as you can out-revive the Jewel Beast, you can 
    keep chewing your nails. It is also a good idea to keep the reviver safe by 
    using a fire elemental in their place once revive is up. Fire elemental can 
    also cast revive. Finally, you should either recharge your BP, or try and 
    2nd guess who JB is going to kill next, and cast revive on them (the odd is
    not bad since you are only precasting on 3 people, and you gets two chances). 
    Example: On the same turn, Jewel Beast Kills Gray. Since Gray has revived on,
    he is revived to full HP. One of your revivers 2nd guessed the jewel beast
    correctly and recast revive on Gray.
    In terms of attack, alternate heavy and light attacks. Use cheap BP attacks 
    to pull off scissors or the occassionally stallion/dragon, then unleash your 
    BP when you have enough to do a power attack. Claudia's high bp regen is 
    keyed to doing 2k damage a round, so she should be your top priority to keep
    revive up. If your reviver has BP built up, switch them to DD to make use of
    the BP. There is no point saving it because if you get killed without revive
    on, you lose all the BP you saved.
    In terms of equipment, high damage weapons is highly desirable. You will just
    have to repair them after. (Just so you have an idea, I gave Claudia 2 Kjar
    Bow+2 and a scorpion+3 lance).
    Also, keep track of the amount of damage you've done, so you know when to 
    unleash an all out attack on him. Launch it when you can kill him in about 
    2 turns.
    With persistence and a lot of luck, you can take down this puppy without 
    RS00Z	Thank You Notes, Legal, etc.
    I hope this FAQ helped you out.  I have to sacrific a lot of game time to test
    and then write down this stuff...  I want to play! ; ;
    Special Thanks to Gundam4Fun for corrections, information, and confirming some
    of my theories, etc.  It is very nice to have someone to bounce your idea off 
    of when you write an FAQ, especially something of the SaGa magnitude.
    Also a big thank you to everyone on the game FAQ RS Board.  It is the best
    RS board I've seen to-date, and some of you have helped me verify stuff,
    make me clarify stuff and point out certain stuff in this FAQ.  So yea, that's
    a lot of good stuff!  Also, this board is filled with a lot of elite RPG 
    players, including a few die-hard SaGa nuts, and that's an awesome thing!
    If you need to look for me, post on the GameFAQ board.  I will try and answer
    your question, if these guys didn't beat me to it first.  It really pleases
    me to see some of these guys goes from SaGa-n00bs to SaGa-Pros helping everyone
    out.  Good job!
    Sources/legal/etc: Romancing SaGa, PS2, published by Square Enix
    The job listing information is extracted from Romancing Saga Game.
    The event ranks is extracted from the Brady Game Guides.
    Please let me know if I keyed anything incorrectly, or you want it 
    updated.  You will find me on the gamefaq messageboard.
    This guide is to be posted on the gamefaq website only.
    You can copy and paste the info from here to the gamefaq board, as long as
    you give credits to this FAQ.  Thanks!
    Copyright 2005
    Bladewind Draconus

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